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Belger at Union Station



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Scott Rettig . . . . . . . . . . Business Manager

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Michael Charlton . . . . . . President, Kansas City

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Mike Shuey . . . . . . . . . . . Business Representative Kansas City

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Fred Voigt . . . . . . . . . . . Business Representative Kansas City

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Nick Carey . . . . . . . . . . . Financial Secretary, Business Representative Kansas City

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Aaron Brown . . . . . . . . . Recording Secretary, Business Representative Kansas City

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Charley Kendrick . . . . . . Vice President, Business Representative St. Joseph Area

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Darwin Gardner . . . . . . . Treasurer, Business Representative Kansas City

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Jerry McKnight . . . . . . . Business Representative Springfield Area

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Randy Stithem . . . . . . . . Business Representative Topeka Area

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Mike Ward . . . . . . . . . . . Business Representative Wichita Area

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Shawn Mulligan . . . . . . . Business Representative Sedalia Area

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Stephanie McLaughlin . Health & Welfare Administrator

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Peggy McGinnis . . . . . . . Business Representative Stationary Engineers St. Joseph, Missouri

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Kevin Rusnak . . . . . . . . . Business Representative Stationary Engineers Kansas City

Page 33 Stoney Cox . . . . . . . . . . . Apprenticeship Coordinator Apprenticeship Program Schedule / Training Photos

Per Capita Tax Increase DUES INCREASE Effective July 1, 2015 Delegates at the 38th General Convention of the International Union of Operating Engineers, held in April 2013, voted unanimously for a Per Capita Tax Increase of fifty cents (50¢) per month (or $1.50 per quarter)

DUES RATES The following Dues Rates will go into effect starting July 1, 2016 for Local 101 Operating Engineers. Heavy Equipment Operators 101, 101B, 101R (Apprentice) 101C ( Retiree) Stationary Operators 101S 101S (Retiree) 101S (Out-of Service)

$22.90 $68.70 quarterly $12.55 $37.65 quarterly according to contract

$12.25 $15.75 monthly

Please Note: • Your dues are due the first of the month of the first month of each calendar quarter (January, April, July & October). • Delinquent/ Reminder Notices are sent the second month of each quarter. • Members whose dues remain unpaid will be suspended after sixty (60) days.

PAY BY PHONE: The Kansas City branch of Local 101 is now offering “Pay by Phone” for your convenience. In order to pay by phone, just call 816.737.8600.

NOTICE Nominations will be held at the regular membership meeting for three year terms to the following offices:


L O C A L 1 01

Business Manager


President Vice President Recording Secretary Financial Secretary

THURSDAY, JULY 21, 2016 7:00 P.M.

Treasurer Trustees (3) Auditors (3) Conductor


Guard Executive Board (3)


Donny Knight received his 35 Year Service Pin in February

February Drawing Winners are Gene Boerckel, David Cruse and Cody Lee

David Potter was present to receive his 20 Year Service Pin in March 2016


Michael O’Brien was present to receive his 20 Year Service Pin in March 2016

March Drawing Winners David Stover, Jake Brison, and Victor Lamanno




A look at Election Year Scott Rettig Business Manager

Every election year is important whether we are electing a President, Governor, or members of Congress. 2016 proves to be a year that we as union members and the working class people of this country can NOT afford to lose! You must stay informed about all the issues that affect you! Be clear about what is at stake. What is at stake is everything our forefathers in the union movement fought so hard for. The right to bargain collectively for decent wages, health insurance, and a respectable retirement for you and your family. If the wrong candidate is elected, these hard foughtfor rights could be taken away with a stroke of a pen. We have the responsibility to pass on the same opportunities to the young men and women who have chosen to make a living with their hands – just like we did. Electing the wrong candidate could be devastating for our country and for you, the working middle class. The two leading candidates in the Republican Primary support the so-called “Right-to-Work” Laws that severely weaken labor unions by forcing the unions to provide services without payment from the workers. This is also known as “free loading.” As hard as it may be watching the clowns on TV, every voter should try to do so, then ask yourself if you could envision Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. This is a person who clearly thinks only of himself. Then we have Ted Cruz. Think back to the year 2013 when Mr. Cruz helped orchestrate the government shutdown. That shutdown put 800,000 government employees out of work. Does this sound like a man who cares about your ability to make a decent living?

Currently, the leading democratic candidate is Hillary Clinton. Hillary has always been a strong supporter of the middle class people and the labor movement. She also supports fighting for worker’s rights with retirement security for them. These are just some of the reasons why Hillary has received the endorsement from the International Union of Operating Engineers by General President James T. Callahan. While Bernie Sanders continues to be a viable candidate that appears to appeal to the young voters of this country, Operating Engineers will continue to endorse Hillary Clinton for the next president of the United States. I would like to thank all the members, staff and retirees that took the time to go to the labor rally held in Jefferson City, Missouri, on March 30th. It was good to see so many different labor trades standing up to show unity among us, and uniting together to fight the attacks on the working class. The grand opening of the new Local 101 Union Health and Wellness center is scheduled for June 16, 2016. This facility is designed to provide quality, convenient health care to eligible Local 101 members and their families. This facility will be located here, in the Operating Engineers Kansas City office building located at 6601 Winchester Avenue, Suite #240, Kansas City, Missouri. You will find more detailed information about this center on pages 28 and 29 of this newsletter, as well as in notices scheduled to mail prior to the June 16th opening.

In closing, I look forward to seeing all of you at the annual Local 101 picnic, held on Sunday June 5th at our training facility in Weston Missouri. Don’t forget to sign up for the Golf Tournament held in August.



LABOR RALLY Jefferson City, Mo. March 30, 2016



Michael Charlton President

Tradition? Republican Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell, said his party is following a longstanding tradition by vowing not to consider any Supreme Court nominee until after a new president is inaugurated in 2017. McConnell has said he won’t even meet with federal appeals court Judge Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama’s nominee to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in February, let alone hold hearings or a vote on Garland. It is more than a stretch for McConnell to say it’s a “tradition” for the Senate not to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year. In the past century, there have been 25 presidential elections. Just four Supreme Court seats opened up in those election years. In three of those instances, the Senate confirmed the President’s nominee, and just once – the only election-year court opening in the past 80 years – did the Senate refuse a nominee. So the scenario McConnell described has happened exactly once in the past century, in 1968, and that decision did not actually leave a vacancy on the court for any period of time. In June 1968, Chief Justice Earl Warren told President Lyndon Johnson he planned to retire. Johnson nominated sitting justice Abe Fortas to succeed Warren as chief. Fortas hit strong bipartisan Senate


opposition and asked that his name be withdrawn for Chief Justice. However, he stayed on the Court as an associate justice. While there was some opposition to the Fortas nomination based on the fact that Johnson was a lame duck, Fortas’ failed confirmation primarily resulted from ethical questions over fees he received, his prior decisions and his closeness with Johnson. In any case, the Senate’s decision not to confirm didn’t actually leave a vacant seat on the court because Warren chose to stay on the bench. Scalia’s seat, however, will remain vacant for as long as the Senate refuses to confirm a nominee. Without a ninth justice to break ties, it’s possible that many decisions will result in a 4-4 deadlock, which would mean the decisions of the lower court would stand. In 1932, President Herbert Hoover nominated, and the Senate confirmed, Benjamin Cardozo. In 1916, Woodrow Wilson nominated John Clarke and Louis Brandeis, and they both made it through the Senate. McConnell’s point also ignores the two instances in the past century when the Senate confirmed Supreme Court nominees in election years, even though the seat opened up in the year prior. In 1988, the Senate confirmed Ronald Reagan’s nominee, Anthony Kennedy, though the seat became vacant


in 1987. And in 1940, the Senate confirmed Franklin Roosevelt’s nominee, Frank Murphy, though the seat became vacant in 1939. A few 19th century presidents also nominated Supreme Court justices in election years, though not all of them were successful, according to a February 2016 article in the Cook Political Report by University of Georgia political scientist John Anthony Maltese. Maltese found that since the country’s founding, soon-to-depart presidents have made 32 Supreme Court nominations. Those nominations came within a period ranging from within 365 days of a successor’s election through the successor’s inauguration. Of those 32 nominations, the Senate confirmed 18 — hardly proving that McConnell has reason to claim tradition. The record shows that Republicans’ inaction on Obama’s nominee is not rooted in some longstanding tradition, especially in the past century. McConnell said Senate Republicans are “following a longstanding tradition of not filling vacancies on the Supreme Court in the middle of a presidential election year.”

The reality is that, at least in recent decades, the Senate has rarely been presented with the opportunity to consider a Supreme Court nominee in an election year.

McConnell’s use of the phrase “longstanding tradition” is misleading, as the Senate has chosen not to fill a Supreme Court seat that opens up during an election year just once in the past 100 years. The reality is that, at least in recent decades, the Senate has rarely been presented with the opportunity to consider a Supreme Court nominee in an election year. It’s so rare that there’s no scenario to compare with the current debate over filling Scalia’s seat. Just do your job Mitch, your statement is false!



Mike Shuey Business Representative Kansas City

Alvin Garner running a tugger at Lacygne Power Plant

With such a mild winter our contractors have gotten off to a great start this work season. It seems there is work on every corner. I see orange barrels going North, South, East, and West. That is always a good sign that our members are busy! As you get called back to work this season, please remember to call and remove your name from the “out of work list.” Be sure to mark your calendars for the annual Local 101 picnic on Sunday June 5th. There is always great food and a lot of fun for the family.

RL Duncan started on site and grading work for a grocery store and gas station in DeSoto. Max Rieke is also ready to start a road project in DeSoto on Commerce Ave to level out the dip over the railroad tracks in front of McDonalds on Commerce Street. The Gateway project is going strong. Clarkson brought in scrapers off College and Renner roads and are cleaning up their borrow pit. The new flyover bridge from I-435 to I-35 South is expected to be open late summer and demolition of the old flyovers will follow.

Pyramid Contracting has made great progress on 159th St. between Lone Elm and 56 Highway. They are laying base and will be paving soon.

George Shaw is coming along with the dirt work on the 800,000 sq. ft. Lenexa Logistics Building. Fenix will be completing the concrete on this project.

Kuesel is a new contractor to our area who is moving 650,000 yards of dirt in Gardner. Three warehouses are being built on this site, with one being one million square feet. This job will keep several operators busy all summer long.

Superior Bowen, McAnany, and O’Donnell & Sons have been busy at various locations throughout Johnson County with mill and overlay and curb tearout and replacement.

Ideker has gotten underway on I-35 Northbound from 135th to 151st with tear out and replacement. As with any lane reconfiguration, there will be some traffic delays. After the first week or so, everyone gets in the routine and it smooths out. Kissick picked up an erosion control job at the LaCygne Power Plant. 174 acres of fly ash that will entail two miles of berms will be built to contain the fly ash from run-off.


O’Donnell & Sons and Redford are well underway on the widening of 159th Street from Roe to Metcalf. The mid-winter weather has worked in their favor and given them the ability to complete a lot of work without fighting the mud. Fahey has ongoing lane configuration changes at 113th and Renner Road. This should continue till midsummer.



Kuesel Construction working in Gardner Kansas

Enerfab and Foley will be finishing up a 21-day outage at the LaCygne Power Plant. They made boiler tube repairs and maintenance work on the turbine deck, as well as some minor work in the fuel yard. The demo work is in full swing with Brandenburg and International Chimney. JE Dunn is going strong on the Lenexa Civic Center. They have two crawlers and a hydro working and have Max Rieke moving dirt on site work. I look forward to seeing everyone June 5th at the picnic. If you are not working, go up to the training site and hone your skills on a new machine to broaden your abilities.

Lift Inc. setting panels on 69 Highway and 143rd


Wilkerson Crane’s 500 ton



Fred Voigt Business Representative Kansas City Redford Construction at 30th & Broadway

Redford Construction has a deep replacement at 30th and Broadway.



Beemer Construction has a 30-inch water valve replacement at 28th and Broadway, and a waterline replacement project on Englewood in the Northland. Beemer also has a the pipe work on a subdivision at The Nationals Golf Club, and the pipe work at a QuikTrip on 45 & 9 Highways. JA Lillig is all over my area! They have the dirt work at QuikTrip on 45 & 9 Highways, subdivision work at the Nationals, and the site work on 2nd & Delaware. Rodriguez Mechanical is doing the pipe work here, and Foundation Services is doing the soil stabilization work. Foundation Services is also doing the site work at Berkley Park. is so important that every one of us is registered to VOTE!

RL Duncan is the excavation contractor for JE Dunn on the new Two Light Tower project at Truman and Walnut. Duncan is also working on a parking garage at 19th and Walnut, and retaining wall and parking lot projects at Park University in Parkville Missouri.

On March 30th a labor rally was held on the front lawn of the Missouri State Capital in Jefferson City. Thousands of union members gathered to oppose attacks on Prevailing Wage, and their rights to Collective Bargaining. Governor Jay Nixon and Attorney General Chris Koster gave inspiring speeches denouncing the attacks on the Prevailing Wage and Workers Rights. All but one member of the Democrat Party was introduced. Many commented on the importance of protecting Workers Rights and Prevailing Wage. Sadly, no members of the Republican Party came to voice their support of Workers Rights. The support of the Minority Party and the lack of support from the Majority Party is why it is so important that every one of us is registered to VOTE! Please exercise your Right to VOTE for the candidates and incumbents who Support Workers Rights!

Kaw Valley is demolishing a warehouse at 20th and Washington to make way for new apartments, and Site-Rite will do the pipe work.

Be professional, be safe, and stand proud to be a member of the best Local in the International Union of Operating Engineers!

Mid-States Excavating, Mark-One Electric, Leavcon and Rodriguez Mechanical are all working at the North Patrol Station on 112th & I-29.

See labor rally photos on page 5 and additional Kansas City photos on page 15.

Lawson Steel is erecting a parking garage at Children’s Mercy. Doherty Steel is erecting 4 stories of Red Iron on top of the parking garage, while George Shaw did the excavation and concrete work, and Kissick Construction did the utilities.




McAnany working at 11th & Grand Downtown Kansas City

Lawson Steel and Midwest Crane at Childern’s Mercy

Rodriguez Mechanical working at the Market Square Apartments

Amino Brothers crushing at Berkley Park

Mid-States is working at 112th & I-29 at the Police Station

Midwest Crane working at St. Joseph Hospital



Construction work in the Kansas City area is starting to get very busy.

Nick Carey Financial Secretary Business Representative Kansas City Spring of 2016 as been quite mild so far. Construction work in the Kansas City area is starting to get very busy. We can only hope the weather continues to cooperate. The oven work at Owens Corning is winding down. Lilja Corporation ran two shifts on this project. Blue Hat Crane took care of the hoist work for this job. Clarkson Construction has been working frantically on 95th Street over I-35. They also have on going work on I-70 west of I-435 towards Bonner Springs, as well as work at the Auto Plaza south of Parallel Parkway. Knight Excavating has the dirt work at the old King Louie Building located at 89th and Metcalf. This will be the new Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center. Knight also has work on the QuickTrip located at I-635 and Kansas Avenue. Kaw Valley Wrecking has the demo work on the old Indian Springs shopping center located at I-635 and State Avenue, and has been working on the building pad located at 79th and Conser St. for the new Inter-Urban Lofts. Kaw Valley also did the building pad at 106th and Mission Road for apartments to be built on a McCowen-Gordon job site. Redford Construction has the pipework on a Titan job located at 80th and Quivira. They have also had work on the west side of 90th Street between State Avenue and Parallel Parkway in Kansas City, Kansas, on the Youth Soccer Field. While E.S.I. has been finishing up at Turkey Creek and Mill Street, they are starting work at Kaw Point for the Corp of Engineers.

George Shaw working at the new youth soccer field in Kansas City, Kansas

McAnany Construction started early this year laying asphalt on the parking lot at the McAlister Deli just west of Nieman Road on the north side of Shawnee Mission Parkway. They also milled and paved State Avenue from I-435 on west to Village West Parkway. McAnany’s patch crew has been busy working for B.P.U. on 16th and Orville in Kansas City, Kansas. Flynn Midwest has roofing work at General Motors and have a crew set up on the northeast corner of the building. Amino Brothers has been working east of Washington High School on the north side of Leavenworth Road and at 3rd and Armstrong in Wyandotte County. Northern Pipeline has work west of I-435 on Kansas Avenue and have been working at 84th and Antioch and on 80th Terrace in Wyandotte County. Superior Bowen, Hayes Drilling, and George Shaw have all been working on a parking lot just north of 39th Street at KU Medical Center. Rodriguez Mechanical has work at 95th and I-35 in the Quindaro area, and work at the old King Louie building in Johnson County. If you have been called back to work make sure you get your name off the “out of work” list. As always, work safe and VOTE smart!




Blue Hat working at Owens Corning

Clarkson at 95th & I-35

Ashgrove working at the Plant in St. Joe

Kaw Valley doing demo work at Indian Springs

ESI & Belger at Kaw Pointe



Introducing students to the field of operating engineers The IBuild Showcase is an annual exposition and one of the major events which brings students together for an opportunity to actively connect with industry professionals. Students learn how they might choose their fields of endeavor. This program demonstrates the wide array of careers that are connected to the construction industry. These include skilled craftsmen, architects, engineers, CAD technicians, marketing, accounting, construction managers, just to name a few. Bartle Hall hosted this event on April 14, 2016 and Local 101 had training instructors on site to introduce students to the field of operating engineers. During the last five years, averages of 1,000 or more students attend each year, and this year approximately 2,200 students attended. Participating students represent all the school districts in the Kansas City metropolitan area, and other outline districts. Photos submitted by Nick Carey

I-BUILD Career Day 2016




More work in the heart of Kansas City Photos by Fred Voigt Kaw Valley Wrecking doing Demo downtown

Building Erection at the Federal Building

Absolute Crane working on the Intercontinental Hotel in the Plaza

Belger at Union Station and LG Barcus at Union Station Blue Hat Crane at the new Two Light Apartment Building



Aaron Brown Recording/Corresponding Secretary

Brotherhood The Webster Dictionary defines “Brotherhood” as a group or organization of people who have the same interests, jobs, etc……You have all heard this word on the job sites. You hear people referring to one another as a “Brother.” We take that for granted, and it becomes just a word that people around you say! This one word could be the single most important word in our organization. In this article I will explain further! All Local 101 members need to get involved in this organization as much as possible! It may not always be convenient to work all day, make a quick trip home, then come to our union meeting. We all have other responsibilities. However, coming to the Kansas City monthly union meeting which is held the 3rd Thursday of every month starting at 7:00pm is a pivotal part of being a Local 101 member. These meetings allow members to hear what the union is dealing with, as well as have conversations with like-minded members. If you are reading my article, I would assume you have some interest in hearing about your local. Please join us at one or all of our meetings or any other event sponsored by your local. Our membership is what keeps our organization separated from a non-union company. We have a responsibility to look out for our fellow brothers and sisters. We can accomplish much more when we stand together as a unified group than as an individual. This task is not always an easy one, however, the underlying fact is whether you like or dislike someone in our organization, standing together makes us strong and ever growing!


Brotherhood: a group or organization of people who have the same interests, jobs, etc

I hope to see everyone this year at our annual picnic on Sunday, June 5th. I would also like to congratulate Brother Fred Voigt on his upcoming retirement. Thank you Fred for your many years of loyal service. You will be missed!


ST. JOSEPH Charley Kendrick Vice President Business Representative St. Joseph Area

The spring season has arrived. As we enjoy the warmer temperatures and sunshine, the work in our area gets started. Most contractors have crews called back and as these jobs progress, more operators will be added. The outlook for this year is positive, but we always hope more work will be announced. The national political arena has been amusing to us so far, but it is also disturbing. Some politicians don’t have a clue how the working people of this country have to struggle to make ends meet. Please keep informed on each candidate’s platforms to make sure they support the needs of our jobs and families. In late March, a labor rally was held in Jefferson City on the lawn of the Capitol. Several labor friendly candidates spoke and they portrayed a promising hope for the working class people. Among those were Chris Koster. He is currently our Attorney General and is seeking election to become the next Governor of Missouri. He has been a friend to labor and will fight for the middle class. Jason Kander is running against Roy Blunt for the seat in the U.S. Senate. Jason is also an advocate of organized labor and could use our support. There are many elections at the local levels that can have an effect on your livelihood and families. Stay informed and make sure everyone in your family is registered to vote that is eligible. Although it seems like money controls these elections, if you don’t vote, your voice won’t be heard.

have a decent number of operators employed there. Ideker Construction continues to make progress on the work at the RoseCran Airport. Phillip-Hardy will be replacing a bridge on Highway 13 over Log Creek just south of Kingston this season. Foley Company is still working on the waste water treatment plant on Faraon St. in St Joseph. BLM Properties is finishing work in Brookfield on the improvements to the water treatment plant there. Pipeline work in our area this year will probably be limited to some maintenance work. The Keystone Pipeline had a crude oil leak in South Dakota discovered in late March. This event will not improve any public opinions of any upcoming pipeline work. Michels is currently working in Wichita on a 1500’ directional drill and pipe replacement job for Phillips 66. Four Star Construction has crews working at various pump stations making improvements to valve setting platforms. The annual Local 101 picnic is scheduled for June 5 this year. Please bring your families and come enjoy the afternoon with good food and good friends. Please remember to call in every 60 days to remain active on the “Out-of-Work List.” Update your qualifications, phone numbers and/or e-mail address when you contact the hall. The meetings in St. Joe are held the 1st Tuesday of every month and start at 7:00 p.m.

The largest project in the St. Joseph area this year appears to be the new wind farm in Dekalb County near Cameron, Missouri. White Construction is the general contractor responsible for erecting these 97 turbines. A small crew has begun clearing brush and the warehouse / laydown yard has been started. It should take the better part of this year to complete this endeavor. White Construction is performing both the civil and erection work so we expect to



KANSAS CITY Darwin Gardner Treasurer Business Representative Kansas City

Spring is upon us and the work is picking up. It should be a good year. The Dodge Reports are indicating some bigger jobs coming up. Hopefully those jobs will go union and we can get some members to work. Don’t forget the training site is open so you can further your skills. Kissick picked up a new job doing the frontage roads on both the north and south sides of 150 Highway in Belton. The south side stretch also includes a bridge. At the Menards in Belton, Phillips Hardy has ongoing work and Pyramid Excavating is finishing up the sewer line. JA Lillig started a huge job for the new soccer complex in Belton. George Shaw, JE Dunn and MMC continue to work on the Cerner project in southeast Kansas City. In Lee’s Summit, JA Lillig is working on a small subdivision where Holthouse has the pipe work. Gradeco is finishing work on their previously awarded subdivision and have started working on a new subdivision off of Langsford Road in Lee’s Summit. Larry Brown is doing some subdivision work in Liberty. Goodwin Brothers has ongoing work at the Liberty WWTP with Redford doing the pipe work on that project. George Shaw is doing the concrete work on the new building at the Liberty WWTP. The dirt division of Superior Bowen has ongoing work in Liberty also.

Waterline and pipe work is being done all around the city. Redford has pipe work at Eagle Creek. Foley has a pipe job in Martin City. Leath & Sons have ongoing waterline work in several areas. Pyramid Excavating has waterline work as well. In the Independence area, JE Dunn is working on the new building on 39th Street for Centerpoint Hospital. Kidwell is working on the Veterans Building and George Shaw has several jobs in Independence, Lee’s Summit, and Blue Springs. Enerfab and Maxim Crane have been working at Sibley on a shut down putting in boilers. Foley is working on curbs & sidewalks in Grandview. Miles Excavating has ongoing work on 35 Highway and Phillips Hardy is doing the bridges on that project. Work is continuing on I-435 on the east side of town with Comanche re-decking the bridges. Recently we ratified a new three year agreement with the Mosby Quarry where we have eight operators working. In closing, I would just like to say, I hope you all come to the picnic this year on Sunday June 5th. It is a good event for the whole family.

Radmacher has work covering ash ponds on Tudor Road in Lee’s Summit and in Missouri City. Mid-States picked up the dirt work at the Grain Valley High School project. MMC is busy with projects including a new office building and work at the Tri County Water Authority Water Plant. Knight Excavating has the dirt work on MMC’s new office building, and at the new QuikTrip in Raytown.

The Cerner job 2016



SPRINGFIELD Jerry McKnight Business Representative Springfield Area

30 Bruce Steele received his 30 year service pin


Kevin McCann received his 25 year service pin

20 Tom Russell received his 20 year service pin

Due to the extremely mild winter that we had in our area, work started a little earlier than in recent years. Unfortunately as we all know, there are no funds state-wide for road construction. Sadly, our roads are crumbling and our infrastructure is years behind where it needs to be. On a positive note Springfield voters renewed two sales taxes for the purpose of funding high-priority capital and transportation improvements. Radmacher Bros. is finishing 60 Freeway and is starting work on the new 249 North. H.I.S. Constructors are on the last phase of the HazMat removal in Springfield. Prestressed Casting has the precast work on the new High School in Neosho. APAC-Central is working on various city streets in Neosho. They also picked up part of the overlay on Highway 60 from Monet to Aurora. Journagan Construction picked up the other half of the overlay on Highway 60 from Aurora to Republic. They also picked up the intersection at Main Street and Tracker Road in Nixa. That project is scheduled to be finished by the end of August. Journagan will also be doing the base rock and asphalt for the lane addition to Highway 65 in Springfield. Carson-Mitchell Inc. was recently on the news for setting eight new larger stainless steel tanks at the Springfield Brewing Company.

ACI Concrete working at MSU Glass Hall

Irvinbilt Constructors is in Hollister working on an addition to the sewer treatment plant. I would like to recognize a few of our members, pictured above. Kevin McCann received his 25 year pin. Tom Russell received his 20 year pin but is going on 24 years. Bruce Steele received his 30 year pin. It is because of guys like these our local stays strong. Thank you gentlemen for your hard work and many years dedicated to this local. The Local 101 picnic is June 5th. I would love to see some members from our area attend the picnic this year. There is always a lot of good food and fun things for the kids.



Wolf Construction at the 2nd phase of sediment pond at the Lawrence Energy Center

Randy Stithem Business Representative Topeka

So far the Presidential primaries have proven to be crazy at times. It is important to be registered to vote to take part in this election. It is critical to make a difference and get out there and vote. Let your voice be heard! I hope everybody enjoyed the mild winter we had. So far the spring has brought us some good temperatures to work in, if we could just get the wind to slow down a little. It has been a problem for our cranes and the result is some loss of man hours. On the heavy side NR Hamm’s was awarded Phase IV on the Highway 77 project near Junction City. They also have a new project on I-35 near Emporia, and another at the intersection of K-4 and NE 46th St. Schmidtlein Excavating is working at the new Aquatic Center at 21st & Urish and building a new cell at Rolling Meadows Landfill. Amino Brothers picked up two nice street jobs in our area – SW 10th street between Gage & Fairlawn and SW 21 between Urish and Indian Hills. EJM Pipe Services is about ready to start their second big bore under I-70 near Carnahan (14’ diameter pipe). Bettis also has a street job in progress at SW 37th between Burlingame Rd and Gage. On the building side - Day and Zimmerman, at this time, have about 5 or 6 weeks left on the outage work at Jeffrey Energy Center. Marley Cooling Towers is also involved with outage work at JEC. Bettis is still working at Big Heart and has scattered substation work with Westar. Epic Concrete is on the campus at KU at the School of Engineering.

Manhattan, Kansas, is also a very busy place. JE Dunn is on campus handling the Seaton Hall project. Kissick is on campus too with the Chill Water project. JA Lillig and Collins & Hermann are both working at the NBAF project and recently have requested a little more help. Wolf Construction is currently working on phase II of the sediment ponds. CBS Piling has completed their Salina job and will move to Sabetha to work at a grain elevator. Gilmore has been doing Westar work at Lawrence Energy Center in Atchison working, for Bunge Mills, and has had work on and off at the Mars Chocolate Factory. Condolences to the family of Darrell Antone. We were surprised to hear Darrell passed away on December 12th. We are sorry we neglected to recognize their loss in our last newsletter. Congratulations to Perry Kadous who won the drawing for a 101 jacket at the Topeka March meeting. Congrats also to the pin recipients John Schiffelbein (30 year pin), Richard Royles (20 yr pin), Bud Marsh (45 year pin), and Mike Tenpenny (35 year pin). See photos at right. Several members have missed job opportunities because they did not have OSHA 10 training. If you are interested in acquiring this training please contact us at the office or call the training center. Also remember that the training center is available to update your skills and increase your qualifications. The Topeka meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm located at 3906 NW 16th Street, Topeka, KS. Let’s be safe on and off the job.




EJM Pipe drilling head beginning under I-70

Schmidtlein Excavating working at the Aquatic Center 21st and Urish EJM Pipe boring 14 foot hole under I-70

45 Bud Marsh received his 45 Year Service pin

35 Mike Tenpenny received his 35 year service pin

30 John Scheffelbein received his 30 year servce pin


20 Richard Royles received his 20 year service pin


Mike Ward Business Representative Wichita Area

We have been treated (or mistreated) to a Presidential campaign marked by demagogues (one who tries to stir up people’s emotions to further his own interests) and charlatanism. Unfortunately, too much media attention has focused on the entertainment value of a bunch of people name-calling, espousing radical and irrational views and obscuring their position of topics of importance and topics of importance abound. Income inequality and outright poverty are major concerns. A political campaign marked by obscene amounts of money suggests that ours is a country not unlike others where governments in which a few persons have the ruling power determine elections. The economic recovery has distributed its benefits unevenly, and drop in unemployment conceals the desperation of those with multiple jobs and those who have simply given up. The Affordable Care Act may have flaws, but it is the best thing on the scene for millions of people, our fellow Americans, who had no health care insurance before the ACA. Yet some campaigners vow to destroy the ACA without offering a substitute.



Lynn Moore received his 55 Year Service Pin

Dave Moore received his 50 Year Service Pin


One could go on. Social Security, Medicare, college cost, infrastructure, immigration reform, climate change, and national security merit reasonable debate. Yet the national discourse resembles a dog fight more than a political race for the highest office in the land and most important leader in the world. Working people generally and union members specifically had better keep a clear vision of our potential leaders. Some of those people will bring harm to all but the wealthiest Americans.


David Conway received his 25 year service pin



Sanilift Inc. setting precast at Schofield Honda in east Wichita

Work in the Wichita area has held steady so far with dry windy weather. Bennett Steel, Inc. provided operators at CHS-NCRA Refinery helping the plant with maintenance. Logan and Co. has also provided operators at Coffeyville Resources Refinery with maintenance. Site Rite Const. is working at McConnell Air force Base in Wichita. Piping and Equipment has ongoing work at CHS-NCRA Refinery working on the SRUIII Sulfur Recovery Unit. J.R. Jensen Const. Co. is working in Carney, Kansas, on an electrical sub-station. Complete Conveying Services is doing concrete placement on Ninnescah Wind Farm. Mountain State Crane is working in Garden City, Kansas, providing a crane on the new American Dairy Powdered Milk Plant. Belger Cartage Service Crane Rental work

Sanilift working on a parking garage downtown Wichita

has been somewhat steady with two cranes working at the Siemens Wind Power Plant in Hutchinson offloading wind turbine blades. SaniLift, Inc. has cranes working at the new Schofield Honda in east Wichita, setting precast concrete at Spirit AeroSystems in south Wichita, and setting iron on a parking garage in downtown Wichita. Congratulations to Lynn Moore for receiving his 55 year pin, David Moore for receiving his 50 year pin, and David Conway for receiving his 25 year pin. See photos left. The Wichita meeting is on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at 3830 South Meridian. Hope to see you there!




Shawn Mulligan Business Representative Sedalia Area Bloomsdale working at Arrowhead Development in Osage Beach

With the weather getting better and the days getting longer, the work in the Sedalia area is starting to pick up. Hopefully we can get a gas tax on the ballot this year, then pass it, so we can fund a Highway Bill. It has been a long time since we have had any decent sized highway projects in my area, and we sure do need them. Site Rite is finishing up a sewer project in the city of Sedalia. L.G. Barcus & Sons has had a lot of work in Saline and Cooper Counties replacing bridges for Union Pacific Railroad. Environmental Specialists Inc. are finishing up the levy project near Grand Pass, Missouri, for the Army Corps of Engineers. Bloomsdale picked up a nice job in Osage Beach called Arrowhead Centre. It is going to be a retirement village with many phases to come. Radmacher Excavating picked up a small waste water treatment plant between Whiteman Airforce Base and Warrensburg. Epic Concrete and Lawson Erection are building new additions for the Warrensburg School District. Don’t let June 5th slip your mind, because that is the date of Local 101’s annual picnic. It is always a good time with great food. Don’t forget the kids and grandkids. There is always a ton of fun stuff to keep them entertained. The Sedalia Meetings are on the first Thursday of the month starting at 7 pm. We would enjoy seeing you at the next one. As Always, Work Safe and Be safe! LG Barcus & Sons working at Woolridge in Cooper County



The Officers and Staff of Operating Engineers Local 101 invite you to join us


11:00am to 4:00pm • Local 101 Training Site 22770 State Route 273, Weston, Missouri 64098 Family Event • Kids Games and Activities Food and Beverages Provided • No Alcoholic Beverages Direct questions to Vickie at the Union Hall.


Sunday, August 7, 2016 • Swope Memorial Golf Course 19th Local 101 Golf Tournament will be held Sunday, August 7, 2016 at Swope Memorial Golf Course. If you are interested in participating in this fun-filled event, complete this form and return it (with your registration fee of $75.00) to: MICHAEL T. CHARLTON OPERATING ENGINEERS LOCAL 101 6601 WINCHESTER, SUITE 280 KANSAS CITY, MO 64133


The entry fee of $75.00 PER PLAYER includes a light breakfast, beverages throughout the event, green fees, cart fee and an awards luncheon after the tournament.



PLAYERS - PLEASE PRINT IN ALL CAPS. If you know your team members please indicate their information below: NOTE: THREE-MAN TEAMS (only 1 non-member guest per team) 1. NAME

SSN (101 members)


2. NAME SSN (101 members)



SSN (101 members)


If you have a specific group or team you wish to compete against, please indicate team below or contact Lynne Cooper at 816.737.8600 as soon as possible.




BENEFITS HEARING CARE BENFITS Warmer weather has finally arrived and this means attending outdoor concerts, sporting and racing events. It also means we will need to fire up the lawn mowers and weed eaters. All of the situations expose you to excessive levels of noise which could lead to hearing loss. A good rule of thumb is to wear ear plugs or other hearing protection to reduce your risk of hearing loss.

Stephanie McLaughlin Administrator of Health & Welfare

Our customer services representatives are available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CT) to discuss any questions you may have regarding the benefits provided by the Fringe Benefit Funds. The Fund Office can be reached at 816-737-5959 or toll free 888-272-5911.



If you are experiencing hearing loss it is a good idea to have your hearing checked. The Operating Engineers Health and Welfare Fund encourages you to take advantage of the comprehensive, affordable hearing care program the Plan has to offer. The Health and Welfare Plan contracts with Amplifon (formerly HearPO) to provide valuable hearing evaluations and hearing aid discounts to you and your family. Benefits for hearing care and devices are available to eligible members who obtain services from an Amplifon associated provider. Dependents are eligible to receive discounted hearing care tests and hearing aid devices provided by an Amplifon provider. To access your hearing care benefits and discounts contact 1-888-601-8597. When you call Amplifon, you will be connected to a Patient Care Advocate who will provide a list of hearing healthcare professionals near you. Once you select a hearing care professional, the Patient Care Advocate will obtain your mailing information and assist you in making the appointment. You and your provider will receive information prior to the appointment to ensure activation of your Amplifon discounts. In addition to calling, you can also visit Amplifon at If you have any questions regarding your Hearing Care Benefits, please contact the Fund Office.

REMINDER TO UPDATE INFORMATION The Fund Office would like to remind all of our members to keep the Funds updated when life changes occur. The Funds frequently mail important information to eligible members when changes in the Plan occurs. These mailings are sent to the address on file at the time of the mailing. To ensure you receive the information regarding Plan changes, please notify the Fund Office if any of the following events occur.

To obtain the necessary forms to update your information, please contact the Fund Office. You may also visit our website at www.iuoe101benefits. com to download and print certain forms. Our customer services representatives are available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CT) to discuss any questions you may have regarding the benefits provided by the Fringe Benefit Funds. The Fund Office can be reached at 816-737-5959 or toll free 888-272-5911.


A change of address form is required to update our records to your new address. IF YOUR MARITAL STATUS CHANGES If notification is not received timely, benefit processing may be delayed until updated information and required documents are received. ADDING OR REMOVING DEPENDENTS Notification of new dependents must be received in writing. You should be prepared to provide certain documentation (birth certificate, decree of adoption, marriage license etc.). These document assist the Fund Office in establishing the relationship between the member and dependent. IF YOU WISH TO CHANGE YOUR BENEFICIARY Eligible death benefits are issued to the beneficiary on file at the time of your passing. To ensure any eligible death benefits are issued to the beneficiary of your choice, the Fund recommends submitting updated beneficiary information when status changes occur.

UNION HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER I cannot express how excited I am for the opening of the Union Health and Wellness Center. Opening in June 2016, eligible members, their spouses/domestic partners, and eligible dependents (ages 2 and over) can obtain primary and urgent care services at Union Health and Wellness Center free of charge. The Health Center is opening just in time to schedule your children’s sports physicals and required school immunizations/vaccinations. The Fund encourages you to take advantage of these free benefits for you and your eligible dependents (ages 2 and up). LO CAL 101 I N REVI EW




COMING SOON FREE, NO-COST UNION HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER One of the notable perks of being a member of Operating Engineers Local 101 is that you will soon have access to an on-site Health and Wellness Center. Opening this June, Union Health and Wellness Center will provide eligible members, their spouses/domestic partners, and eligible dependents (ages 2 and up) with no-cost, patientcentered health care and wellness services in a nurturing environment. As a member of Union Health and Wellness Center, eligible members, their spouses/domestic partners, and eligible dependents (ages 2 and up) will develop a mindful clinician-patient partnership built around trust, respect, and shared decisionmaking. Your care team will coordinate health care services for both wellness and illness, a wholeperson care approach.

A REDEFINED PERSONAL HEALTH CARE EXPERIENCE Union Health and Wellness Center is focused on creating a personal health care experience for you, your spouse/domestic partner, and eligible dependents (ages 2 and up): NO-WAIT MODEL Simply check in and go to a care suite to see a provider minutes after arrival. COMFORTABLE SETTING We want you to feel at ease.


PATIENT PORTAL Access health information, schedule appointments, and interact with your care team in a secure, online patient portal. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY THAT IMPROVES CARE State-of-the-art health care technology maximizes efficiency without sacrificing quality.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Operating Engineers Local 101 eligible members, spouses/domestic partners, eligible retirees and dependents (ages 2 and up) are eligible to visit the Health and Wellness Center.

SERVICES Union Health and Wellness Center can be your primary care home for all of your health and wellness needs. The care team is staffed with an experienced family physician, mid-level providers, nurses, and medical assistants who will take the time to provide personalized care. If you don’t have a primary care provider, consider making Union Health and Wellness Center your medical home for wellness and health care services. Union Health and Wellness Center will provide treatment for common conditions, injuries, and illnesses for eligible members (ages 2 and up).



PRIMARY CARE • Department of Transportation physicals • Allergy injections

All services performed at Union Health and Wellness Center will be provided to Operating Engineers Local 101 eligible members, their spouses/domestic partners, and eligible dependents (ages 2 and up) at no cost.

• Comprehensive physicals • On-site laboratory for lab draws • Condition management • Contraceptive counseling • Exercise & diet planning • Hormone replacement • Immunizations

YOUR PRIVACY Union Health and Wellness Center will offer health care services to Local Operating Engineers 101 eligible members and their families. Your confidentiality is our top priority. Whether you need urgent care or routine services, federal and state law along with company policy ensures your personal health records remain private with our partner, Cerner.

• Sports physicals • Camp physicals


• Well-Child physicals • Women’s health exams




• Cough and colds • Ear & eye infections


• Laceration repair (minor)


• Minor procedures • Skin rashes/burns • Skin tag removal • Sore throats • Sprains and strains • STDs

For more information about Union Health and Wellness Center, please contact Katey Keaton, FNP-BC, Regional Manager of OperationsCerner, at 816-663-4484 until we have a dedicated Union Health and Wellness Center phone number in June 2016. Please reserve calls for Monday - Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

• Wart removal



Peggy McGinnis Business Representative Stationary Engineers

Another winter out of the way! Fortunately, with Stationary Engineers it’s business as usual all through the year. I can proudly sound like a broken record with our congratulations going to all of the St. Joseph, Missouri, Nestlé Purina members. This was the 30th anniversary of the Chili Cook Off where these members have again raised money for United Cerebral Palsy. This group won in four of the categories. This included People’s Choice where they raised $77,397.88 from a combination of votes and other fund raising events. With approximately sixty booths competing in the challenge, a total of nearly $161,00.00 was raised at this year’s event. Good people working for a good cause! Nice work!

Longtime Chief Steward, Mike Rich, mostly known as “Odie,” passed his Chief Steward position to Carolann Hayes as he retires with over thirty years at Nestlé. We appreciate Odie’s dedication and congratulate him on his retirement. Thanks Odie!

Operating Engineers have two contracts with Tower Properties. One group of these members work at the Commerce Bank and Trust buildings in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Pictured: from the left are Lead Engineer Eric Ellensohn, Jeremy Woolery, Paul Ellensohn, Lead Engineer Bret Macklin, Jason Chambers and Blake McGinnis. Not pictured are Ed Chambers, Ken Gamblin, Roger Jones, and Bert Powers.

Also pictured are our Tower Properties members who maintain buildings on Main Street in Kansas City, Missouri, Mission Road, Somerset, State Line, and West 83rd Street in Prairie Village, Kansas, and on Lowell in Overland Park, Kansas. From the left pictured are: Mike Miller and Lead Engineer Gary Matthews, then Mark Mott and Steve Gryska. Not pictured is Chief Engineer Danny Head.

Next up for contract negotiations is Dairi Concepts in El Dorado Springs, Missouri. With the opening of the contract July 1, 2016 we’ve begun to collect and organize concerns to be addressed. Union Stewards on the negotiations team are (pictured) from the left, Casey Moore and Chief Stewards George Winder and Patty Brownlee. Not pictured are Eric Atkinson and Pete William (Pete) Smith. Tyson Foods in St. Joseph, Missouri, are consistent in keeping members unsettled. After losing count as to how many times the company have rebid positions, we are about to rebid yet again! With each rebid comes the guarantee that “This is the one.” Business continues to be good at Blueline Rentals on Front Street in Kansas City, Missouri, as well as J&L Drywall in St. Joseph, Missouri. Business never slows down for those licensed engineers with Jackson County in Kansas City, Missouri, however, the county isn’t replacing engineers as they retire. It sure makes sense to replace these engineers rather than spend extra tax dollars to hire outside contractors to do some of this work.

Odie of Tower Properties




Tower Properties group

Left Mark and Steve, Right Mike and Gary at Tower Properties

Dairi Concepts meeting

Congratulations to those who are retiring and hope for a complete and speedy recovery for those out on medical. Work safe! We look forward to seeing you at the picnic in June.




Kevin Rusnak Business Representative Stationary Engineers

Labor Rally in Jefferson City

Notice of Violation, those are the worst words to hear for those of us in charge of a power plant. Kansas City Health Department is responsible for Air Quality control and upholding the Ordinances as defined under Chapter 8. The Air Quality Program requires users of Emergency Generators to send a report that is due April 1st of each year. The report is for the previous calendar year. The report must identify each generator, the meter reading for the hours of operation for the year and the fuel usage for each generator. In addition the diesel fuel used shall not contain greater than 0.5% Sulfur by weight and you must maintain copies of fuel delivery bill of ladings for five years. Additional information about the program may be obtained from the Air Quality Control Department for Kansas City, Missouri. On March 30th, I attended the labor rally in Jefferson City. Workers are under attack in Jefferson City from paycheck deception, attacks on prevailing wage and the threat of right-to-work. Most of the Democrats that are running for office this year spoke in support of upholding issues that are important to us. This election year is really important to everyone’s future, so I would encourage anyone with any extra time to get out and support these people that represent you in Missouri.

Contract negotiations with several contractors concluded since my last article. Unilever’s membership voted for a one year extension of that contract with economic considerations. The plant located at New Century Airport produces a soft spread butter called “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” as well as Country Crock. Prairie Farms contract opens for negotiations in May. Surveys and contract meetings will be underway the first part if this summer. Prairie Farms was formerly known as a Roberts Dairy. The milk products they produce can be found in your local grocery store with the code 129-62 stamped on each carton. Please support both of these companies by buying and using their products which keeps our Operating Engineers busy. Service pins for April go out to Butch Pennington who has 35 years of service and is employed by P1 Group working at St. Luke’s Medical Center. Eric Raines also has 35 years of service working at Prairie Farms, formerly Roberts Dairy. Service pins for June went to Marvin Walker for his 20 years of service working for ISS at UMB bank. Congratulations and thank you to all these members for their years of service.

See you at the monthly union meeting on the 3rd Thursday of every month or soon at the workplace. Continue to work safely throughout the year.



35 35 20


7:00 a.m. unless noted

APPRENTICESHIP Apprentice Classes Apprentice Classes

HAZMAT Hazmat 40 Hour Hazmat 8 hour Refresher


Weston Start January 5 Start February 1 Weston January 11-15 January 15

BASIC REQUIREMENTS 1. 1000 hours practical crane-related experience in last 5 years. 2. Government issued ID. 3. Copy of IUOE membership card with legible id#. 4. Copy of valid DOT or DMV medical card.






Bolivar January 4-9 January 11-16 January 18-23 January 25-30 February 1-6 February 8-13


OECP CLASS Crane Refresher OECP Written Exam OECP Practical Exam

Weston February 27-28 March 5 March 26

Crane Refresher OECP Written Exam OECP Practical Exam

April 30-May 1 May 7 June 11

Crane Refresher OECP Written Exam OECP Overhead Practical OECP Practical Exam

July 23-24 July 30 July 30 August 20

Crane Refresher OECP Written Exam OECP Practical Exam

September 24-25 October 1 October 22

5. Actual cisap results within last 90 days. (Copy of CISAP card will not be accepted) 6. Completed candidate experience form. Overhead Crane Certification Class held at Brooner’s Shop in St. Joseph Mo.


You must meet OECP eligibility requirements and application guidelines as outlined in the Crane Operator Candidate Manual, just like the paper test (summarized above), and: 1. A current application must be on file at the OECP office, applications are good for 5 years from date of acceptance. 2. Register to take an exam at least five (5) working days in advance by calling the OECP office for both “Off Site,” and “Weston Training Site” CBT locations. 3. Everyone must call or e-mail OECP office to sign up for the CBT testing [either at the training site or an off site testing and get on the schedule.

OECP CONTACT INFO • 951-351-4001

ALL CLASSES: • You must have an up-to-date receipt of paid dues • You must have appropriate work attire i.e. work boots (no tennis shoes, no shorts and no sleeveless shirts)

OTHER CLASSES Check the next issue or website for updates.


WESTON 816-640-2336

BOLIVAR 417-777-7746








APPRENTICE TRAINING Stoney Cox Apprentice Coordinator (not pictured)


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Kansas City, MO Permit # 2185

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 101 6601 Winchester, Suite 280 • Kansas City, MO 64133


Main Office 6601 Winchester, Suite 280 • Kansas City, MO 64133 (816) 737-8600 Business Manager: Scott Rettig Meeting Time/Date: 7:00 p.m. 3rd Thursday of the month

Fringe Benefits Funds 6601 Winchester, Suite 250 • Kansas City, MO 64133 Funds Administrator: Stephanie McLaughlin (816) 737-5959 • Toll Free (888) 272-5911

Topeka 3906 Northwest 16th Street • Topeka, KS 66618 (785) 233-3662 Business Representative: Randy Stithem Meeting Time/Date: 7:00 p.m. 2nd Tuesday of the month

Springfield 2545 W. Kearney • Springfield, MO 65803 (417) 864-6889 Business Representative: Jerry McKnight Meeting Time/Date: 7:00 p.m. 2nd Wednesday of the month

St. Joseph 4730 Frederick Ave. • St. Joseph, MO 64506 (816) 279-5715 Business Representative: Charley Kendrick Stationary Business Representative: Peggy McGinnis Meeting Time/Date: 7:00 p.m. 1st Tuesday of the month

Apprenticeship/Training P.O. Box 197 • Platte City, MO 64079 Adminstrator: Stoney Cox (816) 640-2336 • Toll Free (888) 640-2336

Wichita 3830 S. Meridian, #B-40 • Wichita, KS 67217 (316) 529-1012 Business Representative: Mike Ward Meeting Time/Date: 7:00 p.m. 1st Thursday of the month

Sedalia 1216 W. 18th Street • Sedalia, MO 65301 (660) 826-6363 Business Representative: Shawn Mulligan Meeting Time/Date: 7:00 p.m. 1st Thursday of the month

Notice to Members: You must be in good standing to attend Union Meetings. All Union Cards will be checked at the door.

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Local 101 vol24 no2 issuu  

IUOE Local 101 Newsletter, Kansas City, MO

Local 101 vol24 no2 issuu  

IUOE Local 101 Newsletter, Kansas City, MO