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Gloria Hunniford Talks of the early days, health & more...

Aquability Easy, Safe Bathing

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2 for 1 varifocal glasses

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Festive Finances Keeping on top of Christmas



Love it or loathe it, there’s no denying that the festive season is just around the corner. Whether you’re getting ready to celebrate, safe in the knowledge that your Christmas shopping is ready and wrapped or, like us, you plan to do it all last minute, keeping one eye on your festive finances can help take the sting out of the New Year. The good news is that you don’t have to be Scrooge to save money in the countdown to Christmas. We spoke to the Financial Ombudsman Service for their “five gold” tips to avoid a money-related mishap this season:

Buy now, pay later: if you’re buying an expensive gift you



inside... 6-7

Ancient Turkey... Discover the Great Empires of Caria and Lycia.


Robinsons Holidays... Affordable peace of mind. Win an 8 day holiday for 2. Find out more on page 11.

12-13 Fashion & Style ... Do and dont's to be stylish. 14-15 Gloria Hunniford ... talks of the early days, health & more. 16-17 Antiques ... Tips to make money. 24-25 Low Fat Winter Warmers ... Recipes from the Hairy Bikers. 40-41 Strictly Ann... Angela Kelly talks to Ann Widdecombe McGrath Media. Unit 6 | Moses Gate Workshops Gladys Street | Bolton | BL3 2QG. T: (01204) 796 494 | F: (01204) 791594 e:

might be tempted to take advantage of an interest-free credit deal on a loan or credit card. Interest-free deals can not only help you spread the cost but can offer you extra protection if the item doesn’t show up or wasn’t as described. If you do take advantage of the offer, make sure you know when the interest-free period ends as repayments after this date can be expensive. And, as always, never borrow more than you can afford to repay.

Pricey presents: many people are sticking to a smaller budget

for Christmas this year – buy you may still have a higher-value surprise or two for your loved ones under your tree. If you do, don’t forget to check your contents insurance policy or speak to your insurer. You may find those perfect presents are not fully covered if they are stolen or damaged

White Christmas: are you dreaming of a snowy start to

Christmas day? Chances are it will be cold, so if you’re warming up your car engine before you head out, don’t leave the car unattended with your keys in the ignition. You could find that you’re not covered by your motor insurance policy if a passing opportunist thief pinches it while your back’s turned.

Bank holiday blues: no-one wants to think of money-matters when you’re having fun over the holidays. But it pays to keep an eye on payment dates for bills and direct debits over the holiday period. Bank holidays are not ‘working days’ for banks so payments may be delayed - or bounced if you don’t have cleared funds in your account early Get away: are you lucky enough to be escaping the cold

Christmas? Check your travel insurance policy in advance so you know what you are – and more importantly are not covered for. Keep your policy documents and contact telephone numbers to hand too, in case you need to make claim

The majority of people will have a hassle-free holiday; however, if a problem arises the ombudsman can help you get it sorted. Telephone 0300 123 9 123 or visit


Mobile moments of madness

There have been moments recently when I have been sorely tempted to launch my mobile telephone into orbit, pre-programmed to crash to earth on Richard Branson’s head. Since the beginning of the year my signal from the Virgin network had been gradually worsening often to the point where using a carrier pigeon would have been more effective. Of course the first line of defence for all mobile phone companies are the foreign call centres where everyone is called Godfrey or Marion and you know they’ve never been called that in their life. They’re irritatingly polite and heavily scripted on how to deal with awkward customers going ballistic down the phone and threatening to do all manner of unspeakable things. “Oh we’re very sorry for the inconvenience Mr Graham,” trilled

one after 45 minutes on the helpline which was the cut off, probably because a passing pigeon had blocked the one bar of signal which I was using. They want you to give in and go away don’t they? “Oh we’ll be giving you another 3,000 texts as compensation Mr Graham, isn’t that wonderful?” No! I want to speak to someone not write everything in text, I replied, quietly steaming and thinking of what I’d like to do with the operator’s headset. Many calls later I was allowed permission to speak to the technical department and, amazingly, I actually understood what he was saying. Virgin had decommissioned a mast close to our area and the signal was weakened because of it and there were no plans to recommission it in the future. Oh

Spreading the news A North Shields man loves Marmite so much that he’s changed his surname by deed poll to match the yeast spread.

Mr Marmite, 38, says he easily gets through a jar a week and also collects Marmite paraphernalia including limited edition jars, cufflinks and a recipe book dating back to the Second World War. 4

I was in a quandary about who to go to for service, or should I revert back to the two syrup tins and a length of string which had been so effective in my youth? And cheaper. I settled for Talk Talk but for three days that was precisely what I couldn’t do, talk, until numbers had been ported, sims transferred and I had to threaten to separate at least three help line operators from their important bits. My wife opted for a package with one of those tablet come Kindly wotsit gadgets. It’s amazing the stuff they have now, even a phone that reacts when you look at it. I’m hanging on until they have one which soothes you when you can’t make a phone call, brews tea and makes a bacon sandwich. Sorry, just having another moment of mobile madness!

Tyred of wasted money It seems to me that an incredible amount of money is wasted on rather useless items, many in the name of education.

Saire May - now Marmite - made the leap to show his ‘devotion and passion’ to the dark brown paste. “I’m not exactly sure how old I was when I first tried Marmite, but I just remember eating it as far back as I can remember,” he said. “I like the smell, the taste, the texture. I think I pretty much like everything about it.”

nice, I live high on the Yorkshire moors and Graham Smith would have thought there Twitter Column was plenty of room for a new mast, but no, said the technical man. I was put through to the public relations department and a very polite chap confirmed that my signal would not improve and I was free to leave Virgin without penalty!

Our local school has just unveiled a “tyre park” which has cost a staggering £10,000. Now how many swimming lessons or creative activities could that money have bought instead of dumping a pile of old painted tyres for pupils to clamber across? “My family think I’m mad. However my mum just shrugged her shoulders, she expects this kind of thing from me,” he added. It’s the sort of silly idea which could spread.

In my schooldays we were quite happy with a playground area where we fashioned wickets from a dustbin, chalked goalposts on the wall and if anyone had dumped a load of old tyres there we’d have thrown them out. Progress?

The pocket spring specialist for affordable luxury beds...


1000’s of Mattresses, Divans & Bedsteads in Stock for Free Next Day Delivery Alma Mill, Hart Street Blackburn, BB1 1HW Tel: 01254 681 082 (Behind Aquamania, top of Cicely Lane)

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50 Plus Travel

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Patara Ruins

By Mathew Simpson Simpson Travel

us with a fascinating insight into the burial customs of the inhabitants of this ancient city. The location of the tombs also helps us to understand the way of life in ancient Lycia and Caria, as they believed that a winged creature carried the deceased to the after world, therefore the burial chambers were constructed on a cliff face. Whilst the entire landscape of Lycia is scattered with a selection of

Ancient Turkey:

Discover the Great Empires of Caria and Lycia Turkey is home to numerous ruins

landscape, diverse wildlife and ancient

dating back to ancient times and the

ruins. However, the delta gained

country’s south western coastline is

international fame after developers

one of the most historically populated

attempted to construct a luxury hotel

areas. Dubbed as the ‘Turquoise

close to the breeding ground of the

Coast’ for its stunning scenic colours,

endangered loggerhead turtles. As

this vast area spans two significant

a result, the Dalyan Delta became a

and influential regions in antiquity,

protected area, thereby maintaining

namely Lycia and Caria. From

the unspoilt nature of the region.

intricately carved tombs to underwater

Nowadays, visitors head to Dalyan

towns, this area of Turkey has much to

not just to observe this endangered


species, but also to see the other

impressive attractions the area has to

The charming resort of Dalyan –


close to the regions’ main airport,

Dalaman – straddles the delta and

One such attraction is the Dalyan

is an area rich in natural beauty and

Tombs that are set high up in the cliff

historical attractions. Until the late

face above the Dalyan Delta. They

1980s, this traditional fishing area

were constructed for the Carian city

remained somewhat undiscovered

of Caunos around 400BC to house the

by tourists, despite its impressive

bodies of deceased kings, providing


fascinating funeral monuments, it is these on the Dalyan Delta that are considered the most imposing and awe-inspiring tombs of the ancient region. At night time the tombs are lit up creating a dramatic, atmospheric backdrop to the delta which can be seen for miles. Caunos itself is another fascinating attraction. The largest ancient city in the Carian era, it was constructed, according to Greek mythology, by Apollo’s grandson. Those who visit these iconic ruins can discover remains of many different parts of the old city which were uncovered during an excavation, from the ancient amphitheatre to the traditional Hellenistic and Roman temples, to name a few.   Further eastwards, Kalkan lies at the heart of some of the most impressive Lycian sites. Xanthos was a site of exceptional importance in antiquity as it is thought to have been a main centre for culture and commerce. Extensive excavations and research of the area have led to the discovery of a selection of texts in the Lycian

language and Greek, as well as a considerable amount of artefacts.

Iztuzu Beach

The British Museum now houses two tombs, the Nereid monument and the Tomb of Payava, both of which were discovered at the ruins. Another tomb, known as the Harpy Tomb, is still located at the remains of the city. Only 4kms south of Xanthos, positioned on the banks of the Xanthos River, is one of the most important religious centres in the region – Letoon – where the foundations of temples can be seen. A further remain – the ancient city of Patara – can also be found in this historically rich region. Excavated in the 1980s, a magnificent Roman arch can be admired, as well as an impressive theatre. Once a prosperous

Bozburun Peninsula

commercial city, the ruins are positioned just a short distance from Patara Beach – one of the most photographed beaches in the Mediterranean. There are also a number of other smaller sites and one of the more interesting and unusual ones is nearby Kekova which is home to the semi-sunken city of Simena. Originally a fishing village, a 2nd century earthquake had devastating effects on Simena – however it left behind an exceptional historical site. Half of the ancient houses have become submerged, with staircases leading down underwater, where the foundations of the buildings and an old harbour can be found. In 1990, this region was declared a protected area, prohibiting swimming and diving.   Further north and on its own peninsula lies the unspoilt rural region of Bozburun, yet another area which is home to other interesting historical settlements located in ancient Caria. From here, you can explore the ancient Greek settlement of Knidos, located just a short drive away on the nearby Datça Peninsula, a ruin that is built partly on the mainland and partly on the Island of Triopion which, in antiquity, was connected to the mainland by a bridge.

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Coach Holidays Enjoy a relaxing holiday by coach to great hotels and destinations throughout the UK and Europe with Robinsons Holidays.

2014 ROBINSONS OWN HOTELS Stylish hotel located in the grounds of the former Torre Abbey. Facilities at the Abbey Lawn Hotel include:

The Abbey Lawn Hotel, Torquay AA3H

An impressive Victorian building set amidst a beautiful tree lined boulevard.

The Robinsons Difference Complimentary Insurance l Local joining points l No single supplements* l High standard of accommodation l Great choice of menus l Executive coaches with extra legroom l Includes excursions l Friendly staff l Own hotels in great locations l Peace of mind security

Indoor Heated Pool/Outdoor Pool, Lounge, Large Conservatory, Sea View Rooms available*, Lift, Porterage.

Facilities at the Imperial Hotel include:


Two Residents’ Bars, Ballroom, TV & Complimentary Tea & Coffee in all Bedrooms, 2 x Lifts, Porterage. The Imperial Hotel, Eastbourne, Robinsons 3H An elegant hotel commanding magnificent views across Sandown Bay, Golden Beaches and a quaint collection of shops. Facilities at the Ocean View Hotel include: Indoor Heated Pool, Indoor Bowling Green, Table Tennis, Snooker Room, Sea View Rooms available* Lift, Porterage. The Ocean View Hotel, Shanklin, Robinsons 3H

Payment in instalments


* Robinsons own hotels

See brochure for full holiday details, Terms & conditions apply.

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05 July

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20 July

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27 July

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8 DAYS £15 £50

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OCEAN VIEW HOTEL Sea View Premier Room

£15 £50

£10 £30



All tours include 2 Excursions and Complimentary Insurance 99 BOOK ONLINE Park Garage, Great Harwood, Blackburn BB6 7SP.

TRAVEL - LEISURE at the airport with 20kg will incur a charge, sometimes quite a heavy one. Put together a packing list and try to travel light – you’ll be amazed how little you really need if the weather’s hot! The poor performance of the euro in Europe over the last few years has made eating out more expensive in many countries, too. “As a result I’ve seen a big increase in the numbers of people booking all-inclusive holidays where basically everything like food and drinks is included,” said Carol. “This is especially popular with families as we all know what it’s like taking children on holiday – they want drinks, ice creams etc and before you know you’ve spent a small fortune.”

HOLIDAYING FOR LESS GOING on holiday may seem like a fond dream for many when money seems to be stretched so tightly these days – but don’t give up on this particular dream because there are ways to holiday for less in 2014. For many of us, holidays are an excellent way to de-stress, relax and rejuvenate ourselves and our lives so they’re actually an excellent investment in our wellbeing. The first rule of getting the best value from your planned holiday, home or abroad, always used to be to either book early or book late.

are much higher. If you really have to go then as you’ve got school-age children or you work in education “then it’s more important than ever to book earlier, probably up to 11 months in advance when the airlines first release their prices,” she added.

However, travel expert Carol Allenby Carr from Travel Counsellors who has 18 years in the industry, says that although travellers often used to get better prices by booking a late deal the situation has changed. “Nowadays, with lots of tour operators and airlines penalising customers who leave it until the last minute by putting on late booking charges, the advice is definitely to book early,” she stated.

“Watch out for hidden charges on your flights on areas like luggage, meals on the plane and even choosing where you want to sit. These all cost extra so think things through. Do you need 20kg of luggage or could you make do with less? The same applies to prebooked seats. Is it worth paying around £20 each to get seats together booked beforehand when, if you turn up at the airport in good time, you should be able to be seated together anyway?”

Carol also advises avoiding travelling at peak periods, like school holidays, if you can as prices

And don’t under-estimate the weight of your luggage, stated Carol, as paying for 15kg and then turning up


Some countries are generally better value than others. “You get more for your money in places like Turkey and Bulgaria and for those who want to travel further afield, Thailand and Goa are good choices,” said Carol. And don’t discount cruising, either. Sarah Ebden, who has wide experience helping clients enjoy cruises of all types and price ranges, says that early booking discounts are valuable. “Cruise fees are at their lowest when first on sale,” she explained. “Some luxury cruise lines even increase their fees as the sail date gets closer.” Sarah advises looking out for promotional offers, and then grabbing them straight away. “You may not see them again as they’re rarely repeated,” she said. Knowing the right time of year to look for discounts is always useful, too. Sarah points out that for cruises around Europe look for “specials” from late March through to April. For the Caribbean, the bargains are in the Autumn, and for river cruises low season is March, April and October to December. “Sail from a UK port to save on air-fare”, stated Sarah. “Go for ships that are not in the spotlight as they will be cheaper. For example, Norwegian has just launched the Breakaway, therefore its predecessor – the Epic – will now have lower fares.”

Look for promotions such as on board credit and reduced drinks’ packages “as drinks on board can be expensive,” she added. Ships going back to their home port – or repositioning – may also offer great bargains on this single trip, so ask your cruise expert about this. Travel in a group and take advantage of group discounts, although not all cruiselines offer this. And the good news is that tell your travel agent if you’re over 55 as cruiselines often offer discounts to the over-55s. Wherever you go on your holidays, plan your budget in advance. If your hotel is simply a place to sleep and store your luggage, opt for a cheaper hotel with less facilities. Do some research on local restaurants in the area you’re visiting and track down ways to eat, sleep, drink and sightsee for less rather than just getting there and then looking for bargains. If you’re really skint, consider housesitting. This is when you register with an agency and can be asked to look after someone else’s home around the country – or elsewhere in the world –

while they’re away. You may have to care for pets or look after the garden but there are plenty of opportunities for this free holiday. Register with organisations like Trusted House Sitters if this appeals. Or, you could swap your home for someone else’s in a different part of the UK or abroad. Again, this dramatically cuts costs. Find out more from companies like Home For Exchange. And, of course, to safeguard your money – and your health – it’s vital to take out the right kind of holiday insurance. The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) reports that every year they come across examples of members of the public who have travelled uninsured and then run up substantial medical bills overseas. “Travel insurance also provides essential cancellation cover should

you fall ill or be made redundant before you travel, and covers for lost or stolen belongings and travel delays,” explained a spokesman. “Insurance is not an optional extra but a travel essential. Consumers who travel more than once a year, especially on the spur of the moment, should consider taking out an annual policy. For the over 50s there are specialist insurances available which will cover pre-existing medical conditions and which take a more holistic approach to the risk associated with this age group.”

Win an 8 day Robinsons Holiday for 2 people in 2014

Coach Holidays

Win a Robinsons Holiday to either the Abbey Lawn Hotel in Torquay, the Imperial Hotel in Eastbourne or the Ocean View Hotel on the Isle of Wight. The prize is for an eight day holiday for two people. Prize is valid between February 2014 and 7th December 2014 - excludes Easter 2014. Simply choose one of the dates from our 2014 brochure. Prize includes half board accommodation and coach travel from any pick-up point in our brochure. Holiday itinerary is as per relevant brochure tour for chosen date. Prize is subject to availability and is non-transferrable, non- refundable and has no cash redemption value. Prize can not be auctioned on any web-site or used or offered as a prize for any other competition or as a gift or incentive. Prize is not for re-sale. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Winner will be notified by email or by post. Closing date for all entries is 31st December 2013.

To enter complete the following: Name______________________________________________________ Address House number/name________________________________ Address street______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Town_______________________________________________________

County_____________________________________________________ Postcode___________________________________________________ Day time telephone number _________________________________ Email address_______________________________________________


Return to Sales Department, Robinsons Holidays, Park Garage, Great Harwood, Blackburn BB6 7SP.



FIRST, A FEW DO'S AND DONT'S Do give today’s fashions a chance – you don’t have to follow trends slavishly but there might be a look or style worth trying, especially when the catwalk is translated into high street lines Do be realistic about your shape, height and colouring Do go for good-fitting clothes that flatter your shape Do look at your daily lifestyle and what sort of clothes suit it Do ensure that any “special occasion” buys are fairly versatile – why spend a large amount on something you can only wear once?


for women aged over 50 doesn’t necessarily come in a neat package labelled for each day of the week or each different occasion.

Don’t wear baggy clothes in the mistaken idea that they make you look thin – they don’t

Most women do know pretty well about their general style by the time they hit middle-age. And what they don’t automatically want is a plethora of elasticated waistbands, dowdy long cardigans and unflattering brogues – nor are they likely to opt for figure-hugging leggings and bottom-skimming mini-skirts.

It’s very easy to be put off by nubile young figures in the Topshop changing rooms when you’ve got an expanding waist, a less-thanpert bosom and thighs that you’ve studiously ignored for the past five years. 12

Do factor in comfort – if you’re uncomfortable or uneasy in your clothes it shows Do de-clutter your wardrobe and see what you’ve got that you want to keep and will definitely wear – if you’ve not worn any item for 12 months, will you ever again?

Unfortunately, it can come with a big list of questions which start with “Will that suit me?” and go on to “Is that too young for me?”

Dressing well these days is really all about developing a sense of your own style .... and having confidence in what you wear. That alone lets you lift your head up, walk taller and look better!

Do look at multi-buys in the same range if you like them and they look flattering – this is costeffective shopping and gives you a better “capsule wardrobe” of complementing outfits

Don’t assume you can wear an outfit just because it looks good on a six-foot tall 17 year-old model – the mirror doesn’t lie! Don’t dismiss high street brands because you’re not a tiny size – many stores now stock 16-plus in their season’s ranges Don’t forget the value of accessories, especially the latest ideas that can make a plain outfit look sensational

But, the key really is not to rule out anything, new or vintage, because fashions can often be adapted to suit you as an individual. Again, we’re back to that confidence in yourself, and acknowledging what does and doesn’t flatter you.

There really has never been a better time to be an older woman wanting to look fashionably fabulous. Think Lulu, the Duchess of Cornwall, Jane Asher, Twiggy or Lynda Bellingham. In fact, the last two are actually fronting well-known fashion labels.

Twiggy who, after over 40 years in the fashion business, had her own Marks & Spencer range and has become a fashion icon for older women. And actress Lynda Bellingham long ago shrugged off her homely Oxo mum persona to emerge, chrysalis-like, as a Calendar Girl happy to strip down to just her pearls and her comely shape – all in the cause of theatre, of course!

that can look simply sophisticated and very stylish. She knows that sometimes you need to try something new to develop your own personal style, “So don’t be scared to try different looks,” she advises. Do you ever wear prints, for example? There are plenty around to choose from this year, and if you’re still a little wary you could pair plain trousers or a tailored skirt with a printed top.

Lynda was also the public face of online fashion shopping range isme, with regular TV adverts keeping both her and them highprofile. Her chic looks are being copied by many women who previously might have thought particular styles were not for them.

In general, investing in, for example, a smart, well-cut jacket that can go anywhere makes sense. In a block colour, it can be teamed with a plain shift dress underneath or something printed. That kind of jacket can take you to a meeting or informal social occasion or can be worn with something more dressy for an evening out.

She believes that we shouldn’t dress “differently” as we age, but realistically. “Look for shape-enhancing details like cap sleeves, stretch in the right places, different trouser cuts, and built-in panels to make you look and feel great,” she states.

Look at your accessories in the same way. Many older women seldom buy belts, but these can make a plain outfit look terrific and don’t need to emphasise waists not quite as trim as they used to be. View the outfit overall, perhaps employ that smart jacket with toning shoes and a bag plus a colourful scarf.

Lynda suggests embracing colour rather than shying away from it. “Wear colours that compliment your skin tone and hair colour,” she says. And try substituting black for purple or deep berry tones for a welcome change. Control your wardrobe properly and have attractive, staple items that look good. These could include a classy mac, a pair of wide-legged trousers, a glamorous top or a classic shift dress which you can dress up or down with suitable accessories as the occasion demands. However, Lynda is a member of the “less is more” school of fashion when it comes to accessories and advises against overdoing it. Instead, it’s better to opt for one or two statement pieces of jewellery like a necklace or earrings


It’s also worth keeping in mind the impact of neutralcoloured shoes like the fashionable Duchess of Cambridge often wears; teamed with flesh-coloured tight these are real leg-lengtheners. You don’t need to wear a very short hemline to pull off this kind of look or very high heels if you don’t want to. A knee-length or just-below-the-knee dress length with kitten or other low heels can be equally flattering. And pretty flatties like the current crop of ballerina pumps can also look exactly right with some outfits, especially the more informal and fluid.

Boutique & Designer Dress Agency

The place to Buy or Sell New and Pre-owned Designer Clothing, Handbags and Accessories.


(opposite the cemetery), Burnley Road, Accrington BB5 6HG. Open Mon- Sat 10am - 4pm. Sun 11am -4pm. FREE PARKING - Easy Disabled Access. 01254 231133 for more details.



Gloria’s early days, health & more... By Angela Kelly

Gloria Hunniford was just enjoying a few weeks near Nice in France with her husband when we chatted. It marked a particularly busy time when she had been filming more programmes for the TV hit series Ripoff Britain, which had been extended


to cover rip-offs on holidays and on food. And Ms Hunniford, now a lovely 73 year-old with the beautiful skin and enduring looks typical of Irish people, always tries to look after herself. “You need to keep balance, avoid being thrown off kilter,” she explains. “It’s very easy when you’re busy but I do try to take holidays and eat and sleep properly.” She’s also a great fan of vitamins, which she takes each day, and admits

to “a certain amount of exercise”, usually walking the dogs or using her exercise bike in front of the TV. “I’ve just lost two stone, though,” she states. “It wasn’t a vanity thing – my sister was diagnosed with diabetes and I asked the doctor what I should do to avoid it. Losing weight seemed a sensible idea so I cut out both sugar and carbohydrates and the weight just dropped off.” It feels like the popular broadcaster has always been with us. Radio and TV audiences love her, and Gloria has the enduring charm that people of all ages and both sexes find attractive and easygoing. I once stood next to her in an aiport queue as she took a flight to her native Ireland and her fellow travellers were plainly fascinated by the VIP in their

midst, but also very warm to her. She was named after the actress Gloria Swanson but early on she became a singer, entertaining at her dad’s concerts. He was a newspaper man by day and a magician by night. She spent time in Canada, singing on TV and performing listeners’ Irish song requests on the radio, then returned home where she joined ITV’s new Ulster Television as a production assistant. She continued her singing, though, and got a record in the Ulster charts in 1969. After she was interviewed on BBC radio, the producer asked her to audition as an interviewer, then hired her for Northern Ireland’s equivalent of the Today programme. She cut her teeth on news and current affairs, moved on to a nightly news programme and finally ended up invited to work in London. Here, her friendly Irish accident and warm manner quickly won over fans. She filled in for Jimmy Young while he was on holiday, and the banter between her and Terry Wogan – whom she already knew – at the end of the programme swiftly enhanced her reputation. People felt she was a familiar friend on the air. She was given her own show, Gloria Hunniford’s Open House, and was a daily TV fixture for five years. She still makes appearances on The One Show and became a regular once more on our screens with another very popular series Cash in the Attic, which she loves. “They’ve got about 20 programmes already made but they’ve also now launched an interactive website and an app which is all very exciting because you can go onto the site anytime you want to, anywhere,” she says enthusiastically. “I love that programme – I’m a great fan of antiques and I’ve collected them myself for years. I collected so many angels and cherubs one of my sons forbade me to bring any more home!

And I’ve also collected teapots and jewellery crosses.” She loves the surprises that people get when items they discover go to auction, and thoroughly enjoys the celebrity version. “I’m always amazed at how generous the celebrities are in donating items that can be sold for charity,” she adds. The Rip-off Britain series is another favourite with her. “I think we came along at just the right time with that brand,” she states. “The recession was just beginning and people felt even more aggrieved if they were being ripped off.” She is proud of the fact that the evening version draws a regular audience of 5.5 million viewers “and the daytime programme has very respectable figures, too,” she asserts. Work is plainly far from drying up for the evergreen presenter but she’s quick to state that she actually wants to work. “I enjoy work, and I’d hope to keep on working for as long as people want me to,” she adds. She and her second husband, Stephen Way, live in Sevenoaks, Kent, and family life is obviously very important to her. Her presenter daughter, Caron Keating, died from breast cancer after a brave fight in 2004 and any parent can start to imagine the personal devastation that brought. “I’ve had loss before, but nothing prepares you for the terrible darkness that descends when a child dies,” says Gloria. “It’s like trying to climb out of a big hole by your fingertips and, just when you think you’re at the top, something drags you back. “I felt like that for a long time, and many of the people who contacted us when Caron died – we had more than 8,000 letters – said it never really goes away.” But one person’s letter did strike a chord with Gloria, and showed the way ahead for her. It was someone who

“ I enjoy work, and I’d hope to keep on working for as long as people want me to” pointed out the importance of carrying Caron’s spirit forward, “I just felt then that I knew what I wanted to do,” she recalls. Gloria founded the Caron Keating Foundation, administered by the family and with all the funds raised being used to help charities concerned with all kinds of cancer. The result is that, over the past years, the foundation has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds which have gone to projects at 47 different cancer charities all around the country. This is obviously a source of some consolation to Gloria and her family, although you suspect that Caron is in her thoughts every day. “Someone said that people never die if they remain on the lips of the living,” she states, “and I believe that.”


years ago, but Mediterranean coral is starting to go up now. Look for rare items Rare items are usually the most valuable, so invest in antiques that are unusual. Anthea Gesua of Anthea AG Antiques, which specialises in jewellery, said: “Look for the quirky and something with an edge, something that will be noticed, such as animals, an unusual shape or real craftsmanship.”

Beware of fakes If you suspect something is a fake, resist the temptation to buy until you can get confirmation that the piece is authentic.

Tips for making money from antiques Big returns are possible from antique collecting. A £19.95 terracotta figurine bought an eBay is now worth £800. Here, we look at what novice antiques investors should watch out for, as well as some of the investments the experts believe could generate the best returns in years to come.

Invest only in things you like You should invest only in antiques that you are happy to have in your home for years to come. A spokesman for Miller’s Antiques Handbook and Price Guide said: “Although you will no doubt have some interest in the financial value of your collection, this should be seen only as a bonus. Just like any market, fashions and tastes change over time. This means that something that is not valuable now may become so in the future, and vice versa.”

Look for original untouched furniture Furniture that hasn’t been restored, 16

An expert will be able to tell if pieces from different periods have been put together, which does happen. Anyone checking jewellery must have a loop [eye glass] to be able to see properly.

preferably with provenance, is likely to be among the best investments.

Choose prewar pieces if buying glass If you are buying glass for investment purposes, look out for prewar Lalique items, as this will mean they have been designed and overseen by René Lalique himself. Be wary of signs of over-polishing or damage, as this will have an impact on value. Mark West, a specialist glass dealer, said: “Eighteenth-century English glass at the top end is still a good buy. Large sculptural items from the late 19th century through to Art Deco are a good investment, having seen gains of probably up to 50pc in three years.”

Watch out for signs of restoration

Restorers use clever techniques to repair antiques, which can easily go unnoticed by the untrained eye. With furniture there are some simple

Stick with big name jewellery designers Dealers advise going for signed pieces by major designers such as Cartier, Tiffany or Van Cleef & Arpels if you can afford it. Rather than being tempted by what’s popular now, they suggest trying to spot the next big thing; for example, natural pearls went up dramatically five

Insure your collection You will need to insure any antiques you buy, but premiums needn’t be expensive if you have only a few items. Steve Smith, managing director of specialist insurance broker Smith Greenfield, said: “A £5,000 chest of drawers would cost about £10 to £20 to insure on the fine art section of a typical mid or high-net-worth policy”. Bear in mind that many standard contents policies will require items to be specified if they are worth more than a defined amount, such as £1,000. Specialist high-value policies, however, tend to need items to be specified only if items are worth more than £5,000, £15,000 or even £25,000 individually. giveaways to look for, such as obvious use of machinery or tools not available when the piece was made – bandsaw blade marks, for example. If you buy a piece with original colour and patina it is much less likely to be restored as French polish and waxed finishes can hide restoration.

Remember to factor in auction costs If you buy antiques at an auction house, you will need to pay a “buyer’s premium” on top of the cost of the item you’ve bought. This will be a percentage of the final hammer price. You must also pay VAT on anything paid to the auction house.

Make sure you keep an up-to-date valuation of the items insured. For particularly high-value items, insurers may require evidence of a valuation before they will offer cover in the first place.

Several Dealers sharing facilities on 3 floors ensure constantly changing stock of fine Antiques, Furniture, Books, Vintage, Collectibles & Bric-a-Brac, from British and European sources. Opening times: 10am - 5pm Monday - Saturday, 11am - 5pm Sunday. Last admission 4.30pm. Website: Union Mill, Watt Street, Sabden, BB7 9ED


Make 2014 Your Year! By Angela Kelly

Most of us treat a New Year in the same way – we mentally list all the things we want to change in the next 12 months …. but then do little about it until the next new year! Well, here’s the chance to make 2014 YOUR year and change all those areas of your life with which you’re unhappy. And that doesn’t necessarily just apply to your home and your job but also the shape you’re in and many of the things


you might like to change about yourself if you just could. For a start, are you happy with the shape you’re in? Even the most gorgeous celebrities or top models complain about some element of their bodies, so the rest of us are bound to have a list of “improvements”! Weight is an obvious one. So, if you’ve been promising yourself to drop a few pounds – or a stone or two – join a slimming club now, or put yourself on a good WEIGHT-LOSS programme. Start this journey with a quick visit to your GP, of course, to check that there’s no medical stumbling blocks involved but after that – ready, steady, slim! Complement your shape as the pounds disappear, too, with a new approach to your FITNESS regime. Gym membership these days is generally

very economical, especially if you attend regularly, and you’ve got the added bonus of having expert help on hand and being surrounded by likeminded people. Make a gym visit part of your regular routine as a way of ensuring you keep happy and healthy – and trimmer – and you’ll keep that hard-won weight-loss off for good. For those with limited mobility, the risk of falling in a bathroom is high. As we get older, falls can become a major health problem so maintaining a safe home environment is essential. Everyday tasks that most people take for granted can become an actual danger for those with limited mobility.

Aquability can help you prevent problems before they occur and enable you to stay independent for longer.

You may decide that a New Year is just the time to change from struggling along with a large and expensive property to something more suitable and economical. There is a wealth of suitable places these days, including comfortable modern apartments needing the minimum of maintenance, and with staff on-site to support you daily. And the bonus is that you’re in a community of older people also determined to enjoy life!

Sometimes a simple solution is all that is needed to improve home safety, such as installing grab bars or using a specially designed inflatable cushion to get in and out of the bath. As the UK’s leading bathing solutions provider Aquability have been changing the lives of their customers for over 15 years. Their mobility products include walk- in baths, sitdown showers, powered safety seats and more. With a comprehensive product range that is constantly updated and an expert team on hand to advise you, Aquability can deliver the perfect solution to your mobility needs, on any budget.

Visit to find out more. Perhaps you want to try out a NEW HAIRSTYLE – a fresh, shorter look or a change of colour. Consult your hairdresser and take his or her advice on cut, condition and just what suits you. Consider finally getting your dental work sorted out or having your TEETH WHITENED if you’re unhappy with your smile. It is, after all, often the first thing that people notice about you and there are plenty of excellent treatments around. Your dentist can advise here. It may be that you would like to ditch those specs and improve your EYESIGHT. Laser surgery has come on remarkably in the last few years, so shop around for the best and most trusted treatment. Certainly, for many of us, our wishlist contains COSMETIC SURGERY for a crooked nose, saggy chin or to get rid of those frown lines. Choose a reputable clinic or salon and give yourself the face or other identified body part you’ve always wanted. This may be the year that you decide to MOVE HOUSE. The housing market is definitely much more buoyant and all the signs are good for getting the home of your dreams. Local estate agents and mortgage advisors are always happy to help you with your personal home possibilities. Or, it could be that you like your current address but want to put in an EXTENSION or CONSERVATORY. A

Laser surgery has come on remarkably in the last few years, so shop around for the best and most trusted treatment local builder can give you a quote without charge for an extension, and it’s certainly worth talking to an architect about making the most of this planned space first. They’re the experts on coming up with clever plans and utilising extensions in the most practical way to suit your family’s lifestyle. If you go online to see the kinds of extensions and conservatories available, you can mix and match the best of ideas to suit your plans. Your property may just need the kind of brightening up that a good DECORATOR can provide. Sometimes, changing the colourscheme and furnishings really cheers up rooms and transforms the home. It may be that you’re at that stage of life when you want to DOWNSIZE, perhaps realise some of the capital in your property. If you’re in those golden years and want tailor-made accommodation, it’s definitely worth considering a retirement village or sheltered accommodation.

Of course, it may be that you’ve been promising yourself that special HOLIDAY for several years. So, this could well be the time to consider going to Australia or New Zealand, Macau or Malibu. Consult a reliable travel agent for the kind of personal service you’ll need for the trip of a lifetime. It may be that you’ve got a close relative or friend in a far-flung spot that you’d love to visit but never thought you could. Now is just the time to see if this is a possibility, and how it could be achieved. Perhaps you’re determined to finally go to a special SPORTING OCCASION, like the Winter Olympics in Russia in February, the World Twenty20 cricket in Bangladesh in April or the Masters’ golf in Augusta that month. Again, your travel can create a personal travel itinerary that will ensure you realise your dream trip, and enjoy the experience every bit as much as you thought you would. Your New Year Resolutions may be far more modest than any of these, although they may well enhance your life just as much. You may decide that in 2014 you will definitely QUIT SMOKING so take a good look at all the products around to actively help you with this – there’s everything from patches to e-cigarettes these days, hypnotherapists and local health expert support on offer so there’s really no excuse. Or you may have decided to LEARN a musical instrument or a foreign language. All it takes is that initial decision that you’re not going to leave things for another year. You’re not simply going to say “I wish I could ….” You’re actually going to do it!


A business to put a smile on your face

Dougie has all the latest technology, equi andease skillsoften required carry out ‘Fast and patient at their totothe point day implant tooth replacement. where gentle same sedation techniques, Patients scheduled for ‘Fast which are available, may not even be and Fix needed. treatment are settled into their privat en-suite day room, complete with a da Around him he has gathered a and sofa. A Cone Beam CT scan is take specialist team which collectively enables patients to go through a concentrated period of treatment in one session. What may elsewhere take many appointments and sessions can often be done within the space of a day, so minimising the discomfort, anxiety and recovery period.

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His surgery is on the outskirts of Accrington and immediately upon entering you know it is like no other dentist’s surgery. There is absolutely no sign of the usual tiled rooms and austerity which many practices have. The spacious waiting room resembles a comfortable lounge with soft furnishings and a gentle ambience, all designed to help visitors relax during the first stage of their experience. And it is an experience like no other dental donetreatment so already. is Generally, surgery for allnot your done patient be sedated so athefull procedure at once whichtocan include set of is anxie freewithin and absolutely painless. teeth implanted the same day.

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Says Dougie, “We have put the right team in place and have found that the patient is in far less discomfort when we do everything in one visit. If you want something doing you only want it done once, not going backwards and forwards for various appointments.”


He calls it Fast and Fixed. It doesn’t come cheap but from the moment you walk in you know that you are going to leave at the end of the day with all treatment completed from the first X-ray down to the final touches.

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If Douglas Lee can’t put a smile on your face the chances are that no one can. He is a dentist who has completely torn up the rule book of how we are supposed to feel about his profession and after half an hour in his presence you almost feel that you could hop into his chair and look forward to it. Douglas has many years of experience in dentistry and is a specialist in the 20

implant placements,He impression provision of implants. is also ataking and finally fitting the new teeth. It can pioneer of the use of specialised take over 12 months, all through German techniques ofand patient that people are the stuckUK. wearing a temporary friendliness into He also has denture or nothing to replace there the skill to put the most nervous teeth at all. “We have tried it that way and it works, but it’s a long hard slog for everyone involved, time consuming and very expensive. The ‘Fast and Fixed’ method solves most if not all, of these problems in one stroke.”

You have your very own en suite private day room with a day bed and couch and usually patients opt to be sedated which takes away all the anxiety and is absolutely painless. Yes, you may have some discomfort for a few days but you leave knowing that the process has been completed and Withappointments the patient completely relaxed you have no more to stress over. damaged and infected teeth are remov gently as possible. The implant sites ne be free of germs so a ‘Helbo’ (revoluti and completely painless laser) is used eradicate over 99 per cent of all dange bacteria, with the help of a marker dye identify problem areas. This allows im to be placed immediately, usually six in

en-suite day room, complete with a day-bed and sofa. A Cone Beam CT scan is taken if

donehas so already. Generally, patients Thenot team also learned from someopt of the tips and techniques in this high to be sedated so the procedure is anxiety endfree implant surgerypainless. to adapt to every and absolutely day dentistry which is less expensive. The philosophy of Fast and Fixed has filtered down into these more normal treatments. “Even a simple crown or root canal work being done in a single session has been very well received,“said Dougie, “ That is because we have listened to our patients rather than look at the text book way to go about it. Those have all been written by professors in dental schools and don’t really fit in with busy people who want to get on with their lives and have all treatment done within a single session.” While I was with Dougie a man came out after an implant session. His wife told me it was the first time he had been to a dentist for 20 years but had made the decision to sort out his dental problems.

the the lounge relaxing andday-suite. there are day, patientisrelaxes in their noabout clinical By 6pmsmells the newand teethyou are will readynever and hear thepatient soundcan of go anyone feeling the happy home and enjoy uncomfortable during treatment. We their brand new smile! treat every patient asand though they Besides minor swelling bruising were terrified or have that potential similar to that from simple tooth extractions, within them. We are privileged to be Dougie’s patients recover quickly and with working on someone’s mouth, a very few problems. personal part of their body and we’re Douglas Lee Dental Associates were the thinking of that all the time.” Sedation is offered. One is for people WE ArE vEry much who are particularly frightened of At thE ForEFront injections where a gas and airoF mixture WhIch istEchnology, used, a slightly higher techgIvEs version of what isbEttEr used in maternity rEsults wards.

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Many patients who have had extensive dentistry during their more affluent first team inlives the UK a full set working findtoitcomplete has degenerated of upper and lowerup jawjust implants and is packing whenwithin they don’t too, again this experience is something awant day –ittestament to their and the practice specialises in, and as Dougie high level of skill. stressed, there isweno reason why “With experience have reduced the time seventies or beyond itpeople takes. Itinto is antheir extremely choreographed should not have the benefit good day, where each professional plays of their part. dental restoration. We are very much ahead of the game in this –

With the patientwe completely relaxed the itAgain is a multi-skilled a tailoredprocedure packageand is we puthave all “It is those people are most implant placements, impression taking damaged and infected teeth are removed as the right professionals on our team.” together for such patients when interested in,“ said Dougie, “There is andneed finally the majority new teeth. It can patients, who gentlya as possible. Thestory implant to fitting The of Dougie’s Dougie and the team listen to what usually background of sites being take over 12 months, and all through be free ofby germs so a ‘Helbo’ (revolutionary travel andsteers wide foraway this specialised they from wantfarand from frightened a dentist as a child or stuckperceived wearing the practice of numerous as aand young adult had a bad incident completely painless laser) isthat usedpeople to areservice, are whata temporary he calls ‘younger-older’ denture or nothing to replace appointments andteeth treatment sessions. which regresses years on. eradicate over 9920per cent of allThey dangerous people – middlethere aged men and women who at all. maybacteria, have had teeth removed which with the help of a marker dye to are fit and able – and who don’t want to lose The complete of teeth it that way andrestoration it could haveproblem been saved, because theyhave tried identify areas. This allows “We implants their teeth. from a mixture of dentures, bridges hadn’t ready cash then andworks, now but it’s a long hard slog isfora big pool of people to bethe placed immediately, usually six in the “I think into a fullthere set of implants has become they want to do something about it.” everyone involved, time consuming and revolutionary to the practice. It’s a very expensive. The ‘Fast and technique notFixed’ required by everybody He and his practice set out to method solves most if not all, of afford these it. It may be and not all can concentrate on preventative dentistry stroke.” someone just doesn’t want a set and treating nervous patients. problems in onethat of dentures wobbling around. That “People come here, have a cup of is something which can be done at a coffee and I’ve even seen them nod off fraction of the cost of the fixed teeth. because they know we are not going A different type of implant which to hurt them in any shape or form,” he prevents the denture from moving can said. be done for around £1500 and make a significant difference to a patient. “People used to expect a dentist to hurt. All we have done is to try and shut off all those triggers from the moment you come in. We don’t have a traditional reception desk,

lost some their dignity. and of lasting job avoiding many of the “Sotraumas when they the surgeryfalse teeth of leave replacement which over a period of years can work withnot implants they have totally different done so already.a Generally, patients opt out even more expensive than the mentality, they feel their teeth are part of to be sedated so the procedure is anxiety themimplants. – they are so positive.” free and absolutely painless. This creates a massive increase in confidence.” n

To replace a full row of teeth with implants is £14,000 at the upper end. The essence is to do an effective

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With the patient completely relaxed the

If someone has crooked teeth a brace Douglas Lee Dental Associates damaged and infected teeth are removed as to straighten them is around £1,000 115 Whalley gently asRoad possible. The implant sites need to and isBB5 equally Accrington 1BX effective for someone at be free of germs so a ‘Helbo’ or 77. The brace is put(revolutionary behind the 0125417 237517 and completely painless laser) is used toin teeth, is unobtrusive and will work

eradicate 99months. per cent of all dangerous as little over as six bacteria, with the help of a marker dye to As Dougie explains, simply delaying a identify problem areas. This allows implants holiday or the next new car by a few tomonths be placed immediately, usually six in the can cover the cost of dental

work and bring about lifelong change to that patient. So a little business sense could put a permanent smile on your face for the rest of your life. Douglas Lee Dental Associates 115 Whalley Road Accrington BB5 1BX 01254 237517 21

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BEAUTY a pleasant smile. Paradoxically, crowns and dentures with teeth that are too white, too straight and too uniform can also make a person look older than their years. The key is for a natural smile of healthylooking teeth and gums that enhances and suits your face. Clever dentists can carefully add well-matched filling material to the tips of worn lower teeth these days. And it’s also easier now to get rid of a denture with fixed teeth or by fixing or stabilising a denture with implants – all of which can be a massive boost to confidence. If you’re looking for beauty procedures with natural-looking results, try these ideas:

Keeping Ageing at Bay WE long ago seem to have decided against growing old gracefully and opted to do whatever we can to keep ageing at bay. Fortunately, there are plenty of things we can do to help ourselves, whether or not we want to resort to cosmetic surgery. In fairness, the cosmetic surgery industry in this country is generally of a very high standard. But, as in anything where you are dealing with your health and investing large amounts of money, it’s worth checking out your private clinic or hospital of choice and comparing both costs and reputations with others. Eyebag removal, facelifts, cheek and chin implants, tummy tucks, arm lifts and thigh lifts are now all relatively common procedures – although they are all still surgery and require proper consideration and investigation beforehand. However, there are less drastic options we can undergo that don’t involve the scalpel but can still improve our appearance. First, though, it’s worth ensuring that you’ve explored all that Mother Nature has to offer - along with your active co-operation. A healthy diet is vital for glowing skin and hair, and it’s important to keep your weight within a reasonable level, too. If you’re not sure whether you’re


overweight or underweight, ask your doctor and take his or her advice. Plenty of fruit and vegetables, in particular, are good for health along with a certain amount of protein in meat, fish or pulses. If you’re on a specific diet – for health or other reasons – you may need a vitamin supplement to ensure you keep well and look and feel good. Consulting a nutritionist or asking your GP’s advice are good starting points here. Exercise can also ensure our joints and muscles stay supple, which is a great aid to youthful vitality as well as improving the shape we’re in. Regular walking in the fresh air can give an outdoorsy look that’s attractive at any age, and the enjoyment of an activity that allows us to relax our faces and bodies can also hold back the years. Having an attractive smile is surprisingly ante-ageing. In fact, your smile is very important in this ageing battle as an unattractive smile can positively age you far more than skin can in most cases. Missing teeth, very crooked teeth, poor gum health or very discoloured teeth or fillings will obviously not add up to

Anti-wrinkle injections – These involve injecting botulinum toxin type A (the most famous brand being Botox) into facial muscles. This can actually prevent muscle action so effectively reduce frown-lines, furrowing of the forehead and wrinkles around the eyes. When this is carried out well by skilled practitioners, it not only means less wrinkles but a less tired, more relaxed look – like you’ve just been on a lovely holiday! Dermal fillers – A major problem as we get older is the loss of volume, indeed loss of fat, in the face. Fillers are designed to be used in the face to plump up targeted areas and lines such as the naso-labial folds and the marionette lines around the nose and mouth. They are also great for correcting the turned-down mouth that can sometimes come with age. Temporary fillers are also an effective and popular way of filling folds and lines, and for defining and augmenting lips. If injections are complete anathema to you, think about the many treatments that the beauty industry can now offer. Facial treatments generally, though, tend to work best on a well-cared for skin so it’s important to keep skin well hydrated inside and out. Keeping to well-known beauty product names may well help here as you may know better what your skin reaction will be. One typically famous brand offered in some salons is Guinot, and one of their most popular treatments comes from the Hydradermie range. The Hydradermie deep cleansing facial is, apparently, much beloved by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and

Coleen Rooney. This involves deepcleansing the skin, and it also stimulates cellular renewal. The benefits are particularly felt by those with dry skin, and it also reduces the sebum level in oily skin. The Hydradermie Lift is a machinebased facial using cutting-edge technology to treat both the skin and the facial muscles for an immediate “lifting” effect. Designed for skin that shows signs of loss of elasticity, it targets areas where fine lines are most evident – around the eyes, mouth and nose and across the forehead. It also “lifts” and firms the cheeks, jawline and neck. Liftosome Facial – This facial treatment has been specially developed to treat the problems associated with mature skin including lack of skin tone and loss of radiance. With age or fatigue, we notice a slackening and loss of firmness of the skin, especially in the cheeks, chin and neck. This is largely caused by the deterioration of the elastic fibres of the dermis. The skin loses density and becomes dehydrated, resulting in dryness, wrinkling and slackening. The treatment consists of three phases: the vitamin-enriched serum, the thermal treatment mask and the firming massage. The facial finishes with the

application of moisturisers to the face, neck and eye area. The great thing about all facial treatments for many of us, of course, is that it’s such an enjoyable and luxurious process that we automatically come away feeling much more relaxed – and thus also much younger looking! TOP TIPS FOR STAYING YOUNG FOR LONGER 1. Avoid and reduce stress as much as possible. Stress is one of the most common causes of premature ageing, so take time to relax and have a little humour in your life. 2. Spend as much time with your family and friends. An increase in social connections can help improve the quality of life and can influence life extension. 3. Oxygen is vital for keeping your body healthy. Make sure you get plenty of fresh air and ensure you have plenty of plants around you at home and at work. 4. Whilst keeping active can help fight the loss of stamina, muscle strength, balance and bone density associated with ageing. Exercising your mind is equally important to exercising your body. A healthy and active mind will

help you feel younger. Try learning something new to keep your brain stimulated. 5. Having the right amount of sleep is essential to staying young. Taking a short nap can make a huge difference to thinking clearly and feeling happy, but make sure it’s just after lunch so that night sleeping is not disrupted. 6. Keep the brain active by doing something new every day – clean your teeth with the other hand or take a new route to work 7. Laughter releases endorphins thus relieving pain, reduces stress hormones and boosts the immunity system. So put on those comedy DVDs and laugh a lot! 8. The facial feedback hypothesis suggests that facial expressions influence our emotions. So smile and feel better. It’s the greatest facelift in the world! 9. Stand tall. Good posture can make us look 10 years younger and much more confidant. 10. A suntan makes us look healthy and vibrant, but in the long run it’s terribly ageing. A little colour with the protection of sunscreen is the answer.

miss having them around? skype the grandkids

question about your savings? talk to the ombudsman (or find us online)

0300 123 9 123 honest answers – to help you move on



Si King and Dave Myers are self-confessed food lovers. Food isn’t just fuel to them, it’s their life. But like many of us they’ve found that the weight has crept on over the years. Si and Dave have come up with tasty recipes that are low in calories and big in flavour, and many we have featured in 50 Plus Magazine.


This is real food for real people, not skinny minnies. They are ideas for family meals.

The cider and bacon add a touch of sweetness and extra flavour to the chicken and veg, making this a lovely supper dish. Keep it low-fat by removing the skin from the chicken legs before cooking and using as little oil as possible for browning the meat and vegetables. SERVES 4 3 tbsp plain flour 2 tsp dried thyme 4 chicken leg quarters 2 tbsp sunflower oil 4 rashers of rindless smoked back bacon, cut into 1cm-wide strips 2 medium onions, chopped 2 celery sticks, thinly sliced 150g small chestnut mushrooms, wiped and sliced or quartered if large 500ml bottle of dry cider 300ml chicken stock, (made with 1 chicken stock cube) 2 bay leaves 400g Chantenay or other small fat carrots, trimmed and peeled 2 slender leeks, trimmed and cut into 2cm slices flaked sea salt freshly ground black pepper. METHOD Mix the flour and thyme with a good pinch of salt and plenty of freshly ground black pepper in a large strong 24

freezer bag. Strip the skin off the chicken legs and put them on a board. Break the joint of each leg by bending it in the opposite direction. You may hear a small crack. Cut each leg quarter in half with a sturdy knife to give 8 chicken portions. Using a good set of kitchen scissors, trim off any visible fat. Put the chicken portions in the freezer bag, a few at a time, and shake well until they are evenly coated in the flour. Heat the oil in a large non-stick fying pan over a medium heat and fry the chicken, a few pieces at a time, until golden brown all over. As they are browned, transfer the chicken pieces to a large flameproof casserole dish. Preheat the oven to 1800C/Fan 1600C/ Gas 4. Put the bacon, onions and celery in the pan used for browning the chicken and fry for 4-5 minutes over medium heat until lightly browned, stirring often.

Add the mushrooms and cook for 2 minutes more, then tip everything into the casserole dish with the chicken pieces. Sprinkle in any flour remaining in the freezer bag and stir well. Pour about half the cider into the frying pan and stir vigorously with a wooden spoon to lift any sediment from the bottom. Simmer for a few seconds, then pour into the casserole. Add the rest of the cider and the stock, then stir in the carrots and bay leaves and bring to a simmer on the hob. Cover with a lid and cook in the centre of the over for 1 hour, then remove the casserole from the oven and stir in the leeks. Pop the dish back into the oven for a further 30-40 minutes or until the chicken is tender and the sauce thickened. Serve with some green beans or spring onions. 435 Calories per portion.

LAMB, SPINACH AND POTATO CURRY This is a low-cal version of Dave’s favourite curry - saag gosht - becuase he couldn’t bear to it give it up. If you are running short of time, cut out the fresh garlic, ginger and chilli - the curry will still taste great. The recipe contains potatoes so there is no need to serve it with extra rice.

SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH SMOKED SALMON SERVES 6 600g lamb leg steaks (about 4 steaks) 1 tbsp sunflower oil 2 large onions, roughly chopped 4 large garlic cloves, peeled and roughly chopped 25g chunk of fresh root ginger, peeled and roughly chopped 1 plump fresh chilli, (deseeded if you like) 75g medium or mild curry paste (depending on your taste) 400g can of chopped tomatoes 350g potatoes, preferably Maris Pipers, peeled and cut into 3cm chunks 450ml water 2 bay leaves 1 tsp flaked sea salt, plus extra for seasoning the meat 1 tsp caster sugar 3 ripe medium tomatoes, quartered 100g young spinach leaves freshly ground black pepper METHOD Trim the lamb of any hard fat and cut the meat into rough chunks of about 3cm. Season with salt and pepper. Heat a teaspoon of the oil in a large non-stick frying pan and fry the lamb in 2 batches until lightly coloured on all sides. Transfer the lamb to a plate as soon as each batch is browned. Heat the remaining oil in a large flameproof casserole dish and add the onions. Cook over a medium heat for

6-8 minutes until they’re softened and lightly browned, stirring regularly. Turn down the heat, add the garlic, ginger, chilli and curry paste and cook for 5 minutes more, stirring frequently. Remove from the heat and blitz the onion mixture with a stick blender until blended to a purée. Or you can let the mixture cool for a few minutes, then blend it in a food processor before tipping it back into the casserole. Return the casserole to the hob over a medium heat. Preheat the oven to 1900C/Fan 1700C/Gas 5. Add the browned lamb to the spiced onion purée in the dish and cook over a gentle heat for 2-3 minutes, stirring. Add the chopped tomatoes, potatoes, water, bay leaves, teaspoon of salt and sugar. Bring everything to a gentle simmer, then cover with a lid and place the casserole in the oven for 1 hour and 30 minutes or until the lamb is tender and the sauce has thickened. Check after 1 hour and give the contents of the casserole dish a good stir. Take the dish out of the oven and remove the lid. Stir in the quartered tomatoes and spinach leaves. Cover once more and return to the oven for a further 5 minutes or until the tomatoes are soft and the spinach has wilted. Serve hot with some spoonfuls of fatfree yoghurt if you fancy.

This is a treat - light but tasty and packed with protein. It takes next to no time to prepare and makes a really special weekend breakfast or brunch. Shows that you can breakfast like a king and still keep the calories under control. SERVES 2 4 medium eggs 1 tbsp freshly snipped chives, plus a few extra to garnish(optional) 15g butter 4 slices of smoked salmon (about 75g) 1 English muffin, cut in half flaked sea salt freshly ground black pepper METHOD Beat the eggs with a pinch of flaked sea salt and lots of freshly ground black pepper. Use a metal whisk and make sure you beat the eggs really well. Stir in the chives if you’re using them. Melt the butter in a medium non-stick saucepan over a low heat. Pour the beaten eggs into the pan and cook very gently for 2 minutes, stirring slowly until the eggs are softly scrambled. Remove from the heat and stir for a few seconds more - the eggs will continue to cook for a while. While the eggs are cooking, toast the muffin and put 1 half on each plate, cut side up. Spoon the scrambled eggs over the muffins, add the slices of smoked salmon and season with a little more black pepper. Garnish with extra chives if you wish. Serve immediately.

293 calories per portion.


354 calories per portion



THE PLATE THE 3 MILLSTONES INN The 3 Millstones is a grade II listed building and is one of the oldest in the village. Situated in the picturesque village of West Bradford we are easy to find being only minutes away from Clitheroe and the A59. The restaurant has a unique, warm and welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel right at home. Chef Matthew works hard to give the customer the best food at the best prices. Matthew has been working as a chef for 12 years and has already run a successful restaurant ‘Restaurant Ginger at the Forest Inn, Fence Lancashire’. He works along side his wife who is also experienced in the industry and heads the front of house team. They pride themselves on giving the best food and service possible by sourcing local ingredients from local suppliers and having a great team of experienced staff behind them. Along with the extensive seasonal a la carte menu they also offer daily specials. New for 2014 ‘tea time treats’ 2 courses from £9.50, 3 courses from £12.95 served Wednesday - Saturday lunch and Wednesday - Friday 6-7pm. Our popular Sunday lunch is served between noon and 5pm with the a la carte menu being served from 3pm. The 3 Millstone Inn opening service times as follows: Mon-Tues CLOSED Wed, Thurs, Fri Lunch 12noon - 2pm, Dinner 6pm-9pm Sat, Lunch 12noon - 2pm, Dinner 6.30pm - 9pm. Sun Lunch 12noon - 5pm. TEL: 01200 443 339 WWW.3MILLSTONES.CO.UK 3 MILLSTONES INN, WADDINGTON ROAD, WEST BRADFORD BB7 4SX. 26

The celebrated Brasserie at the heart of Backridge Farm run by the multi-award winning team. At The Plate we harvest the finest ingredients from Lancashire's artisan suppliers, and create a truly traditional English menu with a contemporary twist. Coupled with a relaxed and informal environment and our outstanding customer service you'll quickly discover why we've been awarded the highest level of accreditation from Taste Lancashire. The spacious, open plan café bar has been converted from a former working barn and features exposed stone walls and oak beamed ceiling. The Plate serves a truly traditional English menu with a modern twist, and it goes without saying the provenance of all the ingredients is guaranteed which has led to it being awarded the highest quality assurance by Taste Lancashire. Head Chef Mark Wilson and sous Chef Jordan Longsdale and team start the day early at The Plate. Its specialty breakfasts are a popular draw to Mum's catching up with friends after the school run and business people taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi to access their e-mails before hitting the road. Early birds can enjoy a varied menu including porridge, full English breakfast, Scottish smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and Welsh rarebit. At lunchtime The Plate comes into its own. Whether you're looking for a light bite or a main course there's something to suit every palette, including rib eye steak, risotto, pate board, salads and handcut sandwiches featuring delicious fillings – the children have their own menu too! If you simply just want to enjoy a cup of tea or cappuccino and a mouthwatering cake then you'll feel right at home in one of The Plate's sumptuous sofas or chairs…The Plate is a cake lovers paradise, which makes choosing one very difficult. NOW OPEN 5 DAYS A WEEK! Mon - Tues CLOSED. Wed, Thurs, Fri: 9.30am - 5pm. Sat: FOOD SERVED UNTIL 9PM - OPEN TILL LATE Sun: 9.30am - 6pm. Breakfast 9.30am - 12 noon. TEL: 01200 427304 WWW.THEPLATE.CO.UK E: INFO@THEPLATE.CO.UK BACKRIDGE FARM, WADDINGTON, CLITHEROE, LANCASHIRE BB7 3LG.


BISTRO 197 Freshly ground coffee, fine wine and locally sourced produce are the winning ingredients behind Burnley’s newest Bistro. Family run Bistro 197, opposite Towneley Golf club in Todmorden Road, has reopened after extensive refurbishment to cater for a growing demand for fresh, quality food in the area. Owned and run by sisters Sally Fairclough and Helen Mansfield the Bistro is open daytime and evenings. With meat sourced from the award winning Riley’s butchers in Crawshaw Booth, speciality cheese from The Courtyard Dairy at Settle, a selection of local quality beers from Moorhouse’s brewery and organic French wine the ingredients are all in place for a fabulous dining experience. The light and airy Bistro features canvasses, which depict scenes from the surrounding area, all photographed by Sally. The menu includes morning breakfasts ranging from the full English to smoked salmon with scrambled egg, a daytime menu with favourites such as fresh haddock cooked in Moorhouse’s beer batter with chunky chips and homemade tartar sauce and an evening menu with specials such as seared scallops and pan fried sea bass. The Sunday roast rib of beef always goes down a treat. Helen and Sally are planning to hold regular speciality evenings starting with a ‘festive’ wine and Cheese evening on the 27th November starting at 7pm. The event is already nearly fully booked and all anticipate a really enjoyable evening. Helen said, “For us it is all about the quality of the experience. We have lived in Burnley all our lives and wanted to create a local eatery which serves affordable quality produce where diners can feel relaxed and comfortable, whether they are enjoying a sumptuous three course meal with a glass or two of fine wine or an afternoon cake and freshly ground coffee. It is a family run business and that will stay at the heart of everything we do at Bistro 197. We have been inundated by people asking us about buying the produce we serve to take home. This is the next step for us. To create the Deli side of the business.”

There are also plans to provide outside catering and make the Bistro available to hire for business lunches and parties.

The Bistro is open for breakfast, lunch and evening dining. Opening hours are: Wednesday 9.30am – 3.30pm Thursday and Friday 9.30am – 3.30pm and 5.30pm – 8.30pm Saturday 8.30am – 8.30pm Sunday 8.30am – 4pm.

BISTRO 197, 197 TODMORDON ROAD, BURNLEY BB11 3EA. The bistro can be found on facebook at ‘Bistro197’ or email at Bookings can be made through either of these or by ringing 01282 427277.

MRS B's TEAROOM AT HILLOCK VALE MILL SHOP Located on Burnley Road just minutes from Accrington and Burnley town centres Mrs B's Tearoom brings a peaceful and relaxing ambience to the busy town centres. Using only the freshest of produce the menu offers a wide selection of hot and cold food, cakes, morning coffees and afternoon teas. All available to eat in or take away. A warm and friendly staff awaits you. WELL WORTH A VISIT. OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK! Mon - Saturday 10am - 4.30pm. Sun 11am- 4pm PLUS FREE PARKING & EASY DISABLED ACCESS. TEL: 01254 231133 MRS B's TEAROOM, HILLOCK VALE MILL SHOP, (OPPOSITE CEMETERY) BURNLEY ROAD, ACCRINGTON BB5 6HG.


under the tree will look gorgeously effective. Bringing the outside in is a fundamental part of Christmas decorating, and alongside the tree, holly and ivy look fabulous with traditional amaryllis and roses. Try creating a spray of lush green over a painting or on a mantle piece, or use a berry-covered branch to display your Christmas cards.

A Beautiful Home at


If you are using a traditional colour scheme at Christmas of red and green, make one colour more dominant than the other such as lots of red with a splash of green as this will be more pleasing on the eye. Alternatively, a theme focusing on metallics could incorporate browns, oranges and golds, as well as amber and bronze to bring warmth to your decor. Find branches of mottled oak leaves and create a display or a wreath using small bronze beads or gold acrylic drops.

The Christmas tree is often the main feature of decorating your home for the festive season, so place it in the room you will use the most. Putting the tree by the window gives a vision of warmth and comfort to you and your visitors before you have even come inside, or putting it next to the fireplace gives a fantastically traditional setting for Christmas morning. Alternatively you could have trees in a number of rooms, which can be decorated to suit their environment – for example an edible selection of treats for the kitchen tree, and a tiny tree or just a decorated branch for the children’s rooms with wooden trains, soldiers, drums and fairies.


Christmas wreaths also come in all shapes, textures and colours now, as well as the traditional green. Rings of bells will make a musical front door, or a feather version in unexpected hues such as aubergine, or even lime, will make an original statement. Twig wreaths for the minimalist can be enhanced with sticks of cinnamon, and a ring of eucalyptus or tiny fresh flowers would make a wonderfully scented arrangement. Lighting is key at this time of year, and a beautifully lit house is a welcoming sight at the end of the working day. Fibre optic displays will bounce light around in windows and rope lights look glorious under the tree. For high ceilings, a chandelier will bring the ultimate decadence to your home. Candles come into their own at Christmas and a show of differing types and sizes look wonderful when combined with interesting vases. Candles also glow beautifully through cutwork metal and ceramic.

Glass can bring a stunning ice effect to your decorations. Choose a glass sculpture for the entranceway, or place baubles in decorative glass bowls for the table. A Jack Frost theme of white, silver and aqua will bring about a wintery charm. Choose a white berry garland that will add sparkle, or icicle lights for the tree. Crystals and clear baubles in floral decorations will glisten nicely try them with a combination of white ranunculus, tulips and hyacinths for a stunning scent. A more decadent look can be achieved using heavier materials such as velvet. Mix rich red, purple and blues together for a sumptuous style. A purple feather wreath would welcome the theme warmly and velvet Christmas sacks and velvet skirts for

Outdoor lighting can also have a transformative effect on your home. A well-chosen lantern for the porch will provide a festively warm welcome, or contemporary wall lights that pick out feature stone or house numbers add to the outdoor décor. If you are have them then pick out niches, columns or other architectural features to celebrate the façade of your home, or decorate a choice shrub or tree instead to highlight your good taste.

Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Ribble Valley lies Backridge, one of Lancashire’s most unique rural retail destinations. Located on Twitter Lane, near the picturesque village of Waddington and within a 10 minute drive of Clitheroe, Backridge is home to a number of independent businesses including specialist retailers, artists, craftsmen and designers; and over the last few years firmly established itself as the destination for those looking for something that you just can’t find on the high street. With plentiful free parking, outside play equipment for the children, resident Llamas and a fabulous on-site Brasserie there’s something for everyone at Backridge.

The Plate Brasserie At The Plate we harvest the finest ingredients from Lancashire’s artisan suppliers, and create a truly traditional English menu with a contemporary twist. Coupled with a relaxed and informal environment and our outstanding customer service you’ll quickly discover why we’ve been awarded the highest level of accreditation from Taste Lancashire. The spacious, open plan café bar has been converted from a former working barn and features exposed stone walls and oak beamed ceiling. Our current offers include our popular “Let’s Do Lunch” - which is available Wednesday-Saturday from 12pm-5pm and on Sunday from 12pm6pm. You can choose two courses for just £10.95 or three courses for £12.95! Backridge - Shops & Businesses Backridge is home to a number of independent businesses including specialist retailers, artists, craftsmen, designers and service providers; and over the last few years has firmly established itself as the destination for those looking for something that you just can’t find on the high street. n n n n n n n n

Melt Candles & Gifts Dance Finesse Just Vintage Paint Pot Pottery Workshops Neal Jones Furniture Mydas Touch Artwork & Gifts Resolution Computers The Barmy Llama Farm n The Plate Restaurant

n Woodstoc UK Play Frames n Edward Foster Art n The Hummingbird Gallery n Rejuve n Pro Tool Cycle Works n Tibby Olivia n Bexs Pets n The Glass House n CADAC

Backridge Farm | Waddington | Clitheroe | Lancashire BB7 3LQ t: 01200 427304 e: 29

ROASTED GOOSNARGH CHICKEN BREAST with celariac, parsnips, carrots and glazed with honey


1 chicken breast about 200g in weight skinless 3 carrots 3 parsnips 1 small size celeriac head 1 tbsp of honey 1 tbsp of olive oil 1 tbsp of butter METHOD First preheat a fan assisted oven to 200oC. Peel all your vegetables, Dicing them quite large but all the same size so they will all cook equally. Next you need to find a medium size frying pan with a metal handle so the pan can go into the oven. Season your chicken breast with salt and pepper and add the olive oil to your pan. When you see a little smoke very carefully place the chicken breasts into the pan presentation side down. Always put the chicken in the pan away from you to avoid the hot oil splashing. When golden brown turn over with tongs onto the opposite side then very carefully place all the root vegetables in the pan with the chicken. Carefully turn the chicken over to the opposite side, roll all the vegetables so they are lightly coloured and place into your preheated oven. After five minutes take the pan out of the oven and stir the vegetables, place back in the oven for a further seven minutes, repeat this process once more and then your chicken should be cooked and tender. Once your chicken is cooked remove from the pan then leave the chicken on the side. Place the pan on a medium heat add the honey and butter until glazed then gently stir into the vegetables. Turn off the gas ,place the vegetables in the middle of the plate with the chicken on top and you are ready to Dine. This recipe was provided by the chef at 3 MILLSTONES INN, CLITHEROE.


Q & A’s with head Chef Mark Wilson How long have you been a Chef? I have been a chef for 11 years. I went to the Colchester Institute straight from school and never looked back. When did you know you wanted to be a Chef? Always, I baked with my Nan when I was younger and my passion for food grew from there. What is your favourite dish on the menu & why? It has got to be the Lamb that I put on the evening menu. Herb crusted lamb, dauphinoise, roasted shallots, pea-mint puree and port jus. I love all the different textures and flavours coming together. Do you have any tips for budding chefs? Don't ever stop learning. Influence is all around you, get your head down and work hard. What do you like to do in your spare time? I spend my free time with my family, I have a budding chef in my little girl, I would go as far as to say she is better at cooking than her mum :) She loves baking especially.

erson Handyp Service ur half ho ÂŁ5 per VAT and plus ls materia

St Vincent’s Homecare & Repair is funded by local councils and operates throughout Pendle,

Rossendale & Ribble Valley

Avoid the Rogue Trader! We help older or vulnerable people (usually owner occupiers or private tenants) to get repairs done without the risk of fraud or excessive charges.

We have: A panel of trusted and reliable private contractors



Our own handymen who do smaller jobs for a modest charge

Caseworkers who can often raise funding from Charities and will liaise with all relevant agencies



Technical Officers who can provide all necessary advice and specifications.

Telephone: 0845 050 0570 31


Christmas Events in Blackburn

The Wonderful Wizzard of Oz 13th December until 24th December. This year at Darwen Library Theatre the pantomime is The Wonderful Wizzard of Oz. A fun-filled family show for the festive season! with great cast including DAPA Dance Studio Performances start on the £10 adults; £8 concs.; £30 family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children); BOOKINGS: (01254) 706 006 See for more details. Thursday 12th December Blackburn Lantern Parade, Cathedral Fireworks and Carol Service

Santa will be in his grotto at The Mall from 27th November to 24th December. There’s lots more going on throughout the festive season - Art Market, Creative Thursdays, Dancing, Film Festival. Click here for a full list of events.

Come and join us for our annual Lantern Parade, Fireworks & Cathedral Carol Concert on Thursday, 12th December 2013. This year’s event will include an exciting fire show and street performances. Meeting on Town Hall Square from 4.30pm, the festive lantern parade will set off from King William Street at 6.00pm led by a Samba Band, walking around the town to the Cathedral Grounds, where the annual fireworks spectacular will begin at approximately 6.45pm. The fireworks will be followed by a Carol Concert inside the Cathedral at 7.30pm. Blackburn Cathedral will be celebrating Christmas with a packed programme of events & carol concerts. Blackburn Music Society & the Lancashire Chamber Orchestra will be performing Handel’s Messiah & the Choirs of Blackburn Cathedral will present their popular Christmas Spectacular Gala. Don’t forget to book your tickets early as they usually sell out! For information on all these events see www.

Skating on the Square 10th December to 5th January Town Hall Square, King William Street. Come along & have a go on our skating rink. Fun for all the family for only £1 (for a 20 minute session)

Don’t forget the Pantos ... This year King George’s Hall bring you the family pantomime Cinderella. Starting from 11th December until 31st December. Click here for more information. Aladdin will be the star of the show at Thwaites Empire Theatre, Blackburn  from 4th December to 5th January.


King William Street is in the centre of Blackburn. There is parking available at The Mall Shopping Centre (Charges apply) or parking is free after 3pm on any of the Council run car parks. For details of the Lantern Making Workshops please email Blackburn Market free family events & activities. Through out the Christmas season  there’s lots going on in Blackburn Market to entertain the whole family. Contact Blackburn Visitor Centre for further details & times 01254 688040. Saturday 21st December The Bread & Butter Theatre Company celebrate with their comical elves & karaoke Christmas Crackers. For more information about any of these Christmas events please contact Blackburn Visitor Centre 01254 669187 or 669188 or Email



Adult £4, Child £0, Concession £3

Sunday’s at Samlesbury are always bursting with activities and fun! Join our regular tours & talks every week with one of our guides - all are complimentary with admission. Tel : 012254 812010

More Information: Lancashire County council, 01282 771004, Email:

Christmas Events in Colne

Visit Santa 30th Nov, 7th, 14th 21st & 23rd December

7th December Colne Christmas Light Switch on and Craft Market Come to Colne town centre and enjoy the Craft Market followed by the Christmas Lights Switchon Market from 10.00am ‘til 5.00pm Colne Town Centre, Colne Lancashire BB8 0AP Tel: 01282 661677. 4th to 19th January Aladdin - Christmas Panto - 2014 The Muni Theatre, Albert Road, Colne Lancashire BB8 0AE Flying into Pendle on a mystical, magical carpet ride, ‘Aladdin’ is a fabulous Middle Eastern folk tale that weaves its way across the Arabic Peninsula to China and back to Pendle! It tells the tale of a young, poor boy who lives in Peking with his mother - Widow Twankey - played by comedy genius Keith De'Winter. Rising new star, Ricardo Castro, takes on the role of Aladdin, who is recruited to find a magic lamp by his evil and mysterious Uncle Abanazar (Jonathan Metcalf) - a sorcerer and generally allround bad guy. And former Hollyoaks star, Darren John Langford, who played Spencer Gray in the popular soap, takes on the role of The Emperor of China. Please contact the Muni booking office on 01282 661234.

Victorian Christmas

Christmas Events in Darwen Visit Santa in his Grotto, in Darwen Market Annex. 10am-12 & 1pm -2pm. Proceeds to Darwen Rotary Club Charity. Accrington Pipe Band will be entertaining shoppers with festive tunes on 7th & 22nd December, with performances between 11am & 3pm. On 14th December, Blackburn Peoples Choir will be performing in cappella style, an exciting range of songs directed by Jeff Borradaile, between 10am & 2pm in Darwen Market. Come along & join in when Darwen Sings Carols on 21st December 10am -12 noon in Darwen Market. Darwen’s 3 day & 6 day Markets will be open on Sunday 22nd December for all your last minute Christmas essentials.

Christmas Family Fun Day Saturday 30 November 10am to 4pm Rawtenstall Market Newchurch Rd Rawtenstall BB4 7QX T Clowns T Face Painting T Children’s Fairground Rides T Craft Workshop T St Mary’s Primary School Choir

A Very Victorian Christmas in Bacup Saturday 14 December

10am to 4pm Bacup Market, Union St & Irwell Terrace, Bacup T Arts, Crafts & Gifts Market T Face Painting T Live Entertainment T Children’s Fairground Rides T Hot food  

14 and 15th December Gawthorne Hall, Burnley Road, Padiham, near Burnley, BB12 8UA. 11am - 3pm A special winter opening of the Hall - discover the Victorian festive Gawthorpe, trimmed for the season. See the Dining Room dressed for Christmas dinner, listen to seasonal story readings, take part in craft activities, see Father Christmas, and visit the Victorian kitchen where the housekeeper will be giving away the secrets of a great plum pudding.

For more information contact 01706 252541/93 33

Step two You should consider whether you would like to impose any restrictions on what your attorney can do or to include any guidance for your attorneys. We can advise you about this. Step three You can specify people that should be notified before your attorneys register the LPA and use it. This adds a layer of protection should you want it.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) We often have the foresight to make a will, we consider what we would like to happen when we pass away and who we want to benefit from our estates. Often people get peace of mind knowing that things are in order for the family that they are leaving behind.

• A Health and Welfare LPA – this enables your attorneys to make decisions about social care issues and medical treatment, including life sustaining treatment. This type of power of attorney can only be used when you no longer have capacity to make those decisions for yourself.

However, what we find less than easy is to contemplate a chapter in our lives where we may be living but unable to manage for ourselves, this could be due to a physical impairment or because our mental capacity becomes diminished. One solution is to put in place Lasting Powers of Attorney

You do not have to appoint the same people on both attorneys and it is important to bear in mind that some decisions such as long term care arrangements that may require both powers.

By making a LPA you decide what would happen if you could not make decisions for yourself or if you became physically frail and needed support managing your affairs.

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney? A LPA is a legal document that allows you to appoint another person or persons to make decisions on your behalf, your attorney(s). There are two types of LPA: • A Property and Financial Affairs LPA – this enables your attorneys to make decisions on your behalf in relation to your financial affairs and your property. 34

What does making a Lasting Power of Attorney involve? Step one Once you have decided which power is appropriate for your needs you should choose your attorneys. It is important to choose someone you trust. It could be a family member, friend or a professional such as your solicitor. If you choose more than one attorney you may choose them to act jointly on all matters or have the authority to act individually (jointly and severally) or you can appoint your attorneys to act jointly in respect of some decisions and joint and severally in respect of some decisions. We can advise you on this.

Step four You will need a certificate provider who will sign your LPA and state that they are satisfied that they believe you understand the document and that you are not under any pressure to make a LPA. Where appropriate we can act as certificate provider. If your health is in question it may be wise to ask your doctor to give the certificate. If you choose not to serve notice on anyone as outlined in step three, you will need two certificate providers in line with the legislation. Step five A LPA cannot be used until it has been registered at the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). As a matter of good practice I would advise registering your LPA straight away and placing it into storage until such time as you may need it. You can revoke your LPA at any time as long as you still have the required mental capacity to do so.

Is there an alternative? If you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself and have no LPA in place then a deputy would need to be appointed by the Court of Protection to make decisions on your behalf. This may not be the person you would have chosen. This can be an expensive procedure and it would require someone stepping forward on your behalf. The best option is to plan ahead and choose for yourself.

Instructions If you want to find out more about making a LPA or discuss any other aspect about dealing with someone else’s affairs please contact Jane Flaherty on 01282426666 who will be able to discuss this in more detail with you.

Your attorneys are under a duty to act in your best interests.

LOCAL SOLICITORS FOR LOCAL PEOPLE ELDERLY CLIENT SERVICES Advice is available in all the following areas: Making a Will l Family Trusts and Asset Protection l Inheritance Tax l Powers of Attorney l Court of Protection l Planning for Long Term Care l

Local Authority and NHS funding of care including disputes l Living Wills and Welfare Attorneys l Safeguarding for Vulnerable Adults l

We can offer a free initial appointment at our offices. We offer home visits where appropriate. In the first instance contact

Jane Flaherty on 01282 426666 to make an appointment

28 Manchester Rd, Burnley, Lancashire T: 01282 426666

KEEP WARM, KEEP WELL IN WINTER  Protection against the cold is vital for older people, who are particularly vulnerable to the impact of low temperatures. Age UK has developed four tips to protect people’s health and keep warm in winter: 1. It’s harder to judge temperatures as you get older. Use a thermometer to detect changes and act quickly. Keep your living room at 70°F (21°c) if possible. 2. Exposure to the cold during the night puts you at greater risk of a heart attack or a stroke. Keep your bedroom at 65°F (18°c). 3. It’s a common misconception that sleeping with the window open all year round is healthy. Keeping windows open on a winter night puts you at greater risk of a heart attack or a stroke. Keep your bedroom windows closed at night. 4. Protect your fingers, mouth and head – these parts of your body are more sensitive to changes in temperature. Breathing in cold air can increase your chances of becoming seriously ill. Wrap up well when you go outside. Age UK Blackburn with Darwen is distributing free information and room thermometers to help local older people keep warm and well during these cold winter months. A range of information leaflets are available on how to keep healthy during the cold weather; how to be energy efficient and save money on your fuel bills; and contacts for other useful services. For free copies or for help and advice on a specific issue contact Age UK Blackburn with Darwen: Contact the Advice and Information service Blackburn Central Library t: 01254 266620

Darwen Town Hall t: 01254 773440



………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Age UK Blackburn with Darwen also provide the following services:  Day Care  Befriending  Ageing Well activities  Footcare service  IT tuition For more information contact t: 01254 266620 w:

Registered charity number 1143809


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Energy prices * frozen Brrrrrrilliant news from Age UK Energy!  Fix your gas and electricity prices for 12 months with the Age UK Fixed 1 year tariff  No cancellation fee or tie-in charges  Tailor-made for people aged 60+

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Hurrah for Implants Smile, Chew and be Confident With Dental Implants you can get your teeth back Have you suffered the trauma of tooth loss or damage? It can happen to anyone and, when it does, it doesn’t just affect how you look. Eating can become more difficult and you may feel more self-conscious smiling with a gap. At AP Smile Care, we don’t just bring back your smile, we bring back your confidence. With dental implants, you can get your teeth back regardless of whether you have a single tooth or multiple teeth missing. The implant is a titanium root placed into the jawbone mimicking a natural tooth and giving you the feel of a natural tooth! Onto this, an individual crown, bridge or even denture can be secured.

This provides not only the function you need to chew and smile, but also the facial support that gives shape to your lips and cheeks. The confidence and normality this gives you back cannot be underestimated, particularly if you have years of teeth feeling alien in your mouth or gaps that have affected your chewing.

Kishore, our resident Oral surgeon, brings years of experience, care and diligence to our implant clinic. Run for your convenience on a Saturday morning, Kishore and his team will take you through your implant journey - from consultation, where he assesses the options you have for implant placement, to choosing the most successful implants for you and then rebuilding the teeth or denture on top.


Passionate about the smiles we look after Kishore is adept at creating a relaxed atmosphere in his clinic and is able to offer sedation during any procedure, alleviating many of the worries and apprehensions patients have about getting the treatment. As a lecturer for a leading implant manufacturer, you can be confident in the skill he brings to even the most complex of cases – which is what makes him such a great asset to our team.

Our free consultations allow you to gain further information about how implants can help transform the confidence you have in your smile. Implants can be used in a variety of situations. Accidents can arise where a single tooth has been lost so a single titanium root can be secured into the jaw by a minor surgical procedure that can be carried out in practice.

Once this has healed, the crown is then placed and your smile is back to full health. While you are healing, temporary dentures or bridges can be made so you won’t be toothless during this transitionary period. Some patients turn to implants after years of struggling to control a bulky denture sliding around the mouth, covering such a large area the ability to taste and enjoy food has gone. Often, all that is needed are a couple of implants placed into the jaw line that then attach themselves to a custom made denture. This new smile gives you back your confidence when dining with family, public talking or when meeting new people. There is no risk of these teeth slipping, or repeated visits to the bathroom to rinse away trapped food. Extractions: Regular Saturday morning clinics means we can offer a prompt service if you need a tooth to be removed urgently. There’s no need to wait, with Kishore’s experience you can feel reassured that you truly are in expert hands. Sedation: Having a tooth removed can leave many people feeling anxious and having palpitations. AP Smilecare offers sedation as a solution to your worries. Kishore brings his clinical expertise to offer ‘intra-venous sedation’ as a means to relaxing you when having a tooth removed. With our surroundings, Kishore and our team, plus our care you definitely feel more in control.

Here is what one of our patients said about us I have recently had an implant procedure carried out by Kishore at ap smilecare; and the result is fantastic! I’ve got my smile back! Kishore has been most attentive and professional throughout my journey and the care he took throughout was better than I had experienced elsewhere. He made sure that I had no discomfort during and after the procedure. Implants to me were an investment, so I wanted the work to be carried out by a surgeon that was very experienced. Also as I wasn’t sure whether my mouth was suitable; it was important for me to choose a clinician who dealt with cases similar to mine so they understood the pitfalls and what the end result would look like. My confidence has continued to grow since the procedure and especially when friends, family and members of the public compliment my teeth; it made the journey worthwhile. I would recommend ap smilecare without any hesitation and have done numerous times. My only regret is that I didn’t have the procedure done years ago! As the treatment was on a Saturday it gave me time to relax for the rest of the weekend and Kishore kindly gave me his personal number should I have any queries.

After a 3-month healing period, the gum contour is created to ensure that, when you smile, the tooth is centred following the contour of the existing smile and appears to emerge as a natural tooth from the gum line.

To anyone who is thinking of having such a procedure I say ‘go ahead’, don’t hesitate! Kishore is great! Mrs Yates

Call us on 01254 297 000 to book your new patient consultation. You can also make an appointment quickly and easily online.

AP Smilecare, 109A Preston New Rd, Blackburn, BB2 6BJ

INTERVIEW: ANN Widdecombe and when I was nine or 10 had written two books – if you could call three exercise books bound together a book.” Unsurprisingly, when she quit politics she turned to writing and has four successful novels under her belt with a fifth underway. This latest one, unlike her other books, is a detective novel – “it’s not full of sex, it’s a straightforward detective story,” she states. However, it was politics which has claimed much of her life, starting with an election trail that began as a candidate in Burnley in 1979. She moved on to try in Plymouth Devonport against Dr David Owen in 1983 before she successfully became MP for Maidstone in 1987. She had a hard-working and stellar rise up the Conservative Parliamentary ranks to become Minister of State for the Department of Employment in 1994, then for the Home Office in 1995.

STRICTLY ANN ANN Widdecombe tucked surprisingly dainty feet under her and sat happily recounting highlights from a career that has taken her from Parliament to “Strictly Come Dancing.” The former Tory minister was part-way through a hectic book tour to publicise her very entertaining autobiography, “Strictly Ann,” and was taking


time out for a quick chat and a welcome cuppa. She is 66 now, with a big personality belied by her petite stature, but with the same feisty nature that turned her into a scourge of the Opposition and a staunch defender of Catholic values. It also complemented a formidable intellect honed at Oxford University where she was active in the Oxford Union. “Before I got into politics I always thought I’d be a writer,” she explains. “I’d always loved reading

In opposition, she was Shadow Health Secretary and Shadow Home Secretary. In 2007 she announced her intention of retiring from politics at the next General Election, and in 2010 her considerable and often controversial presence left the House of Commons for good. Ask her, however, what was one of the most memorable achievements of her political tenure and she won’t point to a major Bill or campaign. “It was getting one of my constituents out of jail in Morocco,” she says simply. “They really didn’t think it could be done.” Her trenchant views, no-nonsense approach and – as it transpired – sheer likeability meant that she quickly swapped political status for celebrity status. She already had a strong TV curriculum vitae from fronting various documentaries and from discussion programmes, but the public suddenly got to see

her in a new light when she agreed to take part in “Strictly Come Dancing.” “Several of my friends said ‘what do you want to do Strictly for?’ because they still saw me as a politician,” she recalls. “I knew that I was no longer a politician. “I’d turned down Big Brother because I hate that kind of intrusive programme, and I could never go on ‘I’m A Celebrity ….. Get Me Out Of Here!’ because I couldn’t eat any of those disgusting things they make you eat. “But I liked the idea of Strictly. Of course , I was very glad to get Anton du Beke as a partner. One of the earliest things he said to me was ‘Ann, it will be much better if we do our best to keep your feet off the floor.’” Ann, who threw herself into the gruelling daily rehearsals as she does everything else in life, worked hard. “I’m lucky enough to enjoy pretty good health so I was flung about and didn’t come out with more than the odd bruise,” she says, laughing at the memory. While the judges were unimpressed with Ann’s efforts, however cleverly choreographed by her partner, the public loved her. Game as always, Ann even agreed to “fly” in on a high-wire – “which I absolutely hated as I’ve got height phobia. I kept my eyes closed during rehearsals, but I had to open them for the broadcast.” The public vote kept the duo in the hit programme for nine weeks before they left. What did Anton have in mind if they’d reached the final? “Well, he was going to fly in from one side and I was going to fly in from the other, and we were going to dance in the air!” Ann laughs again. “Yes, the public were denied that.” Her Strictly appearance did, however, not only lead to an enjoyable live national tour of the show but also to panto. This was in tandem with Strictly judge Craig Revel Horwood who had proved to be the biggest critic of Ann’s dancing declaring her a “disah-ster.” While she has been involved in a variety of other TV programmes – including an excellent documentary series “Ann Widdecombe Versus” tackling a variety of contemporary problems – she really enjoyed her most recent, quiz show “Cleverdicks” for Sky Atlantic. “And I really regret that they didn’t re-commission that series because it was great,” comments Ann.

There have been, however, some discussions about Ann and Anton du Beke teaming up for a TV sitcom – “it still seems to be out there although nothing has been decided.” And she readily admits that she would love to have one of her books made into a film – “who wouldn’t?” is her honest comment. There are many who believe she should have gone into the House of Lords when her career in the House of Commons ended, but perhaps her opposition to both fox hunting and gay marriage has not made her a special favourite of David Cameron’s. However, Ann refuses to publicly comment on this one and believes the country should give the Coalition a chance to work properly. As for future plans, she is open to ideas. “I never plan in detail,” she states. “I just see what comes along.” What is certain, however, is that the word “retirement” means very little about slowing down for this indefatigable lady. “I’m from a long-lived family, and I don’t understand people who complain about being retired,” she asserts. “I don’t think I could ever do absolutely nothing.”

My Bronte Book Your autobiography captured in a beautiful, illustrated volume for your family to treasure. Complete with a web site of your pictures and recordings of your stories. Written in Haworth, home of the Brontes. Haworth gave birth to the historic novels of the Bronte sisters and it can become the birthplace of your personal story. Makes a wonderful gift for loved ones. Bronte Book will publish your personal autobiography, written and published in Haworth, to pass on as a living legacy after making detailed recordings. Within the four month long process comes your own web site (also available separately) containing recordings, pictures and special stories. Your own living legacy which we know you will enjoy compiling. You may choose a book and/or a web site and an e-book within the package which starts from £300 ranging to £2,750 for the full process, which can include up to 20 books. A deposit with instalment payments plan is available.

Details from or Bronte Media, Tel: 01535 959002, Mobile: 07866 626090



Quality dentures mean a quality lifestyle The Importance of Dentures The eyes, nose and teeth are the focal points of every face; they give the first impressions of your personality. Natural teeth grow in proportion and in harmony with your facial features and your dentures should be made accordingly. Your teeth, or your dentures, have many important functions: to support your facial muscles, to help formulate your speech, and most importantly to chew your food and start the digestive process. It is very important to chew food properly, as poorly chewed food will take longer to digest, especially for the elderly who could risk problems in the digestive system.

Choice of Dentures There are four main quality standards in denture materials. The denture base (gum coloured on which the denture teeth sit). 42

• • • • •

Standard Quality High Impact Acrylics (much stronger) Injection Pressure Formed (Premium Denture Base) Flexible (Partial Dentures) Metal Denture

The Denture Teeth • • •

food. Denture material absorbs liquids and food odour. Daily cleaning is essential as well as professional ultrasonic cleaning in a dental laboratory at least once a year. Due to constant bone resorbtion dentures will become loose sooner or later.

2 Layer Acrylic (economy) 3 Layer Acrylic (harder wearing) 4 Layer Reinforced (hard wearing, natural look) N.F.C. (Nano filled composite) premium teeth.

Loose dentures will increase damage to the gums and bone structure, and increase the risk of breakage. Have them re-lined as soon as possible to get a good fit. It only takes a day or two.

Of course, the materials alone will not make a good denture. In the hands of a skillful and experienced Clinical Dental Technician the best results are achieved.

Have your dentures inspected by a Clinical Dental Technician at least every two years, or more frequently if necessary.

Dentures Need Regular Servicing Dentures are in constant use almost 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are also in a pretty hostile environment in the mouth, being attacked by strong acid, bacteria, hot, cold and spicy

Your Dentures need Attention 1. When they become loose. 2. When teeth or denture base discolours. 3. When tooth surfaces become flat. 4. When denture base does not fit around natural teeth (in partial dentures).

5. When you develop deep lines around your mouth. 6. When your chin sticks out, and the corners of your lips are constantly wet, developing sores. 7. When you stop smiling and feel embarrassed.

My Dentures have become loose! This is easily remedied by a procedure know as Re-lining. A new layer of Denture base is added to your existing Denture, improving the fit and restoring confidence.

Dentures with worn down teeth Teeth excessively worn, require a new set of dentures.

Dentures on Implants

This type of Denture is constructed in conjunction with the Dental Implant Surgeon. This is a very good procedure when the patient has limited control and retention of their Dentures. The finished Dentures ‘click’ into position offering the ultimate in Denture Retention.

Major improvements in Facial Features

At the same time we have to use our technical expertise in order to make the denture stable and functional. Denture construction is more art than science.

Padding dentures to reduce lines and fill up sunken cheeks will require a new set of dentures. It is advisable to have a new set of dentures made every 5 to 10 years.

What is a Clinical Dental Technician? Professional Clinical Dental Technicians are members of the Dental Health Care Team. They have undergone specific training and education in the skills and knowledge necessary to provide a removable appliance service directly to the community.

Should I have a spare set of Dentures made? Yes, it is very important to have a spare set of dentures for emergencies in case of breakage.

Difficulties in Constructing a Good Set of Dentures

Equipped with solid technical training as a Dental Technician - plus posttechnician training in sciences, clinical skills, and interpersonal skills - the Clinical Dental Technician can design, create, construct and modify (repair and rebase) removable appliances to ensure optimal fit, maximum comfort and general well-being of patients.

Constructing a functional and aesthetically pleasing set of dentures is the most difficult task in dentistry. We are not only replacing lost teeth, but also lost tissue matter and bone. In other words, we have to re-create your facial features as they were before the loss of your natural teeth.

These skills enable the Clinical Dental Technician, whilst remaining a member of the Dental Health Care Team, to work independently of other Dental Health Care providers.

In most cases we do not know what your teeth looked like, what size they were or what position they were in originally. We have a few indications but mostly we have to rely on our visual and artistic judgement.


smile w i th co nf i de nce

Douglas Heaysman is a Clinical Dental Technician with over 40 years of experience and study. Doug creates bespoke hand crafted dentures using state of the art materials and techniques for an optimum fit and maximum comfort. Visit us for a free of charge 20 minute consultation for new dentures, implants or any denture related problems to discuss your concerns and to find out how we can help you.

We now offer Dental Implants in conjunction with an Implant Specialist. These stabilise troublesome dentures and can truly change lives. Home visits are available, where we come to you for all consultations and fittings. Quality, Convenience and Professionalism are our watchwords and our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way, with a personal, understanding and caring service.








Douglas Heaysman Dip CDT RCS (Eng) RDT Clinical Dental Technician, Denture Provider Registered with the General Dental Council (no 112441)

71 Albert Road, Colne BB8 0BP | T: 01282 862823 57 Pickup Street, Clayton-le-Moors BB5 5NS | T: 01254 416046


DEMENTIA – Making the Most out of Life Dementia is an age-related syndrome that affects nearly 600,000 people in the UK, and is now the most common disease in the elderly. Living with Dementia is very difficult for both sufferers and their friends and families, but Dr Lynda Shaw believes it doesn’t have to spell the end of a happy and meaningful life. She strongly upholds that there are steps you can take

NO WORRIES! Bath out - Shower in


to help Dementia sufferers enjoy everyday activities and make the most of their later years, despite their illness: “It is a common misconception that once Dementia has been diagnosed and begins to affect a person’s life, there is little that can be done to help the person. Whilst Dementia can of course at times be frightening,

confusing and upsetting for both the sufferer and their carers, many of those with even advanced Dementia can still take great enjoyment from life, and it is a huge mistake to think otherwise. “As Dementia worsens this will obviously mean a lot of changes in life, and what the sufferer can cope with will undoubtedly change over time. Try varying activities to find what works and what doesn’t, and tailor things to an appropriate level of ability so the person doesn’t get frustrated. Even simple pleasures such as a walk in the park or listening to music can help increase the quality of life of a person with Dementia, so stay flexible in your planning and be creative in thinking of activities the person will enjoy. Most importantly, always focus on the positives.”   Dementia affects people differently and can have several causes, the most common of which being Alzheimer’s Disease; its symptoms can affect memory, perception, understanding, judgement, emotions and even personality. Dr Lynda Shaw admits that there is no standard formula for how to deal with Dementia, as it depends hugely on the individual and the stage of their illness, but advises carers to invest time in activities that the person once enjoyed, and incorporate

STRUGGLE TO GET IN & OUT OF YOUR OLD BATH? Designed to fit in the same space as your old bath, the Shower Module’s unique construction enables it to be FITTED IN JUST ONE DAY* with NO MESS, NO FUSS and NO RE-TILING either! ● ● ● ● ● ●

Fits in same space as your old bath! GLASS PROTECTION

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Easy clean tile effect - no re-tiling or mouldy grout! Easy access NEW lower step Optional seat and grab rail Assistance pole Slip resistant floor Built-in shelving

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INSTALLATIONS IN THE UK Available with full height sliding doors or half height hinged door and panel

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FREEPHONE 0800 316 0110

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Postcode Lines open 24 hours 7 days a week. Or return coupon to FREEPOST RRGY-AHAX-AHSX, Aquability UK Ltd, Farnborough, GU14 0NR. Or visit - Send to: FREEPOST RRGY-AHAX-AHSX, Aquability UK Ltd, Farnborough, GU14 0NR.


socialisation into daily routine wherever possible.   “When dealing with severe Dementia, it’s often easy to focus on the illness and lose sight of the individual. Whenever you see the person with Dementia treat them with respect and dignity to help them feel confident and valued, however advanced their Dementia may be. Equally, it is important to communicate in a clear and reassuring way to help the Dementia sufferer feel at ease. Even if the person doesn’t understand what you’re saying they may pick up on non-verbal communication, so ensure your tone is warm and that your body language is open and friendly to avoid unintentionally coming across as stressed or irritated.”   Furthermore, Dr Lynda Shaw urges there are active steps that people can take to slow the rate of mental decline from Dementia, and even to avoid succumbing to the illness altogether. Most types of Dementia are degenerative, but some causes can be stopped or reversed if they are found soon enough, and Dr Shaw believes there are many things you can do to protect yourself;   “Spotting the early signs of Dementia is crucial to being able to reduce the rate of deterioration. With the right lifestyle and guidance, we can help

those suffering with Dementia in its early stages – and even those who aren’t – retain their independence and prolong their lives, and live as normally and happily as possible.” Tips to improve your chances at keeping Dementia at bay:   1. Keeping your brain active brain active is the most important way to avoid succumbing to Dementia. Challenge your brain daily with crosswords, sudokus, maths puzzles, or even a game of hangman, noughts and crosses or Pictionary with a friend.   2. Use your hands. Gardening, knitting, writing a diary will help improve your coordination and boost brain activity – even practice writing with your other hand to exercise the opposite side of your brain to challenge yourself!   3. Exercise regularly. Even just 10-20 minutes of walking daily can reduce the risk of Dementia through improving cardiovascular health to maintain blood flow to the brain. Not to mention the benefits of some fresh air and a change of scene!   4. Keep socialising. Arrange a weekly coffee date or phone call with friend or family member, join a book club, take up a new hobby, or volunteer for a charity in your local area.  

5. Control high blood pressure by maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, cutting back on alcohol intake and quitting smoking. Tips to help those with Dementia   1. Find out as much as you can about Dementia and how it is affecting the particular person involved. That way when you talk to other family and friends about it, you are in the best position to be understanding and offer the right kind of support.   2. Let them and their family know you are there for them by making sure you stay in touch. Arrange regular meet-ups or just pop round for a cup of tea and a chat – even a quick text or phone call to let the family know you’re thinking of them can make a huge difference.    3. Be a good listener – those supporting the person suffering with Dementia often need someone to talk through things with, so ask thoughtful questions and listen carefully, and give them time to explore their feelings freely without judgment.   4. Organise a treat or outing to include the person with Dementia. Think of an appropriate activity for everyone to do together, such as a walk in the park or a trip to the seaside, and give everybody a fun day out.

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PERSONAL Funeral Plans Protect your loved ones

Suffering the loss of a loved one is one of life’s most difficult experiences and yet it is precisely at this time that your loved one has to decide on funeral arrangements, and how they’ll pay for it. Making all the difference when it really matters. The benefit of choosing your Personal Funeral Plan today is that the complete cost of the funeral and the arrangements that go with it are all taken care of your loved ones will not have the burden of a funeral bill to pay, nor the worry of having to make detailed arrangements at this distressing time. Plans to suit your needs, from a family funeral director you can trust

We offer a choice of three funeral plans to suit your needs and wishes. Whichever plan you choose, it will be carried out by your local independent family funeral director who has a long and proud tradition of personal service within your community. You can be sure your independent family funeral director will appreciate and respect local customs and expectations whilst offering the highest level of service.

“I would recommend a funeral plan to anyone, leaving no financial worries.” Margaret Pearson, Lancashire

Protect your family and friends from the emotional anxiety and financial burden of funeral arrangements by arranging your Personal Funeral Plan TODAY.

Save Money and Spare Loved Ones Worry... • • • • •

Guaranteed full funeral payment with no hidden extras Inflation-proof funeral plans Alleviate financial strain that funerals often cause Plan prices start from just £2900 Ask about our price guarantee

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When you choose a pre-paid funeral plan, you can be confident your money is safe and secure.

Easy Payment Plans Available

All funds are held separately in trust with HSBC Trust Co. (UK) Ltd. which, as one of the largest and most reputable financial institutions in the UK, has been selected to act as custodian trustees. PrICe COMParIsOn

Funeral COsT

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The average cost of a funeral The reality facing us all is that the cost a funeral in the UK is rising and is predicted to continue to rise in the future. By choosing to purchase a prepaid funeral plan from Haven you can secure the cost of your loved ones funeral at today’s prices, with no more to pay however much they rise in the future.

neral payment Guaranteed full fu tras. with no hidden ex

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Our Personal Funeral Plans make all the difference. Fred Hamers Funeral Services: Funeral Director: Jean Holt

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