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2nd ISSUE 2011





PURE Radon 2012



inspired by Anne Jensen

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2012 It’s finally there – Radon’s new sticker sheet ready to use on your agendas, bikes, bike helmets or to decorate your workshops – Radon is always at your side. Order your sticker sheet at: stickerbogen

IMPRINT H&S Bike Discount GmbH Siemensstraße 1 D-53121 Bonn, Germany Phone: +49 228 . 97 84 80 E-mail: Responsible for content: Christopher Stahl (Dipl. Volkswirt) Design and production: Lenka Moravcova, Kerstin Schewe Production: Editors: Lars Wiegand, Florian Menzen, Uli Pfahl, Sansibar, Michael Forst Photos: Stefan Eisend, Karsten Geisler, ©, Christopher Stahl – CEO Radon Bikes

Christopher Stahl – CEO Radon Bikes

>> LONG AWAITED, FINALLY THERE! Oversized 2nd ISSUE 2011 is in your hands. Style, Style and more Style. Individual line-up – off the mainstream. It’s not a “must do” just because everyone is doing it. Radon has again positioned itself: Bodo Probst’s know-how has become a “must have”. Our all-mountain weapon Slide 9.0 comes out as test winner in MOUNTAINBIKE and BIKE. The Slide DH with Andi Sieber in the saddle dominates during the bike festival in Willingen. Our road bikes again convince the test riders of TOUR and ROADBIKE, while Radon‘s trekking and cross bikes pull off a clean-sweep. The Black Sin climbs to second place and is rated “Excellent”. Our Skeen in the new carbon version again meets all expectations in the run for the fastest bike on earth. And last but not least, the modern style, the outstanding performance and success are unveiled by Stefan Eisend in the Kameha Grand in Bonn. Follow us into our new Oversized, a world full of lifestyle and fun that will take you from the island of Sylt to Italy, from Paris to Greenland, from race car to top model. Amazing people in amazing places. Your Chris Stahl | 3

PURe radon Amazing bikes in amazing places

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FORWARD (straight ahead)

Radon has been producing high-end MTBs, road and trekking bikes for over 20 years.

For amazing People

We have wrapped up these three bike classes under stylish icons: Mountain – Road – Urban What type are you? Choose the icon that fits you best, the symbol that most represents your feelings and desires. Let this icon be your guide through the world of Radon. | 5

Radon. 2012


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CALL IT BY ITS NAME ... Radon 2012 presents itself under three stripes. Black Stripes for the spoilt clean · serious · best value Gold Stripes for the sophisticated competitive · technical · precious Platinum Stripes for the gourmets high-level · most wanted · cool All of our bikes fit one label. We set out the path – You choose the weapon! Just white Stunning: be amazed, don’t touch! | 7

lifestyle. RADON news

Designers wanted: Slide 9.0 Edition

Design our bike: After many requests, Radon decided to let the bike community create their own designs for our Slide 9.0. The best ideas will be presented on our website and the winner voted online. The best design will be featured in an exclusive series of 50 pieces. The winner will take home the series’ number zero. Further information by September on our website

Munich: Bike Expo 2011 1,200 test rides say more than 1,200 words! This is how often our bikes were taken out for a spin during this year’s Bike Expo and put to the test.

Creative chaos: Bodo‘s Slide 2012 CADieu. Old School meets High Tech. Radon’s bike developer and visionary Bodo Probst lays out his newest ideas on occasion of Bike Expo in Munich. Genius and insanity are not too far apart from each other!

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lifestyle. ART

Radon goes art: Slide art edition Inspired by famous artists and designers, Radon has created a new art edition in this season. The bikes will be presented during a touring exhibition in museums and galleries. Have a first peak at our art bikes on our website | 9

lifestyle. TRAVEL

Places to


– where to go

don‘t know, we don‘t need, away with it) – accept fate and move on “wat wellste maache” (what can you do?) – take care of your health “mach et jot, ävver net ze off” (enjoy and don‘t exaggerate) – keep asking the universal question “Wat soll dä Quatsch” (what‘s all the fuss about?) – return the kindness – “drink doch ene met” (Come on, have a drink).

Cologne: : A visit to “Schmitzebud” without communication problems “De Schmitzebud” is the Mekka for cyclists in Cologne. It was founded in 1898 as a kiosk and is located near the rail station Königsforst. It’s a popular local meeting spot to “schwaad” (have a chat), show off “de Collnagio un de Eddy Märxxx”, enjoy “a lecker Kölsch” (typical beer in Cologne) and “ne Frikadell“ (German meat ball). “Suffe, laache, Blödsinn maache” (drink, laugh and fool around), as they say in Cologne. Here the visitor will find examples of the typical lifestyle and attitudes in Cologne. – Accept it or forget it “et es, wie et es” (it goes like it goes) – don’t worry about the future “et kütt, wie et kütt“ (whatever will be will be) – learn from the past “et es noch immer jot jejange” (it’s always worked out) - don’t shed tears over past things – “wat fott es, es fott” (don’t cry over spilt milk) – be open to what’s new “Nix bliev, wie et wor” (Nothing stays the same) – don’t believe in everything that’s new “kenne mer net, bruche mer net, fott domet” (what we 10 |

Ibiza: Nassau Chill & relax in

Beach tion

an exotic loca

out a visit to a is perfect with No day on Ibiz re to book your Club. But be su g with two Nassau Beach ar advance. St tin in s er in cl re h beac ach is filled ternoon, the be af e th in k oc cl o’ s, first with of the hottest DJ eable with the sounds da e nc then with mor chill-out tunes, see one or the to be surprised ’t on D s. ve oo gr your way – or model walk other celebrity e-catchers! to be some ey there are going gne sangria – m ended: Cha pa m m d co re y hl Hig ings get spoile ve! In the even . a true must ha food Asian comfort with sushi and om .c ub cl ch ea www.nassaub

lifestyle. Travel

Goodwood: Revival Time is standing still. In 1965, the race circuit on the former military airport was shut down after the accident of Stirling Moss. Reason enough for an annual revival. “VIPs” will be sent invitations, the “hip” just get there and party. Dress code. Outfit or race suit. Age limit up to 65 years. Race, cars, ladies and style. From Austin Power to Mr. Bean.

Cape Town: Lions Head under the full moon

What’s described here is a walk to the top of Lion‘s Head during full moon. This great hike offers a fantastic view over the entire city and has become a firm part of the local culture. So it shouldn’t surprise that many people climb up to the summit during the early afternoon to enjoy the sunset before the moon rises on the other side of town. Just a little hint: Why not climb up Lion’s Head on the day before or after the full moon night. It will be less crowded then and the view over the city is just as stunning. After all: who will make out the difference to the full moon! Indulge in a wonderful evening and enjoy the spectacular view over the city and the sea!

London: Harrod‘s Al Fayed rece ntly sold Harro d’s for 1.5 billion poun ds sterling into the hands of Katar. God save the Que en. She probably won’t be able to sleep. On six levels, the store offers style, fa shion, food and lots more. Highly recom mended: the mega food store and snack ba rs that offer everythi ng from sea food up to Japanese food, barb ecues and oysters. www.harrods .com

Rome: Four hours on a scooter

posIf you want to get out as much as ist tour of list sible of the never ending rs. you be ld cou this e, attractions in Rom the on seen be not ht mig n Sofia Lore ter Sozius, but nothing lives up to a scoo of ets stre ow ride through the narr Rome. Tours start from € 99. | 11


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should be marked on your calendar to explore, touch and test ride our RADON line up for

SYMPATEX BIKE Festival Garda Trentino 28.04.2012 - 01.05.2012 IXS Dirtmasters Winterberg 17. - 20.05.2012 SYMPATEX BIKE Festival Willingen Termin steht noch nicht fest SOMMERFEST Bonn - Siemensstraße 1 Termin steht noch nicht fest

2012. Our staff, team racers and bike developer Bodo Probst will be pleased to answer all your questions, talk shop and assist you with all adjustments before your test ride. PURE PASSION 2012.

Bike ISPO München 16. - 19.8.2012 EuroBike Friedrichshafen 29.8. - 1.9.2012 OKTOBERFEST Bonn - Siemensstraße 1 5. + 6.10.2012

Date to be announced. Please check our website for dates and announcements: | 13

Location: Greenland


14 | Radon MTB. Hardtail




29er SERIES Lighter – faster – better That’s our 29er. Obstacles handled effortlessly. Enhanced riding comfort, higher traction and faster due to larger size. Better control… What more can you ask for? Radon’s 29er series has set a new standard: Organic frame, Flexstays, cables tucked away inside the frame, Shimano’s Direct Mount … Still got questions? Come in and try it out!

ZR Team SERIES Comfort – touring – sensible Radon’s bestseller with enhanced touring geometry. Continuous improvements over the last five years. Test wins en masse. The ideal all-round MTB. For 2012, the series has been equipped with a full set of new anniversary features: Yet better, lighter and more beautiful. With the latest and complete XT group, the ZR 7.0 is a real eye-catcher.

16 | Radon MTB. Hardtail


ZR RACE SERIES Sporty – light – sophisticated The ideal road machine. Sporty hydro forming frame, cables tucked away inside the frame, a combat weight of 1,500 g, lots of stiffness, Radon’s Octagon lower tube. Stiff but thin seat stays combined with a 27.2mm seat post lead to tons of comfort and fun. The bar is set high... but we jump over it! | 17


18 | Radon MTB. Hardtail


BLACK SIN SERIES Perfect – beautiful – a sin The hardtail for ambitious cross country racers. Highest stiffness thanks to a new carbon structure. The 1,000g frame leaves nothing to be desired. Radon’s Black Sin is available in different colours, including in black, of course. Too beautiful for others to ride: a pure sin. | 19


ZR LADY SERIES Ergonomic – stylish – smooth Bikes that fit like a glove. Radon’s Lady Series is the result of a team up between bike developer Bodo Probst and Anne Jensen. The bikes come with high-end features, a frame geometry designed to perfectly fit the female body and a set of ergonomic component parts. Hop on, get going and feel awesome. Haute Couture for women with style.

20 | Radon Mountain Bikes


Location: Greenland

MTB. Fully

22 | Radon MTB. Fully




SKEEN SERIES Sharp – sharper – cutting edge The CC weapon without license. A hardtail with dampers. Traction, traction and more traction. Almost no performance losses. Powerful and responsive suspension system. The fastest bike on earth from 2009 made once more faster 2011.

24 | Radon MTB. Fully

FULL SUSPENSION SLIDE AM SERIES Good – better – Slide This should be the new superlative of “good”. The perfect all-mountain MTB featuring 140mm fork travel. When you are tiring out, the Slide will only just get started. Test winner in BIKE and MOUNTAINBIKE 2011. Solid competition bike with all-round qualities.

STAGE SERIES Not white – not black – not grey The classical marathon and touring full suspension bike. Not a single weak point. The Stage is free of performance losses, a real gateway drug for downhill rides and tireless companion on extensive tours. | 25


SKEEN CARBON SERIES Sharp – sharper – cut loose Our Skeen taken another step further. The incredible design of the carbon frame achieves enhanced performance values. “If you don’t come in first, it’s really your own fault.” In 2012, the Skeen is available in different colours, including in black, of course.

26 | Radon MTB. Full suspension


Andreas Sieber Team r ider Radon Factor y DH

POWER BREATHING THROUGH PURE ADRENALINE FULL SPEED DOWNHILL MY MISSION Andi Sieber, one of Germany’s most successful downhill riders, has been welcomed in our Radon Factory DH Team. In the first race, Andy already made a sensational start. During the German Championship 2010 he stood in second position on the winner‘s podium. With Andi, Radon’s bike developer Bodo Probst now has an ideal partner to test the latest ideas offroad and right on the track. As one of today’s top athletes, Andi will be able to contribute valuable experience to the further development of our all-mountain, enduro and downhill bike series. The team-up has led to the idea of designing a new Radon DH frame, which was already tested in form of a prototype. 28 |

FULL SUSPENSION SLIDE ED SERIES Slide – more Slide – Slide 160 The SLIDE 140 with additional fork travel. Enhanced enduro characteristics and still awesome uphill. Top-test results and a loyal fan community.

DH SERIES More – and more – and more! That’s the simple DH maxim for fork travel. The objective: Getting downhill as fast as possible while trying to stay in the saddle. Together with German Vice Champion Andi Sieber, Radon’s bike developer Bodo Probst had the idea for this jewel of a bike. Well, perhaps jewel is not really the right word for such a beast. | 29


inspired by Anne Jensen

See page 40

30 | Radon MTB. Lady Full suspension

LADY FULL SUSPENSION STAGE DIVa SERIES Fear – lends – wings The Diva will take away your fear and lend you wings. Anne Jensen’s idea to design a full suspension bike tailored to the needs of lady bikers had already been successful in 2010. More comfortable than a hardtail, all-rounder characteristics, stress-free, light – and thanks to our designers: a true eye-catcher. | 31


Location: Greenland

32 |



Required tools: Suspension pump and folding rule

34 | Radon Tech

The Radon SLIDE AM 9.0 is an allmountain MTB par excellence. 140 mm smoothest rear dampening, 150mm or 120mm of fork travel optional. No reason to get nervous on the bike with these dampers carrying you. Together with the experts of FOX Racing Shox, we will show you how to adjust this trail machine perfectly to your needs on the track.

ADJUSTING AN ALL MOUNTAIN MTB – RADON SLIDE AM 9.0 When adjusting a full suspension MTB, the first step is normally to check for the proper amount of sag. Even though “sag” may at first sound somewhat “saggy”, it leads to quite the opposite effect on the bike: enhanced traction and better control. The right amount of sag is crucial, as without it, the front wheel would take you from one bump to the next hanging in the air rather than on the trail. Proper sag adjustment enables the front or rear end to absorb shocks and impacts. It keeps the rider always planted to the ground with maximum control. Ideally, the adjustment should be carried out with a friend, as shown in the picture. The rider should be seated on the bike in the normal riding position. Here a little assistance with the setting is a very useful thing to keep the bike from tipping over.


Step 1: The status quo To start, the rider should get on the bike while the other person keeps him from tipping over. Next, the rider should push down the fork by shifting his weight forward. Once the suspension has unloaded, the rider returns into his normal seating position – in the case of an allmountain MTB such as the Radon Slide AM 9.0, this will be in the saddle.

TIP: When adjusting the sag, the rider should be dressed the way he will be on the trail, i.e. with a filled backpack bottle or other equipment. | 35


Step 2: Pushing up the O- rings To carry out the next step, the rider should be in a quiet seating position on the bike while the second person pushes up the O-rings at the front fork and the rear dampers towards the main seal. The rings will later be used to measure the sag.

Step 3: Getting off the bike Next, the rider should get off the bike without provoking bobbing. This will make the fork elements top out into their original position with maximum travel. The two O-rings will have remained at the exact position where they were pushed – et voilà: You are now ready to measure the sag.

Step 4: Measuring and calculating The distance between O-ring and main seal lets you measure the sag. In the case of an all-mountain MTP such as the Slide AM, the amount should be 20 % of the maximum fork travel – in our case, it will be 30mm. On the rear end of an allmountain MTB, the sag should be about 25 % of the suspension. The travel of the FOX air damper featured in the Slide AM arrives at 57mm, which means the sag should be 25 % or 14 to 15mm.

Step 5: Adjusting the stiffness If these values are not reached either because of too much or too little sag, the stiffness of the spring or compression of the fork has to be adjusted. This is best achieved by increasing or decreasing

36 | Radon Tech

the internal fork pressure in small 10-PSI steps. The previous steps 1 to 3 should be repeated after each adjustment until the desired amount of sag at the front and the rear end has been achieved.

rear end. The settings can slightly vary depending on the individual riding style. But it should not differ too much in order to keep the suspension system balanced.

Step 6: Now, the dampers With FOX forks, the rebound or the speed of the shocks always has the colour red. After a strong load, the fork should not get off the ground but be speedy enough to maintain traction. To achieve this, the red knob at the lower part has to be turned towards the plus sign and the handlebars pushed down. Now the fork will slowly relax. The knob should now be turned towards the minus sign until the fork relaxes quicker without losing ground contact. As soon as an ideal balance is found, the release speed of the air damper can now be adjusted by means of the other red knob. Ideally, the MTB should have the same amount of rebound damping at the front and the

Tuning TIP: ProPedal adjust The FOX FLOAT RP23 damper of the RADON SLIDE AM 9.0 also lets you adjust the threshold for pedal induced bobbing or in the terminology of FOX: the ProPedal. The ProPedal is activated by turning the blue lever into the direction of the valve. Carefully lift the blue knob with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 printed on and then turn it. 3 indicates the maximum and 1 the minimum threshold. Using this feature is quite straightforward: We start with 1 and try out whether the suspension system continues to bob while pedaling with ProPedal activated. If it does, we switch to 2 and try again. If the suspension still shows unwanted pedal induced bobbing, the blue knob should be set to 3. Don’t worry though: As soon as the lever is relieved and the ProPedal deactivated, the SLIDE AM will again be smooth and responsive to bumps and impacts. | 37

Lifestyle. Solution

Styled to ride. Built to move.


38 | Radon Solution

made by ken barrowÂŽ

The mundane world of urban bikes has been lacking style – until now. Follow us into the colourful world of design bikes. SOLUTION combines fashion, style and function in a unique manner. By the way: Style does not have to be expensive. | 39

LIFESTYLE. Radon Face 2011

WOMANIZER Radon presents its new lady line-up: The new series was developed by Bodo Probst and Anne Jensen. Born in Denmark, Anne works as a fitness coach and sports expert. She has been responsible for our new lady bikes series 2011. “Form follows function” – in line with the Scandinavian design motto. Ergonomically shaped frame geometry, carefully selected component parts that perfectly fit the female body, light, fast and with great handling.

40 | Radon Face 2011

Anne’s motto: I enjoy life outside and everything that has to do with sports and outdoor activities. I love my life in Munich. It keeps me close to the mountains and lets me take my racing bike and MTB on tours where I can enjoy a bath in the mountain lakes after a wonderful ride out. These things make me feel alive. Anne’s life: A healthy life-style is vital to me. I pay a lot of attention to a healthy diet, lots of sports and sufficient rests after long training units. That way, I have kept healthy over the past years and felt vivid and strong. In Munich, I never take my car, as the streets are already covered with too much pollution. Instead, I take out my city bike for all the things I need to do downtown or when shopping, when I ride to the beer gardens or to meet with friends and a lot more. It’s fun to be riding the bike, it gives you lots of fresh air and I never have to find parking spots. Anne’s day: For me a perfect day starts with me getting up early, enjoying a healthy breakfast and then meeting with my friends. From there, we may take our bikes into the mountains where we talk about the latest news. While we are out there, we may have a cappuccino and take a dip in one of the blue mountain lakes, have lunch in the beer gardens and Italian ice-cream later on the way home. My perfect day ends with a good night’s sleep and the feeling that there are already new and exciting tasks waiting for me the next day.

Name Anne Jensen Origin Mother from Greenland, father from Denmark, raised in Greenland and Denmark Age 32 Profession Sports and fashion model, stylist, media designer Place of residence Munich, over the last 10 years Hobbies Road bikes and MTBs, city biking, beer gardens, swimming, running, hiking, wind surfing, skiing, inline skating, travelling, being outdoors | 41

Location: Lanzarote


42 |



INSIDE Before mass production, all RADON bikes are thoroughly tested by Velotech in Schweinfurt. We at OVERSIZED would like to give you a little insight: Velotech was founded in 1991 by Ernst Brust in Schweinfurt. Ernst Brust was also the one who initiated the swearing-in ceremony as official expert for damage and evaluation of bicycles at the regional chambers of commerce in Germany in 1990. His company tests bicycles and offers consulting services according to the latest standards to improve the safety of our customers.

The testing machine for handlebars and front units has been called “Bigbull� (co-phase and anti-phase impact from different angles).

All bikes are tested according to the latest safety standards and regulations of the certification program DIN plus of the DIN Certco GmbH in Berlin and according to latest safety results and testings.

Ernst Brust, CEO of GmbH, with Bodo Probst.

44 | Radon Inside

Radon DH-factory rider Andreas Sieber wins Milka Wheels of Speed 2011

The tensile tester measures the fork travel relative to the load on the rear end. The results of both curves are analyzed.

Roller test benches are also called “rolling streets”.

The complete bike has to undergo dynamic tests.

Shortly before the official end of the 14th Sympatex BIKE Festivals Willingen powered by Nissan, the downhill race Milka Wheels of Speed powered by Shimano got once more very exciting. Nine women and 41 men fought for the win and the prize-money. For the male riders, the final moments were dramatic. During a long time, the race had been dominated by the Dane Mads Weidemann with a time of 1:56.20 minutes. But some riders had kept their reserves until the end, and the last starter finally was also the fastest: Andreas Sieber, also fastest during the qualification run, sped down Ettelsberg in 1:54.30 minutes and demonstrated that he was in perfect shape. With his excellent performance during Milka Wheels of Speed powered by Shimano 2011, Andreas is now prepared to kick competitor Marcus Klausmann from his throne during the German Downhill Championship. Editor’s note: Unfortunately, Andi Sieber suffered a broken bone in his foot during the training runs and was unable to compete at the German Downhill Championships. After the race Sieber commented positively about the event‘s great organization and the excellent condition of the track. Antje Kramer also had reason to smile. “I am very happy and it was a great weekend in Willingen for me!”, said the Champion |2011. 45

46 |



Location: Kameha Grand, Bonn | 47

Location: Poppelsdorf, Bonn


48 | Radon Trekking




SUNSET SERIES From “dusk till dawn” should rather be from “dawn till dusk”. Hopping on the bike at dawn, riding and loving every moment of it till dusk. This is what makes this ultimate high-end trekking bike stand out. Bodo Probst used all of his experience from the design of the ZR Race series frame for the development of the Sunset. The frame is very organic and equipped with the latest technical features, elegant and enormously stiff for perfect comfort. In the words of the trade press: Outstanding. And the competition is wide awake!

50 | Radon Trekking

TREKKING TCS SERIES Excellent – superior – outstanding No other trekking bike has been as convincing to the test riders as Radon’s TCS 9.0. In 2012, the TCS keeps going in the fast lane with its special touring geometry, the adjusted features and an eye-catching design. The TCS leaves nothing to be desired: stiff, comfy, fast, easy to handle and highly functional. Your companion for endless and stress-free hours on the bike: downtown, on your way to work or during extensive tours.

TLS SERIES Powerful – solid – elegant The TLS line-up is the racy brother of the TCS. A comfortable rigid fork replaces the suspension and leads to tons of boost. The geometry is slightly speedier than for the TCS. In addition, the list of components makes the TLS also lighter. Racy on the one hand – comfort on the other. Choose your weapon. | 51


SKILL SERIES Strong – stronger – strongest To end with the superlative, the choice should be a Skill. Radon’s new Skill derives its name from a bundle of talents and features. A racer with comfortable touring geometry. A bike that allows for no excuses: Highest comfort for your back. No apologies: Made for every kind of weather. Nothing to be said in defense: Excellent price-performance.

52 | Radon Trekking

FITNESS >> CROSS SCART SERIES Trekking without trekking The trekking bike with airs and graces. Does it all and more. Comfortable 28er bike for fast cruising speeds. Robust frame, touring geometry, at home everywhere in the world. | 53


54 |


Location: Poppelsdorf, Bonn | 55



TLS E-MOTION SERIES Doubting – riding – smiling Hop on, get going, smile, you won’t want to let go. The new addiction. Torque. Mountain goat. The all-rounder, the car alternative, the trend setter. Highly recommended: test ride!

56 | Radon Trekking


KIDS Rookie SERIES Cheeky – cool – hip Kids bikes deserve our particular attention. Today’s kids are tomorrow’s customers. Frames identical to the ZR Team series in sizes of 24“ and 26“, an eye-catching design, high-end features that lead to lots of fun on the bike and a comfortable feeling for the parents. Rock solid bike line-up, durable, sophisticated and safe. | 57

Location: Lanzarote, Spain


58 | Radon Road


ROAD | 59


R1 SERIES Responsive – modern – sophisticated The essence of what a modern road bike should be. High-end frame, BUDGET price. Flexstays, tapered headset and PressFit inner bearings. Stiff, light, beautiful, sophisticated, noble and … affordable.

60 | Radon Road


RX SERIES Stiff – stiffer – pure delight What sounds impossible at first is possible. HIGH END in its purest form. The new organic square frame with cables tucked away inside, super thin seat stays, 27.2mm seat post, Press-Fit inner bearings and a comfortable fork leaves no wish unfulfilled. New in 2012 | 61


Location: Bad Tรถlz

62 | Radon Road


SPIRE SERIES Wish – fulfill – enjoy This should be the order when buying a Spire. High-end carbon frame with a combat weight of only 6.8 Kg in the Spire 8.0 version for € 2,699. The UCI technical weight for competition bikes. Tour and Giro will turn pale. | 63



Location: Costa Smeralda, Sardinia

64 | | 65




For many years, Radon has maintained a fruitful cooperation with GmbH for the safety and quality assessment of all of its products. Key objective is to assess the safety of certified products on a transparent and reliable basis. To achieve this, velotech assesses and categorizes each new product before it enters the lab. Taken as a background is the promises of the manufacturer and what can be expected by the customers. In a next step, the testers define individual testing criteria. The tests are carried out in a number of different steps and the results are then compared to our targets values. The market, the technological state-of-the-art and challenges in the sector are all taken into account. A broad range of contacts provides orientation in the changing market environment. The development of modern testing methods by velotech provides a competitive edge. That lead is used by us. GmbH is a service company whose performance is valued by

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a broad range of companies in the bike industry. Many of these companies are competitors on the marketplace. Even though it may not be easy in each case, velotech always remains strictly neutral and prevents knowledge transfer between the competitors. For this reason, velotech does not develop own products or support the development of product by the manufacturers. Safety tests during the individual stages of the product development are allowed – but that’s where it ends. Not even user information may be collected! Competent, trustworthy and independent. The right partner when it comes to the safety and quality assessment of products made by Radon.



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“Radon has been selling its bikes directly from store for over 18 years. Not without a reason: Our team of bike professionals – almost all of them passionate riders – is looking forward to helping you make the right choice. Buying a bike at Radon is convenient and without risk. Within the scope of the legal requirements, our customers benefit from a 14 days right of return. This means that you can always take your time, convince yourself and look into it with more detail than in any other store. An easy method of ordering, professional service and a fast dispatch = “Bikes by Click!”

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