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nclusive £239 holidays GREAT VALUE 5 DAY HALF BOARD BREAKS


per person

When it comes to inviting, relaxing breaks by the sea, we have the ideal holiday for you.

Whether you’re after family-friendly holidays, a romantic getaway or a group break with like-minded people, our eight hotels cover North Wales and the South Coast’s finest locations. From the popular beaches of Cornwall to the cosy Isle of Wight, there’s something for everyone.

have our own fleet of executive Our coach option allowsus guests the UK to travel in ches thatinclusive enables toacross offer comfort, while our self-drive holidays offer the freedom of having your owna car.selection of pick up el from Every break nts across theincludes: UK. • Return coach travel (self-drive option available)

vehicle features conditioning and on board • Comfy en suiteair accommodation o make your &journey as comfortable as possible. • Breakfast 3-course evening meal also boast friendly drivers who will warmly greet • Live nightly entertainment help you settle into your pre-allotted seat and let now of any planned comfort breaks. We aim to Certificate of Excellence Awards ou to your hotel between We are proud3-5pm, to announcedepending that five of our groupon – The Barrowfield, Devonshire, Daish’s, Bournemouth ngth of the journey. Sands and Claremont Hotels – have been awarded the coveted TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2016.


Seven fabulous locations, eight great hotels. Every break includes: Isle of Wight

Llandudno Newquay




Torquay Weymouth

• Return coach travel (self-drive option




Isle of Wigh


d Self-Drive

Coach an Holiday &

Price List





• Comfy en suite accommodation

2017 02/12/2016



Request your new 2017 brochure now!

Daish’s Hotel

Devonshire Hotel

Bournemouth Sands Claremont Hotel • Breakfast & 3-courseTheevening meal


Don’t miss these coach inclusive breaks! Local pick up points from make it easy to get away. Price includes return coach travel from: Halifax, Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Sheffield & Tibshelf. All offers are subject to availability and standard terms and conditions (see brochure or website for T&C’s).






Sands Hotel – Bournemouth




Russell Hotel – Weymouth




Somerset Hotel – Llandudno




Devonshire Hotel – Torquay




Hotel Prince Regent – Weymouth




Claremont Hotel – Eastbourne




Barrowfield Hotel – Newquay




Sands Hotel – Bournemouth




Russell Hotel – Weymouth




Somerset Hotel – Llandudno




Daish’s Hotel – Isle of Wight




Devonshire Hotel – Torquay




Hotel Prince Regent – Weymouth




Barrowfield Hotel – Newquay




Hotel Prince Regent – Weymouth




Claremont Hotel – Eastbourne




Sands Hotel – Bournemouth




Russell Hotel – Weymouth




Somerset Hotel – Llandudno




Devonshire Hotel – Torquay




Barrowfield Hotel – Newquay



Prices shown are per person based on two people sharing a Standard Room. Supplements apply on twin/ double rooms with sole occupancy. Optional local excursions can be booked at the hotel. Many more coach or self-drive holiday dates available in 2017. If you would prefer to self-drive, deduct £20 per person from prices shown.





n available)

Call 01202 638840 or visit quote 50PlusWY

Somerset Hotel

Barrowfield Hotel

Hotel Prince Regent

Russell Hotel



Twittering on With Angela Kelly Celebrities? Get them out of here! Don’t you find the word “celebrity” extremely over-used these days? When I was younger, I’m sure that celebrity really meant something. It was someone with Sir or Lady in front of their name, a war hero like Douglas Bader or General Montgomery or an American film star who was so far away from our reality as to be living on another planet. People who appeared on TV were “entertainers”. Quite a different category. They were famous for being funny or being fine actors or for being an important presenter.



Sports people were famous for what they did and we admired them for it. If they got a honour as a result, that just added to their fame and our admiration. I don’t remember hearing the word “celebrity” much at all.




Nothing too surprising about that, I suppose, except that new research shows that we are definitely a fearful nation when it comes to our health and wellbeing. For example, almost a quarter of Brits questioned feared the doctor’s waiting room and 34% confessed to a fear of the dentist’s chair. Perhaps the most unlikely statistic is that 17% admitted that visiting the optician’s made them nervous.

Reality TV show “stars” – that’s just ordinary people who are basically show-offs – are now celebrities and have joined the acclaimed bunch we are supposed to look up to and copy. The sad thing, of course, is that many younger people in particular do look up to these people, they do emulate them, wear what they wear, act as they act.

The top fear-prompter was discovery of a previously unknown health problem; 69% felt frightened about that. Maybe that, along with 22% having had a previous bad experience, explains the statistic that 79% hesitate to seek medical advice.

And if we simply reject that standard, the genuine celebrities – the really worthwhile people who have earned their fame in some amazing way – will start to surface and make that category great again.


We Brits apparently live in fear of the doctor’s waiting room or the dentist’s chair.

Fast-forward to 2017 and you can’t move for so-called celebrities. Every actor or actress in a TV soap qualifies for the name and the natural respect that goes with it – even if they were only in Emmerdale for three episodes.

I really think we need to re-think our values on what we classify as a “celebrity” because we have definitely devalued the coinage. Personally, I don’t want to either look like or have the lifestyle of Kim Kardashian or even have the online followers of the so-called “social influencers” who also now qualify as celebrities.


Ask the expert not the internet

The daft thing is that we know that seeing an expert makes sense. We know that we should go to the doctor, dentist or optician if there’s a niggling health worry yet we prolong the agony by ignoring it. I’m always shocked, for example, by the number of women who miss their mammogram appointment when it’s just a simple procedure and it can pick up rogue cells so early. I know it’s not something you’d ever do for fun but it’s quick, uncomfortable rather than painful, and it can be a life-saver. It would be interesting to see how we compare in this area with other countries.

6th Floor | 120 Bark Street | Bolton | BL1 2AX Sales Enquiries : T: (01204) 860 194 E:



TWITTER Are the French as frightened of the dentist? Do Germans hate eye-tests? How many Italians refuse to see a doctor when they have symptoms? It’s probably just human nature to believe that if we don’t know the worst then it won’t happen. The crazy part of this is that, quite often, there’s nothing wrong and we’ve just been worrying needlessly. Me? I always look up my ailments on the internet first and think about the doctor later. Well, you can’t be too careful with suspected dengue fever, can you?

No-one can ever play Captain Mainwaring like Arthur Lowe, in spite of actor Toby Jones having a good stab at it in the new film. Nor can anyone ever play Fletch in Porridge like Ronnie Barker. They set the tone, create the right humour – they are the programme. The old American saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” definitely applies here. Hands off – just keep the re-runs going!

Tattoos may need covering up Not too long ago, a primary school teacher was dismissed for having a large number of tattoos. These hadn’t been particularly visible at interview but when she started teaching in the classroom, she wore sleeveless clothes and a skirt that revealed them all over her body. Interestingly, this divided the nation. Now, I’m not necessarily anti-tattoos. Many of my friends have discreet ones that actually look really nice - although I’m not thinking of having one any time soon.

Hands off old TV favourites I don’t mind re-makes of films but I’ve started to get very shirty about the re-creating of some of my favourite TV shows. There is no way that modern producers should touch Dad’s Army or Porridge and yet they insist on fiddling with the format, bringing in a new cast and generally updating them.

It’s also partly generational. Today, no-one under 30 thinks twice about getting a tattoo and if they want a full sleeve then they will. However, I’m not sure if they are always appropriate in a job situation. They don’t work well for the legal profession, for example, for doctors or surgeons. That may be rather unfair but I suppose it’s not what we expect to see. Covered flesh is the order of the day generally in these formal situations.

Lisa Crossland on 01457 819880 or email





Bringing The Outside Inside THIS is definitely the time of year that

with borders with flowers and shrubs

consider investing in an ARTIFICIAL

we throw off all our Winter worries

bursting into life.

LAWN. This technology has come on in

and time spent indoors and start to

tremendously and they can be made to

appreciate the Great Outdoors that

Certainly, this is the time to make the

fit any sized garden and look remarkably

starts at our own back-door.

most of the garden you have to achieve

natural - they’re also pet-proof and

just what you want from it – budget


We Brits do love our gardens – be


they undulating acres of greenery or a

If you’re looking to “bring the

small back garden with room for a few

Let’s start with that LAWN if you’ve

outside in”, ORANGERIES and

pots and a sunbed. And as soon as the

got one, or want one. Improve the


temperatures start to rise even a little,

one you’ve already got by aerating it,

dream choice for giving you more

we throw open our doors and windows

punching holes throughout to help give

space and offering a vista of light. It’s

and get plenty of good fresh air into our

your grass a proper medium to grown

always a good idea to look around at



other homes first and perhaps go on recommendation when to find just the

Now that more and more of us are

Water it deeply and less often, use

investing in our homes to spend spare-

natural lawn fertilizer and cut your

time there relaxing, we are also investing

grass correctly to the recommended

FRENCH WINDOWS are a popular

more time and money in our gardens.

cutting height, re-using grass clippings

choice these days to modernise any

in “grass-cycling” that returns needed

room and add light and space to your

nutrients to the soil.

home. Many people are ditching old

Everyone has their own definition of the Perfect Garden – be it minimalist

right supplier and installer.

back-doors in favour of this modern

with gravel paths, large pots and the

And if you don’t want to maintain a lawn

addition to living that allows you easy

occasional seated area to lush lawns

and want a pristine one all the time,

access to the garden. There are all




HOME & GARDEN kinds of styles in durable materials that require minimum

your own SWIMMING POOL in the garden to enhance your

maintenance so it’s worth going to more than one company

lifestyle – and make the neighbours green with envy.

to compare styles, work and prices. Site it in the open air with its own cover for poorer weather Or, installing BIFOLD DOORS can also be really worthwhile,

or during the Winter, or give it its handsome, purpose-built

especially if you’ve got a small kitchen you want to open up

home. It’s guaranteed to be a hit with the younger members

or if you love being close to your garden. They immediately

of the family and offers readymade exercise and good health

bring so much light into your kitchen or dining area, they

for all ages. Go to the British Swimming Pool Federation’s

can be bespoke to suit your needs and create brilliant

website on for useful help.

entertaining areas. And allowing everyone – especially children and pets – to wander in and out easily really makes

You might prefer a HOT TUB – still very popular as a way of

for an easygoing lifestyle while genuinely appreciating your

relaxing outdoors with many people - and the beauty of a tub

garden more, too.

is that you can use it all year round. Visit the British and Irish Spa Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) at to get

PATHS can create the illusion of space and small areas of

advice and ideas and to download a homeowners’ handbook.

greater interest. A winding path creates a more fluid design than a straight one; use materials that complement those

Don’t forget to add a BARBECUE area to your garden if you

used on the house for a toning, overall look that’s always

want to spend quality time out there. If you prefer a mobile


barbecue there are plenty to choose from, even brazier-type barbecues that heat the area, too.

Most people love sitting out in their garden so take a look at your PATIO and see if it provides a sun-trap. If it doesn’t, think

In fact, as this is the British Summer that we’re talking about,

about creating another elsewhere in your garden. Make your

treating yourself to some effective PATIO HEATERS could

own decked area but don’t forget to treat it with stain and

turn out to be the very best buy of all!

preserve products to protect it from sunlight, water damage and mould. Use POTS and PLANTERS to make this area in particular somewhere really pleasant to spend time. Aim for a colour theme and use several shades of this one colour for a pleasing effect. Add large shrubs to pots to screen off areas, here and throughout your garden. PERGOLAS, GAZEBOS and ARBOURS come in all shapes and sizes to suit your individual garden and offer an often unusual attraction. They also give places to sit and enjoy the outdoors and the fruits of your labour! GARDEN STUDIOS are particularly popular now as an extra room, an office or a playroom or gym. Prices are more competitive these days and there are more styles than ever. Work out what fits into your garden space and available budget – they can be very basic or quite luxurious but they all offer a lovely feeling of being nearer to Nature. There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of water, is there? So it’s definitely worthwhile considering a WATER FEATURE, POND or FOUNTAIN. Even quite a modest budget means you can install a pond yourself with a pump and suitable plants, with fish, for a reasonable amount. Of course, if you’re thinking bigger, there’s nothing quite like







LUXURY FLOORING & DESIGNER CARPETS 637 Bradford Road, Bailiff Bridge, Brighouse HD6 4DY CALL 01484 721108 EMAIL WEB

Be inspired at Bathroom Boutique By Carol Longbottom

If you're looking for bathroom inspiration, look no further than Bathroom Boutique. With a beautiful showroom on Albert Street, it's the perfect place to begin your journey to the bathroom you've always wanted. Although the Bathroom Boutique brand is an exciting new development, the showroom itself has been in Hebden Bridge for some time. And the team behind the new brand has decades of experience helping people design and create their perfect bathroom. Dave Bradbury is the founder of Bathroom Boutique, formerly Bradbury Bathrooms; Andy Whitehead, is the new managing director helping to guide the new brand and Georgina Hoyle, chief designer has almost 20 years experience designing bathrooms. "As with any new project it takes time not only to become established but also to understand and appreciate the demands of what is a unique town." Explained Dave. "So under the guidance of Andy we've embarked on what we hope is a fresh innovative approach to the bathroom market but at the same time, retaining the beliefs and qualities, which have made us successful so far." Dave continued. "in partnership with our key suppliers and backed up by many other well known manufacturers and distributors, Bathroom Boutique offers a stunning range of exclusive brands and quality products from which to choose. We can provide everything you'll need, from taps to shower enclosures, from the most prestigious manufacturers."


Bathroom Boutique offers a comprehensive design and fitting service to all our customers. This full service starts with a free no obligation home visit from our chief designer, Georgina, who can assist you as you plan your bathroom. With the state of the art Virtual World 3D design system at her disposal, Georgina will ensure your bathroom dreams become a stunning reality. The superb personal design service is supported by teams of vastly experienced and highly skilled fitters, tilers and electricians dedicated in their work, so that you can enjoy your bespoke designer bathroom for many years.


2 Carlton Buildings, Albert Street, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 8ES T: 01422 847021

BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED AND EXQUISITELY CRAFTED BATHROOMS Whether it’s a main bathroom, en suite or cloakroom our knowledgeable staff can advise you on our vast range of products to suit your needs. We offer a free survey and Virtual Worlds design service, which together with our highly skilled installers will transform your dream bathroom into reality.

Est 1986

Fireplaces Fires Stoves Why Pay More? Stunning NEW Showrooms at Artisan Mills, Brighouse HD6 1PD

HOME preferably one referred to you by someone who has had work done by him. If you don’t know anyone, consult the Federation of Master Builders at or the National Federation of Builders at http://www. CONSERVATORIES and ORANGERIES are very popular these days as they give extra rooms to any property, allowing in plenty of light and, very often, bringing you closer to the garden. BI-FOLD DOORS or SLIDING DOORS are another excellent way of bringing in light and air into a room and really work well in the Spring and Summer in particular, allowing a free flow into your garden especially for entertaining.

HOME ALTERATIONS TO MAKE LIFE EASIER IF an Englishman’s home is his castle then it’s up to each of us to keep that “safe place” as comfortable and easy to live in as possible as time goes by.

You can often adapt a room yourself, turning a small bedroom into an office or sewing room, or creating an extra small lounge to give you both somewhere to sit separately where you are in charge of the TV remote control!

Fortunately, there’s never been a better time to improve homes with easy living in mind. Innovations are emerging constantly - from something as simple as a heated butter knife that slices through cold spreads to smart plugs that switch electronics on and off remotely.

If you like the property you’ve got but want to extend it, talk to a local builder

Is your living room THREE PIECE SUITE or SOFA a lot less comfortable these days than it once was? Perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to a new suite or even a large corner sofa that makes the most of your room, allowing plenty of seating options and looking thoroughly modern. Many have integrated recliners to allow you to really stretch out and relax. Pop down to your local furniture store or browse online to see what suits your rooms best and what fits both your lifestyle and budget.

A sensible starting point is to look at whether your PROPERTY is too big or too small for you. When family have grown up and moved away, it’s often a good time to look around you and honestly assess whether you either need the space you’ve got or if you need more. The former could prompt a move to something smaller, more economical but which involves a more comfortable lifestyle. If the latter applies, then it might be time to consider either adapting the space you have more effectively or extending it to meet your needs.

A large corner sofa canmake the most of your room, allowing plenty of seating options and looking thoroughly modern.


| 13


n o s a e s new new ! S E STYL


RANGE retro armchair



S h o w ro o m O p e n 7 Days!

starting from 359 Bradford Road



Tel: 01924 440600

Batley WF17 5PH



HOME Now that many of us love our home entertainment and prefer to see our favourite films on TV alongside our favourite programmes, perhaps it’s also time to invest in one of the latest smart TVs. Stream films on Netflix or surf websites on the big screen if you prefer. You’ll be surprised at how TV technology has changed in the last few years so take a look at what will work best in your living room or bedroom Another area that is now very hi-tech is HOME SECURITY. There are smart locks providing something extra in protection and a wireless world in which smart locks, CCTV cameras, smart doorbells, smoke detectors and even your lights can all communicate with one another. A safe night’s sleep and peace of mind is all there on offer. Logically, we spend a large part of our lives in our BEDROOMS so it’s definitely worthwhile spending money here and especially on your bed.

If you’ve had your mattress for several years, it’s time to invest in one of the latest Memory Foam mattresses

If you’ve had your mattress for several years, it’s time to invest in one of the latest Memory Foam mattresses that react to your body shape and ensure you a good, supported night’s sleep. Dimmer switches, calming décor and soft lights can all add to the relaxation here. When it comes to clever gadgets, the latest KITCHEN ideas are set to make life so easy. From the newest blenders and spiralisers to boiling water taps and intelligent pans that work with a an iphone app to tell you when your salmon is cooked. If you have limited use of hands or fingers, there’s a world of amazing gizmos out there – from ringpull openers and twohandled cups to tap-turners and kettle-tippers, all designed to make your life simpler and easier.

It may also be time to invest in new kitchen units or install a useful island unit that allows you to work easily when you’re baking or making a meal. Today’s kitchens are designed to make your lifestyle as easy as possible so it’s definitely worth consulting an experienced kitchen company about this. Ensure you’ve got comfortable chairs or stools available and a system of storage and work spaces that allows time spent there to be really enjoyable. Are your rooms looking a little shabby? Investing in new DECORATING lifts the spirits and lighten rooms. The latest bright shades banish dark corners and open up dingy areas and if you combine these with new LIGHTING and more MIRRORS you’ll be astonished at the amount of useful light suddenly available in your home. It even feels more airy! Incidentally, if you’re looking at light, it’s definitely worth installing good lighting outside to give both you and your visitors better visibility there. BATHROOMS have now become THE place to spend time relaxing. Try a large tub instead of your old bath, a walk-in shower instead of your current model and twin sinks and vanity units that allow you both to get ready at once. And if you’ve always meant to improve your GARDEN but never got around to it, don’t forget that having a pleasant garden in which to relax and spend time happily is really


| 15

Stoves, Logs, Accessories, Design, Flue Liners & Installation FREE on-site parking FREE no obligation home survey Full in house installation service - no subcontractors Lifetime guarantee Old Crowtrees Garage, Huddersfield Road, Brighouse HD6 1JZ

01484 716 966

HOME Are your rooms looking a little shabby? Investing in new DECORATING lifts the spirits and lighten rooms. The latest bright shades banish dark corners and open up dingy areas and if you combine these with new LIGHTING and more MIRRORS you’ll be astonished at the amount of useful light suddenly available in your home. It even feels more airy! Incidentally, if you’re looking at light, it’s definitely worth installing good lighting outside to give both you and your visitors better visibility there. BATHROOMS have now become THE place to spend time relaxing. Try a large tub instead of your old bath, a walk-in shower instead of your current model and twin sinks and

BATHROOMS have now become THE place to spend time relaxing. It may also be time to invest in new kitchen units or install a useful island unit that allows you to work easily when you’re baking or making a meal. Today’s kitchens are designed to make your lifestyle as easy as possible so it’s definitely worth consulting an experienced kitchen company about this. Ensure you’ve got comfortable chairs or stools available and a system of storage and work spaces that allows time spent there to be really enjoyable.

vanity units that allow you both to get ready at once. And if you’ve always meant to improve your GARDEN but never got around to it, don’t forget that having a pleasant garden in which to relax and spend time happily is really good for your mental and physical wellbeing. So the time may be right for new decking, some easygoing garden furniture and planned areas of greenery, shrubbery and blooms to delight you and make you feel well all the year round.

RaSul Furnishers Fully Fitted in Your Home Within 6 Weeks

Authentic German Furniture

Established since 2003

• Quality Products & Service at a Low Low Cost • Huge Selection of Hinged or Sliding Wardrobes in Various Styles, Sizes & Materials

ount 10% Disc tion c On produ vert of this ad

• Choice of Traditional Wood Finishes & Modern High Coloured Gloss Finishes • Free Delivery & Fitting Throughout West Yorkshire

Call Now To Find Out More! Call Us Now on 07846 860878 / 07762 003508 Or Visit Our Showroom by Appointment at 424A Bradford Road, Batley, West Yorkshire WF17 5LS


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Showering Solutions No more struggling to get in or out of the bath when you install a modern, low-level, bath-replacement shower solution or wetroom. You can enjoy easy, comfortable showering; incorporating all the benefits needed to help navigate and access the shower area in safety. Shower Tray or Wetroom Removal of a bath frees-up floor space, and offers greater ease of access, with no necessity to step up into a bath or shower. You can then choose either a bath-replacement tray or opt for a levelaccess wetroom.

Shower Tray Offering plenty of room to shower, a large-size, low-level shower tray, will ensure that you can enter and exit a showering area securely and easily. With a step-height of only 24mm, Impey’s Mantis is the lowest tray available on the market and comes in seven sizes, including two bath


replacement sizes; meaning the bath area is quickly covered with minimal repair. The small step-height also means it can be accessed by a wheelchair user, with no ramps. Mantis can also be fitted above or below ground to suit your requirements in certain locations, so check with your installer if you’d prefer completely level-access entry.

Wetroom A wetroom is a level-access shower area with built-in drainage; combining modern luxury with easy access and easy clean functions; using up-todate technology to create leak-free showering.

HOME A key benefit of a wetroom is the versatility it can offer. Because a wetroom can be installed anywhere within a property (not just on a ground floor), it enables effective use of floor space, which can be beneficial in smaller properties.

support pole for added stability, like Impey’s Supreme glass shower panel, are contemporary, available with or without an etched effect modesty panel and provide support and ease of entry.

Your installer will recommend the best type of wetroom products for your property. Impey offers a large range of floor-formers which enable the quick and easy creation of a leak-free shower space. on slip resistance.

Screens which include a floor to ceiling

The Boston Comfort & Safety range is a design-led selection of bathroom accessories, which can be fitted with the optional anti-slip grip for increased peace of mind when standing or showering. When not in use as a safety feature, they make attractive, contemporary towel rails.

Shower Seating

Shower Screens

Some installations require a glass screen, to minimise splash to other parts of the bathroom. From luxury, full-height glass screens to free-standing half-height options, a variety of shower doors and screens are available which are compatible with shower tray installations or wetrooms and can offer varying degrees of support.

essential addition. A combination of vertical, angled and horizontal rails will offer maximum safety and security.

If you like to relax in the shower, a wall-mounted shower seat is an ideal addition. Showering when seated can diminish the risk of slipping or falling whilst in the shower. Impey’s Slimfold seat is easy to use, comfortable and available in a variety of attractive colours. It also has a contemporary look and folds neatly away when not in use.

Support Rails To enable best use of your new showering space, support rails are an

Wetroom & Walk-in Shower Specialists

Great choices for the smallest room Thinking of updating your bathroom? Then take a look at the extensive showroom at Huddersfield’s Atlas Bathrooms of Lockwood. With now even more choice in store, Atlas has invested heavily in the extensive showroom and now has even more displays of bath suites, showers and wet rooms to choose from. It now has one of the biggest displays of bathrooms and accessories in the Huddersfield area. Spread over two floors it has ranges from top manufacturers including Jacuzzi, Heritage, Roca and Ideal Standard. There is also plenty to suit all budgets with bathrooms and showers ranging in price from affordable to the luxurious end of the market. There is also a wide choice of bathroom furniture and accessories along with a new display of Christy Towels, one of the UK’s longest established iconic brands. Atlas Bathrooms has recently been appointed an official stockist. He said: “We have something for all tastes and to suit all sizes of bathroom, from the very traditional to the very modern. Wet rooms are growing in popularity along with larger walk-in showers.” Atlas also has a great range of accessories which are sure to add the finishing touch.

Victoria Mill, Albert Street, Lockwood, Huddersfield Tel: 01484 547110 Fax: 01484 432037

For more information, look at the website or ring 01484 547110. Open:

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Saturday, 9am to 4pm


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Tom Jones

The Famous Voice From The Valleys IT’S not unusual for singer Tom Jones to attract almost as much female attention in 2017 as he did when he first burst onto the British music scene in 1964. The famous Voice from the Valleys, even at 76 and a grandfather, is still seen as the same Sex Bomb he ever was before, during and after his hit record of that name. He may have built his reputation on belting out iconic hits of the past five or six decades with his powerful, raspy baritone but he long ago left behind the clinging leather trousers, shirt split to the waist to reveal his hairy chest and gleaming medallion. Today, give or take the odd glint in the eye, he could be any well-preserved former bank manager or city gent – until he either speaks with that Welsh lilt in the background or, better, lets rip with a moving ballad that still has the power to shake the emotions.


His singing career has been an important part of the British history of pop and he is still making the headlines, both as an entertainer and these days as a coach in BBC TV’s popular talent show The Voice. Even away from music, he can’t help the media taking note of everything he does, because the public still has a warm appetite for Tom Jones. It’s a safe bet none of what came later could have been guessed by Thomas Jones Woodward as he grew up in the small mining town of Pontypridd in South Wales. Like many Welshmen, he began singing at an early age in church and in the school choir. He left school at 16 and was married and having a son a year later. He brought in money for his family from an assortment of jobs including singing in pubs at night.

In 1963, he was singing with his own group in working men’s clubs when Gordon Mills, a performer who had branched out into songwriting and management, saw him perform. He became his manager, re-named him Tom Jones and got him a record contract. His first record Chills and Fever failed to make an impression, but his second, It’s Not Unusual written by Gordon Mills, was a sensation – on both sides of the Atlantic. The sexy singer with the swivelling hips and handsome looks could really sing – anything from pop and rock to R & B, show tunes, soul and gospel music. He followed up his first hit with a string of others and began a hugely successful career, selling more than 100 million records with 36 Top 40 hits in the UK and 19 in the United States.

CELEBRITY INTERVIEW Songs like What’s New Pussycat, Delilah, Green, Green Grass of Home, She’s a Lady and Kiss were what the public wanted to hear. Fans not only bought his records but flocked to his shows and mobbed him on a regular basis. He won a Grammy as Best New Artist in 1965 but didn’t win a Brit Award until he took the title of Best Male Artist in 2000, then after a music career of more than 30 years. He was always appreciated by his fans, however, and added many thousands more when, in 1967, he performed in Las Vegas for the first time. This began a relationship with America’s entertainment capital – and with the States itself which he later made his home - that has spanned the decades and brought him into contact with some of the most legendary names in showbiz.

continue singing to getting him through this dark time. This Summer, he’s on the road again pleasing new audiences, this time on a Forest Tour of open-air venues which include Cartmel Racecourse in Cumbria, Delamere Forest in Cheshire and Cannock Chase Forest in Staffordshire. His voice is as strong as ever and his shows are bound to not only impress with new songs but cover some of his best-known hits. There’s no doubt his many established fans, plus the new ones who have come to appreciate Jones the Voice more recently, will turn up to enjoy the feelgood music and shared love of entertaining that Tom Jones always offers. But then, that’s not unusual, either.

It was here Tom first met his own idol, Elvis Presley, and they became good friends right up until Elvis’s death in 1977. Tom also had an internationally successful TV variety show entitled This is Tom Jones which reportedly earned him millions during the three years it ran. At the same time, he toured regularly – a major attraction with his hit records dominating the charts. Over the years, he has changed his musical style as markedly as he has changed his sartorial trademark, in the last decade or so venturing again into gospel music. He has also recorded with various famous names including his good friend Robbie Williams. Tom was awarded the OBE in 1999 and in 2006 was knighted by the Queen for his services to music. After receiving the knighthood, he stated: “It is fantastic. It was lovely to see the Queen again. I love seeing the Queen and I have always been a royalist. “She has got a great smile and her whole face lights up when she smiles. I told her I have been in showbusiness 41 years successfully and she said to me that I had given a lot of people a lot of pleasure.” “I come from a coal-mining, working-class background. My father was a coalminer. Today is just tremendous.” While his reputation and undoubted talent have endured, his public profile was given a boost in 2012 when he became a coach on The Voice with, Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue. He mentored the first winner and impressed everyone with his down-to-earth humour and self-deprecating approach. He returned to later series, apart from one season, and established himself there as a knowledgeable and much-loved real celebrity. When his wife Linda died last year after a short battle against cancer, Tom attributed his determination to

* For more details about the tour go to WWW.50PLUSMAGAZINE.CO.UK

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l u d f e p l tutnities i e H mport mOp o C

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VolunteeringWatWKirkwoodWisWopenWtoWpeopleWofWallWagesWandWbackgrounds.WIfWyouWareW lookingWforWregularWvolunteeringJWworkWexperienceJWaWdayWplacementWawayWfromWtheWnormalW dayWjobJWorWjustWwantWtoWknowWhowWtoWgetWinvolvedWwithWyourWlocalWKirkwoodWSupportW GroupJWtheWHospiceWwouldWloveWtoWhearWfromWyouOWW ------------ECC-volunteers;-----------D---------M-D---;--------D-----------;----D-----------M---------------L-; GreenWfingered?WW --------------------(-T!; OneWforWtheWroad?W ----L-D--------;--------------------------; NotWoneWforWtheWspotlight?W --L--------------FundraisingD-D---D----; HealingWhands?W ---------------M-------D-----------;---


MoreWofWaWpeopleWperson? -------D--------L---------------------orD----L----D-L----------;PreferWsomethingWlocal?W ItL---------help;--L-----------;----D---------------events; HoweverWyouWchooseWtoWdonateWitJWaWlittleWofWyourW timeWcanWmakeWaWmassiveWdifferenceWtoWwhatW KirkwoodWHospiceWcanWachieveO ---------D--WJohnW JohnsonJWVolunteer Services Manager:




£10 A MONTH OR £120 A YEAR

£15 A MONTH OR £180 A YEAR Kindly supported by:

Kirkwood Hospice is a Registered Charity (No. 512987) | 23 WWW.50PLUSMAGAZINE.CO.UK

50 Plus Travel

sponsored by

JENNIE BOND VISITS SOUTH AFRICA WITH AFRICAN SKY Former BBC Royal Correspondent, Jennie Bond visits South Africa with African Sky. Standing on Olifants Bay, a remote beach on the south west tip of the African continent, we were thrilled to see two ostriches strut by, just a few yards away. I’d spent most of the day telling my husband, Jim, how these huge birds run wild on the Cape, but was beginning to doubt my own word. And it was one of so many fabulous sights during our stay on the Cape. The first was actually our hotel. It’s called The Last Word -- there are three of them in the Western Cape-- and


they really are the definition of a luxury boutique hotel. We started on Long Beach (the name says it all) and our suite was magnificent. There was a real wow factor as we walked in and saw the huge glass doors folded back so that you look straight out onto the blue ocean and feel you are practically on the sandy beach. On the other side of the bay, the dramatic Chapman’s Peak and its surrounding mountains look soft in the sea haze created from the cold Atlantic waters meeting the hot African sun. Every evening, as we watched the sun go down, glass in hand, we were treated to a royal fly-past by parades of squawking Sacred Ibis. Jim had never been to this part of the world before, and the last time I was

TRAVEL here was with the Queen in 1995 when I was reporting for the BBC.

champagne on ice awaiting us, along with two tiny teacups of exquisite creme brûlée.

But the years had blurred my memory of the sheer beauty and vastness of South Africa. We marvelled at the landscapes as we drove around the Cape in our hired 4x4. The mountain passes, across Chapman’s Peak for example, are breathtaking. And the constant possibility of a baboon crossing your they did from time to time... was an added thrill.

The final part of our trip was a real adventure. A three hour road trip took us to Sanbona Wildlife Reserve in the Little Karoo region.

After three blissful days at Long Beach, we headed to the wine country in the Franschhoek Valley. And suddenly it was Autumn in April. Not that the sun was any less searing, but the beautiful burnished colours of the vineyards and trees gave away the true season. And the mountains all around us made us feel we were in a Wild West movie. We were spoiled for choice when it came to wine tasting; vineyards tempt you every few hundred yards as you approach Franschhoek. When we arrived at The Last Word at Franschhoek, it felt like home. The same soft decor welcomed us into a spacious suite. And it proved to be equally indulgent. When we arrived back after a delicious dinner at Le Quartier Francais, our suite was romantically illuminated by candles, there was

This is a semi-desert reserve, the size of Singapore, where the big five roam free, but are not always easy to spot. We loved the thrill of the chase, bouncing over the rough terrain in our ranger’s big, open-sided truck. The game drives can take more than three hours and there are always wonderful surprises: a giraffe wandering along a track; a pale chanting goshawk perched on a post or the huge paw print of a white lion in the sand. On our second evening drive we had a bonanza: rhinos and elephants foraging in a thicket, giraffes taking a sunset stroll and --best of all -- a female cheetah enjoying her Springbok kill. Guarded by our ranger, Chris, rifle in hand, we were able to approach the cheetah on foot and get so close we could almost smell her. We had just one last treat in store: a brief visit to the third The Last Word, this one in Constantia. It was, once again, the last word in luxury, carefully perfected by our softly spoken host, Tess, who exuded the same tranquillity as our surroundings.

Jennie travelled with African Sky who have been conducting private South African tours since 1998. They also specialize in safaris in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. For more details, or call 0800 532 4615.


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FINANCE 3 talk or write to HMRC and other organisations 3 go online to access your information question why something has happened understand the tax implications of decisions – like pension freedoms appeal or complain

The end of the tax year but was it right? As your letter box rattles with your end of year paperwork like P60’s and savings/investment information, it is a good time to check whether you have paid the correct amount of tax for that year and also to make sure that HMRC have up to date information regarding your current circumstances and income.

Tax Help for Older People is an independent charity, offering a free tax advice service for older people on low incomes. We specialise in giving Personal Tax advice to people over 60 (or their representatives) with an income under £20,000.  Our philosophy is to help clients help themselves as far as possible, which means we give guidance, assistance, advice and support depending on the client need. Our volunteers are available to provide free face to face tax advice for pensioners across the UK, although initial contact should be to our team of tax advisers in Dorset (01308 488066 or 0845 601 3321). We are also able to provide Talks; Training; and Attendance at exhibitions.  Unfortunately for these, we do have to ask for our expenses to be covered, or for a small donation. Volunteers meet clients at the offices of Age UK, CAB and local government or community organisations or, if they are less mobile, at home. Taking the time to explain, in jargon-free language, what has happened and how it can


be resolved, they will, if necessary, take up their case with HMRC. Of course, all clients’ cases are completely confidential. Our aim is to help you understand your personal tax affairs and to help you work with HMRC so that you can resolve issues and pay the right amount of tax. If you are wondering; 3 if you’re due a refund 3 if the tax you have paid is correct 3 if your tax codes are correct 3 why HMRC have sent you an underpayment notice 3 what the letter from HMRC means 3 you are completing the correct forms Or need help to; 3 check your tax affairs during your retirement year/s or through bereavement

P60’s are certificates which provide pay and tax details for sources of Pay As You Earn (PAYE) income like pensions or employment. For those of us who only have one source of income this should be a relatively straight forward task but it is still worth checking that you have paid the correct amount of tax, mistakes can happen and you want to be sure that these mistakes are not happening to you.

So where do you start? First you need to work out what your taxable income was for the year and the allowances that you would be entitled to. There have been several changes in the past couple of years especially around savings and investments, so it may be worth checking that you have up to date information. You can visit , phone HMRC on 0300 200 3300 or contact Tax Help for Older People for help. You will find information regarding your taxable income on P60s, P11Ds and P45s supplied by your employers and pension providers; also check coding notices and letters from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and any bank and building society statements or dividend vouchers that show payments and tax details.

Once you have your total taxable income you then remove your allowances from your total taxable income then apply the appropriate tax rate to see what tax was due. Beware of the married couples allowance (for those born before 6th April 1935) as that is a tax reducer rather than an allowance in the normal sense As mentioned it has become more confusing and these examples may better explain; A pensioner has a state pension of £9,000, a private pension of £5,000 and total taxable interest of £2,000. Their personal allowance in 2016/17 is £11,000 and they will pay tax on £3000 of their pension (£14,000 pensions less £11,000 personal allowance), which at 20% would be £600. They don’t have to pay tax on their savings interest because their non-savings income (ie pensions) is less than £17,000 so they qualify for the 0% savings rate. However, if we increased their non-

savings income to £18,000 and interest of £2,000, they will now be due to pay 20% tax on £7,000 of their pensions which would be £1,400. Their nonsavings income is now above £17,000, too high to qualify for the 0% savings rate band, but they will be able to use their £1,000 personal savings allowance instead, leaving taxable savings of £1,000 which taxed at 20%, will be £200. In both examples their income tax would be reduced by £220 if they were entitled to the new marriage allowance or if one of them was born before 6th April 1935 reduced further still by the original married couples allowance.

the rules are confusing and sometimes complex. We see many people with the wrong tax codes and paying the wrong amount of tax.

In the first example the pensioner simply needs to check that they have paid the right amount of tax on their pension and ensure their new tax code is correct. In the second example they should notify HMRC of their taxable interest and ensure that HMRC tax the interest correctly. If you are in any doubt please ask for help, for some

Write to:- Tax Help for Older People, Unit 10, Pineapple Business Park, Salway Ash, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 5DB.Working in Partnership

This article is by Tax Help for Older People registered charity no 1102276, offering free tax advice to older people on incomes below £20,000 a year. You can all our helpline on 0845 601 3321* or 01308 488066 Email –, Website secure form –

*Calls to our 0845 number may cost 5ppm if not included as free in your call package, as well as your phone company’s access charge.

Housing & Care 21 have age-exclusive Retirement Housing available Studio and one bedroom apartments available for over 55s in Bradford, Keighley, Halifax, Huddersfield, Batley & Cleethorpes. Our Retirement Housing is designed to offer independent living and the comfort of being in a community setting. The private and secure apartments have been designed to maximise space and comfort. Key features and benefits • • • •

Modern fully fitted kitchens • On-site private parking • Close to local amenities Housing benefit accepted • Pet friendly policy • Court Manager service Communal facilities such as a lounge, landscape gardens and a laundry room 24/7 emergency alarm response

To arrange a viewing or to join our waiting list, call the Court Manager on 0370 192 4956. Please call for the location of the courts.


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Whole John Dory with clams & courgettes

Also known as Saint Peter’s fish, after the patron saint of fishermen, John Dory is a beautiful fish. This was the first dish I cooked on the show, and no sooner had I finished and walked away to wash my hands than some eager French people huddled around the pan and started to dive in. A vote of confidence, if ever I saw one!

INGREDIENTS SERVES 2 2 courgettes, thickly sliced 2 heritage tomatoes, thickly sliced 2 shallots, thinly sliced 1 x 1kg John Dory, gutted and fins removed 50ml olive oil 375ml dry white wine 15 basil leaves 300g clams, washed handful of flat-leaf parsley leaves sea salt and freshly ground black pepper



Preheat the oven to 200°C/400°F/gas mark 6. Arrange the courgettes and tomatoes over the base of a roasting tin. Slot the shallot slices in between the courgettes and tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Season the John Dory with salt and pepper, place on top of the vegetables and drizzle with half the olive oil. Pour the white wine over and scatter with the basil leaves. Cover tightly with foil and cook in the oven for 20 minutes. Carefully lift the foil and add the clams, then cover again and return to the oven for a further 5 minutes or until the clams open up (discard any that remain closed). Remove from the oven, scatter over the parsley leaves and add a final drizzle of olive oil.

Braised Chicken with Red Wine Vinegar and Tarragon We ate so many lovely braised dishes in France that it was diªcult to choose just a few to go in the book, but this one made the cut: tarragon is such a classic French herb and the red wine vinegar really lifts the sauce. INGREDIENTS SERVES 4 1–2 tablespoons olive oil 1 x 1.25–1.5kg chicken, jointed into 8 portions knob of butter 1 teaspoon tomato purée 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 50ml red wine vinegar 110ml white wine 500ml chicken stock 2 tomatoes, skinned 1 heaped teaspoon Dijon mustard 250ml whipping cream 1 tablespoon chopped tarragon sea salt and freshly ground black pepper For the mash 500g potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks 125ml double cream 125g unsalted butter, softened

Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°C/gas mark 4. Heat the olive oil in a large ovenproof frying pan or flameproof casserole over medium to high heat. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and fry to a good golden crisp all over. Remove the chicken from the pan, then tip out the fat, wipe the pan clean, and add the butter. Stir in the tomato purée and cook over medium heat for 2 minutes, then add the garlic and cook for a further minute. Add the vinegar and reduce until it has all but disappeared. Add the wine and reduce by a third. Pour in the chicken stock and bring to a simmer, then return the chicken to the pan, cover with a lid and transfer to the oven. Cook for 20 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through. Meanwhile, quarter the tomatoes and scoop out the seeds. Cut the tomato flesh into small dice and set aside.

To make the mash, cook the potatoes in a saucepan of lightly salted water for 15 minutes until tender. Drain and pass through a potato ricer back into the saucepan and stir over low heat to dry out. Gently warm the cream in a small saucepan until just boiling, then remove from the heat. Gradually beat a little butter and then a little of the cream into the mash. Keep adding and beating until the potato is soft and creamy, then season with salt and pepper to taste Remove the pan from the oven, lift out the chicken pieces and keep warm while you finish the sauce. Strain the sauce through a sieve into a clean saucepan and bring back to the boil. Whisk in the mustard and cream, then simmer to reduce and thicken slightly. Check the seasoning, then add the diced tomato and tarragon. Pour the sauce over the chicken and serve with the mash.


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Croque monsieur INGREDIENTS SERVES 4 8 thick slices white bread 100g Cheddar cheese, grated 4 thick slices ham 100g butter sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

The ultimate cheese and ham toastie... Simple. I love it.

For the béchamel sauce, melt the butter in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir in the flour using a wooden spoon, then cook gently for 1 minute, still stirring. Remove the pan from the heat and gradually whisk in the milk until smooth. Return the pan to the heat and continue to cook, stirring constantly with the wooden spoon, until the sauce thickens. Season with salt and pepper, then remove from the heat and leave until cold. To make the sandwiches, spread a layer of the béchamel sauce over one side of four slices of the bread, then top each one with cheese, ham and another slice of bread. Melt the butter in a large, non-stick frying pan until foaming, fry the sandwiches, two at a time, for 2–3 minutes on each side. Serve with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Crêpes Suzette I’ll never forget cooking this dish on location: it was 34 degrees in the shade, and we were under a beautiful tree by a swimming pool overlooking Saint-Tropez. The other thing I should mention is that the person I was cooking it for was my great friend and three-star Michelin chef, Michel Roux Snr… We were at his house. No pressure, then. INGREDIENTS SERVES 2 For the crêpes 250g plain flour 2 eggs 2 teaspoons melted butter, plus extra for cooking 600ml milk

For the sauce 50g butter 3 oranges, 1 zested and all juiced 1 lemon, zested and juiced 3 tablespoons caster sugar 2 tablespoons Grand Marnier 2 tablespoons Cognac

To make the crêpes, whisk all the ingredients together in a bowl to form a smooth batter. Set aside for at least an hour in a cool place. Place a small frying pan over medium heat and add a little butter, then a ladleful of batter and swirl to coat the bottom of the pan. Cook for 1–2 minutes until just set, then flip and cook for a further minute until the underneath is lightly browned. Remove the cooked crêpe from the pan and repeat until all of the batter is used – you should end up with four crêpes. Place layers of baking parchment between the cooked crêpes to stop them sticking together. For the sauce, place all the ingredients in a large frying pan and bring to the boil, gently shaking the pan to ignite the alcohol. When the flame dies down, fold the crêpes into quarters and nestle them into the pan of sauce. Let them warm through for a few minutes, then dish out.

JAMES MARTIN’S FRENCH ADVENTURE (Quadrille, £20.00) Photography: Peter Cassidy.


FOR THE BÉCHAMEL SAUCE 25g butter 25g plain flour 300ml milk

Have you reported your changes? Council tax reduction or housing benefit Report a change of circumstances If you receive council tax reduction and/ or housing benefit you must tell us straight away if your circumstances change. If you do not tell us within 21 days depending on the circumstances you may be fined £70, or your benefit amount could be affected. Changes we need to know about include:

• changes to your income or capital • someone moving into, or out of your household • changes to income or capital belonging to anyone in your household • moving home, or into a different room if you live in a shared property • changes to the amount of rent you pay

You can report your change online at:


Out & About A guide to the amazing events around Kirklees and Calderdale for 2017 10th June

1st July

Honley Show is one of the most prestigious, well attended and well respected rural shows in the county. Traditional but always surprising there’s something new every year to help make it a great day out for kids and adults alike.

Concert on the Hill, has been staged at the Laund Hill Sports ground for the last 18 years, it is an outdoor event where the great traditions of Yorkshire are brought together an award winning brass band, Lindley Brass Band and two great male voice choirs, Honley and Colne Valley plus the award winning Lindley Junior School Choir. The format is similar to the last night of the proms, complete with a firework spectacular finale. Laund Hill Sports ground, Huddersfield

Honley Agricultural Show

The Show’s Farnley Tyas showground remains one of the region’s best venues to showcase a stunning range of activities, agricultural events, stands and displays. Farnley Tyas, Huddersfield

Concert On The Hill 2017

2nd July 24th June

Huddersfield 5K Race For Life

The carnival is always well attended by the local community and a good family fun day is enjoyed by all. We have good representation from the local schools and churches and they provide stalls, refreshments and entertainment. Local businesses are also in good attendance with many supporting the prize draws and having their own stalls on the day.

This is no ordinary 5k.This is thousands of women uniting with one purpose. To come together. To raise money. To BEAT CANCER. 5k (or just over 3 miles) is an achievable distance for all ages and abilities. You can take part however you like and choose to run, jog or walk your way around the course.

Lindley Carnival 2017

This year the carnival will again be on the same day as Armed Forces Day and we will be celebrating this at the carnival. Always at the heart of it is providing entertainment for families and children and young people. Lindley, West Yorkshire


With over 150 Race for Life 5k events across the UK you won’t need to travel too far to find one. Find your event below and sign up RIGHT NOW. Leeds Road, Huddersfield

3rd August - 6th August

Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival Hudds Food Fest) 2017 will run over 3 days, to promote Huddersfield as a vibrant town and raise the profile of local and regional businesses. (Hudds Food Fest) is the largest Festival of its kind in Yorkshire and last year attracted over 100,000 people. Last year’s festival was considered the best year ever, with individuals and families travelling from across the region and as far as Liverpool, Cornwall and New York to join us.We are proud that over 90% of the food and drink businesses who exhibit at the festival are from Huddersfield & Yorkshire. Huddersfield

22nd Sept - 24th Sept

Holmfirth Food & Drink Festival Food stalls offering the very best of local, European and international foods will fill the streets of this idyllic town centre. Cookery demonstrations will take place over the weekend including chefs' master classes, celebrity ready steady cook and much more. Holmfirth Town Centre


9th Sept

Micheal George's London Varieties An All-Star Spectacular featuring: International Variety Acts and Singers, the London Varieties Showgirls and the Michael George Show Band.

11th June

Murder on the Terrace The scene is set – a respectable garden party at Lord and Lady Cava’s residence, The Cavary. Respectable that is until one of the party is found dead, murdered.

Matthew Revell-Griffiths in association with Michael George Productions, well known for their high standards and incredible shows, brings to the Victoria Theatre the only true variety show in the UK, and what a true variety it is! Victoria Theatre, Halifax jsp?event=6551

The garden party is thrown into disarray, the sardonic Inspector Back arrives to investigate and the twists and turns of a whodunit both puzzle and entertain alongside dangerous amounts of humour. Can you solve the mystery? LBT, Huddersfield

10th June

Reach For The Stars

23rd Sept

Miss Stacey's School Of Dance & Theatre is thrilled to be showcasing their first show at the Victoria Theatre. It will be an amazing evening of singing, dancing and acting performed by the school's talented students. We hope you will enjoy the show! Victoria Theatre, Halifax jsp?event=6353

Following his 2015 100 date sell-out tour, comedy powerhouse and star of Taskmaster, Live at The Apollo and Stand Up for the Week, Paul Chowdhry brings his highly anticipated new standup show to venues nationwide. Victoria Theatre, Halifax jsp?event=6732

26th Sept

Shane Filan Hot off the back of announcing his new album "Love Always" Shane Filan has announced his major indoor UK Tour "Love Always" - taking in some of the UK's best loved venues, and featuring the new album along with some of the tracks most synonymous with Shane. Shane has cemented his position as one of the UK's most popular male solo artists, following phenomenal success with Westlife - one of the world's most successful bands of the last few decades. Victoria Theatre, Halifax jsp?event=6951

Paul Chowdhry: Live Innit

8th Oct

Madama Butterfly 30th June

25th Sept

Laugh your way into the weekend with our regular and hugely popular comedy club held in our laid-back Green Room Bar. Stand ups such as John Bishop, Alan Carr, Ross Noble and Michael McIntyre performed here early in their careers. Don't miss this chance to get seriously close to serious stand-up talent. Victoria Theatre, Halifax jsp?event=6495

The Sandman brings sleep by dropping sand into the eyes of humans and uses a magical rainbow umbrella to impart good dreams, or a dark umbrella to send nightmares. We follow the story of a woman who is desperate to bring good dreams to her ailing husband - so desperate that she is willing to follow the Sandman into the DreamWorld to steal the dream umbrellas. Victoria Theatre, Halifax

Dick & Liddy's Comedy Club

The Sandman

Featuring live Orchestra with over 30 musicians No opera can match the tragedy and sorrow of Puccini's Madama Butterfly. Set in Japan at the turn of the century, Madama Butterfly is among the most colourful and exotic of all operas, and from its theme of noble self-sacrifice spring melodies that grip your heart. Victoria Theatre, Halifax victoria/details.jsp?event=6493


| 33


3rd June - 4th June

Brighouse 1940s weekend

We have a great day of entertainment lined up for you with lots of local talent demonstrating their stuff in the main arena.

craft and produce stalls, autojumble, live music, vintage children's rides and much more. Different vehicles can be seen on each of the two days.

The Grand Procession sets off from Eureka at 11:30am and makes its way through the town centre and onto Manor Heath Park. Manor Heath Park

This will be the 35th year for the event which is now well established as a premier attraction for the display of some 800 veteran, vintage and classic cars, motorcycles, military & commercial vehicles.

Come and see what life was like in this significant time in our history as the town centre and shops are transformed. You’ll be able to sit in a Spitfire, ride on a vintage bus, bake 40’s bread, see Churchill, sing-along with George Formby, learn to dance the Lindy Hop or dance the night away to the sounds of the 40’s from the Ashby Big Band. This is just a flavour of the wonderful events taking place over this free family fun weekend. The whole town centre will become the venue for a host of 1940’s events and displays from Spitfires to vintage vehicles, from home cooking to 1940’s dress and make up. Why not join in the fun and come dressed in 40’s style and help bring a real period feel to the town Brighouse, West Yorkshire

10th June

23rd June - 2nd July

Hebden Bridge Arts Festival Hebden Bridge Arts Festival is one of Yorkshire’s longest running festivals with a reputation for delivering a lively and diverse programme of street entertainment, visual arts, music and theatre in surprising locations. Quirky and distinctive, we bring together community and visitors to celebrate our town’s creativity and unique landscape, culminating in an annual 9 day celebration each summer. Hebden Bridge

5th August and 6th August

Hebden Bridge Vintage Weekend A great value, family day out on Calder Holmes Park in Hebden Bridge.

Halifax Charity Gala Fun for all the family at this charity gala, with floats, rides and stalls.

Enjoy a huge display of cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles,

BROOKLANDS HOTEL BLACKPOOL Fantastic accommodation for the over 50's

Brooklands specialises in holidays for re-cycled teenager retro adults in a kid's free zone. If you do not look 65 prove you are over 50. This is the perfect retreat for the over 50s in a select location of Blackpool. Stair lifts to first floor, making every floor a ground floor.

28-30 King Edward Avenue North Shore Blackpool FY2 9TA.


Tel: 01253 351479

Last year’s event was our best ever, breaking all records in entrants, spectators and funds raised. With your help we can make this year’s event even bigger. Hebden Bridge uk 12th August

Halifax Agricultural Show The Halifax Agricultural Show is the largest of its kind in the local region and offers something for everyone. Farm and domestic animals will be shown, there's local produce, flowers, fruit & vegetables and crafts with entertainment such as showjumping, vintage vehicles, farmer's markets, stalls and demonstrations. Savile Park, Halifax

19th August

Brighouse Canal & Music Festival The Brighouse Canal, Beer & Music Festival cruises into town over the weekend of August 19th & 20th to the delight of many thousands of visitors. This well-established free event gives families a great time enjoying not only the canal activities but also a street food and craft market, live music and a real ale festival. Brighouse

MEDiCARE We're here to keep you healthy


Nominate Medicare

To nominate Medicare as your chosen pharmacy, simply complete and post the form below to Head Office with your details and chosen Medicare chemist (See branches opposite)

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Alcohol Intervention Scheme Disposal of Unwanted Medicines Electronic Prescription Service FREE Collection & Delivery Service Medicine Compliance Aids Medicine Use Reviews Minor Ailments Service New Medicines Service NHS Prescriptions Palliative Care Stock Private & Veterinary Prescriptions Private Consultation Area Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles Signposting Smoking Cessation Supervised Consumption Support For Self Care

Electronic Prescription Service


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• Bradley • Lockwood

Tel: 01484 532169

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W H E N YO U ' R E N OT T H E R E We know that pet owners worry about leaving their pets behind when they die and so it is important to think about future provision for your pet. The RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield and District Branch can help look after your pets once you are no longer there.

The Willing to Care Scheme... for any persons over the age of 18 who are concerned about the welfare of their dog or cat after their death and requires the peace of mind that their pet will be rehomed with loving new owners.

How does the scheme work? •

You must specify in your Will that you are leaving your pet to the RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield and District Branch under the 'Willing to Care' scheme.

If you are teaken into a nursing home or feel unable to look after your pet, you can sign your pet into our care for rehoming and they will be given priority entrance.

On being informed of a members' death, the Branch will arrange to care for and if necessary, collect your beloved pet.

We will ensure your pet is adopted to a suitable home for the rest of their life.

How do I become a member? Our Willing to Care Scheme is completely free so all you need to do is simply fill in the application form below and return it to the Branch.

WILLING TO CARE APPLICATION FORM Title: ......................................................................................... Forename/Initial: .................................................................. Surname: ................................................................................. Address: .................................................................................. ................................................................................................... ................................................................................................... ................................................................................................... City/Town: .............................................................................. Postcode: ................................................................................ Email: ....................................................................................... Telephone: .............................................................................. Mobile: .....................................................................................

Please state number wishing to join the Scheme...

DOG o CAT o Please tick if you would like to receive further information on the following (✓) E.A.R.S THE ELDERLY ANIMAL REHOMING SCHEME








Please fill in the form & return to the RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield & District Branch, Wade Street, Halifax HX1 1SN


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Affordable Funeral Service

Losing a loved one can be one of life's most upsetting and distressing times. We go out of our way to help ease the worries where funeral arrangements are concerned. Not only involved with losing a loved one is the emotional upset, but it can also be a time of financial worry and strain and we not only lend a sympathetic ear but also an affordable funeral service too. Or maybe you see not the need for an elaborate funeral and want only a simple, low key occasion without all the fuss.


Personal Family Touches We strongly believe that a funeral service for a loved one should be as personal and unique as they were and we will do everything possible to ensure that all wishes are carried out to make things easier on the day. Be it that family members would like to carry the coffin or perhaps certain members would like to speak within the funeral service. We encourage family involvement and are more than happy to discuss all options possible.

Serving all areas

Affordable without compromising on care. If we can help please call for an informal chat and advice


Funeral Ser vice

local caring independent funeral director

Low Fuss Funeral - £1750

Bespoke Funeral - £1850

• The payment of a cremation fee

• The payment of a cremation fee

• The payment of the Doctor's fees

• The payment of the Doctor's fees

• The payment of the Minister's fees

• The payment of the Minister's fees

• The conveyance of your loved one into our chapel of rest

• The conveyance of your loved one into our chapel of rest

• The provision of the York, oak veneered coffin and gold embellishments

• The provision of the York, oak veneered coffin and gold embellishments.

• The arranging and conducting of the funeral

• The arranging and conducting of the funeral

• The provision of the hearse and necessary staff on the day of the funeral

• The provision of the hearse and necessary staff on the day of the funeral • The viewing of your loved one at our traditional chapel of rest


Springhead Funeral Service

7/9 Stainland Rd, Halifax (opposite Andy Thorntons)

Tel: 01422 327 382

Bradley Funeral Service 9 Copthorne Square, Bradley, Huddersfield

Tel: 01484 534 488

• The leaving from a home address on the day of the funeral before proceeding to the crematorium

Pre-paid Funerals

at today's prices guaranteed... Golden Leaves Funeral Plans WWW.50PLUSMAGAZINE.CO.UK

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Kirklees & Calderdale issue 53  

Local magazine for the over 50s includes holidays, lifestyle, leisure, out and about, finance.

Kirklees & Calderdale issue 53  

Local magazine for the over 50s includes holidays, lifestyle, leisure, out and about, finance.