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..We told ‘em oldham! and now they are enjoying fantastic affordable holidays time, after time, after time! me o c o s g to n o l a

red hot deals all summer

tel: 0161 683 5555


email: steve@ol

150 Oldham ROad, FailswORth, manchesteR, m35 0hP

easy to find situated on the main road between manchester and oldham, 5 minutes from m60 2

inside... TRAVEL & LEISURE 6-7 Malta A touch of England in the Med.


11 Ellen Smith Door to door coach holidays. 14-15 Tameside & Ashton-under-Lyne Markets People you know, selling things you want. 16 Arcades Shopping Centre... ...has it all!




26-27 The Hairy Bikers... Take a scientific approach to food.

FOOD & DRINK 30-31 Joseph Cristophe Novelli... Shares some Port Salut recipes with us.



18-19 Is it time to downsize? Moving to a smaller home for the right reasons.

McGrath Media. Unit 6 | Moses Gate Workshops Gladys Street | Bolton | BL3 2QG. T: (01204) 796 494 | F: (01204) 791594

HEALTH 5 & 35 Meridian Healthcare Providing the best care for older people


it’s EASY it's FUN

with THOUSANDS to be WON !

Cosmo Bingo has been in the heart of Stalybridge for more than 30 years and remains as popular as ever. Pop along for a fun, cheap way of spending free time where you can also win big money!


Playing out is the new staying in at Cosmo Bingo!


Based in the town centre right next to the bus station, 100 yards from the train station, Cosmo attracts members from all over Stalybridge, Tameside and beyond. Well known for great prize money at low prices ( a good session of bingo can start from as little as £2 - £3) it’s also a fantastic place to meet and make friends. There are games of bingo to suit all pockets, and the modern way of playing means you can even play on electronic hand held devices we call “planets”. A simple press on the screen marks your tickets off for you!

of discount vouchers when you become a new member

We also serve great value, home cooked food, and have a fully licensed, well priced bar. Open every day from 11 am (11.30am Sunday) through till late, bingo is broken up into two afternoon and two evening sessions. Play for one or two sessions or make a day of it and play for all four!

Vouchers will be issued when you swipe your membership card on your 1st, 2nd and 3rd visit. Discount vouchers valid off 6 Main Session books or Planets, No change given. Cannot be used with any other promotion. As a Cosmo Member you will also receive Regular discount vouchers by post, text and Email,Terms & Conditions apply.

Waterloo Road, Stalybridge, SK15 2AB 0161 338 5277

We have at least 250 winners a day, with at least four chances a day to win £5,000.00, and another four chances to win up to £2,000.00 as well as the smaller prizes. In the evenings there’s also a chance of £20,000.00 or more on the National bingo game. But it’s not just the chance of a win, the fun friendly atmosphere keeps people coming back for more. Membership is free, and you can sign up in the club or online at www. New members are given £10 discount vouchers to use in their first few visits.

GRAHAM SMITH HAS A TWITTER LIFE IS JUST A TWEET! Do you tweet? Twitter seems to have become all the rage but don’t some people make themselves look twits by what they say? Even David Cameron is tweeting, and for once it’s not about Nick Clegg. As I write he’s just popped up to announce that Prime Minister’s Question Time is about to start. A sure cue for everyone to switch off their computers and phones and hide in a darkened corner before this adult version of Children’s Playtime starts. Does the Queen tweet? Well not officially but someone assuming her name, @Queen_UK, and claiming to be Elizabeth Windsor, gives me many a chuckle with irreverent comments and quips at various member of the Royal Family and the government.

WAITING FOR A PRINCESS! Joining a small crowd waiting to see the Princess Royal in Keighley I had to laugh at some of the comments as time ticked by and she did not emerge from the Civic Centre she was opening. “I suppose she’s had her dinner, I’m on the wrong side of mine,” growled one elderly lady. “Who does she think she is being so late, royalty?”, from one man. I was curious to see this much travelled, often criticised member of the Royal Family whose dog has a penchant for eating geese and who can be a bit nippy behind a steering wheel.

Her catchphrase is “gin o’clock” and he or she has an astonishing 646,553 followers and counting. The latest tweet,“ Camilla on the phone, worried that “the interweb has gone”. The DoE (Prince Philip) thinks she’s trying to find Ceefax”. Then there was this little gem, “Alvin and the Chipmunks (Mr Cameron and Co) are back from their Burma holiday. The poor Burmese still have no idea who they are”. Or “Bungle (Boris Johnson) on the phone. Not really sure what he’s saying, partly due to one having hung up”. She creases me! The “gin o’clock” bit comes in when our supposed monarch announces at 5pm each day that it’s home time and “gin o’clock”. And one of my favourites, “Just been out with the dogs. The DoE is trying to dry Linnet the corgi off with a hairdryer”. To me this is great humour and I am an avid follower. Others make me laugh for other reasons. They tweet before they’re out of bed and I even know the flavour of one southern lady’s toothpaste thanks to her being retweeted by one of my followers. Then there are the dodgy ones. I sat at my machine one morning and discovered I was being followed by three brothels in San Diego and a dispensing chemist for some very suspect stuff in India, duly deleted. Be very careful if you click any links to these kind of people or you will find your computer or mobile phone infected with something which spreads like mumps and ruins any social standing you ever had. Last word with the Queen after the budget, “Text from Nick Clegg: “I didn’t agree with the tax on fruit machines. People shouldn’t pay tax on their apples and bananas”.


Security was tight for the only royal to have been close to being kidnapped some years ago. On the centre door were two local security people who collectively must have weighed 50 stone but when Anne’s exit was signalled they were dwarfed by her own security men, and women, one of whom could have been seven feet tall with a tell-tale bulge under his immaculately tailored suit jacket. Then there she was, initially wearing that so serious look she is known for but she kindly broke into a half grin and her eyes lit up as a lady beside me made a light hearted comment about how long she had been inside before leaping nimbly into the back of a Range Rover. She certainly has the “royal” look and for a woman slightly older than me, in her early 60s, she is still youthful. “I’ve immensely enjoyed my trip to Yorkshire,” she said to us all. We enjoyed having you Ma’am, but next time could you save us a sandwich if we have to wait so long?

0161 304 2600


50 Plus Travel

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MALTA Travel to a touch of England in the Med

By Peter Lynch Journalist, rail and wildlife specialist, contributor to Great Train Journeys of the World and Silver Travel Advisor

Malta is a fabulous Mediterranean destination especially if you dislike the hassle of foreign languages. Everyone speaks good to perfect English yet Malta retains all the charm of the Mediterranean.

bureaucrats have forced the withdrawal of the famous orange vintage Leyland and Bedford buses.

The universality of English is down to Malta being part of the British Empire from 1814 until 1964 but strangely it was not one of the Empires conquests. In the Napoleonic era Malta was between a rock and a hard place - at risk of being invaded by the French and the Russians. It opted for the protection of the British Empire and subsequently played a crucial role in defeating Rommel’s Afrika Korps in North Africa during WWII.

The Upper Barrakka Gardens provide a must-see harbour and city view and the Grand Master’s palace and armoury is a must. Don’t be put off by the plain exterior of St John cathedral; it belies a fabulous Baroque interior and a famous painting by Caravaggio.

It’s a tiny place, significantly smaller than the Isle of Wight, with a familiar yet foreign ambience. They have the highest density of catholic priests outside the Vatican City, produce and explode more fireworks per head than anywhere else on earth and eat an unbelievable number of rabbits. Of course, they drive on the left and something I love is how it’s kept some of the classic images from my childhood – old red telephone boxes, red post boxes and blue lights outside police stations. Sadly EU


The World Heritage listed capital of Valletta is Europe’s first planned city, laid out in a grid system of streets and alleyways. The Knights of St John built it on a peninsula as a defence against the Turks during the sixteenth century.

Valletta’s real charm is its ambience, so it’s important to sit in an outdoor cafe and soak up the palpable sense of history rather than just rushing around the sites –the perfect excuse for loafing. But all this is just recent history; Malta’s prehistoric megalithic temples are older than Stonehenge or the Pyramids. It’s a dream destination for historians and reads like a textbook of western civilisation, probably with more human history packed into its122 sq miles than anywhere else on earth. There are 23 prehistoric sites dating back 6,000 years including the impressive megalithic temples of Taraxien and Hagar Qim but the subterranean

Valletta’s real charm is its ambience, so it’s important to sit in an outdoor cafe and soak up the palpable sense of history... on Malta en-route to Rome and his indelible legacy of Christianity is still evident in the islands 360 churches. The marks of Norman and Arab conflicts are everywhere on the island, culminating with the spectacular city of Valletta built by the Knights of St John in 1566. Malta’s history rolls on involving the Spanish Empire; Napoleon predictably turned up and of course the British. But its not history that makes Malta one of the UK’s favourite holiday destinations - it’s the glorious weather, the friendly people, the Mediterranean lifestyle and the convenience of English speakers. When Malta’s history, shopping and nightlife pall the 20-minute ferry across to Gozo is like moving to another country. It is Malta’s exclusive hideaway island with a pastoral ambience compared to Malta’s brasher tourist developments. Everything runs at a slower pace on Gozo.

hypogeum of Hal Saflieni is perhaps the most breathtaking. It is the only known underground prehistoric temple. Not much is known about these ancient temple builders or their mysterious parallel ‘cart tracts’ gouged into the limestone. They’ve been likened to a complex railway junction (Clapham Junction) because they criss-cross the landscape and some even disappear off the edge of the cliff - creating an endless source of myths and legends. Homer’s Odyssey tells of Ulysses being shipwrecked on the nearby island of Gozo where Calypso captivated him on his journey back from Troy to Ithaca in Greece. Then there are the Phoenicians from the Biblical cities of Tyre and Sidon who traded and settled Malta until ousted by the Roman’s. St Paul was also shipwrecked

The islands capital of Rabat was renamed Victoria in 1897 to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond jubilee but its still the beautiful quant town of alleyways, cafes and little shops it always was. The imposing walled citadel sheltered people from the marauding corsairs who plagued island communities throughout the Mediterranean. Gozo has its share of prehistoric monuments such as the Ggantija temple - supposedly built by giantesses and more mysterious ‘cart ruts’. The impressive Romanesque Basilica of Ta Pinu dominates the Gozitan skyline and has become a local shrine with a Lourdes-like status for miracle cures. Inside the walls are adorned with artificial limbs and other relics left by grateful pilgrims.

So don’t bother with a history book in Malta, just stroll around and let it all seep in, and between momentous historical events you’ll be able to find a perfect pasta and a decent pint of beer.

Silver Travel Advisor is a travel review, information and advice website exclusively for over 50’s, packed with articles, suggestions, tips and ideas. For free and independent travel advice as well as reviews about holidays, hotels, restaurants and days out, please visit or email It’s free to register as a member of Silver Travel Advisor, and you could win a fabulous holiday prize.



Coach Holidays



All tours include half board accommodation with 2 excursions l Local Joining Points l Free Insurance

ROBINSONS OWN HOTELS The Abbey Lawn Hotel, Torquay AA3M Stylish hotel located in the grounds of the former Torre Abbey.

5 Days/ 4 Nights Dinner Bed & Breakfast, includes 2 Excursions and FREE Insurance

Facilities at the Abbey Lawn Hotel include:

Indoor Heated Pool/Outdoor Pool, Solarium, Sauna, Steam Room, Lounge, Gym, Large Conservatory, Sea View Rooms available*, Lift, Porterage.











The Imperial Hotel, Eastbourne, Robinsons 3M

An impressive Victorian building set amidst a beautiful tree lined boulevard.

Facilities at the Imperial Hotel include: Two Residents’ Bars, Ballroom, TV & Complimentary Tea & Coffee in all Bedrooms, 2 x Lifts, Porterage.

The Ocean View Hotel, Shanklin, Robinsons 3M

An elegant hotel commanding magnificent views across Sandown Bay, Golden Beaches and a quaint collection of shops.

Facilities at the Ocean View Hotel include: Indoor Heated Pool, Spa, Indoor Bowling Green, Table Tennis, Snooker Room, Sea View Rooms available* Lift, Porterage. *For 7 day departures in October November and December 2012, to Eastbourne the Battle and Rye excursion will be replaced by a day trip to France and a passport is required.

Abbey Lawn

Imperial Ocean View Mystery Tour
















7 Days/ 6 Nights Dinner Bed & Breakfast, includes 2 Excursions and FREE Insurance 08-Oct


£279* £279

















8 Days/ 7 Nights Dinner Bed & Breakfast, includes 2 Excursions and FREE Insurance 19-Nov





Abbey Lawn Hotel: Front View 7 days £13, 5 days £10 Premier Room 7 days £45, Ocean View Hotel: Sea View 7 days £13, 8 days £15, 5 days £10 Premier Room 7 days £45, 8 days £50, 5 days £30. Imperial Hotel: Premier Room 7 days £30, 5 days £20.

FREEPHONE 0800 0839086 BOOK ONLINE Park Garage, Great Harwood, Blackburn BB6 7SP.

All Robinsons own hotels to Torquay, Shanklin and Eastbourne include the following itinerary with ‘Christmas Day’ and ‘New Years Eve’ style celebrations. Christmas Day l Sherry and canapé reception served 15 minutes prior to your dinner sitting l Traditional 5 course dinner l Evening of music and dancing with our resident entertainer l Bingo and hot mince pies, served during the evening. New Years Eve New Years Eve dinner l Evening of music and dancing with our resident entertainer l Party games with spot prizes to be won l Bingo and hot sausage rolls, served during the evening.

Turkey & Tinsel l

5 Days/ 4 Nights accomodation includes 2 excursions

05 Nov 12 Nov 19 Nov 26 Nov 03 Dec 10 Dec 17 Dec 23 Dec 29 Dec

Abbey Lawn Imperial

Ocean View

£199 £199 £195 £195 £189 £189 £185 - - £179 £175 £175 £169 £169 - - £375 £375

Mystery Tour

£199 £165 £159 £185 £155 £175 £169 £395 £375

£179 £175 £169 £165 £165 £165 £165 £355

7 Days/ 6 Nights accomodation includes 2 excursions

Abbey Lawn Imperial 05 Nov £249 £249 12 Nov £245 £245 19 Nov £239 £239 26 Nov £235 £235 03 Dec £229 £229 10 Dec £225 £225

Ocean View £249 £245 £239 £235 £199 £225

Mystery Tour £225 £219 £215 £209 £205 £199

23rd and 29th December tours include 1 excursion. Your stay will also include: l Guess the Weight of the Cake l Big Prize Crossword (Terms and Conditions apply) l One afternoon Cream Tea with background music, served in the Ballroom between 3 and 4pm l Two Movie Matinee’s at 2pm, see the hotel information board for more details

Festive Breaks ‘12

Christmas ‘12

All 5 day tours. Include 4 nights dinner,bed and breakfast with festive entertainment and 2 excursions

All 5 day tours. Include 4/6 nights dinner,bed and breakfast with full Christmas Fayre and 1 excursion

04 November Tenby.................... Cliffe Norton Hotel.............. £222 05 November Tenby.................... Belgrave Hotel..................... £240 19 November Llandudno............ Kensington Hotel................. £304 26 November Llandudno............ Esplanade Hotel.................. £237 26 November Hereford............... Green Dragon Hotel............. £215 03 December Llandudno............ Kensington Hotel................. £292 03 December Torquay................. Barcelo Imperial Hotel........ £319 10 December Llandudno............ Kensignton Hotel................. £292 17 December Bournemouth....... Mayfair Hotel....................... £196

22 December Spain................. Evenia Olympic ( 7days)....................£509 23 December Hereford............ Green Dragon Hotel (5 days)............ £450 23 December Llandudno......... Kensington Hotel (5 days).................£449 23 December Ribble Valley...... Mercure Foxfields Hotel (5 days) .....£329

Single Room Supplement may be applicable on the above tours

FREEPHONE 0800 0839086 BOOK ONLINE Park Garage, Great Harwood, Blackburn BB6 7SP.

THE AZOREAN GARDEN AT THE HAMPTON COURT PALACE FLOWER SHOW This July, The Royal Horticultural Society introduced a new idea - the World of Gardens - for the first time at its Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. There were four gardens entered, from very diverse destinations: Switzerland, Jordan, St. Petersburg and The Azores. It is very difficult to explain, to those who do not understand the British passion for gardens and gardening, that each day some 30,000 people visit the show - which is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday inclusive and that the Hampton Court Flower Show is the largest gardening event in the world. It covers a huge area of some 30 acres or so. It took me six months to persuade the Azoreans to enter a garden. Understandably, they found it hard to comprehend the concept and the fact that Photo courtesy of

the show garden created would have to be world class because the RHS is the leading horticultural organisation in the world and it sets the highest of standards. However, once they understood what a perfect opportunity this was to raise awareness of their islands to an audience whose main interest was, after all, gardens, then there was no stopping the flow of ideas. The islands of the Azores are, effectively, one big garden. This is a lush landscape of fertile volcanic soil, set in a temperate climate within the Gulf Stream, where seemingly anything grows in profusion. Flowers abound and, in June, hedgerows of hydrangeas twist like ribbons through the hills and valleys where half a million contented cows produce what I think is the best cheese in Portugal. Though the plants typically found in the Azores were sourced in the UK for The Azorean Garden at Hampton Court, the volcanic rocks, scree and basalt were shipped from the various islands and formed a stunning backdrop to the plants. The Azores, being volcanic, are blessed in being able to derive most of their energy from geothermal sources. Fumaroles abound, especially on the main island of Sao Miguel, and the garden designer and the builders were tasked to reproduce a smoking, bubbling pool, 10

fringed with, white, volcanic rocks, so typical of the village of Furnas, which is built in the crater of an extinct volcano. Nothing was going to put gardeners off from visiting Hampton Court, let alone a little rain! Such was the interest in the garden and in the islands themselves, that we had 15 staff there daily - from Sunvil, from other specialist operators and from the Azorean tourist board manning the garden and the information tent. Three and a half thousand visitors entered the Sunvil prize draw for a week’s free holiday. Cheese from the island of Sao Jorge was on offer, plus a fortified wine from the island of Pico. Many thousands of information leaflets and brochures were handed out. What were the most frequently asked questions? Probably “Where are the Azores?” was number one. I lost count of the times I said, in response: “One third of the way across the Atlantic from Lisbon to New York”. Another regular query was: “What is the best time of the year to go?”. Most people were surprised to learn that there’s a direct flight from Gatwick operating between April and October and that summer temperatures range between 18 and 24 degrees Centigrade, while winter temperatures do not fall below 14 degrees Centigrade. The islands of the Azores offer an unsophisticated and unspoilt destination with spectacular scenery, very reminiscent of New Zealand in its variety, and wonderful for walking, cycling, whale watching and island hopping by air – perfect for garden lovers and those who enjoy the great outdoors. The garden was awarded a Silver Gilt medal at the show, and in the region of 180,000 visitors walked past – what more could one ask for in terms of creating awareness about this unique destination? Monty Don and Rachel de Thame recorded the opening shots of the Hampton Court Special for Gardeners’ World on BBC 2 from the Azorean Garden, pulling in a huge number of people along with the TV cameras, and Jo Swift, also of Gardeners’ Word, talked animatedly from the Azorean Garden about the vast array of plants that could be found on the Azores and about the fumaroles, used by the islanders as nature’s own slow cooker for their national dish, Cozido. My favourite plants from the Azores are probably the tree ferns (Dicksonia Antarctica) and agapanthus, both of which self-seed on the islands. I confess that I bought a couple of tree ferns from the Azorean Garden. I can’t wait for them to be planted in my small Twickenham garden – they will be a wonderful reminder of the exotic flora to be found in the Azores every time I look out of the window.

By Noel Josephides

Managing Director of Sunvil

Door to Door Coach Holidays from

Why not join us this year or next year on one of our Quality Door to Door Coach Tours? Our passenger numbers grow year on year because we offer a type holiday that takes away the stress and angst encountered on many other forms of holiday. Firstly, we pick you up at your front door at a prearranged time in a minibus or taxi. You are then transferred to a central meeting point where the coach is waiting for you. Within 15 to 30 minutes you’re on your way aboard our luxury coach travelling directly to your holiday destination, making suitable stops en-route. The hotels that we use are of a 3 or 4 star standard or occasionally a good quality family run 2 star hotel. However, if you prefer another type of holiday you could travel abroad by aeroplane but remember the taxi to the airport, the queue at check in, the queue at the security check, the removal of your shoes, belts etc., the wait in the departure lounge and the queue to board the plane. Then the cramped conditions on the plane, the queues at the destination airport, need I go on? Oh yes I will – the cost of living once you are there! Or perhaps a none Ellen Smith coach holiday. A taxi or bus to a local picking up point, a wait for the coach to arrive, then off to the interchange to swap coaches, and eventually you’re on your way, about 2 hours behind the Ellen Smith coach!

Or why not go by car, but calculate the cost of fuel and parking charges. Also not forgetting the busy motorways, fractious driving and expensive hotels.

It makes sense to opt for an Ellen Smith door to door holiday! We pick- up at your door in most of the Greater Manchester area. We visit every part of the UK from the Shetland Islands to Cornwall. Our drivers are very experienced mature individuals with a wealth of knowledge about our wonderful country. We do city breaks, historic adventures, scenic tours, train rides, boat rides, canal trips, not forgetting our numerous costal resorts. We offer a price guarantee – everything noted in the brochure is included in the price. No surcharges, we also guarantee that if we reduce the price of a holiday every customer gets the same reduction.

INTERESTED? Call our reservations office on 01706 648126 and request a copy of our 2012 brochure. We will send you our 2013 brochure later in the year, you’ll be surprised at the variations of tours we operate. Visit our website at 11

RUSSELL GRANT: THE COMEBACK KID When Russell Grant first danced into the hearts of the viewing millions on “Strictly Come Dancing” last year his stars might well have predicted great success and a comeback of cosmic proportions. For arguably Britain’s favourite astrologer may not have won the series – well, let’s face it, his dancing was more entertainment than excellence – but the live audiences and those at home loved him. And for Russell this TV appearance provided a passport back to fame.

Blackpool, Russell met his partner Doug Beaumont and the two have been together for almost 40 years. Although Russell first came to prominence in 1978 after he held an astrological reading for the Queen Mother which led to him being dubbed “Astrologer Royal”, his theatre, TV and film career was surprisingly comprehensive and successful. It spanned more than 30 musicals and comedies, including work as varied as touring with “The King and I” to TV’s “On The Buses”, “Please Sir!” and “The Fenn Street Gang”. He’s been in “Tom Brown’s Schooldays” in the West End and was an effective panto dame in shows all over the country.

Born in Middlesex, Russell was brought up in a council house by his set designer father Frank and secretary mother Joan who both worked at Pinewood Studios. His parents separated when he was 11 and he moved in with his maternal grandmother but, in spite of the upheaval, Russell has always said he had a happy childhood.

However, TV beckoned and it was Russell’s fascination with astrology and his exuberant personality that brought him before the nation, first on Yorkshire TV and then on Granada TV where he was a regular onscreen explaining the daily horoscopes. From there he moved to breakfast TV with BBC’s “Breakfast Time” and later to TV-am as resident astrologer on “Good Morning.”

He worked as a Butlins’ Redcoat and trained as an actor, appearing in a variety of shows. While working in

A broadcasting natural and popular presenter, this role soon broadened to presenting other shows including


celebrity quiz “Star Choice”. He later had his own six-episode series “Russell Grant’s All Star Show.” He worked for Channel 5 just after it was launched and directed and starred in “Russell Grant’s Postcards”, a collection of more than 100 five-minute travelogues produced by his own company Russell Grant World Productions. Russell worked solidly on a number of TV projects, with his astrology skills ever present, and he wrote a number of popular newspaper columns and horoscopes in regional newspapers throughout the country as well as in various magazines. Like many TV personalities, however, his star waned for a while. In 2006, he took part in the fourth series of “Celebrity Fit Club” and lost over three stone, but he later suffered from depression and his weight rocketed, this time to 26 stone. He became something of a recluse at the 30-acre Snowdonia estate that he shares with Doug but, being Russell Grant and a trouper, determined that the show must go on, he began losing weight – around 10 stone in two and a half years by disco dancing each day for half an hour! In 2011, an online group called “Get Russell on Strictly” finally persuaded TV executives to have him as a contestant on the show. In September last year, he burst onto our screens with his lovely professional dancing partner Flavia Cacace. Surprisingly light on his feet and with genuine rhythm, Russell sported a number of colourful and outrageous costumes and certainly won the day with viewers. In fact, they kept him in the knock-out programme until late November – in spite of much criticism from the judges, in particular the often acerbic Craig Revel Horwood. The abiding memory of Russell from the series, however, is of him being shot from a cannon as part of one particularly fun number!

and revived Russell’s theatrical reputation once more. The production also brought him under the dancing wing of choreographer and dance teacher Arlene Phillips – “She even had me dancing the Charleston”, said Russell. Following his memorable appearance in the hit musical, Russell has been brought in as a guest star for a new tour of the show “Grease”, taking the role of Teen Angel at various venues including Newcastle, Llandudno, Southseas, Wimbledon, Dartford and for a one-week run in Manchester in October. He’s back working with Arlene Phillips, whom Russell insists is his “dance sister.” “Arlene brought out the very best in me working on ‘The Wizard of Oz’,” he stated. “So when she said I was right for Teen Angel and, if I took the part, she’d create the choreography, how could I resist!” The sparkly suit and no doubt mesmerising performances are bound to leave the audience hopelessly devoted to Mr Grant’s special charms again. And it’s one more dancing role which he now loves, as he explained: “Teen Angel has a Strictly twist and shimmy which captures the joy of dance I’ve been lucky enough to have discovered.”

As for the future, who knows? Russell hasn’t set himself any special showbiz boundaries and his fans are never surprised – just happy to see their favourite star once more ascending.

This great revival by the “comeback kid” caught the attention of the famous musical writer and producer Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. He invited Russell to return to the West End stage – and the Palladium Theatre where he’d last performed 34 years before – and take part in a three-month stint replacing Michael Crawford as the “Wizard of Oz” in a new production. “I was worried as I was due to have an operation on my knee,” commented Russell. “I’m 61 now. At this age you know your limitations. But you also sense your mortality. So there was a two-way thing going on. I was trying to talk myself out of it, thinking ‘Can’t I just go back to Wales?’” Fortunately, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Russell’s close friend Lulu convinced him the part was right for him, and a highly successful run followed which enhanced


Tameside Markets Tameside Markets People know selling sellingthings thingsthat thatyou youwant want People you know lti Mu rd a Aw ing n Win

Ashton Market Ashton Market Hall Farmers’ Market open Monday to Saturday

Ground Selling Market local produce

open 7 days a week with over 150 stalls Tuesday The biggest Flea Market in the region Sunday Giant Table-Top Sale and Market

Last Sunday of every month

Stalybridge Hyde Market Farmers’ Market

Selling local Market Hall and produce Market Ground open Monday to Saturday

Ashton Ashton Market Farmers’ Market

Mult i Awa r Winn d ing

Market Hall 9am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday Last Sunday every month Marketof Ground Open 7 daysSeptember a week Sunday 27th with over 150 stalls Tuesday ‘British Food Fortnights’ The biggest in the region includingFlea ChefMarket Demonstrations Sunday Giant Table -Top Sale and Market

Selling local produce

2ndinside Sunday of and outside The Clarendon Centre every month


Farmers’ Market Hyde Market Selling local produce

2nd Sunday of every month

Market Hall & Market Ground 3open Shires Farmers’ Market Monday to Saturday Cheshire - Lancashire - Yorkshire inside and outside The Clarendon Centre

For further information call 0161 342 3268/9 or

For further information call 0161 342 3268 or

Ashton Ashton

Portland Basin

Museum of the Portland Basin Manchester Regiment

Portland Basin Ladysmith Shopping Ladysmith Centre Shopping Centre Setantii

Hyde Town Centre & Markets

Museum of the Manchester Regiment Setantii Museum of the Manchester Regiment

, Chiquitos, Harvester Ashton Moss and Eat Inn Chinese Buffet • Award winning Farmers Market held on the last Sunday of each month

Arcades Shopping Arcades Centre Shopping Centre Old Town Old Town Outdoor Market Outdoor and Indoor Market Market Hall and Indoor Market Hall

Day Call 0161 342 2950.


20/4/11 15:39:57



Ashton under Lyne is a bustling town full of character and personality, not to mention, history. There was a settlement of some kind at Ashton long before the Norman Conquest of 1066. A small hillock on the north bank of the River Tame, overlooking a good crossing-point on the river, became a fortified position guarding the boundary between the ancient kingdoms of Northumbria and Mercia. Over the centuries Ashton developed into a small market town. Wool spinning was a traditional cottage industry in the surrounding hilly areas, which were particularly suitable for rearing sheep. A small amount of coal mining took place nearby.

A L L . . .

A major turning-point in the history of the town was the coming of the canals (and later the railways). Ashton became the junction of three canals, the Manchester and Ashton canal, the Huddersfield Narrow Canal and the Peak Forest Canal. Now, Ashton is a blend of old fashioned values with modern amenities. Arcades Shopping Centre is right at the heart of the town and offers a wide range of shops to suit all tastes and budgets. High street giants such as Argos, Superdrug and WH Smith nestle alongside smaller, independent boutiques and food stores to create the perfect ‘everyday’ shopping destination. Fashion lovers will adore the range of clothes on offer too – Next, New Look, Bank, Quiz, VC3 and more.

There are 40 shops in total which are entirely covered – perfect for our typical British weather! Plus! Adjacent to the centre is Ashton’s historic market which offers a fine selection of goods at fabulous prices on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This is in addition to the Tuesday flea market, and monthly Farmers and Produce market (last Sunday of every month except December.) The centre is easily accessed by rail or bus, and the on-site multi storey car park offers safe parking at reasonable prices.

Warrington Street, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 7JE

Tel:0161 339 6228

Arcades is open 7 days a week with extra shopping hours at Christmas. Check the website for further information.


THE children have all left home for lives of their own or you suddenly realise one day that the house you’re in is simply too big for your needs. Whatever the reason, it’s time to DOWNSIZE! Once, downsizing carried a bit of a stigma, almost as if you couldn’t afford the home you had so you had to go for something less. But, in today’s cost-conscious, energy-efficient and finance-orientated world, many more people are downsizing for all the right reasons. Along with finding a smaller property to live in, however, comes some unusual dilemmas – along with the usual dilemmas of how to furnish the new home and what is surplus to requirements. Interior designer Chrissy Halton from Innerspace offers some simple advice: “When downsizing, don’t try and replicate the house you had – go for a new look. “And only take with you items that really mean something to you. Off-white walls look great with more antique furniture items, for example. Less is more!” The advantages of moving to a smaller property can be that your bills are likely to be smaller and there will be less housework needed. The first big minus, though, is that you’ve probably got far too many possessions to fit into your new home. “You can’t take everything with you,” says Chrissy, “so start by having a really good de-clutter so that you can really see what you have that you love. That way you can more easily make the decision about what to take – and you don’t have to pay the removal company too much!” 18

Interior Designer Chrissy Halton Ask your relatives and friends if they would like to have particular items that you don’t want to take with you. There’s a growing trend for mixing old and new furniture currently so they may be glad to be offered a piece they’ve coveted or that may fit in their home. Or look to sell items on ebay and start afresh in your new home with some new furniture. The National Association of Estate Agents says that downsizing offers a chance to have “a thorough springclean and focus on exactly what you want in your new home, and what you don’t.” “You may have furniture which isn’t suitable for your new home, or that could do with replacing. So think ahead and make sure you have taken proper measurements of your new property so you don’t struggle on moving day with items that you probably shouldn’t have brought with you.” For many of us, the pull of our old home is all about the memories that we’ve shared as a family within those bricks and mortar. Our children may have grown up here, and every room can be associated with personal milestones or events that matter to our own family history. “If you’re worried about losing all the history behind your old home, think about using photos to show your life,” adds Chrissy. “It’s easy to make them into beautiful collages, and that way you can ‘take’ the items with you without having the real thing.” When it actually comes to chucking out much-loved – and possibly worn – furniture or other items, contact a local charity which might be glad of household goods and especially furniture in good condition. The national

homeless charity Emmaus, for example, may have a local collection service for unwanted furniture, or another charitable organisation may be willing to pick up your item to sell for funds or to give it a good home with someone else who really needs it. It’s important to plan ahead with your new space. “Think about how you’re going to use the space you are moving to,” says Chrissy. “What is the purpose of each room? How many people will you need to fit in to sit? Will you really need a dining room specifically?” LOVELY LOUNGE – Relaxing toning, muted shades, a lack of clutter and plenty of light can be the hallmark of your new lounge when you downsize.

“Situations change and what you once needed you may no longer require. If you actually look at how much time you spend in each room of your current home now, you may be very surprised at how little space you actually use on a regular basis. Take this – and what items you use – as a gauge for what you need to take with you.” For example, she points out, if your new bathroom is smaller than you’ve been used to, is it worth removing the bath and having a larger shower? This may not only make more sense for your daily living but can help with any current or future mobility issues. Whatever style of décor you choose for your new home, it’s worth trying to avoid clutter and opt for today’s cleaner lines and minimalist approach – if only to cut down on housework!

BEDROOM BEAUTY – Go for pretty fabrics in blinds and warm shades that can be picked up in bedding to create this attractive smaller bedroom.

BATHROOM BRIGHT – Ensure your new bathroom has plenty of light with the help of a clever skylight window

Take a look at current interior styles and how these can be easily achieved. Open up a dark room or small bathroom with a roof window or skylight, for example. Take advantage of the wealth of modern flooring including natural woods that can make a room warm and homely in Winter and cool and calming in Summer. You might like to team this type of flooring with a handsome rug in a shade or pattern that tones with your room’s chosen colour scheme. Plain walls matched with attractive fabrics in curtains or blinds give a room a modern look and allow smart furniture and impressive pictures or photographs to really come into their own. If the downsizing also applies to your pocket, then you don’t have to spend a fortune on your new place. In fact, there’s often an enjoyable challenge in keeping within a tight budget yet coming up with something fresh, new and comfortable even if the items are cut-price or second-hand. Again, ebay can be a boon here.

The key to successfully moving at this crucial stage is to take a fresh look at your lifestyle, and decide to make a new start. That way you can downsize the costs – but upsize your enjoyment of your new home! For more information on Innerspace Interior Design go to

Local Tile & Bathroom Specialist With over 50 years experience

around the world. There are always new tile displays at both shops showcasing new designs as they arrive in stock. Both our showrooms offer free parking, free expert advice and a free design and planning service. You’ll find everything you need for your tiling or bathroom project, along with incredible bargains all year round. We do not artificially inflate prices so we can advertise “up to 65% off” - Our prices are permanently low! Give us a call and prepare to be surprised.

Trade Deals own two family run shops in the North West of England selling tiles and bathrooms, all at below trade prices.

You’ll be amazed at our offers. For example you can get a complete bathroom suite including all tiles and adhesive for just £599.

Our 6,000 sq ft Manchester showroom is split over two floors, the ground floor offering a wide range of tiles, tiling materials and tools. The upper floor displays a broad range of bathroom suites, showers, wetrooms, mirrors, bathroom accessories and lighting within individual room settings.

We have loads more offers so why don’t you visit us to see what we can do for you?

We have over 50 years’ experience in the ceramic tile industry, and stock the best quality tiles from

We sell everything for your bathroom, from full bathroom suites,wetrooms, showers and steam cabinets, mirrors and tiles to accessories and heating.

We offer:-

• We can help survey, measure and plan your bathroom • project, as well as arrange qualified local tradesmen • to complete the installation. • •

Free Bathroom Design Free Home Survey Approved installer service Special Ordering Tile calculations based on your room measurements • Free Sample Tiles

Stamford Road, Audenshaw, Manchester M34 5DY Tel: 0161 320 3333 66-76 Ribbleton Lane, Preston PR1 5LA Tel: 01772 653368 20

Byles celebrate their 80th Anniversary For eighty years Byles have been ‘Making Houses into Homes’. Yes Byles began trading in 1932 - exactly twenty years before Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne. So, like the Queen, they have something to celebrate. And you are welcome to join in! With a high street presence in Hyde and Bramhall, and known to thousands in Cheshire and beyond, Byles are one of the South Manchester’s leading design houses for fitted kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. The business was founded in Hyde by grand-father Ernest Byle and Marion. Son, John, later took over the business and with his wife Judith built up the business until he retired some nine years ago. Today, Byles are in the very competent hands of grand-children, Chris and Penny. They have both lived with the business since childhood - some

35 years, Penny observed, with not a little alarm! The main showroom is still in Hyde. Managed by Chris, this 10,000 sq. ft area showcases Keller, Sheraton and Charles Rennie Mackintosh kitchens (to name just a few), along with Neff Appliances, Blanco sinks and taps, Amtico flooring, Ambiance bain and Utopia bathroom furniture and Hepplewhite bedrooms. They are proud to have been selling the Neff brand for 40 years and Keller for 25 years. In fact, the Bramhall showroom which opened four years ago, specialises in Keller kitchens and Neff appliances and is managed by Penny. Both showrooms show the latest in door styles, colours and finished with state-of-the-art appliances and work-surfaces, including Corian, granite and quartz.

you, the customer, just how your room will look. From discussing your initial ideas through to completion, Byles’ experienced staff project-manage the complete installation and co-ordinate all the craftsmen involved. If you are looking to enhance your home with a new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom and value that ‘personal touch’, then look no further than this independent family firm that has been ‘making houses homes’ since 1932. Call in during June-September to see the special offers that are available in this year of celebration.

cialising in luxury fitted kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms Their complete design and installation service commences with a no-obligation quotation using the latest computer technology. A full-colour visual shows

Specialising in luxury fitt

Specialising in luxury fitted kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms



byles established 1932

“making houses homes”

traditional values...modern style traditional values ....modern syle


Byles of Hyde, John Street, Hyde, Cheshire SK14 2HQ Tel: 0161 368 7227

CELEBRATING 80 YEARS OF atQUALITY SERVICE Keller Kitchens Byles, 220 MossAND Lane, Bramhall, Cheshire SK7 1BD

established 1932

ng houses homes”

Tel: 0161 439 6665 Byles of Hyde, John Street, Cheshire SK14 2HQ Tel: 0161 368 7227

Keller Kitchens at Byles, 220 Moss Lane, Bramhall, Cheshire SK7 1BD Tel: 0161 439 6665 • l Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm Open Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm


Cut down on your fuel bills THE soaring price of energy means that the cost of running a home is at its highest level for three years and makes Winter an even chillier prospect.


year when prices will definitely go up. Fortunately, most councils around the country will currently have schemes in place to help.

However, there are plenty of ways we can help ourselves – from simply blocking draughts and lining curtains to ensuring you have the right benefits and payments. You might also take advantage of available grants and help with home insulation.

You may be entitled to Cold Weather Payments if you are receiving benefits while Winter Fuel Payments provide help with fuel bills for most pensioner households, irrespective of income or savings and they’re not taxable. Find out more from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Winter Fuel Payments helpline on 0845 915 1515.

carcely a month seems to go by without bad news from gas and electricity suppliers and the reality for many of us – especially older people on a fixed income – is colder homes and a poorer quality of life.

First of all, it’s worth looking at the areas around your home where heat is lost, and walls account for around a third of this. An uninsulated loft can be blamed for a quarter of lost heat, and insulating hot water tanks and pipes keeps water hot for longer. Draught-proofing is a cheap and costeffective way to reduce your heating bills; double glazing can significantly cut heat loss through windows. You can also save on heating costs by installing heating controls, and if your boiler is over 15 years old you might want to consider changing it to make it more energy efficient. Since April, 2005, if you’ve installed a new boiler or replaced an existing one, it’s very likely you will have had to have a condensing boiler. These not only meet higher standards for energy efficiency but also help you save on your annual heating bills. There may be financial help available if you want to improve heating in your home. The Warm Front grants’ programme is currently fully allocated, but householders aged 60 or over may still receive a grant of up to £300 (the heating rebate) for the provision or replacement of certain heating systems. Find out more from Warm Front at or tel 0800 316 2805. Your local council may also have a home improvement scheme giving grants, loans, materials or other help. But it’s important to get this sorted now before Winter sets in, and before next 22

Energy providers have to offer social tariffs to consumers who are struggling to pay their bills. Eligibility criteria changes with different suppliers so contact yours if you’re having difficulty here. Electricity and gas companies may also help you to improve home energy efficiency. If you are 70 or over and receiving certain benefits, you may be able to get free cavity wall and/or loft insulation. Contact The Energy Saving Trust to find out more on www.energysavingtrust. or call 0800 512 012. And there is advice for vulnerable customers on keeping warm and reducing energy costs from Home Heat on www. or by phone at 0800 33 6699.

Installing loft insulation blankets or “quilts” can be a straightforward job but does need to be carried out to a high standard to avoid unnecessary wastage, so consider hiring a professional. Again, The Energy Saving Trust can give you free, impartial advice and put you in touch with a local installer. CAVITY WALL INSULATION is very effective in homes built from 1920 onwards because the chances are their external walls are made of two layers with a small gap, or cavity, between them which is where the insulating material goes. It’s so cost effective that it pays for itself over and over again – you cut heating costs, save energy and your household produces less CO2. Newer technologies mean that the Government is offering Renewable Heat Premium Payments to help people afford them. These systems include solar panels, heat pumps and biomass boilers. SOLAR PANELS can be installed no matter how you currently heat your home, but if you rely on oil, liquid gas, solid fuel or electricity then you could also apply for air, ground or water source heat pumps and biomass boilers. The Energy Saving Trust has full details. Solar panels involve two technologies – one goes directly to heating your hot water (solar thermal) and the other generates electricity (solar photovoltaic or solar PV).

LOFT INSULATION helps save energy and money, keeping warmth inside the home. It’s ideal if you have an accessible loft with no damp or condensation problems, although blown insulation (with loose, fire-retardant material and carried out by a professional installer) can be used for lofts with difficult access.

The benefits of solar water heating are enormous as the system works all year round, although you will need the help of a boiler or immersion heater during Winter months. Sunlight is free, however, so you immediately cut your bills and, once you’ve paid for the initial panel installation, hot water costs are reduced. As solar hot water is a green, renewable heating system, it can also reduce home carbon dioxide emissions.

Toasty Tameside – Keeping you warm for free! Now’s the time to get your home insulated for FREE, saving you cash and keeping you snug and warm – but move fast before the offer runs out! Tameside Council is working with the Greater Manchester Energy Advice Service to offer you free cavity wall and loft insulation to make your home warm and Toasty. It’s just like wrapping your home in a big woolly blanket and because of the extra warmth you are keeping in the house, this will save you money on your energy bills. Insulation is one of the most cost effective ways of saving energy in the home and could cut your energy bills by up to £250 a year. Cavity wall and loft insulation usually costs up to £350 each and is set to increase next year so make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to get

it installed for FREE. The unique aspect of this scheme is that it is FREE for EVERYONE who owns or privately rents their property and better yet the offer has recently improved because you can now get free loft insulation top-ups as well. The offer is subject to a survey of your house because not all properties are suitable and this is based on an average sized 3-bedroomed, semidetached house. If your property is larger than this, you may have to make a contribution towards the cost. This offer is not restricted to Tameside, it is available all over Greater Manchester. If you rent your home, please ensure you ask your landlord’s permission to have insulation installed.

To book a free, no obligation survey, call 0800 009 3363 or visit

Free cavity wall and loft insulation Offered to all Tameside residents* to help keep you warm and save money. Now includes free loft top-ups!

Save up to £250 per year

Hurry this is a limited offer! To find out more information

call 0800 009 3363 *Subject to survey. Offer based on an average sized three bedroom semi-detached house


50 PLUS MAGAZINE FASHION DO’S & DONT’S Do give today’s fashions a chance – you don’t have to follow trends slavishly but there might be a look or style worth trying, especially when the catwalk is translated into high street lines Do be realistic about your shape, height and colouring Do go for good-fitting clothes that flatter your shape Do look at your daily lifestyle and what sort of clothes suit it Do look at multi-buys in the same range if you like them and they look flattering – this is cost-effective shopping and gives you a better “capsule wardrobe” of complementing outfits Do factor in comfort – if you’re uncomfortable or uneasy in your clothes it shows Do de-clutter your wardrobe and see what you’ve got that you want to keep and will definitely wear – if you’ve not worn any item for 12 months, will you ever again? Don’t wear baggy clothes in the mistaken idea that they make you look thin – they don’t Don’t assume you can wear an outfit just because it looks good on a six-foot tall 17 year-old model – the mirror doesn’t lie! Don’t dismiss high street brands because you’re not a tiny size – many stores now stock 16-plus in their season’s ranges Don’t forget the value of accessories, especially the latest ideas that can make a plain outfit look sensational

CONTEMPORARY & CLASSICAL STYLES TO SUIT ALL TASTES First Impressions by Gail opened it’s doors for business in 1989 and has been successfully managed and run by owner Gail Cox ever since. First Impressions by Gail offers everything for special occasion wear, Mother of the bride and groom to a contemporary casual wear collection. “Fit is so important” Gail advises “We have an alteration service available to complete the perfect fit so you look and feel fabulous on such a special day. ” Customers travel from all over the country to shop at First Impressions and the personal service that they offer keeps people coming back time and time again. Gail puts great importance on customers having a relaxing and enjoyable experience when choosing outfits. Customers also have the luxury of 2 hours free parking outside the shop so they can take their time when browsing. Please visit our site and join our mailing list through Facebook!

Our stylish selection of brands... JOHN CHARLES Fitted dresses with matching jackets. Stunning mother of the bride collection with matching hats & fascinators to complete the look. ZELIA Dress jackets, matching dress coats in silvers or soft gold, prints and vibrant colours. CONDICI Silk dress jacket in stunning colours, rich deep

Cadbury’s purple, deep turquoise black & reds. Fabulous collections of colour design with matching hats & fascinators.

JOSEPH RIBKOFF Stunning dress collection including tops,

trousers and skirts.

OUI Knitwear collection including trousers, jackets, coats & dresses in fantastic rich magenta, black, camel, violet, blue(s) & navy. FRAN JANE New dress collection, favourite of the Middletons! Fitted dresses, some with long sleeves, exciting prints, plain colours. Takes you through to evening wear.

MADO Quirky styling in tunics, knitwear, dresses, trousers. Soft greys, reds, blacks, creams and lovely autumn palettes.

LA FEE MARABOUTEE New collection to the shop this

season. Fabulous knitwear collection including dresses, trousers & blouses in a coordinating collection in creams, coffee, black & greys.

We also have a wide selection of costume jewellery by DANTE.





N 70% OFF (I

Fine jewellery and watches available from

3 Princes Place, Armentieres Square, Stalybridge, Cheshire SK15 2BR.

Tel: 0161 338 4621

37 Warrington St | Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 7JG | 0161 339 5100



take a scientific approach to food

Dave Myers and Simon King alias The Hairy Bikers were in the middle of a regime of diet and exercise when we chatted, recalls Angela Kelly. Yes, sorry, I know you’ll probably have to read that sentence again. Those two well-covered foodies? Diet? Exercise? Fear not. It’s all in the cause of a new cookery book about dieting and Dave and Simon had thrown themselves into both food and exercise regimes with the kind of enthusiasm they normally reserve for a piece of garlic-dripping Italian foccaccia bread or a couple of their favourite beers. “Yes, I know,” explains Simon, the blonde Geordie member of the famous chef duo. “It doesn’t sound like us, but obesity is a real problem in this country at the moment, hen, and we’re just trying to help.” As a result, Simon, aged 45, had been hitting the gym regularly – “and it’s working. I’m not sure how much weight I’ve lost because I’ve got some dodgy scales that say 20 stone 5lb one minute and 14 stone 8lb the next, but I know I can get into some jeans I couldn’t before. Mind you, I’m still a fat lad!” he roars familiarly.


Dave, at 55, sounds like he’s taken a more scientific approach to the subject. He’s lost a stone and a half, has taken up boxing but still manages to sound incredulous when he says :”Do y’know, I’m actually enjoying the sessions.” You might be forgiven for not putting “weight-loss” and “The Hairy Bikers” in the same sentence because the likeable lads have spent the past eight years showing us what fun food can be – both making it and eating it. They’ve travelled around the UK and across the globe gathering culinary experiences and footage for their TV series, astride some seriously large motorbikes. Their trademark has been making new friends via food, cooking in people’s homes and generally acting as brilliant ambassadors for the best dishes that people can make for themselves. “The new cookery book will still be about food, though,” states Dave, the darker, bespectacled one. “It’s just that we’ll be showing good food that you can easily make with fewer calories in it so it won’t put too much weight on.” The two are speaking ahead of their new country-wide tour that starts in September and takes in 41 venues over the next three months, from Barrow in Furness to Bolton and Lowestoft to Liverpool. It’s their first live tour since their last sell-out tour two years ago, and it sounds like their usual eclectic mix of fun, socialising and, er, some cooking.

INTERVIEW “It’s definitely not going to be two blokes on a sofa talking about food,” laughs Dave. “There’s loads going on. We’re having strip tombola and an escapologist – oh, and we’ll be doing the tango. We’ll also have a couple of people from the audience having a meal with wine and beer on the stage with us. We love that, and so do they!”

They’ve also sold millions of cookery books linked to the series, and now earned themselves a BAFTA nomination for their Meals on Wheels programmes. These highlighted the vital visiting service to the elderly, and they also tried – successfully - to put the emphasis back on regular freshly-cooked meals for them.

In fact, Dave and Simon love most things about their lives currently, although it wasn’t always as easy or straightforward. Both grew up with ailing parents: Dave’s mum had Multiple Sclerosis and Simon’s Dad was on kidney dialysis.

They’re both delighted about the nomination and, Simon insists, they hope the subject will continue to catch the public imagination because it’s an important one. “In the series, it wasn’t Dave and I who were the stars of the show but all these marvellous older people,” he insists.

For Dave, who was born when his father was 55, his earliest memory of cooking is when he was around eight helping his mum bake bread, simple fruit scones and a Victoria sponge. As an older dad, his father was able to spend plenty of time with Dave, although from around the age of 13 it was Dave who did the bulk of the cooking at home. He later went to art school “but I was a better cook than an artist,” he recalls. It was when he became a make-up artist specialising in prosthetics and was working on the set of a Catherine Cookson TV drama that he met Simon, then a first assistant director and locations’ manager. The two shared a love of bikes and food, began cooking together – and a legend was born. Simon’s first foodie memory is of making sandwiches, strangely enough “with the crusts taken off and cut into little triangles”, when he was about six and helping in the kitchen. “But most of the time I was just off out scrambling about, no time to cook!” he says, with that gentle rumbling roar of laughter bubbling up. Their first programmes for the BBC eight years ago were more travelogue than cookery show, but the emphasis gradually changed to the enjoyable format that has attracted so many viewers today.

“They’ve got the most wonderful cookery knowledge themselves. It’s so important for older people to keep on cooking good food like they always did, and share their skills with their grandchildren to keep these going and become a real legacy.” The two Northerners and their easygoing style has already been credited with tickling taste-buds at home and abroad, whether that’s sampling breads in Poland or guzzling nougat in the French town of Montelimar. But it’s plain they are genuinely passionate about all that’s best in food and sharing the enthusiasm to create it. Although the new cookery book has a dietary theme, food enjoyment as always comes first. “We’ll be doing dishes like a really tasty cassoulet and a great Masala Spatchcock Chicken,” states Dave.

As for the problematic weight-loss, they’re both confident they can lead this new campaign trimly from the front. “Well,” adds Simon, “If God is good and he keeps me off the brown ale!”

For details of tour dates and venues go to

Bury Market Hall open everyday except Sunday “Winner BBC Radio 4’s Food and Farming Awards” Best Food Market “Winner UK Coach Awards” Most Coach Friendly Shopping Attraction “Winner NABMA’s” Best Market Attraction Full Markets Open Wednesdays Fridays and Saturdays

An Award Winning Market Bury Market’s huge selection of fresh food and produce has been praised the world over…but the only compliments we really want are from our customers! At Bury Market you’ll discover over 350 stalls selling everything from fresh food to the latest fashions – and a whole lot more! Bury Market’s traders are here every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for fantastic products, friendly service and always for great value.

For something different why not visit our Food and Craft Market on the third Sunday of each month?




r e f f O e e r F t a Kids E are here, it is time to relax at ay days The school holi dly venue. Dine at Fresca Mond ’S n D ie IL fr 5pm. ONE CH our family ween 12noon til EAL. OFFER APPLIES et b ay rd tu Sa to R ADULT MAIN M N MAIN MEAL FREE PEER THE AGE OF 9 AND TO BE CHOSE D TO CHILDREN UN N’S MENU ONLY. FROM THE CHILDRE


a c s e r F t a h c n u L a fabulous We have tion 3 course lunch op for £10.95. Chooses from our deliciouters, selection of star’s, salads, omelette coffee. pizza, dessert OR

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mon-sat too!!!

R E F F O A T S A P R PIZZA O options you may be spoilt for of cious With so many deliPizza or Pasta with a 175ml glass ies Y pl AN ap y r choice. Enjo large peroni for £9.95. Offe 30pm. house wine or a om 12 noon til 6. fr ay rd tu Sa to Monday


TapdealicisousETavpaseofnferifonr 2gFOR £39.d95a bo, wtthilechof

ce an Enjoy a shes of your choiNGRIA. Offer applies di s pa ta 5 es ud incl house wine OR SA our award winning d all evening on a Thursday. m an weekdays until 5p

A C S E R F T A Y A D SUN ional Sunday Roast throughout We serve tradit by live music from 8.30pm the day followed til late.


01457 870797

Fresca Italian Restaurant • Gatehead Business Park • Delph New Road • Delph • Saddleworth • OL3 5DE


THE NATION’S FAVOURITE FRENCH CHEF Jean-Christophe Novelli is a 5 out of 5 AA Rosette and Michelin award winning chef and he has been dubbed the “the nation’s favourite French chef ”. Exclusively for Port Salut, Jean-Christophe has created two French themed recipes and a series of tips for creating the perfect cheeseboard. “Port Salut is a classic French cheese which I have always enjoyed, so I was delighted to be asked to work with the brand. For the recipes I have used Port Salut to give traditional French dishes a new twist and I hope my cheeseboard tips will give your cheese course a whole new lease of life.”

CHAR GRILLED CHICKEN, LEEK, PORT SALUT AND BUTTON MUSHROOM FRICASSEE, WHOLE MEAL CROUTON INGREDIENTS 4 x skinned and boneless chicken supreme’s (cut into thin strips) 2 leeks, trimmed, washed and cut into thin slices 2 x spring onions (trimmed and chopped into thin roundels) 1 clove of garlic (peeled and crushed) 100g chestnut or button mushrooms (sliced) 100g grated Port Salut 50g breadcrumbs 50g grated Port Salut 75ml double cream 25g butter 1 bunch of chives (chopped) 4 slices of wholemeal bread (cut into fingers) 25ml olive oil 1/2 tsp dried herbs 1/2 glass white wine

METHOD 1. Heat a char grill skillet until very hot, brush the chicken strips with some of the oil and season with salt and pepper and your favourite spice, paprika is good as is cumin or garam marsala. 2. Quickly char grill the chicken pieces until well coloured and cooked through. Remove from the skillet and keep warm. 3. In a large saucepan melt the butter over a low heat. 4. Add the leek and spring onion and sweat until tender. 5. Add the garlic and the mushrooms and continue to cook until the mushrooms are tender and softened. 6. Add the white wine and the cream and allow to boil 7. Add the 100g of Port Salut and continue to simmer until the cheese is melted and the sauce is thick. Add the chives. 8. Add the strips of chicken and stir in to coat with the sauce. 9. Place in an oven proof serving dish. 10. In a small mixing bowl combine the 50g of Port Salut with the breadcrumbs and scatter this over the top. 11. Bake in a pre heated oven until the crumbs are crisp and golden and the cheese has melted.

FOR THE WHOLEMEAL CROUTONS METHOD 1. Place the bread fingers on a baking tray. 2. Brush with olive oil & dried herbs and season with cracked pepper 3. Bake in a hot oven until crisp and golden brown. Serve on a side plate with the chicken and leek fricassee.

Jean-Christophe Novelli has produced these tips exclusively for Port Salut. Visit for more info.

CRISPY GRANARY BRUSCHETTA, POACHED EGG, SPINACH AND A PORT SALUT GLAZE. INGREDIENTS 4 eggs (free range, large) 2-3 tablespoons of white wine vinegar 4 thick slices of ciabattas bread 25ml olive oil 1/2 tsp dried herbs 400g washed baby spinach leaves 100ml double cream 4 egg yolks 100g Port Salut (grated) 50g butter (optional) Sprinkle of ground nutmeg

METHOD 1. Place the slices of ciabattas on a baking sheet and brush with olive oil and season with dried herbs, salt and pepper. 2. Place in a hot oven and bake until crisp and golden brown. 3. Place on four plates or a serving dish. 4. In a large sauce pan heat plenty of water to boiling point. 5. Add a couple of tablespoons of white wine vinegar and season to taste with salt. 6. Once boiling stir with a whisk to start a circular motion in the water and crack in the eggs one at a time, bring to the boil and immediately turn down to a simmer. Cook for 3-4 minutes if a soft egg is required, a little longer for a firmer egg and 5-7 minutes for a hard poached egg. 7. Keep the eggs warm in the water until needed. 8. In a sauce pan bring the cheese to the boil, reduce for a few minutes to thicken. Remove from the heat. 9. Stir in the Port Salut and the eggs, allow the cheese to melt 10. In a frying pan add half the butter if used and add the spinach cover with a tight fitting lid and bring to the boil allow the water from the spinach to cook the leaves and when soft and wilted strain to remove any excess water remaining. 11. Season with salt and pepper and spoon an equal amount onto each ciabatta bruschetta. 12. Top with an egg and mask with the cheese and cream mix. 13. Place under a hot grill until bubbling and golden brown. 14. Garnish with some snipped chives and serve.

CHEESEBOARD THEATRE TIPS 1. Add some flavoured texture to your cheeseboard by dropping plain bread in favour of a fruit & nut bread such as apricot & walnut or prune & hazelnut and serve it slightly stale, cut into thin wafer slices 2. Fruit and cheese are a classic combination but give your grapes some extra character by serving them frozen – simply wash a bunch of grapes and shake off any excess water, place on a plate and pop in the freezer, serve directly once frozen onto the cheeseboard giving a more interesting texture with extra bite 3. Add a simple twist on the traditional by pairing your cheese with fruit that has a sharp acidity such as: cherries, raspberries, gooseberries, redcurrants, nectarines and tangy plums – these work well frozen too 4. Turn your cheeseboard into a visual feast by serving long celery stems in a vase of ice water. Team with a small bowl of rock salt too for dipping 5. Radishes are a tasty substitute to celery providing a peppery bite, leave a little stem on each on to hold on to and these can also be dipped in the rock salt 6. A fashionable alternative to the classic chutney is quince jelly – its sweet flavour will add a different dimension to your cheeseboard 7. Spice up your cheeseboard with a handful of sliced chillies or jalapenos, to give a flavoursome punch. This works particularly well with hard cheeses – these will complement the quince jelly too 8. Tantalise tastebuds with a rollercoaster ride of textures and flavours by adding olives and nuts to your cheeseboard 9. For an unexpected flavour, add some ground coffee beans to your board. A little sprinkle will give your cheeseboard a delicious edge 10. Use dried vine leaves, herb sprigs and edible flowers to add more drama, aroma and taste to your cheeseboard


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non-pressurised environment.

We look forward to We lookyou forward to helping get mobile helping you get mobile with Motability. with Motability.


ford Oldham

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WIN Tickets to The Telegraph CRUISE Show! SECC, Glasgow: 6-7 October 2012 NEC, Birmingham: 20-21 October 2012

The UK’s biggest event for discovering a world of voyages Be sure not to miss the UK’s biggest cruise showcase - perfect for those new to cruising and needing help to plan their first voyage, or seasoned cruisers looking for inspiration for their next holiday at sea. This is the only place where you will find all the major and specialist cruise lines under one roof, hear directly from the cruise experts about what’s new for 2013 and save thousands of pounds with the exclusive show only offers!   We are giving 5 lucky readers the chance to win a pair of tickets to the show!  Just answer this simple question below: Where is the Birmingham Telegraph CRUISE Show taking place?  l ExCel l NEC l The local village hall

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Win Tickets


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Closing date for entries 24.9.12 and winners will be notified by telephone or email.


my imagination isim l itation.

Looking for a unique present for a family member or a special friend? Altered Images, specialise in photograph restoration, retouching and enhancement. With over 45 years of photograph retouching experience, Altered Images can turn your photographs into something special. Altered Images will turn an ordinary portrait into an original gift. Whether it’s a single photograph to several dozen photos, Altered Images provide a service second to none at affordable prices.


Founded in 2002, by retired GMP Police Artist and former Technical Illustrator David Parker, says When you place your trust - and your photographs - into my hands, you can rest assured that I will treat them with the same care that I would apply to our own. My clients benefit from personalized attention, and the sense of ownership I apply to each project.

For more examples of my work please visit my web site at www. or on facebook at alteredimages.oldham

Tel: 01616201663

or email


Your Questions answered on...

Wills, Probate and Powers of Attorney Q. If I make a Will, does this make things easier because probate will not be needed when I pass away? A. Wills and Probate are not the same thing: A common misconception is that if you make a Will, your executors “will not need to take out probate” on your death. This is not usually the case. Your Will is the legal document that states how you would like your estate to be dealt with on your death: who is to deal with your affairs (your executors) and who is to inherit your assets (your beneficiaries). Probate is the court’s authority, given to a person or persons to administer a deceased person’s estate and the document issued by the Probate Service is called a Grant of Representation. This document is usually required by the asset holders as proof to show that the correct person or persons have the Probate Service’s authority to administer the estate. If you have left a Will appointing executors, it is these people who will administer your estate and the document will be called a Grant of Probate. Any other person who may end up dealing with your estate would be called an administrator, and the document issued by the court would be called a Grant of Letters of Administration, which may or may not have your Will annexed to it. Whether or not a Grant of Representation will be required on your death depends entirely on your individual circumstances. You do not need a grant for jointly owned property that will pass to the surviving owner or owners, nor may you need a grant if the value of the estate is particularly small. Each bank and building society has their own different procedure and each one has a different limit to the funds they will release without a grant being required. If however your estate falls below a certain level, sometimes the accounts can be closed and paid to your executors or your beneficiaries, without a grant needing to be obtained. If a deceased person owns a house on their own, or ISAs or shareholdings, by way of examples, then it is more than likely that the a Grant of Representation will be required to deal with those assets. So why make a Will if you will need to get a grant anyway? If you do not make a Will, then the way your estate must be distributed is governed by law, known as the Intestacy Rules. You do not get a say in who inherits what. Also those same people will usually be the ones who administer your estate. Because there is no Will to refer to, more caution is taken in dealing with administrators as there may be other people with higher priority in inheriting and dealing with the estate. It is therefore best to incorporate all your wishes within a Will, naming specific executors to deal with matters on your behalf. By confirming this in a legal document, rather than leaving it to chance, your affairs will be able to be dealt with more quickly and in a more orderly way, making life much easier for those you have left behind. 36

Q. I have a power of attorney in place, so does this mean I do not need a Will A. People can sometimes get confused with the arrangements they have in place, with a common mix up being between Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney. Clients may think that because they have one document or the other in place, that their affairs will always be dealt with and taken care of as they would like, no matter what, however this is not the case. A Lasting Power of Attorney (in its previous form called an Enduring Power of Attorney) is a document that you (known as the donor) can put in place to appoint a person or persons to act on your behalf (known as the attorney or attorneys). The document usually relates to your property and financial affairs, although there is a separate Lasting Power of Attorney to deal with your health and personal welfare issues. The powers allow your attorney or attorneys to make decisions relating to the matters covered by the specific document on your behalf, in particular when you no longer have the mental capacity to make those decisions on your own. Those decisions however must be made in your best interests and, with the exception of small seasonal gifts or similar transactions, your assets are still yours and to be used for your benefit. The Lasting Power of Attorney, if not brought to an end beforehand, will end on your death. A Will on the other hand, speaks from death, so your executors are the people you appoint to deal with your affairs and the beneficiaries are the people you have chosen to inherit either particular items, cash gifts, or receiving the whole of or a share of the residue of your estate. Your executors may well be the same people as you have appointed as your attorneys, but this does not have to be the case. Therefore on the date of your death, the attorneys should stop acting, and your executors should start. All the people you appoint, as either attorneys or executors, should be your choice, and must be people that you trust. Both Lasting Powers of Attorney and Wills are important documents and are worth having in place, to ensure that your affairs, during your lifetime and after your death, can be dealt with properly and in the way that you want. Not having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place may mean that your family or another person may have to apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed as your deputy. They will then take over dealing with your affairs if you have lost mental capacity without putting alternative arrangements in place. Not having a Will means that your estate will need to be dealt with under “the Rules of Intestacy” which is the law set down by statute as to who is able to administer your affairs and who will inherit your estate. Depending on your family circumstances, this may be distant or estranged family members, or ultimately may be the Crown.











LADIES WOULD YOU LET YOUR MAN CHOOSE YOUR LIPSTICK? There are many reasons to make or update your Will. For instance:-

He may be able to offer informed comments upon global warming and world peace and possibly even put up the odd shelf, if you can drag him away from the television, but can you rely upon him to ensure that you and your family enjoy a secure and trouble free retirement. Probably not! You have now reached an age when you should both be able to enjoy your retirement but eventually we all have to take responsibility for ensuring that we have done as much as we can to make life as easy as possible both for our spouse, partner and children. It is hard enough getting him to write a birthday card or a christmas card what chance is there that he will ever get round to making or revising his Will! In order to ensure as trouble free retirement as possible every person, and particularly every person over the retirement age should consider the following:


If you do not have a Will why not? If you do have a Will did you make it years ago when family and financial circumstances were totally different and is it still relevant to your circumstances today?

• do either or both of you have children from a previous marriage or relationship? If you do and you wish to ensure that both families ultimately receive a fair share of your joint assets then a properly and professionally drawn Will should be able to achieve this. • do either of you suffer from a disability or chronic health condition that may mean at some time in the future there is a real possibility of one of you having to go into long term retirement care. If so, a properly drawn Will should enable you to ensure that a significant part of your assets go to your children or other family members and are not tied up funding retirement home fees indefinitely. • do you have a son/daughter who is presently undergoing a divorce or is thinking of getting a divorce. If they are presently named as a beneficiary under your Will would you wish to take the risk of you dying and your childs inheritance from you being taken into account in any matrimonial financial settlement - again steps can be taken to avoid this in your Will.

wish to move house without first applying to the Court of Protection to be appointed as your spouse’s Deputy. This process can be both expensive and time consuming and it is highly advisable that every person considers making a Power of Attorney and you may wish to consider appointing your spouse/partner and/ or one or more of your children to act jointly as your Attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney rather than relying on the Court to make such an appointment.


Many people whether as a couple or alone find themselves in a situation where they do own a house which has no mortgage on it but have little or no savings and only a modest income to live on. No one has an obligation to leave their family an inheritance, you can obtain an Equity Release Loan which releases part of the capital value of the house for you to spend on yourself whether it is to be able to afford holidays or just to make the house a more comfortable place for you to live and occupy for as long as possible during your retirement. Equity Release is not appropriate to everybody’s family/ financial circumstances but we can ensure you receive independent professional financial advice on the suitability of Equity Release to your particular needs without any further obligation.


Were a husband or wife to lose the capacity to be able to deal with their own affairs for instance having suffered a stroke or dementia, the spouse has no automatic rights to be able to deal with and manage their affairs. You would not be able to access any funds in any Bank account in your spouse’s sole name nor to sell any jointly owned property if you

For further information please call Anna Perry or David Williams 0161 368 3434 Or email OR

Do you live with: • Diabetes

• Hypertension

• Haemophilia

• Heart Disease

• Osteoarthritis

• Depression

• And Many Others

Your Opinion Matters Leadopinion is a rapidly growing internet community for people living with illnesses or disabilities. We want you to share your care experiences with us. We work with medical industry, government

agencies and pharmaceutical companies to determine the best way to deliver healthcare. The number one way to do so is by speaking to the people that know best - people who live or care for someone with an illness. Take part by joining our health panel.

You will be rewarded for your time and your opinion will make a difference. 0800 012 8888 Quote 30074

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It's free to join. Visit and start helping today.

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CATARACT Know the warning signs

Cataract is one of the most common causes of sight loss in the UK, but it needn’t be. Leading sight loss charity RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) warns that 50 per cent of sight loss could be avoided and that people should be more aware of what to look out for. A cataract is a clouding of the part of the eye called the lens. It causes vision to become blurred because the cataract is like frosted glass, interfering with a person’s sight. The lens is a clear tissue found behind the iris, the coloured part of the eye. The lens helps to focus light on the back of the eye – the retina – forming an image.

What to look out for: If you experience any of the following symptoms make an appointment for an eye examination:Blurry Sight: This is very common. You may notice that your sight has become blurred or misty, or that your glasses seem dirty or appear scratched. Dazzled By Light: You may be dazzled by lights, such as a car headlamps, and sunlight. Change of Colour Vision: Your colours may become washed out or faded. If your doctor or optician has told you that you have a cataract, don’t be alarmed. Cataracts are very common with one in three people over 65 being diagnosed in the UK. Many people over 60 have some cataract and the vast majority can be treated successfully. Cataract surgery, where the cloudy lens is removed during

an operation, is one of the most successful eye operations. If you or someone you know has a sight problem, RNIB can help. Call the RNIB Helpline on 0303 123 9999 or visit Optimax is one of the UK’s leading Laser Eye Surgery specialists. Founded in 1991, it has carried out more than 350, 000 treatments. We offer a range of treatments suitable for those over 40, which can restore natural vision and give you freedom from glasses. These include Intra - Ocular Lens procedures. These Intra-Ocular Lenses replace the natural lens, which may eliminate the need for glasses and restore natural vision at the same time. What all Optimax treatments have in common is helping people to see the world more clearly. Choose Optimax for unbeatable results, affordable prices and outstanding patient care.

If your vision has declined or become blurry in recent years, don’t assume that a stronger prescription is all you need for a quick fix.

We don’t need glasses at all now and our only regret is that we should have had this treatment years ago.

Enjoy life without glasses, contacts or cataracts

Stephanie & Bill Yemc, IOL Treatment

Book your FREE consultation now, call 08705 14 33 14 or visit 50+_quarterad_0712.indd 1



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Is HRT safe? There has been a lot of media attention about the safety of HRT in the recent years. This has resulted in a great deal of worry amongst women considering HRT, or already taking it. HRT does have risks but most experts agree that: If you are suffering from menopausal symptoms and are in your 50s, taking HRT is a reasonable thing to do, especially if you take it for up to five years. The risks are small and serious side effects are rare. HRT is very effective in relieving your menopausal symptoms and also offers other health benefits such as reducing the risk of osteoporosis.* You can ask your GP or your Gynaecologist to help you understand the risks and benefits and to discuss whether HRT is right for you.

What is menopause? When ovaries stop producing eggs, they also stop producing hormones. The average age of menopause is around 51. Women go through menopause a few years earlier or few years later than this.

What are the symptoms of menopause? • • • • • • • • • •

Hot flushes Night sweats Mood disturbance Vaginal dryness Loss of sex drive (libido) Constant tiredness Headaches Sleep disturbance Anxiety Depression

What is HRT? Hormone Replacement Therapy is replacing the female hormones that your body lacks. It usually consists of the combination of two hormones, estrogen and progesterone. If you have had a hysterectomy, you will only need one hormone (estrogen). HRT is available in many forms, including tablets, skin patches and gels. Your doctor will help you choose the most suitable form.

Do I need HRT? Many women will have an “easy” menopause with mild symptoms and won’t need HRT. If menopause symptoms are affecting the quality of your life and you are suffering because of them, please talk to your doctor. There are many treatments available. HRT is only one of them but probably the most effective one.

What are the benefits of HRT? HRT can make a big difference to the quality of life: • It usually treats all menopausal symptoms very effectively • It reduces the risk of bone fracture (especially hip fracture) and osteoporosis • It also reduces the risk of bowel cancer.*

What are the risks of HRT? One of the most well-known risks is an increased risk of breast cancer: • Of 1000 women in their 50s, not taking HRT, approximately ten will develop breast cancer over the period of five years. •

Of 1000 women in their 50s taking oestrogen only HRT, approximately twelve will develop breast cancer over the period of five years.

Of 1000 women in their 50s taking oestrogen and progesterone HRT, approximately sixteen will develop breast cancer over the period of five years.*

This is a small risk and once you stop taking HRT the risks return to the level they were before taking HRT. Other risks include developing clots in the lungs and legs, stroke and cancer of the ovaries. As with the risk of breast cancer, these risks are small and your GP will discuss all risks with you.

For more information, visit or and search for menopause or go to the website of British menopause society, *Stats and data sourced from Menopause-and-HRT.htm


Restore your smile If you are embarrassed by your smile, or the lines and wrinkles on your face, it can severely affect your confidence. We can help. Whether your teeth are discoloured, unsightly, stained, crooked or missing we have the experience and expertise to discuss all your options. In addition to general dental and gum care to ensure your mouth is healthy and attractive, Waterside Dental Care can offer tooth whitening, dentures, dental implants, smile makeovers and tooth straightening for adults. In addition we have treatments to help smooth wrinkles and decrease lines around your face, including the “Oralift” appliance, to help you look and feel younger. We are used to helping very nervous patients achieve their dental goals and would welcome you to our comfortable, relaxing practice for a free introductory visit.

Call us for a consultation on

01706 632661 Dr Pamela Coates is recognised as one of the county’s leading dental practitioners and has featured in “Harpers and Queen” magazine as one of 12 “A1” dentists in the country and in the “Expert Beauty” magazine and directory. She is a member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists, the International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics and is a Gold Member of the British Dental Bleaching Society. She has studied in London and New York to attain a masters level in cosmetic dentistry.


Dr Pamela Coates BDS VU (Manc), LDSRCS (Eng), MFGDP (UK) 330 Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, Gtr Manchester OL16 2DS 01706 632661 M 07725 553719 E


Now availa ble in the practice 41

St Vincent’s Retirement Apartments Make the Most of Your Retirement Years With over 40 years experience of delivering independence, security and peace of mind – we can help you make the most of your retirement years.

All mod-cons All our retirement schemes have modern amenities.

St Vincent’s retirement schemes have so much more to offer than simply a roof over your head. We have won awards for our retirement schemes which are designed specifically to meet the needs of senior members of the community.

Who are our retirement apartments for? Anyone at all who is either over 60 or has a disability. If you feel lonely, isolated from your family, or find your present home is becoming too much to manage, then moving to a St Vincent’s retirement apartment could be the best move you will ever make. All our scheme managers are fully trained and live on site, on-hand to give help and advice if needed.

Company when you want it All our retirement schemes have a communal lounge where residents can come together, if they wish, and meet for coffee mornings and other social activities, such as bingo and Christmas parties. All our scheme managers organise regular day trips, for example trips to the theatre. At the end of a busy day socialising, however, you can return to your apartment, and close your own front door.

Independence with Security. Our retirement schemes are designed to give residents complete independence. You have your own apartment but residents’ security is a key concern for us. We have installed CCTV, a door entry system with intercom, boundary fencing, window locks and smoke alarms, and additionally we have installed spy holes and ID card slots at some apartments.

Lovely surroundings for our residents to enjoy Residents at all our retirement schemes enjoy the peace and tranquillity of delightful landscaped gardens. The grounds are maintained regularly by a gardener and provide a relaxing meeting place for summer BBQ’s or just a lazy afternoon with a book.

Local amenities Khubsuret House, Margaret Ward Court and Alice Ingham Court are all within an easy distance of the shops in Rochdale. There are post-offices, local shops, libraries and doctors surgeries all within easy access.

And if you think a St Vincent’s Retirement Apartment is for you… We will do everything we can to make sure you settle into your new home. Our scheme managers will ensure you are put in touch with support agencies in the area, and help you find your feet. We even provide a Welcome Pack containing a lovely Hessian shopping bag, a pen, mug, t-bags and coffee, energy saving light bulbs, bin bags and a Homebase voucher.

Don’t just take our word for it “I’ve been living at my scheme for over 12 years now and I absolutely love it. Before, I lived alone in a house which was too big to manage, and I was very lonely. Now, I don’t need to worry about any of that, I’ve made lots of friends here and the scheme manager is always here to help, she’s golden” - St Vincents Resident

St Vincent’s has sheltered schemes across the Rochdale area, get in touch to find out more We offer: Self contained apartments, but with an on-site warden


24 hour emergency call out

l l

Secure door entry system


Communal gardens, and laundry Free repairs and maintenance service

l l

Links with health professionals


A lift

A communal lounge to meet up with friends l

Full and varied social life if you want it, although some of our residents choose to enjoy a quieter life - it's entirely up to you! l

Our Handyperson Service We offer a free handyperson service to all our customers who live in our sheltered housing schemes, get those little jobs, such as hanging a door, or fitting a grab rail, done for free.

St Vincent's has nearly 40 years experience in providing retirement schemes for senior members of the community

Give Jane a call on 0845 606 6565 if you would like more information or to discuss your circumstances. Visit our website at


ARE YOU ONE OF THE SANDWICH GENERATION? In 1957, Harold McMillan told the British public ‘we’d never had it so good’ and it was true we were enjoying better health and prosperity. Inevitably, this led to longer life spans, and the phenomena of the sandwich generation. At the beginning of the 20th century, around 6% of people in their sixties still had one parent living. Today the figure is around 50%. At the same time, in 2000, 52% of young adults were living with their parents, and this figure is still rising. This has led to a situation where couples coming up to retirement are caring for ageing parents, while still supporting their adult children. This is the sandwich generation, worrying about financing their own retirement, their parents and their children. While many 80 year olds are still hale and hearty, there are many who need constant care and attention, resulting in huge stress levels for those responsible for them. If you’re one of these, it’s time to take stock and explore all avenues. which could help.

Plan Ahead Difficult as it may be, you need to discuss issues with your parents. Discuss their assets, check with them where they want to live, and who should make legal and medical decisions if they are no longer capable of handling their affairs. The decision of where they wish to live may be taken out of your hands, if they reach a stage when they need full time care. At this stage, it’s important to find a nursing home with staff who treat their elderly residents with respect, and which provides a pleasant environment for your parents to live out their remaining years. This is easier said than done. First you need to research available government help to fund care, and ensure that your parents are correctly assessed to ensure they’re getting all the funding they are entitled to. Age Concern provides a number of detailed booklets on this issue. Take full advantage of your computer. Search websites for ratings, send for brochures, and most importantly of all, pay several visits to possible nursing homes. In an effort to help families looking for nursing homes, a new online system is planned, to be published on a website which will also disclose official inspection reports. Nursing homes will be graded according to star ratings, Trip Advisor style.

Care In The Home

Check out the Care Quality Commission. This is the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. It registers care services that meet standards and make constant inspections to check that these standards are kept and take action if standards fall. Direct Payments are a Government initiative designed to give people the freedom to purchase their own care and support, so since 2002 all Social Services departments offer the option of a Direct Payment to people who receive a social care and support service. Following an assessment by their local Social Services the person receiving the direct payments can use the money for different types of services.

These include: • • • • •

Personal care and support Day care (including domestic help) ‘Mixed’ packages of support Short-term residential care Items of equipment

Preserve Your Assets The only person who can save for your retirement is you. To avoid many sandwich generation problems - and help your parents and your children - you first have to keep your own financial house in order. Try not to raid your own retirement savings to pay for your children’s college education or your parents’ long-term care. Students should take out student loans if necessary, and you should use your parents own assets to finance their care for as long as possible. And finally, remember you’re all in this together. Don’t be a martyr. Take control and get the whole family on board to help. Getting stressed is counter productive, so make sure you get some time for yourself. Young adults still at home can occasionally take over household duties and visit their grandparents. They could accompany them on hospital visits or doctors’ appointments, and gain enormously from increased contact with an older generation. This is a time in your life when your parents and your children are dependent on you, so look after your health, take time out to keep up with your friends, and keep your sense of humour. Nothing lasts forever, and sooner or later, your children will find their independence and fly the nest. You’ll miss them when they go. Make the most of your time with them. Cherish your parents. They won’t be with you forever, so while you’re coping with their problems, remember how they once helped you with yours, and give them a hug from time to time.

It may be that care in the home is the preferred option, and this is where you need to spend time making sure that all available help from your local council is fully explored, and a correct assessment of necessary care is arrived at. 44

Caremark on the move Caremark Oldham & Tameside, providers of care and support in the home and community, have recently moved to larger premises in Lees, Oldham. This is to accommodate their recent business expansion – after winning ‘Oldham’s Business Start Up Award 2012’. Caremark, the first home care company to sign up to the ‘Daisy Mark’ challenge across Oldham and Tameside, are proud that their care and support workers are accredited Dignity Champions. This accreditation, awarded by the NHS and previously only awarded to care homes, means Caremark will be able to evidence through the Dignity Challenge that their Staff are keeping customers safe and nourished, delivering personalised care, protecting from infection, recognising the importance of skin matters, and supporting customers with important choices which impact upon their health and safety. An example of this is life-story work with dementia patients and promoting personalised end of life care for everyone. The Daisy Accreditation is about demonstrating to the public that care is delivered to our most vulnerable, frail and elderly population in the community with Dignity and Respect. All services are available to all members of the local community and include children, young people and adults.

Caremark (Oldham & Tameside) believes that all individuals in receipt of home care should receive high quality care and support that promotes their independence, dignity and protects their human rights. Caremark conducts a detailed initial assessment with every customer to establish their needs, preferences, likes and dislikes and ensures that customers develop a professional and supportive relationship with their Care and Support Workers. Our Field Care Supervisor personally introduces the customers to their Care and Support Workers to ensure that independence and dignity can be promoted. Our homecare services can also extend to supporting you in the community, assisting in your sense of inclusion and well-being. This support can be with travel to work or to the shops, or supporting you during a leisure activity, for example you may like some help to go swimming or to the cinema.

What to do now? If you would like to speak to Caremark about any one of our services, please contact our new Care Manager, Andrea Charlesworth who will be delighted to discuss your needs or the needs of a loved one. Contact the Caremark office on: 0161 627 0891 or email:

Caremark provides care, support and personal assistance to adults, children and young people within their home and community • • • • • • • • • • •

Habito - Live in Care (24/7 as an alternative to residential care) All aspects of personal care Respite care and support General Companionship Preparation of drinks and light meals Various domestic duties Overnight Care & Support Assistance with shopping and various errands Accompanying to appointments Assistance with reablement services Emergency out of hours service

Tel: 0161 627 0891




DUNWOOD PARK THE BIG 100TH BIRTHDAY PARTY On Saturday 15th September 2012, you are invited to celebrate the parks 100th Birthday. Come along for the afternoon and join the party. The park will be open from midday onwards. There will be puppet shows, shows, Story Tellers and other suprising things to discover in the woods, bands to listen to and lots of activites, try delicious cakes and cream teas to eat. A scarecrow trail and more. Milnrow, Shaw, Oldham OL16 4JD For more information call 07817 324858


Making the Bolognese sauce 1 Small onion (diced) I Carrot (diced small) 2 Celery sticks (diced small) Cook off the above ingredients for 5-10 mins 250g Minced beef 250g Minced pork Add the meat and cook until brown 1 Garlic clove 5 Basil leaves 1 Stick of Rosemary Small amount of Thyme 3 Tablespoons of tomato puree Glass of Red wine (250ml) 2 Fresh Tomatoes (Chopped) Cook for 2 hours and season to taste

Making the cheese sauce

Melt ½ a block of butter and then add plain floor and make a roux. Add 2pts of warm milk slowly and whisk constantly to make a smooth sauce. Add your choice of gratted cheese to your taste, season and add ¼ teaspoon of nutmeg

Making the lasagne

Layer the base of an oven dish with cheese sauce then pasta sheets. Follow with layers of cheese sauce, bolognese, pasta sheet and so on. Finishing the off with cheese sauce on top and a sprinkling of grated cheese.

THE OLDHAM HALF MARATHON “MILL TOWN TO MOORS” On October 21st 2012 the Oldham Half Marathon will be returning to the streets of Oldham thanks to the good people at Oldham Citizens Advice Bureau and Oldham Community Leisure. Starting & Finishing in the busy Town Centre of Oldham and with a challenging 1000ft of ascent the course provideds spectacular views of the Saddleworth Villages and the beautiful Moorland Landscap of the Peak District National Park that lies beyond. The route will largely be the same as years gone by and be as HILLY as ever!!! • Joe Ashcroft Memorial Shield • Fantastic Individual & team voucher prices • Spot Prizes • T Shirts to all finishers • Chip Timing • 3 drink stations • UKA licensed race with 13.1 accurately measured miles • Shower, cafe & facilities at Oldham Sports Centre (Race Head Quarters) • Race Starts at 9.30am For more information please call 07980716910


a woman's touch...

offering a caring, compassionate & personal service Knowing you can turn to someone you can trust can be a tremendous relief. Karen explained to me that a good Funeral Director needs to be strong, yet sensitive; they need to have excellent organisational skills, be genuinely interested in This comes through time and time people and be willing to go that again from the array of "Thank You" extra mile. She is the perfect front cards displayed in her office and the person; with her leadership skills she large volume of recommendations she discreetly takes control of a situation, receives. relieving the pressure that inevitably accompanies death. I know this Karen Revell is the Funeral Director personally, as I used Karen's at H. Revell & Sons, a familycompany only weeks ago to bury my owned and run company based late father. in Stalybridge. The company was formed in 1888 and although She gets the details right, giving funerals have changed considerably careful consideration to the best ways since Victorian times, she believes to commemorate the occasion. "We their traditional values still hold can advise on cremations and burials, true. "I was taught to be honest in help you to order flowers, suggest my dealings with the public and a suitable venue for afterwards, to help them as much as possible guide you in your choice of music in their hour of need. Integrity is and organise announcements in the everything. The funeral profession is newspaper. We have a wide range very honourable. We are bound by a of contacts and resources to hand, strict code of conduct, as stipulated by enabling us to cater for most tastes our trades association, The National and budgets. These days funerals Association of Funeral Directors." can be much more individualised than they used to be. We have done The company ethos is to provide a funerals with marching bands, horse dignified and caring service. Losing drawn hearses, Landrover hearses a loved one can be one of the most and Harley Davidson motorbike difficult things we will go through.

"It’s a great comfort to my clients to know that four generations of my family have preceeded me"

H. Revell & Sons Ltd

hearses. Whilst most people want a relatively simple funeral, there is a wide choice of services available to accommodate people's wishes." The company was founded by Karen's great, great grandfather, Edward Hepworth Revell ( the photo gallery shows the family line dating back to Victorian times ). Whilst Karen still walks in front of the hearse and wears her great grandfather's top hat, she is aware that she reflects the changing nature of the funeral profession. "More and more women are choosing to go into our profession. I'm fortunate that I am able to do this whilst still having the benefit and experience of my father and grandfathers behind me. It's a great asset for me to have and I know it is a comfort to my clients to know that four generations of my family have preceded me."

A Family of Funeral Directors since 1888 96 Stamford Street, Stalybridge, Cheshire SK15 1LU | Tel/Fax 0161 338 2520


Why not come and visit Uppermill, Saddleworth where we can offer you a different day out? Have a lovely stroll along the canal or for more experienced walkers, there is plenty of choice around the area for more challenging walks. The High Street has many traditional businesses offering a wealth of merchandise and much more.

Come and enjoy yourself...

“The Little Shop” Uppermill’s Original Sweet Shop Sweets by the jar, Pick and mix, Chocolate, Ice creams, Belgian chocolates, Diabetic selection, Cold drinks, Newspapers and magazines, Greeting cards

50-52 High Street, Uppermill, Saddleworth OL3 6HA Tel: 01457 870 757

Saddleworth Travel Centre Expert Travel Solutions

65 High Street, Uppermill Oldham OL3 6AP 01457 873236 07709 561428 ABTA K4759 Web:


High Street, Uppermill

T: 01457 877 100 MOUNTAIN RANGE

Fine Art, Sculpture, Ceramics, Prints, Bespoke Picture Framing 97 The Square, Uppermill, Saddleworth OL3 6BD

Tel: 01457 870410

48 Proprietor: Joan Frost

50% OFF

rayway & All Ronhill, Sp pment goods ui Eq Mountain

42 High Street, Uppermill Open 7 days a week

72 High Street, Uppermill, Oldham OL3 6AW

T/F: 01457 238924 M: 07828 499496 E: 3000 wines, 300 spirits, 1 family business

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