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Healthy Gums...


What you need to know, by

Dr David Hilton

Healthy teeth begin with healthy gums, so if you’re suffering from bleeding, sensitive or swollen gums, bad breath, or teeth that seem to have moved, it may be time to take a closer look at your gums. At Churchfield Dental Centre we recognise that maintaining good oral hygiene is not always easy, especially if your teeth are uneven or crooked. This is why we offer to develop a personalised oral care routine for you, showing you the best way to remove harmful bacteria from your mouth. Our caring and gentle therapists provide an unparalleled preventative service to help you keep your teeth for life. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss, but our dental team will work with you to rectify gum problems. We may advise you on a long-term treatment plan to ensure you maintain good oral health over the coming years and you’ll receive excellent guidance on how to look after your gums and teeth. Emma and Victoria, our hygienists, have a huge amount of experience in dentistry with over 32 years combined. They both qualified as Dental Nurses then furthered their career as Dental Hygienist/Therapists at Charles Clifford Dental Hospital. Our fully trained nurses can even provide you with dietary advice and instructions on how best to brush and floss your teeth so that you avoid the build-up of plaque that can cause gum disease.


and a With healthy gums l on fee fresh mouth you’ll ! top of the world Tooth Whitening Porcelain Veneers Virtually Invisible Orthodontics Natural Looking Bridges and Crowns Dental Implants for a single tooth to a fully retained denture Personalised treatment plans Dental Plans to help you look after your teeth for life from only £9.66 per month 0% Finance plan available

Dental Hygienist/ Therapist’s Self Referral Service Churchfield Dental Centre would like to introduce our new Dental Hygiene Self Referral Centre,where our Hygienist’s Emma and Victoria can provide patients with the highest level of periodontal care and advice to help them keep their teeth for life. Most patients attending CDC for periodontal (gum) care see results almost immediately. Whilst accepting referrals we do not claim to be a specialist periodontal practice, we just have a passion for helping treat patients who are susceptible to periodontal disease. If you would like to take advantage of our great hygiene sevice for periodontal treatment, or you would just like your teeth cleaning for that special occasion you can make an appointment by contacting our friendly reception team on 01226 771471 where they will be happy to assist you.

Our practice is about people – not just teeth.

1 Victoria Crescent West, Barnsley S75 2AE Tel: 01226 771471 | Fax: 01226 292444 |





Stay Safe Online From shopping online to skyping with the grandkids, there’s no denying that the internet plays a big role in modern living. Whether you’re an IT expert or a networking novice, there’s a big worldwide web out there. So it pays to take some simple steps when surfing online. Shop safe

Shopping online gives you far more options than popping to the shops. But how do you know which websites are safe to use? A quick internet search or checking user reviews can give you a good indication about whether you can trust the site. If you’re buying something online, some ways to pay are safer than others. For example, using a credit card gives you legal rights if your goods don’t turn up or aren’t as they were described. Not everything is going to be covered though, so check before you buy. Alternatively, an electronic payment method (like PayPal) is much safer than a direct transfer.


Magic word

When setting up online accounts, it pays to vary the passwords, security and PIN numbers you use. Remembering passwords can be tricky, so why not get creative? Try using a favourite song title, or an old telephone number that you won’t forget. Never give your password details to anyone asking for them unless you’re sure the request is genuine. If you’d like to keep your privacy online, you don’t need to give your real name on forums or social network sites like Twitter. And always invest in good anti-virus software.

Online banking

Internet banking can cut down the time you spend standing around in your local branch. You can move money in an instant online – but make sure you’re paying in to the right account. Bank transfers only match numbers not names, so if you type the wrong digits in, you might lose your cash. If you do have a problem - or want to get started with online banking - contacts your bank.

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Robinsons Holidays... Affordable peace of mind.

10-11 Holidaying For Less ... Get the best value from your holiday. 14-15 Cliff Richard ... Still Reelin’ and a Rockin’

There’s a wide range of great software and apps that you can download online many of them offer free trials – but will ask for your account details to set them up. If you sign up to a trial make sure you note down when it ends, as the business will automatically debit your account after this date. If you need to cancel any direct debits to websites remember to cancel them with your bank as well as with the site itself.

20-21 Perfect Home & Space ... The psychology of home spaces.

We hope that our tips make your online adventures free from worry. If you do find your finances stuck in the web, the ombudsman can help point you in the right direction. Get in touch on 0300 123 9 123 or find us online at

McGrath Media. Unit 6 | Moses Gate Workshops Gladys Street | Bolton | BL3 2QG. T: (01204) 796 494 | F: (01204) 791594

24-25 The Hairy Bikers ... Grills & Roasts.



YOUR Will YOUR Way!!! It is essential to plan ahead for the future rather than leave things to chance and G M Wilson Solicitors Ltd offer a range of legal services that you should consider, including measures to protect your property against the possible payment of care home fees, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Wills and inheritance tax planning. Protect your property. The thought of going into a care home is a worry for most of us who naturally want to protect our family home and other assets that we have worked so hard to acquire to pass them on to our children. Full time care is expensive and homes often have to be sold to fund it. We can offer comprehensive advice and establish measures to help you protect your property, either during your lifetime or for a couple by means of a simple Will trust. Consider a Lasting Power Of Attorney (LPA ). It is an unpalatable thought to us all to consider that we might at some time be unable to deal with our own property and finances, or make decisions about our welfare and healthcare needs, either through ill health or mental incapacity. An LPA is a legal document that gives you the opportunity to appoint a person you trust to make these decisions for you. There are two sorts of LPA, a Property and Affairs LPA which covers decisions about your property and financial affairs and a Personal Welfare LPA which covers decisions about your health and wellbeing (and effectively replaces what was commonly called the “Living Will”). If for whatever reason you do need someone to deal with your affairs and there is no LPA in place, then a relative or other close individual will have to make an application to the Court of Protection on your behalf. This is an extremely expensive and lengthy process and during this time

your finances can be severely damaged. Also, the Court appointed person may not be the individual that you would have chosen to appoint.

Make a Will. Nobody wants to contemplate their own mortality, but it is a certainty that at some point we will all die. A Will is a legal declaration of how you wish to dispose of your property, assets and personal belongings following your death. It avoids unnecessary arguments amongst family members that all too often arise when a deceased person’s wishes are unclear and so it saves time and expense. Writing a Will also allows you the opportunity to reduce the amount of inheritance tax you pay, or even eliminates it entirely. If you die without a Will, your estate will pass in accordance with the “intestacy rules”. These rules set out who is entitled to inherit and as you can imagine they are unlikely to divide your assets in the way you would choose or even expect. It is very quick and inexpensive to put a Will in place and gives you and your family peace of mind. G M Wilson Solicitors Ltd has over 40 years of experience in the private client sector and we believe in the importance of maintaining quality standards and personal service in a friendly way at a realistic price.

gm wilson


Contact us NOW and take control of your future. T: 01226 794140

TIME TO MAKE A WILL If you should die without a Will Whose pockets will your money fill? The ones you truly want to have it, Or someone else who will gladly grab it? Make sure YOU are the one that decides where your money and assets go. Making a Will won’t kill you but it will reduce the uncertainty for your family to know that they are fulfilling YOUR wishes.

gm wilson



Do not put off until tomorrow that which you should do today. For a caring, efficient, service call GM Wilson Solicitors on 01226 794140 4

GM Wilson Solicitors Ltd, 4 Great Cliffe Court, Great Cliffe Road, Dodworth, Barnsley, S75 3SP (also at) 1 Crown Court, Wakefield WF12 2SU. |

Graham Smith... TWITTERING ON Talk your way out of a jam! It is a source of great concern to me that the Germans are already working on the next generation of cars which are going to “talk” to each other, see round corners and see through lorries. For someone who can remember starting a Morris 1000 with a crank handle this is a worry. I remember headlight dip switches on the floor, adhesive heated rear windows, trafficators which popped out to say which way you were going and tyre chains. If you could read a number plate at the prescribed distance, avoid ploughing into too many pedestrians, do a three point turn in a space the size of a football pitch and recite the Highway Code you passed your test. Now the blasted car is going to talk to me? I don’t want one! I have enough problems with a sat nav trying to chuck me in the river somewhere off the M6 without the car talking to me as well, I normally have sufficient coping with my wife. Vehicles equipped with “car-to-x” technology, should warn of hazards far beyond the vision of the driver including traffic jams further along a motorway or a vehicle making an emergency stop up ahead. The organisation behind the technology is Frankfurt-based Safe Intelligent Mobility Testfield (Sim TD), a consortium of vehicle manufacturers with factories in Germany. Mercedes Benz-maker Daimler is leading the project and BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford and Opel are also involved. They have already held the world’s largest field test of car-to-car communication around Sim TD’s home city: 500 drivers signed up to test the tech and clocked up a total of 1.7 million km (1.1 million miles). Sim TD says you can expect to see the first talking cars on the road in 2015. That’s it for me. The first time any vehicle speaks to me I’m hanging up the keys and buying a bike. It’s ridiculous. Imagine you’re tootling down the High Street and suddenly the car announces that someone has done an emergency stop three miles away so be careful. Too much information. And how are the ladies going to cope? It’s not so many years since the fairer sex were hanging their handbags on the choke handle, so what’s going to happen when the flipping dashboard starts talking? I see trouble and consternation, and there’s worse to come. Audi is testing other mechanisms, including a vibrating steering wheel and force feedback pedals - a pedal which pushes back or vibrates when the driver tries to accelerate.

“That will get the driver’s attention,” says Robert Manz, an Audi developer. Oh it will Robert, I guarantee it. Why do we need a vibrating steering wheel? I have a picture of obeying my sat nav by taking the next left and suddenly the steering wheel vibrates and as I press the brake it presses back at me. I’m not going to be pleased and neither is the bus driver coming towards me as I career onto the other side of the road. Interactive traffic signs and traffic lights equipped with sensors will also talk to each other and swap information with cars in the area. Oh will they? That’ll be fun, you’ve just pulled away on green and the traffic light leans forward and announces 3p a litre off at the local supermarket and, in fear, you lurch into the path of another oncoming vehicle which will now be able to shout pre-programmed obscenities at you, flash its own headlights and take a picture at the same time! There will be tears before bedtime. I have arranged for machine guns to be fitted under my front bumper, an ejector seat and a wide screen TV where the windscreen used to be because it is obvious I will no longer have to look where I am going, the blasted car will do it for me.

Bollards And while we’re on the subject I had a chuckle at this story. A man had to be rescued by a policeman after his head became wedged inside a traffic bollard for two hours. The unfortunate chap was unable to free himself after putting the cone on his head while joking with friends in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. John Waterman, who captured the incident on his mobile phone, said: “I came out of Burger King and this man had the bollard stuck on his head. “I had seen him walking with it on top of his head five minutes earlier, but now it was pulled right down.” “No one was helping him because they thought he was just messing around.” Eventually, a police officer and passer-by managed to free the man, who was applauded by a crowd of onlookers. Did anyone think to ask him how his head got there in the first place?


50 Plus Travel

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By Tina James, Managing Director, Headwater Holidays.

If you go walking in France it is only a matter of time before you happen across a vineyard. And while the New World upstarts may well have flooded your local supermarket with gallons of very drinkable – and well-priced – wines, nothing quite matches up to sipping your beverage of choice in the very vineyards where the grapes were grown. And that is exactly what you can do in numerous locations in France, from Champagne to Provence, Bordeaux to Alsace, you will be very well catered for irrespective of your preferred tipple.


Two of the most fascinating and rewarding wine regions to visit when exploring France on foot are the Loire and Burgundy. The regions sit side by side in the middle of the country, and while both are best renowned for their world-famous white wines (Chablis in Burgundy, Sancerre in the Loire) there are some excellent reds and rosés produced in both areas. When going on a walking holiday to Burgundy you will be able to visit some of the many smallholder vineyards that are easy to miss if driving. Passed down through the generations, some of the vineyards in the region date back almost two thousand years. The vineyards of Burgundy cover an area exceeding 25,000 hectares and there are 99 appellations d’origine controlee split between the five main areas of production

in the region: Chablis/ Auxerrois in Yonne, Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune in Côte-d’Or, Côte Chalonnaise and Mâconnais in Saône et Loire. But aside from the wine itself there are numerous walking routes that allow visitors to enjoy some of the most enchanting countryside France has to offer. Poppies carpet the landscape and gently rolling fields of wheat and wooded hills separate the quaint riverside villages and the numerous gastronomic and grape-related delights that reside within.

compared to some of the more prestigious – but prohibitively expensive – options from the top end of the Bordeaux wine spectrum. Like in Burgundy, there are very many vineyards of the Loire Valley which you can visit, often to stroll around the grounds and get in amongst the vines themselves, but always to sample – and perhaps purchase – the wines produced there.

Of course, there is plenty more to the Loire Valley than just the wine. While you can’t go far in France without finding a vineyard, For real aficionados of you can’t hang around two-footed travel, taking the Loire region for long Villandry Castle, Loire Valley in a section of the famous without finding one of the – and very well-trodden – many châteaux for which pilgrims’ path to Santiago the region is famous. From di Compostella, the purported resting place of the mortal the refined architecture of the Château de Cheverny to the remains of the apostle St James, is worth the effort. The magnificence of the Château de Serrant, there are literally UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vézelay, meanwhile, hundreds of the castles, stately homes and palaces which marks the starting points of journeys in the other direction: reside under the umbrella of châteaux. Many also have the 12th Century basilica was used as the launching point their architectural splendour mirrored in the gardens in for two Crusades. With the beauty and charm of the which they are set, with plenty of scope to amble away the mediaeval city of Auxerre offering an excellent starting afternoons in some of the grandest and most intriguing point for a trip to the region, it makes a great contrast from botanical collections in the whole of France, if not Europe. the rusticity of the surrounding area, with some top-class restaurants, all of which serve many of the region’s most So with walks that will stretch the legs rather than break drinkable and satisfying wines. the bones, undulating countryside pockmarked with pretty villages and dissected by meandering rivers, the Loire So switching attention to the neighbouring Loire Valley Valley is another great place to enjoy a walking holiday region, and some things are very similar: beautiful rolling where relaxation is the order of the day. As for the night? hills awash with flora and supporting a good variety of Well, that’s when the wine really comes into its own. birds and mammals; many small but intriguing towns and villages built aside picturesque rivers; and, almost going Silver Travel Advisor recommends without saying, a vast array of wines, many full of subtle Headwater Holidays for independent complexity. The high mineral content in the soil of the Loire region gives a sharp freshness to the famous whites of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume, both of which use the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety. The crisp and surprisingly complex wines also offer excellent value for money when

and guided walking and cycling holidays around Europe and worldwide. Visit or call 01606 720099

Silver Travel Advisor is a travel review, information and advice website exclusively for over 50’s, packed with articles, suggestions, tips and ideas. For free and independent travel advice as well as reviews about holidays, hotels, restaurants and days out, please visit or email It’s free to register as a member of Silver Travel Advisor, and you could win a fabulous holiday prize.



Coach Holidays Enjoy a relaxing holiday by coach to great hotels and destinations throughout the UK and Europe with Robinsons Holidays.

2014 ROBINSONS OWN HOTELS Stylish hotel located in the grounds of the former Torre Abbey. Facilities at the Abbey Lawn Hotel include:

The Abbey Lawn Hotel, Torquay AA3H

An impressive Victorian building set amidst a beautiful tree lined boulevard.

The Robinsons Difference Complimentary Insurance l Local joining points l No single supplements* l High standard of accommodation l Great choice of menus l Executive coaches with extra legroom l Includes excursions l Friendly staff l Own hotels in great locations l Peace of mind security

Indoor Heated Pool/Outdoor Pool, Lounge, Large Conservatory, Sea View Rooms available*, Lift, Porterage.

Facilities at the Imperial Hotel include:


Payment in instalments

Two Residents’ Bars, Ballroom, TV & Complimentary Tea & Coffee in all Bedrooms, 2 x Lifts, Porterage. The Imperial Hotel, Eastbourne, Robinsons 3H An elegant hotel commanding magnificent views across Sandown Bay, Golden Beaches and a quaint collection of shops. Facilities at the Ocean View Hotel include: Indoor Heated Pool, Indoor Bowling Green, Table Tennis, Snooker Room, Sea View Rooms available* Lift, Porterage. The Ocean View Hotel, Shanklin, Robinsons 3H


* Robinsons own hotels


See brochure for full holiday details, Terms & conditions apply.

FREEPHONE 0800 0839900




5 Day Tour ~ 4 Nights Half Board Date

Imperial Ocean View Abbey Lawn

Isle of Wight



8 Day Tour ~ 7 Nights Half Board Date

Imperial Ocean View Abbey Lawn

09 Feb

£125 - £125

03 May




16 Feb

£129 - £129

04 May




23 Feb

£135 - £135

10 May




03 Mar


£139 £139

11 May


£369 -

10 Mar


£145 £145

17 May


£379 £379

17 Mar


£149 £149

18 May


£379 -

23 Mar


£155 £155

24 May


£389 £389

31 Mar


£159 £159

25 May


£389 £389

06 Apr


£165 £165

31 May


£399 £399

13 Apr


£169 £169

01 Jun


£399 £399

18 Apr


£179 £179

07 Jun


£399 £399

23 Apr


£175 £175

08 Jun


£399 £399

27 Apr


£179 £179

14 Jun


£399 £399

03 May

£185 £185 £185

15 Jun

£399 £399 £399

07 May

£189 £189 £189

21 Jun

£399 £399 £399

11 May



22 Jun


17 May

£199 £199 £199

28 Jun

£399 £399 £399

21 May

£205 £205 £205

29 Jun

£399 £399 £399

25 May

£209 £209


05 July

£399 £399 £399

31 May

£219 £219


06 July

£399 £399 £399

12 July

£399 £399 £399

13 July

£399 £399 £399

19 July

£399 £399 £399

20 July

£399 £399 £399

26 July

£399 £399 £399

27 July

£399 £399 £399



8 DAYS £15 £50

5 DAYS £10 £30




OCEAN VIEW HOTEL Sea View Premier Room

£15 £50

£10 £30



All tours include 2 Excursions and Complimentary Insurance 9 BOOK ONLINE Park Garage, Great Harwood, Blackburn BB6 7SP.


GOING on holiday may seem like a fond dream for many when money seems to be stretched so tightly these days – but don’t give up on this particular dream because there are ways to holiday for less in 2013. For many of us, holidays are an excellent way to de-stress, relax and rejuvenate ourselves and our lives so they’re actually an excellent investment in our wellbeing. The first rule of getting the best value from your planned holiday, home or abroad, always used to be to either book early or book late. However, travel expert Carol Allenby Carr from Travel Counsellors who has 18 years in the industry, says that although travellers often used to get better prices by booking a late deal the situation has changed. “Nowadays, with lots of tour operators and airlines penalising customers who leave it until the last minute by putting on late booking charges, the advice is definitely to book early,” she stated. Carol also advises avoiding travelling at peak periods, like school holidays, if you can as prices are much higher. If you really have to go then as you’ve got school-age children or you work in education “then it’s more important than ever to book earlier, probably up to 11 months in advance when the airlines first release their prices,” she added. “Watch out for hidden charges on your flights on areas like luggage, meals on the plane and even choosing where you want to sit. These all cost extra so think things through. Do you need 20kg of luggage or could you make do with less? The same applies to pre-booked seats. Is it worth paying around £20 each to get seats together booked beforehand when, if you turn up at the airport in good time, you should be able to be seated together anyway?” 10

And don’t under-estimate the weight of your luggage, stated Carol, as paying for 15kg and then turning up at the airport with 20kg will incur a charge, sometimes quite a heavy one. Put together a packing list and try to travel light – you’ll be amazed how little you really need if the weather’s hot! The poor performance of the euro in Europe over the last few years has made eating out more expensive in many countries, too. “As a result I’ve seen a big increase in the numbers of people booking all-inclusive holidays where basically everything like food and drinks is included,” said Carol. “This is especially popular with families as we all know what it’s like taking children on holiday – they want drinks, ice creams etc and before you know you’ve spent a small fortune.” Some countries are generally better value than others. “You get more for your money in places like Turkey and Bulgaria and for those who want to travel further afield, Thailand and Goa are good choices,” said Carol. And don’t discount cruising, either. Sarah Ebden, who has wide experience helping clients enjoy cruises of all types and price ranges, says that early booking discounts are valuable. “Cruise fees are at their lowest when first on sale,” she explained. “Some luxury cruise lines even increase their fees as the sail date gets closer.” Sarah advises looking out for promotional offers, and then grabbing them straight away. “You may not see them again as they’re rarely repeated,” she said. Knowing the right time of year to look for discounts is always useful, too. Sarah points out that for cruises around Europe look for “specials” from late March through to April. For the Caribbean, the bargains are in the Autumn, and for river cruises low season is March, April and October to December.

“Sail from a UK port to save on air-fare”, stated Sarah. “Go for ships that are not in the spotlight as they will be cheaper. For example, Norwegian has just launched the Breakaway, therefore its predecessor – the Epic – will now have lower fares.” Look for promotions such as on board credit and reduced drinks’ packages “as drinks on board can be expensive,” she added. Ships going back to their home port – or repositioning – may also offer great bargains on this single trip, so ask your cruise expert about this. Travel in a group and take advantage of group discounts, although not all cruiselines offer this. And the good news is that tell your travel agent if you’re over 55 as cruiselines often offer discounts to the over-55s. Wherever you go on your holidays, plan your budget in advance. If your hotel is simply a place to sleep and store your luggage, opt for a cheaper hotel with less facilities. Do some research on local restaurants in the area you’re visiting and track down ways to eat, sleep, drink and sightsee for less rather than just getting there and then looking for bargains. If you’re really skint, consider house-sitting. This is when you register with an agency and can be asked to look after someone else’s home around the country – or elsewhere in the world – while they’re away. You may have to care for pets or look after the garden but there are plenty of opportunities for this free holiday. Register with organisations like Trusted House Sitters if this appeals.

Or, you could swap your home for someone else’s in a different part of the UK or abroad. Again, this dramatically cuts costs. Find out more from companies like Home For Exchange. And, of course, to safeguard your money – and your health – it’s vital to take out the right kind of holiday insurance. The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) reports that every year they come across examples of members of the public who have travelled uninsured and then run up substantial medical bills overseas. “Travel insurance also provides essential cancellation cover should you fall ill or be made redundant before you travel, and covers for lost or stolen belongings and travel delays,” explained a spokesman. “Insurance is not an optional extra but a travel essential. Consumers who travel more than once a year, especially on the spur of the moment, should consider taking out an annual policy. For the over 50s there are specialist insurances available which will cover pre-existing medical conditions and which take a more holistic approach to the risk associated with this age group.” CONTACTS: • Travellor Counsellor Carol Allenby Carr email • Cruise Holidays Sarah Ebden email • Trusted House Sitters go to • Home For Exchange go to • ABTA email

miss having them around? skype the grandkids

question about your savings? talk to the ombudsman (or find us online)

0300 123 9 123 honest answers – to help you move on


Choosing the Right Will One size does not fit all when it comes to a Will. Everyone should have one so that they control who benefits from their assets but no two Wills that we write are ever the same. Here are some of the typical types of Will that we prepare for our clients.

Standard Mirror Wills

Property Trust Will

Typically for a husband and wife with a modest estate who want to leave everything to each other and then on to their children.

This type of Will (also known as a Life Interest Trust Will) is suitable for those clients who want to ensure that their share of their main asset i.e. the family home, is inherited by their children.

A typical scenario would be a husband leaving his whole estate to his wife. If she dies before her husband then his whole estate is divided equally between their adult children. The wife makes a Mirror Will which reflects her husband’s Will. This type of Will is suitable for clients who have modest assets and where the adult children are their natural children i.e. there are no step children involved. Clients sometimes are not aware however that if the husband leaves everything to the wife and dies first, then she is free to make a new Will in the future. She may remarry and leave everything to her new husband rather than her children. 12

The Will ensures that the surviving spouse (who may already own a share of the family home) has the right to live in the property for the rest of his/her life but will not inherit the ownership of the deceased’s share of the property. This type of Will is often used where there are step-children involved so that the needs of all family members can be taken into account. Clients who are concerned about the family home being used to pay for the surviving spouse’s care home fees can also benefit from this type of Will.

Wills For Young Children

Specialist Wills

Where the main beneficiaries of the Will are young children then extra provisions are recommended.

There are many types of specialist Wills. A Discretionary Trust Will remains a popular choice. This Will places the estate into a flexible type of Trust known as a Discretionary Trust.

Careful thought should be given to who will be the Trustees that will look after the assets until the children are old enough to inherit. Parents can appoint Guardians who will be responsible for the day to day care of the children. The Guardians and Trustees do not have to be the same people. The age of the Trustees can be a factor – appointing grandparents who may have to manage the money for over 20 years may not be the answer. Very often professional Trustees such as solicitors are the most appropriate Trustees who will invest the money with the benefit of professional expert advice rather than leaving inexperienced Trustees who very often leave the money to sit in a low-interest bearing bank account.

With the right Trustees in place it allows the deceased’s estate to be distributed as the family decide in the future. It allows the family to “wait and see”. Clients who are worried about beneficiaries with financial problems or possible divorces see the benefit of these types of Wills. There are also special types of Wills for disabled persons as well as what are often described as Bloodline Wills to ensure that the assets are passed along the bloodline of the family rather than being passed to the spouses or partners of your children or grandchildren. Finally Spousal Bypass Trusts and Wills are an increasingly common combination of Trust and Will designed to minimise the Inheritance Tax which can arise as a result of pension benefits passing directly to the spouse.

If you are not entirely sure which type of Will would suit your family circumstances then we are here to help, every step of the way

One size does not fit all when it comes to a Will. Everyone should have one so that they control who benefits from their assets but no two Wills that we write are ever the same

Later Life Planning Consultation Let us help you get prepared with our fixed fee later life planning consultation. The consultation is tailored around your own personal circumstances, giving you a thorough understanding of the best way forward for you and your family. The consultation includes bespoke advice on: • Wills & Trusts - choosing the right one for you • Inheritance Tax guidance • Care fees planning - how to protect your assets from care fees • Lasting Powers of Attorney - will you need one? • We’ll even talk to you about funeral plans if required

For a fixed fee you will get a one hour private meeting with an experienced solicitor, as well as a comprehensive advice letter to make sure you know exactly how you should proceed to protect your future.

To book your personal later life planning consultation or to discuss a Will please call

0333 200 2311. We have offices in Chesterfield, Sheffield, Bolsover, Dronfield and Clay Cross. 03 numbers cost the same as calling a land13 line and are included in your mobile minutes.

Cliff’s still Reelin’ and a-Rockin’ Cliff usually spends Winter at his six bedroom villa in Barbados, surrounded by manicured gardens around an azure swimming pool. When the Caribbean gets too hot it’s over to his vineyard retreat in Portugal. An enviable lifestyle that he can enjoy every day of the year, but he chose June 2013 to embark on a Summer tour unlike any other, performing his best loved songs against a backdrop of England’s most beautiful castles and stately homes before flying off to continue his tour in Israel.



Just prior to the tour we decided to ask Cliff some questions about his lifestyle as the Peter Pan of Pop... Looking forward to your new tour – Midsummer Nights – Still Reelin’ and A-Rockin’ -great title, how many nights are you performing? Me too. Having performed the “Reelin’ and A-Rockin’” show “down under” I can’t wait to get started again. Fingers crossed, that we have a great Summer, we certainly deserve one!!l. I will be performing eight nights from Saturday June 1st and I will be singing at some of the most stunning sites in England on this tour including, Harewood House, Blickling Estate, Warwick Castle and Powderham Castle and finishing up at Hampton Court Palace. I know it is going to be great fun and hope you can join me and my ‘gang’.

Although you are enviably fit and slim are you worried about the toll this show will take on your body? (Probably not you are the most enthusiastic of performers and always seem to be enjoying yourself and giving your best). When you get older, performing does take more of a toll on your body. However, I make sure I train before I tour so my body is ready for any physical excursion. I tend to keep fit all year round so it’s not so much of a shock to my body when I do go on tour. I try to play tennis around three times a week. However, I do leave bigger gaps between my tours these days.

How would you spend your time if you were free from commitments for a full day?

Have you ever wanted to do something else to earn your living?

If I was free from commitments for a full day, I would definitely play some tennis, watch a movie and then get with some friends and have a curry dinner.

No, never. Ever since that day I first heard Elvis, I wanted to sing, and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I’m sure that if I hadn’t become a performer, I would have got myself into the industry somehow, be it producing or song writing.

What are your top 5 desert island discs? I would have to take “Heart break hotel “by Elvis, “You got my letter” by Boz Scaggs . Any track from Hank Marvin’s “Django’s Castle”CD. “I honestly love you” by Olivia Newton-John and “Johnny B Goode” by Chuck Berry.

Who do you think are the best acts today who will stand the test of time? There are some very successful singers out there. Adele, Rhianna & One Direction. I’ve heard some impressive stuff on the radio but too often nobody tells you who they are, so I don’t know their names. Our business has changed so much that in terms of “who will stand the test of time” well, I guess only time will tell !!!

What words of wisdom would you give to a young singer? I would give them the same advice that my father gave me. When I was getting serious about singing, my father told me that if I didn’t make it, there was still a life to be lived. Then, when I recorded Move It, he asked me: “Do you really want this? If you do then give it your all and give it all the time.” This is true for any career that you want to pursue, if you want to do it then give it your all.

How often do you get together with your family? I try to get together with family as often as I can. When I’m on the road performing, I don’t really have much time to myself to get to see family or friends. So whenever I have a break I try to see family and close friends. As I have homes in Barbados and Portugal they love to come out and visit and of course it’s a holiday for them.

For all things Cliff please visit

WISH AGAIN SEASALT Exclusive SANDWICH BYOUNG Designer Labels AVOCA Relaxed, independent shopping, NOUGAT for the many not the few! We stock an LAUREN VIDAL eclectic mix of lifestyle brands that OUI MOMENTS are exclusive to us in Sheffield. YEST Our brands are as diverse and interesting as our HULQUIST customers. We aim to offer affordable, beautiful clothes with a point of difference. COCO ROSE SHOES FENELLA The atmosphere is laid back but helpful - you are welcome to browse without pressure - pay us a visit, we are sure you will want to come back!!

SANDWICH RANGE > Independent retailer. Brand of the year fashionable, lifestyle led clothing for women who want something different yet wearable...




WISH AGAIN 190-192 Whitham Rd, Broomhill S10 2SS 0114 268 40 40

Keeping Ageing at Bay WE long ago seem to have decided against growing old gracefully and opted to do whatever we can to keep ageing at bay. Fortunately, there are plenty of things we can do to help ourselves, whether or not we want to resort to cosmetic surgery. In fairness, the cosmetic surgery industry in this country is generally of a very high standard. But, as in anything where you are dealing with your health and investing large amounts of money, it’s worth checking out your private clinic or hospital of choice and comparing both costs and reputations with others. Eyebag removal, facelifts, cheek and chin implants, tummy tucks, arm lifts and thigh lifts are now all relatively common procedures – although they are all still surgery and require proper consideration and investigation beforehand. However, there are less drastic options we can undergo that don’t involve the scalpel but can still improve our appearance. First, though, it’s worth ensuring that you’ve explored all that Mother Nature has to offer - along with your active co-operation. A healthy diet is vital for glowing skin and hair, and it’s important to keep your weight within a reasonable level, too. If you’re not sure whether you’re overweight or underweight, ask your doctor and take his or her advice. Plenty of fruit and vegetables, in particular, are good for health along with a certain amount of protein in meat, fish or pulses. If you’re on a specific diet – for health or other reasons – you may need a vitamin supplement to ensure you keep well and look and feel good. Consulting

a nutritionist or asking your GP’s advice are good starting points here. Exercise can also ensure our joints and muscles stay supple, which is a great aid to youthful vitality as well as improving the shape we’re in. Regular walking in the fresh air can give an outdoorsy look that’s attractive at any age, and the enjoyment of an activity that allows us to relax our faces and bodies can also hold back the years. Having an attractive smile is surprisingly anti-ageing. In fact, your smile is very important in this ageing battle as an unattractive smile can positively age you far more than skin can in most cases. Missing teeth, very crooked teeth, poor gum health or very discoloured teeth or fillings will obviously not add up to a pleasant smile. Paradoxically, crowns and dentures with teeth that are too white, too straight and too uniform can also make a person look older than their years. The key is for a natural smile of healthy-looking teeth and gums that enhances and suits your face. Clever dentists can carefully add well-matched filling material to the tips of worn lower teeth these days. And it’s also easier now to get rid of a denture with fixed teeth or by fixing or stabilising a denture with implants – all of which can be a massive boost to confidence. If you’re looking for beauty procedures with natural-looking results, try these ideas: Anti-wrinkle injections – These involve injecting botulinum toxin type A (the most famous brand being Botox) into facial muscles. This can actually prevent muscle action so effectively reduce frown-lines, furrowing of the forehead and wrinkles around the eyes. When this is carried out well by skilled practitioners, it not only means less wrinkles but a less tired, more relaxed look – like you’ve just been on a lovely holiday!


Dermal fillers – A major problem as we get older is the loss of volume, indeed loss of fat, in the face. Fillers are designed to be used in the face to plump up targeted areas and lines such as the naso-labial folds and the marionette lines around the nose and mouth. They are also great for correcting the turned-down mouth that can sometimes come with age. Temporary fillers are also an effective and popular way of filling folds and lines, and for defining and augmenting lips. If injections are complete anathema to you, think about the many treatments that the beauty industry can now offer. Facial treatments generally, though, tend to work best on a well-cared for skin so it’s important to keep skin well hydrated inside and out. Keeping to well-known beauty product names may well help here as you may know better what your skin reaction will be. One typically famous brand offered in some salons is Guinot, and one of their most popular treatments comes from the Hydradermie range.

T: 01142 374286 M: 07936 443878



The Hydradermie deep cleansing facial is, apparently, much beloved by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Coleen Rooney. This involves deep-cleansing the skin, and it also stimulates cellular renewal. The benefits are particularly felt by those with dry skin, and it also reduces the sebum level in oily skin. The Hydradermie Lift is a machine-based facial using cutting-edge technology to treat both the skin and the facial muscles for an immediate “lifting” effect. Designed for skin that shows signs of loss of elasticity, it targets areas where fine lines are most evident – around the eyes, mouth and nose and across the forehead. It also “lifts” and firms the cheeks, jawline and neck. Liftosome Facial – This facial treatment has been specially developed to treat the problems associated with mature skin including lack of skin tone and loss of radiance. With age or fatigue, we notice a slackening and loss of firmness of the skin, especially in the cheeks, chin and neck. This is largely caused by the deterioration of the elastic fibres of the dermis. The skin loses density and becomes dehydrated, resulting in dryness, wrinkling and slackening. The treatment consists of three phases: the vitaminenriched serum, the thermal treatment mask and the firming massage. The facial finishes with the application of moisturisers to the face, neck and eye area.

The great thing about all facial treatments for many of us, of course, is that it’s such an enjoyable and luxurious process that we automatically come away feeling much more relaxed – and thus also much younger looking!


Collagen Stimulation Therapy is a cutting edge treatment that harnesses your body’s natural powers of healing to tighten the skin and achieve incredible results. It is especially effective for addressing the visible signs of ageing, as well as sun damage, scarring, slackened skin, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and dilated blood vessels. CST can be done on all areas of the face and body and is suitable for all skin types.



FREE TREATMENT SUPPORT PACK Free Advanced Nutrition Programme Treatment Support Pack when you book & pay for your initial CST treatment. This pack is required prior to having CST to give the skin the best support for better results.


When it comes to healthy skin, what you put inside the body can be as important as what you apply topically. The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ is a cutting edge, salon-only range of supplements that supports skincare regimes. These premium nutraceuticals provide the optimum daily amounts of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to help maintain vibrant health and glowing skin. Only the finest, purest ingredients are used, in a form that is easily absorbed by the body.

We have the full range available. For advice & to purchase please call your specialist.

Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics

Cosmetic Dentistry Our Dental Surgeon will perform a professional scale and polish to ensure that your teeth are in tip top condition before giving you a dazzling smile with our teeth whitening service. Getting whiter, brighter teeth takes just an hour and can transform your looks. We also offer teeth whitening pens to maintain your new whiter smile.

Worried about crooked teeth? Now we can offer a fabulous clear brace system to gently straighten your teeth enabling you to smile with confidence! We can create a beautiful smile for you, as part of your usual beauty regime.

Free from parabens, harsh chemicals and fillers, jane iredale® mineral cosmetics provide flawless coverage while caring for skin. So effective, the range is used by professional make-up artists and worn by celebrities the world over. No other mineral make-up range offers the same range of products and colours.

Now available: • Advanced Cosmetic Procedures • Removal of: Skin Tags, Thread Veins & Seborrhoeic Keratosis • Colonic Hydrotherapy • Nutritional Advice • Scar Reduction • Collagen Stimulation Therapy • Semi Permanent Make-up • Tattoo Removal

Are you suffering from any of the following? Bloating, cramping, unexplained weight gain, constipation, IBS, skin problems?

This could be the sign of a toxic body... Colonic Hydrotherapy is a modern and efficient technique used to provide a comfortable and harmless solution to an age old problem of eliminating toxins. The treatment involves a gentle internal bath using warm, purified water that can help to eliminate stored faecal matter, gas, mucus and toxic substances from the colon.

For more information and to learn the benefits, please call us

For full details please check our website:



In pursuit of the

PERFECT HOME AND SPACE Whether your house feels empty now the children have flown the nest, you have retired and want to make some changes to your home, or you feel your home no longer reflects your personality, Niki Schäfer, founder of interior design company Dwell-Being says we psychologically need different spaces to create our perfect home. Schäfer explains: “Understanding and appreciating space in a home is essential. We need space to think clearly, we need space to cook a meal, we need space to breathe and get away from it all, we need head space, me space and we certainly need space for our shoes/ power tools! If the children have left home, the house which has been dominated by the family way of life for probably more than two decades can all of a sudden feel like a quiet shell particularly if the mother has been a ‘stay at home mum’. It can feel liberating but can also often feel lonely and empty and can involve quite a process of reflection and style rediscovery, before you can look at the house that will be with you for the next exciting chapter in your lives. “Some of us plan on living beyond our 100th year and therefore 50 is really only half way through life so it can be a wonderful time for change! The house does perhaps in time need to reflect changes in current and forthcoming lifestyle though, especially if it is a large investment such as a new home build or complete refurbishment. I have a client who is designing a lift 20

into their home despite being very agile and healthy, but they know there will come a time for the lift rather than the stairs. Getting this balance right is key. Understanding what your future holds is exciting but it needs to be practical too. “Generally the plus 50’s know how much money they have. University fees are coming to an end and hopefully the children are earning their own income so the household finances start to look in much better shape if future investments have been catered for. Their experience in life also means they know where to invest in longer term pieces like furniture to be inherited and where to have some short term fun such as with accessories.” Schäfer stresses our homes have an impact on our health: “Your home environment is more than just four walls and a lick of paint. It can dictate how you feel. It can boost your self-esteem; it can calm you down, or make you more productive. Our environment is so much more than the latest wallpaper or a stunning pair of curtains. How is your home space working for you - does it give you the breathing space you so desperately crave? Does it feel organised and efficient and equally comforting and secure? Does it reflect your personality and who you really are? If the answer is no to any of these questions, your home could be affecting your well-being.” This subtle blend of psychology and interior design is what underpins Schäfer’s company, Dwell-Being, and has helped countless families and individuals to make their dream space a reality. Schäfer’s eclectic experience of living in over 100 homes, including the most unlikely of places such as a cheese cake factory in New York and a railway station in Scotland, makes her well qualified in creating space.

Niki Schäfer’s seven steps create the three foundations to a home – the act of personal style, the science of family thinking and the discipline of house rules: 1) Outer Space - Understanding what home really

means to you is important. Where do you want to live? What neighbourhood is right for you? What do you want your home to look like? What facilities and local resources do you need close by? All of this has to be thought through very carefully as you make those vital decisions about buying (or whether to stay in) your home.

2) Me Space - A home is a blank canvas for you to express your personality, your aspirations and also a safe place for your memories. Figuring out your own personal style isn’t as difficult as you might think and once you’ve worked it out it’s such a pleasure to shop for your home. 3) Head Space - Finding the time to design and decorate a home can be one of the most difficult hurdles to pass. We have so much to do and we juggle so much. Working out why we are doing all the things we are doing (so much on autopilot!) and getting rid of what’s not really helping us can save a huge amount of time. 4) Thinking Space - We all think differently in the

home, even our children who we mould and love turn out to have very different ways of thinking. Thinking space is a space in the house that really needs to be understood if the home is to be harmonious.

5) Dream Space - Bedrooms have become such busy spaces, places where we work, sleep and keep entertained. This isn’t helping us in our stressful lives. A bedroom is a place to relax in and to recuperate at the end of the day; not to feel more stressed by. Design a space to dream in. 6) Breathing Space - We are spending so much time consumed by technology and screen time that we forget about the simple pleasures. Finding somewhere to sit quietly in our home and simply breathe is an invaluable space. Creating the habit of stopping for a moment or two with a drink, or maybe just to drink up the view, does our wellbeing the world of good. Have a space to stop rushing. 7) Heart Space - Designing a space in the heart of

the home – the kitchen, dining and family room is a way to ensure that our family communicates well. Creating a place where the family comes together every day, where they can share stories and feel supported is an undeniably important space in the house. This is more than physical space; this is the space we need to give to others, to hear what’s truly going on in their lives, not to simply pay lip-service to it.

Schäfer concludes: “Harnessing the importance of each of our seven spaces and learning how to make them beautiful and appealing to everyone who uses them is an art and a science. After all, our environment is so much more than the colour of the walls and what furniture we choose. It’s only when we’re in an environment that’s perfectly suited to us, that we can truly be ourselves.”

Written by

Niki Schäfer founder of

Dwell Being


The Health Secretary’s recent announcement of the changes to social care funding has been welcomed with the cap set at £75,000 and the threshold for means tested support raised to £123,000. However, the threshold is still too low to benefit the majority of homeowners. Consumers are being mislead into thinking that once they have spent £75,000 on care costs their Local Authority will step in and pick up the entire bill. This is simply not the case; the cap only relates to care costs, not accommodation, food and other ‘hotel style’ services necessary to live in relative, comparable comfort. As such, the majority of self-funders now will continue to be self-funders even after their care cap has been exhausted. The cap is scheduled to be implemented by April 2017 which is still a long way off and for older people already in care the directive is no help at all and the cap won’t be retrospective. The Government wants to introduce deferred payments throughout England which means that if you don’t want to sell a home straight away to pay for care the local authority would pay for the care and when the home is finally sold the local authority would reclaim the money owing. The Government wants the scheme to be cost effective, so the councils will charge interest on the fees which are likely to be added to the final bill. This does nothing to preserve assets and most people wouldn’t want a house standing empty for what could be many years. Even if the house was rented out it would be likely that some remedial work would need to be done first and do families really want the worry of tenants.


Many people are finding themselves plunged into the confusing world of financial assessments, benefits, how to pay the care fees and choosing the right care home. On top of all this is the worry and guilt often felt when placing a loved one in care, which in itself can be very distressing and stressful. So what can you do to get the right help and impartial advice? In a recent survey by Partnership, the largest care annuity provider in the UK, found that just 7% of consumers would think to turn to financial advisers for advice on paying for care fees. However, not all financial advisers have the expertise or are qualified to give this advice. It is imperative that you seek out a Care Fees Planning Specialist. The local authorities are providing help for self funders living in care homes and have published leaflets recommending you only contact a member of the Society of Later Life Advisors (SOLLA) for specialist advice. Angela Guylee has been approached and had meetings with Sheffield Local Authority to help them with this initiative. The reasoning behind this is to get every self funder to speak to a specialist adviser with the purpose of them having enough income and capital to pay for their own care, without having to fall back on the local authority for funding if their money runs out. Angela Guylee recently joined Whittington Goddard Associates as their specialist adviser in Care Fees Planning and matters relating to the older client. In 2010 Angela gained the Later Life Adviser Accreditation and became a member of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA). She is the only adviser in the area to achieve the skills of this prestigious accreditation, and therefore has the expertise needed to assist clients and

Whittington Goddard

their families during what can be an extremely difficult and trying time.


Angela is also a member of Symponia and the Retirement and Care Faculty. Symponia was formed to bring together a national professional body to ensure families had access to a qualified adviser with a caring approach. She is a Master Practitioner with them having been a member for more than two years and shown extra commitment and dedication by becoming a member of SOLLA.


Whittington Goddard Associates Ltd provide independent financial advice from our offices in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Whittington Goddard Associates Ltd’s services are tailored to meet a clients current circumstances, aims and objectives.

She has over 20 years experience in advising clients, the last 15 years as a Specialist Elderly Client Adviser. The main areas in which she gives advice are, Care Fees Planning, Investments, Inheritance Tax Planning, Equity Release & Home Reversion plans. Angela will also advise you on claiming state benefits to ensure that all relevant benefits are claimed. Even if someone is paying their own care fees they will still be entitled to receive certain non-means tested benefits such as Attendance Allowance. This benefit may also be claimed whilst a person is still at home if they require some care and support. Lasting Powers of Attorney are also discussed as it is important that someone has the power to handle the affairs of the person in care and in a large majority of cases the family solicitor would be involved.

• • • • •


26 Causeway Head Road, Dore, Sheffield S17 3DT Telephone: 0114 235 1623 Fax: 0114 262 0438 Email: Office hours: 9.00am - 5.30pm Monday - Friday

Angela says,

“The older client needs a lot more time and care as they are often very nervous and worried, and their requirements are very different than that of someone younger. I am passionate about the care and consideration of the older person and I pride myself in offering a personal service to all my clients. In particular I realise that when dealing with families who need to place a relative in care this is a sensitive area, and therefore I approach my work with understanding and empathy. “

WHO CARES? I DO! Angela Guylee has an excellent Care Fees Planning Handbook which explains the many issues surrounding care fees including legislation and benefits. For your free copy please contact Whittington Goddard on 0114 2351623. To understand the features and risks of Equity release, ask for a personal illustration. There may be a fee for Equity Release advice. The precise amount will depend upon your circumstances but we estimate that it will be £995.


Grills & Roasts Concluding our Hairy Bikers series

MEDITERRANEAN BEEF BURGERS Everyone loves a burger and you can still eat these when on a diet. Bulking the meat out with some grated onion and courgette makes the burger feel more generous with few extra calories, and you’ll find no one will notice the difference. They’ll be too busy enjoying the succulent combination of beef, basil and mozzarella, all packed into crusty ciabatta. SERVES 4 1 small courgette 1 medium onion 400g lean beef steak mince 2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed 1 tsp dried oregano 1 tsp dried basil 1 tbsp sun-dried tomato paste or tomato purée 1 tsp sunflower oil 4 ciabatta rolls 100g reduced-fat (light) mozzarella, well drained and cut into 4 slices 2 large ripe vine tomatoes, sliced fresh basil leaves balsamic vinegar, for drizzling fine sea salt freshly ground black pepper

413 calories per portion

Trim the courgette and grate it coarsely on to a board, then tip it into a large mixing bolw. Peel the onion and grate it coarsely, then add this to the bowl with the courgette. Put the minced beef, garlic, oregano, basil and tomato paste or purée into the same bowl and season well with salt and pepper. Mix with clean hands until everything is thoroughly combined. Divide the mince mixture into 4 evenly sized balls and flatten each into a patty shape about 2cm thick. Brush the oil over a large non- stick frying pan and place over a low heat. Fry the burgers gently for about 10 minutes or until nicely browned and cooked through, turning them halfway through the cooking time. Preheat the grill to its hottest setting. While the burgers are cooking, cut the ciabatta rolls in half horizontally and place them on a grill pan, cut side up. Cook under the preheated grill until lightly toasted. Remove from the heat and take the bread off the tray and put it on to one side. Place the hot burgers on the tray and top each one with a slice of mozzarella. Put the tray back under the grill from another 1-2 minutes or until the mozzarella has melted. Put the bottom half of each roll on a plate and top with sliced tomatoes and basil leaves. Add a dribble of balsamic vinegar and some black pepper. Add a sizzling hot burger, top with the remaining bread and serve right away. Fantastic!

SERVES 4 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1/2 tsp sunflower oil, for greasing lime wedges, to serve CAJUN SPICE MIX 5 tsp ground cumin 4 tsp smoke paprika 2 tsp dried thyme 2 tsp dried oregano 2 tsp coarsely ground black pepper 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper 1 tsp flaked sea salt potato wedges 3 medium potatoes (about 475g) 1 tsp sunflower oil 1/2 tsp paprika 1/2 tsp flaked sea salt freshly ground black pepper chive dip 100g low-fat natural yoghurt 2 tbsp finely chopped chive

284 calories per portion

CAJUN SPICED CHICKEN WITH POTATO WEDGES AND CHIVE DIP This recipe, with its raging Cajun spicy flavours, was inspired by the fab food we ate when we made our trip down the Mississippi. It’s a real treat but surprisingly low in fat, so you can enjoy a few - and we mean a few - potato wedges alongside. Preheat the oven to 220oC/Fan 200oC/Gas 7. To make the Cajun spice mix, put the spices and salt in a jar and seal tightly with a screw-top lid. Give the jar a really good shake so that all the spices are mixed together - you can do a bit of a samba at the same time! This spice can now be stored in a cool, dark place for several weeks. Peel the potatoes and cut them into 8-10 long wedges, depending on how big they are, and put them in a bowl. Add the oil and toss lightly to coat all the wedges. Sprinkle with the paprika, salt and lots of freshly ground black pepper, then scatter them on to a baking tray. Cook in the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes, until tender and lightly browned. Whilst the potatoes are cooking, place each chicken breast between 2 sheets of cling film and beat with a rolling pin until the meat is about 1.5cm thick. You need to make the chicken breasts all the same thickness so they cook evenly. Brush the griddle pan or non-stick frying pan with a little oil and place over a medium-high heat until hot. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of the spice mix over each chicken to dust it lightly. Griddle or pan-fry the chicken breasts for 2 minutes, then turn them over with tongs and cook on the other side for a further 1 minute. Finish by cooking the chicken for 1 more minute on each side or until cooked through. They should be no pink remaining. Put the chicken breasts on a plate and leave them to rest for 3-4 minutes. To make the chive dip, mix the yoghurt and chives together. Spoon into small pots and put 1 on each plate. Divide the potato wedges between the plates and add the cooked chicken breasts. Serve with lime wedges for squeezing over the chicken and a large mixed salad.


Courtesy of...



Elliott Lane, Sheffield S35 8NR 0114 245 4444

Dozens of delicious cocktails to be tried & loved at Whitley Hall Hotel!


From the moment you walk into the restaurant through the hand carved wooden doors, you enter another world. The style is contemporary with a strong Moroccan influence with tiled floors and fantastic gold and bronze lighting, creating a wonderful ambience. The project has been tastefully managed from start to finish by two brothers Rizwan and Irfan Shabir. Rizwan managing the day to day running and Irfan having project managed the design and concept of the restaurant. Between them they have over 18 years experience as restauranteurs as their background and family businesses have always been linked to catering,

the flagship being the Maazi in Mansfield. Maazi has even added Tuk Tuk deliveries to its list of services recently. This quirky type of vehicle is a common sight throughout the streets in India but can now be seen manoeuvring around Matlock town on its way to deliver a takeaway to one of Maazi’s customers.

rose petals on the tables, dry ice cinnamon sticks to get your senses working and mouth-watering Viennese truffles to compliment your coffee at the end of a delicious meal. I can promise you that it’s an experience not to be missed, which I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend to you.

You have a tantalising menu to choose from including Balti Lamb with Apricots to traditional Rogan Josh. There is also a good selection of equally tasty vegetarian dishes available either as side dishes or main courses. Then, finish your meal with one of Maazi’s beautifully presented and delectable desserts or simply relax with a coffee. A great deal of time has been invested to make the experience special and unique with little touches such as fresh

25 Causeway Lane, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 3AR

26 Tel: 01629 582534 | |

. . . x a l e R elegant surroundings

Elliott Lane, Sheffield, S35 8NR | 0114 245 4444 | |

Escape into your own 16th Century ivy-clad mansion where peacocks roam the gardens and your dreams can become a reality in this tranquil world. Nestled in the rolling South Yorkshire countryside,Whitley Hall is a haven where century chic meets historical romance. As you drive down a windy country lane your breath is taken away as you turn into the main driveway. It's like going back in time, the 16th Century mansion is located upon the banks of a river with beautiful terraces, private gardens and opulent woodlands surrounding it.

The perfect place for a romantic break, wedding, civil ceremony, renewal of vows, anniversaries, birthdays and funerals etc.

the special price of £25.00 per person bed and breakfast (based on 2 people sharing).

Guests have commented that the 'jewel in the crown' of a stay at Whitley Hall is the quality of their cuisine.Whether a simple bar snack, a la carte or table d'hôte, the meals served and the variety of changing seasonal menus are justifiably appreciated by those who recognise superbly cooked, exquisitely presented dishes delivering both taste and flavour as well as value for money.

Ladies if you are looking for the perfect venue to lunch,Whitley Hall's "Lets do Lunch" menu is served Monday to Friday from 12-2pm.You can indulge with a 3 course table d'hôte meal plus a glass of bubbly or elderflower cordial for £14.50 (Menus change weekly).

Talking of value for money,Whitley Hall offer a special Sunday Supplement. If 2 people have a 3 course dinner in the restaurant you can stay over for

It's one of those places you love to recommend, but really you want to keep it all to yourself! Don't miss out on this beautiful exquisite venue, you will never forget your time here.

LET’S DO LUNCH Indulge yourself with our ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ Offer which includes a three course lunch with a glass of bubbly or elderflower cordial for £14.50. (Menus change weekly)



Strines Inn


espite being within Sheffield's border, the Strines Inn could be a world away. Nestled amongst breathtaking moorland scenery, it is one of the local landmarks in the Peak District National Park.

Originally a manor house, it was built in 1275 for the Worrall family, although most of the present day structure is 16th Century. After becoming an Inn in 1771 when John Morton leased the property from the Worrall's, it got its name from an Olde English

In the height of Summer the Inn attracts hundreds of visitors on a daily basis. The glorious sunshine and stunning views perfectly compliment the excellent food and drink available, with many dishes being homemade. The Strines Inn is also famous for its numerous peacocks, the previous Landlord having introduced several pairs twenty years ago, there are now over thirty of them.

There is also accommodation available for those people looking to escape for a few days to relax. All rooms have Four poster beds and En-Suite facilities.


TEL: 0114 285 1247

Lawns and Beaulieu Shows 2013

For full details, including location maps and exhibitor lists, go to

The Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire Caravan Manufacturers’ Association runs two events every September, to introduce the new season’s caravans, holiday homes, lodges and residential park homes.



The first show, at The Lawns on 7th & 8th September (The Lawns, Harland Way, Cottingham, East Yorkshire HU16 5SQ.) will feature more than 120 new touring caravans and about 160 caravan holiday-homes, lodges and park homes from most of the major British manufacturers. The annual Caravan Extravaganza gives enthusiasts from all over the UK their first opportunity to see the new season’s models. A massive accessory shop is set up within The Lawns Centre; there is a small funfair for children, food stalls and all sorts of other entertainment to make this a fun day out for the family.


word meaning the meeting of water, quite appropriate as nowadays it overlooks the Strines Reservoir.

The second HERCMA event is on the Beaulieu estate in the New Forest, Hampshire, (Hides Field, Beaulieu, Brockenhurst, Hants. SO42 7ZN.) It takes place two weeks after The Lawns, from 27th to 29th September. This is the main caravan holidayhome show for the south of England and features many of the “static” models already seen at The Lawns – well over 130, including holiday lodges and park homes – but no touring caravans or motor caravans are displayed. Holiday Caravan and Park Home 2013 will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, giving visitors three days to peruse the models and also a chance to see the various other attractions that Beaulieu has to offer – a separate admission charge applies – such as the National Motor Museum, the old Beaulieu Abbey, and Palace House,

home of Lord Montagu and his family. For The Lawns Extravaganza, visitors will be able to hire wheelchairs and mobility scooters from Yorkshire Mobility. Prices start from £10.00 for wheelchairs and £15.00 for scooters. Please call between 9am and 5pm Mon-Sat to book one on 01482 503655 to avoid disappointment.

Call 07885 911 113 for more information


See the very latest and best in stunning holiday accommodation that the British caravan industry has to offer...


The Lawns, Cottingham, East Yorks. HU16 5SQ Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th September from 9am to 5pm each day On show will be the latest touring caravans, caravan holiday-homes, lodges and park homes, plus awnings and everything else you and your family will need for brilliant holidays all-the-year round. Entry costs £3 per person, £7 per family; parking and showguides free


at Beaulieu in the New Forest, Hants. SO42 7ZN Friday to Sunday 27th to 29th September from 10am to 5pm each day On show will be a wide selection of the latest caravan holiday-homes, lodges and park homes, with sundecks, etc., and other equipment plus details of many great holiday parks. Entry is just £4 per car, with a free showguide


for details see the website:


Companion PLANTING Whether you like your vegetable plot and flower beds to be neatly planted weed-free zones, or prefer them to be a glorious mishmash of whatever you happen to feel like growing, companion planting can help by attracting beneficial insects and deterring those pesky aphids. harmful effect on many plants, inhibiting growth and causing them to bolt. One of the few plants that can tolerate growing in close proximity to fennel is dill.


French marigolds protect against pest nematodes. A chemical produced by the flowers’ roots kills the harmful varieties of these worms. Turn in the marigolds at the end of season so the roots decay in the soil to prevent further infestation. Do it several years running and pest nematodes should vacate the territory forthwith. Tomatoes, potatoes, roses and strawberries are among vulnerable plants.

If you would rather not use pesticides in your garden, one simple way to avoid your flowers and vegetables being subject to pest attack is to plant some deterrents among them. A few garlic bulbs among the roses should keep your blooms aphidfree, and also discourage blackspot. Sage among your cabbages and carrots keeps cabbage and carrot fly at bay. However, don’t be tempted to include garlic or chives among the peas or beans - stunted growth may be the result.


he idea is to grow two or more plants close together for the benefit of at least one and usually all. As well as being a form of natural pest control, judicial companion planting can be used to provide support and shade, and is a great way to make the most of limited space. Planting flowers among the vegetables will attract pollinators that may not otherwise venture among the greenery - cosmos, larkspur, zinnia, cornflowers and sweetpeas are good choices. Besides the practical advantage, the mixand-match approach to a planting scheme is an opportunity to turn your garden into an unusual

and colourful place. Experiment to see what works in the soil and conditions in your area, and bear in mind that not all plants are happy in each other’s company.

Some plants may compete for habitat, or have chemical components that don’t mix. Fennel, for instance, is a favourite of ladybirds and deters aphids, but it has a

“Planting flowers among the vegetables will attract

GARDENER’S FRIENDS Some plants are said to improve yield and resistance to disease and even enhance the flavour or their neighbours. For instance, parsley increases the vigour of tomatoes and asparagus, horseradish does it for potatoes, and cabbage and broccoli love the company of rhubarb. Some also fulfil pestcontrol duties. These are among the best all rounders. Basil Borage Chamomile

Chervil Coriander Garlic

Geraniums Lavender Lovage

Marigolds Nasturtiums Yarrow

SCENT Strong smells can confuse or repel insect pests. It seems that aphids don’t like the odour of onions, or of any other plants belonging to the allium family. Plant your chives among tomatoes and chrysanthemums to deter greenfly and blackfly, and attract hoverflies, those greedy aphid eaters. Siting onions between rows of brassicas, such as cabbages and broccoli, is said to be effective because the onions’ aroma confuses insects intent on eating up their greens. Onions also mask the smell of carrots, as do leeks, and so reduce the threat of carrot fly; and returning the favour, carrots tend to repel onion fly and leek moth. Tansy’s strong scent puts off ants, and the lovely smell of French marigolds is anathema to whitefly, pollinators.” greenfly and blackfly. Lavender confuses insect pests while attracting pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, and it looks wonderful, but don’t plant any strong-smelling herbs near cucumbers because they will make the cucumbers taste bitter.

INSECT ALLIES Many insects are beneficial, of course, and another way to control those that aren’t is to include plants that attract hoverflies, ladybirds, lacewings and predatory and parasitic wasps, all of which positively feast on aphids, as well

“Onions’ aromas confuses insects intent on eating up their greens.”

as taking mites, mealybugs and other plant damagers. Daisies, for example, are favourites of hoverflies, ladybirds love coriander and yarrow and dill are beloved by them all. It may not be usual to preserve nettles among your vegetable and flowers, but if you can, keep a small patch of them because they will attract ladybirds to lay the eggs, and ladybird larvae eat huge numbers of aphids.

DECOYS Nettles are also favourites of cabbage white butterflies, attracting them away from your brassicas. In fact, planting one species right next to another

one with the specific intention of decoying pests is a recognised ploy. Nasturtiums keep aphids off runner beans, for instance, and planting nasturiums and French marigolds among cabbages and lettuces protects the vegetables from caterpillars and slugs caterpillars find nasturtiums hard to resist whilst slugs prefer marigolds. Various mints have the same effect on slugs.

However, you do need to keep a careful watch - if too many caterpillars and slugs flock to your decoy plants, you may have to remove the creatures to stop them wandering over to the main crop that you are trying to protect. Sunflowers can act as decoy in a rather different way - ants herd aphids on to them, away from neighbouring plants. The aphids seem to do little damage to the sunflowers, and as an added advantage the seedheads attract birds to the garden.

SHADY BENEFITS Another strategy is to grow plants of different heights together, so that one

can provide support or shade for another. Sunflowers and sweetcorn are ideal tall plants. Cucumber, all sorts of peas and beans and parsley benefit from the shade. Some say parsley makes sweetcorn grow bigger and produce more. In another combination, runner beans provide shade for spinach. This is far from being a new idea. Native Americans, apparently, used to employ a system known as ‘three sisters’, which involved sweetcorn or sunflowers, runner beans and a squash, such as pumpkin or courgette. The corn is sturdy enough for the beans to climb up; the beans fix nitrogen in the soil for the squash and corn; the squash’s big leaves provide shade for the roots, suppress weeds and keep the soil moist.

CLEANING & MAINTENANCE Gardening projects can sometimes be big jobs and extra help may be needed.

AB Cleaning Solutions Ltd can help you clean and maintain your outside areas helping you make the best out of your gardens, patios and decking areas. Give them a call today on 0114 281 9961 or 07730 354 046.

Feature taken from the 2014 Dairy Diary, Britain’s favourite home diary. This fabulous week-to-view diary is packed with useful information and delicious recipes, and is available to buy for £7.25 (plus P&P) at, by calling 0845 0948 128 or from your local milkman.

AB Cleaning Solutions Ltd CLEANING



We clean and maintain headstones and surrounds, plus drives, patios, paths, walls and decking including commercial areas.


If you move away, don’t worry, we will look after and maintain your nearest and dearests headstone for you.

For enquiries call Alan on 0114 281 9961 or 07730 354 046


Planning For The Future Everyone should consider some basic legal planning to make sure that their families and loved ones are protected in case of future events which can affect anyone. Here we consider the “essentials” of making a Will, Lasting Power of Attorney and Gift of Property into Trust. REASONS TO MAKE A WILL Making a Will is important, particularly when you realise that without a Will, the Government will decide who will receive your money and possessions after you die. Unfortunately this can cause many difficulties for your surviving family and relatives at an already distressing time. By making a Will you can help alleviate additional pressures on your family. The myth that ‘my wife will receive everything anyway’ is not true. Your estate would be shared out in accordance with the ‘Statutory Legacy’ rules and your wife may not receive the whole estate or even enough to enable her to keep the matrimonial home. When it comes to ‘common law husband or wife’, there is no such thing. Only people who are legally married or have formed a civil partnership will be classed as husband, wife or civil partner and only they can enjoy the benefits of automatically inheriting part of their spouse’s estate. If you are not married you would have to go to Court to claim part of the estate which will come with the usual costs and expenses. Children are another reason why it is important to make a Will. If something was to happen to you and your children were still minors or disabled, you can appoint Guardians to look after them. It is also important if you are married for a second time and have children from a previous relationship. If you were to die first and your estate was below the ‘Statutory Legacy’ your whole estate would pass to your second spouse and your children would have no absolute right to anything. 32

If you are legally separated the ‘Statutory Legacy’ will still apply until the divorce is finalised so if you want your estate to pass to someone else then you must make a Will. You should have your Will prepared by an experienced Lawyer who will make sure all the relevant points are covered especially if your Will is complicated and Tax Planning Advice may be required.

LASTING POWER OF ATTORNEY Most people know they should have a Will, but have you considered what would happen if you were to become unable to manage your own affairs during your lifetime? Who would make difficult financial and personal decisions on your behalf? You can protect yourself by making a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). The LPA is a legal document in which you can appoint another person or persons as Attorney(s) to act on your behalf in relation to your financial affairs and/or personal welfare if you become unable to do so for yourself. The LPA was introduced under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and must be registered with the Court of Protection before it can be used. It is useful if you are ill or in hospital or residential care when it is difficult for you to look after your personal finances or welfare. The LPA comes in two parts - one deals with your financial affairs i.e. managing your Bank Accounts and Investments and also selling your property if required. The other part deals with your personal welfare i.e. issues relating to your personal care and where you should live and also giving or refusing consent to certain medical treatment. It is important to note that you can only make an LPA if you have sufficient mental capacity and this has to be confirmed by a Certificate Provider. In some cases it may be necessary to obtain a Doctor’s opinion if there is any doubt. It is also important to note that it does not take away your independence as one of the main principles of the Act is that capacity is decision specific and Attorneys should assist people to make their own decisions wherever possible. If you should lose capacity without having an LPA in place then it will be necessary for someone to apply to the Court of Protection for authority to deal with your affairs which

FINANCE can be a very slow and expensive process. An LPA is an important legal document which should be properly prepared and explained to you by an experienced Lawyer.

GIFT OF PROPERTY INTO TRUST Most people are concerned about the costs of long term residential care. Currently if your assets exceed £23,250 including the value of your property then you will be self funding and have to pay for the cost of your care yourself. The biggest concern for most people is that you may have to sell your house to pay for the care. However it is possible to avoid this by giving your property away during your lifetime, usually to your children. The gift however must be made in good time and not simply with the intention of avoiding future care fees otherwise it may be caught by the Local Authority’s anti-avoidance measures. You could simply make an outright gift to your children but as you will probably wish to continue to live in your property this could cause problems if you were to fall out with them or they were to experience matrimonial problems or bankruptcy. It could lead to someone else making a claim against their share of your property. Additionally, it could also cause problems for your children as owning a share of a

second property could give rise to possible Capital Gains Tax implications on the eventual sale of the property. We would therefore always recommend that a gift of property should be a gift into Trust which would protect you and your children from most of these potential difficulties. The Trust would provide for you to remain living in the property for as long as you wish on the basis that you continue to be responsible for all the outgoings as at present. The Trust can also provide for the property to be sold and a replacement property purchased for you to live in if you so wished. When you no longer live in the property for whatever reason, the Trust would come to an end and the property could be sold with the proceeds divided between your children. In this way you would no longer be treated as the legal owner of the property if you were to be assessed for long-term care fees and also as you are occupying the property which is held in trust this usually means that main residence exemption from Capital Gains Tax can be claimed although this is decided by the Revenue on a case to case basis.

Obviously giving away your property is a major decision and is irrevocable which requires specialist legal advice.

Wills, Trusts, Tax & Probate SOLICITORS Wath upon Dearne Office: 42 High Street, Wath upon Dearne S63 7QE T: 01709 873321 F: 01709 878637

Doncaster Office: 55 Hallgate Doncaster DN1 3PD T: 01302 321621

Thorne Office: 3 Farriers Court, Horsefair Green DN8 5EE T: 01405 814136 F: 01405 740367


PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE Everyone should consider some basic legal planning to make sure their families and loved ones are protected in case of future events which can affect anyone. Contact us to arrange a free consultation about the "essentials" of making a Will, Lasting Power of Attorney and Gift of Property into Trust. There is no obligation and any work then carried out will be on a fixed fee basis to be agreed in advance. We are happy to visit you at home if more convenient.

Please contact Veranne Bradley on (01302) 321621. E: W: 33

My Bronte Book Your autobiography captured in a beautiful, illustrated volume for your family to treasure. Complete with a web site of your pictures and recordings of your stories. Written in Haworth, home of the Brontes. Haworth gave birth to the historic novels of the Bronte sisters and it can become the birthplace of your personal story. Makes a wonderful gift for loved ones. Bronte Book will publish your personal autobiography, written and published in Haworth, to pass on as a living legacy after making detailed recordings. Within the four month long process comes your own web site (also available separately) containing recordings, pictures and special stories. Your own living legacy which we know you will enjoy compiling. You may choose a book and/or a web site and an e-book within the package which starts from £300 ranging to £2,750 for the full process, which can include up to 20 books. A deposit with instalment payments plan is available.

Details from or Bronte Media, Tel: 01535 959002, Mobile: 07866 626090

ngalows Retirment Bu in Kiveton Park

Rent from

T he best tdhiidn.g.. I ever Move in...

£82 per week

hour emergency ➔ Access to a 24 call system ➔ Parking ation ➔ Excellent loc s close by itie en am l ➔ Loca a “Johnnie” Johnson Housing Trust property and you can feel safe and secure with peace of mind in your retirement.

Call us on: 0845 604 1095

Retirement F lats

in Kiveton Park , Nether Edge & Sandygate

Rent from

£76 per week

(including serv ice char

ge) essional Manag er on site during ➔ Acce th e week ss to a 24 hour emergency call ➔ Secu system re door entry ➔ Heat ing and hot wate r included ➔ Cook er and fridge inc luded ➔ Laun dry facilities ➔ Com munal lounge ➔ Prof


& looking fo housing? r


Are you in need of a


Livsol Bathing Made Easy

Accessibility Problems

The Ease of Showering

There comes a time in our lives when everyday tasks become a little harder than they used to be. Bathing is one of those, and may no longer be an enjoyable experience. If that is the case for you, then maybe it is time to consider changing the facilities you use.

There are so many benefits to having a shower; it is refreshing, it is quick and for most of us it is easy. However that is not the case for everyone. General difficulties include standing up whilst showering and getting in and out of the bath which could lead to a risk of slipping and possible injury. With our shower cubicles, light weight sliding doors, fitted seats and low lip shower trays, we address all the main problems many of us have.

Unique Wetroom Design Enjoy a Relaxing Bath Livsol have a full range of easy access baths in a verity of styles and sizes. If you find it hard getting in and out of your current bath tub, then this maybe the thing for you. Whether you want to sit or lay down, the British manufactured units will certainly meet the highest of expectations.


In some cases, a wetroom is required to make bathing easy. With contemporary design and user-friendly facilities, Livsol can install the perfect wetroom meeting all your requirements. From easy access shower units to aesthetically pleasing tiling, we take everything into consideration when designing your unique wetroom.


Make your bathing experience that much more enjoyable with a walk-in bath or easily accessible shower Livsol is part of Livsol Ltd. Please visit for more information

For a brochure please return this slip to the FREEPOST address provided

For a brochure please call FREE on


Phone the team Book a FREE consultation Professional and quick installation After sales service to make sure you are satisfied


Full Name

92 Rolleston Drive,


Arnold, Nottinghamshire,

0800 123 4567

NG5 7JP Postcode

Tel No. D5PSY2

DON’T LEAVE IT TO CHANCE... LEAVE IT TO THOSE YOU LOVE. Or more precisely, this is about something very important that you may not yet have done for your family. The National Consumer Council has estimated that within the next 10 years or so, around 1 million people (spouses, partners, children) will suffer financially just because their loved one didn’t make a legal and valid Will.

If this happens, and you have made no provisions to allow someone to assist you legally, families find themselves tackling costly, time consuming and distressing difficulties. Setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney now keeps you in control, whatever happens in the future.

Accord Legal Services is a specialist Will writing company with an expert Trust and Probate Lawyer , professional Will writers and experienced and highly trained consultants nationwide.

Your local consultant, Richard Auton, can visit you at a time and place to suit you, listen to what you want to do, find out what is important to you and then tailor your Will using our wide range of services and expertise. Call him now on 0845 052 3428 for a free brochure or visit for more information.

Do YOU understand Inheritance Tax?

We usually want our estate, large or small, to pass on eventually to our children. But all too often we hear of cases where ex-spouses, distant relatives or other unwanted third parties, get their hands on your assets and possessions when you pass away. And the Government and local authorities are always waiting to take money from your hard-earned estate; for example Inheritance Tax. How many people fully understand the recent changes and the threshold guidelines? With the appropriate help most people can minimise this Tax, quite legally, just as wealthy people have been doing for years.

Paying for care of the elderly

Although the Government has recently announced a comprehensive review of the provision of elderly care, one thing you can be certain of - no Government is going to foot the whole bill for everyone and property and assets will still be vulnerable. Plan now to minimise this and other potential losses that could see your loved ones not inheriting what you want them to.

Could you execute a Will?

Making a Will is the first, and very important, step to take. But ensuring that all your wishes and planning work properly, once you have passed away, is equally important. Having someone you can trust to execute your Will and understand all the processes is vital.

What about whilst you are still alive though?

Do you trust ANY Government with your Children’s Inheritance? Or Would You Prefer to be in Control? Care Fees, Inheritance, Tax and other losses could substantially reduce your children’s inheritance

Make Your Will (or update your old Will) in the comfort of your own home

A standard Will can give you a say in who gets what. The “Right” Will and planning can help ensure that the MAXIMUM possible goes to those you love...and not those you don’t!!

Our Wills start from under £75* *Single standard basic Will: Trust Wills and other services are extra.

To arrange a FREE Home Visit or for more information

Call 0845 052 3428 Today Accord Legal Services Ltd

We have our own expert SOLICITOR/TRUST LAWYER

Naturally, as people live longer, the number of cases of dementia or other similar conditions is increasing.


Your one stop

Local mobility specialists Clark & Partners Ltd have been established for over 50 years, and as a result, are a well-known and trusted name in mobility.

mobility shop...

They supply everything from large mobility vehicles to specialist footwear and smaller daily living aids such as kettle tippers and grab rails to help make later life that bit easier.

• Large showrooms & range • Competitive prices • Demonstration stairlifts • Mail order catalogue

Specialists are available to advise with regards to access solutions, bathing, wheelchairs, powerchairs and vehicle conversions. For those with more complex needs, expert teams can help with larger projects such as wet rooms, lifts and ceiling track hoists. A full range of repair and maintenance services are also available.




Chairs & Beds

Manual & Powered Wheelchairs

For more details visit or call your local store: SHEFFIELD Wellington Street, S1 4HF

Tel: 0114 273 8787

Hillsborough Barracks, Hillsborough, S6 2LR Tel: 0114 231 5566 1 Orgreave Way, Handsworth, S13 9LS Tel: 0114 229 3391 NEW STORE OPENING SOON AT: Ridgeway Road, Gleadless, S12 2JX

Tel: 0114 239 0610

ROTHERHAM Rotherham General Hospital, S60 2UD Tel: 01709 839 369 DONCASTER St Sepulchre Gate West, DN1 3AB

Tel: 01302 323 536

There are 8 stores across Yorkshire and the Midlands, with 5 stores located in the South Yorkshire area and the sixth about to open its doors to the public in Gleadless, Sheffield. The plans for the ‘all new’ store are ambitious, It will be like nothing else seen in the mobility sector with an extensive product range and excellent parking facilities so it’s convenient and easy for visiting customers. Sales Manager, Mark Shaw said ‘the plans are well underway – we aim to revolutionise the shopping experience for our customers old and new, whilst you can still find out more about products and services in a non-pressured environment. Friendly staff will demonstrate products from stairlifts, scooters and wheelchairs. Look out for opening details instore and on our website.’ Products can be purchased in store, via our mail order catalogue or online (see website address above). Make Clark & Partners Ltd your local one stop mobility shop and call: 0800 783 3832 today. Clark & Partners are open:

Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, Saturdays 9am-4pm.


Bereavement Services are continually monitoring and improving the facilities and the services offered to the public. The staff are committed to ensuring that each funeral is carried out in a caring and dignified manner and each funeral service is attended by a Bereavement Officer. The grounds of the cemeteries and crematoria are open every day, including Sundays and Bank Holidays and the opening times are displayed in prominent positions at the entrances to our facilities.

City Road Crematorium City Road, Sheffield, S2 1GD

Please contact either your chosen Funeral Director or Bereavement Services for further advice. If required, a recording of the funeral service can be provided for an additional charge. All crematoria chapels contain either pipe or electronic organs if a more traditional ceremony is required.

Sheffield’s older more traditional Crematorium opened in 1905 and is situated within the grounds of City Road Cemetery which opened in 1881. There are two chapels for cremation services and facilities include induction loop for the hearing impaired, braille and large print service booklets, wheelchair availability and disabled toilets and access.

Gardens of Remembrance adjoining Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium

The Gardens are attractive and peaceful and extend for 9 acres. Whilst the majority of the area is structured and formal there are a variety of trees, flowers and a more informal perimeter which attracts wildlife.

Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium Memorialisation after Periwood Lane, Sheffield, S8 0HN Cremation

Following a funeral, relatives often find great comfort in being able to remember their loved one in some way. Choosing the most appropriate memorial can be difficult. Bereavement Services offer a wide choice of commemorative memorials.

This crematorium opened in 1974 and has one chapel available for cremation services. Facilities include induction loop for hearing impaired, braille and large print service booklets, wheelchair availability, disabled toilets and stairlift to the exit of the chapel.

Musical Arrangements for Cremation Services

An extensive range of recorded music is available at both crematoria to accompany services.


Books of Remembrance

Books of Remembrance are displayed at both Hutcliffe Wood Hall of Remembrance and the Remembrance Room at City Road Cemetery. The books are handcrafted and inscribed by a professional calligrapher with an appropriate inscription of your choice.

Leather Memorial Panels

The panels are covered in dark blue leather and contained within a decorative oak frame. The chosen inscription is in gold leaf.

Memorial Wall Niches The niches are contained within a granite memorial wall situated within the formal areas of the gardens. The niches are large enough to accept two caskets of cremated remains. The covering plate can be inscribed with your chosen inscription, along with an emblem or photograph if required.

Bronze Memorial Plaques

For a more traditional memorial to a loved one, a wall or kerb plaque may be more appropriate. The plaques are cast in bronze to a high standard.

Memorial Mushroom Plaques

Memorial plaques which are placed on a granite memorial mushroom. The mushrooms have been sited under trees and are surrounded by bark wood chippings to create a more natural area.

Memorial Vase Block

Granite vase blocks surrounding an ornamental tree are available in the Gardens of Remembrance. The granite tablet is inscribed and can include an emblem or photograph. The vase block includes a flower posy vase for floral tributes.

Arboria Plaques

The plaques are made from natural timber and placed within a metal frame. Plaques are available within the Room of Remembrance at City Road Cemetery.

Bereavement Services Helping our Birds and Wildlife

You can help the wildlife at the Gardens of Remembrance by sponsoring a bird or bat box in memory of a loved one. For further information and advice on the memorials available, please contact the staff on the telephone number below.


Cremated Remains Graves

These are smaller graves for the purpose of burying cremated remains only. The graves are available at the majority of cemeteries with the exception of Burngreave, Darnall and Norton.

Grave Leases

The Exclusive Right of Burial on all new graves can be leased for 30, 50 or 90 years if required. Leases can be renewed at the expiry date.

Woodland Burial Ground. A further area has also been allocated for the strewing of cremated remains.

Memorial Safety

Creating a safer environment within our Cemeteries Sheffield City Council are committed to providing a safe environment for those visiting and working in our cemeteries.

To comply with current guidelines issued by Health & Safety Executive (HSE) we are required to survey Expired Grave Leases every headstone in all our sixteen Abbey Lane, Beighton, Burncross, From February 1959, the Exclusive cemeteries (see list on this page) to Burngreave, City Road, Crookes, Right of Burial on all new graves were ensure that these remain in a safe and Darnall, Ecclesfield, Handsworth, leased for 40 years. Since February stable condition and do not pose any Intake, Norton, Shiregreen, 1999, these leases have been expiring. immediate danger to visitors and staff Stocksbridge, Tinsley Park, Wisewood If you are the registered owner to the working in the cemeteries. and Woodhouse. Rights of a grave which the lease has expired, please contact Bereavement The guidelines from the HSE have There are 5 cemetery chapels Services for advice. been issued to all burial authorities available for services prior to interment. following a number of deaths and Chapels are available at City Road, serious injuries in the United Kingdom Crookes, Abbey Lane, Shiregreen and over the last 5 years in cemeteries Tinsley Park cemeteries. caused by falling headstones. The following cemeteries are managed by Bereavement Services:

An extensive range of recorded music is available and arrangements can be made for personal tapes and CDs to be played at the service.

New Graves

New graves are available at the majority of cemeteries with the exception of Burngreave, Darnall and Norton.

Existing Family Graves

Existing graves can be re-opened to allow further interments providing the written authority of the present owner of the rights to the grave is obtained.

Wisewood Woodland Burial Ground An area has been set aside within Wisewood Cemetery for woodland burials. Instead of a traditional headstone, a native species tree is planted on the grave which will eventually create a woodland and encourage wildlife into the area. It is possible to purchase full graves and cremated remains plots within the

From January 2002, a team of Memorial Safety Operatives have been surveying headstones in the sixteen cemeteries. Approximately 350,000 memorials are contained within the 350 acres of cemetery grounds. Please ensure that we always have current contact details on record should we need to get in touch.

For further advice, please feel free to contact a member of the Memorial Safety Operative team on the number below.

Staff are available to offer confidential advice and assistance on any of the services mentioned in this article by contacting:

Bereavement Services, City Road Cemetery, City Road, Sheffield S2 1GD Telephone: 0114 239 6068 | Fax: 0114 239 3757 Email: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm 39

Sheffield, barnsley & doncaster 39  

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