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CONTENTS ... 6-7 TWITTER By Angela Kelly

82-83 CARE Choosing the right Homecare

8-10 TRAVEL Royal River Cruising along the Loire with Croisieurope from Silver Travel Advisor

86 Health How to deal with stress


STRICTLY ANTON For the contented Anton du Beke the future is looking very rosy


AUTUMN/WINTER 2018 Colour styles and tips


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Joanna Lumley Madamme Tussauds, UK 2018

Joanna and David are oldies but goldies


GE is a very subjective thing, isn’t it? Today, especially, when we’re very careful not to be ageist, it’s almost an untouchable subject.

The person who says of another “she’s really good for her age” may be mentally adding “since she’s obviously out without her carer” if he or she is younger by a matter of decades.

To someone closer in age, that person is merely “doing well”, although not to be stated to her or around her. I was thinking about the whole age thing watching Joanna Lumley in her latest Silk Road Adventure TV programme because she breaks the mould, as it were. At 73, she looks terrific – absolutely fabulous, in fact – still has those gorgeous plummy tones that captivate everyone every time she speaks and looks slim and fashionable. So there are a few lines around her lovely face, so what! She’s a great example of ignoring the years and simply getting on with a highprofile life. In fact, there are 50 year-olds that she puts to shame. The same is true of Sir David Attenborough. The famous naturalist is an unbelievable 92 and is as energetic and enthusiastic as ever about his subject – something which communicates so well to other people that he and his captivating photographed Blue Planet series are still world-beaters. Sir David shows no signs of slowing down or finishing making his remarkable TV programmes, thank goodness. His whole career has been built on his genuine keenness for all things Nature and it’s impossible to imagine anyone else presenting these series even half as well. How much, though, is this now down to the fact that with age comes wisdom? We accept everything he says – the same

T U E S D AY 2 7 T H NO V EM BE R F R OM 1 0 . 0 0A M - 7 . 0 0 P M D AI LY


ON SALE S C O T T ISH P IN E / / FRASE R FIRS / / NO R D M A N F I R / / P R E M I E R NO R D M A N F I R S / / C H UR C H TREES Wa l l suc h e s , H o r w i c h B L 6 6 P P T E L : 0 1 2 0 4 6 9 1 7 8 3


is true of Joanna Lumley – because they have plainly not been on this earth for five minutes and have racked up some genuine knowledge and experience over the years. That is not to say that younger experts and presenters are not believable. Far from it. But, there is a kind of cachet in being older that is very underestimated by the young. People can heed what you are saying because the words are emanating from an older body. Mind you, my daughters still think I’m totally gaga and take more or less everything I say with a bucket of salt never mind a pinch. I really must practice the authority of Sir David and Joanna. They might take more notice then.

Strictly heralds the Winter – and fun! YOU know Autumn and Winter are coming and the days are drawing in when Strictly Come Dancing glitters its way onto the telly once more. The series has become such an iconic seasonal marker that there is almost a sigh of relief when it all kicks off once more – not the least because you know it’s going to be there until just before Christmas (sorry about using the C word without warning!) The appeal of this clever series which pairs celebrities with professional dancers (and may the Lord have mercy on their soles) is that, suddenly, becoming a proficient dancer seems eminently possible. And that is even though you have a long history of crippling dance partners and a sense of rhythm that makes you move after the beat every single time. No matter how uncomfortable and ungainly the celebrities look initially on the dance floor, you just know that there will be some improvement that will leave them actually looking like passable dancers. Some will even become spectacular dancers. While you marvel at the patience and skills of the professional dancers as they hone quite often raw material to something quite admirable and certainly trimmer, you know that anything is possible. Give or take an Ann Widdecombe or two, of course.

Any magic tricks for opening packaging?

THIS sounds like the ultimate trivia but have you ever struggled to open an Oxo cube? Apparently, you don’t have to wrestle with the clever silvery package and get brown stains on your fingers. The latest online “hack” is that you should actually squash it before opening. I know, so simple – and it works! So, can the clever clogs who came up with this smart trick now explain how to get into a packet of ham without slicing into. It’s not just a matter of saving the planet with better and more biodegradable packaging, there is also the small matter of actually accessing most food without involving (a) very bad language and (b) a pack of Blocked Elastoplasts.

Gutters Can cause damp and mould. A Here comes the problem for your home and health. bride …. with her bank account

Blocked Gutters Can cause damp and mould. A problem for your home and health.

SurveyBefore and After Before & After Photos there’s nono problem then then IfIfthere’s problem there’s no call out charge there’s no call out charge - peace of mind that your peace of mind that Gutters are working properly. your Gutters are working Conservatories and up to 4 properly. Storeys Tall buildings, schools, nursing Conservatories and up homes and commercial properties. to 4 Storeys

THERE has never been a more difficult time to be a wedding guest. Tall buildings, schools, Timed Appointment It only seems five minutes ago that a nursing homes Track our arrival to theand fairly modest gift list was circulated by the minute. commercial properties. happy couple – or registered with a local store – and then guests were invited to Hello, I’ Pay after the Job I own & o select their choice. Timed Appointment Cash, Cheque or Card. across No That was actually considered quite mobile: 07946 310to 465 Track our arrival the Bolton, B Can cause damp pushy back then as previously guests Fully Insured - Uniformed Staff Oldham. and mould. A minute. Hello, I’m Neil. Before & After Photos -Cards Accepted had just chosen a gift and the result was I own & operate Because problem for your GutterPRO home and health. you’ll get usually five casserole dishes, two sets across North Manchester, mobile: 07946 310 465 Bolton, Bury, Rochdale & after the Job Pay of bathroom scales and an unusual glass Fully Insured - Uniformed Staff Oldham. Get an instant price today Before After Photos Accepted object for&which no-one -Cards could find any Because it’s my business, Cash, Cheque or Card. you’ll get aOnline personal service. possible use. Get Hen and nightsprice were often boozy an stag instant today Call do’s in a local pub or club when things Online Facebook a bit saucy but no-one died and GutterPRO North Mancheste everyone was still on speaking terms Facebook afterwards. Now, the hens and stags and GutterPRO North their respective entourages are Manchester more likely to go off to Amsterdam or Prague for a long weekend of fun or even a week of sunshine and alcohol. Oh, and they still expect a wedding gift. Worse, we’ve got bridezillas cancelling Get an instant price Hello the stag party so that the bridegroom I own today “doesn’t meet any other girls” and another acros mobile: 07946 310 465 who demanded that guests fund her Bolto Fully Insured - Uniformed Staff expensive wedding in Thailand. Oldha Online Before & After Photos -Cards Accepted Becau She threatened to defriend those on you’ll Facebook who didn’t want to, or didn’t even reply, and seemed shocked when Get an instant price today Facebook she reduced the contribution figure from Online GutterPRO North $3,000 to $2,000 each by shifting it to Hawaii when there were still few takers. Manchester You just dread what her married life is Facebook going to be like, don’t you? CallNorth Manches GutterPRO BY ANGELA KELLY

Blocked 0161 713 0512 Gutters

0161 713 0512

0161 713 0512

0161 713 0512

0161 713 0512




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Château d’Azay-le-Rideau


Royal River Cruising along the Loire with



e joined the Princesse for the appropriately-named Royal River cruise, relishing eight days of indulgence as we explored some of the gorgeous chateaux with regal links along the Val de Loire, with the occasional, almost obligatory wine tasting to prolong the pampered feeling. Once at the pontoon where the Princesse was moored, we were greeted by smartly-uniformed crewman Tony (an always-smiling, always-helpful matelot from Hungary who had worked in Manchester for a few years!) and he insisted on carrying all our baggage aboard - the sort of care and attention we became used to over the next week.  The sleek river cruiser can carry up to 96 passengers and has 48 outside-facing cabins on two decks, with ours featuring a small private balcony reached by sliding glass doors. We found it a great vantage point to take in the constantly-changing views if we weren’t already relaxing on

50 Plus Travel


the top sundeck; and it gave us stunning riverside vistas to wake up to, or to relax with after a long lunch. Given the fact that we were in the land of haute cuisine and most of the passengers were French, food was always going to be in focus, but few of us realised the standard for single-sitting dining with a set menu could be so high. The excellent food was such a feature that any attempt at being on a diet was a non-starter, with aromatic fresh-baked bread and croissants every morning being my immediate undoing, without even starting on the rest of the buffet or wide choice of cooked-toorder items. Complimentary wines or beer and barista-style coffee are included, as well as an open, free bar serving drinks from 10am. All drinks, except for champagne and wines from the boat’s special list, were included, and the ‘house’ choices were more than acceptable - the local 2016 Rosé de Loire was a delicious and

sponsored by

refreshing accompaniment to most meals, we found! Our first dinner and a socialising nightcap over, we called it a night and didn’t feel the need to operate the retractable TV which folded down from the ceiling of our spotless cabin (except to check the weather), or even the free WiFi, but watched the stars for a while as Captain Sandro Amand started the engines, cast off and started the first leg of our cruise by heading downriver to the port of Saint-Nazaire.  To wake up and find we were moored in the dock basin within yards of the enormous concrete U-boat pens built by the Germans was an unexpected reward, followed by a trip inside the pens to the Escal’Atlantic museum, which explores the historic ocean liner experience, with the accent on the Blue Riband-earning Normandie, built in Saint-Nazaire in the 1930s and at one time the largest and fastest ship afloat. 

The next day, the Princess returned to Nantes, where local tourism guide Bernat Comas took us on a short tram ride to show us the heart of the old town, where we explored secret passages off tight cobbled streets, leading to hidden courtyards and historic multi-storey apartments built for the rich traders and merchants who made their fortunes when the city was one of the greatest ports in France. We had spotted the elephant on our first evening on board, before we sailed to Saint-Nazaire but didn’t really appreciate its sheer size — and then we had the chance to get up close and personal on a guided excursion when we returned

to Nantes to begin our adventures upstream. And Le Grand Éléphant is the tour de force, carrying 50 people the height of a four-storey house on a slow, majestic tour of the site, giving great views of Nantes and another star attraction, the towering Carrousel des Mondes Marins.  Next day was a coach trip on the Muscadet Wine Route, taking in a refuelling stop at historic Château Cassemichère, where owner Philippe Ganichaud introduced us to some of his award-winning wines, including a cheeky little fizz, La Muse du Chai, which put a smile on my face, for a start. Monday was our first major château, the home of the Dukes of Brissac, still in private ownership and a taste of the châteaux grandeurs to come with its imposing facade and showpiece rooms. Tuesday was a full day of regal splendour, taking our time to  visit three breathtaking châteaux, starting with the Château d’Azay-le-Rideau, a French national monument built on a small island in the middle of the Indre River and lauded as one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in the whole of the Val de Loire, which rejoices in its UNESCO World Heritage status.  On to the Château de Villandry, famous for its manicured and quite magnificent ornamental and kitchen gardens, where we had a feast for the eyes as well as a very tasty lunch of local produce including, of course, excellent local Chinon wine, which pleased our table no end. 


DOOR TO DOOR EXCURSIONS We offer individuals the opportunity to go out on day/evening trips to various destinations and provide a door-to-door service.

Friday 2nd November Manchester Christmas Markets £11.00pp

Nantes Elephant

Thursday 29th November Garstang Market £20.00pp Or if you prefer, you can book a trip of your own. We can provide the transport and driver for you. For a brochure of excursions, a quote or further information, please contact 01204 393777 email: 9



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Last on the list was arguably the prettiest stately home of all, the Château d’Ussé, sounding even more pretty in its French  description as Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant — the Castle of the Sleeping Beauty. Rebuilt in the 15th and 16th centuries, this turreted gem is said to have fired the imagination of Charles Perrault, who wrote the famous fairytale, and it’s not hard to see why when you marvel at the architecture and interiors and climb the stairs to one of the picturesque towers.  Back on the river, dinner was an impressive Princesse buffet, cutting the hard-working staff a bit of slack (but not much!) before they presented an enthusiastic, fun cabaret in the lounge to show that they were even more hard-working and versatile than most passengers thought.  Our final excursion was from the quayside in Chalonnes along the Angevine Corniche, with its picturesque villages and many viewing points along the river. There’s nothing rustic about the HQ of the Fournier Longchamps family domaine at Rochefort sur Loire, for the

proudly bio-dynamique winery itself is only seven years old… although the 30 hectare ‘terrroir’ of vineyards with five appellations has existed since the 12th century, and we were lucky enough to sample three signature wines. Back on board, we cruised along in stately fashion, with the engine barely audible and the side paddle wheels splashing soothingly as the sun shone fitfully and we sipped a drink and waved at locals along the banks —  the sleek white Loire Princesse is the only cruiser of any size on the river and still creates a stir as she glides past.  Taking stock of the past few days underlined the pleasure of river cruising, with the CroisiEurope approach echoing that of the best Loire winemakers, insisting on putting quality above quantity, with care and attention to detail ensuring

that guests enjoy an almost individual experience and never get lost or feel neglected. It was very much in focus on our last full day on the Loire, sitting back on the sundeck with a gala dinner in prospect after cocktails before sunset. Dress code over a week’s voyage is fairly relaxed and casual, as expected, but the final night is as good a reason as any to put on the glad rags a bit.  Scrubbed up, we duly enjoyed a spot of fizz in the bar lounge before the Loire Princesse signed off a magical week afloat with a formal farewell from captain and crew and a special blend of saucery from chef Sebastien Boss and his talented team in the kitchen. They served up another splendid tour de force, accompanied by specially-chosen wines.  It also happened to be our Golden Anniversary — and we couldn’t have wished for better. 

Silver Factbox CroisiEurope offer 6-day and 8-day Loire cruises from £1,166 pp and £1,522 pp respectively. Price includes all meals and drinks, onboard entertainment and port fees. Call CroisiEurope on 020 8328 1281 or visit Flybe operates flights to Nantes from Birmingham, Manchester and Southampton, with fares starting from £29.99 one way including taxes and charges. Book at

National Helpline 0800 917 7650

Alcoholics Anonymous has over 4,400 groups throughout Great Britain dedicated to helping those with a serious alcohol problem learn how to stay sober. Groups are made up of people from all walks of life and all age groups. Through friendship and mutual support, members assist each other in coping which is made easier by meeting others with the same problem. There are no dues or fees for membership and anonymity is carefully preserved. Anyone who believes they have a drink problem can contact Alcoholics Anonymous by using the helpline number above or email; Further information may be obtained from the web site above or from the General Service Office at the address below. For information: P.O. Box 1, 10 Toft Green, York. YO1 7NJ Tel: 01904 644 026 10








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The UK’s No.1 foam insulation company


Our unique spray-on foam insulates, waterproofs, bonds and lines your roof


Will reduce heat loss by up to 58% - save money!


The whole process takes just 1-2 days to complete quick, easy, clean

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Can be applied to roofs with or without felt It transforms your cold, damp, draughty loft space into a warm, dry, clean, useable room


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manufacturers guarantee + 10-YEAR insurance-backed guarantee We have the Government’s Trust Mark for “Good trading practices, good customer service and technical competence” We never use subcontractors, only our expertly trained staff For 30 years a family run business




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FREE roof survey applies to homeowners only and is part of your roofsure treatment

Do you like the Chase or are you a Pointless fan? Well, if you travel with Ellen Smith’s you’re normally home to watch when travelling back from a tour, rather than catching the end of Coronation Street! At Ellen Smith’s we do things a bit differently than our rivals. All our tours are ‘Door to Door’ that means that you are picked up by a taxi or small minibus right from your front door.

The same happens on the way back too!

How does it work?

Finally we have a price promise - we never discount therefore everybody on board pays the same price.

No feeders, no interchanges, no changing coaches, no changing drivers and definitely no hassle! On the morning of travel we pick you up at a pre-arranged time at your front door and take you to our waiting coach, usually at Birch Services. Within 30 minutes we normally have everyone on board and were on our way. We often have a second pickup at Stockport, but again this is timed for minimal delay.

Add to this the fact that we are fully Financially Bonded, use some excellent privately owned hotels and all visits and excursions are included in the price. We use modern coaches and mature friendly drivers.

Finally if you can find the same or similar holiday for sale cheaper in the UK we’ll refund the difference to the whole coach! Once you’ve gone the Ellen Smith way you’ll never go back!

A SELECTION OF OUR 2018 COACH TOURS Paignton Palace Hotel Monday 12th November (5 Days) £329 Tour Highlights: 3 Visit the fishing port of Brixham 3 Experience the shops at Dartington 3 Free time in the Regency Town of Sidmouth

Llandudno Marlborough Hotel Monday 12th November (5 Days) £319 Tour Highlights: 3 An excursion which takes us to the Isle of Anglesey making a stop in Beaumaris for some free time 3 A scenic Snowdonia Day Excursion & Conwy

Bournemouth Mayfair Hotel Monday 19th November (5 Days) £299 Tour Highlights: 3 Tour ~ Turkey & Tinsel 3 A visit to Shaftesbury & Salisbury 3 Excursion to the seaside resort of Weymouth

Visit our Facebook community to find out the latest news

Cornish ‘Mistletoe & Wine Rosemundy House Hotel Thursday 29th November (5 Days) £299 Tour Highlights: 3 journey to the deep harbour town of Falmouth 3 Lovely harbour town of Padstow 3 A visit to the capital of Cornwall

Discovering North Wales Royal Victoria Hotel Monday 19th November (5 Days) £299

Exploring Somerset & Wiltshire Wessex Hotel Monday 3rd December (5 Days) £249

Tour Highlights: 3 Packed Lunch Each Day 3 Free Tea & Coffee in hotel lounges throughout your stay 3 Llyn Peninsula – Abersoch & Pwllheli 3 Betws-y-Coed & Llangollen 3 Conwy & Llandudno

Tour Highlights: 3 Bed, Breakfast & Evening Meal at the hotel 3 Some Entertainment 3 A full day excursion to the beautiful city of Bath 3 An excursion to the market town of Devizes

The Beautiful Lake District Cumbria Grand Hotel Monday 26th November (5 Days) £259 Tour Highlights: 3 Door to Door 3 4 Nights Half Board 3 Dalemain House & Gardens 3 Bowness-on-Windermere 3 Ullswater 3 Kendal

Paignton Queens Hotel Monday 10th December (5 Days) £279 Tour Highlights: 3 Visit the fishing port of Brixham 3 Experience the shops at Dartington 3 Free time in the Regency Town of Sidmouth

Lytham & St Annes Lindum Hotel Monday 10th December (5 Days) £299

Cumbria & Northumbria Gilsland Hall Hotel Monday 28th January (5 Days) £259

Eastbourne £1.00 Bar The Haddon Hall Hotel Monday 25th February (5 Days) £239

Tour Highlights: 3 Liverpool’s Albert Dock 3 ‘The Gateway to The Dales’ ~ Skipton 3 Some Entertainment at The Hotels

Tour Highlights: 3 Pretty Market Town of Penrith and Keswick 3 Hexham & Corbridge

Christmas Celebration In Blackpool Doric Hotel Friday 14th December (3 Days) £159

Tour Highlights: 3 Breakfasts & Evening Meals at the Hotel 3 Some Entertainment at the hotel 3 £1.00 Bar from 8pm - 11pm each evening, includes a pint of selected draught beer, 125ml glass of house wine, single house spirits and soft drinks

Exploring Somerset & Wiltshire Wessex Hotel Monday 11th February (5 Days) £219

Tour Highlights: 3 Staying at The Doric Hotel, Blackpool 3 2 Nights Dinner, Bed & Breakfast 3 Friday Matinee Performance of ‘Beauty & The Beast’ 3 2 Nights Live Entertainment 3 Door To Door Service

Tour Highlights: 3 Bed, Breakfast & Evening Meal at the hotel 3 Some Entertainment

Warners - Cricket St. Thomas Monday 18th February (5 Days) £319

Blackpool Doric Hotel Monday 25th February (5 Days) £209 Tour Highlights: 3 There will be One Full Day and One Half Day Excursion included. These will be included in the cost of the holiday, please ensure that you register your name with the Hotel Reception staff upon arrival at the hotel.

Tour Highlights: 3 Breakfasts & Evening Meals at the hotel 3 Live Entertainment 3 Excursion to the seaside town of Weymouth

English Riviera - Torquay Belgrave Sands Hotel Monday 7th January (5 Days) £269 Tour Highlights: 3 Fine Dining Experience at the hotel 3 Breakfasts at the hotel 3 Entertainment 3 Visit to the captivating town of Totnes 3 Free time in the Regency Town of Sidmouth

A Cornish ‘Winter Warmer’ - St Agnes Rosemundy House Hotel Friday 22nd February (5 Days) £269 Tour Highlights: 3 Breakfasts & Evening Meals at the hotel 3 Sherry Reception 3 One afternoon cream tea 3 Glass of wine on the last evening

Tour Highlights: 3 Breakfasts & Evening Meals at the hotel 3 Admission to SS Great Britain

Tour Highlights: 3 Breakfasts & Evening Meals at the hotel 3 Live Entertainment 3 Excursion to Llandudno 3 Excursion to the pretty town of Llangollen 3 A day at leisure to enjoy the facilities at the hotel


Tour Highlights: 3 Unspoilt Fishing Village of Polperro 3 Doc Martin’s Port Isaac 3 Charming Fishing Port of Padstow

‘All Inclusive’ - Lake district The Cumbria Grand Hotel Monday 11th March (5 Days) £279

North Devon Durrant House Hotel Monday 14th January (5 Days) £199

Warners - Bodelwyddan Castle Monday 21st January (5 Days) £299

Looe - Cornwall The Portbyhan Hotel Monday 4th March (5 Days) £269

Highland Party, Isles of Glencoe Isle of Glencoe Hotel Monday 25th February (5 Days) £249 Tour Highlights: 3 Welcome glass of mulled wine 3 Musical Entertainment 3 Quiz night 3 Traditional Scottish Evening with glass of wine 3 Traditional Board Games

Call our reservations office on 01706 648126 and request a copy of our 2018 brochure. You’ll be surprised at the variations of tours we operate. Visit our website at

Tour Highlights: 3 Complimentary Drinks Vouchers 3 Soup & Sandwich Lunches 3 Packed Lunches 3 Minimum of 2 nights entertainment

Paignton The Palace Hotel Monday 11th March (5 Days) £269 Tour Highlights: 3 Entertainment at the hotel 3 Breakfasts and Evening Meals at the hotel 3 Door to Door pick up service

Find us on facebook & twitter (search for ellensmithtours)

CELEBRITY interview


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NTON du Beke only made a brief appearance in Strictly Come Dancing this year but he was in a philosophical mood, "They always try to make the production better and better and the professional dancers always try to do something different and exciting.” Talking to Anton, who has been in the extremely popular BBC One show since it began in 2004, is just as you would expect from what you see of him on TV. He’s pleasant, chatty, genuine and completely charming. He is also multi-talented. Apart from being very funny, he has a pleasant singing voice and brought out an album of songs last Christmas - and, of course, he’s quite handy when it comes to dancing as well. Born and brought up in Kent as Anthony Paul Beke, he was a sporty youngster who excelled at boxing, played county football and enjoyed golf.


But when, at 14, he was sent to a local dance class to meet his sister one evening, he found a new interest. The dance classes soon tempted him in and, before long, he realised that this was the direction in which he wanted his life to go. He left school at 16 and worked in a number of day-jobs to fund his dance training, taking dance lessons at night. At 17 he was specialising in ballroom dancing and already competing as an amateur. His favourite dance was, and still is, the foxtrot – the classy, stylish romantic dance steeped in the golden era of Hollywood and his idol Fred Astaire. In 1997, Anton met dancer Erin Boag and their magical chemistry on the dancefloor soon became apparent. They began competing professionally and won many national and international awards. As fate would have it, they also came to the attention of the BBC producers planning

a new programme called Strictly Come Dancing. Soon, the two dancers became an established part of what turned into one of the most popular shows on TV. Although Erin left Strictly after Series 10 (the latest is Series 16) it’s a tribute to both their skills and wonderful partnership that they tour successfully around the country with their own show. Over the years, Anton has proved to be a patient partner and talented teacher with many of the Strictly celebrities. Ask him who has been his favourite celebrity partner and he is far too diplomatic to highlight just one. But viewers well remember him dancing with politician Ann Widdecombe who was not the most, ahem, natural dancer. Together, however, they provided some remarkably entertaining television and each remains very complimentary about the other.

He also partnered opera singer Lesley Garrett, Esther Rantzen, Gillian Taylforth, Laila Rouass, Nancy Dell’Olio, Jerry Hall, Kate Garraway, Judy Murray and BBC Proms’ queen Katie Derham with whom he reached the final. Anton’s own talents are seldom eclipsed by his celebrity partners but he always seems to bring out the best in them. “That’s what I try for,” he explained. “I just want people to be the best they can and to have a lovely time. It would upset me if they weren’t happy or enjoying themselves.” Anton keeps himself very fit – “just by eating the right kind of things and looking after myself generally”. At 52, he doesn’t do anything special and thinks he has been “lucky” to avoid major injuries over the years. “If something hurts, I don’t do it any more,” he insisted with a great laugh. For relaxation, he still plays golf – “and I quite like going out on my own. I love that feeling of space and having some time to myself.” His life is certainly more hectic at home these days. Early last year, he married Hannah Summers and the couple now have one year-old twins, George and Henrietta. It’s plain that Anton is a beautifully besotted Dad. “I love being with them,” he stated. “I could look at them for hours, just watching what they’re doing.” For all his easygoing charm, though, Anton’s current schedule is a hectic one. The Saturday after we spoke he was taking part in the first show of the new Strictly series – the prelude to tough rehearsals and shows in an absorbing schedule until midDecember’s final. “It’s not like getting up and going to a job you hate, though,” he said. “I still love doing Strictly.” He also has a new book out in October. He has already written two books: Anton’s Dance Class, a step-by-step guide to ballroom and Latin dances, and B is for Ballroom, focussing on his favourite style of dance. The new book is rather different. It’s fiction, entitled One Enchanted Evening and is set in London’s Buckingham Hotel early in the first half of the 20th century. “This is a time that appeals to me a lot,”

added Anton. “I love the style, the clothes, the music - everything about it.” The thrust of the book is intrigue and romance and Anton has used characters he has met during his career along with stories from dance instructors and “lots of my favourite things.” Also on the horizon is his next tour with Erin, called Dance Those Magical Musicals, which kicks off in Northampton in January and takes in 29 venues right across the UK and Ireland. As you might expect now from Anton and Erin, it’s a production of stunning costumes, glorious music and breathtaking choreography.

“We have the orchestra on stage with us and there’s a wonderful feeling of timeless theatre,” added Anton. The music is from iconic shows from Mary Poppins and Top Hat to Hairspray and Jersey Boys and Lance Ellington – a favourite Strictly singer – is also performing. So, for the contented Anton du Beke, the future is looking very rosy.

* For more information about Anton and Erin’s new tour go to or the national ticket hotline 0844 847 2319. One Enchanted evening is published by Zaffre in hardback and ebook at £18.99.


Abuse of lasting power of attorney is on the rise, but don’t be put off making one The number of people being investigated for abusing property and financial lasting power of attorneys has risen 46%. The Office of the Public Guardian is looking into 1,647 more cases than last year, prompting concern amongst the industry and public alike.

A property and affairs LPA allows your attorney to handle your finances, such as any property and savings you may have, paying for care fees or arranging the sale of your home if necessary.

Although the number of investigations into misconduct has risen, many in the sector believe the problem is not due to the principle of a power of attorney, but perhaps with whom donors choose to represent them. Usually, it’s adult children who are appointed attorney, but donors need to be brutally honest about who they pick – after all, it’s they who will face the consequences of their choice.

A lasting power of attorney is a legal document that allows a person – known as a donor – to select an individual, or individuals, to act on their behalf should they lose mental capacity due to an accident or illness, such as dementia. These elected people are known as attorneys. There are two types of power of attorney; one covers property and finances and the other deals with health and welfare. In both cases a power of attorney must be completed while the donor is still of sound mind. 16

A health and welfare power of attorney addresses your personal well-being. It outlines what medical treatment you should receive or where you live, for example.You can even give your attorney the power to accept or refuse lifesustaining treatment on your behalf.

Judith Bromley Russell & Russell

Those with adult children who are not good at managing money or who could potentially steal from them need to face



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reality. Whether siblings get along with each other also needs to be considered as it could prove problematic when making decisions on behalf of the donor. To help combat this, donors who have more than one attorney can determine whether they must all agree on every decision or whether they can act independently of each other. Alternatively, solicitors can be appointed as attorney. Once activated, they charge for their service, but the advantage is that they’re neutral and are accountable for any wrongdoing. Around 850,000 people in the UK are currently living with dementia and this figure is set to rise following a sharp increase in the number of people being diagnosed, or at risk of being diagnosed, with the condition. Despite this, people aren’t looking ahead. In fact, a recent report produced by Solicitors for the Elderly warned that the UK is heading towards a dementia crisis because people aren’t making arrangements in case they’re diagnosed with a degenerative mental illness. The report claims that 12.8 million people over the age of 65 have a high possibility of future incapacity, yet they haven’t planned ahead by setting up a lasting power of attorney. Records show that there are only 928,000 health and welfare lasting powers of attorney currently registered in England and Wales. This is expected to increase to 2.2 million by 2025, but by then around 13.2 million people will be at risk of dementia. While three quarters of the population fear dementia or the loss of capacity to make decisions, 97% – 49 million people – will be at risk with no relevant legal plans in place for their future care. Although incidents of attorneys acting questionably do occur, families without a power of attorney can face real problems. As many as 65% of people believe that they if they lack mental capacity, their next of kin can specify medical and care decisions on their behalf. But without a power of attorney, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the person who has lost capacity can choose who makes decisions for them. In the event of a lasting power of attorney not being in place, there is a £400 application fee for someone to volunteer to be a deputy for the donor, as well as ongoing supervision charges from the Court of Protection to safeguard the vulnerable person. There could also be care fees to pay while the deputyship is being processed. All of this takes far more time and money than setting up a lasting power of attorney in the first place. At Russell & Russell, we have a team of qualified lasting power of attorney experts. We also offer a free, no obligation consultation where we can talk you through the process and answer any questions or problems you may have. 17



olours to suit Autumn palettes in A/W18-19 – Autumns this season will look incredible combining different neutrals together such as Camel, Beige, Oyster, Lizard Grey, Dark Brown and Tan, and adding a pop of colour with accessories. Alternatively try wearing a vibrant coloured shirt or blouse teamed with neutral trousers and an olive, forest green or navy jacket. Layer knitwear in a vibrant orange, geranium or brick red over more neutral tones. Combine rich colours such as rust and chestnut together for an on-trend palette of autumnal hues. These rich shades also blend well underneath a statement coat. Colours to suit Spring palettes in A/ W18-19 - Springs have wonderful neutrals to choose from, keeping this season’s look sophisticated with Beige, Honey, Cinnamon or Tan or Bright Navy or your Dove Greys. For the party season look out for these


red also works well as an accessory such as a scarf that you can team with a neutral outfit to add that all important pop of colour. Colours to suit Summer palettes in A/ W18-19 - Summers have gorgeous neutrals such as French Navy and Airforce Blue which look wonderful with deep Summer colours, shades in sumptuous jacquards and velvets. while Mushroom and Dusty Pink look great Use a pop of colour with a neutral suit or for in knitwear. Light and Dark Blue Grey and a more vibrant look, try knitwear or a tailored Burgundy give you alternative neutrals in your coat or dress. We love the combination of palette. Jade greens continue to be popular bright coral with Honey neutrals. Geranium shades this season. From jackets and coats for outerwear, to lovely midi dresses and skirts, you can build up different tones of colour in different textures. Colours to suit Winter palettes in A/W1819 - Enviable neutrals from white to different tones of grey, black and navy suit Winters. As always black was popular on the catwalks and combined with white for a monochrome look or with a bright coloured coat creates a striking look for Winter colour palettes. Look out for Charcoal and Silver grey in wools and wear with a pop of colour created with accessories. Pinks continue into this season By Helen Venables, MD of and the hot pinks we saw in the summer such House of Colour COLOUR as Magenta, Cerise and Shocking Pink are teamed with black and white for a statement look. Shades of pink also look great teamed


with the blues from your palette. Look out for key separates such as tops and skirts in shades of Fuchsia and Raspberry making a welcome addition to beautiful dresses. STYLE: Tailoring continues to gain momentum offering the ultimate smart casual look particularly for classic and gamine style personalities. Smart slim leg trouser suits for formal dressing and wide leg suits offer a more relaxed style in tonal shades for a contemporary look. Oversized, strong-shouldered blazers drive an androgynous feel for the new season which dramatic personalities will love, whilst relaxed blazers, wide trousers and chunky knits keep the look feeling cool and casual for others. Colourful accessories add impact. The Relaxed Look – For those of us who love a relaxed look, pencil skirts in soft leathers or woven fabrics offer an alternative to trousers. Try pairing wide leg trousers and pencil skirts with knitwear and feminine blouses, emphasising the waist. Natural style personalities should choose relaxed skirts with movement. Finish the look with a gorgeous handbag but remember size, style, details and colour are all dealbreakers. Materials: Heavy-gauge textures give roll-necks a cosy feel and look great paired with tailoring or A-line skirts to emphasise the waist. Oversized blazers in velvet can add a touch of luxury for the dramatics amongst us. Naturals should wear cable knits for a cosy feel and can team with corduroy. For a more formal feel, look for feminine dresses or midi skirts in satin and chiffon finishes. Checks and stripes continue to grow in popularity but the scale that suits you will completely depend on your clothing personality and body shape. For a new take combine different scales and colourways of checks and stripes in the same outfit. Keeping to neutral tones will add a sophisticated feel. Sartorial checks adorn coats, trousers and jackets while stripes are popular for dresses and midi skirts. A tailored check jacket will instantly add a sophisticated feel to any outfit and relaxed shirts and knitwear offer lots of casual outfit options. Animal print – Many of us will be tempted into this season’s animal print which is everywhere even if that is just a statement bag, shoes or belt. If you are

wearing an animal print skirt or blouse, use neutral accessories to complement your look. If you are feeling brave then use a different animal print to create a clashing look, or wear with other patterns such as checks or sequins to create texture. Combine with jeans for a casual look or a plain coloured coat for sophistication. Boho is back. The typical romantic trend is given a contemporary autumn/ winter refresh, with feminine paisleys and florals toughened up with leather jackets, plush faux fur coats and scrunched boots. For colder months, if it suits your style personality, team midi dresses with faux fur coats, and layer with long sleeve tops. Floral blouses with jeans or cosy knitwear offer a casual option for your wardrobe. Knee high slouchy boots complete your look. Accessories have a luxurious, vintage feel with suede, plush faux fur snoods, or velvet ankle or scrunched down boots. Tassel earrings continue to be popular. Handbags - Outsized and statement handle handbags offer a contemporary design direction either toned with your outfit or as an impact colour. Alternatively, suede, embroidered clutch or slouchy style handbags complements the Boho look. Shoes - Ankle boots and court shoes are sleek in design while loafers offer a chic, flat alternative. Small scale checks


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on shoes will provide an on-trend print clash when worn with bigger scale checks, but if you already have prints in your outfit, neutral boots will complement your look. Accessories - Look out for cosy scarves and ponchos to uplift any outfit. Combining different scales of patterns or using your wow colours accessories is a great way to up-style. Abstract designs update statement earrings and leather gloves in your wow colours add a touch of elegance.

Make Up – Perfectly groomed and bare-faced beauty are two key looks for this season. Try a nourishing nude or striking red from your colour palette for nails this season, but make sure it’s a warm colour for springs and autumns, or a cool red or nude for winters and summers otherwise your hands will look drained. High shine lips, or gold accents for warm skin tones complements an otherwise natural healthy on-trend glow.






We have the perfect solution for your hair loss

Why not try our latest and mostWhy not try our Why not try Why try our ourlatest and most upnot to date up to date latest and most latest and most Why not try our solution Why not tryfor our solution for latest and most Wigs hair. Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions Free with NHS Prescriptions up to date up to date Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions thinning latest and hair. most thinning up to date solution for Why not try our solution for for Wigs up to date solution Hair Loss Solutions Free NHS Prescriptions Free Wigswith with NHS Prescriptions Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions thinning hair. 1 BEST latest andhair. mostOur nothinning hair. thinning Our no BEST solution for Why not1try our seller. upseller. to date Bespoke Wigs Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions thinning latest and hair. most Our no 1 BEST Our no 1try BEST solution for Why not our Simple quick Our no BEST up to1 date seller. RealWigs Hair/Fibre Hair Free with NHS Prescriptions seller. thinning hair. latest and most to fit. Simple seller. Our no 1quick BEST Why not try our and easy solution for nottry try our WhyWhy not our latest and most up Simple quick upeasy to date forFree Head Wear/Turbans/Scarves all Wigs with NHS Prescriptions and to fit. Suitable latest and most seller. latest and hair. most thinning and easy to fit. solution for thinning hair. ages. Simple quick Our no 1 BEST solution for Why not try our s with NHS Prescriptions to date up to date Suitable for all Suitable for all up to quick date Simple Transgender Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions and easy to fit. seller. ages. thinning hair. latest andquick most solution Ourfor no 1 BEST seller. ages. Simple solution for Our no 1try BEST Available in Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions Why not our and easy to fit. thinning hair. Suitable for all human or fibre Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions upeasy to date Integrated Systems and to fit. Available in thinning hair. seller. latest and most Suitable all Simple quick and easy to fit. ages. Simple quick Our no 1for BEST solution for Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair hair. or fibre human Available in Suitable for all Our no 1 BEST up to date Free with Prescriptions hair. MaleWigs Integrated Systems ages. Hair NHS Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair and easy to fit. Suitable for all ages.Our seller. thinning hair. human fibre ages. no 1or BEST seller. Simple quick solution for Call Sandra for your consultation Available in Suitable for all Toppers for Fuller Hair Hair Free Wigs with NHS Prescriptions Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller hair. hair. Available in human or fibreand hair. Call Sandra for your consultation seller. easy to fit. thinning human fibre ages. Available in Simple quick Our no 1or BEST Simple quick Available in Suitable for all Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair hair. and easy to fit. and easy to fit. seller. human or fibre human fibre Call Sandra for your consultation Simple quick ages. Our no 1or BEST Suitable for all Available in Suitable for all HairToppers ToppersFor For Thicker Fuller pers For Thicker FullerSandra Hair hair. Call for your consultion and Hair Thicker Fuller HairHair hair. to fit. easy seller. ages. human or fibre Callages. Sandra for your consultation Simple quick Suitable for all Available in Why not try our Original Loss Clinic, 28 Toppers Higher Bridge Street, Bolton Hair For Thicker Fuller BL1 Hair2HA hair. toHair and easy fit. your Available in Call Sandra for consultation human or fibre Callages. Sandra for consultation Simple quick latest and most Available in Suitable for all human or fibre Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair hair. to fit. and easy up to date Hair Toppers For Thicker Hair human or fibre ages. Call Sandra for Fuller your consultation hair. Available inall Suitable for Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair hair. solution for human orWigs fibre Call Sandra for your consultation ages. Free with NHS Prescriptions Call Sandra for your consultation Available in thinning hair. Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair hair. human or fibre Call Sandra for your consultation Available in Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair hair. Call Sandra for your consultation human or fibre Our no 1 BEST Hair Toppers For Thicker Fuller Hair hair. seller. Call Sandra for your consultation I feel my 30 years knowledge and experience in Call Sandra for your consultation hairdressing has led me to this moment. I feel Simple quick privileged to be in this position where I can use easy to fit. my skills to helpand many people who suffer from Suitable for all Hairloss.

01204 300 325

Sandra Kotecha -

Original Hair Loss Clinic


Hair loss can affect women, men and children of all ages, for many different reasons. Hairloss can be Available in confidence. Many devastating and affect peoples humansay orhaving fibre their hair back people I have treated Hair hair. gives them confidence back, making them feel likeToppers themselves again. Call Princess Sandra forTrust your charity. consultation I work with the Little If a client comes into my salon who has long hair and chooses to cut it short, if the hair is of 8� in length we donate it to the Little Princess Trust, who will make a wig for a child suffering from cancer.

I am a wig agent for the NHS. I select, fit and cut wigs for people undergoing chemotherapy free of charge with an NHS prescription. I have spent the last 2 years studying Hairloss/wig fitting and cutting, integrated systems, bespoke wig making and hair thickening solutions. We also specialise in helping clients that suffer from Alopecia. To book in for a consultation with Sandra or for any further information please contact: or call 01204 300325.

For Thicker Fuller Hair

We can all have beautiful hair Case Studies Phil I am a 77-year-old female. I take 19 tablets a day and 2 insulin injections. I have in the past years experienced a considerable amount of hair loss from the front of my head, this has been very worrying. I was recommended to speak to Sandra, a very experienced hair loss expert. I decided on a hair piece and was offered plenty of advice on the choice. The piece I chose, was themed to my exact hair colour. It feels excellent to wear and I am so delighted with it. There was absolutely no salon pitch, and I was given at every stage, a chance to change my mind. Sandra made me feel very comfortable and answered any questions or queries with nothing but honesty. I would not hesitate to recommend this procedure to anyone, but especially to people of my age who are probably more nervous. They will definitely be put at ease. I feel very comfortable in my hair piece and the bonus is – people say I look 10 years younger!

Dane Chadwick My Mum came here a few weeks ago for an appointment with Sandra to discuss getting a wig as she’s current having chemo and had hair loss. We were recommended this salon with the hospital. Sandra was fantastic with her and was really welcoming as soon as she arrived. My mum was nervous what to expect and Sandra put her at ease with the whole thing. Sandra managed to do some fittings with her in a private room and matched my Mum with a really nice wig that suited her and she was over the moon with it. The whole family want to thank Sandra for making this process a little easier and giving our Mum some confidence back and it’s made a huge difference with her everyday life. We would highly recommend Sandra and the salon and we will likely be back to look at other options and advice in the future. Thanks Lizzie I had three hair toppers cut by Sandra, at her lovely Clinic. What a great job she did. The ends of my toppers had gone terrible, so she shaped them and cut them shorter. They now look great. I will definitely be going back when I need another one cut.

Anonymous Thank you, Sandra, for helping me find the perfect wig and giving me the confidence to feel myself again. It has been an amazing experience being with you. You were very professional and put yourself in my shoes and helped me, to find the perfect wig. I would highly recommend you to anyone and I will definitely come back to you again.


e took a trip to Tufties Hair & Beauty in Rawtenstall to find out more about this treatment that is taking the celebrity world by storm and other treatments they have available. We met up with Salon Owner Victoria Jones, Find out why everyone is talking about LIPOFIRM this revolutionary who was one of the first to use this fat reduction and skin tightening technology... technology to provide some further insight into Lipofirm and their range of Rejuvenating Facials.

Want to look younger and slimmer? Without injections and surgery!

So what exactly is Lipofirm Pro? Victoria explains “TriLipo® treatments are the most advanced solution for non-invasive body sculpting and skin tightening. It is also designed to deliver the following: • Inch Loss • Cellulite Reduction • Stretch Mark Improvement • Facial Lifting and Sculpting

How many treatments are needed? Victoria again advises “The number of times a specific area needs treatment

It’s taking the celebrity world by storm?


Victoria says “LipoFirm Pro is produced by a British company and there are lots of British celebrities using and enjoying the benefits of the technology. Bianca Gascoigne, Katie Price and Ferne McCann are just a few of the recent beneficiaries of the treatment.


They are all tweeting about their noninvasive facelifts and bum lifts”

Where to get it done: Before




“LipoFirm Pro treatments have been clinically proven and are effective on all skin types and are suitable for the majority of people including both men and women. However, there are certain medical conditions which can affect whether or not this treatment can be carried out.

“We offer several advanced facials, each one offering a unique benefit and result which can be customised to target any concern. This allows us to tailor each course of facials around our client’s specific problems. At Tufties Hair and Beauty a full and thorough consultation is always carried out before any treatment so we can plan a perfect course.”

Victoria continues to explain how the technology works on your face “Radio-Frequency energy heats the skin and causes collagen fibres to contract resulting in immediate skin tightening, improved skin texture and production of new collagen. This collagen provides the skin with renewed firmness and flexibility. The technology stimulates and tones the muscles beneath the skin delivering a non-invasive face lifting effect.”

Is LipoFirm Pro suitable for everybody?

What are the other facials you offer?

How does Lipofirm Pro work? Victoria explains the boring bit of how the science works “TriLipo® technology uses a combination of two patented types of energy which are delivered simultaneously using a single applicator. The removal of fat is accelerated, results are immediate for skin tightening and smoothing and visible from the very first treatment.

is usually dependent on the part of your face or body being treated but usually a course of 6- 8 treatments are required to achieve the best, long lasting results”

Tufties Hair & Beauty, 2 Newchurch Road, Rawtenstall, Lancashire BB4 7QX. Tel: 01706 225566 Email:

Hair & Beauty | Passion | Excellence Lancashire’s Premier Destination for ALL Hair & Beauty Treatments Before

After 4 Treatments

THE CELEBRITIES CHOICE For Inch loss, Body Contouring, Cellulite Reduction & Skin Tightening What the Celebrities have to say...

After 8 Treatments

“So pleased with the first treatment a non surgical bumlift, #Lipofirmpro my bum feels so good.” Katie Price

“Absolutely loved my Lipofirmpro treatment, I can’t believe how much firmer my bum feels just after one treatment. I will definitely be having more! Can’t wait.” Casey Batchelor

“So pleased with my results #bumlift.” Bianca Gascoigne

LipoFirm Body and Facial Sculpting LIPOFIRM FACIAL - £65 ONE BODY AREA - £75 ADVANCED FACIAL - £75

- Course Promotions Available. - Book Now for a complimentary consultation. - Quote TUFTIES18 during your consultation to receive Extra Discounts 01705 225566 -


Tufties Hair & Beauty - The Rams Head 2 Newchurch Road - Rawtenstall - Rossendale - BB4 7QX 23

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Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms

One stop shop, tiles and flooring available, everything under on

• Massive choice of traditional or modern • Fabulous showroom with 60 displays open 7 days • Owned by JJO Furniture Manufacturers offering very keen prices and a quick turna Financially solid • Project-managed installation. All aspects covered • Established over 150 years with four experienced designers plus CAD designer for outstanding visual aids qualih t • ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ subject to status is

Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms

Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms


m jjopl H om e

One stop shop, tiles and flooring available, everything under one roof

• Massive choice of traditional or modern Bacup - 352-358 Newchurch Road, 7 Stacksteads, • Fabulous showroom with 60 displays open days Bacup. OL13 0LD Tel: 01706 252122 Oswaldtwistle - Oswaldtwistle Mills, Colliers Street, Oswaldtwistle. BB5 3DE Tel: 01254 30 • Owned by JJO Furniture Manufacturers offering very keen prices and a quick turnaround. Ulverston - Kitchen House, Brogden/Market Street, Ulverston. LA12 7AH Tel: 01229 5818 Financially solid Blackburn - Blackburn Market Hall, Church Street, Blackburn. BB1 5AF Tel: 01254 6692 • Project-managed installation. All aspects covered • Established over 150 years with four experienced designers See h o w plus CAD designer for outstanding visual aids quali ur ty fuo • ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ subject to status r n is it

u m jjoSpelceahdoewat r e H our q.cuoam/ furnoim tuer/eV i dleitoy

r See ou ons i t installa ur on o

at jjop is made Home/ Video


Bacup - 352-358 Newchurch Road, Stacksteads, Bacup. OL13 0LD Tel: 01706 252122

Oswaldtwistle - Oswaldtwistle Mills, Colliers Street, Oswaldtwistle. BB5 3DE Tel: 01254 304068

Ulverston Kitchen House, Brogden/Market Street, Ulverston. LA12 7AH Tel: 01229 581828 Bacup - 352Bacup -- 352-358 Newchurch Road, Stacksteads, Bacup. OL13 0LD Tel: 01706 252122 Blackburn - Blackburn MarketMills, Hall,Colliers ChurchStreet, Street,Oswaldtwistle. Blackburn. BB1 5AF3DE Tel:Tel: 01254 669215 Oswaldtwistle - Oswaldtwistle BB5 01254 304068 Oswaldtwistle - O

Ulverston - Kitchen House, Brogden/Market Street, Ulverston. LA12 7AH Tel: 01229 581828 Ulverston - Kitc

Blackburn - Blackburn Market Hall, Church Street, Blackburn. BB1 5AF Tel: 01254 669215 Blackburn - Bl





he Rossendale Valley is an outstanding and distinctive part of beautiful East Lancashire. Set in the South Pennine hills, it is the perfect retreat from the pressures of daily life. Experience the beauty of its landscape and the warm welcome you will receive from the community, renowned for its humour and hospitality. Rossendale has the distinction of not being a place but a collection of towns and villages (Haslingden, Rawtenstall, Bacup, Whitworth, Waterfoot, Edenfield and Crawshawbooth to name but a few) all with their own individual character, and together make up what is known locally as The Valley. History and Heritage is abundant in the valley’s buildings and in the traditions still practiced throughout the Valley. Its many museums exhibit the Valley’s industrial and cultural heritage in contemporary surroundings, offering excellent activities and facilities not normally associated with museums. Some of the established traditional events include the World Black Pudding Throwing and Gravy Wrestling Championships. The towns and villages of The Valley are in close proximity to each other providing easy access to great facilities and the many local shops selling exclusive and hand-made products. All the Valley’s towns provide a unique experience of independent traders and celebration in local skills and professions. Walk, cycle or ride the many miles of trails that the Valley is famed for, and if adrenaline

is your escape, the Valley has world-class facilities that cater for skiing, mountain biking, watersports, motor sports and many more. The excellent award winning accommodation that is available in the Valley offers high quality, yet traditional and friendly service, The Rossendale Valley’s diversity offers a haven for photography, with beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna and its tradition and industrial heritage providing challenging opportunities for even the most demanding of photographers. Visit Rossendale today, there’s a wealth of exciting experiences waiting for you. The Valley of Distinction The Rossendale Valley’s diversity offers a haven for photography, with beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna and its tradition and industrial heritage providing challenging opportunities for even the most demanding of photographers.


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17th and 18th November LANCASHIRE WEEKEND WAVE THE FLAG FOR THE HOME COUNTY It’s all things Lancashire at this special themed weekend celebrating the historic day when the county sent its first representatives to Parliament. WHAT’S INCLUDED? Enjoy a host of fun folksy events including traditional Morris dancing and home-made Lancastrian treats. Passengers wearing a red rose will get two for one travel on the railway. This cannot be used alongside any other offers. Ticket prices: Family (2 adults & 3 Children) £39.50 Adult £15.50, Child £9.50 Concession £14.00 The East Lancashire Railway, Bolton Street Station, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0EY. General enquiries: 0333 320 2830  E: 24 Nov 2018 - 25 Nov 2018 Art Market Rossendale’s ever-popular seasonal craft and art market is back! No need to go to the crowded high street this Christmas the prefect present for friends, family or yourself are all here! They will also be serving mulled wine and mince pies in our café making the Christmas Art Market the perfect festive shopping experience! The Boo, 679 Bacup Road,

Picture perfect spots East Lancashire Railway Transport yourself back to the romantic age of steam, take a trip along the photogenic 12 mile line and experience the thrill of capturing the perfect shot. There are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of some of the fantastic and unique photo opportunities that the East Lancashire Railway provides.

Haslingden Halo




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Waterfoot BB4 7HB E: rossendalecivictrust@ Saturday 24th November Rawentstall Christmas Market Wrap up warm folks because we are bringing The Clog Market back to the town square for a Christmas special. Firstly, we have all our usual talented MAKERS, BAKERS, CREATORS and PRODUCERS. Secondly, we have traditional FESTIVE ENTERTAINMENT throughout the day, Thirdly, ACTIVITIES for our younger visitors and finally, TREATS for our pets. Enjoy… The Britannia Coconutters. Water Brass Band. Valley Aloud Community Choir. Rossendale Radio. Rossendale Drum Majorettes.Sit, watch, chat, laugh, listen to the music, eat, drink, browse the stalls. Let’s have a Christmas get together – with a wonderful festive atmosphere. Enjoy the most delicious streetfood, freshly baked food, artisan tea and coffee, mulled wine, artisan cordials, gins, craft beer. Try the roasted chestnuts, cake, pies and enjoy a chat with our superb Clog Market team of traders Town Square Rawtenstall. next-market/ Christmas in Rossendale Christmas in Rossendale prides itself in being distinctive. The beautiful Valley of Rossendale, incorporating Rawtenstall, Haslingden, Helmshore, Bacup and Whitworth, all within a 10 mile radius, providing visitors with the opportunity to see Christmas celebrated in many community ways. Festive events with markets, choirs, brass bands and local talent. Santa visit Grottos for the children. www.christmasinrossendale. wordpress.comE: john@ 4th Sunday of every month Rawtenstall Farmers Market The Rawtenstall Farmers Market takes place on the 4th Sunday of every month on Rawtenstall town square with artisan traders and products. The market takes place between 10am and 3pm.

Healey Dell Nature Reserve Healey Dell is a beauty spot and wildlife sanctuary, rich in industrial archaeology. The River Spodden has carved its way through the woodlands through thousands of years, creating delightful scenery and spectacular waterfalls which once powered ancient corn, wool and cotton mills. A disused 1800s railway line is now a nature trail with magnificent views from a 100ft high viaduct.The Healey Dell Heritage Centre now offers visitors a unique experience with its recently opened Victorian themed tea rooms with English cream teas served in vintage bone-china. The Centre offers a permanent exhibition featuring a pictorial history of the Dell. There is a Fairy Grotto where children can meet the Healey Dell Fairy Godmother and so much more. Healey Corner, Off Whitworth Road, Healey, Rochdale, Greater Manchester, OL12 6BG  Haslingden Haslingden is a small town in the Rossendale Valley in Lancashire, lying just 19 miles north of Manchester. The name means 'Valley of the Hazels', though the town is in fact set on a high and windy hill. Sitting atop of Haslingden is the iconic Halo Panopticon structure, a magnificent orb like structure that lights up blue at night. Take a walk up to the Halo and take in all the stunning scenery of the Valley. It’s the perfect spot for watching the sun set, having a picnic or taking some sensational photos. 

Evening meals: Thur/Fri/Sat 5.30pm– 9.30pm. Whitaker Park, Haslingden Road, Rossendale BB4 6RE. T: 01706 260785 Weavers Cottage Steep yourself into industrial heritage history and dip into a bygone era with one of the finest examples of an 18th century loom shop, complete with Victorian kitchen, a clog shop, working “tippler toilets” and a tea room. Knowledgeable volunteers are always at hand to enhance the rich local heritage. Lee Brook Cl Rossendale, Lancashire BB4 8ET. T: 01706 229828 E: rossendalecivictrust@

Holden Wood Antiques Our antique centre is situated on the edge of the Valley of Rossendale. The listed building is former St. Stephens Church and has over 35 dealers in antiques, collectables, contemporary ceramic art, antique furniture, clocks, watches, jewellery, militaria, paintings and books. Interested in buying quality items. We buy single items, collections or complete house contents. Grane Road, Haslingden BB4 4AT T: 01706 830803 E:

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Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms The Whitaker Set in the beautiful Whitaker Park in the 50 Plus Spotlight on Rossendale is Valley of Rossendale the museum displays sponsored by: interesting local history, paintings, and Victorian natural history collections and One stop shop, tiles and flooring available, everything under one roof Rossendale Interiors a very active contemporary art gallery. • Massive choice of traditional or modern • Fabulous with 60 displays -358 showroom Newchurch Roadopen 7 days There’s also a wonderful cafe/restaurant. • Owned by JJO352 Furniture Manufacturers offering very keen prices and a quick turnaround. Stacksteads Financially solid • Project-managed installation. All aspects covered Keep your eye out for the fantastic Acoustic Bacup OL13 OLD. • Established over 150 years with four experienced designers See plus252122 CAD designer for outstanding visual aids qualihow our Nights. Open: Tuesday–Sunday 10am– 01706 ty • ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ subject to status is mafur nitur e de at jjo 4pm, The Bar: Thur/Fri/Sat 5pm–11pm, H e/V id eo


mather gallery

Christmas Gifts

Original Art, Paintings & Designer Made Venetian Murano Glass Makes The Perfect Seasonal Gift

The Mather Gallery

28 Bury Road, Queens Sq Rawtenstall, Rossendale, Lancashire. BB4 6AA Telephone: 01706 561430 27


HOME & garden


home If there is one constant complaint about our homes it’s that we never seem to have enough space.


owever big or small your property and if you have all the family at home or it is just simply you and a partner or just you, we could always do with more space – for living and storage.

First of all, it’s worth deciding if you want space in a particular area – like an extra bedroom or another downstairs room. These are big projects so the whole subject of making more space is really about making major or minor adjustments.








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For the major projects, you will probably need a realistic budget and recommended expert help. If you don’t know any local builders well enough then consult the Federation of Master Builders at or the National Federation of Builders at http://www. A CONSERVATORY or ORANGERIE can offer an extra room downstairs that will really transform a property, bringing in plenty of light as well as that much-needed space. Adding a roof to your conservatory can make it an all year round room. Solid Roofs Direct a division ofPremier Conservatory Supplies have been servicing the Fenestration industry for over 6 years. Being one of the largest Conservatory & Orangery roof manufactures in the industry, we pride ourselves on quality products and a high level of service. Based in Bolton, Lancashire, out of our 40000 square foot manufacturing facility, we service across the whole of the UK on our own delivery fleet. If you have extra rooms you could create a UTILITY ROOM with direct access from outside – and somewhere to put those muddy boots or store bicycles. Convert your GARAGE, if it is just a dumping ground for all kinds of unused household items. Not everyone uses their garage for their car and it is wasted space if you fail to do something practical with it. You can either make it a separate room – a dining room or workroom, for example – or you might want to extend your KITCHEN to offer extra space. Whether you do this or not, your kitchen is often the heart of the home and a place where people gravitate to do all kinds of activities. So making this

The condensing boiler specialists





Supplied and fitted by our family business with over 30 years experience



Showroom: 12 Marsden ST. Westhoughton BL5 3AQ Tel: 01942 811541



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Transform your conservatory into a beautiful garden room - a living space you can use and enjoy all year round. Cosy and warm through the winter - it’s the perfect solution.


As fully approved Guardian installers it will take us less than a week to remove your old roof and install a thermally efficient, beautifully finished Guardian Warm Roof. *SAVE UPTO 90% OFF YOUR HEATING BILLS

CALL FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE: 01204 867 557 If you would like to know more about the services we have to offer, visit:

or discuss your requirements with a sales adviser today call 01204 867 557 Now!


bigger could benefit the whole house, especially if you open it up by knocking down a wall into an adjacent dining room to make it openplan. Check with a good builder before you start knocking down walls, however. Although planning permission is not usually needed for removing or altering internal walls - unless your home is listed - you must still adhere to building regulations to ensure that any supporting structures are up to the job. So you will need to ask your local building control department or an independent building control inspector to issue a completion certificate on this kind of work. On the simplest level in your kitchen, why not put your microwave on a glass shelf above your units to free up space? Hang sharp knives inside a high cabinet to create more drawer space and keep them out of children’s way and store wooden spoons and other utensils bouquet-style in a handsome pitcher or canister. Converting your LOFT offers another area probably currently just used for storage as an extra living space. Lofts can make excellent extra bedrooms and there may still be room there for an eaves’ bathroom. For smaller projects, create space start with one simple trick: DECLUTTERING.You will be amazed at the amount of possessions and household items you have accumulated. We all know that the majority will never be of use again so get rid of them. Sell anything decent on ebay or give items away to local charities. Emmaus and the British Heart Foundation are two charities that can collect furniture items from your home. And you will be supporting worthwhile causes at the same time. To maximise space in the HALLWAY, don’t let it become a dumping ground for coats, shoes and bags. Choose a sleek unit and use every part of it. By adding a bench with a lift-up lid you will quickly add to your storage. And if you re-decorate with horizontal stripes in a crisp white and fresh Spring shades you’ll make the most of available space and light. It will feel bigger! The area under the STAIRCASE can just be an awkward corner. But this is a good place to put up extra fitted shelves and pull-out drawers for additional storage. If the area is quite deep, it may make an OFFICE space for you and a place to put a desk and your computer.


Unwanted Furniture? FURNITURE DONATIONS: We collect unwanted, re-usable furniture FREE of charge from any household within the Bolton borough. Just add a little light. In fact, LIGHT plays an important part in making areas at home seem bigger. So it’s worth reviewing all your domestic lighting this Winter and seeing if you can’t shed some light into normally dark corners of your living room or hallway. We all know you can make a room much cosier by dimming the lights but, conversely, you can make it seem bigger and more airy by using brighter lights. The same is true of DOORS. It’s surprising the difference swapping wooden doors for sliding doors or bifolding doors can make. Rooms seem just as cosy but the amount of light coming in is far greater – and it looks much more modern. Consider whether you need a bigger BATHROOM and look at the balance of the house. If you have a four bedroomed house for two of you and your bathroom is quite small, especially if it doesn’t have a separate shower, it might be worth

looking at converting a larger bedroom into a bathroom or even adding a dedicated shower-room. Adding an EN SUITE to a master bedroom not only gives you extra space and facilities but adds value to your home. If you have an awkward set of rooms, this can be an excellent way of re-purposing them. If you’re thinking of investing in a new BED, go for one with under-bed storage drawers. This a great place for bedding and big blankets. If you have a BAY WINDOW in the living room, it’s definitely worth considering having a curved seat made with additional storage. And get more storage in your garden from a SHED or SUMMER-HOUSE. As well as being ideal for bikes, you can use it for all kinds of other secure storage – and that will free up your home for what it’s really meant for: providing space for humans and pets.


We are always looking for new volunteers to help us with providing our services. We always need minibus drivers, van drivers and crew.

All donations of furniture are then displayed in our showrooms at Bolton Community Transport & Furniture Services Unit A1, Lecturers Close, Bolton BL3 6DG also 139-141 Market Street, Farnworth BL4 8EX If you can help us please tel: 01204 364777 email: Registered Charity 1101339


BURY BRANCH Bright Street, Bury, Lancashire BL9 6AQ tel: 0161 761 6416


STUNNING DOOR OPTIONS A wide range of door to suit all tastes and budgets, including traditional oak and modern paint finish.

FLOORING TO COMPLEMENT ANY INTERIOR SPACE Laminate, engineered timber and solid wood flooring add another dimension to your space, whether a beautifully rustic period property, or a super sleek and modern one.

Call us on 0161 761 6416


or visit us in-store for more details

Our trained experts are on hand to help you create something special at a budget that suits.


Saturday 8am-12noon.


Monday-Friday 7am-5pm.

Sunday Closed.

Christmas Wicker Reindeer Offers!

NEW 64” £99

World Of Wicker Handel Street, Bolton BL1 8BL TELEPHONE: 01204 846677

OPEN DAILY 10am-5pm SUN 11am-3pm





36” £29

FAMILY GROUP 64”48”36”24”

48” £49

42” £39






asthma and allergy sufferer?

Sapphire Luxury Bed Purify your bedroom with Purotex £999.00 coatings by Purr-O-Lux.

Purotex is a revolutionary technology based on 100% natural probiotics. Purotex is nature’s own technology for a clean, fresh and healthy sleep.

Purr-O-Lux Mattresses are turnable for LOngevity and even wear.

Fillings available in: Bamboo DOuBle mattresses From £199 Cashmere large selection of motorised Beds Circle of Dreams Alpaca with pocket sprung latex mattresses. All Luxury Bed variations and sizes available. Lambswool 2 YEAR £1,985.00 G uarantee on Pocket Sprung £199 motors

Head Movement

£379 Street, Bury BL8 2AD Albion Divan Base with 797 sprung4044 Interior | 0161 mattress finished in Knitted Head & Foot Movement fabric.Opening Times: £489 Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday 11am - 4pm Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5pm High back wing chairs with pocket spring seats & rise & recline chairs From


Take away VAT if you are registered disabled. Albion Street, Bury BL8 2AD

Tel: 0161 797 4044

viSit OUr SHOwrOOM OPen 7 DayS a weeK: Mon-Fri 9.30am - 5pm, Sat 10am - 5pm & Sun 11am - 4pm



Create extra parking space & amazing kerb appeal...

...or get the most out of your garden with a picture-perfect patio.





Specialists in driveways, paths and patios. • A porous surface kinder on the environment. • Slip-resistant and wheelchair friendly. • Hand-trowelled for an impeccable finish. • Excellent traction ideal for driving. • Prevents flooding, puddles and • Available in a wide range of colours unsightly weeds. and styles.

Approved Materials & Systems Cert No. 18/5476

* is a trading name of ltd. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN743675) We are a credit broker and not a lender, we offer credit facilities from a panel of lenders. Finance subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.

✓ BBA approved installation process. ✓ Insurance backed guarantee. ✓ Over 10 years experience.

0161 764 3645 3645 0800764 612 2483 Bolton 01204 822958 Bury 0161 764 3645



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impson Furniture opened the doors of their brand new showroom in Heywood in June of this year. Their modus operandi was to take the retail furniture business right back to basics and offer good oldfashioned quality and service with absolutely no high-pressure sales. They pride themselves on offering a full personal service from giving the customer all the information they need in order to make an informed decision, to removing and disposing of their existing suite on delivery if required. ‘We wanted to take the stress out of purchasing furniture,’ said Karen Simpson, ‘but our primary aim was to take the fear away from popping in and having a browse. All our staff are trained to give our customers the freedom to have a look around without fear of being ‘hounded’ or pushed into a purchase. It’s important to us that our customers ‘buy’ from us, rather than us having to ‘sell’ to them.’ And it seems to be working. The showroom has been really well received by the people of Heywood, and now the word is spreading to Rochdale and surrounding areas.

Simpson Furniture has been established for well over a year now in Bury Market Hall, where Angela heads the team and is on hand to offer advice and information on any of their products. ‘The business has grown rapidly since our early days on Bury Market,’ says Karen, ‘We initially set out to revolutionise the mobility chair market by offering the largest selection of top quality, British made, Rise-and-Recline chairs in the UK. We wanted to keep our prices at a level that was affordable for your average family, but more than that, we wanted to be able to deliver any chair held in stock within a couple of days of purchase, sooner if necessary. The business just grew from there, initially evolving to include matching sofas and additional chairs, and then to incorporate Italian leather suites. We were soon outgrowing the market stall and so took on the additional premises and opened our large showroom in Heywood. It’s been quite a rollercoaster ride over the past 18


months, and has involved a lot of hard work and long, long hours, but it’s paying off. The showroom has enabled Karen and Gary to expand their product range and they are now able to offer a wide range of accessories including occasional tables, an extensive collection of unique mirrors, mirror art, lamps, vases, candle holders, and picture frames, and very soon they will be trialling a range of dining room products. ‘We are a small family business,’ said Karen, ‘so in order to compete with the bigger stores we need to offer something a bit different. We keep our prices as keen as we can, and most of our suites are more compact than the very modern ones commonly on sale. Our products are changing and evolving all the time, so it’s always worth popping in for a browse.’ So take a trip to either Heywood or Bury where customers are guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome and have a look for yourselves.

WHERE QUALITY, VALUE & SERVICE ARE NEVER COMPROMISED Our emphasis is on superb quality and customer satisfaction



Call in to see us anytime.You are always assusred of a warm welcome and absolutely no high pressure sales! OPEN TIMES: 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday

TEL: 01706 368628

Showroom: 7 Church Place, Hartley Street, Heywood OL10 1LT. Bury Market Hall, 1 Murray Road, Bury BL9 OBJ



50 plus magazine

Ways to Prepare your Garden

for Autumn


isted among the recommended tasks are doing a big tidy, and planting spring bulbs in preparation for next year. Gardeners should also remember to clear up fallen leaves, pack away garden furniture and protect pots and plants. As soon as the nice weather disappears, and the chilly days and dark evenings set in, people start to neglect their gardens. Autumn is one of the most important times of the year for gardening – it’s the time to get the garden tidied up ready for the chilly months and to do all those little jobs to make sure plants and garden features remain in good condition. As it gets colder it’s too easy to put the jobs off – but it really is worth investing the time so when Spring finally puts in an appearance, you’re ready to enjoy your outside space. NET THE POND: If you’re fortunate enough to have a pond, cover it with a net. Forget and you’ll be fishing out soggy plants all winter. CUT THE LAWN: Remember – your lawn will need a really good cut before the cold and

wet weather sets in. If you let the grass get too long, it will be near impossible to cut it over the winter. CLEAN AND CLEAR: Just as you would spring clean your house, don’t forget to autumn clean your garden. Cut back plants and clear out the shed and greenhouse before you store everything for winter. It is also a good time to pressure wash the patio or scrub down the decking. This will stop excessive dirt and grime build up occurring over the wet winter months. DON’T LET LEAVES BUILD UP: Leaves are public enemy number one so as they start to fall from the trees, don’t let them build up. If you do, they’ll soon turn to mulch and become slippery and dangerous. PLANT SPRING BULBS: If you like the sight of daffodils and tulips in the spring then remember to plant them in September/ October. PROTECT YOUR POTS Store both your empty and in-use pots correctly over the winter months.Insulate


with either hay, cardboard or bubble wrap and make sure you raise all in-use pots off the ground to prevent them from getting waterlogged during rainy weather. PROTECT YOUR PLANTS: The first frost of the year can arrive without any warning and can kill your favourite foliage. If you have any plants you know are susceptible to cold weather, get them in the greenhouse or in your conservatory. CLEAR AWAY GARDEN ITEMS: Don’t forget to pack away any garden items that may get damaged by the cold weather. If your furniture or BBQ won’t fit in the shed, make sure they’re covered up properly. DON’T FORGET THE WILDLIFE: Don’t forget about any wildlife that visits your garden. Make sure you leave out seeds for the birds and any suitable leftovers.matter – inspect these after dark and kill the molluscs by dropping them into a bucket of salty water. You could also try using copper rings around the base of susceptible leftovers.


GARDEN CENTRE GARDEN CENTRE NOW OPEN GARDEN CENTRE NOW OPEN NOW OPENMAJOR GARDEN CENTRE MAJOR NOW OPEN Comealong alongfor for Come allyour your bedding Come along for all bedding APPLIANCES APPLIANCES plants andmore. more. all yourand bedding plants APPLIANCES


Hanging Baskets plants and more. Hanging Baskets Available Available Hanging Baskets Available



Bettervalue valuethan thanthe theHigh HighStreet Street Better Come on down..... Comevalue on down..... Better than than the the High High Street Street There bargains galore in our new electrical shop..... There areare bargains galore in our new electrical shop..... New second hand electrical items-fridges, freezers, New andand second hand electrical items-fridges, freezers, washers, cookers, dryers, lamps.... washers, dryers, lamps.... There are bargains galore inin our There arecookers, bargains galore ournew newelectrical electricalshop..... shop.....

Come on on down..... down.....

01204398056 398056 01204

New second hand electrical DONATE YOUR GOODS AND items-fridges, New and and second handAND electrical items-fridges,freezers, freezers, TOTO DONATE YOUR GOODS washers, cookers, dryers, lamps.... ARANGE FREE COLLECTION CALL washers, cookers, ARANGE FREE COLLECTION CALL dryers, lamps....






Ryedale paving An entrance to be proud of




We are a family run business and we pride ourselves on quality workmenship and local recommendations 44








! Y IN WI WA F I VE I DR Your Leading Local Company

105B TongeMoor Road, B olton BL2 2DL


ColourFence Bolton



Fencing to be proud of...Guaranteed* ColourFence Virtually maintenance free Variety of colours & styles are available Panels come in heights of up to 2.1m Withstands wind gusts of up to 130mph Comes with a 25 year guarantee*

ColourRail A cheap alternative to wrought iron railings Available in a variety of ďŹ nishes & colours Bespoke sizes & heights are available Comes with a 10 year guarantee* NEW ELECTRIC PEDESTRIAN & DRIVEWAY GATES For added convenience and security why not upgrade to an automated gate? Available in swing or sliding!

Contact Steve Beaumont Bury: 0161 341 0676 Bolton: 01204 819069

*full terms & conditions on website or on request

The only fencing you'll ever need!

Are you fed up with painting your fence year in year out with expensive treatments? Well now you don't have to, as this amazing ColourFence is maintenance free and will never need painting. Steve Beaumont is running the only firm which offers ColourFence in the Bury and Bolton area.

This is great news for home­ owners who have become tired of the costly, time-consuming and never-ending upkeep involved in timber fencing. ColourFence is the smart choice for long-lasting, low-maintenance fencing which comes with a 25 year guarantee and the built-in strength to withstand harsh climates including wind gusts of up to 730 miles per hour. Over the past 12 years, ColourFence has altered the way in which gardens can be fenced, and it is now available locally. Just imagine, for the price of a comparable quality timber fence, you could have a fence that's professionally

installed, will stay in place no matter what, and requires no more work than the occasional hose down with water to keep it looking as good as new.

Creosote, fence paint, wood stain - all things of the past with ColourFence, so it's time for the fence brush to be consigned to the dustbin. All surveys and installations are handled by Steve and his team, who promise an honest and friendly evaluation of your fences, and a no-obligation, no-strings attached quote. Not only will a ColourFence product provide the perfect backdrop to your garden all year round and perfect privacy from prying neighbours' eyes, it will also give the peace of mind of having a most secure boundary to your property. With 80 per cent of burglaries taking place after access through garden fences, according to Steve this must be an added bonus which can't be ignored. Steve, who has more than 40 years' business experience, said: "This is great news for the people of Bury, Bolton and the surrounding areas as ColourFence is a premium fencing solution at affordable prices, choosing the product line is a no-brainer."

safety for your family." Timber fences need annual upkeep and painting, and yet they will age, spoil and need replacing within a matter of years. ColourFence, on the other hand, is made of a strong Colorbond steel, with a special anti-corrosion layer that won't scratch or rust, topped with a special coating, primer and a beautiful finish coat in four colours to choose from. Matching railings and gates are also available, which are guaranteed not to rust or flake for 70 years. ColourFence built its business model on ethical trading, and promises that it will never use hard-sell methods. Environmentally Friendly

At ColourFence, our fences require no annual treatment, other than a quick rinse with a garden hose, so no more toxic chemicals are required for its maintenance. ColourFence contains recycled steel, making it 700% recyclable.

"A good-looking & well maintained fence enhances the appearance of your garden as well as improving security &


"Right from our call to arrange a quote which was dealt with in a friendly and courteous manner, everything was dealt with very efficiently, from the work force arriving on time, working quickly and being extremely tidy." - Jack from Bolton

For a FREE no obligation quote, contact Steve on Bury: 0161 341 0676 Bolton: 01204 819069

O /colourfencebolton

(�i ColourFence Garden Fencing - Bolton & Bury

Seeded lawn turf Indian stone paving Railway sleepers Decorative slates Hardwood Fire logs

Artificial turf Soil mix Decorative gravels Walling stone Border soils

Old Holts Farm, Roading Brook Road Harwood, Bolton BL2 4JD

TEL: 01204 883 733 / 01204 888 555 EMAIL: WEB:

Installation Service

Supply only prices

fromAs ourGrass, 3 installation options At Choose As Good we provide a complete to achieve a professional finish. service from design to installation. Work with the Country’s Leading Arti cial At As Good As Grass, we provide a complete service from design to installation. Grass

Pile Height (mm)

RRP (per sqm) Residential Education & Safe Paly













Sol Plus









Golf Grass (Putt only)








Work with the Northwest’s Market Leader for Artificial Grass Golf Grass (Putt and Pitch)









Cricket Wicket



Various (8-60)






Multi Grass*

Why are so many people turning to artificial grass? Parc (football)

As Good As Grass products are manufactured at the largest 17 plus Rental Grass £7.00 pad of 10 custom built artificial grass Coloured Grass 24 £17.50 facility in Europe, enabling us As Good As Grass products are manufactured • No more mowing • largest Professional fitters * Represents products which stock on a regular All grass other facility products are subject to a 3 week lead time. at thewe custom built basis. arti cial toavailability produceor ground breaking Full rolls of 100sqm (4m x 25m) o er a 15% discount o RRP pricings. to produce ground products in a specialist • No more weeding in Europe, • enabling 10 yrsusguarantee breaking products in a specialist environment. environment. Price • Low maintenance Produ• ct We can also undertakeDescription

Ancillary products

Highways Grass

• • •

conform to 5kg Adhesive Tub Our products conform to European qualityCovers 10 linear metresOur products£22.50 All weather additional work Option 1: Total solution premium sub base Covers 3 linearOption 2: Surface only to client Glue Stick metres European £7.50 (per stick) norms, meaning they are safe for the quality norms, Child and pet such as fencing, environment, people and animals. construction basethey Seaming Tape Minimum 10 prepared metres meaning £1.00 are (per metre) safe for friendly paving, decking, shrub 5mm the environment, people Underlay (per sqm) and Involving excavation and muck away, sub base This surface only£4.50 option gives you the animals. Soft and durable and tree stump removal. 10mm Underlay £7.50 (per sqm)

construction and stabilisation, fixed edging in either flexibility to carry out the sub base 25mm Shockpad – 1.5sqm Sheet Covers 1.4m Critical Fall Height £10.50 (per sheet) concrete or tanalised timber, two type aggregate backfill preparation and leave the specialist job 50mm Shockpad – 1.5sqm Sheet Covers 2.8m Critical Fall Height £20.00 (per sheet) and compaction, installation of Geotextile membrane of fitting and seaming the synthetic Geotextile Membrane Roll 2.25m x 100m roll £95.00 and the fitting or your chosen synthetic surface. surface to the experts.

Call: 0161 207 3007 prices available on request. Email: Trade

Visit our website:



Est. 1737

50 plus magazine



Well Street, Ainsworth Bolton BL2 5SQ Tel: 01204 399907


Christmas bookings now being taken An 18th century country pub in the heart of Ainsworth. We pride ourselves in having both a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, cask ales and a blazing open log fire. All our food is home cooked with locally sourced produce and all meals cooked fresh to order. Pub classics ... in a proper pub!

✁ FREE BOTTLE OF OUR HOUSE WINE On presentation of this voucher when 2 people eat 2 courses from the main menu between November 18 and January 2019. Conditions: Offer available when two adults order a two course meal from main menu. Starter / main-course or Main course / dessert. Maximum of 1 voucher per table throughout offer period until end of November 2018.


Est. 1737




hanges in environment and primitive impulses make our desire to overindulge even stronger – especially when our body wants to prepare for the winter ahead. It doesn’t help either when each festive feast becomes another excuse to overeat, simply to satisfy our uncontrollable appetite. This winter, don’t admit defeat. Top Nutrition Specialist Marina Rösser from leading fitness app company Freeletics (, shares her top five foods which can help you to feel fuller for longer: FATTY FISH: Ever finished a meal and still felt hungry? If you don’t want to go raiding the chocolate drawer straight after every meal, start eating more fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines. Not only do these deliver the Vitamin D that you are lacking in winter due to a lack of sunshine, but they are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which make you feel fuller for longer and are said to work with the hormones in your body that tell you to stop eating. SWEET POTATO: Sweet potatoes contain almost double the filling fibre than ordinary white potatoes. The best thing is that in the winter, the opportunities to enjoy sweet potato are endless – bake them as fries in the oven, or add them to your colourful spicy curry to strengthen your immune system and warm you up after an outdoor training session. Whichever method you choose, you’re sure to be stuffed. NUT BUTTER: Comfort food is usually creamy. But creamy food is usually not healthy. Rather than adding a huge dollop of heavy cream to your sauce or dressing, a tablespoon of creamy nut butter should do the trick. Nut butters (peanut, cashew, almond) may be high in fat, but they are also extremely filling and healthy. When eaten in moderation, they can even help you control your weight. For more recipes and healthy food swap ideas, check out the Freeletics Nutrition app, which is packed full of meal plans and nutritional advice to help you follow a healthy clean eating regime. SPROUTED GRAINS: There is growing research around the health benefits of sprouted grains. So far, the method of sprouting is said to not only make these grains (quinoa, spelt, whole wheat) easier to digest, but also increases their essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, soluble fibre and essential amino acids. The increased fibre and longer digestion time make you feel fuller for longer on fewer calories. So instead of grabbing a loaf of white bread next time you’re craving some carbs, try baking your own using ground sprouted quinoa or sprouted spelt flour. SHIRATAKI NOODLES: Not only are shirataki noodles extremely low in calories and carbs, they are also super healthy and filling. Made from glucomannan, a fibre that comes from the root of the konjac plant that grows in Japan, this low-carb noodle alternative is 97% water. With just 20 calories per serving, it’s a great low-calorie choice for a warming, spicy asian dish and since the noodles move through the digestive system slowly, they leave you feeling fuller for longer and less likely to go hunting for another snack soon after.


posh sandwiches


50 plus magazine

by Reubens to banh mi


umour has it that the sandwich was less the invention of the 4th Earl of Sandwich, but more of an accidental brainwave, when he became peckish during a game of cards and asked for some meat to be placed between a couple of slices of bread. The magic that happened became the sandwich. The sandwich is so many things to so many people: breakfast, elevenses, packed lunch al desko… A portable, hand-held lunch on the go, a sit-down dinner, end of dinner wiper-upper of all the good stuff left over on your plate after a meal; latenight. There aren’t many ingredients that can’t be worked into a sandwich to delicious effect. Start by making the piccalilli. In a medium pan, add the cider vinegar, garlic, chilli, ginger, turmeric, salt and sugar. Bring to the boil, then simmer for 5 minutes. Add the cauliflower florets and cook for 2 minutes more. Mix the mustard and flour in a small heatproof bowl with 3 tablespoons of the hot brine from the pan. Stir to form a smooth paste, then add a further 5 tablespoons of cooking liquid and mix well. Stir the mustard mixture into the brine pan, then cook on a high heat for 2 minutes, or until thickened and glossy. Remove from the heat, then stir in the pickled onions, turnip, carrot and cucumber, and allow to cool completely, about 2–3 hours (or overnight if possible). Ladle into a couple of sealable and sterilized glass jars, or store in a lidded plastic container in the fridge for up to two weeks. (Be warned – the turmeric may dye your chosen container yellow...) Piccalilli is a British version of an Indian pickle. The crunchy vegetable pickle, lightly spiced in sweet and salty brine, has a punchy flavour that will cut through the richness of any meat or cheese. When you’re ready to assemble your sandwich, lay four slices of crusty bread on a board, spread generously with butter, and then layer over the ham and cheese. Geneously spoon some of your home-made piccalilli over the ham and cheese then pop the remaining slices of bread on top. Serve with crunchy celery sticks, cherry tomatoes and an apple on the side. The perfect lunchtime snack for a walk in the British countryside.


PLOUGHMAN’S Serves 4 and takes 20 minutes plus 2 hours cooling For the piccalilli 350ml (12fl oz) cider vinegar 3 garlic cloves, finely sliced 1 small red chilli, finely sliced 1.5-cm (1/2-in) piece ginger, peeled and cut into matchsticks 2 tsp ground turmeric 1 tsp salt 5 tbsp granulated sugar 1/2 small cauliflower (about 150g/51/2oz), broken into small florets 11/2 tsp English mustard 1 tbsp plain (all-purpose) flour

10 small silverskin pickled onions 1 turnip, cut into 1-cm (3/8-in) cubes 1/2 carrot, cut into 1-cm (3/8-in) cubes 1/3 cucumber, halved lengthways, deseeded and roughly diced Sandwich 8 slices crusty wholemeal bread butter, for spreading 200g (7oz) thick-cut ham 150g (5.oz) mature Cheddar cheese, sliced celery sticks, cherry tomatoes and apples, to serve




50 plus magazine

Bury Market has a well deserved reputation for friendly service, fantastic produce and great value. As one of our customers recently said ‘I love Bury Market because the atmosphere is lovely, it’s everything you need in one place, it’s a gorgeous traditional market, full of fun, food, and luxuries!’


KOFTA PITTA These fragrant lamb patties work brilliantly as part of a modern mezze meal.The sweet and sour salad cuts through the richness of the lamb, making these pittas totally moreish. Serves 4 and takes 30 minutes 500g (1lb 2oz) lamb mince 2 tsp ground cinnamon 2 tsp cumin

Bury Market Hall: Open every day except Sunday

2 tsp ground coriander

Full Markets Open: Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays

bunch mint, finely chopped

“Winner National Coach Tourism Awards” Coach Friendly Shopping Destination of the Year “Winner NABMA’s” Best Market Attraction

Bury Market Management: Tel: 0161 253 6520 Email: Web: : @BuryMarket

: BuryMarket

2 tsp paprika bunch coriander (cilantro), finely chopped 1 tbsp vegetable oil, for greasing For the salad 1/2 red onion, finely chopped

1 red chilli 1 large carrot, grated juice 1/2 lemon 1 tbsp pomegranate molasses salt and black pepper 4 tbsp good-quality mayonnaise 2 tbsp harissa 8 mini pittas


ut the lamb mince into a large bowl, add the spices, most of the mint and most of the coriander, reserving about 1 tablespoon of each for the salad. Massage together with your hands for 2 minutes; this will combine the ingredients and help the patties stay together as they cook. Divide the lamb mixture into eight equal portions. Using damp hands, shape the meat into rugby ballshaped patties. Grease a baking sheet with a little oil and lay the patties on top. Set aside. To make the salad, mix the onion, chilli and carrot with the lemon juice and pomegranate molasses. Gently stir in the reserved herbs and some seasoning. In a small bowl, mix the mayo with the harissa and set aside. Heat the grill to high. Cook the patties for 8 minutes, turning frequently, until golden and cooked through. To serve, split the pittas and heat under the hot grill. When warmed, spread with the harissa mayo, sit a kofta inside and top with salad.


Enjoy a Pub Lunch with no need to drive ... We offer individuals the opportunity to go out on day trips to various destinations listed in our brochure and provide a door-to-door service. Friday 14th December Pine Tree Farm £11.00pp


HALLOUMI Green goddess sauce, given a creamy addition with ripe avocado, complements the salty slightly sharp halloumi wonderfully. Serves 4 and takes 20 minutes For the green goddess sauce 1 ripe avocado, stoned and peeled juice 1/2 lemon 2 tbsp Greek yogurt 1 mild green chilli, roughly chopped 1/2 garlic clove, crushed handful coriander (cilantro) salt and black pepper 250g (9oz) block halloumi cheese 8 baby plum tomatoes drizzle olive oil 8 slices sourdough bread


tart by making the green goddess sauce. Roughly chop the avocado and put it into the bowl of a food processor with the lemon juice, yogurt, chilli and garlic. Roughly chop most of the coriander and add it to the bowl, reserving a few leaves. Season and pulse until almost smooth. Cover and set aside.

Heat a griddle pan to high. Cut the halloumi into eight slices and cook for 5 minutes, turning halfway through until charred and soft. Add the tomatoes to the pan. Griddle the tomatoes for 2–3 minutes – you just want them to begin to soften and the skins to pop. Remove, halve the tomatoes and season with a little salt and a drizzle of oil. Griddle the bread on both sides until warm and a lightly toasted. Spread four slices with green goddess sauce, then lay a couple of slices of halloumi and some tomato halves on top. Finish with a sprinkle of the reserved coriander leaves and sandwich with the remaining bread. Green goddess sauce, given a creamy addition with ripe avocado, complements the salty, slightly sharp halloumi wonderfully.

Friday 21st December The Robin Hood, Leigh £11.00pp

For a brochure of excursions, a quote or further information, please contact 01204 393777 email: 53



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A shopper’s delight for clothing, household goods and gifts all at great prices there are currently over 200 stalls to explore


t a k o o l a fresh


ICECREAM Open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday all year round from 9am - 4.30pm Also open all Bank Holidays and Tram Sunday /fleetwoodmarket @fleetwoodmkt Victoria Street / Adelaide Street, Fleetwood, Lancashire FY7 6AB Tel: 01253 887651 Proud winners of Market Innovation of the Year Award 2017


How to make chewy chocolate chip cookies even better: sandwich them together with ice cream. Go uberchocolatey and use good-quality chocolate ice cream or go with a classic vanilla. Serves 8 Takes 25 minutes plus chilling and cooling. 125g (41/2oz) unsalted butter 100g (31/2oz) caster (superfine) sugar 150g (51/2oz) soft light brown sugar 1 large egg 1 tsp vanilla extract 1/2 tsp salt 225g (8oz) plain (all-purpose) flour 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda 100g (31/2oz) dark chocolate chips 50g (13/4oz) milk chocolate chips good-quality ice cream


reheat the oven to 1800C/3500F/ gas 4. Line two baking sheets with parchment and set aside.

Melt the butter in a small pan or in the microwave, then transfer to a large mixing bowl. Add both types of sugar, the egg, vanilla and salt, and stir until the mixture is fully combined and smooth. Tip in the flour and bicarbonate of soda, gently

folding into the wet in gredients and being careful not to overmix, then stir in the chocolate chips. Use a couple of dessertspoons to scoop the mixture onto the prepared trays; you should get 16 cookies. Leave plenty of room for the cookies to spread during cooking. Bake for 12–15 minutes until the edges are light golden. Leave to cool and set on the tray for 10 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack and allow to cool completely. Sandwich two cookies together with a scoop of your favourite ice cream. Eat immediately.

Posh Sandwiches (Quadrille, £12.99) Photography © Faith Mason

Waggon And Horses West Houghton IS NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. WITH A NEW AND IMPROVED MENU A traditional pub well known for delicious, home made food & friendly atmosphere with a wide range of wines, cocktails and cask beers.

Lite Bite Menu

Friday Live Music

Monday - Tuesday 12pm - 9pm Thursday - Saturday 12pm - 5pm 1 course £6.95 2 courses £9.95 3 courses £12.95

7pm till late Fish Fizz Friday!! From 5pm, 2 mains from the Friday menu plus a bottle of Prosecco or 4 cocktails £30.00!! Bookings now being taken!!

Wednesday Grill Night

Sunday Lunch

5pm - 9pm 2 mains And a bottle of wine £28.00

1 course £12.95 2 courses £14.95 3 courses £16.95 12pm - 9pm

NOW TAKING BOOKINGS FOR THE CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR PERIOD visit our website or call to view the menus. 170 Chorley Road, Westhoughton Bolton BL5 3PN

T: 01942 812273

“Our aim is to provide restaurant quality food at pub restaurant prices, delivered with unbeatable customer service”. Check out our website to view our full menu

Waggon And Horses Customer Offer

10% Discount throughout November Must present this voucher to the restaurant Not included with any other offer Valid until 30/11/2018

There’s so much to do at this festive season OF


Date 1


Wednesday 14th November White wine, red wine, rose & sparkling snacks and canapes

Date 5

CHRISTMAS FAYRE MENU 1st - 23rd December

(Lunch time) 12.00pm - 4.00pm (Evening) 5.00pm - 8.00pm


Date 2

Date 3

Date 4


10.00am - 6.00pm Saturday 17th November Santa Claus & Grotto, Bolton Fm Glitter face painting, BBQ, Raffle, Brass band, Disney Princesses


Saturday 24th November For more information, please ring 01204 663055


Tuesday 27th November Scottish pine, Fraser Firs, Nordman Fir, Premier Nordman Firs, Church Trees

Wallsuches, Horwich, Bolton, BL6 6PP w: t: 01204 691783 56

- Winter vegetable scotch broth served with warm bloomer bread and butter - Ardennes chicken liver pâté with sweet onion marmalade and toast - Chilled seafood cocktail with peppers and onions, Marie Rose dressing


- Roast topside of beef served with Yorkshire pudding and roasting juices - Slow roasted turkey saddle, with sage, onion and apple stuffing, chipolata sausages and bacon - Lancashire butter pie of potatoes and onions with a lightly herbed gravy (V) - Roasted salmon steak with a herb crust served with a citrus butter all served with seasonal vegetables and a selection of potatoes


- Winter spiced berry cobbler served warm with dairy vanilla ice cream - Red velvet brownie with a cheesecake topping and white chocolate sauce - Traditional Christmas pudding with brandy sauce Main Only £11.95 Two Course £15.95 Three Course £19.95

Follow us

Date 6


12.00pm - 4.00pm 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th 15th, 16th December

Come and see Santa and get a present. Photos available

Date MURDER MYSTERY NIGHT 7 7.00pm - late Thursday 6th December

Date 9

CHRISTMAS QUIZ NIGHT Monday 10th December

Book a table between 5.00pm and 7.00pm last entry 7.00pm, picture round from 6.00pm and main quiz starts at 7.00pm

FESTIVE PSYCHIC NIGHT 7.00pm - late Tuesday 18th December

Open 9.00am - 6.00pm Wednesday 26th December

Arrive between 2.00pm and 4.00pm to get a FREE Christmas cocktail

Date 11

Come and enjoy our festive twocourse meal and take part in our themed murder mystery.

Date 8


Date 10

FESTIVE PRIZE BINGO Friday 28th December

Includes cocktail on arrival, bingo books and a meal, from 7.00pm late

Date 12


5.30pm - 8.00pm Monday 31st December Come and join us for a magical fun evening for the whole family! This evening includes a drink on arrival, hot and cold buffet, free juice for children. Party games, disco, dancing with Disney and Marvel characters, glitter face paint, pass the parcel and a firework finale!

Why not join us for an evening of clairvoyance and festive dining with a two course Christmas meal and our classic log fire and Christmas crackers

Christmas celebrations in our private, modern function room

Curley’s Dining Rooms is the ideal venue for all types of occasions that you are planning • Parties up to 36 • Full disabled access • Private bar • Festive Christmas buffet or Christmas Fayre menu • Free room hire for 25 customers or over

Opening Times - are our first and last food times Christmas Eve 9.00am - 8.00pm Christmas Day - Closed Boxing Day 9.00am - 6.00pm

New Years Eve 9.00am - 4.00pm New Years Eve Evening 5.30pm - 8.00pm Advanced bookings ticket only event New Years Day 9.00am - 8.00pm

Our ice cream parlour serves 57



Have a great Christmas with all the trimmings The market has over 200 stalls to choose from located both indoor and outdoor which are all under cover. Customers travel for miles just to visit the famous fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetable halls and our Lifestyle hall and food court seating area. The outdoor, undercover market compliments all our halls on Bolton Market. Bolton Market provides everything you need for your weekly shop and to stock up ready for the Christmas and New Year festivities all at fantastic value. Fruit and vegetables can be plain or exotic, but always fresh and healthy.

So there is only one place to be when planning for your Christmas and New Year festivities, Bolton Market

Our famous fish and meat market is considered to be the best and largest in the north west, offering outstanding variety, low prices and excellent quality fish, meat, eggs, poultry and frozen foods. The Lifestyle section offers everything from furniture to flowers, bedding to broomsticks. Plus much, much, more along with a friendly service, hints and tips. Plenty of Christmas gift ideas for all ages. There are plenty of eateries to choose from and a food court for the more leisurely where you can sit and watch the world go by whilst drinking and eating both continental and traditional foods.

Open : Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Contact: 01204 336825 Email: Visit our website for a list of special events and activities that we are running at the Market.

Bolton Market

Bolton Council

Ashburner Street


BL1 1TQ.

Bolton’s Award Winning Market has everything you need this



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3 November 2018 Manchester Christmas Lights Switch-on


Albert Square will once again be the setting for the Manchester Christmas Lights Switch-on. Promising more big names, famous faces, and the stunning firework display, the event is the perfect way to bring in the Christmas season. Town Hall, Albert Square.

A Guide to what's happening in your region ... 24 November 2018 FILM: Singalong Beauty and the Beast “Be our guest!” It is time for our now traditional curtain-raiser for December’s pantomime – a singalong movie! Disney recreates its classic animation as an astonishing live action musical.

Tickets £5 each. The show begins at 2pm. Bolton Little Theatre Hanover St Bolton BL1 4TG 01204 524469

30 November – 16 December 2018 Dick Whittington Turn again! Our popular pantomime team is back with the famous rags to riches adventure of Dick Whittington. From the sewers of London to the shores of Morocco, this cracking panto overflows with comedy, action and music. Tickets £10 each. Matinee performances begin at 2pm. Evening performances begin at 7pm Bolton Little Theatre Hanover St Bolton BL1 4TG 01204 524469


Manchester Christmas Markets The 2018 Christmas markets will run from Friday 9th November to Saturday 22nd December, with the market in Albert Square opening for an extra day on Sunday 23rd December.

11 NovEMBER 2018 Peel Tower Open Days Explore Peel Tower during one of its regular 'Open Days' throughout the year. Sturdy footwear recommended

Friday 16th November Children in need reindeer meet and greet at The Last Drop Start Christmas celebrations early at The Last Drop Village! • Come and see Santa and his reindeers Dasher and Dancer at The Last Drop, Santa will be parked up outside The Drop Inn.  • There will be a funfair with some fantastic rides, as well as seasonal refreshments being served.  • Celebrate Children In Need with a fantastic raffle. • Doors open from 6pm, the event is free and no need to book

The Last Drop Village Hotel & Spa Hospital Road Bolton BL7 9PZ T: 01204 873500



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Saturday 17th November family Lantern Walk Join us on Saturday 17th November as our family Lantern Walk in the beautiful surroundings of Heaton Park returns for its second year! Humphrey Bear will wave participants off on the sponsored walk, taking in Heaton Hall, The Temple and the gardens. There will be family-friendly, accessible 2k and 4k routes, and a quiet, autism-friendly start available too. Those taking part will also help us to light up the tunnel at Heaton Park and raise money in support of patients at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. All registered children taking part will receive a goody bag, including a paper lantern with twinkling light.

Heaton Park Middleton Road Bury M25 2SW Contact Tel: 0161 276 4522

Sunday 18th November Crafty Vintage gathering • Come along, socialise, share ideas and gather inspiration. • There will be:  • Purveyors of classic vintage • Collectables  • Retro Wines • Quirky handmade goods • Fine Foods • Delectable Cuisine  • Not only that, there will be live music, showcases, entertainment and so much more. 

The Last Drop Village Hotel & Spa Hospital Road Bolton BL7 9PZ T: 01204 873500

24-25 November Bolton's very own Winter Weekend! l Stalls ranging from local business exhibiting there products, Christmas craft stalls, kids toys, Novelty Items, Clothing, Food, Sweets, Desserts! l A Santa's grotto l Fun fair rides l Ice Rink l A huge array of food and drink l Kids activities

Everyone attending this event needs an ENTRY Ticket. This gives admission to all the stalls, Fun Fair, Kids Activities and More! Entry Tickets can be purchased on admission or online. All Entry tickets are valid for one day only. £3 Per Adult/ £5 for both days (Pre-Booked) Children aged 12 and older must have a separate Adult entrance ticket. Children under 12 years of age enjoy FREE admission to the Winter Wonderland if accompanied by a paying adult.

Bolton Arena Arena Approach, BL6 6LB Bolton WWW.CREE8IVEEVENTS.CO.UK

Sunday 25th November Whitworth Vale & Healey Brass Band - An introduction to Christmas 2:00pm until 4:00pm Saturday 24th November November Fair and Family Fun Day Activities, stalls and live music with something for all the family! We are inviting the community to a fun packed day, run by High Hopes for Halliwellbeing and their partners. The recently renovated community centre and the parish centre will be open with a wide range of food, crafts and gift stalls, while the church will host live music perfomances from local choirs and groups. Activities for children and young people will include a bouncy castle and carnival games, as well as an opportunity for arts and crafts.

St Paul's Community Church Halliwell Road Bolton BL1 8BP T: 07779 089167

Once again this popular brass band usher in the festive season with a programme of Christmas music in the perfect traditional setting of our Victorian church. The concert is usually a sell-out so booking in advance is highly advised. Is there any music more evocative of Christmas than that of a brass band? What better way to relax into the seasonal spirit than by letting the rich sounds of the wonderful Whitworth Vale and Healey Brass Band coax you into a festive frame of mind? For one final afternoon, put aside thoughts of Christmas shopping and just think of it as an early present to yourself. Tickets are £5 including light refreshments and are available on 01706 826432. Booking in advance is highly recommended.

St Paul’s Church Bridge Street Ramsbottom BL0 9BP T: 01706 826432




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Saturday 1st December 7:30pm until 11:00pm Charity Quiz & Band Night Charity quiz night for Children Today Charitable Trust with entertainment from The Mighty Tontos Join us on Saturday 1st December for our Charity Quiz & Band Night at: Deane Golf Club, Bradford Road, Bolton, BL3 4NS Doors open at 7.30pm. the quiz starts at 8.15pm. Including entertainment from The Mighty Tontos – enjoy a mix of soul, rock and blues! Tickets cost £5pp. To book a ticket contact Elizabeth on or by calling 07990 510325. 

Friday 30th November 5:00pm until 7:00pm Annual Christmas Light Switch On The Annual Christmas Light Switch On is back at The Victoria Walshaw! Kick-start the festive season with the fabulous Christmas Light Switch On! Bring along the whole family and celebrate at The Victoria Walshaw.

Walshaw BL8 3BD T: 0161 452 3529

Tuesday 27th November 6:00pm until 7:30pm HATHA YOGAw This is a fairly low key hatha yoga class suitable for mixed ability and even beginners who are prepared to take the plunge allowing a few sessions to settle in. MIND AND BODY CENTRE 52 Bolton Street Bury BL9 0LL

All proceeds will go to Children Today charity which provides grants for specialised equipment for children up to the age of 25 living with disabilities.

Deane Golf Club Broadford Road Bolton BL3 4NS T: 07990 510325

Sunday 2nd December 11:00am until 4:00pm Vintage and Retro Cratf Fair at Smithills Hall Vintage and Craft Fair at the impressive Smithills Hall in Bolton Vintage and Retro Craft Fair at the impressive Smithills Hall, which is one of the oldest and best preserved manor houses in the North West.  The fair will have a great selection of stalls selling vintage and retro clothing, accessories and collectables.  Plus there will be traditional crafts, cards, cakes and many more stalls selling handmade items.  Bexi Owen will be singing throughout the day in the medieval hall. Admission to the fair is free and you can look round the impressive building at the same time.  The fair will start at 11am and finish at 4pm.

Smithills Hall Smithills Dean Road Bolton BL1 7NP T: 07787 316234

Tues 4 December - Monday 31 December The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Follow the yellow brick road to the University of Bolton Stadium this Christmas to experience the magical story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Lost in an unfamiliar land, inhabited by munchkins, flying monkeys and witches, Dorothy and her faithful dog Toto, need to find their way back home to Bolton. Heading for the Emerald City, with the help of her new friends; Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and the cowardly Lion, Dorothy sets out along the yellow brick road to find the Great Oz – a Wizard with the power to make all of their dreams come true. As our building will be closing this summer for our exciting redevelopment project we are thrilled to presenting our festive show this year at the University of Bolton Stadium and after box office and critical success in 2011 we can't wait to see this iconic story return to Bolton once again. Tickets:  £16 - £24, Adult concessions:  £2 off  Children: £3 off  Premier Suite, The University of Bolton Stadium, BL6 6SF. BOX OFFICE 01204 520661    


Tuesday 4th December 2018 Saturday 5th January 2019 WICKED TICKETS ON SALE NOW! An ingenious and witty reimagining of the stories and characters created by L. Frank Baum in ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’, Wicked tells the incredible untold story of an unlikely but profound friendship between two young women who first meet as sorcery students. Palace Theatre, Oxford Street, Manchester. M1 6FT

Saturday 8th to Sunday 30th December 2018 CINDERELLA Join Cinders as she transforms from rags to riches, outwits her very Ugly Sisters, and, with the help of her best friend Buttons and one very magical Fairy Godmother, wins the heart of the dashing Prince Charming. Manchester Opera House, Quay Street M3 3HP     

Friday 14th December 7:00pm until 9:00pm Walshaw Community Choir Another Christmas event at The Victoria Walshaw! Watch the Walshaw Community Choir this festive season. The Walshaw Community Choir will be performing this December, be sure to watch them at The Victoria and get in the Christmas spirit! The Victoria Walshaw 12-14 Hall Street Walshaw BL8 3BD T : 0161 762 5255

16th 19th December 2018 FAULTY TOWERS DINING EXPERIENCE This true blend of spontaneous comedy and unique theatrical script is a multi-sensory treat where chaos reigns right from the start. The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays, M50 3AZ

12 Dec, 2018 - 09:00am at Bolton hospice Jolly Jumper Day 2018 Dig out your best (or worst!) Christmas Jumper and help raise much needed funds for Bolton Hospice. Whether it is a terribly tacky Christmas jumper, a pair of antlers or a Bah Humbag hat for the Grinch in the office, sign up now, donate and join in the festive fun for Bolton Hospice. Everyone can get involved… even the office pet! Here are Masefield Primary School taking part in 2017, they had a great day and even took this winter wonderland themed picture! By taking part in our Jolly Jumper Day, you will be helping to raise vital funds for this festive season. For many, Christmas is a magical time of year, but for those living with a terminal or life-limiting illness, or coming to terms with a recent bereavement, Christmas can be a very difficult time. Bolton Hospice, Queens Park Street, Off Chorley New Rd Bolton, BL1 4QT. T: (01204) 663 066

Tuesday 18th December 12:00pm until 4:00pm Christmas Gathering Shared lunch, carols, poems and readings at Wellspring House, Radcliffe. Everyone welcome. An annual gathering to celebrate Christmas. Arrive from 12.00 for a shared lunch at 12.30 - bring along some food to share. Lunch is followed by carols round the piano, Christmas themed readings, poems and prayers.  Everyone is welcome. 

Wellspring House 25 Radcliffe New Road  Radcliffe  M26 1LE T: 0161 766 2521




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Wednesday 19th December 2018 TRAVIS Released 19 years ago, ‘The Man Who’ sounds as fresh today as it did then. One of the most successful British albums of the last 20 years, it spawned the timeless singles, ‘Writing To Reach You’, ‘Driftwood’, ‘Turn’ and possibly the band’s most iconic song, ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me’. O2 Apollo Theatre, Stockport Road, Ardwick Green, Manchester, M12 6AP

PIANO LEGENDS Party to the music of pop’s greatest piano performers – featuring sensational live vocals, stunning choreography & a powerhouse live orchestra. This glittering musical affair features a sensational soundtrack with hits from the likes of Elton John, Carole King, Billy Joel, Alicia Keyes, Stevie Wonder, Barry Manilow & Ray Charles. The Bridgewater Hall, Lower Mosley Street, Manchester. M2 3WS.

Wednesday 19 December 2018 The Houghton Weavers Britain’s leading comedy / folk group The Houghton Weavers come to Bolton Little Theatre. The Houghton Weavers have been entertaining folk now for over 42 years with their unique blend of popular folk music, humour and audience participation. Tickets £14 each Doors open 7pm and the show begins 7.30pm Bolton Little Theatre Hanover Street Bolton BL1 4TG 01204 524469

Tuesday 22nd to Saturday 26th January 2019 SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER

The fever is back! In a big new production! You've never felt like this before... Saturday Night Fever tells the iconic story of Tony Manero, & his reckless, yet thrilling road to dancing success. Featuring the Bee Gees' greatest hits Stayin’ Alive, How Deep Is Your Love, Night Fever, Tragedy, More Than a Woman & many more. Palace Theatre, Oxford Street, Manchester. M1 6FT

20 DecEMBER to 24 DecEMBER 2018 Lily and the Christmas Snow Bear There are just two more sleeps until Christmas and it's starting to snow! Lily loves to play in the snow – so she sets off to explore. But when she discovers a trail of soft little footprints, she finds a baby snow bear. Will Lily return the little snow bear to his mummy in time for Christmas, or will the cheeky hunters find him first? The Met Market St Bury BL9 0BW Contact Tel: 01617612216


Tuesday 19th February to Saturday 30th March 2019 LES MISERABLES TICKETS ON SALE NOW - After nearly a decade since the last sell-out UK tour, Cameron Mackintosh’s acclaimed Broadway production of Boublil and Schönberg’s musical Les Misérables will tour the UK in 2019. Palace Theatre, Oxford Street, Manchester. M1 6FT

18th October

21st - 23rd November

For more info, visit; For tickets, visit; or call 0843 2080500

1st November

1st - 30th December

Our Biggest Ever Christmas at

Heaton Fold Garden Centre & Cafe Seasonal Bedding, Plants and Shrubs

Christmas Gifts, Decorations, & Tree Lights

Premium Quality Christmas Trees From 19th Nov

Fresh Handmade Wreaths & Memorial Pots

Christmas Markets 10am-3pm 18th November 16th December Father Christmas Hot Mulled Wine

Open Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm & Weekends 10am - 4pm


Late night opening Weekdays from Thursday 29th November to Thursday 13th December until 7.30pm

Christmas Artisan Markets

tre and Café at Heaton Fold Garden Cen 10am - 3pm ber em Dec h 16t & ber 18th Novem drink A variety of stalls, selling food, ers for trad t den pen inde from ts craf and gift. as stm that perfect Chri

Connecting people with wildlife The Hive at Moss Bank Park What do we do at the HIVE? From growing our own to encouraging hands-on interaction with the natural world, the HIVE is a real hub for wildlife and families alike. Food growing Whilst our show gardens are designed primarily as public attractions, we work as hard as possible to nurture them as productive food growing spaces throughout the year.Our team of gardening volunteers are the driving force behind keeping our gardens in tip-top condition and with the addition of polytunnels, the gardens are a great place for visitors of all ages to get inspired to grow, cook and eat fresh, healthy, local food. The HIVE is designed with wildlife in mind and alongside our growing beds are pollinator-friendly plants. The network of show gardens and polytunnels are linked by fruit trees, meadows, and nettle and thistle beds, all of which are visited by bees from our resident HIVE. No nasty chemicals are added to our gardens. Regular work parties Looking to become a regular volunteer and make a difference to nature through practical volunteering? Find your local volunteer work party. Seven Acres Squad – Fridays Wednesday Wildlife Action Team - Wednesdays The Hive Food Growing (Mossbank Park) - Tuesdays and Fridays Every Tuesday and Friday morning we run Nature Tots: our wellestablished play programme focused on getting pre-schoolers in touch with wildlife and the outdoors. At the weekend and during school holidays we host regular family open days which provide access to our show gardens and interactive spaces, as well as providing a self-guided activity.

Heaton Fold Café

Contact us at

Adlington (Lancs) Folk Dance Club Lunches Served from 11am - 3pm daily

Don’t be shy come and join us with or without a partner. November & December


Afternoon Tea for 2 includes

Turkey and Cranberry and Honey Roast Ham Sandwiches Cakes and Mince Pies Pot of Tea for 2


Heaton Fold Garden Centre & Café | Overdale Drive Heaton | Bolton BL1 5BU Tel 01204 336848

Our dance club has been running for over 40 years and we meet at Fairview Youth and Community Centre, Highfield Road North, Adlington PR6 9RN on Wednesday evenings 7.45 until 9.45pm, September until May. Your first evening is free of charge!!!! No dancing experience is necessary, all dances are called and walked through. Fun, friendly and helps keep you fit. £1.50 includes refreshments. For more information contact Margaret on 01204 417598


t a s t n e v E s Christma ping Village p o h S l l a H Heskin Christmas Shopping Evening Thursday 8th November 6pm-9pm Come & get into the festive spirit at our Annual Late Night Shopping Event

ered Cov s a oof istm ne R Chr O e r niqu nde All U er 5o U e Ov ll B With ps You’ e hoic Sho or C F t il Spo

A great chance to get organised for Christmas! | Free glass of fizz upon arrival • Live Entertainment with Chris Bannister • • Mulled Wine, Mince Pies, Gingerbread Lattes & Christmas Cake available in the Tea Room • • Festive Tasters available in our food shops • • Turkey Carving Demo 7.30pm • • Visiting Stalls • • Order your Turkey, Fish, Fruit & Veg Box & Speciality Festive Foods• • Christmas Cake Decorating Demo 7pm • • Wreaths & Pots for sale • • Personalised Christmas Decorations & Gifts •

Christmas Weekend 1st & 2nd December

• Festive Menu launch in the Tea Room • • Cheese & Wine Tasting • • Flower Paste Poinsettia Demo in our Cake Shop at 1pm on Saturday 1st • • Christmas Cake Demo in our Cake Shop at 12pm on Sunday 2nd • • One Minute Makeup Party Looks • • Personalised Christmas gifts & decorations • • Festive Tasters in our Butchers, Deli and Fruit & Veg •






by the



Christmas Opening Times • Monday 17th 10am-5pm • Tuesday 10am-5pm • Wednesday 10am-5pm • Thursday 10am-5pm • Friday 10am-5pm

• Saturday 10am-5pm • Sunday 10.30-4.30 • Christmas Eve 10am-3pm • Christmas Day CLOSED

• Boxing Day CLOSED • Thursday 27th CLOSED • Friday 10am-5pm • Saturday 10am-5pm

• Sunday 10.30-4.30 • New Years Eve 10am-3pm • New Years Day CLOSED • Wednesday 2nd 10am-5pm

Wood Lane, Heskin, Chorley, PR7 5PA 01257 451464 67



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BOLTON KIA IN HORWICH ENTERS AUTUMN WITH A RANGE OF Q4 OFFERS • 2.9 per cent APR finance available on New Sportage and All-New Ceed • £1,000 saving on Kia’s Hybrid Challenge • Kia’s Scrappage Scheme continues into Q4 at Bolton Kia


s Kia Motors (UK) Limited enters the fourth quarter of 2018, more fantastic offers are available for customers in Horwich, and the surrounding area, looking to buy a Kia from Bolton Kia – Europe’s No.1 Kia Dealer - in the remaining months of the year. Q4 sees a range of finance offers, with an attractive 2.9 per cent APR available on the New Sportage and All-New Ceed and 5.9 per cent APR paired with low monthly payments on offer across the rest of the range. Generous deposit contribution levels on PCP contracts are available for most models. The Niro HEV has been added to the Kia Scrappage scheme, and is now available with a £3,000 saving, the Picanto is available with a £2,000 saving and the Stonic is available with a saving of £2,500. The popular Hybrid Challenge continues into Q4, customers who test drive the Niro Hybrid/Plug-in Hybrid, Optima Plug-in Hybrid or Optima Sportswagon Plug-in Hybrid, and go on to purchase one, will receive £1,000 off the price of their new car.


Current Kia owners can take advantage of the Kia loyalty programme; the Picanto and Sorento are included on the programme with savings of up to £1,000. Kevin Howard, Dealer Principal at Bolton Kia says: “The offers running here at Bolton Kia in Bolton, and the surrounding area, throughout Autumn provide something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for payment plans to suit your needs or a deal to make the switch to a

hybrid vehicle, pop in or give us a call to find out more information about the latest Kia offers.” Whatsmore, all new Kia vehicles come with the Industry-leading 7 Year / 100,000 mile manufacturers Warranty, giving you peace-of-mind driving for years to come. Terms and Conditions apply.

Bolton Kia is proud to be Europe’s No.1 Kia Dealer, conveniently located on Middlebrook Retail Park, off Junction 6 of the M61. Find our latest offers at or call Bolton Kia on 01204 664800.

Turns heads and keeps them there

The New Kia Sportage available at Bolton Kia – Europe’s No.1 Kia Dealer

Sportage range available on Motability, from NIL advance payments*

Bolton Kia 79 The Linkway, Middlebrook Retail Park, Horwich, BL6 6JA • 01204 664800 YEAR WARRANTY





Fuel consumption in mpg (I/100km) for the model shown: Urban 57.6 (4.9), Extra Urban 57.6 (4.9), Combined 57.6 (4.9), CO2 emissions 128 g/km. MPG figures are official EU test figures for comparative purposes and may not reflect real driving results. The NEDC Equivalent data presented here is for limited comparison purposes only and cannot be compared with other test data such as NEDC or WLTP. For more information about WLTP please refer to Model shown: New Sportage ‘GT-Line S’ 1.6 CRDi 134bhp 2WD 7-speed Auto DCT ISG at £31,840 including optional chargeable Infra-Red paint at £595. New Kia Sportage range available from £20,305. Specification varies across the range and is subject to change without notice. † New Sportage diesel models only up to £750 towards your Personal Contract Purchase Deposit (excluding grade 1 which is £500). New Sportage petrol models only up to £500 towards your Personal Contract Purchase Deposit (excluding grade 1 which is £250). Offer available on purchase of a new New Kia Sportage in the United Kingdom between 01.10.2018 – 31.12.2018. Private customer registrations only, excluding Personal Contract Hire. Finance subject to status. T&Cs apply. 18s or over. Guarantee may be required. Kia Finance RH2 9AQ. 7 year / 100,000 mile manufacturer’s warranty. *Motability is offered on selected vehicles across the Kia range. Customers must be eligible for the Motability Scheme and have at least 12 months award left on your allowance. Advance payments are non-refundable. Model availability is subject to change without notice. Kia Motors (UK) Limited trading as Bolton Kia are a broker (not a lender) for the purposes of this financial promotion and can introduce you to a limited number of carefully selected finance providers and may receive a commission from them for the introduction.

0% APR








54-56 Higher Bridge Street, Bolton, Lancashire BL1 2HQ

CALL 03300 960786 We act as credit brokers and are not a lender. 0% not available on new Mustang model (May 2018 onwards), or Focus RS. Vehicles subject to availability, graphic

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f you’re looking for a new or used car, service, parts or MOT, Bristol Street Motors Bolton Ford has everything you need to get your wheels moving.

The dealership has specialists on hand, who have all received extensive training in order to best support those living with disabilities with their transport needs.

Bolton’s Higher Bridge Street dealership, which recently received a £3 million refurbishment including new workshop and improved showroom areas, is the region’s only FordStore, giving customers the opportunity to purchase an iconic Mustang, Ford Focus RS or Vignale vehicles, in addition to new and used private and commercial vehicles.

For a limited amount of time customers can take advantage of 0% APR finance for up to 3 years on a wide selection of vehicles, plus additional discounts for registrations before 31st December.

The dealership, which also has a dedicated fleet department, is overseen by general manager Lee Swindells, who has 26 years’ experience in the motor retail industry, working exclusively under the Ford brand. Lee said: “Bristol Street Motors Bolton Ford has an amazing reputation for delivering exceptional customer service, we currently have a 99% recommendation rate on independent review site, JudgeService, and the recent investment displays how much confidence the company has in the area. Following the recent refurbishments, our service offering and our capacity to give customers the best has only increased.” Customers wishing to use the Motability scheme are able to do so at Bristol Street Motors Bolton Ford.

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All-new Ford Focus ST-Line From only £495 Advance payment

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Bolton Denture Centre

Are your Dentures causing you teething troubles? Many denture wearers suffer with poor fitting, worn out or artificial (false) looking dentures that cause the wearer to feel a lack of confidence in their dentures. This can present itself when chewing or even by just worrying about the denture dropping during a conversation. All these are issues that Bolton Denture Centre specialise in correcting.


olton Denture Centre are the number one denture clinic in Bolton. Solely focusing on providing the highest quality dentures with the only qualified Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) in Bolton. Over recent years there have been many improvements in both the way we construct dentures and in the materials and denture teeth that we use. This means that the end result looks more natural than ever before. Why not call for a FREE Consultation to find out more about these new innovations in denture design and manufacture? Dentures Need Regular Servicing Dentures are in constant use almost 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are also

in a pretty hostile environment in the mouth, being attacked by strong acid, bacteria, hot, cold and spicy food. Denture material absorbs liquids and food odour. Daily cleaning is essential as well as professional ultrasonic cleaning in a dental laboratory at least once a year. Due to constant bone resorbtion dentures will become loose sooner or later. Loose dentures will increase damage to the gums and bone structure, and increase the risk of breakage. Have them re-lined as soon as possible to get a good fit. It only takes a day or two. Have your dentures inspected by a Clinical Dental Technician at least every two years, or more frequently if necessary.

Your Dentures need Attention 1. When they become loose. 2. When teeth or denture base discolours. 3. When tooth surfaces become flat. 4. When denture base does not fit around natural teeth (in partial dentures). 5. When you develop deep lines around your mouth. 6. When your chin sticks out, and the corners of your lips are constantly wet, developing sores. 7. When you stop smiling and feel embarrassed. My Dentures have become loose! This is easily remedied by a procedure know as Re-lining. A new layer of Denture base is added to your existing Denture, improving the fit and restoring confidence.





new dentures with this voucher at Bolton Denture Centre.

Dentures on Implants This type of Denture is constructed in conjunction with the Dental Implant Surgeon. This is a very good procedure when the patient has limited control and retention of their Dentures. The finished Dentures ‘click’ into position offering the ultimate in Denture Retention. Should I have a spare set of Dentures made? Yes, it is very important to have a spare set of dentures for emergencies in case of breakage. Constructing a Good Set of Dentures Constructing a functional and aesthetically pleasing set of dentures is the most difficult task in dentistry. We are not only replacing lost teeth, but also lost tissue matter and bone. In other words, we have to re-create your facial features as they were before the loss of your natural teeth. In most cases we do not know what your teeth looked like, what size they were or what position they were in originally. We have a few indications but mostly we have to rely on our visual and artistic judgement.

denture stable and functional. Denture construction is more art than science. What is a Clinical Dental Technician? A Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) is a qualified dental technician that has under gone further Education and Training in areas such as Medical Emergencies Cross Infection Control and Oral Pathology (cancers and anomalies) to name just a few sections that make up the Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology as Awarded by the Royal Collage of Surgeons (RCS). It is this qualification that allows the clinicians at Bolton Denture Centure to be able to be registered and regulated with the General Dental Council (the official body for protecting the public with regards to dentistry) and carry indemnity insurance. It is this qualification, which means that only Dentists and Clinical Dental Technicians are the only Dental Professionals permitted to supply dentures direct to the public.

At the same time we have to use our technical expertise in order to make the

A dental technician is not qualified to supply a denture directly to the public. However, despite this being an act of Mal practice many technicians will still practice illegally without informing the patient that they are not qualified. If you are unsure if your denture provider is qualified; ask them for their GDC registration number, then contact the GDC to see if they are registered not just as a dental technician but as a CDT. Bolton Denture Centre can offer all aspects of denture care including; l Free Consultations l Denture cleaning and polishing service l Repair of broken or cracked dentures l Relining existing dentures to improve fit l New full dentures l New partial dentures (following treatment plan from dentist) * l Sports mouth guards *Dentist treatment plan can be arranged

DID YOU KNOW? It is illegal for anyone who is not a GDC registered Dentist or Clinical Dental Technician to make a dental appliance directly to the public. This includes dentures or tooth whitening. Anyone providing these services should be reported to the General Dental Council or Trading Standards as they are practicing dentistry without the appropriate qualifications or indemnity insurance.

BOLTON DENTURE CENTRE for your next quality denture • Qualified Clinical Dental Technician • New Dentures and Relines • Dental Repairs • Denture Cleaning Services • Free Consultations

Contact us at:

BOLTON: 01204 382244 44 Higher Bridge Street | Bolton | BL1 2HA.

Registered with the GENERAL DENTAL COUNCIL 73





our eyes rarely hurt when there’s a problem so it’s important to have regular checks not only to see if you need glasses but also to ensure your eyes remain healthy. If you’re a regular smoker you could be causing severe damage to your vision. Smoking increases the chances of developing a cataract which occurs when the lens of the eye becomes progressively cloudy resulting in blurred vision. Know if someone in your family has a pre-existing eye condition because you may be more vulnerable to developing that same disease in the future, but something may be able to be done in advance to help you. Regular exercise and physical activity will help all aspects of your health including your eyes. For example, people with type 2 diabetes are more likely to have issues with their eyesight which can include damaged retinas (retinopathy). High blood pressure and medications ie steroids can also affect your eye health. For those of you who wear contact lenses, don’t ever use out of date solution, give your eyes a regular break, avoid swimming and showering with them in

and if you have a particularly bad cold, avoid wearing them altogether. You can keep your eyes healthy by ensuring you are eating omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, lutein and vitamins C and E. These minerals can help ward off age-related vision problems, cataracts


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and general deterioration. Food that are thought to contribute towards good eye health are oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna, and green leafy vegetables including kale and spinach. Never look at the sun directly as you could cause irreversible damage to your eyesight. Too much sunlight exposure is a risk factor for cataracts. Wearing the right pair of sunglasses in bright weather will help shield your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Choose a pair of sunglasses that blocks out 99% to 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Use professional safety eyewear if you work in a hazardous environment, particularly when involving airborne materials. The majority of workplace eye injuries are caused by flying, falling or sparking small particles or objects such as metal slivers, wood chips or dust which strike or scrape the eye. Nearly threefifths of these objects are thought to be smaller than a pinhead.

Have an annual eye exam – Visit your nearest optometrist for regular check-ups especially if you are concerned about your vision deteriorating or have symptoms such as a flickering eye lid. Don’t leave it to get worse. Spending a lot of time watching television or staring at the computer screen for long lengths of time can cause eye irritation which can lead to greater problems with the eyes. Limit your screen time and take breaks. Be careful when using chemicals such as oven cleaners, bleach, weed killers and fertilisers as they can cause severe harm to your eyes. Lock harmful chemicals away from infants.

By Dr Riccardo Di Cuffa, Director and GP at Your Doctor




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vidence of the benefits of exercising is overwhelming these days. With most medical conditions, it is still important that you continue to exercise but it is essential that you do exercises that are appropriate to you; remember even walking, stretching or housework helps. To follow are ten suggestions of how to use exercise to feel better, but make sure that you first get advice from your GP if you have any injuries or illnesses. DEPRESSION - The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends that people with mild to moderate depression do 45 minutes to one hour of exercise three times a week. Exercise helps release feel positive brain chemicals including neurotransmitters, endorphins and endocannabinoids. Increases body temperature which may have a calming effect, helps us gain confidence, takes our mind off our worries and encourages social interaction and a way of coping healthily. DEMENTIA - To help reduce the symptoms of dementia, activity such gentle gardening helps to keep us strong and gives sufferers


some independence back which may have been lost. DIABETES - To lower your risk of diabetes, reducing weight by trying swimming or a water aerobics class can help to keep blood glucose well controlled and blood pressure on target and improve blood circulation. CANCER – One in every two people will be affected by cancer but the survival rate has doubled over the past 40 years. Exercising can help prevent cancer but can also reduce the side effects of treatment, decrease the risk of re-occurring cancer and can enhance quality of life during and after cancer treatments OSTEOPOROSIS - It’s important to keep your joints moving and to do strengthening exercises such as walking, swimming and cycling. Exercising can increase bone mineral density which helps to maintain strong bones. From your twenties onwards you can help prevent bone loss by exercising regularly (women are particularly at risk after the menopause). HEART DISEASE - Those suffering from heart disease should take it easy and not do

any exercise that causes pain or dizziness. but make sure you warm-up and cool-down before any form of light workout to avoid feeling lightheaded. STROKE - As recovery improves, repetitive tasks like stretching and gripping movements can encourage normal function. Ask your specialist or GP for guidance. BACK PAIN – Your back may be strained from sitting down too much. Make sure you get up from your chair and move around every 45 minutes. Any form of suitable exercise will send endorphins to the problem area and help to promote pain relief, but don’t do anything that makes your symptoms feel worse. STRESS - To alleviate stress, if appropriate try a vigorous activity such as fast skipping or kick boxing. Exercise reduces cortisol and norepinephrine associated with stress. At the same time endorphins that are responsible for the feeling of elation and positive well-being are released, as are dopamine and serotonin which give a feeling of safety and security that may offset feelings of anxiety and negative selftalk.

Motorcise Ladies Exercise Le Mans Crescent Bolton BL1 1UA










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The Parkhill Dental Team

General Dentistry Here at Parkhill we offer a full range of dental services to our patients from regular dental checkups and hygiene visits to complex procedures and treatments. These include services such as:

Mr Duncan Read General Dentist

• • • • • •

Dr Alexia Malik General Dentist & Dental Phobic Specialist

Examinations X-Rays (OPG / CBT) Endodontics Dental Crowns and Bridges Dentures Composite White Fillings

If you would like to have cover for all of your routine preventative dental needs, ‘Denplan’ is the answer! Now available for Adults and Children.

Cosmetic Dentistry A beautiful smile can say more than a thousand words. At Parkhill our dentists have the skills in dentistry to create the smile of your dreams. Over time the appearance of your teeth can lose their radiance, this can be due to many things, drinking tea, coffee or red wine, ageing or you could not be born with a dazzling smile.

Dr Fadi Kreishan General Dentist & Endodontist

Our wide range of cosmetic dental solutions can simply brighten your smile or change your life with a complete smile makeover. Using the latest in dental technology you will be able to smile with confidence.

Mr Wesam Aleid Consultant Oral, Facial Plastic and Head & Neck Reconstructive Surgeon

Cosmetic Dentistry services at Parkhill include: •Dental Implants •Porcelain & Composite Veneers •Teeth Whitening •Quick Straight Teeth Orthodontics •Scale and Polish

0% Interest Finance Available!


Teeth Whitening special offer, just £199 with this voucher saving £200!! 78

*Expires 1st January 2019

£20 OFF

DENTAL EXAMINATION *Expires 1st January 2019



At Parkhill Health Care we provide a range of nonsurgical skin care treatments to help you look and feel younger.

We offer a range of relaxing and healing massages and Reflexology treatments. Treatments are uplifting and relaxing, helping to release accumulated tension in the muscles and joints.

These anti-ageing treatments include: • • • • • •

Microdermabrasion Chemical Peel Micro-Needling Facial Thread lift Botox Dermal Fillers

• Indian Head Massage • Swedish Massage • • Hot Stone Massage • Aromatherapy Massage • • Deep Tissue Massage • Pregnancy Massage • • Facial Reflexology • Reflexology •

We take the time to discuss your goals and aims in great detail and what you would like to achieve. Our aim is to ensure we provide you with the very best, and latest non-surgical cosmetic services providing you with the natural and subtle results that you deserve.

• Hopi Ear Candling • Hijama • Fire Cupping •

Medical Services Other Medical services available at the Parkhill Facility include: • Blood Testing • ECG Testing • Podiatry • Psychology/Counselling • Travel Vaccinations • Urine Testing • • Spirometry Testing • Echocardiogram • CT Scan • Ultrasound • Ear Wax Removal • Herbalist • Iridologist • • Pain Clinic (Pain Eraser) • Nutritionist • 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring•

Migraine Specialist If you suffer with migraines, you’ll know the significant and negative impact they can have on your life. Whether you’re avoiding sunny days, your favourite food, or even a late night, even the risk of getting a migraine can hold you back and stop you doing what you want to do when you want to do it. Dr. Soleymani is our resident Migraine specialist and treats a wide variety of routine and complex Migraine disorders with cutting edge technology proven to be highly effective. Call us today to book your consultation at Parkhill.

Parkhill Health Care

Opening Times


Crompton Health Centre 501 Crompton Way, Bolton Greater Manchester, BL1 8UP

Mon - Fri: 8.00 - 8.00 Sat - Sun: Closed

01204 770 600


Emmaus Communities are a unique way of dealing with homelessness


t is a sad, but true fact that homelessness in the UK is on the increase.... and no one really knows how many people are living rough on our streets. In London, Broadway - a homeless charity, counted 6437 people living rough on the streets of our capital on just one night! Multiply this across our cities and towns and one soon realises homelessness is a real and significant problem. Emmaus Communities enable homeless people to make a new life and move on. An Emmaus Community is not a hostel or night shelter; It does not just provide a bed for a night or two - it provides a home, a family within the community and work for as long as an individual needs to rebuild their life and return to ‘normal living’. People who come to live in the community are not residents - they are Companions. All we ask is; • that companions work for 40 hours per week, or give as much time as they are able, in the community’s social enterprise;

safety. Our enterprise ensures that 1000’s of tons of unwanted items are not buried as landfill. Central to the ethos of Emmaus Communities is the concept of Solidarity. The perception of people who are homeless is that they are a drain on society, but the residents of Emmaus Communities turn this perception on its head. Not only do they work to support themselves, but they also work to help others. Solidarity takes many forms within Emmaus Communities; sometimes surplus income generated from the business of the Community goes towards starting new Emmaus Communities, sometimes it is donated to other local charities or to disaster appeals. The concept of Solidarity and the ethos of Emmaus is perhaps best embodied in the words

• that they behave in a respectful way towards one another; • that no alcohol or illegal drugs are used on the premises; • that they sign off all mainstream benefits; In return, companions get a room of their own, food, clothes, a small weekly allowance and the opportunity to rebuild their confidence, self worth and learn new skills in a dignified manner and in a non judgmental environment that respects people for who they are and not what they have been. Social enterprise is central to Emmaus Communities, it provides meaningful work for companions and also generates an income that allows us to be selfsustaining and not dependant on handouts or the state. The main business activity for Emmaus communities is the recycling of donated furniture and household goods and selling them in our shops. Some items are refurbished or, in the case of electrical items, PAT tested for



Come along Come along for for all your all your bedding bedding plants and more. plants and more. Hanging Baskets Hanging Baskets Available

“Serve first those who suffer most”.






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• ELECTRICAL GOODS • BEDS AND WE RECYCLE FURNITURE & FURNISHINGS ALL ATBEDROOM FURNITUREand Come shop...... WE RECYCLE FURNITURE & FURNISHINGS on down ...freezers, are bargains galore initems-fridges, our newelectrical electrical shop..... • CHILDREN’S AND FURNITURE • SOFAS AND SUITES NewThere second handTOYS electrical New and second VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES! TO DONATE YOUR GOODS AND NewThere andwashers, second hand electrical items-fridges, freezers, cookers, dryers, lamps.... ALL AT VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES! hand electrical are bargains galore in our new ARANGE FREE COLLECTION CALL 01204 398056

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itemswashers, dryers, lamps.... • BRIC-A-BRAC electrical shop GOODS ...cookers, New and TO DONATE YOUR ANDsecond-hand fridges, freezers, DERBY BARRACKS, • BOOKS electrical items: fridges, freezers, washers, washers, cookers, TO DONATE YOUR GOODS AND FLETCHER ST, BOLTON BL3 6NF ARANGE FREE COLLECTION CALL l ELECTRICAL GOODS dryers, lamps...... • ELECTRICAL cookers, dryers, lamps .... ARANGE FREE COLLECTION CALL l CHILDREN’S TOYS AND FURNITURE • CHILDREN’S TOYS AND FURNITURE TO DONATE YOUR GOODS AND l BRIC-A-BRAC l BOOKS

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How to come to terms with a loved one being diagnosed with dementia


here are currently around 850,000 people in the UK living with dementia and almost just as many unpaid carers looking after people with the illness, according to research figures. People living with dementia can often suffer from memory loss, a reduced level of cognition and lower behavioural awareness. It can also trigger huge emotional and physical challenges – not just for the person with dementia – but also for family and friends who have taken on the role of carer. Tackling the fear factor There are a number of possible reasons why as a caregiver you may experience feelings of fear following a diagnosis of dementia in a family member. Often it relates to being unsure about what the future may hold; feelings of worry about how the symptoms of dementia will affect you and your loved one; fear over whether you will get the right support and help; and fear of the unknown when it comes to changes in your loved one. According to Tracy these feelings can cause anxiety, affect appetite, sleep, may lead to more smoking or alcohol consumption and a feeling of isolation and loneliness. So what can you do to help yourself and your loved one? ● Talk to a professional about your concerns ● Join support groups ● Obtain as much information as you can ● Document your feelings, thoughts and changes in loved ones behaviour ● Maintain a good network of friends and family Coping with uncertainty Feeling uncertain about many things is common when it's confirmed a loved one is suffering from dementia. Concern over what symptoms of dementia they might develop and what will happen to them in the future along with financial worries and whether family and friends will be around to support you as the carer are all reasons to feel uncertain about what life will be like in the months and years to follow. This may cause an escalating feeling of overwhelm, result in a build-up of unanswered questions and cause anxiety as a result of not knowing what to expect and when. So what can you do to help you and your loved one? ● Take the illness day by day. ● Don’t spend time fearing a future that you can’t change ● Get as much professional advice and information as possible. Overcoming depression When a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia it is common for carers to feel like there is nothing left to look forward to and every day can feel like a real challenge. Alongside fears about the future and feeling alone, these emotions can trigger low mood and depression. In turn, this can result in a lack of motivation, a loss of appetite or overeating, increased smoking or drinking, a feeling of dread at

the beginning of each day and a general overwhelming feeling that you are not able to easily control your emotions. So, what can you do to help you and your loved one? ● Speak to your GP about how you are feeling ● Consider Day Care or Respite Care for your loved one ● Try to get out and do something you enjoy or look forward to even if it’s just once or twice a week Dealing with resentment It’s common to ask questions such as ‘why me’ or ‘why us’ following a diagnosis of dementia in a loved one. When you’re life has unexpectedly been turned upside down it’s hard to not feel an element of resentment about everything that is happening, especially when it means your working and social life will be dramatically affected by the change. It’s quite common and normal to feel like your dreams have been destroyed and this can lead to you comparing your situation to others and unintentionally taking your frustrations out on your loved one. So what can you do to help you and your loved one? ● Talking to someone close about your feelings can often help ● Accept that this is a ‘normal’ emotion and try not to dwell on it too much ● Write down how you are feeling.

Working Po Bolto

Workingall Potential Calling Carers Working Potential Bolton


Working for Ag partner the Big Bolton


Anyone with caring @workingpotentialbolton @WorkPotBolton responsibilities aged @workingpotentialbolton @WorkPotBolton is an Ambition 50+ who want to explore Working Potential Ageing Project in Bolton in employment or training forWorking Potential is an Ambition partnership withProject GMCVO for Ageing in funded Bolton byin opportunities will be thepartnership Big Lotterywith Fund & delivered by GMCVO funded by encouraged and supported Bolton at Home. the Big Lottery Fund & delivered by on their journey into new Bolton at Home. working roles, at the sameAnyone with caring responsibilities time boosting self-esteem,aged Anyone50+ with caring who responsibilities want to training reducing social isolation explore aged employment 50+ who or want to explore employment or training will be encouraged and assisting integration opportunities encouraged andopportunities supported will on be their journey into new and wider on their intoand newsupported working roles, at thejourney same communities. into new working roles, at the same

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time boosting self-esteem, reducing time boosting reducing social isolationself-esteem, and assisting social forisolation and assisting Working Potential is an Ambition Ageing Project integration into new and inwider integration new wider Bolton in partnership with GMCVO fundedinto by the Bigand Lottery communities. Fund & delivered bycommunities. Bolton at Home.

For further informa Adam Warbrick T For further information contact:

ForFor further information contact: For further information contact: further information contact:314785 07770 0 Adam Warbrick Tara Branagan Adam Warbrick 07770 314785 | TaraTara Branagan 07789 031699 Adam Warbrick Branagan workingpotential@bolto 07770 314785 07789 031699 07770 314785

07789 031699

@workingpotentialbolton @WorkPotBolton




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Choosing Care at Home ... Homecare is the first choice for people who need help with their personal care to lead independent lives. Many people use a homecare service as an alternative to moving into a care home.


tarting to think about your care needs can be daunting. This article aims to answer some of your questions about homecare. Why choose homecare? Homecare, also known as domiciliary care, is a term for support provided in the home by careworkers to assist someone with their daily life. Enabling people to remain at home helps them maintain personal independence, comfort and contact with their local community. Homecare is flexible, with just the right amount of assistance given at any one time. You may only require a small amount of support – from half an hour a week, to several hours a day, or even live-in care. The service may be on a temporary, intermittent or long term basis. How will my well-being be protected? All homecare workers are required to undergo initial training to make sure they are ready to provide care at home. Many care workers go on to achieve recognised qualifications in care. In the United Kingdom, homecare workers undergo a criminal record disclosure, previously known as a police check.


All homecare agencies are required to register with their statutory regulator if they provide personal care. They are obliged to meet a high standard of service and undergo regular inspection. Homecare agencies are required to comply fully with health and safety legislation to identify and minimise risks to people receiving care and their careworkers. What costs are involved? Your local council’s social work team are obliged to perform an assessment of your care needs if you request it. If they agree that you need care, they will then undertake a financial assessment.Taking your income and savings - but not the value of your home - into account, the financial assessment will establish whether you qualify for financial assistance from the state. There are several ways that care can be funded. In some cases local councils, general practitioners (GPs) or Clinical Commissioning Groups will pay all or part of the costs. In England and Wales people may be required to make a financial contribution to their package of care. Once the council has decided that you have eligible needs for care, they will discuss with you how these can be met. What happens next depends on where you are in the UK and on your local council. The council may provide your care itself, or ask an approved agency to provide it on their behalf. Or the council may offer you a personal budget - a notional amount to spend - which would give you more choice and control over your care. This

could also be spent using a direct payment - cash given to you by the council to arrange your own care. You can either buy services from a regulated homecare agency or take on the responsibility of employing your own personal assisant (PA). Regulated agencies carry out careful checks on staff they recruit, consider health and safety risks, and account to the Revenue for tax and national insurance. They are inspected by a care regulator and must carry out staff training. In contrast, PAs are not regulated and you would need to arrange checks, training and PAYE, as well as comply with the law as an employer - a burden some would prefer to avoid. Instead of a direct payment, you could ask the council to buy council services or services from a homecare provider for you, using your personal budget. Finally, you or your family can fund your own care, without state assistance, and use a local homecare agency privately to provide care, or add to the care the council provides. VAT is not usually charged on homecare services so it is important to check if fees quoted by providers include VAT or not. What should I do next? A wide range of services are available and providers are usually happy to design a care service for your particular needs. If you think you may be entitled to free or subsidised homecare you can contact your local council’s Social Services department for assistance.

What questions should I ask a homecare agency? The following questions may help you select a suitable service.You may want to choose two or three that are particularly important to you: • Can you provide the care that I need and meet my personal preferences? • •

How will you and your staff respect my privacy and dignity? Have you cared for someone with similar needs to mine?

• How will you match the most suitable careworker for my needs? • Is your organisation insured in order to protect my safety and interests? • Do you interview all your care workers before offering them work? • Do all your careworkers undergo a criminal record disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service

• What sort of training do your careworkers receive before they start work and during their employment? •

What proportion of your careworkers and managers have obtained a recognised qualification in health and social care or management?

• Can I contact your agency during the day, outside office hours and in an emergency? • What happens if my regular careworker is sick or on holiday? • What charges, if any, will I be expected to pay? • What payment methods are available (cheque, direct debit etc)? • Is there a minimum charge if I only need a small amount of care? • Are there any hidden extras in the prices you quote?

CARE CONNECT support people to do the extraordinary everyday. Care Connect Homecare Services provides care and support to people in their own homes thus enabling them to live as independently as possible. We have been providing Care to Elderly People in Bury, Rochdale and Lancashire since June 2002. Our Services are tailored to meet your needs to help you remain in your own home independently as long as you desire. Our office is based in Bury.

Care Connect will do whatever it takes to bring you peace of mind.


Care in your home If you live in Bury, Radcliffe, Whitefield, Prestwich, Tottington and Ramsbottom, we can provide you support with: • Your daily routine, helping you get up and having a wash, to getting dressed and ready • Help with taking medication and medication collection from the pharmacy • House work tasks including laundry and cleaning • Help with your shopping, pension collection and anything else you may need • Support with activities such as gardening, visiting people, going for a walk and pet walking • Awake Night Care

Contact us now for a no obligation chat on:

0161 763 4228

Care Connect Homecare Services

Unit 7, Brenton Business Complex, Bond St, Bury, BL9 7BE T: 0161 763 4228


Daily Life Child and School

Work, Training and Hobbies

Health and Lifestyle

Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour House, Money and Environment

Phone: 0161 253 5151

Bury C O U N C I L


Bury Clinical Commissioning Group

“Mum was on her own when she fell...

...but she wasn’t alone” help at the touch of a button

0161 253 5151



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hese days our lives seem more stressful than ever. To follow are Your Doctor’s tips on how to cope with stress. Much of the stresses we have in our life are caused by too many responsibilities. Start saying ‘no’ to requests that are asking too much of you.You’d be surprised how much more ‘me’ time you will have just by doing this simple exercise. Get some fresh air. The Vitamin D boost you get from sunlight increases the production of serotonin in your body which will help you feel happy and lift your spirits.

Visualise feeling calm. Find a quiet space where you can sit down and focus on your breathing, your mood and yourself.Your body produces less of the stress hormone cortisol when your mind is involved in guided imagery. Talk to yourself the way you talk to your friends when you are trying to help them. We have a horrible habit of talking to ourselves in a negative way which can causes stress, depression and anxiety. Start positive self-talk and tell yourself why you’re worth it. Exercising is a great way to deal with stress because it can help clear your mind, give you a chance to focus on something else and can release some of the intense emotion you’re feeling so that perhaps you will be able to look at the issue with a clearer head. Avoid nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. They may seem like things that would calm you but in actual fact caffeine and nicotine are stimulants so they will increase feelings of stress and alcohol is a depressant so can affect your outlook on a situation as well as adversely affecting sleep.

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Stress can stop us sleeping well so try and have a good routine. Avoid laptops and phones an hour before sleep. Prioritise having some “downtime” before going to sleep. Reading before bed may help you unwind. Having a bath can have a very soothing effect on our body and mind. Some say the sensation unconsciously takes our mind back to a time when we were in the womb. Following a regular routine is helpful. Talk to your friends or family. Stress can stop us seeing a situation clearly and talking to someone else about what is wrong might help you see a situation with new eyes or help you find a solution.You can also stop pretending and therefore spend your energy on getting better. Start a ‘stress diary’. If you record every day how you are feeling and what happened during the day it may clarify which situations which are causing you distress. Sometimes it isn’t instantly obvious about what makes us feel stressed or anxious so this may be a good way to reveal how we can take steps to reduce the stress in our life. If you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, book an appointment to have a chat with GP.

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Fred Hamer has been serving families of the North West for almost 100 years and the company is still family owned today. We have an excellent reputation, thanks to our highly qualified and experienced staff, our local knowledge, our exceptional levels of customer service and our long history in the region. Our long history in the local area means we are well placed to give advice on local churches, crematoria and cemeteries, as well as having long-standing partnerships with skilled florists etc. We’re here to help and we’re ready to answer your call, as soon as you need us.






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FREE Cushion with every wheelchair purchased throughout March, April & May. Free Bag and 3 months FREE insurance with every scooter purchased throughout March, April & May.




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Bolton & Bury 50 Plus issue 60  

Local magazine for the over 50s

Bolton & Bury 50 Plus issue 60  

Local magazine for the over 50s