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S A T U R D AY , F E B R U A R Y 7 , 7 P M Benefitting The

CHILDREN’S MUSEUM OF MEMPHIS The Katherine and John Dobbs Family Center





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The Kenneys Wedding Imagery

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The Kenneys Wedding Imagery

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Children’s Museum of Memphis Bridal Beauty: It’s All About Confidence Something New Cedar Hall: An Antebellum Destination Get Married and Stay Married


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Letter From the Publisher Seek the Peace and Prosperity of the City in which I have placed you. Jeremiah 29:7 .‫ יִ ְהיֶ ה לָ כֶ ם ָׁשלֹום‬,‫לֹומּה‬ ָ ‫ כִּ י ִב ְׁש‬:‫יְ הוָ ה‬-‫ ֶאל‬,‫ וְ ִה ְת ַּפלְ לּו ַבעֲ ָדּה‬,‫ ֲא ֶׁשר ִהגְ לֵ ִיתי ֶא ְתכֶ ם ָׁש ָּמה‬,‫שלֹום ָהעִ יר‬-‫ת‬ ְׁ ‫ז וְ ִד ְרׁשּו ֶא‬ ‫יִ ְר ְמיָ הּו‬

Recently Stephanie Beliles and I were having lunch at Whole Foods, which has become one of 4Memphis’s top distribution partners, when a lady by the name of Elizabeth White stopped at our table to thank us for the work that 4Memphis is doing through the Memphis Love Challenge. She then gave me one of the most surprising compliments of my short publishing career (we are now in our fourth year of publishing 4Memphis). She said how much she loved my monthly letters and added that she carries one that I wrote on forgiveness around with her in her purse. It was her suggestion that we republish the letter at the first of every year to help our readers forgive the difficulties of the past year in order to set the stage for the coming year. I am not sure we are ready to fully take her up on her suggestion, but given that January is our annual wedding issue, a letter on forgiveness is a great message to those who are about to get married, as well as to those who have been married for years. Young love, novels/movies on marriage focus on the excitement and desire of romantic love, while the true success of marriage is built on forgiveness.

Thanks Mrs. White for the compliment and for making the job of writing for January a little easier. I pray that your suggestion helps strength marriages throughout the Mid-South. The letter was written to challenge the citizens of Memphis to forgive what wrongs were done in the past and in doing so we can build a future together. The application is actually more important in marriage, because the offense to your spouse is often immediate and personal from the one you have trusted your life to. Forgiveness is absolutely essential to building a great marriage. Seek the Peace and Prosperity of Memphis, Jim Walker

Forgiveness: A Tool To Rewriting History Or The Future? I imagine we have all heard more than once someone making the statement: “I could never forgive that person.” Even if we have not said it, if we are truthful, we have thought it. Unfortunately many of us live our lives under the umbrella of anger because of some condition or memory of our past.

was to bully the two boys that didn’t look like them. Evans and his brother lived daily with emotional harassment and occasionally physical abuse by the kids of the street. The fun of the neighborhood pick up game was not theirs to enjoy; it was something to be feared as their childhood tormentors were all gathered in one place.

Last month we announced that 4Memphis was bringing David Mickey Evans the writer/director/voice of “The Sandlot” to AutoZone Park for a special screening of the film on the Jumbotron. The Sandlot’s positive messages about friendship, acceptance and childhood innocence, are now speaking to their second generation of fans. It was fun to watch fathers and mothers bring their children to AutoZone Park to share together this special showing of their beloved movie. The parents had watched this movie as children many times, but now for the first time they heard the voice of “The Sandlot” answer important questions i.e. why he wrote the movie and where the characters we all love came from. David Mickey Evans was quick to quote Mark Twain in explaining the characters, saying “None of these boys was any boy I knew, but all of these boys was every boy I knew.” In fact the boys of his childhood could not have been more opposite than our friends in “The Sandlot.”

The vicious dog in “The Sandlot,” Hercules, and the challenge to retrieve a ball from over the fence were real, but the conditions in which Evans’ brother had to retrieve the ball were much different. Evans’ brother was offered the long-awaited opportunity to be a part of the street baseball game, if only he would retrieve the ball that had been knocked over the fence. In the end, Evans had to carry his brother home, having been badly bitten on the leg by Hercules as he attempted to get the ball.

David Mickey Evans shared with the crowd his childhood, growing up in a poor, multicultural section of Los Angeles. It was a neighborhood where baseball, football and basketball were played seasonally by the kids on the street. The other game these neighborhood boys played

Evans childhood and early adult life were filled with anger and hatred for the boys of his neighborhood. He was driven to be successful by his desire to seek revenge on the boys of his youth. Like many of us, Evans felt if he made enough money or had enough power he could somehow punish the boys of his neighborhood, even if that punishment was to only show them how wrong they had been for not being his friend. His anger and drive to be successful did not serve him well as an adult. He was only allowing the abuse that had destroyed his childhood to destroy his current life was well. In his late twenties, Evans surrendered his anger and decided that he had to forgive the boys of his youth. He

decided to go back in time and rewrite his childhood and in doing so he would forgive those who had hurt him and his brother. “The Sandlot” was born. He wrote the kids as friends and heroes, playing together and overcoming a great obstacle. He knows nothing of what happened to the boys of his youth. They didn’t ask for forgiveness. They never sought his friendship. However, in Evans’ process of forgiveness, he allowed these bullies to become his friends, and this personal story he wrote for himself has become one the most loved and watched movies of all time. He and I discussed in detail his personal journey, and he would tell you that although he would not wish his childhood on anyone, if he had the actual ability to go back in time to change it, he would not. It made him who he is and allowed him to give the world “The Sandlot.” Much like the Old Testament’s character of Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his brothers, Evans is able to declare, “What they meant for evil, God has used for good.” Forgiveness, the key to Evans’ and Joseph’s success is also the key to success for the citizens of Memphis. Forgiveness didn’t really change Evans’ past, it changed the way he dealt with the present, and that changed his future. The citizens of Memphis shouldn’t forget the past, but instead should work to forgive the wrongs of the past. Forgiveness will allow us to live in the present and build for the future. Jim Walker





Gown / Ballew Bridal Accessory / Low’s Bridal Photography / Trey Clark


Bridal 2015

32 / 4Memphis

Gown / Low’s Bridal Veil / Ballew Bridal Photography / Trey Clark

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Brew for a Cure Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Photography by Mike Payne The first inaugural Brew for a Cure event was an opportunity to join forces with JDRF to help those with type 1 diabetes. The signature event featured icy cold beers from four local breweries, hot culinary delights from area restaurants, brewing demos, and live music. The party summoned guests to “Drink Responsibly. Give Recklessly.� They did and all to benefit to wonderful work of JDRF!

Bill & Vicki Rogers

Jessica VanEyck & Tad Davis

Katie Clay & Seth McFarlin

Marion & Robert Milner

Michael & Carolyn Epps, Nancy Golden; Summer, Becca & Cecil Godman


JDRF is united for the sole purpose of providing hope to the children, adults, and their families who live with the challenges of type 1 Diabetes and the devastating complications due to this disease. JDRF is the global leader in type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, and is now the largest charitable funder of T1D research. To learn more about the West Tennessee chapter and how you can help, visit westtn.jdrf.org. Stacey & Darrell Greene Adrienne Huntsman & Bob LaBonia

Jennifer & Tom Oesdger 34 / 4Memphis

Ashley Bowles & Lori Pope

Sandie Yates & Tim Boxx

Bob & Diane Leopold, Barbara & Dennis Hodges

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By Stephanie Beliles, photos curtesy of the Children’s Museum of Memphis

n Memphis, the Children’s Museum of Memphis (affectionately known as CMOM), is an outstanding and nationallyaccredited children’s museum first, and it is a huge party at a close second. Cirque du CMOM is one of the museum’s primary sources of fundraising. It enlists the volunteer power of some of the more affluent families and business leaders in our community. The guest list reads like a local who’s who, and the themes and accoutrements that accompany Cirque du CMOM gain notoriety for their extravagance, entertainment value and ability to pack out the entire museum.

It goes without saying that the tickets are extremely coveted, and every year leads to another highly-anticipated party. However, it is important to recognize that CMOM is not just a party: strip away the feathers, glitterati and live performances and see that Cirque du CMOM is a party with a cause.

Children are impressionable. There have been countless studies conducted on young children and their propensity to learn through hands-on activity and observation. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that a children’s museum offers countless opportunities for a child to learn and grow. The Children’s Museum of Memphis was started nearly 25 years ago by a group of local mothers in the back of a car. The mothers ran light programing for children in this grassroots manner until they found and leased a location. Former Memphis City Mayor and current Children’s Museum CEO Richard Hackett assisted in getting their still current lease at what was formerly the National Guard Armory complex on Central Avenue. Now, after millions of dollars in fundraising, massive grounds expansion and exponentially growing attendance, CMOM has started another campaign with their partners at Iberia Bank to enable every child the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of the Children’s Museum of Memphis. One cannot fully appreciate the excitement that

36 / 4Memphis

pulses within the walls of the Children’s Museum of Memphis. The museum is a wild winding adventure for ages one to one hundred, starting with the FedEx Boeing 727. Children can play on a real flight (and crash) simulator, explore the cockpit of a FedEx plane, and even deliver (imaginary) packages all over the globe. They learn about culture and distance when their packages jet off to places like Paris: they follow the flight path and are then greeted by a Parisian young lady. The package tracker has been monitoring these imaginary packages, and CMOM kids have sent over 2 million packages since the exhibit opened. Leaving the FedEx exhibit, a child is ushered into the Mississippi River exhibit, where they learn about the significance of the river to our community, as well as light physics about water, weather and climate. No matter the age, no one can resist splashing around this model of the Mighty Mississippi, or at least until they are drawn to the real-life Kroger exhibit. A child can grab real Kroger products, proceed to the register, do simple math to work on totals and

even get checked out using the real scanner and computer software the Kroger stores use. There is a banking exhibit down the path that allows children to write a fake check, balance a checkbook, and even shoot a deposit through a teller pipe, just like mommy or daddy at the bank drive through! The exhibit reinforces the ideas of strategic saving and spending, and it even keeps a broadcasted a realtime statistics on debts at a local and national level. International Paper sponsors a beautiful exhibit on forest wildlife and conservation. It even has a paper airplane building area and a paper plane launcher! Around the corner lies an earthquake simulator as well as a tornado simulator, and both teach the science behind the natural phenomenon as well as the most effective way to safeguard oneself when the weather requires. Is your child interested in being a television personality? Have him take the stage on CMOM-TV: a real greenroom with a camera that projects your image on the television across the room! If your child is better suited to a more hands-on career, CMOM

offers a dentist office experience exhibit. There is a mannequin in a chair with his mouth opened and ready for your child to explore. The notions of brushing, flossing and nutrition are reinforced in this exhibit, all while the child is still having fun. In fact, a young lady and her fiancé revisited the dental exhibit for engagement photos: the bride-tobe is in dental care and credits her career choice and enthusiasm for oral care to this very exhibit she visited as a child! Around the corner is the AutoZone exhibit that has a real car ready to be explored. There is an area where children can go under the hood of a car and work out engine problems, learn about pumping gas, and understand tire maintenance. During warmer weather, families can take it outside to play in the Splash Park, new park area, and even check out the chicken coop and hen house! There are dozens of other areas for kids to climb, explore and learn, as well as get the physical activity they all require. At its core, the Children’s Museum of Memphis incorporates play and hands-on learning into a positive impact on the public. They feel that the notion of inclusiveness is central to bettering the community and its children; therefore, every child and child’s family is given the opportunity to afford

membership. The “Yes, EVERY Child” addresses the problem of families that want a membership but cannot afford it. Shortly after CMOM opened, it became apparent that there were a significant number of children in the city and surrounding areas who wished to enjoy the offerings of the museum but whose families could not afford the admission. The Board of Trustees formulated a policy that all children would be able to utilize CMOM regardless of ability to pay. Dr. Marilyn Robinson headed up the effort to get a program in place that would allow giving free admission to those with economic need. While promoting the program in the community, she found herself answering the question, “You’re going to be able to serve every child?” Her response is echoed in the program’s name: “Yes, EVERY Child!” The museum realized that by operating without any government funding, they would have to find ways to subsidize free admission for those who needed it. Each year since that time, CMOM continues to solicit gifts from individuals and corporations to give to the “Yes, EVERY Child!” fund. Since the program was implemented 23 years ago, over 200,000 children and families have been able to visit the museum for free! Iberia Bank has signed on to contribute to the “Yes,

EVERY Child” campaign and has even agreed to match all donations. Despite the overwhelming generosity, the fund operates in the red every year – the demand for assistance far outweighs donations. Children are products of their environment, and it is with that knowledge that Children’s Museum of Memphis recognizes that children from lowerincome families or struggling socioeconomic areas need the reinforcement of a children’s museum. It is a place to learn not only from touching and seeing exhibits, but also from learning to cooperate with peers and observe rules and manners. It also encourages valuable parent and child time, and that is something hardworking families need. In fact, the outside playground enforces a “no cell phone” rule in order to foster the philosophy that staying connected to your child- not your phoneis vital to their development. By simply buying a membership to CMOM, you are enabling another otherwise unable family to take advantage of the Children Museum of Memphis’ incredible resources. If you do not have a child, you can certainly party on the children’s behalf: the Cirque du CMOM is on February 7th this year, and sponsorships at all levels are available. The theme is “Pop, Rock, and Roll,” and it is a guaranteed great time. For more information, visit CMOM.com.

# Rise to the Challenge!

4Memphis challenges you to the #MemphisLoveChallenge! Participate by completing an act of kindness to an otherwise unknown recipient in the community. Pass it on by taking a photo or stating on social media a representation of each act followed by #MemphisLoveChallenge, and then challenge 3 of your friends. We will run photo and acts in next month’s issue! Learn more at 4Memphis. com/MemphisLove! January 2015 / 37


Bell Tower Gala

Christian Brothers University Photography by Mark O. Ramirez Christian Brothers University recently held their third annual Bell Tower Gala at the Hilton Memphis Grand Ballroom. The festivities supported CBU’s exceptional academic programs and scholarships. Bishop J. Terry Steib was awarded the Maurelian Medal; Michael Pohlman received the Distinguished Alumnus Award; and Analice Sowell received the Distinguished Young Alumna Award. It was a special night as alums and friends connected to support this Memphis institution. cbu.edu

Rita & James Kelly

Burton Bridges & Candice Briggie

Doug & Sissy Carpenter

Andrea Wiley & Randy Engel

Stephen Kirkpatrick & Karen Viotti

Stacy McMurray & J.T. Malasri

Molly Jenkins & J.D. Wolfe

Dr. Dan & Brenda Brandon

Eloise & John Smarrelli

Steve & Catherine Dunavant with Benjamin & Carolyn Head 38 / 4Memphis

Morgan Harrell & Mallory Harvey

The pediatric orthopaedic team at Campbell Clinic knows kids from head to toe. When our pediatrician was concerned about my daughter’s spine, she referred me to Campbell Clinic. They have a team of doctors fully dedicated to treating simple and complex pediatric orthopaedic problems. Campbell Clinic is great with kids – from infants to teenagers – and knows how to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions. In fact, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital chose Campbell Clinic as their orthopaedic partner. Today, my little ballerina is feeling better, and back in dance class.


Collierville | Germantown | Medical Center | Southaven | Cordova (coming soon) | CampbellClinic.com ©2015 Campbell Clinic P.C. All rights reserved. Campbell Clinic is a registered trademark of Campbell Clinic P.C.


Home Grown Banquet Young Life Memphis Photograhy by Mark O. Ramirez The Home Grown Banquet is the annual fundraiser for Young Life Memphis hosted by Hope Church, and an overflow crowd of supporters gathered for the dinner banquet. This year’s banquet was in honor of Brad Baker who is retiring from the local ministry after 43 years. Brad and his late wife Marcia impacted tens of thousands of young people showing them God’s love for them and our community. Barry Jenkins spoke representing the many who had first been led by Brad as their Young Life Leader, to then become part of Brad’s Young Life volunteer staff serving throughout the club system. Alumi and friends of Young Life sent hundreds of notes of encouragement and remembrance that were presented to Brad at the dinner as a token of appreciation for his incredible impact through his years of service.

Eliza Barton, Lauren Barker & Camille Goldstein

Susan Greene & Ashley Glisson

Cindy Dobbs & Janie Lowery


Pam & Don Ralph

Richard & Cindy Baker

….YOUNG LIFE MEMPHIS is funded entirely from within the community Donations support the staff of YL plus the training for over 90 volunteer leaders. Young Life Clubs serve kids from Manassas to Germantown, including North Mississippi. The clubs include programs for middle and high school kids, and a YL program for teen moms. YL shares Jesus Christ and helps kids to grow in faith. memphis.younglife.org.

Mack & Alyson Riggs

Stephen Moten, Collier Dobbs, Joel Scoggins, Danita Calhoun & Kevin Timmons 40 / 4Memphis

Barry Jensen & Brad Baker

Glenn Floyd & Tom Fowlkes

Claire Cole, Chandler Heinz, Elise Parker & Emily Griesbeck

Karen Johnston, Hart Kiser & Jennifer Estes

Oliva Hernandez, Max Rhodes, Emily Ragsdale & Madelyn Scruggs





Spa Services


Bridal Makeup Artistry

Your Bridal Makeup Experts

Now located at 420 Perkins Extended in the Laurelwood Place Shopping Center 901.249.5018 • Monday – Saturday 10am to 6pm



e s t

o f

r i d a l 4Memphis celebrates lovely bridal looks this year at Cedar Hall. This charming venue and its sweeping grounds and Victorian charm provided the perfect backdrop to showcase some of the biggest trends in bridal gowns this year. We are in love! Photographer: Trey Clark | Stylist/Sittings Editor: Stephanie Beliles Makeup: Heather Boutique and Spa | Hair: Scottie Key Assistants: Katie Breyer and McKendree Walker *Special thanks to Cedar Hall

42 / 4Memphis

Gown / Low’s Bridal Headband / Low’s Bridal

January 2015 / 43

Gown / Barefoot Bride Headband / Low’s Bridal

44 / 4Memphis

Gown / Low’s Bridal Necklace, bracelet / Social

January 2015 / 45

Gown, veil / Ballew Bridal Earrings / Social

46 / 4Memphis

Gown, veil / Low’s Bridal

January 2015 / 47

Gown, veil / Low’s Bridal

48 / 4Memphis

January 2015 / 49


Hobson Realty Holiday Party Photography by Mark O. Ramirez

The employees and friends of Hobson Realtors gathered at the Memphis Country Club for their annual Holiday Party. Office Manager for Hobson Realty Melissa Burleigh was honored at the party for her years of dedicated service to the company. The festive event was a fun night for the hardworking realtors to celebrate the season!

Jeff & Taylor Waring with Wendy Rhodes & Shannon Whitmire

William Ware, Lisa Fields & Alex Stringfellow

Mark Duke, Barbara Cowles & Worth Jones

Melissa Burleigh & Joel Hobson

Ruth Morris, Laurie Stark, Michele Crump, Jeanene Lawhead & Mary Jane Fuller

Mary Ruleman & Camille LeMaster

Thomas Zimmer & Michelle Koeppen

Betsy Kelly, Caroline Capope & Sally Fienup

Paul McDonald, Will Pierce & Meredith McDonald

50 / 4Memphis

Platinum Jewelers The answer is always...


MEMPHIS 545 S Perkins Ext Memphis, TN 38117 901-680-0020

CORDOVA 2200 N Germantown Pkwy Cordova, TN 38016 901-387-1005



FRANKLIN 790 Jordan Rd ste 105 Franklin, TN 37064 615-771-9810


Bridal Beauty It’s All About Confidence By Katie Breyer

The honest, and for some, terrifying, truth of weddings is that they are a day of bridal judgment. Guests anticipate studying the many aspects of her look – makeup, hair, dress – as all eyes are unbreakably upon her. While preparing for all of these facets should be exciting, it’s also anxiety-laden as brides’ physical insecurities often reach an all-time high. It’s uncommon to hear of a single woman not having at least one area of her appearance that discourages her. However, there are more treatments than ever to reverse these cumbersome burdens…and consecutively increase self-esteem so one can feel rightfully ravishing. The number of women opting for procedures that fall within the category of plastic surgery has continued to steadily incline year after year. With that said, let us make this clear: One should never feel pressure to consider plastic surgery, and should solely do it for personal reasons. However, if you have always wanted to look into treating a “problem area” and have yet to act on it, a wedding in the future may be the perfect time to receive a consultation.

Here to provide insight is Dr. Neumon Goshorn, who owns his own Memphis-based practice of plastic and reconstructive surgery and is no stranger to consulting with brides about their insecurities (95 percent of his clients are females). Although he has more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Goshorn is both honest and modest when it comes to something as serious as surgery, which is much appreciated by his hundreds of happy clients. He jokes that he is actually in the “self-esteem business”, helping women to “never be self-conscious of what bugs them again”.

What do you think are some misconceptions about plastic surgery? First, nothing is a “quick fix”. One has to allow the body ample time to heal, and healing time is different for each type of surgery. Also, being realistic of what we can do, and remembering that there is always risk associated. Lastly, a misconception is that the results will look too over-the-top, especially when it comes to breast augmentation. The human eye loves to see symmetry – this is what breast augmentation achieves; it’s not all about making a large size. What are the most popular treatments for brides? Breast augmentation is the most popular, followed by liposuction. This is typically because the bride wants to either fill out her wedding dress or make it lay flatter. I also see brides for mole removal and scar revision, which can be done in the office. What are some important things to consider before getting surgery done? To avoid later stress, add the costs within your overall wedding budget when you set it. Next, it’s VERY important to find a board certified plastic surgeon - you want someone who has done HUNDREDS of procedures and has the credentials to back that. Maintenance is another aspect to consider. I keep reading material in my office about lifestyle tips and changes that will help clients prep and then maintain their results, particularly with liposuction. I don’t like to operate on a patient unless they’ve educated themselves and at least tried to do their part. What advice on “looking your best” would you offer to mothers of the bride? Face is number one. While facelifts are the most common procedures mothers desire, that doesn’t mean they have to get one. Often times I’ll suggest a less expensive treatment like Botox or filler (such as Juvederm) and a medical skin care regimen, and in as little as one to six months their skin will be glowing for the wedding. How soon before a wedding should you schedule treatments? For breast augmentation and liposuction, a patient typically sees results after three months. So, I advise to schedule the treatment(s) three to six months before the wedding. If you’d like to learn more, Dr. Neumon Goshorn and his team are available at Eden Spa for consultation appointments. As Dr. Goshorn has said, “You’ve always been a natural beauty, sometimes nature just needs a little help.”

52 / 4Memphis


Methodist Healthcare Foundation Cancer Center Luncheon Photography by Mark O. Ramirez

The Methodist Healthcare Foundation Cancer Center Luncheon brought together more than 1,000 guests at the Peabody Hotel Ballroom for the 13th annual event. Rob Lowe was this year’s featured speaker. The iconic actor is a dedicated activist in the fight against cancer, and he shared the story of his family’s struggles with the disease. Proceeds from the luncheon benefit the West Cancer Center, a partnership with West Clinic, UT-Health Science Center, and Methodist Healthcare. methodisthealth.org

James Gattas Jewelers

Jennifer Dorman, Rob Lowe & Kelly Greene

4900 Poplar Avenue Memphis TN 38117 901-767-9648 • Like us on Facebook www.gattasjewelers.com

Dr. Ben Wheeler & Aimee Christion

Mark Awdeh & Janet Phillippi

Lisa Dyess, Mark Billingsley & Sally Shy

Kate Todd, Robin Kutas & Shelby Farah

Bettye Durham, Melissa Yarbro & Mary Alice Taylor January 2015 / 53

944 S. Cooper Memphis, TN 38104 901.276.3999 peridotmemphis.com

Your Wedding Hairstyle Is the

Most Photographed Style You Will Wear! Let the Master Design Team help you create the perfect look for your special day.

luxury correspondence at prettypennypaperie dot com 56 / 4Memphis

5149 Wheelis Drive, Memphis, TN 38117 901-685-2351

Wedding & Disco Appropriate

Dress / Lansky’s Jewelry / 20twelve Shoes / Lansky’s (Raiford styled himself)

Dress / Heather Necklace / 20twelve Shoes / Lavish

Generally speaking, everyone knows that Paula Raiford’s Disco is the place to dance the night away after a reception. Many brides can be seen discoing in her dress alongside her attendees, and that is why we have rounded up the best looks for wedding guests and showcased them at the most notorious dance club in Memphis. Photography: Trey Clark Stylist/Sittings Editor: Stephanie Beliles Hair: Scottie Key Makeup: Tiffany Bishop Assistant: Katie Breyer Special thanks to Paula and Robert Raiford for letting 4Memphis takeover Pala Raiford’s Disco January 2015 / 57

LEFT Skirt / Lori James Blouse / Kittie Kyle Shoes / Lavish Clutch / Kittie Kyle RIGHT Romper / Lori James Necklace / 20twelve Shoes / Lansky’s

58 / 4Memphis

Dress / Lori James Handbag / Kittie Kyle

Dress / 20twelve

January 2015 / 59

Dress / 20twelve Clutch / Kittie Kyle

60 / 4Memphis

Dress / Heather Boutique & Spa Necklace / Lori James Clutch / Lansky’s

Dress / Oak Hall Scarf / Lavish Jewelry / Lansky’s Shoes / Lavish

Dress / Kittie Kyle Headband / Lori James Handbag / Oak Hall Shoes / Lansky’s

January 2015 / 61

Dress, Belt, Scarf / Kittie Kyle Headband / Lori James Shoes / Lavish

Skirt / 20twelve Blouse / Lori James Necklace / Lansky’s

62 / 4Memphis


Chickasaw Oaks Village Holiday Open House Photography by Mark O. Ramirez The Shops at Chickasaw Oaks Village were decked out in their holiday finery for a Sunday afternoon Open House in early December. Shoppers checked out the latest in fashions and home decor, plus enjoyed special treats and goodies, all in the spirit of holiday fun!

A Positive Spin on Visits to the Dentist Since Daniel Bird Family Dentistry opened in 2003, Dr. Daniel Bird has provided West Memphis and Marion, Arkansas, and Memphis, Tennessee patients with topquality dental care in a friendly, fun, and family-oriented environment. We offer our patients a variety of different services to make your visit with us enjoyable. We strive to create a fun and energetic environment to ease patients' anxiety, and we want to put a positive spin on visits to the dentist.

Santa & Pierce Green

Cathey Wylie & Nancy Barry

Cosmetic Dentistry Zoom Whitening Botox Juvederm Dental Implants Implant supported crowns Implant supported dentures

Hutchison School 4th Grade Christmas Carolers with Santa

The Covington Family

203 S Avalon St, West Memphis, AR 72301 870.732.2275 • www.danielbirddds.com Ainslie Todd, Cindy Gambrell & DeeDee Gauthier January 2015 / 63

Something New

Molly Farrell of Maggie Louise Gushes on Gowns & Her Big Day By Stephanie Beliles, Photos courtesy of Molly Farrell

Molly Farrell, owner of Maggie Louise Bridal Boutique, reveres every wedding she is involved with as if it were her own. She began her bridal career as a photographer assistant with Allison Rodgers Photography. Molly found herself enjoying acting more as the wedding day assistant, and she was most captivated by the excitement that filled the room as she bustled a bride’s gown for her. Molly as a photographer has an eye for detail. Molly as a wedding day enthusiast has emotional ties to the enjoyment of the day. Now, as a bridal boutique owner (and newlywed!), Molly also has the ability to create a holistic beautiful experience for every bride that walks through her door. Molly noticed that many of the brides she was photographing had suffered through the chaos of traveling for their dream gown. Going out of town while a bride is planning a wedding is taxing; people underestimate the anxiety that comes with specifics in planning a big day, and traveling in the midst of it (twice: picking a gown then fitting) can be overwhelming. Molly saw that she could give women an elegant and personal experience without traveling. “I really wanted to give the high-end boutique experience to women in Memphis.” Molly also noted specific gown lines that she would want to have available to her. “I wanted something modern that pushed the norm but retained that bridal feel.” She took advantage of this information and opened Maggie Louise Bridal Boutique in order to give every bride a different and more personalized experience. Maggie Louise offers gowns to fit everyone’s personal style. And while no bride is the same, Molly has noticed several trends in gown design this season. “One of the biggest trends in the South has always been lace, and it is here to stay,” she notes. Some dresses now incorporate the use of illusion lace, meaning the netting is so delicate that it looks as if the lace pattern was applied directly to the bride, and it creates a lovely effect. If lace does not entice the bride, there are a few other trends that are hot on the runways now. Molly notes that designers are mixing fabrics like tulle and lace to create an interesting and layered look to wedding dresses. Gowns designed in non-traditional colors are a huge trend; shades of blush, toffee and silver can even prove more flattering than shades of white and ivory. For the more practical (or party-savvy) bride, Molly loves the detachable skirts on longer wedding gowns this season. It allows for the dramatic look at the ceremony and then getting removed for freer legs for dancing at the reception. 64 / 4Memphis

Being recently married makes Molly more sympathetic to brides that come into her store. “I had always run my business based on the ‘golden rule’: treat others as you want to be treated. But now I can infuse some of my firsthand wisdom into their experience.” She also has more sympathy for the brides: before, Molly discouraged being frantic and anxious while planning a wedding. Now, Molly can empathize with fretting and can offer real-life solutions and words of wisdom. Her goal is to make every bride in her store to feel as calm and confident as she can, despite the price point she has designated for the gown. And while her dresses are designer, Molly has gowns to fit a wide range of budgets. So what does a wedding boutique owner wear on her big day? She wears the dress of her dreams. Literally. Molly had been fantasizing about her own gown for years, and even put a pencil and sketch pad to it. “I wanted to rock the boat with my gown,” smirks Molly. “I wanted something with a simple silhouette and a textured bottom. Something more glamourous and modern than traditional.” She designed a strapless dress with a simple yet modern sleek silhouette and sweetheart neckline. She loves the element of surprise given by adding a textured bottom with different fabrics to a sleeker gown. Molly plucked her dream dress right off of the runway at a Ravini show she was attending. “It was my exact dress, right there materialized on the runway, and it was perfect because Ravini is a designer I carry in my boutique. It was important to me that I was a Maggie Louise bride.” Molly definitely bucked tradition: her fiancé was sitting next to her at that Ravini show and witnessed her reaction to her dream dress, but him seeing her dress before their wedding was no deal breaker for her. “I love how special the secret and surprise of waiting to reveal the gown the day of the wedding is to some people, but I am not superstitious or traditional,” noted Molly. Indeed, Molly spun the tradition on its head: her fiancé Eric designed his tux and unveiled his look the day of their wedding. They kept the non-traditional theme going by not sweating details such as deciding to not have programs and even simplifying the venue (they opted to have both their ceremony and reception at their favorite restaurant, Acre.) They kept the day about them, their guests, and what was important to them instead of what is important to tradition. The outcome was an extremely personal and heartfelt day. You can visit Maggie Louise at 3670 Suite #111 on Houston Levee in Collierville and let the professionals help you realize you dream for your day, too.


Customer Appreciation Party The JudyMac Team Photography by Mark O. Ramirez The holiday season officially got started on Friday, November 21st as Judy & Mickey McLellan and The JudyMac Team hosted their annual Customer Appreciation Party. The showroom at Lexus of Memphis was filled with friends enjoying the hors d’oeuvre stations, seasonal libations, and live music. The McLellans and Team throw this seasonal celebration to say a heartfelt “thank you” for another successful year, and guests are grateful for the opportunity to share in the festivities. Judy & Mickey McLellan

Cathy Farrell, Amy Howell & Sandi Hughes

Frank & Grace Uhlhorn with Layne & Steve Popernik

Jim, Abby & Amy Howell with Somer Smith

Jim & Niki Shaheen

Lyman & Sally Aldrich

Doug & Beth McKnight

Nicole Morefield & Heather Edgeworth

Mike & Donna McManus

Alex & Sarah Rasmussen

Vee & Dave Kaiser

Jamie Patterson & Bob Bell

Greta & Danny Wright

Joyce Parker & Esther Miller

Nina & Sam Watts

Melissa & Bill Prigge

66 / 4Memphis


All you need to do is say “I do.”


“This is how it should feel.”


4MEMPHISSHOW Mon-Fri 3-6 pm

“This is how it should feel.” MEMPHIS BEALE STREET


Promises and kisses are exchanged; toasts are inspired, but the feelings are indescribable. Let the specialists at the Westin Memphis Beale Street create a wedding experience that’s tailored to your personal style. • Select our intimate venue, perfect for your rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception or day-after brunch • Relax and rejuvenate in our guestrooms and suites featuring Westin’s Heavenly Bed for friends and family.

For more information contact

Lorraine Chatman 901.334.5924 lorraine.chatman@westinmemphis.com

We take banking personally! BankTennessee wants to be your bank. Our dedicated team is working to earn your business. We offer a personal level of service and are the kind of community-based bank where you matter. For private banking with a personal touch, it’s time to talk to us. Jessica Campbell Mortgage Loan Specialist jessica.campbell@banktennessee.com • 901-316-2275 DOWNTOWN 30 N. SECOND, 316-2186 • EAST 5540 POPLAR, 767-8170 • GERMANTOWN 2915 FOREST HILL, 755-8815 • COLLIERVILLE 1125 W. POPLAR, 854-0854 & 100 W. MULBERRY, 854-7854 • Member FDIC

January 2015 / 67


Palmer Home Christmas Open House Photography by Mark O. Ramirez The Palmer Home for Children hosted their annual Christmas Open House at their Hernando, MS, campus. The cottages were decorated for the season, and sponsors and donors enjoyed visiting with the residents to celebrate Christmas at Palmer Home. The Palmer Home for Children is dedicated to providing superior residential care, and currently they are serving nearly 100 children at their Hernando and Columbus campuses. To learn more, visit palmerhome.org.

Sally Mayfield, Kathy & Ashley Hughes with Patsy Goodin

Emily Allen & Laura Beth Sander

Al Fishburn, Jeremy Beavers, Robert & Billy Farris, Karen Casey & David Richardson

Tonnie Jones & Rolandaus Rodgers

Mike & Terri Igleheart

Mark, Tom & Anna Kate Minyard, Ayranne, Pam Minyard

Kantelyn, Samantha Conner & Maddie Igleheart

Dylan, Katie Cantrell & Brittany Fishburn

Janet Cherry & Karen Davis

68 / 4Memphis

Kathy Hughes, Chad Conner, Lisa Langley & Josh Whelan

9387 Poplar Ave • Germantown, TN 38138 901.758.8605 • doris@dorismclendon.com

Championship Golf and So Much More!


MIRIMICHI.COM January 2015 / 69


Reindear Roundup

Child Advocacy Center Photography by Mark O. Ramirez

Susan & David Orabone

The Reindear Roundup was held in early December at the Clark Opera Center. The annual party brought together over 350 friends to celebrate the Christmas season, and along with having a good time, guests also brought teddy bears for the Child Advocacy Center. Mike McNeer, a founding Dear, shared his sentiments about the CAC donations, “One day you will have a great feeling, and that will be the day a child held your bear and felt love.”

Bob & Eve Gammon

Anne Phillips & Fontaine Moore

Ann Newell & Bud Cowgill

Terri Hornbeck & Joe Sharp

Juanita Castellaneous, Dr. Richard Raichelson, Rhonda Redding & Patti Oliver

Wanda Barzizza & Sheila Wilson

More 4 the Child Advocacy Center The needs at the CAC are always changing, and right now, they currently need gift cards to purchase emergency supplies for families in crisis and office supplies for the center. They also need individually packaged food and drinks for kids. Gift cards to Target, Wal-Mart, Sam’s, Kroger, Lowe’s or Home Depot, Office Depot or Office Max would be very helpful in meeting these needs.

Mike Huey, Chuck Stewart & Steve Leatherland

Jennifer & Don Lasseter 70 / 4Memphis

Visit memphiscac.org or contact Su Hartline at 901-8884359 to get more information on current needs and how you can help.

Jeff Box & Kim Leonard

Kathryn Smith, Donnie Angel & Barbara Patronis

Linda Morris & Timothy Price

Kathy Bacherig & Jerry Michie

Thousands of Gowns Sizes 2-32 | Special Plus Size Boutique Area Personal Consultant for Each Bride

S E M I - A N NUA L 1 / 2 P R I C E S A L E DAT E S B RDecember I N K L E 26th Y , A- R K A N S31st A S and July 7th - August 1st January


Appointment required. Please call 870.734.3244 and visit lowsbridal.com

For Lovers. Of Dessert. Memphis 5679 Poplar Ave., Suite 102 (901) 208-8984 nothingbundtcakes.com

430 Perkins Extended | 901.683.6809 | menagestationery.com

January 2015 / 71

THAN K Y O U to all of ou r loy s for y al busin our ess



Earle Farrell with Curtis Wilkie, Journalist, Southern Historian, and Author of Assassins, Eccentrics, Politicians, and Other Persons Of Interest

4MEMPHISSHOW Mon-Fri 3-6 pm


Want to be a part of the 4Memphis Show? Contact us at farrellpro@aol.com

EASY AS PIZZA PIE Pick up a fresh take-and-bake pizza from Lucchesi's for watching the big game, a snow day, or because it is so much better than frozen!


540 South Mendenhall • lucchesis.com • 766-9922 72 / 4Memphis

It’s All In the Details Photography by Jay Akins

Rosemary Polenta Cake with Goat Cheese & Roasted Peppers

Using a small cutter or knife, cut the cooled polenta into bite size rounds or squares. Heat a bit of olive oil in a non-stick skillet over medium high heat and lightly brown the polenta rounds on both sides. Allow to cool slightly. Carefully pipe a dollop of the goat cheese whip on each round and top with roasted red peppers. Serve immediately. The polenta rounds can be made the day before and stored in an air-tight container - reheat in a 325F oven before topping.

Salud! Cooking School Makes about 40 bites 3 c. low sodium chicken broth 2 c. milk 1 c. heavy cream 2 Tbsp unsalted butter 1 ¾ c. cornmeal, coarse grind if available 2 Tbsp rosemary, chopped fine Salt and pepper to taste 4 oz goat cheese, softened ½ c. heavy cream Olive oil, as needed ¾ c. roasted red peppers, 1/8” dice In a large saucepan over medium heat, combine broth, milk, cream and butter and bring to a simmer. Turn heat down to low and slowly whisk in the cornmeal, whisking constantly, until the mixture thickens, about 7 minutes. Stir in rosemary and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper. Pour mixture out on a sheet pan lined with plastic wrap and spread evenly. Place in the refrigerator to cool and set, minimum 1 hour.

My Funny Clementine Makes 2 cocktails 4 oz fresh squeezed clementine juice 3 rosemary sprigs 3 oz Vodka 1 oz St. Germain Whole Foods Market Blood Orange Italian Soda

Meanwhile whip together with a hand mixer the goat cheese until fluffy. Slowly add in the heavy cream and whip until fully incorporated. Transfer to a piping bag or sandwich bag.

In the glass of a boston shaker, muddle together the clementine juice along with the leaves from 1 sprig of rosemary. Add in the Vodka, St. Germain and ice. Shake well until cold and strain into glasses over ice. Top with Italian Soda. Garnish with additional rosemary sprigs or orange zest, if desired.

January 2015 / 73

Folk’s Folly

Cucumber Dill Hors D’oeuvre with Festive Cocktail

36 two ounce portions

Colonial Country Club

Crab Cakes

3.5 lbs Jumbo lump crabmeat 2.5 c Diced celery – small 2.5 c Diced yellow onion – small 4 ea Grade A eggs 3 c Panko breadcrumbs 1 c Mayonnaise

1/2 tbs Old bay seasoning 1.5 tbs Dry mustard 1/2 tsp White pepper 1/2 tsp Salt 1/3 c Butter

Lightly sauté onion and celery with butter and set aside to cool. Fold together all ingredients. Shape 2 ounce portions using a round cookie cutter. Coat crab cakes in panko breadcrumbs (Japanese). Place thin layer of cooking oil in a hot skillet and fry the cakes, turning both sides until light brown. Place on a sheet pan and finish in the oven at 325 degrees for four minutes or until hot through center. Remove from oven and place on a platter for presentation. Serve with desired sauce and garnish with sliced lemon and parsley.

Pur-Fleur Martini 1.5 oz Purity Vodka 1.5 oz Elderflower Liqueur Lemon Wedge Place a martini glass in the freezer to chill. Measure the vodka and liqueur into a mixing glass. Add ice and shake until chilled, about 30 seconds. Strain into the chilled martini glass and garnish with lemon wedge 74 / 4Memphis

1 pint of Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread 0.5 pint of Marzipan Cheese

One chilled English Cucumber Chop dill 5 slices of white bread

Mix together cream cheese and marzipan cheese until completely blended. Work dill into the cheese until evenly blended. Toast white bread. Using a small ring cutter, cut out rings. Pipe cream cheese on toast rings and garnish with a paper thin English Cucumber slice and fresh raspberry.

Chocolate Goose 1 1/2 oz Grey Goose Vodka 1 oz Dark Crème d Cocoa 2 dashes of chocolate syrup 1 oz half and half Coat inside of chilled martini glass with chocolate syrup. Combine all ingredients with ice in a shaker. Shake well and strain into the martini glass. Top with whipped crème.

Smoked Trout Craquelin Jim’s Place Grill 3 Crisp Rice Crackers 1/2 teaspoon Honey Goat Cheese 1 oz Smoked Idaho Trout 1/2 oz Paddlefish Caviar Spread crackers with goat cheese. Add a bit of trout on each cracker atop the goat cheese. Top each with caviar and enjoy.

St. Germaine Cocktail 6 oz Marquis De La Tour Sparkling Wine 1/2 oz St Germaine Elderflower Liqueur 1 dash Angostura Bitters Pour into Champagne flute, Garnish with Lemon Twist and Fresh Strawberry.

Salmon & Shallot Hors D’oeuvre Erling Jensen 1 piece of 4 oz salmon 2 tbl Chipotle Aioli 5 slices of halved brioche bread Pickled shallots

Salt Pepper Garlic

Smoke salmon lightly. Mix salmon well with aioli and top with pickled shallots and add salt, pepper, and garlic to taste. Cut brioche with a biscuit cutter and top with salmon mix.

Kentucky Witch Hunt 1.5 oz Four Roses Bourbon 3/4 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth

3/4 oz Strega Italian Liqueur 1 oz sweet and sour

Serve on the rocks in a beer Pilsner glass and garnish with a lemon twist.

Vagabond 1.5 oz Popcorn Sutton Tennessee 1/2 oz Campari Liqueur White Whiskey 2 sques of lime 1 oz Green Chartreuse Liqueur Dash of Peychaud’s Bitters Serve on the rocks in a tall glass and garnish with a mint leaf. As a variation, top off the mixture with a sparkling white wine. January 2015 / 75

Duck Confit Appetizer

Lobster Potato Petit Fours with Raspberry & Mandarin Champagne Cocktail

Itta Bena Duck Confit Grilled Cheese 1 french baguette sliced 1 c goat cheese softened 1 c red onion chopped 1 tbl olive oil

2 tbl butter 2 tbl hoison sauce 1 c shredded duck confit (You could also use roasted duck, or any type of slow cooking method)

Cover the Bottom of a skillet with olive oil and set over medium-high heat. Once hot, sauté red onions 2 or 3 minutes or until translucent. Add shredded duck and hoisin sauce. Cook an additional one or two minutes. Butter each slice of bread with goat cheese. Assemble sandwiches with duck and onion mixture in the center. Melt butter in a non-stick fry pan over medium heat. Once the pan is hot, fry each side until golden brown on both sides.

Signature Blueberry Lemondrop 1 1/2 oz Blueberry vodka 1/2 oz Blue curacao Fresh Lemon Juice and Wedge Thick granulated sugar Run a lemon wedge around the rim of the glass and dip in sugar. Shake liquid ingredients vigorously with ice and strain into the martini glass.

76 / 4Memphis

Wade & Co. Catering 2 each Yukon Gold and Sweet Potatoes Kosher Salt 1 Ripe Avocado

1 Tbls Lemon Juice 1 1/2 c cooked lobster meat 1/2 lb Butter

Slice potatoes crosswise into ½” thick rounds. Stamp out rounds from each potato slice. Pan fry potato rounds until golden brown and al dente. Poach lobster meat in ½ puond of butter. Scoop avocado into food processor. Add lemon juice and ¼ tsp of salt. Process until smooth. Transfer to piping bag. Assemble and enjoy.

Raspberry & Mandarin Champagne Cocktail 5 ounces Champagne 1 ounce orange liqueur Splash of Chambord raspberry liqueur Garnish with a raspberry Mix well together and served chilled.


Coronation Concert Tea Tiara Tea Society

Photography by Christina Trask and Friends of Tiara Tea The Tiara Tea Society held a lovely afternoon Coronation Concert Tea to celebrate Princess Mary Elizabeth Gueldner. This precious princess is four years old and was born with Down syndrome. She had open heart surgery at four months, and she was recently diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The Tiara Tea Society’s mission is to “help little girls in dire need or circumstance,” and to connect to the princess in all girls. tiarateasociety.com

Cam Forsythe & Vickie Howell

Sylvia Cox & Dr. Greta Coger

Mary Catherine, Cate, Princess Macy & Jeremy Gueldner, Eva Lynn Bishop

Germantown Chorus

Amy Speropoulos, Eva Lynn Bishop & Melodie Moore

1044 Yates • Memphis 901.763. 3700 • ejensen.com January 2015 / 77


Red Boa Ball American Red Cross Photography by Mark O. Ramirez Red boas were the finest party accessory for the 5th Annual Mid-South Red Boa Ball, held November 22nd at the Memphis Botanic Garden. Guests enjoyed cocktails in the foyer before the delicious dinner served in Hardin Hall. The American Red Cross of the MidSouth provides compassionate and one-of-a-kind care to those in our community, and an interactive mission station on display at the Ball highlighted some of this great work. For how you can help or to make a donation, visit redcross.org/tn/memphis.

Robin Williams, Gary Millender & Ruth Williams

Emily Capadalis & Tom Love

Jack & Leighanne Soden with Margie Cook & Cindy Tankersley

Colleen Wilson, Graham Askew & Kim Cribb

Katie Webb & Amanda Odegard

Janie Cotton, Linda Forbess & Judy Coburn Jim Holt & Brooke Tweddell with Ted & Cathy Ferguson

Ricky & Catherine Harris with Kim & Ron Cribb

Alice Higdon & Laura Vaughn

78 / 4Memphis

Patrick Hendricks & Kontji Anthony

Ben David Freeman & Elly Deyhle

Stephen & Lauren Bowie

Ben & Jennifer Kennedy

Shawn & CDR Reginal Williams

Natalie & LCDR Brandon Woods

Terry Lynch & Cathy Weaver

Pam Davis

Chris Wiley & Jessie Walker

Jim & Karen Martin

Jorma & Miki Skeen

Kelly & Chris Williams

Stephanie & Phillip Johns

Rena & Michael Montgomery

Jeff & Valerie Morris

Erin Phillips & Meghan Barksdale

Marian & Mike Donohoe

Scott Weakley & Rachel Wheatley January 2015 / 79


Holiday Bazaar Benefit Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Photography by Mark O. Ramirez The ladies of the Le Bonheur Club held their annual Holiday Bazaar Benefit in early December. The Cheney Parish Hall at the Church of the Holy Communion was overflowing with shoppers scooping up specialty jewelry pieces, ceramics, pottery, art, and much more. It was the perfect event for merry holiday shopping and all to benefit the children of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. lebonheur.org Amy Lupo & Traci McSwain

Lara Cate Jordon, Hallie Bauer & Kirsten Waddell

Lisa May, Pam Michael, Jill Crocker & Denise McMahon

Carol Furr, Mary Lynn Harper & Beth Shores

Natalie Boyatt & Bernard Farber

Emily Taylor & Kathleen Behnke

Felicia Suzanne & Hannah Fusion

Lauren Barker, Elizabeth Owen & Allison Ann Gusmus

Elizabeth Smith, Alice Higdon & Karen Johnston

80 / 4Memphis

Photo by the Kenneys

edar C Hall An Antebellum Destination by Sandi Butler Hughes | Photograph by The Kenneys and Creation Studios

Traveling these days usually includes our smartphone GPS leading the way, and sometimes that GPS comes in handy for traveling around our hometown too. Following the GPS along Summer Avenue until the switch to Highway 70, past the familiar driver’s testing station, the “Bartlett City Limits” sign, and to the prompt for a turn onto Broadway Road to Cedar Hall, I arrived at my destination for the day.

January 2015 / 81

Photo by the Kenneys

Photo by the Kenneys Photo by Creation Studios

listed on the National Register, and both were active in numerous civic organizations and governmental positions that have significantly impacted the community of Bartlett.

The expansive front lawn and beautiful mature trees allow just a glimpse of the manor house, but as I turn off Broadway and into the drive, the view of Cedar Hall is nothing short of stunning. This view is relatively unchanged since before the Civil War, and even though it is in our midst and moments from major conveniences with hustle and bustle, the trip to Cedar Hall is a world away. Cedar Hall was built in 1846, and has been preserved, renovated, and lovingly tended to for over 150 years. In 2012, Denise Suthoff acquired Cedar Hall and set about transitioning the home and grounds into an event venue and bed & breakfast inn. The character of the home remains intact, and the charm begins on the wide front porch. Flanking the entrance are huge columns of painted brick that were crafted onsite when the home was built. A plaque on the porch notes that it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and Cedar Hall boasts an elegance of another era but with modern comforts. Whether for a small gathering or an overnight getaway, Denise and her team have created a perfect destination venue. The first floor features a den with rich, hand-carved paneling, plush chairs and a large-screen television for relaxing. The library is designed as a meeting space; the formal dining room is furnished with a period sideboard, and adjacent to the dining room the kitchen has been completely renovated for commercial use. A grandiose curved stairway in the foyer leads to the second floor and bedroom suites for guests and wedding parties. The Bridal Suite is named The Rainey Room for the last private owners of Cedar Hall, Jay and Jeanette Rainey. Displayed in the Bridal Suite is Jeanette’s wedding gown and bridal portrait, a lovely tribute to the long-time Bartlett residents. The Raineys were instrumental in Cedar Hall being 82 / 4Memphis

The upstairs suites are splendidly decorated. Unlike many B&Bs in antebellum homes, Cedar Hall’s suites each have an adjoining private bath. In addition to the Raineys, Denise pays homage to her own mother and father in naming two rooms in their honor, as well as to the original owner of the home, Dr. Samuel Bond. While the “bed” portion of Cedar Hall is fabulous in style and comfort, the “breakfast” portion is unmatched. Cedar Hall Food Director and Chef, Edie Adams creates meals that are scrumptious to wake up to. Some of the breakfast fare might include an open-face BLT with a balsamic reduction sauce, homemade biscuits with preserves, or a freshly baked quiche. Or all three! An herb garden was installed last summer, and for the summer of 2015 the garden will be expanded to include heirloom vegetables. To accommodate larger weddings and events, The Stables at Cedar Hall was built during the renovation. It is tucked in the back of the property, and perfectly complements the home and grounds. Located down the brick pathway from the back of the house, the architecture and materials are a blend of rustic and refined. Large, rolling barn-style doors open to reveal a space that is expansive while remaining cozy. By using dark wooden beams, an interior brick wall, and lighting from chandeliers and sconces, The Stables feels intimate but has the capacity for several hundred guests. A designer by trade, it seems that no detail was overlooked when Denise was building The Stables. A second-story loft area overlooks the space below and is ideal for the groom and groomsmen on the big day. Leather furniture and a big-screen television create the perfect “man cave” for pre-wedding prep. Another large commercial kitchen is also located in The Stables, as is a hand-crafted wooden bar. In addition to the event space, the details that create the ambiance in The Stables are included in the rental fee. Different styles of table decor, such as vases and linens, plus even the tables and chairs. The perfectly appointed details are not only inside but throughout the property of The Stables and Cedar Hall. A colonnade was incorporated for picturesque wedding ceremonies. A parking lot was also added on the grounds so it is simple to park and access the venue. But a parking lot can be unsightly, so a brick wall was constructed using repurposed bricks to match the originals and block the view of the cars. English gardens and fountains dot the property, and Chef Edie will prepare a picnic basket for guests wanting to dine al fresco. The classic antebellum mansion and venue that is Cedar Hall promises a memorable trip, even if the GPS is not really necessary. Cedar Hall is hosting a Bridal Show and Open House on Sunday, March 1st, and brides-to-be will enjoy an afternoon of speakers, tastings, and inspiration. For Bridal Show tickets, contact Micah Le, Cedar Hall General Manager, at 901-377-4099; for more information on Cedar Hall and to schedule a visit, cedarhall.com.

Because Wearing A Pantsuit To A Wedding Is Unacceptable

DR. MICHAEL A. NELSON Board Certified in General Cardiology, Nuclear Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Vascular Medicine and Endovascular Disease. Dr. Nelson performed his training at Yale, Emory and Harvard Schools of Medicine.

Varicose vein evaluation & treatment covered by most insurance plans. Spider Vein treatments also available.

7751 Wolf River Blvd | Germantown, TN | (901) 297.4000 | proactivehv.com

January 2015 / 83


Toy Bash

Boys & Girls Clubs of Memphis Photography by Mark O. Ramirez Holiday revelers came bearing gifts for kids at the Toy Bash to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Memphis. The festive evening at Minglewood Hall included pictures with Santa, delicious food stations, plus scotch and bourbon tastings sponsored by The Corkscrew. The toy tree was filled post-party, and each child served by the BGCM had a brighter holiday thanks to the Toy Bash.

Dorothy Sisnett, Kia Robinson, Dr. Brooke Dishmon & Rebecca Ugwdeke

More 4 Boys & Girls Clubs of Memphis WAYS TO GIVE: • Sponsor a Child - Set up a monthly donation that will be matched dollar-for-dollar doubling your impact! • Scholarship a Student - Giving $100 or more a month will scholarship a student to the Juice Plus+ Technical Training Center. All monthly gifts are matched! • Give in honor or memory of someone - Gifts will acknowledge to the person or family you choose. Make checks out to The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis and mail to: Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis 44 S. Rembert Memphis, TN 38104 Libbee & Chris Hebert

OR DONATE ONLINE: BGCM.ORG Back: Meghan Jean, Allison Andrews, Alexandra Milakis, Tiera Cole & Michelle Johnson; Front: LaTrae Lewis & Della Alles

Zach Kennedy, Jackie Martin, Teddy Gorman & Nicole Lauchaire

Kevin & Pam McAdams

Shanti & Chris Bradley

Chip & Mandy Chatellier with Aimee & Barry Wood 84 / 4Memphis

Tony & Mrs. Mississippi Dawn Gaines with Betty & Kevin Grothe

Dave & Jenna Collie

Ginny Johnson, Anita Guyer & Becky Utley

Jennifer Futch, Robin Poston & Anne Rowland

Jon & Donna Van Hoozer

Aimee Wood, Mandy Chatellier & Kristen Duncan

Platinum Jewelers

you make our work possible. From the start, the mission of the Church Health Center has been about more than a traditional medical clinic. Healthcare starts with teaching people how to live healthy lives. Give today and help us continue to care for people in need.

545 S. Perkins Ext, Memphis, TN, 38117 | 901.680.0020 2200 N Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN 38016 | 901.387.1005 790 Jordan Rd Ste. 107, Franklin, TN 37064 | 615.771.9810

901-272-7170 | churchhealthcenter.org

Medical • Wellness • Outreach 4 Memphis_12.11.14.indd 1



12/11/2014 10:26:34 AM

Wolf River

. vd


Halle Pkwy.

Houston Levee Rd.


Frank Rd.

901-484-5689 (call or text) 901-756-8900 6525 Quail Hollow Germantown, TN 38138

2552 Houston Levee Rd.


6 Bedrooms, 4-Car Heated Garage 11+ secluded acres Near Halle Plantation (see map left)

Chet Whitsitt

checkwithchet.com January 2015 / 85



What’s Poppin’ in January WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7 Munch and Learn: I’m a Memphian, Dixon Gallery and Gardens, 12pm

FRIDAY, JANUARY 9 An Evening with Elvis, Orpheum Theatre, 7pm Spillit Center Stage: Survival, Amurica Photo, 7pm

SATURDAY, JANUARY 10 Civil Rights Story Telling, Caritas Village, 3pm Creation Station: Soulful Creatures, Brooks Museum, 11am

SUNDAY, JANUARY 11 Italian Winterfest, Racquet Club of Memphis, 5pm

THURSDAY, JANUARY 15 Art & a Movie: Fantastic Mr. Fox, Brooks Museum, 6pm Opera Memphis Hansel & Gretel, GPAC, 7:30pm

FRIDAY, JANUARY 16 The Science of Beer, Pink Palace Museum, 6pm Zoro Drum Clinic, Visible Music College, 7pm The Black Jacket Symphony Performing Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”, Minglewood Hall, 7pm

SATURDAY, JANUARY 17 Opera Memphis Hansel & Gretel, GPAC, 7:30pm

JANUARY 20-24 31st International Blues Challenge, Beale Street

FRIDAY, JANUARY 23 Dream Carver, Orpheum Theatre, 6:30pm Upright Citizens Brigade, Buckman Performing and Fine Arts Center, 8pm

SATURDAY, JANUARY 24 IRIS Orchestra presents Sharon Roffman, violin, Defiance and Conscience, GPAC, 8pm

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28 ArtsMemphis Culinary Series: Mad & Hungry, James Lee House, 6pm

THURSDAY, JANUARY 29TH Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, GPAC, 7:30pm Literacy is Key: A Book and Author Affair, U of M Holiday Inn, 11am

FRIDAY, JANUARY 30 Incognito Art Gala, Memphis Botanic Garden, 7pm Spillit Story Slam: Mothers, Amurica Photo, 8pm Wine Down, Dixon Gallery and Gardens, 6pm

Get Married & Stay Married

Tips from Relationship Psychologist Dr. John Leite, PhD By Stephanie Beliles, Photo Courtesy of Dr. John Leite

Boy and girl meet, and the rest of the world seems to melt away. Boy and girl get engaged and plan a wedding, and it is the most beautiful day of their lives. What do boy and girl do when the lights come up, the honeymoon ends, and reality sets in? Dr. John Leite specializes in relationship psychology, and according to him, “There are grounds for divorce three weeks into a marriage.” Not to deter from the warmth and fuzziness of new love, 4Memphis has enlisted Dr. Leite to assist in understanding the grittier aspects of staying married by recognizing four core considerations.

1: Understand your history. “History” in this statement is not referring to a personal background. Knowing human behavioral and biological history is important in understanding reaction. According to Dr. Leite, men and women are programed to react instinctively to certain situations, and the genders rarely react the same. According to research, for example, men see a problem and try to fix it. Women, on the other hand, take an empathetic approach to problems and stressors instead of a problem-solving approach. “It is important for couples to realize that humans are still animals with evolved psychological mechanisms,” he notes. The brain releases chemicals when a person feels threatened or defensive, and that can be traced back to our cavedwelling ancestors who had very real day-to-day physical threats. How does this translate into a marital relationship? “A person’s most natural reaction is selfpreservation. When they feel threatened by a spouse, they react defensively and then note the negative reaction to that situation.” It is then human nature to avoid situations or environments where they feel threatened.

2: Take an emotional pulse check. “I would love for a couple to come in with a relationship or marital problem. As it happens, by the time they come to me, they are bringing years of failed solutions and feelings of hopelessness.” The human brain is prone to create patterns, and when you are deep into a pattern that is failing you in your endeavors to have a successful relationship, deprogramming yourself of those patterns can take a very long time. Taking the time to discuss what is making you unhappy and vice versa may seem uncomfortable at first, but the regular discussion keeps the lines of communication open and allows people to more clearly understand their partner’s needs. “People never come in with one big issue. It is almost always a problem of hundreds of smaller cuts. Healing hundreds of smaller gashes is more difficult to repair than one big cut.” His analogy is the woman who wants her husband to push from the bottom of a toothpaste tube rather than the middle. The first time he squeezes from the middle and not the bottom, she admits to him that she prefers him to squeeze from the bottom. The second time he does it, she reminds him of her preferences. This song and dance can continue for years, and it is usually labeled as “nagging.” However, the message from a partner on his or her needs, no matter how neurotic they can be perceived, should be recognized and appreciated. It is central to a marriage that both parties care about each other’s feelings. If you do not care about your partner’s feelings, you do not care about your partnership or marriage.

3: Remember: “Fight or Flight for Him” and “Tend & Befriend for Her.” It is a huge misconception that all people should subscribe to idea that all humans react by fight or flight. Dr. Leite notes that newer research on human reaction to stressors considers women in their tests, whereas previous research only regarded men. “Back in the 60s when human behavior was really being studied, women were fighting for gender equality, so research was blanketed to include all humans and not specifically one gender,” he says. It behooves the modern woman to now appreciate the differences in men and women, especially in their reactions. Men tend to have a systemizing brain; the addition of testosterone is responsible for the “fight or flight,” lower-empathy reactions. Conversely, women have a hormonal instinct to protect and be defensive, and that also gives them highly empathetic and nurturing social tendencies. It is critical to a successful marriage that the partners remain mindful of these ingrained differences.

4: Keep it interesting. Humans, again, are responsive to stimulation. A negative stimulus can cause defensive mechanisms to rear their head. However, excitement and curiosity provide positive incentive. Our brains react to these with chemical reactions and produce real biological love drugs: dopamine, oxytocin, and vasopressin to name a few. “It is interesting that the brain excited or in love looks like a brain on speed or stimulants in a CAT scan,” laughs Dr. Leite. Just as the brain forms patterns to avoid danger, the brain can create patterns to repeat positive motivations. Allowing you and your partner time to go on adventures together while balancing some time to yourself is critical to your marriage. Leave room for mystery and exploration, and allow nature to do the rest. We are all truly animals and creatures of evolved habits. The ability to adapt to our nature and apply compassion and consideration to our conversations enables us to not only get married but stay married. Learn more from Dr. Leite by visiting him at Cordova Psychological Associates, 901-624-6390.

January 2015 / 87

Men’s January Home Schedule FedEx Forum

Women’s January Home Schedule Elma Roane Fieldhouse

3 15 17 28

4 14 24 31

Tulane Cincinnati UCF East Carolina

3/5PM 6PM 1PM 8PM

East Carolina Cincinnati Houston USF


For tickets and updated game times, visit gotigersgotix.com.


Signature Chefs Auction

Jim’s Place Grille A Memphis dining tradition bringing families together since 1921

March of Dimes Photography by Mark O. Ramirez

Memphis’ top chefs gathered to showcase their culinary masterpieces at the recent Signature Chefs Auction to benefit the March of Dimes. The tasteful event was a who’s who in the local food scene and included Erling Jensen’s, Babalu, Itta Bena, and Deja Vu. Samplings of fine wines and live music rounded out the distinctive evening of feasting.

More 4 March of Dimes The March of Dimes helps moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies. If something goes wrong, they offer information and comfort to families. Additionally, they research the problems that threaten babies and work on preventing them. To learn more about the mission of the March of Dimes, and their work in local communities and around the globe, visit marchofdimes.org.

3660 South Houston Levee, Suite 112 Collierville, TN 901.861.5000 jimsplacegrille.com Jim's Place Grille is the perfect location for your upcoming Christmas party, rehearsal dinner, or family celebration. We also offer off-site catering for any occasion. Contact James Taras or Aaron Rude at 901.861.5000 to reserve your spot today! For more information visit www.jimsplacegrille.com

Alisa Cunningham & Bill Kloos

Steve & Renata Baker

Penny Marchionda, Lauren Walker, Laura Edler & Celia Ortiz


FOR A L IFET I M E At Westminster we connect the everyday to the extraordinary, the present to the past, and distant cultures to our own communities. Our students discover an education like no other and a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. Learn more. Call for a tour today. K–12 Hugh Balthrop, Phillip Ashley, Vinicia Reed & Konrad Spitzbart


9 01.3 8 0.9192



wamemphis.com January 2015 / 89


| Supporting Live Music in Memphis | Photography by James Wessels | Blurred Image Photography

Eric Gales | 1884 Lounge at Minglewood Plaza | October 24, 2014

Saving Abel

714 Hard Rock CafĂŠ Grand Opening Weekend | October 25, 2014

Ian Hunter | 1884 Lounge at Minglewood Plaza | November 11, 2014 90 / 4Memphis

Zack Myers

North Mississippi All Stars | Minglewood Hall | November 28, 2014

St. Paul & the Broken Bones | MingleWood Hall | December 8, 2014

The Eli Young Band | Minglewood Hall | December 11, 2014

Usher | FedExFourm | December 8, 2014 January 2015 / 91



The Arcade

St. George’s Episcopal Church Photography by Mark O. Ramirez The Arcade at St. George’s Episcopal Church is a much-anticipated annual event, and the 43rd Antiques Show & Sale kicked off with a preview party on a Thursday evening in early November. The 2014 theme was Gardening: Feeding Our Community, and three organizations–Emmanuel Center, Mid-South Food Bank, and MIFA–all benefited from this year’s successful show and sale. Since the first show in 1971, The Arcade has donated over $550,000 to Memphis-area charities.

Makeup & Spray Tan by Tiffany Vollmer Bishop JANUARY SPECIAL Come in for a complimentary wedding makeup consultation, and receive a spray tanning session. Don & Anne Harrington with Lou D’Eri

Lee & Kevin Holt

Cheryl & Chris Gillespie

The Infinity Sun Theater is the newest in spray tan technology. Environmentally safe, this hand held system is equipped with three extractor fans to direct the over spray away from you. The additional overhead studio lighting ensures a smooth, streak-free tan.

Professional Makeup Services

Thea Waggener, Gordon & Charlotte Lescinskis

Application & Instruction • Weddings • Fashion Custom Spray Tanning • Glo Minerals • Colorescience

1044 Brookfield Road • Memphis 901.683.1066 • edenspaandlaser.com


MOVED! 92 / 4Memphis

Same great service 4 doors down 1044 Brookfield • Memphis Nancy Ligon & Erin Brophy

Greta Coger & Connie Lampen


The Artist Group of Memphis

Meet Addison

Opening Reception

Senior Kindergarten

Photography by Mark O. Ramirez The Memphis Botanic Garden gallery was filled with all things artsy at the opening reception for The Artist Group of Memphis. The collective group of talented artists include Marie Babb, Ron Olson, Lisa Ann Sulipeck, and group founders Joy Routt and Julie Hooker. Great food, live music, and a big crowd of friends and fans created a perfectly artful evening.

big sister butterfly painter

Susan Edwards & Phyllis McElyea

Sandra & Tom Hill

tag champ


future baby doctor

PE lover

APPly Now! www.stmarysschool.org | 901-537-1405 | All girls from age 2 through 12th grade. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Lisa Sulipeck, Joy Phillips- Routt with Ron & Vicki Olson

Rena Chiozza & Stephanie Cosby

Chrissy & Rick Ouellette

Jay Campbell & Shaun Scianni

Singer Ciera Ouellette January 2015 / 93


Tiger Town by David Lynch 94 / 4Memphis




Cirque du CMOM

Meet Ellie

Tennis Tournament Photography by Mark O. Ramirez

2nd Grade

The first-ever Cirque du CMOM Tennis Tournament was held in late October at the Racquet Club of Memphis. Players had a smashing good time while raising funds in support of the Children’s Museum of Memphis. The annual Cirque du CMOM Gala will be held Saturday, February 7, 2015. For more information and to buy tickets, visit cmom. com.

British subject

artist lego lover

Elizabeth Smith & Karen Johnston

Carrie Roberts, Janie Lowery & Dick Hackett

voracious reader foodie

Apply Now! www.stmarysschool.org | 901-537-1405 | All girls from age 2 through 12th grade. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

All thingsBridal registry gifts

Jordon Howell & Cindy Dobbs


Lily Humphreys & Melissa Reddoch

Carol Stout, Ruth Morris, Mary Jane Fuller & Jeanene Lawhead

660 S. Perkins Rd. Memphis, TN 38117 901.766.9885 Mon.-Sat. 10-5 Sarah Watkins, Bridgette Speake & Jennifer Hobson January 2015 / 95

Hide & Seek in New Orleans

By Sally Walker Davies; photography courtesy New Orleans CVB & Pat Garin

It’s hard to imagine that you can actually have a quiet weekend focused on romance in the never-hushed city of New Orleans, but it’s possible. The key to having that kind of experience is to find a hideaway outside the French Quarter, and seek out the seductively charming side of the city. Just a few blocks from the constant din of the Quarter, the Warehouse Arts District is almost otherworldly. While the neighborhood is classic New Orleans – the French architectural influence is still pervasive – the atmosphere is almost serene compared to the raucous Quarter. The chic Renaissance Arts Hotel is filled with pieces from local and national artists, from the Dale Chihuly chandelier in the lobby to the photographs and small paintings in the guest rooms. The neighborhood offers blocks of galleries through which to stroll, with prices that range from downright steals to once-in-alifetime splurges. There’s an art walk the first Saturday of each month, with galleries staying open in the evenings, and thanks its designation as a Louisiana cultural district, there’s no sales tax on original art purchased in the district. The lush Ogden Museum of Southern Art, part of the University of New Orleans, is located in the district and is an excellent option for a quiet afternoon contemplating the works within. Even the district’s Saturday’s farmers market is

96 / 4Memphis

serene, filled with locally-produced bottles of flavored jams and spicy flavored vinegars – the kinds of happy gifts to bring home to friends – and there are buckets of gorgeous heirloom blooms which may not last the weekend but certainly won’t go unappreciated. New Orleans is filled with restaurants that offer cozy tables, romantic patios, or private nooks for dining. We’re all for breaking out of the self-imposed isolation and heading into the Quarter for a lush meal at Susan Spicer’s legendary Bayona, housed in an historic Creole cottage. Café Amelie’s courtyard is romantic day or night, its tables that aren’t too close together, so there’s plenty of privacy. In the Warehouse District, Memphis native Ryan Prewitt is a chef and partner at Peche Seafood Grill, where his mastery of all things seafood earned him a James Beard Foundation award as the South’s best chef earlier this year – and the restaurant received a Beard for best new restaurant, too. New Orleans seems to teem with excellent spas these days, and the Ritz Carlton’s pampering treatments are always top-notch. Guys will discover that there’s nothing better than a visit to Aidin Gills, the classic gentleman’s barber shop on Magazine Street. One shave at Aidin Gills, and he’ll never settle for a can of Barbasol again.

Photo courtesy of Pat Garin, New Orleans CVB


If You Go SLEEP Renaissance Arts Hotel 700 Tchoupitoulas Street 504.613.2330 renaissanceartshotel.com Rates start at $119/night. SIP Try one of Robby Farmer’s signature cocktails at Bayona; he’s always concocting a seasonal treat with a New Orleans twist. 430 Dauphine Street 504.525.4455 or online at bayona.com. SEE Tour the Sculptures For New Orleans, the public art installation along the Poydras Corridor that’s part of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. 925 Camp Street. (504)- 539-9650 ogdenmuseum.org/poydrasSculpture SAVOR A seafood feast at Peche Seafood Grill, corner of Julia and Magazine Streets 504.522.1714 pecherestaurant.com.


Harvest Party

Meet Maya

The Cotton Museum Photography by Katie Breyer

6th Grade

The largest fundraiser of the year for the Cotton Museum is the annual Harvest Party, and this year’s rousing event was another huge success and a great party at Earnestine & Hazel’s! The proceeds from the 2014 Harvest Party will support the work of the museum, plus preserving the stories of hundreds of people who shared their personal experiences in the cotton industry through the Oral Histories Project. memphiscottonmuseum.org

4-Square star


multi-sport athlete

Spanish speaker

award-winning artist

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Winter Sale


Patrick & Natalie Miller


75% OFF!

Grace & Doug Christie

Margaret Jabbour, Cristina Jabbour, Eric McEnerney & Meredith Carrozza

6300 Poplar at Massey 761-4430 sorelleboutiquememphis.com Amy & Patrick Simmons

Carrie & Gary Comella, Betsy McKay January 2015 / 97


Book Review

The Booksellers at Laurelwood

Staff Picks

The Knot Complete Guide to Weddings by Carley Roney $21.99

How to Get Married, By Me, the Bride by Sally Lloyd-Jones $16.99

The Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers $7.95

Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella $15.00

The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party

Seating Arrangements

by Maggie Shipstead by Alexander McCall Smith $15.00 $14.95


One app for all your business needs

Mobile apps are the wave of the future. Get started today and give your business its one and only mobile app. What makes mobile applications so amazing are the unique tools that are featured in every mobile app. Tools such as Analytics, Push Notifications, Events Calendar, QR Scanner, Reservation System, Food Ordering, Music, YouTube, Navigation and so many more that can be included in your custom Mobile App.

iReachApps.com / 901.487.8526 / Call for a Free Demonstration & Quote 98 / 4Memphis

shop. eat. spend.

Meet Abbie

enjoy local.


half marathoner

hair product expert

St. Jude supporter

pep club president


of Memphis & The Mid South

an independent Valpak® franchise

Support businesses where you live, work and play. #lovelocal901 #lovelocal662

valpak.com/memphis 901.385.0880

Apply Now! www.stmarysschool.org | 901-537-1405 | All girls from age 2 through 12th grade. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Memphis ein Center VARICOSE VEINS

medical problem that causes varicose veins. This medical condition is called venous insuf are very common in the United States, affecting approximately 15 percent of men and 25 percent of women. What causes varicose veins?


Painless Results

“[Laser treatment] lasts less than an hour, other than the pinches from the

local anesthetic, is relaArteries bring blood tively painless. After the from the heart to the procedure, patients can legs. Veins then bring walk right out the blood from the legs of the office.” back to the heart. Varicose veins result from problems in the veins. When you stand, oneway valves in your veins close to prevent After your blood from rushing to your feet. In some these valves be sensation of heaviness and causes the veins topeople, enlarge. The • Dark brown discoloration or ulcers near ENOUS REATMENT come worn out. Over time, the blood backs the ankle relatively painless. After the proce veins that branch into the surface of the skin become up in the veins, and pressure builds. This Laser treatment – This treatment eliminates varicose veins • Sometimes none increased pressure leads to a sensation of dilated, and appear as varicose veins. wear and to is done in our office. Your lower leg is numbed with a a support stocking for at l heaviness and causes the veins enlarge. How are varicose veins treated? weeks and follow up in a week. If The veins that branch into the surface of the Using ultrasound, the doctor finds the local anesthetic. Conservative Therapy are not relieved with conservative skin VEINS become dilated, and appear as varicose HAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF VARICOSE treatment, most insurance plans abnormal vein and punctures it with a smallcompression needle. A long Support stockings – Wearing veins. • Achy or heavy feeling in the legs endovenous laser treatment.

KISHORE K. ARCOT, MD, FACC, FSCAI, RPVI VARICOSE VEINS Varicose veins are abnormal veins that can occur in the legs. They can be small, thin, purple-colored lines (called “spider veins”) lying just below the surface, or they can appear as thick, bulging or knotted veins. While many people think that varicose veins are simply a cosmetic issue, there is often an underlying medical problem that causes varicose veins. This medical condition is called venous insufficiency. Varicose veins are very common in the United States, affecting approximately 15 percent of men and 25 percent of women.

WHAT CAUSES VARICOSE VEINS? Arteries bring blood from the heart to the legs. Veins then bring the blood from the legs back to the heart. Varicose veins result from problems in the veins. When you stand, oneway valves in your veins close to prevent your blood from rushing to your feet. In some people, these valves become worn out. Over time, the blood backs up in the veins, and pressure builds. This increased pressure leads to a





• Burning, throbbing, muscle cramping • Swelling in the legs • Pain after prolonged standing • Itching • Recurrent phlebitis or cellulitis (inflammation or infection) • Dark brown discoloration or ulcers near the ankle • Sometimes none

HOW ARE VARICOSE VEINS TREATED? CONSERVATIVE THERAPY Support stockings – Wearing compression stockings is an important of any vein treatment Anti-inflammatory medication – Medications like ibuprofen (Motrin) can help alleviate symptoms

plastic tube, called a catheter, is then passed through the vein up to the leaking valves, usually found in the groin. Through the catheter, the laser is passed. The laser is activated and slowly pulled out of the vein, closing it down so it will no longer leak. This procedur lasts less than an hour, other than the pinches from the local anesthetic, is relatively painless. After the procedure, patients can walk right out of the office. They wear a support stocking for at least two weeks and follow up in a week. If symptoms are not relieved with conservative medical treatment, most insurance plans cover the endovenous laser treatment.


6005 Park Ave., Suite 225-B • Memphis, TN • 901.767.6765 • 901.767.9639 (fax) • www.memphiscardiology.com January 2015 / 99


Share your engagement & wedding photos in 4Memphis. Contact sandi@4memphis.com for submission guidelines.

Anne Morgan Guenther & Sebron Miller September 13, 2014 | Wilson Chapel, Christ United Methodist Church | Dixon Gallery & Gardens | Flowers by Deedra Stone Photography by Lindsey Lissau | CFY Catering

Kelly Long & James Lott

Jessica Kemezis & Shaun Talbert

Monday, June 2, 2014 | Cindy B. Thymius Photography Location: Sanctuary on the Square, Collierville, TN

October 11, 2014 | Dreams Rivera Cancun | Adventure Photos | Dress: The Barefoot Bride

Dawna Marie Divine & Charles Price Boone

Sarah Echols & Dave Miller.

October 24, 2014 | Photographer: Lana Robison Chambers Chapel United Methodist Church. Arlington, TN

June 7, 2014 | Annesdale Mansion | Photographer: Sky Touch E Photos Catering: Simply Delicious | Cakes: The Cake Lady | Florist: L & J Productions Wedding Coordinator: Sheryl Greenstein

100 / 4Memphis

A picture is worth a thousand words But a test drive will leave you speechless.

I-55 @ Shelby Dr. | 4601 Hutton Way | 901-345-3200 | chuckhuttontoyota.com


Memphis Suit Project Donation Party

Break-A-Leg 5k

Supporters of the Memphis Suit Project hosted a Donation Party recently at the David Lusk Gallery. Guests were encouraged to donate gently used suits, shirts, shoes, ties, or a monetary donation. The mission of the Memphis Suit Project is to provide professional business attire to deserving individuals in need to help eliminate barriers to success. memphissuitproject.com

The Orpheum Theatre kicked off the holiday season with the inaugural BreakA-Leg 5k in late November. The theme for the run was the holiday favorite, A Christmas Story, The Musical. The runners started and ended at the Orpheum, and concluded the race with a block party and plenty of Christmas cheer!

Duane Larson, Anna Todd, Lauren Estes & Brian Marcum

Elise Patterson & Don Estes

Pat Halloran, Lauren Steinkamp, Teresa Ward, Michelle Heck, Leanne McQuown, Taneshia Briggs &Brooke Hamilton

Caroline Hamilton David Lusk & Margot McNeeley

Chris Johnson

Doug Carpenter, Jay Oliphant & Justin Thomas

Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue Christmas Fundraiser

Memphis Arts Collective Holiday Market Opening Party

The 3rd Annual Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue Christmas Fundraiser was held at Chimes and Occasions in midtown. Making a show-stopping appearance was the pawsome Turbo, one of the groups most recent rescued dogs that is currently available for adoption. Amanda Buchanan chaired the event and has served as a volunteer for the organization for the past 3 years. Her goal is to educate the public about the Pit Bull breed and also to aide the organization in trying to rescue as many of these dogs as possible.

The Memphis Arts Collective Holiday Market, a midtown tradition, kicked off the shopping season on the evening of Black Friday with a festive party and silent auction benefitting Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and the Exchange Club. The annual, month-long market offered shoppers an array of original gift ideas from artists including Jimmy Crosthwait, Jan Shivley, Billy Moore, and Chuck Parr.

Kristin Marshall, Kevin Greene & Adrienne Greene

Bob & Marian Garibaldi

Randal Morton, Adam Brooks & Brad Robb

Chuck Parr, Linda Wilson & Liz Beard Ward

Emily & Kim Willis 102 / 4Memphis

Stephanie Marks & Angie Marks Leigh

Bob & Shirley Turner & Bill Pritchard


Memphis Blues Society End of Prohibition Party The Memphis Blues Society celebrated the End of Prohibition with a party on December 6th. The 3rd annual, members-only event was held at Elvis’ first home on Audubon Drive, thanks to the Curb Institute and Rhodes College. The MBS non-profit org is an affiliate of the Blues Foundation, and strives to promote the Memphis-area blues community and its musicians. memphisbluessociety.com

Ed Raines, Peggy Turley, John Gemmill, Pamela Raines & Jay Sieleman

Averill Conway & Ms. Zeno Louisiana Mojo Queen

Eric & Donna Hughes

Foster Robinson & Sarah Sieloff

Belly Acres Grand Opening The newest addition to Overton Square hosted a Grand Opening celebration just in time for holiday cheer. The eatery is a “Citified Farm Fresh Restaurant” and is tucked into the lower area of the Square on Trimble Place. Signature burgers are a specialty for Belly Acres, and you can build your own or pick from their list - either way, it’s yummy!

Sarah Stramel & Jackie Sparks

Stewart & Hayden Wingate

Elle Perry & Clayton Templeton

Maria Castiblanco & Gorkem Yamandag

More Than Words Hosts Goodnight Memphis Book Signing

Bartlett Area Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting Celebrations

The Germantown gift shop and boutique More Than Words, hosted a holiday book signing for local bestseller Goodnight Memphis. The author Grace Hammond Skertich and illustrator David Lynch were both on hand to sign copies of the delightful children’s book. A Memphis-themed story in the rhythm of the original classic by Margaret Wise Brown, Goodnight Moon, features our city’s treasured icons from Beale Street to the Shelby Farms buffalo. goodnight-memphis.com

The Bartlett Area Chamber of Commerce recently held ceremonial ribbon cutting celebrations to welcome several businesses into the Chamber. bartlettchamber.org

The Bartlett Soap Company

LeeAnn McGhee, David Lynch, Grace Hammond Skertich & Kelly Garner

Kristina Doss, Kaleb Dodson & Shawn Mills

Footsteps in Eden Reflexology

Kirbi Pittman, Allison Love, Chelsea Barton, Lee Ann McGhee, Kelly Garner & Sarah McDowell

Lotus, Jada & Alandre Nichols

Merle Norman January 2015 / 103


Reindeer Rockout Benefitting Shelby County Books from Birth It was a rocking good dance time for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders at the Reindeer Rockout to benefit Books from Birth. Three separate dances were held at the University Club and the Racquet Club, with over 700 kids participating in the festive parties. Books from Birth promotes kindergarten readiness and strengthening family bonds by providing age-appropriate books for children from birth to age five at no cost! To learn more or sign up, visit booksfrombirth.org.

HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS SATURDAY, JANUARY 10 The World Famous Harlem Globetrotters bring their ridiculous basketball skills to FedExForum. TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Emily Slaba, Sam Lawson, Libby House, Allie Bates & Addie Blank

Mimi Young & Angeline Heger

MONSTER JAM FEBRUARY 13 & 14 The most exciting family motorsports entertainment and the biggest performers on four wheels. TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

Talia Garaffa & Timber King

Sophie Droke & Aynsley Skipper

James Gattas Holiday Open House

WWE PPV FAST LANE SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22 Feel the thrill of the first ever fast lane payper-view event on the road to Wrestlemaina 31.

With Jolly Ole St. Nick needing a few gift ideas, James Gattas Jewelers stepped in to assist! They hosted a Holiday Open House with plenty of cheer and beautiful jewelry for gifting that special someone. The expanded store on Poplar Avenue near Erin Drive was the perfect setting for shopping and celebrating the season.


WINTER JAM SUNDAY, MARCH 22 SKILLET heads the all-star line-up of nine bands during the history-making tour’s Memphis stop. SUGGESTED DONATION OF $10 AT THE DOOR!

Sarah Duhon & David Queck

Jenna Feilding & Sean Mednikow

DISNEY ON ICE FROZEN SEPTEMBER 25-27 Make tickets a stocking stuffer gift as DISNEY ON ICE brings the number one animated film of all time to life at FedExForum. TICKETS ON SALE NOW! George Gattas, Teresa Ernest, James, Jay & Philip Gattas


12/19/14 11:04 AM


Scotch Tasting Benefitting Theatre Memphis Photography by Katie Breyer On November 13th, many gathered to warm their bellies with some rare scotch. Presented by The Scottish Malt Whisky Society and Theatre Memphis, the evening was filled with Celtic music, a grandiose dinner prepared by Chef Erling Jensen, and some of Edinburgh, Scotland’s best kept secrets – in liquid form.

Bobby Walton & Ken Strong

Brenda Maguire

Steve & Missy McClendon

Keith Clinton

New Memphis Institute Holiday Party The New Memphis Institute recently held their annual Holiday Party to celebrate to the season. Abbie and Duncan Williams hosted the event in their East Memphis home in support of the organization. New Memphis Institute is dedicated to “forging a prosperous and vital new Memphis by attracting, developing, activating, and retaining talent.” newmemphis.org 2014/15 GIVEAWAY GAMES

SAT, JAN. 17


Grizz Girls Poster to the first 5,000 fans. Presented by Horseshoe Casino and Mercury Printing.

SAT, JAN. 24


SAT, JAN. 31


FRI, FEB. 27


Grizzlies Rally Flags to the first 10,000 fans. Presented by SportSouth.

Grizzlies Wrestling Belts to the first 3,000 fans. Flip Flops to the first 5,000 fans.



Abbie & Duncan Williams, Nancy Coffee with Susan & Tom Stephenson

Get 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, and 4 Pepsi fountain drinks, at over $70 off single game prices. The most affordable way for the entire family to enjoy the game just got better. TERRACE IV



Monday, January 19




Dallas Mavericks (MLK Day)




Grab your Buds and receive a game ticket and flight of beers and food in the newlyopened Draft Room on the First Tennessee Club Level. The Draft Room will feature over 20 local, domestic, micro and craft beers along with a variety of rotating food pairings.


Thursday, January 29

Angie Cramer, Andy Demster & Mac Bruce

Denver Nuggets

Carissa Hussong with Barrie & Ken Wurzburg

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12/19/14 11:04 AM







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Diamond engagement rings from $2,500. All diamonds over one carat are graded by the GIA Laboratory and/or Forevermark Institute.

474 Perkins Extended, Memphis / 3384 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta

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