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9 to 36 kg from approx. 9 months to approx. 12 years

Travelling by car in a kiddy car seat always means travelling first class! Stiftung Warentest tested the kiddy comfort pro in 2008 and has confirmed that the kiddy comfort pro was rated grade 2.1 in its group. It was only in 2010 that another car seat took its crown, and that was the kiddy comfort pro‘s successor – the kiddy guardian pro which achieved grade 2.0.

Produktmerkmale kiddy original impact shield Nobody can really wrap their children in cotton wool but when it comes to safety in the car you can get it very near indeed. In the case of an accident, the upper body of the child is gently but effectively protected thanks to the kiddy original impact shield. The forces acting on the child in a collision from the front are dispersed and the risk of serious neck injuries is significantly reduced. Together with the innovative and intelligent side impact protection system the child is buffered all round. Maximum safety can save lives!

Ideal for feeling good


approx. 7 kg

dimensions (HxWxD) 61,5 x 43,5 x 46 cm maximum 81 x 53 x 52,5 cm one-hand adjustment of headrest 4 and shoulderrests in height and width extendable and elevated leg support



(see backside)


microvelours / thermotex micropeach / thermotex

Safety before comfort? With kiddy both is possible! In summer it is often too hot and in winter too cold. When adults are still waiting patiently for better weather, the kids are already protesting. kiddy has thought carefully about this and so the kiddy comfort pro has not only been upholstered very comfortably, but it has also been equipped with breathable thermotex material. Whether it is hot or cold, in the pleasantly tempered kiddy seat the children will be in a good mood. Should the children fall asleep, it’s no problem since the kiddy guardian pro has an extendable and elevated leg support and an adjustable reclining position. Whether awake or asleep a kiddy seat is ideal for feeling good!

For mums, dads and grandparents kiddy‘s values are embodied in the slogan ‚one for all‘. As this suggests the kiddy comfort pro offers a highly adaptable, great value design that can be used with a child as they grow. Within seconds kiddy car seats can be fitted correctly in the car easily and with minimum exertion thanks to their light weight. Even adjusting the height and width is child’s play. With only one hand the kiddy seat is in the optimum position for the child. Whether he or she is going for an ice-cream with Grandma and Grandpa or on a shopping trip with Mum. The kiddy comfort pro is the ideal partner for fun and spontaneity!

You can be the best driver in the world – but an accident can happen to anyone! To guarantee the best possible protection for children in case of an accident, kiddy has been developing child safety seats for more than 30 years. kiddy child safety seats offer the highest possible safety in accordance with the latest global techno­ logy standards. It is kiddy’s utmost aim that all children will always arrive safe and comfortable.

Jan-Stefan Würstl kiddy managing partner

9 to 36 kg from approx. 9 months to approx. 12 years


more Comfortable lateral headrest Prevents the head tilting to the side without affecting the view.

Convenient shoulder rests Put the upper body into the correct position.

One-hand adjustment of headrest and shoulderrests

Make travelling by car more enjoyable for all passengers. With the kiddy accessories to help keep seats clean and the child amused travelling by car will always be comfortable and pleasant. 1





Easy and quick into the best and safest seating position.

Innovative shock absorbing materials in the head and shoulder area. Guarantee the best possible side impact protection.

Integrated seat belt guide ensures a perfect fitting since the course of the belt “grows” in accordance with your child.

Adjustable reclining position makes travelling even more comfortable (for use until 18 kg).

Extendable and elevated leg support Avoids slipping through (anti-submarine effect).

Resilient fabric seat cover easy to remove and machine washable at 30° C.

Adjustable seat height The foldable kiddy seat cushion enables the ideal seating position for the child.

1) kiddy b-cool The summer cover avoids a heat accumulation on the kiddy car seat. It is made up of the natural fibre ,,tencel” that helps preventing from a water film advantaging the generation of germs. The cover is thus hypoallergenic and antiseptic and therefore most suitable for the sensitive skin of children. Available for: kiddy infinity pro, kiddy comfort pro, kiddy discovery pro and kiddy guardian pro. Art.-Nr. 41 604 BC 000 2) kiddy clima Seat heating and cooling air circulation in one! Because of a strong layer consisting of 95% air, the summer surface provides an optimal compensation in terms of temperature. In the cold winter time, you simply turn the kiddy clima over and your child sits on a comfortably heated surface. By plugging the connector into the car cigarette lighter, you warm up the kiddy clima to a maximum of 32° C. Fits all infant carriers and child seats. Art.-Nr. 41 610 CI 025 3) Ravensburger bear book The fluffy bear‘s head is an invitation to have a look inside. Here you will find exciting designs that make short and long trips funny! Suitable for all impact shield car seat models which are fitted with poppers: kiddy infinity pro, kiddy comfort pro, kiddy guardian pro and kiddy energy pro. Art.-Nr. 41 606 BB 000 4) kiddy aqua paint Painting has never been easier and more pleasant than with the kiddy aqua paint. With the water pen even the little ones can start drawing without getting dirty. The painting surface can easily be fixed and removed on the original impact shield thanks to press studs. Suitable for all impact shields which are fitted with poppers: kiddy infinity pro, kiddy comfort pro, kiddy guardian pro and kiddy energy pro. Art.-Nr. 41 611 AP 000 5) kiddy protection cover Protects your car seats against dirt when it rains. Suitable for nearly all vehicles with headrests on the front seats. Art.-Nr. 41 607 00 000

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* Replacement cover available


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Kids drive first class with a children car seat by kiddy. Stiftung Warentest (the well-respected German independent consumer organisation) v...