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Shuttle S

Biz multi-gear ¦ Industrial design

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Breathing filter ¦ Industrial design

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Unlimited field camera ¦ Industrial design

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Techie s badge ¦ Industrial design

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E-Bike range extender ¦ Industrial design

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Mobile protective suit ¦ Industrial design

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Beckup power solution ¦ Industrial design

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Custom identity definition ¦ CI / Web design

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Jot Tote

Process achieving ¦ Mechanical engineering

Deloon Gao ¦

Experience 2014 - Present

Senior Industrial Designer Simplo Technology Co., LTD.

Product design ¦ Communication design ¦ Web design ¦ Marketing research Competitor analysis ¦ 3D modeling ¦ UX definition ¦ Branding strategy Corporation website design ¦ Corporation briefing format ¦ Product video

2011 - 2014

Senior Product Design Engineer Wiseways ¦ WAYS Technical Co., LTD.

Product design ¦ Mechanical design ¦ 3D modeling Brainstorming ¦ CAD drawing management ¦ Prototype mockup Production import ¦ Vendor management

¦ Curriculum Vitae

2008 - 2011


Mechanical Engineer Inventec Corporation

Mechanical design ¦ 3D modeling ¦ Prototype mockup Innovation structure creation ¦ Production import ¦ Vendor management

Awards 2016

iF Design Award 2016

Shuttle S™

iF Design Award 2016 BRiGHTiME™

iF Design Award 2016 ENAPOT™ 2015

iF Design Award 2015


Patents 2018

Lens sliding fixture


Wise amount thermometer


Intelligent insulation containers


Structure of protable electronic device

M558377 ¦ Issued april 11, 2018 ¦ Taiwan

CN204120996U ¦ Issued Jan 28, 2015 ¦ China

CN203538985U ¦ Issued Apr 16, 2014 ¦ China

I352894 ¦ Issued Nov 21, 2011 ¦ Taiwan

Education 2004 - 2006

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Shuttle S

¦ Shuttle S ¦ Biz multi-gear

Biz multi-gear


To ease the burden of trips for businessmen, we created a clever device that fits in any suitcase and combined the most important demands such as a power bank, laser pointer and LED flashlight. Users can switch between the functions through rotating the head with one hand and can recognize the status by simple icons, which is why the device is easy to operate. Its streamlined ergonomics make the concise handle feel comfortable and handy to the users. It only has one USB Type-C port that prevents users from misusing and creates more space to make it lighter. It was named Shuttle S™ and its design is based on elegant shapes.

I/O ports

Input / Output:

Button 01.

USB type -C

(one common port )

Battery monitor LED Flash light LED Laser pointer


•Product housing is made by aluminum sheet (black) and Plastic (red).

¦ Shuttle S ¦ Biz multi-gear

•The appearance of plastic parts are finished by matte.


•Aluminum finish includes punching, sandblasting, anodizing, laser engraving and highlight chamfering, as the schematic diagram below.

Flash light LED Plated reflector Laser pointer

A. Power bank mode

Rotate counterclockwise by 120°

B2. Presenter mode

Rotate clockwise by 120°

B1. Flashlight mode A. To switch 3 modes by Rotating the head of product directly. B. It will be stopped by hinge when rotate 120°clockwise or counterclockwise. C. There has click feelings by three stop points. (as the film below)

A. Use a 3-direction-button to collect three actions. a. Slide forward, and auto replace as finger released. b. Slide backward, and auto replace as finger released. c. Depression at original position. B. Here has an 3-direction-button model as the PDF. It s only for reference but not restrict.

Button definitions:

¦ Shuttle S ¦ Biz multi-gear

A. Power bank mode: Depression ‒ Battery monitor Slide forward ‒ no action Slide backward ‒ no action


Battery monitor LED ‒ ≧20%: light for 5 sec. <20%: flickering light for 5 sec.

B1. Flashlight mode: Depression -Continuing light mode Slide forward -Flashing light mode Slide backward -SOS light mode B2. Presenter mode: Depression -Laser pointer Slide forward -Page up Slide backward -Page down (To connect with Computers through .)

Technology Spec. Size (H x W x D):123.4 mm x 28.6 mm x 28.4 mm Weight: 80g Power bank capacity: 2500mAh /3.7V Input:5V/1.5A Output:5V/1A LED:1W Flux :20 lm Irradiation distance :< 50 m Laser : Class 2 Wavelength : 630∼680nm(Red) Wireless operating distance :about 10 m Battery time for Presenter :< 50 hr. Battery time for Flashlight :< 10 hr. Minimum guarantee battery time for Presenter :2 hr. Minimum guarantee battery time for Flashlight :25 min. Wireless : BLE 4.0 Supported operating systems :Windows Vista 、 Windows 7、Windows 8、Windows 10、Mac OS Interface : Input / Output : USB Type -C Contents: Shuttle S , USB cable, User manual


¦ Bolbitis ¦ Breathing Filter

Breathing filter


Defining the balance between hard power and soft power. Even with only plastic material appearances, it still able to create a sense of hierarchy by matte and glossy surfaces. Purify functionalist appearance and highlighting the technical advantages, to find out emotion in the geometric spirit and make trust in our stable and reliable feature. Displaying speed and quality of air through indirect lights, make user determine by more distances, and more warm feelings. The remote is fixed with the host by magnet.


¦ Bolbitis ¦ Breathing Filter

Image board analysis : •Brands by ordinary & affordable Sharp, 3M, Panasonic, etc. •Brands by Specialty & affordable Honeywell, Dyson, LG, etc. •Brands by Specialty & efficacy good Blueair, Cado, IQAir, etc. •There have few models appear in the exclusive & speciality field. Possible benchmarks : Sharp, Honeywell, Blueair….etc.

ÂŚ Bolbitis ÂŚ Breathing Filter

Extending the design principle of clarifying, and printing outlets on the back of the nameplate, keep the glossy qualia on the interface.


Bolbitis Design through human factors and ergonomics, also the remote could make people feel closer.


¦ OnReal ¦ Unlimited field camera

Unlimited field camera


In our life time, we missed many precious scenes everyday, such as children's smile, an adorable bird halts, or someone's funny expression. Most of them passed just because we don't have a right tool to keep them. OnReal is a tiny, wise and agile mobile camera that could take videos and pictures in Full-HD quality, and stream theme to cyberspace or your tablets/smart phones at the same time. it has a magnetic turntable at back side that could be easily fixed on your suit just like a delicate decorative accessory and carry it everywhere. However, keep the enjoyments just becomes so easy.

Easy, but not simple. Purely, and still been detailed

¦ OnReal ¦ Unlimited field camera

(Actual size)


It exudes noble and fashion. However, it is just a small thing.

Tech Specs Camera

8MP CMOS sensor FOV 120°, f/2.0 1080P@30FPS , 720P@30FPS Video Codec: H.264, Motion JEPG Audio Codec: PCM


Micro-SD up to 128GB


400mAh Video record time : more than 1 hr. Advanced Time-lapse : 12 hrs.


WiFi 802.11n B/G/N Stream share in VGA video file




42 x 42 x 20mm


iOS & Android


¦ OnReal ¦ Unlimited field camera


ÂŚ Timever ÂŚ Techie s badge

Techie s badge


A personal wearable device has multiple functions. It includes live cam, static electricity remover and phone-left reminder. Via using TIMEVER you can take pictures or videos easily and sharing immediately. On the other hand, you don t have to worry about clothes static problems when you were wearing it. Most importantly, you can set a limit distance through the App. it will send an alarm to remind you when your phone has been very far away from you, just like a techie s badge you can wear every day.

Timever Timever is designed about the things we do, the ways we live, and every moment we care. The best moments will never be lost and shared as real time with the cam. The question is: What exactly it looks like?

¦ Timever ¦ Techie s badge

We think about the direction of the device, it would be supposed to a Gorgeous / Glamour / High Tech and Funny stuff, more like a jewelry style, a BADGE.


After doing rough sketches for the concept, we choose to go the geometrical style, the triangle model, that reflects both technology and decorations. In spite of 3D modeling, we still have made several versions of 3D printing models to verify the actual volume and handy feeling. It is a rapid and affordable way to dig out the best solution.

We endow it grade materials, to let the camera a boutique appearance, exudes noble and fashion.


ÂŚ Basilisk ÂŚ E-Bike Range Extender

E-Bike range extender


According to the trend of 2018-modern style, streamlined and avant-garde type of integrated sense is the adjusting for bike rigid lines. to seek innovative visual experience, Chosen fusion modeling has reached the stylistic meaning of traditional and intelligent technology. By style and function, the bionic eye integrated handling, power display light and styling features.

Image board analysis: •Models in Extreme & Expensive field brand are usual designed with special design or particular materials. •Models in Mild & Expensive field are still with simple, friendlier and exquisite design. •Models in the ordinary field are not much distinguished between Extreme and Mild. The point of these models is the consumer acceptance of price advantage.

¦ Basilisk ¦ E-Bike Range Extender

Our main benchmark brands prospects to be: PEXCO, DERBY CYCLE, WINORA.



Basilisk The angle of LED lights could be easily seen by top and side views, and the location of button is very easy to operate.

ÂŚ Basilisk ÂŚ E-Bike Range Extender

In the process of modeling development, the user experience is also a very important part of attention.


Bike frames are usually a geometry object. We committed in ďŹ guring out the best balance of the scale of physical, and the style between strength and ďŹ&#x201A;owing, to make a appropriate appearance.


¦ Guardian ¦ Mobile protective suit

Mobile protective suit


Concentrate on features of the emphasis, to blend a lightweight and accurate functional style. In addition to emphasizing protection performance, the overall user experience is more worthy to pursue. Keeping the usability and fine texture in the balance of power and aesthetics on the cell phone.

¦ Guardian ¦ Mobile protective suit



Design directions: •Strong defense protection (not limited in the Alliance series). •To promote Innovation, identification and exquisiteness. •Consumer acceptable orientation. •Market target: Western preferences.

Design principles: By form: •Neutral styling of slightly protective images. •2 parts (TPU inner+ PC cover). •Avoid appearance features of specific functional orientations.

By identity: •Crater style. •Light piecing armors. •Contrast colors by PC & TPU. •Characteristic identity by back view.

Sucker cushion structure

Increase the level of design with a pattern of bubbles to add more soft and sensible ingredients to tough image.

It can increase the product's shock resistance through the sucker cushion structure in the four corners.

Guardian Expedition,

energy of perseverance and discovery. Pantone Metallic 8400 C Pantone Solid Coated 180 C


inďŹ nitely stable defense. Black metallic paint

Black TPU


caring atmosphere. Pink metallic paint Pantone Solid Coated 235 C


¦ ENAPOT ¦ Backup power solution

Backup power solution


At internet connecting, we need disconnecting protections. EANPOD™ is the world's smallest UPS with high capacity, it can give urgently power to finish your works when you meet power cut. It's suitable for family, office and gaming. The form is particular design which is similar traditional film, Retro design brings more emotions.

At internet connecting, we need disconnecting protections. EANPOD™ is the world's smallest UPS with high capacity, it can give urgently power to finish your works when you meet power cut. It's suitable for family, office and gaming. The form is particular design which is similar traditional film, Retro design brings more emotions.

¦ ENAPOT ¦ Backup power solution

Considering with firmness and practicality, using solid aluminum and clean outline. It's able to charge laptops, smartphones, and tablet PCs. The LED indicator can show you the electric status clearly,it's really desirable to daily use.



¦ hyphens ¦ Custom identity definition

Custom identity definition


Due to the resources in Simplo Technology, hyphens stands for multi-business services in one-stop from brand identity, design integration to development and production processes. We design the CIS for the integration of business, rationality and the attitude of objective, never stop the creation of the best strategy and solutions for project models.

hyphens, the sign (-) used to join words to indicate that they have a combined meaning or that they are linked in the grammar of a sentence. It is the meaning of connection to represent the integration firm. hyphens is always ready and opening for the different faces and parties. Logo color

¦ hyphens ¦ Custom identity definition



0 0 0 100

The style of the brand is totally simplified, cleared and definite. We aim to provide the customers our concentrate on the business without tricks, no matter which the item is.

The website is built to promote the business range, and exhibits the works that hyphens has made. We extended the simplism style on the page, spread it into 4 divides: Business, Design, Development, and Works. Every divide has its own contains. There also contains the contact ways and message board on the home page.

Jot Tote

¦ Jot Tote ¦ Process achieving

Process achieving


The Jot Tote is pretty much just a soft-touch rear-shell case for the iPad mini, along with a little sprung steel slide-out grabber which stays out of the way until you have a pen or stylus that needs holding. Clearly it s designed to be used with the Jot stylus, but as I said, as long as it s pen-shaped you should be good. Whether it's a quick note or a spur of the moment sketch, inspiration can strike anywhere. Jot Tote fits perfectly around your iPad Mini with Retina Display to make sure your Jot's with you wherever you go.

Adonit is a brand well known for its top-of-the-line stylus and replacing it with a slightly better model that'll sell at a lower price. In 2013, Adonit met us to cooperate their first accessory for the stylus, JotTote, a stylus fixable protective case for iPad mini. They have got some initial idea about the structure, and we provide professional advice to make it more practical and maturer for production.

¦ Jot Tote ¦ Process achieving

The project's cooperation is established on the basis of


continuous communication between design flexibility and professional restrictions. Inevitably there are many compromises in the process, fortunately, both Adonit and us still successfully achieve consensus. After many development processes, the product has come out successfully. It is a valuable experience for myself, that have a complete experience in several aspects from providing professional services, communicating with customers, to process the products into mass production.

In order to hold the stylus with iPad, the method has been considered in several ways, like to clamp with a elastic shrapnel, or to clamp by soft material. Finally, Adonit decided to clamp the stylus through a slide structure. As the structural decision completed, we coordination our related vendors and kick off the development. my duty is to complete the mechanical design, and keep intergration with all the component suppliers.

Adonit is very careful in appearance treatments. We have tried different methods such as texture, coating, and different materials. The focus of appearance is the metal sheet part, it is also the most concerned part of Adonit, that we once take them to our vendor s factory to pick up their favorite effect.

The most important item is the slider. Even if it has no effect to the appearance, we still put most attention on the metal sliding module, to improve the process and did complete tests to make sure its reliability.

Engineering drawing for base cover:

Material of the palstic parts: Sabic Cycoloy Resin C6200 (PC/ABS) Finish: Polish / Texture / Coating Color: Black / Blue Appearance treatment area:

Texture area

Coating area

ÂŚ Jot Tote ÂŚ Process achieving

Engineering drawing for Sheetmetal:


Material of the palstic parts: CE-2013-74298 (SUS304) Finish: Coating Color: As sample

Engineering drawing for metal slider:


Metal slider

Material for the metal slider: SGS CE-2012-C4852 (SUS304) Test results: Distance / Force Diagram:

Base cover

•The pushback force value by 15mm: 250gf ±15%. •The guaranteed affordable force by 15mm: 10kgf. Force Diagram by 12mm:

Slide cover

•The guaranteed affordable numble of actions: 12000 times. Adhisive

Sheetmetal Finally we successfully finish the mass production and bring the product to the market. The success of a project is absolutely attributed to members of different departments. Even so, as a designer I still proud of every product launched in the market, this is also the force spurs me to keep growing.

Appreciate your patience.

Deloon Gao

ÂŚ Thank you


Design portfolio by Deloon 2018  
Design portfolio by Deloon 2018