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MAY Welcome along to May’s edition of 3SIXTY. Whether it’s the recent sunshine and blue skies, more flesh on display, the return of Queer As Talent or the launch of gay TV channel, Brockiewood, we’re embracing the spring. Talking of flashing the flesh, we get down with three construction workers who encourage clients to ogle their ripped bodies as they work shirtless for your pleasure. I would like to stress that this feature is not purely an excuse to meet three buff boys and to fulfil our fantasies. It’s a serious piece of journalism to discover how gay people fit into this traditionally macho industry. But have I mentioned just how fit they are? This month sees the 2010 Pride season kick-off. We have a full diary of Prides from across the country and take a look at what Oxford and Swansea have in store for us. Plus we take a look at the significance of this year’s EuroPride in Warsaw and what the 40,000 LGBT visitors can look forward to. With society’s view of gay parents gradually changing, we ask two 3SIXTY readers to share their experiences with us of raising children within a same-sex relationship. Do gay men and lesbians encounter the same kind of challenges? Do gay parents here in the UK and in America face any kind of stigma? And how do the children in these families adjust? The Catholic Church has been embroiled in a series of scandals. The Pope’s right-hand man has said paedophilia and homosexuality were linked during his official trip to Chile. Nice. We take a sideways look at crisis, ahead of the Pope’s visit to the UK in September. Of course, to be kept up-to-date with all the news be sure to visit our new-look website, which has a continually refreshed news and entertainment feed. In this issue Stephanie Starlet meets dance diva and gay icon, Carol Jiani, who has also signed-up to be one of the celebrity judges on this year’s Queer As Talent competition, which starts on 12th May in London. Full details of the nation’s biggest LGBT contest can be found online at

INBOX We’d love to hear your comments and feedback. Email us at

NEW LOOK MAGAZINE & WEBSITE Congratulations on a great looking issue of 3SIXTY last month. I love the new layout and design of the magazine. The addition of all the gay news and showbiz on the website is fantastic too. Cheers. Bradley Emery, Hong Kong CONSTANCE MCMILLEN I read your article about the American lesbian teenager, Constance McMillen, and wanted to add my congratulations to her for fighting for equality for all of us. If there were more people like her, the world would be a better, kinder, fairer place. Gary S, Brighton FILM DIRECTORS Thank you for featuring the film directors Carl Medland and Christopher Banks in last month’s issue. Gay contemporary lifestyle is not always accurately portrayed on TV and in films, so we need these people to capture our stories. Maria Giordano, London KATY BRAND She loves the gays and we love her! And she’s so down to earth, despite her huge success – a class act. Not only is she hysterical but a proper intellectual too. Go and get a chance to see her if you can on tour. Viv Littlewood, London GAY SPORTS Your sports section, without doubt, provides the best coverage of LGBT sports out of any publication. Thanks for this and keep up the good work. Jez Parton, Manchester

From Carol, who has been commanding audiences for 20 years, we get up close and personal with Florida-based model and actor, Peter Hall, who’s just launching himself into the giddying heights of showbiz. We also chat with Rachelle Marie Walsh, the UK’s youngest medium about her plans to channel the guys and girls from the LGBT population. Grab yourself a can of Attitude, the new, natural energy drink - you’ll love it! - as we’ve packed loads in the following 100 pages. Enjoy the month and May’s 3SIXTY.

George Prior Senior Editor


ditor’s ompetition 3SIXTYmagazine has two copies of the DVD, Teddy, to give away to two of our readers. For a chance to win, simply answer this question: What symbol appears on the universal gay bears flag? a/- A Bear’s Nose b/- A Bear’s Paw c/- A Grizzly Bear Send your entries by clicking on WIN on www.3sixtymagazine. com and type Editors Competition or send a postcard to Editors Contest 1005 Maritime House Greens End London SE186HB



Gay events company, iCandy, which aims to bring innovative LGBT events to the South Coast, is holding The Love Boat event to raise funds for Stonewall, which works for equality and justice for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals. The boat party, taking place on Friday 4th June from 8pm until 1am in Southampton, will feature Nik Denton, Alex F and DJ Wilson. There will also be huge giveaways for prizes including tickets to see Leona Lewis and a shopping spree.


For gay and bisexual men who want to break away from the “typical gay cruises and resorts” for their holidays, GMen Brighton may be the answer. GMen’s short break holidays will run over 3-4 days and take place in Brighton in July and August. The idea is to enjoy a couple of days away whilst learning a new skill in the company of other like-minded men in a noattitude environment. A wide range of interests are to be catered for, including stand-up comedy, fitness, languages, photography and wine tasting


The Wishing Well (, a new website where gay men publish their most private thoughts in the form of letters, is taking the scene by storm. People from around the world are taking part with heartfelt expressions of love, notes highlighting regret and pain, plus secret lustful fantasies. “It has completely exploded with 500 new submissions and 25,000 page views daily,” says the founder, Mark Adnum. “Guys posts anonymous notes to the guys that they’ve touched or loved in some way – one night stands, tricks, high school crushes and even long term partners,” he explains. The letters aren’t edited in any way – even if they are full of spelling mistakes – and the comment system is an immediate.


More than one million Brits visit Ibiza every year and now The Ibiza Tourist Board has launched its first brochure aimed specifically at the gay market. The brochure, which you can download from the, hopes to help gay and lesbian visitors to source information about the island which is famed for its homo-friendly attitude.


WORLD MORE THAN 100 FILMS IN INDIA’S FIRST MAJOR LGBT FILM FESTIVAL Mumbai has played host to India’s largest ever gay and lesbian film festival in a bid to improve the image of gay people in the Subcontinent, where homosexuality still carries a heavy social stigma. “Our main purpose of the festival is that queer issues should be mainstreamed,” said Sridhar Rangayan, the festival’s organiser. Last year, the country’s High Court ruled that homosexual sex wasn’t a crime between two consenting adults, giving a much needed boost to LGBT lobbying groups. More than 100 films from over 25 countries, including 27 from India, formed this landmark film festival. Dunno Y Na Jaane Kyon, which has been dubbed Bollywood’s first major gay film, closed the event.



President Barack Obama was heckled at a Democrats’ convention following growing discontent amongst the American LGBT community who feel that the President has not fulfilled his election promises. A Gallup opinion poll shows Obama’s support has fallen below 50 percent from almost 70, after his 15 months in office. Protesters demanded Obama repeal the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” military policy that permits gays and lesbians to serve if they’re silent about their sexual orientation. Obama has said he is planning to overturn the policy, but it hasn’t come soon enough for the activists who say he’s failing in his pledges. .


There’s a glimmer of hope for gays and lesbians living in the Catholic country, Costa Rica, who are seeking legal equality. The newspaper, La Nación, claims President Óscar Arias is in favour of the legal recognition of samesex couples. “Yes, there should be legal recognition,” Arias has confirmed in the newspaper’s interview. “You don’t choose sexual inclination. It is given by nature or God. One doesn’t choose it, neither men nor women.” He continued: “It goes against nature to believe that someone stops to think at age 14 whether they will be heterosexual or homosexual. The Catholic Church will have to evolve.”


W W W . L E A F S C O T T . C O . U K

The U.S Supreme Court is to decide if a university can legally deny recognition to a Christian student group which actively excludes gays and non-believers. The case could have important implications for how public universities, colleges and schools should welcome or reject religious groups within education establishments. Founded in 1961, The Christian Legal Society requires members to conform to a Faith Statement that vows devotion to Jesus Christ and bans those with a “sexually immoral lifestyle.”

NEWS FIRST GAY MAGAZINE HITS STREETS OF MOROCCO The first openly gay publication in Arabic has been launched in Morocco. The editor of Mithly says the magazine seeks to give a voice to “lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals, to express themselves.� The influential Arabic daily, Alarab Online, described this as “A first in the Arab world!� and “likely to cause an uproar.� In the magazine’s first issue, it said that homosexuals in the Arab world were in the “most politically and socially unstable areas in the world� and were frequently abused due to “ignorance and misunderstanding.� The magazine’s editorial team is based in Madrid, Spain, as under current Moroccan law they could be imprisoned for promoting homosexuality

IRANIAN LESBIAN FEARS DEATH PENALTY IF DEPORTED Kiana Firouz, an Iranian Lesbian, who was seeking asylum in Britain on the grounds of sexual orientation has had her application rejected by the Home Office, and soon faces deportation. Firouz is now seeking support from the LGBT community to help her appeal against the decision. Homosexuality in Iran is regarded as a moral sin and is illegal. Those proved to be gay or lesbian are likely to be subjected to harsh punishment. According to the country’s law, the punishment for lesbianism is 100 lashes. If the act is repeated three times and punishment is enforced each time, the death sentence will apply on the fourth occasion. Cul-de-sac, a film based on her life, is due to be released this month and tens of thousands have already viewed the trailer on YouTube. The movie contains sexual scenes which in itself would be subject to death punishment if she’s forced to return to Iran.


Blackpool Pride 15 May Blackpool Armed Forces Week 19-27 June Blackpool Air Show 8 August UDO World Street Dance Championships 27-29 August Ride the Lights 31 August Blackpool Illuminations Switch On Weekend 3-5 September Blackpool Illuminations 3 September-7 November World Fireworks Championships 10, 11 & 12 September Blackpool Christmas Lights Switch On 13 November February Half-Term Festival 11-27 February 2011 featuring Showzam! 18-27 February 2011

‌and much more

for info call: 01253 478222 or


In a bid to turn itself into a gay-friendly holiday destination, Nepal is planning to hold civil partnership ceremonies on Mount Everest. Since the decriminalization of homosexuality in 2007, the country has embraced a range of pro-gay advances, led by Nepal’s first openly gay politician, Sunil Bhandari. In a recent letter to the International Conference on Gay and Lesbian Tourism, Bhandari wrote: “As the world knows, Nepal is the land of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak and the birth place of Lord Buddha, light of Asia. I, therefore, would like to take this opportunity to invite and welcome all the sexual and gender minorities from around the world.�


A spokesman for the organisation, Nick McGowan, said he felt the policy was discriminatory: “We think it’s an opportune time to review this policy. There’s a pre-eminent concern, which is of the safety of Australia’s blood supply. That’s the overarching objective of supplying Australian’s with safe blood.� Three years ago, a potential donor, Michael Cain, took the Australian Red Cross to a tribunal. He argued that anyone, gay or straight, should not be allowed to give blood if they’d had unsafe sex within the last 12 months. The ban was upheld and Cain is now working in association with a Tasmanian LGBT group to continue his battle through the courts.




Queeras HOME TY ROSA I recently had the opportunity to visit Stuart and Paul, the owners of Ty Rosa B&B in Cardiff. The moment you walk through the door of Ty Rosa, you can’t help but feel immediately at home. Stuart was born in Cardiff and left Wales during his twenties and travelled around for a while before he eventually settled in Southampton where he met his partner, Paul. As it turns out, Paul was instrumental in bringing Stuart back to Wales, as they decided to open a gay B&B and decided the Welsh capital would make the ideal place.

“Well, when you have guests staying in your home you can either resent it or embrace it. We love meeting so many interesting people and we certainly have met a few! It’s amazing when so many come back, we love it!”

Recently Ty Rosa has been rated by TripAdvisor in the Top 10 “Best Gay and Lesbian places to stay in Europe” and also one of “The Coolest B&B’s in Britain” by The Times. When I mentioned the fact, their reaction was of total delight that guests had enjoyed their stay so much and placed them in such high esteem. I guess it proves that The pair soon discovered an attractive they were able to relax in Ty Rosa three storey, Victorian house in as if it was their own home. Grangetown and transformed it into the haven that it is today. The The garden is also a beautiful mix influences of their collective world of the old and the new, featuring travels are evident throughout the plants such as an Australian tree house with interesting pieces from fern mixed in amongst traditional around the globe, nestled between holly hocks, along with fox gloves the more local and traditional and delphiniums. This unusual possessions. They have managed mix makes the garden look to successfully fuse an eclectic mix elegant with mixed foliage yet at of contemporary and older styles the same time also practical with a together, where antiques sit alongside dual function. Work and pleasure 21st century furniture. mixed seamlessly together, as in the house. “When we’re in antiques shops we tend to go for things we both like and Stuart, who is a trained chef know will fit in to our home alongside explains: “We both so love the the existing pieces. The price is not great taste of fresh produce that always our first consideration. For we want our guests to enjoy it example, I just happened to spot an too.” ancient stone torso with an art deco crystal necklace… we had to have it,” Stuart and Paul have created a explains Paul. lovely home, which also doubles as a great workspace where It is a pleasure to meet a couple they are able to feel comfortable that genuinely enjoy each other’s and truly at home and the same company and it’s obvious that their applies for their guests. In the ease with each other is reflected in future, the boys plan to relocate their business. When greeting their and open a hotel abroad, possibly customers, Paul and Stuart treat them in Greece, so get in quick and more like new best friends rather than book yourself a relaxing break complete strangers. Stuart gives me before you miss an opportunity to an insight into his perspective on it: meet this dynamic duo. Story & photos by Tony Parry 3SIXTY Queer as Home




Flight of the Conchords


Cult comedy duo from New Zealand, comprising of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, are taking their awardwinning act on the road. Anyone who has seen their TV show will need no prompting to catch them performing their cleverly crafted songs on stage. Birmingham, National Indoor Arena, 10 May Manchester, Apollo, 11 & 12 May Glasgow, Clyde Auditorium, 14 & 15 May London, Hammersmith Apollo, 16 & 17 May London, Wembley Arena, 18 & 25 May

Hair Opening in October 1967, Hair upset the critical establishment with its scenes of nudity- none of which stopped it from going on to be a Broadway smash! This is not a show for anyone who doesn’t want to interact with the cast. But what can you expect from a show which extolls the virtues of getting high? Time Out has proclaimed this production “the West End show of the year,” so what are you waiting for? London, Gielgud Theatre, W1

A Night in Wonderland A Night in Wonderland is taking West End stars away from their sofas on their day off and making them perform in a very exciting new classy cabaret. The next event sees openly gay musical theatre star, Ian Carlyle (who currently plays Britney Spears in We Will Rock You and is a well-known face on TV) take to the stage. Expect songs from classic and current musicals, jazz, swing and more – all blended together cleverly with smooth acoustic melodies and new arrangement. Brighton, Hotel du Vin, 6 June

Ricky Gervais For some people Ricky Gervais will only ever be about the sit-coms. It’s true The Office and Extras changed the face of TV comedy, but he is hysterical in the flesh too. Rude and offensive at every turn, Gervais is an explosive comedian who knows how to deliver a gag. If you get a chance to see one of Britain’s best comedy exports, don’t think twice. Bristol, Colston Hall, 30 & 31 May Bournemouth, International Centre, 26 & 27 June Birmingham, National Indoor Arena, 10 & 11 August Brighton Centre, 17 & 18 August London, Hammersmith Apollo, 6-11 September


Find advice about telling people you have HIV the website for HIV-positive gay men Design by

GMFA’s HIV-positive gay men’s website with information on: diagnosis • sex • relationships • HIV treatment • disclosure • work • money & benefits

GMFA projects are developed by positive and negative volunteers. To volunteer or donate call 020 7738 6872 or go to Charity number 1076854

Supported by




Pet Shop Boys With striking stage graphics, flamboyant costume changes and banging medleys, this is Tennant and Lowe at their best. The shows build to a frenzied finale as the crowd goes mental to classics such as Go West and West End Girls, as well as more recent favourites like The Way It Used To Be. Blackpool, Empress Ballroom, 13 July Brighton Centre, 19 July Bournemouth, International Centre, 20 July Cardiff, International Arena, 21 July Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena, 23 July

Signed by Simon Cowell and managed by Louis Walsh, Westlife have been around since 1998, selling 43 million records worldwide and accumulating an astonishing 14 UK number one singles. The boys are hitting a stage near you soon. Be sure to get your tickets fast as they are bound to go like the proverbial gold dust. London O2 Arena, 12 - 14 May Manchester, MEN Arena, 28 & 30 May

Lady Gaga The Sun newspaper called Lady Gaga’s live shows “awe-inspiring.” The Monster Ball tour is a visual and musical spectacular that only Lady Gaga could properly pull off. Don’t miss your chance to go and see pop’s most exciting new diva strut her stuff in between the 15 costume changes. It’s a raucous, wild and perverted. You’ll love it. Nottingham, Trent FM Arena, 27 May Birmingham, LG Arena, 28 May London, The 02, 31 May Manchester, MEN Arena, 2 & 3 June Sheffield Arena, 4 June


Florence and the Machine

Darling of the critics, Florence and the Machine came to prominence in 2009 with their debut album, Lungs which saw them pick up a Brit award and nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. Their set at last year’s Glastonbury proved that singer Florence Welch and her eclectic mix of musicians could cut it live and here they’re on tour consolidating their position as one of the hottest bands of the last couple of years.. London, Hammersmith Apollo’ 13-15 May Cardiff Coopers Field, 10 June London, Somerset House, 15 July



MAY Pride 2010:

Blackpool Pride 15th-16th May Birmingham Pride 29th May

Norwich Pride 25th July Hudderfield Pink Picnic 25th July Nottingham Pride 31st July

JUNE Pride 2010:

AUGUST Pride 2010:

Pride Games 5th-13th June Pink Party Bristol 5th June York Pride 6th-13th June Torquay Pride 11th-13th June Oxford Pride 12th June Suffolk Pride 20th June Swansea Pride 26th June Worchester Pride 26th June

JULY Pride 2010:

London Pride 4th July Bournemouth Pride 9th - 11th July Derby 10th July Euro Pride 17th July Reading Pride 18th July Belfast Pride 24th-31st July Thanet Pride 24th July

Leeds Pride 1st August Brighton Pride 7th August Liverpool Pride 7th August Swindon Pride 14th August Bristol 16th-21st August Cambridge Pink Festival 21st August Doncaster 21st August Manchester 28th August Cornwall 28th August Gay Games viii- Cologne 31st August

SEPT Pride 2010: Cardiff-Wales Mardi-Gras 4th Sept For the latest update, please go online to

OXFORD PRIDE Oxford Pride’s Parade and Fair on 12th June are the climax of a series of events from Friday 4 June to Sunday 13 June. This year’s theme is 2010: A PROUD ODYSSEY, and the festival includes Walk on the Wilde Side, Queers Arts at Jam Factory and a lively panel debate at University of Oxford. Saturday 11th June’s main parade takes place at midday, with Bond Street (opposite Westgate) and Oxford Castle, the best places to view the spectacle. The Fair will be held on Oxpens Field, next to the Ice Rink, and has non-stop entertainment, village stalls, a fun fair, plus great food and drinks and a real ale bar. Essential info Dates: 4th – 13th June. Parade & Fair on 12th June Venue: Festival events all over the city. The Fair takes place on Oxpens Field. Website:

SWANSEA PRIDE Last year more than 3,000 party-goers attended the first ever Swansea Pride in the blazing sunshine. And this year, the event looks set to top 2009’s incredible debut. More than a dozen acts have already been confirmed for the Main Stage including a major chart group, an X Factor finalist and 90s dance diva, Rozalla. The Dance Tent, sponsored by VK, returns by popular demand where a dream team of DJs will play the biggest tunes throughout the day. There are also more bars and food outlets plus some sexy promos with hot giveaways. Essential info Dates: Saturday 26th June Venue: Singleton Park Website: Photos on this page courtesy of Oxford Pride

Mancheste GEORGE PRIOR HEADS TO MANCHESTER TO SEE IF THERE REALLY IS ‘NOWT AS QUEER AS FOLK.’ It would be hard to find another city in Europe, except for Barcelona perhaps, which has undergone, and embraced, such dramatic social change as Manchester. It was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution and the birth of capitalism; but more recently, it has been at the epicentre of British contemporary culture which combines music, sport, design and nightlife.

tating IRA bomb in 1996? Or maybe it’s the enormous, transient student population? Or the pioneering spirit of the LGBT community? Whatever it is, Manchester in 2010 is a dynamic place to be. The Albert Square area, with its imposing neo-gothic buildings and monuments including the mighty Town Hall whose 19th century clock tower dwarfs nearby buildings, the Midland Hotel and the Central Library, often claims to be the ‘city centre.’ Although other districts of Manchester will probably hold greater interest for the visitor. Just a short walk to the east and you’ll come across China Town and the Gay Village.

The city was a powerhouse of mines, mills, factories and canals which generated fuel, developed transport and ultimately led to political and social reform. Today, Manchester’s influence is felt just as much with the revitalised city giving birth to the likes of Morrissey, Oasis, Hallé Orchestra, Manchester United, warehouse-style apartments and one China Town, a network of narrow of Europe’s largest gay villages. streets from Princess to Charlotte Street, has the predictable Dragon So why has Manchester, unlike other Arch (doesn’t every China Town in industrial northern towns and cities, the world?) just to confirm which part retained its importance and indeed of town you’re in – as if you couldn’t thrived? Perhaps it was the large ur- guess with the abundance of Chiban regeneration following the devas- nese restaurants and supermarkets. 3SIXTY TRAVEL

The Mancunian Chinese New Year celebrations are said to be some of the best in Europe. The Gay Village, made world-famous by TV series, Queer As Folk, is centred around Chorlton Street and Canal Street. The determination of some plucky business owners and the pink pound have rescued what was once a decaying industrial area and turned it into one of the most enthralling collection of gay bars, cafés, clubs and restaurants on earth. You’ll probably start your night in one of Manchester’s stalwart gay venues like Manto, Queer, Spirit and View. Being one of the largest gay villages in the world, you’re bound to find several bars that take your fancy. Company Bar usually attracts an older, leather-orientated crowd; Coyotes appeals to a mainly female audience and hosts regular theme nights; New York New York has renowned cabaret and drag shows; for the classier amongst you

“Manchester has staged a huge comeback ”


the lot. At lunchtime continental-style cafés and traditional pubs around Albert Square are your best bet for a bite to eat. And for dinner, I’d highly recommend a curry along the Indian Golden Mile in the Rushmore district.


there’s Taurus with its fine collection of champagnes, cocktails and wines; Tribeca has inviting low-slung sofas; and Churchills is a proper pub which is perennially popular with locals and tourists alike. The Gay Village has an equally eclectic choice of dance venues. AXM has an upbeat, attitude-free atmosphere; Club Alter Ego has two big rooms playing the best in old skool and contemporary house; Cruz 101 is one of the city’s longest-running LGBT venues and continues to be a firm favourite; and Legends plays commercial house tunes upstairs and a deeper, harder mix in the men-only basement. The Manchester LGBT population is justifiably proud of its heritage and comes together to fly the (rainbow) flag at the huge annual Pride festival. The festival started 19 years ago and, since 2003 it has spanned a full ten days with a series of art, culture, history, debate, sport, music and film events. Manchester’s Pride, which takes place over the August Bank Holiday, is a colourful mass of people, parties and parades. The main parade leaves Deansgate at about midday, heads around St Anne’s Church, down Princess Street

If you’re not hankering for a curry, then try The Modern. This slick, achingly cool restaurant occupies the top two floors of the incredible Urbis building (which should also be on your mustsee list). Get yourself along at sunset as the restaurant faces west and the views are spectacular. before arriving in Canal Street. The main stage always has some incredible headline acts, but with a fun fair, lifestyle show, market and family area, plus some half naked hotties, you’re kinda guaranteed to have a good time. It also raises a huge amount of money for several charities. Is there a better way to say goodbye to summer? As the engine of industrialism and capitalism, it’s no surprise to learn that Manchester has some of the best retail centres in Britain. New Cathedral Street, which runs between St Anne’s Square and Exchange Square, is where you’ll find some of the best shopping – including Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. Amidst the sculptures, gardens and water features, is the massive Arndale Shopping Centre, which has been completely revamped since the 1996 bombing, and where you’ll find an array of high street shops and independent boutiques. On the other side of the square, is the gentrified PrintWorks, which is frothing with bars, restaurants and a huge cinema complex. Apart from London, this city cannot be beaten in the UK in terms of its range of eateries. From kebabs to gourmet cuisine; celebrity-chef owned restaurants to themed chains, Manchester has got

Following the massive urban re-development programme in the late 1990s, there has been an upsurge in the amount of mid-budget city centre hotels. The increase in competition has kept the prices low, so you can normally get a room in a chain hotel for about £60 per night. But be warned – if you’re planning a trip when United are playing at home, rooms will go fast, so book well in advance. A good, but pricier option, near to the Gay Village is The Malmaison Manchester, which has plush interiors and a homofriendly lounger bar, Malbar. Like Barcelona, Manchester has staged a huge comeback. From small villages they grew into magnificent industrial cities and have, over the decade and a half, got their mojos back. Both cities effortlessly mix the contemporary with the traditional in terms of architecture and design; both are home to wo rld-class football teams; and both have some of the best LGBT venues on the planet. And they’re both fiercely determined not to let their southern, national capitals take all the glory. As it always has done, Manchester embraces the future – whatever it may hold - steaming ahead with unbridled confidence. 3SIXTY TRAVEL

San Francisco



he importance of EuroPride being held in Poland’s capital, Warsaw, cannot be underestimated. It’s the first Eastern European country to hold the event, and the road to some degree of equality hasn’t been easy. Relatively recently, in 1993, Warsaw held its very first LGBT gathering on Valentine’s Day, where a small number of gays and lesbians sheepishly demanded the same rights as the rest of the population. So strong was the opposition to this, that five years later, just three people (wearing masks so they couldn’t be identified), stood in the same place to fight for freedom.

demand acknowledgement; and by 2003 more than 4,000 were at the rally. Just as the momentum was building, in 2004, the then Mayor of Warsaw (who went on to become the President), Lech Kaczynski, prohibited the gathering, saying the ban was “to protect the morality and religious feelings of the inhabitants of the Polish capital.” Despite this, more than 2,000 LGBT people attended.

He tried to do the same in 2005. But this time, 5,000 people defiantly showed up and they took the President to the EU court, where it was found he was in violation of three Back then, no-one dared to dream that Human Rights laws. Warsaw would host a huge, world-class LGBT festival. With Warsaw’s chequered gayrights history, the rainbow flag flying But then, in the new millennium, the proudly over 2010’s EuroPride has feelings arose again within the LGBT extra significance. It sends out an community. Every year since 2001, unequivocal message to those living gays and lesbians have taken to the in countries where there’s still ramstreets to highlight their presence and pant and institutionalised homopho3SIXTY TRAVEL

bia that there’s always hope – and things do change. Now the shackles of the past have been shaken off, and with more than 40,000 LGBT attendees, Warsaw is going to party like never before. EuroPride will be the focus for gays and lesbians across the continent between 9th and 18th July. The programme of events is updated almost daily but will include a film festival, a massive open-air concert with acts from around Europe, workshops, debates and exhibitions and, of course, the big march on 17th July. It seems that the LGBT community of the Polish capital is gearing up to show the world that things have changed. And rightly so. Warsaw may still not be on the top of the list of European destinations for most gay travellers, but for those that do make it over there, there are some treats in store. There’s an energised gay scene in


“Warsaw is going to

the city which is focused around three venues: Utopia, Galeria Club and Rasko. Utopia, which is renowned for its harsh door policy, is not classified as a gay venue but it’s where the hip set gather and, as such, is swarming with the trendiest of homosexuals. On the flip-side, Galeria is a large, hedonistic, no-attitude club playing classic and contemporary gay favourites; and Rasko is packed full of enthusiastic, younger Varsovians shakin’ what their Mommas’ gave ‘em to a banging collection of house anthems. Warsaw has also been topping polls for those wanting culture on the cheap. A Post Office survey, which judged 10 world cities, ranked this capital in first place for a cheap three-day trip visiting museums, galleries and heritage sites. Culture vultures should head to the National Museum where there’s a Homo


like never before”

Five years ago, Pride was banned in Warsaw. Now, in 2010, they’re hosting the biggest one in the continent – and it CAN’T be banned! Although Civil Partnerships are still not legal and there are no laws to protect homosexuals, EuroPride will focus the public consciousness like never before on such issues. It will also be an Thankfully, this rapidly growing city has inspiration and a send a message to plenty of central hotels for the 40,000 other post-Communist countries like who will be going for July’s festivities. Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine. At the pricier end of the accommodation spectrum, you’ll find the Hyatt Re- EuroPride 2010 embodies just how far gency. This palace of 5-star luxury is this society has come in a short space George Michael’s hotel of choice in the of time. Clearly, there is still work to Polish capital (it would be, wouldn’t it?) be done. But the power of Pride is that and offers you indulgence on a grand it gives the wider world exposure to scale. But if you fancy something a little and knowledge about the LGBT commore quirky, try the Czarny Kot Hotel. munity. And if homophobia is based This boutique hotel will blind you with on a lack of these two things, it is a kitsch and gives you a more intimate mammoth step forward for us all. kind of stay. Erotic Art exhibition during EuroPride; the National Opera House where you’ll find world-beating performances on the world’s largest opera stage – and it’s state funded so it’s unbelievably cheap; and the Palace of Culture and Science Poland’s tallest building and a towering illustration of Stalinist architecture.




The fantasy? A tradesman with big, bulging biceps, a rock-hard chest, a rock-hard six pack, a rock-hard… well, just ‘rock-hard,’ really. The reality is normally quite different, right? But there’s one company, based in Sussex, which is only too happy to help indulge these fantasies. BUFF BUILDERS provide highly-skilled tradesmen that just happen to be hot, shirtless, and both gay AND straight. 3SIXTY meets Stephen Cranford, Peter Stone and Peter Suttle to find out more.

Why did you set up Buff Builders? Stephen Cranford: I was a police officer for many years but had got to the stage where I’d had enough of it, so I left. I’d built my own house on a plot of land I’d bought, and my father owns a construction company, so I had the right skills set to go into the industry. I was working part-time as a ‘Butler in the Buff’ and at events people would ask me what else I did. When I replied ‘I’m in construction’ they were quite taken aback and their response was often: “Come and do some jobs for me.” Then it occurred to me I was missing a trick. I didn’t want to go into it alone so I approached Pete [Stone] who I met at the gym. Peter Stone: Yes, Stephen asked me at the gym where we both trained about the idea he had, called “Buff Builders.” He knew that I was a builder too, and it went on from there. My initial thoughts were that it was a great idea, but I wasn’t sure if there’d be much call for it. What kind of clients do you attract? Stephen: We get a mixture of gay men and straight women. Although at the moment about 75 percent of

enquiries do come from gay men. We’re available for anyone who wants a couple of hunky handymen to do jobs for them round the home or garden. Peter Stone: We’re proud to be totally gay-friendly. Some of us are straight; some of us are gay and it works very well for everyone.

Have you ever had any advances or embarrassing moments? Stephen: We operate a strictly nonsexual service. Our clients can look at us, photograph us, film us, but that’s it. We always work in pairs too, where one of us is gay and one of us straight, so it would end up being very boring for the other one if anything went on with a client! Seriously, we work in pairs to get the jobs done quicker, to give our clients more to look at and because it stops any allegations on either side (I guess that part is from me being a former policeman). Peter Stone:I had a personal request via email to work naked in a man’s garden. The first offer was for £200, then it kept on going up and up, but I declined. At Buff Builders it’s not about the money (sorry folks) we just don’t offer that sort of service. If you want to see me with my trousers off, the only way is to either to be my partner…or to get a copy of the Buff Builders calendar. Peter Suttle: As for ‘embarrassing’ moments, there really haven’t been any as I’ve been used to working virtually naked as a ‘Butler in the Buff’ with Steve, and being photographed and ogled at. We seemed relatively covered-up doing the Buff Builder jobs! Although I suppose it was embarrassing when we had to take all our kit off and stand there completely naked apart from a pair of boots for last year’s calendar shoot. It did feel a bit weird “being at work” completely naked - but we were soon laughing about it.

Builders Apart from the obvious, why has Buff Builders been such a big hit? Stephen: A lot of gay men I’ve spoken to said that when they had tradesmen in their homes they had to ‘degay’ their house by hiding away photos, calendars, magazines and that kind of thing…And they felt they had to put on some kind of macho bullshit act so as the workmen didn’t feel uncomfortable, even though they’re in their homes. And often, they’re right; there is still this great hostility. Is the construction industry homophobic? Peter Stone: Unfortunately, I think it is, yes. I only know of one or two gay builders. It’s not a traditionally ‘gay’ industry. Peter Suttle: It’s quite rare for a builder to be gay and it might shock the odd person, but I think those homophobic days are in the past. Stephen: I grew up around my father’s construction firm – where I’m a part of the infrastructure so I haven’t been at the receiving end of it, but you still hear about the odd one. What’s it like working with a gay person in construction? Peter Stone: Are you trying to tell me that one or some of us are gay?!! On a serious note, it’s not even a consideration. I don’t even think about it. It makes no difference whether the other builders, or the customers, are gay or straight.

What do your family and friends think of you being a Buff Builder? Peter Suttle: They love it! They all have a Buff Builders calendar hanging up in their kitchens. Peter Stone: All of my family and friends think it’s a brilliant idea. My Mum even bought two calendars one for her, and one for my Nan. Stephen: I’ve been very lucky too. Thankfully, both my Mum and Dad are very supportive. And what about your partners? Stephen: My partner is fine with it. He’s even helped us with some of the marketing aspects of the company. Peter Stone: At first, she was a bit unsure about me working for Buff Builders, but as we continued to do more and more jobs she realized there wasn’t a problem. How did you feel on your first Buff Builders job? Peter Stone: I felt fine, until the point of getting oiled up, and realising that I was going to work inside a house with my shirt off as previously I’d only ever taken my shirt off outside in the sun. Within 30 seconds though it felt totally normal and I didn’t give it a second thought. Peter Suttle: It’s common for us to work with our shirts off on building sites, but the first Buff Builders job I did was ‘unusual’ as we were laying a path for a lady and I had to shave my chest beforehand! We also had to apply baby oil on each other’s bodies to make sure we looked our best. I’d never done that in order to mix concrete before!



Gay families on both sides of the Atlantic share their experiences with 3SIXTY readers.



Jean Fessey tells us in her own words about life as a lesbian mum. Ours is a fairly new family as my girlfriend, Deb, and I have only just all moved in together. When we first met, 4 years ago, we were both still living with our previous long-term (male) partners. We’d both taken the painful decision to leave on the grounds of sexuality - and had broken the news to our partners - so we had a fair amount in common from the start. Also we both had kids – Deb has two daughters; I have one. We became friends initially through a shared sense of humour about our situation, a mutual love of real ale and a passion for making music. Our family is probably not that unusual these days, but doesn’t fit the conventional ‘nuclear’ model. Deb is still best mates with her husband who lives just around the corner. Her daughters are aged 19 and 20 and the eldest is now away at uni while the youngest starts this September. My daughter is 11 years old and just about to go up to ‘big school.’ She lives half of every week with me and half with her Dad – an arrangement that’s allowed both her Dad and I to work/parent part-time. My parents are both ordained clergy but after a few failed exorcism attempts they’ve made every effort to understand my situation. One of the first things we agreed was ‘the kids come first’. We’d both met single lesbians who didn’t understand why we couldn’t just go out when we wanted to and ‘leave the kid with someone.’ It’s been wonderful not having to justify our role as ‘mum’ to each other. Deb’s girls were old enough to understand a lot more than my daughter when our previous arrangements split up, and they’ve been incredibly supportive to their mum and their dad. They‘re personalities are chalk and cheese but they both adore their mum and, probably because of that, have welcomed me into the family in a way I’d never have expected. (Deb’s dog took a little more winning over but the scars are healing up nicely now...)

her father and I used to live together. It’s a very ‘alternative’ town with lots of artistic, liberal-minded types. It was helpful, for example, that I wasn’t the only lesbian mum in the playground. I work in the public sector and get the train to work in London half the week, while Deb drives hundreds of miles in an average week as a regional manager for a private company. We were poles apart in terms of lifestyle and party politics when we met. I walk everywhere and didn’t have a TV – let alone a computer or mobile phone, while Deb was into her gadgets. I’m ‘old labour’ while she’s more ‘new Tory’ (i.e. she actually believes there is such a thing). Deb is an amazing musician – she plays fingerstyle acoustic guitar (among other things) and I honestly think I’ll never get tired of listening to her play. She was in a band when I met her and when that folded we started up another all-women band together with some friends in Brighton, which was my first real gigging experience. With her encouragement and technical know-how I’ve now been able to record my own stuff and have started performing solo shows – something I couldn’t have imagined 4 years ago. I was a Queer As Talent semi-finalist in its first season this year which was enormous fun to be a part of.

Before we lived together, making ends meet as a single parent was a struggle - my daughter and I have had to move four times in as many years - so it’s a huge relief to have some stability at last. I’m so proud of my daughter for coping with all these changes and still having the ability to make me laugh when I’m feeling low.

I feel passionately that it’s important for lesbians in particular to be ‘visible’ in their communities. The songs I write are mostly very obviously lesbian songs because I don’t think there are enough. I grew up in a small village on the Isle of Wight, thinking that lesbianism must be illegal. It was the worst insult you could have thrown at you and there were no adult role models around to say anything different. I don’t want any girl today to feel how I felt then.

Our daughters don’t seem remotely phased by the fact that we’re lesbians. Mine goes to school in Lewes, where

But right now, I’d say I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life.




Isaac Martinez

we’re still the only

‘gay family’

in our neighbourhood.

Isaac Martinez tell us in his own

words about living with his partner and his four children I met my partner, James, about six and a half years ago in a club in Los Angeles. Although we are both the same age, 35, we’d led quite different lives up to the point of getting together; the biggest difference being he had four kids (all with the same mother) from his previous relationship. James told me straightaway that he had the two boys and two girls, who are now 19, 17, 15 and 14 years old. It might be surprising for some gay guys to understand, but I wasn’t at all fazed by him being a father of four. It’s probably testament to the relationship James and I have, that I got to meet the kids after just a few months of knowing him. And we all hit it off immediately. They were telling me all their Dad’s secrets almost instantly! I was only the second of their Dad’s boyfriends they’d ever met. I guess I was nervous about meeting them all, and they probably were about meeting me too, but my nerves were eased pretty quickly. After their Mom decided she’d move in with her boyfriend, the kids had the option on who they’d like to live with. Now, all the kids live with us (although the 15 year old spends a lot of time at his Grandmother’s house) just outside LA. James has two jobs to support the family, including working as a food server in the evenings. As a result, I currently spend a lot of time with the kids, but we both really

run the household, hang out and watch TV with them, and generally just be there for them. The family is strong and supportive of each other and the kids have adjusted fantastically to having two gay dads. The only time I think they struggled a little was over the controversial Proposition 8 issue, which seeks to eliminate the rights of same-sex couples to marry. They were staggered by the attitudes of some of the kids at school and couldn’t understand why there was any resistance to two people who love each other getting married. They think it’s perfectly normal and needs no explanation or justification beyond that of ‘love.’ James and I were both so proud of them for standing by their beliefs. Proposition 8 shows just how far America still needs to come in terms of gay equality. I think it is moving gradually in the right direction but progress is very slow – even here in California. I work in a huge building, full of wellto-do professionals, and yet it’s still not uncommon to hear homophobic slurs almost every day. Most of them aren’t aimed at me, but that’s because most people at work don’t realise I’m gay. We live about 15 miles outside of Down Town LA, in a friendly, residential area, which has great schools – which is the reason why we’re here. And as far as I know, we’re still the only ‘gay family’ in our neighbourhood. I do still feel we’re looked down upon for being gay men and having a family, which is a sad reflection of American society. But I’m hopeful that in my lifetime there will be legal equality and social acceptance for every kind of family across the country.



by Sean Cockwell

KATIE MELUA | The House Katie’s fourth album sees her working with the Ray of Light maestro, William Orbit, and the guy who penned Robbie Williams’ better moments, Guy Chambers. Opening with the interestingly titled I’d Love to Kill You, there are 12 songs to enthral fans of her jazzy/blues tempo, including brilliant first single The Flood.

TRACY THORN | Love and Its Opposite Tracey is best known for her work with Everything But the Girl and their smash hit Missing, in particular. She describes Love and Its Opposite, her third solo album, as being about who she is now, about those people around her and “about what it’s really like to be in your forties.” With eight original songs and two cover versions all sung by one of the best and most underrated voices in the music business, this demands your attention. Go buy it.

HOLE | Nobody’s Daughter Courtney Love wrote most of the songs for Hole’s fourth studio album during her stint in rehab. Citing bands as diverse as R.E.M, U2, Fleetwood Mac and Radiohead as influences for Nobody’s Daughter, Love has also managed to find space for a cover version of Simple Minds’ Don’t You (Forget About Me).

DIANA VICKERS | Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree A semi-finalist on the 2008 series of The X Factor (her who kept touching her face when she sang), Ms Vickers went on to receive rave reviews for her lead performance in the West End revival of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice. Following up on debut single Once, Diana has 12 other songs on her first album to tickle fans of her unique vocals. She’s proving to be one of the most interesting pop stars since Pixie Lott.

ADAM LAMBERT | For Your Entertainment After finishing in the runner-up position on the eighth season of American Idol, Adam went on to become the first openly gay artist to sign to an American record label. Whilst his risqué performance at the American Music Awards “outraged” some, it didn’t stop his album, For Your Entertainment, reaching number three on the US album charts. Now that same album is getting a UK release. His mix of electro-pop and rock won the critics over with some hailing it an instant classic. Give it a whirl and see what all the fuss is about. We think you’ll like it. 3SIXTY PLAYLIST


SCREENBURN DVD | AVATAR Starring: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang,Michelle Rodriguez A paraplegic marine dispatched to the moon, Pandora, on a unique mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home. So, cinema’s highest-grossing film of all time comes to DVD and Blu-Ray. Does it transfer as well to the small screen? Visually, the transfer to small screen does indeed work; it’s still breathtaking and it’s clear why James Cameron’s film bagged the Best Cinematography Oscar, despite being almost entirely digitally created. However, story wise, the “save the planet” theme still feels a little clumsy. The saving grace is the women. Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez manage to shine, but this is really Zoe Saldana’s film. Her performance as Neytiri, the Na’avi heroine, gives us a lead character that’s strong, sexy, beguiling and compassionate. The depth of Saldana’s acting is astounding and should have been this year’s Best Actress Oscar winner. The extras on this package are the usual suspects, but the film is being rereleased over the summer with an additional eight minutes of footage - and a deluxe DVD / Blu-Ray package is scheduled for release in November.

To Order Your Copy Send a checque for £8.50 + P+P made payable to Queer As Talent 1005 Maritime House, Greens End, London, SE18 6HB




CINEMA | KICK ASS The Watchmen was a milestone in graphic novels and superhero movies because it gave us a troupe of heroes who didn’t have any super powers (with the exception of Atom Man who was apathetic to all human morale), and were actually nothing more than vigilantes in costumes.Kick Ass takes it one stage further.What if you had no powers or talent to fight crime and decided to become a super hero anyway? So simple in its set up, it takes a geek average Joe Teenager - and follows him through on a wish fulfilment dream - that goes horribly wrong. Why this has never been thought of before does seem a mystery. Along his disastrous missions he manages to hook up with father/daughter combo Big Daddy and Hit Girl, who actually are adept at crime fighting, but go the whole nine yards and annihilate their foe, with Hit Girl using colourful phrases such as “Which one of you cunts wants to play?” Bet the Daily Mail had a field day reviewing this one. It’s filmed with a love of the genre and edited to look like you are reading a comic book. Its message is universal and hard hitting, and for all its wit, does contain some graphic violence particularly with the abuse given and received by the 11 year old Hit Girl. Is it good? Hell yeah. Thought provoking? Amazingly, yes!

DVD | NINE Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench, Kate Hudson, Marion Cotillard, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Sophia Loren, Fergie This musical, which was a 1980s hit on Broadway, was inspired by Fellini’s 1963 movie, 8 ½, a surreal reflection of an angst-ridden director. Now, from the director of Chicago, Rob Marshall, it is back and stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Guido, a respected Italian film director who’s hit a creative wall. Trying to escape the press and his producer, he falls into a fantastical whirlwind of the women who’ve impacted his life, including his mother (Sophia Loren), his mistress (Penelope Cruz), his muse (Nicole Kidman), his costume designer (Judi Dench), and journalist (Kate Hudson) and his wife (Marion Cotillard). The film works about 80 percent of the time, thanks to its actresses who look great and help make Guido’s neurotic behavior more bearable. Day-Lewis is also in fine voice and moves as gracefully as Guido should. It’s enjoyable, but a good deal frothier, and certainly less offensive to feminists, than Fellini’s original. Sadly, it also lacks the emotion and intimacy of 8 ½.

DVD | The Big Gay Musical Starring: Daniel Robinson, Joey Dudding, Jeff Metzler, Liz McCartney, Brian Spitulnik,Andre Ward This film does exactly “what is says on the tin.” It has buff boys in underwear, old queens, coming out of turmoil, angel wings, glitter balls and non-stop feel-good music and chorus lines. The Big Gay Musical is based around the fictional off-Broadway production of ‘Adam and Steve: Just the Way God Made Them.’ While The Bible gets a gay makeover, the cast of the show tackle real-life issues concerning casual sex, relationships, and telling your religious parents you’re in the world’s campest stage show. By the end of the film, everyone realises that life would be better if we all just accepted ourselves the way we are. Casper Andreas directs a talented cast in a film which is full of unashamedly stereotypical characters. We defy you not to be uplifted by this highcamp slice of fun. It’s all very John Barrowman.


To Enter Go To

WIN £10,000



12th May Escape Soho London 13th May Cumberland Hotel Bournemouth 14th May Exit Bar Wales 17th May AXM Manchester 18th May Time Out Party Bar Blackpool


21 year old Rachelle Marie Walsh is Britain’s youngest female medium. She tells 3SIXTY about how she discovered her talent and her plans for the LGBT community. “I realised I had the gift when I was 15 years old. I saw my Granddad, who had recently passed, at the end of my bed. It was a hazy image but I could see his features clearly,” says Rachelle. “It was then confirmed by the famous TV medium, Derek Acorah. My Mum and Dad had gone to see one of his shows and he picked them out of the audience and told them what their daughter – me – was experiencing with my Granddad!” By the age of 18, Rachelle had joined the circuit of platform mediums around Kent and had caught the attention of respected psychics including Ray Jorden, Ian Lawman and the aforementioned Rachelle’s day-to-day life? “I work in Derek Acorah. an office and take calls from the public “I was practicing communicating with and sometimes I get messages from spirit people all the time,” Rachelle the spirit world to give to the people tells us. “I was doing live readings for I’m on the phone to! I have learnt to be family members and friends as well as disciplined and let the spirit people know for people on a specialist internet fo- that I’m at work and that I’ll get back to them later. rum,” she adds. Nowadays, Rachelle has a growing career as a professional medium. “I’m taking part in Fright Night on 13th May as part of London Ghost week. I’m doing two 45 minutes sessions, where I’ll be communicating with the spirit world to bring messages from loved ones through to members of the audience,” explains Rachelle.

“Although sometimes I do find it hard. For example, I was speaking to an elderly woman recently who had lost her husband. So whilst on the phone, I would say phrases the way he would say to indicate he was still around. She said to me ‘That’s just how my husband would say it!’ and she felt comforted by that.”

“For most people it’s very uplifting,” As well as her live demonstrations in the confirms Rachelle. “I’m sure viewers of UK, and appearing on radio stations in High Spirits will enjoy the experience.” Los Angeles, Rachelle has just been confirmed to star in Brockiewood TV’s new show, High Spirits. “It’s going to be very exciting working for Brockiewood. It is a great opportunity for me and I look forward to working with the great, diverse people from the LGBT community on this show.”

This is not Evolution Brockiewood is Revolution

So how has the having ‘the gift’ affected

cluding: Shows In London od Live in o w ie k c ro B on Two QAT Seas ama Lets Eat To Meet M e m o H e Take M s High Spirit r Dj Hey Miste K ut in the U Out & Abo rs of by membe d te c e ir d duced & Movies pro . community the LGBT

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HIV & News




another year.

When I was first diagnosed with HIV, I was alone. Noone knew I was going to get tested and I had no doubt that my results were going to be negative, but I was wrong.

16 years later, with the help of cocktails and positive living, I am doing just fine. I don’t think of it a lot, well other then when it’s time to take my meds in the morning but I give thanks at that time of the day, that we’re fortunate enough to have them to keep us alive. I give thanks that I have a partner that loves me and together we have a stable life, two families that love and support us, that are there people to talk to when we need a shoulder.

I had regular tests and, in fact, it was only three months previously that I tested negative, and it was a good 6-8 months previous to that that I was intimate with someone. So how could this be, I asked?

“I give thanks that I have a partner that

An anonymous 3SIXTY reader

I worked out my drunken, unsafe was sex was some 12 months prior. So the reason it took so long to show ‘positive’ remains a mystery, but it didn’t matter anymore - to me my life was over. I needed to tell someone and so I told my boss. Well that I was a big mistake! I was fired the next day, they said they needed to make cut backs, strangely enough I was the only one fired. It was a true Philadelphia story but no one cared, my family didn’t want trouble and didn’t want anyone to know. My family wouldn’t let me near the kids, and thought I would be dead in no time. After losing so many friends to the disease, I wasn’t sure they were right. I even gave away all my jewellery piece by piece to my nephews and nieces so they would have something to remember me by. Time went on. Days, weeks, months, many of them lonely and lost; wandering how long I would live, would I ever have another lover another job,

loves me and

together we have a stable life” Discovering I was positive changed my life and how I look at the daily obstacles. I care - but not too much. I love life, I work hard, I eat well, I live healthily, and I enjoy life. I still have lonely days and I am afraid to talk to people about it but the day will come when I won’t care, and I will open my life out and speak publicly to young people. Young people that today are still out there thinking that it’s okay if they get HIV because there are meds to keep you alive. They don’t understand that it’s not that easy because you do have to change your lifestyle; you can’t party hard and you have to play safe. You have to tell your family, that’s probably the hardest part, because if you don’t tell them, it can be too late in years to come - and whether you believe it or not, they do come through, they just need to be educated like you do.

HIV comes with conditions. What it does to your immune system is its choice and everyone living with it has to deal with it in there own way, and they have to deal with it for the rest of their lives. The saddest thing about living with HIV is that you don’t know how your friends and family and work colleagues will treat you, and if they don’t understand HIV, then you have to prepare yourself to be treated differently before they understand. They need to understand that unless you’re going to jump in bed with them and have unprotected sex that they’re safe, they won’t get it from giving you a hug or shaking your hand, or taking a handful of peanuts from the same bowl you did, but that no matter what their sexual orientation is, or who they are, if they have unprotected sex they could catch it - just like you did. I fucked up and I can’t fix it, but I can make a difference by sharing this very short story on living with HIV. What I can’t do is tell you who I am because, I am scared, scared of what people will think of me or how they will treat me, but the day will come and I won’t be scared anymore and I hope that it’s not too late, so that at least people can see that people living with HIV do that: Live. I ask anyone that’s reading this and is HIV negative, to take the time and pick up the phone and make two phone calls: one to someone you know that is positive and tell them you are there for them; and the other to call your local HIV hospice or care unit and make a small donation so that they can have those few extra funds to put a few extra smiles on people’s faces who don’t have someone that loves them. You can see a directory of services on the 3SIXTY website.


You WANT To STILL be AT The Top of Your gAme

let’s talk MENTAL wELL-bEiNg

The person depicted in this advert is a model.

Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about how HIV and HIV-related therapy may affect your physical and mental well-being. A Promise for Life

3SIXTY SOCIAL ISSUES Date of preparation: November 2009 AXKAL092987

Out & About in



Each month singer/songwriter, record label boss, and queen of the NYC social scene, Sylvia Tosun, let’s us in on her fabulous life.

“It’s Party Time!!!” Last month I wrote about some of the party planning I was doing for my record label, Sea to Sun Recordings’ VIP event in Miami during the Winter Music Conference. The moment of truth came on March 24th at the home of 4 time Grammy Award-winning mixing engineer/producer, Tom Lord-Alge. Freedom Williams (front-man from platinum-selling C&C Music Factory) was emceeing throughout the event and then he regaled the audience with his new Top 5 Music Week Chart hit, “Party Time”, with Sted-E & Hybrid Heights at the decks, playing along with their remix of the tune. We had a star-studded line up of DJ’s such as: Christopher Lawrence’s Mr & Mrs Smith Project, Alex MORPH, Flash Brothers, Stefano Noferini and Trevor Simpson. I was delighted at the crowd that showed up. As I walked out into the pool area of this sprawling home set on the Venetian Bay of Miami Beach and breezed by the blue and orange fabric, which I had hung myself days before the event, I took in

Freedom Wiliams

the breath of satisfaction as all the faces - some familiar, some new - and realized that all my hard work was paying off on this most auspicious, sunny day. Our gorgeous guests included: Two of my favourite vocalists, Jes Brieden and Crystal Waters; the incredibly stunning, Traci Lords (with whom my label is currently working on an album; celebrity photographer and handsome stud, Mike Ruiz; sexy and world-renowned DJ BT, and

Photo by Mike Ruiz


40 of course my nearest and dearest, Phillipe & David Blond, just to name a few.

“Throwing on and Falling for my Louboutins” Well, I am a firm believer that the Universe balances us out, whether we like it or not. Towards the end of the party, I, of course, made a costume change in order to perform my new upcoming single, “Above All”, which Tom Lord-Alge mixed, and which we were about to debut. I put my hair in an up-do and “threw on” my new Louboutin Bobo boots and a Roberto Cavalli dress that The Blonds had chosen for me to wear. I got up to the stage, the song started, I was singing and jumping all around the pool area in and out of the audience, got back up to the stage, spun around and around and just as I was feeling like Wonder Woman about to transform into a Super-hero and jet off in my invisible plane, out of nowhere, I fell flat on my bum! In that moment, I was not only “below all” after singing “Above All” but, I was even more connected to Jennifer Lopez, with whom I’ve had several coincidences, as 3SIXTY readers know! In any event, all was not lost. I had proven myself to be vulnerable to a mob who probably thought up to that point, I was just full of myself, what with a perfectly sunny day, a gloriously planned party, a stellar guest list and all... Ha! I showed them “after all”.... Plus, I won some cute contest on the Louboutin Passion Blog site for wearing the shoes the best, over Kate Beckinsale! If they only knew...shhh! Let’s just keep this between us...

“and the Award goes to...” The night after our party I had the great pleasure of co-presenting an Award at the International Dance Music Awards Ceremony, along with Tom Lord-Alge. Let me give you a brief background on my dear friend and generous party host, Tom. He is a multi Grammy Award Winning, one of the top mixing engineers in

Sylvia in her Louboutin

the industry, having worked with the likes of Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, Coldplay, Rolling Stones, Pink, the list goes on and on...Basically, he is a Rock Star. He has a charming, witty and wild personality. And he looks really great in skinny jeans.

What’s my point in telling you this? Well, as long as I have known him, I couldn’t possibly be prepared for what I was about to experience that night. We arrived to the show in his

Antique 1928 Ford Model A. The Blonds were in the rumble seat and we exited to walk the red carpet. Security ushered us backstage with Randy Jackson, Blake Lewis, Tommy Lee, Tiesto, Deadmou5, BT and David Guetta. This is not a typical group of people with whom Tom is usually associated as he is more in the Rock n Roll world but, due to our collaboration, he is now peeking into the Dance genre. All of the presenters were in the queue waiting to walk on to the stage according to schedule. Multitudes of people in the music business were clamouring over to talk to him, so Tom proceeded to walk off the line and mingle with the crowd a bit, and I decided I should followed him so as not to lose him in the throng. He began to tease BT saying he had caught him in the bushes doing naughty things at his house the night before… but, Tom didn’t stop there. He leaned over to me and asked, “Who is that guy over there?” I said, “That’s David Guetta, you know the really famous DJ/Producer who is taking over the world right now?”...With a sarcastic chuckle, Tom went over to him, patted him heartily on the back a few times and said, “David F***ing Guetta! (shook his hand while also extracting the triangular glass award from his hands and held it up) Wow! This is amazing! Congratu-F***ing-lations to you, man!!” (then, he proceeded like a quarterback, to push the award back into his chest, as if it were an American football) David just stood there with a nervous grin and in his mind, I am certain was clutching his pearls in shock that anyone would touch or speak to him.

If you think the story ends here, you’re mistaken. Now it’s time for us to present the Award for Best High Energy Euro Track. Before we proceed up the stairs and onto the main stage, Tom whispers in my ear to let him lead. All the cameras are on us and Tom yells out to the audience, “Who was at The Sea to Sun party last night!?!” The audience roared and clapped with excitement as yes, most of them, had shown up to our

41 party. He continues, “Wow, Sylvia, there’s a sign on this podium that says ‘please do not touch the mic’... Hmm”...With this, Tom proceeds to grab the stationary microphone which is affixed to the wooden podium and simulates masturbation with it! Much to my surprise, he furthermore, begins to also lick the tip of the microphone with his tongue! Now I was clutching MY pearls!! The audience, as you might imagine, was falling off of their seats...shouting, laughing, clapping and carrying on... I could do nothing at that moment except smile and announce...”and the Award for Best High Energy Euro Track goes to...Dash Berlin featuring Emma Hewitt”...

‘Photography by Jason D

Crystal Waters & Mike Ruiz

Sylvia Tosun, Jes Br

lge, ieden, Tom Lord-A Traci Lords

“NYC In a state of Trance...” Just a week after we returned to the Big Apple from Miami, on a Saturday night that showed hints of Spring, Roseland Ballroom was the setting for Armin van Buuren’s “A State of Trance” tour’s visit to NYC. Alex MORPH, whose gorgeous single, “Sunset Boulevard”, is now out on Sea to Sun/Loverush Digital Recordings, was among the all-star DJ lineup. I, of course, accepted his invitation to attend the event as well as visit him backstage. As we entered the venue, Armin van Buuren himself, was on stage spinning to a worshiping elated

audience. Although I had seen him perform live many times, I had never met him in person. He is a tall, slender and very handsome man, indeed. The rest of the evening ensued with thousands of devoted fans who were in fact, in a state of transcendent behaviour. Alex MORPH closed the evening with an incredible set to a crowd that just did not want to leave. Their arms were raised, their eyes were closed, they were swaying back and forth as they were mouthing all of the words. When Alex moved, they moved. He had complete control over them and they were happy to oblige. As a hush of swelling strings filled the room and the atmosphere seemed to suspend, then begin to percolate and spiral upward, it was then that he would raise his hand as a conductor to an orchestra and just at the point where they couldn’t feel much higher as their chests were reaching for the Heavens, with one swift twist of a knob, they were all catapulted into resounding madness as the beat slammed in, igniting their bodies to jump, jump, jump for hypnotic joy! ...Well, I don’t know about you, but I need a cigarette... 3SIXTY OUT AND ABOUT IN NYC

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Peter Hall is a rising model and actor, based in Florida. How long have you been modelling for and how did it all get started? I first began modelling in 1996 - so going on for 15 years now. Did you have any other career ambitions part from modelling and acting when you were younger? Of course, I mean who didn’t wanna be anything and everything under the sun when they were younger? But for as long as I can remember, I modelling and acting always had the biggest pull. If you had to choose between acting and modelling which would you opt for? I love them both! I guess it depends on how I’m feeling that day. A lot of people can smile and look good in a picture. But it certainly takes a rare creature that can do all that, plus remember lines, hit their marks, and never get stage fright or that weird feeling in your gut when you’re doing your thing and you realise that everyone in the room is looking at you like your nuts! Ha ha! Who would you compare yourself to in terms of looks? Or who have others compared you to? Well, I don’t think I would compare myself to anyone as we’re all different. However, lately, people have been comparing me to John Travolta in Grease...and even Prince! And it’s about that time, that I thank them and make a polite exit as Purple Rain plays in my head. Who are your acting/modelling heroes? I think I would have to say Sean O’ Pry. He’s always great on the runway! But I usually take certain qualities from various people that I admire and mould them. Who would you most like to work with? Honestly, I enjoy anyone who appreciates the cuttingedge of fashion, especially up and coming designers and models. Describe your favourite kind of shoot. RUNWAY, RUNWAY, RUNWAY! Every shoot has its pros and cons, trials and tribulations. But you really can’t tweak or control much with runway. So people really get to see you, your mannerisms, and your personality. It’s sort of ‘’in the raw.” I find it more personal. Did you always know you were gay? Was coming out difficult? No, I didn’t always know I was gay. I was even engaged at one point. Coming out was such a difficult time for me. My parents and family didn’t like the news one bit. And

actually wouldn’t speak to me for about two years, so not good memories but necessary ones. It helps tremendously if you are equipped with great friends and a strong loving support group. I couldn’t have done without mine! Do you have a partner? If so, how did you meet? Ha ha! I knew this one was coming! Yes I’m blessed to be with my first and only boyfriend for going on 10 years now. I know…that’s like two million ‘gay years,’ right? But truthfully, it’s a great feeling when you find that one person that makes you light up.... you can just grow old together sharing the same pillow, ya know? Actually, we met at one of the nightclubs Greg bartended at. I came up the stairs and we bumped into each other. After we both went “daaamn!!” at each other, I went to his house party and we’ve been together ever since. Very romantic you see! When was the last time you laughed until you cried? Hmm! Well, Greg and I were out on the town and a hot female doctor wouldn’t stop flirting. So finally I blurted ‘’Oh, here comes my boyfriend. Would you like to meet him?’’ Needless to say, the doctor and I both ended up killing ourselves laughing. Describe your ideal day/evening. During the day, I would say on Milo Potamo beach in Greece with my handsome man, Greg; followed by a night on the town sight-seeing and club-hopping. What’s coming up for you? Well, there are a few exciting projects. Collaborating with artists and photographers for paintings. Fine art shows, various photo shoots. Let’s just say between them all, I’ll be begging for that dream night out on the town! Photgraphy by Ricc Rollins 3SIXTY UP CLOSE & PERSONAL

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playing to its strengths

ou Y not Volvo’s

might be forgiven for noticing the arrival of C70 convertible 4 years ago. The maker of safe boxy estate cars caused quite a stir when it first launched a C70 back in 1997.

In reality it’s not good enough. The engines, especially the diesels, are not up to the class best, and whilst the turbo five cylinder petrol is punchy and characterful, it is not particularly economical. The handling lacks precision and the car flexes and crashes badly over the UK’s poor road surfaces. You never feel as if you really want to press ere was a very attractive coupe. The on in this car. latest version, however, seems to slide under the radar somehow. We are now being treated to a mid life The interior brings better news. It is stylish, and seems update that improves the styling marginally with other nicely made using good quality materials, and in minor detail changes. The car is handsome and benefits general is a comfortable place, to be especially over longer from a metal folding hard top, so in reality is a coupe when journeys. This is Volvo playing to its strengths. its roof is up. At between £27,000 and £33,000 it is not cheap, and is up against the BMW 3 Series Convertible If you like the way this car looks and enjoy the rarity value and Audi A5 Convertible, so it needs to be good and have over the BMW or Audi competition, then it could be worth a look. Just don’t expect much fun in the process. the image to match its optimistic pricing.


Our motoring correspondent has donated his fee to the charity, Broken Rainbow, this month. Please visit 3SIXTY motors


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Audi has worked hard over the last decade in order to become a fully fledged competitor in the prestige market. Trying to rid its image as makers of “posh” Volkswagens has not been easy as both brands share so much componentry. In this market, engineering integrity and first rate quality are simply not enough - you need sporting pedigree and “halo” models to entice us to buy the more mundane offerings. BMW with its “M” division and Mercedes with its AMG offshoot illustrate this point perfectly. Despite a hugely successful rally pedigree with the Quattro in the 1980’s Audi has been relatively late in coming up with a sporting brand. Its RS models have been fine cars but have largely failed to captivate the market in the way BMW “M” cars have done for 20 years. Audi took the brave decision in 2007 to make a supercar. The R8 was to


take the fight to the mighty Porsche 911. This was especially brave as Audi were simply not making cars with the driving dynamics of BMW or Mercedes. What we ended up with however, was a superb machine in its initial V8 guise. It was as good if not better than the Porsche. The car handled fantastically with its mid engine layout and its 4.2 litre engine was a gem. It is not a beautiful car but it has real menacing presence and makes the Porsche seem a little “old hat.” Waiting lists soon followed despite the recession and the car was commanding a price premium for several months after launch. Flushed with success, Audi then brought us the 5.2 litre V10 version. Sister company Lamborghini donated the 518 PS engine which off course sounded simply awesome. This pushed the price to £103,000. That is a lot of money for an Audi – a

company that sells us the £16,000 A3 hatchback. There was however no denying that this “performance” version was exceptional in every way. The engine would scream its way to its 8500rpm red line in every gear and reach nearly 200 mph. The final piece of the R8 jigsaw was the launch of the V10 Spyder. The car was always engineered to be a convertible as well as a coupe. Whilst it is 100kgs heavier than the coupe, it gives away very little to its fixed top sibling. You do lose some body rigidity but it is not a handicap and the car remains flat and neutral with superb steering feedback. With the roof down you can revel in the beautiful noise produced by the Lamborghini engine which will certainly get you noticed! Seek out a tunnel and you are in for a truly sensory experience. The cabin is superbly constructed


“The R8 is FANTASTIC and in some ways just too good” and its layout is as close to a race car as is possible. The gear lever sits in an aluminium gate that looks great but is less instinctive to use. It’s possible to forgive a little style over substance here. The price of this car has reached the dizzy heights of £111,000. That is £2,000 more than Porsche ask for a top of the range 911 Turbo. If Audi need another reality check they need look no further than Aston Martin whose V8 Vantage Roadster costs £97,000. This is where the

problem lies for Audi. The R8 is fantastic and in some ways just too good at everything it does. When you get to this level of pricing, being a great car is not enough. You buy an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini or a Maserati because you are buying into image, emotion and pedigree. They may be inferior cars to the Audi but are the pinnacle of automotive class and desirability. If you conducted a poll on whether people would prefer an Audi R8 or an Aston Martin Vantage, you know the likely result. So in the end Audi, as part of the

VW Group who have given us the “people’s car,” have now it seems given us the “people’s supercar.” If there can ever be such a thing.




Imogen Redcroft This month, our counsellor, Imogen Redcroft, tackles the tricky Issue of differing libidos in a long-term relationship for a reader from Southampton. Dear Imogen I am in a wonderful relationship, with a wonderful man. We’re both very happy and in love. We have great sex – normally about once a week. The problem is that my boyfriend constantly wants more sex, but I have a lower libido. When we discuss it (he mentions it a lot!) I end up crying as I feel I’m letting him down somehow or that he’ll look elsewhere… and then he starts crying as he didn’t mean to upset me and we both end up feeling drained – and very unsexy! It’s beginning to affect our love life as I feel pressure to ‘perform’ and it’s beginning to affect our relationship as we can’t talk about, like it’s the big elephant in the room we’re not allowed to discuss. Please help. Andrew, Southampton Dear Andrew It sounds like you have a very good relationship, that’s why it’s really worthwhile trying to resolve these issues.You have a big advantage in that you are aware where the problem lies. For a relationship to be totally successful both partners should understand and meet the needs and desires of each other. Every personal relationship as it develops will bring out both security and insecurity as partners try to meet the expectations and needs of each other. It seems like every time you talk to each other about this problem you both get defensive, because you only see the 3SIXTY SOCIAL ISSUES

effects of this issue rather than talking about how to solve it. There is a big difference in talking before it happens rather than as it happens. Andrew you did not say whether you always had a low libido? When something is physical, it is sensible to have your doctor check it out; if your low libido has no underlying medical condition then it might be that you have an anxiety about how you perform sexually. You mention you feel this pressure to perform as your partner wants his sexual needs met. I wonder have you thought about the situation from this point of view? Feeling such a pressure to perform probably decreases your libido even further and so you get more anxious, and the whole thing becomes a vicious circle.

“The problem is

that my boyfriend

CONSTANTLY wants more SEX, but I have a lower libido” Having such a wonderful relationship means that you are obviously meeting a good deal of each other’s needs. So the core of the problem is the absence of communication about how best to solve it. If your low libido is not a medical issue then a solution might be to accommodate your partner’s sexual needs without feeling that pressure to perform; have you communicated to your partner about your lower sexual needs or just rejected him? Meeting his needs may require you to be more open and flexible in accommodating

his desires, but without you feeling this pressure to perform. However one thing is very certain Andrew; this problem cannot be resolved without open, honest communication to each other about it, before it blows up again. Set aside some time to talk about it and if you find you are both not making progress, then you may need to get some support. There is a free confidential ounselling Support Network at and this would be a good starting point if you find you need additional help. Disclaimer; information and advice given in this 3SIXTTY column is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical or mental health advice or treatment for specific medical or psychological conditions. You should seek prompt medical or mental health care for any specific health or mental health issues, and consult your doctor. Use of this column is at your own risk and neither 3SIXTY or Imogen Redcroft can be held responsible for the uses to which this advice orinformation is put to. If you have any problems or issues that you would like Imogen to address, please email :

SOCIAL ISSUES Kit Wynkoop The level of our emotional reactions is directly tied to our childhood experiences. L’amour, l’amour… Oh, the trappings of falling in love! We put our heart on our sleeve and when we get hurt we’re upset, we’re angry, we’re jealous, we’re resentful, we’re hateful, we’re revengeful. Wait a minute…what happened?? It all started with Love! The tricky thing is we all have issues connected to love – including yours truly. In fact, love and resistance seem to be intrinsically tied together. And most likely, we have our mothers to thank for that! How can we better understand what’s going on behind those explosive emotions that come up around love? Admission, as they say, is the first step to recovery. By admitting to ourselves that we treat our lovers to an array of undesirable emotions unlike anything our friends would ever get from us, we’ll become more aware that there is a pattern. Once we see these emotions as a pattern, there is any number of things we can do to decrease their potency and frequency. This, no doubt, will be greatly appreciated by the objects of our affections. In a romantic relationship, we essentially expect our partners to either love us as our parents did (if it was a loving relationship) or to love us differently than our parents did (if it was a fearful relationship). In either case, we’re putting expectations on our partners

that we probably haven’t communicated. When our partners don’t fulfill what we expect or when they exhibit qualities we don’t like, we get upset. The level of our emotional reactions is directly tied to our childhood experiences. Having said that, here are some things you can do to calm the fires: Allow yourself to feel the emotion completely. Let the upset completely course through your body. Don’t act out on it, just feel it. Does it have a color? What does it look like? Is it rough? Smooth? Hot? Is there a sound or feeling in your body that accompanies it? Let the emotion waft up through your body and dissipate. Now, what is the emotion that’s left? What’s beneath the upset? In most cases, the upset is not the emotion, it’s the resistance to the emotion below it – the one we’re afraid to feel. Allow yourself to experience that root emotion. It’s likely you’ll be surprised to find it’s something rather silly or not relevant at all any more. We’ve been protecting ourselves from feeling the root emotion since we were a child. Allow yourself to do some self-inquiry. When you’re by yourself, look into the emotions you’re having toward your partner by asking yourself these questions: Why am I mad at _(partner’s name)_? Answer whatever comes to the top of your head – no thinking required, here. Continue to ask yourself this question for 5 minutes or until you’ve exhausted all the answers. Now ask yourself: Why am I mad at my mother? Apply the same process. Finally, ask yourself, Why am I mad at God? Once again, put yourself through the same 5 minute process. Take a look at all your answers. How


do they compare? How do they relate to one another? Who are you really mad at, if anyone? Allow yourself to practice LovingKindness. Loving-Kindness begins with forgiving and releasing the past. Loving-Kindness also involves keeping things in perspective. Consider this Taoist parable: Imagine that you are relaxing in a small boat on a river, when suddenly there is a hard thump against the side of it, turning over the boat and dumping you into the water. You come up sputtering and see that two teenagers have snuck up and tipped you over. How do you feel? Next, imagine that everything is the same – the small boat, the sudden dumping into the river – except this time when you come up sputtering, you see that a huge submerged log had drifted downstream and turned over your boat. Now how do you feel? Truly, most people are like logs: they are not aiming at you. There are many factors upstream that have led them to do what they have done. By bringing understanding and compassion to yourself, you spread your Loving-Kindness energetically throughout your network of friends and lovers.

Kit Wynkoop is a Life Coach, based in Hawaii 3SIXTY SOCIAL ISSUES

AM a

diva I

on stage




his month, Tony V meets Canadian diva and international icon, Carol Jiani. Best known for her massive gay anthems, Hit N Run Lover and Variety, and her powerhouse stage shows, Ms Jiani has been a favourite at Pride events around the world for over 20 years. Thanks for inviting 3SIXTY into your world. It’s my pleasure. But don’t tell everyone where I live! Ha! I have a stalker…Seriously! Some people become OBSESSED with recording artists and it gets a bit scary. He tracked me down through where my mother was living and would then turn up at my gigs hours before I’d get there and stake the place out. You must have one of the most loyal gay fan bases – how does that feel? The support gay audiences have given me over the years has been amazing. I recorded Hit N Run Lover back in 1979 and it was released a year later and was immediately a hit in gay clubs. That’s one of the reasons I do Pride events. It’s a kind of “thank you” to my gay fans and their supporters. Saying “thank you” is so important and is so often forgotten by artists. Also, I think Pride – as a concept – is crucial. It raises awareness of causes and funds for charities. Although the gay movement has moved on so much, there’s still much that needs to be done, especially in countries like Russia, where there’s a lot of injustice. We must unite to fight injustice on all counts. Many artists won’t do Pride events as they feel they’ll lose their ‘mainstream’ audience, which I find ridiculous. We, as artist should do what we can. As long as we have expenses covered we should go on and perform, so as not to line the wrong pockets. It can all get very political which is awful. All the money should go to Pride and the good causes.

You’re a diva on stage? Is that attitude something you ‘put on’ to go on stage? Ha! Yes, I AM a diva on stage, but that word ‘attitude’ has a lot of negative connotations. I prefer to call it ‘character.’ I like to give my all during a performance and I’m a perfectionist so perhaps that’s a little diva-ish, but people, rightly, expect a certain standard – and I want to deliver. Off stage, I’m still a diva but I’m always very polite to everyone. I always greet my fans and reply to every letter and email I receive. We’re all ‘one’ at the end of the day. So you don’t make lavish demands for the best champagne? Darling, Carol Jiani, will be on the champagne before the gig so she wouldn’t need to demand anything! What do you think of today’s music industry? I want to get music back to that feelgood vibe; real music with real melodies and real instruments. I think music nowadays can be very dark and I want to reverse that. I want people to be in clubs and feel uplifted by the music. You know, back in the day, people would hear those cowbells at the beginning of my track and run for the dance floor. The same goes for songs like I Will Survive – you hear that riff and it sends you wild. A whole new generation of people needs to be re-connected with this! Is the ‘feel-good vibe’ one of the reasons you love Pride? Yes, absolutely. It’s a party! It’s a celebration! And at the same time, has an important, fundamental message to share. How does it feel when you’re at an event and everyone is singing along to your songs? It’s incredible! And if you ever see Carol Jiani throwing the mic out to the crowd, she’s either forgotten the words or she wants a sip of red wine! I’m going to sound like an alcoholic! How are you preparing for your mammoth run of forthcoming gigs? I’m going on a diet for a start. Ha! I need to get my cheekbones back so I’m going to drink lots of water and get myself on that ‘Beyoncé diet.’ If it works for Beyoncé…

And how do you choose your outfits? That’ll be down to my weight. No, seriously, it just depends on the type of gig I’m doing. I hear you’re going to be one of the celebrity judges on Queer As Talent. How did that come about? I’m so excited about Queer As Talent. It’s another way of me, as an artist, saying ‘thanks’ and giving something back. I’m going to be looking for someone not only with talent, but someone with charisma. Character and attitude are very important when you’re on stage – and you can tell instantly whether someone has that ‘x factor’ or not. I really hope that I don’t end up crying as I’m very emotional. I better not forget to wear water-proof make-up! As a judge I’ll probably be quite ‘Florence Nightingale.’ I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings - after all, we’ve all hit some notes in our times that we wished no-one had ever heard! Like Whitney at her recent UK shows? She’s come through so much, hasn’t she? It takes a lot to put yourself out there after what she’s been through. When you’re emotional, your voice will reflect this – either for better or worse. Something similar happened to Shirley Bassey after she lost her daughter. When I lost both my parents last year within six months of each other, I could tell the emotional strain I was under was affecting my voice. Luckily, I was able to channel all that negativity into reaching those notes. Who are your musical icons? There are so many. I guess Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight and Celine Dion are in there. They have voices we can all learn from. I also love Tina Turner. You know that show Tina did which was depicted in the film of her life, What’s Love Got To Do With It?, where Ike pulled a gun on her before she was about to go on stage? I was there and she was awesome. She’s an inspiration. What can we expect next from you? Obviously, lots of live PAs, especially with all the Prides. And I’m recording new material so watch this space.… 3SIXTY





It was only a matter of time before

gays were blamed for the paedophile crisis engulfing the Catholic Church. A few weeks ago it was the Jews’ fault, according to the former Bishop of Grosseto in Italy, Giocomo Babini. He was quoted by an Italian Catholic website as saying Jews have launched an orchestrated attack on the Church. In the interview, it’s reported he said Jews were the “natural enemies” of Catholics, adding, “Deep down, historically speaking, the Jews are deicides [Godkillers].”

mainstream mental health professionals say homosexuality cannot, and should not, ever be confused with paedophilia.

Faith, which handles all paedophilia charges within the church, his formula for ‘dealing with it’ was: denial, silence and falsehoods.

Peter Tatchell, from Outrage and spokesman for the Protest the Pope campaign, says that Cardinal Bertone “has, in effect, blamed gay priests for the paedophile scandal”.

One example would be the case of Cardinal Bernard Law in Boston. After much investigation and the collecting of evidence, The Boston Globe, broke the story that predatory priests were being moved from parish to parish, diocese to diocese, under Law’s instructions. He even moved one clergyman who was found guilty of molesting more than 130 children. The punishment for Bernard Law was to remain as cardinal in Boston for another two and half years before being moved to a plush supervisory role in Rome.


More recently, the Pope’s right-hand man, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, blamed homosexuals for the clerical abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church. “I have been told recently, that there is a relationship between homosexuality and paedophilia. That is true. That is the problem,” said Bertone on a public visit to Chile. Where did he get this? From “many psychologists and psychiatrists,” apparently.

hat they need to do is take firm action and responsibility. The buck has got to stop somewhere.

His comments sent shockwaves of outrage around the world. And so they should as they claim that homosexuals are more inclined to abuse a child than a heterosexual, which is just not the case. FYI, Cardinal, just because a man is attracted to a member of the same sex doesn’t mean he is attracted to children, otherwise it would suggest that all heterosexuals are attracted to children of the opposite sex. I’m not sure which “psychologists and psychiatrists” Bertone is referring to, but it’s a fact that the vast majority (you’ll always get the odd weirdo) of

Nice work, Cardinal. The more you look into the crisis the more you begin to realise just how much the Catholic Church is clutching at straws to try and deflect culpability away from their own doorstep. They’re seemingly condemning anybody but their inner circle to save their own skins, following countless cover-ups of horrendous abuses. As if the abuses weren’t bad enough, the passing of blame by the higher echelons of the Vatican are making an appalling situation worse. But we shouldn’t be surprised as Pope Benedict XVI has silenced or expelled more than 115 Catholic theologians for writing about justice, gay rights, women’s rights or indigenous rights. And before he became Pope, when he was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the

Mine, and most people’s, outrage is not directed at the Catholic faith, but at the actions of senior figures attempting to cover up hideous crimes from within their own ranks…. and then trying to cloud the problem by blaming others. What they need to do is take firm action and responsibility. The buck has got to stop somewhere. So who’s next on this merry-go-round of blame? Come on, I’m taking bets. I’ll give you odds: 10/1 on muslims? 5/1 on communists? 4/1 on bisexuals? Single mothers and gingers are evens. Or what about the guilty priests? Don’t be ridiculous.

Terrence Higgins Trust is a registered charity in England & Wales (no.288527) and in Scotland (no.SC039986).

WE’RE GOING TO STOP TALKING For over twenty-five years we’ve been talking about sex. We thought it was about time we gave it a rest and let you talk instead.

     

 

Let us introduce you to A City Law Firm LLP, a law firm specializing in LGBT legal advice. They are a rapidly growing firm of solicitors based in the City of London who give the highest level of service and commitment to all their clients, including 3sixty. They give clear cost information and use simple language to avoid any confusion. The team is professional, proactive and friendly. Their corporate statement is a ‘firm with a refreshingly different perspective ‘

Karen Holden set up the firm in 2008 specifically to offer approachable, friendly and transparent legal services to the LGBT community. She has kindly offered some free legal tips overleaf in our question and answer column. They advise individuals and companies alike in the following areas: ♦ Family: divorce, civil partnership dissolutions or agreements and cohabitation agreements or separations, ancillary relief proceedings and restraining orders; ♦ Children: such as fertility, adoption or surrogacy advice, residence orders, parental rights or maintenance; ♦ Employment discrimination, harassment, redundancy, unfair dismissal or for employers: contracts and staff handbooks or policies or HR advice; ♦ Litigation: the Equality Act, property, debt collection or commercial & contract disputes; ♦ Wills and trust deeds; ♦ Start-up business fixed fees for the first year (comprehensive advice and reduced rates to help your business develop). All you need to do is call their Client Manager for a free no obligation quote or initial chat.

2 Devonshire Square London EC2M 4UJ T: 020 7426 0382

LEGAL ADVICE Civil Partnerships Pre-Civil Partnership Agreements For financial security you may want to consider a Civil Partnership Agreement. Though not strictly legally binding these agreements, entered into by you and your partner prior to registering your civil partnership, can be highly persuasive to the court. It is often helpful in determining how your finances and assets will be divided should you dissolve your partnership. They must be signed at least 21 days from registration & you should each take independent legal advice. They will govern the assets owned prior to the civil partnership as well as also those contributions made subsequently.


What if my partner dies with IVF –Your Employment Rights out a will before we register What is the entitlement to leave our partnership? in relation to the treatment? Without a Will your partner’s estate will go to his/her next of kin according to the intestacy rules, which do not recognise unmarried spouses. Protect yourself by ensuring you have a Will in place or that the house is shared jointly or in common.

At a minimum the treatment cycle lasts six months. Although there is no statutory right, as an employee, for you to get paid leave, you should be entitled to unpaid leave for regular medical appointments during the treatment period. If you are refused this, then you could have If I am in a civil partnership a successful claim for sex discrimination. why do I need a will then?

Without a Will your assets will automatically pass to your partner. However, you may want to make a will to provide for substitute beneficiaries should your partner predecease you. Inheritance tax is also an ď€ important consideration on how How do I end my partnership? you structure your estate and you Civil partnerships are ended by may want to make provisions for dissolution in much the same your children or company. way marriages are terminated by divorce. There is only one ground What effect does dissolution of supporting dissolution and that is my partnership have on my that the relationship has Will? irretrievably broken down. However, unlike marriage a civil Your Will does not become partner cannot rely on the invalid upon dissolution of your grounds of adultery. If your partnership. Instead, the law partner will not consent to the treats your former partner as dissolution you must have either having passed away, so any gifts lived apart for 5years in order to made to your partner will usually apply or you can show you have fall back into the residue of your been deserted for more than 2 estate. years or they have acted unreasonably and you can no Registering a civil partnership, longer be expected to reside with on the other hand, has the effect them. of completely revoking any Will that you and your partner may previously have had.

Will I be entitled to sick pay? There are a number of side effects associated with IVF treatment which may lead to you being unfit for work. If you fulfil the relevant criteria you will be entitled to receive statutory sick pay. From when will I be deemed pregnant? You will be considered pregnant as soon as you have had a fertilised ova implanted into your uterus. From then on, you will have the same rights benefiting pregnant woman regarding discrimination and dismissal in addition to entitlement to paid leave for ante-natal care.

Karen Holden Senior Partner & LGBT Advisor T: 0207 426 0382 E: Free telephone consultation available for all readers just quote 3Sixty




Celebrity Psychic


LOVE, OR WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S IN-STORE FOR YOU... If it’s your birthday this month Just keep doing what you are doing no matter what your nearest and dearest think. Lots of parties and picnics ahead, so be as sunny and camp as you like, people will love you for it!

For your personal reading call our NEW credit or debit card number 0800 067 3587 today Gavin’s hair by Saks Cardiff. 029 2038 2525

Pay for packages of 20 to 60 minutes and receive FREE minutes worth up to £10.50! ,You can also use your card to pay on a per minute basis and talk for as long as you like (£1.50 per minute). No credit card? Then call us on our NEW number 0906 176 3587 (calls cost £1.50 per minute. See Ts and Cs below). Terms and Conditions Live psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only and cost £1.50 per minute from a BT landline (mobile costs may be higher). You must be 18+ and have the bill payer’s permission to call. Calls are recorded and regulated by PhonepayPlus. Service provider: Stream Live Ltd, PO Box 1222, Norwich NR15 1WL. Customer service: 0870 023 4567.



Daniel Craig

He may have the good looks, but the personality needs some work! I feel going back into his past, Daniel was a lot more fun and up for anything. But it seems his recent popularity may have dampened his spirits and he’s started to take things too seriously, and pines for those pre-James Bond days. His personal life is about to become under scrutiny which will piss him off and although he’s usually quite a private guy he will spill the beans on some juicy details. A good thing about all this is that he’s head strong and will always put up a fight to get things the way he wants them. Something outside of the Bond stuff has been offered that is definitely worth doing to take his life in a new direction…and this may include nudity! The tarot I pulled for Daniel is ‘King of Swords,’ showing his two sides, strong willpower and his ‘take no prisoners’ attitude. Daniel’s Crystal is an Opal, keeping him thoughtful, a little extravagant and a deep thinker.


Wow! A roller coaster or what? She has come a long way so quickly and this is because she’s such a hard worker, believes in herself and is just so bloody good! The next year is full of amazing

things for her and she’ll enjoy herself, but there will also be a little drama especially linked to travel and the US. Don’t get me wrong she will do fantastically well across the pond and will be a hit with all the younger and EMO crowd over there. I see her not being short of offers to perform on big award shows and even winning a few herself… but something holds her back a little - maybe financial, but definitely personal. She seems to have quite a strong bond with her mum, but Mum will find it hard letting go, especially in the US when Miss Pixie wants to do a bit more ‘living.’ How old is she 19? Her relationship with someone who is big with American teenagers will be huge news in the tabloids and will start the rumour mill going. Perhaps a teen movie is on the cards too. Also claims of her going off the rails and being a lesbian will be made. There will be a different direction for her next album which will be a massive hit or massive miss.


Will Young

I have loved Will ever since the Pop Idol days because this guy has the sort of spirit that you need around. I say this because he appreciates any gesture or thought that comes his way and will act upon it. We will hear a lot more from his musical side, but it’s such a shame he’s not using his comedic timing more openly. I laugh when I hear about ‘Diva demands’ for pink towels back stage at gigs because it’s the sort of thing he would do for a laugh and to prove people will actually do these things for him. He has a very good, strong network of friends and family around him, and I feel his grandfather is very important to him. He’s very sentimental especially with certain material things. I see him turning his home into more of a place of sanctuary and some great news is on the horizon for a partner and also his brother. A partnership is about to become much more solid. Could this be wedding bells?

Pixie’s Tarot is ‘Wheel of Fortune’ showing things going from strength to strength for her; travel being a huge; lots of success; but that she should be careful of those tempting demons. Remember pixies like mushrooms!

The Tarot I pulled for Will is ‘King Of Cups’ showing his very social side, but there are times when he feels very down and looks deeper for things to bring him back up. He’s very creative and also very spiritual himself!

Pixie’s crystal is a Citrine, meaning she is drawn to bright happy colours, and this will help her stay happy and focused and open to life’s experiences with confidence.

Will’s crystal is Carnelian aiding him with more confidence, passion, determination and high energy.








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on E| nd EN Lo SC n E| o EN ht SC ig 62 | r t b as NE co >> CE > S h ut ey 66 so ll va >> > s e E| am 68 EN th SC > l >> to is 70 E| br EN > SC > > s le 72 E| wa EN > | SC > > E EN st 75 SC we l | > oo E >> rp EN ve SC 77 li AM > | GH E >> IN EN RM 78 I SC B L > OO E| >> KP EN AC SC 80 BL R E ST >>> HE | NC 81 MA NE WI >> & > N| OD IO 82 FO CT E S >>> TS OR 84 S| SP ED >> FI > I S AS 88 N| CL IO >> IT > T E MP 96 CO



Ladyboys of Bangkok
















Bar drag


62 62


ello Scenesters

I’ve been all over Soho recently, starting my tour in Village, where there was, as usual, a lovely ambience - partly created by the friendly staff. I then mozied over to Freedom for one of their innovative cocktails and as it was a Monday, it was Kinky Cabaret, a fabulous West End-style show. I took my Mum to The Edge for her birthday where we enjoyed many a cocktail and enjoyed the fab DJ Dusty O, who was on the decks playing her brilliant blend of poptastic classics. I’ve also been involved in two fantastic, and extremely successful, events over the past few weeks at The Shadow Lounge. The first was the launch of my Lady Boy GaGa Show, which was loads of fun. I’ve also been busy helping to raise awareness for HIV by hosting Daniel May’s HIVISION event, Stars In The Lounge, in association with Wiskin PR, where we collected funds for Demelza (Hospice Care for Children). This was a FIERCE night! My co-host for the evening was Gerry from Big Brother plus some of the very best lookalikes in the business. I also got lots of compliments on

hidden | Tinworth Street, SE11 5EQ Barcode Vauxhall | Arch 69, SE11 5AW. Tel: (020) 7582 4180 Area | Albert Embankment, Arch 67-68, SE1 7TP cafe italia | 348 kennington Lane, SE11 5HY Chariots Vauxhall | Albert Embankment, Arch 63-64. Tel: (020) 7247 5333 Eagle | 349 Kennington Lane, SE11 5QY Tel: (020) 7793 0903 Hoist (the) | South Lambeth Road, Arch 47B – 47C, SW8 1RH. Tel (020) 7735 9972 Fire | South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT freak | South Lambeth Road, SW8 paris gym | Godding Street SW8 Royal Vauxhall Tavern | 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY. Tel: (020) 7820 1222 SuperClub Colosseum | 1 Nine Elms Lane, SW8. Tel (020) 7627 1283 union | Albert Embankment, Arch 65

photos by Wickedangel

London vauxhall

Welcome back to my column for the capital’s scene.

my DJ set. Ohhh, I nearly forgot to mention the happenings at Profile: the team is doing Dinner Bingo from 6.30 p.m on Sundays hosted by the fabulous Timberlina & Hey Baylen.


To get my fix of some seriously sexy hunks, I headed down to The Eagle for Carpet Burn, where I met some lovely cuddly bears and the gorgeous Prince Nelly, who was spinning some camp disco classics. I also popped in to see Mr. Steve Sharp at Orange which was, as usual, packed to capacity and was a really good night with the gorge hostess, Glendora. Escape in Kingston is another very enjoyable evening every Saturday with DJs James St James and Lil’ Rob and the fabulous hosts Miss Shirley Double & Chi Chi Concarni.

London Soho

79 CXR 79 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0NE Tel: (020) 7734 0769 ADMIRAL DUNCAN 54 Old Compton Street Tel: (020) 7437 5300 Barcode 3-4 Archer Street W1D 7AP Tel: (020) 7734 3342 Box 32-34 Monmouth St WC2H 9HA Tel: (020) 7240 5828 Balans Soho 612 old Quebec Street, W1H 7AF .Tel (020) 7629 6159 city of quebec 51-53 Old Compton Street .Tel: (020) 7479 7961 clone zone soho 51-53 Old Compton Street .Tel: (020) 7479 7961 Comptons of Soho 64 Old Compton Street W1D 4UQ. Tel: (020) 7287 1619 DUKE OF WELLINGTON BAR 77 Wardour Street.Tel:(020) 7439 1274 DV8 Soho 50 Old Compton Street, W1D 4UB.Tel:(020) 7494 7498 Edge (the) 11 Soho Square W1D 3QE Tel: (020) 7439 1313 Enclave (the) 25-27 Brewer Street W1F 0RR Tel: (020) 7434 2911 escape soho 10 Brewer Street, Soho, London W1. Tel: Stevie on 07833 327 002 First Out 52 St Giles High Street WC2H 8LH Tel: (020) 7240 8042 G-A-Y Bar 30 Old Compton Street W1D 4UR Tel: (020) 7494 2756 HEAVEN CLUB Heaven Club, 9 The arches, Villers St, WC2N 6NG. Tel:(020) 7930 2020 halfway II HEAVEN 7 Ducanon Street, Charing Cross, WC2N 4JF. Tel:020 7484 0736 king’s Arms (the) 23 Poland Street W1F 8QL Tel: (020) 7734 5907 green carnation 45 Ripert Street W1F 4DD Tel: (020) 8123 4267 LJ Coffee 3 Winnett Street, Soho, W1D 6JY Tel: (020) 7434 1174 Ku Bar 30 Lisle Street WC2H 7BA Tel: (020) 7437 4303 Ku Bar 2 25 Frith Street, W1D 5LB Kudos 10 Adelaide Street, Charing Cross, WC2 N4HZ 020 7379 4573 Madame Jojo’s- 10 Brewer St Soho, W1F 0SE- 020 7734 3040 molly moggs- 2 old Compton Street, W1F 0SE- 020 7734 3040 profile/Lo- Profile- 84-86 Wardour St, W1F 0TQ- 0207 7734 1053 prowler soho - 4-5 Brewer Street, W1F 0RF - 020 7734 4031 Rio beach 1 Earlahm street WC2 h9LL, Tel: 020 7497 5259 RUPERT STREET Rupert Street Tel: (020) 7292 7141 SaunaBar (the) 29 Endell St WC2H 9BA Tel: (020) 7836 2236 SaunaBar (the) 29 Endell St WC2H 9BA Tel: (020) 7836 2236 soho gyms 12 Maplin Street, WC2B 5NF Tel: (020) 7242 1290 Shadow Lounge (the) 5 Brewer Street W1F 0RF .Tel: (020) 72877988 Star at Night (the) 22 Great Chapel Street W1 8FR . Tel: (020) 7494 2488 Sweatbox Soho 1-2 Ramillies Street W1F 7LN .Tel: (020) 3214 6014 Trash Palace 11 Wardour Street W1D 6PG Tel: (020) 7734 0522 Village 81 Wardour Street W1D 6QD Tel: (020) 7434 2124 vaults (The) 139b-143 Whitfield Street W1T 5EM Tel: (020) 7388 5500 YARD (the) 57 Rupert Street Tel: (020) 7437 2652

photos by Wickedangel




London suburbia

North / East South East


The first Friday of every month sees, the new polysexual night called Are Friends Electric at Jester Bar in Kings Cross. I’ll be DJing and hosting on 4th June so come along and say ‘hi.’ Another hugely successful polysexual night is at EGG, owned by legendry Laurence Malice. I popped into Chariots in Shoreditch where there are always some very sexy guys that are all too easy on the eye, and met a lovely guy called Marco (six pack, the lot!).

BIRD IN HAND | 291 Sydenham Road, Croydon, CR0, Tel: 020 8683 3104 CHARIOTS STREATHAM | 292 (rear of) Streatham High Rd, London SW16 6HG, Tel: 020 8696 0929 CHARIOTS WATERLOO | 101 Lower Marsh, London. SE1 7AB, Tel: 020 7401 8484 CHARIOTS LIMEHOUSE | 574 Commercial road, Limehouse, E14; Tel 020 7791 2808 CORONET THEATRE (the) | 26-28 New Kent Road, LONDON SE1 6TJ, Tel: 020 7701 1500 GEORGE AND DRAGON | 2 Blackheath Hill, Greenwich, SE10, Tel: 020 8691 3764 KAZBAR | 50 Clapham High Street, London SW4, Tel: 0871 223 1154 OLD SHIP | 17 Barnes Street, Limehouse, E14 7NW 020 7790 4082 PLEASUREDROME | Arch 124 Cornwall Rd, Waterloo, SE1 8XE RIVOLI BALLROOM | 350 Brockley Rd, SE4 2BY, 020 8692 5130 Rose and crown | 1 Crooms Hill, Greenwich, SE10 8ER, Tel: 020 8293 1898 SOHO GYMS | 11-15 Brad Street, SE1 8TG Tel; 0845 270 9270 SOHO GYMS | 95-97 Clapham High Steet,, SW4 7TB Tel; 020 7720 0321 STEAMWORKS | 309 New Cross Rd,, SE14 6AS Tel; 020 8694 0606 THE STAG | 15 Bressendan Place, SW1, 020 7828 7287 XXL | 51/53 Southwark Street, SE1 1RU’ TEL; 020 7403 4001 WHITE SWAN | 556 Commercial Road, Limehouse, E14 7JD Tel: 020 7780 9870


photos by Wickedangel


I went in for a quick drink at The George and Dragon and bumped into a couple of dear old friends who I have not seen in ages. I had a fabulous night for the special performance of “The Cost of Love” in Greenwich. What a fabulous tribute to Estee Applaudher. You can see where I am doing gigs by checking my website Peace and Love Barbara xx

NORTH & WEST BLACK CAP | 171 Camden High Street, London NW1, Tel: 020 7485 0538 CENTRAL STATION | 37 Wharfedale Road, London N1, Tel: 020 7278 3294 ESCAPE KINGSTON | 184 London Road,KT2 6QW; TEL; 020 8408 4900 GLASS BAR (THE) | 90 Euston Road, Regent’s Park, London NW1 2BN, Tel: 020 7387 6184 KING EDWARD VI | 25 Bromfield Street, London N1 OPZ, Tel: 020 7704 0745 KING WILLIAM IV | 77 Hampstead High Street, London NW3 1RE, Tel: 020 7435 5747 THE GREEN | 74 Upper Street, Angel N1, Tel: 020 7226 8895 KOKO | 1A Camden High Street, London NW17JE, 0870 4325527 THE OAK BAR | 79 Green Lanes, London N16 9BU, Tel: 020 7354 2791 OSCARS GAY CINEMA | 42 Northdown Street, Kingscross, N1 020 7837 0188 PLAY PIT | 76 Caledonian Road, N1 Tel: 07770 631 385 REGULATION LTD | 17A St. Alban’s Place, Islington N1 0NX Tel: 020 7226 665 SCALA CLUB | 275-277 Pentonville Road, London N1, Tel: 020 7833 2022

London suburbia

The Rose & Crown had the fabulous Helen Bed perform, but unfortunately I couldn’t make this event but my sources tell me it was a brilliant night.



Photos by Lee Towsey


The Amsterdam Bar | 11-12 Marine Parade | 01273 688 825 Agua Dolce | 10-11 Kings Road | The Aquarium | 6 Steine Street | 01273 605 525 The Barley Mow | 92 St George’s Rd | 01273 682 259 The Brighton Tavern | 100 Gloucester Road, North Laine | 01273 680 365 The Bulldog | 31 St James’s Street | 01273 696 996 Charles Street Bar | 8 Marine Parade | 01273 624 091 Concorde 2 | Madeira Drive| 01273 673 311 Dr Brighton’s | 16 King’s Road | 01273 208 113 The Hub | 129 St James’s Street The Grosvenor | 16 Western Street | 01273 770 712 The Marine Tavern | 13 Broad Street | 01273 681 284 The Marlborough | 4 Princes St | 01273 570 028 The Kings Arms | 56 George Street | BN2 1RJ Ole Ole | 75-76 Western Road | 01273 727 909 The Queen’s Arms | 7 George St | 01273 696 873 Queensbury Arms | Queensbury Mews | 01273 328 159 The Regency Tavern | 32-34 Russell Square | 01273 325 652 The Star Inn | 7/9 Manchester Street | 01273 601 450 The Zone | 33 St James’s St | 01273 682 249 Vavoom | 31 Old Steine | 01273 603 010 The White Horse | 30 Camelford Street | 01273 603 726 Legends Hotel, Bar and Club | 31-34 Marine Parade | 01273 624 462 Red Roaster Coffee | St James’s Street | 01273 623 200 Starbucks | 115 St. James’s Street | BN2 1TH |01273 624187

clubs Charles Street Club | 8 Marine Parade | 01273 624 091 Brighton Ghetto | 129 St James’s Street | 01273 622 424 Wild Fruit @ Tru | Honeyclub | 214 Kings Road Arches | The Brighton Coalition | 171 Kings Road Arches | 01273 722 272 Digital | Kings Road Arches | Audio | 10 Marine Parade | 01273 606 906 Koo Klub | 10 Pool Valley | 01273 323 201 Po Na Na | 75-79 East Street | 01273 777 904

saunas Amsterdam Sauna | 11-12 Marine Parade | 01273 688 825 Bright’n’Beautiful | 9 St Margaret’s Place | 01273 328 330 The Brighton Sauna | 75 Grand Parade | 01273 689 966




Photos by

BOURNEMOUTH The Bakers Arms | 77 Commercial Road | 01202 555506 2930 The Triangle | 30 The Triangle | 0845 474 3019 | The Branksome | Commercial Road | 01202 552544 Circus@The Opera House | 570 Christchurch Road,Boscombe | 01202 399922 Over The Rainbow | Gay Mens Health Project | 01202 257478 Rubyz Cabaret Restaurant | West Hill Road Saunabar | 4 Avenue Lane The Xchange | 4 The Triangle | 01202 294321 The Patisserie Angélique | 79 Pool Road| Westbourne | BH4 9BB Bar Beyond | 103 Commercial Road | BH2 5RT White Tiger | 27 The Triangle | Bournemouth | BH2 5SE | 0845 496 6305 Funchal by Night | 158 Commercial Road | Bournemouth. | BH2 5LU | 01202 318900 Bar Ventana/Cumberland Hotel

SOUTHHAMPTON The Edge | Compton Walk | 07090 423 688 The Endeavour | 7 Simnel Street H2O | 89 St Mary’s Road | 023 8038 6880 Isobar | 100c St Mary’s Street | 023 8022 2028 The London | 2 Terminus Terrace | 023 8071 0652 The Pink Broadway | 79/80 East Street | 023 8023 8804 The Bevois town | 6 Middle St | 02380 637001

EASTBOURNE The Hart | 89 Cavendish Place | 01323 643 151

PORTSMOUTH Hampshire Boulevard | 1 Hampshire Terrace | Southsea | 023 9229 7509 The Old Vic | St Paul’s Road | 023 9229 7013 Martha’s | 227 Commercial Road | 023 9287 7918




thames valley

Photos cortesy of Maz

AYLESBURY The Saracens | 5 Rickfords Hill | 01296 421528 |

LUTON The Caifornia Inn | 82 Chapel Street, Lu1 5DD | 01582 488098 Flame Club | 58 Wellington St | 0800 938 442 The Green House Sauna | 23 Crawley Road, LU1 1HX 01582 487701 Knk Bar | 23 Dunstable Place |01582 615172

MILTON KEYNES Pink Punters | 2 Watling Street, Bletchley | 01908 377444 |

NORTHAMPTON The Boston Clipper | College Street | 01604 604404 | Route 69 | 1 Gas Street | 01604 239318 |

OXFORD Brewery Gayte | 5 St. Thomas Street | 01865 250020 | Castle Tavern | 24 Paradise Street | 01865 793759 | Jolly Farmers | 20 Paradise Street | 01865 793759 | Coven on Fridays | Oxpens Road OX1 1RX | 01865 242770

Red Box

SWINDON The Pink Rooms | 3+4 Victoria Road | SN1 3AJ | The MailCoach | 59 Fleet Street | 01793 538246 |

READING The Granby | 120 London Road | 0118 935 2537 | Wynford Arms | 110 Kings Road | 0118 958 9814 |

eddie surman trust


... someone to talk to


During these difficult financial times voluntary organisations such as The Eddie Surman Trust have been hit badly by the economic downturn as people tighten their belts. The trust relies heavily on advertising throughout the country in specialist publications to promote Positiveline, our national freephone helpline for anyone worried about any issues around HIV/AIDS, especially those who may be feeling depressed or suicidal. Following the closure of UKC & Positive Nation (printed edition) in 2007 the trust saw a drop of almost 50% in calls coming in to Positiveline and at one point closure of the line was being discussed. Since we started advertising in *J@OKP magazine our call levels are the highest they have been for almost 3 years.

0800 1696806

In my opinion this is down to the high quality of the magazine and the fact that it is a magazine that you would happily leave on your coffee table for other people to read. Its longer shelf life (over weekly magazines) means that our advert stays around in people homes much longer and gets a wider audience. At a time when every penny counts, the advertising rates at *J@OKP allows us to take out an advert in every edition of the magazine. Our own research has shown us that calls just within the London area have markedly increased whilst calls from the Brighton area now make up the second largest caller area in the country with many callers telling us they saw our advert in *J@OKP%



Peter Shapcott, Director. POSITIVELINE

Advertising in *J@OKPMagazine *J@OKPOnline really works. Call us for more information - 020 8855 2196.



FROGMORE STREET Griffin | 41 Colston Street | BS1 5 The Park | 37 Triangle West | 0117 940 6101 The Pineapple | 37 St George’s Road|0117 954 4794 Queenshilling | 9 Frogmore Street |0117 930 0844 Nice ‘N’ Naughty | 45 Colston Street | 0117 929 7666


OLD MARKET Bristol Bear Bar | 2-3 West Street | 0117 955 1967 Flamingos | 23-25 West Street, Old Market | 0117 955 9269 The Village Sauna | 19-21 West Street | 0117 903 0622 The Lounge | 53 Old Market Street | 0117 922 1224 Old Castle Green | 46 Gloucester Lane | 0117 330 9140 The Old Market Tavern | 29-30 Old Market | 0117 922 6123 Retreat | 16 West Street | Old Market 8 The Palace | 1 West Street | Old Market |9 The Stag and Hounds | 74 Old Market Street 0117 929 1407 The Package | 47 Old Market Street | 01179414320|

y c n ge

A e Th

See for further details and how to get representation.


Photos by Tony Parry

The Golden Cross | 283 Hayes Bridge Rd | 029 2034 3129 Kings Cross | 25 Caroline Street | 029 2064 9890 Pulse | 3 Churchill Way | 029 2064 7380 Exit | 48 Charles Street | 029 2064 0102 Club X | 35-37 Charles Street | 029 2040 0876 Minsky’s Showbar | 53 Cathedral Walk, St David’s Centre 029 2023 3128 Bar Icon | 60 Charles Street | 029 2066 6505 4Play | 10 Churchill Way | CF10 2DW Wow Bar | 4 Churchill Way | Cardiff | CF10 2DW Yupi Bar | 22 Carolina Street | Cardiff | Locker Room | 50 Charles Street | Cardiff | 029 2022 0388

PLYMOUTH Zeros | 24 Lockyer Street | 01752 662 346 The Clarence | 31 Clarence Place | Stonehouse 01752 603 827

Hotel Cimon | 82 Abbey Road | 01803 294454

TRURO Bar Qdos | 13 New Bridge Street | 01872 222 888 Eclipse | St. Marys Street | 01872 241 706

Swansea Champers | 210 High Street | 01792 655622 Hush Café Bar & Club | 233 High Street 01792 473033 Loft Lounge | 46 The Kingsway SA1 5AG Kings Arms Tavern | 26 High Street| 01792 642216 Talk Of The Town | 21 High Street| 01792 456910

TORQUAY Ibiza | 3-4 Victoria Parade | 01803 214 334 Rocky’s | Rock Road | 01803 292279 The Meadfoot Inn | 7 Meadfoot Lane | 01803 297112

NEWPORT Thru TheArch | 33 Stow Hill | 01633841110 Greenhouse Sauna |24 Church St | 01633 212906


Cardiff Venues

See for further details and how to get representation.


The Swallow

The Swallow

The Swallow

The Swallow

The Swallow

Bath venues The Bath Tap | 19-20 St James Parade | 01225 404 344 Mandalyns | 13 Fountain Buildings | Lansdown Road | 01225 425 403

Exeter venues Boxes on Tuesdays | Commercial Road | The Quay | 07979 753571 Escape @ The Green Room | Fore Street The Vaults | 8 Gandy Street | Vivo | 122a Fore Street

Plymouth venues Zeros | 24 Lockyer Street | 01752 662 346 Hawkins Meeting Place | Buckwell Street | 01752 223341 The Clarence | 31 Clarence Place | Stonehouse The Swallow | 59-61 Breton Side | 01752 251760

Torquay venues Ibiza | 3-4 Victoria Parade | 01803 214 334 Candyfloss (formerly Rocky’s) | Rock Road | 01803 292279 The Meadfoot Inn | 7 Meadfoot Lane | 01803 297112 REMIX @ Bohemia | 39-41 Torwood St | TQ1 1DZ | 01803 292079 Envy | The Old Town Hall, Abbey Road Key West Bar | Meadfoot Sea Road | TQ1 2LQ | 01803 200063 Steamer Quay | Rock Road | TQ2 5SP | 01803 201 401 Tom’s Cruise Bar | Key West Basement | Meadfoot Sea Road

Trurovenues Hotel Cimon | 82 Abbey Road | 01803 294454 Bar Qdos | 13 New Bridge Street | 01872 222 888

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The Swallow


01 Bar Du Fay | 25 Stanley Street | 0151 236 1623 02 Bluesday | Victoria Street | 0151 236 2200 03 Vardar Vardar @ Anderson’s Bar | Exchange St East 04 Cafe Tabac | 126 Bold Street | 0151 709 3735 05 Tutti Fruitti | Fruit Exchange Building, Victoria St 07 Dolphin Sauna | 129 Mount Road 06 Curzon Club | Temple Lane | 0151 236 5160 08 Pink | 4-6 Victoria Street | 0151 255 0502 09 Garlands | 8-10 Eberle Street | 0151 709 9586 10 G Bar | Eberle Street | 0151 258 1230 11 Jupiters | Hackins Hey off Dale Street | 0151 227 5265 13 The Lisbon | 35 Victoria Street | 0151 231 6831 14 The Masquerade | 10 Cumberland Street | 0151 236 7786 16 Navy Bar | 27-29 Stanley Street | 0151 231 1456 17 Passion | 31/33 Dale St | 0151 236 6591 18 Poste House | 23 Cumberland Street 19 Club So | 64 Duke Street | 0151 258 1230 20 Superstar Boudoir | 27-29 Stanley Street | 0151 231 1456 21 Stray | 9 Victoria Street


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Angel’s Bar | 125-131 Hurst Street | 0121 622 1966 Chic | 28 Horse Fair | 0121 666 6806 Glamourous Showbar | Albany House, 27-35 Hurst Street | 0870 949 4526 DV8 Club | 16 Lower Essex Street | 0121 666 6366 Equator Bar | 123 Hurst Street | 0121 622 5077 The Fox | 17 Lower Essex Street | 0121 622 3213 The Loft Lounge | 143 Bromsgrove Street | 0121 622 2444 Nightingale Club | Essex House, Kent Street | 0121 622 1718 Subway City Club | 27 Water Street, Old Snow Hill | 0121 233 0310 Village Inn | 152 Hurst Street | 0121 622 474209


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photos courtesy of Timeout Party Bar Flamingo| 44 Queen street | 01253 649 151 Pepe’s | 94 Talbot rd | 01253 626 691 The Flying Handbag |44 Queen street | 01253 649 155 Funny Girls | 34 Canal Street | 0161 236 5757 Churchills | 5 Dickson Road | 0844 247 2665 Taboo| 69 -71 Talbot road | 01253 293 802 Timeout Party Bar 68-70 Abingdon Street | 01253 628 502


y Lesbian, 18 and either Ga be over the age of Contestants must exual. fidence please Transgender or Bis nnaire held in con form and questio bro a@ For an application mm ma eet takemehometom send a request to


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GOSSIP with miss whiplash


Good day to you my fellow gays. I hope this issue finds you well and you’re enjoying the much anticipated sunnier weather. I have a little confession for you, I have been away and, as luck would have it, I am writing this in my apartment in Gran Canaria because some volcano with an unpronounceable name has decided to kick off and disrupt the world.

Alter Ego | 105-107 Princess Street | 0161 236 9266 AXM | 100 Bloom Street | 0161 288 7474 Baa-Bar | Sackville Street | 0161 247 7997 Bar Below | 34 Canal Street | 0161 236 5757 Churchills | 37 Chorlton Street | 0161 236 5529 Company Bar | 28 Richmond Street | 0161 237 9329 Coyotes | 14 Chorlton Street | 0161 236 4007 Crunch2 | 10 Canal Street | 07017 422 227 Cruz 101 | 101 Princess Street | 0161 950 0101 Essential | 8 Minshull Street | 01 61 835 1300 Legends | 4-6 Whitworth Street | 0161 236 5400 Manhattan Showbar | 54 Princess Street | 07793 48 22 48 Mint Lounge | 46-50 Oldham Street | 0161 228 1495 Napoleons | 35 Bloom Street | 0161 236 8800 New York New York | 94 Bloom Street | 0161 236 6556 The New Union | 111 Princess Street | 0161 228 1492 The Outpost | 4-6 Whitworth Street | 0161 236 5400 Paddy’s Goose | 29 Bloom Street | 0161 236 1246 Queer | 4 Canal Street | 0161 228 1368 The Rembrandt | 33 Sackville Street | 0161 236 1311 Retro Bar | 78 Sackville Street | 0161 274 4892 Spirit | 63 Richmond Street | 0161 237 9725 Taurus | 1 Canal Street | 0161 236 4593 Thompsons Arms | 123 Sackville Street | 0161 237 5919 Vanilla | 39-41 Richmond Street | 0161 228 2727 Velvet | 2 Canal Street | 0161 236 9003 Via | 28-30 Canal Street | 0161 236 6523 View | 40 Canal Street | 0161 236 9033


As I’m away, and look to be away for a little longer yet, I haven’t got a clue what’s going on, although this is nothing new for me to be honest. I even have to watch Phil and Holly in a morning to see what day it is… if they’re not on I know its at least one of the weekend days. Anyhow, back to the UK (I will be forced eventually, I’m sure) Well, it’s official: It’s definitely “Queer up North.” I don’t just mean because me and Bobbie live here… it’s an International Arts Festival! I’m cultured in things like this (I occasionally blag myself tickets to

time to a worthwhile cause you may also get to see some of the performances for free too. The website is That really couldn’t be simpler, could it?!

The event is now in its 18th year, and has grown year since. I’m off to the first club night that starts the Festival which is Bollox V Pussy Faggot. Their website describes like this: “Manchester’s much loved alternative queer club night, Bollox, joins forces with NYC’s PUSSY FAGGOT! – the downtown performance party from independent curator Earl Dax. Together they take over every corner of Legends for an unmissable night crammed full of eclectic music and live performance.”

If you do drop into one of the events tell them Miss Whiplash sent you; I’m not on commission, they just like hearing my name...

Queer Up North is also looking for volunteers this year, and if you’re interested in giving a little bit of your


Anyway peeps, I have to go as I hear the flights are sorting themselves out and I have to phone a machine to be told nothing about everything. Who knows I may make it back in time for next month’s column? Take care, slap that sunscreen on, and drink safe: only drink one at a time. Whiplash (in Gran Canaria) x Coyotes




SOUTHPORT AXM SOUTHPORT | 4 Coronation Walk, Southport, PR8 1RE 01704 530 933

MANCHESTER / southport

events). The Festival will run between 18th and 31st May in various locations around Manchester. The festival is a mix of events from club nights to theatre productions, so there is something to please everyone.



I first established myself in small bistro-style pub before moving on to many beautiful restaurants where people came together to ‘Eat, Sip and Celebrate.’ I love the movie Field of Dreams and my favourite line from the film, “Build it and they will come,” plus my passion for all things Hollywood and movie stars, led me to create a theme to my menu.

Now it’s time to let you in on the fine secrets of my success and share my recipes. So let’s eat. Each recipe comes with a name of a Hollywood idol or diva that the meal has been named after, plus whether to serve it as an entrée or main. If you’re confused just have another glass of red and keep cooking… This is my tribute to the stars.

Princess Di Combination of prawns and oysters This is a simple dish, as lovely as the lady herself, and a delight to have on your dinner table. No cooking with this one: it’s all in the pre sentation. For any royal family member, this makes a great entree. Ingredients 3 cooked king prawns unpeeled 3 oysters (natural is nice) Cocktail sauce (see Johnny Depp) Lemon on the side Diced lettuce Presentation Place the lettuce in a heap in the center of the plate Stand the prawns up right leaning to the center of the plate, leaving a gap between each and place an oyster between each. If you have a small ramekin, or an empty oyster shell, place in the center on top of the lettuce and put the sauce in. Add the lemon on the side.

Spaghetti Marinara Marinara is a mixture of beautiful, fresh seafood, sauce and spice - creating one perfect dish, not unlike Angelina’s family a lovely mixture of children. Sugar and spice and all things nice make a delightful family. I find because certain seafood takes less time to cook then oth ers, you need to add them to the dish slowly. Ironically, the same way Angelina adopted her family: slowly and one at a time. Ingredients Mussels Green Prawns Octopus Squid Scallops Neapolitan sauce (make or buy in a jar) Spaghetti White wine For the sauce (if making it!) You will need a can of crushed tomato, some mixed herbs, one diced onion and one diced pepper or capsicum as they call it in Aus tralia, and some crushed garlic. But there are some great ready-made pasta sauces to buy from budget house brands to Paul Newman’s. 3SIXTY LET’S EAT WITH TONY V

To cook the seafood In a large frying pan or wok, heat a little olive oil, garlic and red wine. Now add the squid and the octopus, so they cook in the most liquid, nearly as to be slowly boiling them, this would be about 10 minutes. Add the green prawns, the scallops and the mussels, and a little more red wine enough to cover. Cook on a low heat and then add scoops of the Neapolitan sauce to the wok and allow to cook for about 7 minutes on a low heat, until the squid is tender, then you’ll know it will all be cooked. Serve over the spaghetti.

Angelina Jolie

GOOD FOOD & WiNE Foods that promote passion We all want to be at our best in the sack, right? Forget those little blue pills, since the days of the Greeks and Romans, and perhaps even before, people all over the world have used food to stir up hormones and improve sex drive. Indeed, it’s Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love herself, that gave her name to foods to get the blood flowing and the heart racing. A quick flip through the history books and you’ll find many weird and wonderful foods to give you a pick-me-up (blood from a bull’s balls or rhino tusk, anyone?) But with summer, (the season when we have the most amount of sex, apparently) just around the corner, 3SIXTY is here to get you sizzling in the bedroom using foods you’ll find in your local Asda. Oysters Because of their shape, oysters have thought to have been aphrodisiacs for thousands of years. They are known to be high in zinc, which has been associated with improving sexual potency in men. In the past, both men and women ate raw oysters, believing that doing so would increase both arousal and fertility. Chillies Believe it: chillies can literally add “spice” to your sex life. These fiery spices will increase the release of endorphins, making you feel ‘high’ and horny. You know the feeling - it’s the same feeling you get when you finish a work out. Coffee Caffeine is a well-known stimulant but do remember that too much and you’ll get that equally well-known coffee slump. Serve a rich, dark roast in small, espresso cups. With a boost to the body and the mind, it’ll perk you up for an all night session.


Bananas The phallic shape of the banana is, of course, partly responsible for us all claiming that this is an arousing fruit. How do you eat one in public without feeling awkward? But on a more scientific note, bananas are high in potassium and B vitamins which are vital for male and female sex hormones. Pineapple This tropical fruit has sky high levels of vitamin C and is often used as a homeopathic treatment for impotence. It boosts your love energies and will revitalise you…so you can go again and again. Honey The Karma Sutra, The Perfumed Garden (an ancient Arabic version of the Karma Sutra) and the Bible all mention honey as a symbol of love, sensuality and sex. Scientists claim that adding a little pepper to honey will enhance orgasms. It’s hardly surprising then we call our beloveds ‘honey.’ Mustard A spoonful of mustard is thought to increase activity in sexual glands in both men and women. Desire is thought to reach its peak about 20 minutes after you’ve eaten it. Almonds The aroma of almonds and marzipan is said enhance arousal in women and many ancient cultures used them as a symbol of fertility. Wine Alcohol will reduce inhibitions and allow you to give way to your inner sex god. Red wines are rich in antioxidants which will keep your metabolism healthy, allowing for a more active romp. But naturally, don’t over do it - we’ve all been caught out like that, haven’t we?



FOOD Santiago Restaurante, Marbella, Spain

its critic vis t n a r u a rest ant mystery antiago Restaur r u o h t n This mo xo Tower and S sO ’ London . ella in Marb

Santiago Restaurante is one of the best-known eateries in the jet-set Spanish town of Marbella. This beach-side restaurant has been serving the finest seafood and fish to the likes of Jackie Onassis, Maria Callas, Frank Sinatra and a host of local regulars since 1958. Its stunning location is matched only by its incredible menu. The food is almost entirely locally-sourced and, where possible, organic; proving, as if proof were needed, that this part of Europe really does produce some of the finest fresh fish and vegetables. The extensive menu includes mousses, gazpachos, foie gras, pil-pils, rock lobster, crab, scallops, clams, turbot to name but a few of the highlights. To start, we decided to share a plate of melt-in-the mouthbeautiful Iberian hams and strong Manchego cheeses. And at the waiter’s ‘insistence,’ we tried some plump, salty King Prawns which had come straight off the open grill. My companion and I both tucked into Sea Bass in a creamy white wine sauce for our main course. The fish was garnished with fresh, perfectly-cooked, mussels and an array of crunchy, seasonal vegetables. Whereas the food is almost exclusively created from regional ingredients, the wine list is a different story. The 700 carefully-selected varieties come from all four corners of the globe. Thankfully, the waiting staff, many of whom have been at Restaurante Santiago for decades, will be able to advise you. I know it’s easier said than done, but you really must leave room for dessert at Santiago’s. Being offered a selection of cheeses, fresh fruit and a plethora of tarts and cakes (lemon, blueberry, apple, almond, chocolate…) made the decision almost impossible. But like a martyr to the cause, I ‘forced’ myself into having a heavenly, gooey chocolate cake with rich, home-made vanilla ice-cream. Restaurante Santiago has become a firm favourite with locals-in-the-know and Hollywood’s greatest. As summer approaches and the tourists flock to Marbella, be sure to book your table in advance. Sunday lunchtimes are especially busy with huge Spanish families vying for tables.

Go to your local bookshop and quote:ISBN 978-1-4343-7284-0 or order online at searching from the ISBN number, and compare prices of over 35 online bookstores around the world.


Paseo Maritimo 5, Marbella, Spain.


Since 1996, the restaurant, brasserie and bar at the top of the stunning art deco OXO Tower on London’s Southbank have been a mammoth success. With windows on both sides and a 250ft terrace, you’re afforded one of the most spectacular views of the capital. The interior includes a ceiling with blue neon lights, creating a beautiful moonlit effect in the evenings. Leatherclad bars, slate tables and subtle lighting create a luxurious feel. The Restaurant gives you the top-end experience but be warned: it is quite pricey. Serving a mouth-watering selection of bistro-style dishes that have been given a contemporary twist, the Brasserie is the cheaper option and still has those jaw-dropping views from Big Ben to St Paul’s. Sadly, the welcome we received from the staff wasn’t what I had hoped for. Having built-up the restaurant and the levels of service to my dining companions, it was disappointing to be told on entering that “we’ve given your table away as we didn’t think you were coming.” We were exactly seven minutes late. Thankfully, this woman’s surly, abrupt attitude wasn’t representative of the rest of the waiting staff who were attentive throughout. Determined not to let it ruin our evening, we waited in the bar for another table to become available. The tables in both the Restaurant and the Brasserie are very close together and the Brasserie is very noisy in the evening, especially with the live jazz, but nothing will detract from the food which was sensational. The menu is a combination of modern British dishes and Mediterranean-inspired fare. To start I had a warm chickpea and spinach salad which was beautifully presented but extremely small. My companion enjoyed tiger prawns and grilled squid with red peppers which he described as “perfection.” For the main course we had grilled hake and mussels in a heavenly butter and saffron sauce. For dessert, I had the rich plum and apricot tart – to die for! You really can’t knock the quality or presentation of the food but it is an expensive night out, even by London’s standards. But the views alone lessen the blow of the bill. OXO Tower Wharf , Barge House Street, South Bank, London, SE1 9PH 3SIXTY FOOD

NAME: Kenny Kenshiro Moyston AGE;26 STATS: Height 5’11, Chest 40, Waist 32, Weight 82kg


Kenny Kenshiro Moyston

M.M.A. FIGHTER & PERSONAL TRAINER My journey as a Martial Artist started when I was seven years old with Karate, after about a year of Katas and shouting loud while striking thin air and not making any contact I grew bored and quit in search of a new challenge. A friend of mine suggested I try a local Judo club where he trained, so I did and loved it from the start. Almost ten years later I finally found a style that was for me, Muay Thai or Thai boxing. I could see that straight away, even though this style went against most of the styles I had learnt before. The movements felt very natural and the fact that you are taught to use more of your body as a weapon ( fist, forearms, elbows, knees, shins and feet ) meant that Muay Thai is by far most effective and efficient way to strike! What should the top priorities of a personal fighter trainer be? My top priorities as a fighter are keeping a good fitness level, always working on improving my techniques, fighting regularly and winning! Do You train other fighters? I do train other fighters as well so it’s important to stay fit because I have to spar with them. My technique has to be sharp and I need to be able to show that I can use all the techniques that I teach and it’s important to win or at least fight well or they are not going to want to be trained by me! How do you motivate your clients? I motivate my clients by showing them what is possible, telling them what their potential is and setting them personal goals. A lot of people train with me to get fit and learn Muay Thai but also to gain confidence in themselves and it’s a great stress reliever. Have you ever had a difficult client? Any difficult clients/students are just a personal challenge! What are your best skills? As a fighter I think my best skills are probably my speed, reacting fast to avoid strikes and striking back accurately. As a teacher I think my best skills are patience and the ability to explain things in a way people can understand and relate to. How important is nutrition? Nutrition is of a high importance. I have a carefully balanced diet consisting of high Protein Essential fats & Carbs.and exercise.

What do you eat? I eat Chicken Rice ( being half Jamaican ) but I also look to incorporate Salmon into my diet and plenty of nuts & seeds. I will always have a growth matrix ( Reflex high quality protein shake) post work. How does this change when you are getting ready for a fight? As the fight draws nearer I have to get my weight down from 82kg to 79.9 ( fighting weight) which I generally do in the last week, so I do a method called carb tapering which is part of the ZT Life diet that Sol Gilbert, ZT in house nutritionist and the rest of the ZT Ultimate Trainers have developed. It works really well as I am never hungry and I drop the last few kg’s in body fat. The diet allows me to still eat 5 times a day but just limiting the carbs at certain times of the day. Who’s you favourite recording artists? I listen to all sorts of music depending on my mood but I like to listen to rap when I train, the artist I listen to the most at the moment is a U.K rapper called Giggs. Who would you most like to meet and why? There are many fighters that I admire and would love to meet but I think I would most like to meet and train with Randy Couture because he is a legend that has competed at the highest level and won titles in two weight categories! What would you like to be doing in five years from now? I would love to be fighting for a top organisation like the U.F.C and for every true M.M.A fan to know the name Kenshiro! This is a simple 4 week program which you can do at home or in the gym. so just enjoy.



3 X 10 REPS


Hold a dumbbell in each hand and bring your arms to either side of your body bending at the elbow. With one arm, perform an Straight Punch, using your hips to pivot you around as you punch. Repeat on the other side.

Dumbbell Down Punch

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and drop your arms to either side of your body. With one arm, perform an Straight Punch down, using your hips to pivot you around as you punch. Repeat on the other side.

Squat to Knee

Start from the staining position with your hand either side of your head, Squat down and come back to standing brining your knee to your elbow repeat on both sides



martial arts w 91 sises

Standing, Knee, & Snap

Start from the staining position step forward going down onto your right knee, come up from the kneeling position on your left leg and bring your right knee up to your chest - giving out a front snap kick then repeat on the other leg.

Round House kicks

Face forward with one leg ahead of the other to perform a front-leg roundhouse kick. Bend the forward knee while keeping the back leg straight. Make sure both heels touch the floor. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart. Lift the front leg and bend the knee 90 degrees, shifting your weight to the rear, supporting leg. Keep your thigh parallel to the floor. Point the toes of your striking foot. Begin to pivot the supporting foot around to the rear as you bend the kicking leg. Twist your hips and snap the leg from the knee as if snapping a whip from the side to a target. Your supporting foot will pivot 180 degrees during the full extension of the kick. Bend your striking leg at the knee 90 degrees and return to your original position, your supporting foot pivoting around 180 degrees.

The Super Plank

Lie face down in press up postion bring your elbos down to floor resting on the forearms, palms flat on the floor. Then push off the floor, raising up to onto toes and and do pull press up with your back flat, in a straight line from head to heels. Tilt your pelvis and contract your abdominals to prevent your rear end from sticking up in the air and hold for 20 to 60 seconds. Lower and repeat for 3-5 reps.









London Falcons

FROM Brighton After a 3-0 away win against Brighton Bandits at the end of March, league leaders London Falcons GFC took on title rivals GFC Bournemouth in west London on 11th April. The match between two sides that had made it to April with 100% records was always going to be a close affair, and so it proved. A tight first period saw the two sides go into half time at 0-0. However, a free kick from Dan Walton put Falcons 1-0 up after 50 minutes, before an 89 minute penalty awarded to Bournemouth; which saw their striker put the ball away to end the game level and leave the title race wide open going into the final games of the season.


League Table London Falcons GFC GFC Bournemouth Hotscots FC Yorkshire Terriers London Titans Nottingham Ballbois Newcastle Panthers Birmingham Blaze Cardiff Dragons Leftfooters FC Leicester Wildecats Brighton Bandits


Pl 10 8 10 9 10 8 6 8 9 10 9 9

GD 29 16 18 0 12 7 13 1 -28 -31 -17 -19

Pts 28 22 16 16 15 13 10 10 7 7 6 4

29th March.... 13 Brave souls journeying toward Cardif 1st Half The dragons started brightly...moving the ball around quite well with decent passing and swift running. The Terriers began to get into the game - where the Cardiff team was younger and quicker the Terriers were stronger and more experienced....Cardiff had the most possession but the terriers had the better chances - despite a glaring miss from 3 yards out by Cardiff that offered little threat to Jonny’s goal.Cardiffs dangermen were clearly in the attacking third which the terriers largely kept quiet by pushing the defense out - encouraging the Dragons to play the ball long which they duly obliged undoing the threat Cardiff posed earlier in the game when they kept the ball to feet. Then the breakthrough came courtesy of good work from the Yorkshire midfield pressing and harrying Cardiff - winning the ball and playing it down the left flank. Dave G providing the cross which Matty got on the end of. The keeper saved the initial effort but Will followed up heading the ball home. Yorkshire finished the half in the ascendance. 2nd Half Cardiff utilised their large squad making numerous changes but still lacked the aggression and organisation of the Terriers.Despite the makeshift team Yorkshire continued to take the fight to the opposition missing a few more chances...most notably a cracking header from Dave G which was unfortunately right at the keeper. The terriers central midfield Mat and Freddy continued to nullify the dragons and with quality crosses and set pieces coming from Dom was another goal only a matter of time? Cardiff continued to make substitutions which Yorkshire did not have the luxury of doing. The whole team was tiring but continued to physically dominate the game. Special mention goes to our RB Anthony in only his 3rd game. As the game drew to a close terrier’s Matty, the youngest player on the pitch, continued to run Cardiff ragged supported by the goalscorer Will; who braved some ill timed tackles from Cardiff to lead the line giving the terriers an outlet. In the dying minutes a break from midfield led to Will running the ball into the oppositions penalty area where he was brought down by a lazy challenge .... penalty. Up stepped Freddy the terrier’s captain who smashes it at the keeper but follows in the rebound 0-2. A few minutes later the final whistle... the cheer went up. Yorkshire deserved the result. Not the best game of football you’ll see but for the 11 in green a deserved victory.





Brighton Bandits winners of the BLAGSS ten-pin bowling Stonewall team

Brighton Stonewall 10K Equality Walk Sunday May 2nd 2010 The day will start with the pre Picnic and registration in the Royal Pavilion Gardens. with entertainment before the 10k walk around Brighton Stonewall was founded in 1989 by a group of people who had campaigned against introduction of Section 28 of the Local Government Act. Their aim was to create a highly professional lobbying organisation that would put the case for equality on the mainstream political agenda by winning support within all political parties. Their lobbying work remains vitally important today our major successes have been: Introduction of Civil Partnerships Equalisation of the age of consent Lifting the ban on lesbians and gay men serving in the military Securing legislation to allow same-sex couples to adopt, Repeal of Section 28 Protecting lesbians and gay men from goods and services discrimination Stonewall receives no public funding and raises all its money itself in a range of ways including donations, sponsorship and fundraising events. They have a vision of a Britain where one day every single person will not only be entitled to fair treatment and respect, but will be afforded fair treatment and respect too. Your contribution to making their vision a reality is crucial. For further information on Stonewall please go to:

London Falcons

GAY GAMES COLOGNE More than 6500 registrations already received Participants are coming from more than 70 countries to Cologne. The Rhein Energie Stadium is the venue for the spectacular opening ceremony. The central venues during the games are the villages in the city centre on Neumarkt and Rudolfplatz In 100 days the VIII. Gay Games Cologne 2010 will commence. The German foreign minister Dr. Guido Westerwelle (FDP) will officially open the largest sporting and cultural event in the world in the Rhein Energie Stadium on July 31st. Dr. Westerwelle has taken over the role of patron of the Cologne Gay Games. More than 6500 sportsmen and women from more than 70 countries have already registered for the sporting meet and cultural events. As a comparison: at the start of the year, around 2500 athletes participated in the winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. The deadline for registration for the Cologne Gay Games is the 31st May. A delegation of the Cologne Gay Games has recently returned from a promotion tour through the USA. The Gay Games will mobilise the whole city of Cologne from 31st July to the 7th August. “Gay Games Villages” will be located at Neumarkt and Rudolfplatz public squares. These are the special meeting points for the participants. A diverse program will be offered on numerous stages. More than 2000 people will be participating in the band festival, choral festival and cheer leading. Budding performers have until the end of April to apply to participate in the “Visual Arts” exhibition. Here, movement is also the major theme. Directly after the opening ceremony in the Rhein Energie Stadium, the Lanxess-Arena in CologneDeutz will play host to the opening party. Tickets sales have already begun. The preparations for the Cologne Gay Games are running at full speed. In order to ensure the smooth running of the numerous cultural events and sporting meets, 3000 volunteers are required. Volunteers can register on the Cologne Gay Games home page. At the same time, a billet service has been arranged. Here, participants not wanting to overnight in hotels will be able to find suitable accommodation.

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N AT I O N A L M A R K E T C A L L 020 8855 2196 holidays


THE GAY PLACE The Gay Introduction Agency ■ ■ ■

Are you looking for a serious and faithful 121 relationship? Or are you looking for a genuine long-lasting friendship? If you are, you have come to the right place and we want to help you in your search for the right guy! We have a membership of gay and bi guys of all ages from all over the country, looking for love or friendship. SPECIAL OFFER: Join online for FREE! Postal membership also available. Contact us for further information.

TGP ■ Tristian House ■ 275 Deansgate ■ Manchester ■ M3 4EL Tel: 0161 768 0003/4 | Fax: 0161 768 0005 | Text: 07732 658873 Web:






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Taking Chances World Tour: The Concert, is a souvenir CD & DVD set of live performances from Celine’s record-breaking world tour. The decade’s top performer played concerts in five continents, 25 countries and 93 cities, selling more than three million tickets during her first major tour in nine years. 3SIXTY is giving you the chance to own a previously unreleased piece of that tour which broke box office and attendance records worldwide. We have 5 packs to give- away. Answer this question and it could be you: Which country is Celine Dion from? A) B) C)

America South Africa Canada

TO ENTER Log onto: www. and click on Competition and fill in the details. or send a postcard with your answer along with with your name and telephone number to : Competition, 1005 Maritime House, Greens End, London, SE18 6HB. Entries close 30th May 2010

LGBT SWITCHBOARD NATIONAL Positiveline (HIV/AIDS SUPPORT) 0800 1696806 Broken Rainbow 0300 999 5428

Isle of Wight Helpline 01983 525123 Oxford Friend 01865 726893 Surrey Helpline 01483 727667

LONDON & ESSEX Berkshire Gay and Lesbian information Network 0118 959 7269 Basildon and Thurrock Friend 01268 284422 Colchester Gay Switchboard 01206 869191 London LGBT Switchboard 020 7837 7324 London Friend 020 7837 3337 Lewisham Friend 020 8690 6195

SOUTH WEST Bristol Lesbian and Gay Switchboard 01179 221328 Cornwall Lesbian Line 01736 754225 GAY-GLOS in Gloucestershire 01452 306800 Intercom Trust in SW peninsula 08456 020818 Somerset Gay Health 01823 327078

SOUTH EAST Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard 01273 204050

EAST MIDLANDS Nottingham Switchboard 01623 621515 Midlands Switchboard 08452 578255


WEST MIDLANDS Leicester Helpline 01162 550667 North Staffordshire LGB Switchboard 01782 266998 Lesbian and Gay Switchboard West Midlands 0845 2578255 SCOTLAND Edinburgh 01315 564 620 GLASGOW 01414 870 447 Glasgow Gay & Lesbian Centre 01412 217203 Lothian Switchboard 01315 564049 Strathclyde Gay and Lesbian Switchboard 01418 470447 WALES LGBT Cymru Helpline 08000 232201

Cardiff 02920 340 101 SWANSEA 01792 645 325 NORTH WEST Lesbian and Gay Foundation Manchester 08453 303030 Blackpool 01253 454 978 Manchester YouthLine 0800 052 0151 NORTH EAST Newcastle 01912 618 555 middlesbrough 01642 804 400 YORKSHIRE AND HUMBERSIDE LEEDS 01132 453 588 HULL 01482 443 333

3SIXTY Magazine May 2010  

LGBT Lifestyle Magazine

3SIXTY Magazine May 2010  

LGBT Lifestyle Magazine