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Vibrant communities where everyone has a safe and healthy home they can afford, so that they have hope for a better future.


Homes First creates and maintains safe, healthy, affordable rental homes for those who need them most. Homes First Staff: Left to right back row: Leah Hawtin,Trudy Soucoup, Felly Giorgianni, Ronnie Stewart Left to right front row: Amy Sewell, Shayanne Grand, Marjorie Price 2 - Homes Fi r st

R EAC HI NG OUR F U LL P OTENTI A L HOMES FIRST has made tremendous progress in the past six years, ensuring people who want a home can afford one. We are proud of the work we are doing to provide scattered site homes that treat people like citizens rather than numbers on an apartment door. The growing support we receive from our community enables us to reach people who are homeless or at risk of being priced out of their home. Housing is the foundation that can change everything for people. We have a 28-year successful business model that works. While we have made great strides, the potential for greater impact is higher than ever. •

Demand continues to rise. Every month, we are contacted by dozens of people we cannot serve because our units are full.

Homes are available for purchase. Many homeowners seek us out to buy their homes because they would like to see their properties used for the affordable housing market rather than redeveloped as market rate housing. Right now, there are 10 properties available for us to purchase. If we had the funds we could keep them affordable for generations.

We are unable to take advantage of the available housing to meet the growing need. In order to purchase those homes, we need a mortgage low enough to keep our rents low along with grants, donations, and public funds to supplement the purchase and rehabilitation costs. Although individual donations continue to increase, grants and public funds are not being invested in the brick & mortar homes we need to house more people in our community.

Together we can do more. We want to serve more people and can do so with the growth of supporters who value what we do – create and maintain safe, healthy, and affordable rental homes for those who need them most. Thank you for all of your support – you are making a difference in the lives of nearly 300 people every year. We are making inroads, and we ask for your continued contributions to reach our full potential and make our region a place where everyone can live in a home that is affordable for them. - Trudy Soucoup CEO

- Russ Carstensen Board President

2017 A n n ua l I m pa c t Rep ort - 3

AC C OMPLI SHM E N TS Homes First continues to make a BIG impact in our community with our partners, donors and volunteers. We currently provide homes to more than 225 tenants in 40 scattered site properties with 94 rental units. Since 1990 over 4,500 people have been served.

While Homes First purchases and maintains the property, we partner with social service agencies to provide the appropriate services for our tenants. Through YOUR support, we are able to give those with the most need a hand up to a better life.

H E R E I S W H AT S U C C E S S L O O K S L I K E : In December 2017, Judianne and her three children moved into a Homes First home large enough to accommodate the entire family. Before that, they were living in a very small apartment.

4 - Hom es Fi r st

The youngest child, a four month old little girl, had already gone through heart and stomach surgery with additional surgeries planned for 2018. Having a safe, healthy, affordable home gives this family hope.


Instead of judging people by their past, stand by them and help them build their future. Treat them with respect and value the work it has taken for them to survive.


Show each tenant that they are valued and worthy of being treated well, regardless of their past history.


When we treat all tenants the same, they can believe that we want the best for them and understand our expectations and the outcomes. We make sure that people have privacy when they need and want it.


Life is full of choices. Some are made for us and some we make for ourselves. We encourage tenants to choose to be the creator of their own destiny, seek solutions, and take positive actions so they can find and retain a home. We work to empower people to make life sustaining choices.


Rather than being the answer to all our tenants’ needs, we seek to partner with other groups to ‘share the load’. Community partnerships include the formal and informal community connections, collaborative projects, and relationships that address tenants needs and goals.


Building ongoing long-term relationships with organizations which complement our program and meet the needs of our tenants is a powerful community development strategy. It makes a network of services to make our community stronger. 2017 A n n ua l I m pa c t Rep ort - 5

D O YO U K NOW? Homelessness has a profound impact on children’s health and education, as well as parents’ abilities to find a job and stay employed. Homeless children have twice the rate of emotional and behavioral issues-including anxiety, depression, and withdrawal. Families can become homeless for many reasons. Today’s economy

means that more families are unemployed, are earning lower wages, or have lost a home to foreclosure. Other factors such as domestic violence, medical crisis, and mental health or addiction, make families vulnerable. Even in the best economic times, affordable housing can be hard to find for families without skilled jobs.

The chart below indicates over 35% of students enrolled in Thurston County Schools are struggling just to have food. It takes YOU, Homes First, and everyone in the community working together to decrease homelessness – one family and one home at a time.




% of TOTAL




North Thurston






























11,658 2,802 14,460

Student Total

*Information from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction 6 - Homes Fi r st

F IN ANCI A LS An additional 29 people received clean, safe, healthy, affordable real brick and mortar rental homes in 2017.



Re nta l In D c o om na tio e Gra ns an nt d S Inc De po om v ns e e lop ors Pu er hip bli Fee s c F P ro un ds pe rty D o H E na ven tio ns t



2017 INCOME $1,367,561




Property Expenses - 33%


Operations - 8%


Property Purchases - 45%


H4H Event - 1%


Rental Income - 42%


Donations and Sponsorships - 3%


Grant Income - 7%


H4H Event - 4%

Developer Fee - 1% Public Funds - 15% Property Donations - 28%


Admin. Staff - 11% Capital Improvements - 2%







Representative only. Not audited financial statement. 2017 A n n u a l I m pa c t Rep ort - 7



Annual Pledge with Auto Monthly Pay Heroes for Housing Breakfast Check/Cash Landscape Support Online Giving Advisory Committees Legacy Giving Tabling at Events/Outreach Workplace Giving Tenant Newsletter Editor Combined Fund Drive Bequests SUPPLIES/ Memorials TOOLS In 2017, volunteers gave Stock Air Compressor 2,143 hours of service Property Air Hose Ask Us About Peer to Peer Fundraising

To Contribute: give@homesfirst.org

Chop Saw Finish Nail Gun(s) Small Table Saw Storage Sheds

CURRENT VOLUNTEERS Homes First’s volunteers are one of our most important resources. The ability of people to give their time for the betterment of their community and their neighbors is valuable support we can’t do without. Want to join our team? volunteer@homesfirst.org

Thank you to our volunteers: Hiroshi Asana Loretta Clark

Heritage Bank Employees

Labor & Industries Employees

Valerie Gerst

Sandy Hokanson

Kim Sophorn Song

YiCheng Gu

JBLM 627th Air Base Unit

Thurston County District Court Employees

Seldon Hall Cheryl Hanks

Keller Williams Red Day Group

Peter Heide

Sue Komorowski

8 - Hom es Fi r st

WSECU Employees

“Volunteering at Homes First is a very satisfying way to support the amazing efforts of the Homes First staff to provide housing for families and people who otherwise might be on the streets. I am retired from my profession and now can share my time and talents. Volunteering is a way to give back. It is fun and involves a variety of activities!� - Cheryl H. Photo: Keller Williams Group 2017 A n n ua l I m pa c t Rep ort - 9

D ONORS With much gratitude we want to give a heart-felt thanks for your support: Virginia Adams

Thomas Bauman

Kerri Ann Buechler

Mark & Melanie Allen

Lois Beck

Derek Bumrungsiri

Liz Minnich Anderson

Linden Bentley

Katherine Burkhuch

Pam Arledge

Anchana & Mark Bergeson

Mary Jo & Henry Burns

Patricia Bergman

Bruce Byles

Dawn Baker Lindsey Bamba Andrew Barkis Peggy Barnes Trudy & Ron Bartels James Bauman

Bud Blake Tim Braniff Marny Bright

Mary Butler Michael Cade Harold & Dorrie Carr

Beth & Matt Brown

Russ & Arlene Carstensen

Stephany Brown

Frances Munez Carter Ramiro Chavez Josh Christensen Loretta Clark Cece Clynch Diana Cockrell Nancy Connery Nita Cook Bruce & Carol Cooper Marcia Coppiu Bonnie Costa Carolyn Cox Todd Currier Clydia Cuykendal Leatta Dahlhoff Cameron Daniels Tina Davis Mary DeForrest Mitch Dietz

Rae Anne Toth - aka Wonder Woman 1 0 - Homes Fi r st

Beth Doglio

Dan Donahue Lorena Eaton Gary Edwards Jeff Engle Linda Eschels Spitzer Family Mary Farrell

“ I support Homes First because they bring the missing link to affordable housing in our community. They have allowed families and people with specific needs to have a safe place to call home.� - Christina Janis

Susan Faubion Jennifer Ferguson Jake Fey Ann Flannigan Lisa Fleming Don Foran

Cheryl Hanks & Seldon Hall

Ronelle Funk

Ron Hanson

Mark Furman

Matt Hargrave

Ed Galligan

Jermaine Hargrove

Paul Gamble

Brooke Anne Harris

Annie Gjertson

Derek Harris

Carol Gonzalez

Leah Hawtin

Kevin Gordham

Chris Heck

Jeannine & Ronald Granberg

Mark Hegg

Shayanne Grand Kathleen Gray Jennifer Griggs Jeannie Gruber Linda Hancock Mong Hang David Hankins

MJ Huetter Trudi Inslee Ross & Trivona Irwin Jennifer Jacobs Christina Janis Karen Janowitz Don Janssen

Sarah Hendry Tonya Hennen Matt Herinckx Virginia Hessler Maureen Hill

Jean Jensen Mavis Johnson Mark & Marie Kitabayashi Whitney Kirschner Cecily Joque

Joseph Hiss Sandy Hokanson Judith Holter

Hope Hough

Amal Joury Kavita Kamat Casey Kilborn

2017 A n n u a l I m pa c t Rep ort - 1 1

D ONORS Christina Kim

Marcy LaViollette

Chris & Chrisanne Kirchner

Patrick LaViollette

Thomas & Barbara Malone Jill Ann McCauley

Melissa Kirkeby

Susan Lawson & Bob Swanson

John McCauley

Liz Klump

Rebecca Liebman

Peter & Nancy Kmet

Flora Leisenring

Kathy & Mike McCormick

Bill Knight

Sheri LeMay

Sarah Koch

Jim & Emily Lengenfelder

Steve Koekkoek

Kristine Lensegrav

Jon Kooiker

Bron & Tuula Lindgren

Zach Kosturos

Lisa Lindsey

Anne Kunkle

Cecelia Loveless

Beth Ladner

Thomas Luetkehans

Rachel Langen Lundmark

Mary Madison

Michelle MewhinneyAngel

Anne Marie Maguire

Gudrun Meyer

Clara Lari

Yona Makowski Suzanne Malakoff

Sean McDonald Martin McElliott Bill McGregor Robert McKenzie Sullivan Racardo McLaughlin Karen Messmer

Mark & Catherine Meyers PC Mickiewicz Heather Miles Alexis Miller Nick Milner Katarzyna Mlynski Tracy Moore Allen Mountjoy-Venning Patrick Murphy Chuck Namit Sherri Nehl William & Rachel Newmann

Cheryl H., Volunteer & Donor 1 2 - Homes Fi r st

Jane Nibler-Keogh

Sharris Nicholson Timothy Nogler Jean O’Keeffe Shana Osmer Leslie Owen Sarah Owens Ken Pekola Zach Penrod Kayla Perez Janie Peters Mary Anne Pitchford Edward Pope Lisa Poundstone Kathy Powell Cynthia Pratt

Val & Gery G.

Eric Prehm Marjorie Price Cindy Ramsfield Kathy Randich Ceuson Ratliff Riley Rex Sarah Reynierse Laurie Rhyan Julie Rodwell Anita Rose Barbara Rudolph Jared Russell Graeme Sackrison Allison Savin

Vince Schueler

R. Peggy Smith

Patsy Seeley

David Snyder

Jeri Sevier

Mary Soehnlen

Amy Sewell

Trudy Lautz Soucoup

Barbara Shafer

Meripat Spalding

Marilyn Sheldon

James Stanton III

Gordon Shelton-Jenck

Hallee Starborn

Martin Shelton-Jenck

Leah Jane Starr

Collin Silvernail

Winnie Starr

Theresa Slusher

Michael Steadman

Julie Smith

Bernie Steckler

Lisa & David Smith

Charles Stewart

2017 A n n ua l I m pa c t Rep ort - 13

D ONORS Allison Walker Joan Walker Gary Warnock Brad Watkins Susan Wedgewood Geoff Wehmeyer Jane Wemp Gene West Danielle Westbrook Ryan Wheaton James Williams Stephanie Will-Schreier Josh Wilson Sue Wise Lynn Wofford Corinn Wohl Kendra Stewart

Heidi Thomsen

Ronnie Stewart

Jessica Treon

Christiane Wollaston-Joury

Ty Strange

Jon Tunheim

Lynda Lovely Wright

Ivetta Sullivan

Marilyn Turley

Deric Young

Mia Sweeney

Heidi & Tony Usibelli

Sally & Mike Young

Mary Tanasse

Karen Valenzuela

Richard Zalucha

Wendy & Curtis Tanner

Karen & Theodore Verner

Jason Zittle

Evette Temple

Meghan Vu

Philip Tenkhoff Pam Thomas Mike Thompson Steven Thompson 14 - Homes Fi r st

Every effort has been made to list everyone who has donated, sponsored, volunteered and gave in-kind. If we have missed your name or made an error, please let us know at openingdoors@homesfirst.org.

S P ON S ORS & IN- K IND DONORS Arsenal Promotions

Generations Credit Union

Rotary Club of Olympia

Cabinets by Trivonna

Greene Realty

South Sound Solar

Capital Heating & Cooling

Heritage Bank Legacy Plumbing

Capitol City Newcomers Club

Lew Rents

City Reach International

Olympia City Church

Bron’s Automotive

South Sound Bank The CoHo Team of Windermere Agents

Lucky Eagle Casino

The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound

Olympia Construction

The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepard

Olympia Federal Savings

The Cyndi Nelson Team


Olympic Appeals LLC

Dandelion Gardens

Olympic Crest Coffee Roasters

Thurston County Realtor’s Association

Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation

Earth Friendly Products (ECOS) Evergreen Christian Community Family Man Handyman First United Methodist Church

Tulalip Tribes

Pardiman Productions

TwinStar Credit Union

Port Blakely

Umpqua Bank

Providence Health & Services

United Way of Stanislaus County

Ralph’s Thriftway

WIN Home Inspections

Rodda Paint


Fred Meyer

Want to be a sponsor? Sponsor@homesfirst.org

GRAN TORS Community Investment Partnership Nisqually Indian Tribe Norcliffe Foundation Thurston Mason Behavior Health Organization

Tulalip Tribe Umpqua Bank US Bank YouthBuild/Community Youth Services

2017 A n n ua l I m pa c t Rep ort - 15

YO U HAVE THE PO WE R TO C HA NGE LI VES HOST AN OPENING DOORS PROGRAM Invite your colleagues, friends, family, neighbors, or faith group friends to a one-hour presentation of the Homes First Mission. The presentation can be held at your place of work or worship, your home, a coffee shop or restaurant or at the Homes First office.This is NOT a fundraiser and we do NOT ask for money but is our way to have the community know us better.

MEMBER OF A CLUB OR CIVIC GROUP? Connect us with them and we would be happy to speak at one of their meetings to share our mission and community impact.

C O N TA C T Marge Price to select a convenient date for you. 360.236.0920 x250 openingdoors@homesfirst.org 16 - Homes Fi r st



BREAKFAST: 7:45 a.m. PROGRAM: 8:00 - 9:00 a.m. TwinStar Conference Center at the Lacey South Puget Sound Community College Campus 4220 6th Avenue SE Lacey, WA 98503

P R E S E N T E D B Y: Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation

SPONSORS: WSECU Cabinets by Trivonna Olympia Construction



The Coho Team of Windermere Agents TwinStar Credit Union

2017 A n n ua l I m pa c t Rep ort - 17


BOARD OF DIRECTORS as of 12/31/17 Russ Carstensen, President

Rep. Andrew Barkis

Amal Joury, Vice President

Steffany Brown

Sarah Koch, Treasurer

Sarah Reynierse

Kevin Sparks, Secretary

Beth Brown Chris Lester Hallee Starborn Korey Twombly

S TA F F Trudy Soucoup, CEO Amy Sewell, Office Manager Matt Newton, Development & Asset Mngr 1 8 - Hom es Fi r st

WA Landlords Assocation

Marjorie Price, Development Director

Felly Giorgianni Jr., Maintenance Specialist

Ron Stewart, Property Manager

Shayanne Grand, Maintenance Assistant

Leah Hawtin, Navigator

S AV E T H E DAT E heroes

for housing

CELEBRATION & AWARDS NIGHT By n atio t i v in only


Invitations will be mailed by October 1st. Must RSVP – info to follow. C O N TA C T

Homes First | 5203 Lacey Blvd.SE, Ste. A, Lacey, WA 98503 360.236.0920 x250 | openingdoors@homesfirst.org 2017 A n n u a l I m pa c t Rep ort - 19

5203 Lacey Blvd. SE, Ste. A, Lacey, WA 98503

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Homes First 2017 Annual Impact Report  

HOMES FIRST has made tremendous progress in the past six years, ensuring people who want a home can afford one. We are proud of the work we...

Homes First 2017 Annual Impact Report  

HOMES FIRST has made tremendous progress in the past six years, ensuring people who want a home can afford one. We are proud of the work we...

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