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In this edition 04 Corporate Congratulations 4Life founders David and Bianca Lisonbee open this new edition of the Summit Magazine with an inspiring message full of positivity.

54 New European athlete joins the Team 4Life Estefanía Fernández is a Spanish elite athlete who has just joined the Team 4Life. Don’t miss any detail of this great news that makes us very proud.

Summit Europe • March 2022


06 The 4 S’s Four values: science, success, service and satisfaction. Four values upon 4Life stands and represent who we are.


Monika Ribi – New Silver Elite


Barbara Cibolini – New Bronze


Martina Hanten – New Silver


Claudia Wiglinghoff – New Bronze


Kirsten Tischner – New Bronze Elite


Katja Studer – New Bronze


Regula Senn Lisci – New Bronze Elite


Stine Caesar – New Bronze


Sabine Sommerfeldt – New Bronze Elite


Vanessa Steiner – New Bronze


Verena Lauer – New Bronze Elite



Corporate Congratulations A

s we reflect on 2021, we have mixed emotions. We saw much hardship for so many, but out of hardship, we also saw inspiration. This inspiration came in the form of people helping people—people going out of their way to uplift their fellowman in times of need. We truly believe that the lessons gleaned from this year are some of the most valuable in the history of 4Life. One of the most poignant lessons is that we are all in this together. We learned how much we need each other— even from a distance. When times get tough, it’s community that allows us to prevail. Each of our four core values speaks to this in some way. It’s through the miracle of science that we can improve communal wellness. It’s through the success of each other that we can find personal success. It’s compassion and service to others that helps us see the beauty in everything. And it’s going out of our way to improve things for someone else—to satisfy—that we build meaningful, lasting relationships. It’s our sincere hope that you come out of this year changed. We are changed people, and for that, we are grateful. Change is the great instigator of personal growth, and we look forward to growing together with you for years to come. Warmly,

4Life Founders

Summit Europe • March 2022


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The 4 S’s: the values upon which we stand

Science: We vow to never stop researching the wonders of 4Life Transfer Factor ™ and its ability to enhance human health.

Success: We strive to lift each other up, so that together, we can reach our utmost potential.

Service: We seek to break the cycle of poverty by showing compassion and kindness to the most vulnerable among us: our children.

Summit Europe • March 2022

Satisfaction: We promise to take every opportunity to create an exceptional, memorable customer and Affiliate experience, and to do it with a smile.




Platinum E lite

President’s Club qualifier

Summit Europe • March 2022


Dr. Herminio Nevárez

Jeff & Michelle Altgilbers

Puerto Rico


Juan & Damaris Rosado

Yadira Olivo

Florida, USA

Puerto Rico




Bonnie Taylor

Dave & Gabriela Daughtrey

Florida, USA

California, USA

California, USA


Ángel Molina & Ivelisse López

Ileana & Hugo Johnson

Miguel Bermúdez Marín

Dr. Jase & Dr. Jinsun Khyeam

Dr. Eduard Hutabarat & Katharina Sihombing

Iván Rodríguez

Grace Chun

Ray & Barbara Meurer

California, USA

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Sheri Din Singapore

Texas, USA


Summit Europe • March 2022


Sadik Din & Hasnimah



Esdras & Rosa Cabrera Dominican Republic

Lilly Sánchez Florida, USA

Bak Mi Ae & Eom Kwang Bok Korea

Àngels Muñoz Estape Spain

Esthela Carpio Rodas & Galo Celi Ecuador

President’s Club qualifiers 2021 - 2022



Summit Europe • March 2022


2021 through the 4 S’s While we live in an ever-changing world, some things are worth preserving. The measure of a great brand is, in part, based on adaptability, but a great brand is also measured by its ability to hold fast to its guiding principles. It will withstand the test of time and remain true to the values that set it apart. In March of 2021, 4Life revealed its new look and feel at 4Life International Convention: SHINE. While we saw many exciting new changes to the logo and other aesthetics, what has always made 4Life, remains the same. 4Life has four core values—values that keep us rooted, even as we branch out and grow. These values are: are Science, Success, Service, and Satisfaction. Let’s take a look back at 2021 through the lens of these 4 S’s and see how they shaped us this year, and how they’ll continue to shape us into 2022 and beyond.




Carlos Rocha Spain

Maris Dreimanis Latvia

Nidia Pinzón United Kingdom

Not pictured: Gabriele Cordes & Martin Grassinger Germany

Sibylle Weizenhöfer Germany

Tatiana Yachnaya Bulgaria

President’s Club qualifiers 2021

Summit Europe • March 2022


Sarai Jacobs Spain

Silver Elite

Monika Ribi Switzerland

Sabine Tönjes Germany


Martina Hanten Germany



Monika Ribi New Silver Elite I Switzerland


urich is my home and I live here with my daughter. I first worked as a private banker before moving into the healthcare sector 30 years ago. I had my own personal trainer studio for over 2 decades and loved working with my clients. Helping them have a healthier attitude towards life gave me a sense of satisfaction. I was a single mother at this time. I was very tired and had several jobs in order to make ends meet. I often went to work when I was ill, as I needed the money. I was stressed and irritable and this made me very unhappy. Luckily, I was introduced to Network Marketing. The business concept meant that financial stability and security was suddenly an option. As a former banker I quickly realised that I could build up passive income through the outstanding Compensation Plan, which would enable me to spend more time with my daughter. I would like to thank 4Life Research for this excellent network development opportunity, which enables people to work online from home and develop a second source of income in their free time for a more relaxed future. As a health expert, it goes without saying that I’m completely convinced by the products. My personal favourites are Transfer Factor Plus, ReCall and Energy Go Stix Berry. To this day, they are a key part of my daily routine. In my view, everyone has the same starting opportunities and must overcome challenges along the way. The same was true for me. The three most fundamental aspects for successful business development are: Summit Europe • March 2022

1. Let mentors who have already achieved success show you the steps that will become your springboard for a successful start: how you should talk to people, where you should invite them and who you should connect them with to make sure that guests get the most benefit. 2. Work in teams so that you can benefit from the experience of successful entrepreneurs and grow sustainably and quickly in this business. Duplication plays an essential role here. 3. Develop a sense of leadership, which means having a positive attitude, focusing on strengths, listening attentively, thinking ahead and promoting the creation of a team culture. Working together with the Upline, Downline AND Crossline is a fundamental part of this. Today, I can bring completely new perspectives to my life. I enjoy living without restrictions and free from demands. My beloved daughter and my mother helped me greatly by always supporting me. I’m incredibly grateful to my excellent and professional mentors for always believing in me. I would also like to thank my courageous team members for accompanying me on this journey. We can only achieve this goal together. This makes me even more grateful that as the Positive Global Change team, with our outstanding mentor Àngels Muñoz, we can get involved with social issues, give other people back a sense of hope and support environmental projects.



In my view, everyone has the same starting opportunities and must overcome challenges along the way."



Mar tina Hanten New Silver I Germany


hen I was a self-employed businesswoman for many years, but it didn’t feel like I had much autonomy. I had no energy and was exhausted, I felt trapped and constantly overworked. I was anything but ‘free’.

The world changes when we change ourselves. We can all achieve unbelievable things when our bodies are strong. All this seems like a miracle, but we are the miracle, and we should remember this, when all is said and done.

To everyone who has shared this knowledge, For me, this is the biggest and most fantastic who has never stopped believing in it, until one advantage of our business: I feel free and at the day it reached me: I’m eternally thankful to each same time wonderfully connected to everybody. and every one of you. You changed my life! In my opinion, personal growth, persistence, Thank you for your commitment and your gratitude and an open heart will take you far. It’s persistence. This is why giving up is not an what I’ve always been looking for – a business option for me. It’s the least I can do in order to in which qualities like appreciation, friendliness give back what was given to me: I’ll never stop and love bring success. talking about it! Today, I’ve reached the point where I see that If you asked which of our products is my we will change this world by modelling and favourite, you’d have to put together a really big ‘duplicating’ these values. I love the magic of promotion pack for me: Tri-Factor™ Formula, duplication. Plus™, BCV™, Belle Vie™, Renuvo™, RioVida™, Love and happiness increase when we share Reflexion™ & ReCall™, RiteStart™ and PRO-TF™, them. It’s soooo simple. and not forgetting the Go Stix™ and Collagen. That would do me for starters! Anyone who has realised this is living the values of our big 4Life family. Bianca and David Lisonbee are the two people who started this duplication. I’m eternally thankful to be a part of this family. Our products with the Transfer Factor are something really special – they help us be the best version of ourselves. So much is possible when we use them to support our bodies every day.

Summit Europe • March 2022



All this seems like a miracle, but we are the miracle, and we should remember this, when all is said and done."



Science 4Life Transfer Factor science catapulted 4Life Research to where it is today. In fact, ongoing scientific research continues to propel 4Life forward as we strive to create new product offerings and innovate around our foundational ingredient: 4Life Transfer Factor.

New products The year 2022 will surprise 4Life Europe with the arrival of new products. Our 4Life offer is expanding and the possibilities to sell excellent and competitive products in our market are increasing with the goal of improving the lives of people everywhere.

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Summit Europe • March 2022


Published research Third-party validation and publication are hallmarks of solid science. This year, 4Life United States, was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Immunological Methods for science surrounding the effects of cow colostrum on the immune system. * Go to this link to read the article.

Ongoing research Research on transfer factors and its possibilities never ceases! 4Life is dedicated to building upon its reputation as The Immune System Company™, and that means we will never stop learning about what makes the immune system tick. In the United States, 4Life is currently partnering with several universities and organizations to better understand the effects of transfer factors and other ingredients on immune system cells.

Scientific resources From the headquarters , 4Life is constantly conducting studies and gathering more research on our products and ingredients. We always want to keep our Affiliates and Preferred Customers up-to-date on our latest discoveries. In fact, a new webpage is coming soon where you’ll be able to read about all our studies and publications.



Bronze Elite

Anatoli Hortok Germany

Frank Herrmann Germany

Gina Burrià Solà Spain

Kirsten Jessen Germany

Kirsten Tischner Austria

Regula Senn Lisci Switzerland

Ruben Antunes Portugal

Sabine Sommerfeldt Germany

Verena Lauer Germany

Bronze Elite advancements are for the volume months of May – December 2021 Summit Europe • March 2022



The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


750 millions

1 million

250 millions

500 thousand

Bifidobacterium colony forming units

Lactobacillus colony forming units

Galactooligosaccharides micrograms

Fructooligosaccharides micrograms

Probiotics are live microorganisms that offer health benefits to the host. Prebiotics stimulates the activity of probiotics.

Each time you take a PRE/O stix you get a perfect combination of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains working together with oligosaccharides.

Powered by

4Life Transfer Factor ™


Success 4Life was not only founded on the notion that success is meant to be shared, but that together, we can achieve more. 4Life has since found a home in 25 markets across the globe—shaping the lives of people who have a passion for 4Life Transfer Factor products.

Affiliate success

Corporate success

4Life has never strayed from its mantra of “Together,

Heightened awareness surrounding the immune

Building People,” and we constantly look for new

system has continued to impact 4Life’s reach as

ways to motivate, inspire, and uplift our Affiliates.

The Immune System Company.

4Life International Convention: SHINE welcomed

In 2021, 4Life saw great growth and success in

new ranks to the recognition lineup—ranks intended

several international markets like Europe, United

to act as steppingstones to help Affiliates reach

States, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

their goals on their 4Life journey.

To learn more about the qualification for each rank, click here. ASSOCIATE

Summit Europe • March 2022




Kirsten Tischner New Bronze Elite I Austria


used to work in health management. My biggest wish and aim has always been to make my own way and be independent, and to be able to really convey the empathy that I feel for people by helping and supporting them. I love to inspire people and make them see things from different angles, which will allow them to become more aware of themselves and open to new opportunities and ways. This business gives us all boundless prospects, hope and confidence, especially in this day and age where the economy is changing dramatically and hopelessness or, worse still, job losses often weigh heavily on people. These days, I make my own decisions about my life. It’s no longer up to my boss. To know that I alone can decide what’s right for me and my family gives me

Summit Europe • March 2022

a deep, inner sense of peace, personal freedom and independence. I’m proud to be an Affiliate of 4Life Research. I’m proud to be part of the Àngels Muñoz team, which is also the best team in the world. The business culture within the Positive Global Change team is extremely honest and ethical and its guiding principles are based on encouraging others, fairness and respectful collaboration. In my entire professional life, I’ve never before experienced this kind of teamwork and the incredible level of support in all aspects and areas.

The steps and approaches that helped me move forward: •


Be open to learning from others. Simply be willing to acquire knowledge. Accept advice

from people and mentors who have already had positive experiences in this business. •

Surround yourself with people who appreciate you and your work.

Be aware of your surroundings, of who is holding you back, who is encouraging you and who is supporting you and has your back.

And with this, I also mean the team that you surround yourself with.

We need to learn to sow, without immediately wanting to reap the harvest. We must learn to delegate, inspire, excite, guide and instruct others. Most importantly, we must learn to listen to them.

Never compare yourself to others. You’re great just as you are. You don’t need to be somebody else. Remain true to yourself. Don’t compromise yourself.

Accept the occasional setbacks – everyone can run out of steam once in a while. That’s OK, and it doesn’t mean that you immediately need to doubt yourself or the concept.

Stay authentic and genuine. Others will immediately sense if you’re pretending to be something you’re not.

Are you excited about what you do? Are you doing it with passion and enthusiasm? If not, perhaps ask yourself what’s missing for that complete sense of excitement.

Always persist. A NO isn’t something I readily accepted – perhaps it just needed some kind of impulse.

Are you prepared to engage with others?

Don’t sacrifice yourself, don’t put yourself last. Otherwise everything becomes difficult and you’ll lose the sense of effortlessness and joy in what you do.

Always stick with those who are successful.

Who believes in you? Who will catch you? Look for that one person; it need not necessarily be your mentor.

Always seek support, that’s what the team is there for. You don’t have to walk this path alone. Every member in our team has their own special skills and everyone can benefit from these.

If you’re not making any progress, change something.

My favourite products: I wouldn’t know where to start and where to stop. I love them all! There’s one thing I definitely want to say upfront: I don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t learnt about the Transfer Factors back then. But one of my absolute best products is the 4Life Transfer Factor™ Plus™ Tri-Factor™ Formula.



Regula Senn Lisci New Bronze Elite I Switzerland


y stressful daily routine started to change in November 2019 when I was invited to attend a highly interesting lecture by Sabine Tönjes. I was immediately captivated by the charisma, strength and love shown by this woman! From that point on, I accompanied her through thick and thin and ups and downs. Her knowledge and inspiration became the source of my daily actions. She showed me how to act professionally within the context of Network Marketing. I learned how to build up a team of business partners and customers using a tried-and-tested concept. Today I can say that she has significantly improved my life and I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart! It was immediately clear to me that 4Life Research is a unique business partner. I instinctively always knew: we must re-consider Summit Europe • March 2022

the notion of well-being! The Tri-Factor Formula is the logical response to the challenges of modern life! Over the past two years, I’ve been able to generate stable passive income with the Positive Global Change team and 4Life. I’m so inspired and convinced by the whole concept that I offer people the same chance every day. Of course not everyone reacts positively. Most of the rejections came from within my personal environment. But I won’t let that stop me. It’s clear to me: THIS IS THE WAY TO A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE! What’s my formula for success? •


Make a connection with your mentor and learn the stages of the system. Undergo training and use the power of the team!


Act daily and with consistency. Build momentum to create successful breakthroughs! "

Act daily and with consistency. Build momentum to create successful breakthroughs! •

support! You’re all wonderful!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Don’t let yourself be dissuaded. Building something stable and steadfast takes time and tireless action! It’s worth it, as you’ll create your own financial freedom!

And I would like to thank Àngels Muñoz from the bottom of my heart. She recognised many years ago that this concept is an innovative approach for everyone to enjoy a better quality of life and to help change the world and that, through • Use the power of the team and duplicate the our social and environmental projects, we as system so that your business can develop the Positive Global Change team can have a sustainably and steadily! direct influence on the important processes for I use ReCall, Renuvo and PRO-TF every day to changing our world. Being part of this though help keep me focused on my goals. I also love my work gives me a sense of inner satisfaction and meaningfulness! the Collagen, PRE/O and RioVida products. I would like to thank everyone in my team for Regula Senn, Switzerland. their fantastic performance, commitment and passion for our project! It was only possible to achieve this goal of Bronze Elite with your 29


Sabine Sommerfeldt New Bronze Elite I Germany


Life has given me an amazing opportunity to take a step towards the kind of independence I could never have dreamed of! Without it, my life would have been completely different, as I receive very little pension income due to my work history and women of my age don’t necessarily get many opportunities to embark on a life of abundance! What makes me happy is the prospect of being able to help not only myself but also other people who are looking for more stability in their life. It’s really great to be able to sow a seed and then to watch it grow! In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to stay connected. So many people feel socially isolated. The chance to work together to ensure that here on earth we can live our values and set up projects is extremely fulfilling. I am absolutely convinced that with our ‘Positive Global Change’ movement founded by Ángels, we are creating the basis for rewarding collaboration, lived values and the realisation of big dreams for many people. I love the products and it was obvious to me that I would share this information. Especially in recent years, using social media as a tool for working has become increasingly important. It helps me become more visible and brings people into contact with me and my values. More and more people are looking for balance on multiple levels, which is why our international Summit Europe • March 2022



For me, ‘independence’ is the magic word! "

concept is a great way to build a lifestyle of your own choosing. For me, ‘independence’ is the magic word!

favourite products are Renuvo™, ReCall™ and Reflexion™, because they help me rediscover balance in turbulent times.

I’m happy for the rank of Diamond and am using it to motivate new Affiliates to communicate our concept. The ranks of ‘Builder’ and ‘Builder Elite’ on the roadmap to Diamond are also great, because they enable everyone to get started in a way that suits them, and I see that as a huge gift!

My heartfelt thanks go to the Lisonbee family, who have made it possible to set up a company with a lived culture of communicating values and principles to all its employees and Affiliates. It’s exactly how I’ve always wanted it!

Several products are my absolute favourites: 4Life Transfer Factor™ Plus™ Tri-Factor™ Formula and the RioVida™ juice have helped me transition to a more active lifestyle. Right now, PRO-TF™, Glutamine Prime™ and Collagen are supporting me in my quest to retain my youthful freshness for longer. However, my absolute

And my huge thanks go to the world’s best mentor, Ángels, who leads the way as an unbelievably inspiring entrepreneur with a big heart, represents positive change in the world and is always a source of joy.



Verena Lauer New Bronze Elite I Germany


uly was the most exciting month for me last year. As part of a great 4Life incentive, people who achieved the next rank would receive an extra bonus. I’d reached Bronze in April and was desperate to achieve Bronze Elite in July and secure the great “Rank Advancement Cash Incentive” bonus! I started the month full of motivation. And then, completely unexpectedly, I found out in the first week of July that I could move into my dream apartment. My application had actually been rejected in May but then the tenant bailed out and the apartment was now available from August 1st. I was ecstatic! In May, I’d resolved to celebrate in summer with my sister Bettina Götze and Martina Hanten on the roof terrace. But would I be able to find a new tenant, move to a new house and achieve the rank of Bronze Summit Europe • March 2022

Elite - all within three weeks? I started to panic that I’d taken on too much and that the apartment was too big for me anyway. Luckily, Sibylle Weizenhöfer and Martina Hanten intervened and told me that I’d be able to manage everything! They completely believed in me and told me that it’s my time to expand and that I shouldn’t back out now. Whew. It wasn’t an easy challenge to take on! But I was ready to tackle it and our products gave me the necessary energy! In line with my expansion, dear Silke Ahlert gave me a new team member who became a Diamond together with me in three days. Wow! That was such a great sprint with the lovely Bettina Steffen! I’d barely had the chance to pause for breath before hearing about the next mega 4Life



You’ll only find out what you’re capable of and how powerful you are by setting yourself ambitious goals".

campaign. The BoGo! Scheduled for the week in which I was due to move. As I still needed a lot of points, I obviously had to take full advantage of the campaign! So I promoted it a great deal and it was a huge success. Bingo! I’d finished that and then, with my father’s help, I managed to move in two days. I naturally underestimated things somewhat but still managed to achieve everything.

helping me to grow wings. That’s also my plea to you. You’ll only find out what you’re capable of and how powerful you are by setting yourself ambitious goals. That’s when you’ll start becoming truly creative and get the right ideas and inspiration. “I can do this” will then become the only option and you’ll find opportunities and ways to reach your goal.

I can still remember feeling somewhat There was dual cause for celebration during downhearted towards the end of July and the first night in my new apartment: my newly thinking to myself “Oh boy, I still need to earn achieved Bronze Elite rank and moving into the over 10,000 points. How am I going to manage dream apartment that I’d set my heart on! that?” And then the BoGo campaign started a few days later and my promotion efforts meant I was so proud of how I managed everything! that the 10,000 points were easily attainable. And I’m incredibly grateful that I have such a Don’t give up! The game isn’t over until 11:59 fantastic Upline and work together with such p.m. on the last day of the month. a great team. My collaboration with 4Life is so enjoyable and gives me so much energy that it’s 33


Bronze Abel Lligoña Mitjans Spain

Bettina Theissen Germany

Angela Soremba Germany

Carola Risch Germany

Angelika Buchwieser -Fink Germany

Christiane Jansing

Anne Hentschel Germany

Christiane Schmidt



Asta Benderaviciute

Barbara Sabine Cibolini Stieffel



Claudia Wiglinghoff

Eduardo VerdesMontenegro & Margarita Prat



Ekaterina Ivanova Latvia

Elsa Schell Germany

Eva Krafft

Elvira & Eduardo Farinha



Ines Gfrerer Austria

Irena Kalva Latvia

Fatima Freitas & Manuel Sardinha Portugal

Iris Graf

Isabel Navarro Sotos



Joanes Oscar Jacobs Muñoz Spain

Bronze advancements are for the volume months of January 2020 –December 2021

Summit Europe • March 2022


Fernanda Oseguera & Miguel Angel Domínguez Spain

Jordi Aldea Belliard United Kingdom

Jorge Escudero & Shirley Mancera

Jurgita Grigaliuniene Lithuania

United Kingdom

Katja Studer France

Lelani Dias Germany

Lucrecia Ebuale Makendengue & Faustino Cecilo Pola

Maria Sofia Soares Fonseca

Melvin Weizenhöfer

Olaf Pfannebecker & Zhor Bouchemla



Marie-Paule Sesterhenn

Marina Schmidt

Paloma Mellado & Manuel Macarlupú

Rasa Karpaviciene

Svetlana Kakaskiene

Vanessa Steiner


Marius Hanten Germany

Marty Turner

United Kingdom





Sebastian Cordes

Simon Stolzenbach

Stine Caesar

Vladas Jonauskas

Wilson Rocha Collazos

Zam Cifuentes Ortiz

Zane Balode







Roland Wasserfaller Beam Institut





United Kingdom

Bronze advancements are for the volume months of January 2020 –December 2021




Summit Europe • March 2022


Kindness is ingrained in the 4Life culture. Foundation 4Life exudes this by giving employees and Affiliates in Europe the opportunity to serve others by providing vulnerable children and their families the best possible foundation for them through education, nutrition, safety and a loving home to create a truly extraordinary life of their own. In 2021, the Foundation 4Life Europe has participated closely in projects with European institutions that contributed to its mission:

Children Village’s SOS Spain

SOS Villaggi dei Bambini Italy

SOS Children’s Villages has been present in Spain since the late 1960s and currently works with families and children in eight locations on mainland Spain and in the Canary Islands. SOS Children’s Villages runs a variety of programmes in order to meet the needs of children, young people and families in the local communities.

SOS Children’s Villages has been present in Italy since 1956, when an SOS Holiday Camp was built in the north of the country. Shortly after, the organisation started working with local children and their families in the town of Trento, in the north of Italy. At present SOS Children’s Villages supports children, young people and families in seven places in Italy.

Children Village’s SOS Portugal

Leben mit Behinderung Hamburg, Germany

SOS Children’s Villages has a great need to provide support to children and families. This Villages began its work in Estoril, about 25 kilometres from the capital city of Lisbon. Over the years, SOS Children’s Villages has started working in other areas, supporting children, young people and families from the local community.

Leben mit Behinderung Hamburg is one of the largest providers of integration assistance in Hamburg. The parents’ association has 1500 families with relatives with disabilities as members. For more than 60 years, the association has been assisting these families and advising and supporting them on their paths in life.

Menschen.Leben e.V Germany Is an intergenerational project and registered association founded by members of the Positive Global Change Team in Germany. This association works against isolation and loneliness of all generations.



Barbara Cibolini New Bronze I Switzerland



You can only be successful in this business with a team behind you! "


live in Uetikon by Lake Zurich.

I’ve always wanted to do nice things for people and make them happy, pamper them and leave them with a smile on their face, which is why I became a hairdresser. I always worked a great deal simply because I enjoyed it so much. I also became self-employed to give myself more freedom and make my life even better, but this turned out to be a fallacy. I inevitably became part of the rat race with its associated health risks and found myself faced with rising costs and increasing levels of exhaustion. I was then fortunate to come across 4Life Research. I already knew and liked Network Marketing as a very fair business option and, as I was so impressed by these unique products, I immediately recognised that it was a great opportunity for me. What I most appreciate about the 4Life Research option is that the incredibly fair and generous Compensation Plan enables me to build a stable financial basis without any risks, with a great deal of flexibility and alongside my job as a hairdresser. I was able simply to take up a new career without any additional costs or major effort, which I greatly appreciated as an entrepreneur.

Summit Europe • March 2022


Thanks to my love of people, the support from the excellent mentors, the professional entrepreneurs with their regular presentations and the great teamwork, I was able to make a successful start in this new career. When the lockdown came 2 years ago, I became even more aware of the support and freedom that 4Life Research and Positive Global Change has given me. The teamwork also helped me personally grow as a leader and values-based business partner to develop strong and secure financial stability. I want to enable everyone who yearns for this happiness to experience it. This incredibly meaningful work gives me a sense of fulfilment and brings me joy every day. The Transfer Factor plus, Glutamine Prime, ReCall, Renuvo and Energy products give me the necessary support.

What most helped me to develop this business were the close connections with my wonderful mentor and the greatest team in the world. I attended as many team meetings, presentations, workshops and training courses as possible. Àngels’ book became my manual and I directly implemented the guidance it contained. Having structured daily and weekly plans also greatly helped me to achieve success. I am incredibly grateful to have been given this wonderful opportunity and feel both honoured and bound to pass it on to others. For me, it’s about helping other people. I would like to thank David and Bianca Lisonbee from 4Life Research and Dr. Àngels Muñoz of Positive Global Change for this fantastic opportunity to do a great deal of good for humans and animals, nature and the planet as a whole.



Claudia Wiglinghoff New Bronze I Germany



The more I learned about the Transfer Factors the more they fascinated me."


hen friends told me about 4Life products at a pleasant dinner party in January 2021, I had already been working as a transformation coach for over 10 years.

That very same evening I ordered several different products from the range. My own experience with them was very convincing because I was able to see noticeable change. Keen to know more, I attended almost every workshop put on by Sibylle Weizenhöfer and Christiane Schmidt, my excellent Upline. The more I learned about the Transfer Factors the more they fascinated me. Up to that point I had been working with people in my practice to process emotionally stressful situations from their childhoods. I then had the idea of including the Transfer Factors in my work. Human beings are at the centre of everything I do. I got to know these values at 4Life as well and hence the new overall concept I implemented brought everything together very well. For me, 4Life products are outstanding and have provided me with wonderful support for almost a year now. I have had the opportunity of introducing the Transfer Factors to many people who also appreciate the products. Based on that, something new quickly developed.

Summit Europe • March 2022


I reached the rank of Diamond after just one month, followed by Presidential and within a year I reached Bronze, thanks of course to the enormous commitment of my entire team! I am naturally delighted with this development and along the way I was also able to gain some valuable new insights. The phenomenon of “social loafing”, which means team members unconsciously hold themselves back in teamwork and perform less effectively in groups definitely does not apply to my Upline and Downline. Everyone involved gives more than 100%...out of great love, joy and commitment to our project.

It touches me deeply and gives me the power and strength to continue on this path, even in challenging times. Thank you 4Life! It gives me incredible joy to be part of this community. I also thank my entire Downline for their loving work and for being part of my team, especially Anne Wiegard and Sabine Brochhagen. I look forward to what we will experience together. With great love....!

A million thanks go out to dear Sibylle Weizenhöfer and Christiane Schmidt...for your support and encouraging words at all times.



Katja Studer New Bronze I France




The business culture within our team is based on supporting and encouraging others, fairness and working together with respect. The result: success".

’ve been a passionate farmer for 32 years. We’ve been living here in the French Jura for almost 10 years and have converted our dairy farm to organic. Working as a farmer is wonderfully varied, yet it poses both mental and physical challenges. When you add in the fact that pensions for farmers are well below average, it was clear that this pension would never be enough to live off. A lovely farmer recommended Network Marketing to me. I seized this chance and realised that this great business opportunity with passive income was a tool that I could use to turn my life around in a more positive direction. This decision opened the door for me to become truly independent over time. Starting something new at the age of 61 was a challenge that I was willing to accept. Network Marketing gives me a sense of fulfilment, as I see that the wonderful products can help humans and animals. I take the Transfer Factors every day and at lunchtime my husband and I raise a toast to our health with a glass of RioVida juice. The äKwä skincare series is also a set part of my routine. 4Life Research is the best company to work with. Thank you to David and Bianca Lisonbee for their wonderfully executed ideas, which lead to greater quality of life and well-being and enable us to enjoy an exceptional life. I always just kept on going, which meant that I never stopped making phone calls and the month wasn’t over until 11:59 p.m. Summit Europe • March 2022


Now I can decide for myself where and when I want to develop my business. I’m free and can do what I like, as I myself am responsible for my company. I’m surrounded by visionary, courageous and inspirational mentors and receive genuine support from the Positive Global Change team, where I meet modern-thinking, responsible entrepreneurs. The business culture within our team is based on supporting and encouraging others, fairness and working together with respect. The result: success.

So I would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank-you to Àngels Muñoz, our excellent mentor and business partner whose vision, clarity, patience, belief and love played a major part in our success. I will, of course, continue to develop the 4Life Research network and support the relevant Positive Global Change projects as, with exponentially growing income, I can have a significant influence on the things I want to see changed in this world. I’ve made it my mission in life to give others the hope of being able to live autonomously.

Helping my team members to reach the next levels is an important element of this. As is finding We can only achieve that together. people who think like me, who are courageous and willing to go outside of their comfort zone to learn and implement what has been proven to bring success in this sector. 43


Stine Caesar New Bronze I Germany



In my view, this business opportunity offered by 4Life Research is one of the best holistic options available".


'm a photo designer by profession and passionate about creativity. In my time off I love to travel and discover the world. Back then I was working a great deal and gradually came to realise that this profession would not allow me to live in the way I wanted. I had neither the time nor the finances to continue travelling nor to undertake social and environmental projects. Also, at that time, significant advancements in digitalisation had also taken place in my industry and I was aware are that I needed an alternative career to ensure my own future financial security. When I heard about this business option, I immediately saw it as an opportunity to really combine the things that are important to me. The financial balance was right, I had complete flexibility in terms of location, and I would be working as part of a team. In my view, this business opportunity offered by 4Life Research is one of the best holistic options available. This is because every person has the opportunity to create a different way of living for Summit Europe • March 2022


themselves and for their family in terms of their health and finances and in terms of how they I would like to thank the Lisonbee family for giving us this opportunity and for supporting us use their time. as a great partner. The decision taken by David & Bianca Lisonbee to make Transfer Factor™ available means Thanks must also go to my entire team without we can support people around the world in a whom this success would not have been possible. positive way. The Transfer Factor’s unique characteristic is critical to its success. Thanks to our Positive Global Change team, it was possible for me to achieve my goal. Success means working in a team and cooperating. We can only achieve our goals by working together.

I would like to thank Sabine Tönjes for her unfailing support en route to this success and Àngels Muñoz who, with her great vision and love for people, has been a role model and a huge inspiration to all of us.

A further key aspect is a tried-and-tested Thank you. system which can be duplicated and which gives everybody the opportunity to grow professionally and to expand.



Vanessa Steiner New Bronze I Switzerland



You can only be successful in this business with a team behind you! "


think that the nicest thing for me as a daughter is to see my mother healthy and full of life. That wasn’t the case just over 5 years ago.

Through her work as a health expert, she always understood the importance of the immune system and that we shouldn’t wait to start paying attention to it until it’s too late. Yet I was never really convinced by the “dietary supplements” that we took, as I believed that I was young and healthy and didn’t need anything else. When we became aware of 4Life, it was natural for my mother to immediately get involved with it. After a while I noticed that she was a great deal more relaxed and alert and laughed more. These were only small changes but they meant a great deal to me. From that moment I also wanted to try out these products! Despite being “young and healthy”, I noticed some changes. I was able to concentrate better at school, found it easier to learn and recall things and, above all, stayed more relaxed in stressful situations and in everyday life in general. I became a big fan of Energy Go Stix (Berry), ReCall and Transfer Factor Tri-Factor. I can particularly recommend these 3 products to young people. Summit Europe • March 2022


Anyone who knows my mother is aware that she not only fell in love with the 4Life Research products but also the business option.

In society, we often have to do everything by ourselves. But here we’re not alone. We receive the support we need and work together.

Great products are the foundation for your own business! However - and this is important to mention - there will always be people who can’t afford the products. There will always be people who want to make more out of their life but don’t have the financial means to do so.

Meeting with the team regularly is incredibly important for individual success.

And as we see nowadays: many people were in a good position and then suddenly everything changed in their health and/or financial situation from one day to the next. Perhaps we were even in this position ourselves or know what it feels like. And it’s precisely for these people that we are developing our business and sharing this information. So that these people are given another chance and can decide for themselves how their health and financial situation should look in the future. You can only be successful in this business with a team!

So that we can connect with people who are already where we want to be, are in the right environment and can create the mindset that will enable us to achieve our goals. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Monika Ribi (my wonderful mother and mentor), all my Uplines and to Àngels Muñoz’ whole team for the fantastic support. And a great big thank you from the bottom of my heart to my own team! I can’t express in words how grateful and happy I am that you all recognised this opportunity and seized it for yourselves! ! Here’s to many more successes and people who get this opportunity!



Satisfaction This year, 4Life officially named “Satisfaction” as its fourth core value. The value speaks to the ways in which 4Life meets (and then exceeds) customer and Affiliate expectations. We believe you should feel Satisfaction at every consumer touchpoint, be it through one-of-a-kind quality products, customer service, or with a variety of easy-to-use web and mobile tools.


Facebook Guides

This new web platform is exactly what its name

Learning about 4Life products, programs, and

suggests: your very own online 4Life store.

promotions has never been easier. Facebook Guides utilizes one of the most widely used social media

MyShop puts the ease of online shopping in the

platforms, Facebook, to give you access to online

hands of the Preferred Customers and Affiliates.


Anyone using your MyShop site has access to

Join our Facebook group and use

your wholesale discount, and when they place an

the Guides. Choose the language

order, you earn rewards. Preferred Customers earn

of your convinience:

MyShop Rewards to use toward future 4Life product purchases, and Affiliates earn commissions. It’s that simple. Take me to MyShop!

Fun fact: When 4Life was founded, the value of “Service” was meant to denote customer service and have a similar connotation to the new value

Satisfaction Guarantee

of Satisfaction; however, when Foundation 4Life was formed, it took on a new meaning—one that

Not satisfied? No problem! 4Life offers a 100%,

symbolized kindness and compassion through

30-day money back satisfaction guarantee on the


purchase price of our products.

Summit Europe • March 2022




Presidential Alejandra Marcela Ibarra Zuñiga

Ana Cristina Oliveira Patricio

Ana Maria De Sousa Mendes Sendim



Annegret Wiegard

Antonio Ortega Castaño & Paqui Ponce Rosado

Audi Arturo Ibanez Barroso




Andrea Kamphausen Germany

Barbara Grassinger

Bruna Alexandra Inacio Dos Santos Moreira

Catherine Jane Schweizer

Daniela Christine Hohenberger

Denise HubacherRigaux

Esperanza Cortés & Benito García

Ferran Tacón Jimenez

Gertraud Budäus

Heriberto Eladio Reyes Quinauchi


Claudia Meister



Dr. Katrin Terjung

Elena Bulatova

Eveline Vekemans







Presidential advancements are for the volume months of January – December 2021

Summit Europe • March 2022

Angelos Karakatsanis



Claudia Ladurner





Cintia Patricia Arenaza Guerreonero


Andreas Moll




Inara Seffere Latvia

Ines Marbacher Switzerland

Iris Baer-Weitzel Germany

Isabel Pires Portugal

Johanna Paola Estupinan Sosa

Jorge Felix Garcia Santos

Karin Tuxhorn

Larisa Zderea Spataru

United Kingdom

Josefa Mitjans Galito Spain

Juan José Sánchez Baamonde

Jürgen Lubig

Luzbelly Becerra Ruiz & Ivan Madueño De La Bella

Monika Beckmann

Patricia Cortes Borda

Regina Saur


Karin Seddig Germany



Luis Eduardo Caceres Becerra Spain


United Kingdom


Monika & Stefan Dillmann

Nicola Patricia Wagner

Paolo Ceriani

Renate BaumgartnerHunziker

Regula Christa Hann-Küng

Sabine Grell





Patricia Alvarez Velez Germany

United Kingdom





Presidential advancements are for the volume months of January – December 2021



Presidential Sandra Barriga & John Mora

Sara Elizabeth Moreira

Silke Ahlert

Silke FrischBranderup

Silke Schmidt-Albert

Simone Leonhard

United Kingdom



Simone Schäfer

Sonja Lackner

Stefan Wigger

Susanna Bech Peiro Spain

Susy Torres & Xavier Herrero


Ellen Krüger Germany

Kevin Krafft Germany

Nadine Gelhaus Germany

Sandra Leame Germany

Erich Herbert Herrmann Germany

Kirsten Heinrich Germany

Nadine Sybille Schäfer Germany

Fritz Studer France

Lars Cornehl Germany

Nadja Hahn Germany

Sarah Inderbitzin Muoser Switzerland

Hannah Sartory Germany

Lena FinckStoltenberg Germany

Noah Gabriel Wiglinghoff Germany

Leon Cornehl Germany

Nora Jahn Germany

Luise Gabriele Spindel Germany

Oliver Scheuermann Germany

Maksim Beliaev Czech Republic

Pamela Marie Brocks Germany

Maren Andrea Scheible Germany

Patrick Walter Spain


Tatjana Chervonaja


Yolanda Pozo




Hannelore Kruschinski Germany Hans-Friedrich Rühl Germany

Alicja Ewa Krzywanska Poland

Bettina Götze Germany Brigitta Maria Jaisli Switzerland

Ilze Ozola Latvia

Angela Niering Germany

Brigitte del Monte Switzerland

Anna Stieffel-Ineichen Switzerland

Carina Risch Germany

Ina-Maria KahlkeHesse Germany

Anna Juvanc Slovenia

Christa Steinicke Germany

Anna Niering Germany

Christina Spescha Switzerland

Antonio Martin Aguilar Spain

Christine Lehnert Germany

Bettina Steffen Switzerland

Dorothee Decker Germany


Not pictured:

Dr. Heinrich Nemec Germany

Irmgard Herrmann Germany

Maria Antónia Gonçalves Portugal

Jimena Briceño Spain

Maria Düring Germany

Johannes Hortok Germany Jose Manuel Olmo Spain

Maximilian Constantin Fink Germany

Juan Roman Spain

Meda Petkauskaite Lithuania



R. Ricardo Mancera Murillo United Kingdom


Swetlana Ritter

Silvija Miglane Latvia Simone Schlager Germany Stefan WeizenhöferRüdel Germany Stephanie Händler Germany Stephanie Renate Doll Germany Timo Schmidt Germany Tobias Maus Germany

Ralph Kuhn Germany

Ursula Lörsch-Becker Germany

Rosa da Silva Pereira Portugal

Vitalija Dumesa Netherlands

Sabine Brochhagen Germany

Vladimir Laguzinskiy Bulgaria

Sabine Maria Haslacher Austria

Zofia Bobowska Poland

Presidential advancements are for the volume months of January – December 2021

Summit Europe • March 2022


Diamond Elite AUSTRIA Christian Generoso Jose Ondoy Devika Salcher Naturpraxis Sabine & Albert Haslacher BELGIUM Caroline Germaine Rabaey FRANCE Maria Angela Munoz Moncayo Alberto Martin Martinez GERMANY Alexandra Bohl Amalia Alegria Villacorta Aniela Kulik-Groisier Anja Halata Annelies Teppich Bettina Wudke Birgit Helene Tyedmers Celine Adele Freitag Claudia Patrizia Hilger Dagmar Seehagel Dr. Christine Pohl Heike Gintenreiter Helge Theissen

Ingrid Burgey Irina Frank Karina Gaj Katja Sander-Weil Mara Zwicker Martina Witt Melisa Gonzalez Mulero Monika Becker Nadine Scheel Nadja Mansch Oleg Hahn Petra Burgmer Petra Haussmann Rike Finck-Stoltenberg Rita Fischer Sabine Hahner Sandra Hummel Stefanie Muß Susanne Carmen Unterhuber Tanja Laubach Ulrich Lui Valentina Levih Vitaly Shatalov HUNGARY Szvercsokne Dumnova Marina Tatjana Kakonyi

ITALY Angela Vaira Catia Cappello Horman R Pineda Sancan Lucrezia Gazzola Ornella Baldi Pamela Canales Sonnia Elizabeth Huancayo Agurto LATVIA Anna Dumesa Janis Rasnacs Larisa Golubeva LITHUANIA Danguole Ramoniene Laima Raubiene NETHERLANDS Arjan And Carolien Wille NORTHERN IRELAND Kristina Puidokiene NORWAY Maria Carmen Gonzalez Fulco

POLAND Marek Kuzniewski PORTUGAL Clara Teresa Da Silva Reis Mestre Helena & Teresa Braga Luis Morgado Oliveira Maria Jose Santos Mario Ribeiro Sandra Cristina Do Espirito Santo Almeida SPAIN Amalia Requena Garcia Ana Milena Martinez Santamaria Angeles Roig Marti Beatriz Isavel Sifuentes Valero Cecilia Mercedes Rivero Larsen Deyanira Ospina Jimenez Elys Edilma Ramos Narvaez Gladis Oneyda Zuniga Licona Gladys Paulina Vallejo Chicaiza

Gloria Patricia Moscoso Giraldo Isabel Cañadas Martin Isabel Montejo Pedrero Israel Luis Martinez Gil Jordi Baliarda Bech & Jose Antonio Aranda Ballesteros Maria Alejandra Bertarini Maria Teresa Tiffon Brutau Montserrat Hernandez Cascos Montserrat Vila Luis Noelia Carrasco Manzano Norma Elizabeth Bernuy Sanchez Olga Lucia Polania Marin Paloma Gonzalez Moya Paola Yhadira Pozo Barahona Rosa Elena Argumedo Rabanal Rosa Leidy Becerra Mosquera Sonia Patricia Pinzon Perez

Sugey Ambuila Gonzalez Zoila Rosalia Rodriguez Vargas SWITZERLAND Azize Karakulak Kolb Bettina Scherrer Rebsamen Catherine Emerita Steinmann Nathalie Gutiérrez Sarah Sophia Marjorie Meyer Sonja Vifian UNITED KINGDOM Celia Ramos Jessenia Elizabeth Estupinan Sosa Jose Calapina Kathy Chavez Flores Xinyu Liao

Together we are stronger

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European athlete joins Team 4Life


Today 4Life Europe is proud to have a new member join Team 4Life as a brand ambassador: Estefanía Fernández. Estefanía is a Spanish canoeing champion who has competed internationally since 2014 when she took bronze in the Youth European Championships in Slovakia. Four years later, she took gold in the Spanish 2018 Championships, and in 2019, she won golds in the 2,000 meter and 5,000-meter events. Don't miss a single detail of this great news in our latest press release.

Summit Europe • March 2022



I endeavor to promote the values, freedom, and dignity of sportspeople everywhere. It is an honor to be a Team 4Life member. We must each strive, every day, to make our dreams come true.” — Estefanía Fernández Team 4Life member




AUSTRIA Alexandra Resch Fritz Köck Haimo Salcher Monika Übel-Helbig Philipp Gref

BELGIUM Alex Javier Romero Guadamud Belgica Yolanda Rivera Saquicela Noa Muysoms Pascale Goossens Sophie Goidts Talia Alexandra Reinoso Guillen Yhonny Elivania Yangua Yaguana CROATIA Igor Marceta CZECH REPUBLIC Honza Chlad FRANCE Andrea Tadeo Garrido Evelyn Leonor Ortiz Andrade Jose Fernando Valderrama Lombana Patrick Studer Schirley Henao Villada Castro Ute Mirbach Eouzan GERMANY Agnes Susanna Lach Aleksandra Schönthal Alexandra Nicole Schokatz Andrea Kofalk Angelika Gerlinde Rau Anja Bussler Anja Junghanns Anja-Kristina Pfaff Anke Meißner Anne Francoise Catherine Grayer Annette Caroline Pinkwart Annette Elisabeth Hochstein Annette Schmidt Annette Sofie Jenisch Annika Elsner Antonie Schwarzenböck Ariane Kühne Aron Alexander Ramon Soremba

Artur Karl-Heinz Manowski Bärbel Warner Beate Marianne Martha Kalverkämper Beatriz Elena Peter Bettina Marte-Munz Bettina Schürer Birgit Hedwig Wagner Brigitte Charlotte Magdalena Haupt Brigitte Luise Gelhaus Carmen Büge Carsten Dillmann Cem Soeylemez Christa Laube Christina Klaeschen Claas Rainer Bautsch Claudia Doris Eitel Claudia Frantzki Claudia Mohr Colette Schiwietz Cornelia Agnes Köhler Cornelia Busse Dagmar Birgit PollnowMeding Dagmar Menke Daniel Maus Daniella Corinna Schmid Dea Harms Detlef Hoffmann Dominik Simon Markus Kessler Doreen Hagemeister Dorit Ines Günther Dr. Brigitte Heberle Dr. Dr. Reinhard Arnulf Kobelt Dr. Hans Friedrich Müller Dr. Maren Grütters Dr. Med. Jens Guido Neidert Dr. Renate Rosa Funken Ebba Ekholm Elias Wiglinghoff Elke Lydia Ella Moseleit Elke Scholle Erika Hövermann Erna Schell Eva Dohm-Lennartz Eve-Figurstudio Frank Amft Florian Benjamin Fink Florian Heinz Keil Gabriele Sladek Gunda Duffe Harald Herrmann Heike Immel Heike Teichmann

Helena Shatalova Inga Schwiebert Ingrid Baer Iris Yasmine Harms Janine Hütter Jann Friedolin Terjung Jannick Dillmann Jaqueline Hawighorst Jenny Meding Joachim Bauer Joachim Oliver Blum Joachim Willy Gehring Joachim Wolfgang Walther Johannes Sartory Johannes Schrenk Josefine Kleemann Julia Nemec Julia Plöger Karen Jahn Karl-Bernd Wiegard Katja Kunigunde Limberger Katrin Kornelia Kessler Kerstin Luise Gasch Kerstin Zippert Kirsten Henschel Kristina Austin Kurt-Georg Scheible Lara Evers Lea Kristin Mosters Ljudmila Glaser Louisa Wiegard Lyudmyla Semenova Margit Kronenberghs Marina Merz Marine Cecile Böhm Marion Friederike Uhl Markus Hoffmann Marlies Bredow-Henze Martina Lewin Martina Nachreiner Martina Schenck Mathias Friedrich Ludwig Wiedemann Maxim Ciebiera Maximilian Heße Melanie Bauer Melanie Hinz Melanie Hoffmann Melanie Scholtyssek Michaela Franziska Fink Mona Antonia UhlOstermair Monika Gerhard Nadine Finck-Petersen Nadine Harz Naomi Decker Natalja Arnold Nicola Richter Nicole Christel Lucia Tetzlaff

Nina Krieg Noah Graf Patricia Kirchner Petra Janke Petra Stegmann Petra Tilpe Regina Wolf Reiner Götze Rosmarie Holterman Rotraut Fischer Ruth Elsner Sabrina Annett Lehmann Sandra Anita Jäger Sarah Brochhagen Sascha Böing Sascha Tuxhorn Silke Gisela Herboldt Silvia Christa Laukenmann Silvia Duller Silvia Kulig Sina Katharina Widmann Sophie Grimm Stefanie Carola Kessler Stefanie Kirchner Stefanie Lohr Stephanie Dorer Stephanie Sabrina Christiane Rosenberg Stephanie Schweinar Susanne Eva Baudendistel Susanne Schwarz Susanne von LindenGerlach Tadeus Jan Waclawik Tanja Van Heesch Timo Brocks Ulrike Elisabeth Luckert Uwe Schmidt Vera Mogl Veronika Alexandra Möhle Viktoria Marchel Wencke Lütke-Börding Wolfgang Leonhard Xiangjun Wöhr Yvonne Weizenhöfer IRELAND Raimondas Andrasiunas Snieguole Kliostoraitiene ITALY Alessandro Cuna Alex Manuel Lovato Colindres

Francesco Orso Guidina Fideghelli Hilda Beatriz Campos Zavala Hilda Dorali Palma Davila Maria Leticia Zambrano Mastarreno Mercedes De Lourdes Sanchez Guale Minelly Lorena Martinez Astudillo Mireya Maritza Ojeda Mirtha Francisca Paredes Veliz Patricia Sanchez Patrizia La Monica Rita Hortencia Concha Sarmiento Rosa Ventura Figueroa Vargas Rossella Giordano Ulrich Huez Vanessa Toledo Centeno Veronica Tatiana Reyes Pullataxig Walter Halderg Hurtado Abad Hurtado Abad LATVIA Didzis Ozolins Dzintra Zala Evija Rinke Inga Berzina Maris Sveiduks Svetlana Jeniceka LITHUANIA Anatoliy Chervonij Asta Kuzminskiene Deimena Petkauskaite Greta Rastauskaite Hilda Gempler Ielyzaveta Pikhai Juste Kaseliene Mantas Ramonas Nemira Dirmontaite Simona Pavlovice NETHERLANDS Arely Vanessa Lira Perez Gabrielle Mosch Johan Quarré Liana Yancy Botero Marielle Margarethe Van Riel Quarré

Diamond advancements are for the volume months of January – December 2021

Summit Europe • March 2022


NORWAY Natalia Gunnarsen Sarin Mosquera Skien POLAND Aleksandra Bobowska Ganchimeg Gankhuyag Joanna Kuźniewska Jozefa Kolbrecka Katarzyna Podermańska Monika Anna Krzywanska Nina Gierus PORTUGAL Ana Maria Oliveira Patricio Ana Rita Pessoa Borges Andreia Sofia Da Silva Vaz Lobo Palmeira Carla Cristina Dos Santos Olival Costa Claudia Santos Cristina Maria De Almeida Pinho Isabel Cruz Jose Joao Pereira Henriques De Frias Maria Astrid Cardoso Raposo Maria Augusta Sequeira Serralho Maria Do Bom Pastor Pereira Maria João Marques Lopes De Frias Marta Margarida Marques Seguro Natália Domitília Santos Correia Pessoa Borges Patricia Wallauer Paula Cristina Silva De Oliveira Santos Paulo Jorge Barata Pereira Paulo Lopes Sara Reis Goncalves Tomas Gonçalves Dos Santos Loureiro ROMANIA Maria Lozovanu SLOVENIA Darko Duric

SPAIN Adriana Sanchez Cuartas Albina Delvalle Algarin Alisex Sueso Manzano Alvaro Ledesma Corrales Ana Belen Arias Martinez Ana Maria Duran Fernandez De Los Rios Aneta Cebotari Anna Ruth Kalme Bapp Asuncion Cristina Valverde Vallejo Asuncion Cruz Monserrat Blanca Eva Mendoza Herrera Blanca Nidia Amaya Pelaez Bozena Aldona Waclawik Calina Coman Carlos J. Burriel Catalan Cenelia Orejuela Henao Delia Martinez Martinez Edilma Lorena Aulestia Morales Erika Lidia Juca Muñiz Estefania Bañobre Piñon Felisa Pineda Arribas Filipe De Souza Freire Orlandi Francisca Visiedo Balle Francisco Massimo Orsillo Inma Pujol Chavarria & Josep Bayo Ponce Israel Arrife Benitez Jacqueline Amesquita Sanchez Jenny Gloria Coyago Grijalva Jesus Sobrino Obregon Johnyer Fernando Hernandez Bedoya Jonatan Garcia Armas Jorge Daniel Corbalan Jorge Luis Chavez Samana

Jose Ramon Lobo Rico Josefa Guerrero Benitez Josefa Simarro Martin Juan Carlos Cardona Castaño Juan Manuel Chávez Alata Juana Elizabeth Dotto Fleitas Julia Alcaraz Gomez Kevin Ramos Gomez Lidia Aguilar Llacchua Lourdes Alison Risco Arenaza Lucy Mariela Quiroz Cabal & Juliett Nicole Mieles Quiroz Luis Rivero Larsen Lupe Machaca Morales Luz Mery Suarez Jaramillo & Maria Cecilia Zuleta Velazquez Margarita Leal Alvarez Maria Carmen Montes Hernando Maria Carmen Salva Garcia Maria Cristina Villafuerte Selva Maria Dolores Muñoz Molina Maria Isabel Blanco Cabañero Maria Lourdes Lluria Roldos Maria Pilar Garcia Bisquert Maria Roberta Marcatoma Guaraca Maria Rut Sedra Gonzalez Mariana De Jesus Villacis Fuenmayor Marianela De La Fuente De Teran Maricela Gallego Herrera Mario Raul Zurita Segarra Martha Cecilia Conza Maza Melba Maria Ortega De Rojas Moises Zapico Fernandez Monica Patricia

Palomino Villacres Morena Noemy Espinoza Andrade Nancy Orozco Herrera Nataliya Kokoza Kokoza Neiva Mercedes Castro Tubay Pablo Iribarren Gimenez Pablo Wilfrido Cedeño Mendoza Paola Andrea Gonzalez Calderon Patricia Silva Flores Percida Francisca Peña Jimenez Rina Maria Murrieta Gonzales Roberto Maclean Jurado Rosa Alejandrina Tandazo Jima Rosa Pardo Goma Ruth Eliana Chincha Chavez Valeria Villa Walter Wilson Luna Pozo Yolanda Gimenez De Miguel Yolanda Santiuste Blazquez SWITZERLAND Adrian Marbacher Alexander Martinez Aimes Andrea Milena Isler Andreas Anton Hann Antonio Del Monte Possidente Astrid Gabriela Hermann Stalder Astrid Plattner Gürtler Barbara Christine Ehret Bettina Mirjam Keller Schörnig Blanchi Amalia ZollerChavez Jimbo Carmen Reust Christa Kueng Claudia AlessandriWigger Claudia Alfieri Claudia Haag-Lamp Claudia Straub Edna Lucia Hurtado Ramirez Eliane Oppliger Emile & Lisbell Eva Spatz

Eveline BruggmannStoeckle Franziska Henner Franziska Ruprecht Gabriele Weyl Gianna-Chantail Fabianna HueniRose Hilde Gravdal Wulz Ingrid Brigitte Freihoff Irene Schluep Jacqueline Friedli Jacqueline Meister Kirsten Dagmar Bachmann Lolita Moron Figueroa Mailyn Rebecca Henseler Marina Graziella Porrini Martin Oliver Hofmeier Martina Andrea Gutzwiller-Kaeser Massimiliano Lisci Maya Gertrud Berwert Miguel Labaut Ortiz Mireille Elisabeth Gutknecht Miriam Ruth Egli Hauri Nadja Habegger Natalie Munz Otmar Josef Spescha Petra Inderbitzin Rahel Huber Blaser Reto Heinz Hubacher Rita Alt Wenger Rita Brunner Sabina Graenicher Sandra Tajana Bucher Sarida Götz Sibylle Weyermann Frieden Sonja Irma Zürcher Sydney Caitlyn Feller Sylvia Johanna Kleinstein

Evangelina Jacobo Pasos Ilma Torres Lina Patricia Pulgarin Ospina & Wilfredo Diaz Salazar Luz Miriam Cano Lopez Maria Altagracia Alborta De Zamuriano Maria De Fatima Delgado Sena Monteiro Nelly Paquita Granoble Moran Ramon Justo Del Jesus Macias Salvatierra Rommy Campaña Siria Dolores Grijalva Jaime Sofia Estrella De Campaña

TURKEY Franca Barra UNITED KINGDOM Bir - Bahadur Limbu Blanca Aleida Pulgarin Carlos Payano Tineo Catherine Mcdonald Emma Margarita Cunalata Ericka Viviana Garcia Escallon Eugenia Isabel Cunalata Pichucho

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Serving suggestion


Hydrolysed collagen Vitamin A, C E and Biotin Wheat ceramides and astaxanthin With 4Life Transfer Factor Buy Now!

Vitamin C contributes to the normal formation of collagen for the proper function of skin. Vitamins A, C and Biotin help to preserve skin’s normal conditions.Biotin promotes healthy hair. Vitamins C, E and Biotin protect cells against oxidative stress. Vitamins A, C and Biotin contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system.