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Law Offices of Rizio & Nelson: How Does This Firm Keep Getting Favorable Results? MEET YOUR NEIGHBOR! Our Monthly Introduction



EQUINOX A Whole Lot Of Car


The True Value of Water

Relax! Your Guide to local spas, health retreats and stress relief



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Words from the Publisher

We are back! As some of you know, we took a few months off from publishing the magazine. During that time many of you contacted us and told us how much you liked reading our magazine and looked forward to receiving it every month. After much thought and many sleepless nights we reorganized and came up with what we think is a better format and mission for our publication. Our goal now is to provide you with a true community oriented magazine that will feature articles and information on matters very relevant to the local community. We have changed the type of paper we use and the style and format of the magazine. We think it looks good, reads good, and that it will entertain you. We hope you agree. During the time we were on vacation (so-to-speak) we launched MyQuickDeals. This division of our magazine provides our readers with deals that are 50% off from restaurants, wine makers, resorts, car washes and other local businesses. In today’s economy, where every penny matters, this is a great service for you, your family and friends to take advantage of. This month’s deals are listed on page14 and you should check these deals out to see if we are offering anything you like or need at 50% off. Further, if you register on MyQuickDeals, you will receive our deals every morning by email. We feature a piece this month on how to relieve stress. We provide a review of some the Inland Empire’s best spas. We are also back with our popular “Meet Your Neighbors” feature, where we interview and feature a local family. Last but not least, we have a calendar of coming local events and a review of the Chevy Equinox. New to our line-up of monthly features, we have added “The Question.” What is this? Each month we will send out our reporters to malls, shopping centers, or wherever, and meet and greet the people. We will ask everyone we meet the same question and place their photo and answers in the magazine. We think this is a pretty cool way to give our readers a chance of saying what’s on their mind and get their photo and thoughts in the magazine. If you own a business you will be glad to know that we are now offering some of the lowest advertising rates in the Inland Empire. We would like to hear from you if you would like to reach thousands of potential customers at a reasonable rate. We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of our magazine.

Publisher Kathleen Sanchez Marketing Director Chris Scott Sales Executives Maria Rullan Sales Executives Regina Ramirez Contributing Writers Jessica Ortiz Matt Bustos Jovielle Ortiz Jaidyn Loggins Troy Hall Brooklyn Loggins Adrienne Milan Deena McClusky Art Director Eric Krause email us at: For Information: (909) 252-7224 Website:

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Kathleen Sanchez Publisher

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inside upland Night of Good Taste

Bad Boy Report A woman called due to her mother having medical issues. Officers arrived and found the mother dead from an intentional overdose. A juvenile at the skate park called due to a subject stealing his camera. The suspect, a parolee, was arrested for grand theft and the camera was recovered. A male juvenile was crossing Euclid Ave. on the bike path when he was struck by a car and severely injured. The driver sped away but the front license plate of his vehicle fell off during the collision. Officers arrested him about an hour later for felony hit and run. The juvenile had been drinking alcohol and might be a contributing factor in the collision. A large sum of cash was taken from an unlocked safe during the burglary of an apartment. The Impact Team received information regarding a parolee-at-large (PAL) and used their resources to locate several locations associated with the PAL. The Team searched residences in Alta Loma, Claremont, and Pomona, but were unable to locate him. The information was passed on to the Patrol Division and the search continues. The Team assisted patrol with a safety check in the 2200 block of Blanchard Pl. The safety check was in regards to a young male who made suicidal comments, including suicide by cop. The Team located him inside a residence. He was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. 8

On May 18, 2012, “A� street in historic Downtown Upland will be converted to a night of elegance and savory fun. This is the 4th Annual Taste of I.E. event. Residents and guests will have the ability to roam freely among restaurants and caterers. The night will feature delicious cuisine with creative pleasures and temptations for the eye and your palette. The food can be accompanied with charming, savory beer from local brewers plus delicious wine tasting from local merchants. Residents and visitors will be able to stroll through old town Upland, see the sights, and hang out with friends and family while enjoying a night of laughter and fun. This event is eco-friendly and features tastings from local restaurants, caterers, and breweries. In the past over

600 people from all over the I.E attended. Every year more and more invade the streets of Downtown Upland. This will truly be a night of laughter, fun, and of course great food.

City Looks to Take Bids for Legal Services With mounting legal costs, the city is looking to put out to bid its city attorney services contract. Upland has paid its law firm, Richards Watson & Gershon, about $8 million since June 2003. William Curley has been the city attorney since 2003 and his law firm has been the city's legal counsel since 1993. Mayor Ray Musser has been in favor of going out to bid for a new city attorney contract for some time. Published reports show that the mayor, in order to save money and make the sure the residents are getting their monies worth, believes that it is good business practice to shop around and get quality representation at a lower price. The city hopes to have a new contract in place by July 1st. The new contract will provide for gen-

eral attorney services, including reviewing contracts, attending city council meetings and providing general legal counsel. If the city is the target of litigation, the city attorney would secure outside counsel.

inside upland Musser said that since his appointment to mayor he has worked hard for campaign finance reform and a new city ethics code.In February, Councilman Gino Filippi also announced his intention to run for mayor. Asserting that Musser’s policies have been a failure, Filippi claims that he has a new vision for Upland that includes balanced budgets, credibility and integrity, and bringing much needed jobs to the city. Filippi was elected by voters to the City Council in November 2010. He adamantly opposed Musser's appointment and wanted a special election.

Ray Musser Announces Intention to Run for Mayor As many expected, Mayor Ray Musser has officially announced his intention to seek the Mayor’s Office in November. Musser was appointed as mayor in February after serving on the City Council since 1998. Musser was appointed as Mayor following the abrupt resignation of former Mayor John Pomierski who was indicted in March 2011 on federal extortion and bribery charges. Musser had been on the city council since 1998. Musser had previously ran against Pomierski for mayor twice, losing on both occasions.

Upland police and fire receive Homeland Security grant The City Council approved $50,000 in grant funding for the police and fire departments. The funding is from the Homeland Security Grant program and will be split evenly between the police and fire departments. The Homeland Security Grant Program is a California state grant with the money funded and allocated by the County of San Bernardino. The Police Department will use the funds to purchase state-of-the-art portable video surveillance cameras and other much needed security equipment.

Library Revives its Save Our Subscriptions Program The Upland Public Library is reviving its Save Our Subscriptions (S.O.S.) program, inviting individuals, families, and organizations to pick up the price for their favorite magazine subscription. Because of fiscal challenges, the library is appealing to the community to help defray the costs of magazine subscriptions by inviting members of the public to pay for their favorite magazines. Contributing to the S.O.S. program is a wonderful way to share your support of the Upland Public Library with the entire community. The library’s magazine collection is heavily used, but unfortunately, this collection is becoming more and more expensive to maintain. Price increases, coupled with the Library’s ever-shrinking budget, mean that it needs the public’s support more than ever. If you or your family (or club or business) would like to subsidize a magazine subscription for the year, the entire community will benefit from your generosity. Your gift will be publicly acknowledged on each magazine’s shelf label unless otherwise requested. Individual issues of a donated subscription may be acknowledged if the donor can also provide the labels. Contributions are tax deductible. Working together, the library can become stronger for all. How can you help? You can choose to make a general donation. Or, if you wish to support a particular title, a certain age group, or field of interest, please feel free to contact the Administration Office at (909) 931-4204 to discuss these options. 9


rancho cucamonga Bad Boy Report On an early Friday afternoon a man was arrested in Rancho Cucamonga after he attempted to kidnap a 12-year-old girl. He had attempted to grab the 12-year-old girl, but was not successful. After the incident, the man ran north on Archibald Avenue. Suspect was described only as a young man in his 20s. Deputies were able to locate him sometime after the incident and he was arrested. A 27-year-old man from Rancho Cucamonga was arrested early evening after he allegedly beat his dog to death. Witnesses described the man dragging his unconscious dog as he rode his bicycle. The suspect had struck his dog multiple times and poured soda on him. He then later barricaded himself inside his home before finally surrendering to San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies. According the state Penal Code, suspects with a conviction for felony animal cruelty can be fined of up to $20,000 and/or a prison sentence of one year maximum in state prison. Sheriff deputies broke up a large identity theft operation in Rancho Cucamonga while investigating a report of drug dealing at a hotel room. The deputies found fake credit and identification cards. During their search they had also found the computers, printers and software used to make the false identification. Suspects had credit card readers and small cameras that allowed the criminals to capture credit card information and PIN numbers. 10

Mourning from Morocco to Rancho Cucamonga Rancho Cucamonga mourns as one of our very own soldiers was killed in Morocco during a military training exercise. Cpl. Robby Reyes, 25, was one of the two Marines who died in an aircraft crash near Agadir, Morocco. Reyes and Cpl. Derek Kerns, both died due to their injuries while two others involved in the incident are severely injured. The four marines were participating in Exercise African Lion, an annual joint exercise between the U.S. military and Morocco, when the training exercise went askew. At this

moment, the cause of the crash is currently still under investigation. Cpl. Robby Reyes, a Rancho Cucamonga Marine corporal had died during the military training exercise in Morocco leaving behind his wife, Candice Reyes, and their daughter Ava Reyes, 3. As a tribute to Cpl. Robby Reyes, flowers, balloons, candles and American Flags filled a space around a light pole in Rancho Cucamonga where Reyes’ banner is displayed.


rancho cucamonga seemed to have attracted many newcomers as well as veterans. Toby Keith’s restaurant and bar offers plenty of booth and table seating, a back room, and a large dance floor in front of a stage. Although the location is not completely finished with their final touches on the dance floor and stage as well as adding more brew selection, Rancho goers don’t seem to mind. As part of the entertainment and atmosphere, country music by

Don’t Trash California

Grand Opening of Toby Keith's “I Love This Bar & Grill.” If you are looking for good beer, delicious food, live music, and hot whiskey girls than bring out your cowboy hat and boots because this may be the place for you.

Trash can be easily found in Rancho Cucamonga if you look hard enough. From plastic bottles to glass shards, and even human waste can be found amid the typical stretch of freeway in the Inland Empire. Although it isn’t a landfill, most onlookers may seem to think that. Caltrans employees takeover the highways with trash pickers and orange garbage bags in the hopes that their message to keep California cleaner will get across. Their message to drivers and motorcyclists is simple: stop throwing trash out of our cars, especially cigarette butts. Cigarette butts, nationwide, accumulate and make up to 33 percent of

Toby Keith is played all night long, while drinks are served in mason jars and the whiskey girls’ dance on the bar top. So if you’re looking for somewhere to go where the drinks are cold and the women are as hot as the menu items, keep this place in mind. Grab your cowboy boots, it seems as though the Toby Keith bar is giving Hooter girls a run for their money.

garbage picked up from highways. Although typical garbage such as plastic grocery bags, cans, fast food bags and hamburger wrappers are commonly seen on the side of the freeway. Occasionally clean-up crews encounter larger items such as refrigerators or washing machines. Together, San Bernardino and Riverside counties spent $1.27 million of taxpayers' money last year and into this month on litter removal alone, when that money could have been used on highway repairs and improvements. Please keep in mind that California Highway Patrol can fine people up to $1,000 ticket for littering or throwing something out the window, so consider this as our fair warning.

Rancho Cucamonga became the home of "Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill" when the restaurant made its west coast debut at the Victoria Gardens Regional Town Center April 11th. With great anticipation, much of Inland Empire long awaited the grand opening and were not disappointed. After the first week of their grand opening, the restaurant proved to be a success and has shown positive feedback from their patrons. Having another location in Vegas, the Toby Keith bar in Rancho Cucamonga 11

inside fontana

Bad Boy Report A suspect robbed a woman at gunpoint to get her cell phone. The phone was tracked when the victim used an App to remotely call 911 from the stolen phone and leave the line open. The bad boy was located, and a gun and the stolen phone were seized. The Police received multiple reports of gunshots inside the El Pescado Market on Sierra Avenue. Officers arrived a few minutes later and detained the suspect. Two shooting victims, a male and female, were found and transported to local hospitals. The female victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. She sustained multiple gunshot wounds. The male victim was in stable condition with multiple gunshot wounds. He will survive. A female Fontana resident was walking south on Sierra Avenue when she realized she was being followed by a Hispanic male in a blue car. The victim made several attempts to avoid the suspect, but he continued to follow her by driving through an alley and cutting her off. He then exited the car and tried to pull the victim into the vehicle. The victim was able to obtain a photo of the suspect and his car with her cell phone. Police got an anonymous call to the 15700 block of Boyle about an Cockfighting Ring. Several subjects were arrested, and numerous fowls were confiscated. The cockfighting event was inside a large trucking company. 12

Pacific Electric Trail Opens This Month Fontana is celebrating the completion of the Pacific Electric Trail with a Big Play Day on Saturday, May 12th along the Trail behind the Heritage Village Shopping Center! The Trail follows the route of the Pacific Electric Railway, once the world’s largest electric street railway system. Seven miles of the 22 mile Pacific Electric Trail run through the heart of Downtown Fontana, creating a multipurpose connection from the City of Claremont to the City of Colton. The Pacific Electric Trail offers Fontana residents amazing recreational opportunities for walkers, runners and cyclists. The Trail has connections to City Hall, Lewis Library, Center Stage Theater, and the restored Art Depot Gallery that was once a freight depot of the Trail which now features fine arts exhibits throughout the year.

In addition, Trail users will have access to many of Fontana’s popular downtown activities including community events, the Fontana Farmers' Market and many arts activities. The Pacific Electric Trail also allows access to parks and community centers such as Miller Park, Seville Park, Cypress Center and Heritage Center. Fontana residents can enjoy exercise, convenient access to shopping and community centers, all while exploring the culture of the community. Save the date for the Grand Opening of Fontana’s seven miles of the Pacific Electric Trail on Saturday, May 12, 2012 at 1 p.m.! For more information email or call 909.349.6946.

inside fontana “Our organization believes Cheryl Brown has a proven track record of leadership in her community, a record that has included strong support for law enforcement,” adds Binks.

Summer Recreation Brochure is Now Online In an effort to inform its citizens of the city’s coming Summer events Fontana has placed its Community Services Activities Brochure on its website for downloading by residents. The Community Services Activities Brochure is the best source of information on classes, activities, programs and events facilitated by the Community Services Department and the City's partners. Residents wishing to obtain the Activities Brochure can go to, click on “Departments,” select “Community Services,” and then click on “Community Services Brochure.” This is a very good resource for those wishing to know what the city has to offer.

Fontana Police Officer’s Association Endorsed Cheryl Brown to Represent the 47th District The Fontana Police Officers’ Association is supporting Cheryl Brown to represent the 47th District in the State Assembly in the June 5th Primary. “Cheryl Brown understands the importance of public safety and will be an asset to our district,” explains Brian Binks, President of the Fontana POA. “She knows that the state’s continued economic recovery depends on safe communities where people can raise their families and grow their businesses.” Cheryl Brown has both public and private experience with 31 years of running a publishing company with her husband Hardy and 17 years on the San Bernardino City and County Planning Commissions. Her civic engagement has spanned a lifetime and includes work with such groups as the Inland Empire Urban League, Arrowhead United Way, YWCA and the San Gorgonio Girl Scout Council.

Editor’s Note: Nine O Nine Magazine has also placed the Brochure on the front page of its website for anyone to see and download.

Ms. Brown has received the endorsement of numerous elected officials in the area, including Josie Gonzales – Chair, San Bernardino Board Of Supervisors; Janice Rutherford – San Bernardino County Supervisor and John Tavagloine – Riverside County Supervisor.

Brown’s years of experience in the California legislature extend from her posting as district representative for State Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod to her current work for Assemblymember Wilmer Amina Carter.

Man Electrocuted Stealing Copper Wire A man trying to steal live electrical wires from a power pole this month died from electrocution and knocked out power to more than 3,000 homes and businesses. Robert Buchanan, 26, of San Bernardino, was pronounced dead beside the Metrolink railroad tracks near the corner of Valencia Street and Lime Avenue. There have been many thefts of Southern California Edison’s power cables because of the copper wiring and the fact that people are able steal and sell it. Sheriff's deputies received a call regarding a dead body. They quickly learned Buchanan had used bolt cutters to cut live wires from a pole. 13

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TRAVEL DEALS • E • beauty • reso 14





Bad Ass Coffee $15 for $30 Worth of Coffee and Food

Yogoo a la Mode $7 for $14 of Frozen Yogurt, Gelato and Sweets

Fox Event Center $25 for Comedy Dinner Show with HBO Comedians

The Glass Guy $30 for Car Windshield Repair. (2 Options Available)

Bad Ass Coffee 11460 Kenyon Way, #108 Rancho Cucamonga (909) 652-0755

Yogoo a la Mode 7890 Haven Ave., Suite 8 Rancho Cucamonga (909) 484-1820

Fox Event Center 123 Cajon Street Redlands (909) 528-0255

The Glass Guy 13497 Quail Run Road Corona (714) 654-2493




MAY 10

Bella Med Spa $39 for Microdermabrasion and 30% Chemical Peel.

The Wine Tailor $25 for $50, or $50 for $100, Worth of Fine Wine

Alpenhorn Bed & Breakfast $250 for a 3-Day, 2-Night Stay in Big Bear ($500 Value)

Mosaique Day Spa-Salon $49 for face framing highlights and designer cut & style.

Bella Aesthetica MedSpa 625 N Euclid Ave. Ontario (909) 984-7500

The Wine Tailor 8916 Foothill Blvd # K3 Rancho Cucamonga (909) 481-5050

Alpenhorn Bed & Breakfast 601 Knight Avenue Big Bear Lake (909) 866-5700

Mosaique Day Spa-Salon 222 West Foothill Blvd. Claremont (909) 398-1383

MAY 14

MAY 15

MAY 16

MAY 17

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Children’s Boutique $20 for $40 Gift Card

The De”Bite”ful Cake Pop Shop $37 for basic cake pop-making class (a $75 value)

Shades of Glass $25 for a smog check and car wash (Up to $61.99 value)

The De”Bite”ful Cake Pop Shop 13641 Central Ave., Suite F Chino (909) 240-2309

Shades of Glass 2016 W Foothill Blvd., #B Upland (909) 982-2300

Supreme Extreme Clean 7211 Haven Ave. Rancho Cucamonga (909) 609-1088

Children’s Boutique at Steven’s Hope 10730 Foothill Blvd., Suite 170 Rancho Cucamonga (909) 256-0100

MAY 21

MAY 22

MAY 23

MAY 24

Rhythm Addict Dance $25 for 4 dance classes. (3 Options - $45 Value)

Pacific Wine Merchant $20 for $40 in Wine Tastings, Cigars and Hors d’oeuvres

Corder Carpet $45 for 3 Areas of professional Carpet Cleaning ($145 Value)

Inn Der Bach Chalet & Resort $89 for a 3 day, 2 Night Stay in Big Bear (Up to a $268 Value)

Rhythm Addict Dance 10373 Trademark St., Suite E Rancho Cucamonga (909) 240-7615

Pacific Wine Merchants 210 E. A Street Upland (909) 946-6782

Corder Carpet 540 W. Arrow Highway, #D Upland (909) 949-7213

Inn Der Bach Chalet & Resort 1351 Midway Big Bear City (909) 585.3702

EVENTS • Races • orts • sports • 15

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meet your

neighbors The Stark Family

How long have you guys lived in Brazil, Indiana? Eric: I’ve lived in this area for pretty much my whole life, with the exception of four years I was in the military. Diane: I moved here three years ago when Eric and I got married. Why did you move there? Diane: For Love! How do you like Brazil, Indiana? It’s a small quiet town. It can be kind of boring sometimes, but it’s a great place to raise kids. What could be done to improve your city? Eric: Not a thing! Diane: Um, maybe a mall or two? How did you two meet? We met on eHarmony in February 2007 and got married in June of 2007. 18

What made you fall in love with her? Eric wasn’t here so I asked the kids what they thought he’d say. One said, “Because she’s beautiful!” and the other siad, “Because she can cook!” What made you fall in love with him? Eric is a terrific dad, he has a great sense of humor and he is just so much fun to be with. To be honest, I could’nt help but fall for him! Tell us one thing your wife does that annoy you? Sometimes she worries too much. Tell us one thing your husband does that annoys you? I really can’t think of anything. What do you two do for a living? Eric: I am a chemical

“I love Eric even more because he loves my children from my first marriage and he feels the same way.”

engineer, employed with JWS Machine. Diane: I stay at home with our five kids and work as a freelance writer as well. My work has been published in A Cup of Comfort for Mothers, 13 Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and dozens and dozens of magazines. (But my favorite is 909). Do you thgink your job is challenging? Eric: Yes, my company makes aerospace parts, so things have to be done to perfection. There’s a lot riding on it. Diane: Balancing my work and the kids can be very challenging at times, but I love both of my jobs and wouldn’t trade them for the world. Tell us a little bit about your family? Technically we are a blaended family, but we’re a pretty close knit bunch. People often ask

whose because it’s hard to tell when you see us together. And to us, all five kids belong to both of us because biology is nothing compared to love. What do you guys like to do together? We like to travel, play cards and board games, and spend time with extended family. Eric is one of eight kids so our kids have a lot of cousins to play with. Do you consider yourselves an “average family?” According to the divorce and remarriage statistics these days, we probably are an average fanily, although we’ve definitely got more children than most families.

How did the kids affect your life when they showed up? Eric and I each brought two kids to the marriage, so we never had a typical “honeymoon” period before the kids arrived. And we were only married six months when we discovered we were expecting baby #5, a boy named Nathan. But our kids add to who we are as a couple. I love Eric even more because he loves my children from my first marriage and he feels the same way.

For the kids: Tell us something your parents do that annoys you? Mom and Dad are very strict about what we watch. Nothing with bad language or too much violence. In other words, we don’t get to watch any of the good stuff.

Tell us something unique or special about your kids? Our kids have adapted to our new family life very well. They act like blood siblings, playing one minute and fighting the next. And they’re all crazy about their baby brother, Nathan.

Do you guys like our magazine? Lea: Yes, because our monm’s stories are in it. And her stories are usually about us! Julia: And that makes us kind of famous!

If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be? Lea: Hawaii Julia: New York Jordan: Aruba Austin: Germany


Q&A: Greg Rizio Senior Partner of Rizio and Nelson Law Firm One of Southern California’s most prestigious personal injury attorneys is located right here in the Inland Empire. For over 20 years, Greg Rizio has been one of the leading personal injury lawyers in Southern California. He has been rated by Super Lawyers Magazine as being in the top 5% of all attorneys and was just elected president of the Inland Empire chapter of the Consumer Attorneys of California. Greg is known for handling high-profile personal injury cases and achieving maximum results for his clients. The Nine O Nine took some time to interview Mr. Rizio and spoke with him about his personal experiences, his passion for law, and why he thinks his peers continue to recognize him as one of the best in the state.


Why did you want to be a lawyer? (laughs) It's actually a funny story. I went to college thinking I was going to graduate and become either a pastor or an attorney; kind of an Angel on one shoulder and a little Imp on the other. Apparently the imp was a bit louder. What is the focus of your law practice? My practice is primarily personal injury, but I have been known to do other types of trials for plaintiff's attorneys. How did you get involved in personal injury law? I started out as a prosecutor in the San Diego District Attorneys office, but due to the 1991 state budget crisis they let go of my entire class. When I left the DA's office I didn’t think I could bring myself to do criminal defense, so I took a job here in the Inland Empire for a personal injury insurance defense firm. My days on the defense actually became numbered due to a single case. It was a case where the plaintiff had sustained a terrible injury due to a store’s negligence. I had told the store that I thought the case had a value of about $250,000. I remember doing some creative legal maneuvering and got it settled for only $5,000. I was so pleased with myself for doing such a great job. Well, that poor woman called me directly and asked me if I thought the settlement was fair. I'll never forget telling her that legally I

could not talk to her and that she needed to talk to her own attorney. I heard the angel on my shoulder that day and I knew I could not continue on the defense side. I left that firm shortly thereafter for a firm that did criminal defense and plaintiffs cases. What do you like most about helping personal injury clients? You know, in the past, attorneys were called counselors of law. I take the term counselor very seriously, so I value being there for my clients at a very difficult time in their lives. Every one of them has my personal email in case they ever need anything. Those that have really been through a tough tragedy get my cell phone number. What is the real reason clients hire you? I think it is a combination of things. One, I think my client hear from other attorneys, judges or past clients in the community that I am considered pretty good at this job. Secondly, I think after they meet me they learn pretty quickly that I am honest, ethical and caring. What are some personal experiences that have helped you become a better lawyer? Several years back I lost a close family member in a head-on collision. I'll never forget the feeling of shock and helplessness. My whole family found ourselves in a whirlwind, dazed,

confused and sad beyond belief. I remember just sitting there stunned and not wanting to get back to real life. I found myself just wanting to stay there in that moment, missing Sam. (Long pause). It is still something that is really difficult to talk about now. You have any tips for your clients? (laughs) You'll have to hire me and you'll find out. What is the number one thing that someone should remember if they have been in an accident and need an attorney? First, I would want them to call me to see if they need an attorney. People involved in accidents need to understand that insurance companies are just big businesses trying to make money. They portray themselves as "like a good neighbor" or "the good hands people." However, those companies focus is really about saving money. They will ultimately take advantage of the victim by offering a settlement that is often times well below the victim’s actual medical bills. Greg Rizio has offices throughout the Inland Empire. He can be reached at the toll free number of 888-292-8888.


A Spa Visit this May …

Make it your Antidote for Stress!

By Mary Rhoads Doctors say massage and therapeutic touch can alleviate stress, manage pain, anxiety and depression, relieve sports related injuries and promote a sense of well being and empowerment. Taking a day for your own personal wellness can soothe your soul and relieve worry and stress. Stress has been found to weaken our immune systems and accelerate aging. Proclaim May your month for health and wellness by taking a spa break just for you. The inland empire offers women and men many spas to choose from, and 909 Magazine highlights two very special spas this month (think Mother’s Day) for our readers. Whether you are seeking a massage, a facial or a soak in a mineral pool, these spas offer services and atmosphere above and beyond the ordinary. Take some time alone, with family or friends and enjoy the amenities they offer. All of these spas offer “day passes” where guests pay a fee to use the facilities which can include fitness equipment, yoga, fitness classes or workshops, saunas, steam


rooms and pools. If you schedule a service, the entrance fee may be waived. All of our spas offer beautiful surroundings, a full range of body treatments, restaurants and other unique offerings. Pala Casino & Spa Resort Yes, The Pala Casino & Spa Resort is foremost a casino resort, now celebrating its 10th Anniversary with many promotions and activities. Located ten miles south of Temecula on Highway 76, a closer look reveals an easy to navigate resort, with a first class spa located outside and away from the casino action. Exiting the rear of the casino, or from the resort check-in area, guests will see a large swimming pool and bar area. Behind the pool is a stand alone, full service spa with a fitness area and 14 treatment rooms designed to bring the outdoors in, and take in the lush greenery and views of the Palomar Mountains. Spa guests may choose to have their treatment outside, and may also reserve a cabana and/or use the pool during their visit.

“We want to incorporate nature and wellness, along with the culture and history of the Pala tribe into what we do,” Zita Sims, Director of Spa Operations explained. “It’s a combination of feeling taken care of while encompassing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our guests.” Pala is currently building a three mile Wellness Trail behind the spa. Guests can hike and stop at various designated spots along the trail to exercise, or practice yoga and tai chi moves illustrated on information signs. While visiting the Pala Spa, I experienced the Eucalyptus Body Ritual. The treatment included a body scrub, bath soak and massage for eighty minutes of bliss. My skin felt silky smooth and my attitude and perspective on the world had eclipsed to a new, positive level. The 14 treatment rooms are large and have private outdoor patios where the outdoors can be viewed or enjoyed during your treatment. There are rooms for couples to share for an hour, or up to a day to enjoy treatments and relaxation time together. Besides offering all of the traditional massages and facials, Pala offers a new non-invasive 80 minute K-Lift, or “mini face lift,” using the Kerstin Florian system. This facial stimulates fibro-blast activity in the skin and boosts the skin’s collagen. An impulse micro current repairs and lifts facial muscles for immediate toning. It includes an infusion of

While visiting the Pala Spa, I experienced the Eucalyptus Body Ritual. The treatment included a body scrub, bath soak and massage for eighty minutes of bliss. My skin felt silky smooth and my attitude and perspective on the world had eclipsed to a new, positive level. The 14 treatment rooms are large and have private outdoor patios where the outdoors can be viewed or enjoyed during your treatment. There are rooms for couples to share for an hour, or up to a day to enjoy treatments and relaxation time together. Besides offering all of the traditional massages and facials, Pala offers a new non-invasive 80 minute K-Lift, or “mini face lift,” using the Kerstin Florian system. This facial stimulates fibro-blast activity in the skin and boosts the skin’s collagen. An impulse micro current repairs and lifts facial muscles for immediate toning. It includes an infusion of antioxidants into the skin. My friend Rosalyn had this treatment and found it both relaxing and rejuvenating while seeing immediate results in her smile lines being less deep and an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. The 80 minute mini-facial is on special at the Pala Spa through May for $195. “We want our guests to “switch off” and enjoy themselves at our spa,” Sims told me. “Our staff prides itself on educating our guests about their treatments. We want guests to see the results and leave feeling refreshed.” Unique offerings: Pala Player’s Club members receive monthly spa discounts. South Coast Winery Resort & Spa Grapeseed Spa Southern California wine lovers and tourists are still discovering Temecula’s beau-tiful wine country located on Rancho California and De Portola Roads. South Coast Winery Resort & Spa owner Jim Carter must have had a crystal ball when he began building the resort’s tasting room and villas back in 2004. The visually stunning 39 acre winery

and resort located at 34843 Rancho California Rd., offers guests 76 villas, a tasting room, the Vineyard Rose Restaurant, Rose Arbor wedding site, and a full service, stand alone spa. The resort won the 2010 Wine Spectators Award of Excellence and boasts over 10,000 wine club members and a loyal repeat customer base. Not everyone however, is aware of the resort’s spa tucked away from the tasting room and restaurant. The Grapeseed Spa is barely visible among the villas, is surrounded by flowering plants, shrubs and vineyards.


Spa Director Kate Santarsieri fondly refers to the three story spa, with a beautiful veranda overlooking the vineyards and a sea salt pool as “the house.” “We are not a “department,” Kate smiled as she explained the spa’s direction. “We see our spa as working from the inside out, by putting together a lot of rituals and therapies that will release our guest’s inner child. Many come here to find a certain spirituality or therapy; we encourage laughter.” A tour of “the house” revealed a glassed in yoga room on the lower level where private Hatha yoga classes and the popular VinoVinyasa class features yoga and wine tasting. A co-ed fitness and equipment room is also on this floor. The entrance level features a check-in area and gift shop.Windows throughout provide views of the outdoor sea salt pool, mature palm trees and the vineyards beyond. Women’s and men’s locker areas and 24 separate whirlpools, steam

rooms and saunas also occupy this level. The third level features 11 treatment rooms and three couple’s rooms. The rooms feature granite and slate or brick with warm earthy tones designed to reflect the various therapies. “From the moment guests arrive we want their shoulders to slump and the stress to start slipping away,” Kate said. “We want to iron out the creases which life gives us and breathe again.” I found my stress slip away as Valentina, my esthetician for the Champagne Facial began the treatment. This 50 minute facial uses the pinot noir grape yeast used in the production of champagne. It featured cleansing and moisturizing, a masque and massaging of my hands and fore arms, face and scalp. My skin was glowing and I felt very relaxed and calm as I sipped my champagne afterwards on the veranda. A new, very popular facial Kate mentioned, is the Hydra-facial

Rejuvenation treatment which reduces the appearance of fine lines and sun damaged skin by using a renewing serum. The Hydra-facial then deeply cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and extracts. This is followed by a specialty mask which leaves skin rejuvenated and glowing. For 25 minutes it costs $155 and 50 minutes, $210. Throughout May the spa is offering moms a specially priced package including a sugar body scrub, back and foot massage and hand treatment plus a South Coast Winery Signature Facial, custom designed for mom’s skin type. All of this is topped off with a complimentary rejuvenating eye treatment and her choice of a Champagne Bellini or Mimosa. Cost is $190 through May, normally $238. Unique offerings: Glass of wine or champagne after treatments; wine club members receive 20% off spa services; Vino-Vinyasa (yoga and wine tasting together in a class.)


Question: Each month we go out and about and meet the people. When we show up, we ask one question of everyone that we meet. We then put your answers and photo in the magazine to tell everyone what you’re thinking.


This month we went to Ontario Mills and met some really cool people.

“Disneyland, but my wife needs to shop first! On vacation from Canada” Bo Nanachewsky, 36 Canada

“I’d rather be hiking in Lytle Creek” Geena Martinez, 23 Rancho Cucamonga

The Question was:

We know you are shopping but what would you really like to be doing? Here are the answers we got.

“I like it here, This is what I would rather be doing” Martha Castro, 45 & Family Fontana

“I missed my interview with Coach on accident, I wish I was doing that right now” Jazmine Mendez, 18 Rancho Cucamonga

“I’d rather be shopping but I have no Money” Raul Aviles, 18 Rancho Cucamonga

“ VEGAS!!! At this very moment spending money” Thomas Johnson, 33 Ontario

“On vacation with my beautiful daughter” Oscar Santana, 33 Rancho Cucamonga

“Jammin with my friends playing drums” Stephen Santoyo, 19 Rancho Cucamonga


Show the Region that using less water can be beautiful!

Enter the Western Water-wise

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Located on the Northeast corner of Foothill & Vineyard 8916 Foothill Boulevard, Rancho Cucamonga 27

The True Value of Water We often take for granted some of the most essential things we need to survive, including water. Most people do not think about where their water comes from or the process it must endure before it is served at the tap. At the Cucamonga Valley Water District, we think about it for you, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. The Cucamonga Valley Water District meets the needs of our community by providing a high-quality, reliable water supply to all customers. We do this through a commitment to service, and at a competitive price. CVWD has a diverse supply of water sources; nearly 40% of our supply is imported from the Sacramento Delta over 400 miles away. Imported water is not always reliable, so the District works to maximize the use of local alternative supplies. CVWD pumps water from two local groundwater basins through a series of wells. Local canyon water sources also provide a small but significant supply of water. Finally, CVWD has developed


alternative sources such as recycled water which supplies the irrigation needs to keep our community green and beautiful.

faces a unique set of challenges every day. Portions of the pipelines within the CVWD service area are nearly 60 years old, requiring CVWD to make improvements to continue meeting the CVWD produces this water supply evecommunity’s water needs for the furyday, maintains the system of reserture. Environvoirs and pipes that store and distribmental regulaute the water to nearly 50,000 homes tions evolve, reand businesses. CVWD accomplishes quiring advanced this task while ensuring its product is of treatment techthe highest quality and meets the strinnology to ensure gent water quality standards estabwater quality. lished by state and federal water reguCVWD is currently lations. We do all of this at a price of upgrading its Miless than one $.0.01 per gallon. chael Water Today, there’s not much you can buy Treatment Plant for under a $0.01 per gallon. On averto meet these age a gallon of gas will cost over $4.00; changing water a gallon of coffee $16.00; and $3.50 for quality regulations. a gallon of milk. These are all critical Our mission and commitment to cushousehold expenses for the average tomers is to provide a quality product American and none of them would be and excellent service at a competitive possible without the compliment of price. CVWD strives to increase cuswater. tomer awareness of the value of our For one penny per gallon, a customer product and service alike. Capturing receives more than just “water.” CVWD and producing a molecule of water is no easy feat when it has traveled a long distance and has undergone multiple steps to arrive to you. We believe that once you taste our product and experience our quality service you will also $4.59 agree that tap water is “the Best Deal Around.”


Erase Stress By Elise Oberliesen

by Traveling a New Road

Does that whole work-life-balance ideal seem like a myth?

Sure, leaving work by 4 pm. sounds great. Do unrelenting deadlines and quasi-flexible schedules have you daydreaming about a mid-week getaway to unload those harsh feelings you think about but can’t say out loud? Instead of faking the smiles during your bosses daily mood swings or dodging co-workers not- so-well-intentioned barking orders, why not leave it all behind? Just for a few daysanyway. The need for downtime has never been greater. Go ahead and plan a stress-free mini-vacation instead of just fantasizing about one. For starters, work up some courage to request time off. That gets you closer to actually planning the stress-melting getaway. Coping with stress by spooning a half-gallon of Death-byChocolate can’t solve much, not that I’ve ever tried it. But many will kid themselves into using food and alcohol to cope. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), 43 percent polled reported overeating or meal skipping to combat stressful feelings. Stressed out Americans are at greater risk of developing serious health conditions, says the ABA’s CEO and Executive Vice President Norman P. Anderson, Ph D. “Year after year nearly three-quarters of Americans say they experience stress at levels that exceed what they define as healthy, putting themselves at risk for developing chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and depression.” Excursions Offer Mood Boosting Possibilities Rather than checking out of reality with substances, consider treats that nurture from the inside. Try taking an excur30

sion across the ocean where you can park it on the sand for a few days. Work in a spa day to truly escape and recharge the spirit. One of my favorite spots to unplug and recharge my batteries is Mexico’s Riviera Maya, about an hour south of Cancun. Far from the crowded beaches, this hidden paradise is down coast enough that you won’t be competing for towel space from droves of oil-slicked-bods. Try extinguishing the worry from yesterday’s blah-blah “urgent needs” staff meeting with a unique sensory experience. At the eco-friendly all inclusive resort, Hacienda Tres Rios, all guests are invited to experience the “Sense Adventure.” The free tour is well worth the 45 minutes of mental travel. While blindfolded, guides like Gerardo Carrera Saucedo snake you through a jungly maze before you plop down in a tepee designed to arouse the senses. With spicy aromas in-hand, Saucedo playfully tests your olfactory awareness in ways that leave you rooting around for the source of smell. It’s a game I’ll call, “Name that Whiff.” Enchanting sounds with tribal beats and chants echo in the distance and teleport you off to a different time and place. Saucedo guides you along a visual journey one that takes place all inside your head. Void of visual cues, this experience stirs up curiosity and anticipation. Surprises I cannot divulge enhance the experience with creative touches that bathe the senses in wonder. Stress does a Doosey on the Body Stress sneaks into our lives like an unnoticed mosquito. Soon, painful fangs pierce the skin with a bloodsucking insect lunching on an unassuming ankle. Failed communications or looming deadlines can instantly send stress

hormones like adrenalin surging through veins. While its cousin, cortisol, cruises the system, it leaves hints to chill out. As if the unsightly muffin top over the waistband isn’t enough, chest pain, even drug addiction may have roots in unresolved chronic stress, according to JAMA. The effects of stress cozy up in different parts of the body. Maybe you spring from your chair too quickly. With shooting twinges in the lower back, it feels more like a sucker punch with authority. Shoulders and neck offer up prime real estate for those knotted up muscles to throb. “Anger, worries, anxiety or fears make our muscles tighten involuntarily,” says Spa Director Alejandro Leo, from Maroma Resort & Spa. When muscles are constantly contracted, pain shows up more often than we like. And sometimes results in injury, she says. Chronic back pain, headaches, and sleeplessness are commons symptoms. Stress Relieving Souvenirs Want at-home stress relief? Bring home the spa mentality. For starters, quiet down on the inside and try on a nicer attitude with yourself. “I believe the first step is to try and be in peace and harmony with ourselves, if we cannot be in peace with

us it’s hard to be in peace with the others,” Saucedo says. Change your glasses once in a while and see better outcomes. Start with an awareness of beauty, a simple idea for Coloradoans who simply look outside the window. On the ride in, revel at the majestic sunrise against the Rockies. Does it feel like a positive shift? “Thoughts and the imagination create our reality... if you think you are receiving all the marvels of the universe, your life insurance is going to be full of miracles, the quality of your thoughts are the big difference,” Saucedo says. While holiday travel is at its priciest, it won’t matter much by the time you actually plan a much-deserved stress-melting getaway. And by that time, prices will be back to near normal. Vacations without work cell phones should be a wellness manifesto in every employee handbook. Because anyone who holds a job during recessionary times gets their fair share of the stuff. So go ahead. Decompress by convalescing on a beach for a few days. Soon you’ll be reminiscing about your bellybutton sand removal rituals—a fond memory sure to improve your mood. And that means you just might hang onto that dear job that helps you pay the mortgage. 31



Upland Upland Farmer's Market Date: Ongoing When: Saturdays Location: Upland City Hall, 460 N. Euclid Ave New Location! Come out and enjoy more than a dozen vendors selling a variety of organic and non-organic fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, eggs, cheeses, fish, baked goods, dried herbs, and cut flowers among other produce and products. The Wizard Of Oz Date: 5/4/2012 – 5/13/2010 Time: Varies Cost: Starting at $20.00 Location: Grove Productions, 276 E. 9th St. This musical adventure is a genuine family classic about Dorothy Gale, an orphaned young girl unhappy with her life on her aunt and uncle's dusty Kansas farm. Dorothy yearns to travel "somewhere over the rainbow" to a different world, with her little dog, Toto. Dorothy heads down the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City, where their lives the all-powerful Wizard of Oz. IE Dixie Salsa BBQ Competition Date: 5/5/2012 Time: 10:00 a.m Location: Citizens Business Bank Arena Cost: $8.00 Over 30 teams will compete for cash prizes and trophies. Over 70 local business vendors will be on site. A Live Music Youth Competi-


tion will support local groups with cash prizes and community support. In addition a car show, children’s activity zone, entertainment and more will provide a fun filled family event. IE Food Truck Fest ’12 Date: 5/6/2012 Time: 10:00am Cost: $8.00 Spotlighting the gourmet food truck movement that has exploded over the past few years, the IE Food Truck Fest is celebrating this new style of street food with a one stop location for one day in Southern California’s Inland Empire. 2012 Spring Pet Adoption Faire Date: 5/12/2012 Time: 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Location: Memorial Park, Upland Come and find a new “best friend” who is waiting to meet you and is available for adoption from Upland Animal Services. Enjoy entertainment, demonstrations throughout the day, prizes and food vendors. Live animals from the Aquarium of the Pacific. Sponsored by Upland Animal Services and Friends of Upland Animal Shelter. Egg Fest 2012 Date: 5/19/2012 Time: 9:00 a.m TO 3:00 p.m. Cable Airport, Inc. 1749 W. 13th St. Egg Fest is a good excuse to get a bunch of people together and make some great food. Cooks

come from all over to showcase their talents and the attendees get the pleasure of being the audience. You may be wondering if you need to own a Big Green Egg to be a cook, and the answer is no. Upland High School Pop Concert under the Stars Date: 5/19/2012 Time: 7:30 p.m. Location: Upland High School 565 W. 11th Ave. Free concert performance by the Choir class. There will be some pop acts by individuals as well as 4 main group acts. Bring your family, friends, blanket and picnic dinner for a night under the stars. Refreshments will also be available. Shine on - The Authentic Pink Floyd Experience Date: 5/26/2012 Time: 8:00 pm Cost: Starting at $20.00 Fans of the rock band, Pink Floyd, will be excited to hear that the national touring band, Shine On, is returning to The Grove Theatre on Saturday, May 26th with new tunes and some surprises.

Rancho Cucamonga Asian & Pacific Islander Cultural Arts Night Date: May 4, 2012 Time: 7:00 pm. – 9 pm. Location: Paul A. Biane Library May is here! That means it is time for National Asian and Pacific Islander

Heritage Month and the Paul A. Biane Library is celebrating this event with a Cultural Arts Night! Bring the whole family for a variety of fun activities, including a manga workshop, Polynesian dancers, a Tai Chi demonstration, storytelling, crafts and a visit by our very special guest Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, author of A Farewell to Manzanar. Bring friends, bring family, and enjoy this special cultural event. This will be an event for all ages for everyone to enjoy. Free tickets will be available starting April 20th at both library locations. Separate tickets are required for the author talk. A Wrinkle in Time Date: May 5, 2012 Time: 1:00 pm. Location: Lewis Family Playhouse Main Street Theatre Company presents A Wrinkle In Time, the Newberry Award winning novel that tells the story of Meg Murry, a high-school-aged girl who is transported on an adventure through time and space with her younger brother and friend to rescue her father, a gifted scientist, from the evil forces that hold him prisoner on another planet. With the help of some celestial creatures, the children travel by tesseract - a sort of “wrinkle” in space and time. This is a great show to take your kids to and great fun for the entire family. Other various show dates and times are available on

Cinco de Mayo Date: May 5, 2012

looking to sell or buy this is the place. The RC Family Resource

For all you Star Wars fanatics, have no fear, your Star War favorites are

Time: 1:00 pm. - 6:00 pm. Location: Old Town Park

Center had their first yard sale in June 2008. Since then more have

here! Get your head out of the clouds and join all your fellow Star

With Cinco de Mayo just around

become aware of this event and look forward to the monthly RC

Wars lover in the Paul A. Biane Library! There will be film character

the corner, bring the whole family for an afternoon in the park and a

Community Yard Sale. For more information call (909) 477-2781.

look-a-likes, crafts, stories, cool displays, costume contests, books

community celebration! There will be live entertainment, pony rides, and delicious food. The 7th annual Salsa Contest will also be taking place! So bring your best Salsa and sign up at the event by 2:00 p.m. For more information, please call (909) 980-0465.

Customs and Motorcycles at the Civic Center Campus parking lot. Those interested in entering the Car Show must arrive at 2:00 p.m., each vehicle category has its own set of requirements to enter, and entrance for qualifying cars will be based on a first come first serve

and all things Star Wars! Don't miss it! Ages 2-11 and caregivers. Walk-ins welcome.


Time: 8:00 am. - 12:00 pm. Location: Human Resources

Want to take some time to discover Rancho Cucamonga's hidden gems? This event is great

7th Annual Rancho Cucamonga Challenge Date: May 12, 2012 Time: 8:00 am. Loaction: Central Park

Fitness, Sports & Wellness Fair Date: May 12, 2012

for the whole family and will feature music, entertainment and

Tired of just sitting in your office or

Time: 10:00 am -1:00 pm Loaction: James L. Brulte Senior Center & Goldy S. Lewis Community Center at Central Park

more! The Rancho Cucamonga Library and the Rancho Cucamonga Planning Department have planned a night of spotlighting local history. You won’t want to miss it! Free tickets required, available at both libraries beginning May 7.

Take a step closer to being fit and healthy! This event is perfect for everyone to enjoy. Bring the whole family to the 11th Annual Rancho Cucamonga Community Collaborative Wellness Fair. There will be nutritional and educational resources, as well as physical fitness activites, and presentations on

Celebrate Local History Night Date: May 18, 2012 Time: 7:00 pm. – 9:00 pm. Loaction: Paul A. Biane Library

Community Hike Date: May 19, 2012 Time: Beginners 8 am - 10 am Intermediate 10 am - 1 pm Loaction: Etiwanda Preserve

health and safety. For add-

Fontana Farmers' Market Date: Saturday, May 5

Address: Fontana, CA 92335 Contact: (909) 349-6900 Partnering with Southland Farmers’ Market Association (SFMA),

your couch? Well get up because the annual Cucamonga Challenge is here! This is an annual fundraiser bicycle ride and 5k/10k run/walk presented by the Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail. Every year, the Cucamonga Challenge has been organized and hosted by the non-profit Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail. The fundraiser is intended to promote bicycle

Fontana’s Farmers' Market will be held downtown, every Saturday from 8am – 12pm in the Center Stage parking lot, south of the Lewis Library.

ridership and community.

CA 92335




Motown Motor City Date: Saturday, May 5 Time: 7:00 pm. Location: Center Stage Theatre Address: 8463 Sierra Ave. Fontana, Contact: (909) 429-SHOW (7469)


This all new TIBBIES production

health and wellness as they invite

Fontana Car Show Date: Saturday, May 26

Five and Martha and the Vandellas to Gladys Knight. This show will

RC Community Yard Sale Date: May 15, 2012 Time: 8:00 am. – 2 pm.

all ages to participate in the Community Hike. This will be a fun outing for both adults and children

Time: 3:00 pm. - 5:00 pm. Location: City Hall Cost: Free

be playing on various dates and times throughout the month. Check Center Stage’s website for

Location: Center

to enjoy.

itional information, or if you are interested in volunteering, please call (909) 477-2760 ext. 2324.

RC Family Resource

Looking to get out in the sun, have fresh air, and get fit? The city of Rancho Cucamonga is promoting

features the music of Motown from Smokey Robinson to the Jackson

full information, ticket pricing and menu. _________________________________

Need some extra cash or just

Star Wars Day Date: May 26, 2012

The Fontana Car Show will be the last Saturday of every month, March through October. Come

looking for the best yard sale? DON'T MISS OUT! Whether you’re

Time: 1:00 pm Location: Paul A. Biane Library

view Classics, Hot Rods & Muscle Cars, Low Riders, Imports &

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Chevrolet By The Car Family

As part of a growing trend of trimmer SUVs, Chevrolet’s new Equinox moves closer to the front of the class with this noble effort that reflects the growing trend that Americans seem to prefer in their SUVs; height and fuel economy. Chevrolet has hit this mark dead on and can now go head to head with smaller SUVs from Asia and America. Clearly, this is one of Chevrolet’s finest SUVs especially considering the price, efficiency, and nearly 64 cubic feet of cargo space. The styling and interior treatments are also near the top of the class as well. Although it is lacking the third seat option, there is little that the Equinox does not do well for the money. We liked the base LS model with the lower priced trim level called the 1LT. You get a goodly amount of safety features from airbags nearly everywhere to stability control for under $23,000. You can get options such as a rear-seat entertainment system, but the price can easily top $30,000 if you’re not careful. The base engine, although sorely tested when driving to Big Bear or Mt. Wilson, is a 2.4-liter fourcylinder engine that produces 182 horsepower. The optional 3.0-liter V6 with its 264 hp is fairly frisky, but more thirsty. Mom’s view: Looks big and drives big, but this Chevrolet’s best feature is its excellent range which can be over 500 miles in favorable conditions. The vision to the front, sides, and rear take a while to get used to and I would look for a rear view back-up camera for sure. The hood falls away sharply making it difficult to judge where the front bumper is when parking. The B pillar also blocks vision to the side. The interior has a clean design that has a modern appearance and the GPS and the stereo were excellent The back seat was very creature comfortable and the reclining split rear seat also folds down without much effort and leaves a flat floor. You must order the $495 power rear liftgate as reaching up to close the rear hatch is a reach, no pun intended, for those who are 5”2”or closer to the ground. Dad’s view: The plus for buying an Equinox is simply the extraordinary gas mileage. In mixed driving we easily got 26 mpg, and the government claims over 30 mpg on the highway. Both the standard engine and the optional 264-hp, 3.0-liter V-6 have direct injection and a six-speed automatic transmission. Freeway entry ramps didn’t pose a problem, but don’t challenge any 18-wheelers. Young working woman’s view: Skip the Equinox and get its twin sister the GMC Terrain. For almost the same cost you get a much better-equipped SUV.


However, the Terrain isn’t as sharp looking. The ride is very relaxed even when challenged by highway corners. Rough roads can prove to be tiresome as it does ride a tad stiff legged. Again, I like the Terrain better in terms of ride comfort and there are more family options with the GMC. Analyzing computer data makes you a bit more objective when driving a car as new to the world as the Equinox. I found, as its name implies, this Chevrolet to be a happy medium type of vehicle. It is a SUV for those who really don’t need a three ton SUV and the expense that comes with them, but still enjoy the high seating position and ability to haul trailers. Young working male’s view: Making open sourced computers and servers two things are apparent. First, you need the ability to expand, secondly, you need it in a smaller package. The Equinox does just the opposite. It offers a larger size, but no extra interior room. It just looks like you are getting more for your money. The reliability data has shown this Chevrolet to be average and the three year, limited mileage warranty may be an area to be discussed when ordering this vehicle. My experience has been that most problems occur within the first year. EPA estimates are startling. The two wheel drive, four cylinder model is reporting a 22/32 mile per gallon range and that beats every other competitor. Even with all wheel drive the Equinox is superior. Although this rig is too large for me, it has an appeal that far outstrips its price. I would certainly order the optional backup camera as there isn’t much vision rearward. The screen for this unit is in the mirror, which really makes sense, although it could be larger, but for under $350 it is a bargain. The two small rear monitors for the entertainment system work fine, but the cost is nearly $1300. The GPS is sophisticated with a a 40GB hard drive to store your personal music selections, but these two add over $2000 to the bottom line. A must have for those of us who need to stay linked is the $500 Vehicle Interface Package. This package provides a USB port for connecting a your iPod or whatever to the stereo and also adds remote start and Bluetooth compatibility. Family conference: The bottom line is whether or not you are daring enough to leave the arms of the competition in favor of this new Chevrolet? We think that if you are used to driving a SUV this one could well win you over and clearly moves the Equinox to the top of the four-cylinder class.





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