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Imagine a world where 007 isn’t as cool as you’d think. Or a land where 999 doesn’t set the alarm bells ringing. Welcome to the world of credit references. A world where your score is between 000 and 700, or even 1000 - and the higher it is the better. From credit card applications to car loans, our credit file can have a big impact on our every day lives. But what do you know about yours and what can you do if it’s holding you back? We asked the Financial Ombudsman Service – the free service that sorts out money problems – for some tips on what to look out for.


Check it out! - To tackle your credit score you need to find out

what it is from one of the main agencies, Experian, Callcredit or Equifax. You can get hold of your file for a nominal fee (around £2). Or, for a monthly fee, you can get regular updates on changes to your ‘credit worthiness and score’. Most of the credit reference agencies offer a free trial but make sure you know when the trial ends. Giving your credit file the once over gives you the chance to spot any mistakes that need correcting.

10-11 20-21

Direct Debits - The most common way to get a black mark on

your credit file is to miss a payment – whether it’s on your credit card or your mobile phone bill. Those missed payments stay on your record for years. Always make sure you have enough money in your account to cover any payments due. If you think you’ll struggle to make a payment, speak to the business straight away.

Old Credit Cards - If you’ve got old credit cards that you



never use, tell the lender you want to close the account and cut the card up so the number is unreadable. Not only is this therapeutic, it keeps your credit file clear of old accounts.


Portugal ... Two of the most traditional and interesting regions of the country.

Other People’s Problems - If your partner has had a few credit hiccups along the way, it could have an impact on your ability to get credit. If you want to separate another person’s credit score from your own, ask the credit reference agency to add a “notice of disassociation”. This will mean their financial flaws shouldn’t have an impact on you.


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How To Correct Things - Even things like not being on the electoral roll to being can have an impact on your credit file. If you do have a problem, for example you missed a payment because you were made redundant, you can add a “notice of correctionto your credit report to explain things. Anyone searching your report will see the note and take account of it when you apply for credit. Look out for accounts being registered to the wrong address or anything that looks unfamiliar. If there’s a problem, write to the lender involved and ask it to correct the mistake. If it won’t, get in touch with the ombudsman who will try to help you get it sorted.

14-16 Rick Stein ... In search of the perfect curry.

If you do spot something out of the ordinary on your credit file and you’re not able to sort it out with the credit reference agency or lender, the Financial Ombudsman Service may be able to help. Just call on 0300 123 9 123 or have a look at 4

10-11 Robert Lindsay... Talks about the Northwest Premier of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

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To lick or not to lick?

Social media shrinks the world When I began my career it was with a three-ton Remington typewriter that deafened the street, now I can find friends in Louisiana with the flick of a finger.

Graham Smith Twitter Column

Social media has shrunk the world, technology is advancing at such a pace that it is difficult to keep pace with the latest developments and new inventions that were once the stuff of science fiction are an everyday occurrence. But at what cost is all this in terms of progress? Sales of printed books have plummeted as the world spends an increasing portion of its life on computers, tablets and mobile phones and I worry sometimes that there is a danger of losing the power of joined up thought. Recently I was reading a piece sent to me on the Internet and half a dozen of the sentences written didn’t even begin with the standard capital letter. Worrying. I know people who are closing their Facebook accounts now because they have almost taken over their lives, and I have to say that on Twitter some of the most inane facts and comments are creeping in now. Do you really need to say, "Goodnight tweeps”? Just turn the thing off! Neither is the net and social media the province of the young, as it was. Increasing numbers of older people are using the social interaction on offer and in many cases it can provide a relief for loneliness and replace a social life lost due to immobility or loss of a partner, so no bad thing there.

Drives you mad Motorists are often an easy target but I notice that recently some have been getting away with blue murder. Did you read about the idiot who was caught driving with his hands behind his head? The clot was doing 62mph on a major road in a large four-wheel drive and argues in court that he was in full control of the car. Fortunately the court didn’t agree and banned him for a year and imposed a hefty fine and community service order. But what possesses these people? There are also cases of motorists still driving with over 30 and sometimes 40 points on their licences because magistrates have shown leniency towards their circumstances. Why? If you’ve clocked up that amount of points you’re quite simply not fit to drive a vehicle and I have serious doubts whether you should be using a wheelbarrow without stabilisers.

Do you seal your envelopes? Apparently whether you should or not has been the subject of a major and no doubt costly operation. Many older people labour under the misapprehension that you can send an unsealed envelope with a second class stamp on and it will be delivered first class. Err, no. The younger generation have other ideas. One Internet observation reads, “ Whilst I do seal my envelopes the first thing that came to mind when I saw the headline was the story that went round when I was at school and later repeated on a viral email about cockroach eggs being laid on the glue and when you lick it if you get a paper cut they can hatch in your lip.” A quick Google showed this story is still on the urban legends websites but it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the reason for people around early 30s.

Health and Safety nonsense Yes I know I’ve twittered about this before but here goes again. Our village church clock was stopped for several months recently because the Health and Safety ogres decreed that the ladder used to reach the mechanism was too short. This was despite it having been used for years by a six-foot plus expoliceman. Consequently it was twenty past three in Haworth for eight months until a grant was raised to provide a longer ladder! You couldn’t make it up could you? The bell ringers swung on ropes every Monday night during that period but the poor chap couldn’t wind the clock up because some mentally challenged twerp had nothing better to do than condemn the ladder. Have these people nothing better to do? How come one of them was lurking in Haworth Church clock tower to see the ladder in the first place? And he was back at Christmas to chuck Santa Claus out of the boiler room because there might have been asbestos! Poor chap had to cuddle customers in a gazebo outside the building. Talk about no room at the inn, and the donkey had to wear a coat. These chaps would have been a riot in Bethlehem. There’s have been no stable accommodation, too draughty and get those sheep of the bedclothes. You cannot bring your camel in here and stop swinging that foul smelling stuff under the baby’s nose….and has that chap with the wings got a Civil Aviation licence? The mind boggles.


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sponsored by By Noel Josephides, Managing Director of Sunvil

to a considerable degree upon this wonderful natural product. Portugal is the largest cork exporter in the world. NASA uses Alentejo cork to insulate the cones of its space capsules and to protect them from heat damage on reentry to the earth’s atmosphere. And cork is not only for wine bottles – you can buy cork jewellery, cork umbrellas, cork i-Pad covers - in fact, just about anything and everything can these days be manufactured from cork.

The Alentejo and the Centro Region of Portugal Visitors to Portugal who fly into Lisbon Airport tend either to head south to the Algarve or north to Estoril, Cascais, the city of Porto and the Douro Region. In doing so, they inadvertently miss out on two of the most traditional and interesting regions of the country. Both the Centro region - immediately north of Lisbon - and the Alentejo region - between Lisbon and the Algarve - are areas that tend to be driven through quickly yet, together, they make up half of Portugal, and both deserve to be visited in their own right. The Alentejo was known as the bread basket of Portugal and it boasts some of the country’s tastiest dishes. The countryside is made up of wide, sweeping plains interspersed with medieval hilltop villages topped by dramatic castles. In spring the region is awash with colour - the fields are full of flowers of red, yellow, white 6

Evora, just a 75-minute drive inland from Lisbon on uncrowded roads, is the capital of the Alentejo (which means below the Tejo, or Tagus, river). It is steeped in history, yet really alive and buzzing courtesy of the university within its ancient walls. It was the seat of the Kings of Portugal in the 15th and 16th centuries and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its entirety. The Atlantic coastline, south of Lisbon, is like that of the Algarve 50 years ago and much of it is protected by law. Coastal villages like Porto Covo and Vila Nova de Milfontes are firm favourites yet have escaped mass development and still have great character; they are ideal for a lazy summer holiday and perhaps a little gentle coastal walking on a wellmarked pathway, the Rota Vicentina, if that appeals. The coast is a few degrees cooler than inland, often with a pleasant breeze in the height of summer. Beaches are many and seldom crowded, even in the peak of the season.

and purple or blue hues. The Alentejo produces 46% of Portugal’s excellent wine but has a mere 6% of its population. It is quiet, it is uncrowded and it is beautiful. In the summer it’s very hot - in fact, the hottest place in Portugal. Around May/June, depending on the weather, they harvest the cork trees; this is the region of the cork oak tree and the economy of the Alentejo still depends

So why have so few people heard of this region? It’s a very rural area with some excellent accommodation of character but local politics has meant an initial lack of interest in tourism, making it a latecomer to the travel game. This very fact will stand it in good stead – it has been able to learn from mistakes made elsewhere. The north of the Alentejo region is next-door to Centro, the central region of Portugal or, as I prefer to call it, the

That permission can be refused because, within the ancient walls, the Dean wields as much power as the President of the Republic. Needless to say, Coimbra is a must but there are also other interesting ancient cities to explore, like Aveiro on the coast and Viseu, the gateway to the Estrela National Park. Each area has its own local cuisine and specialities. Some of the most famous and delicious Portuguese cheeses come from the Estrela region.

Heart of Portugal. This is an area that stretches from its Atlantic coastline, with long beaches stretching for miles, into a mountainous region with some historic fortified villages and castles along the border with Spain that defended Portugal from invasion in the Middle Ages. The most impressive are Almeida, Castelo Rodrigo, Monsanto, Sortelha, Piodao and Idanha-A-Velha. These castles and villages conjure up images of knights in armour, of damsels in distress and heroic deeds. Legends abound in this area which, in turn, was overrun by the Romans, Moors and Spanish. Tales are recounted of epic battles and ancient rituals, and religious festivals are still very much part of daily life. The Serra da Estrela national park is snow bound in winter and, in the summer, ideal for walks with breathtaking views across forested landscapes. The capital of the area is Coimbra, recently awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. This is a thriving, vibrant city, with a population of

2.3 million, and it is the seat of the oldest university in Portugal, dating from 1290. Since then, it’s been at the centre of Portuguese intellectual life. A visit to the university is a must and the 18th century Baroque library is one of many priceless historical monuments. There are three exquisite gilded chambers housing 300,000 leather-bound texts behind imposing wooden doors, probably some 30 feet tall. The precious books in this library are safeguarded from insect damage by resident bats, which sleep behind the serried rows of ancient tomes by day and eat insects by night; the mahogany reading tables are covered in cloth overnight to protect them from bat excrement. I would visit Portugal simply to re-visit the library - it is so fascinating and so totally extravagant. The university is nicknamed the ‘Little Vatican’ as it is protected by ancient charter and even the police have to request permission from the Dean before they enter the campus.

These two provinces, the Centro/ Heart of Portugal and the Alentejo, together make ideal fly-drive holiday combinations. There is some stunning accommodation, too, with two of my personal favourite hotels found in the adjacent regions. The Casa da Insua is a wonderful 18th century Baroque confection, located on the outskirts of Viseu in Centro, where you can try your hand at making cheese in the dairy if you wish, afterwards exploring an excellent in-house museum and art gallery. In the Alentejo, just outside Evora, is the Covento do Espinheiro, a historic monument once lived in by the Kings of Portugal - a superlative hotel that manages to be friendly while offering the best of cuisine and comfort. The manager’s tour of the hotel and a wine tasting in the former monastery’s water cistern is not to be missed. The true character of Portugal lies very much within these two regions and yet so many of us simply drive through on our way south or north. I urge you to spend a little time exploring them; you’ll enjoy a relaxing and inspiring taste of the real Portugal.

Vist for further information about holidays to this region or call 0208 568 4499.

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DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS Robert Lindsay had been out walking his dogs and taking the opportunity to learn his lines for his latest show. The fact that it’s the musical version of the 1988 hit film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, set to premiere in Manchester before going into the West End, was exciting for the 63 year-old actor. But not because he was reprising the role Michael Caine took onscreen as the suave Riviera conman Lawrence Jameson whose life is suddenly disrupted by Steve Martin’s character, the anarchic Freddy Benson. “I’ve never seen the film,” he admits, “but it’s a wonderful show. The script is incredibly funny and the score by Yazbek (award-winner David Yazbek) is amazing – the man’s a genius.” The show did run for a time on Broadway where it won awards, “but it seemed to fade away,” adds Lindsay. “This is a totally different show, and there’s a fantastic buzz about it already. I think the plan long-term may be for it to go back to Broadway.” All of this is a long way from the very first time the Great British Public became aware of young Robert Lindsay when he played a Cockney layabout in the ITV series Get Some In! However, it was when he headed up the Tooting Popular Front as likeable but inept urban guerrilla Wolfie Smith in the hit comedy TV series Citizen Smith that the public really noticed him. This ran for three years, from 1977 to 1980, and established the actor firmly in viewers’ consciousness. He felt pretty comfortable in the role as he’d come from a council estate in Ilkeston, Derbyshire before graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), and had admittedly leftwing views. An early flexibility and desire to take on other, different roles – “as well as wanting to play posh people,” he quickly points out – steered him towards more serious productions. He played Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing in the BBC’s


Shakespeare series, and then moved up to Manchester to play Edmund in a Granada TV version of King Lear alongside Sir Laurence Olivier. He happily admits that his first love, though, is musicals and he famously played the role of Bill Snibson in the acclaimed 1984 London revival of Me and My Girl. This role not only won him an Olivier Award but, when it later transferred to Broadway, a Tony Award as well. “I find musicals easier because you’ve always got the music, it’s familiar,” states Lindsay. He has, however, also enjoyed plenty of film roles. Interestingly, he was at the same place making a different film (Strike It Rich with Mollie Ringwald and Sir John Gielgud) where Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was being filmed. “I met Steve Martin one day – we’d met previously when I’d been in the States and had dinner together – and he told me about the film he was making,” explains Lindsay. “He seemed to have some reservations about the script and I got the impression that they were adding to it quite a bit themselves.” Television has proved a remarkable showcase for Lindsay’s talents over the years. Although he believes that he wanted to get away from his roots for a long time – “I lost my way

The Generation Game with Bruce Forsyth – have three sons and he also has a daughter from his relationship with actress Diana Weston. It’s plain he doesn’t like being away from his home and family. “But sometimes they have to understand that you have to be, you’re doing it for them,” he states. For the most part, his children don’t like roles that take him away from them, or his being acknowledged as an actor rather than “just Dad” when he’s with them. “When I was in Hornblower and picking them up from school it was different. Normally, they don’t want me to walk with them and disown me, but suddenly I was cool!” Ask about the highlights of his career and he swiftly points to the work with Alan Bleasdale and Me and My Girl. “I suppose Citizen Smith, The Entertainer at the Old Vic and Cyrano de Bergerac at the Haymarket were also special,” he adds. He’s still regularly on TV and had just recorded Have I Got News For You as programme presenter. “You have to watch Mr Hislop and Mr Merton, though,” he says light-heartedly. “They’re very quick but I think they like actors because they understand timing and not hogging the lines.”

“I find musicals easier because you’ve always got the music, it’s familiar,” a bit in my 30s,” he says – he particularly enjoyed working with gritty Northern writer Alan Bleasdale. Lindsay was in his dark comedy serial G.B.H. (for which Lindsay won a BAFTA) as well as another Bleasdale play, Jake’s Progress with Julie Walters, and recalls both experiences with genuine affection. He played another posh character when he took on the role of Captain Pellew in the long-running and very successful series of Hornblower with Ioan Gruffudd as the young midshipman of the title. Was this largely sea-going adventure a fairly physical experience for Lindsay? “Not so much for me, but definitely for Ioan,” he laughs. “What was interesting was that it was the first time I had played a father character.” His longest running role was also as a father: as dentist Ben Harper in the popular BBC sitcom My Family – this ran for 11 years and still surfaces on Sky channels. “Zoe (Wannamaker) and I had a great time making that,” he states. Lindsay himself is very much a family man. He and second wife Rosemarie Ford – she was a dancer and a presenter on

Is there any TV he’d like to do, like Downton Abbey? “No,” he states, “that’s not my bag. “But I’ve just done a cameo role in Atlantis as the father of Icarus – that was good fun. It’s a very well made series and the boys there were great. My children were also very impressed!” * Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is at Manchester Opera House from February 12 to 22, 2014, in Aylesbury Waterside Theatre from February 26 to March 1 and then at the Savoy Theatre, London from March 10. To find out more go to

HEALTH & FITNESS to get you from point A to point B. Try taking your bike out on the weekend and cycling for a couple of miles or even changing your travel habits and using your bike to get to work rather than a car or bus. Dancing With the popularity of BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, ballroom dancing is now a much loved past time for many people, and is also excellent for getting in shape as it exercises the whole body. There are hundreds of dances schools across the country offering classes for beginners up to the professional level. You could take this up with your partner or friend, or even go alone and meet new people. Dancing is a skill that will come in handy at many social occasions, so learn to dance and show off to your friends. Simple Exercises

New Year, New You! By Kelly Spencer

The New Year; a time when thousands of us make a resolution to lose weight, stay healthy and do more exercise. But putting too much pressure on yourself can lead to giving up on your goal and going back to old habits. However, doing a little bit as often as possible can make a big difference, and there are simple activities to help you achieve this. Eating Well If you’re thinking about going on a diet, don’t try one of these complicated have nothing but juice for a week fads that are currently all the rage. The best way of losing weight and feeling healthier is to cut out the ‘rubbish’ from your diet. Eating fewer snacks, sweets, and junk food and adding fruit, nuts and other nutritious foods instead will automatically make you feel better. Allowing yourself a ‘cheat day’ where you can eat what you like will also help you stay on track to reach your ideal weight. Swimming Swimming is one of the best exercises to do, and it’s fun as well. It has a number of health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and improving joint movement in arthritis. There are plenty of classes available to suit everyone’s needs, including those for


older adults. Aqua Gym is one of these and is on offer at most leisure centres, where you do gentle exercising in the water. Set aside an evening each week to go and take part in a class. You’ll see a big difference in yourself and make some new friends at the same time.

There are plenty of other ways to stay in shape in the New Year but the easiest is to set aside a bit of time each day and do some simple exercises at home. You can do these morning, noon or night, while watching the television. Something as basic as a few stretches or even a bit of yoga every day or so will soon start showing differences. If you’d like something a bit more tailored to you, your local leisure centre or gym may have a personal trainer programme, who will assist you in deciding on the best exercises to improve the areas you want, in a safe and productive manner.

Walking If you’re stuck for money but still want to get out there and get fit, walking is a great activity to take up. The brilliant thing about it, is it’s free and you can do it absolutely anywhere. Whether it’s walking the dog or using your legs to get to the shop, rather than jumping in the car, there’s nothing better for you than getting out into the fresh air. Head to your local country park and see what trails you can find, or see if they run any guided walks. Many areas have their own rambling or walking clubs; joining one of these could keep you on track and help you meet people with similar interests. A scheme called Walking For Health aims to get people active and their walks can be located all over the country on their website. Cycling Regular exercise can reduce stress and depression and cycling is a low impact activity, helping to keep you fit and alert. Research shows that regular cyclists have, on average, the health of someone ten years younger. Not only is it an activity you can do anywhere, it is also a good solution to transport issues

Get Organised with GM Wilson Solicitors It is essential to plan ahead for the future rather than leave things to chance and G M Wilson Solicitors Ltd offer a range of legal services that you should consider, including measures to protect your property against the possible payment of care home fees, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Wills and inheritance tax planning. Making a Wil is very important. Make sure YOU are the one that decides where your money and assets go. Making a Will won’t kill you but it will reduce the uncertainty for your family to know that they are fulfilling YOUR wishes.

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YOUR Will YOUR Way!!! It is essential to plan ahead for the future rather than leave things to chance and G M Wilson Solicitors Ltd offer a range of legal services that you should consider, including measures to protect your property against the possible payment of care home fees, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Wills and inheritance tax planning. Protect your property. The thought of going into a care home is a worry for most of us who naturally want to protect our family home and other assets that we have worked so hard to acquire to pass them on to our children. Full time care is expensive and homes often have to be sold to fund it. We can offer comprehensive advice and establish measures to help you protect your property, either during your lifetime or for a couple by means of a simple Will trust. Consider a Lasting Power Of Attorney (LPA ). It is an unpalatable thought to us all to consider that we might at some time be unable to deal with our own property and finances, or make decisions about our welfare and healthcare needs, either through ill health or mental incapacity. An LPA is a legal document that gives you the opportunity to appoint a person you trust to make these decisions for you. There are two sorts of LPA, a Property and Affairs LPA which covers decisions about your property and financial affairs and a Personal Welfare LPA which covers decisions about your health and wellbeing (and effectively replaces what was commonly called the “Living Will”). If for whatever reason you do need someone to deal with your affairs and there is no LPA in place, then a relative or other close individual will have to make an application to the Court of Protection on your behalf. This is an extremely expensive and lengthy process and during this time

your finances can be severely damaged. Also, the Court appointed person may not be the individual that you would have chosen to appoint.

Make a Will. Nobody wants to contemplate their own mortality, but it is a certainty that at some point we will all die. A Will is a legal declaration of how you wish to dispose of your property, assets and personal belongings following your death. It avoids unnecessary arguments amongst family members that all too often arise when a deceased person’s wishes are unclear and so it saves time and expense. Writing a Will also allows you the opportunity to reduce the amount of inheritance tax you pay, or even eliminates it entirely. If you die without a Will, your estate will pass in accordance with the “intestacy rules”. These rules set out who is entitled to inherit and as you can imagine they are unlikely to divide your assets in the way you would choose or even expect. It is very quick and inexpensive to put a Will in place and gives you and your family peace of mind. G M Wilson Solicitors Ltd has over 40 years of experience in the private client sector and we believe in the importance of maintaining quality standards and personal service in a friendly way at a realistic price.

gm wilson


Contact us NOW and take control of your future. T: 01226 794140

TIME TO MAKE A WILL If you should die without a Will Whose pockets will your money fill? The ones you truly want to have it, Or someone else who will gladly grab it? Make sure YOU are the one that decides where your money and assets go. Making a Will won’t kill you but it will reduce the uncertainty for your family to know that they are fulfilling YOUR wishes.

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Do not put off until tomorrow that which you should do today. For a caring, efficient, service call GM Wilson Solicitors on 01226 794140 13

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PRAWN FRITTERS WITH CHUTNEY AND KACHUMBER FROM THE ALLEN KITCHEN, KOLKATA I couldn’t work out why these prawn cutlets were so delicious; there seemed to be nothing to them, just a simple batter, a bit of lemon, some onion rings and a bottle of mustard sauce. But the very enthusiastic blogger from Calcutta called Kaniska was keen to point out that this tiny little hole in the wall was one of the most popular foodie spots in the city. They may have put a secret ingredient in the batter, but I expect the success lies in using chickpea flour and frying the battered prawns in pure ghee. I consumed a few plates of them while having a thoroughly enjoyable conversation about the almost infinite possibilities of street food in that city. Later I woke up in the middle of the night in my hotel with my head spinning, thinking the pace of life was so frenetic that I was surely locked into a madhouse, albeit with some of the tastiest food I’ve ever found. This makes a quite soft batter, not a thick, crisp batter like you’d get with fish and chips. METHOD To prepare the prawns, pull off the head and peel away the shell, leaving the tail intact. Use a small, sharp knife to run down the back of the prawns and pull out the black intestinal tracts, if visible. Then use the knife to cut almost all the way through the prawns and butterfly them open. Flatten them out a little with the palm of your hand. Pat dry with kitchen towel. For the batter, mix the flours and salt together, whisk in the egg and enough of the water to give a smooth batter the consistency of single cream.

Serves 4 12 extra large unpeeled Raw prawns For the batter 60g plain flour 60g chickpea flour ¼tsp salt 1 free-range egg 150–225ml water 70g ghee, for frying To serve Lemon wedges, Mustard chutney Tomato chutney or Chilli garlic relish and Kachumber salad


Heat the ghee in a heavy-based saucepan or karahi over a medium heat. Once hot, dip 2 or 3 prawns in the batter and carefully lower into the ghee. Fry for 2–3 minutes, turning once, until crisp and golden and cooked through. Drain on kitchen paper. Repeat with the remaining prawns. Serve with lemon wedges to squeeze over and chutney and kachumber salad on the side. KACHUMBER SALAD - SERVES 8 -10 300g vine-ripened tomatoes, thinly sliced 1/2 cucumber, sliced 100g red onions, halved and thinly sliced 1 fresh green chilli, finely chopped 1/2 tsp toasted ground cumin seeds 1/4 tsp Kashmiri chilli powder Large handful of fresh coriander leaves, roughly chopped Freshly ground black pepper 1 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice or white wine vinegar Lime wedges (optional), to finish Layer the ingredients, or gently toss together, just before serving. Serve with lime wedges, if desired.

SWEET AND TANGY POTATO SHREDS Lilo chevda This is a snack beloved by Gujaratis, a sweet and sour shredded spiced potato dish. The shredded potatoes are deep fried until crisp, as are the lentils, cashew nuts and peanuts, but plenty of lime juice is sprinkled on just before you start eating so you get this tantalizing mix of crisp bits and soft bits. There’s plenty of chilli in it, sweetness from the raisins and sugar, sharpness from the lime juice, and a good sprinkling of salt too. Perfect balance in street food.

Serves 8 150g chana dal (Bengal gram or split yellowpeas), soaked overnight in coldwater 1kg potatoes, such as Maris Piper, peeled, coarsely grated Vegetable oil, for deep frying Salt 3 tbsp unsalted cashew nuts or peanuts (skinned) 1 tbsp sesame seeds 1 tbsp fennel seeds ½tsp turmeric 1½tbsp caster sugar, plus extra to taste 2 fresh green chillies, finely chopped with seeds 2 tbsp raisins Juice of 1–2 limes

METHOD Drain the chana dal and pat dry with kitchen paper. Spread out on a tray lined with a clean tea towel (or more kitchen paper) and leave on one side. Soak the prepared potatoes in salted water for 20 minutes. Drain, use your hands to squeeze out any excess moisture, then pat dry with kitchen paper. Two-thirds fill a large, deep-sided sturdy pan with vegetable oil and place over a medium heat. Test it’s hot enough by dropping in a piece of potato; it should sizzle and turn golden in about 20 seconds. (Or use a deep-fat fryer heated to 180°C.) Deep-fry the potatoes in batches until crisp and golden. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper. Season with half a teaspoon of salt and set aside. Using the same oil, fry the chana dal in batches for about 3–4 minutes, or until they rise to the surface and turn a shade darker. Drain on kitchen paper, and add to the fried potatoes. Heat a heavy-based frying pan over a low-medium heat. Add the cashew nuts or peanuts and fry for 3–5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until lightly toasted. Add the sesame seeds and fennel seeds and cook for 2–3 minutes, stirring all the time. Remove from the heat and stir in the turmeric, followed by the sugar, half a teaspoon of salt, the chillies and the raisins, then mix with the potatoes and lentils. Add plenty of lime juice to give a sweet-sour flavour (you may need to add more sugar and salt at this stage to balance the flavour). Serve at room temperature in small bowls as a snack.



MADRAS FISH CURRY OF SNAPPER, TOMATO AND TAMARIND I have written at some length in the main introduction about finding this curry, which I have nominated as my favourite. I’ve used the same fish it was cooked with on that day in Mamalla puram – snapper – but in the UK I recommend using any of the following: monkfish fillet, because you get firm slices of white, meaty fish; filleted bass, preferably a large fish, because although you’ll get softer flesh it has plenty of flavour; or gurnard. I think more than anything else that this dish typifies what I was saying about really fresh fish not being ruined by a spicy curry. I can still remember the slightly oily flavour of the exquisite snapper in that dish because fish oil, when it’s perfectly fresh, is very nice to eat. I always think oily fish goes well with curry anyway, particularly with the flavours of tomatoes, tamarind and curry leaves.

SERVES 4 – 6

Method Heat the oil in a heavy-based saucepan or karahi over a medium heat. When hot, add the mustard seeds and fry for 30 seconds, then stir in the onion and garlic and fry gently for about 10 minutes until softened and lightly golden. Add the curry leaves, chilli powder, coriander and turmeric and fry for 2 minutes, then stir in the tomatoes, tamarind liquid, green chillies and salt and simmer for about 10 minutes until rich and reduced. Add the fish, cook for a further 5 minutes or until just cooked through, and serve with plain rice.

60ml vegetable oil 1 tbsp yellow mustard seeds 1 large onion, finely chopped 15g/3 cloves garlic, finely crushed 30 fresh curry leaves 2 tsp Kashmiri chilli powder 2 tsp ground coriander 2 tsp turmeric 400g can chopped tomatoes 100ml Tamarind liquid 2 green chillies, each sliced lengthways into 6 pieces, with seeds 1 tsp salt 700g snapper fillets, cut into 5cm chunks Boiled basmati rice to serve

Extracted from Rick Stein’s India by Rick Stein, BBC Books hardback £25 Photography: James Murphy


. . . x a l e in elegant surroundings R

Elliott Lane, Sheffield, S35 8NR | 0114 245 4444 | |

Escape into your own 16th Century ivy-clad mansion where peacocks roam the gardens and your dreams can become a reality in this tranquil world. Nestled in the rolling South Yorkshire countryside,Whitley Hall is a haven where century chic meets historical romance. As you drive down a windy country lane your breath is taken away as you turn into the main driveway. It's like going back in time, the 16th Century mansion is located upon the banks of a river with beautiful terraces, private gardens and opulent woodlands surrounding it.

The perfect place for a romantic break, wedding, civil ceremony, renewal of vows, anniversaries, birthdays and funerals etc. Talking of value for money,Whitley Hall offer Secret Sundays, if two people pre-book a three course restaurant dinner you can stay over from £20.00 per person bed and breakfast on Sundays throughout the year (based on two people sharing).


“Let’s Do Lunch” menu is served Monday to Saturday from 12noon – 2pm.You can indulge a three course table d’hote meal plus a glass of bubbly or elderflower cordial for £14.50. Menus change weekly.

LET’S DO LUNCH Indulge yourself with our Let’s Do Lunch offer which includes a glass of bubbly or elderflower cordial with a three course lunch for £14.50 per person. Double Let’s Do Loyalty points are now offered until the end of March – buy four lunches and get one free! Served Monday to Saturday. Menus change weekly

It's one of those places you love to recommend, but really you want to keep it all to yourself! Don't miss out on this beautiful exquisite venue, you will never forget your time here.

GREAT GETAWAYS... Dinner, Bed & Breakfast for only £99 per couple per night throughout February and March*. Dine in our two rosette restaurant and snooze in one of our individually styled boutique bedrooms *subject to availability

t: 0114 245 4444 e:

85% AA AWARDS 2009


OUT and ABOUT Places to visit and things to do around Sheffield and the surrounding area... DAYS OUT



Saturday 8 Mar 2014 LIFE DRAWING SESSION

An English Heritage event... Enter the magical world of Lewis Carroll in this enchanting trail around the gardens at Brodsworth Hall.

A limited range of materials are available for each session. Cost: £7.50 full fee and £5 concession. Tickets need to be purchased in advance from the reception at Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery. 11am-1pm or 2-4pm

There are six characters to find along the paths that lead visitors through the gardens. There’s a certificate prize for all who complete the trail. Times 10am-4pm. Suitable for Children. Booking Not Necessary. Brodsworth Hall and Gardens, Brodsworth Doncaster South Yorkshire DN5 7XJ

English Heritage Customer Services: 0870 333 1181

Sunday 2 Mar 2014 THE RAMBLERS GROUP WALK Enjoy British wildlife on a Ramblers group walk. Cannon Hall, Cawthorne via Stockport - £9. At each destination there are up to 4 walks on offer: A walk - about 15 miles B walk- about 12 miles C walk- about 10 miles D walk - about 7 miles. Members join these walks at no extra cost to the very competitive price of the coach ticket. Joining the led walks is not compulsory, members can do their own private walk at the destination. Members doing their own private walks must ensure to return to the coach at the appointed time of departure. Members unable to return to the coach at the appointed departure time must contact Brenda Parkinson on 07876076717 Seats must be booked in advance not later than the Monday before the event. Most walks are intended primarily for Ramblers’ Association members. Nonmembers are welcome to join us as guests on two or three walks, though if you walk with a group regularly you will be expected to join the Ramblers. The Ramblers group walk starting point.. Grid Ref: SE279076 South Yorkshire S75 4EH

Time: 08:50. Contact: Brenda Parkinson Telephone: 0161 736 8710.


Saturday 1 Mar 2014 THE FOOD FIGHTERZ / THIS IS NIRVANA O2 Academy 2 Sheffield, Sheffield South Yorkshire S1 2PN Doors open at 18:30 and age restrictions apply.

For more information contact 0114 253 7777

Sunday 2 Mar 2014 DONCASTER BLUES FESTIVAL 3 This years line-up comprises of: · Wilko Johnson – (headliner), Stevie Nimmo Trio, Connie Lush and Blues Shouter, Albany Down, Rita Payne, Clare Free

Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery, Chequer Road, Doncaster South Yorkshire DN1 2AE

Contact telephone: 01302 734293

Friday 14 Mar 2014 THE ART OF THE 1ST WORLD WAR Lecture delivered by local Art Historian Rachel Holland; a look at the art of the 1st World War, including the work of the official war artists, and propaganda posters. 10.30am - 12pm Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery, Chequer Road, Doncaster South Yorkshire DN1 2AE

Contact telephone: 01302 734293

Doors open: 14:00 Doncaster Dome, Doncaster South Yorkshire DN4 7PD

Contact telephone: 01472 349 222

Wednesday 5 Mar 2014 THE X FACTOR LIVE 2014 You’ve watched them perform on TV and now you can see them LIVE on tour. That’s right X Factor fans, our final eight are coming to a stage near you in February 2014 - and you can buy tickets to see them TODAY. From Aberdeen to Brighton, from Belfast to London and this is your chance to catch Abi Alton, Hannah Barrett, Luke Friend, Nicholas McDonald, Rough Copy, Sam Callahan, Tamera Foster and your AMAZING X Factor 2013 winner, Sam Bailey singing live and believe us, it’s going to be HUGE! X Factor Live Tour Tickets are on sale now at Gigantic. Doors open: 18:30 Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield South Yorkshire S9 2DF

The Potting Shed Cafe Serving chef prepared food.

Open 7 days a week. Pot House Hamlet Silkstone, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S75 4JU

Tel: 01226 792525 18


The 50+ Show


Fri-Sat, 28-29 MAR 2014 9.30am to 4.30pm

guests A fantastic day out for everyone who loves life PLUS Mystery each day! Meet a celebrity

and wants to make the most of it!

Music and entertainment • Craft zone • Seminars & information • Financial tips & advice • Health checks • Gardening Q&A time Park & holidays homes • Keep fit sessions • Dance floor • Prize quiz • Fashion show • Cookery demonstrations • Holidays & travel Have-a-go dancing and a wide range of exhibition stands!

Register online for free via Not online? CALL the free ticket hotline on 01372

8409 63 or 68


Strines Inn


espite being within Sheffield's border, the Strines Inn could be a world away. Nestled amongst breathtaking moorland scenery, it is one of the local landmarks in the Peak District National Park.

Originally a manor house, it was built in 1275 for the Worrall family, although most of the present day structure is 16th Century. After becoming an Inn in 1771 when John Morton leased the property from the Worrall's, it got its name from an Olde English

word meaning the meeting of water, quite appropriate as nowadays it overlooks the Strines Reservoir. In the height of Summer the Inn attracts hundreds of visitors on a daily basis. The glorious sunshine and stunning views perfectly compliment the excellent food and drink available, with many dishes being homemade. The Strines Inn is also famous for its numerous peacocks, the previous Landlord having introduced several pairs twenty years ago, there are now over thirty of them.

There is also accommodation available for those people looking to escape for a few days to relax. All rooms have Four poster beds and En-Suite facilities.


TEL: 0114 285 1247 19


By Niki Schäfer, MD of Dwell-Being Interior Designer, Speaker and Author of ‘Creating Space’

TOP TIPS: ART DECO Niki Schäfer shares her tips on creating an Art Deco look: 1. The incredibly glamorous Art Deco period spans from 1920 – 1939 and epitomises the opulence of inter-war Britain. The period was characterised by modern, sleek designs with a luxurious use of materials. The New York’s Chrysler building, The Savoy and Sybil Colefax were icons of this era, look to them for inspiration on a smaller scale! 2. The luxury and decadence was increasingly noticeable in contrast to the austerity of the First World War. The use of rare and exotic woods and materials such as ivory, shagreen (imitation shark skin) and mother of pearl was familiar to this era. Decorate using an excess of mirrors, satins and pale leathers. 3. The Art Deco period was heavily influenced by international style, so perhaps use lacquer as a finish on furniture, a design style developed from China. The period also admired enormously style icons of the era such as Eileen Gray.


4. The era was nicknamed the ‘Cocktail Age’ so for true Art Deco style track down walnut cocktail cabinets in a stepped shape, symbolic of the Aztec pyramids that were also hugely popular at the time. 5. Advances in technology moved towards a more ‘streamlined’ look. Every day objects such as radios became streamlined, swayed by the aerodynamic shapes cut from ocean liners and Zeppelins. 6. Choose fringed lighting and fitted furniture to incorporate an Art Deco look into your home without creating an overwhelming look. Try Tiger Moth Lighting for some wonderful fringed metal lamps and pendants. 7. Search for cantilevered chairs made popular by Marcel Breuer and Miles van Der Rohhe, who made the most of technology advances fashioning original and modern styles from new materials. The Barcelona Chair is another popular design choice, still contemporary today and found in many modern homes and offices.

8. To truly emulate the ‘elite’ style you need to find the original pieces. The technology advances spurred the creation of imitation products made from cheap materials, which led to the eventual end of the era. 9. Rugs were hugely popular throughout this period. Search for wild geometrical shapes in a spectrum of bold colours to liven up any room. Imitation zebra and other wild animal skins are widely available as fabrics nowadays, and if you’re feeling extra brave use some flocked wallpaper in the same design. 10. If you live and breathe for Art Deco inspired design then take a visit to La Maison de Verre in Paris, or slightly closer to home stay at The Park Lane Hotel and dine in Claridges.

Make a Statement After a busy Christmas, a few family gatherings and general wear and tear, furniture can start to look a little drab and well worn, especially upholstered pieces. But as the evenings grow lighter you start to notice these things, but panic not as it does not cost an arm and a leg to re-upholster your favourite suite, chair, footstool or even headboard. I discovered on my travels around Sheffield, Oakbrook Upholstery owned by it’s founder Paul Allen who worked as a senior upholsterer for 15 years prior.


Oakbrook Upholstery was founded by Paul Allen in 2005. Paul is supported by a small team of Senior Upholsterers and Seamstresses that bring a combined experience pool of over 100 years. Oakbrook prides itself in producing the highest quality upholstery in the area whether it be re-upholstery or a new bespoke piece. New pieces are both high in quality and good value in price when compared to mainstream high-street pieces. Other than the emphasis on quality, Oakbrook, unusually for most upholsterers, has a vast fabric library which reflects the company’s passion for fabrics. This is also complimented by a wallpaper library which has been built up over the last seven years.

Paul is supported by a small team of senior upholsterers and seamstresses that bring you a combined experience of over 100 years.

BB Quality Re-Upholstery

The team can advise you on bespoke upholstery/ reupholstery for sofas, chairs, stools and more. If you have seen a particular style or piece that you like they can custom make this to your particular specifications.

BB Made-to-Measure Curtains & Blinds

The shop itself, based at Oakbrook Road (Nether Green) in Sheffield is an Aladdin’s Cave of wallpaper, fabrics, paints and trimmings to cater for all budgets. The team specialise in renovating antique furniture as well as upholstery with leather.

BB New Cushion Interiors & Spring Repairs

Finally once you have re-upholstered your favourite piece, the team will help you choose complimentary curtains and blinds. I strongly recommend you pay a visit.

Contact them on 0114 230 9020 or visit

BB Tailor-Made Furniture BB Antique Furniture Upholstered

BB Large Fabric & Wallpaper Library

BB Headboards & Footstools etc

TEL: (0114) 230 9020 207 Oakbrook Road, Nether Green, Sheffield S11 7EB 21

IN THE HOME Colours in the living area are so important and have a big impact on the feel of the room and the mood of the people within it. Painting a room is a much quicker and cheaper way of decorating because it is then easier to change and redecorate in the future, without the hassle of removing and replacing wallpaper. If you are looking for a warm and energetic environment, try a red or orange tone. This may not be suitable for those wanting to relax with the family as they are loud colours, but if you are the type of person who likes entertaining, then the warmth will brighten up the vibe of the room. Yellow is the perfect warm colour for livening up your space, but try to keep it to a feature or accent wall. Too much of it can be overpowering. For those folk who want to feel laid back and relaxed, a cooler blue or green room might be more suitable. Do be careful of the shades you pick however. An icy blue may make visitors feel unwelcome. A warmer shade, such as turquoise, may give the desired effect you want, but make others feel more welcome as well. For a more sophisticated feel, stick to neutral tones, whites and creams. Not only do these provide a blank canvas to incorporate furniture and patterns, but allow the room to become a peaceful setting, which looks elegant and refined.

HOW COLOURS CAN CHANGE A ROOM It’s surprising how much the colours and fabrics in a room can vastly improve and change the look of it. Picking a new colour for the walls, or buying a new rug or carpet can mix up the style of your home and make it look brand new. 22

Combinations of fabrics and patterns are also hugely inspiring when it comes to decorating and can create a theme for your house that you may wish to follow; from a cosy cottage to a Tuscan villa. If your tastes cater to soft pastels, floral fabrics and rustic wood furnishings, then a cottage style home may be your cup of tea, where as finding wallpapers with an old plaster texture, tapestry style rugs and cushions with gold, coppers and greens infused can give the feel of Tuscany in your home.

You may think that adding a splash of colour to your home will get expensive but that isn’t the case. Paint is a much cheaper option than wallpaper, but how about just repainting and wallpapering one wall in a vibrant colour or pattern to add some variation. If you can’t afford a new sofa or lounge chair, find some new fabric you like and get the existing furniture reupholstered. Wooden furniture is easy to transform too. Take an old chair that needs a make over, or buy a cheap one from a second hand shop. All it needs is sanding down and a coat of paint, to fit whatever mood you are going for in the room, and you have a brand new piece of furniture. The same can be done with tables, cupboards, and fireplaces.

FINAL TIPS... • Fabrics can easily change up a room, don’t be afraid to experiment. • Be aware of light and colours. Warmer light coming into your house allows for cooler colours. With colder light, try a warmer colour.

Carpets are a highly important part of a room. Many people prefer plain, block colour materials on their floors, which are great for flexibility when designing and changing styles. However they can make a large room look empty. Going for a patterned carpet might seem a bit risky, but if the right one is selected, it can make a big difference. Patterns can create a focal point in a big room if you feel like keeping the furniture quite simple, but try and avoid busy patterns in a small room as this can make the space seem closed in and cluttered. Fabric texture is also important. Kristen Schmitt says on Better

Homes and Gardens that: “Texture adds dimension to a room. It appeals to our senses, both visual and tactile, which makes the room interesting.” Add some pillows and cushions to your bed and sofa; fluffy, ruffled, floral,tartan, anything that takes your fancy. Even a textured throw for the end of the bed can provide a contrast in a room. Bring in a patterned rug to create a focal point and make small rooms look larger. Round shapes in a square room can also soften the space. Don’t be afraid of contrasting patterns and colours either, but try not to go beyond three and use samples to decide on the best combinations.

• Something as simple as adding a mirror can instantly make a room look bigger. • Patterns are good, but don’t go overboard. • Buy a signature piece of furniture or rug you like and base the colour scheme around that. • Bright ornaments and furniture can look great in an otherwise plain, white room. • You don’t need a massive income to completely change your style.


specialists in traditional & contemporary stoves Cottage Fires of Wentworth has over twenty years of experience. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary wood burning stove, multi-fuel, gas or electric stove, with many working models in our showrooms, we are confident that you will find just the right solution to suit you and your home.

STOVES | RANGE COOKERS FIRES | FIRE SURROUNDS Cottage Fires take care of everything; from a home visit surveying the location and chimney to ascertain very importantly, that the size and specification of stove or fire chosen is totally suitable for your home.

The Builders Yard, Cortworth Lane, Wentworth, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S62 7TE

Tel: 01226 742077 |

Handcrafted, superior quality furniture for your home or business. Wentworth Furniture’s craftsmanship extols the timeless beauty of natural wood through several ranges; from both traditional to contemporary styles for your bedroom, kitchen, dining and living rooms, and lounge and office alike. Wentworth furniture can be customised to suit your desired size, wood and finish, right down to the handles. Certain items can be supplied unfinished if desired, along with the wax, stains or oils of your choice for home completion.

Living Room Furniture - Dining Room Furniture - Bedroom Furniture - Occasional Furniture Home Accessories WENTWORTH


Masons Yard, Cortworth Lane, Wentworth, South Yorkshire S62 7TE Tel: 01226 746171




WISH AGAIN SEASALT Exclusive SANDWICH BYOUNG Designer Labels AVOCA Relaxed, independent shopping, NOUGAT for the many not the few! We stock an eclectic mix of lifestyle brands that LAUREN VIDAL are exclusive to us in Sheffield. OUI MOMENTS YEST Our brands are as diverse and interesting as our customers. We aim to offer affordable, beautiful COCO ROSE SHOES clothes with a point of difference. FENELLA ACCESSORIES The atmosphere is laid back but helpful - you are welcome to browse without pressure - pay us a visit, we are sure you will want to come back!!



WISH AGAIN 190-192 Whitham Rd, Broomhill S10 2SS 0114 268 40 40


10 YEARS IN BUSINESS In 2003, Whittington Goddard Associates Limited set out to provide impartial independent advice and a quality service to its clients, thus ensuring them a stronger future. They are committed to ensuring that every client, whether corporate or personal, receives the level of service they have the right to expect when trusting them with their finances and future comfort. Their highly-qualified team of advisers have years of unrivalled experience and their knowledge and service ethics are key to the provision of their commitment to you. Initial meetings are conducted, without charge, in either the client’s home or at their office.


26 Causeway Head Road, Dore, Sheffield S17 3DT Telephone: 0114 235 1623 Fax: 0114 262 0438 Email: Office hours: 9.00am - 5.30pm Monday - Friday

Whittington Goddard Associates Limited is authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority.

MEET THE TEAM... John has worked in Financial Services since 1978. He became an Independent Financial Adviser in 1999, setting up Whittington Goddard Associates in 2003. John works as a Financial Planner providing solutions for clients in all areas of Financial Services. He specialises in Investment advice, At Retirement Planning, Tax & Trust Planning and Inheritance Tax Mitigation.

JOHN GODDARD Richard’s career in Financial Services began in the late 1990’s following a period in the Armed Forces and completion of a BA (Hons) Business Studies Degree. After initially working for a regional Independent Financial Adviser for several years, Richard set up Whittington Goddard Associates along with fellow codirector John Goddard in 2003. Richard specialises in at Retirement Planning, Investment Advice, Inheritance Tax Mitigation and Tax Planning. RICHARD WHITTINGTON Steve has worked in Financial Services since 1994, starting his career as a Home Service Representative for Co-operative Insurance. He became an IFA in 2003 focusing mainly on the mortgage and protection markets before joining Whittington Goddard in 2007. Steve works as a Financial Planner specialising in all areas of Financial Services, in particular, Investment Advice, Retirement Planning, Protection and Mortgages. STEVE SHUTT

LEANNE LEE Leanne has worked for Whittington Goddard Associates since 2007. She has worked within the Financial Services industry since 2001, starting as a Customer Service Adviser with Norwich Union and then moving into the sales branch until 2007. MICHELLE STOREY Michelle has worked in Financial Services since 2004, starting as a Mortgage Administrator and then progressing to PA/Paraplanner later that year. She joined Whittington Goddard Associates at the beginning of August 2013 to work alongside John Goddard and Richard Whittington as full-time PA/Paraplanner. KIRA BENNETT

Simon has worked in the Financial Services industry since 2000. He began his career as a Financial Adviser and Home Service Representative with the Co-operative Insurance Society. He then became an Independent Financial Adviser in January 2004, first working as a Sole Trader before joining Whittington Goddard Associates in June 2006. Simon specialises in Investment Advice, Retirement Planning, Protection, Mortgages and Equity Release. SIMON TAYLOR Angela has over twenty years’ experience advising clients and over the last 15 years as a Specialist Elderly Client adviser. The main areas Angela gives advice on are Care Fees Planning, Investments, Equity Release and Inheritance Tax Planning. Angela also provides advice regarding benefits that might be claimed, such as Attendance Allowance.



Angela has an excellent Care Fees Planning Handbook which explains the many issues surrounding care fees including legislation and benefits. For your free copy please contact Whittington Goddard on 0114 235 1623.

Kira has worked in the Financial Services industry for 10 years, starting as an Office Junior and progressing to Mortgage Administrator. She joined Whittington Goddard as an Administrator in August 2013.

WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY ABOUT US: “Thanks for years of reliable and friendly service with sound advice” “Warm, friendly, efficient staff and good advice” A client of 12 years “Very happy with the friendly service and very knowledgeable in the information you provide” “Why are we with you? The friendly greetings at all times and the patience always given to our concerns”

Planning For The Future Everyone should consider some basic legal planning to make sure that their families and loved ones are protected in case of future events which can affect anyone. Here we consider the “essentials” of making a Will, Lasting Power of Attorney and Gift of Property into Trust. REASONS TO MAKE A WILL Making a Will is important, particularly when you realise that without a Will, the Government will decide who will receive your money and possessions after you die. Unfortunately this can cause many difficulties for your surviving family and relatives at an already distressing time. By making a Will you can help alleviate additional pressures on your family. The myth that ‘my wife will receive everything anyway’ is not true. Your estate would be shared out in accordance with the ‘Statutory Legacy’ rules and your wife may not receive the whole estate or even enough to enable her to keep the matrimonial home. When it comes to ‘common law husband or wife’, there is no such thing. Only people who are legally married or have formed a civil partnership will be classed as husband, wife or civil partner and only they can enjoy the benefits of automatically inheriting part of their spouse’s estate. If you are not married you would have to go to Court to claim part of the estate which will come with the usual costs and expenses. Children are another reason why it is important to make a Will. If something was to happen to you and your children were still minors or disabled, you can appoint Guardians to look after them. It is also important if you are married for a second time and have children from a previous relationship. If you were to die first and your estate was below the ‘Statutory Legacy’ your whole estate would pass to your second spouse and your children would have no absolute right to anything. 28

If you are legally separated the ‘Statutory Legacy’ will still apply until the divorce is finalised so if you want your estate to pass to someone else then you must make a Will. You should have your Will prepared by an experienced Lawyer who will make sure all the relevant points are covered especially if your Will is complicated and Tax Planning Advice may be required.

LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY Most people know they should have a Will, but have you considered what would happen if you were to become unable to manage your own affairs during your lifetime? Who would make difficult financial and personal decisions on your behalf? You can protect yourself by making a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). The LPA is a legal document in which you can appoint another person or persons as Attorney(s) to act on your behalf in relation to your financial affairs and/or personal welfare if you become unable to do so for yourself. The LPA was introduced under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and must be registered with the Court of Protection before it can be used. It is useful if you are ill or in hospital or residential care when it is difficult for you to look after your personal finances or welfare. The LPA comes in two parts - one deals with your financial affairs i.e. managing your Bank Accounts and Investments and also selling your property if required. The other part deals with your personal welfare i.e. issues relating to your personal care and where you should live and also giving or refusing consent to certain medical treatment. It is important to note that you can only make an LPA if you have sufficient mental capacity and this has to be confirmed by a Certificate Provider. In some cases it may be necessary to obtain a Doctor’s opinion if there is any doubt. It is also important to note that it does not take away your independence as one of the main principles of the Act is that capacity is decision specific and Attorneys should assist people to make their own decisions wherever possible. If you should lose capacity without having an LPA in place then it will be necessary for someone to apply to the Court of Protection for authority to deal with your affairs which

FINANCE can be a very slow and expensive process. An LPA is an important legal document which should be properly prepared and explained to you by an experienced Lawyer.

GIFT OF PROPERTY INTO TRUST Most people are concerned about the costs of long term residential care. Currently if your assets exceed £23,250 including the value of your property then you will be self funding and have to pay for the cost of your care yourself. The biggest concern for most people is that you may have to sell your house to pay for the care. However it is possible to avoid this by giving your property away during your lifetime, usually to your children. The gift however must be made in good time and not simply with the intention of avoiding future care fees otherwise it may be caught by the Local Authority’s anti-avoidance measures. You could simply make an outright gift to your children but as you will probably wish to continue to live in your property this could cause problems if you were to fall out with them or they were to experience matrimonial problems or bankruptcy. It could lead to someone else making a claim against their share of your property. Additionally, it could also cause problems for your children as owning a share of a

second property could give rise to possible Capital Gains Tax implications on the eventual sale of the property. We would therefore always recommend that a gift of property should be a gift into Trust which would protect you and your children from most of these potential difficulties. The Trust would provide for you to remain living in the property for as long as you wish on the basis that you continue to be responsible for all the outgoings as at present. The Trust can also provide for the property to be sold and a replacement property purchased for you to live in if you so wished. When you no longer live in the property for whatever reason, the Trust would come to an end and the property could be sold with the proceeds divided between your children. In this way you would no longer be treated as the legal owner of the property if you were to be assessed for long-term care fees and also as you are occupying the property which is held in trust this usually means that main residence exemption from Capital Gains Tax can be claimed although this is decided by the Revenue on a case to case basis.

Obviously giving away your property is a major decision and is irrevocable which requires specialist legal advice.

Wills, Trusts, Tax & Probate SOLICITORS Wath upon Dearne Office: 42 High Street, Wath upon Dearne S63 7QE T: 01709 873321 F: 01709 878637

Doncaster Office: 55 Hallgate Doncaster DN1 3PD T: 01302 321621

Thorne Office: 3 Farriers Court, Horsefair Green DN8 5EE T: 01405 814136 F: 01405 740367


PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE Everyone should consider some basic legal planning to make sure their families and loved ones are protected in case of future events which can affect anyone. Contact us to arrange a free consultation about the "essentials" of making a Will, Lasting Power of Attorney and Gift of Property into Trust. There is no obligation and any work then carried out will be on a fixed fee basis to be agreed in advance. We are happy to visit you at home if more convenient.

Please contact Veranne Bradley on (01302) 321621. E: W: 29


looking to celebrate that special anniversary? ring your favourite restaurant

looking to sort out that pension problem? ring the ombudsman 0300 123 9 123

ngalows Retirment Bu in Kiveton Park

Rent from

g n i h t t s e b e h T I ever did... Move in...

£82 per week

hour emergency ➔ Access to a 24 call system ➔ Parking ation ➔ Excellent loc s close by ➔ Local amenitie a “Johnnie” Johnson Housing Trust property and you can feel safe and secure with peace of mind in your retirement.

Call us on: 0845 604 1095

Retirement F lats

in Kiveton Park , Nether Edge & Sandygate

Rent from

£76 per week

(including serv ice char

ge) essional Manag er on site during ➔ Acce the week ss to a 24 hour emergency call ➔ Secu system re door entry ➔ Heat ing and hot wate r included ➔ Cook er and fridge inc lud ed ➔ Laun dry facilities ➔ Com munal lounge ➔ Prof


& looking fo housing? r



Dental Implants...


What you need to know, by

Dr David Hilton

Dental Implants what are they? •

Dental implants can be used to replace a single lost tooth or many missing teeth.

A dental implant is a substitute for a natural root.

Implants can be used to support crowns, bridges or dentures.

Could you qualify to have dental implants? •

An implant is a small screw made of titanium which bonds with the jaw bone.

If you have good general health then they will certainly work for you.

It provides a stable foundation for replacement teeth.

You should have a sufficient amount of good quality bone.

Good oral hygiene is important.

Implants can help to preserve the neighbouring teeth and bone structure.

Dental implants are stronger than natural teeth.

Even if you’ve lost a significant amount of bone in your jaws, you may still qualify as a candidate for dental implants.

Dental implants have over 90% success rates in long-term function.

You will be expected to answer detailed questions concerning your medical history and you will receive a complete examination of your mouth and teeth.

What are the costs?

How can Implants benefit you? •

Research shows that in many cases dental implants are stronger then natural teeth.

They help to prevent bone loss.

Implants help you to appear younger and healthier.

They can resolve the problem of pain and discomfort caused by removable dentures.

You can eat whatever you like.

Your ability to taste may improve.

You will have improved comfort, security, and confidence.

Implants can provide a permanent solution for missing teeth.

Shifting, slipping, and “chatter” due to poorly fitting dentures is eliminated.

They allow you to speak naturally and feel like yourself.

Dental implants are more affordable than ever before.

The cost of dental implants is dependant upon the individual case.

We will discuss the question of cost in detail and help you make financial arrangements.

There are a number of financing options including 0% finance.

Implants can sometimes be covered at least partially by insurance, depending on your policy.

Which implant provider we use and why:

Straumann is a pioneer and global leader in implant dentistry, Straumann research develop & manufacture dental implants, instruments, prosthetics & tissue regeneration products for use in tooth replacement. Over 80 million Straumann dental implants have been sold worldwide and it is one of the most frequently used implant systems. With a general guarantee of 10 years for Straumann implants their own confidence speaks for itself.

Implant Aftercare At Churchfield Dental Centre we do everything we can to provide successful implant treatment for you. Before any implant is placed we believe that for the best chance of success your mouth and gums must be in the best possible health. Prior to placement we will arrange a hygiene session with one of our hygiene therapists to prepare your mouth for your new implants. On the day of your implant placement we go to great lengths to create a sterile environment to reduce the risk of infection to the implant site. We will provide you with a healing and aftercare advice pack to help aid the healing process once you are home. Many people believe that once an implant is placed successfully it is in for life. This can be the case if your implant is looked after but an implant can be lost the same way your natural teeth can through gum disease. With this in mind once your implant treatment is complete we will be happy to book you regular visits with out hygienists even if you are a referral patient and have your own dentist.

Our practice is about people – not just teeth!

1 Victoria Crescent West, Barnsley S75 2AE Tel: 01226 771471 | Fax: 01226 292444


Making Life Easier Keeping fit and healthy is an important part of growing older and staying mobile even more so. Regular exercise and good diets are essential to maintaining your independence. However, studies show around 2.45 million people in England require help on a regular basis. At Home Mobility superstores situated around the country, specialise in products to help people live


independently. They sell thousands of items to allow you to feel comfortable at home. Climbing the stairs is one task that becomes increasingly difficult as we age. But not to worry, a stair lift or extra hand rails can make this much easier. Fitted to the wall of the staircase, they create a better grip when climbing or allow you to sit and bypass the steps altogether. Bathing can become tricky too, especially with slippery surfaces. However, bath lifts and safety rails have been created to aid movement in the bathroom. These give extra support when getting in and out of the bathtub, by lowering and lifting you from the water, if this is found to be most challenging. Aquability can help you prevent problems before they occur and enable you to stay independent for longer. Sometimes a simple solution is all that is needed to improve home safety, such as installing grab bars or using a specially designed inflatable cushion to get in and out of the bath.

As the UK’s leading bathing solutions provider Aquability have been changing the lives of their customers for over 15 years. Their mobility products include walk- in baths, sit-down showers, powered safety seats and more.

can travel wherever you like, without the assistance of others. You may however have to register with the DVLA.

Clark & Partners Make Mobility Easy…

With a comprehensive product range that is constantly updated and an expert team on hand to advise you, Aquability can deliver the perfect solution to your mobility needs, on any budget.

Local mobility specialists Clark & Partners Ltd have been established for over 50 years, and as a result, are a well-known and trusted name in mobility. They supply everything from large mobility vehicles to specialist footwear and smaller daily living aids such as kettle tippers and grab rails to help make later life that bit easier.

Visit to find out more. Specialist furniture stores also sell remote controlled chairs and beds that move and adjust to allow sitting up and lying down without any pain or problems.

There are 6 stores across South Yorkshire where specialists are available to advise with regards to access solutions, bathing, wheelchairs, powerchairs and vehicle conversions. For those with more complex needs, expert teams can help with larger projects such as wet rooms, lifts and ceiling track hoists. A full range of repair and maintenance services are also available.

Out & About Finding you have trouble walking can be a daunting thing and can make leaving the house hard. Mobility stores have a selection of walking aids and frames, in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes, fitted to the individual. Wheelchairs can be purchased, but they are accessible on the NHS, so look into your options.

Make Clark & Partners Ltd your local one stop mobility shop and call: 0114 229 3391 today.

Mobility scooters are a great invention too if you’re wanting to get out and about. Although, they can be pricey, they are worth the satisfaction of knowing you

NO WORRIES! Bath out - Shower in


STRUGGLE TO GET IN & OUT OF YOUR OLD BATH? Designed to fit in the same space as your old bath, the Shower Module’s unique construction enables it to be FITTED IN JUST ONE DAY* with NO MESS, NO FUSS and NO RE-TILING either! ● ● ● ● ● ●

Fits in same space as your old bath! GLASS PROTECTION

Protects against the build-up of grime, lime scale and stains.

Easy clean tile effect - no re-tiling or mouldy grout! Easy access NEW lower step Optional seat and grab rail Assistance pole Slip resistant floor Built-in shelving

OVER 20,000

INSTALLATIONS IN THE UK Available with full height sliding doors or half height hinged door and panel

Half height hinged door and panel option



FREEPHONE 0800 316 0110

Ask for Ext. 53456

Please contact me to arrange a FREE no-obligation Home Survey Please send me a FREE brochure on the Aquability Low Access Shower Module




Postcode Lines open 24 hours 7 days a week. Or return coupon to FREEPOST RRGY-AHAX-AHSX, Aquability UK Ltd, Farnborough, GU14 0NR. Or visit - Send to: FREEPOST RRGY-AHAX-AHSX, Aquability UK Ltd, Farnborough, GU14 0NR.



Dr. Richard J. Anderson

BDS LDS RCS (Eng) MMedSci Richard qualified from the University of Sheffield in 1987, since when he has undertaken extensive postgraduate education, mainly in restorative dentistry. In 2005 he completed the Certificate in Implant Dentistry on the world renowned, eighteen-month, one-to-one Implant Course at the University of Sheffield . In 2011 Richard completed his Master of Medical Science in Dental Implantology. Richard has undergone training from Europe’s top clinicians in hard and soft tissue manipulation, involving bone grafting and aesthetics. To date, he has successfully placed and restored over 1000 implants and is an active member of the Association of Dental Implantology. Richard has also been a trainer dentist for the last twelve years, and in recognition of his experience and abilities, he has been made a mentor for Nobel Biocare. Outside dentistry, when time allows, he enjoys going to the gym, playing golf and since hanging up his boots, likes to watch Rugby!

Implants A dental implant is essentially a substitute for a natural root, and commonly it is screw or cylinder shaped. Each implant is placed into a socket carefully drilled at the precise location of the intended tooth. Once in place, a crown, bridge or whole tooth replacement can be fixed to the implant or implants to feel and function like natural teeth. Implants are made from biocompatible materials, which means they are readily accepted by your body, and with

Dr. Richard J. Anderson BDS LDS RCS (Eng) MMedSci


proper oral hygiene, can actually last a lifetime. Importantly, implants counteract the bone loss which can lead to wrinkled lips and a sunken mouth and chin. Dental implants actually stimulate bone growth, helping you to maintain a youthful appearance. Using implants as a foundation for a bridge or crown is minimally invasive because there is no need to grind down other healthy adjacent teeth. Employing the very latest All-on-4™ technology, you can even have your brand new smile in just one day! Dental implants have been used successfully for over 40 years. They provide stability and comfort with no need for adjustment after placement.

Smiles while you sleep For particularly anxious patients we also offer a unique, leading-edge cosmetic dental solution. We provide dental implant treatment under general anaesthetic, allowing you to ‘go to sleep’ and wake up with a brand new smile. Based at leading cosmetic hospital, the Claremont, in Sheffield, the Dream Implant Clinic delivers a truly worldclass experience at every step of the patient journey.

If you would like to know more, please call us now on

0114 287 2305

C L I N I C 40 Worksop Road, Swallownest, Sheffield S26 4WD | |


Are you in need of a


Livsol Bathing Made Easy

Accessibility Problems

The Ease of Showering

There comes a time in our lives when everyday tasks become a little harder than they used to be. Bathing is one of those, and may no longer be an enjoyable experience. If that is the case for you, then maybe it is time to consider changing the facilities you use.

There are so many benefits to having a shower; it is refreshing, it is quick and for most of us it is easy. However that is not the case for everyone. General difficulties include standing up whilst showering and getting in and out of the bath which could lead to a risk of slipping and possible injury. With our shower cubicles, light weight sliding doors, fitted seats and low lip shower trays, we address all the main problems many of us have.

Unique Wetroom Design Enjoy a Relaxing Bath Livsol have a full range of easy access baths in a verity of styles and sizes. If you find it hard getting in and out of your current bath tub, then this maybe the thing for you. Whether you want to sit or lay down, the British manufactured units will certainly meet the highest of expectations.


In some cases, a wetroom is required to make bathing easy. With contemporary design and user-friendly facilities, Livsol can install the perfect wetroom meeting all your requirements. From easy access shower units to aesthetically pleasing tiling, we take everything into consideration when designing your unique wetroom.


Make your bathing experience that much more enjoyable with a walk-in bath or easily accessible shower Livsol is part of Livsol Ltd. Please visit for more information

For a brochure please return this slip to the FREEPOST address provided

For a brochure please call FREE on


Phone the team Book a FREE consultation Professional and quick installation After sales service to make sure you are satisfied


Full Name

92 Rolleston Drive,


Arnold, Nottinghamshire,

0800 123 4567

NG5 7JP Postcode

Tel No. D5PSY2




Bereavement Services are continually monitoring and improving the facilities and the services offered to the public. The staff are committed to ensuring that each funeral is carried out in a caring and dignified manner and each funeral service is attended by a Bereavement Officer. The grounds of the cemeteries and crematoria are open every day, including Sundays and Bank Holidays and the opening times are displayed in prominent positions at the entrances to our facilities.

City Road Crematorium City Road, Sheffield, S2 1GD

Please contact either your chosen Funeral Director or Bereavement Services for further advice. If required, a recording of the funeral service can be provided for an additional charge. All crematoria chapels contain either pipe or electronic organs if a more traditional ceremony is required.

Sheffield’s older more traditional Crematorium opened in 1905 and is situated within the grounds of City Road Cemetery which opened in 1881. There are two chapels for cremation services and facilities include induction loop for the hearing impaired, braille and large print service booklets, wheelchair availability and disabled toilets and access.

Gardens of Remembrance adjoining Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium

The Gardens are attractive and peaceful and extend for 9 acres. Whilst the majority of the area is structured and formal there are a variety of trees, flowers and a more informal perimeter which attracts wildlife.

Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium Memorialisation after Periwood Lane, Sheffield, S8 0HN Cremation

Following a funeral, relatives often find great comfort in being able to remember their loved one in some way. Choosing the most appropriate memorial can be difficult. Bereavement Services offer a wide choice of commemorative memorials.

This crematorium opened in 1974 and has one chapel available for cremation services. Facilities include induction loop for hearing impaired, braille and large print service booklets, wheelchair availability, disabled toilets and stairlift to the exit of the chapel.

Musical Arrangements for Cremation Services

An extensive range of recorded music is available at both crematoria to accompany services.

Books of Remembrance

Books of Remembrance are displayed at both Hutcliffe Wood Hall of Remembrance and the Remembrance Room at City Road Cemetery. The books are handcrafted and inscribed by a professional calligrapher with an appropriate inscription of your choice.

Leather Memorial Panels

The panels are covered in dark blue leather and contained within a decorative oak frame. The chosen inscription is in gold leaf.

Memorial Wall Niches The niches are contained within a granite memorial wall situated within the formal areas of the gardens. The niches are large enough to accept two caskets of cremated remains. The covering plate can be inscribed with your chosen inscription, along with an emblem or photograph if required.

Bronze Memorial Plaques

For a more traditional memorial to a loved one, a wall or kerb plaque may be more appropriate. The plaques are cast in bronze to a high standard.

Memorial Mushroom Plaques

Memorial plaques which are placed on a granite memorial mushroom. The mushrooms have been sited under trees and are surrounded by bark wood chippings to create a more natural area.

Memorial Vase Block

Granite vase blocks surrounding an ornamental tree are available in the Gardens of Remembrance. The granite tablet is inscribed and can include an emblem or photograph. The vase block includes a flower posy vase for floral tributes.

Arboria Plaques

The plaques are made from natural timber and placed within a metal frame. Plaques are available within the Room of Remembrance at City Road Cemetery.

Bereavement Services Helping our Birds and Wildlife

You can help the wildlife at the Gardens of Remembrance by sponsoring a bird or bat box in memory of a loved one. For further information and advice on the memorials available, please contact the staff on the telephone number below.


Cremated Remains Graves

These are smaller graves for the purpose of burying cremated remains only. The graves are available at the majority of cemeteries with the exception of Burngreave, Darnall and Norton.

Grave Leases

The Exclusive Right of Burial on all new graves can be leased for 30, 50 or 90 years if required. Leases can be renewed at the expiry date.

Woodland Burial Ground. A further area has also been allocated for the strewing of cremated remains.

Memorial Safety

Creating a safer environment within our Cemeteries Sheffield City Council are committed to providing a safe environment for those visiting and working in our cemeteries.

To comply with current guidelines issued by Health & Safety Executive (HSE) we are required to survey Expired Grave Leases every headstone in all our sixteen Abbey Lane, Beighton, Burncross, From February 1959, the Exclusive cemeteries (see list on this page) to Burngreave, City Road, Crookes, Right of Burial on all new graves were ensure that these remain in a safe and Darnall, Ecclesfield, Handsworth, leased for 40 years. Since February stable condition and do not pose any Intake, Norton, Shiregreen, 1999, these leases have been expiring. immediate danger to visitors and staff Stocksbridge, Tinsley Park, Wisewood If you are the registered owner to the working in the cemeteries. and Woodhouse. Rights of a grave which the lease has expired, please contact Bereavement The guidelines from the HSE have There are 5 cemetery chapels Services for advice. been issued to all burial authorities available for services prior to interment. following a number of deaths and Chapels are available at City Road, serious injuries in the United Kingdom Crookes, Abbey Lane, Shiregreen and over the last 5 years in cemeteries Tinsley Park cemeteries. caused by falling headstones. The following cemeteries are managed by Bereavement Services:

An extensive range of recorded music is available and arrangements can be made for personal tapes and CDs to be played at the service.

New Graves

New graves are available at the majority of cemeteries with the exception of Burngreave, Darnall and Norton.

Existing Family Graves

Existing graves can be re-opened to allow further interments providing the written authority of the present owner of the rights to the grave is obtained.

Wisewood Woodland Burial Ground An area has been set aside within Wisewood Cemetery for woodland burials. Instead of a traditional headstone, a native species tree is planted on the grave which will eventually create a woodland and encourage wildlife into the area. It is possible to purchase full graves and cremated remains plots within the

From January 2002, a team of Memorial Safety Operatives have been surveying headstones in the sixteen cemeteries. Approximately 350,000 memorials are contained within the 350 acres of cemetery grounds. Please ensure that we always have current contact details on record should we need to get in touch.

For further advice, please feel free to contact a member of the Memorial Safety Operative team on the number below.

Staff are available to offer confidential advice and assistance on any of the services mentioned in this article by contacting:

Bereavement Services, City Road Cemetery, City Road, Sheffield S2 1GD Telephone: 0114 239 6068 | Fax: 0114 239 3757 Email: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm

Specialist Seating

Local mobility specialists Clark & Partners Ltd have been established for over 50 years, and are a well-known and trusted name in mobility.

Care & Comfort

The winter months are when we tend to stay indoors more, spending time with our loved ones, and this is often the time of year when their needs become apparent. Getting the right chair for your relative is very important, as the health benefits and improvements to quality of life can be astonishing.

The perfect choice for your loved one...

Our amazing range of specialist comfort chairs are designed to achieve the perfect seating position for your relative, giving maximum comfort and pressure relief. We work closely with relatives and Healthcare Professionals should your loved one live in residential care. With a wide range of chairs available for trial, you can speak to our Trained Advisors to arrange a free assessment to find the right chair to suit your needs.

Manual Risers

Riser Recliners

Tilt-in Space

High Seat Chairs

Pressure Relief

For more details visit or call your local store: SHEFFIELD Wellington Street, S1 4HF

Tel: 0114 273 8787

Hillsborough Barracks, Hillsborough, S6 2LR Tel: 0114 231 5566 1 Orgreave Way, Handsworth, S13 9LS Tel: 0114 229 3391 NEW STORE NOW OPEN AT: Ridgeway Road, Gleadless, S12 2JX

Tel: 0114 239 0610

ROTHERHAM Rotherham General Hospital, S60 2UD Tel: 01709 839 369 DONCASTER St Sepulchre Gate West, DN1 3AB

Tel: 01302 323 536

There are 8 Clark & Partners stores across Yorkshire and the Midlands, with 6 stores located in South Yorkshire including our new store at Gleadless. The new store has an extensive product range and excellent parking facilities so it’s convenient and easy for customers. We can supply everything from large mobility vehicles to specialist chairs and footwear, and smaller daily living aids such as kettle tippers and grab rails to help make life that bit easier. Products can be purchased in store, via our mail order catalogue or online at: Simply call us today on 0114 229 3391 to book your FREE no obligation assessment. Clark & Partners are open:

Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, Saturdays 9am-3pm.

Sheffield, barnsley & doncaster (south yorkshire) 40  
Sheffield, barnsley & doncaster (south yorkshire) 40  

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