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Doreen goes home again thanks to PossAbilities Homeshare – A Big Lottery funded scheme


A Heywood lady was able to leave nursing care and get back to the home she loves thanks to a scheme which brings together people who need a bit of support with those who need a place to live. Doreen Fairclough 79 from Heywood and Anouck Truffaux 23 from Paris are a match for PossAbilities Homeshare. In return for helping Doreen out with a few household chores, Anouck gets a room in Doreen’s home whilst she spends a year perfecting her English, before continuing her studies in Law. After spending months in a care home following a fall, all Doreen wanted was to go home. Having Anouck around to help with the cooking was just what she needed to help her to get back to her normal life. It’s a life that Anouck is very quickly learning a lot about. She says “I enjoyed going to Bingo with Doreen, but need more practice with the numbers as they are called very quickly. I also took Doreen to the singing group at Heywood library for the first time. We had no idea that we would have to sing, but once I settled in I really enjoyed it”. Doreen is revelling in her new lifestyle “It’s lovely to finally be home in my comfy bed. I’m enjoying the food that Anouck makes me, I’m even eating French food and liking it. We loved going to Bingo and I had to explain to Anouck that 1 and 6 was 16!”.



For PossAbilities Homeshare team this is the first of many ‘matches’ that they will be making. Loneliness can have the same effect on health as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day and often people with a spare room could do with just a little support. If you have a spare room and would welcome some support or you need a place to live and would be willing to give some social support in return, you can contact the Homeshare Team at or call 01706 626747.


jennie bond visits south africa PAGES 8-9

BRINGING THE OUTSIDE IN... Do you need affordable accommodation? For only £150 per month you will have a warm, comfortable home, just for sharing a few hours a week of your time. In return, could you offer help around the house for 10 hours per week with tasks such as cooking, shopping, sharing a meal or a trip to the pub? Would you like to make a difference to someone’s life?


Would life be easier with an extra pair of hands? Do you have a spare room? Homeshare is ideal for those who would like a little security, just having someone around the house can be a great comfort. Would life be better with some extra help with tasks such as shopping, gardening or a trip to the pub? Would a meal be more enjoyable with someone to share it with? We could match you with the perfect homesharer!

To find out more about this exciting opportunity contact us on 01706 626747 or email:

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Twittering on With Angela Kelly Celebrities? Get them out of here!

Personally, I don’t want to either look like or have the lifestyle of Kim Kardashian or even have the online followers of the socalled “social influencers” who also now qualify as celebrities.

Don’t you find the word “celebrity” extremely over-used these days? When I was younger, I’m sure that celebrity really meant something. It was someone with Sir or Lady in front of their name, a war hero like Douglas Bader or General Montgomery or an American film star who was so far away from our reality as to be living on another planet.

And if we simply reject that standard, the genuine celebrities – the really worthwhile people who have earned their fame in some amazing way – will start to surface and make that category great again.

People who appeared on TV were “entertainers”. Quite a different category. They were famous for being funny or being fine actors or for being an important presenter. Sports people were famous for what they did and we admired them for it. If they got a honour as a result, that just added to their fame and our admiration. I don’t remember hearing the word “celebrity” much at all. Fast-forward to 2017 and you can’t move for so-called celebrities. Every actor or actress in a TV soap qualifies for the name and the natural respect that goes with it – even if they were only in Emmerdale for three episodes.

Ask the expert not the internet We Brits apparently live in fear of the doctor’s waiting room or the dentist’s chair. Nothing too surprising about that, I suppose, except that new research shows that we are definitely a fearful nation when it comes to our health and wellbeing.

Reality TV show “stars” – that’s just ordinary people who are basically showoffs – are now celebrities and have joined the acclaimed bunch we are supposed to look up to and copy. The sad thing, of course, is that many younger people in particular do look up to these people, they do emulate them, wear what they wear, act as they act.

For example, almost a quarter of Brits questioned feared the doctor’s waiting room and 34% confessed to a fear of the dentist’s chair. Perhaps the most unlikely statistic is that 17% admitted that visiting the optician’s made them nervous.

I really think we need to re-think our values on what we classify as a “celebrity” because we have definitely devalued the coinage.

The top fear-prompter was discovery of a previously unknown health problem; 69% felt frightened about that. Maybe that,

along with 22% having had a previous bad experience, explains the statistic that 79% hesitate to seek medical advice. The daft thing is that we know that seeing an expert makes sense. We know that we should go to the doctor, dentist or optician if there’s a niggling health worry yet we prolong the agony by ignoring it. I’m always shocked, for example, by the number of women who miss their mammogram appointment when it’s just a simple procedure and it can pick up rogue cells so early. I know it’s not something you’d ever do for fun but it’s quick, uncomfortable rather than painful, and it can be a life-saver. It would be interesting to see how we compare in this area with other countries. Are the French as frightened of the dentist? Do Germans hate eye-tests? How many Italians refuse to see a doctor when they have symptoms? It’s probably just human nature to believe that if we don’t know the worst then it won’t happen. The crazy part of this is that, quite often, there’s nothing wrong and we’ve just been worrying needlessly. Me? I always look up my ailments on the internet first and think about the doctor later. Well, you can’t be too careful with suspected dengue fever, can you?

Tattoos may need covering up Not too long ago, a primary school teacher was dismissed for having a large number of tattoos. These hadn’t been particularly visible at interview but when she started teaching in the classroom, she wore sleeveless clothes and a skirt that revealed them all over her body. Interestingly, this divided the nation.

6th Floor | 120 Bark Street | Bolton | BL1 2AX Sales Enquiries : T: (01204) 860 194 E:



TWITTER Now, I’m not necessarily anti-tattoos. Many of my friends have discreet ones that actually look really nice - although I’m not thinking of having one any time soon. It’s also partly generational. Today, no-one under 30 thinks twice about getting a tattoo and if they want a full sleeve then they will. However, I’m not sure if they are always appropriate in a job situation. They don’t work well for the legal profession, for example, for doctors or surgeons. That may be rather unfair but I suppose it’s not what we expect to see. Covered flesh is the order of the day generally in these formal situations. I can’t think of many Government ministers sporting tattoos, either, although they may have huge roses tattooed all over their buttocks for all we know. There’s probably a BBC rule about presenters showing tattoos as well. I’m sure Sir Trevor McDonald hasn’t got a secret dragon all over his back and the odd heart or butterfly on his shoulder. Although tattoos are very much a personal choice and today we respect that, we still don’t expect to see them at work and that seems right to me. Of course, if you’re a pop star or one of those indeterminate “celebrities”, tattoos are usually compulsorily on view.

Hands off old TV favourites I don’t mind re-makes of films but I’ve started to get very shirty about the re-creating of some of my favourite TV shows. There is no way that modern producers should touch Dad’s Army or Porridge and yet they insist on fiddling with the format, bringing in a new cast and generally updating them. No-one can ever play Captain Mainwaring like Arthur Lowe, in spite of actor Toby Jones having a good stab at it in the new film. Nor can anyone ever play Fletch in Porridge like Ronnie Barker. They set the tone, create the right humour – they are the programme. The old American saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” definitely applies here. Hands off – just keep the re-runs going!

National Helpline 0800 917 7650

Alcoholics Anonymous has over 4,000 groups throughout Great Britain dedicated to helping those with a serious alcohol problem learn how to stay sober. Groups are made up of people from all walks of life and all age groups. Through friendship and mutual support, members assist each other in coping which is made easier by meeting others with the same problem. There are no dues or fees for membership and anonymity is carefully preserved. Anyone who believes they have a drink problem you can contact Alcoholics Anonymous by using the helpline number above. Further information may be obtained from the web site above or from the General Service office at the address below. For information: P.O. Box 1, 10 Toft Green, York. YO1 7NJ Tel: 01904 644 026




Why not join one of our Quality Door to Door Coach Tours? We pick- up at your door in most of the Greater Manchester area. We visit every part of the UK from the Shetland Islands to Cornwall. Our drivers are very experienced mature individuals with a wealth of knowledge about our wonderful country. We do city breaks, historic adventures, scenic tours, train rides, boat rides, canal trips, not forgetting our numerous coastal resorts. On your first day of travel we pick you up at your front door at a pre-arranged time in a minibus or taxi. You are then transferred to a central meeting point, either Birch Services or Poplar Services dependant upon where you live, where the coach is waiting for you. Within 15 to 30 minutes you’re on your way aboard our luxury coach travelling directly to your holiday destination, making suitable stops en-route. The hotels that we use are of a 3 or 4 star standard or occasionally a good quality family run 2 star hotel. Upon your return to either Birch Services or Poplar your taxi or minibus is waiting to whisk you home.

Included in every tour... l

Good Standard Hotel l Half Board l All Excursions l Door to Door Service

Ellen Smith Price Promise 1. Everything is included in the final price – no hidden charges 2. Every customer will pay the same price - no last minute reductions! 3. No currency charges - even post Brexit! 4. Any additional charges from the hotel will be passed on without surcharge 5. If you find a similar holiday cheaper we'll refund the difference to the whole coach

rs 2 017

Sidmouth - The Royal York & Faulkner Hotel

We enjoy a tour to the very north of Ireland taking in the Inishowen Peninsula, the Walled City of Derry and a classic coastal rail journey to find the Giants Causeway. The Inishowen Gateway Hotel is beautifully and conveniently nestled on the Inishowen Peninsula, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Sidmouth is probably the most unspoilt resort in the country and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful. Quiet and unhurried, Sidmouth has preserved the natural beauty of the countryside with colourful gardens, open spaces and tree covered hills.

24th Sept - 6 Days - £439

25th Sept - 5 Days - £419

Exploring Somerset & Wiltshire The Wessex Hotel

Looe Cornwall - The Portbyhan Hotel

Enjoy an out of season break to the delightful counties of Somerset and Wiltshire. On these tours we visit the beautiful city of Bath, the small cathedral city of Wells as well as the historic market town of Devizes and the timeless village of Lacock.

Situated on the south coast in Cornwall, Looe is a favourite holiday destination with a fine beach, shops, cafes, a working harbour and has a lovely riverside location. We stay at The Portbyhan Hotel which has recently undergone a £1.2 million refurbishment.

2nd Oct - 5 Days - £229

9th Oct - 5 Days - £299

The Beautiful Lake district The Cumbria Grand Hotel

North Devon - The Durrant House Hotel

Enjoy an out of season break to the delightful counties of Somerset and Wiltshire. On these tours we visit the beautiful city of Bath, the small cathedral city of Wells as well as the historic market town of Devizes and the timeless village of Lacock.

Make Bideford your base and you’ll have the best in pubs, music and restaurants to satisfy every palate. Visit the pannier market or wander through the traffic free lanes, you’ll find Bideford is the perfect place for a spot of retail therapy.

9th Oct - 5 Days - £299

16th Oct - 5 Days - £219

Call our reservations office on 01706 648126 and request a copy of our 2017 brochure. You’ll be surprised at the variations of tours we operate. Visit our website at

www.ellens Membership No: 10228

The Causeway Coaster Inishowen Gateway Hotel




Coach Tou


Bournemouth Durley Dean Hotel With seven miles of golden sands and sparkling sea, the vibrant cosmopolitan town of Bournemouth has it all - a vast variety of shops and restaurants, buzzing nightlife, endless countryside offering peace and relaxation and beautiful award winning gardens.

25th Sept - 5 Days - £299

Discovering Shropshire - The Buckatree Hall Hotel Along the upper reaches of the River Severn and the borders between England & Wales, the countryside of Shropshire shelters some of the most beautiful landscapes and unspoilt towns that you can imagine.

9th Oct - 5 Days - £329

Oxford & Banbury - Mercure Banbury Whately Hall Hotel Oxford boasts 1,500 listed buildings from every major period of British architectural history from the 11th century onwards. The centre looks like an enchanted fairy-tale city and has inspired countless famous writers over the centuries.

26th Oct - 3 Days - £199

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Jennie Bond visits South Africa with African Sky Former BBC Royal Correspondent, Jennie Bond visits South Africa with African Sky. Standing on Olifants Bay, a remote beach on the south west tip of the African continent, we were thrilled to see two ostriches strut by, just a few yards away. I’d spent most of the day telling my husband, Jim, how these huge birds run wild on the Cape, but was beginning to doubt my own word. And it was one of so many fabulous sights during our stay on the Cape. The first was actually our hotel. It’s called The Last Word -- there are three of them in the Western Cape-- and



they really are the definition of a luxury boutique hotel. We started on Long Beach (the name says it all) and our suite was magnificent. There was a real wow factor as we walked in and saw the huge glass doors folded back so that you look straight out onto the blue ocean and feel you are practically on the sandy beach. On the other side of the bay, the dramatic Chapman’s Peak and its surrounding mountains look soft in the sea haze created from the cold Atlantic waters meeting the hot African sun. Every evening, as we watched the sun go down, glass in hand, we were treated to a royal fly-past by parades of squawking Sacred Ibis. Jim had never been to this part of the world before, and the last time I was

TRAVEL here was with the Queen in 1995 when I was reporting for the BBC.

champagne on ice awaiting us, along with two tiny teacups of exquisite creme brûlée.

But the years had blurred my memory of the sheer beauty and vastness of South Africa. We marvelled at the landscapes as we drove around the Cape in our hired 4x4. The mountain passes, across Chapman’s Peak for example, are breathtaking. And the constant possibility of a baboon crossing your they did from time to time... was an added thrill.

The final part of our trip was a real adventure. A three hour road trip took us to Sanbona Wildlife Reserve in the Little Karoo region.

After three blissful days at Long Beach, we headed to the wine country in the Franschhoek Valley. And suddenly it was Autumn in April. Not that the sun was any less searing, but the beautiful burnished colours of the vineyards and trees gave away the true season. And the mountains all around us made us feel we were in a Wild West movie. We were spoiled for choice when it came to wine tasting; vineyards tempt you every few hundred yards as you approach Franschhoek. When we arrived at The Last Word at Franschhoek, it felt like home. The same soft decor welcomed us into a spacious suite. And it proved to be equally indulgent. When we arrived back after a delicious dinner at Le Quartier Francais, our suite was romantically illuminated by candles, there was

This is a semi-desert reserve, the size of Singapore, where the big five roam free, but are not always easy to spot. We loved the thrill of the chase, bouncing over the rough terrain in our ranger’s big, open-sided truck. The game drives can take more than three hours and there are always wonderful surprises: a giraffe wandering along a track; a pale chanting goshawk perched on a post or the huge paw print of a white lion in the sand. On our second evening drive we had a bonanza: rhinos and elephants foraging in a thicket, giraffes taking a sunset stroll and --best of all -- a female cheetah enjoying her Springbok kill. Guarded by our ranger, Chris, rifle in hand, we were able to approach the cheetah on foot and get so close we could almost smell her. We had just one last treat in store: a brief visit to the third The Last Word, this one in Constantia. It was, once again, the last word in luxury, carefully perfected by our softly spoken host, Tess, who exuded the same tranquillity as our surroundings.

Jennie travelled with African Sky who have been conducting private South African tours since 1998. They also specialize in safaris in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. For more details, or call 0800 532 4615.






Coach Holidays

Autumn & Winter 2017 The Garden Isle, Isle of Wight

Sunny Sussex and Eastbourne

Imperial Hotel

Ocean View Hotel

Located just a stone’s throw away from the promenade and band stand, this grand Victorian hotel is full of character and home to a number of spacious, comfortable bedrooms, all accessible via lifts.

Situated in a premier location with an idyllic seaside position, the charming, well-appointed Ocean View Hotel boasts uninterrupted panoramic views across Sandown Bay.The hotel also offers a large sprung dance floor and provides live entertainment most evenings.

Freephone: 08005 083 9900 5 Day Tours Day Tours Visit us online at

4nts dinner, bed & breakfast plus 2 excursions


04 October 09 October 14 October 18 October 22 October 28 October

£205 £199 £195 £189 £185 £179

Supplements per person: Premier Room £20

7 Day Tours

6nts dinner, bed & breakfast plus 2 excursions DATE PRICE 08 October £249 22 October £239 Supplements per person: Premier Room £30

9 Day Tours

8nts dinner, bed & breakfast plus 2 excursions DATE PRICE 14 October £299 28 October £289 Supplements per person: Premier Room £35

4nts dinner, bed & breakfast plus 2 excursions

DATE PRICE 04 October £205 09 October £199 14 October £195 18 October £189 22 October £185 28 October £179 Supplements per person: Premier Room £20 Sea view room £10 l

7 Day Tours

6nts dinner, bed & breakfast plus 2 excursions DATE PRICE 08 October £249 22 October £239 Supplements per person: Premier Room £45 Sea view room £13 l

9 Day Tours

8nts dinner, bed & breakfast plus 2 excursions DATE PRICE 14 October £299 28 October £289 Supplements per person: Premier Room £50 Sea view room £17 l

Delightful Devon & Torquay

Abbey Lawn Hotel

If you’re looking to unwind in style, this elegant Georgian hotel is the place to stay. Located in the grounds of the former Torre Abbey with stunning views of the bay, the Abbey Lawn hotel offers an exceptional standard of comfort throughout.

Park Garage, Great Harwood, 5 Day Blackburn, BB6 Tours 7SP

4nts dinner, bed & breakfast plus 2 excursions

DATE PRICE 04 October £205 09 October £199 14 October £195 18 October £189 22 October £185 Supplements per person: Premier Room £30 Front facing £10 l

7 Day Tours

6nts dinner, bed & breakfast plus 2 excursions DATE PRICE 08 October £249 22 October £239 Supplements per person: Premier Room £45 Front facing £13 l

9 Day Tours

8nts dinner, bed & breakfast plus 2 excursions DATE PRICE 14 October £299 28 October £289 Supplements per person: Premier Room £50 Front facing £17 l

Call Freephone: 0800 083 9900 or visit your local travel agent | WWW.50PLUSMAGAZINE.CO.UK 10 1501

Robinsons Own Hotels Festive Breaks



The management and staff welcome you to our 'pre-Christmas' festivities at our own hotels. Your break will include both 'Christmas Day' and New Year's eve' style celebrations. Enjoy our themed nightly entertainment from our resident entertainers after dinner; be sure to bring your dancing shoes, as there will be plenty of music to get you in the festive spirit! Each hotel puts on multiple games and competitions, such as : Guess the weight of the Christmas cake, with the chance to win a prize and all proceeds going to charity l

Big prize word search, with a change to win an 8 day holiday with Robinsons l


Movie matinee with tea, coffee and biscuits


General knowledge quiz with a prize to be won

Christmas Day celebrations Sherry and Canapé reception served 15 minutes prior to your dinner setting l


Traditional table d'hote dinner


Bingo and hot mince pies during the evening

'New Year's Eve' celebrations

Bucks Fizz reception, served 15 minutes prior to your dinner sitting


New Year's Eve dinner


Party games with spot prizes to be win in the evening's entertainment


Bingo and hot sausage rolls in the evening


1st November 5th November 11th November 15th November 19th November 25th November 4th December 11th December 23rd December 29th December

£189 £189 £185 £185 £179 £179 £169* £165* £399 £349

TOUR 08C - 6 NIGHTS DBB 5th November 19th November

£259 £259

TOUR 18D - 8 NIGHTS DBB 11th November 25th November

£309 £309

Supplements: (O8M) Premier Room £30 Sea View Room £10 (O8C) Premier Room £45 Sea View Room £13 (18D) Premier Room £50 Sea View Room £17

IMPERIAL HOTEL, EASTBOURNE TOUR 05M - 4 NIGHTS DBB 1st November 5th November 11th November 15th November 19th November 25th November 29th November 4th December 11th December 23rd December 29th December

£189 £189 £185 £185 £179 £179 £179 £169* £165* £399 £349

TOUR 05C - 6 NIGHTS DBB 5th November 19th November

£259 £259

TOUR 15D - 8 NIGHTS DBB 11th November 25th November

£309 £309

Supplements: (O5M) Premier Room £20 (O5C) Premier Room £30 (15D) Premier Room £35

ABBEY LAWN HOTEL, TORQUAY TOUR 01M - 4 NIGHTS DBB 1st November 5th November 11th November 15th November 19th November 25th November 29th November 4th December 11th December 23rd December 29th December

£189 £189 £185 £185 £179 £179 £179 £169* £165* £399 £349

TOUR 01C - 6 NIGHTS DBB 5th November 19th November

£259 £259

TOUR 11A - 8 NIGHTS DBB 11th November 25th November

£309 £309

Supplements: (O1M) Premier Room £20 Front Facing Room £10 (O1C) Premier Room £45 Front Facing Room £13 (11A) Premier Room £50 Front Facing Room £17

* Unlimited Single Rooms

Robinsons Holidays, Park Garage

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sponsored by Mediterranean sun in Monte Carlo staying at the Hotel de Paris. These were peaceful trips, with drives in the country and picnics; Celia adored having her grandfather to herself. Painting was a great solace for him and his favourite leisure activity, which he began in 1915 and continued for the rest of his life, apart from a break during the Second World War. At this time he painted just one picture of sunset over Marrakech, which currently belongs to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Quite where it will end up, who knows.

Travels with Winston Churchill’s granddaughter – Celia Sandys By Jennie Carr from Silver Travel Advisor If you’re travelling to or through London with the escorting touring specialists Tauck, you may well have the pleasure of meeting Celia Sandys, one of their ambassadors, at a dinner or presentation where she tells tales of her grandfather that cannot be found in the history books. Celia is one of Winston Churchill’s grandchildren and she spent many holidays with him in the last five years of his life. She has also written five books about her grandfather, including one on his early life and one on his travels.

his grandchildren had little notion of the public figure he was, but rather saw him as a benign figure who they rather took for granted. Feeding the fish and visiting the animals were simple pleasures they all enjoyed together here. Celia also accompanied him on painting trips, where he enjoyed the

Her first trip with him was aged sixteen, as she was an available grandchild of the right age. They were guests of Aristotle Onassis and his wife on his incredible yacht sailing in the Mediterranean. Fellow guests were Maria Callas and her husband. And it was on this voyage that two marriages ended and a love affair began. What an extraordinary trip for the littletravelled young Celia to experience! She recalled her grandfather asking her to describe what she could see from the cabin windows each morning, particularly the colours. This was so very important to the artist that he was. Many of her memories of Winston Churchill are from his country home, Chartwell, in a domestic setting, where


Courage is the quality that Celia said Winston Churchill would most want to be remembered for. It was this which allowed him to defy everyone during the Second World War and to convince the nation that they would win the war in the end. Meeting Celia Sandys is a fascinating experience; her insights into her remarkable grandfather are warm, amusing and give a rare opportunity to learn about the more private moments of this great statesman. Her recollections are a graciously fitting tribute to him. More about Tauck In 1882, Herman Tauck arrived in New York City from Germany in search of the American dream. His son, Arthur Tauck Sr., would realise that dream with ingenuity and an innovative spirit, starting Tauck Motor Tours – at age 27 with a first tour through the backroads of New England in 1925. It embodied the same successful formula used by Tauck today: do the right thing. Craft a life-enriching travel experience; provide it at a single all-inclusive price; ensure there is great value for money; and rely on recommendations of satisfied customers to build a following and grow the business. Over the next 90+ years – and three generations of Taucks – the scope of destinations served and the variety of modes of travel would grow dramatically. Today, with six brands and more than 140 trips across seven continents, Tauck delivers life-enriching travel experiences to every corner of the globe, incorporating small cruise ships, premium riverboats, trains, helicopters and more…

Celia Sandys portrait Granddaugher of Winston Churchill

Silver Travel Advisor recommends Tauck. Visit or call 0800 810 8020 for more information on worldwide tours and river cruises.

TRAVEL Zell am See, bang in the mountains and right by Lake Zell. Russell delights in the great beauty of the dramatic scenery, the fresh, pure, cool air and the wonderful food; Wiener schnitzel with cranberry sauce being a favourite. He also takes huge pleasure in the efficiency, cleanliness and ordered style of Austrian and Swiss life. His love of history, particularly around World War I, the Hapsburgs and Franz Joseph and wife, Elizabeth, have led Russell to really explore this region. In the cities, he relishes café culture, the theatre and fine dining restaurants. Vienna is a particular favourite and I can certainly see that it ticks all those boxes, with exceptional 19th century interest too.

Russell Grant finds star quality in the lakes & mountains Jennie Carr interviewed Britain’s best-loved astrologer and discovered Russell’s chilly side! I do like surprises and Russell Grant certainly provided me with one. Having had him down for exotic islands and luxury lounging on the holiday front, nothing could be further from the truth. This show-biz, bubbly star-gazer has quite an unexpected passion.

schoolboy, Russell travelled to Annecy and explored the Haute-Savoie. He was hooked from then on. So hooked indeed that he very nearly moved to

And for holidays wherever you’re going, you might like to try your hand at colouring - Russell has produced The Art of Astrology: Discover your Inner Self Through Colour. It is taking airports, hotel terraces and sun loungers worldwide by storm as an alternative form of relaxation. That was another surprise: I really enjoyed the patterns, colours and gentle activity in this book. Chilled out without being cold!

Russell only ever takes his holidays in the mountains - he absolutely loves them. In fact, here is a man who enjoys cooler weather: too hot and he’s not happy. He adores the Tyrol in Austria, can’t get enough of Switzerland and has visited Salzburg at least eight times. Lederhosen and yodelling spring swiftly to mind, as do Maria and Captain von Trapp. For Russell the yearning for mountains started when he watched The Adventures of William Tell on TV in the late 1950s, filmed co-incidentally in Snowdonia, where Russell now lives. When he was a child, the Grants didn’t take holidays, however as a

I’m always fascinated by destinations people long to go to and this was no real surprise once I understood the mountains and chill theme. No one else has ever said Siberia, very cold for sure and a landscape unlike any other, unquestionably. Russell really wants to see it, along with Alaska, Northern Canada, Lapland and Tromsø in Norway, way up in the Arctic Circle. I’m scurrying for cashmere, thermals and goose down jackets just at the thought. What an interesting character Russell Grant is!

For lakes and mountains holidays, Silver Travel Advisor recommends Inghams – visit or call 01483 345117 Russell Grant best-loved astrologer


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Oldham’s changing and you’ll find lots to discover in the town centre. Our historic Old Town Hall has been transformed into an ODEON cinema with big name eateries – Nando’s, GBK and Molino Lounge – in the newly created Parliament Square.




Civic Centre

Oldham Council Civic Centre

Queen Elizabeth Hall


Oldham Council Civic Centre











St Patrick’s Church










A627 To Ashtonunder-Lyne

Metrolink stop

Pedestrian area


Bus station


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Oldham Sixth Form College



Oldham Sixth Form College


Oldham King Street Stop














To find out more about Oldham’s events, visit:



Mecca Bingo


Winter Brass Monkeys winter brass music festival Santa’s Real Reindeer Parade Oldham Christmas Light’s Switch-on and fireworks display Oldham Light Night – illuminating arts events









8. Oldham Leisure Centre C AN The centre includes a M swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms, dance studios, state-of the-art gym facilities and an indoor bowls hall.


Police Station



Leisure Centre



Ma C



7. Tommyfield Market With more than 100 indoor stalls to choose from, plus specialist outdoor markets and events, there’s lots of bargains to be found with our local T traders. REE ST OM O BL

3. Gallery Oldham Gallery Oldham boasts one of the North West’s largest 2 A6 9. Independent Quarter exhibition programmes, A DDiscover a wide range O R featuring artworks and R of unique and distinctive items from Oldham’s diverse S T E E independent shops, H collections. C restaurants and family-run AN M businesses. A62 4. Oldham Library To Manchester Housed in the same awardwinning building as Gallery M60 Oldham’s upcoming events… Autumn Oldham, the library hosts book-themed events, including Oldham Histories Festival and Heritage Open Days the popular live@ the library programme. Oldham Halloween Spooktacular Oldham Half Marathon 5. Oldham Coliseum Theatre With a history stretching back to 1885, Oldham’s repertory theatre stages a wide variety of drama, comedy and the hugely popular traditional panto.


6. The Queen Elizabeth Hall Oldham’s premier events venue hosts a wide range of concerts, comedy tours, dances, weddings and A 6 6 9 M I D D L E T O N ROAD conferences.


2. Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre With 70 stores spread over two floors, including Debenhams, H&M and Next, there’s plenty of retail therapy and ample parking under one roof.



1. ODEON Cinema Oldham and Parliament Square This stunning redevelopment of the Old Town Hall includes a seven-screen Westwood ODEON cinema, restaurants Stopand cafés. Check out the views across the new Parliament Square from Nando’s, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Loungers.

Oldham College


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The town centre boasts extensive artworks on display at Gallery Oldham and the latest shows at Oldham Coliseum Theatre, so there’s plenty for culture lovers to enjoy. Oldham is also a great place to shop with a wide range of high street names, thriving independent retailers and a busy indoor market.


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Tom Jones

The Famous Voice From The Valleys IT’S not unusual for singer Tom Jones to attract almost as much female attention in 2017 as he did when he first burst onto the British music scene in 1964. The famous Voice from the Valleys, even at 76 and a grandfather, is still seen as the same Sex Bomb he ever was before, during and after his hit record of that name. He may have built his reputation on belting out iconic hits of the past five or six decades with his powerful, raspy baritone but he long ago left behind the clinging leather trousers, shirt split to the waist to reveal his hairy chest and gleaming medallion. Today, give or take the odd glint in the eye, he could be any well-preserved former bank manager or city gent – until he either speaks with that Welsh lilt in the background or, better, lets rip with a moving ballad that still has the power to shake the emotions.


His singing career has been an important part of the British history of pop and he is still making the headlines, both as an entertainer and these days as a coach in BBC TV’s popular talent show The Voice. Even away from music, he can’t help the media taking note of everything he does, because the public still has a warm appetite for Tom Jones. It’s a safe bet none of what came later could have been guessed by Thomas Jones Woodward as he grew up in the small mining town of Pontypridd in South Wales. Like many Welshmen, he began singing at an early age in church and in the school choir. He left school at 16 and was married and having a son a year later. He brought in money for his family from an assortment of jobs including singing in pubs at night.

In 1963, he was singing with his own group in working men’s clubs when Gordon Mills, a performer who had branched out into songwriting and management, saw him perform. He became his manager, re-named him Tom Jones and got him a record contract. His first record Chills and Fever failed to make an impression, but his second, It’s Not Unusual written by Gordon Mills, was a sensation – on both sides of the Atlantic. The sexy singer with the swivelling hips and handsome looks could really sing – anything from pop and rock to R & B, show tunes, soul and gospel music. He followed up his first hit with a string of others and began a hugely successful career, selling more than 100 million records with 36 Top 40 hits in the UK and 19 in the United States.

CELEBRITY INTERVIEW Songs like What’s New Pussycat, Delilah, Green, Green Grass of Home, She’s a Lady and Kiss were what the public wanted to hear. Fans not only bought his records but flocked to his shows and mobbed him on a regular basis. He won a Grammy as Best New Artist in 1965 but didn’t win a Brit Award until he took the title of Best Male Artist in 2000, then after a music career of more than 30 years. He was always appreciated by his fans, however, and added many thousands more when, in 1967, he performed in Las Vegas for the first time. This began a relationship with America’s entertainment capital – and with the States itself which he later made his home - that has spanned the decades and brought him into contact with some of the most legendary names in showbiz.

continue singing to getting him through this dark time. This Summer, he’s on the road again pleasing new audiences, this time on a Forest Tour of open-air venues which include Cartmel Racecourse in Cumbria, Delamere Forest in Cheshire and Cannock Chase Forest in Staffordshire. His voice is as strong as ever and his shows are bound to not only impress with new songs but cover some of his best-known hits. There’s no doubt his many established fans, plus the new ones who have come to appreciate Jones the Voice more recently, will turn up to enjoy the feelgood music and shared love of entertaining that Tom Jones always offers. But then, that’s not unusual, either.

It was here Tom first met his own idol, Elvis Presley, and they became good friends right up until Elvis’s death in 1977. Tom also had an internationally successful TV variety show entitled This is Tom Jones which reportedly earned him millions during the three years it ran. At the same time, he toured regularly – a major attraction with his hit records dominating the charts. Over the years, he has changed his musical style as markedly as he has changed his sartorial trademark, in the last decade or so venturing again into gospel music. He has also recorded with various famous names including his good friend Robbie Williams. Tom was awarded the OBE in 1999 and in 2006 was knighted by the Queen for his services to music. After receiving the knighthood, he stated: “It is fantastic. It was lovely to see the Queen again. I love seeing the Queen and I have always been a royalist. “She has got a great smile and her whole face lights up when she smiles. I told her I have been in showbusiness 41 years successfully and she said to me that I had given a lot of people a lot of pleasure.” “I come from a coal-mining, working-class background. My father was a coalminer. Today is just tremendous.” While his reputation and undoubted talent have endured, his public profile was given a boost in 2012 when he became a coach on The Voice with, Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue. He mentored the first winner and impressed everyone with his down-to-earth humour and self-deprecating approach. He returned to later series, apart from one season, and established himself there as a knowledgeable and much-loved real celebrity. When his wife Linda died last year after a short battle against cancer, Tom attributed his determination to

* For more details about the tour go to WWW.50PLUSMAGAZINE.CO.UK

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Bringing The Outside Inside THIS is definitely the time of year that

with borders with flowers and shrubs

consider investing in an ARTIFICIAL

we throw off all our Winter worries

bursting into life.

LAWN. This technology has come on in

and time spent indoors and start to

tremendously and they can be made to

appreciate the Great Outdoors that

Certainly, this is the time to make the

fit any sized garden and look remarkably

starts at our own back-door.

most of the garden you have to achieve

natural - they’re also pet-proof and

just what you want from it – budget


We Brits do love our gardens – be


they undulating acres of greenery or a

If you’re looking to “bring the

small back garden with room for a few

Let’s start with that LAWN if you’ve

outside in”, ORANGERIES and

pots and a sunbed. And as soon as the

got one, or want one. Improve the


temperatures start to rise even a little,

one you’ve already got by aerating it,

dream choice for giving you more

we throw open our doors and windows

punching holes throughout to help give

space and offering a vista of light. It’s

and get plenty of good fresh air into our

your grass a proper medium to grown

always a good idea to look around at



other homes first and perhaps go on

Now that more and more of us are

Water it deeply and less often, use

investing in our homes to spend spare-

natural lawn fertilizer and cut your

time there relaxing, we are also investing

grass correctly to the recommended

FRENCH WINDOWS are a popular

more time and money in our gardens.

cutting height, re-using grass clippings

choice these days to modernise any

in “grass-cycling” that returns needed

room and add light and space to your

nutrients to the soil.

home. Many people are ditching old

recommendation when to find just the

Everyone has their own definition of the Perfect Garden – be it minimalist

right supplier and installer.

back-doors in favour of this modern

with gravel paths, large pots and the

And if you don’t want to maintain a lawn

addition to living that allows you easy

occasional seated area to lush lawns

and want a pristine one all the time,

access to the garden. There are all kinds


HOME & GARDEN kinds of styles in durable materials that require minimum

Of course, if you’re thinking bigger, there’s nothing quite like

maintenance so it’s worth going to more than one company

your own SWIMMING POOL in the garden to enhance your

to compare styles, work and prices.

lifestyle – and make the neighbours green with envy.

Or, installing BIFOLD DOORS can also be really worthwhile,

Site it in the open air with its own cover for poorer weather

especially if you’ve got a small kitchen you want to open up

or during the Winter, or give it its handsome, purpose-built

or if you love being close to your garden. They immediately

home. It’s guaranteed to be a hit with the younger members

bring so much light into your kitchen or dining area, they

of the family and offers readymade exercise and good health

can be bespoke to suit your needs and create brilliant

for all ages. Go to the British Swimming Pool Federation’s

entertaining areas. And allowing everyone – especially

website on for useful help.

children and pets – to wander in and out easily really makes for an easygoing lifestyle while genuinely appreciating your

You might prefer a HOT TUB – still very popular as a way of

garden more, too.

relaxing outdoors with many people - and the beauty of a tub is that you can use it all year round. Visit the British and Irish

PATHS can create the illusion of space and small areas of

Spa Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) at to get

greater interest. A winding path creates a more fluid design

advice and ideas and to download a homeowners’ handbook.

than a straight one; use materials that complement those used on the house for a toning, overall look that’s always

Don’t forget to add a BARBECUE area to your garden if you


want to spend quality time out there. If you prefer a mobile barbecue there are plenty to choose from, even brazier-type

Most people love sitting out in their garden so take a look at

barbecues that heat the area, too.

your PATIO and see if it provides a sun-trap. If it doesn’t, think about creating another elsewhere in your garden. Make your

In fact, as this is the British Summer that we’re talking about,

own decked area but don’t forget to treat it with stain and

treating yourself to some effective PATIO HEATERS could turn

preserve products to protect it from sunlight, water damage

out to be the very best buy of all!

and mould. Use POTS and PLANTERS to make this area in particular somewhere really pleasant to spend time. Aim for a colour theme and use several shades of this one colour for a pleasing effect. Add large shrubs to pots to screen off areas, here and throughout your garden. PERGOLAS, GAZEBOS and ARBOURS come in all shapes and sizes to suit your individual garden and offer an often unusual attraction. They also give places to sit and enjoy the outdoors and the fruits of your labour! GARDEN STUDIOS are particularly popular now as an extra room, an office or a playroom or gym. Prices are more competitive these days and there are more styles than ever. Work out what fits into your garden space and available budget – they can be very basic or quite luxurious but they all offer a lovely feeling of being nearer to Nature. There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of water, is there? So it’s definitely worthwhile considering a WATER FEATURE, POND or FOUNTAIN. Even quite a modest budget means you can install a pond yourself with a pump and suitable plants, with fish, for a reasonable amount.


| 19


ACTION UPHOLSTERY From Your Friendly Local Furniture Store



Available in a range of sizes to ensure a comfortable seating position...everytime!







on e l b a vail chairs a T A e 0% Ve‘n’Reclin Ris



Providence Mill I Alexandra St I off Croft St I Hyde I Cheshire SKI4 IDX

Telephone 0I6I 366 6I84





Exceptional Kitchens A kitchen is the heart of any home, so why not make it special. We can offer a no obligation consultation that will give you some idea of how you could be living. Our craftsman bring amazing attention to detail, delivering the kinds of kitchen you have always dreamed of. They specialise in exceeding expectations every time.

Our aim is to make your home better, with a service that is tailored to fit your needs. We are friendly, efficient and professional. No task is too big and no inquiry is too small, we are always happy to hear from you.

Outstanding Bedrooms We are also a market leader in bedroom fitting and design. There is nothing more luxurious and relaxing than settling down in your very own professionally designed bedroom. Tel: 0161 303 3211 Mob: 07904 994486 Email: A: Unit E2, Newton Business Park, Talbot Road, Hyde SK14 4UQ

pots of around 5cm (2in) in diameter if you don’t have much room. The ideal container gives each plant at least 10cm (4in) of space on all sides, to allow for roots and over-ground growth. Put a layer of stones into the bottom before adding the soil, or make sure there are a couple of little holes in the bottom to allow for draining. Seeds and cuttings can be planted in containers outside unless otherwise stated. Planting seeds: Unless the specific guidelines tell you otherwise, all you need to do is sprinkle a row of seeds over the top of the container, covering with a light dusting of soil and giving them a good water. As they start to shoot, separate any that are too close together, leaving a gap of at least 2.5cm (1in) between each plantlet.

Plant l Grow l Eat There’s a real joy in growing your own herbs and flowers, in using the fat of your land to add flavour to your cooking. Having spent an entire childhood avoiding anything to do with my parent’s garden, I’ve discovered the pride involved in snipping off a sprig and popping it straight into your pot. And the best thing? It’s really pretty easy. This guide intends to show you how simple it is.

garden centres will work just fine. Fill your boxes almost to the top, plant your seeds or cuttings and give them a really good drenching with water. Once a week, in summer months, it’s worth giving them a capful or two of plant feed, available from the same places as the soil. Containers: The larger your containers, the better, though herbs can survive for shorter times in tiny

Then, after a couple of weeks, discard those that look a bit weedy and meek to leave room for the ones that are flourishing, this time with at least 5cm (2in) of space between each. cuttings: Flowers like lavender and honeysuckle grow best from cuttings rather than seeds. Snip a healthy, nonflowering shoot from an existing plant – you want it to be around 5–10cm (2–4in) long. Keep only one or two pairs of leaves at the tip, dip the bottom in root power and poke the cutting into your container, leaving space around it. Water well and watch it grow. Once it’s about 15cm (6in) high, you should pinch off the top two leaves to encourage it to grow outwards – repeat this every 10 days or so. Plants: The fastest way to success, of course, is to buy plants from the garden centre and replant them. Squeeze them out of the pots they come in and gingerly break up the clump of earth that clings to their roots, taking care not to damage the roots. Place them into your container and pat some soil in around them. Water them well and you’ve got a ready-made garden that you can cook from straight away.

a few notes before you get out your trowel Soil: For herb and window boxes, the multi-use potting soil you buy in massive bags at DIY warehouses and


“How lovely is the silence of growing things.”





tastes: Strongly like onion.

tastes: Fragrant, like aniseed.

tastes: Peppery and sweet.

when to plant: Early spring to midsummer.

when to plant: Spring to late summer.

when to plant: Late spring, starting off inside.

when to pick: After a couple of months it will have grown enough for you to be able to slice off most of the chive, leaving just 2cm (3/4 in) to grow back. Chopping off the edible flower head will encourage more to grow.

when to pick: Late spring until late autumn. Snip off the stalks and pinch the leaves.

when to pick: Until late September, removing the leaves from growing stalks.

how to plant: Start growing the chives inside, sprinkling the seeds in a row and then barely covering with soil. Water them well and move them outside once they’re 5–6cm (2–2 ½ in) tall – you can carefully dig them up and transplant them to another container if you like, spacing them about 15cm (6in) apart. Although they might disappear in the winter, they are still alive – you can leave them outside and they will grow back again in the spring. plant it with: Chives tend to grow pretty tall, so plant them with squat, equally reedy herbs like dill and thyme. works particularly well with: Beetroot, chicken, haddock, goat’s cheese, parsnip, potatoes, sour cream. substitute it with: Basil, oregano, winter savory.

how to plant: Tarragon is one of the easiest herbs to look after – it is hardy and doesn’t need much care. It likes a bit of shade, so choose a spot that gets some light but also some respite from the sun. Plant the seeds in shallow dips in the soil, cover with a light dusting of earth and water frequently, making sure the seeds doesn’t dry out. Thin the plants out so that there is 10cm (4in) between each one. Either let it die off in the winter, or bring it indoors where it will live happily on a sunny windowsill. plant it with: Chervil, coriander and chive. works particularly well with: Chicken, lemon, green peppers, mushrooms, potatoes. substitute it with: Oregano, lemon balm, chervil. can be eaten: Raw, roasted or in sauces.

how to plant: Plant the seeds sparingly in small pots and cover with a very fine layer of soil; water well. Leave on a sunny windowsill. After about 5 weeks, move them outside, thinning the plants out until they are about 20cm (8in) apart. Basil needs sunshine and small amounts of water often, and will perk up quickly if it dries out a little. Pinch out the top leaves to stop it from growing too tall. plant it with: Mint, rosemary and thyme for a very fragrant box. works particularly well with: Chicken, pasta, Parmesan, salmon, peaches, tomatoes. substitute it with: Mint, lemon balm, oregano. can be eaten: Raw or steamed, although it can turn bitter if it is cooked for too long.

can be eaten: Raw, steamed or cooked in sauces.

Herbs & Flowers: Plant, Grow, Eat by Pip McCormac (Quadrille, £7.99) Illustrations Louise O’Reilly


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Whole John Dory with clams & courgettes

Also known as Saint Peter’s fish, after the patron saint of fishermen, John Dory is a beautiful fish. This was the first dish I cooked on the show, and no sooner had I finished and walked away to wash my hands than some eager French people huddled around the pan and started to dive in. A vote of confidence, if ever I saw one!

INGREDIENTS SERVES 2 2 courgettes, thickly sliced 2 heritage tomatoes, thickly sliced 2 shallots, thinly sliced 1 x 1kg John Dory, gutted and fins removed 50ml olive oil 375ml dry white wine 15 basil leaves 300g clams, washed handful of flat-leaf parsley leaves sea salt and freshly ground black pepper



Preheat the oven to 200°C/400°F/gas mark 6. Arrange the courgettes and tomatoes over the base of a roasting tin. Slot the shallot slices in between the courgettes and tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Season the John Dory with salt and pepper, place on top of the vegetables and drizzle with half the olive oil. Pour the white wine over and scatter with the basil leaves. Cover tightly with foil and cook in the oven for 20 minutes. Carefully lift the foil and add the clams, then cover again and return to the oven for a further 5 minutes or until the clams open up (discard any that remain closed). Remove from the oven, scatter over the parsley leaves and add a final drizzle of olive oil.

Braised Chicken with Red Wine Vinegar and Tarragon We ate so many lovely braised dishes in France that it was diªcult to choose just a few to go in the book, but this one made the cut: tarragon is such a classic French herb and the red wine vinegar really lifts the sauce. INGREDIENTS SERVES 4 1–2 tablespoons olive oil 1 x 1.25–1.5kg chicken, jointed into 8 portions knob of butter 1 teaspoon tomato purée 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 50ml red wine vinegar 110ml white wine 500ml chicken stock 2 tomatoes, skinned 1 heaped teaspoon Dijon mustard 250ml whipping cream 1 tablespoon chopped tarragon sea salt and freshly ground black pepper For the mash 500g potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks 125ml double cream 125g unsalted butter, softened

Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°C/gas mark 4. Heat the olive oil in a large ovenproof frying pan or flameproof casserole over medium to high heat. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and fry to a good golden crisp all over. Remove the chicken from the pan, then tip out the fat, wipe the pan clean, and add the butter. Stir in the tomato purée and cook over medium heat for 2 minutes, then add the garlic and cook for a further minute. Add the vinegar and reduce until it has all but disappeared. Add the wine and reduce by a third. Pour in the chicken stock and bring to a simmer, then return the chicken to the pan, cover with a lid and transfer to the oven. Cook for 20 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through. Meanwhile, quarter the tomatoes and scoop out the seeds. Cut the tomato flesh into small dice and set aside.

To make the mash, cook the potatoes in a saucepan of lightly salted water for 15 minutes until tender. Drain and pass through a potato ricer back into the saucepan and stir over low heat to dry out. Gently warm the cream in a small saucepan until just boiling, then remove from the heat. Gradually beat a little butter and then a little of the cream into the mash. Keep adding and beating until the potato is soft and creamy, then season with salt and pepper to taste Remove the pan from the oven, lift out the chicken pieces and keep warm while you finish the sauce. Strain the sauce through a sieve into a clean saucepan and bring back to the boil. Whisk in the mustard and cream, then simmer to reduce and thicken slightly. Check the seasoning, then add the diced tomato and tarragon. Pour the sauce over the chicken and serve with the mash.


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Croque monsieur INGREDIENTS SERVES 4 8 thick slices white bread 100g Cheddar cheese, grated 4 thick slices ham 100g butter sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

The ultimate cheese and ham toastie... Simple. I love it.

For the béchamel sauce, melt the butter in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir in the flour using a wooden spoon, then cook gently for 1 minute, still stirring. Remove the pan from the heat and gradually whisk in the milk until smooth. Return the pan to the heat and continue to cook, stirring constantly with the wooden spoon, until the sauce thickens. Season with salt and pepper, then remove from the heat and leave until cold. To make the sandwiches, spread a layer of the béchamel sauce over one side of four slices of the bread, then top each one with cheese, ham and another slice of bread. Melt the butter in a large, non-stick frying pan until foaming, fry the sandwiches, two at a time, for 2–3 minutes on each side. Serve with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Crêpes Suzette I’ll never forget cooking this dish on location: it was 34 degrees in the shade, and we were under a beautiful tree by a swimming pool overlooking Saint-Tropez. The other thing I should mention is that the person I was cooking it for was my great friend and three-star Michelin chef, Michel Roux Snr… We were at his house. No pressure, then. INGREDIENTS SERVES 2 For the crêpes 250g plain flour 2 eggs 2 teaspoons melted butter, plus extra for cooking 600ml milk

For the sauce 50g butter 3 oranges, 1 zested and all juiced 1 lemon, zested and juiced 3 tablespoons caster sugar 2 tablespoons Grand Marnier 2 tablespoons Cognac

To make the crêpes, whisk all the ingredients together in a bowl to form a smooth batter. Set aside for at least an hour in a cool place. Place a small frying pan over medium heat and add a little butter, then a ladleful of batter and swirl to coat the bottom of the pan. Cook for 1–2 minutes until just set, then flip and cook for a further minute until the underneath is lightly browned. Remove the cooked crêpe from the pan and repeat until all of the batter is used – you should end up with four crêpes. Place layers of baking parchment between the cooked crêpes to stop them sticking together. For the sauce, place all the ingredients in a large frying pan and bring to the boil, gently shaking the pan to ignite the alcohol. When the flame dies down, fold the crêpes into quarters and nestle them into the pan of sauce. Let them warm through for a few minutes, then dish out.

JAMES MARTIN’S FRENCH ADVENTURE (Quadrille, £20.00) Photography: Peter Cassidy.


For the béchamel sauce 25g butter 25g plain flour 300ml milk




ASHTON MA RKE T S QU ARE, OL6 6BZ 9AM – 2PM 0161 342 3268


Conditional bequests are on the increase One of the advantages of making a will is that a person can direct what happens to their wealth when they die. However, more people are inquiring how they can retain an element of control to ensure the wealth that they bequeath will be used in a way that it was intended. These conditional bequests can be used in a variety of ways, for example to ensure that the money is retained in the family in the event that their children or grandchildren divorce or die. Other ways would be to specify a purpose for the money, such as funding a deposit for a house or for education, to avoid younger generations frittering their inheritance. Conditional gifts are made using discretionary trusts. Trustees are appointed who decide – with the assistance of a side letter of wishes – how and when payments are to be made to beneficiaries. These trusts can be set up on death or in a person’s lifetime. A person can pay up to £325,000 into the trust every seven years without this attracting an immediate tax charge. For further information or if you require your will to be reviewed call us on 0161 330 6821 or visit us at

Contact our experts in our Wills, Probate & Planning for the future department. Bromleys Solicitors LLP - Clear, concise legal advice T: 0161 330 6821


A: 50 Wellington Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 6XL


Bromleys Solicitors LLP is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority



Out & About A guide to the amazing events around Oldham for 2017 3nd September - 9th September

Your Oldham Festival

The festival kicks off with a family fun day at the popular Castleshaw Centre nestled in the hills of Delph. Go caving, pond dipping – or for the less adventurous, a guided walk around the Roman Forts. Oldham Music Service will accompany the day with the sounds of brass and there’ll be dream catcher crafting, badge-making and refreshments throughout the day. Don’t miss the talk from the Oldham Viking – I bet you didn’t know Oldham had one – and get a taste of the Street Wisdom sessions. Come along, take part in fun activities and see what the centre has to offer. No need to book, just turn up. Castleshaw Centre, Waterworks Road

8th September - 30th September

Oh What A Lovely War

Joan Littlewood’s Musical Entertainment Oh What A Lovely War by Theatre Workshop, Charles Chilton, Gerry Raffles and Members of the Original Cast. Title suggested by Ted Allan. Pack up your troubles with Joan Littlewood’s critically acclaimed satirical First World War musical in the year Britain remembers the Passchendaele campaign of 1917. Oldham Coliseum

9th September

Saddleworth Live At The Millgate - Last Night Of The Proms Join us for our very special, debut ‘season launch event’ with LIVE PERFORMANCES from local soloists, Miriam Lawton and Martin Bradbury, plus special guests - and maybe a few surprises! Everyone involved in performing and producing this evening's 'Last Night of the Proms' show is very kindly donating their services to raise funds to buy essential equipment for the Millgate Arts Centre. Millgate Arts Centre, Stoneswood Road

17th September

Saddleworth Live At The Millgate - Buzz Hawkins Twice nominated for the Sony Radio Award for ‘Best Use Of Comedy’, writer-voicer-producer Buzz Hawkins brings radio’s longest running favourite funny family ‘The Bradshaws’ to life on stage before your very eyes (with some help from little Billy Bradshaw).Armed with the new comedy song album ‘Catchy Choruses & Daft Bits’, the funniest nostalgia you’ll ever see, and with thirtyodd years of comedy writing to go at, you can expect an unforgettable rib-cracking night out. Millgate Arts Centre, Stoneswood Road

Lisa Crossland on 01457 819880 or email


| 29


15th September

24th November - 2nd December

20th November - 25th November

The Ladykillers

Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular

Steel Magnolias

November sees a very black comedy on our stage. Best known as the Ealing Comedy (and a challenge for our clever set-builders), Linehan’s drama is set in the rickety house of a sweet old lady who inadvertently takes in a gang of inept criminal misfits, then finds herself implicated, then innocently comes out on top, despite her best intentions! Lyceum Theatre, Oldham

The Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular lives up to its promise! This show is quite possibly the very best tribute to the still talked about golden years of the world-famous Rat Pack Las Vegas era. Featuring the combined talents of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr, the Rat Pack wowed audiences worldwide but most notably at The Sands Casino, Las Vegas! Rochdale Royale, Rochdale

Hilarious and touching, this play for six women is set in a beauty parlour in Louisiana. Through four scenes spanning three years the staff and customers engage in small-town gossip but we see a deep strength and purposefulness emerge… Droylsden Little Theatre

J. Child & Son Ltd


Monumental Masons

Introducing ICare Meals on Wheels

4th Generation Independent Family Run Business Established 1899 Introducing ICare Meals on Wheels


Help and Advice Freely Given, Home Visits, Detailed Brochure


The Services we offer - All our staff are fully Police and checked. Introducing ICare Meals onDBSWheels OUR TE WEBSI NOW E OBILneeded VISITservice, OUR WEBSITE TO ORDER YOUR MEALS ONLINE upISMif Hot Lunchtime meal where the meal can be plated . DLY FRIEN A Tea time Treat, which is a sandwich pack delivered with your hot meal ready for A Tea time Treat, which is a sandwich pack delivered with your hot meal ready for tea time. tea time. Introducing ICare Meals on Wheels l A Frozen Meal delivery Service. VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO ORDER YOUR MEALS ONLINE A Tea time Treat, which is a sandwich pack delivered with your hot meal ready for tea time. l A WELL BEING CHECK, if there is any cause of concern we contact your next of kin. If there is no answer on delivery, we have a no-reply policy to follow which ensures we find the whereabouts of the customer. A Tea time Treat, which is a sandwich pack delivered with your hot meal ready for tea time. Our Peace of Mind Service which is a 15 minute stay, where we encourage you to eat the meal we have delivered, do small household chores, medication prompting if needed and update your next of kin on our visit. Delivery times Hot Meals are delivered between 11am and 2pm Frozen Meals are delivered between 9am and 4pm How often do I have to order? Our service runs 365 days a year. Customers can order as and when needed. There is no contract. l

Distinctive Memorials in a Wide Choice of Materials l Style and Ornamentation to Personal Specification l Large Display of Vases and Statues l Inscriptions in any Language l Cleaning and Renovations l Memorial Insurance l Maintenance Contracts

A Tea time Treat, which is a sandwich pack delivered with your hot meal ready for tea time.


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RegisteredPlace an order online to be entered into our Monthly prize draw

Place an order online to be entered into our Monthly prize draw

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9th September

Prison Game When prison is your world, how do you function within society? This gripping one-man physical theatre performance is the story of how prison can define a man. Using real life accounts of extraordinary experiences, this story deals with the effects of institutionalisation on the psyche of an individual. Oldham Coliseum

4th October

Clogs to Clogs and the Shalwar Kameez Scratch the surface, and we have so much more in common that what seems to separate us. Shanaz is the town's first female Muslim mayor. Her drive to bring in new business means demolishing the town's last mill. Clogs to Clogs and the Shalwar Kameez is a joyous and funny telling of the history of the Lancashire Cotton Industry through drama, stories, songs and dance. Of how life brings us full circle. And of how the lives of the workers of Lancashire and South Asian have been woven together through cotton for over 400 years. Oldham Coliseum


.... 11th November - 13th January

Dick Whittington

The North West's favourite pantomime is packed with laugh-out-loud gags, thigh slapping songs, and a generous helping of "it's behind you's"! OH YES IT IS. Poor young lad Dick Whittington lives in the country but wants a life of adventure. He journeys to seek his fame and fortune in London with just his rat-catching cat as his only friend. Are the city's streets paved with gold? Will his path to the happily-ever-after be an easy one?

Happiness is a Cup of Tea During a stormy night on the cliff top at Beachy Head, Fiona Nash is facing her own mortality. She's been asked to write a eulogy, and she didn’t even know her mother was ill. Now she’s just trying to figure out things in that head of hers. She should probably go home, but sometimes it’s best just to have a cup of tea and a sit down for a minute. Oldham Coliseum

Bolton market has over 200 stalls including a bustling food court serving food from all over the world, cafés complement our food offer, and we even have a licensed bar.

Dick Whittington has fabulous costumes, glitz and glamour, silliness and slapstick and hit songs to sing along to. This pantomime appeals to ALL the family, from kids to not-sogrown-up grown-ups. A great way to celebrate Christmas with friends and family. Oldham Coliseum

You can buy everything from fresh fish, meat and game, locally sourced and exotic fruit and vegetables with speciality stalls selling deli meats and a huge selection of cheeses, plus there is a whole host of traditional stalls selling everything from furniture to flowers, bedding to broomsticks and much more.

22nd September - 30th September

Opening Times; Open every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9am-5pm.


13th October

Bolton’s Award Winning Market

One For The Road

We open our new season with a comedy about social climbing, set in the 1980s, when everyone wanted to escape their working class roots … Everyone, that is, except Dennis Cain, whose life is defined by garden gnomes, John Denver records, Tupperware and poshed-up cottage pie. And he thinks he’s the only one who wants to get out! Lyceum Theatre, Oldham

Well worth a visit!

Bolton Market has it all.

How To Find Us Bolton Market, Ashburner Street, Bolton BL1 1TQ. Contact: 01204 336825


Visit our website for a list of special events and activities that we are running at the Market.


the voice of markets

WINNER BEST FOOD market 2017

“For Bolton’s Food & Drink Festival


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The best cardio workouts for over 50s As you get older, there’s still plenty you can do to stay fit and active long into retirement. While it’s a good idea to hold back on the high-intensity workouts, there’s loads of exercises you can do to get your heartrate up. To help you stay healthy, here’s our pick of the three best cardio workouts for over 50s. These are sure to get the blood pumping and help keep your cardiovascular system in great nick.

Walking While walking isn’t exactly the most intensive form of exercise, it’s a great way for people of all ages to maintain their health. A regular walking habit can help prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke according to the NHS, making it a great way to stay healthy for years to come. Walking is a low-impact exercise that doesn’t put any strain on your joints, making it a fantastic way to keep fit. Get together with a walking partner or join a walking group and it’s also a great way to socialise.

If you want to reap even more benefits from your walking habit, then make it a bit more of a challenge with some light resistance — the ankle and wrist weights from Powerhouse Fitness are perfect for this. You should also ditch the concrete jungle in favour of the great outdoors. Getting out in the fresh air and taking a walk among nature can increase your energy levels, improve the quality of your sleep, and help to reduce stress according to Live Strong. Who knew taking a walk in nature could be so good for you?

Gardening Like walking, you might not consider gardening to be real exercise. However, think again: an afternoon spent pottering around the garden can actually burn more calories than a gym session, according to a study from the University of Scranton (reported in The Guardian). This is because the average gardening session lasts two or three times longer than the usual trip to the gym, meaning it can burn more calories overall while being a whole lot more enjoyable. The benefits of regular gardening don’t stop there, either: a study that followed nearly 3,000 men and women for 16 years revealed that gardening reduced the chance of dementia in over 60s by 36%. All this points towards gardening being one of the most enjoyable ways to stay healthy well into old age.

Swimming If you’re looking for something a bit more active, look no further than swimming. It uses just about every muscle in your body, giving you a full body workout every time you dive into the pool. However, it doesn’t do any damage to your joints, making it the perfect way to raise your heart rate without putting your body in harm’s way. Swimming is also head and shoulders above other forms of cardio when it comes to burning calories. Use’s calorie cruncher to find out exactly how many calories you can expect to burn in the pool, with just half an hour of breast stroke coming in at a massive 367 kcals. These three forms of cardio are sure to keep you fit as a fiddle

rt e hea h t t a sed rity ba chdale, a h c tive, ea Ro We ar orough of ive more ac l B of the g people to lifestyles. y in health inspir d n e a ve ourag c n creati e , ess eing ire fitn ster well-b of our p s n i r fo We y and ery membe t i v i t a ev cre h and unity. c a e r fo m e com divers sit

ion vi t a m r re info o m r lin Fo www.

in your 50s and beyond. Try to spend a bit of time doing at least one of these exercises every day to stay maintain your health and wellbeing.

Link4Life is the trading name of Rochdale Boroughwide Cultural Trust. Registered Charity No: 1118610

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28/03/2017 16:23

Independent dependent at Ashton ngliving at Charles Court nes Court

s of Charles Jones Court come from ent walks of life and have formed bonds dships in the heart of the court, the al lounge.

Life at Aston Court The communal lounge at the court holds a range of social activities and events, including, coffee mornings, bingo and social outings. All are welcome to join in. A key element of Housing & Care 21’s service offering is the Court Manager. The Court Managers liaise with residents to ensure the smooth running of their court. They also support residents by organising any necessary repair work, liaising with external contractors and signposting to other services.

cently undergone a significant refurbishment, e is the focal point for a range of social and the recent investment has been warmly d by residents. Mary said it has made a big to their life at the court, while Teresa said .”

Housing & Care 21’s Director of Retirement Housing, James McCarthy said “The Court Manager is available to provide support to the residents manage the everydayHousing, maintenance of Housing & Care 21’s and Director of Retirement Aston Court is a development of 35 one-bedroom the court, allows ourManager residents to more saidthis “The Court is spend available ents meet up there couple of times week, retirement flats aconveniently locatedaclose to the James McCarthy time doing things that they enjoy.” to provide support to the residents and manage the esdayscentre and Fridays, toinhave a cup of tea, of Oldham Greater Manchester.

everyday maintenance of the court, this allows our ats and a catch up. “It’s nice when we are all At Housing & Care 21 we are committed to residents to spend more time doing things that said Teresa. The properties are fitted with 24-7 emergency alarms delivering high-quality, affordable housing which for peace of mind, and there is a Court Manager they enjoy.” allows older people to maintain their independence.

service to provide day-to-day support and manage We believe in putting our customers’ first. This is Court in Batley offers a mix of one the building. The court is located next to Trinity Charles Jones achieved by treating our residents as individuals bedroom and studio apartments for people aged 55 House, an Extra Care scheme where further care, and considering their requirements and needs when It hasoura services, range ofso communal facilities support and social facilities can be accessed. Allyears and older. providing that we can best support flats have had new bathroom and kitchens fitted including thetheir residents’ lounge and attractive gardens. wellbeing and lifestyle. recently and the communal areas have recently been At Housing & Care 21 we are committed to delivering refurbished to a very high standard. high-quality,Benefits affordable housing which allows older and services:

people to maintain their independence.

Aston Court is conveniently located for a range of • Live independently in a modern home amenities, including a large supermarket and theWe believe in our customers’ first. This is • putting Enjoy socialising with others Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre, and forachieved by treating our residents as individuals • Court Manager access to Oldham town centre and Manchester. and considering their requirements and needs when • On site parking providing our• services, so that we can best support Communal facilities including a communal Oldham itself offers a wide range of shops, cafes,their wellbeing and lifestyle. lounge, guest suite, laundry and gardens. restaurant and pubs. It is known for its Georgian neoclassical Old Town Hall, and also boasts a number of

Benefits and services:

nothertheatres. happy resident at Charles Jones Court, • Live independently in a modern home e it here. I love my flat, I’ve made friends, To find out more about the court and is a regular service to nearby Oldham •from s thereThere is plenty to do bus or something Enjoy socialising with others please contact the arrange a viewing a bus stop just a minute away from the court and ” • Court Manager

Court Manager on 0370 192 4703

only 5 minutes to the local GP surgery and shops, • Private car park office. it, there’s plenty to Anneincluding said “I’mpost enjoying

and everyone is friendly. The flats are bigger • Communal facilities including a communal There are excellent transport links to the city of lounge and gardens we are used to, and moving here is one of hings Manchester. I’ve done.”

ment of Housing & Care 21’s service offering 34 | WWW.50PLUSMAGAZINE.CO.UK urt Manager. The Court Managers liaise

To find out more about the court and arrange a viewing please contact

Housing & Care 21 have age-exclusive Retirement Housing available Studio and one bedroom apartments available for over 55s in Salford, Oldham, Manchester, Sale. Our Retirement Housing is designed to offer independent living and the

& Care 21’s Director of Retirement Housing, comfort of being in a community setting. The private and secure McCarthy said “The Court Manager is available have been de support toapartments the residents and manage the designed to maximise space and comfort. y maintenance of the court, this allows our s to spend more time doing things that Key features and benefits: oy.”

Jones Court in Batleyfully offers a mixkitchens of one • Modern fitted m and studio apartments for people aged 55 • On-site private parking nd older. It has a range of communal facilities • Close to local amenities g the residents’ lounge and attractive gardens. ing & Care we are benefit committed to delivering • 21 Housing accepted ality, affordable housing which allows older • Pet friendly policy o maintain their independence.

• Court Manager service eve in putting our customers’ first. This is as a lounge, • Communal facilities such d by treating our residents as individuals landscape gardens and a laundry room.

sidering their requirements and needs when g our services, so that we can best support llbeing and lifestyle.

ts and services:

& Care 21 is a leading national provider of dependently inHousing a modern home retirement housing and care services for older people. socialising with others Manager e car park munal facilities including a communal For more Registered information on Housing & Care 21 retirement housing e and gardens with the

call 0370 192 4707 or visit our website at nd out more about the court and GENERAL DENTAL COUNCIL

nge a viewing please contact


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Your Low Cost Funeral Specialists

"The passing of a loved one is a challenging and difficult time. We believe these challenges should remain emotional, not financial"


Includes: Hearse, Coffin, All fees, All Disbursements, Any crematoria

No Hidden Extras

Prepayment Plans

are available starting from less than ÂŁ1 per day or

interest free for ÂŁ98

per month over 24 month

It's a call we hope you never have to make, but in the sad event of a loved ones passing we are here to help you at any time.

ynapmoC gniraC ehT


Tameside Healthcare Ltd. has been trading since 1946 working with the NHS as Approved Repairers. The company Showroom is located off Portland Street South, Ashton-under-Lyne with its own large car park and on-site test area for Power Wheelchairs and Scooters. Tameside Healthcare offers the services of Rehabilitation Engineers and Occupational Therapists for bespoke seating.

& moC gniraC eh yRise n a p Recliner Chairs

l l l l

Tameside Healthcare is now opening a new Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber at the site located in Ashton-under-Lyne. Tameside Healthcare's Customer Service comes 1st and we aim to ensure customers are treated with utmost care and respect. We always offer the best advice to help people lead an independent life.

l l

Wide range of quality fabrics Leather options Single or dual motor Width options from 18”-30” Massage & heat systems Made-to-measure available

Fast delivery!

Adjustable Beds

FREE Delivery & Set Up

Walkers Stair Lifts

Wheelchairs ✓ Sales ✓ Accessories ✓ Repairs

Mobility Scooters New & Used l l l l l


Portland St South. Ashton under Lyne, Lancs, OL7 0PR

T: 0161 331 4512


Wide range available Servicing and repairs Batteries Accessories Insurance Finance available



If you’re over 60, call now for your free bowel cancer screening kit:


E S T. 1 8 8 8




A F A M I L Y B U S INE S S F OR S I X G ENER A T ION S Denise and daughter Cassie are the Funeral Directors at H. Revell & Sons, a familyowned and run company based in Stalybridge. The company was formed in 1888 by Denise's great, great grandfather, Edward Hepworth Revell. With Denise's daughter Cassie Roberts now part of the team, this makes it a family business for six generations! “Over the 128 years we have carved out a reputation as a company that people can trust, and this milestone is an achievement of which we are very proud.” Although funerals have changed considerably since Victorian times, we believe their traditional values still hold true. “We were taught to be honest in our dealings with the public and to help them as much as possible in their hour of need. Integrity is everything. Because people are vulnerable when they lose someone, the funeral profession needs to conduct itself honourably. We are bound by a strict code of conduct, as stipulated by our trades association, The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF)." The company ethos is to provide a dignified, quality and caring service whilst keeping a competitive edge. “Most of our work comes from repeat business or referrals from our clients. There are families where four or five generations have used our company. Knowing you can turn to someone you know and trust can be a tremendous relief.” A good Funeral Director needs to be strong, yet sensitive; they need to have excellent organisational skills, be genuinely interested in people and be willing to go that extra mile. With Denise and Cassie's leadership skills we discreetly take control of the situation, relieving the pressure that inevitably accompanies death.

Pre-payment plans for peace of mind “A lot of our clients are now asking about pre-payment plans. With the cost of funerals rising faster than the rate of inflation we are finding people want to freeze the cost by taking out a pre-paid plan. It offers great peace of mind if there are no relatives to make arrangements and if there are relatives, then it takes the burden off them and reduces the stress that comes with losing a loved one.”

If you would like to discuss funeral plans further please give Denise, Cassie or Linny a call. David was looked after by Denise and we cannot thank her enough for the way she handled everything. Denise and the staff were excellent and made this very difficult time much easier for us. She organised everything for us and rang us daily to check we were ok - a very caring service. Thank you so much. Lesley & Charly

Tel/Fax 0161 338 2520

39 | WWW.50PLUSMAGAZINE.CO.UK 96 Stamford Street,

| 39 WWW.50PLUSMAGAZINE.CO.UK Stalybridge, Cheshire SK15 1LU

Weekdays Until 8pm

Open 7 Days

NOW OPEN Butchers Counter • Delicatessen • Fruit & Veg • Fine Wines

Cheese Counter • Real Ales • Fresh Bread • Local Produce

At our Todmorden Store. Fantastic local & national suppliers. Garden Centre | Farm Shop Mill Shop & Cafe Walsden | Todmorden OL14 7TJ | 01706 813374

Garden Centre & Bistro Kingsway | Rochdale OL16 4UX | 01706 356089

Oldham issue 54  

Local magazine for the over 50s includes, leisure, lifestyle, holidays

Oldham issue 54  

Local magazine for the over 50s includes, leisure, lifestyle, holidays