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by Andy Cross

Porter snags a salmon from a friendly fisherman in Kodiak, Alaska.



rom the Salish Sea north to Alaska, down to California and now in Mexico, our family has been continually humbled by the generosity and hospitality of others. We have been graciously taken in, given thoughtful gifts, and nourished by more meals than we can count, none of which we’ll ever forget. Reflecting on years and thousands of miles of cruising, we are immensely grateful for all those we’ve met along the way. And we recognize, now more than ever, how important these connections to other people and communities have been. Seeing examples of selflessness and generosity throughout society as Covid-19 gripped the world has reminded me of the gifts—tangible and otherwise—given to our family by the special people we, as cruisers, have had the good fortune to encounter on such a regular basis. It’s an uplifting feeling to think back on all those blink-of-an-eye moments when strangers instantly became friends.


I hold out hope that we can soon give our customary thank you and goodbye hugs again, but I am certain that the world doesn't have to return to “normal” for us to find ways to offer and receive such kindness. In that positive light inspired by those who are helping and giving so much in these uncertain times, here are a few stories from our adventures about those who have shared so much with us. A DREAMCATCHER GIFT IN GIG HARBOR Anchored in the tranquil waters of Gig Harbor, the sun was about to set on another beautiful Pacific Northwest summer day. Sitting in the cockpit, I held our oldest son, Porter, who was just a few months old, and watched the goings on of other boats around the bay. A few boat lengths west of us, I noticed our neighbor climb into her rowing dinghy with something in hand and, to my surprise, start rowing towards Yahtzee.


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