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nclusive £199 holidays GREAT VALUE 5 DAY HALF BOARD BREAKS


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When it comes to inviting, relaxing breaks in the south, we have the ideal holiday for you. Whether you’re after family-friendly holidays, a romantic getaway or a group break with like-minded people, our eight hotels cover the nation’s finest locations. From the popular beaches of Cornwall to the cosy Isle of Wight, there’s something for everyone.

have our own fleet of executive Our coach inclusive option allows guests across the UK to travel in ches that usoffer totheoffer comfort, while enables our self-drive holidays freedom of having your own car. el from a selection of pick up Every break includes: nts across the UK. • Return coach travel (self-drive option available) • Comfy en suite accommodation

vehicle features air conditioning and on board • Breakfast & 3-course evening meal o make your journey as comfortable as possible. • Live nightly entertainment also boast friendly drivers who will warmly greet elp you settle into your pre-allotted seat and let Certificate of Excellence Awards now of any planned comfort breaks. We aim to We are proud to announce that five of our group – The Barrowfield, Devonshire,depending Daish’s, Bournemouth ou to your hotel between 3-5pm, on Sands and Claremont Hotels – have been awarded the coveted TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2016. ngth of the journey. DHoalidisayhs’s

Seven fabulous locations, eight great hotels. Every break includes:

Llandudno Newquay

Isle of Wight

Torquay Weymouth






d Self-Drive

Coach an Price List






• Return coach travel (self-drive option


Isle of Wigh

Holiday &


• Comfy en suite accommodation

2017 02/12/2016



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Daish’s Hotel

Devonshire Hotel

Bournemouth Sands Claremont Hotel • Breakfast & 3-courseTheevening meal

Don’t miss these coach inclusive breaks! Local pick up points from make it easy to get away. Price includes return coach travel from:

Blackpool, Preston, Southport, Crosby, Liverpool, Widnes. All offers are subject to availability and standard terms and conditions (see brochure or website for T&C’s). DATE



Russell Hotel – Weymouth






Devonshire Hotel – Torquay




Daish’s Hotel – Isle of Wight




Sands Hotel – Bournemouth




Somerset Hotel - Llandudno






Devonshire Hotel – Torquay AUGUST


Sands Hotel – Bournemouth




Barrowfield Hotel – Newquay




Somerset Hotel - Llandudno




Russell Hotel – Weymouth




Devonshire Hotel – Torquay




Claremont Hotel – Eastbourne




Devonshire Hotel – Torquay




Daish’s Hotel – Isle of Wight




Claremont Hotel – Eastbourne




Sands Hotel – Bournemouth




Russell Hotel – Weymouth




Claremont Hotel – Eastbourne







Somerset Hotel - Llandudno

Prices shown are per person based on two people sharing a Standard Room. Supplements apply on twin/ double rooms with sole occupancy. Optional local excursions can be booked at the hotel. Many more coach or self-drive holiday dates available in 2017. If you would prefer to self-drive, deduct £20 per person from prices shown.





n available)

Call 01202 638840 or visit quote 50PlusLP

Somerset Hotel

Barrowfield Hotel

Hotel Prince Regent

Russell Hotel


Twittering on With Tyler Grundy Starting this edition's ‘Twittering On' a rather sombre note. Remembering the vast amount of celebrities that we lost throughout 2016, the social media world has been typing in fear. Will this trend continue into 2017? (I mean it is likely, we are after all an ageing population).

Now I do not mean to boast but as I write this, I have just finished watching the series on my ultra-high definition TV and some of the scenes are truly breathtaking. I myself love the show and would recommend it to you readers today, if you have not watched it already although, I imagine many of you will have done. But I must admit, I had a second agenda other than for my viewing pleasure when I watched the show.

I shall regale you with one of my favorite tweets before moving swiftly on. I imagine you will be able to guess the famous figure to which the user was referring;

“He’s made it into 2017, Brucey! Wrap him up in cotton wool now!”

Attenborough Does It Again!

The internet following its initial airing was in uproar over a certain scene in the very first episode involving newborn iguanas and racer snakes. The scene unfolded into a deadly chase between the two. If you have seen it then I imagine the scene has stuck with you.

The original Planet Earth presented by David Attenborough is widely regarded as one of the greatest TV series’ ever produced. The series originally aired in 2006 and the follow up aptly titled Planet Earth II concluded this winter.


The epic scene has been widely compared to this decade's hit show Game of Thrones. Now if you are not familiar with that show it is filled to the brim with sex, incest, and head popping violence (literally). I saw many a viewer compare the intensity of the snakes swarming the baby iguana and the close ups of its final moments of its short life with the violence and gore ever present in Game of Thrones, many noting that Planet Earth had just raised the bar. In case you are one of those not familiar with Game of Thrones, I shall regale you with a story I heard going around about the show's latest season. It is renowned for its openness in showing full frontal female nudity and there was recently a rumor stating that if the showrunners did not even the score with full frontal male nudity then the show would risk being cancelled. Coincidently, they obliged. Anyway, that is just a taster of what kind of a show Thrones is. Admittedly, the scoring of the Planet Earth scene by world-renowned






bill granger'S everyday asian PAGES 16-19

6th Floor | 120 Bark Street | Bolton | BL1 2AX Sales Enquiries : T: (01204) 860 194 E:



TWITTER composer Hans Zimmer did add a sense of epic proportion to the chase.

65 Years of Queen Liz!

Understandably, the internet could not miss such an opportunity to create an account for the iguana that made it to safety. With its first post being a thank you to all its fans who wished him well, while also informing us he was “bricking it” running across those rocks.

Indeed, this is the popular term of endearment for Queen Elizabeth II within the Twitter universe. As I write this section, I must admit I was a little puzzled as to how long a ‘Sapphire Jubilee’ was a recognition of. Then to realize that it was the first of its kind as no other English monarch has celebrated 65 years on the throne.

30p For A Freddo?! Yes, you read that correctly. The famous frog chocolate bar, that back in my childhood days was an affordable 10p has been steadily rising in price over the last few years. Now at the risk of not making myself sound too old, 30p in my childhood would have bought me a 10p Freddo and two 10p mixes from my local corner shop. I have no doubt this little tale will have you musing what you could have purchased with that amount of money back in the day. Some are linking the sudden rise in price with Brexit. First, they say it was the Toblerone when the chocolate bar, just weeks after the Brexit vote, announced they would be changing the traditional triangle shape of the bar. Albeit a minute change to the size of the triangles. Those passionate Twitter users have remerged here as well once again relating the rise in Freddo’s price to Brexit. Light humor over, here comes the academics. Here comes the inevitable history lesson from a history graduate. Some of you may be familiar with my historical tangents by now. Freddos were first introduced to Britain in 1973 and enjoyed their first stint on our shelves up until 1979 before again reappearing 15 years later.

The evolution of the Freddo bar can be seen above. And don’t let the picture fool you, as in recent years the Freddo has actually decreased in size as the price has increased. There is also a rumour that at one stage in the life of Freddo it stood at an absolute bargain price of 5p.

This picture is the Coronation of a young Queen Elizabeth II on the 2nd of June 1953 which took place more than a year after her reign began. I thought it was apt to take this opportunity to see what Twitter was saying about her reign as Britain’s longest reigning monarch. The most bizarre fact I have stumbled upon, although I am dubious about it, is that the Queen is the only person in the UK who does not require a driving license to drive. We really are in the realms of twittering on now.

Watch out Ticket Touts are about. In recent weeks, a string of high profile artists have announced tours of the UK. From Celine Dion, of Titantic fame and the young and hugely successful Ed Sheeran, the ginger haired bloke who started off as a busker and made it big. Both were sellouts in the multiple arenas they announced. For Sheeran the tickets ranged from a modest £44 to £77 for the better ones. Whereas for Dion officially the tickets stood at £49 to £163. Crazy right? I mean £163 for a one hit wonder, well in my eyes anyway. Now the shows are sold out, and this rather sadly is not because of committed fans but due to touts who buy tickets in bulk (in many cases you can buy up to 7 per person) and sell them on in some instances up to 10 times the normal asking price. Tickets that were originally priced at £44 are now going for the cheapest price of £152 right up to £220 and beyond. And this is on a website that is basically dedicated to the touting of tickets! We all know ticket touts to be shady men standing outside of arenas buying and selling tickets on the night. Now the game has changed.

I believe I can divide the rest of the tweets about her reign into three categories. We have the “65 years of doing nothing” brigade. We have, “Time to step down and let your son have a ago” posse and finally we have, “God save the Queen long may she reign” patriots who are the overwhelming majority in this case.

Rosie Returns! Consistent viewers of the nation’s favorite soap Coronation Street will have noticed a familiar face return to the cobbles in these past weeks. That is correct, Rosie Webster has returned! Online, fans of the show were quick to point out that although she may provide a bit of glamor and beauty for the show's male audience; it cannot make up for her lack of acting talent. One Twitter user wrote;

“Clearly Rosie Webster hasn’t spent the last few years away from Corrie at acting school”.

Fans these days will go to desperate measures to see their idols. One young Twitter user has already been forced to sell her house and car after spending £1,300 on tickets to see Ed Sheeran (pictured above) and is now moving back in with her parents. Of course, there is no guarantee the tickets will even come her way. I guess 30p for a Freddo does not sound so crazy after all. I shall leave you with some musings as I always do. How much would you be willing to pay to take you and your other half to see their favourite act? A few years ago I myself saw Sir Tom Jones who if the opportunity comes I would urge you to see. 50 quid I paid. So go on, treat yourself.





& T R AV E L




board price





01 May LLANDUDNO - Spring Break 5HB £299 £16 Queens Hotel 01 May JERSEY BY AIR 6HB £519 £90 The Mayfair Hotel, St Helier 03 May FRANCE - Beautiful Brittany 8HB £795 £151 Hotel De L’Ocean 07 May NORTHUMBERLAND DINER TOUR 6HB £469 NOA Bamburgh & The Rugged Coast Victoria Hotel 14 May SCARBOROUGH 6HB £425 NOA Esplanade Hotel 19 May HAWORTH 1940s WEEKEND 4HB £269 £6 Best Western Cedar Court Hotel 22 May CUMBRIA - Spring Break 5HB £329 £25 Gilsland Hall Hotel 26 May GLOUCESTER 4HB £319 £75 Tall Ships Weekend at Gloucester Docks Cheltenham Chase Hotel 30 May ISLE OF ARRAN & AYRSHIRE 7HB £549 £50 inc. off road Safari Hallmark Hotel/BW Kinloch Hotel

02 July 04 July 08 July 16 July 16 July 24 July 30 July 31 July

JUNE 01 Jun 10 Jun 11 Jun 17 Jun 19 Jun 25 Jun



board price

BOURNEMOUTH - DINER TOUR 6HB £449 NOA Suncliff Hotel ISLE OF MAN - Douglas 5HB £389 £40 Rutland Hotel SEINE RIVER CRUISE - MS Renoir 7 £925 £245 (4FB on Renior) £349 NOA TENBY 6HB Belgrave Hotel CUMBRIA - DINER TOUR 6HB £439 £45 Gilsland Hall Hotel WARNER LEISURE HOTELS 5HB £399 NOA Cricket St. Thomas PAIGNTON 7HB £459 NOA Summer Time in the English Riviera The Marine Hotel IRELAND 6HB £629 £120 Killarney Towers Hotel

AUGUST 05 Aug 11 Aug 14 Aug 14 Aug 19 Aug

CORNISH SPLENDOUR & Doc Martin 6HB £449 NOA Rosemundy House Hotel DUNOON - DINER TOUR 6HB £439 £48 The Esplanade Hotel ISLE OF WIGHT - Shanklin 6HB £449 NOA Channel View Hotel LLANDUDNO - Summer Holiday 8HB £469 £30 Queens Hotel 22 Aug TORQUAY 5HB £365 NOA Headland Hotel 28 Aug BARMOUTH - DINER TOUR 5HB £339 £25 Arbour Hotel

JERSEY BY AIR - Battle of the Flowers 8HB £709 NOA The Mayfair Hotel, St Helier £319 £65+ EDINBURGH TATTOO 3HB Kings Manor Hotel WARNER LEISURE HOTELS 5HB £385 NOA Motown and Cilla Black Tribute Alverston Hall, Cheshire SCENIC SHROPSHIRE 5HB £339 £50 Buckatree Hall Hotel EASTBOURNE - plus Airshow 8HB £499 NOA Haddon Hall Hotel

£319 £65+ EDINBURGH TATTOO 3HB Kings Manor Hotel TORQUAY 7HB £539 NOA Corbyn Head or Livermead Cliff Hotel

For full details of each tour visit our website or call for your FREE FULL COLOUR 2017 BROCHURE 6





board price






03 Sept 04 Sept 10 Sept 13 Sept 19 Sept 18 Sept 24 Sept 24 Sept

08 Dec 14 Dec 23 Dec 23 Dec 23 Dec 30 Dec 30 Dec

SCOTTISH BORDERS - PEEBLES 5HB £399 £80 Barony Castle Hotel & Spa BABBACOMBE 5HB £249 NOA Anchorage Hotel NORTHUMBERLAND - DINER TOUR 6HB £469 NOA Bamburgh & The Rugged Coast Victoria Hotel CORNISH SPLENDOUR & Doc Martin 6HB £449 NOA Rosemundy House Hotel SPAIN & PORTUGAL 15HB £1575 £275 Los Infantes/Regua Douro Hotel Bosque Mar Hotel Many extras inc. BLACKPOOL -September Breaj 5HB £299 NOA Park House Hotel LLANDUDNO 6HB £389 £20 Queens Hotel SCARBOROUGH 6HB £425 NOA Esplanade Hotel

board price


SCARBORUGH - Turkey & Tinsel plus 3HB £149 NOA Flower of May Christmas Show Esplanade Hotel THURSFORD CHRISTMAS SHOW 4HB £380 NOA Best Western Le strange Arms Hotel CUMBRIA - Christmas Package 5SMA TBC TBC Gilsland Hall Hotel DUMFRIES - Christmas Package 5SMA £395 £60 Cairndale Hotel LLANDUDNO - Christmas Package 5SMA £610 £20 Queens Hotel DUMFRIES - Hogmanay Package 4SMA £420 £60 Cairndale Hotel CUMBRIA - Hogmanay Package 4SMA £469 £20 Gilsland Hall Hotel


OCTOBER 02 Oct 06 Oct 08 Oct 11 Oct 13 Oct 16 Oct 18 Oct 22 OCT

04 May Frodsham Market M & S store + Cheshire Oaks Departing 9.00am - £10.75 A great shopping day ranging from a street market to the Super Store at Cheshire JERSEY BY AIR 6HB £499 £90 Oaks. The Mayfair Hotel, St Helier

CUMBRIA - Line Dance Weekend 3FB £189 £12 Gilsland Hall Hotel 06 May Whitby Departing 8.00am - £22.00 ROMANTIC HIGHLAND RAILWAYS 6HB £419 NOA With links to Captain Cooke, Bram Stoker this pretty fishing port of North Yorkshire is Balavil Hotel, Newtonmore famous for its fish & chips. Our route is via Pickering and Flyingsdales Moor. SIDMOUTH 5HB £395 NOA The Royal York & Faulkner Hotel 14 May Welsh Wonderings Departing 8.00am - £19.00 BLACKPOOL - Illuminations 4HB £225 NOA North Wales has some stunning scenery. We will be taking in some old favourites Park House Hotel like Llangollen , Betwsy-Coed the gateway to Snowdonia, Llanberis, Beaumaris and WARNER LEISURE HOTELS 4HB £409 NOA the very pretty North Wales Coast. Holme Lacy Hotel SECRET ISLANDS AND (ALL INCLUSIVE) 5 £419 £56 WATERWAYS OF SCOTLAND 16 May Fleetwood & Cleveleys Departing 9.00am - £11.00 Winnock Hotel, Lock Lomond A pleasant drive to the coast, we stay at Fleetwood until 2pm then down to Cleveleys TORQUAY 6HB £379 £40 until 4.30pm. Belgrave Sands Hotel

NOVEMBER 03 Nov LLANDUDNO - Turkey & Tinsel long weekend 4HB £234 £20 Queens Hotel 03 Nov TAUNTON - Bridgwater Illuminated Carnival 3HB £195 £40 Holiday Inn, Taunton 05 Nov TENBY - Turkey & Tinsel - Drinks Inclusive 5HB £295 NOA Belgrave Hotel 08 Nov THURSFORD CHRISTMAS SHOW 4HB £380 NOA Best Western Le Strange Arms Hotel 13 Nov CUMBRIA - Turkey & Tinsel 5HB £299 £25 Gilsland Hall Hotel 13 Nov BABBACOMBE - Turkey & Tinsel 4HB £235 £20 Anchorage Hotel 19 Nov LUDLOW - Pre Christmas Party 4HB £309 NOA The Feathers Hotel 24 Nov VALKENBURG CHRISTMAS MARKETS 5HB £399 £85 Hotel Schaepkens 30 Nov LOCH LOMOND Plus Edinburgh Christmas Markets 5 £319 £56 The Winnock Hotel (ALL INCLUSIVE)

DINER TOURS on these tours our hostess will serve a freshly prepared light lunch with tea & coffee on day excursions, and morning coffee and biscuits on the outward and return days. All freshly made on board. NOA : Nil Supplement on our Allocation

23 May Houghton Weavers and Lunch Departing 10.30am - £29.95 One of our many visits to The barn at Rivington. We start with a wholesome lunch of 2 courses with tea and coffee and then it’s 3 hours of The Weavers Magic. 29 May Bank Holiday Market at Bakewell Departing 8.30am - £17.00 Always a favourite with all our clients. So will be no different this year, come and find the bargains. 06 Jun Yorkshire Dales Departing 8.30am - £22.00 A day of beautiful scenery and pretty villages. We travel up via Kettlewell, with the Dales landscapes all around us before we reach the Village of Hawes. 09 Jul

Liquorice Festival at Pontefract £17.00 Today we return to an old favourite. Pontefract is a unique historic town with its Norman Castle, cobbled streets and the aroma of warm liquorice emanating from the local sweet factories.

An audience with the Master of Mirth, Ken Dodd OBE - £98 At The Grand Theatre, Blackpool. 1st October, 2 days staying overnight at Park House Hotel Blackpool. Our package includes main road pick ups close to your home within our pick up area, a pleasant drive to Blackpool allowing time for shopping or just a stroll along the front, checking in at Park House Hotel around 3pm.

Booking Hotline

01942 728 960

Memory Lane Holidays & Travel Heath Street




50 Plus Travel

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The Royal Clipper – The Windward Islands of the Caribbean

“I still want to enjoy sailing but not with all that responsibility.” This time it was George’s turn to explain why he had the Star Clippers bug. He had captained many a small yacht in the past and still wanted to experience the buzz from travelling by sail power. His wife however, preferred luxury holidays with

“I absolutely must go on that

a little pampering in the sun. The two of

ship….” Carolyn (a vibrant 65 year

them had found the perfect solution to

old Norwegian, now on her fourth

ensure marital harmony for their golden

Star Clippers cruise) explained over a


sundowner rum punch that she had been in Barbados a few years earlier on

January is the perfect time of year to

board a large cruise liner, and her eyes

escape from the UK with a direct flight

were drawn across the marina. It was

to Barbados and then a quick hop

love at first sight, and she has never

to join the Royal Clipper. And what a

looked back.

welcoming ship it is, by far the most elegant and photogenic in the port,

The secret? The essence of a Star

a vision of beauty with comfort and

Clippers voyage is that it’s a genuine

charm in equal measures.

sailing experience on board the largest full-rigged ship in the world……with all of the comfort, superb dining and service of a 5 star cruise.



After just a day or two, life on board D ebbie M arshall f r o m S ilver T ravel A dvisor

established a delightful and relaxed daily routine. Rising early to enjoy


an excellent spa with a range of treatments. And a gym should all that wonderful food be resulting in a couple of unwelcome extra inches around the waist. The seven days went by all too fast, with experiences to savour that will last a lifetime. New friendships made, stories told and a true sense of well-being shared.

Star Clippers (0808 231 4798, www.starclippers.

Relaxing of the Jetty offers fully crewed tall ship sailing cruises in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indonesia, Cuba and Asia, and transatlantic crossings each spring

the sunrise with a dazzling display of oranges and pinks

and autumn. A 7 night Caribbean sailing around

through the clouds and over the hills of the islands,

the Windward Islands (departing 13th January

accompanied by the water performance of the flying fish

2018) on board the magnificent flagship Royal

and the birds swooping to catch them. Then with my

Clipper costs from £1979 per person, including

appetite likewise awakened, it was high time for a buffet

return UK flights, transfers, all meals on board and

breakfast (the bread choice and quality alone rivalled any

port charges. Or cruise only from £1227.

top hotel), and the not too arduous task of deciding on the plan for the day ahead. The ship called in at a different island each day (St. Lucia, Dominica, Antigua, St Kitts, Iles des Saintes and Martinique), and a range of excursions were on offer. Usually we would return to the ship for lunch which was also a buffet (including a fabulous beach barbecue in Antigua – what a way to lunch in style!), and any thought of hunger later in the afternoon was soon dispelled by tea served at 5pm in the tropical bar area where a soulful singer and keyboard player entertained. Then it was time to ascend to the upper deck, to savour the setting sun, cocktail of the day in hand, and enjoy the Sailaway. Dramatic and emotional music (Vangelis, `1492 Conquest of Paradise’) provides the atmosphere while the crew hoist the sails, the captain watches over and the guests step to the side of the incredible web of ropes and pulleys, as our elegant ship set sail for the next destination. Dinner is a la carte, where guests can choose to sit separately to eat if they choose, although it’s more interesting to be on a mixed table for 6 or 8. Evening entertainment is very informal, with a highlight being a steel band. Snorkelling equipment is available free of charge, and for those who prefer a little self-indulgence, there’s also




TRAVEL the freshest produce and a wonderful atmosphere in which to shop, as well as wander and watch.

Europe by Train –

an Arts and Food Tour

Fr o m S ilver T ravel A dvisor w i t h t h a n k s t o Louise H ammond

We all know that great art and wonderful meals are not be rushed, so what could be better than a relaxed trip by train through Europe, savouring both! With just a little planning, you could be delighting in the great culture and cuisine across the Channel, relaxing on your journey, marvelling at dramatic scenery and pretty countryside. Senior railcards are available, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits usually associated with youngsters on their gap years! Writer, Louise Hammond headed off to do some research, on a My InterRail trip. Leaving from re-vamped St Pancreas, a work of art in itself, her first stop was Djon, famous for mustard and also home to the Palais de Ducs which includes the famous Musée des Beaux-Arts, along with incredible half-timbered houses and cobbled streets. Not to mention the little owls (chouette) which bring good luck! Then they travelled onto Lausanne,


with a tremendous cathedral featuring Gothic carvings and a stunning view. Onwards to Milan, which is a culturevultures dream! Churches, galleries and palazzos are without doubt, here in abundance. The pastries satisfied any cake lovers’ dream that could be had and hit the spot every time. Any space can be filled with a slice of the local panettone.

And so to Venice, one of Louise’s favourite cities, where she was able to indulge in churches and their decoration to her heart’s content – Santa Maria della Fava, San Lio and San Zaccaria - Tintoretto and Canaletto feature almost everywhere. There was also a long Vaporetta aqua bus ride around the outside of the city, soaking up the sunshine, enjoying the view of the palazzos. More lovely cake was found here too - the Venetian specialties of zaletti (cornmeal biscuits with sultanas) and almond croissants and cakes from Pasticceria da Bonifacio in Calle degli Albanesi. The food markets in Venice provide

Innsbruck was the next stop, via lovely Verona for lunch, climbing high into the mountains. The pleasure of travelling by rail is a day sightseeing in each city, and then a day relaxing on the train and taking in the view. The scenery changed, from sea level in Venice, as did the buildings and the food! The following day, the boots were on for a mountain walk (13.7 miles in the end!) up the Nordkette wall of mountains along with good footpaths, with forest tracks and a steep climb for the first few hours up to Planotzenhof (good stop for drinks) to a wonderful 1777 chapel with a painted apse recently restored at Hottinger Bild at a height of 2969 feet or 905 metres. Once descended, Louise decided a trip to Café Sacher in the Hofburg Imperial Palace which serves original Sacher-Torte was essential. With the final couple of days calling, Louise took the train through the Alps to St Anton am Arlberg, with the carriages twisting and turning, dropping down slowly, ears popping through Vorarlberg to Bludenz and Feldkirch, with glimpses of waterfalls along the way. Then it was on to Leichtenstein, and finally oh so efficient Switzerland, where the highspeed train carried her to Paris in time for an evening stroll before the final day spent exploring Paris! The last day offered a walk along the Seine by the Louvre and across to Musée d’Orsay, with its rich collection of impressionist art in what was a train station but looks like a palace. It was the Paris European Heritage Days (an open week-end for free admission to attractions): the Société Générale, founded in 1864 to develop commerce and industry, was open with one of the largest mosaic floors in France. After an amazing trip, much food sampled, churches, palaces and museums visited and wonderful city life enjoyed, Louise returned to London, vowing to travel by European trains again – as soon as possible! Contact for more information


Coach Holidays

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SAVE up to £50

per couple off a selection of 5 & 8 Day Tours

Robinsons Own Hotels Sunny Sussex and Eastbourne

Imperial Hotel Located just a stone’s throw away from the promenade and band stand, this grand Victorian hotel is full of character and home to a number of spacious, comfortable bedrooms, all accessible via lifts.

Ocean View Hotel

4 nts dinner, bed & breakfast

DATE WAS PRICE 01 May - £199 15 May - £219 22 May £225 £200 29 May £229 £204 05 Jun £239 £214 12 Jun £239 £214 19 Jun £239 £214 26 Jun £239 £214 03 July £239 £214 17 July £239 £214 24 July £239 £214 31 July £239 £214 07 Aug - £239 14 Aug - £239 21 Aug - £239 28 Aug - £239 04 Sept - £239 11 Sept - £229 25 Sept - £219 30 Sept - £215

Abbey Lawn Hotel

Situated in a premier location with an idyllic If you’re looking to unwind in style, this elegant seaside position, the charming, well-appointed Georgian hotel is the place to stay. Located in the Ocean View Hotel boasts uninterrupted grounds of the former Torre Abbey with stunning panoramic views across Sandown Bay. The hotel views of the bay, the Abbey Lawn hotel offers an also offers a large sprung dance floor and provides exceptional standard of comfort throughout. live entertainment most evenings. Park Garage, Great Harwood,

Visit us online at


Delightful Devon and Torquay

The Garden Isle Isle of Wight

Freephone: 0800 083 9900 5 Day Tours 2017


5 Day Tours 2017

Blackburn, BB6 7SP

4 nts dinner, bed & breakfast DATE WAS PRICE 01 May - £199 08 May - £209 15 May - £219 22 May £225 £200 29 May £229 £204 05 Jun £239 £214 12 Jun £239 £214 19 Jun £239 £214 26 Jun £239 £214 03 July £239 £239 10 July £239 £214 17 July £239 £214 24 July £239 £214 31 July £239 £214 07 Aug - £239 14 Aug - £239 21 Aug - £239 28 Aug - £239 11 Sept - £229 18 Sept - £225 25 Sept - £219 30 Sept - £215

5 Day Tours 2017

4 nts dinner, bed & breakfast 19/12/2014 DATE


01 May £199

PRICE £174

22 May

- £225

29 May

- £229

12 Jun

- £239

26 Jun £239


10 July £239


24 July £239


07 Aug -


14 Aug -


21 Aug



28 Aug -


04 Sept -


11 Sept -


18 Sept -


25 Sept -


30 Sept -


Supplements per person: Premier Room £20

Supplements per person: Premier Room £30 Sea View Room: £10

Supplements per person: Premier Room £30 Front Facing Room: £10

The following excursions are included: CHichester AND ARUNDEL RYE AND TENTERDEN

The following excursions are included: ISLAND TOUR GODSHILL AND COWES

The following excursions are included: EXMOUTH AND EXETER TORBAY, BRIXHAM AND DARTMOUTH


8 Days from



Imperial Hotel

8 Day Tours 2017

7 nts dinner, bed & breakfast DATE 06/07 May 13/14 May 20/21 May 27/28 May 03/04 Jun 10/11 Jun 17/18 Jun 24/25 Jun 01/02 Jul 08/09 Jul 15/16 Jul 22/23 Jul 29/30 Jul

WAS PRICE £359 £344 £369 £354 £379 £354 £389 £364 £399 £384 - £409 £409 £394 - £409 £409 £384 £409 £394 £409 £384 - £409 £409 £394

Ocean View Hotel

8 Day Tours 2017

7 nts dinner, bed & breakfast DATE 06/07 May 13/14 May 20/21 May 27/28 May 03/04 Jun 10 Jun 17/18 Jun 24/25 Jun 01/02 Jul 08 Jul 15/16 Jul 22/23 Jul 29 Jul

WAS PRICE - £359 - £369 £379 £354 £389 £364 £399 £384 £409 £394 £409 £394 - £409 £409 £394 £409 £394 £409 £394 £409 £394 £409 £394

Abbey Lawn Hotel

8 Day Tours 2017

7 nts dinner, bed & breakfast DATE 06/07 May 13/14 May 20/21 May 27/28 May 03/04 Jun 10/11 Jun 17/18 Jun 24/25 Jun 01/02 Jul 08/09 Jul 15/16 Jul 22/23 Jul 29/30 Jul

WAS PRICE £359 £344 £369 £344 £379 £364 £389 £364 £399 £374 - £409 £409 £394 £409 £394 £409 £384 £409 £394 £409 £409 £409 £384 £409 £384

AUGUST 8 DAYS NOW INCLUDE TRAVEL INSURANCE SAVING £40 PER COUPLE 05/06 Aug 12/13 Aug 19/20 Aug 26/27 Aug 02/03 Sept 09/10 Sept 16/17 Sept 23/24 Sept

- £409 - £409 - £409 - £409 - £389 - £379 - £369 - £359

05/06 Aug 12/13 Aug 19/20 Aug 26/27 Aug 02/03 Sept 09/10 Sept 16/17 Sept 23/24 Sept

- £409 - £409 - £409 - £409 - £389 - £379 - £369 - £359

05/06 Aug 12/13 Aug 19/20 Aug 26/27 Aug 02/03 Sept 09/10 Sept 16/17 Sept 23/24 Sept

- £409 - £409 - £409 - £409 - £389 - £379 - £369 - £359

Supplements per person: Premier Room - £35

Supplements per person: Premier Room - £50 Sea View Room - £15

Supplements per person: Premier Room - £50 Front Facing Room - £15

The following excursions are included:

The following excursions are included:

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Rick Astley The Quiet Man of Pop You won’t see photos of him in celebrity magazines falling out of nightclubs at 4am or attending every premier in sight. Yet, in almost three decades in the limelight the shy lad from Warrington, Cheshire, has had a string of hits and possesses one of the most distinctive voices in the business. He has just finished a sell-out tour across the USA and the UK and the reaction from fans old and new underlines the long-lasting appeal of the clean-cut icon who, with his smart hairstyle and metrosexual wardrobe, looks years younger than 51. This timeless assurance may be down to his simple philosophy on life:

“I’m a person who tries not to have regrets.” Some of that down-to-earth approach could lie in his Northern upbringing. He was the youngest of three boys and a


girl and showed musical promise early, singing in the choir at his local church at 10. He learned to play the drums, piano/ keyboards, guitar and saxophone and in his teens was gigging in pubs and clubs with various bands like FBI. He commented: “I used to go to soul nights because I loved dancing, and so did my friends, and we loved the music. We used to go to listen to black American soul.” In 1985, Rick was performing with FBI, playing their own music, when he caught the attention of well-known record producer Pete Waterman. He persuaded the youngsters to come to London to work at his company, PWL recording studio, under what became the famous production team of Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman. In ‘80s pop, Stock Aitken Waterman was THE leading force.

During this time of learning, the young singer also doubled as studio teaboy. As he recalled: “Working as a teaboy may have helped my confidence but not everyone else was so pleased. I could never remember who had milk or how many sugars, and I had an unusual talent for spilling tea on the recording console!” At just 21 in 1987, Rick released his debut single “Never Gonna Give You Up”, and it had a huge impact. It took instant residence in the charts and became the year’s best-selling single in the UK as well as making No.1 in 16 different countries. The song became the centrepiece of debut album “Whenever You Need Somebody” which sold a remarkable 15 million copies worldwide. He even cracked the US Top 10 – a notoriously difficult achievement for any British singer, especially with a debut single, earning him a Grammy nomination for “Best New Artist.”

CELEBRITY INTERVIEW Suddenly, the shy Northern lad was catapulted into the international world of stardom, and the following years saw Rick released a string of further hits. The soulful songs with a mature depth of delivery from his rich voice made him a household name. “Whenever You Need Somebody”, “Hold Me In Your Arms, “She Wants To Dance With Me”, Take Me To Your Heart” and “Hopelessly” all propelled him into singles’ charts across the globe. During the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Rick Astley was everywhere – on TV, radio and the music charts. By 1993, he was a wealthy man with little to prove to the world. Some might say his innate shyness made him a slightly uncomfortable fit with the often brash world of celebrity. By then, he had a baby daughter, Emilie, and a wife, and he wanted to spend more time with them. So he decided to retire - at the age of just 27.

material I was working on was pretty good. So I decided to go for it.” It proved to be a good decision. The album reached No.1 and the single from it, “Dance” with its official video proved to be a hit. Suddenly, Rick was everywhere in the media again – although this time, a more assured and confident performer, comfortable in his own skin. As he insisted: “My time away from the spotlight allowed me to rediscover my love for music, and I’m doing it for me now and no-one else.” The quiet man of pop has found his voice in more ways than one.

For much of the ‘90s and into the 2000s, he was out of the music business, out of the spotlight. Then, in 2001, Rick returned, signing a co-publishing deal with Polydor and releasing single “Keep It Turned On.” When his first compilation album “Greatest Hits” came out in 2000, it reached No.16 on the UK albums’ chart. In 2003, he reached No.10 in the UK as a songwriter with “Shakespeare’s (Way With) Words” performed by boyband One True Voice. In 2004, Rick toured for the first time in 14 years, which led to a record contract with Sony BMG. In 2005, he released the album “Portrait” covering classics like “Vincent” and “Close To You”. In 2008, the album “The Ultimate Collection: Rick Astley” burst into the public’s consciousness and again went into the UK Top 40 albums’ chart. Later that year, Rick was nominated for the “Best Act Ever” award at the MTV Europe Music Awards and fans went into over-drive to ensure their hero received it. On the back of this, “Never Gonna Give You Up” returned to the UK charts – more than 21 years after it was released. During the late 2000s, Rick continued extensive touring across the globe and in 2010 was a special guest on Peter Kay’s tour “The Tour That Doesn’t Tour Tour … Now On Tour” and to mark the occasion, he released a new single, “Lights Out”, on his own label which was well-received. He became a DJ for London’s Magic FM with a popular weekly show, then co-hosted Chris Evens Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2, again with Peter Kay. In 2016, Rick released “Keep Singing” from his forthcoming album “50” – prompted by his turning 50. He told Amanda Holden on the “Lorraine” show: “It was a big milestone. I got back in the studio and friends were telling me the

* For the latest news on Rick’s appearances go to WWW.50PLUSMAGAZINE.CO.UK

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BILL'S EVERYDAY ASIAN Thai fishcakes Fishcakes are a perennial favourite and this version is a great crowd-pleaser. Shallowfried in just a little oil, I guarantee the ones you make at home will not only taste better but will be healthier than anything you eat in a restaurant.

Makes 24

ingredients 500g boneless, skinless, fleshy white fish, roughly chopped 3 tablespoons red curry paste 1 teaspoon granulated sugar 2 tablespoons fish sauce 6 kaffir lime leaves, very finely sliced, or finely grated zest of 2 limes 60g snake beans or green beans, very thinly sliced 80ml light-flavoured oil cucumber relish (see recipe below)

Cucumber relish 125ml rice vinegar or white vinegar 125g caster sugar 1 small cucumber, quartered lengthways and finely sliced 1/2 tablespoon finely julienned ginger 1 large red chilli, de-seeded and finely sliced Place the vinegar and sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from the heat and cool. Pour into a bowl, add the cucumber, ginger and chilli and stir to combine.

METHOD Blend the fish in a food processor until smooth, scraping the sides down once or twice. Add the curry paste and pulse with the sugar, fish sauce and lime leaves. Scrape into a large bowl, add the snake beans and stir to combine. Take a handful of the mixture and throw against the side of the bowl to firm the proteins, repeating a few times until the mixture is noticeably firmer.


With moistened hands, form slightly heaped tablespoonfuls of the mixture into discs. Heat the oil in a large non-stick frying pan over medium heat and fry in batches until browned and cooked through. Drain on kitchen paper and serve hot with the cucumber relish.

Butternut squash & coconut soup I had an unfortunate incident once with an enormous pumpkin we’d had on display at one of the restaurants and then put out the back and forgotten about. I won’t put you off by going into any more detail, but I wish I’d had this recipe at the time as, instead of wasting the pumpkin, I could have made a freezerful of this smooth, creamy soup.


ingredients 2 tablespoons light-flavoured oil 3 garlic cloves, roughly chopped 1 red chilli, chopped 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon ground coriander 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 tablespoon paprika 1kg butternut squash, peeled, de-seeded and chopped

METHOD 2 carrots, roughly chopped 200ml coconut milk 3 tablespoons fish sauce 2 tablespoons lime juice, to taste extra coconut milk, to drizzle 1 red chilli, finely sliced on an angle 2 tablespoons chopped coriander leaves

Heat the oil in a medium-sized saucepan. Add the garlic and spices and cook over medium heat for 1 minute until fragrant. Add the butternut squash and carrot and cook, stirring, over medium heat for a further minute. Add 1.5 litres water and bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for 25–30 minutes or until the vegetables are soft. Cool slightly and purée until smooth. Add the coconut milk, fish sauce and lime juice and season with sea salt to taste. Ladle into four serving bowls, drizzle with the extra coconut milk and dress with the chilli and coriander leaves.

Rather than use the garlic and dried spices you could also try making this with a heaped tablespoon of red curry paste.


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Massaman lamb curry The more serious foodies among us can be sticklers for staying true to a cuisine, but cultures have been crossing over and fusing flavours since the beginning of time. The name of this curry means ‘Muslim’, as the Thais used Muslim traders’ spices to add depth and enrich its flavour.




3 teaspoons dried chilli flakes 1 tablespoon ground ginger 2 teaspoons cumin seeds 1 teaspoon white peppercorns 5 cardamom pods, cracked open and seeds removed (about 1/4 teaspoon) 1 teaspoon sea salt 1/2 red onion, roughly chopped 6 garlic cloves, crushed with the flat of a knife 1 lemon grass stalk, white part only, roughly chopped 2 tablespoons chopped coriander roots 3 tablespoons light-flavoured oil 4 French-trimmed lamb shanks (about 1.3kg) 400ml tin coconut milk 1 tablespoon granulated sugar 1 tablespoon fish sauce 400g new potatoes, halved 1 tablespoon lime juice 2 tablespoons chopped roasted peanuts large handful coriander leaves

Preheat the oven to 160o/gas mark 2–3. Use a mortar and pestle to roughly pound the chilli flakes, ground ginger, cumin seeds, peppercorns, cardamom and sea salt. Blend the onion, garlic, lemon grass, coriander roots and 1 tablespoon of the oil in a blender as finely as possible, then stir in the spice mix. Alternatively, combine all the spices together in the blender.


Heat the remaining oil in a large flameproof casserole dish over medium–high heat. Add the lamb shanks and brown for 2 minutes on each side or until lightly browned all over. Remove from the dish. Add the curry paste mix and cook, stirring constantly, for 2 minutes or until fragrant. Return the lamb to the dish, add the coconut milk, 400ml water, sugar and fish sauce and bring to the boil. Remove the dish from the heat. Add the potatoes and bake for 13/4–2 hours, turning the lamb 2–3 times while cooking, or until the meat is tender and falling off the bone and the sauce has reduced. Skim any fat off the surface and discard. Stir in the lime juice and scatter with peanuts. Serve with coriander leaves and steamed rice.

perfect rice Rule one for anyone venturing into Asian cooking for the first time is not to be afraid of making perfect, fluffy rice. I used to think rice cookers were the foot spas of the kitchen in Asia and Australia until I discovered that they are actually very handy. Until I get around to buying one, however, here are three foolproof methods of getting rice right every time.


Steamed rice

Brown rice

Coconut rice

400g long-grain white or jasmine rice 600ml water

400g long-grain brown or basmati rice 1 litre water

Rinse the rice in a fine sieve, preferably until the water runs clear, and drain well. Put the rice and water in a large saucepan with a tight-fitting lid. Bring to the boil, put the lid on the pan, reduce the heat to low and cook for 12 minutes. Turn the heat off and leave to stand for 10 minutes. Do not remove the lid at any time during the cooking and standing process. Serve immediately.

Rinse the rice in a fine sieve, preferably until the water runs clear, and drain well. Put the rice and water in a large saucepan with a tight-fitting lid. Bring to the boil, put the lid on the pan, reduce the heat to low and cook for 30 minutes. Turn the heat off and leave to stand for 15 minutes. Do not remove the lid at any time during the cooking and standing process. Serve immediately.

400g long-grain white rice 500ml water 100ml coconut milk 1 teaspoon sea salt Rinse the rice in a fine sieve, preferably until the water runs clear, and drain well. Put the rice, water, coconut milk and salt in a large saucepan with a tight-fitting lid. Bring to the boil, put the lid on the pan, reduce the heat to low and cook for 20 minutes. Turn the heat off and leave to stand for 5 minutes. Do not remove the lid at any time during the cooking and standing process. Serve immediately.

Bill’s Everyday Asian by Bill Granger (Quadrille £16.99) Photography: Mikkel Vang For more recipes from Bill Granger visit our website


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Exhibitions at the

WILLIAMSON ART GALLERY & MUSEUM, BIRKENHEAD Williamson Open, April 8th - May 7th An open exhibition has been part of the local art scene for as long as most of us can remember. The Williamson exhibition has gone from strength to strength. The show usually has many pieces for sale, there will be a catalogue available and prizes will be announced at the private view for the friends and exhibitors. The People’s Choice for the Kriterion award is announced towards the end of the exhibition.

Expressive Art on the River Mersey, April 22nd - May 21st Vibrant colours, light, shapes and movement of paint, are expressively used throughout Liverpool artist Claire McCarthy’s artwork based on the River Mersey.

Wirral Potters Exhibition, May 13th - June 25th The Showcase Exhibition within the historic Della Robbia pottery collection at the Williamson Art Gallery by Wirral Potters, allows each member of the group to exhibit 4 pieces of work over the six weeks of the exhibition, whilst the Table Sale will enable the group to display for sale a greater range of work over the weekend of 20/21 May. During the course of the weekend, members will hold a series of demonstrations of how to produce their, ranging from throwing, hand building and decorating. The Dinner Party 24 June - 3 September 2017 The Dinner Party exhibition celebrates the work of five Liverpool painters as instigators of a distinctive art practice from the early 1960s to the late 1970s: local, international and seldom metropolitan. The exhibition at Birkenhead’s Williamson Art Gallery and Museum this summer focuses on the achievements and relationships of five friends depicted in Sam Walsh’s 1980 painting The Dinner Party: Sam Walsh, Don McKinlay,Arthur Ballard,Adrian Henri and Maurice Cockrill.

Williamson Art Gallery & Museum Slatey Road, Birkenhead CH43 4UE 20 0151 666 3537 20 | WWW.50PLUSMAGAZINE.CO.UK

Only a few minutes from Birkenhead Park Open Wednesday – Sunday 10am – 5pm Closed Monday & Tuesday

WIRRAL Around the World in 80 Days Trains, boats and steamer ships; elephants, Indian princesses and a suspicious detective - it’s the original global adventure! Phileas Fogg thinks he can travel the world in just 80 days. The fellows at the Reform Club in London disagree. On the very day that a £20,000 wager is made between the men, Fogg sets sail. Taking only his new servant for company, the pair race against the calendar, from the West to the East, taking on the world in the most literal sense. On their journey they interrupt a sacrifice, are arrested, stampeded by bison, victims of a falling bridge, attacked by Sioux Indians, and accused of being bank robbers, all before they reach Japan! Dates and times - Friday 28th July 2017 Tickets - £12.50 and £8.00 conc £5 for under 21 available through

Have you visited Birkenhead Priory? The small place with a big history?

A site now wholly enclosed by modern Birkenhead, the Priory has the oldest standing buildings in Merseyside and is usually a haven of tranquillity, until the shipyard next door starts banging! The Undercroft Museum tells the story of the mediaeval Priory and the Chapter House dates back to 1150, still in use as church since St Mary’s parish church closed forty years ago. Upstairs in the Scriptorium is the museum dedicated to HMS Conway, the training ship stationed on the River Mersey off Rock Ferry for many years: this is open by arrangement.   St Mary’s Tower offers unrivalled views across the River Mersey to Liverpool; watch the ferry sail in front of the site of its original passage – did you know that for 200 years the Priory of Birkenhead operated the ferry from Birkenhead to Liverpool? Look the other way, across Cammell Laird shipbuilders where ships are regularly in the dock next door, and, on a fine day, you can see all the way to Helsby and Runcorn.

Please note that some areas of the Birkenhead Priory site are only accessible via steps.

Birkenhead Priory

Priory Street, Birkenhead CH41 5JH 0151 666 3537

Open Wednesday – Friday 1pm - 5pm Saturday & Sunday - 10am - 5pm 21 Closed Monday & Tuesday WWW.50PLUSMAGAZINE.CO.UK | 21

HOME of these extensions is that they can be tailor-made into even the most testing of spaces, letting in an unrivalled amount of daylight. TILED ROOF EXTENSIONS are also designed to look and function like a permanent part of the property. This additional space makes your house a more desirable place to live and, should you come to sell your property, it immediately allows would-be buyers to envisage using that extra room for their lifestyle needs. To open up kitchen and living areas, how about installing BIFOLDING DOORS? These clever additions not only look stylish but offer a large area bringing in light, and they can easily fold back to allow in fresh air and the beauty of your garden.

Bringing the outside in... NATURAL light and space are among the popular hallmarks of modern homes in 2017 whatever size your property. When we investigate new apartments or houses with a view to moving, a feeling of space with plenty of natural light in evidence is what we are searching for. It not only makes us feel better but it’s a great way to help reduce energy costs. Architects and developers know that these elements sell their homes to the public and plan accordingly. But, it may not be quite so easy to harness plenty of natural light and create more space in less modern properties. Most of the homes built in the UK after World War II favoured smaller, more intimate rooms which were relatively cheap to heat, and this legacy has continued to a lesser extent into the early Noughties. However, in the last 10 years or so in particular, more of us are demanding open plan living areas with as much natural light as we can get. In fact, through solar panels in the roof more and more of us even turn natural sunlight to domestic energy to cut household bills. Getting more fresh air into your home along with that vital light and creating more space for growing families - or simply giving yourself more room to breathe - can be costly if you have to think about remodelling homes or building on large extensions or wings.


So, more and more people are going for a range of other options that still help to bring the outside inside. CONSERVATORIES are particularly popular for this, not only because they come in such a variety of sizes and styles to suit all kinds of properties but because they are now cheaper and more efficient than ever. Conservatories enlarge homes and can genuinely enhance the look of a property. They offer a private, bright space for hobbies, for family time or just for reading alone. They also bring people closer to their gardens, both physically and emotionally, and allow a new perspective on greenery without having to suffer from the vagaries of the British climate. ORANGERIES are another popular addition to homes, generating extra living space and creating a special place to live – and work if you prefer – in a private but bright room. They tend to contain more brickwork than glass, can be a bigger project to create, but always add elegance to homes. You can add a bold and unique visual element to your property with a GLASS ROOF EXTENSION. The glass naturally creates a light living space and the beauty

These doors come into their own for families and open up the whole house. Socialising in the kitchen – which often predominates at parties - is then less cramped and more easygoing. Cooking smells vanish and individuals can spill out onto the patio to enjoy the best of the outside in convivial company. Another clever way to enjoy the outside and still protect yourself from the less attractive parts of the British weather is to install an AWNING. These handsome, often brightly coloured additions to your home allow you to dine or just sit outside, away from the sun or even drizzle, as an easy extension of your lifestyle. You can get awnings custom-made to look just right on your home. And the beauty of them is that when you don’t need them they simply fold away until the next time. Many of us enjoy our gardens and it’s lovely, not only to see close up the fruits of your labours when it comes to admiring the plants, flowers and other greenery, but also because of the health benefits. Fresh air is good for the digestion, improves your blood pressure and heartrate, strengthens your immune system and cleans your lungs. It also gives you more energy and sharpens the mind – and, probably the most important thing, it makes you happier!

So it’s worth crafting a lifestyle that takes advantage of Nature’s free gifts, and open up your home to all the best possibilities of living. Please note: Planning permission may be required for some cases. Check with your local planning authority.

Transform your existing conservatory into a whole new room ... the way you intended


onservatory Roof Insulation. com is an insulation solution that transforms the inside of your conservatory roof to give it a fully insulated, strong, and smooth plastered or upvc finish, whilst keeping the original shape of your roof i.e. not a flat ceiling, hence there is no light reduction. The family-run business, based in Lytham St Annes, was founded in 2009 and is one of the first companies to offer this product in the UK, alongside its original inventor. After cross-ventilating the ceiling, Conservatory Roof installs a high performance composite insulation to the inside ceiling of the conservatory, combining multiple layers of reflective and insulating materials to reduce heat loss by up to 90 per cent. No other conservatory insulation solution can deliver anywhere near this figure. Your conservatory will stay warm in the winter and prevent the ‘greenhouse effect’ during summer. You’ll therefore need to use far less energy to keep your conservatory warm, drastically reducing energy costs.





After the support framework, cross ventilation, insulation and panelling is installed, the conservatory ceiling will then be plastered to perfection, allowing it to be painted in colour of your choice, or upvc cladding finish, which requires no painting. The entire process takes just two days to complete. Your conservatory ceiling will no longer look like a conservatory ceiling, but instead will match perfectly will all the other rooms of your house. And because the entire conservatory will be strengthened and insulated, rain noise is reduced by up to 95 per cent, so you can enjoy that dinner party without worrying whether it’s going to rain! Amazingly it has all these benefits, whilst at the same time costing less on average than ceiling blinds. Conservatory roof can provide you with a free no obligation survey for your conservatory. There is also now an option to have the outside of your conservatory roof replaced with a tiled roof finish. For more information contact Beverly on 01253 846663. For all the finishes available go to


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Quality Quality || Service Service || Value Value Fascias, Fascias, Soffits Soffits & & Guttering Guttering • Complete Replacement • Complete Replacement

• 18mm PVCu Fascias • 18mm PVCu Fascias • 9mm PVCu Soffits • 9mm PVCu Soffits • Guttering and fall pipes • Guttering and fall pipes • Concealed Ventilation • Concealed Ventilation • New Felt Trays • New Felt Trays • Bird Guard • Bird Guard

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rs ffeers d f f ennd O O g iinng usstt e r pr mu S Sp rrryy m oonn uur soo H s H

HOME AND GARDEN Great start. The top section that has the handle will be flipped upsidedown to become the planting section, and the bottom part of the bottle is now the water reservoir. Fill the reservoir with about 30 mm ( of water. Grab your old cotton t-shirt. It’s time to create your ‘wick’, which will help pull the water from the reservoir to the soil where your seedling will use it. Have you ever dipped a tissue in a glass of water and watched the water travel vertically through the fabric? That’s what your cloth will do, too. Cut a 20 mm hole. Push the wick through the bottom of the planter – where the lid once was – leaving half of it DANGLING.

DIY Gardens

Self-watering milk container got milk? • 1 x 2-litre (68 fl oz/8 cup) empty milk bottle with lid • permanent marker • scissors • old cotton t-shirt • domestic stapler and staples • premium organic potting mix • seedling of choice

I never really came to grips with the scale of the dairy industry until I had kids. Within a couple of years my partner gave birth to two beautiful little girls and before we knew it, both of them turned into milk monsters. Milk is everything for a milk monster. It is their mornings, their nights, their middle of the nights and, when in

doubt, it is any other time of day they start misbehaving and tearing the place apart. I still don’t feel completely comfortable that my children’s main source of nourishment comes from a farm animal that goes moo, but I am comfortable and confident that I am now truly a parent. We now duly pay taxes and contribute to the economy because our kids drink most of our income in milk. Rather than live in fear at the idea of an empty bottle of milk when the monsters are calling, shift your focus to creating a handy planting device, because a bottle can be easily converted into a selfwatering planter. A planter that waters itself you say?! Yes, it is possible to build a mini wicking planter using nothing more than an old milk container and some simple household materials. This could be the beginning of the end of the milk horror story, and the time you start feeding the monsters more vegetables instead.

Staple the top of the wick using a conventional office or domestic stapler. This will keep it from slipping. Cut a cross into the lid. Feed the wick through the lid and screw it back onto the milk bottle. This will allow the wick to DRAW WATER up into the planter, while the cap will prevent soil from falling into the reservoir. Transformation is nearly complete. Now, combine the two sections to create the Optimus Prime of small space gardening. Organic potting mix. You know, the good stuff. The stuff that SMELLS LIKE DARK CHOCOLATE. Now, take your seedling of choice and plant it into your soil. Ideally you want a plant that can mature in this small space, such as a variety of lettuce or a basil plant. Water it in so that the soil is damp. The wick will draw water from the reservoir below and replenish the plant as required. Top up from time to time or as the water level drops. Behold! A thing of inexpensive, functional, unbridled BEAUTY. Wicking beds for everyone!

Cut the plastic milk bottle horizontally about a third of the way down, just underneath the handle. You want this to be even, so rather than free-styling it, make a line and follow it.


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HOME preferably one referred to you by someone who has had work done by him. If you don’t know anyone, consult the Federation of Master Builders at or the National Federation of Builders at http://www. CONSERVATORIES and ORANGERIES are very popular these days as they give extra rooms to any property, allowing in plenty of light and, very often, bringing you closer to the garden. BI-FOLD DOORS or SLIDING DOORS are another excellent way of bringing in light and air into a room and really work well in the Spring and Summer in particular, allowing a free flow into your garden especially for entertaining.

HOME ALTERATIONS TO MAKE LIFE EASIER IF an Englishman’s home is his castle then it’s up to each of us to keep that “safe place” as comfortable and easy to live in as possible as time goes by.

You can often adapt a room yourself, turning a small bedroom into an office or sewing room, or creating an extra small lounge to give you both somewhere to sit separately where you are in charge of the TV remote control!

Fortunately, there’s never been a better time to improve homes with easy living in mind. Innovations are emerging constantly - from something as simple as a heated butter knife that slices through cold spreads to smart plugs that switch electronics on and off remotely.

If you like the property you’ve got but want to extend it, talk to a local builder

Is your living room THREE PIECE SUITE or SOFA a lot less comfortable these days than it once was? Perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to a new suite or even a large corner sofa that makes the most of your room, allowing plenty of seating options and looking thoroughly modern. Many have integrated recliners to allow you to really stretch out and relax. Pop down to your local furniture store or browse online to see what suits your rooms best and what fits both your lifestyle and budget.

A sensible starting point is to look at whether your PROPERTY is too big or too small for you. When family have grown up and moved away, it’s often a good time to look around you and honestly assess whether you either need the space you’ve got or if you need more. The former could prompt a move to something smaller, more economical but which involves a more comfortable lifestyle. If the latter applies, then it might be time to consider either adapting the space you have more effectively or extending it to meet your needs.


A large corner sofa canmake the most of your room, allowing plenty of seating options and looking thoroughly modern.

Now that many of us love our home entertainment and prefer to see our favourite films on TV alongside our favourite programmes, perhaps it’s also time to invest in one of the latest smart TVs. Stream films on Netflix or surf websites on the big screen if you prefer. You’ll be surprised at how TV technology has changed in the last few years so take a look at what will work best in your living room or bedroom Another area that is now very hi-tech is HOME SECURITY. There are smart locks providing something extra in protection and a wireless world in which smart locks, CCTV cameras, smart doorbells, smoke detectors and even your lights can all communicate with one another. A safe night’s sleep and peace of mind is all there on offer. Logically, we spend a large part of our lives in our BEDROOMS so it’s definitely worthwhile spending money here and especially on your bed. If you’ve had your mattress for several

years, it’s time to invest in one of the latest Memory Foam mattresses that react to your body shape and ensure you a good, supported night’s sleep. Dimmer switches, calming décor and soft lights can all add to the relaxation here. When it comes to clever gadgets, If you’ve had your mattress for several years, it’s time the latest to invest in one of the latest Memory Foam mattresses KITCHEN ideas are set to make life so easy. From gizmos out there – from ringpull the newest blenders and spiralisers to openers and two-handled cups to tapboiling water taps and intelligent pans turners and kettle-tippers, all designed that work with a an iphone app to tell to make your life simpler and easier. you when your salmon is cooked. Find out more at the websites of Carers UK at and Age UK at

If you have limited use of hands or fingers, there’s a world of amazing

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The Modern Arch Light stone finish surround with marble back and hearth, plus FREE feature downlights Was £899

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36-38 Liverpool Road, Birkdale Village, Southport PR8 4AY

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HOME Are your rooms looking a little shabby? Investing in new DECORATING lifts the spirits and lighten rooms. The latest bright shades banish dark corners and open up dingy areas and if you combine these with new LIGHTING and more MIRRORS you’ll be astonished at the amount of useful light suddenly available in your home. It even feels more airy! Incidentally, if you’re looking at light, it’s definitely worth installing good lighting outside to give both you and your visitors better visibility there. BATHROOMS have now become THE place to spend time relaxing. Try a large tub instead of your old bath, a walk-in shower instead of your current model and twin sinks and vanity units that allow you both to get ready at once.

BATHROOMS have now become THE place to spend time relaxing. It may also be time to invest in new kitchen units or install a useful island unit that allows you to work easily when you’re baking or making a meal. Today’s kitchens are designed to make your lifestyle as easy as possible so it’s definitely worth consulting an experienced kitchen company about this. Ensure you’ve got comfortable chairs or stools available and a system of storage and work spaces that allows time spent there to be really enjoyable.

And if you’ve always meant to improve your GARDEN but never got around to it, don’t forget that having a pleasant garden in which to relax and spend time happily is really good for your mental and physical wellbeing. So the time may be right for new decking, some easygoing garden furniture and planned areas of greenery, shrubbery and blooms to delight you and make you feel well all the year round. Ultra Efficient Electric Heating; Your Choice, Your Style Sunflow are committed to manufacturing electric heating systems that are energy efficient, clean, safe and reliable, specifically designed and engineered to maximise thermal comfort in British homes, perfect for the UK climate. With no servicing or maintenance costs and installed with a genuine UK Manufacturer backed guarantee, they are a great investment which will perform well for years to come. And if that’s not enough, at Sunflow they also believe that when choosing your heating system, you should have choice like everything else in your home.

Tailored to suit your home and lifestyle Sunflow InvincibleTM Heaters Engineered and Manufactured in the UK

• Energy Efficient Electric Heaters • Accurate Individual Room Control • Comfortable, Cosy Home Heating • Unique Kiln Clay Core • Genuine UK Manufacturer Backed Guarantee • Bespoke sizes and colours available

To request your FREE information pack

Call 01244 555040 28 | WWW.50PLUSMAGAZINE.CO.UK

The Sunflow range of InvincibleTM electric heaters are made to order, giving them the opportunity to build unique designs that meet their customer’s exact specifications, making the range of shapes and sizes unlimited. They are ideal for large or small rooms, conservatories and bathrooms or even where space is restricted. Their heaters also deliver on style, so they can offer a wide choice of colours that can be easily matched to your décor and will tastefully complement any room in your home. With accurate individual room control, you have the choice of either a manual dial or wall thermostat programmer and with the recent addition of our high tech SMART MultiZone wireless system, you can now control your heating and temperature from your PC, laptop, tablet or Android Handset.

utiful 100 acres of bea an th re o m in e Set Ribby Hall Villag e, id ys tr n u co e Lancashir ort tination for a sh es d ct fe er p e th is . break or holiday

COTTAGES SLEEPING 4 FROM JUST £319 for a family of four

Whether you want to have some downtime with just your partner or wish to bring all the family along for a generational get together: you’ll feel truly at home here with us. We even have Dog Friendly properties available! 174 self catering cottages to stay in – or try a luxurious pine lodge or larger accommodation option with private hot tub! New family fun lagoon style, swimming pool available Indoor & outdoor activities for all ages – from golf, to segway, soft play to waterwalkerz! Restaurants, cafes, bars and entertainment on The Village – including special events through the year Exclusive multi award-winning Spa for adults only


T’s & C’s: Price based on a midweek stay in a 4 berth self-catering cottage, from 17th Nov 17th Dec 2017. Subject to change and availability.



Out & About A guide to the amazing events around Merseyside, Southport & Ormskirk for 2017 6 May 2017 - 7 May 2017


Steam on the Dock - one of the UK’s only inner-city steam rally - returns to Albert Dock Liverpool - with over 30 steam engines, boats and even a train making the Dock their home on May 6-7 - that’s double the amount that visited in 2016!

23 June 2017 - 25 June 2017


Among this year’s highlights include:Steam tug Kerne - a stunning, Titanic-era steamship. A steam showcase including a cavalry of steam engines, traditional brewer’s dray cart and shire horses, and a marching bandLand-based engines and miniatures. A variety of classic steam narrow boats. Story time with The Fat Controller inside Mattel Play! Liverpool. A fully operational steam train from Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways. The Daniel “Danny” Adamson. Special appearance by Roger Dibnah - the son of the late, great TV legend and steam enthusiast, Fred Dibnah. Albert Dock, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool L3 4AA. Tel: 0151 707 0729 27 May - 28 May

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool Marathon is known for putting local bands and live entertainment along the course to encourage runners as they make their way to the finish line. The musically themed race concludes with a finish festival and headline concert outside of Echo Arena to celebrate the day’s achievements.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool Marathon & 1/2 returns for 2017! It's a happening you don’t want to miss. More Music, More Medals, More Fun! Not sure what to expect? Take a look at our blog on what exactly makes this race so Rock 'n' roll!

This year, The Wonder Stuff will headline the marathon and half marathon finish line. The Wonder Stuff have sold millions of albums worldwide and continue to record and tour internationally. During the last 30 years they have remained at the top of their game and play with a passion and an attitude that has set them apart from the majority of their contemporaries.

Runners of all abilities can experience Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool and be a part of the weekend’s festivities. The race course allows runners to take in Liverpool's stunning waterfront and vibrant city centre, with loads of great music along the way!

Runners of all abilities can experience Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool and be a part of the weekend’s festivities. The 5K race starts along the riverfront, takes in Liverpool’s vibrant city centre and finishes inside Echo Arena. Runner’s are welcomed in with strobe lights, a DJ

Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon 2017


and medal that glows in the dark. And there’s more… Remix Challenge returning in 2017! Run the 5K on Saturday AND a race on Sunday and you’ll earn a third medal – the Remix Challenge Medal. Register online at www. at any time using the same name and birth date. You’ll receive your finisher medals after crossing the finish lines, and pick up your Remix Medal at the Rock ‘n Roll booth on Sunday in the finish festival. 27-29 May 2017

New Brighton Seaside Festival is brand-new for Spring 2017! The fantastic three-day family festival will take place over the Spring Bank Holiday (27-29 May). It will take over a huge space between Fort Perch Rock and the Floral

Pavilion Theatre on the Marine Promenade in New Brighton. As well as offering an exciting programme of fun seaside-themed entertainment, the event is set to showcase the best of homegrown seasonal fayre featuring a host of regional producers and introducing a raft of new spring menus from local chefs, restaurants and food businesses. The first large scale seaside festival of its kind in the area, the weekender is the brainchild of Liverpool event management company Orb Events, the team behind some of the city’s largest festivals including the awardwinning Liverpool Loves, Liverpool Pride, and Farm Feast. Foodies can take their pick from a plethora of food traders, take a stroll over to the gin garden and artisan market, get involved with the cookery demos or head to the undercover seating area to sample some craft beer or dabble in a cocktail class or two. All the while, they will be serenaded by live music from the main

stage, from buoyant sea shanty choruses to mesmerising acoustic performances, with plenty of pop-up musical entertainment taking place throughout the site to transport visitors into a coastal utopia. For the young at heart, a full children’s activity programme will be taking place each day including Punch and Judy style puppet shows, funfair, an on-site crafter van, planting workshops and bush craft classes to boot. Tickets are on sale via Ticketquarter and are priced £5 for adults and £3 for children. Weekend ticket packages are available for those visiting for more than one day and children under 3 go free. Take advantage of the Early Bird Weekend Family Tickets for just £50. The full programme of activities will be announced on the website. A park and ride service will be available. New Brighton Seaside Festival is brand-new  for Spring 2017!

2 June 2017 - 4 June 2017

Southport Food and Drink Festival If you love food then make a date with the Southport Food and Drink Festival – a ‘foodies’ paradise with a little something for everyone to enjoy which usually takes place over the first weekend in June.  Stimulate your senses and try food from different cultures – you can enjoy crepes, gourmet burgers, hot wings, churros, spiral potatoes, paella and curry from the Street Food stalls. Tantalise the taste buds by sampling the different produce around the event - handmade cheeses, sausages, sweet and savoury pies, chutneys and pickles are just a few of the delights that can be taken home. Traditional British food is celebrated throughout the street food and producers with homemade pies, chutneys, local sausages, hog roast, and ice cream from a local dairy. Set in the beautiful Victoria Park, there will be entertainment from local bands throughout the day so


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A traditional market with over 200 stalls. A shopper’s paradise for gifts, clothing and household goods. Bag a bargain today! /FleetwoodMarket

17 June 2017

Chilli Fest once you have chosen what to eat you can sit on the grass, chill out and soak up the atmosphere. If you are bringing the kids along then make sure you pop over to the ‘kids’ corner’. Throughout the day they can get involved in circus workshops, food themed activities and much more. Food wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing drink to wash it all down with.

Open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday all year round from 9am - 4.30pm Also open all Bank Holidays and Tram Sunday

You can enjoy real lemonade, cider, pimms, rum cocktails, craft beer or selection of non-alcoholic and healthy smoothies. Victoria Park, Rotten Row, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 2BZ 17 June 2017

There's also always a great music element to the festival with a great mix of household names and homegrown talent. For the latest information, visit http://www.merseyriverfestival. 17 Aug 2017 - 20 Aug 2017

Chilli Fest UK and Southport BID bring you Chilli Fest – a brand new festival for Southport. With lots of chilli to try and taste, chilli based products to sample and much more it will be a red hot event!


Town Hall Gardens, Southport Town Hall, Lord Street, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 1DA 23 June 2017 - 25 June 2017


The festival sees the visit of everything from narrow boats and tall ships, to polo tournaments, jet skiing demonstrations, have-a-go water sports sessions and thrillingly heartstopping air displays.

Chilli Fest

For the brave there will be a ‘Clash of the Titans’ chilli competition that will literally blow your mind! With street food and entertainment, it promises to be a brilliant afternoon– and what’s more it is FREE admission.

Victoria Street / Adelaide Street, Fleetwood, Lancashire FY7 6AB Tel: 01253 887651

historic waterfront in a completely free three day extravaganza of family fun, amazing music and entertainment along the iconic River Mersey.

INTERNATIONAL MERSEY RIVER FESTIVAL The International Mersey River Festival is a celebration of Liverpool's wonderful and

Southport Flower Show is the largest independent flower show in the country, attracting over 50,000 visitors across 4 days. Set to be bigger and better than ever before, we’re delighted to announce this year’s theme as: The Curious Garden.  Inspired by a sense of mystery, wonder and curiosity - this year, you’re invited to something very peculiar… Find your way through the foliage to reveal the strange and delightful secrets of the British garden. Through a twist, a turn and a secret door - what will you discover?  Located in Victoria Park and within easy walking distance of the town centre.

Southport Flower Show, the UK’s largest independent flower show and a great day out. There are fantastic group discounts and incentives available for groups of 10 or more. Tickets are available and priced from just £17.50 until the end of May. After this date, they will increase to £19. Gate price £24, concession £22. Buy your tickets early and save. Victoria Park, Rotten Row, Southport, Merseyside,  PR8 1RX Tel: 01704 547147 26 Aug 2017 - 28 Aug 2017


17 Aug 2017 - 20 Aug 2017


The Albert Dock's Folk Festival on the Dock began in 2016, presented by the BBC's Janice Long. The event welcomed over 100 folk, roots and sea shanty acts making almost 450 performers. With last year's inaugural event being so successful, the FREE event is back over August Bank Holiday weekend to celebrate Liverpool's rich musical heritage.

hour show from start to finish, these boys will literally have you begging for more!

Albert Dock, Liverpool Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 4AA Tel: 0151 707 0729


THEATRE GUIDE Tuesday 30th May to Saturday 3rd June 2017

THE WEDDING SINGER Step back in time and get ready for the biggest party in town! A sparkling new production of The Wedding Singer will play the Liverpool Empire Theatre. Jon Robyns, Ray Quinn, Cassie Compton, Roxanne Pallett and Ruth Madoc will star in the hilarious musical based on the hit film. Empire Theatre, Lime Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 1JE TICKETS: empire.htm Friday 9th June 2017

THE DREAMBOYS If you're looking for the very best girls night out in the UK, look no further than these incredible stripping hunks. An action packed 2

Empire Theatre, Lime Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 1JE TICKETS: empire.htm Monday 12th to Saturday 17th June 2017

Following sold out seasons in Tampa, Texas and Tokyo, the multi Grammy, Tony and Drama Desk Award nominated Frank Wildhorn's Wonderland receives its UK and European premiere in this brand new British production. Empire Theatre, Lime Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 1JE TICKETS: empire.htm Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th July 2017

2017 BRITISH GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES Four days of non-stop gymnastics action is on offer showcasing the amazing skill of Britain's best gymnasts and the diversity of our spectacular sport. You'll be treated to an incredible feast of gymnastics with multiple disciplines and age groups uniting under one roof competing for prestigious British medal titles.

ECHO Arena, Kings Dock, Liverpool Waterfront, L3 4FP TICKETS: echoarena.htm Tuesday 21st November 2017

JIMMY CARR: THE BEST OF, ULTIMATE, GOLD, GREATEST HITS TOUR A man who has devoted his life to crafting perfect jokes and has left a trail of laughter in his wake, Jimmy Carr 's new tour will distil everything we love to laugh at and be shocked by, into one incredible, unparalleled night of entertainment. Southport Theatre, Promenade, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 0DZ TICKETS: southport.htm Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th November 2017

GOOD MOURNING MRS BROWN Their 2017 Tour follows a very busy twelve months for Mrs. Brown’s Boys. After a sell out Tour of Australia and New Zealand and following the “Live” Episode of Mrs. Brown’s Boys as a special for BBC’s 60 Years of Comedy with an Audience of over 11m in July – SHE’S BACK. ECHO Arena, Kings Dock, Liverpool Waterfront, L3 4FP TICKETS: echoarena.htm


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A guide to the amazing events at the Port Sunlight Museum, Wirral Wednesday 31st May & Thursday 1st June 2017 Toys of the Past – Victorian games and crafts in the Lyceum Sunday 18th June 2017 Port Sunlight 10K Race – throughout the village Saturday 1st July 2017 Handmade Fair – Vintageinspired crafts at the Old School Room in the Lyceum Wednesday 2nd August 2017 Soapy Spaceships – Family crafts at the Old School Room in the Lyceum Sunday 6th August 2017 Fun Dog Show on the Museum Green


Tuesday 8th August 2017 The Princess and the Pig  Open air theatre in The Dell Wednesday 9th August 2017 Twelfth Night  Open air theatre in The Dell Wednesday 16th August 2017 Pirates of Port Sunlight – Family fun and crafts at the Lyceum and The Dell Wednesday 23rd August 2017 Safari around The Dell – animal trail and family crafts at the Lyceum Sunday 10th September 2017 Open Village – Explore buildings across Port Sunlight

Port Sunlight Museum 23, King George's Drive Port Sunlight, Wirral, CH62 5DX Tel: 0151 644 6466

Sunday 10th September 2017 Handmade Fair – Vintageinspired crafts at the Lyceum and Church Hall Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th October 2017 Creepy Crafts and Spooky Stories – Halloween themed family fun in Bridge Cottage

“I say, have you heard what’s going on at Bygone Times?!” Antiques & collectables across the ages! 500 STALL HOLDERS - ACROSS 5 ENORMOUS FLOORS Including a Cobbled Alleyway & Courtyard Garden Centre






Furniture from every period Silverware & Jewellery Antique timepieces Decadent Pottery

Toys & Figureens Books including 1st editions Tracks & Trains Beautiful Artwork

Memorabilia War Memorabilia Sports Memorabilia Music including artwork Kitchenalia

Spinners Cafe Hot food & drinks, afternoon tea, light bites & cakes

The museum is dedicated to the history and memory of the Titanic and its significant impact on the people of Lancashire.

Vintage Jewellery & Clothing Artwork & Ornaments Retro Furniture Vintage Homeware

ith . Sm Mr J times.

A time to


Save £££’s

...with our membership card! Don’t miss out, apply for your membership card today!

ygone www.b

Bygone Times, Grove Mill, The Green, Eccleston, Lancashire PR7 5TZ


We’re open 10:00am - 5:30pm, 7 days a week Call us today on: 01257 451889


| 35

FREE CONSULTATION WITH DISCREET CARE Call 01704 578 209 11/8/11 20:22:00


What is a Clinical Dental Technician? A Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) is a qualified dental technician that has under gone further Education and Training in areas such as Medical Emergencies, Cross Infection Control and Oral Pathology (cancers and anomalies) to name just a few sections that make up the Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology as Awarded by the Royal Collage of Surgeons (RCS). It is this qualification that allows the clinician at Denture Solutions



Mrs Graham from Waterloo “When I first saw Mr Corlett’s ad, regarding his dental clinic, I was interested, but also anxious, as I had not heard of him before. However at my first consultation I realised my anxiety was not necessary. We discussed what I needed and what would be best for me. The end result is a perfect set of the most comfortable dentures I have ever had.”


to be able to be registered and regulated with the General Dental Council (the official body for protecting the public with regards to dentistry) and carry indemnity insurance. It is this qualification, which means that only Dentists and Clinical Dental Technicians are the only Dental Professionals permitted to supply dentures direct to the public. A dental technician is not qualified to supply a denture directly to the public. However, despite this being an act of Mal practice many technicians will still practice illegally without informing the patient that they are not qualified. If you are unsure if your denture provider is qualified; ask them for their GDC registration number, then contact the GDC to see if they are registered not just as a dental technician but as a CDT. Dentures, like most things, have a limited lifespan; usually around 5-7 years. After this period of time the denture can start to offer inadequate facial support, which can leave cheeks looking sunken and withered as well as lips appearing excessively wrinkled. New dentures can reduce these age related features by supporting the facial tissues without making the teeth looking large and protruded.

DENTURE Solutions fully understands the daily

service, with discreet care and understanding of what your needs and expectations are. Using its onsite laboratory enables Andrew to combine clinical and technical skills together to design and create beautifully handcrafted dentures focusing on comfort, fit and appearance. Andrew’s passion and enthusiasm for natural lifelike dentures has helped him create a denture clinic where the finest detail and care are delivered in a relaxed atmosphere. At your free initial consultation Denture Solutions will take time to discuss your individual needs and the choices that are available to you, be it complete or partial dentures, flexible dentures, implant dentures as well as denture repairs, adjustments and relines. It’s friendly, professional staff will guide you through the whole process making your experience a relaxing and enjoyable one. Let Denture Solutions solve your denture problems with our friendly, personal and confidential service. We provide natural looking Dentures designed and created just for you.

problems that wearing a denture can create. Its clinical technician, Andrew Corlett (CDT, RCS (Eng)) and nurse Adele aim to provide a complete professional denture

Thank you to our patients who kindly allowed us to use their testimonial and images.

Natural looking dentures designed and created just for you. New dentures direct to the public Emergency repairs and relines • Implant dentures and flexible dentures • Free consultation with discreet care • Home visits by appointment • •

Fully qualified, registered and insured insured clinical clinical dental dental technician with 25 20 years experience experience. Find us on, 104 Station Road, Ainsdale, Southport, PR8 3HL or get in touch, phone: 01704 578 209 email: web:

00046_Ad_131x186.indd 1

37 WWW.50PLUSMAGAZINE.CO.UK 11/8/11 |20:22:00

or personal items to sit alongside their loved one - we have space for flowers or sentimental belongings it’s a place to feel at ease and know the person you have lost is well looked after. It’s very important to us a family business that children are also thought about at this time - as we talk through Barringtons Independent Funeral Services are proud to announce they have now opened their new branch in Formby, Merseyside. ‘It’s the right time, we’ve been waiting for the right time and location to open our second office for a few years now. Our main branch has looked after families from Formby and Hightown for a many years - now we can offer a more accommodating service by having two Chapels of Rest local to them.

David Barrington says - I’m really happy we are able to expand

arrangements about the funeral there are several free publications and guides

• To recognise that funerals can be

which we give out to help the grown-

expensive and many people struggle

ups explain what’s happening and why

with the cost.

we have to have a ‘Funeral’ at all. Still the only funeral directors to be recognised by the Good Funeral Guide

• To help people to find funerals that are within their means. • To be open about their most

(for the last 9 years) in the whole of

affordable options, including third

Merseyside, Barringtons makes sure you

party costs: - in initial conversations

are listened too, we will always make

- within their price lists

time for you and can be flexible with

- on their website.

every aspect of building a memorable service.

We have prices to take away at any point from each office - without

Whether you want a huge

obligation. David’s father began

commemorative service planned

Barringtons over 50 years ago now

around the person or just a dignified

and has since retired. Now with David

quiet family event, anything is possible

and Claire at the helm the business

with as much or as little family

is growing and along with the newly

involvement as you like - we can help.

opened second office this has made a great start to 2017.

Barringtons like to stay flexible on costs too - we will never demand full amounts up front and can help work with families when budgets are tight, we have always shown our costs and breakdown on our website and have become part of The Fair Funeral Pledge - this means:

When families walk into the Formby office they are warmly greeted by Claire (Barrington) or one of her staff and have bright and comfortable rooms to talk in. The chapels are modern with contemporary art work and decoration which has been tastefully considered. ‘The chapels are transient to allow change, people can bring photographs


For more information and guidance please send an email to: If you would rather speak to somebody either call us or come into the office, we are always happy to help. Barringtons Independent Funeral Services - Formby 49 Liverpool Road, Formby Liverpool L37 6BT 01704 461511 or at 28 Crosby Road North, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 4QF 0151 928 1625 The kettle is always on!

independent funeral director makes perfect sense A funeral plan Ask for more information today from your local independent funeral Call FD’S Tel Number director makes perfect sense The price of funerals, like everything else, keeps rising. That’s why it

What’s in a name? We at Funeral Director’s Name have a wealth of knowledge and experience in funeral planning.

When you take out a funeral plan from us, you’ll benefit from: • Protection against rising funeral costs • Reassurance for your loved ones • Flexible ways to pay • A local, personal service

Funeral Director’s Name, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3, Postcode.

n a name?

be planning ahead and preparing for is more important than ever We atto Barringtons Independent our future. More than a million in have the UK haveoftaken out aand Funeralpeople Services a wealth knowledge experience in funeral funeral plan; however, do you really know planning. who is going to be carrying out your funeralWhen when theouttime comes? you take a funeral plan from us, you’ll benefit from: The UK’s largest independent funeral plan provider

To find out more about Golden Charter Funeral Plans from Funeral Director’s Name, please return this coupon, phone us, or call in. Mr / Mrs / Ms




Protection against rising funeral costs

Reassurance for your loved is ones funeral keeps plan from rising. your local That’s independent funeral <FD Name> committed to upholding professional thingAelse, why it Flexible ways to pay director makes perfect sense. <FD Name> is a truly standards and providing both traditional and be planning ahead and preparing for A local, service independent, family run business which has served thepersonal contemporary services. They are not distracted or people in theforUK have out have a sold out bound by corporate rules meaning that they can <FDarea> years. Many taken independents Here’schains howwho thecontinue plans compare national trade under the former concentrate on providing the personal service that eally toknow who is going toto be name. With so many independent firms being purchased you and your family can count on. the time comes? and run by these large conglomerates, it’s reassuring to The funeral director’s services l

know that you’ll be cared for by a family run firm.

If you would like to find out more about funeral

withintoyour plan:professional <FDguaranteed Name> is committed upholding a local£3350 independent funeral from planning £2995 with from from £3630 standards anddirectors providing traditional and are made Local funeral areboth proud that decisions Advicewithin and guidance on all aspects of thenot funeral locally, the communities they serve, making itoreasier director, visit us today at <addressdetails> contemporary services. They are distracted arrangements <addressdetails> <addressdetails> for them offer suitable andthat prices rulesservices meaning theywhile can bound by to corporate Advice on the certification and registration of the maintaining choice and personal service. concentrate on providing the personal service that or call us on <FDnumber>. death and related documentation you and your family can count on.

4 4

The coffin

4 4

A simple coffin

4 4

A high quality coffin

A superior coffin

4 4 A funeral plan from your local 4 4 4 independent funeral 44director 4 7 makes perfect sense 7 4 4

Transportation of the deceased to a suitable resting place normal If you would to find out more about funeral During within a 15 milelike radius office hours Care of the deceased prior to burial planning with a local independent funeral or cremation (excludes embalming) 4 director, visit us today at <addressdetails> Use of a chapel of rest or service rooms 4 <addressdetails> <addressdetails> A hearse cemetery or crematorium or call us toona local <FDnumber>. 4


from your local funeral director t sense



Family viewing during office hours

We at Funeral Director’s Name have a 7 Ask for more7information today 7 Confidential with bereavement wealthassistance of knowledge and experience in Bereavement advice Funeral Director’s 4Name, Address4 counselling, if required Line 1, funeral planning. A list provided to the family of mourners who sent flowers

Optional benefits: When you take out a funeral plan from us, you’ll benefit from: • Protection against rising funeral costs

Professionally drafted Will loved ones • Reassurance for your • Flexible ways to pay

An allowance towards third party costs at the time • A local, personal service of the funeral

Ask for today Ask formore moreinformation information today Barringtons Independent Funeral Services 28 Crosby Road North, Liverpool Funeral L22 4QF Director’s Name,

Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Address Line 3, Postcode.

Call FD’S Tel Number 49 Liverpool Road, Formby Liverpool L37 6BT 01704 461511

0151 928 1625

Address Line 2, Address Line 3, Postcode.

Call FD’S Tel Number 4 4 4 4 4 4 The UK’s largest independent funeral plan provider

To find out more about Golden Charter Funeral Plans from To find out more about Golden Charter Funeral Plans from Funeral Barringtons Independent Funeral Services, please return Director’s Name, please return this coupon, phone us, or call in. this coupon, phone us or call in. Mr / Mrs / Ms





Tel no:


The UK’s largest independent funeral plan provider

To find out more about Golden Charter Funeral Plans from Funeral

Use of data: Both Golden Charter and the Funeral Director may use your details including your email address to keep you informed about other products and services. If you would prefer not to receive this information, please tick here: Golden Charter and the Funeral Director respect your privacy and will not share your personal data with any third parties.

GC-LIFT 10686


GC-LIFT 10686

Use of data: Both Golden Charter and the Funeral Director may use your details including your email address to keep

informed about other products and services. If you would prefer not to receive this information, please tick here: lyou Golden Charter and the Funeral Director respect your privacy and will not share your personal data with any third parties.


e er

Tel no:


REF 50 Plus Mag-Merseyside

e t er d





Mr and Mrs Smith

A DRI V E WAY A dream drive is closer than you think because at Resin Drives we will pay your VAT when you purchase either a Drive, Path, or Patio from our new and exclusive range.


CLASS Bankbuster Loan

Why should you install a Resin Drive? That’s simple; our product naturally drains water through it which means no puddles. Also, with a slip resistant surface it provides better traction for tyres and gives more grip for when you walk on it, making your drive a safe place to be!






at 5.9% APR – 36-48-60-120 Months Representative example (60 months) Total Loan Amount: £7,000 Monthly Repayment: £134.82 Number of Repayments: 59 And Final Payment of: £134.30 Agreement Length: 60 Months Total Amount Payable: £8,088.68 Total Credit Charge: £1,088.68 Rate of Interest: 5.7% Fixed Representative APR: 5.9% APR



Located just 5 minutes from Junction 26 of the M62. Unit 1, South Bradford Trading Estate, Brighouse Road, Low Moor, Bradford, BD12 0NQ. Showroom open Mon to Fri 9am - 7pm. Sat and Sun 10am - 2pm.

Merseyside, southport, ormskirk issue 44  

Local magazine for the over 50s includes leisure, lifestyle, travel

Merseyside, southport, ormskirk issue 44  

Local magazine for the over 50s includes leisure, lifestyle, travel