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Alaska Native People Shaping Health Care

Southcentral Foundation congratulates President/ CEO Katherine Gottlieb for her work transforming health care for the Alaska Native and American Indian Community. Katherine has been at the helm of the organization for 28 years. Under her direction and guidance, Southcentral Foundation has become a global leader among health care organizations and recognized for its award-winning Nuka System of Care. Katherine is Sugpiaq and Filipino, a Tribal member of Old Harbor Village, Seldovia Village Tribe and an honorary Tribal member of the Eklutna Tribe of Alaska.


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Darin Anderson Endodontic Associates of Alaska Dr. Darin Anderson is invested in his family, religion, business and community, maintains a level of honor in his practice and surrounds himself with people he trusts to help him reach and achieve his business and personal goals. Providing comfortable dental care in an environment that is safe and compassionate to the public and to his staff is a high priority and concern for Dr. Anderson. He entered into private practice in 2008, and has continued to support his field in Endodontics by offering the best of himself to the community that he cares about. Said of Dr. Darin Anderson: “His personal goal in life is simple: live life to its fullest; love family and always keep friends close; have a fish on the line in the summer and your net full; laugh often and always greet each and every day with a smile; and put your best foot forward.”

Joshua Arvidson Anchorage Community Mental Health Services Joshua Arvidson, LCSW, is a national leader in trauma-informed mental health care. He led the grant that created Alaska’s only National Child Traumatic Stress Network Center - the Alaska Child Trauma Center at Anchorage Community Mental Health Services - in 2005. At ACMHS, he provides thoughtful clinical guidance for the entire organization. Beyond his commitment to providing excellent trauma-informed care for children, he has been instrumental in promoting and providing training for trauma-informed care in Alaska’s school systems, head starts and the adult service world. Said of Joshua Arvidson: “He has the vision to see that addressing trauma can result in better individual and family outcomes, which rolls up into better community outcomes, and he has the drive to work toward that vision.”

Amanda Atwood Denali PT Amanda Atwood moved to Alaska in 2012 to begin her career as a physical therapist. Early in her career she honed her manual therapy skills as a general orthopedic practitioner, but she always had an interest in oncology. She has focused her clinical skills in treating oncology/lymphedema patients since January 2019, after receiving her certification as a breast cancer rehabilitation therapist. Said of Amanda Atwood: “She is caring, professional, passionate and seeks to help her patients heal and improve well.”

Anchorage Daily News | Sunday, December 1, 2019


Markian Babij Alaska Medical Specialties Dr. Markian Babij, N.D., FABNO, has experience in the modalities of general naturopathic family practice, pain management, advanced immunology and integrative cancer care. He incorporates botanical, homeopathic, nutritional/lifestyle counseling, immunotherapy and pharmaceutical-prescribing experience to his current practice. In Anchorage, Dr Babij works closely with educators and support services for cancer patients, and attends local cancer conferences to connect with oncologists and collaborate regarding the care of his patients. Dr. Markian Babij says: “It is Alaskans that have included Naturopathic care in their healthcare model, and I thank them for doing so! We are actively creating the model for future healthcare, not only in Alaska, (but) globally … Each patient is an opportunity to make a difference in our community by promoting health.”

Linda Barker-Shaw Studio One Pilates Linda Barker-Shaw has a background of knowledge in health and wellness, which she uses to inform, correct, adjust, modify and encourage her clients. She continues to pursue certifications as a personal trainer, and applies what she learns to planning the workouts and instructing/cueing the clients. Linda enjoys sharing what she feels in her own body as she demonstrates and works out in classes, which helps her clients understand the “why” behind the movement, as well as the “how.” Linda Barker-Shaw says, “I love learning how to apply Vasie Pilates to my own body, and having the opportunity to share that knowledge with others.”

Richard Benjamin Hope Alaska Richard Benjamin, “Rick,” became the Director of Organizational and Spiritual Wellness for Hope Community Resources in 2009. A non-profit organization, Hope is in its 50th year of providing services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Rick supports 750 employees and 700 people who receive services from Hope in Anchorage and throughout Alaska. In 2014, Rick received Certification as a Spiritual Support Professional, through the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. He is personally invested in every aspect of his work for people with disabilities. Said of Richard Benjamin: “He brings heart and mind to programs he implements, and every conversation with colleagues or users of services. He is an exceptional person and service provider.”



Monique Child Polar Pediatrics Dr. Monique Child is devoted to making the world a better place by helping parents raise happy and healthy children. Her passion is the reason she opened Polar Pediatrics in May 2009. Dr. Child is unique in the world of medicine as she is solely focused on the betterment of a child’s life, not the numbers and moving on to the next patient. Said of Dr. Monique Child: “Dr. Child has created a medical home for children regardless of ability to pay or insurance coverage, where you see the same physician at each visit and are not rushed. She has pushed to assure all Alaskans have care, to minimize the need for travel out of state for care.”

Larry Daugherty Alaska Medical Specialties Dr. Larry Daugherty is an integral part of the Alaska Cancer Treatment Center. He is also the co-founder of Radiating Hope International, an organization that works on building cancer facilities in developing countries. Dr. Daugherty strives to communicate in clear and direct terms what a diagnosis means, what the treatment options are and more, giving his patients all the information they need to know, including answering the sometimes difficult questions about prognosis. Dr. Larry Daugherty says: “My most important job as a radiation oncologist is educating patients. I have many other important hats that I wear, but to me, that is the most important.”

Wade Erickson Capstone Clinic Dr. Wade Erickson and his wife Heather started Capstone Family Medicine LLC and Eye Clinic LLC in 2003. Since opening, they have grown the practice and opened the Capstone Clinic Eagle River location in 2009, as well as starting Urgent Care with comprehensive occupational medicine in 2012. Additionally, Dr. Erickson has been the team physician for the MatSu Miners since arriving in the Mat-Su Valley in 2000, and has served as chief of the medical staff at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, where he continues to remain on active status. Said of Dr. Wade Erickson: “He is a doctor - a healer first and foremost.” “He has served the community in many ways, including building multiple care facilities.”

Anchorage Daily News | Sunday, December 1, 2019


Arom Evans Orion Behavioral Health Network Dr. Arom Evans is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who started Orion Behavioral Health Network with his wife, Jennifer DesRuisseau PharmD, in 2009. During the past 10 years they have grown from a small two-provider clinic based in Eagle River to running clinics in Anchorage, Eagle River, Wasilla and Fairbanks, and provide telemedicine throughout the state. Since growing up in Alaska, providing mental health services to all Alaskan children became important to Dr. Evans. He enjoys watching children that have struggled begin to thrive and be successful. Dr. Arom Evans says, “Making a positive difference in kids lives is what keeps me going in my work.”

Tina Ferringer F&H Fitness Studio Tina Ferringer was born in raised in North Pole and works tirelessly to train, educate and inspire multiple communities throughout Alaska via health and fitness. Her gyms, F&H Fitness Studios located in Anchorage, North Pole and Fairbanks, are safe places for those looking to make healthy life changes. Tina is also the founder of Spin For a Cause, a spin bike fundraiser for local nonprofits. She focuses not only on the physical aspects of fitness, but the mental and spiritual as well. Tina has created a space that many have been able to call home; a place of comfort, acceptance and healing. Said of Tina Ferringer: “She is the most amazing, giving person to her team and her clients. She pours belief in each person when they walk through the doors of F&H Fitness Studio every day.”

Paul Forward Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Dr. Paul Forward works in rural Alaska through the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s Rural Provider Network, specialising in rural Alaska full-spectrum, family medicine, with an emphasis on hospital and emergency care. He selected Family Medicine as a specialty because he wanted to serve rural Alaska, knowing the challenges of the incredible responsibility that it entails. Through ANTHC, Dr. Forward has been working in some of Alaska’s most remote communities, where he has quickly become a valued team member. He is also a Lead Guide at Chugach Powder Guides. Said of Dr. Paul Forward: “Dr. Forward is well respected across his two fields of employment. There are few Alaskans that have been able to balance such two unique professional careers and excel to the top of their field in each respectively.”



LeeAnn Garrick Alaska Native Medical Center LeeAnn Garrick has worked at Alaska Native Medical Center for more than 13 years, currently serving as Vice President of Administrative Services. She had been in management and leadership roles for a decade within ANMC’s work in environmental health and engineering. In her current role, LeeAnn oversees campus administrative services including facilities, strategic access, safety, security and emergency preparedness. LeeAnn’s goal has always been to work hard behind the scenes to make getting medical care, access to proper sanitation and fresh water and health education easier for Alaska Native people and their families. LeeAnn Garrick says: “I like to be there for people who need help or support, but in most cases if I’m leading it, I like to stand aside and let people do what they need to do. If they need me, I’m there for them.”

Katherine Gottlieb Southcentral Foundation Dr. Katherine Gottlieb joined Southcentral Foundation in 1987 and has been at the helm of the organization for 28 years, since 1991, serving as President/Chief Executive Officer. Under Dr. Gottlieb’s leadership, Southcentral Foundation has grown from a small office to a well-regarded health organization that employs more than 1,500 people. She has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to improving the future of Alaska Native people, with a focus on children and families. Said of Dr. Katherine Gottlieb: “Dr. Gottlieb has made significant contributions to making better lives for Alaska Native children by improving their opportunities to learn, grow, and combat poor living conditions and violence, including maltreatment. Dr. Gottlieb is a very energetic, charismatic, and determined leader.”

Jennifer Hines Alaska Sleep Clinic Jennifer Hines is the Director of Marketing for Alaska Sleep Clinic, an Alyeska International LLC company. She moved with her family from Arkansas in 2017 and in the past two years has helped catapult the website www.AlaskaSleep.com to the Top Five Sleep Education Websites. Through the website, Jennifer Hines has been able to assist more than 5 million people worldwide in finding help for their sleep issues. Said of Jennifer Hines, “She is my influence and think she is worthy of being recognized.”

Anchorage Daily News | Sunday, December 1, 2019


Kathy Hurlburt Providence Hospital Dr. Kathy Hurlburt is a family medicine specialist in Anchorage. Having more than 20 years of diverse experiences, especially in internal medicine, Dr. Kathy Hurlburt affiliates with many hospitals including Providence Alaska Medical Center, Mat-su Regional Medical Center, Alaska Regional Hospital and cooperates with many other doctors and specialists. She was born and raised in Alaska, and has been practicing in the state since 2002. Said of Dr. Kathy Hurlburt: “Her bedside manor is unlike any other. She always takes time to care for her patients. Whether it be on the weekends or evenings, she always provides that comfort, reassurance and support. She takes the time to ask about family, life, etc. She Is very knowledgeable and thoughtful when supporting her patients.”

Leanna Issac Association of Village Council Presidents Leanna Issac was born in Anchorage and raised in Bethel, where she works for the Association of Village Council Presidents’ Healthy Family Department as the Healthy Families Activities Coordinator. Collectively, she has about 16 years of working on wellbeing, which started when she was in junior high school participating in AVCP’s Kinguliamta Ciunerkaat program as a Youth Delegate, a program that sparked Leanna’s interest in working with and for people. Leanna finds passion to be involved in promoting both individual and community wellness, and is humbled for this honor and award in Business Achievement Said of Leanna Issac, “(She is) a very sincere, dedicated young lady committed to bringing families to become healthy, including their communities.”

Amy Johnson Studio One Pilates Amy Johnson moved to Alaska eight years ago, pursuing an artistic and personal interest. Through her artwork, she explores the battle between trying to be perfect and the beauty of imperfection, joining Studio One Pilates in Anchorage as a source of both inner and outer strength. She was a client for seven years before recently joining the team as an instructor. Although a relatively new instructor, clients have discovered that Amy puts together challenging workout plans. She continues to be inspired by living in such an extreme place and weave threads of daily life and personal narrative into her art practice. Said of Amy Johnson, “Her motivation for being a pilates instructor is the same as being an artist: to help others feel better.”



Tim Kanady Kanady Chiropractic A born and raised Alaskan, Dr. Tim Kanady has a passion for helping people live healthy, pain-free lives. He and his wife Lynn opened Kanady Chiropractic in 1988, and the family business has flourished in Spenard ever since. As one of Anchorage’s most respected chiropractors, Dr. Kanady helped lead the way in bringing Chiropractic BioPhysics to Anchorage. Said of Dr. Tim Kanady, “(He is an) energetic, caring, supportive and an all-around wonderful physician and human being.”

Michelle Kimbrell F&H Fitness Studio Michelle Kimbrell has been working as a social worker in the Anchorage community for 17 years, spending the past seven at Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. She enjoys her job as a social worker because she is able to work in various fields, including child protection, advocacy, counseling, addiction, healthcare and more. Michelle began instructing spin at F&H Fitness Studio in June 2019. She is a wellness warrior who paved the way for people to get healthy and fit. Said of Michelle Kimbrell: “Her personality is infectious. She is a pioneer when it comes to promoting health and wellness through fitness but also mental health through positive ‘I Am’s.’ She is truly an inspiration.”

Leslie Kleinfeld Fit for Health Leslie Kleinfeld created Fit for Health in 1997, with a goal of teaching people how to move with greater ease and to discover ways to incorporate “fitness moments” throughout their day. Her work is about walking a wellness path with her clients and students so that they may learn how to weave healthier choices into their lives. Leslie has designed worksite wellness programs and conducted ergonomic assessments, as well as presented on health and wellness at major conferences in Anchorage. Said of Leslie Kleinfeld, “Leslie is enthusiastic about getting people in the community to lead healthier lives, by example, by teaching in her business, and by volunteering her expertise in the importance of diet and exercise with people around her.”

Anchorage Daily News | Sunday, December 1, 2019


Justin Libby The Libby Group Dr. Justin Libby is the owner and leader of The Libby Group LLC, a cutting-edge dental clinic known for its positive and upbeat, loving atmosphere. Since 2015, his team has grown to more than 25 highly trained professionals that provide extremely high levels of care in an uplifting setting under his leadership. He leads by example, building a rich culture of teamwork and trust within the company and being the first to challenge his own way of doing things. He wants to be better, and is constantly pushing himself to provide a better experience and elevating those around him. Dr. Libby is inspired to give back to his community, passionate about supporting local businesses and making Anchorage and Alaska a great place to live. Said of Dr. Justin Libby: “As soon as you meet him, you can feel the passion that Dr. Libby has for people and for making them smile. He brings a tangible excitement to every room, and continually pushes himself and the staff at The Libby Group to excel in what they do.”

Jerome List Anchorage Project Access Dr. Jerome List has a very distinctive background as an ear, nose and throat specialist and is a member of the team at Alaska Ear Nose & Throat in Anchorage. He is trained as a medical doctor and a dentist/oral surgeon, brining custom-tailored training designed to address the unique connection between these two medical fields to his patients. Dr. List is also the director of Anchorage Project Access, providing high-quality health care to low-income or uninsured patients. Said of Dr. Jerome List, “Dr. List was a founding member of Anchorage Project Access and has selflessly given of his time to that organization and patients without the means to pay over many years.”

Crystal Mitchell Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Crystal Mitchell is encouraged to be a visionary for healthcare, to be equipped with strategies, and use problem-solving processes in order to be dynamic, passionate and influential. She does not feel that she has a job, but rather a calling to a profession to which she is devoted. Crystal loves her role at Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium because she has encouragement from leadership to make change and continue to empower and inspire others. The patients that she and her colleagues care for on a daily basis reward Crystal and her team by showing them how to be strong, brave and courageous. Said of Crystal Mitchell: “Passion and commitment are key attributes that an effective leader possesses, and those are just a few characteristics of Crystal. She has an enthusiasm for a mission or project (which) will get others excited because they can see and feel the shared dedication.”



Corinna Muller Aurora Maternal-Fetal Medicine Dr. Corinna Muller is the owner and founder of Aurora Maternal-Fetal Medicine LLC and enjoys her full-time clinical career seeing complex high-risk pregnant patients throughout the state. She has worked as a physician in both academic and private practice settings, and has recently started to pursue her new endeavor to help foster resilience in medicine through coaching and mentoring female physicians, Lady DOx LLC. Said of Dr. Corinna Muller: “Corinna is well respected by her patients, staff, family, friends and members of the professional community. Throughout the years, Corinna has many people that believe in her, play a big role in influencing her and encouraging her along her journey in life.”

Bonnie Murphy BFit & Well Bonnie Murphy is a nationally certified fitness professional who has been in the business of health and wellness for the past 30-plus years. She created BFit & Well, a personalized training studio where she specializes in transforming mature bodies through exercise and proper fitness related modifications. In April 2018, Bonnie brought Rock Steady Boxing to Anchorage; this is a non-contact boxing inspired exercise program that is designed to help those that have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease to delay the progression of their symptoms. Said of Bonnie Murphy, “I have never known anyone so dedicated to her principals and goals to help people realize they can keep doing all the things they need to do, like to do and want to do for a very long time.”

Erin Royal Dr. Erin Royal Family Medicine Dr. Erin Royal is dedicated to providing Alaskans of all generations with compassionate, personalized, high-quality primary care. She is treasured by her patients for her relentless kindness and her attention to detail. Dr. Royal is tireless in her efforts to provide the best care to the people of our community. She enjoys helping people figure out way in their hectic lives to be healthy. Said of Dr. Erin Royal, “Erin is devoted to her community and her role as a doctor they can rely on.”

Anchorage Daily News | Sunday, December 1, 2019


Tracy Runyan-Traylor Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Tracy Runyan-Traylor has been in healthcare for the past 20 years because she truly loves what she does. As an Athabascan in healthcare, she has the ability to impact the health of elders, babies, families and future generations. She wants the healthcare system that her grandchildren and great-grandchildren inherit to be of the highest quality, culturally-respectful, accessible and financially vibrant. She makes decision in healthcare based upon how she would want her family’s medical care. Said of Tracy Runyan-Traylor: “She strives for excellence in healthcare for the native community. Everyday she goes in to work her goal is to improve healthcare and healthcare processes.”

Frank Sacco Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Dr. Frank Sacco specializes in general surgery in Anchorage and has more than 39 years of experience in the field of medicine. He served as trauma medical director for 25 years, which estimates that he oversaw the trauma care provided for over 15,000 patients in Alaska. He led Alaska Native Medical Center to be the first trauma center in Alaska and has maintained ANMC’s verification to be the highest-level adult and pediatric trauma center in the state. Said of Dr. Frank Sacco: “I would consider Dr. Frank Sacco to be the founding father of the Alaska trauma system. Dr. Sacco’s tireless work has improved the health and safety of many Alaskans.”

Rebecka Schuler Alaska Oncology Rebecka Schuler pursued her dream of a medical career with Alaska Oncology and Hematology and for the past eleven years has worked consistently to improve and promote herself and the team of medical assistants she supervises. Together they work diligently and humbly every day to provide the best cancer patient care possible. She supports the patient and their families. Rebecka is a strong example of honesty, integrity, patience, service and perseverance in her professional career, as well as her personal life. She uses her experiences, strength, and hope to encourage others to become the best version of themselves. Said of Rebecka Schuler, “Rebecka is the best medical assistant who works with all her patients to solve any problem and make sure everyone is happy.”



Wil Sundberg Alchemy Orthotics & Prosthetics Wil Sundberg founded Alchemy Orthotics and Prosthetics in 2007 to offer something different — providing an outstanding level of care to Alaskans in need of mobility solutions. Alchemy has built a team who are experts at helping patients have an innovative and personalized experience. He has led Alchemy to grow into multiple offices around the state with a team of extremely skilled, but even more importantly genuine, caring experts who create brilliant solutions for patients with mobility issues. Wil is constantly driving ahead, not afraid to make the investments in cutting edge technology and new methods that take days and even weeks off the time it takes for a patient to have a fully custom prosthetic leg made. Said of Wil Sundberg: “He does not quit on patients. He is genuine, so very approachable and loves making connections/introductions that go well above and beyond what is expected of a healthcare provider. ”

Paul VanAlstine Studio One Pilates Paul VanAlstine is the owner of Spine and Joint Rehabilitation and Studio One Pilates. He has more than 20 years experience teaching and working with bodies through both exercise and manual therapy. Paul founded Spine and Joint Rehabilitation Associates to help people to have more integrated, resilient, and timeless bodies. He is devoting his full time and effort to creating and improving better communication, education, and more systematic and predictable systems to help people get out of pain, improve conditioning, and create an optimal body for better living. Said of Paul VanAlstine: “Paul started Studio One Pilates 30 years ago and has greatly influenced how pilates is taught in Anchorage. He has a passion for teaching and observes the needs of his clients in every class, adjusting his plan to address those needs.”

Jonathan Van Ravenswaay Mountain View Urgent Care Dr. Jonathan Van Ravenswaay and his wife, Andrea Van Ravenswaay, opened Mountain View Urgent Care last August. Since then, they have been helping the community of Mountain View with exceedingly great medical care; accepting most insurances and even has an affordable self pay discount to those without insurance. Dr. Van Ravenswaay knows how to make his patients feel as if they are his family and treats them as though they are. He goes the extra mile for his patients and wants to help everyone that is willing to receive it. Said of Dr. Jonathan Van Ravenswaay, “He wants people to know he cares about them and does everything he can to make them their healthiest self.”

Anchorage Daily News | Sunday, December 1, 2019


Steve Weaver Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Steve Weaver has worked tirelessly for the past 20 years as the Senior Director of Environmental Health and Engineering at Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. He has more than 40 years of civil/ environmental engineering experience. Steve has provided leadership and direction to a diverse team of engineers, environmental health, construction, utility support and other professionals for the past two decades at ANTHC, and is concluding a 45-year career advancing public health through his engineering and leadership expertise. He has extensive experience in rural Alaska sanitation facilities from working in over 50 communities throughout the State. Said of Steve Weaver: “Mr. Weaver is an out-of-the-box thinker and always looks for better ways to complete work and set the standard for innovation. His dedication to improving public health throughout rural Alaska is unrivaled.”

Kenneth Wynne Dimond Family Dental Center Dr. Kenneth Wynne has practiced dentistry in the Anchorage area for more than 20 years. In 2012, he opened his current office for Vietnam veterans and has expanded to provide care to patients of all ages. He regularly completes continuing education to stay at the forefront of the dental field. It is evident in the office atmosphere everyday that Dr. Wynne’s experience lies not only in the science of dentistry, but the art of community as well. Said of Dr. Kenneth Wynne: “Dr. Wynne believes that honesty is the best policy. He is completely honest with each patient and looks for what is in their best interest always.”

Frolain Brandt Max Muscle Alaska Frolain Brandt is a certified person trainer who specializes in customized supplementation and diet. With more than 25 years of experience in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, he is one of the most knowledgeable people in the bodybuilding community. He helps people get confident about themselves, a better mindset and in shape. Said of Frolain Brandt, “His personal philosophy is: you train with the rest, now train with the best.”



Thank you Crystal Mitchell

Dr. Frank Sacco

Nursing Director, Emergency Department

Medical Director for ANMC General Surgery

Dr. Paul Forward

LeeAnn Garrick

ANTHC Rural Provider Network

former Vice President, ANMC Administrative Services

Steve Weaver Senior Director, Environmental Health and Engineering

We are proud to celebrate and honor the remarkable dedication and commitment to our mission, vision and values of these individuals. Thank you for all that you do for ANTHC and our community.


Congratulations to the A N C H O R A G E D A I LY N E W S ACHIEVEMENT IN BUSINESS AWARD WINNERS At Northrim, we value exceptional customer service in all forms. We tip our hats to all the honorees who go above and beyond for their community. You deserve this award.