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Yi Jie Shen

Yi Jie Shen



Yi Jie Shen

210 John Aird Court, London, UK, W2 1UX 07413 168159 |

PERSONAL SUMMARY Design focused Postgraduate, having successfully graduated with a Master of Art in Painting, alongside holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Acquired over 5 years’ experience in a Graphic Design and Design capacity, working on a freelance basis and for established companies. Proven track record working with full autonomy or effectively within teams, always taking a proactive approach. Developed extensive expertise in Adobe illustrator and Photoshop with 9 years’ practical experience, alongside 3 years’ experience in Rhino 3-D modelling, also now developing user experience skills of applications and webpages on Sketch. Confident with switching between artistic concepts and practical design, with an extreme attention to detail with extraordinary aesthetics. Now seeking an opportunity to leverage acquired graphic design expertise in a role that fulfils design and art capabilities. EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Royal College of Art, London – Master of Art in Painting (Conceptual Art) Dissertation: Researching the experience of violating human taboos Displayed at shows in London, Venice and Berlin

2015 – 2017

Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan – Bachelor of Fine Art. Graduated with a First Class (Honours)

2008 – 2012

WORK EXPERIENCE Philippe Staib Gallery – Administration Assistant 2014 – 2015 • Planned and organised artists exhibitions and events for fostering greater interactions of marketing; • Managed all client communications, answering enquires and hosting tours for local public groups; • Assisted with the collation and distribution of marketing collateral, ensuring all details were correct; • Liaised with executive and senior members of staff to provide support where required; • Developed marketing strategies to attract interest in the organisation and increase event attendance; • Wrote and distributed email correspondence, letters, memorandums and forms. R.O.C. Navy Military Service – Seaman Apprentice (Political Warfare) 2013 – 2014 • Assisted with all aspects of administration, organised lectures and operated the radar with the Operations and Intelligence Center for tracking ships while sailing; • Repaired, maintained and stowed equipment in preparation for underway operations; • Conducted standing security watches whilst in port and underway; • Served as a member of damage control, emergency and security alert teams. CSR-TAIWAN Summit Brand Marketing – Graphic Designer 2012 – 2013 • Defined and implemented the visualised strategy for exhibitions and public events; • Worked with a team of 6 designers and Project Planning Specialists to organise visuals for exhibitions and events including paper and digital Commercial Publicity Materials;

• • •

Scheduled project implementation, defined budget constraints and prepared drafts for new ideas; Worked with a wide range of graphic design software to develop new concepts and rapid prototyping; Liaised with clients to gather their requirements, manage proposals and brief clients on timescales.

National Public Art Programs – Research Assistant & Designer 2009 – 2010 • Managed the communications with residents to test a strategic model for an old community to activate the neighbourhood including public art, events and artist residency without changes to harm the original culture; • Planned research projects, identified any funding requirements and led feasibility studies where required, aiming to archive the colour of an old village cluster and activate the neighbourhood; • Conducted literature reviews, prepared interview questions and subjects to gain feedback on approach.

KEY SKILLS, LANGUAGES Technical Skills: Adobe Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, InDesign, After Effects, Sketch, Framer, Rhino, Keyshot 7, ZBrush, JavaScript, Autocad, 3-D Modelling in training (Rhino, 2017), Advertising Designer of Grade C (2007) Languages: Mandarin (Native), English (Fluent) and Japanese (Basic)


2012 Matching Outside Scholarships,(France & Italy) JI,HUEI-NENG Arts Foundation,Taiwan
 2012 Finalist,Kaohsiung Awards—Oil Painting Category
 2011 Award of Plastic Arts ,S-An Cultural Foundation
 2011 Third Place, Innovative,Creativity and Entrepreneurship Center for Talented—Team Open Art Aesthetics Company,Beijing, China
 2007 First Place, U19 Prix Ars Electronica—Graphic Category, Taipei, Taiwan

EXHIBITIONS 2017 Kunst, coGalleries, Berlin, Germany
 2017 Show17, Royal College of Art, London, UK
 2017 Dimensions of Time, Crypt Gallery, London, UK
 2016 Secret RCA, Royal College of Art, London, UK
 2016 Fragmented Identi es, Borders festival, Venice, Italy
 2014 Immature Trace—Young Photographer Group Exhibition,Jazz Gallery,Taipei
 2013 Kaohsiung Awards—Oil Painting Category,Kaohsiung Museum of Fine 
 2012 Early Spring Works Exhibition—Young Artist, World Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan
 2011 {trois}3, Tunghai NO.43 Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan
 2011 Contemporary art Exhibition,Huaqiao University, Xiamen, China
 2010 The 8th Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award, Taoyuan museum, Taoyuan, Taiwan
 2007 U19 Prix Ars Electronica—Graphic Category, Ars Electronica Center,Linz, Austria

D e si gn S Design Flow 1 Observation

6 implementation

2 Ideation

5 Iteration

3 Rapid Prototyping

4 User Feedback


- General -

- Technical Skills -

• Visual Design

• Adobe Illustrator CC

• 3D modelling

• Photoshop CC

• UI / UX design

• After Effects

• Excellent drafting and painting

• Keyshot 7


• Sketch

• Advanced knowledge of art

• Framer

• Identify problems and find

• Rhinoceros 5

creative solutions

• AutoCAD

S t r a t egic Domain User Experience

Artistic thinking

Design thinking


- Advantages -

- Front End • UI / UX design for web and

• Conceptual thinking

mobile applications

• Resilient workforce

• Fast and high fidelity

• Extraordinary sense

prototypes • Familiar with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS • Interactive design

• Very thorough attention to detail • Art driven designer • Great aesthetic sensitivity Strong principles


V isual


SOUND OF SILENCE If sound could be generated from a silent visual.

Sound of space is a speculative visual project that explores interactions between perceptions, which are sight(visual) and sounding.

__ Skill Required Rhino KeyShot7 Zbrush Drafting

__ Keywords 3D modeling Space Speculative Prototypes Sight Perception

Summary The process of individuals generating perceptions is extremely complicated andcommonly, the perceptions that we receive are mixed illusions. Which are created with our own experiences, history, preconception, etc. There are five perceptionslinked to each person. This research starts with silent visual, by building 3D models.

Approach These visuals are assembled using a variety of objects that consist of different shapes, textures andsizes. All of which will trigger a prefigure of sounds due to insinuation and illusion. Also, those objects are arranged with a specific path, which also implies rhymes and movements from a silent and motionless visual.


Transparent Acrylic


Hard Rough Plastic #1


Clear Hard Plastic

Hard Rough Plastic #2






Hollow Cube



Hour and miniute hand

Process of illusi on Sight

S ou n di n g

Tou ch

Ta s t e

P erce p t i on Sm e l l Perc ep tion • T im e p erc ep tion • M otion p erc ep tion • R ela tive m otion

E xp e r i e n ce

Il l usi on

Illusions could occur with the other senses, and then arouse interacions.




FLOW The next generation of historical timeline platform.

Visualise data into infographics whether it is world history, memorabilia of families, biography or personal interests. Upload your own projects and combine them with others. This is a platform that generates a new vision for learning purposes.

New Generation of Timeline System For the record, history and tracking your projcts and interests.

__ Skill Required Balsamic Mockup3 Sketch Framer

__ Keywords UI/UX Web Wireframe Hitsory

iOS Supported Whole new app expereince & Desktop-Class editing on mobile devices.


Summary History is one of the most important factors when it comes to knowledge. For now, there is no open platform similar to that ofWikipedia that can expand its database with infographics. Presenting detailed information through words and pictures can have more of an impact than bullet points as they are not fast enough to create a deep understanding of new information. It is not enjoyable, readable and will not make it simple to create anoverall picture of the context of diversity.

Histor y (P ro ff entioan l fiels )

Our live s (Inter ests )

Relevanc e

Approach Why is history difficult to understand? Because it is hard to see relevanc between our lives and history. A lack of relevance and the fear of an unfamiliar professional field can make it difficult to trigger people’s passion for learning something new. As you can see from the draft below. To make learning unfamiliar things easier, overlaying people’s interests with history and altering the way in which information is presented are two crucial things. An overview covers multiple information that will significantlyreduce the learning curves.


Record your research with time-based platform. Whether it is the history of your company, family tree or just your interests, explore your tracings with the visualise system at one time.


Browse unique combinations through an online community. From the online community, users can discover whole new visions that they have never imagined before. By comparing two different timelines, users could delve deeper into both the familiar and unfamiliar field at the same time. For instance, Medical vs. Economic, Information Revolution vs. Global Religions, The great depression vs. International Art Market.


Natural User Interface system, and concise visualise symbols with hierarchy. To help user build informative timelines, not only the final present needs to be readable but also the input stage will be a crucial section as well. Deep research on natural user interface, the input flows and logic is simple and straight, aiming to present full and organised context also reducing unnecessary informations. Also, Wikipedia link and Word file format are supported, user could create a rapid time-based research on any subjects rapidly.

Drag & Drap

Visual Hierarchy

Wikipedia & Word Import

Group Events

Once you’ve made a draft of a great event, you can keep adding planty events without any vacancies. And it is still readible and structured.




KARMA, 2017

Project Statement The great idea of this project is a furious attempt at violating the idea of painting and the institutions of painting. Those brushstrokes of painting are replaced by other elements, even cheesy ready-made objects which are valueless in painterly world. Framing is another essential language alongside with the main idea. Most of them have their functions to disturb or violate the content aggressively.

Painting synthesizer, 2017 Birch, cork, acrylic sheet, steel sheet 62 cm x 45 cm x 7.7cm

Tensions, 2017 Chalk on bakelite, rubber band, hair band, ribbon, steel rod 59 cm x 36 cm x 3.5 cm

No more framing, 2017 MDF, acrylic on canvas, cement, plaster, acrylic sheet 49 cm x 51 cm x 4 cm

Sincerely, Yours 2017 Shoe, reflective sheet, fish hook, hair band, nail

Karma //120mg, 2017 Birch, MDF, acrylic sheet, plaster, lemon wipe 71.5 cm x 36.5 cm x 5 cm

Sweet dreams, 2017 Acrylic on MDF, clips, acrylic on brick 44 cm x 27.5 cm x10 / 10 cm x 19.8 cm x 7.8 cm

SALT, 2017 Salt, steel sheet, Reflective sheet 11 cm x 10 cm x 12.5 cm

Thank you for taking the time to consider this application and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Yi Jie Shen Flat 210, John Aird court, W2 1UX, UK +44 7413168159

Portfolio_Yi Jie Shen  

Yi Jie Shen Flat 210, John Aird court, W2 1UX, UK +44 7413168159

Portfolio_Yi Jie Shen  

Yi Jie Shen Flat 210, John Aird court, W2 1UX, UK +44 7413168159