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Window To The West


The Oglala Dakota named this area mako sica, land bad, probably because of how difficult the region is to traverse — sudden ravines, dramatic cliffs, long and shadeless expanses. They didn’t view the land with enmity, though. Rather, the Oglala Dakota and other indigenous people view the Badlands as a sacred place.

The starkness of the Badlands is the result of the recession of an ancient inland sea. The Oglala Dakota were the first people to deduce the immemorial history of this special place when they encountered the remains of sea life throughout the land.

A Century of Hospitality

The dramatic geography of Badlands National Park and the sweeping plains of Buffalo Gap National Grasslands serve as a backdrop to the community of Wall, South Dakota. In fact, this town takes its name from the anomalous stone walls found throughout the Badlands. Wall has existed for over a century, but during all of those years, one thing has certainly remained consistent in this friendly place: its signature western hospitality.

From its beginning, Wall has been providing its residents and its visitors with a hospitable and helpful place to rest, restock, live and thrive. The community was originally established in the summer of 1907 as a railroad station for the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, and was formally incorporated as the city of Wall on January 25, 1908. During that same period, a U.S. Postal route was introduced, schools were built, phone lines went in and the Cheyenne Valley Electric Company was established. Wall had the heart and capacity to meet the needs of travelers, and people were discovering that this growing city was a place where they could hang their hats and raise their families.

As the community continued to grow, grain elevators were built to serve farmers in the region and a town dam was constructed to provide water for fire protection. A train depot, blacksmith, post office and drug store were also constructed to bolster the life of residents. Even a restaurant and a bar popped up during these times, furthering the community's capacity to serve its residents and its visitors.

More than a hundred years later, the city of Wall has grown even more and is still supporting its residents and offering a comfortable bed, a delicious meal, an unforgettable encounter with nature and cold cups of water to its many visitors.


Meet Your Chamber

The origins of the Wall-Badlands Area Chamber of Commerce are found in a group of business leaders who met and hosted events to benefit the community of Wall. Eventually, this group decided to formalize their efforts and officially incorporated as an organization in 1968.

Today, the Chamber remains a strong and active organization that facilitates community events and programs. The Chamber also strives to promote its members. The Chamber continues to grow in its membership and is looking forward to serving the Wall-Badlands area for years to come.

VISION: The WallBadlands Area Chamber of Commerce provides active leadership to promote and advocate business growth to make Wall a proud and dynamic community.

MISSION: The Wall-Badlands Area Chamber of Commerce proudly serves its members by acting as a liaison in the promotion of business, tourism and community growth.

BOARD/STAFF: Executive Director, Katie Bruce; Board President, Gina Kraut; Vice President, Bobbi Dartt; Treasurer, Annie Tice-Poseley; Directors, Amanda Kjerstad, Liliya Stone, Pam Johnson, Ashley Kier, Wayne Shull, Lex Heathershaw.

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Executive Director Katie Bruce
wall-badlands.com 5
Build and strengthen your network by meeting other Chamber Members which will help grow your business and attract new clients.
#1 Luncheons held monthly at various local eateries.
Celebrating the successes of the Chamber and recognizing Chamber and community members through the presentation of awards. #2 #3
Member Benefits
Annual Meeting


Event Sponsorship Opportunities

#5 #6

Legislative Candidate Forums


Chamber members are invited to participate on the various Chamber committees.

wall-badlands.com 7 Business Development Member Benefits #9 #7 #8 Wall Buck$ Businesses and community members can purchase Chamber Wall Buck$ as great gifts! Wall Buck$ can be used at participating WallBadlands Area Chamber of Commerce businesses. Job Listings Posted on the Chamber’s social media page as well as weekly membership e-blast.
8 Business Card/ Rack Card Displayed In Chamber Office Weekly Kbhb Radio News Report Weekly Wednesday mornings at roughly 10:15 AM. Business Directory
featured in this very Community Guide. #10 #11 #12


Members can increase visibility through these Chamber outlets. The Chamber encourages economic growth by promoting local spending, tourism and events to bring more businesses and customers to our members.

Ribbon Cuttings

Businesses can request a ribbon cutting for becoming a new Chamber member, celebrating a milestone anniversary, opening a new location, etc.

Weekly E-Blast

Sent weekly on Thursdays to WallBadlands Area Chamber of Commerce Members.

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#15 #14
Member Benefits

The Wall-Badlands Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a variety of events and programs throughout the year. Each is designed to benefit the community and its members in unique ways.

Chamber Annual Meeting

Held annually in April. Community and Chamber Members gather to learn about the work of the Chamber over the year as well as celebrate the accomplishments of community members and businesses for their outstanding work and dedication to our community.

Chamber Holiday Sweepstakes

The Chamber Holiday Sweepstakes rewards community members for shopping local during the holiday season. Sponsored and organized by the Wall-Badlands Area Chamber of Commerce Retail Committee, the Chamber Holiday Sweepstakes offers Wall Buck$ as great prizes for those who shop and buy local. Chamber businesses are provided with Chamber Holiday Sweepstakes punch cards to give to shoppers. Businesses initial the shopper’s card for every $10 they spend at the business. When a shopper’s punch card is full they can drop it in a drop box located at various locations around town for a chance to win Wall Buck$.


Community Appreciation Supper

Held annually before the Wall High School Homecoming football game. The Wall-Badlands Area Chamber of Commerce Retail Committee invites all Wall community members to a FREE Community Appreciation Supper as a way to say ‘thank you’ for patronizing our local businesses.

Crazy Days Shopping Events

Started during the Christmas season of 2021, the Chamber invited Retail Members to offer various deals/ sales for shoppers to enjoy. The event is held in the Spring and Fall.

Pancake Supper

Held Annually at the Wall Drug Café, the Chamber’s Pancake Supper is one of the biggest events of the year! The Wall-Badlands Area Chamber of Commerce Retail Committee invites all community members to a FREE pancake feed, and children are given the opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap and share their Christmas wishes.

Community Clean Up Day

Held annually in May. Community members come together to help keep the Wall area clean. Volunteers roll up their sleeves and pick up litter throughout town.

Annual Wall Celebration

Wall community members gather in Wall the second weekend each July for the Annual Wall Celebration. Organized by the Wall-Badlands Area Chamber of Commerce Celebration Committee, the event offers a variety of activities, including parade, live music, kids activities and much more!

City Wide Yard Sale/ Scavenger’s Journey

Held annually in June, in conjunction with the state-wide Scavenger’s Journey, giving community members the opportunity to sell used items they no longer need.

605 Day

Will always be held on 6/05. It’s a day of entertainment, activities, food and shopping. Celebrating all things South Dakota.

“Shop Small. Shop Wall.”

Our year round shop local campaign.

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Events & Programs

This local observatory has been making some big discoveries for the last decade. Last summer, Badlands Observatory opened its doors to visitors for the first time, and the experiences have been astronomical.

Discovering Awe at Badlands Observatory

Teresa Hofer and her life-partner, Ron Dyvig, founded Badlands Observatory, located just six miles outside of Wall. The couple was drawn to the area because of the nationally-recognized dark skies found in the Badlands region. For over 10 years, Ron and Teresa have led the charge in the scientific research that’s been happening at the astronomical observatory, including the discovery of 25 main belt asteroids. The 26 inch Newtonian reflector telescope has been the flagship instrument in these endeavors.

Last year was the first year that Ron and Teresa opened the observatory to tourists, and they couldn’t be more pleased with the experience of sharing the awe of space with others. Guests to the observatory are able to view the sun, moon, galaxies, star clusters and planetary nebulae using the public telescopes on the outdoor observation deck.

“We had visitors from 25 states and three countries last summer,” Teresa said. “That was quite rewarding. We got wonderful reviews.” Visitors are able to reserve Dark Sky tours and take daytime facility tours at Badlands Observatory. Depending on the time of year of their visit, different planets will be on display. “Everybody who sees Saturn for the first time in a telescope is in awe,” Teresa said.

One of the joys that Ron and Teresa report is witnessing families who have never seen the Milky Way before set eyes on our home galaxy for the first time. “When they get to our area they are just totally mesmerized,” Teresa said. To book your Dark Sky tour, visit badlandsobservatory.com.

Daytime facility tours

Nightly stargazing, weather permitting

Located six miles east of Wall

12 Ash Street, Quinn, SD


Email: observatory@goldenwest.net

For reservations and to discover more, visit badlandsobservatory.com

wall-badlands.com 13 Dark Skies

Recognizing Excellence in Wall

Each year the Chamber recognizes community members and Chamber Members for their outstanding work within the Wall-Badlands Area through a presentation of awards at the Wall-Badlands Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting.


Teacher of the Year

Recognizes a teacher in the Wall School District who went above and beyond during the last school year.

Friend of the Chamber

This award recognizes an individual who supports the Chamber in various ways.

Business Improvement Award

Recognizing the hard work, money and effort put forth by our members to make improvements to their facilities.

Golden Pineapple

An individual who is nominated by the community for providing outstanding customer service. The recipient of this award makes the customer experience a great one by going above and beyond their duty to provide service.

Volunteer of the Year

Someone who dedicates many hours of service to the community through volunteer work.

Lifetime Achievement

This special award recognizes a Wall community member who has devoted many years to serving the Wall community.

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A Gem of a Community: A Relocation Story


Like Family

“We finished the interview and the principal asked if it would be OK if we drove out to the school,” Ashley said. “I was a little confused because we were, after all, sitting in the school interviewing. But we jumped in the school vehicle and drove north of town. I wasn’t sure where we were going.” Ashley was rightly confused. Wasn’t this where she was to teach? But Ashley was up for the adventure, so she rode with the principal about 22 miles north of town to the Big White Country Schoolhouse. This one-room schoolhouse is where Ashley, if she accepted the job, would be teaching grades kindergarten through sixth grade under one roof.

“My husband and I decided that I would teach one year here and then we'd move on after I got a year of teaching under my belt. But that one year became two. And then three. And then 13.” Ashley fell in love with the close-knit community she discovered in the Wall area. “It

was like a family. Some of the people that we’re closest to now we met during those first few years of teaching out there at the schoolhouse. It’s just a gem of a community.”

Ashley now teaches middle school and high school math in town, but she credits a lot of her teaching chops to her time at that one-room schoolhouse. “I had to wear a lot of hats out there, but I look back at that time and I realize that I’m the teacher I am today because of it.”


Ashley and her husband discovered the joys of raising a family in a community like Wall. “It's a safe community where our kids can be outside rollerblading and riding bikes, and we don’t have to worry at all — which is a really big blessing for my family,” she said. Ashley, her husband and her three kids enjoy the easy access to world-class outdoor recreation while still enjoying some great municipal amenities like Wall’s city pool.

“And we can grow here;

there's a lot of opportunity and possibilities here.” Ashley and her husband have also appreciated the tremendous opportunities related to their careers. “My husband and I have also been blessed career-wise here in Wall. I’m living my dream as a teacher and he has his own mechanic business and he’s also able to help out at Wall Drug. We’ve both been able to expand our careers really well here.”

Unexpected things

Ashley, her husband and her three kids have discovered something wonderful in Wall: a safe, supportive and beautiful place to live. “Sometimes the most unexpected things in life happen. It was very unexpected to end up in a small town, western South Dakota, which is completely different from eastern South Dakota where I grew up.” Sometimes, the best things in life are found in the adventure of the unexpected. And for Ashley and her family, they found something priceless in this gem of a community: a home.

wall-badlands.com 17
Ashley Kier was living in Sioux Falls when she got the chance to interview for a rural teaching job in the Wall area. She was excited for the opportunity, so she made the drive over I-90 and interviewed with the principal. The interview process was a great experience. But then something happened that Ashley didn’t expect.

An Award-Winning Education System

We met Ashley Kier on the previous pages. She relocated to Wall to pursue a teaching career. And 13 years later, Ashley and her family adore living, working and playing in their new hometown of Wall.

Another noteworthy feature of this community that Ashley has some great insight about is the outstanding school system in Wall. “It might sound really cheesy,” Ashley said, “but it’s like a giant family with this school. You really can witness the preschoolers and kindergarteners grow up and go through the education system because that process happens in one building.” The school has separate wings for the different grades, but different ages of students still get to interact with each other on a regular basis. “There’s a lot of interaction between the middle and high school students here, which is really great,” Ashley said.

All three of Ashley’s kids attend the Wall School District, and they love the tightknit feel of the school combined with the incredible number of opportunities provided there. “We have about 280 students enrolled at one time, but for such a small school, we have a great reputation for athletics — from the boys football program, to the girls basketball program


and everything in between. Kids can do band, choir, oral interpretation. There’s a lot of opportunities for kids to really grow here.”

And with low student to teacher ratios, students can get the unique, personalized attention they need to thrive. “We have teachers with great experience who bring a lot to the table. And great administrators, too,” Ashley said. As a teacher and as a mom, Ashley can’t say enough about what the Wall School District has meant to her. “I would have never thought I would be teaching in a smaller community like this and raising my kids here. But this is exactly where my husband and I need to be and where my kids need to be.”

Education & Schools

Educational Excellence

The student to teacher ratios at the Wall School district is low (11 to 1). The teachers here are highly experienced, having taught for an average of 17 years. The Wall School District also has a 100% high school completion rate.


2017 National Title I Distinguished School Award

2014-2015, 2015-2016: Wall High School, state “status” ranking, top 10%

2014: Newsweek’s list of best schools in the nation

US News, Best High School, bronze ranking

2012, 2018: Wall Elementary School, National Blue Ribbon School

2012: Wall Elementary and High School, Exemplary School

2011: Wall Elementary Nationally Recognized Title 1 School

2006-2011: Distinguished School District

Top Ten Schools in South Dakota

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An Epic Business Landscape

The Wall area offers future residents excellent economic opportunities, entertainment, and an unparalleled quality of life, all with the surrounding beauty of the Badlands. Wall's location and proximity to Interstate 90 offers easy access to Rapid City, located only 52 miles west, and the many area attractions throughout the Black Hills, including Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial.

Healthy, sustainable growth is the focus of community leaders. To meet the needs of both current and future residents, the Wall Chamber of Commerce and Wall Economic Development Corporation aggressively pursue community development opportunities. The Wall Chamber of Commerce strives to create a more attractive place to do business and visit by combining efforts with the tourism and hospitality industries. The Chamber and Wall Economic Development Corporation, with the mission to be a catalyst for dynamic growth, paints a bright future for the community.

Community leaders are focused on growing the community while not losing the charm of a small, rural community in South Dakota. Workforce development, attracting new business and industry, and addressing housing concerns will routinely be addressed by community leaders. The Chamber strategically partners with government and community organizations to provide a voice in state and local government. By supporting economic development and public policies, we strive to maintain a friendly environment among local businesses.


Using the tools available through the Chamber, area businesses are able to take advantage of a variety of resources. By using these tools, businesses are able to successfully seize opportunities that will help them prosper in today's unique economic times.

Four of the top reasons to bring your business to Wall.

• South Dakota has no state corporate or personal income tax

• Wall has no personal property or business inventory tax

• South Dakota was named the second most business-friendly state in the U.S.

• There were no state-mandated shutdowns during COVID-19. Run your business your way.

Keep more money in your pocket by living in Wall.

The cost of living in Wall comes in at just 86 percent of the national average. These major savings result in an opportunity to build wealth and enjoy a higher standard of living. Wall is a smart choice for professionals and families.

The average price for buying or building a home in Wall is $153,400. The national average is $231,200.

If you’re looking to build that dream house, lots are available with space to spare and views that stun. Let the kids (and the dogs) play to their heart’s content. If there’s an entrepreneur in the family, both Wall and South Dakota offer several generous grants and low-interest loans for budding business leaders.

Residents of Wall enjoy easy access to everyday medical, pharmacy and dental needs. For more specialized care, Rapid City is just an hour away and offers some of the best medical care in the region.

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Work Force Incentives
Wall at a Glance Population 709
avg. Temp.
degrees January avg. Temp.
July avg. Temp.
of Sunny/Partly
Golden West Companies West River Electric Assoc Wall Drug Store Wall School District USDA Forest Service Badlands National Park First Interstate Bank Utilities Electricity West River Electric Association Taxes Sales Tax 4% Corporate Income Tax 0 Local Wage Tax 0 Personal Income Tax 0 Personal Property Tax 0 Local Occupation Tax 0 State Property Tax 0 City Sales Tax 2%
Climate Annual
37 degrees
89 degrees Annual avg. Rainfall 15-18 inches Annual avg. Snowfall 6-10 inches Annual Wind Speed 11 mph
Sunny Days 226 days Top Employers
wall-badlands.com 23 Wall at a Glance Nearby Cities Rapid City 52 Miles Pierre 114 Miles Sioux Falls 287 Miles Nearest Metro Areas Denver, CO 454 Miles Omaha, NE 479 Miles Minneapolis, MN 559 Miles Kansas City, KS 663 Miles Chicago, IL 868 Miles Housing Total Housing Units 438 Total Households 2000 Census 349 Rental Apartments Wall Ridge Apartments 8 units Prairie Village Apartments 27 units Christianson Apartments 8 units Telecommunications Golden West Telecommunications - telephone, cable television, and Internet service provider
24 With over 60 years of combined real estate experience and unsurpassed local market knowledge, we are YOUR trusted local real estate team. No one knows the community like we do. Soderquist Team Cheyenne McGriff Karen Soderquist David Harstad 1240 Jackson Boulevard Rapid City, SD 57702 C: (605) 209-1988 O: (605) 341-4300

Although Wall, South Dakota, is the year-round home of only 700 people, there’s a wide variety of shopping opportunities supported by the two million visitors to Wall each year.

The eclectic shopping on Wall’s Main Street is just one of the features the town offers that makes it so unique. Browse through shops offering beautiful Black Hills Gold jewelry, unique Badlands souvenirs and other assorted novelties that make great reminders of your stay in the area.

wall-badlands.com 25

A visit to Wall Drug also offers a variety of shopping opportunities for visitors. Featuring high-quality leather, authentic western wear, hand-made fudge and one-of-a-kind souvenirs, Wall Drug offers a little something for everyone. Be sure to stop into this 76,000 square foot wonderland of free attractions during your visit!


4th Avenue Floral

402 Norris Street Wall, South Dakota 57790 (605) 279-1115

Badlands & Co.

513 Main Street Wall, South Dakota 57790 (605) 279-2297

Badlands Harley Davidson 601 Main Street Wall, South Dakota 57790 (605) 279-2288

Badlands Natural History Association

Badlands NP Highway 240

Interior, South Dakota 57750 (605) 433-5489

Badlands Trading Post Exit 131 on I-90 Philip, South Dakota 57567 (605) 433-5411

Buffalo Gift Shop 530 Main Street Wall, South Dakota 57790 (605) 279-2167

Dakota Mercantile/Dakota Outlet 517 Main Street Wall, South Dakota 57790 (605) 279-2175

Dakota Sky Stone 511 Main Street

Wall, South Dakota 57790 (605) 279-2023

Gold Diggers 505 Main Street Wall, South Dakota 57790 (605) 279-2354

Nanna's Mercantile 609 Glenn Street Wall, South Dakota 57790 (605) 863-0727

The Little Outpost 526 Main Street Wall, South Dakota 57790 (605) 279-2393

Treat U Boutique treatuboutique.com

Wall Drug 510 Main Street Wall, South Dakota 57790 (605) 279-2175

wall-badlands.com 27

Wall Drug Cafe

In true Wall Drug fashion, the Wall Drug Cafe is a family-friendly, high quality and convenient way to feed the whole crew. Dig into one of the famous hot beef sandwiches and make sure to finish your meal off with a homemade donut — and take a dozen with you to go.



As Wall has grown, so has its dining options. From a classic steakhouse experience to hip coffee shop fare, Wall has the options that diners are looking for.

Salty Steer

New to town. Serving a high end gastropub style menu, including steak, chicken, pork and even wood-fired pizza! If you need something sweet after this delectable meal, check out Sweet-Sour-Spiked next door. You can also stop at Badlands Bodega on the way out to stock up on supplies.

wall-badlands.com 29

Dairy Queen

Summers on the prairie can get hot. Cool off a bit with an iconic ice cream from Dairy Queen. And if you’re feeling hungry, order a burger or some chicken strips to go with that Blizzard.


Saloon & Grille

Burgers, pizza, amazing appetizers and more all await you at Badlands Saloon & Grille. This classic taste of South Dakota flavors is a great choice for adventurers and families alike. And if you’re really looking for a bonafide steakhouse experience, visit after 5 p.m. and order a juicy ribeye or filet.

Stompin’ Grounds Coffeehouse

Need a caffeine boost while in Wall? How about a hearty breakfast or lunch? Look no further than Stompin’ Grounds. This locally owned coffee shop has a big personality with a small town atmosphere. Drive-through or stay for awhile.

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Prairie Meets Play in Wall. Our town is your destination for outdoor sports like hiking, biking and hunting thanks to its centralized location near Badlands National Park and the Black Hills National Forest. Wall is an ideal hub for nature lovers looking to get lost in the splendor of the sky and the land or for the family looking to get out and play.


There are multiple day hike opportunities close to Wall. Badlands National Park is located just minutes south of town, and offers hikers trails of various difficulty levels. One thing all hikers in the Badlands can be assured of is this — the scenic views of the national park, which includes 244,000 acres of protected area, will provide a breathtaking backdrop to their day of outdoor fun.

wall-badlands.com 33 Outdoors Recreation


The Wall area offers plenty of chances to view wildlife that are native to the area. The nearby Badlands National Park and the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands contain a variety of critters to observe. Prairie dogs are a South Dakota staple and can be readily seen in several areas at and around the Badlands.


Other wildlife commonly seen in the area include: birds, mule deer, pronghorn, coyotes and bighorn sheep. The American Bison, sometimes called buffalo, can be seen wandering Badlands National Park. The bison found in the Badlands were introduced in 1963 and are part of one of the largest federally-managed herds in the nation.

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Outdoors Recreation

Night Sky

Fantastic views of the night sky are available at Badlands National Park as part of their Night Sky Program throughout the summer months. On Friday through Monday nights, a ranger is available at the Cedar Pass Campground Amphitheater to point out the different constellations and planets. In July, the Badlands Astronomy Festival is held and offers family-friendly activities, presentations given by guest speakers and telescope viewing for amateur astronomers or anyone who enjoys a stunning star-studded sky.

Home to Badlands National Park and starry skies like no other, it’s safe to say our celestial scenery offers the optimal conditions for stargazing.

For optimal fun enjoying the stunning night skies of Badlands National Park, the Badlands Observatory in Quinn, SD offers thrilling experiences for all. Working in partnership with the South Dakota Space Grant Consortium, this research and educational facility goes the extra mile, offering visitors the opportunity to embark on nightly tours, as well as educational experiences during the day. To learn more, visit badlandsobservatory.com.

Outdoors Recreation


The Wall Community Golf Course is a public 9-hole, par 36 course located southwest of Wall on Golf Course Road. The course offers memberships and holds Men’s league throughout the summer as well as the Annual “The Big One” golf tournament in July.

New Town Dam

Locals and visitors don’t have to go far to enjoy some watery fun. Water lovers are able to swim, fish and play in this nearby reservoir. A boating dock is available to launch your boat from.



Wall’s city park is a one-stop destination for a variety of outdoor fun. The park features an exercise and bike path, a playground, picnic shelters, basketball courts and pickleball courts. Take the bike/exercise path from the park to the other end of town to get up close and personal with the famous 80-foot Wall Drug dinosaur on the park’s bike path. The city pool located within the park is open daily June through August and FREE for all to enjoy. The park is the perfect spot for an afternoon picnic while you enjoy the sunshine.

Biking is another way to see the Badlands National Park. Biking is not allowed on the hiking trails in the park, but there are several options and routes for bicycling enthusiasts. Visitors planning to utilize biking trails in the park should research the area, as well as consult with park rangers, as routes may vary from paved to gravel. A great way to experience the best of the Badlands while on two wheels is the annual Wheelin’ to Wall ride. Discover more at wheelintowall.com.

wall-badlands.com 39 Outdoors Recreation

Shooting Ranges

Two shooting ranges and one archery range are located in Wall and are all free to utilize. The Wall Archery Range is south of the Wall Golf Course and was established in 2017. The archery range offers targets in varying distances, from 10-70 yards, to accommodate novices and experts, as well as a 3-D archery range for a realistic hunting experience.

Wall’s trap shooting range is also located near the golf course, and allows guests to shoot clay pigeons and other small targets. Situated just east of Wall is a shooting range where you can fire rifles and other larger guns at big targets.


Wall attracts people from near and far because of its close proximity to excellent hunting throughout the year. Many hunting guides are available in the area to take visitors to key hunting destinations and help them obtain the game they’re after. Autumn in the areas surrounding Wall is great for big game prairie hunting, and spring and fall are both abuzz with turkey hunters. Pheasants, prairie dogs and coyotes are also abundant in the area and provide for great hunting opportunities.

wall-badlands.com 41 firstinterstate.com Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. ⌂ In the business of growing local businesses. Proud supporter of Wall Badlands Area Chamber of Commerce. INDOOR POOL PET FRIENDLY PLAINS MOTEL 712 Glenn St., Wall 605-279-2145 BESTWESTERNPLAINS.COM

Dahl’s Jackalope

A 40-foot tall Jackalope constructed out of wood scraps greet visitors to the new Dahl art shop.

Wall Drug

Free ice water. That simple phrase is what launched this humble drugstore into American road trip history forever. There’s always something new to discover with each fresh visit to Wall Drug. Find the perfect memento, chow down on some tasty grub and take in the sights and sounds of this iconic stop.

In the 1800s, pioneers across the Great Plains claimed their homesteads and set up sod houses. One of the few remaining authentic sod houses is located in the area at the Prairie Homestead. The whole family can come away with a new appreciation for the lives of the pioneers.

wall-badlands.com 43
Prairie Homestead

Badlands National Park

Nearly a quarter of a million acres make up this one-of-a-kind national park. Visitors are able to enjoy geological, paleontological, historical and cultural discoveries here. The bizarre and beautiful landscape was formed millions of years ago thanks to the forces of an ancient inland ocean. Fossils have been found in abundance on the hillsides

wall-badlands.com 45

Minuteman Missile

Serving as a reminder of the Cold War, the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site is a muststop for any history buff. Only decades ago, sites like this one were armed to the teeth with intercontinental ballistic missiles that were designed to serve as a deterrent of nuclear war.


Buffalo Gap National Grasslands

The second largest National Grassland, this mix of prairie and badlands is home to a wide variety of unique wildlife, including the rare black-footed ferret. Check out the Visitor Center to learn more about the special role this protected area of land plays in the Great Plains.

wall-badlands.com 47

Getting Connected

Enjoy all of the charms of small town living without sacrificing access to the utilities and infrastructure of larger communities. Tap into modern city sewer and water and access the internet services that you need to run your business and relax at home.

Use our quick-start guide to open accounts with local providers, and start enjoying the comforts of your new home in Wall.

Water, Sewer and Trash Services

City of Wall

(605) 279-2663

Power West River Electric westriver.coop

(605) 279-2135 (Wall office)

(888) 279-2135 (toll-free number)

Internet, Cable And Telephone Goldenwest goldenwest.com

(855) 888-7777

Water report

The city of Wall sources its water from five different deep wells and the West River Lyman Jones Rural Water System. Recent water quality reports find that the water is very low in contaminants.

Wall Rubble Site

Yard waste can be dumped here anytime. For other types of debris, please contact the Wall Public Works Department at (605) 279-2563.

GoldenWest Bundles

Golden West offers some valuable ways to save when you combine phone, internet and cable services. Visit goldenwest. com/residential/bundles/wall for more details.

wall-badlands.com 49 Infrastructure



Americas Best Value Inn

201 S. Blvd. Wall, SD 57790



Ann's Motel

114 4th Ave. Wall, SD 57790



Best Western Plains Motel

712 Glenn St. Wall, SD 57790

605.279.2145 or 800.528.1234

bestwestern.com/en_US/ book/wall/hotel-rooms/ best-western-plains-motel/ propertyCode.42022

Days Inn

212 10th Ave. Wall, SD 57790


wyndhamhotels.com/days-inn/ wall-south-dakota/days-innwall/overview

Econo Lodge

804 Glenn St. Wall, SD 57790 605.279.2121

choicehotels.com/south-dakota/ wall/econo-lodge-hotels/sd050

Sunshine Inn

608 Main St. Wall, SD 57790 605.279.2178


Super 8 711 Glenn St. Wall, SD 57790 605.743.0904

wyndhamhotels.com/super-8/ wall-south-dakota/super-8wall/overview


211 10th Ave. Wall, SD 57790


wyndhamhotels.com/ travelodge/wall-south-dakota/ travelodge-wall/overview

Welsh's Motel 312 S. Blvd. Wall, SD 57790



Camping, Cabins & Rentals

Badlands Frontier Cabins & Gift Shop

1101 Glenn St. Wall, SD 57790


booking.com/hotel/us/ badlands-frontier-cabins

Badlands Motel & Campground

900 SD Hwy 377

Interior, SD 57750


badlandsinteriorcampground. com

Bin 2 Quinn


19797 US Hwy 14, Quinn, SD 57775


Bunkhouse Campground

221 Maple St. Kadoka, SD 57543



Sleepy Hollow RV Park

118 W. 4th Ave. Wall, SD 57790


sleepyhollowcampgroundsd. com

Bed & Breakfast

Circle View Guest Ranch

20055 SD-44

Scenic, SD 57780



Shearers Western Dakota Ranch Vac.

HCR 1, Box 9 Wall, SD 57790

605.279.2198 or 605.279.2300

Triangle Ranch Bed & Breakfast

23950 Recluse Rd. Philip, SD 57567


bbonline.com/unitedstates/south-dakota/philip/ triangleranch


Wall Attractions

National Grasslands Visitor's Center

708 Main St. Wall, SD 57790




Stay Wall

606 Glenn St. Wall, SD 57790



Wall Drug Store

510 Main St. Wall, SD 57790



Wall Golf Course

1802 Golf Course Rd. Wall, SD 57790


Wheelin' to Wall Wall, SD 57790



Wounded Knee Museum

207 10th Ave. Wall, SD 57790



Nearby Attractions

Badlands Helicopters

21020 SD-240

Interior, SD 57750



Badlands National Park

25216 Ben Reifel Rd.

Interior, SD 57750



Badlands Observatory

12 Ash St.

Quinn, SD 57775



Crazy Horse Memorial®

12151 Avenue of the Chiefs

Crazy Horse, SD 57730



Minuteman Missile National Historic Site

24545 Cottonwood Rd. Philip, SD 57567



Prairie Homestead

I-90 Exit 131 Cactus Flat, SD 57750



Community Resources

Wall Community Center

501 Main St.

Wall, SD 57790



Wall Community Library

407 Main St.

Wall, SD 57790



Wall Community Park & Pool

1st Ave. & Glenn St. Wall, SD 57790



Wall Economic Development

501 Main St.

Wall, SD 57790



Wall Finance Office

501 Main St. Wall, SD 57790



Wall Fire Department

605.279.2526 or 911


Wall Municipal Airport Airport Rd. & West 4th Ave.

Wall, SD 57790


Wall Police/Sheriff

Department 411 Main St.

Wall, SD 57790

Emergency: 911 Non-

Emergency: 605.394.2151

Wall Public Works

307 Norris St.

Wall, SD 57790



Wall Rodeo Arena

917 Floyd St. Wall SD 57790


Wall-Badlands Area Chamber of Commerce

501 Main St. Wall, SD 57790



Charitable Organizations

American Legion Post #246

501 Main St.

Wall, SD 57790


wall-badlands.com 51 Directory

Badlands National Park

Conservancy P.O. Box 495 Rapid City, SD 57709



Badlands Natural History Assoc

20695 SD-240

Interior, SD 57750



Badlands Quilters

P.O. Box 52, Wall, SD 57790

Black Hills Parks & Forests

26611 US Hwy 385

Hot Springs, SD 57747



Community Education of the Black Hills

730 E. Watertown St. Rapid City, SD 57701



Quinn VFW

Quinn, SD

Shriners - Old McDonald Brigade

P.O. Box 118 Wall, SD 57790


Wall Booster Club Wall, SD 57790

Wall Rodeo Booster Club

Wall, SD 57790


Wall School #51-5 401 South Blvd. Wall, SD 57790 605.279.2156


Western Dakota Tech 800 Mickelson Dr. Rapid City, SD 57790 605.718.2400 wdt.edu

Religious Organizations

Evangelical Free Bible Church 330 W. 4th Ave. Wall, SD 57790 605.279.2867

First Lutheran Church 504 Norris St. Wall, SD 57790 605.279.2453

St Patrick's Catholic Church 701 Norris St. Wall, SD 57790 605.279.2542

Wall United Methodist Church 602 Norris St. Wall, SD 57790 605.279.2359

Government & Political

East Pennington Conservation District

24 Creighton Rd. Wall, SD 57790 605.279.2519

sdconservation.org/ eastpenningtoncd

Pennington County Commissioners

130 Kansas City St. Rapid City, SD 57701



Dining & Drinks

Badlands Saloon & Grille

509 Main St. Wall, SD 57790



Salty Steer

600 Main St. Wall, SD 57790


Stompin Grounds Coffeehouse

112 S. Blvd. Wall, SD 57790


Wall Dairy Queen 118 South Blvd Wall, SD 57790 605.279.2655

dairyqueen.com/en-us/ locations/sd/wall/110-southblvd/6336

Wall Drug Café 510 Main St. Wall, SD 57790 605.279.2175

walldrug.com/things-to-do/ restaurant


Individual Supporters

Bev Dartt

Bill Bielmaier

Bonnie Law

Candee Kitterman

Cristina Nesseth

Dan Hauk

Dawn Hilgenkamp

Gary Keyser

Harland & Lori Walker

Jonny Winn-Holsether

Juanita Schroeder

Judy Goldhammer

Kari Welsh

Larry Eisenbraun

Linda Hiltner

Mary Williams

Patt Hustead

Rick Hustead

Ron Dinger

Sarah Hustead

Local Services

Country Cupboard Food Pantry

509 Glenn St. Wall, SD 57790


East Pennington Co. Ambulance

210 2nd Ave. Wall, SD 57790



East Pennington Co. Transit Wall, SD 57790



Wasta Fire Department

Wasta, SD 57790


Ascend Ag Inc. Wall, SD 605.279.3808

Dakota Mill & Grain 111 2nd Ave. Wall, SD 57790




Badlands Automotive 216 4th Ave. Wall, SD 57790



Common Cents 207 South Blvd Wall, SD 57790



M&M Sales 201 South Blvd W Wall, SD 57790


Wall Auto Livery 311 South Blvd Wall, SD 57790


Wall Auto Repair & Glass

706 Hustead St. Wall, SD 57790


Construction & Maintenance

Cornerstone Industries & Construction Services

P.O. Box 439

Wall, SD 57790



Nohr Wortman Engineering 309 Walnut St., Ste. 200 Yankton, SD 57078



Peno Construction P.O. Box 63 Wall, SD 57790



504 Glenn St. Wall, SD 57790



Wall Building Center 109 South Blvd Wall, SD 57790



Business Services

Evergreen Office Solutions

811 St. Joseph St. Rapid City, SD 57701



wall-badlands.com 53 Directory

Financial Services

Black Hills Federal Credit Union

115 South Blvd West Wall, SD 57790



Crew Agency

21290 SD Hwy 240 Philip, SD 57567

605.533.5411 or 888.433.8750 crewagencyltd.com

Edward Jones/Hal Bailey 3464 Sturgis Rd., Ste. 400 Rapid City, SD 57702


edwardjones.com/us-en/ financial-advisor/hal-bailey

Edward Jones/Tyler T. Trevillyan

651 N. Creek Dr., Ste. 104 Rapid City, SD 57703


edwardjones.com/us-en/ financial-advisor/tylertrevillyan

Farm Bureau Financial Services

115 6th Ave. Wall, SD 57790


fbfs.com/find-an-agent/ justoneisenbraun

First Interstate Bank 418 Main St. Wall, SD 57790


locations.firstinterstatebank. com/sd/wall/418-main-st

Hub International Insurance

418 Main St. Wall, SD 57790 605.279.2545


Media & Marketing

Black Hills & Badlands

Tourism Assoc

1851 Discovery Cir. Rapid City, SD 57701 605.355.3700


Robert Sharp & Associates

3615 Canyon Lake Dr. #1 Rapid City, SD 57702 605.341.5226


Health & Wellness

Cutting Edge Salon & Tanning 115 W. 4th Ave. Wall, SD 57790 605.279.2935

Monument Health Wall Clinic 112 7th Ave. Wall, SD 57790 605.279.2149

directory.monument.health/ facility/sd/wall/112-7th-avenue

Wall Drug Pharmacy

510 Main St. Wall, SD 57790 605.279.1931


Real Estate & Property Management

Arneson Auction Service

20886 River Rd. Elm Springs, SD 57791



Karen Soderquist Team/ ReMax Results

1240 Jackson Blvd. Rapid City, SD 57702



General Services

Pennington County Courant

212 4th Ave. Wall, SD 57790



Rush Funeral Home

P.O. Box 607 Phillip, SD 57567



Wall Food Center 103 South Blvd Wall, SD 57790


Shopping & Retail

4th Ave Floral & Gifts

402 Norris St. Wall, SD 57790




Badlands & Co.

513 Main St. Wall, SD 57790



Badlands Harley Davidson

601 Main St. Wall, SD 57790



Badlands Trading Post 21290 SD-240

Philip, SD 57567



Buffalo Gift Shop

530 Main St. Wall, SD 57790


Dakota Sky Stone

511 Main St. Wall, SD 57790



Gold Diggers 505 Main St. Wall, SD 57790



McKayla Buechler

24505 422nd Ave.

Alexandria, SD 57311

Singing Horse Trading Post

1210 BIA 33

Porcupine, SD 57772



Sue's Avon Wall, SD 57790


The Little Outpost

526 Main St. Wall, SD 57790



Treat U Boutique Wall, SD 57790


Wall Drug Store 510 Main St. Wall, SD 57790



Wall Food Center 103 South Blvd Wall, SD 57790


Golden West Telecommunications

415 Crown St. Wall, SD 57790



Kieffer Sanitation

2426 E. St. Patrick St. Rapid City, SD 57702



Sander Sanitation 4761 Sturgis Rd. Rapid City, SD 57702



Wall City Utilities

P.O. Box 314 Wall, SD 57790


smartpayform.com/PayPage1/ wallutlwb

West River Electric Association

1200 W. 4th Ave. Wall, SD 57790



Utilities & Services

Crown Oil

219 W. 7th St. Wall, SD 57790


A special thank you to our Gold Sponsors

mythirtyone.com/us/en/ McKaylasBags/info/consultant/ aboutme

Nanna's Mercantile

609 Glenn St. Wall, SD 57790



De's Oil & Propane

Primary Care

215 7th Ave. W. Wall, SD 57790


Monument Health Wall Clinic is a primary care, family medicine clinic that provides comprehensive care for the entire family through all phases of life, from childhood to senior years. Board certified physicians and advanced practice providers deliver individualized care for patients at this clinic.

Diagnostic Testing Capabilities Laboratory Services and X-Ray

wall-badlands.com 55
7th Ave., Wall, SD 57790
Mon-Thurs 8:30 A.M. - 4 P.M. www.monument.health SERVICES
Health is proud to provide the best care for patients in the Wall community.


Monument Health is proud to provide the best care for patients in the Wall community.


Primary Care

Monument Health Wall Clinic is a primary care, family medicine clinic that provides comprehensive care for the entire family through all phases of life, from childhood to senior years. Board certified physicians and advanced practice providers deliver individualized care for patients at this clinic.

Diagnostic Testing Capabilities

Laboratory Services and X-Ray

WALL CLINIC 112 7th Ave., Wall, SD 57790 605-279-2149

Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:30 A.M. - 4 P.M. www.monument.health


The Window to the West

Millions of visitors each year have discovered how this community located off of Interstate-90 is the quintessential American roadtrip stop. Visitors are also finding that Wall is the ideal jumping off point for top-caliber outdoor adventures. Whatever has you visiting Wall, you’ll be sure to find some of the most hospitable locals in the country. So, stop by, and enjoy everything our wonderful Wall has to offer.

As the official state sport, rodeo also makes South Dakota great. So does fast, reliable broadband. From the hills to the plains, and from youth to professional rodeos, we’re everywhere people connect.


Freedom, independence, and tradition are just some of the values that make South Dakota great.

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