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MARCH - MAY 2018


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Debbie Harry



Warrington Indoor Market




& T R AV E L

2018 DOOR TO DOOR Quality British and European Holidays by Coach








APRIL 02 April



Channel View Hotel

£439 NO NOA

19 April

TENBY - All Inclusive


Belgrave Hotel

£299 NO NOA

30 April



The Mayfair Hotel

£519 NO £90

04 May

LLANDUDNO - Victorian Extravaganza


Queens Hotel

£259 NO £12

07 May

LLANDUDNO - Spring Break


Queens Hotel

£349 NO £16

07 May

WARNERS - Entertainment Package


Holme Lacy

£419 NO NOA

17 May



Arbour Hotel

£249 NO £20

12 May

CORNWALL - Cornish Splendor & Doc Martin


Rosemundy House Hotel

£439 NO NOA

13 May



Le Strange Arms Hotel

£499 NO NOA

27 May



Cairndale Hotel

£349 NO £72

30 May

LOIRE VALLEY - The Garden of France


Ibis Hotel, Chinon

£849 NO £218

06 June



Haddon Hall Hotel

£399 NO NOA

16 June

LLANDUDNO - Summer Holiday


Queens Hotel

£479 NO £30

24 June



Castlecourt Hotel

£499 NO £93

29 June



Lion Hotel

£275 NO NOA



Esplanade Hotel

£354 NO NOA



JULY 01 July

Booking Hotline 01942 728 960

02 July



The Rutland Hotel

£449 NO £40

09 July

WARNERS - Entertainment Package


Cricket St Thomas

£426 NO NOA

09 July



Suncliff Hotel



15 July



Gilsland Hall Hotel


YES £45

23 July



Headland Hotel

£385 NO NOA

23 July

PERTHSHIRE - High Peaks of Luxury in the Highlands


Crieff Hydo Hotel & Resort

£465 NO £95

30 July

ISLE OF ARRAN - Includes Off Road Safari


Best Western Kinloch Hotel

£439 NO NOA

02 Aug



Best Western Blunsdon House Hotel

£389 NO £80

05 Aug

ANGUS - Includes Glamis Castle & Cruise - DINER


Park Hotel


07 Aug

EDINBURGH - Includes Tattoo


Kings Manor Hotel

£422 NO £65+

12 Aug

CORNWALL - Cornish Splendor & Doc Martin


Rosemundy House Hotel

£439 NO NOA

19 Aug

BABBACOMBE - Great Value Summer Tour


Anchorage Hotel

£335 NO NOA

24 Aug



Kings Manor Hotel

£422 NO £65+

26 Aug



Best Western Lansdowne Hotel

£449 NO NOA





Séjours and Affairs

09 Sept



The Victoria Hotel

£429 NO NOA

10 Sept

AUSTRIA - Romantic Rhineland, Austria & The Heart of Europe


Belle Vue Hotel/Weiss Kreuz Hotel

£1019 NO £195

17 Sept

BLACKPOOL - Blackpool Illuminations


Park House Hotel

£299 NO NOA

23 Sept

LLANDUDNO - Summer Holiday


Queens Hotel

£395 NO £20

23 Sept



The Brony Castle Hotel & Spa

£398 NO £80

27 Sept

LOCH LOMOND - A Victorian Steam Journey


The Winnock Hotel

£449 NO £56

02 Oct



The Mayfair Hotel

£489 NO £90

12 Oct

BLACKPOOL - Long Weekend


Park House Hotel

£299 NO NOA

19 Oct

MINI-CRUISE - Amsterdam

21 Oct

TENBY - Turkey & Tinsel


The Belgrave Hotel

£299 NO NOA

27 Oct



Channel View Hotel

£439 NO NOA

02 Nov

BRIDGWATER, TAUNTON - Guy Fawkes Illuminated Carnival


Holiday Inn Taunton

£199 NO £40

05 Nov

LUDLOW - Pre Christmas Party


The Feathers Hotel

£299 NO NOA

02 Nov

LLANDUDNO - Turkey & Tinsel - includes fireworks


Queens Hotel

£235 NO £20

11 Nov

THURSFORD - Christmas Spectacular


Best Western Le Strange Arms

£389 NO NOA

19 Nov

LLANDUDNO - Turkey & Tinsel


Queens Hotel

£299 NO £20

12 Nov

CUMBRIA - Turkey & Tinsel


Queens Hotel

£295 NO £25

12 Nov

BABBACOMBE - Turkey & Tinsel


Anchorage Hotel

£235 NO £25

19 Nov

THURSFORD - Christmas Spectacular


Best Western Le Strange Arms

£389 NO NOA

23 Nov

LONDON and Winter Wonderland


29 Nov

LOCH LOMOND - Edinburgh Christmas Markets

29 Nov

VALKENBURG - Christmas Markets

Est £425 NO



£129 NO -



Novotel London West Hotel



The Winnock Hotel

£329 NO £56


Schaepkens Hotel

£479 NO £85




CUMBRIA - Christmas Package


Gilsland Hall Hotel

£449 NO £20

23 Dec

DUMFRIES - Christmas Package


Cairndale Hotel

£395 NO £60

23 Dec

LLANDUDNO - Christmas Package


Queens Hotel

£599 NO £20

30 Dec

DUMFRIES - Hogmanay Package


Cairndale Hotel

£420 NO £60

30 Dec

CUMBRIA - Hogmanay Package


Gilsland Hall Hotel

£449 NO £20

For full details of any tour please see our 2018 brochure via our website.


DINER TOURS: On these tours our hostess will serve a freshly prepared light lunch with tea & coffee on day excursions, and morning coffee and biscuits on the outward and return days. All freshly made on board.

Memory Lane Holidays & Travel Heath Street






Twittering on With Angela Kelly Just get on with life – don’t dissect it I’M not a major fan of New Year Resolutions – mostly because my track record means I hardly ever keep them beyond January 12.

debbie Harry delighting uk audiences since the 70's PAGES 10-11

However, I’m going to make an exception this year, thanks to a rather game 90 year-old called Vera. She booked an 11-day P & O cruise with a 91 year-old man she had met just 45 minutes before. She was on a coach trip and when they stopped for lunch, this charmer called John – not with her group – got chatting to Vera over a glass of wine about holidays. The upshot was that he took her over the road to the travel agents and paid £3,700 for them to have an 11-day Mediterranean trip.


bspoke tours - bike and boat PAGES 6-7



james martin's slow cooking recipes PAGES 21-24

It was all above board: they had separate beds and enjoyed a lovely time. But the really interesting bit of this rather sweet tale is Vera’s take on the whole thing. When asked why she had done it, she replied: “I would say to people ‘Seize the day’.” Coming from a feisty 90 year-old, that is good advice. In other words, don’t waste too much time pondering over everything – just get on with living. Now that will mean different things to different people. To the adventurous, it might mean going travelling for a year, sailing right around the British Isles, finally getting a tattoo or changing your hair colour – or your husband. It might be something much less dramatic like taking a new work qualification, starting a particular hobby you’ve always been interested in or booking that longed-for sunshine holiday. Whatever it is, the message is clear. Life is just too short to worry too much

about the small stuff. So why not grab it by the horns and simply enjoy it? And the interesting postscript to Vera’s story is that John asked her to go on holiday with him again – to the Caribbean. Our Vera, though, has other plans. “I just haven’t got the time to waste,” she stated. “I could pop off tomorrow – I’ve got things to do.” Just love it!

Old stations and routes could be back on track THE name “Dr Beeching” may not mean much these days but at one time it was synonymous with the destruction of the Great British Railway as we knew it. Richard Beeching was, for a short time, chairman of British Rail as it then was and an affiliate of the Labour Party who, in the early 1960s, became a household name for restructuring the national rail network. His “axe” fell on more than 4,000 route miles and dozens of small stations were closed on cost and efficiency grounds. His name has been back in the papers more recently because the current Government is suggesting re-opening some of these lost lines and stations in order to drive house-building nationally. Irrespective of any political motives, this seems like a fascinating move to me and, I would guess, to many other people who love train travel. It’s such a sensible way to move through this country of ours, seeing villages and towns in a relaxed way that driving can never offer. Of course, it won’t be like in Dr Beeching’s day. Trains and train travel have altered dramatically in the intervening years. Although trains are generally more comfortable, a lack of investment and rolling stock has also meant that some busy commuter

Bridgeman House | 77 Bridgeman Street | Bolton | BL3 6BY. Sales Enquiries : T: (01204) 238180 E:



routes have turned into “sardine specials” with passengers cramped and standing in a small number of carriages. The plan may mean, though, much better and easier journeys for many, and the opening up of areas which currently struggle for direct transport. I suppose we shall see exactly what it involves as 2018 unfolds. For me, though, the plan transports me back to the regular train journeys when I was young and each Summer we journeyed to my mother’s home town of Swansea in South Wales and the glorious Mumbles’ coast. As the miles clicked by and all the little stations took us nearer to our destination, my Mum’s Welsh accent got broader and broader and we all became more relaxed. Trains do that. They allow you to sit back and consider life. And if this new plan promotes easier, stress-free travel then it will definitely be a move in the right direction.

Here is the news – and it’s actually true WE’VE all heard plenty about “fake news” over the last year or two and how information can be manipulated especially via social media. As a journalist, I’m always horrified that anyone will accept spurious stories on face-value because I’ve had a working life of checking and re-checking information before it goes out to the public.

It’s just all too easy to see something online and take it as true because someone else has put it out there. Commonsense, really, dictates that we should question the source and try to verify it but sometimes I guess we just can’t be bothered. All of which is why it’s good news that, according to a report from Ofcom – the UK’s communications’ regulator - children are becoming increasingly savvy about fake news on social media. More than half of youngsters aged 12 to 15 use Facebook and Twitter to access news online. Often, they click on stories that have been recommended by “friends” in their network or by users they “follow”. They like to access news in this way. Now, however, they are becoming more selective about trusting these articles. The majority are making an effort to check out these items for veracity, possibly with other news’ sources, and are also checking if it was published by an organisation they can trust. This is very heartening, especially as, if they do discover an item is fake, they will often alert parents or another family member and may post comments telling others that it’s false. All we need now is for adults to follow their lead and question news’ sources, relevance and accuracy and we’ll raise news’ reporting standards at a stroke.

National Helpline 0800 917 7650

Alcoholics Anonymous has over 4,400 groups throughout Great Britain dedicated to helping those with a serious alcohol problem learn how to stay sober. Groups are made up of people from all walks of life and all age groups. Through friendship and mutual support, members assist each other in coping which is made easier by meeting others with the same problem. There are no dues or fees for membership and anonymity is carefully preserved. Anyone who believes they have a drink problem can contact Alcoholics Anonymous by using the helpline number above or email; Further information may be obtained from the web site above or from the General Service Office at the address below. For information: P.O. Box 1, 10 Toft Green, York. YO1 7NJ Tel: 01904 644 026




50 Plus Travel

sponsored by couple (and de-couple) easily from an adult bike for younger legs. Our age range of 7 and a half (most important) to 82 worked beautifully! Accommodation is in compact, en-suite cabins of varying configurations – again, all combinations happily satisfied. Breakfast of the hearty continental variety and a tasty 3 course dinner, using produce bought en route, was served onboard each day. We were introduced to the ‘packed’ lunch by our charming Italian crew: essentially cheese, cold meats, fruit, chocolate bars and rolls were provided each morning so you could create your own picnic to eat along the way. Although it must be said that we stopped each

Bspoke Tours – Bike and Boat By Jennie Carr from Silver Travel Advisor

day near cafes, so there was always the chance to have a plate of pasta or pizza instead. This trip is a variation of the escorted

The best things in life are so often

flat, a word I like in relation to bicycles.

tour (a self-guided option is available)

simple, and so it is with Bspoke Tours

Distance I can do, hills I’m not keen

and as always in this situation, much

and their Bike and Boat trip in Italy,

on. Everyone is provided for – the

depends on your guides. Our Dutch,

cycling from Venice to Mantua. Take a

ebikes a real bonus for older legs and

endlessly energetic and efficient Hugo,

large converted barge, many bicycles

clever tandems, where a child’s bike can

proficient in all languages needed (at

(some electric), an international group of passengers of all ages, great Italian food, a hilarious and charming crew and two expert guides for a week of cycling along the mighty River Po. You cycle along the rivers during the day, meeting the boat late afternoon, for a short cruise to an evening destination, where you take a walk for cultural points of interest, have dinner onboard and then repeat again tomorrow! It’s a recipe that’s attractive to couples, single travellers and families – we had three generations on our trip, which was in total a small group of around 30. We travelled with Italians, Swiss, Brits, Germans, Canadians and Americans. What’s more the cycling is







least 5!) and a positive walking Wiki

generations. Just one bar was open

on this route was partnered by Italian,

for lunchtime drinks, the siesta is still an

friendly Frederico – a European version

essential part of life here. The cycling

of Little and Large, if I’m honest! We

was easy along well marked trails or

were delighted to leave the planning

almost empty roads. We picked up

and logistics in their highly capable

the boat and sailed to Chioggia, for an

hands, we woke up and did as

afternoon walk in the sunshine. The

instructed – a holiday in itself. And I

town has an impressive fishing fleet and

must highly commend the ‘extras’ which

is a combination of working port, with a

we were not expecting, walks around

charming town.

the destinations where we moored, full of interest and information. I’m always

Our evening routine then followed:

humbled by in-depth knowledge –

shower and change, pre-dinner drinks

Hugo had it in spades!

on the sun deck, a hilarious explanation of the meal by our Italian chefs (a career

We hit the trail on day 3, having spent

in TV must surely be waiting!) and

time in Venice on foot on the day

then we ate companionably at three

before. The boat left Venice, in the

long tables, a set menu with variations

mist, very evocative, with a parting

for any with ‘dietary requirements’.

glance at St Mark’s from the water. We

Good value local wines (including a

headed to the island Litorale di Lido,

very decent Amarone), beer and soft

playground of the rich and famous,

drinks were available and paid for at

glamourous and sophisticated, as could

the end of the trip. We took a further

be seen from the fabulous houses.

evening stroll in Chioggia, although bed was calling after all the fresh air

Mornings started briskly at about

and exercise!

8am for breakfast and ‘packed’ lunch making, with seats in the saddle being taken by 9am at the latest! The 7.57am to Marylebone it was not. A pitstop at a beach café and then on to ferry for 5 minutes to Pellestrina, with an entirely different atmosphere: it is a working fisherman’s island with scores of trawlers along the promenade. You sense not much has changed here in

Silver Travel Advisor recommends BSpoke Bike & Boat Holidays. Visit or call 020 7471 7750 for more details. Prices from £1,025 including • Full board - all meals included • Flights and transfers • Luggage transfers • Route maps and instructions

In Europe pedal assist cycle sales commonly known as e-bikes are massive and now here in the UK sales are growing at an unbelievable rate now that the quality and choice has finally arrived.














Book from listedprices pricesbelow* below* Book fromthis thisleaflet advertand andsave save £10.00 £10.00 off off the the listed

South West Coast, Torquay Abbey Lawn Hotel

A stunning seaside resort located in Devon, Torquay is a jewel in the English Riviera. The iconic palm trees and international marina could fool you into thinking you were in the Mediterranean!

Price Includes: 4 or 7 nights dinner, bed and breakfast at the Abbey Lawn Hotel 5 day tour: visits to Plymouth & Newton Abbot

Abbey Lawn Hotel Hotel Facilities ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Ensuite Rooms Traditional English Breakfast Lunch available Waiter service Table d’hote menu *A la carte menu Lift to all floors Lounge & Bar Wifi in public areas Garden Conservatory Heated indoor swimming pool ✓ Ballroom/dance floor ✓ 24hr reception ✓ Porterage *supplement applies

8 day tour: visits to Dartmoor & Exeter and Teignmouth

South Coast, Eastbourne Imperial Hotel

Eastbourne, of Saxon origin, is an unspoilt elegant Victorian seaside resort. Nestling under the Sussex Downs it enjoys a very clement climate all year round, it has one of the top sunshine records in the UK and offers a variety of ways for you to unwind and relax.

Price Includes:

4 or 7 nights dinner, bed and breakfast at the Imperial Hotel 5 day tour: visits to Brighton & Battle and Hastings (1066 Country) 8 day tour 15A: visits to Windsor & Royal Tunbridge Wells 8 day tour 15B: visits to Chartwell House & Brighton

Shanklin, Isle of Wight Ocean View Hotel

Located on the historical Isle of Wight, Shanklin is home to our very own Ocean View Hotel. The Isle of Wight has captured the hearts of many household names we all know and love today, from Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens to the Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Price Includes:

4 or 7 nights dinner, bed and breakfast at the Ocean View Hotel 5 day tour: visits to Osborne House & Ryde & the Military Museum 8 day tour 18A: visits to West Island Tour & Ryde via Havenstreet & Ashley 8 day tour 18B: visits to West Island Tour & Osborne House

Imperial Hotel Hotel Facilities ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Ensuite Rooms Traditional English Breakfast Lunch available Waiter service Table d’hote menu *A la carte menu Lift to all floors Lounge & Bar Coffee Lounge Wifi in public areas Ballroom/dance floor 24hr reception

✓ Porterage *supplement applies

Ocean View Hotel Hotel Facilities ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Ensuite Rooms Traditional English Breakfast Lunch available Waiter service Table d’hote menu *A la carte menu Lift to all floors Lounge & Bar Wifi in public areas Garden Heated indoor swimming pool ✓ Ballroom/dance floor ✓ 24hr reception ✓ Porterage *supplement applies

5 day tours: 01M 4 nights, DBB Sat 05 May 2018


Mon 04 Jun 2018


Thu 10 May 2018


Sat 09 Jun 2018


Tue 15 May 2018


Thu 14 Jun 2018


Sun 20 May 2018


Tue 19 Jun 2018


Fri 25 May 2018


Sun 24 Jun 2018


Wed 30 May 2018


Fri 29 Jun 2018


8 day tours: 11A 7 nights, DBB Sat 28 Apr 2018


Sat 30 Jun 2018


Sat 12 May 2018


Sat 28 Jul 2018


5 & 8 Day tour supplements per person: Front Facing Room £5.00 per person per night / Premier Room (including front facing view) / £10.00 per person per night

5 day tours: 05M 4 nights, DBB Sat 05 May 2018 Thu 10 May 2018 Tue 15 May 2018 Sun 20 May 2018 Fri 25 May 2018 Wed 30 May 2018 Mon 04 Jun 2018

£199.00 £219.00 £219.00 £225.00




Sat 09 Jun 2018


Thu 14 Jun 2018


Tue 19 Jun 2018 Sun 24 Jun 2018 Fri 29 Jun 2018 Wed 04 Jul 2018 Mon 09 Jul 2018 Sat 14 Jul 2018 Thu 19 Jul 2018 Sun 29 Jul 2018

£249.00 £249.00 £249.00



£249.00 £249.00 £249.00

8 day tours: 15A/15B 7 nights, DBB Sat 07 Apr 2018 Sun 08 Apr 2018 Sat 21 Apr 2018 Sun 22 Apr 2018 Sat 28 Apr 2018

£289.00 £289.00 £325.00 £325.00


Sat 12 May 2018 Sat 19 May 2018 Sat 26 May 2018 Sat 02 Jun 2018 Sat 28 Jul 2018

£369.00 £379.00 £389.00



5 & 8 Day tour supplements per person: Premier Room £5.00 per person per night

5 day tours: 08M 4 nights, DBB Mon 30 Apr 2018 Sat 05 May 2018 Thu 10 May 2018 Sun 20 May 2018 Fri 25 May 2018 Wed 30 May 2018 Mon 04 Jun 2018 Sat 09 Jun 2018

£189.00 £199.00 £219.00 £225.00 £225.00 £229.00 £239.00 £239.00

Tue 19 Jun 2018 Sun 24 Jun 2018 Fri 29 Jun 2018 Wed 04 Jul 2018 Sat 14 Jul 2018 Thu 19 Jul 2018 Tue 24 Jul 2018 Sun 29 Jul 2018

£249.00 £249.00 £249.00 £249.00 £249.00 £249.00 £249.00 £249.00

Sat 07 Apr 2018 Sat 14 Apr 2018 Sun 15 Apr 2018 Sat 21 Apr 2018 Sat 28 Apr 2018 Sun 29 Apr 2018 Sat 05 May 2018 Sun 06 May 2018

£289.00 £299.00 £299.00 £325.00 £349.00 £349.00 £359.00 £359.00

Sun 13 May 2018 Sat 19 May 2018 Sat 09 Jun 2018 Sun 10 Jun 2018 Sat 16 Jun 2018 Sat 23 Jun 2018 Sun 22 Jul 2018 Sat 28 Jul 2018

£369.00 £379.00 £409.00 £409.00 £409.00 £409.00 £409.00 £409.00

8 day tours: 18A/18B 7 nights, DBB

Sat 12 May 2018 £369.00 5 & 8 Day tour supplements per person: Sea View Room £5.00 per person per night / Premier Room (including sea view) / £10.00 per person per night

Freephone 0800 083 9900 or contact your local travel agent • Visit us online at:

*offer applies to new bookings only Offer Ends 30th April 2018


Bookfrom fromthis thisleaflet advertand andreceive receivesavings savingsof ofup up to to £40.00 £40.00per per couple* couple* Book


Costa Brava

Bruges and Antwerp - 5 days

The Black Forest Hideaway

Roses - 10 days


Baden-Baden and Titisee - 8 days





£34 NLY 9 PP


£69 NLY 5 PP

£71 NLY 5 PP

Monday 4th June 2018

Tuesday 5th June 2018

Saturday 16th June 2018

Ostend is the largest and most popular resort on the Belgian North Sea coast with fine sandy beaches stretching for miles with shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

The former Greek colony of Roses stretches between the sea and the mountains in the northern area of Costa Brava. The town is popular for its splendid beaches.

The Black Forest or Schwarzwald, is one of the most beautiful regions of Germany, bordered by the Rhine to the west. A wonderfully picturesque region.

Single Room Supplement - £89

Single Room Supplement - £199

Single Room Supplement - £130

Price Includes:

Price Includes:

Price Includes:

✓ Pickup from your local joining point

✓ Door to Door transport ✓ Channel crossing via Eurotunnel ✓ 1 night bed and breakfast in the Orlean area ✓ 7 nights dinner, bed and breakfast at the Hotel Coral Platja ✓ 1 night bed and breakfast in the Reims area ✓ Visits to Girona, Costa Brava, Figueres

✓ Pickup from your local joining point

✓ Channel crossing via Eurotunnel ✓ 4 nights Dinner bed and Breakfast at the Princess Hotel ✓ Visit to the Historic city of Bruges ✓ Visit to Antwerp

Tour Code: OSTE / 4 nights DBB

Lake Garda

The Dolomites and Venice - 10 days

Tour Code: SPAI / 2 nights BB / 7 nights DBB

Treasures of Tuscany 10 days


✓ Channel crossing via Eurotunnel ✓ 5 nights dinner, bed and breakfast at the Landhotel Rebstock ✓ 1 night dinner, bed and breakfast on the outward and return journeys in Douai ✓ Visits to Freudenstadt and Baden-Baden & Triberg and Lake Titisee

Tour Code: BLAC / 7 nights DBB

Lake Como

the Italian Lakes & Switzerland - 10 days





£82 NLY 5 PP


£74 NLY 5 PP

£95 NLY 9 PP

Tuesday 19th June 2018

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Tuesday 24th July 2018

The sheer splendour of Italy’s largest lake is legendary. Charming waterside resorts and villages lie sheltered before a stunning backdrop of mountain scenery.

Tuscany is a remarkable region of unspoilt beauty where historic cities and ancient villages lie amidst rolling green hills. Our base is the famous spa town of Montecatini.

Lake Como is regarded as one of the most spectacular of all Italian Lakes and the deepest in Italy, with pretty villages that line its shore.

Single Room Supplement - £179

Single Room Supplement - £229

Single Room Supplement - £179

Price Includes:

Price Includes:

Price Includes:

✓ Door to Door transport

✓ Door to Door transport

✓ Channel crossing via Eurotunnel

✓ Channel crossing via Eurotunnel

✓ 1 night bed and breakfast in Metz

✓ 1 night bed and breakfast on both the outward and return journeys in Troyes

✓ Door to Door transport ✓ Channel crossing via Eurotunnel ✓ 1 night bed and breakfast in the Metz area ✓ 7 nights dinner, bed and breakfast at the Grand Hotel Cadenabbia ✓ 1 night bed and breakfast in the Reims area ✓ Visits to Lugano, Milan & St Moritz

✓ 7 nights dinner bed and breakfast at the Hotel Sole ✓ 1 night bed and breakfast in Reims ✓ Visits to Verona, Venice & The Dolomites

Tour Code: GARD / 2 nights BB / 7 nights DBB

✓ 7 nights dinner, bed and breakfast at the Grand Hotel Plaza ✓ Visits to Florence, Lucca & Siena

Tour Code: TUSC / 2 nights BB / 7 nights DBB

Tour Code: COMO / 2 nights BB / 7 nights DBB

Freephone 0800 083 9900 or contact your local travel agent • Visit us online at:

*offer applies to new bookings only Offer Ends 30th April 2018

Debbie Harry

Delighting UK Audiences Since The 70’s DEBBIE Harry has been delighting UK audiences in the same way that she first did 50 years ago – with a mixture of talent and charisma. The Blondie star is unbelievably now 72 and still looks like the startling singer who first crashed into the public consciousness in the early 1970s. Her career is the stuff of films. In fact, glamorous Malin Akerman did play her in a film about seminal punk club CBGB. But any director would struggle to cover the broad spread of events, achievements and milestones in her life so far. She was born Angela Tremble in Miami, Florida but at three months was adopted by Catherine and Richard Smith Harry and raised in Hawthorne, New Jersey.


In the 1960s, she worked as a Playboy Bunny and hung out at Max’s Kansas City, a famous nightspot frequented by pop artist Andy Warhol. Her professional singing career began in 1968 as a backing singer with a folk band which later broke up but in 1973, she met Chris Stein who became her longtime boyfriend. They were both in a group called the Stilletoes. Then, together, they created punk rock/New Wave group Blondie in 1974. It was originally called Angel and the Snake but eventually took its name from the catcalls numerous truck-drivers would yell out to Debbie in the street. Her bleached blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, photogenic face and seductive voice teamed with a series of catchy songs - mostly co-writtten by her - quickly became a successful formula for the group. They swiftly transcended the cult elitism of punk to enjoy

mainstream hits in the US and UK, with Debbie taking on iconic status during the late 1970s and early 1980s. She had always wanted to be an underground artist and her new role satisfied her. As she later recalled: “That was what I always felt was the beauty of rock ‘n’ roll, it was entertainment and showbiz yet it had the idea of the voice of the people. It had an essence to it which was socially motivated. “Not that I want to change the world, you know? But it was sort of relevant to real life. It involved the real essence of poetry or the real essence of fine art. But it was also entertainment. That was the real vitality.” Whatever the formula, Blondie and Debbie Harry proved to be a major success with the record-buying public, sending hit singles like Heart of Glass, Picture This, Sunday Girl, Hanging on


Blondie in 1977

the Telephone, Call Me and the Tide is High soaring up the charts. Like many groups do, however, Blondie broke up in 1982. Debbie took a few years out to care for Chris Stein, who had been diagnosed with a rare auto-immune skin disease, then she moved onto a solo career. This allowed her not only to record solo albums but to take up a film and TV career which saw her become a highly visible star. She played a female wrestler in Teaneck Tanzi on Broadway and even dyed her hair red for her role as James Woods’ masochistic girlfriend in the film Videodrome.

The British public clearly still has an appetite for both Blondie and its music, and they are certainly still fascinated by Debbie Harry. She once said: “The only person I really believe in is me”. And perhaps it is that unique element of her that has so caught the attention of her fans over the years and is now bemusing a new generation. Well, she is unusual. After all, not everyone can be immortalised as a Barbie Doll as she was – and still be wowing the concert crowds in her 70s.

Blondie re-formed in 1997 and achieved renewed success and a No.1 single in the UK with Maria in 1999 – exactly 20 years after the group’s first UK No.1 single with Heart of Glass. They have sold more than 40 million albums over the years. The group has toured extensively and regularly throughout the world ever since and was inducted into the Rock ad Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. Their 11th studio album, Pollinator, was released in May this year. The title is not a random choice. Debbie has long been associated with a variety of good causes and has put on many benefit shows for AIDS charities as well as being outspoken on various subjects. She is currently running Blondie’s BEE Connected Campaign to raise awareness of the decline in the bee population by promoting organisations dedicated to conserving and improving the health of pollinators through education, consumer empowerment and political activation.


| 11




CHANGING the mood of your home is a definite way to alter and improve your lifestyle in 2018. The wonderful thing about this positive decision is that it can cost as much – or as little – as you want it to, involving differences to your home that are radical or merely minor. “It really all depends on your budget and how much change you want, your circumstances and your surrounding space,” explains interior designer Allyson Houghton from Ideas Interior. She has noticed that a major trend in improving homes today involves glass and letting in plenty of natural light through glass walls and roofs. “This is a natural improver of your mood and helps bring the outside in,” she adds.

lifestyle you dreamed of by having this improvement in light and space.” There are many varying styles of both available and, again, choose your supplier carefully. Go online and study

“In bathrooms and kitchens you generally want brighter lights, with softer lighting in the lounge and bedrooms,”

Select your builder carefully, preferably on recommendation, and see for yourself the kind of work he has already carried out. Look at the planning permission or building control approval you might need first by checking on the Government website “Conservatories and orangeries are also very popular these days,” says Allyson, ”and you can often finally achieve the


Take a look at your existing front-door: does it need sprucing up with a lick of paint or do you need a new one? A modern front-door, often with smart glass panels, can make quite a difference to your hallway – “and this area is the gateway to your home as it’s the first thing visitors see so it really needs to give a good impression,” says Allyson.

Try panels on the walls that reflect light. “LED lighting is so far advanced now that you can change the mood whenever you want.” If you are planning major changes to alter the whole mood and atmosphere of your property and way of living, it may well be worth investing in an extension to provide more rooms or an extra bathroom.

the styles that would both complement your own home and will provide the changes you want or visit local showrooms.

Allyson Houghton Ideas Interiors is an established Interior Design Studio based in the heart of Lancashire, and their client geographic stretches from The Highlands to London and further afield in Europe. • For more information go to:

Lighting around your home is a major improver of mood and feelings. Allyson advises investing in dimmer switches to change the lighting as your own mood changes, and use good-quality candles around the home. “These not only give out a lovely light but can also scent your home – and the senses need soothing in this way so they are a definite mood-changer.” If you’re buying new light fittings, while it’s useful to see what is available by going online, it’s always best to go into shops and stores and see light fittings for yourself and the effect they have on an area.

experience, they will help you choose the perfect light for any room, just call in and see them.

Here are some hints and tips to get you started. Size is Important

You may want to consider increasing the light level if you have a very high ceiling. A light fitting with more bulbs or extra table lamps will help as mentioned above. Consider the colour of the room; darker colours absorb more light whereas lighter colours reflect more making the room appear brighter.

Think about the size of the room before you begin planning. This may sound obvious, but lots of people don’t take the time to consider how the light will look in a certain space. Some bulbs in days gone by were much brighter bulbs than we have today. They may have been as high as a 150 watt bulb (which is now banned). Fast forward to today and it seems we expect a little more from our lighting, and why not?

How will the room be used and what function should each light fitting perform? If the room is used for several different functions and occasions, or is a large open plan space - extra consideration will be needed.

Sure, light fittings are there to do a job - bring light to a room, but just as importantly they add decoration and character to a room.

It’s common sense that in a kitchen/diner you will need brighter lights, such as spotlights, to help when preparing food, but when it comes to that ambient romantic dinner, it would be handy to have a dimmer to get the atmosphere just right.

Think about how much light you will need for the room in question? Follow this simple formula to give you a good starting point. For example a room 4 meters by 3 meters will be 12 square meters 4 x 3 = 12 meters square 12 x 25 = 300 watts Measuring your ceiling height is always a wise move as not all ceiling heights are the same. You don’t want to fit a light that hangs too low or a light that is unreachable if you need to change the bulb. At Pemberton Lighting you have many options to choose from, that fit rooms of all shapes, sizes and ceiling heights. If you find you need a little extra light, why not add a decorative or even simple table lamp to boost brightness and character. Pemberton Lighting is your lighting specialist in Wigan and has over 30 years of

Be careful about choosing wall colours and décor throughout your property. Bold colours like reds and greens can be harsh but if you want a more relaxing ambience, neutral shades and gentler colours like blues and lilacs can soothe and improve how you feel as soon as you step through the door. Colour is vital in your home. Introducing colour will change a room, and different rooms need different colours which send out different messages, so it’s important to get it right. If you’ve definitely got a generous budget for changes, investing in a new lounge suite that offers a more comfortable way to relax is worth the effort.


Lightin g

Reader Discount with this advert

Come to the showroom where the choice is endless, the quality unsurpasses and the personal service is a pleasure. 808 Ormskirk Road, Pemberton, Wigan WN5 8AX

Tel:01942 216033


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It is hard to find quality & style in today's resin market. Your fireplace is one of the most important purchases you will make for your home so don't be disappointed with ready-made fireplaces that will need to be replaced after a short time. Black Diamond is a family run business with over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of fireplaces. We only cut genuine Limestone, Granite and Marble (not the fake micro grain resins).

All our fireplaces are produced in our own factory and hand finished to a very high standard. Free Pre-installation survey to ensure compatibility before work commences. Complete design service Installation is carried out by experienced fireplace fitters with over 25 years’ experience (Gas Safe).

Our Factory Outlet is Open 7 days a week.

Clayton Place, Clayton Street, Wigan WN3 4DA Tel: 01942 245649/01942 826097 14 | WWW.50PLUSMAGAZINE.CO.UK

Spring your home

BACK TO LIFE We are an established family run company that offers a professional and friendly service. We have served over 10,000 customers since 2003 who regularly return and recommend STEAMY WINDOWS to their family and friends. If you require replacement double glazed units contact STEAMY WINDOWS for a free no obligation quotation or visit our website If you don’t want to spend quite that amount, check that your FRONT DOOR is still effective as a welcoming portal to your home. Front doors come in all kinds of designs these days and are ideal for ensuring light in your hallway.

BACK TO NATURE – It’s the natural look by Valspar paints for this lovely room

You may want to build onto your home in 2018 with an EXTENSION, SUNROOM or ORANGERIE. You may prefer a CONSERVATORY as a means of extra light and space. They can

THIS is definitely the time of year we take a fresh look at our home and think about change. Spring is not just a time for Spring-cleaning but also altering and improving our lifestyle and streamlining the way we live with less clutter. As the brighter days come along, the fresh light on often tired furnishings and décor can galvanize us to action. But where to start? Although it may be your rooms that look like they need some immediate rejuvenating, it’s worth first checking the OUTSIDE of your property and seeing if work needs doing there. The fascia board and soffits – the wooden bits around the outside of your home – may be looking tired and in need of some work. You may just need a new coat of paint on the outside or even new WINDOWS. Today, windows are not only very effective in keeping out the bad weather and ensuring your home is well-insulated but also look good and can modernise the most tired-looking property. And now spring is here and the days get longer property maintenance tends to be foremost in people’s minds, with lighter mornings and evenings any failed double glazed units (Misty Glass) become more obvious. STEAMY WINDOWS offers a unique service with no salesmen and no pressure to buy. Simply measure the approximate size of each unit that has failed and contact STEAMY WINDOWS (see advert) and we will price them for you. When you are happy with the price we survey the work and fit them within 7 – 10 days.

Specialists in Replacment Double Glazed Units Ring with Sizes for a FREE Estimate

0161 858 0075 0800 328 8573 8am to 8pm 7 Days Established Local Family Company


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HOME all add both value and quality to your home and daily living but it’s worth choosing your builder carefully. An approved official body like the Federation of Master Builders is a good place to start; go to for information about a suitable local builder. Your builder should be able to show you previous work which is why having one recommended to you often helps. Check all your rooms carefully before you start any work as, once you’ve got one room much improved, it can make the others look rather dull! Keep your HALLWAY bright with good lighting and possibly new wallpaper and paint. Mirrors are also a great way to maximise space and light. Decorating might be the answer around the house, especially in areas like the lounge and kitchen where you spend a large amount of time. The paint experts at Valspar advise that “light colours will always uplift a small room and make it appear bigger. In larger rooms, you can use dark colours to make the room feel cosier or create a more dramatic effect.” If you don’t want to invest in a new SOFA or CHAIRS, having new covers made or even buying attractive throws will definitely brighten them up. The same applies in the KITCHEN where new unit doors, for example, can create the illusion of a completely new kitchen. Or, splash out on a large, freestanding fridge if you’ve got the room to stylishly add to storage and drinks’ capacity. Even new pots and pans, displayed attractively, can improve the look of you kitchen or new, brightly-coloured utensils. You can buy complete ranges of coffee-makers, kettles and containers now in lively colours. The same applies in the BATHROOM where a new suite will do wonders for the look here and make it much more contemporary. Bright shower curtains and accessories can complete your makeover. BEDROOMS definitely benefit from decoration in soft, relaxing colours, complemented by new bedding in similar shades and new flooring.

Nothing will work well in the way of home improvements, though, if you don’t seriously address the matter of clutter. Professional de-clutterer Amanda Manson from Orderly Office and Home suggests some simple, tried and tested tips to help you tackle those niggling areas and create a feeling of calm. 1. Decide on your goal – Getting started requires a mindset that is open to letting things go, a sense of acceptance and the ability to move forward. I speak to many people who say they have too much stuff in the spare room or that their loft is ful of “goodness knows what” and they just can’t seem to make a start tackling it. So first I’d suggest setting yourself a goal and a timeframe in which to achieve it. Clearing the overflowing sideboard or dining table before you have guests


over for lunch or going through a pile of newspapers and magazines that have been stacking up over the weeks in time for paper recycling day, for instance, are both great motivators. 2. Pick a time and a place – Whilst in certain circumstances it makes sense to sort all of a particular “type” of thing in one hit – books, clothes, photographs etc – if you’re simply trying to give yourself a sensible clear-out and freshen up your home, I’d suggest working either room-byroom or space-by-space. So, find yourself a free morning or afternoon when you can get stuck into a room, or just 30 minutes to work on a set of drawers or a shelf, put the radio on and get to work! 3. Bags, boxes and all that jazz – You don’t need to go overboard here by any means but it’s good to have at hand some suitable containers for sorting your items. There are things to keep, to donate to charity, to pass on to friends or where, needs must, to put into the bin. Cardboard boxes, bin bags plastic tubs or simple marked-up spaces on the floor (use a post-it note) or table are a good starting point. Simply moving things around and not into a specific category means it’s easier to mix up and get into a muddle again. 4. Need it? Use it? Love it? – These are the questions you need to ask yourself when going through your possessions. If you can’t answer “yes” to any of these, you’ll then need to ask yourself why you still have it! Easier for some items than others, granted, but for the purpose of a Springclean it’s likely you’ll be tackling things that you’re less emotionally attached to. 5. Sort, group and purge – When going through your possessions, start by gathering together things from one place. For instance in your kitchen just empty out that utensil drawer onto the countertop and try to group all of the same kinds of items together. Lay out all the knives, whisks, measuring spoons and so on. Then it’s time to assess what you have and decide if you have enough, too many or need more. A simple trick here is, over the course of a week, to only put back into that drawer the items that you have used. Look at what’s left at the end of the week and decide if you really need what’s left in the box. 6. Sort first, store second – Don’t be tempted to buy new storage items on a whim. Go through the simple steps in whichever area of your home needs a tickle then you can enjoy finding something suitable to fit in your space. Try to re-purpose storage items that don’t work in other rooms. You’ll often find they work wonders when given a new job. 7. Clean and be cleaned – Of course, you’ll want to give the area you’re sorting a good Springclean whilst you’re at it. Just think how much easier a bookshelf will be to dust when there are fewer items cluttering up the surface space. Likewise for your laundry cupboard. Three fewer duvets and a new way of storing them (duvet cover and bottom sheets stored inside the matching pillowcase) will make life much easier going forwards. • For more information on Amanda Manson go to and on Valspare paint

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Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms

One stop shop, tiles and flooring available, everything under on

• Massive choice of traditional or modern • Fabulous showroom with 60 displays open 7 days • Owned by JJO Furniture Manufacturers offering very keen prices and a quick turna Financially solid • Project-managed installation. All aspects covered • Established over 150 years with four experienced designers plus CAD designer for outstanding visual aids qualih t • ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ subject to status is

Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms

Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms


m jjopl H om e

One stop shop, tiles and flooring available, everything under one roof

• Massive choice of traditional or modern Bacup - 352-358 Newchurch Road, 7 Stacksteads, • Fabulous showroom with 60 displays open days Bacup. OL13 0LD Tel: 01706 252122 Oswaldtwistle - Oswaldtwistle Mills, Colliers Street, Oswaldtwistle. BB5 3DE Tel: 01254 30 • Owned by JJO Furniture Manufacturers offering very keen prices and a quick turnaround. Ulverston - Kitchen House, Brogden/Market Street, Ulverston. LA12 7AH Tel: 01229 5818 Financially solid Blackburn - Blackburn Market Hall, Church Street, Blackburn. BB1 5AF Tel: 01254 6692 • Project-managed installation. All aspects covered • Established over 150 years with four experienced designers See h o w plus CAD designer for outstanding visual aids quali ur ty fuo • ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ subject to status r n is it

u m jjoSpelceahdoewat r e H our q.cuoam/ furnoim tuer/eV i dleitoy

r See ou ons i t installa ur o on

at jjop is made Home/ Video


Bacup - 352-358 Newchurch Road, Stacksteads, Bacup. OL13 0LD Tel: 01706 252122

Oswaldtwistle - Oswaldtwistle Mills, Colliers Street, Oswaldtwistle. BB5 3DE Tel: 01254 304068

Ulverston Kitchen House, Brogden/Market Street, Ulverston. LA12 7AH Tel: 01229 581828 Bacup - 352Bacup -- 352-358 Newchurch Road, Stacksteads, Bacup. OL13 0LD Tel: 01706 252122 Blackburn - Blackburn MarketMills, Hall,Colliers ChurchStreet, Street,Oswaldtwistle. Blackburn. BB1 5AF3DE Tel:Tel: 01254 669215 Oswaldtwistle - Oswaldtwistle BB5 01254 304068 Oswaldtwistle - O

Ulverston - Kitchen House, Brogden/Market Street, Ulverston. LA12 7AH Tel: 01229 581828 Ulverston - Kitc

Blackburn - Blackburn Market Hall, Church Street, Blackburn. BB1 5AF Tel: 01254 669215 Blackburn - Bl

HOME Spruce up your space Again, before your guests arrive, take a few hours to spruce up your space. You’ll be a much more relaxed host if you’re not kicking things under the sofa or apologising for the state of the kitchen if you’ve given it the once-over. So, do the little things you’ll be grateful for later: empty the dishwasher so it’s good to go when you need it, and take the bin out so you have a fresh liner for the night. If you’re hosting a film night, make sure the sofa is clean and that the cushions are well-plumped up. Lay out snacks on your coffee table

Hosting the Perfect Night in: How to Impress Your Guests Whether you’re hosting a movie night or a dinner, there’s a series of steps you can take to ensure your guests remember it for all the right reasons. If you’re a novice (or simply want some confirmation that you’re on the right track), here’s how to pull off the perfect night in…

you’re a pro at rustling up spaghetti and meatballs, don’t be afraid to serve steaming mountains of the meal. Make your meatballs and sauce ahead of time, ensure your water is hot and wellsalted, and just spent 10 minutes in the kitchen cooking your pasta and plating it up when it’s time to eat.

Shop ahead

Ensure you have plenty of side dishes – even if it’s just a great salad and some garlic bread – as well as something to cater for any dietary requirements your guests might have. And remember – it’s better to overfeed your guests than have any of them go hungry.

Start by making a list of everything you need, and shopping for it the day ahead of your event. That will help to keep your stress levels to an absolute minimum, and will ensure you’ve left yourself a full day to run to the shops to get whatever it is you end up forgetting. Choose your menu carefully Whether you’re just having friends over for a movie night or are entertaining a crowd for dinner, you’re going to be serving food of some sort. If it’s the former, make sure you’ve stocked up on all the traditional movie night essentials such as popcorn and other tasty snacks. But if you’re hosting a dinner party? You’re going to need to do it properly. A dinner party is no time to try out a new recipe, so do yourself a favour by cooking your signature dish – if


Chill your wine There’s nothing more theatrical than swinging open the French doors on your fridge to reveal the stash of wine you’ve been chilling all day, so plan well ahead of time by cooling down your white wine and beer ahead of guests arriving. Don’t forget to chill some soft drinks too, as it’s likely someone will be drinking lemonade or Diet Coke.

Snacks are a great idea, as not only will they stave off hunger, they’ll also soak up the alcohol your guests are drinking. So, fill up your coffee table with crisps, nuts, olives and anything else that’s easy to pour into a bowl. Then, on a corner table, set out wine, beer, a corkscrew and some glasses: let your guests know they can help themselves in case you forget to top everyone up. Have a loosely structured plan Are you planning on serving dinner in your open plan kitchen diner? Will you be staying at the table for card games and wine afterwards? Or are you retiring to the living room for a movie? Have some idea of what’s happening next. But, don’t worry about making the night perfect: someone often ends up sharing YouTube videos if they come across a laptop, so just let it flow. Leave the tidying until tomorrow Finally, don’t let your guests lift a finger (unless they’re related to you). And try to leave the mess until the morning, or at least until your guests have gone – they won’t appreciate feeling like they’re cluttering up your home, and this kind of etiquette goes a long way in making a positive lasting impression.

Armed with these tips, you should be ready to host the perfect night in.


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Tomato Lycopene and Prostate Health By Prof T G Truscott (Keele University) and Prof Fritz Boehm (Medical Consultant, Berlin)

As men get older the risk of prostate diseases, from prostate enlargement to aggressive prostate cancer, increases. While enlargement is common in men aged over 50, the risk of getting prostate cancer is no more for such men than it is without this problem. The main prostate disease, which DOES concern older men, is prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, with near 1000 new cases diagnosed every week – it can develop slowly. If you have a close male relative, such as your father or brother, with prostate cancer you are at a higher risk. This means if you have this disease your son(s) are also at a higher risk, especially so if another male relative has the disease. One of the most common tests for prostate cancer is a blood PSA test (Protein-Specific Antigen) - while this test can sometimes be unreliable (a high PSA level may not be due to cancer) it can be useful in detecting early prostate cancer.

Lycopene and Prostate Cancer

Another trial comes from America - Omer Kucuk (Oncology Professor, Detroit) studied men with existing prostate cancer who were to have radical prostatectomy. The trial results, (published in The American Institute of Cancer Research) led Professor Kucuk to report: “Lycopene from tomato extract may not only prevent prostate cancer but may also be useful to treat prostate cancer”. As well as these and other promising results for men with established prostate disease, what about those currently free of the disease but possibly at higher risk? Here, we believe the results of a large trial from the USA are important. Professor Edward Giovannucci, (Harvard Medical School), has followed 50,000 men, investigating the relationship between the incidence of prostate cancer and lycopene intake. In a recent paper (published in ‘The Journal of National Cancer Institute’ - Oxford University Press), he concluded: “Dietary intake of lycopene was associated with reduced risk of prostate cancer, especially lethal prostate cancer”.

Lycopene is the red colour in tomatoes - it is known to accumulate in the prostate and there is evidence that lycopene can help those with established disease as well as those at a higher risk. A trial at Kings College Hospital, London, used Lycoplus (10mg Lycopene per day). All the men on this 1 year trial had established prostate cancer, an average age of 70, average PSA 23ng/ml and they were monitored during and at the end of the trial. The trial results (published in the journal Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases) showed that 70% of those on the trial had a significant reduction in the PSA rate or a PSA reduction. The urologists running the trial reported ‘‘Our clinical study lends weight to the probability that dietary supplementation from Lycopene [from Lycoplus] slows disease progression in men with prostate cancer”. The reason why only 7 out of 10 men showed an improvement and 3 showed no improvement is not explained in this work. We believe some men are unable to take up sufficient lycopene and so a higher dose may have increased the number who would have benefited. This is why we have increased to dose of bio-available lycopene in Lycoplus capsules, since this trial, from 10mg to 15mg/capsule.

Nigel Johnson BBC Radio Stoke Football Commentator says:

“Tomato feast may keep prostate tumours away”

“Tomato pills that could fight prostate cancer”

The Times

Daily Mail (online)

“Tomato pill to save your life - a cancer-fighting extract found in tomatoes”

“Lycopene’s effect on preventing cancer of the prostate is near miraculous”

Daily Telegraph

The Times

While the trials so far indicate the benefits of tomato lycopene for those men with established prostate cancer, more extensive trials would be worthwhile. However, many men are not waiting but are taking bio-available lycopene, such as Lycoplus, to reduce the risk of prostate disease and, we believe, mitigating the disease if it is already present.

What our customers say: We get many letters, emails and phone calls telling us of the success of Lycoplus. Often these tell us of a rising PSA value being stabilised or sometimes actually falling. Typically, recently a new customer from South Wales has told us his PSA has fallen 25% after only 12 weeks of taking Lycoplus.

Stay Informed: To order or for a free newsletter please call 08000 234 235 or visit

“I take Lycoplus every day to reduce prostate problems and maintain my good health.”

Natural Lycopene

What the papers say:


Each lycoplus one-a-day capsule contains 15mg of natural lycopene plus 60mg of Vitamin C and 10 mg of vitamin E. These enhance the effect of the lycopene supplement.

One box of 30 capsules (one month’s supply) £17.95 Save









2 boxes

4 boxes

10 boxes

George & Partners Limited, Keele University Science Park, Staffordshire ST5 5NL


All prices include free UK postage & packing

To order or for a FREE Newsletter call freephone 08000 234 235 or visit


JAMES MARTIN'S SLOW COOKING PORK AND ARMAGNAC TERRINE This dish is a must for me, as my family were pig farmers, and it’s from them that I got a real taste for pork. It’s just so simple, and uses all the best parts of the pig. The recipe comes from a château kitchen in the south of France, where I was inspired by its pure, simple flavours. There’s no need to be put off by making a terrine – it’s very simple, and it’s actually the dish it is cooked in (the terrine) that makes it easy for us. Serve it with pickles, chutney or gherkins and some crusty bread and butter. Serves 10–12 INGREDIENTS 300g pork liver 900g pork mince 120ml good white wine 6 tbsp Armagnac 16 thin back bacon rashers 2 eggs 100ml double cream 1 tsp sea salt 1 tsp freshly ground black pepper A good pinch of nutmeg 3 fresh thyme sprigs

First, the meat needs to marinate for 24 hours before cooking. Cut the pork liver into dice, place in a food processor and process to a purée. Combine with the pork mince in a large bowl, pour over the wine and Armagnac, mix well, cover with clingfilm and place in the fridge overnight. Preheat the oven to 140°C/275°F/Gas Mark 1. Line the sides and the base of a 30 x 11cm terrine with the bacon, allowing it to hang over the sides. To make the filling, whisk the eggs and the cream in a bowl and slowly pour onto the marinated pork meat mixture, then add the salt, pepper and nutmeg. Pack the mixture into the

terrine and press it down as you do so, with either a spoon or a spatula. Once the terrine is full, place the thyme on the top and fold the bacon over it, then cover with a lid or a piece of foil. Place the terrine into a deep baking tray and half-fill the tray with hot water, then cook in the oven for 1½ hours, or, if you have a thermometer probe, until the centre reaches 70°C/160°F. Leave the terrine to cool completely before putting it in the fridge to chill and set. Turn it out to serve.


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SPICED RED LENTIL SOUP I’ve worked with many Indian chefs during my career, and I’ve managed to learn a lot about their food, but that’s just a drop in the ocean when you think of what’s out there. This was one of the soups we used to serve as a pre-starter for customers in the restaurant. Serves 4 INGREDIENTS 200g red lentils 1 tsp ground turmeric 2 tsp salt 2 dried red chillies 1 tsp coriander seeds ½ tsp cumin seeds ½ tsp fenugreek seeds ½ tsp black peppercorns 4 tbsp vegetable oil

“I no longer dread having to climb the stairs.” Mr. Rowe, Nottingham

For over 25 years, our safe and stylish stairlifts have already changed hundreds of thousands of lives the world over. Let us change yours. Stay in the home you love For all types of staircase FREE Survey and quote 365-day local service New or reconditioned Rent or buy “ Be safe with a stairlift; the perfect solution to your problems with the stairs.” Dr Hilary Jones, Medical Advisor to Acorn Stairlifts


1 onion 3 garlic cloves 4 tomatoes 1 tsp mustard seeds 1 fresh red chilli 6 curry leaves 4 tbsp fresh coriander leaves 4 tbsp Greek yoghurt sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Place the lentils in a large saucepan with 2 litres water, turmeric and salt. Heat a frying pan over medium-high heat, break the dried chillies into pieces and add to the pan with the coriander, cumin and fenugreek seeds and black peppercorns. Toast for 20 seconds, stirring constantly. Remove and place in a pestle and mortar or spice grinder, then grind to a powder. Finely chop the onion and garlic. Return the pan to the heat, add 2 tablespoons of the vegetable oil, the onion and garlic, and cook gently for 10 minutes, until softened. Roughly chop the tomatoes. Add the spice mixture, onions and tomatoes to the lentils and bring to a simmer. Skim off and discard any scum, then cook for 1 hour over a very low heat, stirring occasionally. Shortly before serving, slice the fresh chilli. Heat another frying pan until very hot and add the remaining vegetable oil. When the oil is smoking, add the mustard seeds, fresh chilli and curry leaves, then quickly remove from the heat. Finely chop the coriander. Remove any last residue of scum from the soup, then transfer it to a blender in batches and process until smooth. Return it to the pan to heat through and add the tempered spices and coriander. Season with salt and pepper. Ladle into serving bowls and finish with a spoonful of yoghurt. Serve immediately.

RUMP OF LAMB WITH PROVENÇAL VEGETABLES Lamb rump should be much more popular than it is. It’s the ideal cut of meat for 1 or 2 people, almost a mini-joint on its own. It can be simply roasted (it takes about 15 minutes), but I prefer it pot-roasted like this, as you get much more flavour. The cut comes from the top of the leg.

Serves 4 INGREDIENTS 1 red onion 2 large courgettes 1 aubergine 2 red peppers 3 garlic cloves 50ml olive oil 2 x 300g lamb rumps off the bone 2 large fresh thyme sprigs 125ml white wine 16 Kalamata olives 300ml tomato juice 1 tsp sugar finely grated zest of 1 lemon 4 fresh basil leaves Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 170°C/325°F/Gas mark 3. Cut the onions into 2.5cm dice, the courgettes into 4 large chunks, and the aubergine in half lengthways, then each half into 4. Cut the pepper in half, deseed it and then cut the pieces in quarters. Season the lamb with salt and pepper. Place a deep, sturdy roasting pan over a medium heat until hot and add a drizzle of oil. Add the lamb and fry until golden brown on each side, then remove from the pan and set aside. Add the onions, courgettes, aubergines, peppers and garlic to the pan and fry for 2–3 minutes. Add the whole garlic cloves and thyme and the rest of the oil

and stir well. Return the lamb to the pan on top of the vegetables and cook in the oven for 1 hour. If it starts to dry out at all, add a splash of water. Once cooked, remove and allow to rest. Place the pan back over a high heat, add the white wine and bring to the boil, then add the olives and tomato juice. Return to the boil, add the sugar and season with salt and pepper. Grate the lemon zest and tear the basil leaves straight into the pan, then stir well. Remove from the heat, divide the vegetables between the plates, then slice each lamb rump and place the slices on top.


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BRAISED HALIBUT WITH CHICKPEAS AND CHORIZO Spain has some of the best ingredients in the world. Of all the amazing produce you can find in the markets there, the pork products have to be the best of the bunch. Chorizo sausage is made from pork, salt and pimentón peppers, which give it a fantastic smoky flavour and rich colour. Look out for the picante (spicy) version, and try to buy soft cooking chorizo, rather than the drycured version, which is better for slicing. Serves 4 ingredients 250g cooking chorizo 2 banana shallots 2 garlic cloves 2 fresh thyme sprigs 6 tomatoes 400g tinned chick peas, drained and rinsed 200ml white wine 500ml chicken stock 4 x 200g thick fillets halibut on the bone 2 tbsp fresh flat-leaf parsley Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 170°C/325°F/Gas mark 3. Slice the chorizo, thinly slice the shallots and crush the garlic cloves. Heat a flameproof casserole dish until medium hot, then add the chorizo and fry for 4–5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the oil is released. Meanwhile, roughly chop the tomatoes. Add the shallots, garlic, thyme and tomatoes cook for a further 3–4 minutes.

halibut on top of the chick peas. Cover again and return to the oven for a further 15 minutes. Remove from the oven and leave to rest for 5 minutes before removing the lid. Roughly chop the parsley. Carefully lift out the fish using a fish slice and place on a serving dish. Stir the parsley into the chick peas, season with salt and pepper, and serve them alongside the fish.

Add the chick peas and stir well, then add the white wine and chicken stock and bring to the boil. Cover with the lid and bake in the oven for 1 hour, then remove and place the

Slow Cooking by James Martin (Quadrille, £12.99) Photography © Tara Fisher


Spring Time at

Bolton's Award Winning Fish and Chips Restaurant Wonderful Location Curley’s Dining Room is a little piece of heaven right in the heart of Horwich and is set in a picturesque corner of the idyllic countryside on the banks of the Wallsuches Reservoir. A perfect place close to Bolton for traditional home cooked food, freshly prepared daily on the premises.

and a perfect highlight for the amazing real fireplace. The walls are decorated with an eclectic mix of pictures and mirrors which are reflected in the piano. The superb décor is cleverly brought together with a mix of earthy tweed fabrics to compliment the classic look, giving it a modern edge.

50 Plus Special

We offer separate lunch and evening menus plus daily specials. We are renowned for our breakfasts and our award winning fish, chips and peas (gluten free batter available) and to compliment our menu there is also a selection of wines, real ales and draft beers. Cakes, fresh coffee and a selection of teas are also available daily.

A smaller portion of Fish, served with Chipped Potatoes, Mushy Peas, Bread & Butter and a Pot of Tea £7-95 Prime Cod or haddock, deep fried in our own batter. Served with handcut chips, homemade tartare sauce and your choice of mushy peas or garden peas £9-95

Amazing Decor

Deep fried cod, served with handcut chips and your choice of mushy peas or garden peas and homemade tartare sauce. £7-95

Inside the restaurant and enjoy its striking décor. Instantly the vibrant colour of the main wall is both warm and welcoming

Evenings at Curleys Wed - Sun From 5pm

Outside dining area

New arlour P m a e r ! n C e p e O c I Now M A E

We Sell Wallsuches, Horwich, Bolton, BL6 6PP w: t: 01204 691783

✁ CRe E n



CBuygoet ee I r E e on


ends 30th June *cheapest ice cream free


Out & About A guide to the amazing events around the region for 2018 2nd Saturday of every month @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Wigan Auction House Artisan Market Wigan Auction House on Miry Lane Wigan has announced a new monthly market day on the second Saturday of each month from 10am-4pm. The artisan market promises to be a unique shopping and trading experience with stall holders selling organic meat and dairy, homemade artisan pies and cakes, arts and crafts, bespoke handmade children’s’ clothes, vintage traders, vinyl records and more. Expect rare vintage finds, handcrafted gifts, tasty food, a licenced bar, live music and lots of friendly faces! PLUS it’s all under one roof so we don’t care if it rains! Wigan Auction House


Miry Lane


Wigan WN6 7TG

2nd Friday of each month 6-10pm

Pizza & Pint night ARTISAN PIZZA & CRAFT BEERS We are back with the award winning TWO LEFT FEET TAP for 2018 with more exciting pizza and pint pairings. Join us for an evening of artisan pizza and craft beers. We serve our slow proved sourdough wood fired artisan pizza

from our vintage horse trailer in the Kitchen Courtyard. Our menus are Neapolitan in style using the finest high quality italian ingredients mixed with locally sourced and seasonal specialities. Our very own beer sommelier carefully pairs each menu with a selection of the world’s finest craft beer along with a fantastic selection of hand crafted gins and fine wines. The second Friday of the month 6:00 – 10:00 pm at Two Left Feet Tap, Kitchen Courtyard. Haigh Woodland Park WN2 1PE


School Lane



Wednesday 11 Apr 2018 Wednesday 25 Apr 2018, 7:30pm

Jason Manford Muddle Class The show promises to feature a wealth of comedy anecdotes, misunderstandings and audience banter delivered with Jason’s likeable charm and teasingly intelligent wit. Parr Hall | Palmyra Square | Warrington | WA1 1BL Box Office and General Enquiries 01925 442345 Saturday 14 Apr 2018, 7:30pm

Whitney - Queen Of The Night A stunning celebration of the music and life of one of the greatest singers of our time. This award winning production features a sensational line-up of musicians and artistes, and together with a powerhouse and breath-taking performance in the spirit of Whitney, deliver a show that exceeds expectation on every level. £23 (£24.75 inc online booking fee). Parr Hall | Palmyra Square | Warrington | WA1 1BL Box Office and General Enquiries 01925 442345 Saturday 21 Apr 2018, 7:00pm

Absolute Bowie Presents 50 Years Of Bowie

Whatevercan your reason too.joinJoin us today

01925 394 058 The Oddfellows is the trading name of The Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Manchester Unity Friendly Society Limited, incorporated and registered in England and Wales No 223. Registered Office Oddfellows House 184 – 186 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3WB.


£18.50 Advance/£21.50 On The Door (£20.25 inc online booking fee) ref code: 1739

Ann’s all about making friends…

Absolute Bowie are proud to present a brand new stage show “50 Years of Bowie”; a musical journey through the iconic singer’s ever changing personas.

Parr Hall | Palmyra Square | Warrington | WA1 1BL Box Office and General Enquiries 01925 442345 14th April 2018 - 10:00 - 17:00 Free Event

Walton Gardens Food Festival We'll have events in the newly refurbished 'Riding School' as well as the main lawns and bandstand! Best of all, the event is FREE to enter (car park charges apply). Walton Hall and Gardens | Walton Lea Road Higher Walton | Warrington WA4 6SN

Warrington’s Indoor Market recently moved into a new temporary home until a brand new market hall is built to house its traders as part of the Time Square redevelopment of Warrington Town Centre. The new market hall is destined to open early in 2020 but in the meantime you can enjoy our current offer in the pleasant surroundings of the temporary indoor market which houses over 50 independent businesses. We have a fantastic range of meat, fish and game, fruit and veg, a real ale bar, a haberdashery, Thai groceries, a cheese specialist and much, much more.

Our new food court is proving to be particularly popular being served by 9 food takeaways serving traditional British carvery and Yorkshire pudding wraps, Indian street food, Thai and Chinese takeaways, gourmet burgers and fries, fresh sandwiches, milk shakes and luxury coffees, delicious local recipe pies and of course our new pizza and pasta specialist, Cheshire Roasts.

Our opening hours are: Monday to Saturday 8.30 am to 5 pm and if you park in the new Time Square multi storey car park (WF1 2HN) and validate your ticket in the market, you’ll also get up to 3 hours free parking too.

Warrington Temporary Market

Academy Street

Time Square

Contact: 01925 632571

Warrington WA1 2LH


| 27

OUT & ABOUT Sunday 29 April 10am - 12noon

26th and 27th May 2018

Family Nature Walk

Boltfest 2018 – 15,000 music lovers are set to descend on Bolton’s Queen’s Park for a FREE 2-day tribute festival.

Join us for a family-friendly nature walk around Haigh Woodland Park. We’ll be looking out for the spring wildlife which makes this special place their home Suitable footwear, waterproof clothing and binoculars recommended. THE NORTH WEST’S


Meet for a 10am start at the Kitchen Courtyard. Haigh Woodland Park | School Lane Wigan WN2 1PE For more information contact Jeff on 07922 453908.


Tuesday, 15th May - 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Bolton’s Award Winning Market Bolton market has over 200 stalls including a bustling food court serving food from all over the world, cafés complement our food offer, and we even have a licensed bar.

Fairport Convention Rarely can so many superlatives be used to describe a band. The Old Courts are delighted to welcome true folk royalty. Fairport Convention has been making great music for over fifty years. The Old Courts | Crawford Street WiganWN1 1NG


Saturday 19 May 2018, 7:30pm

Thank You For The Music Presents ABBA This international smash-hit tribute show brings all of ABBA’s number one hits to the stage in a production like no other. £24 (£25.75 inc online booking fee) You can buy everything from fresh fish, meat and game, locally sourced and exotic fruit and vegetables with speciality stalls selling deli meats and a huge selection of cheeses, plus there is a whole host of traditional stalls selling everything from furniture to flowers, bedding to broomsticks and much more.

Well worth a visit!

Bolton Market has it all. Opening Times; Open every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9am-5pm. How To Find Us Bolton Market, Ashburner Street, Bolton BL1 1TQ.

Parr Hall | Palmyra Square | Warrington | WA1 1BL Box Office and General Enquiries 01925 442345 23rd May -2nd June

Bazaar and Rummage From the much – loved writer of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Series. £24 (£25.75 inc online booking fee) Wigan Little Theatre | Crompton Street | Wigan WN1 3SL Phone: 01942 242561

The Festival music extravaganza is promised to please all in attendance with well-known professional tribute bands of the likes of Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, Bowie, Pink Floyd, Elvis, Metallica and many more. Boltfest attendees can choose between two music stages, chill-out in the many beer tents or VIP area, eat at the abundance of food stalls or join in with the fun activities for the kids. For more information & tickets - visit Thursday 7 Jun 2018, 8:00pm

Ruby Wax - Frazzled Drop dead gorgeous, sassy and smart, Ruby Wax brings her new one-woman show to the stage. £20 (£21.75 inc online booking fee) Parr Hall | Palmyra Square | Warrington | WA1 1BL Box Office and General Enquiries 01925 442345 Friday 8 Jun 2018, 8:00pm

The Dreamboys



Visit our website for a list of special events and activities that we are running at the Market.


the voice of markets

WINNER BEST FOOD market 2017


Fifteen thousand music enthusiasts are expected to turn out for a weekend of music, activities, food and drink for all the family to enjoy and what’s the best it’s free!

26th & 27th May

Contact: 01204 336825

“For Bolton’s Food & Drink Festival

Bolton will see the return of Boltfest this year, one of the UK’s Biggest Free tribute festivals, following on from last year’s successful Festival, the fun-filled tribute festival will take place on May Bank Holiday weekend Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th in Queens Park.

Queens Park, Bolton

50 Plus Magazine has 4 VIP tickets per day to give away, simply email your name and address to or enter via our website and you and a friend could be attending Bolfest as a VIP. Draw will take place on 11th May 2018.

Prepare to scream for The Dreamboys in what promises to be their sexiest show to date. £27/£25/£22 (£28.75/£26.75/£23.75 inc online booking fee) Parr Hall | Palmyra Square | Warrington | WA1 1BL Box Office and General Enquiries 01925 442345 Wednesday 13 Jun 2018 - Thursday 14 Jun 2018, 8:00pm

Bill Bailey - Larks In Transit Larks in Transit is a compendium of travelers’ tales and the general shenanigans of twenty years as a travelling comedian.

VIP Meet & Greet Ticket: £55 including show ticket only available in person from the box office or call 0151 907 8360. The Brindley Theatre | High Street Runcorn | Cheshire WA7 1BG Phone: 0151 907 8360 24 June 2018 -10:00 - 17:00

Lymm Historic Transport Day A Transport show that all the family will enjoy classic cars, historic , working boats, traction engines, LEGO expo, dinsoaur, in a village setting plus Spitfire flyover. Adult £5 Child £3 Family 2+2 £12 includes parking. Lymm May Queen Field | Pepper Street | Lymm | Cheshire WA13 0JG

£27.50 (£29.25 inc online booking fee)

4th July - 14th July

Parr Hall | Palmyra Square | Warrington | WA1 1BL Box Office and General Enquiries 01925 442345

Visual and verbal comedy abounds in this fast moving comedy treat.

Friday 15 Jun 2018, 7:30pm

Alter Eagles Highly respected for their incredible accuracy, performed with sensational 7 piece all live band, complete with all those perfect harmonies these aren’t no ‘New Kids In Town’ they are the real deal. £21/£19/£17 Early Bird (£22.75/£20.75/£18.75 inc online booking fee) Parr Hall | Palmyra Square | Warrington | WA1 1BL Box Office and General Enquiries 01925 442345 23rd June 2018 - 19:30

Les Musicals Les Musicals presents the biggest hit songs from the West End & Broadway in this exhilarating live concert tour. Musical Theatre’s leading men and X Factor stars; Jonathan Ansell (G4 frontman) & Rhydian Roberts join forces for the first time ever to create a dramatic & spine tingling concert. This vocally dynamic evening showcases the smash hit songs from the greatest musicals of all time, brought to you by two of the world's finest voices. Come and immerse yourself into the world of Musical Theatre with classics from Les Miserables, Phantom Of The Opera, Blood Brothers, Wicked, Jesus Christ Superstar, Carousel, West Side Story, The Lion King, Miss Saigon, Chess, Rocky Horror Show, We Will Rock You & many more…

ide s

as A se



xpe ing e p p o h

A traditional market with over 200 stalls. A shopper’s paradise for gifts, clothing and household goods. Bag a bargain today! /FleetwoodMarket

One Man Two Guvnors

£24 (£25.75 inc online booking fee) Wigan Little Theatre | Crompton Street | Wigan WN1 3SL Phone: 01942 242561 Steam Fair 14 July 2018 - 15 July 2018

Cheshire Steam Fair The grounds of Daresbury open once again for Cheshire Steam Fair, featuring the Flyin Ryan Stunt Show. Established for over 29 years, this is the biggest steam and classic car event in the North West. This event showcases products like Steam Engines, Classic Cars, Vintage Tractors, Classic Motorcycles, Fairground Organs, Miniature Steam Engines, Stationary Engines and Vintage Commercials etc. in the Industrial Products industry. Daresbury WA4 4AG

| |

Open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday all year round from 9am - 4.30pm Also open all Bank Holidays and Tram Sunday

Warrington | Cheshire Tel: 01751 200839

27th June 2018 - 19:30

CHRIS RAMSEY The just happy to get out of the house tour Critically acclaimed and award winning Stand Up comedian, host of his own TV entertainment show and Stand Up show on Comedy Central, Celebrity Juice regular and the only person to ever put Katie Hopkins in her place; Chris Ramsey brings his brand new 2018 live tour to the Brindley Theatre. It sold out last time so snap tickets up as soon as you can! The Brindley Theatre | High Street Runcorn | Cheshire WA7 1BG Phone: 0151 907 8360 Victoria Street / Adelaide Street, Fleetwood, Lancashire FY7 6AB Tel: 01253 887651


| 29

Style Tips for Spring/Summer BY HELEN VENABLES, MD OF HOUSE OF COLOUR Throw black and other dark colours to the back of the wardrobe this Spring. Mix and match shades to make different, stand out combinations by colour blocking, but do stick to the colours within your season’s palette. Florals continue to be a popular style to lookout for this season including garden, tropical, bright vintage and ditsy florals. Ensure you get your scale right when wearing patterns, those big, statement florals are best for romantics while ditsy florals are especially good for ingenues. An overtly feminine trend means layered sheers, florals and frothy frills in abundance. Pretty pastel dresses for spring colour palettes are also making a mark this season but be sure to choose a dress that works well with your body type. If pastels aren’t your thing, be a ray of sunshine with playful bright colours from your seasons colour palette. Colours like cherry tomato, emerald green and of course 2018’s pantone colour of the year, ultra violet, were colours seen across all the fashion runways. Use colour blocking this Spring to add a bit of sass to your wardrobe and to feel uplifted in the warmer weather.

This season also features exotic tropical prints. If you are not feeling quite so brave accessorise with a light-weight scarf or safari sunglasses. Sartorial dressing continues with unexpected shapes, some curvilinear, others asymmetric, with folding, twisting and draping for the dramatics amongst us. Trousers are more tailored, but many designers chose roomier fits and wider legs. Handbags come in a variety of shapes this season, from circles to squares so this is an easy way to experiment and try something new. Ditch your darker handbags this spring and choose a gorgeous neutral, coral, green or tan. Knowing what reds suits you means you can use this primary colour to liven up your look in your signature style this Spring. As for the other primary colours, summer and winter season palettes will be hard pushed to find a cool yellow that suits, and autumns and springs need to stick to the warm blues that lift their complexion.

HAVE YOU SOLD PRINT OR ADVERTISING? If so would you like to work with us? Opportunities are available with McGrath Media to sell into our 50 Plus Magazine and promote our print services. EXPERIENCE ESSENTIAL NO AGE RESTRICTIONS Contact: John McGrath on 01204 238180 email:


Please note insurance breakdown and servicing only applies to Motability scheme.All images for illustration purposes only


FREE Cushion with every wheelchair purchased throughout March, April & May. Free Bag and 3 months FREE insurance with every scooter purchased throughout March, April & May.




FINANCE AVAILABLE* *Subject to status BOLTON BRANCH 20 Corporation Street Bolton BL1 2AN Tel. 01942 606668 Opening Times: Mon - 9am to 4pm Tues & Wed - 9am to 4.30pm Thurs - 9am to 6pm Fri & Sat - 9am to 4pm


(HEAD OFFICE) LEIGH BRANCH: Parsonage Garage Kirkhall Lane Leigh Greater Manchester WN7 5RP Tel: 01942 606668

Opening Times: Mon - Fri 8.30am to 5pm Sat - 9am to 4pm

Lets Swing into Spring at HESKIN FARMERS MARKET


Butchers, Food Shops, Gifts with a Difference, Craft Studios, Ladies, Gents & Baby Wear, Personalised Gifts, Handbags, Jewellery, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Woodburning Stoves, Guitar Shop, Bridal Gallery and much more ....

A GREAT DAY OUT WITH OVER 40 UNIQUE SHOPS, FREE PARKING & FREE ENTRY We look forward to seeing you! OPENING TIMES: Tues- Sat 10am - 5pm

Sun 10.30am - 4.30pm

Monday - Closed

Bank Holidays 11am - 4pm

Wood Lane l Heskin l Chorley l PR7 5PA l T: 07599 831907

Wigan, warrington & st helens issue 50  

Local magazine for the over 50s includes leisure, lifestyle, finance, holidays.

Wigan, warrington & st helens issue 50  

Local magazine for the over 50s includes leisure, lifestyle, finance, holidays.