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AHEAD Our distinctive range of Scooters is streets ahead of the competition. With the lowest possible running costs, minimal environmental impact and renowned reliability, they all offer a clean and convenient way of getting around. So, whether you prefer a traffic beater or an open road mile muncher, save money and time with our 0% Finance* offer now available. Go on, get ahead! Contact your nearest Honda dealer for full details.


Honda Contact Centre: 0845 200 8000 Terms and Conditions: Offer extended until 30 Sept 2009. Offer applies to PS125i/Sporty, SH125i, SH300i & FJS600 Silver Wing purchased new from an authorised Honda dealer. Indemnities may be required in certain circumstances. *0% Finance is offered over 24 months. Finance is only available to persons aged 18 or over subject to status. Credit provided by Honda Finance Europe Plc. 470 London Road, Slough, Berks SL3 8QY.


Queer As Talent launches A NEW TALENT CONTEST catering specifically for the LGBT community is to launch this autumn. Queer As Talent, which aims to find the UK’s most entertaining gay and gay-friendly people, will kick-off this October in association with 3SIXTY magazine. “Queer As Talent is a national talent quest open to all members of the LGBT community and their friends and families,” says Tony V, who’s masterminding the venture. “We’re hoping to find the best of the best in the nation and provide an opportunity

for our community to get up and be proud.” Queer As Talent is scheduled to start in October at ten major gay and gay-friendly venues around the country, taking in Brighton, Bristol, Bournemouth, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Torquay, Newcastle, Reading and possibly Scotland and Northern Ireland. It will then progress via heats to the big final to be held in London in February 2010. There will be a substantial cash prize for the winner. For more, read our feature on page 43.

newsinbrief graham norton ‘axed’ Camp funnyman Graham Norton’s BBC1 TV show is being axed. According to the Sun newspaper, the Totally Saturday show’s viewing figures have fallen from more than 4 million in June to 2.5 million in July. BBC bosses say they are keen to continue working with Norton, calling him a “fantastic host”. But Radio 1’s Chris Moyles, attacked the show, branding it “appalling”.

gay pride event cancelled

‘Bruno’ hits Buckingham Palace

A gay Pride festival in Cambridge has been cancelled due to financial problems. The Pink Festival, described as ‘a gay Pride, family day out’ was expecting more than 15,000 people to attend this August. But in a statement, organisers admitted the festival had not secured enough funding and sponsorship, and blamed the credit crunch. They hope next year’s event will go ahead as planned.

barrowman wades into debate

THE TABLOIDS ARE IN a frenzy of debate following a leaked email suggesting that HM The Queen is keen to watch gay film Bruno. The Sun reports that Universal Studios, which produced the 18-rated movie, received an official email from Buckingham Palace for a copy this week. It is thought the Royal Family are requesting a private screening of controversial feature – which follows gay journalist Bruno, played by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, as he travels around America flaunting his homosexu-

ality – at Balmoral. A source at the film company told The Sun: “We often get emails from important people requesting prints for private screenings. “But when we realised it was for the Royals there were a few chuckles. It isn’t for the faint-hearted.” Cohen, whose previous comedy creations include Kazakhstan reporter Borat and streetwise Ali G, has publicised his Bruno film by dressing up as a Buckingham Palace guard – but with an oh-so-gay twist. Although speculation is rife, no one is sure which

gay actor says ‘Jackson is better dead’ THE GAY ACTOR RUPERT Everett has said that he thinks Michael Jackson is better off dead. The outspoken celebrity told the Daily Mirror that Michael Jackson was a “freak” and that he “he looked like a character from [the film] Shrek”. Everett (pic far right) also claims that it was Jackson’s 2005 court case was the trigger that set off a chain of events that caused his demise. “He was crucified by that court case when he was accused of child molestation – that killed him,” Everett stated. “He personified the pain and anxiety of a black man in a slave country. We all watched as he changed from black to white. He was living performance art. “We’re living in very strange times. We have Michael Jackson (pic right), a black man who has gone white, and we have President Barack

Gay actor and singer John Barrowman is publicly attacking the Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael NazirAli, over anti-gay comments he made in a national newspaper. Barrowman says Dr Nazir-Ali’s views, which call on gay people to “repent and be changed” are ‘rubbish’. “Weren’t the actions of Jesus Christ supposed to be about compassion and love and understanding?” said Barrowman. “And here you have a man who is supposed to be teaching that and he is teaching bigotry.” He went on to suggest that more gay men would go to church if they weren’t faced by continuing bigotry.

payout for discrimination Two lesbians who suffered anti-gay abuse from work colleagues have won more than £20,000 in compensation. Beth Moules and Sharleen Amos, a couple that both worked as saleswomen at a westcountry-based water company, claimed unfair dismissal following comments from their workmates. In one such incident, the couple’s boss, Stephen Baker-Joy, had told them to stop complaining because “lesbians had never and would never suffer in the way that Jews had”.

help for homeless youth

Obama, who is a half white man gone black. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch.” Jackson, 50, died at his home in California in June. The cause of his death is still unclear.

A major new campaign to reduce homelessness among young LGBT people is being launched. Four leading gay charities are combining forces to launch ‘Jigsaw’ – an initiative to bring together Stonewall Housing, youth homelessness charity the Albert Kennedy Trust, the mental health organisation PACE and Galop, which supports victims of homophobic crime. “Young people who use Jigsaw gain access to a complete range of services, specially tailored to their individual needs,” said a statement.



Hate crime on increase again ANTI-GAY HATE CRIME rose by 13.5 per cent last year, according to new figures released by the Metropolitan Police. Official statistics published at the end of July reveal that homophobic hate crime in London increased to 1,123 incidents compared with 989 the previous year. ““Homophobia cannot be considered a thing of the past, it’s on the increase,” warns Acting Detective Superintendent Gerry Campbell, of the Metropolitan Police. “We retain a relentless commitment to tackling all forms of violence, homophobic and transphobic hate crime, whilst continually improving our services to victims and potential victims.” In June, Daryl Phillips, 39, a gay man, was murdered in Tottenham, north London. He had been stabbed in the leg in an apparent homophobia-motivated attack. Earlier in the year, Gerry Edwards, 59, was stabbed to death at his home in south London. In May, police launched at stinging attack on antigay hate crime in a bid to stamp out the problem. Codenamed Operation Athena, cops conducted a series of raids on homes across the capital, arresting more than one hundred suspects accused of being driven by hate to attack gay people. “[Operation Athena] sends out a clear message: violence in any form is unacceptable. We will continue to proactively identify, arrest and seek the prosecution of violent people,” says Campbell. “We now have public protection groups in every London borough, dedicated to proactively investigating a wide range of domestic violence, hate and sexual crimes perpetrated by violent and dangerous offenders.” To cope with the growing problem, the Metropolitan Police Service has recruited 215 dedicated lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender liaison officers working across all of London’s 32 boroughs advising, guiding and supporting police officers and staff in their everyday dealings with LGBT people.

torquay bar under fire A men-only bar in Torquay is under attack by the media following a complaint by a lesbian who claims she was turned away from the venue for being female. Tom’s Cruise Bar at Torquay’s Key West Hotel is being branded “disgusting” by Rebecca Hill, who says she was discriminated against by the bar owners. “I think it is disgusting that after all the strides the gay movement has made over the years there are places still discriminating,” Hill told a local newspaper. “For years gay people weren’t being accepted in society. Key West can’t say [it’s] ‘out and proud’ if it’s only for men.” The bar defended its actions, saying that as it advertises as a gay men’s resort, it has the right to offer a men-only venue.

murder appeal

POLICE MARCH IN THE LONDON PRIDE PARADE 2009 “We now have public protection groups in every London borough, dedicated to proactively investigating a wide range of domestic violence, hate and sexual crimes perpetrated by violent and dangerous offenders,” says Campbell. “We remain concerned that such crimes remain unreported, which we understand can be for a number of different reasons. However, we would like to urge any victims of such crimes to come forward and speak with us. We have access to dedicated, specialist care to support you and keep you safe. I want to personally appeal to victims to report these hurtful, sensitive and insidious crimes directly to police or through a third party or non-police reporting site.”

tories plan ‘gay pride’ party THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY HAS stunned gay activists by announcing plans for its first-ever gay Pride conference. ‘Conference Pride’ will be held at Spirit Bar on Canal Street, in the heart of Manchester’s gay village, on Tuesday 6 October. It is scheduled to go on until 3:30am. “This high profile event is expected to draw over 700 guests who’ll party the night away with surprise special guests and a senior Shadow Cabinet member speaking at the event,” said a spokesperson. According to the official Tory website, guests will glug champagne on arrival, the choice of a Pop floor or a Funky House floor, and a personal appearance by singer Angie Brown. Guests will include Stonewall chief executive Ben Summerskill, gay blogger Iain Dale and Conservative Party vice-chair and lesbian Margot James (pic right).



Police in south-east London are appealing for information after a gay man was found dead at his home. Edward Highwood, 79, was found dead at his home in Hollymount Close on Saturday 18 July. He had suffered injuries to the head. Police also said that goods had been stolen from Mr Highwood’s home, including a computer screen. “We must retain an open mind regarding any motive for the murder at this early stage,” said Steve Warrilow, acting detective inspector. “Mr Highwood was last seen alive on Friday, and we wish to hear from anyone who saw him at any time that day or the day after. “Similarly we need to hear from anyone who saw anything suspicious in the vicinity of Hollymount Close on Friday or Saturday.” Anyone who can assist should call the incident room on 020-8721 4054; if you wish to remain anonymous please call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

churches ‘cure’ gay demons A growing number of Christian churches in the UK are performing ‘exorcisms’ to ‘cure’ gay people of homosexuality. The practice was revealed after videos showing young men being put forward for the religious ceremonies appeared on the internet, prompting a police investigation. Veteran gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has hit out at the ‘exorcisms’. “There are claims that gay teenagers and young adults are being subjected to exorcisms at the insistence of their parents and pastors, in an attempt to rid them of same-sex attraction,” he wrote. “When this is done to youngsters under 18, it is a form of child abuse and the police should intervene to stop it.”

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Bringing antiques back to The Lanes


American Idolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gay protests


A notorious group of homophobic protesters are targeting live American Idol concerts because gay runner-up Adam Lambert is on the bill. The Westboro Baptist Church â&#x20AC;&#x201C; dubbed â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;the most hated family in Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x201C; are reportedly picketing gigs where the openly gay contestant will be singing. Lambert, who recently came out in Rolling Stone magazine, says he is â&#x20AC;&#x153;shrugging offâ&#x20AC;? the protests.

Gay-age concern A Swedish nursing home specifically catering for elderly gay people could become a reality if plans go ahead. Project leader Christer Fällman says his concept of a care home where LGBT people can â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;speak their own languageâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is getting support from the city of Stockholm. He says he is currently working with nursing home companies to determine the level of interest among elderly LGBT people and hopes the home will open within two years. But he stressed that although aimed at gay people, the home would be open to anyone.


Lithuania passes â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Section 28â&#x20AC;&#x2122; The Lithuanian government is introducing a law that effectively bans any gay-related information from being accessed by young people. The law, titled â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Law on the Protection of Minors against the Detrimental Effect of Public Informationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, includes â&#x20AC;&#x153;the propaganda of homosexuality [or] bisexualityâ&#x20AC;? as a detrimental factor on young people. It has been compared to Section 28, the law which prohibited discussion of homosexuality in UK schools, which was repealed after a fifteen-year battle in 2003. The UK-based gay equality organisation Stonewall called the move a â&#x20AC;&#x153;tragedyâ&#x20AC;?.

Clinton â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;pro gay marriageâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Former US president Bill Clinton has publicly said he is in favour of gay marriage. Clinton, addressing a conference in Washington DC, said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;I personally support people doing what they want to do. I think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wrong for someone to stop someone else from doing that [gay marriage].â&#x20AC;? The admission surprised many politicians, who regard Clinton as the man who brought in the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act, which in effect gives legal recognition to heterosexual couples only.

Trans womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s voodoo death An American trans woman has died after apparently taking part in a voodoo ritual. Lucille Hamilton, 21, is said to have died at a house in New Jersey after participating in a â&#x20AC;&#x153;head washingâ&#x20AC;? ritual to rid her of her â&#x20AC;&#x153;spiritual grimeâ&#x20AC;?. It is said to have involved the use of herbs and a â&#x20AC;&#x153;baptismâ&#x20AC;? ceremony. Police confirm that they were called to the house and Hamilton was pronounced dead at the scene. They are awaiting post-mortem results.

Birds of a feather Two gay male penguins have split up after becoming involved in a love triangle, reports The Metro. Harry and Pepper shared the same nest for six years and even raised an abandoned chick together. But then Harry fell for his widowed neighbour, Linda, and promptly moved in with her, leaving Pepper feeling somewhat dejected at San Francisco Zoo. Harryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s behaviour has sparked outrage on the internet and Linda was branded a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;home wreckerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. One blogger, John, writing on The Frigging Loon site, said he hoped Pepper â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;finds another male penguin ten times hotter than Harryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Curatorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s say that Lindaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s two nests made her â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;a pretty attractive prospectâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;.





Trans teen launches pop career A sixteen-year-old German trans teenager is launching a pop career. Kim Petras, who is famous after she began taking hormones at the age of 12, says she is hoping to be a hit with her first single, reportedly titled Die For You. “I am happy that I can write my own lyrics and music,” she says. “I wouldn’t change anything about me or how I got here. I’m doing what I love and am finally happy with who I am.” Petras underwent gender reassignment last year.

X-Men canoodle in comic A popular comic book has become the first mainstream title to feature a gay kiss. The 45th issue of the comic X-Factor follows male characters Rictor and Shatterstar as they snog. The story was written by Peter David, who has previously won awards for his courage in exploring gay issues in his work.

Kiss and tell A gay couple is considering action after being asked to leave a Texas restaurant for kissing. The men were allegedly forced out of the El Paso restaurant by security guards who allegedly said that they don’t allow “that faggot stuff” in the venue. The men called the police, who arrived only to threaten them for “homosexual conduct”, according to one of the men. It’s reported that on of the security guards is seeking legal advice.

‘Kiss-in’ prostest at temple More than one hundred gay and straight couples have held a ‘kiss-in’ outside a Mormon temple in Salt Lake City to protest about a gay couple that were told to stop showing affection. Security guards reportedly told Matt Aune and his partner Derek Jones, who were hugging and kissing, that they couldn’t stay on the property. To protest, one hundred couples met at the temple’s public area to show solidarity against anti-gay attitudes.

Apology after ‘Stonewall’ raid The mayor of Fort Worth, Texas has been forced to apologise after his team raided a gay bar on the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. The city’s popular Rainbow Lounge venue was raided without warning on Saturday 27 June. Customers say that cops burst into the bar with aggression and arrested seven men, leaving one needing hospital treatment. The mayor, Mike Moncrief, responded to calls to apologise from gay groups. An investigation continues.

Gay sex still to be legalised Indian authorities are refusing to stall plans to decriminalise gay sex, despite opposition from religious groups. The Delhi High Court says that the ban on gay sex between consenting adults is unconstitutional, and it will therefore go ahead with a change in the law. One challenger to the ruling is ‘Hindu astrologer’ Sushil Kumar Kaushal, who claims that by legalising gay sex India will open itself to the spread of HIV and that “tomorrow people might seek permission for having sex with animals”.

Oscar Wilde ‘praised by Pope’ The Pope has shocked high ranking Catholics by indirectly praised the work of British gay playwright Oscar Wilde. The Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, which is regarded as the ‘mouthpiece’ of Pope Benedict XVI, reviewed Wilde by saying he was “always looking for the beautiful and the good, but also for a God. Wilde was a fortunate man, as more than 100 years after his death his works had not been forgotten and continue to fly off the shelves.”

Charity no 288527 (England & Wales), SC039986 (Scotland).




You don’t need your doctor to send you to a sexual health clinic. But you can go with a friend.

Better clinics. Better go. To find a clinic or get advice call or visit




Creamfields: ‘the world’s biggest dance floor’ returns with its winning formula of eight arenas packed full of the best that dance music has to offer. Making his debut on the Main Stage is demi-god Tiesto, joined by the likes of Basement Jaxx, Tiësto, Paul Van Dyk, Dizzee Rascal, 2manyDJs (live) and Mylo (live). And about a million (well, almost) other acts. Fun! Sat 29 and Sun 30 August, Daresbury Estate, Halton.


Love and hate, guns, sex, sin, class, cocks and frocks … and that’s all covered in the opening few scenes! Cloud Nine is about relationships – between women and men, men and men, women and women. Caryl Churchill describes her play as being about “ sex, work, mothers, Africa, power, children, grandmothers, politics, money, Queen Victoria and sex.” Tuesday 1 - Saturday 26 September. Union Theatre, London SE1. 0207 261 9876 or


Number one single Beat Again will ensure X Factor runner ups JLS will be filling venues nationwide. Get in there! Birmingham to Brighton to Bournemouth - they’re everywhere in Feb 2010.


Hailed, damned and banned, the American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) shocked with images such as his famous Man in a Polyester Suit and a startling self-portrait in which he is inserting the handle of a bullwhip into his anus. Fascinated by androgyny, he photographed his sometimes lover Patti Smith in male attire for the cover of her Horses album. Later work included a series of photographs of flowers, quite clearly inspired by the paintings of Georgia O’Keefe. With our knowledge of his more controversial work, it is interesting to see the Polaroid (instant) photographs currently a Modern Art in Oxford. Modern Art, Oxford until 13 September. 01865 722733 or

Shoeless X Factor contestant Diana Vickers is to star in her first West End show – a major revival of Jim Cartwright’s multi award-winning play The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, about the painfully shy, diminutive Little Voice, who listens to her late father’s records and has perfected faultless impersonations of the greatest divas, including Judy Garland and Dame Shirley Bassey. When discovered, she is pushed towards stardom she doesn’t want and is literally terrified of. From 8 October, Vaudeville, Strand, London. 0844 412 4663

MICHAEL CLARK Over the past year Alesha’s status has rocketed to almost-star. Since shimmying her way into the charts with The Boy Does Nothing and Breathe Slow, she has sold more than one million records in the UK alone. Alesha plays 14 dates this October

Scots-born dancer Michael Clark returns to the Edinburgh International Festival in August for the first time in twenty years. Described by The Daily Telegraph as ‘one of Britain’s most important living creators of dance’, Clark has proved to be controversial, inspiration, iconic and rebellious. For twenty-five years, he and his innovative company have been challenging the orthodoxies of British dance, collaborating with indie bands, cutting edge fashion designers, visual artists and extrovert personalities such as Leigh Bowery. The new work (unnamed as we go to press) is certain to provoke comment.

and November. For more info, call 0871 2200 260 or visit

The Edinburgh Playhouse, Greenside Place from 28-31 August. Box office is 0131 473 2000 or


U2 360° TOUR

U2’s twelfth studio album, No Line On The Horizon is already number 1 in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Japan and the Czech Republic. Perhaps to further hammer home U2’s global appeal, the band’s new tour is the 360° (nothing to do with this dear magazine) tour, sponsored with some big corporate cash from Blackberry. 14 Aug, London Wembley Stadium; 18 Aug, Glasgow Hampden Park, 20 Aug, Sheffield Don Valley Stadium; 22 Aug, Cardiff Millennium Stadium.





Photographer Diane Arbus (1923-1971) was a fashion photographer for her father’s New York department store for twenty years. Then, during the final decade of her troubled life, her work became increasingly dark as her photographs became iconographic studies of a physically and psychologically distinctive people – a human pin cushion, an albino sword-swallow, for instance. ‘Everyone who came within range of her camera was shown as damaged, resulting in a succession of unhappy stares aimed at images gain a cult following after her suicide and have since been widely exhibited throughout America and Europe and her life has inspired a biographical film. Photographs by Diane Arbus are being exhibited at the National Museum, Cardiff, until 31 August. Further information is on 029 2039 7951 or

DORIAN GRAY With Matthew Bourne’s dance version of The Picture of Dorian

Gray recently at Sadler’s Wells and a film version with Ben Prince Caspian Bradshaw as the ageless and utterly corrupt Victorian due this autumn, it might be thought that there’d hardly be room for yet another interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s only novel. But Dorian Gray - currently running at the Leicester Square theatre - reimagines the story of the beautiful youth who never grows old (there are echoes here of Barrie’s Peter Pan) as a musical drama. Adapted and directed by Linnie Reedman and with original music by Joe Evans, Matthew James Thomas stars as the eponymous hero. Others in the cast - portraying Wilde’s effete aristocrats and artists - include Ilan Goodman, Vincent Manna and Allie Croker. Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Place, London WC2 until 2 August. Tickets: 0844 847 2475 or


It’s a very overused phrase, but Kasabian are actually adding dates to their autumn tour ‘due to popular demand’. Their acclaimed No.1 album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum sold more than 150,000 copies in two weeks and sold a further 20,000 copies following their triumphant Glastonbury performance. Mon 24 / Tues 25 Aug, Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, and various dates nationwide in November. Visit www.kasabian.




Star of screen and stage John Barrowman will become the fourth actor to slip on Zaza’s sparkly stilettos when he joins the cast of the hit West End show La Cage aux Folles. He takes over from current leading man Roger Allam on September 14th and will continue in the role until Saturday 28 November. La Cage aux Folles. Playhouse Theatre, London, WC2N. Box Office: 0870 060 6631 Website:


Hove Lawns aren’t going to know what’s hit them as the new Sussex Beacon charity fundraiser, Zippos Circus, heads into town. Billed as an ‘adult-only show’ this is a circus that mixes cabaret and performance: legendary drag artiste Maisie Trollette alongside the father and son ‘Wheel of Death’ duo; Lola Lasagne mixing with naked singer Robert James. And much more. And all for a worthy cause. Hove Lawns, by King Alfred Leisure Centre, Brighton on 21 August at 9pm. 01273 709709


Little Britain star Matt Lucas and Chris New will be playing Kenneth Halliwell and playwright Joe Orton in Prick Up Your Ears, a production by Daniel Kramer of the same name and Orton’s own diaries. Joe Orton’s brief (but glittering) career – he wrote only three full-length plays (Entertaining Mr Sloane, Loot and the posthumously stage What the Butler Saw) – was brutally terminated in 1967 when Halliwell, his jealous lover, bludgeoned him to death and then committed suicide. Their story, which has all of the inevitability of a Greek tragedy, has already been the subject of a film, scripted by Alan Bennett, and there have been several previous dramatisations. Prick up you Ears tours before going into London’s West End in September. Prick Up your Ears runs at the Richmond Theatre, Richmond, Surrey from 26-29 August, call 0870 060 6654; The Lowry, Manchester from 31 August – 5 September, call 0870 787 5780 and at the Theatre Royal, Brighton from 7-12 September, call 08448 717 650, before opening at the Comedy Theatre, Panton Street, London W1 on 17 September, call 0870 060 6622.

The programme for the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe is the size of a small telephone directory, running to three hundred closely packed pages detailing childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shows, comedy, dance and physical theatre, events, exhibitions, music, musicals and opera and theatre. 3SIXTY scoured the pages to discover what might be of particular interest to discover that thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s plenty.





3 5



1 Size Matters 2 Little Jonnyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Big Gay Musical 3 Kabarett Berlin 4 Topping & Butch 5 My Bloody Valentine 6 Simon Amstell 7 The Ladyboys of Bangkok 8 Me, Mum and Dusty 9 Four Poofs & A Piano 10 Almost Like a Virgin 11 Gomez 12 Queer

11 8

9 10



INTRODUCTION TO BRIGHTON PRIDE BY GEOFF BOWDEN TRUSTEE OF PRIDE IN BRIGHTON AND HOVE Pride in Brighton & Hove’s carnival parade and main park event promises to be not only the best ever in Brighton and Hove, but in Europe too. A peek behind the scenes at the numerous workshops run by Same Sky Community Arts Group, where community groups and businesses are putting the finishing touches to floats and costumes, reveals that imaginations have run riot. The theme of Pride Beside the Seaside has inspired the creative spirits and the parade, which will have 55 floats – the maximum allowed - is bound to have a profusion of bathing belles and beaux, matelotes and mermaids, not to mention all those kiss-me-quick hats and much, much more. Apart from the parade, the summer festival week (25 July to 2 August) is expected to attract many thousands and, with more than 100 events in the run up to the carnival parade and immediately after the main event in the park, there is plenty to choose from. Whether your taste is for garden parties, the arts, drag shows, or five-aside-football tournaments, you should find something that’s up your street. Many of the community-run events have only been made possible by support from Pride. Meanwhile, the majority of the local businesses taking part in the festival will be demonstrating their support for Pride by donating much-needed funds raised at their events towards the running of costs of Pride. It takes a cool £250,000 to put on the one-day event and if it is to remain free all those donations are really needed. On the park Pride will have up to 80 volunteers with collecting buckets – they are aiming to collect £40,000 on the day, so give generously. For many though the park event is the main focus – it is expected to attract more than 150,000. There will be 43 community stalls, 35 exhibitors and over 100 traders. Of course, the park event would be incomplete without all the bars and tents. You have a choice of 8 bars and all will be selling the same drinks at identical prices – all to ensure that no one is being ripped off. Whether your thing is to boogie the day away, line dance till you drop, enjoy almost non-stop cabaret or simply chill out Pride has ensured that you will be catered for on the park.

Continues to PRESTON PARK


Brighton Pride 2009 Parade Map Map ©

WILD FRUIT TENT LISTINGS TIME Noon 1pm 1.30 2.30 3.25 3.30 4.15 5.10 6.00 6.05

DJ/PERFORMER Queen Jo Jonny M Boy George Prok & Fitch PA Shena Jonny M & Oliver M Paul Heron Steve Pitron PA Katherine Ellis (Freemasons) Neil Duffie & Kate Wildblood

7.20-8.00 Jon Byrne WOMEN’S


LISTINGS TIME 2pm 2.05 2.25 2.40 2.45 3.05 3.30 3.55 4.15 4.35 4.40 5.10 5.35 6.00 6.10 6.35 6.50 7.00 7.25

PERFORMER Julie Jepson Melissa J Evans Maryanne Kerr Saski Beth Swain Molly’s Game Andrea Kenny Jess Gardham Invocal Pride People Al Start Band Lianne Hall Heads.Hearts Saski Nicky Mitchell Greymatter Nicky Mitchell Cherub Closing speech

CABARET TENT LISTINGS TIME 2pm 2.10 2.30 2.45 2.50 3.10 3.30 3.45 4pm 4.15 4.35 4.40 5pm 5.15 5.35 5.45 5.50 5.55 6.15 6.35 6.50 7.10 7.30

ARTISTES OPENING: Lady James Sally Vate James Bedford [A Boy Called James] HOST: Dame Margot Davina Sparkle All Mouth & No Trousers Jamie Watson Miss Jason Maisie Trollette Topping & Butch HOST: Betty Swollocks Sandra Jo Francis Rose Garden Pride Pride’s Got Talent Winner HOST: Connie Conway D.E. Experience Lola Lasagne Nicolette Street Dave Lynn Drag With No Name Pride Beside The Seaside Finale


• The park is open from noon until 8pm • No glass is allowed on the park • The park is totally wheelchair accessible • There will be a sign language interpreter on all stages • St John’s Ambulance will provide first aid at the park Pride costs more than £250,000 to put on, •soBrighton please give ‘em some cash on the day via bucket collectors in the park There are ‘safety spotters’, a safe space and •medical attention available. You’re not allowed to smoke inside the tents •–it’s illegal. also not allowed to pee in any bushes •– You’re it’s illegal as well!

THE TENTS, THE BARS: WHAT’S ON AT THE PARK? The big screen will form a new focal point for this year’s Pride. If you missed the fun of the parade or want to check out what your costume looked like then you will be able to see re-runs. There will also be cameras on the park, so there won’t be an excuse for missing a thing. Apart from regular information messages, there is a rumour as we go to press that you can post personal messages onto the screen – provided you make a small donation to Pride... The Barclays sponsored community village with more that 40 stalls is where you can catch up with local and national charities and community groups – head for the north east area of the park. There is a choice of eight bars on the park and Pride has ensured that they will be selling drinks at the same prices – so no chance of getting ripped off! Southern Water will be handing out free water throughout the day from various points around the park. To overcome the plague of freeloaders exploiting the crowd and peddling their own booze, Pride has pulled the rug from under them by sanctioning ‘official roaming traders’ on the park. They’ll be easy to spot and will always

carry identity badges. For those who prefer sand to grass, then head for the beach, courtesy of Brighton Marina. Invitees can chill out on real sand under the shade of a typically British palm tree! If all that wasn’t enough, they’ll be some eye candy for the boys. Muscle boys in Union Jack swimwear will be soaping down vintage Mini cars and themselves and will be ready to pose with you for photographs. The Wild Fruit tent with a capacity for 5,000 dancers will be the place many will head for. There will be an all star DJ line up including some of the country’s best. If line dancing is more your thing then head for the Paul

Wilde Line Dancing tent in the north east corner of the park. Bring your own Stetsons and chaps! The Women’s Performance tent in the north of the park hosted by Cat Harding, Julie Jepson, Yvo Luna and Nicky Mitchell who will be introducing some of the best women artists around, including Lianne Hall, Head Hearts, Andrea Kenny and the Cavalrys. If drag queens are your thing, then totter across to the Curiosity Cabaret Tent – there will be a virtual non-stop parade of wigs lacquered to within an inch of their lives, faux-haut couture and mascaraed talent for your delight. The black and ethnic minority community’s own Calabash tent continues to go from strength to strength. With the help of Pride, the City Council, Calabash will have some of the best music on the day with RnB, hip hop, old skool, ragga, reggae, Bollywood, funk, soul and disco. There will be two Pride Information Points on the park – one at the entrance to the market place, where you can shop till you drop, and the other close to the entrance of the Women’s tent on the north side. At the information points you will be able to pick lanyards with park maps and can buy Pride official merchandise. Have fun!


THE BRIGHTON PRIDE 2009 PARTIES BY VENUE/EVENT There are more events and a more diverse range of parties on at this year’s Brighton Pride than ever before: below are the listings you need to know about: bars, clubs and nights on over the Brighton Pride 2009 weekend. BARS THE MARLBOROUGH Saturday sees Marlborough Place taken over by hot new girl group Girl Action, turning the area into a lesbian paradise with live PAs and DJs. Open 8pm – 3.30am, tickets £13 or £10 in advance.

THE BRIGHTON TAVERN Open for 18 hours, with champagne breakfast available from 9am. Doors open 9am – 2am, a great alternative to Kemp Town for your Pride celebrations.

THE BULLDOG Open from Thursday right through to Tuesday, The Bulldog will be a great place to grab a Pride drink or two, at any time night or day. There’ll be DJs, karaoke, and excellent drinks promotions throughout.

THE AQUARIUM THEATRE BAR Open for business as usual, with cabaret and karaoke galore. See online for more information on all their Pride events, as and when they are announced!



Join DJs Richard Jones and Hollie on Saturday night playing some of the biggest funky, sexy, disco house anthems! Sunday features over 30 cabaret acts performing back-toback raising money for Pride.

The Big Top is the highlight of Pride for many, featuring a lineup of some of the best local DJs and international stars and a truly electric atmosphere with over 5,000 clubbers. Kicks off midday – 8pm.


London’s infamous tranny night brings its unique brand of outrageous glamour to Brighton. Join DJs Dusty O and Tasty Tim at the swish and intimate Rikitik Bar, Bond Street, 10.30pm – 4am.

The Marine Tavern will be open right through ‘til 5am on the Saturday night, with a street bar outside from 6pm – midnight. On Sunday the outside bar will be open from midday – 6pm, with the bar open ‘til 2am.

KING’S ARMS It’s all go at the King’s Arms over Brighton Pride, with extended opening hours and a street bar outside the pub on Saturday evening and Sunday daytime. DJs play the biggest party tracks in the pub, and there’s a pre-Pride party on the Friday night.

CHARLES STREET BAR Charles Street Bar will be open all day and night Sunday, with the Après Boys DJing from 3pm right through to 3am! Expect the latest funky and tech house, in this twelve hour DJ Marathon.

THE STAR INN It’ll be packed at the Star at Pride, with outdoor bars serving drinks 6pm – midnight on Sat 1 Aug, and midday – 8pm Sun 2 Aug. All the boys will be dressed up too, but you’ll have to be there to find out what they’re wearing!


THE ZONE BARR Sharon and her staff welcome Dave Lynn making her Zone Barr debut on Fri 31 July. On Saturday The Zone is open late ‘til 4am, and Sunday features Miss Jason at 8pm.

THE GROSVENOR Fri 31 July is a beach party, watch as The Grosvenor is transformed into a beachside paradise. Saturday and Sunday are Pride afterparties, open extra late.

112 CHURCH STREET Open all day Saturday and Sunday, closing at 1am. Pride lunch will be served midday – 8pm on Saturday, and Richard’s Pride Sunday Roast will be served midday – 8pm.

DOCTOR BRIGHTON’S Saturday night sees local legend DJ Tony B take to the decks, supplying choice funky house and commercial anthems. Expect a big party atmosphere as landlord Charles will make sure this is one party you wont forget!

VAVOOM Pride Saturday sees Vavoom in the parade with a float, on Preston Park with a bar for the first time, and on the New Steine at the bar itself, which is open from 7pm right through to Sunday.

QUEEN’S ARMS The QA will be partying on the streets as George Street is closed all day Saturday and Sunday. Karaoke is in the bar all night, with Julie Glitter hosting.

LEGENDS Legends celebrate Pride with a series of terrace parties, open ‘til 5am Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Enjoy a Pimms in the sun, or just relax late into the night with all the friendly partygoers.


GAYDARGIRLS.COM GIRLS WORLD The official girls party for Brighton Pride is at The Ocean Rooms from 11pm – 3.30am on Sat 1 Aug. Three rooms with three styles of music featuring Girls On Top, Wish, and Gaydar Girls.



FITLADZ AT G LOUNGE Naughty London clubnight Fitladz returns to G Lounge, near London Road, from 8pm – 4am. Includes a maze, dark room and sexy underground vibe, with the latest house music.

PYT AT JAM Patrick Lilley’s popular urban clubnight heads south to Jam, Middle Street, playing all things r’n’b, hip hop, UK funky and bashment. Features DJs Big John, Biggy C and Jeffrey Hinton.

MATINEE AND WILD FRUIT (AFTERHOURS) AT THE HONEYCLUB Wild Fruit and Matinee go head to head at the Honeyclub. The event features Matinee DJs Jordi Lights, Oliver M and Paul Heron, plus Wild Fruit’s Jon Byrne, Kate Wildblood and Jonny M. Opens 3.30am Sunday morning – 9am.

KINKY TRADE AT CUCKOO CLUB For those that just don’t want to stop, legendary afterhours Trade returns to Brighton kicking off at 8am Sunday morning. Fierce Rulin’ DJs include Nick Tcherniak and Lady Bianca.

WILD FRUIT CLOSING PARTY AT TRU Officially ending the Pride celebrations for another year, this mammoth party features 3 rooms, loads of big name DJs including the mighty Freemasons! 10pm–3am, Sunday night.

Legends Basement Club keeps the party spirit alive with free entry at all times, open 11pm – 4am. DJs Peter Castle and Lee Harris spin funky house and chart remixes.




Revenge gets things jumping on Saturday night with two floors and 10 fabulous DJs including Dusty O, The Sharp Boys and Bimbo Jones. Sunday is the Girls On Top Foam Party, with French Kiss hosting upstairs spinning all things house.

Wig Out Under The Sea takes place on Saturday night from 8pm, with a special nautical theme. It’s a place where pop music is the religion, and Britney is god! Plus the Ghetto Street Party from midday on Sunday.

The very last dance for Brighton Pride 2009. The Rebel residents dish out underground house from 3am Monday morning ‘til very late.

CHARLES STREET CLUB DJs Lil Alex and LeeRoy will kick up a storm at Charles Street this year, spinning the latest house and remixed chart sounds. Both the club and bar will be open, and very busy!


SALVATION AT CONCORDE 2 International gay superclub Salvation heads to Brighton for a Pride special on Saturday night. Features a top DJ line-up including Miswhite, Sharon O Love plus guests. Live PA from Groove Armada’s Valerie M, set over two rooms.

WILD FRUIT PARTIES AT AUDIO Audio goes gay with a Pride welcome party on Fri 31 July, the Pride terrace party on Sat 1 Aug from 6pm, then the official Pride afterparty with DJs including Steve Pitron and Guy Williams. Sunday is a Sunday Sundae Pride Special from 3pm – 11pm.

BRIGHTON PRIDE ST JAMES’S STREET PARTY 2009 This year, the St James’s Street party will be bigger and better than ever before, with more outside bars and more venue participation than recent years. Some of the best-known local DJs on the scene will be joined by a handful of production superstars, pumping out pre-recorded mixes to the party going masses from 6pm – midnight on Sat 29 Aug and midday – 6pm on Sun 30 Aug. Superstar house sensations the Freemasons and Bimbo Jones will be amongst those taking over the airwaves. St James’s Street and the surrounding gay village will be buzzing, as this is one of the biggest weekends of the year in gay Brighton!

Š2009 Barefoot Cellars, Modesto, CA. All Rights Reserved.

PRIDE EVENTS HAVE BEEN taking place in Manchester for 19 years and since 2003 the festival has expanded into a full ten days with a series of art, culture, heritage, debate, sport, music and film events celebrating the LGBT community. Organisers say that the main goal of Manchester Pride is to raise money for a variety of LGBT organisations and groups within Greater Manchester –and this remains an important part of the festival. Last year, the team successfully hosted a number of community events to promote and share the diverse, hard working local groups in Manchester and increase the public awareness of LGBT communities. This year, they are increasing these events with a host of comedy, literature, art, sport and debate from across Manchester. In the past the festival has been called many names including Gayfest, Mardi Gras and in 2003, the city hosted EuroPride. In 2007 Manchester Pride realised its longterm vision of becoming a charity in its own right, successfully raising £95,000 for local charities that year alone. Last year in 2008, despite rising costs, the success of Manchester Pride steadily increased and the August Bank Holiday festival raised £105,000. This was distributed to groups such as the Marlin Swimming Group, Rainbow Families, and Keshet Manchester, as well as the free condom and lube scheme in the village and HIV organizations such as Body Positive North West. The highlight of the Big Weekend in 2008 was the Parade, which takes place again this year on the Saturday 29 August (see next page for map and more information…) ALL PHOTOS © QSHOOT GROUP


THE BIG WEEKEND FRIDAY 28 - SUNDAY 30 AUGUST MANCHESTER PRIDE PARADE SATURDAY 29 AUGUST, 1PM TIL 3PM Manchester City Centre. This year’s Manchester Pride Parade will pass through the heart of the city. A carnival atmosphere will fill the streets of Manchester and is set to enthrall the thousands of spectators – young and old, gay and straight, friends and family – who will come down to see the glamorous and the outrageously fabulous people who take part. This year, we have a whole host of new entrants and some amazing costumes and entries along the theme of ‘Heroes’ The Parade starts from Liverpool Road in Castlefield at 1pm on Saturday and wind’s its colourful way through the city centre. Please note – You do not need Big Weekend tickets to watch the Parade, however you will need them to get into the Big Weekend site in and around Canal Street afterwards.

SACKVILLE GARDENS STAGE SATURDAY 29 AUGUST SPARKLE 1PM - 7PM The international transgendered organisation celebrates its 5th birthday this year. Head down to Sackville Gardens for more Sparkle than you can shake your tail feather at. They’ll be filling your Pride Saturday afternoon with live music, comedy, entertainment, friendly faces and fun so come down and join in the excitement!

SACKVILLE SUNDAY 30 AUGUST Girls at Manchester Pride Unite! 5pm Join us on Sunday evening for a huge and heavenly all women gathering and meet up with women from all around the UK. If you’re not here at 5pm, you’re missing the biggest all-girl entertainment of the weekend!


WOMEN’S SPACE 5PM-11PM Sunday is the women’s day of the Big Weekend and Sackville Gardens will be transformed into the Women’s Space with a bang! Come down for live music and comedy or, if you prefer a little more downtime, try the chill out zone and take in the gentle acoustic sets or relax with a massage away from the bustle of the street. Then it’s time to rev it back up as your number one girl venue hosts the biggest women’s after party; it’s Vanilla’s Climax.

SACKVILLE MONDAY 31 AUGUST PRIDE YOUTH SPACE LGBT Youth North West 1pm – 5pm This will be the 3rd year for the Manchester Pride ‘Youth Pride’, giving young people the opportunity to come together and enjoy fun positive activities in a supportive and inclusive environment at Pride.

GEORGE HOUSE TRUST CANDLELIT VIGIL 9PM The culmination of the Big Weekend is the George House Trust Vigil in which Sackville Gardens is turned into a sea of flickering candles to remember those we’ve lost. Manchester Pride would like to thank the George House Trust, without whom, the candlelit vigil would not be possible. A Big Weekend wristband is not required to attend the Vigil.

MAIN STAGE ENTERTAINMENT Kick off your Pride with the biggest names and the hottest entertainment in town! Manchester Pride’s Main Stage is your ticket to the biggest acts across the decades and each year we entertain you with a whole host of performances from DJ acts such as Boy George to dance music with Sophie Ellis-Bextor and alternative music with Roisin Murphy. This year we are delighted to announce Bananarama will be headling the stage with

the annual Kings & Queens Competition opening the Big Weekend.

MAIN STAGE FRIDAY 28 AUGUST It all starts hotting up for the Opening Ceremony on the Friday of the Big Weekend so join us in the party for the start of Manchester Pride 2009.

KINGS AND QUEENS 7.30PM-8.30PM The ever popular Kings and Queens competition has this year stepped up to the Main Stage! Bigger and better for 2009, the final of the competition sees the opening of the Big Weekend in true camp style! Every year the two people who win the King and Queen of the Village competition lead the Manchester Pride Parade on the Saturday.

MAIN STAGE SATURDAY 29 AUGUST Get warmed up for your Saturday night as we hand over the reins to GaydarRadio, filling your August afternoon with great music and your evening with top dance DJs and performances.

MAIN STAGE SUNDAY 30 AUGUST Sunday is the alternative music day with performances in the past from Client and Gossip as well as live bands and local DJs. This year we are over the moon to have this years pop princess Little Boots performing along with Booty Luv and many more to be confirmed

MAIN STAGE MONDAY 31 AUGUST Great music from your favourite pop bands with the likes of Alphabeat, Heather Small and Ultrasonics closed out your Pride last year.

THE NIGHTLIFE Ooh it’s time for an Anal Treet (as the vandals insist on calling it) down Canal Street as Manchester’s Gay Village gears up to celebrate the Big Weekend like only Manchester can. Entry and pricing to venues can be a little confusing, with certain venues choose to charge an entrance fee on the door on selected nights. Your Big Weekend ticket does not provide access into club nights held during Manchester Pride and you should check with the club or venue to confirm whether an additional ticket is required. During Manchester Pride’s Big Weekend, access to the Gay Village - including venues on Canal Street and the surrounding area - is only available for those with a Big Weekend wristband.

MANTO Entry to Manto is free all weekend, with drinks promos and live DJs on several nights. The theme for the weekend is ‘Villains’. QUEER

BAA BAR The Baa Bar team will be hosting a 999 Emergency Services theme, with the bar staff in sexy uniforms. The bar will be open from midday right through to 4am, with DJs spinning the latest pop and chart tracks.

Queer will be open every day from 11am, with DJs from 2pm ‘til very late. There will also be two Morning Glory afterhours parties on Sun 30 Aug and Mon 31 Aug from 4am - 10am. CHURCHILL’S Jolly John will be packing the punters in over the Manchester Pride weekend, with an extended license ‘til 4am on the Saturday night. That means: extra hours, longer opening times, and more people! Burgers and other Pride snacks are available during the days.


Taurus will be open extra late over the weekend, and is expecting big crowds: the bar queue can reach 12 deep at times! Saturday night is the big party night, with the mood chilling on Sunday afternoon with roasts served ‘til 6pm. Then the atmosphere picks up again, with DJs playing in the bar, as the bank holiday gets underway.

A huge ten-day festival of entertainment awaits you at Cruz 101, kick-starting with the Manchester Pride opening ceremony on Fri 21 Aug. Highlights include: the final of Pride’s Got Talent on Fri 21 Aug, Back2Back Queer as Folk Special on Thurs 27 Aug (with some of the cast from the American show), Big Gay Friday on Fri 28 Aug, Drama Queen on Sat 29 Aug, Sunday Night Screamers on Sun 30 Aug, and the Official Pride Closing Party on Mon 31 Aug. PAs over the weekend include Sally Jaxx with a Pride Disco Classics show on Sun 30, and Lonnie Gordon on Mon 31. See the website for full listings of all the fabulous events at Cruz 101 over the Pride weekend.



Big and busy, Via features Pride karaoke on Thurs 27 Aug with Smiley Steve. Fri 28 is the Latin street parade, with a 20-piece samba band and DJ Rick Parker playing hot Latin house music. Sun 29 Aug is the bank holiday Tutti Fruitti party with two levels of music.

One of the biggest parties over the Manchester Pride weekend is University Challenge, organised by the Federation team. The Manchester University student union is completely transformed into a multi-arena clubbing Mecca, including Evolved Events and Gaydio Radio.



Enjoy three levels of Crunch 2 fun, with Munch upstairs and Bounce in the basement. Great drinks promos apply throughout the party, or grab some food in the Americanstyle diner.

The official afteparty for the University Challenge event takes place on Sunday morning 30 Aug, from 4:30am at Alter Ego. DJs include production master Pagano, Paul King, Gregg Holden, Ben Hamilton and Ross Homson.



With a restaurant, bar and hotel all in one, Velvet could be your destination for the Pride weekend. Sunday is the official pre-party for the big Federation event, with DJs and drinks promos.

The biggest party of the weekend for many, Federation takes over the Ritz on Sun 30 Aug with a Wild Wild West theme. DJs include Jason Guy, Baby Jane and Nik Denton. TAURUS

ESSENTIAL On Fri 28 Aug pop supremos Alphabeat will play a rare DJ set at Essential, warming up for the main event on Sat 29 Aug. Super Saturday will have a super hero theme, open 11pm - 6am. The Pride Closing Party at Essential is Sun 31 Aug, with free entry before 12:30am.



August 2009

September 2009

Brighton Pride • 25 July - 3 August | Leeds Gay Pride • 2 August | Cornwall Pride • 8 August | Gloucestershire Rainbow Day, Cheltenham • 8 August | UK Black Pride, London • 15 August | Swindon Pride • 15 August | Plymouth Pride • 15 August | Doncaster Pride • 16 August | Manchester Pride • 21 - 31 August | Cardiff-Wales Mardi Gras • 29 - 30 August | Reading Pride • 5 September |

cardiff mardi gras

cornwall pride



Cardiff Wales Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Mardi Gras (phew!) returns to Cardiff over the August bank holiday weekend (29 and 30 August) for what is billed as ‘Wales’s biggest ever celebration of diversity’. The festival takes place in Coopers Field, behind Cardiff’s iconic Castle and is returning for its tenth anniversary after a year off. On Saturday 29 August more than 40,000 people are expected to head to Coopers Field to watch acts on the main stage, cabaret and dance tents, and thrill themselves at the funfair. The Sunday is an additional day this year, and Mardi Gras Picnic Sunday will see a more relaxed event in the field, with people encouraged to bring their picnics and enjoy the cabaret and dance tents.

Tickets for the Cornwall Pride’s evening marquee party at Lemon Quay, Truro, are now on sale… This event culminates the free, day-long celebrations on Saturday 8 August, which starts with a city-centre parade through the streets of Truro, leaving Lemon Quay at 10.30am. The theme is Mardi Gras. The parade will lead directly to Victoria Park in Truro, and feature live bands, entertainment and stalls and exhibitions. Providing live music from the bandstand will be a range of upcoming stars as well as local favourites. Headlining the afternoon will be singer-songwriter Melissa Crispo, supported by acts including INvocal, Sapphire Light and Opposite Worlds. The ticket-only adult evening event runs from 7pm until late in the marquee at Lemon Quay. Headlining the evening is 80s chart sensation Hazell Dean and Andy Scott Lee.

leeds pride

plymouth pride



This year’s event on Saturday 2 August will again begin at Millennium Square at noon with the main stage offering what the organisers are calling “some major surprises”. The team has been working hard with Leeds City Council to offer more - in addition to an improved main-stage, this year Millennium Square play host to a number of food and drink concessions - so no need to go foraging for drink and refreshments during the 3 hour extravaganza. “The success of Leeds Pride is amazing,” says Tom Doyle, chair of the planning group. “In four short years we have become one of the top mass participation events in Leeds city centre with an estimated 12 to 15,000 people taking part.”

The Plymouth Pride Festival takes place between 14 - 23 August, with the main event at Plymouth Guildhall on Sat 22 August. Events this year include: A film festival in partnership with Peninsula Arts at Plymouth University, LGBT Book Month at 7 libraries through out the city, The Plymouth Diversity 5-a-side football tournament with teams from across Devon and Cornwall, and a partnership as Cornwall & Exeter Prides come together for a walk & picnic. New for this year is an outdoor stage at Plymouth Guildhall - the venue for this year’s main pride event. The main event will start with a rainbow flag parade at the Piazza in front of the big screen, showing off Plymouth Pride’s very big and very long rainbow flag, which is sure to strike up conversation from onlookers.












Please quote MAR360 when calling


Twenty-five years ago, North London venue Bolts opened a gay one-nighter at the Opera House in Bournemouth. As the venue’s anniversary celebrations get underway, 3SIXTY traces the history of the long-running night.

It all began in 1984,” Adrian Dunbar, one of the resident DJs for Circus at the Opera House in Bournemouth explains. “The first superclub outside London had opened in sleepy Bournemouth: The Academy. The venue boasted huge hydraulic lighting rigs, awesome Argon lasers, big sound, big stage, and a big dancefloor. In a word, BIG. It won industry awards for design and swept the board as Nightclub of the Year. Following the example of the Hippodrome in London, it wanted to reach the growing gay market.” Enter Nicky Price, a young Greek entrepreneur who had founded the two thousand capacity Bolts in North London in the late ‘70s where, coincidentally, George Michael in his Wham days was a regular and the DJ, Norman Scott, was frequently confused by the media with the participant in the scandal which wrecked Liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe’s political career. “Nicky was looking to expand his empire,” Adrian continues. “He sought out the biggest venues in Brighton and Luton in which to run one-nighters. These were an instant success and it was inevitable that once he’d heard about Bournemouth’s new venue, he’d want to utilise it for another one-nighter.

“He realised he’d need someone local as resident DJ and though in his heart he loved the camp, chatty style of Norman Scott, his business head told him that the future of the club DJing was being set by Ian Levine, DJ at London’s mega-disco Heaven/ Ian’s style was to mix music continuously, seamlessly, matching beats and taking the dancers on a journey.” That’s where Adrian came in. He was then working at Southampton’s Warehouse Club and because he was following the Levine style of DJing, Nicky signed him as resident DJ. Opening night saw queues around the block, with buses and coaches of excited clubbers arriving from all over the south of England. For the first three years, Bolts ran weekly, every Sunday night, attracting a regular crowd of more than five hundred people. “The emphasis was on Fun,” Adrian says. “Drag balls, Easter bonnet parades, Mr Wet Y Front contests, Army ‘n’ Navy nights. These were the days when the only drug was a sniff of poppers and when there were still young guys wearing leather, fan dancers strutting their stuff and everyone was blowing a whistle. “Sadly, the 80s were also the time of hysteria about AIDS and in 1987, at the height of the media frenzy, the Academy management got cold feet and, fearing a negative effect on their straight nights, close Bolts down. We searched for an alternative venue, but one simply didn’t exist. However, six months later, with the media settling down and the Academy miss-

ing the pink pound, we were invited back. We had mixed feelings about going back to somewhere we’d been kicked out of but Bolts continued on a weekly basis until 1992 – by which time London, Brighton and Luton Bolts had closed and, eventually, Nicky Price’s diminishing interest and new management at the venue, Bolts in Bournemouth once again shut up shop…” Fast forward to 1996. Bournemouth DJ Chris B takes up the story. “With a new owner and after a re-fit, the Academy renamed the Opera House, reopened in 1996. Nicky came back to relaunch Bolts and because Adrian was by then living overseas, I was asked to become resident DJ. “I’d been resident DJ at The Manor in Ringwood and also at the Magnum in Southampton and after major problems on the opening night, the new owner of the Opera House asked me if I’d leave the Manor

“These were the days when the only drug was a sniff of poppers and when there were still young guys wearing leather, fan dancers strutting their stuff and everyone was blowing a whistle.” and come over to work at the Opera House on a more permanent basis as resident DJ for Slinky – the straight nights – and also to run regular gay nights for them. Under a new name, Nuts and Bolts was born.” Eventually the ‘Nuts’ was dropped and Bolts reinstated as a brand name. Adrian Dunbar returned to the fold in 2004 and amongst newcomers as resident DJs was Kevin Brooks, still part of the team today. But by late 2006 the club had gone into administration and was closed for a three million pound refit. Under the new name Circus, Bolts returned to the Opera House in August 2007. Since then, Circus has gone from strength to strength. “All the older clubbers say ‘Are you going to Bolts this weekend?’” DJ Kevin Brooks points out, “and all the younger ones as ‘Are you going to Circus at the weekend?’ It’s the biggest gay night on the south coast.” A major feature of the venue – in whichever of its incarnations – was the big name acts that provided cabaret. Amongst those who’ve appeared are Divine, the Weather Girls, Gloria Gaynor, Hazell Dean, Evelyn Thomas, Sylvester, Sharon Redd, Seventh Avenue, Sinitta, Miquel Brown, Kelly Marie, Angie Gold, Boy George, Boney M, Sonia, Army of Lovers, Kym Mazelle and Take That (in early days when they were playing a curious combination of schools and gay clubs). “This year the gay nights at the Opera House moves into its twenty-fifth year,” Chris B continues, “with a big party being planned for Sunday 30 August. A major PA is planned and the anniversary is guaranteed to be a night to remember.”


SCREENBURN josh winning’s hot pics from the flicks

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How I’m getting over my porn past, by body building star and Colt model Bo Dixon (words: Tyson Corban)

Adult star Bo Dixon is one of America’s best-known beefy porn stars (his muscle worship video remains one of infamous Colt Studios’ most popular solo films) earning him the title ‘ultimate bear’ on saucy websites and legions of adoring fans. But Bo never wanted to be a porn sensation… 3SIXTY chatted with the 17st 9lb, thick-bearded powerhouse about how he’s coming to terms with his X-rated past, his battle to succeed as a professional bodybuilder and his campaign to prove how men over forty can be hot, hot, hot… How did you begin posing for gay muscle worship videos? At most bodybuilding competitions, there are people that scout built men for the gay male muscle worship industry. Studios such as Colt actually send agents to them to find their next stars. At one such competition I was approached, and a few weeks later, I was meeting with Colt executives.

How is it being an out gay man in a hyper-masculine, testosterone-driven industry like professional body building? When competing at a show, my focus is on winning. I’m never thinking, “I am a gay bodybuilder.” I’m thinking of how my trainers and coaches have done the best they can to prepare me for this event and how I want to do the best I can for them and for me.

You’ve said that you regretted making the move from muscle worship videos to starring in hardcore porn… I was young and naïve. I wanted people to like me. But it was wrong from the start. On my first day on the set, I was ready to run out the door. I was worried, though, that the internet bloggers would have a field day saying I was a coward or sissy. Also, I am a southern gentleman. In the south, when you agree to do something, you do it. I was trapped in my own ethics and obligation.

How are you treated by other athletes? In general, I’m treated like any other athlete but at a recent competition in Los Angeles, I did notice some gay bodybuilders would not approach me after I publicly kissed my partner on the lips. Many gay athletes fear being black balled. Have you encountered any bias from judges? Judges are supposed to evaluate athletes strictly on mass, proportions, balance and showmanship. But yes, there have been times that I suspected a judge’s opinion was fogged by their feelings towards gay men.

What did appearing in gay porn cost you and your career? I had no clue that the adult film company would sell my images all over the Internet. They’re everywhere! Today, my image is promoting gay muscle worship sites, muscle bear parties, sex sites, dating sites… you name it! I don’t make a dime from any of the parties or sites I’m promoting, nor do I have any control over who uses my images. Many of the images on the internet are extremely graphic. I shot the film three months before meeting my partner so he was aware of it. We didn’t think it would be too big a deal because we foolishly believed it would be for DVD release only. We weren’t prepared to see images of me having sex with another man splashed all over the Internet and posted in blogs. You didn’t think that appearing in an adult film might make you a porn ‘star’? The only thing I knew about adult films was that they were rented or sold in the back of a video store. I thought it was a small underground industry. I didn’t know there would be worldwide distribution in multimedia via the internet. I didn’t realise the photos would be searchable through Google. What did you do when you became aware that the film was not going to be something you could sweep under the rug? I took a year off from competitions and was ready to hang up my posing trunks. It was awful. How did your partner react? My partner has been my real support system through it all. He made me realise that shooting the video was a mistake that I’ll have to accept and deal with it. It is my tattoo to wear. Is it true that you now battle internet stalkers? The internet has become the doorway for crazy people to get into your home and personal life. I have trusted a few bad people that I met online. One fan stole my cell phone and called everyone on it to get information about me and my relationships. He then posted horrific lies about me and linked it with search engines under Bo Dixon. Unfortunately, the government does not have many laws to protect anyone from cyber bullies. Isn’t that why most adult stars use stage names? Stage names aren’t enough. Obsessed fans will dig as far as they can to find out your personal information. There are gay men and bloggers that find gratification in exposing adult stars for who they really are.


How did the body building industry react to your appearing on the cover of a Colt calendar? They didn’t really know about it. Those that did distanced themselves from me for fear of others thinking they might be gay. What advice would you give to a young man thinking about entering porn? If you get into the business, just know that the money does not pay for you to have a bodyguard or extra security. You’re paid once and that’s it. It can be tough because the studio creates a persona for you and then you’re expected to act like your sexual character in public. Where do you go from here? The videos are so far behind me now. People will watch them forever but I have continued to train and hope to win the overall title at my next bodybuilding contest. If I win, I am on to the nationals.

Were you making a statement by appearing in the calendar or did you simply see it as an opportunity to show off your physique? It was an opportunity to show off what I had accomplished through years of hard work. Growing up, I was a 130-pound bean-pole. I’ll always be that skinny kid inside but this was my chance to show the world the new me. What is the most important lesson you have learned in your career? I have learned to embrace it all – my bodybuilding, my past and great fans. People tell me that I inspire them to get off the couch and go to the gym. On my Facebook Fan page I tell people what I am eating, give them tips on training and I show them that a man over 40 can still look hot. Contact Bo via

Charity no 288527 (England & Wales), SC039986 (Scotland).


Extraordinary art, perfectly framed


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The Prime Ministerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wife, Sarah Brown, was part of the gang leading the London Pride parade, which meandered through the streets of the capital on Saturday 4 July, celebrating gay life and scaring a few shoppers. Afterwards, stages galore provided space for Londonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s biggest and best DJs, performers and, er, politicians, to entertain and inform. 3SIXTY was there to capture the action.


Photos by Cowan Whitfield


This autumn, a nationwide talent contest aimed at the LGBT community launches. 3SIXTY talks to Tony V, the man behind Queer As Talent.


The man behind it all, Tony V


n 2002, the world was given Will Young – an out, gay, singing sensation who set hearts aflutter with his public schoolboy charm and warbling high notes. Since then, more and more performers have come out of the closet (N*Sync’s Lance Bass and Westlife’s Mark Feehily, to name but two). Heck, even a trans woman won popular Channel 4 show Big Brother. It’s time for the LGBT community to realise their talents, to show the world that we can sing, we can dance, we can juggle five melons whilst balancing on a unicycle dressed as Wonder Woman and singing the words to I Am What I Am. Backwards. It’s time for Queer As Talent. “Queer As Talent is a national talent quest open to all members of the LGBT community and their families,” says Tony V, who’s masterminding the venture. “We’re hoping to find the best of the best in the nation and provide an opportunity for our community to get up and be proud.” Tony says that since he moved to the UK with his partner Graeme two years ago he’s been hooked on primetime TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, American Idol and X Factor, and thinks it’s time a similar contest was launched aimed specifically for gay people. “Only a small amount of participants on existing shows are openly gay,” Tony observes. “And even these are sometimes ridiculed, laughed at or totally

embarrassed. I thought it would be great to put on a competition where anyone with a burning passion for performance – whatever their talent, and whether they’re gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, bears, drag queens, whatever – can take part, be themselves and show off their uniqueness and diversity.” “I believe that there are many, many talented members of the LGBT community that have parents that don’t think they will get anywhere with their talent because they are ‘queer’. It’s time to show them and the UK what they have.” Queer As Talent is scheduled to start in October at ten major gay and gay-friendly venues around the country, taking in Brighton, Bristol, Bournemouth, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Torquay, Newcastle, Reading and possibly Scotland and Northern Ireland (the full list will be announced in the September issue of 3SIXTY magazine, which is the official supporter of QAT). After the October try-outs, the heat finals will take place in November, again in all ten towns and cities. During December the chosen semi finalists get to take a break and brush up on their act before the semi finals back in their selected cities in January, before the finals in London, at a major venue to be announced soon. The finalists and the winner will then embark on a national tour. A panel of three will judge as each participant performs, made up of Tony V (we hear he’s a bit of

a grumpy git, not unlike Mr Simon Cowell) and two as yet unnamed people (rumour has it a very wellknown drag artiste is about to sign on the dotted line – more details soon). “We’re looking for people who can shock and surprise us with their talent,” Tony continues. “I’ve even cried with laughter at some of the acts that have appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. I would love to see a family act, of gay parents with straight kids or visa versa and show the world their wonderful diverse family.” Tony is keen to stress that although the contest is called Queer As Talent, everyone is welcome to enter. The winner, we’re told, will receive a very substantial cash prize, and the chance to shine at venues around the country with the other finalists. Tickets will be on sale to at all venues at all shows, however there may be an age limit to enter the licensed premises, so check the Queer as Talent website ( as the venues become public. From the September issue of 3SIXTY magazine, which is official and exclusive supporter of Queer As Talent, you, the dear reader, can watch as the drama unfold as Queer As Talent scours the country with the hope of finding talented, special people who were born to perform. Are you as excited as we are?

To register your interest in Queer As Talent, visit The full list of venues participating in the contest will be announced in the September issue of 3SIXTY


BOOKWORM New books, reviewed by Peter Burton

THE WHOLE DAY THROUGH by Patrick Gale (Fourth Estate, £15.99 h/b, £7.99 p/b) GXki`Zb >Xc\ _Xj [\jZi`Y\[ _`j e\n efm\c K_\ N_fc\ ;Xp K_ifl^_ Xj ÊX Y`kk\ijn\\k cfm\ jkfip `e k_\ 9i`\] <eZflek\i df[\%Ë ?\ nXj g\i_Xgj Y\`e^ X kX[ [`j`e^\elflj ]fi# `e kilk_# _\ _Xj kXb\e k_\ \jj\ek`Xc jkfip ]ifd Ef\c :fnXi[Ëj ]Xdflj n\\g`\# ^`m\e `k X afccp ^ff[ j_Xb\ Xe[ Zc\m\icp i\^li^`kXk\[ `k Xj X gf`^eXek Ylk \ek`i\cp Zfek\dgfiXip jkfipXYflki\jgfej`Y`c`kpkfXe\c[$ \icp dfk_\i n`k_ fjk\fgfifj`j# kf X afpfljcp^XpYifk_\in`k_;fneËjJpe[ifd\ #cfm\i\^X`e\[Xe[cfm\cfjkXe[#dfjk f]Xcc#XZZ\gkXeZ\n`k_^ff[^iXZ\f]n_Xkc`]\f]]\ij% KXb`e^gcXZ\`eN`eZ_\jk\i[li`e^k_\Zflij\f]kn\ekp$]fli_flijXl^d\ek\[ Yp]cXj_YXZbj #K_\N_fc\;XpK_ifl^_]fZlj\jfeCXliXk_\jXd\eXd\Xjk_Xk f]k_\_\if`e\f]:fnXi[Ëj]`cd #i\klie\[kf<e^cXe[kfZXi\]fi_\idfk_\iX]k\i j\m\iXcp\Xijc`m`e^`eGXi`j#Xe[9\ec`b\:fnXi[Ëj_\if#X[fZkfi#k_fl^__\i\ jg\Z`Xc`j`e^`e?@MXe[8@;J #dfm\[kfk_\Z`kpkfcffbX]k\i_`jYifk_\in_f#`e jfd\nXpj#e\\[jc`kkc\cffb`e^X]k\i% Kn\ekpp\XijY\]fi\#n_\eXkle`m\ij`kp#CXliXXe[9\e_X[Y\\ecfm\ijXe[efn XZXjlXcd\\k`e^`ek_\^ifle[jf]k_\_fjg`kXcn_\i\9\e`jnfib`e^i\$`^e`k\j k_Xkcfe^[fidXekgXjj`fe%?fn\m\i#dXkli`kpYi`e^jn`k_`ki\jgfej`Y`c`k`\jn_`Z_ Xcckfff]k\egifm\`ekilj`m\#[`jilgk`m\% 8e\efidfljcp\e^X^`e^eXiiXk`m\#K_\N_fc\;XpK_ifl^_[\dXe[jZfejld`e^ `efe\jXk`j]p`e^j`kk`e^%

STRIPPING GYPSY: THE LIFE OF GYPSY ROSE LEE By Noralee Frankel (Oxford University Press, £12.99) =fi dfjk f] _\i c`]\ >pgjp Ifj\ C\\ Yfie Ifj\ Cfl`j\ ?fm`Zb `e (0((  nXj k_\ dfjk ]Xdflj jki`gk\Xj\ Xik`jk\ `e k_\ nfic[ Xe[ \m\e efn# ]fikp p\Xij X]k\i _\i [\Xk_# j_\ i\dX`ej X c\^\e[% 8 jki`gg\i n_f nXj dfi\ k\Xj\ k_Xe jki`g#>pgjplj\[_\i\Xjpn`kXe[j_Xig `ek\cc\ZkkfZi\Xk\XeXZkk_XknXjjkpc$ `j_Xe[jfg_`jk`ZXk\[Xe[n_`Z_\eXYc\[ _\i kf d`o n`k_ k_\ c`b\j f] Zfdgfj\i 9\eaXd`e 9i`kk\e# gf\k N ? 8l[\e Xe[ efm\c`jk :Xijfe DZ:lcc\ij% ?\i XlkfY`$ f^iXg_pj\im\[Xjk_\YXj`j]fiJk\g_\e Jfe[_\`dXe[Alc\jJkpe\Ëj>pgjp#fe\f]k_\^i\Xk\jkf]Xcc9ifX[nXpjZfi\j% C`b\ k_\ dlj`ZXc# EfiXc\\ =iXeb\cËj Jki`gg`e^ >pgjp1 K_\ C`]\ f] >pgjp Ifj\ C\\ jligi`j`e^cp#k_\]`ijk\m\iY`f^iXg_pf]k_\jkXi `j[fd`eXk\[YpIfj\?fm`Zb#k_\ jki`gg\iËj fm\iY\Xi`e^ dfk_\i% 9lk n_\i\Xj k_\ Ifj\ f] k_\ 9ifX[nXp j_fn `j X cXi^\i¸k_Xe$c`]\ Xe[ Ylccp`e^ XiZ_\kpg\ f] k_\ jkX^\ dfk_\i [\k\id`e\[ k_Xk ]`ijk fe\[Xl^_k\iXe[k_\ek_\fk_\inflc[Y\Zfd\XjkXi#k_\i\Xc`kpnXj^i`dcp[`]]\i$ \ek% ÊIfj\Ëj d\ekXc `cce\jj# \dfk`feXc YilkXc`kp Xe[ fm\ik Y`j\olXc`kp n\i\ efk k_\ jkl]]f]X=`]k`\jdlj`ZXc#Ê=iXeb\c\ogcX`ej%Efi_X[Ifj\Ëjdfi\^cXi`e^Z_XiXZk\i [\]\ZkjY\\eXgXikf]>pgjpËjXlkfY`f^iXg_p%=iXebcpj_\nXjXdfejk\i\ek`i\cp n`k_flk i\[\\d`e^ hlXc`k`\j# \ek`i\cp ZXgXYc\ f] YcXZbdX`c`e^ _\i [Xl^_k\ij n_\e k_\pXZ_`\m\[jlZZ\jj% 8e[ >pgjp nXj Z\ikX`ecp X jlZZ\jj# \eafp`e^ X cloli`flj c`]\jkpc\# ^f`e^ k_ifl^_ k_i\\dXii`X^\jXe[_Xm`e^XjfeYp_\idfm`\[`i\Zkficfm\iFkkfGi\d`e^\i%P\kj_\ jlggfik\[le`fejXe[ZXdgX`^e\[X^X`ejk]XjZ`jdXe[Ypk_\gXiXef`[=`]k`\j]fle[ _\ij\c]YiXe[\[XÊi\[ËXe[flkf]nfib% Jki`gg`e^ >pgjp k\ccj X ]XjZ`eXk`e^ jkfip :`e[\i\ccX jg`Z\[ n`k_ C\]k$`j_ gfc`k`Zj# ^Xe^jk\i`jd# c`k\iXkli\ Xe[ j_fnYlj`e\jj $ X[d`iXYcp i\m\Xc\[ `e k_`j \e[c\jjcp ]XjZ`eXk`e^Y`f^iXg_pf]Xe\okiXfi[`eXipnfdXe%

SPROUT by Dale Peck Bloomsbury, £6.99) Kn\cm\$p\Xi$fc[ ;Xe`\c 9iX[]fi[ dfm\j nck_ _`j `eZi\Xj`e^cp XcZf$ _fc`Z ]Xk_\i ]ifd E\n Pfib kf iliXcBXejXjX]k\ik_\[\Xk_f]_`j dfk_\i% D`[[c\ 8d\i`ZX gifm\j kf Y\XYc\XbXe[_fjk`c\gcXZ\Xe[kf dXb\jfd\b`e[f]dXib;Xe`\c[p\j _`j _X`i Yi`^_k ^i\\e# k_lj \Xie`e^ _`dj\c]k_\e`ZbeXd\ÊJgiflkË% ;Xe`\c ]`e[j X b`e[ f] jXcmXk`fe ]ifdk_\`jfcXk`feXe[Ylccp`e^Yp _lebp @Xe 8Y\ieXk_p# n_f cffbj X c`kkc\ c`b\ Afj_ ?Xike\kk `e K_\ M`i^`eJl`Z`[\jXe[Y\Zfd\jXgXik$ e\i`edlklXcdXjkliYXk`fe n`k__`j<e^c`j_k\XZ_\i#n_f_\ij\c]]`e[jjfcXZ\# n`k__`j]Xk_\i% JgiflkËjZcfj\jk]i`\e[]fik_\]flip\XijZfm\i\[Ypk_\efm\c`jflkiX^\flj Ilk_`\ $ n_f _Xj _\i fne [\j`^ej f] @Xe% 8e[ k_\e Jgiflk d\\kj Xe[ ]Xccj `e cfm\ n`k_ Kp# X kiX^`ZXccp YilkXc`j\[ k\\eX^\i ]ifd X j\m\icp [pj]leZk`feXc :_i`jk`Xe]Xd`cp% ;Xc\G\ZbËjcXk\jkefm\c]fipfle^\ii\X[\ij`jXkflZ_`e^kXc\`en_`Z_g\ijfeXc `jfcXk`fe`jj\kX^X`ejkXe`jfcXk`e^cpYc\XbcXe[jZXg\%JgiflkZfd\j]ifdXcfe^ kiX[`k`fef]8d\i`ZXeni`k`e^XYflkXc`\eXk\[k\\eX^\ijfYm`fljXeZ\jkfijXi\ ?lZbc\Y\iip=`eeXe[?fc[\e:Xlc]`\c[ kfn_`Z_`k`jX_`^_cpi\X[XYc\X[[`k`fe%


DEAD TOMORROW by Peter James (Macmillan, £16.99) K_\ ]`]k_ `e G\k\i AXd\jËj 9i`^_kfe$ j\k:_`\]Jlg\i`ek\e[\ekIfp>iXZ\ k_i`cc\ijX[if`kcpZfdY`e\jkfg`ZXc`kp $ k_\ `cc\^Xc kiX[\ `e _ldXe fi^Xej e\\[\[ ]fi kiXejgcXekj2 k_\ gc`^_k f] jki\\k Z_`c[i\e `e k_\ Zfleki`\j ]fid\icp X gXik f] k_\ Jfm`\k YcfZ $n`k_k_\[\m\cfgd\ekf]k_\[\k\Z$ k`m\Ëjfe$^f`e^ifdXeZ\n`k_J\e`fi 8eXkfd`ZXc GXk_fcf^p K\Z_e`Z`Xe :c\f Dfi\p Xe[ _`j Zfek`el`e^ _lek ]fi_`j[\ZX[\$d`jj`e^n`]\% N_\e k_\ [`j\dYfn\c\[ Yf[`\j f] <Xjk\ie <lifg\Xe k\\eX^\ij Xi\ [i\[^\[ ]ifd k_\ Yfkkfd f] k_\ <e^c`j_:_Xee\c#>iXZ\]`e[j_`dj\c]`emfcm\[`eXZXj\n_`Z_\eZfdgXjj\j X9i`^_kfedfk_\i[\jg\iXk\]fiXc`m\ik_Xkn`ccjXm\_\iX`c`e^[Xl^_k\iËj c`]\ Xe[ X >\idXe ZfdgXep n_`Z_ jg\Z`Xc`j\j `e ]`e[`e^ fi^Xej ]fi X n_fgg`e^ gi`Z\  ]fi k_fj\ `e li^\ek e\\[ f] k_\d% @k `j Xj _Xiifn`e^ Xe `em\jk`^Xk`feXjXep_\_Xjjf]Xile[\ikXb\eXe[[\g`Zk\[YpAXd\jn`k_ _`jZljkfdXipjb`ccXe[\p\]fik_\k\cc`e^[\kX`c% G\k\i AXd\j `j Zlii\ekcp gif[lZ`e^ X ;J >iXZ\ efm\c \m\ip kn\cm\ dfek_j# k_\p _Xm\ Y\Zfd\ X dlZ_$Xek`Z`gXk\[ XeelXc ki\Xk Xe[ ;\X[ KfdfiifnXk_\]kp,*+gX^\j dfi\k_Xe]lc]`ccj\og\ZkXk`fej%

:cXib?lkkfeËj`ccljkiXk`fe]fi k_\jfe^D`cc`\k_\D\idX`[ glYc`j_\[`e9pe^9XccX[j#(0**


;fl^cXj9pe^`ekpg`ZXcgXekfd`d\]`eXc\ [i\jjn_`Z__\_X[[\j`^e\[_`dj\c]

Douglas Byng (1893-1987) was a comedian and actor, a prolific songwriter and a legendary pantomime dame (he usually designed hi own costumes) but he is most fondly remembered as a sophisticated revue artiste who specialised in stylish innuendo. He made his first stage appearance in a concert party in Hastings in 1914 and brought his long career to a triumphant close with Those Thirties’ Memories (co-starring with Billy Milton whom he heartily detested) in Brighton in 1986. He is fondly remembered by his sometime

manager Patrick Newley (who died as this book was published) in Bawdy But British: The Life of Douglas Byng, a brisk but affectionate biography. Rich with deliciously comic anecdotes and some terrific illustrations, this is a fine tribute to a classy but naught entertainer who was wont to complain “I don’t know why people have to go around telling the world they’re gay. I don’t consider myself homosexual … though I must admit that throughout my life I’ve had a series of male mistresses.”


Despite the best efforts of mother nature, Bourne Free - Bournemouthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s annual gay Pride event - went off with a bang (no, not the lightning) as people poured (no, not the rain) into The Triangle to vada the stalls, buy umbrellas and gear up for an afternoon of dancing and dripping as the Bourne Free acts danced and sang their way through it all. Congratulations to the guys for putting on yet another brilliant Bourne Free.


Photos by Carl Hobden and Tom Faull


euroboy The battle to become Mr Gay Europe

NOW IN ITS FIFTH YEAR, the beauty pageant that scours Europe to find the continent’s sexiest man – Mr Gay Europe - is hotting up. Oslo, Norway hosts this year’s contest (Budapest has held that role for the last two years), and organisers say that in 2009, “Mr Gay Europe celebrates the gay European man and pays tribute to the diversity, as well as what gay men have in common in Europe.” Here’s the science bit: the winner’s of each national Mr Gay competition go on to represent their country, but they must register online first to be considered (they don’t get an automatic entry). Then, the delegate receiving the most online votes will automatically qualify for the semi-finals. Twelve delegates go on to the grand final, which takes place between 19-24 August 2009. This year, there’s no UK finalist, but there are some fine gentleman eager to strip to their swimwear and answer questions about their favourite colour and what they can do to aid world peace, all for your viewing pleasure. Here’s our pick of the bunch (for all of the contestants, and to vote, visit www. SWITZERLAND Name: Ricco Müller Age: 24 Height: 174 cm City: Zürich Occupation: Post production Hobbies: fitness, photography, art exhibitions, I like to read, snowboard, meditate, and travel. Zodiac: Taurus

Ricco Müller

I think Mr. Gay Europe is a great competition, and I would love to be there. I want to present my home resort and deaf community. David Baramija

THE NETHERLANDS Name: Jeffrey Zevenbergen Age: 27 Height: 190 cm City: Ridderkerk Occupation: Interior stylist Hobbies: I am a passionate handballplayer. I also like spending some quality time with my friends and family (interior, cinema, cooking, going out, shopping, etc.) Zodiac: Scorpio

Jeffrey Zevenbergen

GERMANY Name: Jörn Hannemann Age: 26 Height: 175 cm City: Bern Occupation: I’ve studied to become an economy assistant and at present I work in a restaurant as a waiter. Hobbies: Fishing, play guitar, meet friends, working with photoshop for advertising. Zodiac: Taurus I’ve won the Mr. Gay Germany 2009competition on 16th May in Göttingen, Germany. I would be delighted to be the representative of the gay community.


I always knew I am gay and I never felt or have been treated any different. As I am a successful handball player and always have been surrounded by a “real men” I can tell. The reason I tell this is to show that it is possible to be gay without any prejudice. Beside this I think I am the right person to become Mr Gay Europe 2009 and I would like to participate in all activity’s which can help all Gay people to gain there rights. Jörn Hannemann

RUSSIA Name: David Baramija Age: 24 Height: 180 cm City: Vladimir Occupation: Landscape designer Hobbies: Growing orchids and sport (fitness) Zodiac: Libra I want to say to all guys from Russia: Do not be afraid to be yourself. The most important is to be a man and a person and to behave correspondingly. Also KVIR magazine chose me to represent Russia at Mr Gay Europe 2009.

Antony Cortinovis

ITALY: Name: Antony Cortinovis Age: 24 Height: 183 cm City: Bergamo Occupation: Pizza man Hobbies: I love CSI Zodiac: Aquarius Participating in this competition is the opportunity for me to give out to Europe the happiness that is inside of me and to try to share it with my smile to all the people I’ll meet in the competition, to all Europe and to the whole world! It’s with this smile and this joy that I want to represent the European gay community, with a particular care to those countries where this reality still has yet to be accepted, like the one where I come from. Gays and lesbians will eventually be free to scream or simply tell their stories, their feelings, their thoughts without being judged!

IRELAND Name: Jason Masterson Age: 23 Height: 165 cm City: Tallaght Occupation: Disability Care Assistant Hobbies: Swimming, gym, walking, cinema, travelling and spending time with friends Zodiac: Pisces

Jason Masterson

I would like to be Mr Gay Europe because it’s a great opportunity to do so much for so many. I am flexible, easy going and click with people easily. Being part of Mr Gay Ireland was a great experience and I learned a lot and now having the chance to become Mr Gay Europe is going to give me the opportunity to help others and give me the chance to learn more. I think that’s what life is about.


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T W E N T Y- O N E - Y E A R - O L D BOY-NEXT-DOOR Lincoln Lewis has been busy helping teenage girls and gay men who should know better amused since joining the cast of popular Australian soap Home and Away in 2007. In the role of Geoff Campbell, Lewis is required to smile, radiate and take his t-shirt off at every possible moment. As long as the script absolutely 100 per cent demands it, of course. A few months ago, Lewis hit the headlines when he became caught up in a sex tape scandal. ‘Lincoln Lewis admitted filming a sex tape with a teenage TV starlet and showing the footage to his castmates,’ revealed an Australian newspaper. ‘It was reported the act was filmed on a cellphone and has since been deleted.’ His mother has been quick to slam the girl involved, insisting it was her who led her son astray. We think differently, and can see the glint in Lincoln’s eye that hides a downright dirty side to the surfer dude. How would you describe growing up in Brisbane? I loved it - the people are friendly, the beaches are beautiful and I had a great bunch of mates growing up and we did not take anything too seriously. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in Brisbane is a blond surfer, but I did get my mum’s blonde hair and my dad’s green eyes and tan, and yes I love to surf. Your father, Wally Lewis, is a famous rugby player. This sounds like a very masculine environment to be brought up in. Why did you become an actor? I played football from the age of six. Football and acting are my two great passions. I feel so fortunate to be able to do at least one of the things I am passionate about for a living. Your character has had to suffer many serious storylines, such as alcohol abuse, bullying, and the death of family. How does this affect your real life? It can sometimes take a long time to get into a character’s head when you have to do a really heavy scene. When I have had scenes where I have to cry all day, you are actually putting your body through that physical emotion, so it can be really hard to switch off sometimes. You’ve been breaking hearts in the show already. On the stud scale, how would you rate yourself? Ha, I just don’t think of myself that way. What’s your idea of a perfect date? I don’t actually like using the word ‘date’ as I think it makes things too formal. If I were to, I’d just want to spend quality time with the person, whether we just hang out, go to the beach, watch a movie or go for a drive. I don’t like to put pressure on the situation. What would be your perfect Home and Away storyline? Well, I have almost lived out all my perfect storylines on the show – as Geoff has got to play football, film on an amazing deserted island and of course has had quite a few girlfriends. The only thing I would pick is for Geoff to take up surfing, because I grew up on the beach it feels like my home and I’d love Geoff to become a pro-surfer. What are the chances of you bringing out a pop single in the near future? I don’t think I am even much of a singing-in-the-shower idol, but you never know. At the moment I am learning to dance for Dancing With The Stars, so who knows what might come next. Perhaps I’ll do a duet with a UK pop star. Any takers?


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In the first of a new series, Crew’s View, Paul Davies scribbles down the perceptions of a trolley dolly, down route. This issue, he visits Houston.


\eh[dgk_h_[iWdZWffe_djc[dji0 j[b[f^ed[0&'(-),/,//'eh[cW_b0^[bbe@m_]iXh_]^jed$Ye$ka ceeY^"'&)]bekY[ij[hhZ"Xh_]^jed8D'*7F

Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is the merged department of Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) and Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR). BIS is helping the UK, our businesses and people, to excel and thrive in the future world economy. BIS promotes open and competitive markets, proportionate regulation, an enterprise and innovation culture, skilled people, thriving universities, life-long learning and world-class science, technology and research. Our LGBT Advisory group helps the Department become a great place to work by fostering a culture which is supportive, positive, encouraging, inclusive and comfortable, helping the Department identify and tackle overt, hidden and passive discrimination. Last year as BERR the Department was in the Top 100 of the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index 2009 and we intend to take part as BIS this year. If you would like to find out more about BIS and how the Department can help you, visit our website


Skyline with the Downtown Aquarium’s Ferris wheel

hink. At the top of descent it’s a bit of a nightmare; blankets to collect, headphones to throw in a cupboard and Dom Perignon to gash down the toilets…oh the waste. I consider the one for me, one for the toilet option when tipping the booze away, but feel rancid, it’s already been 16 hours in the air and I could just do with bed, so I flush it. Strapping on my seatbelt I sit back and resign myself to the thought of two days in front of the TV watching CNN before I get up and do it all again in reverse. Damn the homophobic Deep South and all of the prospects that come with it. Yawning as the crew transfer bus snaked its way through Houston I was surprised to find myself impressed as I looked out of the window - the city actually looked quite…nice. And what may I ask was that? A rainbow flag? Never. It transpired that my eyes hadn’t deceived me; seemingly gay hangouts are aplenty in this rootin’ tootin’ two-bit town. Suddenly I was torn about what to do - sleep or party? Being a veteran of the long-haul it’s a no brainer (I’ve managed to master the ability to ‘power through’). So armed with a text message from a friend of mine listing the best gay bars in town (good old crew networking) I necked a big Starbucks, lined my stomach with some artery-busting pizza and headed out to Guava Lamp - the place to be for the gay men of Houston (and me). And I confess to being impressed. I wasn’t expecting the sleek and ultramodern décor that met me, nor the night of partying and decadence that was clearly ahead of me. At some stage later, having expressed my surprise at the presence of gay bars in Texas to a random local, he tells me that Houston even has a Pride all of its very own and that 2009 was the 31st year - the same age


crew’s view

HOUSTON, TX as Sydney’s Mardi Gras. Well I’ll be damned. He tells me the Pride celebration takes place in the city’s main gay area of Montrose and is filled with a collection of the camp, the outrageous and the delightfully gay. Houston’s Pride Parade follows the Pride Festival and continues until 11pm … but people find a way to party, he assures me, somewhere else for much longer. My phone rings and the noise shatters my happy sleep. I don’t remember going to bed but I’m washed and ready 15 minutes later. Five minutes after that we are off to the mall but the last thing I want to do is shop, especially as we are going by bus. I’m only staying for an hour; the rest of the crew can survive without me. The Galleria shopping mall, located in uptown Houston, is the Mecca of all shopping malls - and I’ve seen my fair share believe me. Boasting more than 500 stores, The Galleria ranks third in the U.S. and more than caters for everyone’s needs - from Macy’s and Abercrombie to Gucci and D&G…shopping heaven, if you’re up for it. As a little tip for those braving shopping USA style, don’t forget to pick up a visitors discount form, which gets tax back off your purchases - making those cheap deals even cheaper. Forms are tucked away on the third floor at the customer service desk, but for something like 25% off of your purchase price it is more than worth the trouble schlepping up there! My five minute shopping trip lasted five hours and it was only then I realised several things: I was hungry. I had a hangover. There is still so much more to do. Downtown Houston

The Historic District: The streets in the are lined with 19th century architecture and nightclubs and restaurants

I dropped shopping home (I call hotels home. I’m a sad man) and decided to combine points one and two, so headed to a Tex-Mex restaurant called Cyclone. Good solid sturdy food in good American sized portions. I also had a spectacular frozen Margarita (just to take the edge off) which was the size of a fish bowl and a bargain at $11... no wonder this place was packed. I had a couple. I felt better. Aside from a couple of gay bars, an annual Pride festival and a large mall, Houston is also the home of NASA, which really is a must see for everyone…I don’t care if you don’t like space and spaceships, or if you think space travel is irrelevant - this place is amazing and there is enough to keep anyone occupied for hours…loads of interactive stuff, not least of which was experiencing weightlessness and watching the real time progression of actual NASA missions. Drink, lethargy and time conspire against me. I slept recklessly and for a long time during a combination of daylight and nighttime hours. When I awoke, and once I remembered what country I was in, I got up and visited the Museum of Fine Art – it was that or Good Morning America. OK, it doesn’t compare with the Louvre or the British Museum, but it does have well over 50,000 pieces of art from all over the world, which is an impressive collection for a town famous for guns, obesity and lynching’s. As ever, as soon as my body clock starts to adjust, or when I start to have fun, it is time to go and move on again, and so, despite my lengthy sleep, I head off home for an afternoon nap, on the other side of which I will hand out the blankets and earphones I had seemingly just collected in, pour out Dom Perignon that I will no doubt throw away again and then, for 16 hours be governed by that bloody call bell. Call me crazy, but I do love it.

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Go for the bull: Plaza La Malagueta, Malaga

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the thrill of the chase:


ry to be prudent this monthâ&#x20AC;? he said. What does that even mean? I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think I like this monthly directive thingy from the Editor. The powers that be are trying to kill me, or maybe stifle my extravagant expense account; last month 3SIXTY encouraged me to experience a â&#x20AC;&#x153;Budget Breakâ&#x20AC;?, this month they decided I should be â&#x20AC;&#x153;Prudentâ&#x20AC;?. Hmmm. This bloody credit crunch is doing my head in. It was fortunate then that after my pleasant experience at the hands of a budget airline last month (letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s assume you read Julyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Languedoc piece), that I was happy to revisit the experience once again. Does lightning strike twice? I boosted (does one still boost?) up the laptop in search of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Prudent holidays 101â&#x20AC;&#x2122;. DĂŠjĂ vu? I went to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Sâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; and looked for St Lucia, it wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t there. Damn. I fingered the scroll bar a little bit longer, more in hope than expectation.

I scrolled past common and popular destinations like Klagenfurt, Szczecin and Zweibrucken, and with each roll of the bar got angrier, cursing the fact that it had been a very long time since I did my Geography GCSE. When did Europe change so much? Frustrated at the insanity of choice before me I paused on Venice and felt a revelation; old Europe was the way to go, I was sure of it. A familiar face was required and Venice was it. Affirmative action meant I booked a seat instantly. I put away the harrowing memories of flash floods in Essex last winter. But floods aside, the truth is that I do love Venice; rambling, confusing and impossibly constructed, this city which sits upon the water is a place of real magic. A place that shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t exist in the modern world but somehow does. The place is a labyrinth. Somewhere where everyone is lost. Confused. A city that almost doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want us there. But in truth it is actually a place thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s gives each visitor the most precious gift

Scott Brown finds magic in the car and GPS-free waterways of Venice. of all; the opportunity to not know. A chance for us all to revisit a much simpler, more innocent place. Both internally and externally. Venice is awash (no pun) with an energy; domed roofs in hazy skies, Gondolas on milky waters, moody images of young love. Venice evokes romance. But then I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t agree. Venice evokes mystery, which goes hand in hand with romance but is not one and the same. This labyrinth city, complete with its dark streets and cavernous alleyways which lead us to temptation says much more. Wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t it Eyes Wide Shut (with Nicole and Tom) where Venetian masks were sexual? Isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t it these very masks that stir an awakening in us all? Perhaps these masks are really the embodiment of what Venice is about; mystery, secrecy, something revealed but something also hidden. The city resembles the mask. You see some but not all. She will only show you what she wants to. Sometimes I feel as though these cobbled streets

3SIXTYTRAVEL change direction while everyone is sleeping. Maybe they do. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why everyone is lost. For me, Venice is Italyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best; from the water filled infrastructure to the cobbled lanes that tourists meander along you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t help but be inspired by its beauty. And I do mean beauty. Architecture. Design. Tranquility. Vibrancy. Venice ticks so many boxes. These picturesque cobbled streets give home to a shopping heaven and the water filled network gives a different view - The Canale Grande, or Grand Canal, which is the main aquatic thoroughfare in central Venice is the best way to see the city, and despite the calls (romantic or not) of the gondoliers, the prudent way to take it in is by river taxi; the No. 1 vaporetto from the Piazzale Roma in the direction of San Marco is particularly good and takes you through the artery of the city for a couple of quid. Admire the remarkable bridges along the way, especially the Rialto (The Ponte di Rialto) which has been the main pedestrian crossing between the two banks of the Grand Canal since 1591. Inland, by which I mean a few steps from any one of the canals, Venice has many beautiful and historic squares and open spaces, the best, and quite rightly the most famous, of which is the Piazza San Marco or St Markâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Square. Veniceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s premier square is the cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s answer to Times Square and Trafalgar Square, only it is more attractive and isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t congested by cars, so not really an answer at all, more a completely different question. St Markâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Square is adjoined on one side by the Basilica di San Marco, which is a house of worship built to house the bones of St. Mark. The cathedralâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exterior is an interesting mix of Byzantine architecture, boasting five domes and a degree of surface decoration that may well be considered ostentatious. The Grand Canal, The Rialto, St Marks Square and Basilica di San Marco all deserve to be seen, but remember this is a city with class, culture and sophistication in depth, a place with an abundance of hidden gems; take the river taxi and hop on and off, sample Venice from all sides and see what you find, wander for days with no real direction - thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what she wants you to do so take her on her word and you wont be disappointed. If you get chance, the Peggy Guggenheim Museum has a stunning collection and from there you can enjoy the walk out to the Santa Maria where you get breathtaking views back over a beautiful Venice and a bustling waterway. Food offerings are good but not great, yes there are some fantastic eateries but most places are full of tourists and tend to be over priced and substandard. Being prudent, as we are, I always plump for good old fashioned local food, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good, cheap and on every street â&#x20AC;&#x201C; plus no self-respecting Italian would ever serve you a bad traditional meal, so itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s win-win. Another option would be the local bacaro, the wine-only Venetian equivalent of a pub, where a

Venice is awash (no pun) with an energy; domed roofs in hazy skies, Gondolas on milky waters, moody images of young love. series of little snacks (tapas-like cichètti) are always on offer. I guess to name a name, then Harryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bar (Calle Vallaresso, San Marco), of Hemingway and Orson Welles fame, may be worth a visit â&#x20AC;&#x201C; it is outrageously expensive, but does make the best Bellini in town. Caffè Florian in St Markâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Square was founded in 1720â&#x20AC;Śso thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s another worth a look, but donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t linger too long. For me Venice is a melting pot of all things good. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a place where cars donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t exist and GPS doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work - but that makes it the perfect escape. It has what you want in abundance but you have to sniff it out. That is what this place is all about; finding what it is you truly want. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about the desire for discovery. It is what you make it. She wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t give up her secrets easily but rest assured she has many. The mystery makes it fun; the thrill is in the chase. Venice will make you fall in love. With her, him, it. It doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t matter. It just makes your heart beat a little bit faster. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s what she does, but she wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t say how. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all in the mystery and in keeping us guessing. But isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t that beautiful?

Basel. Designed to thrill.         



Words and images: Christian Pielow Except above: Manhattan skyline © aturkus Right: Image from Before Stonewall film, out now on Pecadillo


Judy Garland’s Somewhere over the Rainbow poignantly ends the 2009 Gay Pride celebrations. It has been 40 years since her death and 40 years since the Stonewall riots erupted in Greenwich Village, New York. Yet Garland’s words are as relevant today as they were in 1969. The LGBT community is still dreaming of a promised land somewhere in the distance. There are currently no national laws protecting LGBT citizens against prejudice and only six out of fifty states allow gay marriage. However, like Stonewall 40 years ago, a breaking-point is being reached and change is coming. So where did it all start?

THE STONEWALL RIOTS On 28 June 1969, at 1.20am, the New York Police Department (NYPD) stormed the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar located in the heart of Greenwich Village. The Stonewall Inn was one of a number of gay bars ran by the Mafia, and the vibrant but illegal network fulfilled the ever increasing demand of the LGBT community to have places to gather. Raids on these early LGBT establishments became a routine opportunity for the NYPD to arrest and beat those who were perceived to be sexually or gender-identity defiant. Due to the power and violence of the NYPD, most of those arrested and abused would not fight back. However, this raid was different. Instead of accepting arrest and filling the jails of Manhattan, those being accosted defiantly fought back, launching bricks and bottles at the police. The tables had turned; fearing for their safety the police backed into the Stonewall Inn. Rioters continued to vent their frustration after years of oppression and forced silence, even attempting to torch the building with the police inside. The uprising grew in strength as over one thousand New Yorkers joined the following night, continuing to riot for five more days. Such a violent backlash was both unexpected and a long time coming. Due to the systemic, violent oppression of the LGBT community, an insatiable thirst for equality had been building throughout the ‘free-loving’ sixties. As Tommy Lanigan-Schmidt, a Stonewall veteran still invigorated at the very mention of Stonewall recalls, “Every day on the street you had to worry about getting hurt or killed, whether it was a policeman or just a bad trick.” Tommy was one of many ‘street youths’ unable to get a job because of his sexuality and was forced into prostitution to earn a living. Gay establishments such as the Stonewall Inn allowed these displaced US citizens the chance to share a sense of community and provide shelter from the harsh realities of street life. Lanigan-Schmidt describes it as a ‘haven of love’. Yet the NYPD would not even allow the LGBT community this one refuge from an oppressive society, forcing them to react.

“Gay establishments such as the Stonewall Inn allowed these displaced US citizens the chance to share a sense of community and provide shelter from the harsh realities of street life”.

FIRST GAY PRIDE MARCH – 28 JUNE 1970 One month later, The Mattachine Society (a leading gay rights organisation) organised three to four hundred people to gather in Washington Square Park. This public demonstration developed the notion that members of the LGBT community should stand up and be proud. Many other strands of the gay movement were also actively following the Stonewall riots and the reaction of the LGBT community, including the Gay Liberation Front (GLF) and the Gay Activists Alliance (GAA). Then, one year later on June 28th 1970, thousands gathered and marched through the centre of Manhattan. No longer would New Yorkers accept the stifling silence enforced by governmental institutions and societal prejudice. This was the birth of the Gay Pride celebrations as we know them today held world-wide.




Does money really grow on trees


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40 YEARS ON – 28 JUNE 2009 Many Stonewall Veterans still march with pride, knowing that things have changed remarkably since the riots in 1969. They are joined by floats and marchers representing every ethnicity, sexuality, gender-identity and group you can imagine. No one has been left behind in the modern day movement and Gay Pride 40 years on has evolved from a singular event into a month long celebration of freedom and equality. For example, earlier in the week, against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, the Men at Midnight cruise was the place to be, with drinking, dancing and spectacular views ( While Epic parties such as We Can! the night before Pride kept thousands of gay men dancing from dawn til dusk as world-class DJs Peter Rauhofer, Offer Nissam and DJ Paulo delivered breath-taking sets. Then came the grand finale with the Dance on the Pier after the Pride Parade, where thousands gathered under the starlit sky on a pier stretching out into the Hudson River. Heritage of Pride, the organisers of the official Pride

“This is the essence of New York Pride celebrations: decadent parties hand in hand with a political sensibility and civil rights activism, and as rainbowcoloured fireworks” events, describe the Pier Dance as being “born out of a time when LGBT persons could not dance openly and proudly together. It is a protest set to music, a celebration set to the western skyline and a reminder of how far we’ve come.” This is the essence of New York Pride celebrations: decadent parties hand in hand with a political sensibility and civil rights activism, and as rainbow-coloured fireworks from the end of the pier lit up the entire island of Manhattan, no New Yorker could ignore us. Moving Forward – A March on Washington New York also hosts the Gay Pride Rally one week before. The Rally is a politically charged event, hosting gay activists and artists side-by-side. Cleve Jones, the assistant to the first openly gay politician Harvey Milk, is the key speaker (Milk 2008, is a must-watch). Jones drives home that while progress has been made, the LGBT community are still “second class citizens” and that Americans must think “beyond state boundaries”. To achieve this goal he is organising a national March on the Nation’s capital in DC for 11 October 2009. This is a protest to call Obama’s administration to live up their campaign promise for civil rights for all, and to remind US society that the LGBT community will wait no longer. Yet, as the USA gears up for another chapter in the civil rights battle, I am left wondering when we in the UK are going to demand full equality? After all, we are denied the right to full marriage and banned from having any religious content in our ceremonies; guests cannot even make any reference to religion or God. And while the progress made both in the US and the UK in the past 40 years is something to celebrate with pride, the spirit of protest is as much alive and needed today, as it was for the original activists during that fateful night in Greenwich Village.




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Photography by Magnus Hastings



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Thames ValleyjZ\e\85 >>>FO=FI;ËJ>8P:FDDLE@KP?@KJ K?<K?8D<J K?<G8I8;@J<9F8KG8IKP#JLE(-8L>

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Northampton Milton Keynes Aylesbury Cheltenham Swindon

Oxford Reading Newbury

Bristol Mare






Guildford Farnham Crawley Southampton




H Eastbour

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Thames ValleyjZ\e\87 >>>GFJK$GI@;<G8IKP@E>8KK?< D8CK?FLJ<


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BristoljZ\e\89 >>>8E@>?K@E9I@JKFC 8CC@D8><J9PD@:?8<C?FE<P C\m\c(





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Bristol Weston-Super-Mare Taunton Exeter Truro

Plymouth Torquay



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HOW TO ORDER YOUR COPY 142 page full colour cookbook • £20 inc post and packaging For a signed copy, please send a cheque payable to Planet Tonywood to: 4 Steine Street, Brighton, BN2 1TE. For credit card purchases please call 08706 201 360 or email Alternativly, direct from or ask your local book shop (Quote ISBN 9781434372840).

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cut out and keep - this saves money for all gay+lesbian holiday places under the sun + citybreaks now booking IBIZA - itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hot! GRAN CANARIA for sun-sand-sea-sex+sangria

great choice + best value from the longest established gay + lesbian holiday company click / call NOW! tel (01273) 676696 (after 11am) retail agent for A.T.O.L. 2 GEORGE STREET BRIGHTON BN2 1RH



:C8JJ@=@<;J ?FK<C>L<JK?FLJ<









HERE? Call 08706 201 360 and speak to our sales team



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0800 288 8855

31/2 year UK/EU driving licence required. Course fees apply. 6+ points may prohibit application. Ref 100





Kylie in your living room* (*on dvd!) es, Pride season is in full swing and yes, Kylie records are polluting the ears of gay boys and girls nationwide and yes, gays tend to love Kylie and yes, we heart Kylie too, so we’re giving away ten copies of William Baker’s beautifully filmed personal portrait of the lady herself. White Diamond follows our Kyles as she embarks on the hugely successful Showgirl tour, only to be hit by tragedy when she is diagnosed with breast cancer on 17 May 2005, forcing her to cancel all remaining dates. What ensues is Kylie’s battle to regain health and finish the tour that was so ‘rudely’ interrupted. Baker’s access all areas footage reveals Kylie in the dressing room both before and after her spectacular arena shows, meeting fans and working on designing a leopard print catsuit for the tour with Dolce & Gabbana.


To be in with a chance of winning one of ten copies of White Diamond on DVD, simply answer this Kylie-related question:

WEST MIDLANDS Leicester Helpline 01162 550667 North Staffordshire LGB Switchboard 01782 266998 Lesbian and Gay Switchboard West Midlands 0845 2578255

LONDON & ESSEX Berkshire Gay and Lesbian information Network 0118 959 7269 Basildon and Thurrock Friend 01268 284422 Colchester Gay Switchboard 01206 869191 London LGBT Switchboard 020 7837 7324 London Friend 020 7837 3337 Lewisham Friend 020 8690 6195

SCOTLAND Edinburgh 01315 564 620 GLASGOW 01414 870 447 Glasgow Gay & Lesbian Centre 01412 217203 Lothian Switchboard 01315 564049 Strathclyde Gay and Lesbian Switchboard 01418 470447

SOUTH EAST Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard 01273 204050 Isle of Wight Helpline 01983 525123 Oxford Friend 01865 726893 Surrey Helpline 01483 727667

WALES LGBT Cymru Helpline 08000 232201 Cardiff 02920 340 101 SWANSEA 01792 645 325 NORTH WEST Lesbian and Gay Foundation Manchester 08453 303030 Blackpool 01253 454 978 Manchester YouthLine 0800 052 0151

SOUTH WEST Bristol Lesbian and Gay Switchboard 01179 221328 Cornwall Lesbian Line 01736 754225 GAY-GLOS in Gloucestershire 01452 306800 Intercom Trust in SW peninsula 08456 020818 Somerset Gay Health 01823 327078

NORTH EAST Newcastle 01912 618 555 middlesbrough 01642 804 400

EAST MIDLANDS Nottingham Switchboard 01623 621515 Midlands Switchboard 08452 578255

YORKSHIRE AND HUMBERSIDE LEEDS 01132 453 588 HULL 01482 443 333




What colour are Kylie Minogue’s eyes?

Pet Shop Boys Tour Happen Events Harvey Goldsmith Presents Queer as Talent Theme Traders


Health CRI Sussed Eddystone Trust First Call Aesthetics GMFA Terrence Higgins Trust

22 49 112 11 13,36 113

Retail Honda Scooters Peccadillo Pictures TLA Releasing Shop 3SIXTY

8 60 36 2&3

Travel Gay Holiday Places Switzerland Tourism World Pride Cruises

112 56 & 57 55

Wine Barefoot Wine




AMEX Broken Rainbow CV Global Gaydar JDL Leather Just Jean Planet Tonywood Monsta Mixa Pink Sinatra Positive Line Weston’s Garden Solutions BARNSLEY

24 70 60 66 112 60 109 112 112 112 13

(1) Email your answer to giving your name, address & daytime phone number. (2) Pop your answer on a nice postcard with a contact number and send it to: 3SIXTY Competition, 4 Steine Street, Brighton BN2 1TE

39 112 6


The prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative. Usual 3SIXTY competi-

Holistic Masseur

tion rules apply (available on request). Closing date for entries is Mon 10 August 2009.

Art Republic



Retail 39

Scene Aeon Events Bright‘n’Beautiful Bulldog Guest and The City Knock One Out The Brighton Sauna

Mooch Sugaring for Men Vavoom Engleharts The Antique House Yes Dear!

54 112 78 12 12 112


Hotels Mercure Brigstow Bristol Retail The Package

88 95

Scene Level 1 The Lounge The Palace The Pineapple The Queenshilling

90 93 94 91 92


Events Theme Traders


Scene Gay Hostel Ku Bar Rose and Crown

112 73 69


Scene Cruz101



Scene The Nightingale


SOUTH Bootcamp Beach The Bonnington Hotel The Cumberland Hotel

75 74 64 112 17 74

80 80 116

Property Martello Beach

Jewellers Michael Rose



Housing Berneslai Homes BLACKPOOL BAGs Blackpool BRIGHTON

74 79 112


Recruitment Red Driving School

The New Madeira Hotel Revenge Royal Albion Hotel


Government Body Dept. of BIS

a) Blue b) Red c) Rainbow striped

53 113 115 4&5 112


Scene Circus The Edge The London

35 82 81


Scene The Malthouse



Scene The Swallow Zeros

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SIR LES PATTERSON WITH CARL DAVIS COMPOSER & CONDUCTOR ROYAL PHILHARMONIC CONCERT ORCHESTRA LONDON Royal Albert Hall 020 7589 8212 Tuesday 15 September BRIGHTON Centre 0844 847 1515 Friday 18 September BOURNEMOUTH Int’l Centre 0844 576 3000 Saturday 26 September ROYAL LIVERPOOL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA BIRMINGHAM NIA 0844 338 8000 Tuesday 22 September LIVERPOOL Echo Arena 0844 8000 400 Friday 2 October Arenas will be adapted to theatre mode with a smaller capacity to make it a more personal and intimate extravaganza.

TICKET HOTLINE: 0871 231 0833 • agency & c/card bookings subject to booking fee

HOSPITALITY ENQUIRIES Mark Butler Associates 020 7603 6033

3SIXTY August 2009  
3SIXTY August 2009  

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