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The Kenneys Wedding Imagery

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Grizzlies Prep PreauXX Memphis Lion King: In Character

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February 2015 / 13

Letter From the Publisher Seek the Peace and Prosperity of the City in which I have placed you. Jeremiah 29:7 .‫ יִ ְהיֶ ה לָ כֶ ם ָׁשלֹום‬,‫לֹומּה‬ ָ ‫ כִּ י ִב ְׁש‬:‫יְ הוָ ה‬-‫ ֶאל‬,‫ וְ ִה ְת ַּפלְ לּו ַבעֲ ָדּה‬,‫ ֲא ֶׁשר ִהגְ לֵ ִיתי ֶא ְתכֶ ם ָׁש ָּמה‬,‫שלֹום ָהעִ יר‬-‫ת‬ ְׁ ‫ז וְ ִד ְרׁשּו ֶא‬ ‫יִ ְר ְמיָ הּו‬

Numbers 14:6 through 9 6 Joshua, son of Nun and Caleb son of Jephunneh, who were among those who had explored the land, tore their clothes 7 and said to the entire Israelite assembly, “The land we passed through and explored is exceedingly good. 8 If the Lord is pleased with us, he will lead us into that land, a land flowing with milk and honey, and will give it to us. 9 Only do not rebel against the Lord. And do not be afraid… ‫ְּב ִמ ְד ַּבר‬ -‫ ָכּל‬-‫ אֶ ל‬,‫ ז ו ַי ֹּאמְ רּו‬.‫בגְדֵ יהֶ ם‬ ּ ִ ,‫קָ ְרעּו‬--‫ָארץ‬ ֶ ָ‫ה‬-‫ אֶ ת‬,‫הַ תָ ִּרים‬-‫ מִ ן‬,‫י ְפֻ נֶּה‬-‫ ו ְ ָכלֵב ֶבּן‬,‫נּון‬-‫וו ִיהֹושֻ ׁעַ ִבּן‬ .‫ מְ א ֹד מְ א ֹד‬,‫ָארץ‬ ּ ְ ‫עֲ דַ ת‬ ֶ ָ‫טֹובָה ה‬--‫ אֲ שֶ ׁר עָ ב ְַרנּו בָּה לָתּור א ֹתָ ּה‬,‫ָארץ‬ ֶ ָ‫ ה‬:‫י ִשְ ָׂראֵ ל לֵאמ ֹר‬-‫בנֵי‬ ‫הִ וא ָזבַת‬-‫ אֲ שֶ ׁר‬,‫ אֶ ֶרץ‬:‫ ּונְתָ נָּה לָנּו‬,‫ָארץ הַ ז ֹּאת‬ ֶ ָ‫ה‬-‫ו ְהֵ בִיא א ֹתָ נּו אֶ ל‬--‫ י ְהו ָה‬,‫חָ פֵ ץ ָבּנּו‬-‫חאִ ם‬ ‫ ִכּי לַחְ מֵ נּו הֵ ם; סָ ר‬,‫ָארץ‬ ְ ִ‫ת‬-‫ ו ְַאתֶ ּם ַאל‬,‫תִ ּמְ ר ֹדּו‬-‫ ַאל‬,‫ טאַ ְך ַבּיהו ָה‬.‫חָ לָב ּודְ בָׁש‬ ֶ ָ‫עַ ם ה‬-‫ּיראּו אֶ ת‬ ָ ִ‫ת‬-‫ ַאל‬,‫ִצ ָלּם מֵ עֲ לֵיהֶ ם ו ַיהו ָה אִ תָ ּנּו‬ .‫ּיראֻ ם‬ This month, 4Memphis and the Memphis Love Challenge turn our attention to education, specifically a charter school in Memphis that is leading the charge to prove that education in the city of Memphis does not have to be a failed proposition. Grizzlies Prep is doing an outstanding job of educating 6th, 7th and 8th grade young men that otherwise would be considered at risk if they were not attending Grizzlies Prep. The story referenced from this excerpt from the Book of Numbers is the story of God’s people being afraid to tackle the job that God had given them to conquer the Promised Land after leaving slavery in Egypt. The Israeli people watched the most powerful nation on Earth be destroyed, in order to set them free, only to become afraid and refuse to do the job that lay ahead. One of the basic requirements of any city is the education of its children. Many in this city, including this publisher, look at the challenges and wonder if there is any way to fix our city’s education system. We are afraid that the political battle is too hard, or the high-risk children too challenging, to actively engage in helping fix the system. The surrounding communities have to incorporate into their growth projections the need for a bigger school system to accommodate the young families looking to leave the schools located in the city of Memphis.

Grizzlies Prep is proving our fears to be wrong. You walk the halls of the school located in the former downtown Federal Reserve building, and you’ll see these young men’s love of reading, order and discipline. They are in the top 95% of their peers in the area of reading, math, and science. This is all being done despite being in a building that has no gymnasium or yard to play in. They love their school, more importantly they love learning and embrace the “Core Values” as defined by Grizzlies Prep. (see page 36 in feature article) The leadership of Grizzlies Prep has been deliberate in developing a school curriculum that reinforces the Core Values while providing an emotionally safe learning environment from the moment these young men enter the building until they leave. We toured the school last week with Memphis music artist PreauXX; his own life message to the students reinforced the very “Core Values” of Grizzlies Prep. He challenged the young men to “define yourself everyday despite the challenges of the day,” drawing from his upcoming single “Monday Morning.” In our story from the book of Numbers, Joshua and Caleb were the only ones who did not run from the job given to them by God. They were the only ones from their generation to enter the Promised Land after Israel wandered 40 years. May we, the citizens of Memphis, not fail this generation of students. May we support Grizzlies Prep and the other schools that are working to change education in Memphis. Seek the Peace and Prosperity of Memphis Jim

Grizzlies Prep is a public school that operates as a charter school, receiving an allocation of dollars for the student’s education, but nothing for facility upcoming or to pay for the extras that are making a difference in the education of these young men. The Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation helps to meet some of these needs, some of the Core Values are drawn from what is successful on the basketball court, but it is critical that the school has a broader base of support to continue its great work.



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February 2015 / 15


Christmas Program Madonna Learning Center Photography by Mark O. Ramirez After months of planning and rehearsals, the kids at Madonna Learning Center took the stage in midDecember for their annual Christmas Program. Once again, these beautiful stars did not disappoint the sold-out audiences for all three performances at GPAC! This tradition is much anticipated by the students, and it is a gift to the Memphis community in the true spirit of Christmas.

Hollis, Neely, Ander, Sara Trammell, Suzanne Culpepper & Scott Tramell

Jeff, Jack, Meg & Betsy Horton with Wanda Lenoir & Sam Mitchell

Caroline Williamson, Daniel Wray, Emily McGuire & William Merrill

Clay & Suzanne Culpepper

John, Megan, Mary Ellen, Diane & Nicholas Grover

Mark & Taylor Gaulden

Katie & Katherine Kaelin, Nancy & Brady Jackson & Michelle Griggs

More 4 Madonna Learning Center You can help by donating: • Gift cards from Lowe’s or Home Depot • Snacks, especially original cheddar Goldfish crackers • Paper plates (no styrofoam, please) • Plastic cups, 8 oz to 12 oz • Plastic forks and spoons • Baby wipes • Kleenex tissues

Wesley Sanders, Julee Aldrich, Carter Peatross, Yvonne Little & James Cotton

Weston Thompson, Cheryl McKenzie & Logan Pittman 16 / 4Memphis

To learn more about how you can help, visit madonna-learning.org

Marion & Bill Cravens

Leigh Ellis, John Haase & Jo Gilbert

Lauren Johnsey & Lori Ferguson

Liz & Dr. Mike Neel

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Liberty Bowl President’s Gala Photography by Mark O. Ramirez

The 56th Annual Liberty Bowl hosted the President’s Gala the night before the big game, and it was the black-tie party of the holiday season. Texas A&M and West Virginia fans joined forces for the pre-game gala at the Peabody Hotel. Duo Big & Rich entertained the crowd with high-energy country music - and dancing wasn’t optional! A&M prevailed in the game the next day, but everybody won the party at the President’s Gala. libertygala.org Kendal McCoy & Pierce Hurst

Bruce & Karla Wilson

Lana, Alexa & Shawn Danko

Chuck & Barbara Strong

Rick & Hemmy Patel

Terry Reeves & Carter Beard

Alice & Jimmy Kiser

Dave & Toni Evans

Buddy, Lanetta & Bobby Lanier

John & Wanda Barzizza

Howard & Stephanie Fringer

Jim & Sheila Wilson

Rebecca Fowler & Doug Browne

Mica & Isabelle Partain 18 / 4Memphis

Lyle LaFave & Barbara Buckley

Pam Kimery & JaNae Cook


Meagan Nichols & Matt Cervetti

Bo Adams & Pam Mattingly

Dale & Tommy Kennedy

Michelle Perez & Marie Ring

Jack & Pam Michael

Sandy & John Santi

Debbie Taylor & Gary Bellanti

Branden Stewart & Cora King

Ken & Betty Coble

Michael Spurlock with Madison & Russell Vollmer Deborah & Hugh McVeigh

Texas A&M A-Battery Cadet Corps - Class of 2018

Mike & Celeste Longo Cathryn Ellis

Ross & Anna Pickle Michol Ecklund & Alex Richoux

February 2015 / 19


Science of Beer The Pink Palace Photography by Mark O. Ramirez The Pink Palace once again hosted the very popular Science of Beer event and, once again, beer connoisseurs made it a sell-out! With experiments involving beer, tastings from professional brewers and homebrewers, a koozie-making station, and more, this was a beer-filled Friday night of fun!

Roby Johnson, Maggie Barr & Hung Hoang

Chuck & Elizabeth Lane with Holly & Phillip Greer

Jesse Meekins & Caroline Daniel

Richard Pugh & Ronda Cloud

Cory York, Erika Hansen & Mark Patrick

Nathan Tipton with Heather & Matthew Nordtvedt

Overton, Clint Jones & Ryan Guess

Joy Anderson, Stacey Greenberg & Colleen Smith

Kade & Katie Dickerson with Brittany & Connor Ragin

Morgan Tate & Alison & Griffin Elkington

Nicole Fox & Lisa Fox

20 / 4Memphis

Joe Dowling, Leighanne Keough & Ryan Staggs

Anneliese Hernandez, Ellie Park & Sally Rauch

June Day & Jessica Ball

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Wish It Forward Exhibition Make-a-Wish

Photography by Mark O. Ramirez The Fall 2014 Design Laboratory team at the Memphis College of Art partnered with Make-A-Wish Mid-South to design promo products for the chapter’s medical outreach program. In an opening reception at MCA, that hard work and collaboration was celebrated in the Wish It Forward exhibition of the completed project. midsouth.wish.org Scott Elliott & Mianda Harbor

Lindsay Collins, Laura Ball, Jessica Harmon, Emily & Bradley Rice

Cynthia, Autmn & Hudson Taylor

David & Cathy Compochiaro 22 / 4Memphis

Carla Beth & Lee McCallum with Tom & Nancy Bell

Denise Parnell & Chaarity Williams

David & Bonnie Thornton

Tom & Liz Nelson

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Sissy’s Log Cabin & James Davis

Holiday Open House Photography by Mark O. Ramirez

Shoppers were treated to holiday goodies at Sissy’s Log Cabin and James Davis while they checked the names off their lists. From baubles to bow ties, it was a perfect evening for finding just the right gift for holiday giving.

Carmen Bond, KK Weinberg, Mason & Jane Ezzell

Bobby Byrd, Gary Parrish, Harold Byrd & Chao Lin

Renee Stubbs & Melissa Summerfield

Amy Lindeman with Paul & Amy Bell

Augusta Campbell, Bill Stearnes & Kelli DeWitt

Mary Wood, Sissy Jones & Landi Botiner

Bill & Shari Jones with Tom & Ellen Prewitt

Bill Jones, Courtney Davis & Daryl Quarles

Sherry & Rob Joyner

Mary Thompson, Wes Fowler, Jennifer & Mike Adams with Abby Curry & Craig Conley 24 / 4Memphis

Nicole & Jonathan Ellichman

Van Weinberg & Gary Parrish

94.1 “The Wolf” - Cindy DeBardelaben & Marty Brooks

Debra & Bobbie Byrd

Wolf River

2552 Houston Levee Rd.


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Halle Pkwy.

Houston Levee Rd.

. vd


Frank Rd.

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Varicose vein evaluation & treatment covered by most insurance plans. Spider Vein treatments also available.

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February 2015 / 25

RESORT WEAR For Memphians, Destin, FL, has always been a favorite escape from the cold winter temperatures. Spring Break is around the corner, and local retailers have stocked up on beautiful resort wear that will impress along 30A, at your favorite tiki, or lounging on a beautiful boat. These light linens and silky garments are light to carry and easy to layer, and bulkier island-inspired statement jewelry is simple to keep up with when exploring your favorite resort. So pack for your plane, train or automobile trip down, and we have you covered fashionably well for wherever your travels may take you. 26 / 4Memphis

Dress: Kittie Kyle Collection Scarf: Sorelle Boutique Necklace: Sorelle Boutique Shoes: Lori James Bracelet: Peridot Hat: Peridot

Photography: Romona Robbins | Model: Meghan from IZON Models | Styling/Creative Directing: Stephanie Beliles | Hair/Makeup: Lisa Robinson Assistant: Katie Breyer | Junior Assistant: Bizzy Walker | Location: Destin, FL | Yacht provided by Galati Yacht Sales, galatiyachts.com

February 2015 / 27

28 / 4Memphis

Dress: Heather Boutique & Spa Jacket: Heather Boutique & Spa Bag: Heather Boutique & Spa Shoes: Lori James Necklace: Kittie Kyle Collection

February 2015 / 29

30 / 4Memphis

Dress: Oak Hall Shorter Necklace: Peridot Longer Necklace: Kittie Kyle Collection Wrap: Kittie Kyle Collection Sunglasses: Toyos Clinic

February 2015 / 31

Tunic: Kittie Kyle Collection Trousers: Kittie Kyle Collection Shoes: Lori James Necklace: Sorelle Boutique Bracelet: Heather Boutique & Spa

32 / 4Memphis

Blouse, Bandeau: Sorelle Boutique Trousers: Heather Boutique & Spa Sunglasses: Toyos Clinic

February 2015 / 33

Jumpsuit: Lavish Bib: Oak Hall Sunglasses: Toyos Clinic

34 / 4Memphis


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February 2015 / 35

Tye Ficklen (8th), Cooper Smith (6th), Parker Ashton (7th), Joshua Davis (7th), Tyrus Young (7th), Joe Buchanan (6th), Marino Dennis (7th) & Antonial Shannon (8th)

GRIZZLIES PREP By Stephanie Beliles | Photography courtesy of Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

The Memphis Grizzlies have positioned themselves as hometown heroes with guiding principles that have made them a success story in the NBA. As an influential organization that is committed to their community, it is no wonder the Memphis Grizzlies saw the challenge in education for young men in Memphis and turned it into an opportunity to create another team of educated, evolved young men. Boys that would possibly be in otherwise failing schools and negative situations are molded into outstanding scholars, impressive communicators, and deeper thinkers. The Memphis Grizzlies recognizes that in order to make a city succeed, the youth needs to succeed, and they wisely created a partnership with Grizzlies Prep. If children are the future, then Memphis’ prospects got brighter when Grizzlies Prep opened their doors. Inspired by the philosophy guiding the Grizzlies success, Grizzlies Prep has adopted the core values of courage, commitment, integrity, responsibility, grit and excellence. These are the ideals that drive the boys to victory in the classroom. Grizzlies Prep has made its mission to ensure young men in grades

36 / 4Memphis

six through eight excel academically and demonstrate integrity. By pairing rigor and discipline, they arm students with the skills they need to succeed in high school, college and life. As a result of their advanced curriculum and customized programming, Grizzlies Prep ranks in the top 5% in the state for growth.


School Director Elizabeth Simpson and her staff have created a nononsense environment. The school features an extended school day, double blocks of math and English language arts, and electives like karate that encourage determination and focus. The students are selected through a random lottery process, and, therefore, they represent a mixed bag of home environments. “I believe the diverse backgrounds of our students assist in socializing them here. It is also an opportunity to have a fresh start in a new school without preexisting reputations,” notes Elizabeth. Grizzlies Prep students all wear the same uniform, aside from the choice between Memphis Grizzlies bowtie or neck tie, which they earn the right to wear through scholarly achievements. These achievements are collected in a point reward system and are called “buckets,” and they earn them through completing homework, actively participating in class and other good behaviors. Negative behaviors cause “turnovers” and take away from the students’ points. The points can reward them with vending machine usage, lapel pins of achievement, and other privileges. Negative points will land them in detention. To further challenge, each boy must read one million words by the time they graduate, and so every boy in every room is seen with library books on their desk, ranging from Harry Potter to The History of Malcom X. The utilitarian approach taken by Grizzlies Prep provides the boys with a safe space. In a sixth grade classroom, the boys are thoughtful in what they say, and the instructors take creative approaches in teaching and lecturing. By the time the boys are in eighth grade, they are engaging in lively debates on subjects like the history of war and government, with every young man confidently contributing his thoughts. Every boy nods hello and says “excuse me” when passing visitors in their hallway. They look adults in the eye and shake their hands when introducing themselves. This atmosphere of fortitude and seriousness affords every male there to feel on equal footing to their peers, free from bullying, and that is no small feat. Without girls or status to occupy them, the boys at Grizzlies Prep throw themselves into becoming the best possible candidate for high school admission. The young men of Grizzlies Prep are impressive to everyone they meet, including Memphis Grizzlies player Vince Carter. Having been raised


Grizzlies Prep focuses on all-male students, a tactic based on much research. According to Dr. Leonard Sax, an expert on single-sex education, “Team competition socializes boys. It teaches boys to value something above themselves. It subordinates some of the ego and the egocentricity that boys often manifest.” Guests to the school walk the halls of Grizzlies Prep and witness this phenomenon. There is not only structure and order that is transitory for most other charter schools, but there is a sense of solidarity as well. Like their namesake, they are a team. They reach out their hands and wiggle their fingers when a classmate is stumbling on a question as a sign of positive vibrations and support; they snap in congratulations when a classmate succeeds; they tell one another as a unit that they are “incredible, like the Hulk.”

by a family of educators, Vince knows the importance of education for youth. In fact, he was encouraged to excel in the arts, and has mastered seven musical instruments. When the opportunity for him to take a bus tour of Memphis with the students of Grizzlies Prep, his expectations were far exceeded. “I was extremely impressed not only with the manners of the young men, but also by what Grizzlies Prep is trying to accomplish,” says Vince. He asked the boys if they felt a difference between their experiences prior to attending the school and now, and he was struck by their insights. “It was awesome to hear ‘It changed my life’ and ‘I’m a different person’ from such young boys.” He was so moved that before they left, Vince jumped back on the bus and thanked the boys for allowing him to be in their presence sans media and fanfare. “I have a young daughter, and when it comes time for her to date, these are the qualities I would look for in someone trying to date her. Each one of them impressed me, and I felt like they should know that.” Grizzlies Prep needs Memphis’ help and the kindness of the Memphis Love Challenge in their endeavors. They happily accept mentoring volunteers and lunch buddies to act as positive influences for the bright young men. Going beyond traditional education also costs more than what public sources fund for Grizzlies Prep. They rely on the financial contribution and generosity from the community to keep their boys learning and prospering, and it can sometimes be a struggle. In fact, the school currently has to replace their roof, an inconvenience of roughly $200,000. 4Memphis and the Memphis Love Challenge ask that Memphis comes together and raises the roof for the remarkable young men of Grizzlies Prep and for the future of education Memphis. Learn more about Grizzlies Prep at Grizzliesprep.org. Learn more about the Memphis Love Challenge at 4Memphis.com/MemphisLove.

February 2015 / 37


Runway at the Racquet Club Photography by Katie Breyer

The Racquet Club hosted their third annual spring fashion show on January 9. After cocktail hour, models hit the runway to showcase the most current tennis styles for USTA spring uniforms along with fitness & lifestyle apparel. In addition, the show’s coordinator spoke of the Racquet Club’s current outreach focus to help Ronald McDonald House Charities.

More 4 Ronald McDonald House Memphis The Pop-Tab-Palooza promotes more community-minded children, supports children and families in need, and helps the environment at the same time. This is done by collecting and bringing pull tabs from soda cans, pet food, canned vegetables, and even the metal rim around tennis ball containers to RMH so they can recycle them and raise funds. For more information, visit http://www.rmhc-memphis.org/poptabs

Janet Leap & Susan Dacus

Kathy Riley & Mary Grambergs


FRI, FEB. 27


Flip Flops to the first 5,000 fans.

SAT, MAR. 14


FRI, MAR. 27


Marc Gasol Growth Chart to the first 5,000 fans. Presented by First Tennessee.

Dana Webb, Bethany Ross, Laura Cary & Leigh Ann Wills

Grizzlies Go Green Game presented by International Paper featuring Tree Sapling to first 5,000 fans.


PEPSI FAMILY PLAN Get 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, and 4 Pepsi fountain drinks, at over $70 off single game prices. The most affordable way for the entire family to enjoy the game just got better. TERRACE IV



Sunday, February 8 Saturday, March 14




Atlanta Hawks Milwaukee Bucks

Bill & Barbara Nixon with Elyse & Rick Grant 38 / 4Memphis MG_4Memphis__HalfPage_150221.indd 1

1/23/15 5:02 PM

Jim’s Place Grille A Memphis dining tradition bringing families together since 1921

3660 South Houston Levee, Suite 112 Collierville, TN 901.861.5000 jimsplacegrille.com Jim's Place Grille is perfect for special celebrations, rehearsal dinners or family gatherings. We also offer off-site catering for any occasion. Contact James Taras or Aaron Rude at 901.861.5000 to reserve your spot today! For more information visit www.jimsplacegrille.com


Enjoy a special Valentine's dinner without the wait or the crowds. Pick up your favorite Italian dishes and cuddle in the comforts of home! 540 South Mendenhall • lucchesis.com • 766-9922 ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS • NO PRESERVATIVES • CLAYBROOK FARMS MEAT February 2015 / 39


Memphis Indie Holiday Market Photography by Mark O. Ramirez

Local vendors Paper & Clay and Hoot + Louise presented the Memphis Indie Holiday Market in mid-December. Shoppers converged on Muddy’s Grind House in CooperYoung to “Buy Local” this holiday season. Live music, great food, and fabulous shopping made for a perfectly festive market for the midtown masses!

Lindsey, Noah & Ruby Glenn with Brittany & Tommy Stigall

Jay & Kathy Dreifus

Emily Wickliff & Amanda Decker

Liz Rockett, Lindsay Svehla, Sadie Yanckello & Chelsea Temple

Tammy Oppenhuizen & Jacob Ashcraft 40 / 4Memphis

Rebecca Phillips & Caitlyn Horton

Alexis & Jasmine Copeland & Artice Carter

Apryl Jason & Blythe Potter

Jan & Amy Hartelust

Matt & Lauren Bigger

Danae Pacileo, Jack Duncan & Jennifer Routh

Emily Parker, Kip Gordon & Nicci Bucherie-Kearl

- Weddings and Events -

533 Beale St. | Memphis, TN 38103 | (901) 786-8801 | huntphelan.com


Platinum Jewelers

A Taste of Nicaragua

Tikkun Olam Nicaragua Photography by Mark O. Ramirez The gracious home of Lucia and Ricky Heros was the beautiful setting for A Taste of Nicaragua, a fundraising evening to benefit Tikkun Olam Nicaragua and the Memphisbased medical mission team. The non-profit organization sends medical teams to remote, rural areas of Nicaragua where healthcare is not readily accessible. For more information and how you can help, visit tikkunolamnicaragua.com.

The answer is always...


Alex & David Matlock

Anne Darst & John Niter

Dr. Amy Hertz, Lucia Heros & Tresha Mandel

Bill & Elizabeth Butch with Scott Synder

D. John Jackson & Rabbi Chana Leslie Glazer

545 S. Perkins Ext, Memphis, TN, 38117 | 901.680.0020 2200 N Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN 38016 | 901.387.1005 790 Jordan Rd Ste. 107, Franklin, TN 37064 | 615.771.9810


44 / 4Memphis



Suzanne & Robbyn Abedi with Ricky Heros


Christmas at the Cedars Cedar Hall


FEBRUARY 2 8, 2 015 | 7 P. M .


b Fami ly C

Denise Suthoff, Louise Horton & Debbie Cairncross


n g e C lu

C e nter

il y





Johnny & Erin Marie Adelman





Micah Legens & Lauren Lee

en r

The Exch


lu eC


Holiday finery was in abundance at the Christmas at the Cedars dinner event at Cedar Hall. The antebellum mansion was glowing with beautiful decorations for this special evening. Guests mingled in the mansion during the cocktail hour followed by a splendid four-course dinner and dancing. Several guests also enjoyed the Bed & Breakfast accommodations at Cedar Hall as a luxurious and relaxing retreat during the hustle and bustle of the season. For information on Cedar Hall, visit cedarhall.com.


Photography by Mark O. Ramirez



Hands oƒ Hope 2015

AUCTION PART Y benefiting



Scott Hodges & Tanja Sibley

Rachel & Tim Landsdown


O R CA LL 9 0 1 -276 -2 2 0 0

Les & Rita Brueck with Sandra Gallagher & Larry Hilbun

$100 per person

February 2015 / 45

preauXX memphis By Stephanie Beliles | Photography by Silas Vassar

Memphis is teeming with aspiring musicians, rappers, and other artists. In the world of local hip hop, it is an unfortunate reality that crime and violence and glorified in local rappers’ rhymes. Breaking the destructive trend is local music artist PreauXX, and he is creating a musical atmosphere with a positive message, one beat at a time. PreauXX’s music is not squeaky clean by any stretch; however, listeners can hear that while sometimes negative subjects are mentioned, they are not glorified. PreauXX’s new single “Monday Morning” is a beautiful tribute to the heaviness he feels, namely after being in certain self-manifested situations, the violence in Memphis, and overcoming negative stereotypes. His cleaver lyricism and innovative music has created a cult fan base for him and his TDRON label. PreauXX (pronounced “pro”) has expanded his footstep nationally, recording a song for the Royals’ visit to Memphis per request of USA Today. He impressed hundreds of people at SXSW music festival in Austin, TX. He has floored fans in Atlanta, GA. He continues to gain notoriety in Memphis, both through his music and his generosity. PreauXX was born in New Orleans but came to Memphis as a child. He attended the University of Memphis and quickly created a collegiate following: his music

46 / 4Memphis

is far more relatable to the masses in comparison to the “dirty street rap” that many Memphians hear. His music has elements of R & B, dance hall, reggae and rock and roll. PreauXX’s charming charisma and aggressive wordplay spotlights his cleverness. In 2014, PreauXX and his team secured a dual deal with Great South Bay Music Group to release his “Die Winning” EP with digital distribution through E1 Records. With all of the excitement surrounding TDRON and their accomplishments, PreauXX is taking his influence and putting it to good use in Memphis. When he is not touring, recording or performing, PreauXX has recently elected to spend time at Grizzlies Prep (see page 36) and mentor the young men as a Cultural Ambassador. PreauXX has pushed education as his primary mission, noting that “all music and art is business, and it needs to be studied that way.” PreauXX identifies with the youth of Memphis and is committed to facilitating a change, saying, “I remember what it is like to be thirteen and worrying about what you are going to do and how you are going to live your life. It’s so important that a young man have someone positive to look up to and help them make the right choices.” PreauXX is an act to follow, and that is according to numerous publications, both local and nationwide. But it is PreauXX’s commitment to the youth


King & Queen Reception Carnival Memphis

The season of Carnival Memphis kicked off with a lovely holiday reception for King John Bobango and Queen Lockie Dearman. The party was held at the home of Carnival President Rob Johnston and his gracious wife Jean. The three charities being supported by the “party with a purpose” are the Madonna Learning Center, Red Zone Ministries, and the Peer Power Foundation. carnivalmemphis.org Blair & Jo Gilbert with Kim & Johnny Pitts

Jean & Rob Johnston

Carnival King John Bobango & Queen Lockie Dearman

Ann Newell & Wanda Barzizza

Donna & Keith Renard

Mimi Taylor, Amy Dudek & Catherine Harris

Mary & Chuck Stewart

Kim & Brad Flynn with Anne Taylor

Julie Eaves & Lanetta Lanier

it's fast, easy, painless and best of all

it doesn't

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FindYourDefinition.com • 901.249.5355

No surgery. No downtime. Just results. February 2015 / 47


The Memphis Junior Cotillion Club Presentation & Holiday Ball Photography by Mark O. Ramirez

The Peabody Hotel hosted one of the most beautiful parties of the holiday season with the Memphis Junior Cotillion Club Holiday Ball. Members of the Club are eleventh and twelfth grade girls at St. Mary’s Episcopal School, the Hutchison School, or legacies of former members. This year’s party supported the Salvation Army’s Forgotten Angel program, and benefitted those not selected by the Angel Tree Program.

Jennifer & Sophia Angelakis

Reed Barnes, Sam Bartz & Daniel Tancredi

Jennifer Dunavant, Elizabeth Oakley & Stephanie Pierotti

Thomas Rogers, Thompson & Cole McDonald

Emma & Ford Howell

Kenny, Rainey, Sonny, Adrian & Laura Charbonnet

Luis Aguilar & McKendree Walker

Ali MacQueen, Maddie McLaughlin & Bebe Chancellor

Grace Upshaw, Katie Huffey, Elizabeth & Virginia Owen, Keevie Smith, Emma Howell, Julia Counce & Elle Erickson

48 / 4Memphis


Jenny & Stephanie Wharton

Catherine Erb, Tom Sikes & Brinkley Erb

Marilyn Jenkins & Lea Makhloufi

George & Susan Woodman

Senior Class of The Memphis Junior Cotillion Club

Cole O’Keeffe, Will Harwell & David Nelson

Jack Skahan & Allison Kaelin Ruthie Harwood, Cecile Vergos & Kate Fila

Allison Ann Gusmus & Jane Morrison

Libby & Gary Wunderlich

Alexis Angelakis, Grace Hussey & Elizabeth Farnsworth

Kathryn Kimery & Hannah Pfrommer February 2015 / 49


Opera Memphis’

Hansel & Gretel Opening Night Photography by Mark O. Ramirez

The Opera Memphis season presented another fabulous show with Hansel & Gretel. The GPAC was sold out for this magnificent show. The fairytale was scored by Engelbert Humperkinck, the ‘70’s pop star, and it is sure to be a classic. Talented dancers from Ballet Memphis also contributed to the magic of the performance, which was a hit with opera fans of all ages. Coming soon is the Midtown Opera Festival; for infomation visit operamemphis.org.

Ben Makino & Sara Rector

Rachel Hewer & Dianne Mall

Candy Johnson, Karon Steen & Kim Thornton

Brookie Tribo, Tierney Bamrick, Blair Jefferson & Sarah Tinkler

Alex Seidel & Aimee Hurley

Traci & Lance Denton

Susan & James Mewborn

Barbara Schroeder & Joseph Totty

Jaynie, Julia & Joelle Judaken

Hailey & Cara

Karen & Ned Canty

Jeffrey Steward, Dennese Adkins & Baylee Stracener 50 / 4Memphis

Laura Cherry & Pam Renfrow


Italian Winterfest Photography by Mark O. Ramirez

The 5th Annual Italian Winterfest was held recently on a Sunday evening at the Racquet Club of Memphis. The culinary extravaganza featured Italian cuisine and signature dishes from Memphis’ finest restaurants including Folk’s Folly, Pete & Sam’s, Lucchesi’s, and The Italian Rebel. The dinner party benefitted the Catholic Education Scholarship Fund and the Ave Maria Home. This year’s honored guest was Msgr. John B. McArthur, pastor of St. Louis Catholic Church. Viva Italia!

Srs. Martin dePores, Marie Monique, Mary Martha, Rita Marie, Imelda & Karol Marie

Claire & Marty Kiser

Steve & Brenda Basar

Sue Valle-Hall, Joey Valle-Stark & Doris Valle-Fragale

Cheryl Kingsley & Andrea Oliver

52 / 4Memphis

John & Sondra Morris with Br. Chris Englert

Stacey & Tessa Berner

Phyliss Camacho, Paula Buttross & Lydia Frank

Glenn Garner & Chrissie Allen

Pat Ellis, Fr. Saji Ellickal & Anna Shelton

Mary Kate Walsh & Brie Marchese

Tony Barrasso, Msgr. John McArthur & Bishop Terry Steib

Ann Liberto & Kristi Baird

Linda & Sam Aljundi

Nick & Reed Vergos & Cole Mallery

out of the Bleu Restaurant & Lounge’s New General Manager, Will Mulligan Returns to the South f you were a contestant on a restaurant reality show, you would still be hard pressed to have

is doing here. We really want the guests to be blown away by a truly ‘out of the Bleu’ experience.”

as unique of a résumé as Will Mulligan, General Manager of Downtown’s Bleu Restaurant &

In 2014, Mulligan moved back home to Memphis to be


closer to family and friends. He was hired at Bleu last spring, and he is implementing big plans for the restaurant

As GM, Mulligan knows a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to upscale dining. Born

and lounge. Top items on Mulligan’s list include an updated and chic patio for spring, a revamped lounge,

and raised in Memphis and a former student at Christian Brothers University, he has worked from Orange County, California to Vail, Colorado resorts serving the likes of former presidents, hollywood celebrities and the navy's finest. As a Culinary Specialist Petty Officer 3rd Class in the US Navy, he worked in the belly of a state-of-the-art nuclear submarine and as a personal chef for a Navy Admiral.

and new small plates with unique flavors from Chef Ana Gonzalez. Mulligan is working to create a truly “out of the Bleu” experience in one of the hottest locations Downtown.

With such a unique and rich background, Mulligan has big ideas for Bleu Restaurant & Lounge. “Memphis is a great foodie town,” said Mulligan. “People are hungry for new

“From game season at the Forum through the summer, we’re looking at a lot of just plain fun events,” said Mulligan. “There will be some great music events, a pup friendly patio, seasonal beer launches, wine dinners, and always complimentary valet parking. But we will always continue providing new flavors and new ideas in the

tastes, new ideas. Our goal is to do something no one else

kitchen so that our guests always walk out saying, ‘wow!’”

CHEF ANA GONZALEZ Bleu Restaurant & Lounge has a new chef with vast experience in some of the most acclaimed restaurants worldwide, and Chef Ana Gonzales is now bringing that expertise to Bleu Restaurant & Lounge. Chef Ana was born in Caracas, Venezuela, moved to Cartagena, Colombia, and then to Miami, Florida, when she was 11 years old. She began her culinary passion as a youngster, and carried that passion to her academic training. She graduated from Johnson and Wales University. Her baking and pastry acumen earned her a scholarship in Amsterdam, Holland. She began working in a series of high profile roles including catering for the Formula One racing circuit and culinary hot-spots in south Florida at the Alexander Hotel, Wish Restaurant, and the Orlando Peabody Hotel. Gonzales’ husband Brian Barrow, is also a well-respected chef. It was his career and a transfer that brought her talents to Memphis. Chef Ana is bringing unique and interesting flavors in dishes at Bleu Restaurant & Lounge. From the small plates before the game to a special dinner celebration, the menu reflects a worldview in Downtown Memphis.


Five Courses $75 > A complimentary long stemmed rose will be given to every lady who dines with us those 2 nights! > Live music all night long! > A champagne toast for 2 included!

The Valentine’s Day menu will be offered

Friday & Saturday, February 13 & 14 Reservations will be accepted from 5:30 pm to 10 pm. Call 901.334.5950 or reserve online at downtownbleu.com/bookus


Contemporary pop music performed by Jake Newcomb & Audrey Nicole, accompanied by Andrew Sillyman



brunch Photography by Jay Adkins

Erling Jensen’s

Duck Strudel 3 cups pulled confit duck meat 1 cup roasted diced heirloom squash 1 cup onion diced 1 cup celery diced 1 cup red cabbage

1 cup chopped chanterelle mushrooms 1 tsp thyme chopped 1 tsp oregano chopped Salt and pepper to taste 1 sheet puff pastry Egg wash

Caremalize the onions and add in the celery. Continue cooking until celery begins to soften, then add the mushrooms and cook until they have released all their moisture. Add red cabbage, herbs and season. Chill mixture.

Puff Pastry Cut ribbons along the long edges of the dough, roughly one inch apart. Place filling in the middle between ribbons, then braid the ribbons over the filling. Egg wash the exterior. Bake at 400 for 12–15 minutes or until golden brown. 54 / 4Memphis

Salud! Cooking School at Whole Foods

Owen Brennan’s

Eggs Sardou 2 Artichoke bottoms per person 4 oz. creamed spinach 6 oz. chopped spinach 2 Tbl softened butter 1 oz. diced onion 1 oz. diced celery

1 oz. diced green bell pepper 3 oz. heavy cream 3 oz. parmesan cheese 6 oz. cream cheese 1 tsp crushed red pepper

Place butter in a sauté pan on medium heat. Once rendered, add the onion, celery and pepper and cook until tender. Add spinach and sauté until wilted. Once all vegetables are tender, add heavy cream, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, and crushed pepper. Continue to cook on low heat stirring frequently to prevent scorching and until the cheese has melted and blended with the spinach. Add salt and pepper to taste. 2 soft poached eggs per person 2 oz. Hollandaise Sauce 6 oz. Brabant potatoes Paprika Orange crown and strawberry for garnish Place a bed of creamed spinach on the plate, and then add the artichoke bottoms on top. Add the soft poached eggs. Top with hollandaise sauce. Garnish with paprika. Serve with a mimosa and enjoy!

Ricotta and Lemon Pancakes with Fresh Blackberry Syrup Makes about 20 pancakes 2 cups fresh blackberries 1/3 c. plus 4 Tbsp sugar, divided Juice and zest from one lemon, divided 2 Tbsp water 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1 ½ c. all-purpose flour ½ c. almond flour

2 Tbsp baking powder ½ tsp kosher salt 4 large eggs, separated 1 ½ c. almond milk 1 tsp vanilla 2 cups ricotta cheese Unsalted butter, melted, as needed

In a small saucepan combine berries, 1/3 c. sugar, water, 1 Tbsp of lemon juice and ½ of the lemon zest. Heat over medium low heat until the berries pop open and release their juices, about 15 minutes. Season with cinnamon and set aside. Whisk flours, baking powder, salt and remaining lemon zest in a large bowl. With a hand mixer, beat together egg whites with 2 Tbsp of sugar until medium peaks form. In a separate bowl, whisk together the egg yolks, remaining 2 Tbsp sugar, almond milk, vanilla, 1 Tbsp lemon juice and ricotta together until relatively smooth. Add the yolk mixture to the dry ingredients, stirring enough to just lightly blend the ingredients. Fold in the egg whites in thirds, taking care to not deflate the batter. Heat a griddle or non-stick fry pan over medium-low heat, brushing with melted butter. Pour about ½ cup of batter into the pan and cook until the edges are set and small bubbles appear on the surface, about 1 ½ minutes. Flip and cook.

February 2015 / 55


Bleu Restaurant & Lounge

Hard Rock Café

Chicken & Waffles 1 lb Skinless chicken Breast 1/5 Flour 1/4 tsp Paprika 1/4 tsp Garlic salt 1 cup Buttermilk

Hard Rock Cafe Memphis’ Local Legendary Burger 8 oz Heavy cream 2 oz Demy glace or brown gravy 2 oz Marsala wine 2 oz Butter Maple syrup to taste

In a mixing bowl mix the flour paprika and garlic salt. Cut the chicken breast in 1 in thick strips. In another mixing bowl place the chicken and buttermilk. Then remove the chicken from the buttermilk and dust with flour mixture. Get your oil hot to 350oF. Carefully place the chicken strips one at the time in the oil and cook until golden brown and make sure is cook all the way or 165oF.

Marsala sauce: In a sauce pan at medium heat place the demy and the Marsala sauce cook for about five minutes add the heavy cream and let it reduced for about 15 minutes turn the heat off and add the butter, stirring constantly until creamy consistency. Make your favorite waffles and place the chicken on top of the waffles. Put the creamy Marsala sauce on top and drizzled with maple syrup. Garnish and ready to served.

56 / 4Memphis

One Serving – One Incredible Burger 8oz certified angus burger patty 1 tablespoon of Hard Rock’s secret seasoning salt, made in house 2 Slices of Sour Dough Bread 4 TSP Maitre D Butter

3 tbl of Roasted Tomato Mayo 2 Slices of Monterey Jack Cheese 1 Farm Fresh Egg 1 TBL Country Gravy Iceberg Lettuce

Hand Patty the Certified Angus Beef, then sprinkle with Hard Rock’s secret seasoning salt. Grill the burger patty to your temperature preference - we serve it medium well. Spread Maître D Butter on each side of the Sourdough Bread, and lightly toast until crisp on all sides. Spread the bottom bun with the Roasted Tomato Mayonnaise. Place 2-3 fresh iceberg leaves on top of the Roasted Tomato Mayonnaise. While still on the grill, layer 2 slices of Monterey Jack Cheese until melted, and place patty with cheese over the bed of lettuce. With the finishing top of one perfectly fried egg, Sunny side up, finish with a drizzle of your country gravy. Serve with an ice cold beverage and a crispy side of onion rings!


Itta Bena

Cinnamon & Sugar Beignets 1 c water 1/2 c butter 1/4 tsp salt 1/2 tsp sugar 1 c flour

4 large eggs 1 quart vegetable oil 1/2 c sugar 1/2 c cinnamon

In a small sauce pan combine the water butter and sugar. Bring to a boil and stir until butter is completely melted. Remove from heat, add flour and salt, and stir until combined. Scoop the dough into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, and let cool 5 to 7 minutes. Once cool, beat mixture on low. Begin adding your eggs, one at a time. Once dough is mixed, let rest 1 hour.

Lucchesi’s Ravioli & Pasta Shop

Egg & Olive Sandwich 12 eggs 8 oz olives, finely chopped 1 c mayonnaise Pinch of pepper 2 slices of bacon Lettuce and tomato for garnish Boil eggs and chop roughly to desired consistency. Mix together with olives and mayonnaise and pepper, being careful not to over blend. Serve on toasted marble rye bread or other bread of choice. Add two slices of Benton’s bacon, lettuce and tomato. Add a fried egg to make it an “eggcelent” brunch item!

Pour the oil into a heavy-bottomed sauce pan and heat to 350 degrees. Using an ice cream scoop, scoop the dough into the oil 5 or 6 at a time. Cook about 3 minutes on each side, or until golden and puffed. Mix sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl. Once beignets are cooked, remove from oil and transfer directly to cinnamon and sugar mixture. Toss beignets until well coated.

February 2015 / 57


Jim’s Place Grille

Home Buttermilk Biscuits with Hanger Steak, Bayou Crawfish Tails, Creole Hollandaise, and Russet Potato Hashbrown From Scratch Biscuits 1/4 c self-rising flour 3/4 tsp baking powder 1/8 tsp baking soda 1/4 tsp salt

1 Tbl sugar 1 1/4 c Buttermilk 2 Tbl heavy cream

Lightly season with salt and pepper hanger steak and charcoal grill to medium rare. Place in middle of biscuit. SautĂŠ spices and crawfish tails with white onion, bell peppers, and dash of cayenne pepper. Place on top of hangar steak

Mix and bake at 475 for 10 to 12 minutes until golden brown on top. Hanger Steak 8 oz hanger steak Salt and pepper to taste 4 oz crawfish tails 1 pinch of the following: Garlic salt Onion powder

58 / 4Memphis

Cumin Spanish paprika 1/2 white onion, diced 1 c green and red bell pepper Dash of cayenne pepper

For Hollandaise 2 egg yolk 1/8 tsp Coleman dry mustard dash of cayenne pepper

Melted salted butter Juice of 1 lemon

Top streak and crawfish tails with Hollandaise sauce and enjoy!

inners D l a s r Rehea


Bridal Luncheons


Engagement Parties







Bachelor ette Pa rties



Beads, more beads, Lannie McMillan Jaz Trio, Hurricanes - $5


#1 Best in Memphis last 19 years running. Best Mimosas and Absolut Vodka Voted #1 Best Blood Mary in the entire State of Tennessee


25 Years



TannerMeyer Drapery, Bedding & Blinds

Experience, Service and Reputation Really Does Matter


Over 100,000 Fabrics Available Designer Drapery starting at $300/pair Hundreds of Bedding Options Available Top Treatments & Roman Shades Available Designer Drapery Hardware



418 Perkins Extended • Memphis, TN 38117


you make our work possible.


From the start, the mission of the Church Health Center has been about more than a traditional medical clinic. Healthcare starts with teaching people how to live healthy lives. Give today and help us continue to care for people in need.


ONLINE: lionking.com CALL: 866-870-2717 VISIT: The Orpheum Ticket Counter (Located inside The Booksellers at Laurelwood) 387 Perkins Extd, Mon.– Sat. 9am – 7pm, Sun. 1pm – 5pm


901-272-7170 | churchhealthcenter.org

Medical • Wellness • Outreach 4 Memphis_12.11.14.indd 1

62 / 4Memphis


MEMPHIS / C M Y K X 5.75” H

12/11/2014 10:26:34 AM4.44” W



Gregory Young, Wardrobe Supervisor for Disney’s The Lion King North American Tour


COSTUMES CREATE THE MAGIC A Conversation with Disney’s The Lion King Wardrobe Supervisor Gregory Young Disney’s The Lion King is a beloved show that has been translated into eight languages, and has won more than 70 global theatrical awards including six Tony Awards in 1998. Noted Broadway veteran Julie Taymor first envisioned the conversion from animation to stage. Her creative vision netted her a Tony that year for Best Costume Design. Not only was she heralded for her groundbreaking costumes design, The Lion King and Taymor also won a Tony for Best Direction of a Musical. With that award, she became the first woman to win for Musical Direction. As Wardrobe Supervisor, Gregory Young is the man responsible for bringing Taymor’s costume originality to every show. Young himself is a Broadway veteran, and he worked as a dresser with The Lion King when it first opened in New York in 1997. He was with the Broadway production for a decade, only to return to the touring company where he has been for the past six years.

©Disney. Photo Credit: Joan Marcus.

by Sandi Butler Hughes; photos courtesy of the Orpheum Theatre

Patrick R. Brown as “Scar” in THE LION KING National Tour.

February 2015 / 63

“Lionesses Dance” in THE LION KING National Tour. Disney. Photo Credit: Joan Marcus. The production does not travel light. The tour uses 18 trucks to haul the entire show, and 14 of those are 53’ semi-trailers...and wardrobe alone accounts for a full truck-and-a-half of that total! Young meticulously coordinates the 250 pieces of wardrobe that are used in each performance. “We travel with 350 pieces, in case of emergency,” he said. He also works closely with the puppetry and hair-and-makeup departments to create the animal characters. In addition to the touring crew, local theater professionals also benefit from this large production. Young augments his crew with 17 local dressers, along with two hair and makeup artists.

The Tree of Life from THE LION KING National Tour. ©Disney. Photo Credit: Joan Marcus.

Young is not only responsible for what you see on stage, but he also manages the behind-the-scenes routine maintenance. Except for an occasional broken zipper, major wardrobe malfunctions have largely been avoided. “Anything that touches the actor’s skin must be laundered after every show. One dresser is dedicated to washing garments. It takes eight hours each day.” Other pieces are dry cleaned in rotation every two to three weeks. Costumes are crafted of several different fabrics including mud cloth from South Africa and different silks. “The Bird Lady dress is made of sailcloth, which is actually used for making sails on boats. It is light, and it lasts longer. The wildebeest costumes are raffia and yarn,” he described, “and each of the unique lioness costumes are made of custom hand-dyed silk with custom beaded necklaces to match.” The costume worn by the antagonist Scar is the heaviest and most intricate in Young’s wardrobe closet. Scar’s chaps are made of pieced leather, and working in conjunction with the puppet department, a remote controlled motor is woven through his costume to operate his mask. There is as much choreography going on backstage as there is on stage as the crew preps for the next scene. A precise flurry of activity, orchestrated in quiet and low light, insures the costume changes happen seamlessly. The fastest wardrobe change is a quick 2.5 minutes - a mere 150 seconds as female members switch from the grasslands scene to lionesses. Each member in the ensemble plays at least two roles as both a hyena and as a Grassland head. Double duty is an important concept to the initial creation of The Lion King costumes. Taymor designed the costumes, masks, and puppets to show the animal and the human actor. Rather than hiding the mechanical aspect of the character, it is in full view of the audience. Young says that Taymor’s dual effect is really unique. “The costumes are transforming the performers into plants and animals. There’s so much to see - and every time you look, you see something different,” he said.

Nia Holloway as “Nala” and “The Lionesses” in “Shadowland.” Photo: Joan Marcus; ©Disney 64 / 4Memphis

With imagination and a bit of theatrical magic, costumes make it all possible for over 25 jungle animals to roam the Orpheum February 3 to March 1. For ticket information, visit orpheum-memphis.com.

PRIVATE PARTIES • CORPORATE MEETINGS & EVENTS • COCKTAIL RECEPTIONS Perfect for any special occasion! Plan an event they won’t soon forget!

MEMPHIS | 126 BEALE STREET | +1-901-529-0007 HARDROCK.COM join hardrockrewards.com

#THISISHARDROCK ©2015 Hard Rock International (USA), Inc. All rights reserved.

introducing the 2015 valentine's day collection from Pandora

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James gattas Jewelers

more than words gifts

robert irwin Jewelers

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4900 PoPlar ave memPhis, tn 38117 901.767.9648 gattasjewelers.com

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35 west goodman road southaven, ms 38671 662.349.8880 rijewelers.com/Pandora

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James middleton Jewelers 1811 Kirby PKwy memPhis, tn 38138 at PoPlar near Kroger 901.755.5075 • jamesmiddletonjewelers.com

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St. Mary’s Alumnae Event Photography by Mark O. Ramirez

St. Mary’s graduates from the classes of 2000 - 2014 gathered for a festive evening of holiday cheer at Sweetgrass in CooperYoung on December 29. The young alumna caught up with old friends and classmates at the gathering hosted by Head of School Albert Throckmorton, administrators, and their teachers. Dakota Beasley, Torry Wharteney, Olivia Summitt & Mary Tuggle

Erica Evans, Elizabeth Gordon & Leigh Mansberg

Rebecca Byrd & Louisa Boyd

68 / 4Memphis

Lauren Pate, Meagan Guyton & Christian Pearl Bradley

Kimi Nathani & Elizabeth Holt

Jordon Upton, Chandler Roberts, Meg Cornaghie & Meriweather Adams

Elizabeth Gordon, Erin Fowler & Tushina Jain

Shelby Chambliss, Lucy Foster, Ayana Fletcher-Tyson & Mary Peeler

Grace Knight & Laura Haltom

Sally Walker-Davies & Anca Marr


Hotty Toddy Farewell

Reception for Jim Duncan Photography by Mark O. Ramirez The Memphis Botanic Garden hosted a Hotty Toddy Farewell Reception for their Executive Director, Jim Duncan. MBG volunteers, board members, family, and friends turned out in a big show of gratitude for his work and vision in creating a growing, thriving community treasure in the heart of East Memphis. Congratulations, Jim and thank you for your decade of service! Emelia Miekicki, Shelby Horton, Mary Helen Butler & Gina Harris

Marcelo Rodriguez & Sela Lou

Jana & Billy Wilson

Mary Ellen Chase & Bill Dunavant

Bert Sharpe & Patti Lechman

Elizabeth & Jim Duncan

Memphis Cardiology and Vein Center was voted among the best heart and vein clinics by the Commercial Appeal

Memphis ein Center Kishore K. Arcot, MD, FACC, FSCAI, RPVI Board certified in interventional cardiology, phlebology and vascular medicine.

6005 Park Ave., Suite 225-B • Memphis, TN 38119 901-767-6765 • memphisvein.com


After February 2015 / 69


New Year’s Eve from the

Hard Rock Café Photography by James Wessels | Blurred Image Photography

“Seven years ago my GM, Mike Benson and I had this crazy idea to bring our great city together as a community and kick off the New Year in a very positive way for Memphis. I was tired of only seeing Memphis make national headlines for our crime rate when there’s so many amazing things about our city that gets regularly overlooked. We saw that it was a chance at bringing together many elements that make us, as Memphians so unique, from food & drink with a Southern flare to live music performances encompassing genres that began here, and of course a giant 10-foot guitar because a ball just isn’t Rock n’ Roll enough for us! After the first guitar drop in 2008 the concept began to grow to many Hard Rock Cafe locations around the world. I was even sent to the Nashville Hard Rock to help their city develop a Guitar Drop (now a music note). But I couldn’t be more excited that the original continues to call The Birthplace of Rock n’ Roll its home. Here we are in 2015, globally televised on CNN as the Central Time Zone activation of the New Year, and while all these other negative & troubling things are going on around us nationally, Memphis set an example to the world, that people of all walks of life could come together as a community and celebrate the beginning of 2015 on a very positive note… and I could not be more proud to be a Memphian and to be present at Hard Rock when the Guitar Dropped!” – Julien Salley, General Manager, Hard Rock Cafe, Beale Street

Black Rock Revival

Andrea Lee & Janae Crapa 70 / 4Memphis

DeAnna Brown & Holly Smith

Mike Glenn & Jacinda Norton

Mayor A C Wharton

Kerry & Michelle Conkle

Taylor Rene Bothwell

Nyla Dees


Natasha Christopher, Maria Garay, Dustin Starr, Danielle Garay & Ron Christopher. February 2015 / 71




The Strawberry Gondola at Snowbasin, with a view to the valley below.

Altitude Adjustment

Skiing paradise beckons in Ogden’s Eden Valley By Sally Walker Davies | Photography courtesy of Snowbasin & Visit Ogden

There’s something to be said for being the “other” mountain town – the one where people are actually focused on the skiing, not the skiwear. A town that offers a laid-back vibe, unpretentious restaurants, and interesting locally-owned little stores and galleries. A town where there’s plenty to keep you busy, but doesn’t make you feel like you might be missing something if you choose to hole up by the fireplace and indulge in a good read. Ogden is one of those “other” towns. It’s the same distance from the Salt Lake City airport to Ogden as it is from the airport to Park City, but the two are worlds apart when it comes to their offerings, both on and off the slopes. Once known for its notorious debauchery, downtown Ogden was filled with saloons and brothels and all manner of naughtiness; Al Capone famously remarked that Ogden was too wild, even for him. Today’s Ogden is a mix of outdoor adventure, American history and the arts, and small-town enchantment. Ready for Its Close-up The Sundance Film Festival, held annually in late January to early February, has a growing presence in Ogden. This year’s just-concluded event included 13 screenings at Peery’s Egyptian Theater, a grand movie palace built in 1924 and lovingly restored in the late 1990s. Tickets to Sundance screenings and discussions in Ogden are easy to get, as is entry into after-parties and discussions. And like the main festival in Park City, there are plenty of celebrity sightings around town. (This year, Memphis had serious representation at Sundance, with Memphis filmmaker/author Robert Gordon’s documentary “Best of Enemies;” former Memphian Kentucker Audley, a filmmaker and actor, starring in stars in “Christmas, Again;” and Nick Case, founder of Paper Moon Films, screening “Take Me to the River”.) Ski, Schooled Lean into the hill. Lean into the hill. Over and over again, the 72 / 4Memphis

mantra is repeated, as if I had any choice but to lean into the hill, as shifting my weight would mean I would start moving, accelerating, speeding down the hill. And this was no hill. This was the steepest ski run I had ever encountered, so steep that if I didn’t actually lean into the hill, it felt as though I would tumble down the face of it. But the advice from my ski instructor worked, as did his words of wisdom to “find a tree on the other side of the run, and keep your eyes on it – your skis will follow. Welcome to Snowbasin, site of the men’s and women’s downhill and super-G events at the 2002 Winter Olympics, the kind of mountain that can take a confident and experienced casual skier and instantly turn her into a hot mess. With a vertical drop of 3,000 feet, Snowbasin is the most challenging of the three ski areas in Ogden. The resort’s luxurious après-ski lodges and upscale shopping and dining options are pretty window dressing for the challenging runs, and a stark contrast to the old-school feeling of Powder Mountain, across the valley from Snowbasin. Powder Mountain may not have the bling, but black diamond and back country types know it for its expansive terrain and deep powder. Wolf Mountain (the former Nordic Valley) is Ogden’s third ski destination, and a great fit for beginners or skiers who don’t get to the slopes often enough, and Nordic skiing options abound here. One of the most attractive things about skiing the slopes around Ogden is that even on their busiest days, there’s loads of open space, so one never feels crowded or rushed. Notorious 25th Street Just how notorious was 25th Street – the main business district in Ogden – back in the day? There were opium dens and brothels, gambling halls and bootlegging. 25th Street – known now as historic – is still full of gorgeous Neoclassical buildings, filled now with galleries featuring the work of local artists, casual eateries and bars, and boutiques and specialty shops.

The city of Ogden sits at the base of the Wasatch Range.

If You Go Southwest Airlines (iflyswa.com) and the other major carriers out of Memphis offer daily connecting flights to Salt Lake City, about an hour’s drive from Ogden. SEE Screen an independent film at the Sundance Film Festival. Tickets online at sundance.org. SAVOR Random, but we love the Trappist (yes, as in Trappist monk) products offered at Holy Trinity Abbey in nearby Huntsville. The Abbey’s church is open all day, every day, and the gift shop is open from from 10:00 – 5:00 MondaySaturday, with a break for lunch from 12-1:15. Online at holytrinityabbey.org/store SLEEP A cozy cabin is the way to go in Ogden (skiers know how important a washing machine is). The closest rentals to Snowbasin are at Lakeside, online at lakesideresortproperties.com. Visitor information: visitogden.com

Help light the Make-A-Wish® tree! Wish kid Tanner, 18 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma

I wish to have an Alex Lifeson Custom Les Paul.

December 10th - 13th at the Shops of Saddle Creek Help make 100 wishes come true for sick kids this holiday season by puchasing a Wish Star for as little as $5. As stars are purchased, lights will be lit on the Make-A-Wish tree at the corner of Poplar and West Street. Stars will be sold until the tree is full of lights.

Purchase your Wish Star by: • visiting the Make-A-Wish store at Saddle Creek • calling (901) 680-WISH • visit midsouth.wish.org

Phone: (901) 761-1622 Direct: (901) 312-2976 Cell: (901) 481-0253 mkrahn@hobsonrealtors.com www.HobsonRealtors.com

Photography credit: alex ginsburg PHOTOgraphics

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Ode to Van Gogh by David Lynch 74 / 4Memphis



FREE XO or Heart Camp Charm with $100 Waxing Poetic Purchase, Jan 30 - Feb 14

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Silver Screen Fiend

All the Light We Cannot See

by Patton Oswalt | $25.00

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New York Times bestselling author, comedian, and actor Patton Oswalt shares his entertaining memoir about coming of age as a performer and writer in the late ‘90s while obsessively watching classic films at the legendary New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles.

From the highly acclaimed, multiple award-winning Anthony Doerr, the beautiful, stunningly ambitious instant New York Times bestseller about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II. (2014 National Book Award Finalist)

What If? Serious Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

The First Bad Man

by Randall Munroe | $24.00 From the creator of the wildly popular webcomic xkcd, hilarious and informative answers to important questions you probably never thought to ask.

The Magician’s Lie by Greer Macallister | $23.99 Water for Elephants meets The Night Circus in The Magician’s Lie, a debut novel in which the country’s most notorious female illusionist stands accused of her husband’s murder --and she has only one night to convince a small-town policeman of her innocence.

by Miranda July | $25.00 From the acclaimed filmmaker, artist, and bestselling author of No One Belongs Here More Than You, a spectacular debut novel that is so heartbreaking, so dirty, so tender, so funny--so Miranda July--that readers will be blown away.

How to Cook Everything Fast by Mark Bittman | $35.00 In How to Cook Everything Fast, Mark Bittman’s latest innovative, comprehensive, must-have culinary reference, he shows how anyone can make 2000 simple, incredibly fast-in under 45, 30, even 15 minutes.


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F E B R UF EA R Y 14 - 15 AT U R I N G

The most exciting family motorsports entertainment and the biggest performers on four wheels.






WWE PPV FAST LANE SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22 Feel the thrill of the first ever fast lane payper-view event on the road to Wrestlemaina 31. TICKETS ON SALE NOW! 143 BEALE STREET (ABOVE BB KING'S ON THE CORNER OF BEALE STREET A N D S E C O N D AV E N U E ) | 9 0 1 - 5 7 8 - 3 0 3 1 | W W W. I T TA B E N A M E M P H I S . C O M

WINTER JAM SUNDAY, MARCH 22 SKILLET heads the all-star line-up of nine bands during the history-making tour’s Memphis stop.

Available February 14 and 15, 2015


DISNEY ON ICE FROZEN SEPTEMBER 25-27 Make tickets a stocking stuffer gift as DISNEY ON ICE brings the number one animated film of all time to life at FedExForum. TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

FOO FIGHTERS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7 Grammy Award winning band brings the SONIC HIGHWAYS TOUR to Memphis after the release their eighth studio album. TICKETS ON SALE NOW!


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CELEBRATINGMARRIAGE Share your engagement & wedding photos in 4Memphis. Contact sandi@4memphis.com for submission guidelines.

Emilie Campbell & Mason Dye Jamie Johnson & Taurin Hardy

November 8, 2014 | Wedding/Reception: The Brooks Museum Photographer: Madi Noelle Photography | Florist: Pugh’s Flowers Caterer: The Brooks Museum

September 6, 2014 | Wedding & Reception: Tunica River Park Photographer: Sky Touch ePhotography Florist: Ashlye McCormick Designs Caterer: Paradox Catering & Consulting Coordinator: Andria Lewis Events

Jason & Esther Humphries October 18, 2014 | Ceremony: 2nd Presbyterian Church Reception: The Occasions | Cake: Whole Foods Photography: Woody & Pearl Photography Flowers: Kroger, Poplar Plaza | Catering: Alyssa Holliday 78 / 4Memphis

Tyler & Hannah Stephens November 9, 2014 | Venue: Historical Heartwood Hall Caterer: Piperton | Cupcakes: Gigi’s Cupcakes DJ: DJ Wa-Desta

A picture is worth a thousand words But a test drive will leave you speechless.

I-55 @ Shelby Dr. | 4601 Hutton Way | 901-345-3200 | chuckhuttontoyota.com


Share the Love The Memphis Love Challenge utilizes social media as an outlet to challenge locals to engage in acts of goodwill throughout the Memphis community. The strategy includes individuals completing an act of kindness to an otherwise unknown recipient in the community, then taking a photo or stating on social media a representation of the act followed by #MemphisLoveChallenge. Once the act is completed, the participant is to get on social media again and in a statement challenge three more individuals to do the same. This concept was born out of the success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; however, instead of getting dumped with ice, participants are encouraged to sign up for a mentoring program, donate to a charity, help an elderly person load their groceries, and other creative acts of goodwill, big or small. Learn more at 4Memphis.com/ MemphisLove, and start challenging Memphis! 4Memphis would like to congratulate Monogram Foods on committing to the Memphis Love Challenge! In celebration of their 10th birthday and in support of our community, Monogram has created IMPACT10, a charitable campaign designed to give away $100,000 to 10 charitable organizations over 10 years. In keeping with their goal to give back to our community, they have also pledged to perform 10 acts of kindness throughout Memphis, and they encourage you to do the same! Go to impact-10.com and see the great community work they are doing, as well as how you can help! Monogram Foods

80 / 4Memphis

For Lovers. Of Dessert. Memphis 5679 Poplar Ave., Suite 102 (901) 208-8984 nothingbundtcakes.com


LEGENDARY SOUND MEN Elvis' bass player & music producer, Norbert Putnam with Earle Farrell

4MEMPHISSHOW Mon-Fri 3-6 pm


Want to be a part of the 4Memphis Show? Contact us at farrellpro@aol.com


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SUNRISE AT COLLIERVILLE: 901-201-6263 SUNRISE ON THE PIKE: 901-201-6267 SUNRISE AT WOLFCHASE 901-881-2121 1. Covers scheduled oil changes, oil filter changes, tire rotations, and chassis lubrications, according to your new vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule, for up to 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Does not include air filters. See dealer for other restrictions and complete details. 2. Visit onstar.com for coverage map, details and system limitations. Services vary by model and conditions. OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. 3. SiriusXM Radio service only available in the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia. If you decide to continue your service after your trial subscription, service is continuous until you call SiriusXM to cancel. For more information and to view Customer Agreement, visit siriusxm.com. 4. No security deposit required. Tax, title, license and dealer fees extra.Mileage charge of $.25/mile over 39,000 miles. For qualified Lessees.

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