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Let’s keep it growing! Last year, over $62,400 was raised for 4-H in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec through the SeCan “Grow a Leader” initiative! The program has contributed over $320,000 in the past 6 years! This year, farmers are encouraged to order their Roundup Ready 2 Xtend ® and Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybeans between October 14 to 21, 2019 and SeCan will donate $1 per unit* to 4-H. SeCan and 4-H...the perfect fit.


* Donation based on final sale. Genes that fit your farm® is a registered trademark of SeCan. Monsanto Company is a member of Excellence Through Stewardship® (ETS). Monsanto products are commercialized in accordance with ETS Product Launch Stewardship Guidance, and in compliance with Monsanto’s Policy for Commercialization of Biotechnology-Derived Plant Products in Commodity Crops. These products have been approved for import into key export markets with functioning regulatory systems. Any crop or material produced from these products can only be exported to, or used, processed or sold in countries where all necessary regulatory approvals have been granted. It is a violation of national and international law to move material containing biotech traits across boundaries into nations where import is not permitted. Growers should talk to their grain handler or product purchaser to confirm their buying position for these products. Excellence Through Stewardship ® is a registered trademark of Excellence Through Stewardship. ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW PESTICIDE LABEL DIRECTIONS. Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans contain genes that confer tolerance to glyphosate and dicamba. Agricultural herbicides containing glyphosate will kill crops that are not tolerant to glyphosate, and those containing dicamba will kill crops that are not tolerant to dicamba. Contact your Bayer dealer or call the Bayer technical support line at 1-800-667-4944 for recommended Roundup Ready ® Xtend Crop System weed control programs. Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®, Roundup Ready 2 Yield® and Roundup Ready® are registered trademarks of Bayer Group, Monsanto Canada ULC licensee.

IN THIS ISSUE 4-H Takes You Places: From Local Fair to International Affair














From Ghana to the World A Youth Council for the World A World of Difference

Crickets for Lunch Day-Old Chickens Travelled a Long Way 4-H’ers Successes at Canada-Wide Science Fair Your 4-H Science Project in a Box! A Week in Washington, D.C. All About Milk 4-H Alumni Then and Now Summer in Argentina 4-H Members L.E.A.D. the Way

Comfy Campers For the Love of Cloverbuds Dogs are 4-H’ers Best Friends From “Host and Hostess” to “Ambassador” 4-H Canada’s Inclusion Statement The Best Feeling in the World Show Your 4-H Colours

Colton Sees the Ocean A Pollinators’ World Kianna, Youth Service Leader Leaders’ Corner B.C. Campers Discover the Four H’s Youth-Led Conference for All Why Recycle Your Electronics? Fundraising Made Easy Veseys Helps 4-H Grow!

Behind the Scenes with Kids Help Phone 4-H Wings in Action Kyle and the Long-Eared Owls From the Ground Up Curling is a 4-H Sport

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OUR MISSION The mission of the 4-H movement in Canada is to empower youth to be responsible, caring and contributing leaders that affect positive change in the world around them.


The 4-H Advantage | Fall 2019



When my parents signed me up for 4-H as a shy little eight-year-old with my dog and pony, the only expectations I had were to make new friends, and maybe compete at the local fair. Fast forward 15 years, 4-H has taken me across the province, country and world. I’ve been to local fairs, provincial camps, national conferences, a Careers on the Grow internship in Arizona, and even a Going Global Exchange trip to Ghana, Africa. This program has truly become the centre of my world. One of my biggest achievements was to plan and facilitate the 2018 4-H Canada Citizenship Congress, where members focused on the connections between citizenship and service, with the theme, “Hands to Larger Service.” That week

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4-H Canada’s footprint is no longer limited by geography. Our programs and the interests of our members reach well beyond our borders.


encouraged members to think about their impact in local and global communities. The most emotional part of the week was inducting 30 new Canadians during the citizenship ceremony and reception. 4-H members – in true 4-H inclusive fashion – welcomed these new Canadians with open arms. This year’s The 4-H Advantage magazine showcases 4-Her’s who are creating a positive change in the world around them. As 4-H continues to grow and impact youth in over 70 countries around the world, the addition of “… and my world” to the Canadian 4-H Pledge represents more awareness of the global 4-H movement and the international opportunities available. From Argentina, to Wisconsin, to Rome, 4-H Canada’s footprint is no longer limited by geography. Our programs and the interests of our members reach well beyond our borders.




4-H Canada

4-H Canada


Whoever you may be – a youth member, leader, or alumni – our hope is that the stories in the following pages will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and take advantage of everything 4-H has to offer, with the sky as your limit.

The Pledge Goes Global The 4-H Advantage | Fall 2019

We live in a global village. Every time you and your 4-H friends recite the 4-H Pledge at the start of your meeting, another 4-H’er somewhere else in the world is saying it at the same time. They may speak a different language, and their club may look a bit different from yours, but your voices recite a similar Pledge. On July 11, 2019, the Canadian 4-H Pledge was updated so that fellow 4-H members across the country can pledge the same promise as their counterparts around the world every day. From now on, it will read “for my club, my community, my country, and my world”. Learn more at




“[…] my country, and my world”.

I pledge My head to clearer thinking, My heart to greater loyalty, My hands to larger service, My health to better living, For my club, my community, my country, and my world.

I was standing halfway across the world on a 4-H servicelearning project in Ghana and I paused for a moment, slightly confused. I had never heard this version of the Pledge before – which was from the National 4-H Council in the U.S. – but it was rather fitting. Little did I know that in a few short years it would also be 4-H Canada’s Pledge, after encouragement from staff, volunteer leaders, and members like myself, who believe in the global importance of 4-H. There is no doubt that 4-H is a global movement, and the reach of 4-H Canada spans the world. 4-H has brought me around the world “Learning To Do By Doing” every step along the way, from Japan for a 4-H Canada-LABO Japan exchange, to Indianapolis for the Future Farmers of America’s National Convention. It also allowed me to become friends with 4-H’ers from many of the more than 70 countries present at the Global 4-H Network Summit hosted in Ottawa two years ago. I am very proud we are now including “and my world” in the 4-H Pledge. There is no doubt that the next generation of 4-H members in Canada will create a positive change in the world around them.

DID YOU KNOW? The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 for the year 2030. Otherwise known as the Global Goals, they are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

The Pledge Goes Global



In June 2019, the 41st Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Conference of the United Nations (UN) was held in Rome, Italy. Representing 4-H, I was one of five youth from around the globe participating in the “Real Action on Youth: Driving the Future of Agriculture” event hosted by Ambassador Hans Hoogeveen of the Netherlands. It was a truly remarkable experience, and having the opportunity to highlight the importance of youth on the global agricultural stage was genuinely unforgettable. During this event, the idea of a Youth Council for the three Rome-based agencies (RBAs) – the FAO, the World Food Programme (WFP) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) – was brought forward. The idea was to form an inclusive, youth-led advisory team that champions practical innovations and policies focused on the unique needs and strengths of young people in agriculture globally. Following a debate among the countries, an informal Youth Council decision was passed at the FAO. The path forward to a formal Youth Council for the three RBAs is being paved, and I look forward to seeing how 4-H members will be involved at the global level.

If the creation of a Youth Council is approved, 4-H members from around the world will have the opportunity to apply for one of the two 4-H seats on this council! 4-H Canada encourages and empowers 4-H youth to be engaged in high-level conversations around agriculture, food security and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It’s only three words...but it makes a “world” of difference. As a delegate at the Global 4-H Network Summit in July 2017, I heard our young Canadian representatives question why our 4-H Pledge ended with ‘country,’ when we were a gathering of representatives from around the globe. As President of Manitoba 4-H Council, I supported the motion made by our Board Director Denise Dewar to put forward a resolution to officially adopt the international wording. As a 4-H Canada Board member, I participated in the 2018 4-H Canada Annual General Meeting where it was agreed that the next step would be to work on a way to share this exciting news with all 4-H members across Canada. The youth members of the 4-H club I lead in Alexander, Manitoba, voted unanimously to be early adopters of the updated wording. They have been using this new Pledge for almost a year and feel a strong sense of belonging to a global 4-H community. I believe our youth are more aware of the global community than ever before with their ease of connectivity and access to world news. Adding “...and my world” reflects the reality of the world we live in. For our youth, it’s a no-brainer!



4-H Canada Science Fair The 4-H Advantage | Fall 2019

Mac and Amanda could not have predicted the success they experienced following their participation in the 4-H Canada Science Fair. Read on and get inspired!

CRICKETS FOR LUNCH Meet Amanda H., the investigator of a safe source of protein and food waste reducer…using crickets!


The 4-H Canada Science Fair has let me experiment with different career paths in science to determine what I might want to pursue later on.

4-H Canada - Hi Amanda! Your project involves using dehydrated household food waste as a food source for crickets, to then be used as protein for humans. How did you come up with this idea? Amanda - My project idea came from a mad scramble for a science fair project. My mom – who has been working in agriculture all her life – told me about the crickets, and I started to consider doing a project with them, as weird as the idea was. I decided it might just be weird enough to work! Next thing I knew, we were at the pet store buying a tub of crickets and building a greenhouse to house them in my garage! 4-H Canada - There’s never such a thing as a weird idea! You attended the 4-H Canada Science Fair two years in a row in 2017 and 2018. What was your takeaway from this experience? Amanda - The 4-H Canada Science Fair has let me experiment with different career paths in science to determine what I might want to pursue later on. If I hadn’t done my cricket project, I would have never known agriculture was something I’m passionate about. Now, I have my own business centred around agricultural education due to the discoveries I made while working on my project. The Science Fair also gave me the confidence and experience to become more involved in 4-H, from the club to the national level. 4-H Canada - Speaking of 4-H, what has been the highlight of your 4-H journey in science so far? Amanda - The Excellence Award I received at the 2018 Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) has definitely been a highlight of my 4-H career. It’s been awesome to see my hard work pay off and it’s encouraged me to further consider a career in science. Getting featured in OWL Magazine this year has been more than surreal. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from family and friends. If little 10-year-old me knew about the article, I know I’d lose it!

Want to be part of the Science Fair? It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4! 1. Upload your project to the 4-H Canada website 2. Have your project assessed virtually by a panel of judges 3. If you are selected, you move on to the in-person round at the 4-H Canada Science Fair, which will be held at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, March 4-8, 2020 4. If you win, you advance to the Canada-Wide Science Fair! Find out more at

Last year, we met with Mac D. to talk about her invention, a safer container to ship day-old chickens. A year later, here is what she has been up to! 4-H Canada - Hi Mac! Nice to see you again. Can you remind our readers how your box works to protect the chicks during travel? Mac - My box has two unique features: the first is the absence of corners and a round insert, which prevent the birds from being hurt; the second is a raised false floor, which allows for the insertion of heating or cooling packs. It stops heat or cold from being concentrated and distributes it evenly, while providing an even surface that reduces the chances of birds trampling one another. 4-H Canada – What sort of recognition have you earned for your project in the past year? Mac - It was overwhelming but very gratifying to know that my work earned the Platinum Award for top junior scientist, along with several other innovation awards and a gold medal. I was surprised by the continued interest in my project, with several media interviews and newspaper articles, an invitation to publish my work in the Canadian Science Fair Journal, and to present my work at the Prime Minister’s Science Fair. 4-H Canada – Your design is patent pending. What are your plans going forward? Mac - I intend to continue to develop my product and expand to turkeys and quail. I intend to maintain my interest in science as I continue my education. In terms of science fairs, I will be travelling with Team Canada to MILSET Abu Dhabi in September. You can find out more and order Mac’s boxes at

4-H’ERS SUCCESSES AT THE CANADA-WIDE SCIENCE FAIR 4-H can take you places! Members have been successful at the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) several years in a row. CWSF 2019 – Fredericton, NB • Megan D. and Avery N. (PE) Bronze medal at the intermediate level CWSF 2018 – Ottawa, ON • Mac D. (BC) Gold medal and platinum award in the Junior category • Neleah L. (PE) Bronze medal • Lara and Liesl S. (AB) Bronze medal • Amanda H. (AB) Bronze medal CWSF 2017 – Regina, SK • Neleah L. (PE) Junior Bronze Medal Excellence Award • Kyra T. (BC) Intermediate Bronze Medal • Kayli T. (BC) Junior Bronze Medal

Read Mac and Amanda’s complete interviews at The 4-H Canada Science Fair is made possible thanks to the generous support of Bayer Canada and the Government of Canada.

I pledge my • HEAD • to clearer thinking



Because you work in acres, not hours. That’s the way growers live. Pushing, day after day, without ever punching in or out. All with one thing on their minds. Getting more out of every seed, row and field to feed the rest of us.

Always read and follow label directions. Bayer CropScience Inc. is a member of CropLife Canada.

YOUR 4-H SCIENCE PROJECT IN A BOX! Discover Science is the newest 4-H Canada initiative to help you and your 4-H friends explore the world of STEM in a fun and hands-on way! With the Discover Science kit, your 4-H club will learn how to design a piece of technology using the engineering process. This year, 4-H’ers across Canada got the chance to build a wearable health monitor, but who knows what next year could bring! Talk to your leader and visit for more information. Science programming is made possible thanks to the generous support of Bayer Canada and the Government of Canada.

tional Photo credit: Na

I pledge my • HEAD • to clearer thinking

DID YOU KNOW? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math!

4-H Council



On April 6, 2019, I boarded a plane from the small city of Fredericton, NB, and headed to the capital of the United States, Washington D.C. I was one of nine Canadian delegates selected to attend the National 4-H Conference with over 200 U.S. 4-H members. I met the eight other 4-H’ers from across Canada in Toronto, where our journey began. We all became close friends because of our shared experiences with 4-H Canada, despite having never met. The six-day conference was hosted at the National 4-H Conference Center just outside Washington, where I built unforgettable friendships with youth from across North America, and learned about how the 4-H movement has affected us all in unique ways. A highlight of the week was preparing presentations about issues that impact youth, and presenting our briefings to U.S. federal officials. We also had the opportunity to meet with public speakers, and the President and CEO of the U.S. National 4-H Council, Jennifer Sirangelo. The conference was a once in a lifetime experience! I will always be grateful for the lifelong friends I made from Canada and the U.S., and the knowledge I have brought back to my club, and province.

4-H Canada strives to provide opportunities at the international level for 4-H members to expand their global perspective and cultural understanding, and learn about 4-H programming in other countries. Other programs include Going Global Exchanges, through which you could travel to places like Argentina, Costa Rica, Finland, the U.K. or even Taiwan! Find out more at Canadian 4-H members are able to attend the U.S. National 4-H Conference thanks to the Lyle and Sharon Vanclief Leadership Endowment Fund.

PROUDLY SUPPORTING THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW. Armstrong Cheese and 4-H Canada have partnered together with a bold vision to help foster the next generation of responsible, caring and contributing leaders of the dairy industry.


World Dairy Expo

Cassie, Iain, Cynthia, Emily, Jennika, Ally, Derrick and Sarah come from different parts of Canada, but share one thing in common: they were selected among other 4-H’ers in dairy cow and goat programs to attend the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin from October 1 to 5, 2019. 4-H Canada gathered their impressions as they gear up for their big adventure.

The World Dairy Expo competition is made possible thanks to the generous support of Armstrong Cheese.

WHAT EXCITES YOU MOST ABOUT GOING TO THE WORLD DAIRY EXPO? “I am most excited about the great networking opportunities that the World Dairy Expo can provide between myself, producers, and other professionals in the agriculture industry that are knowledgeable in their field!” - Cassie Allen

“I am most excited about the people I will meet and the memories I will make with my fellow 4-H members. I am also really looking forward to seeing the spectacle of the expo and admiring the quality animals within it.” - Sarah Wilson

“I have never been to the World Dairy Expo, so to experience world-class cattle will be very exciting. Also, being able to see the technology that is possible in our industry excites me.” - Emily McKenna Ayles

“I am extremely excited to watch the Guernsey show at the World Dairy Expo as well as to learn more about the dairy industry and engage with fellow dairy enthusiasts.” - Jennika Fuller

I pledge my • HEAD • to clearer thinking



WHAT DOES THIS TRIP MEAN TO YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO ACHIEVE? “It has been a dream of mine to go to the World Dairy Expo. This trip will help me grow as a person and a leader, provide me with a chance to learn more about 4-H in the United States as well as the agricultural industry. All of these things will enable me to bring this new-found knowledge home to share with my generation and those that follow – a huge opportunity to be an ‘agvocate’.” - Ally Spielmacher

“To me, this trip is the perfect ending to a very successful 4-H career. I am now a 22-year-old recent university graduate with a full-time job off-farm. I’ve been blessed with all the opportunities 4-H has given me and winning this trip to Madison gave me an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new friends while watching some of the greatest cows in the world compete.” - Cynthia Campbell

“Coming from a nonfarming family, I had always felt as though there was less opportunity for me to progress and make an impact in the dairy industry. Through the support that 4-H has provided to me, it has opened my doors to opportunity, to connections, and to a future in Canadian dairy.” - Iain MacLellan

“I’m excited to have a lot of fun with other young 4-H dairy leaders, increase my knowledge, network with industry leaders, make contacts for the future and learn from my peers.” - Derrick Knill

We see a Future in your Future

Skills Development Networking Work Experience Mental Well-Being

The future of work may be changing, but we know you have the potential, the ambition and power to impact the world around you. That’s why we created RBC Future Launch, a program that increases your access to skill development, networking, work experience, mental well-being supports and services. Empowering you for the jobs of tomorrow.

Empowering the youth of today for the jobs of tomorrow.

® / ™ Trademark(s) of Royal Bank of Canada. VPS105430

119508 (04/2019)

These proud and successful leaders used to be young 4-H’ers like you. Find out what extraordinary career path 4-H can take you on by matching each alum’s profile now with their photo back then!


LAURA BROWN, Journalist

Years in 4-H: 6 4-H club name: Central Lacombe 4-H Beef Club Province: Alberta Coolest thing about your job: I’m grateful that I’ve been able to build up a platform and an audience for my music that allows me to give back in a meaningful way. Any advice to 4-H’ers? Follow your dreams. When you’re passionate about something and you set your mind to it, anything can be achieved. Also, risk is the price of opportunity but it’s okay to fail.

Years in 4-H: 10 4-H club name: Lot 18 Seacrest, Sherbrooke 4-H Club Province: Prince Edward Island Coolest thing about your job: It’s hard to put in words just how lucky I feel to do this job. I think it’s important to hold decision-makers accountable, but there’s nothing like meeting an interesting person doing interesting things in their community. Any advice to 4-H’ers? Say yes to almost everything. If you think you’re projecting, speak even louder. What you have to say is important, and the people in the back need to hear. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and push for answers.



MARLENE HALEY, Owner, The Merry Dairy (Ottawa)

NEVILLE MACKAY, Owner, My Mother’s Bloomers (Halifax)

Years in 4-H: 6 4-H club name: Brant 4-H Province: Ontario Coolest thing about your job: I make ice cream and have stayed connected to my roots! I grew up in dairy, and while I no longer farm, I feel so connected to the reality of my upbringing. Any advice to 4-H’ers? Follow your dreams but follow your head too, and learn more about something you are passionate about. Trust in yourself, but don’t be shy to rely on others and seek advice, and ask for support!

Years in 4-H: 6 4-H club name: Roseway, Shelburne County Province: Nova Scotia Coolest thing about your job: I get to make beautiful floral pieces for the first celebration as someone arrives in this world, to lifelong celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, to the final floral tributes as they leave this earth. I feel honoured to be able to do this. Any advice to 4-H’ers? Try all the projects and challenges that are set before you. Don’t be afraid and if you are, do it anyway! I used to be terrified to get in front of an audience!



I pledge my • HEAD • to clearer thinking


4-H Canada offers a Careers on the Grow program, including internships, a virtual career fair and webinars. Find out more on the next page.

ANSWERS: A. Marlene Haley B. Neville MacKay C. Laura Brown D. Gord Bamford

DID YOU KNOW that alumni have their own dedicated 4-H magazine? It’s called The Pledge, and it’s brand new! If you are a recent ‘grad’ of the 4-H program, we want to hear from you and stay connected. Visit alumni to reconnect and network with other alumni, and check out the magazine at




Proud to partner with 4-H Canada and encourage the next generation of dairy leaders. NATIONAL PARTNER

Thinking about what you want to do when you grow up? Or how you can channel your interests and passions into paid work? 4-H has got you covered. With the Careers on the Grow program, you could land an internship in your field, connect with experts, and participate in career webinars that equip you with the tools you need to succeed. Discover Marika and Cassie’s experiences and find out more at today! Careers on the Grow is made possible thanks to the generous support of the RBC Foundation, McDonald’s Canada, Saputo and the Government of Canada.


I had the opportunity to work with 4-H Argentina for three weeks this summer as part of a Careers on the Grow internship placement. Before I arrived, I was curious about how different this new program would be to the program I grew up in and know so well. 4-H in Argentina is barely two years old, but I was amazed at how similar the program was and how the members and their leaders felt like home. Part of my job while on this trip was to bring inspiration and experience from the perspective of a long-standing 4-H member. I shared my story with local 4-H members about being a second-generation 4-H’er and how this program has helped me in school, and given me so many life skills. We had discussions about recruitment and different activities for engaging youth. One highlight of my trip was the visit of a Saputo factory, where 4-H Argentina members, the other Canadian delegates and I were able to see the milk and cheese-making processes. As a group, we were impressed by the safety of the factory. I hope Saputo in Argentina continues to do tours, and looks into inviting local kids to see their factory.

enough to spend two weeks in the central province in Cordoba, Argentina with my host Denise. We spent our two weeks visiting 4-H clubs across the province, talking with leaders and volunteers and learning from each other. Being sent to Argentina to help with 4-H’s capacity building was an honour, leaving me in awe of the dedication and determination of the volunteers there. It was evident to me during my time in Cordoba that the 4-H program, although a budding one, has immense potential to impact thousands of young lives in the coming years. The summer internship in Argentina was made possible thanks to the generous support of Saputo.

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Returning to Canada, I feel that I have gained as much as I gave. The leaders there work harder than anyone I have met. Some of them work multiple jobs while still putting hours into the program, expecting nothing but program growth in return. They truly are living the 4-H Pledge! BY CASSIE HAYWARD, 4-H ALUMNI, NS

I did not expect the first phrase I would learn in Spanish to be “it is cold!”. After getting accustomed to the five-degree June weather, a whole lot of Google translate and many honey croissants, I was ready to start my internship with 4-H Argentina. Argentina is an incredible country which has a rich culture, generous citizens and beautiful landscapes. I was fortunate

canada’s ag-only listings giant PRINT | MOBILE | ONLINE

place your ad: 1-800-667-7770 visit:

folloW on:

I pledge my • HEAD • to clearer thinking

Careers on the Grow


100 Years of Giving

Over the past 100 years, we’re happy to have made a significant difference to thousands of non-profit organizations, and to the people who count on their support. In this tradition, CN is proud to support the 4-H Canada Leadership Excellence Awards of Distinction (L.E.A.D.), providing scholarships for 4-H members in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments.

L.E.A.D. – the Leadership Excellence Awards of Distinction – are $20,000 scholarships that recognize youth who have become exceptional leaders through their 4-H experience, share the best of themselves and ‘lead the way’ in their communities. Four L.E.A.D. recipients are selected each year, one for each of 4-H Canada’s Leadership Development pillars.

Congratulations to the 2019 recipients! Douglas Sroka, SK

Josiah Lodewyk, ON

Pillar: Community Engagement & Communications

Pillar: Science & Technology

Field of Study: Bachelor of Arts and Science

University: University of Waterloo

University: University of Saskatchewan Career Goal: Registered Clinical Psychologist

Field of Study: Systems Design Engineering

Career Goal: Agricultural Engineer 4-H Club: Niagara Goat Club

4-H Club: Maidstone Gully Multiple 4-H Club

Riley Callahan, NB


Courtney Taylor, AB

Pillar: Environment & Healthy Living

Pillar: Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security

Field of Study: Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering

Field of Study: Agribusiness

University: University of New Brunswick, Fredericton Career Goal: Engineer, focusing on environment and water

I pledge my • HEAD • to clearer thinking


University: University of Saskatchewan Career Goal: Rancher 4-H Club: Warner Beef 4-H Club

4-H Club: River Valley 4-H Club

The L.E.A.D. scholarships are made possible thanks to the generous support of CN. Find out more about this scholarship and meet this year’s recipients at



Advantage | October 2019 The 4-H AdvantageThe | Fall4-H 2019


It’s said money can’t buy happiness, but now, thanks to the Lakedell 4-H Beef Club, it sure can buy comfort for 4-H’ers at camp. As a way of giving back to 4-H, the club donated $19,813 from its club charity calf to the 4-H Foundation of Alberta to help buy 98 new and comfy mattresses for the Alberta 4-H Centre at Battle Lake. The Centre is a home away from home for 4-H’ers during the annual summer camping program. 4-H’ers who have slept on the old ones know how awesome these additions will be. The mattresses were delivered with the help of members, leaders and volunteers alike, and were quickly put to use as the summer camping program kicked off at the beginning of July. The old mattresses were donated to Camp Maskeptoon on Pigeon Lake, and Moose Lake 4-H Camp in the North East Region!

We really enjoyed watching this project unfold and being a part of it right from the quoting and sourcing to the installation of the mattresses. We look forward to many years of enjoyment for all of Alberta’s 4-H members and many restful nights ahead. – Kyley Denschikoff, leader, Lakedell 4-H Beef Club




Shop your favourite 4-H items

I pledge my • HEART • to greater loyalty


To Sou’West 4-H, Cloverbuds are our most important gifts; they are our future. However, they don’t always get the chance to join in on projects and activities. The Sou’West 4-H decided something needed to change, so we began inviting our Cloverbuds to attend different projects each month. As our year was coming to an end, we wanted to celebrate what the Cloverbuds had achieved. We thought hard and decided to host a Sprout Day for Shelburne County where we enjoyed some good food and played team-building games, including a threelegged race, and egg tosses! At the end of the day, an awards ceremony was held where Cloverbuds who were graduating moved across into a line of junior members, and recited the 4-H Pledge and motto to receive their ribbons. It was a great way to show them how much they mean to us!



The Summerside 4-H Rockets of Newfoundland and Labrador partnered with the Northern Breeds and Dog Sledding group this year to launch a new project with some furry friends. The club is spending their time learning all about dogsledding – from the canines, to the equipment used for the activity, in hopes of trying it out for themselves. The club’s project is led by dogsledding lover Veronica Park’s knowledge of the Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute breeds. The Rockets began the project by learning about the dog’s bodies, and double coat of fur, before meeting three of Park’s pooches. The 4-H’ers had a great time learning how to take care of the animals too. These are big dogs that require a lot of exercise and food every day. It’s important that club members know all the proper commands before they can handle a small team of dogs and a sled on their own, but that isn’t stopping their excitement! Until then, the 4-H Rockets are faced with one more task: naming the club’s very own Husky puppy, and newest 4-H’er.

Advantage | October 2019 The 4-H AdvantageThe | Fall4-H 2019


4-H INCLUSION STATEMENT 4-H in Canada is open to all* without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age, or mental or physical disability.**


4-H clubs across Canada empower youth to be leaders that affect positive change in the world around them. That’s why 4-H members in Nova Scotia were ready to introduce a change that reflects the spirit of the 4-H movement – changing the name of one competition from “Host” and “Hostess”, to “Ambassador”. The longstanding competition selects two 4-H members to serve year-long terms as provincial representatives. The winners are selected based on interviews and speeches. Once selected, Ambassadors have the opportunity to attend 4-H Nova Scotia Board meetings and represent 4-H at provincial events. “I was excited to see this change happen, and honoured to be the last Hostess passing the sash to the first Ambassadors,” said Ella Porter, 4-H club leader, and the final recipient of the title “Hostess” before the change was made. 4-H members see the name change as a step forward to increase inclusivity. Rather than selecting one male member and one female as a host and hostess, ambassadors are selected regardless of their gender. “The name change is a step in the right direction; a direction that encourages forward-thinking and is welcoming to all in the 4-H community,” said Nicole Martin, one of the province’s newly elected Ambassadors.

4-H is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment that allows for universal access and participation. Where barriers to participation are identified, 4-H will, with reasonable accommodation, adapt programs, rules, policies, or expectations to reduce or remove the barriers. Any accommodations, changes or exceptions will be assessed on an individual basis, taking into account the individual experience of the member and their family. The physical safety and emotional well-being of members, leaders, staff and volunteers is 4-H’s highest priority, and is the ultimate consideration in final decisions. 4-H Canada and local 4-H organizations consider inclusion a priority. Leaders are encouraged to work with individuals and their families to identify and discuss accommodations as required, and to reach out to provincial or national office staff for help with unresolved concerns. *This applies to youth members (ages 6 to 25), volunteers, leaders, staff and professionals.

**Definition of discrimination as per Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

4-H is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive environment that allows for universal access and participation.

Harrison Czapalay from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia – a.k.a. ‘Cowboy Harrison’ – was three when he was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. Loud noises were particularly scary to him, and so was meeting new people, not to mention making eye contact. Twenty-two years later, Harrison has not let his autism define him. Every year, he raises funds for the Annapolis Valley Chapter of Autism Nova Scotia and Acadia’s S.M.I.L.E. (Sensory Motor Instructional Leadership Experience) program through coordinating Wolfville’s annual Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness events. He credits a lot of his success to 4-H. 4-H Canada – Hi Harrison! You’ve been in 4-H for eight years. How has it helped you overcome some of your challenges? Harrison – The biggest impact of 4-H has been on my public speaking skills. When you speak to an audience, you need to have the eye contact with the judge and the crowd, scan the room to make sure the audience is paying attention, and not talk too fast. Now, I can talk at a comfortable pace. I’ve led numerous 4-H groups talking about public speaking. I’ve also received an award to go to the Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture (CSYA)’s competition at the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair in Toronto two years ago. I was shocked when they called my name and I won. It was the best feeling in the world. 4-H Canada – You were an assistant dairy leader for a couple of years, and this year you are an assistant leader for the Eastern Kings 4-H club Light Horse project. What are you hoping to pass on to your 4-H members? Harrison – I want to teach the kids that even if they have a disability, they can still join 4-H at any age. It’s all about overcoming boundaries. I’ve never thought in my entire life that I would be successful in public speaking. Take someone like Temple Grandin, for example. She is a role model for me. She worked with the livestock industry on animal behaviour, and she has autism. Showing livestock can be intimidating too. I am advocating for the autism community, but I’m also telling 4-H kids what they need to hear to get out of their comfort zone, and achieve great things. 4-H Canada – In your opinion, how can 4-H clubs better support youth members with autism? Harrison – You’ve got to have the right leaders. The way some leaders teach kids how to show a dairy cow takes my breath away. They take their time to be with these kids, and I like to be in that role too. Also, if anyone out there wants to learn about autism or get more kids involved, they can also reach out to me!

I want to teach the kids that even if they have a disability, they can still join 4-H at any age.

I pledge my • HEART • to greater loyalty



The 4-H Advantage | Fall 2019

, Wear green H, celebrate 4- ck and give baber! this Novem


What is Show Your 4-H Colours?

How can I get involved?

Show Your 4-H Colours is our annual campaign to celebrate the 4-H movement across Canada.

Here’s some of the ways you can get involved with this year’s campaign. Don’t forget to encourage everyone you know to join in on the fun!

Wear green Wear green on Show Your 4-H Colours Day On November 6, join thousands of youth, volunteers, alumni and supporters from coast to coast for Show Your 4-H Colours Day as you wear your favourite green to celebrate 4-H! f November is o th n o m e h T s Did you know? nth, which kick o M rs u lo o C r 1! Show Your 4-H y on Novembe a D -H 4 l a b lo off with G

Buy green 4-H merchandise Get your green on with awesome 4-H apparel and accessories from the 4-H Canada Store! Visit

Spread the word in your community Tell everyone you know about the great things 4-H’ers are doing in your community with our handy downloads, templates and tools available on our website.

Visit a landmark lit up in green

Share your 4-H colours

Visit one of the Canadian landmarks lighting up in green on the evening of November 6. Check the list of landmarks on our website and take a photo in front of one near you.

Use #ShowYour4HColours on all social media platforms to show what 4-H means to you!


H Tag us too! @4

Give back Sign up your club to give back to the environment and 4-H! The Give Back Drive challenges the 4-H community to “give back” both by helping the environment and by supporting 4-H. Join in on the action with your club and organize an electronics recycling event while collecting donations from the community in recognition of your efforts. Donations received will be distributed between your club, your provincial organization and the Canadian 4-H Foundation.

There’s rewards available to 4-H members when they reach our fundraising targets, and leaders receive a toolkit with everything they need to help run an eRecycling event and fundraise. Sign up and start fundraising today at c h 4 r u o y w o h Visit s each of t u o b a e r o m n to lear volved! in t e g o t s y a w these

I pledge my • HEART • to greater loyalty




Club to Club Exchanges Advantage | October 2019 The 4-H AdvantageThe | Fall4-H 2019


Proud to Bee a 4-H’er

COLTON SEES THE OCEAN Colton O. from Manitoba is 11 and until recently, he had never seen the ocean. He was excited to share his experience travelling to Nova Scotia as part of the Canada’s Club to Club Exchange program in 2018. 4-H Canada – What was the highlight of your Club to Club Exchange experience? Colton – I learned about the history of Nova Scotia and how the people that live there are so involved in the fishing and lobster industry. The highlight of the trip for me was seeing the ocean for the first time in my life and being able to swim in it! We had a corn and lobster boil on the beach, right on the shore of the ocean! 4-H Canada – That sounds like a really unique experience. How did you feel when you saw the ocean for the first time? Colton – When I saw the ocean for the first time, I felt amazed! For as far as I could see, there was water! It looked so calm and felt so relaxing. 4-H Canada – Would you recommend the program to other 4-H’ers and if so, what would you like to say to them? Colton – Yes, I would recommend this program to another 4-H member and tell them about the many things I got to experience because of this program, like flying to another province, living with a host family, learning about the culture and history of another province, and making lifelong friends through 4-H. Like Colton, you could experience something you’ve never done before! 4-H Canada’s Club to Club Exchanges, offered in partnership with Canadian Heritage, lets you explore Canada’s rich history while experiencing all that our country has to offer. Find out more at Club to Club Exchanges are made possible thanks to the generous support of the Government of Canada.

A POLLINATORS’ WORLD Did you know pollinators play a vital role in creating a healthy ecosystem and sustainable food supply? Six years in a row, the Proud to Bee a 4-H’er initiative gave 4-H members across Canada the opportunity to plant, grow and tend a pollinator-friendly garden, sell as a fundraiser, or hand out at a community event. Stay tuned for more opportunities. Proud to Bee a 4-H’er was made possible thanks to the generous support of Syngenta, under its Operation Pollinator program, as well as the Government of Canada.

Hands to Larger Service

Name: Kianna M. Age: 17 Home: Edmonton, AB Years in 4-H: 8 4-H club: Namao Trail Busters Current project: Leadership/ Community service Years as a YSL: 2018 & 2019 Passions: Camping, paddle boarding and playing ringette Last year, I was selected and trained as a Youth Service Leader (YSL) and matched with the Battle River 4-H Beef Club in Alberta. I had an amazing experience! The club is in a farming community and the members have a strong passion for helping the farmers and their families. We built bee houses, a bee education kit, and a beehive to help the crops in the area flourish as well as help people in the community learn more about bees. This year, I took on the challenge again as a YSL and was matched with the North 40 Mile 4-H Club in Bow Island, Alberta. They are getting new wind turbines in their area, and the members wanted to ensure the bat community would still have a habitat. We built bat houses and put them up near the turbines. We also painted the bleachers at the local rodeo grounds, as it is a community hub. Throughout both of my projects, I’ve learned so much about myself and how 4-H works across Canada. Every person I interacted with was welcoming and supported me, and

I’ve made many friends and countless memories as a YSL. As a result of my role, I’ve been involved with the Students Commission of Canada, UNICEF Canada, and have received a #RisingYouth grant to switch my school’s cafeteria straws from plastic to paper. Being a Youth Service Leader is the best! Other members should participate for the endless amazing experiences, learning opportunities, and the friends you make along the way. You are constantly supported by the team at 4-H Canada, before, during, and after the project. There’s no perfect way to describe The Hands to Larger Service program because it is so unique, complex, and amazing that you’ll just have to experience it for yourself!

I pledge my • HANDS • to larger service


Follow in Kianna’s footsteps! Find out more about the Hands to Larger Service program and apply today at The Hands to Larger Service program is made possible with the generous support of the Government of Canada under the Canada Service Corps, and McDonald’s Canada.



Ben and Steph Campbell Ranchers, Black Diamond, AB

©2019 McDonald’s

LEADERS’ CORNER The 4-H Advantage | Fall 2019


Looking for ideas for your next club meeting? 4-H Canada has got you covered with things to do and talk about! RECITE THE UPDATED 4-H PLEDGE

The 4-H Pledge is getting the addition of “…and my world” at the end to better reflect our promise as 4-H’ers to commit our Head, Heart, Hands and Health to the world around us. Find out more about this update on pages 4-5, talk about it and practice it with your members! I pledge My head to clearer thinking,

My heart to greater loyalty,

For my club,

my community,

My hands to larger service,

My health to better living,

my country,

and my world.


“What is Discover 4-H?” This was a question many young campers had when arriving at the Ross Family Orchard on July 4, 2019. On this day, the campers learned about the ins-and-outs of the 4-H program in British Columbia. Each section of the fun-filled day was themed around one of the Pledge’s four H’s, starting with “Head,” with a focus on science and technology. The campers learned about how Radio Frequency Identification Device tags are used on several animals, practiced new photography techniques, and used the power of vacuum suction and density to layer coloured liquids in a vile, creating a rainbow in a jar! After lunch, we moved on to the “Heart” section, focused around community engagement and communication. We started with


Ask your members to bring The 4-H Advantage magazine to the meeting and use it as an opportunity to get their input on national activities and opportunities they are interested in. Read other 4-H’ers’ stories for inspiration and discussion-starters! Scavenger Hunt Break the club into small groups and give them time to read the magazine and find answers to the scavenger hunt questions below. When you regroup, take up the answers, have your members share something new they learned, and discuss which activities and opportunities they may want to participate in. • How many clovers did you spot in the magazine? • What is one thing you learned? • What is one thing you want to try and do? • What was the bird in Find your 4-H Wings? • What was recently added to the 4-H Pledge?

movement and silent games that taught campers the value of clear communication, especially when it doesn’t involve speaking. Then, everyone sat down and discussed what makes a good citizen, and how we can all work on being better each day. During the “Hands” section, each member had the chance to hold a guinea pig, and learn how a 4-H guinea pig (“cavy”) show would be run. They also learned about the different parts of a dog, how to show a dog’s teeth, the signs of a healthy animal, and basic training commands. The “Health” section of the day focused the campers’ attention on the environment and healthy living, where they learned about the different bees in a hive and their roles in agriculture. The day came to a close with the campers decorating and starting to grow their own little grass buddy out of a nylon sock and pipe cleaners. Overall, the day was packed full of fun and excitement. All the campers got the opportunity to explore what 4-H offers and truly Learn To Do By Doing!



More info Registration on page




Applications open March to May 2020

Club to Club Exchanges

12-17, group of 8-10 youth + 2 chaperones


Registration closes January 15, 2020

4-H Canada Science Fair

Grades 7-12, individual or partner project


Registration closes January 15, 2020. Virtual judging begins in January

Find Your 4-H Wings

All ages, club activity


Check back later

Show Your 4-H Colours

All ages, individual, club and community activities


Sign-up required for the Give Back Drive by October 15

Discover Science

All ages, club activity


Check back later

Healthy Living Initiative

All ages, club activity and tip sheets


Resources available for download now

Hands to Larger Service

18-25 Subject to funding


Applications close December 29, 2019 handstolargerservice


For the past three years, Antigonish County 4-H youth members and St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) have partnered together to co-create an innovative conference revolving around one of the four 4-H Canada Leadership Development Pillars. Sixty-five young delegates from Atlantic Canada gathered at the “Innovate our Future” conference in May 2019, to explore the Science and Technology Pillar through a variety of interactive sessions presented by StFX faculty, students, and community members. During this jam-packed weekend, they took part in a field trip to study salamander reproduction, visited a medical simulation lab used to train nurses on campus, tried their hand at square dancing, and participated in a team-building challenge.

Website URL

The committee works with community partners to offer seats because they know it is important to allow non-members to experience the 4-H spirit, and encourage future participation in the program.

I pledge my • HANDS • to larger service



WHY RECYCLE YOUR ELECTRONICS? The 4-H Advantage | Fall 2019


Is there an old television or printer sitting in your basement not being used? Maybe your parents have a drawer of old cell phones? Did you know all these old electronics can be recycled? In fact, keeping these end of life electronics (EOLE) out of the landfills not only protects our environment locally, but it also helps our planet by reducing the need to mine precious metals like gold, silver, copper, and palladium for new electronics. There is an easy way to ensure your EOLE are safely and responsibly recycled. In Canada, the Recycle My Electronics program, operated by the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA), helps to recover valuable resources and ensures that EOLE are handled in a safe, secure and environmentally-sound manner. When Canadians recycle their electronics through Recycle My Electronics programs, they are helping to: • Divert e-Waste from Canadian landfills: electronics that end up in landfill emit greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and other harmful toxins. Safe and secure recycling not only recovers reusable resources, it also reduces our overall carbon footprint by preventing those greenhouse gas emissions. • Prevent e-Waste from being illegally exported or handled by irresponsible recyclers, decreasing environmental issues for the planet: electronics are processed and properly recycled within Canada and verified under the national Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS). This also ensures the safety of their employees and the environment. • Ensure the safe and secure destruction of personal data stored on hardware: devices are shredded and pulverized to remove all precious and reusable materials; other materials are responsibly diverted to recycle or landfill. • Promote a more sustainable and circular economy: recycled resources are put back into the manufacturing supply chain, conserving natural resources.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? We’re all looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious and to contribute positively to our shared sustainable future. Luckily, making a tangible difference for the environment is at our fingertips. • Keep your current device for longer. • When ready to recycle your device, be sure to wipe your data off it first. Then visit to find a drop-off location near you. • Educate others on the importance of proper electronic recycling. • Sign up for the Show Your 4-H Colours Give Back Drive and organize a club e-Recycling event to help educate and mobilize local communities on proper EOLE recycling. Learn more at

FUNDRAISING MADE EASY I pledge my • HANDS • to larger service

Fall for 4-H’ers means provincial shows, fairs, and making plans for the coming club year. Often, those plans involve raising money for activities, travel, and your community. Follow these tips to kick-start your fundraising this year! 1. Set a goal – Having a dollar goal inspires you and your donors, so don’t be shy and share it! 2. Tell your story – Why are you fundraising, and why is the cause important to you? If you have a photo of yourself with the cause, that’s a bonus. 3. Work as a team – Raise more money faster when you work together. Get together to set the goal, brainstorm ideas to reach it, and make sure everyone knows when the fundraiser ends. Maybe you could even have a friendly competition between team members! 4. Start with who you know – For most fundraisers, friends, relatives, and neighbours make the best customers. Always ask a teacher before you fundraise at school. 5. Use social media – Ask your parents to share your fundraiser on Facebook and with their networks online. 6. Get face to face – Ask the manager at your local shopping centre if your club can set up outside on a weekend to reach more people and raise awareness about 4-H.


7. Be creative – Have some fun and encourage people to give by adding a fun twist. An example could be showing up to your club meeting in a dinosaur costume when you hit the goal! 8. Give a reminder nudge – It’s common for people to put things off, and 20 per cent of donations* often come in after an event ends. Follow up if someone has said they will donate. 9. Keep track – It is very important to properly record and submit all funds raised. 10. Send thanks – Send sincere thank-you notes and share how the funds helped your club and community. *JustGiving top 10 fundraising tips

SUPPORT 4-H! The new fundraising options from 4-H Canada are fun ways to help ensure 4-H continues to thrive. The 4-H Canada Veseys Fundraiser and this year’s Show Your 4-H Colours Give Back Drive were inspired by 4-H members like you. Help raise money for 4-H and help the environment, so that 4-H can continue to support you in achieving your dreams! Read more about Show Your 4-H Colours on pages 22-23, and visit

VESEYS HELPS 4-H GROW! Last year, we talked to 4-H members like you about ways we could raise money for the 4-H movement together. 4-H’ers shared many great ideas for a new 4-H fundraiser that the national 4-H office researched with your YAC members and provinces. This fall, we are excited to kick off the 4-H Canada Veseys Fundraiser! The special 4-H edition of the catalogue contains over 30 different beautiful flower bulbs and roots, vegetable seeds and more, which your friends, neighbours and family members can choose from to brighten up their gardens and communities. It’s a fantastic way for you to learn more about gardening and brush up on your sales skills by sharing why 4-H is so important to you! To learn more and sign up, visit


Healthy Living Initiative The 4-H Advantage | Fall 2019


BEHIND THE SCENES WITH KIDS HELP PHONE Young people like you represent 30% of the population in Canada. In some areas, mental health services are scarce and asking for help can be difficult if you don’t know where to go. This is where Kids Help Phone comes in. Meet Kristen Buckley, Associate Vice-President of Knowledge Mobilization & Government Relationships with Kids Help Phone, for a look behind the scenes of Canada’s only 24/7 national support line for youth. 4-H Canada – Our readers are really keen to find out the secret story behind Kids Help Phone; how did it start and why? Kristen – Kids Help Phone was launched on May 16, 1989. The year before, a group of businessmen decided they wanted to make sure there was a service for young people to reach out anonymously. Back then, there was no Internet! So, the amount of research they had to do was enormous. Following a successful fundraising campaign, the formerly named Canadian Children’s Foundation, Canada’s first national 24/7 bilingual hotline for children in distress, was born. 4-H Canada – We know that in 2018 alone, Kids Help Phone supported young people 1.6 million times. How has the service evolved over the years and what do you offer youth now? Kristen – First came the website; then we created a platform for people to send a message with the promise of a response within 24 to 48 hours. To reach more people who didn’t feel like calling, we built a giant Q&A section based off of questions and answers from young people. Today, it is the single mostread section of the website. We saw a 400 per cent increase in demand in the last five years and on July 18, 2019, we reached 100,000 texting conversations through our new Crisis Text Line powered by Kids Help Phone. But we cannot stop here, and we always need to find new ways to engage with young people as their issues change over time. For instance, with the digital space, bullying doesn’t just happen in school, but follows them at home. Our goal is to reduce the stigma around mental health, and increase the number of people who want to talk about their issues. 4-H Canada – What are the top issues young people are concerned about today? Kristen – Fourty-three per cent of the calls received are about mental and emotional health. Peer relationships come second at 16 per cent, and the third highest is suicide: we work with the RCMP to conduct active rescues, and we save five lives every day.

The Healthy Living Initiative is made possible thanks to the generous support of Farm Credit Canada, Cargill, CN, Corteva Agriscience, United Farmers of Alberta and the Government of Canada.

4-H Canada – If I am a young person in a rural area, what services are available to me? Kristen – Young people from a rural area or small town represent 11 per cent of our calls. If a service is available in their community, we have it included in the database on our website. Youth can search it for services in the next town or city over. It is currently the largest database of youth service programs in Canada with over 30,000 resources. We find that if we get the chance to have a conversation through Kids Help Phone first, the kids tend to be more comfortable to go and seek help from these services. 4-H Canada – Kids Help Phone and 4-H Canada have partnered to develop the Mental Health focus of the Healthy Living Initiative and support the well-being of over 24,000 4-H members. What does this partnership mean for Kids Help Phone? Kristen – We value the work 4-H Canada does to support youth in communities and saw an opportunity to build on each other strengths; getting young people the information that they need. Youth in rural communities might be more vulnerable than others, and we don’t have the mechanisms to reach them all to support their mental health. 4-H Canada is a channel for us to make that happen. 4-H Canada – Kristen, if you had one piece of advice to give a young person, what would it be? Kristen – No matter the issue or situation, and who the trusted adult is, it is always better to talk about it. Find out more about the Healthy Living Initiative for 4-H members and leaders and download our tools and resources at

We save five lives every day. - Kids Help Phone

I pledge my • HEALTH • to better living

KIDS HELP PHONE IS AVAILABLE ACROSS CANADA! Kids Help Phone is a tremendous resource for youth struggling with their mental health and emotional well-being. Their message echoes the commitment to youth that 4-H Canada fosters through positive youth development efforts such as the Healthy Living Initiative. If you are struggling in any way please call, text, or visit – Brandon Callahan, Youth Advisory Committee Representative for New Brunswick

Kids Help Phone’s counsellors are there for you, whether you just need someone to listen or to ask specific questions. There is never any judgement from them and everything you discuss is completely confidential.



1-800-668-6868 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


Text CONNECT to 686868

Live Chat Download the free mobile app: Always There


The 4-H Advantage | Fall 2019



This past spring, Newfoundland’s very own 4-H Summerside Rockets highlighted this year’s Find Your 4-H Wings activity with a full club dissection of owl regurgitation. In all the awe and wonder, the little scientists learned that regurgitation known as a pellet, holds some amazing and unsuspected findings, such as the fact that owls pass objects that otherwise would not get digested. As each member sat in their groups with gloves in hand, their leaders would soon see the mixed reaction that would unfold when the tweezers hit the pellets. From ‘wows’ to looks of utter shock, each child saw this amazing project from unique eyes. As each member went through the routine of dissecting the

pellets, it was plain to see how they were all getting something different from this project. This day and project, like many others, held a moment of learning and growth for each member as 4-H does and will continue to do for many years and generations to come. I and my family along with hundreds of others are thankful for this volunteer-driven group who has developed and moulded the youth of the Bay of islands of Newfoundland into thriving leaders.

DID YOU KNOW? Whoooo knew? An owl can see three times better than you can!

Dream Big. We know you have goals. And we’re committed to helping you reach them. Last year, 4-H Canada awarded more than $238,000 in post-secondary scholarships to 4-H’ers across the country. Applications for next year’s scholarships open March 1, 2020.


I pledge my • HEALTH • to better living


My grandparents found a baby long-eared owl in the bush, by their garden in the country. They thought they heard a barking noise; they thought it was a coyote, but what they found was a mother and baby longeared owl, on a tree branch. The baby wasn’t flying, but it was branching. If you don’t know what that is, it’s how owls practice flying. My grandma thinks the baby fell out of the nest, and then branched up to a tree. The mother owl was trying to protect the baby by getting our attention away from the baby. She did this by acting injured by fluttering down to the ground from a branch and barking at us. My grandma told me that the mother was swooping down at my grandparents’ cats. My grandparents have a friend who is a birdwatcher, and he claims he has never seen an adult and baby long-eared owl in the wild. One of my grandparent’s nieces, who is a zoologist, said it’s very rare to even spot an adult long-eared owl alone. I was very lucky to spot an adult as well as baby long-eared owl, and I hope I spot more owls later.


Kyle, 11 years old, participated in 4-H Canada’s Find Your 4-H Wings initiative. Each year you get to do activities around a different bird; you and your club could do it too! Visit for more information and to register your club!

We want to hear from you! Tell us how 4-H has impacted you and how we can make 4-H even better. When you take the Youth and Programs Strengths Survey, you get 15% off any item in the 4-H Canada Store. Talk to your leader or contact your provincial office to take the survey. Find Your 4-H Wings is made possible thanks to the generous support of TC Energy and the Government of Canada.

FCC supports

Is the earth in your area mostly sand, silt or clay? What role do worms play in soil health? What happens when a tea bag decomposes in the ground for a few months? In 2018, 4-H and Syngenta launched a new club-level initiative called Steeped in Soil. Through fun, hands-on activities, 4-H’ers discovered the importance of healthy soils and learned about the Canadian agriculture sector. Collected data from their experiment were shared as part of a global citizen science database that will help build a better picture of soil health around the world.

DID YOU KNOW? Close to 100 4-H clubs across Canada participated in Steeped in Soil last year! That’s over 2,500 4-H members! Steeped in Soil was made possible thanks to the generous support of Syngenta and the Government of Canada.

I pledge my • HEALTH • to better living


Stay tuned for more opportunities.


On February 9, 2019, 45 members from eight 4-H associations in Ontario came together at the Brantford Golf and Country Club to experience a special day of curling. 4-H members and volunteers spent the morning learning the ins-and-outs of curling, team positions and scoring, along with different techniques such as how to walk and slide on the ice, how to sweep and properly throw the curling stone. During the lunch break, Olympic Gold Medalist and World Champion curler Brad Gushue made a special guest appearance. Gushue discussed his journey to the international stage of curling, and took the time to take photos and sign autographs. Each team then took to the ice where they played several games and tested their skills over the course of the afternoon. 4-H Curling Bonspiel participant Lexi Johnston and her team from Perth 4-H Association took home first place in the 4-H tournament.

“I learned that communication is crucial for a group of friends who have never played together. I’m thankful to be able to be involved in such an amazing organization that has given me endless opportunities,” said Lexi.

Tell us what you think! 1/4 PAGE We’re looking for MAGAZINE your SURVEY feedback on AD this year’s edition of The 4-H Advantage. Take the survey and let us know how we can make this magazine even better.


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