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Industrial Design & Business Design

P o r t f o l i o Yuan-Kai Yeh




National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Yuan-Kai Yeh

2007-2011/ Bachelor of Design


Industrial Design Department

yuankai.yeh@gmail.com +886 987-601-086

Summary I am an industrial designer and business designer who has more than seven years of working experience in this industry. In connection to this, I am not only dedicated to product designs but I am also focused on startup products. Such as before product launching, I am into assist of surveying and interviewing market targets which will be contributed for design research. This will help us understand what is the breakthrough and from there we can go looking for possible outcomes and meaningful results as our target is getting the plan aligned for each of the party including market, sale, and design. Once everyone is on the same page, I will establish design proposals and through cooperating with ME, EE, Thermal team and others as for making the plans possible. This will follow defining CMF onsite and the like.





-Public Speaking


-Sensitive about color, material, finish




Professional working proficiency

-Design Research


Awards Golden Pin Design Award

Reddot Product Design Award

Yilan Chair Design Competition




Taiwan/ Winner

Germany/ Winner

Taiwan/ Best Sentiment Award

National Palace Museum

Taiwan Young Designer’s Award

Creative Toy Concept Design Competition

Taiwan/ Finalist



Design Competition 2012

Taiwan/ Special Award

Taiwan/ Merit Award

Working Experience Rabbit & Duck Design Studio Design Lead & Co-Founder

July 2015 – At present | Taipei City, Taiwan

-Defining business model for startups.

-The communication with the customer makes sure the design requirements. -Design research defines the breakthrough.

-2D design proposals for checking the design direction.

-The collaboration with another party then establishes the 3D design for checking the overall details. -Rendering for inspecting finish and color plan are good enough for mock-up.

-Confronting manufacturer solves tooling issue and makes sure CMF that meets ID SPEC. Inventec Corporation

Industrial Designer & CMF Designer

October 2013 – May 2015 (1 year 8 months) | Taipei City, Taiwan

Devoting notebook design of HP that cooperates with HP ID for the complete design process. -Quickly build the 3D model for checking design concepts. -Providing design proposals for inspecting directions.

-The communication with ME solves interference with ID surface.

-Color matching from anodized to painting or painting to glass ink and others. -Taking care of touching feel the AG process of glass or texture etc. -We assist the factory solving appearance issues. Leap Design Studio Industrial Designer

September 2012 – September 2013 (1 year 1 month) | Taipei City, Taiwan -Innovating proposals for the next generation.

-2D design proposals for checking the design direction. -3D design for checking overall detail.

-Rendering for checking finish and color plan are good enough for mock-up.

Kai at Rabbit & Duck Design Studio Launch year




- Soap maker Making your own soap with simple steps.

- Athens Functional lift chairs support your back and knees.

- TREKr Sport water bottle with real GPS.










- Encore 2015 The world's thinnest and lightest business-class notebook.

- Bazooka Jr. Taking work on the road has never been easier at 1.17 kg / 2.58 lbs. and 15.7 mm /.62 inches thin.






Kai at Inventec

Soap Maker Background In this modern world, chemical products are around our life. Therefore handmade soap can capture what people’s need by its nature and good for our skin. Many people have sensitive skin who choose making soap at home, but the user experience still in the traditional way which will take so much time and need to prepare many tools and material. Who: Someone use handmade soap or have sensitive skin. When Target user has free time to do some DIY things. Where: In interior space.


Pain Point

Analyzing User Processes & Simplified Steps

Observing user make the process of handmade soap then find the pain point.

Analyzing each step then catch some step which can be merged or cancel.



01. Taking almost half an hour hold the mixer. 02. You have to prepare many material and tools. 03. Mixing water and sodium hydroxide are dangerous, because it will bring high temperature and toxicant smell.


Design Process


Sketching Two Prototype For Interview


Both of prototype is the same target for easier make soap, but different scale. The one is the standard version, the other one is more professional version.

By in-depth interview to understand user needs then modify design direction.

02.Professional version

Design Process

01.Standard version



Sorting out information from the interview. And using create value method to find out the relationship between product and customer.

Persona is assuming user basic information to understand what they are needs.

Design Process

Create Value


Canvas Map

Stakeholders according to their involvement, emotional and financial investment, and other criteria related to your project.

01. 5 Bold Steps Vision-future blueprint. 02. Context Map-Rule, Trends and Opportunity.

Design Process

Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis



Business Map & Model Canvas

Defining The Functions

01.Business Map-Define the business loop. 02.Business Model Canvas-Quickly discuss and create a business model.

Based on previously resulting then define clear design direction and function. 01.Soap machine. 02.One time material packaging

Integrated Design Directions

Collected successful handmade brands then find out the breakthrough or what we can learn.

Using a hexagonal board define the brand position. After that, provided three different stories to choose the next step.

Design Process

Analyzing Handmade Soap Brand


Working Prototype

According to the previous design direction 2 and 3 create design proposals

Base on design direction create working prototype for verification.

Design Process

3D Proposals


Defining Soap Color.

Checking dimension and overall feeling.

According to design research creates color plan.

Design Process

3D Printer


User Testing & Interview

Checking overall detail then slightly adjust the detail.

By observing the use process to adjust user experience.

Design Process

Checking Mock-up


3D Modify Process This process is cooperating with each party until tooling start.

Design direction is confirmed.

Modify dimension with mechanical engineer.

Making a mockup check Human Factors Engineering , cup capacity and others then modify the shape.

Original concept

ID lock down for tooling 17

Our Idea The one is a soap-machine which can simplify steps. The other one is one-time material packaging which can solve the hoarding material and prepare material issue. Combining two parts can reduce making time from 2 hours to 15 minutes. Furthermore it only needs to clear a cup. The new making process is much easier than traditional process.


One Button Do Anything Simplifying overall process into one button. Pressing 3 seconds start making a handmade soap.

Auto checking saponification is into the trace The intelligent technology helps user checking when the soap is complete. When soap into the trace, the machine stop stirring. Let's making user 100 percent success to do handmade soap.

Stirring Part 304 stainless steel with high-speed motor 11,000 RPM. It makes soap stirring evenly and significantly reduce production time from one hour to five minutes.


Using Flow 01. Soap-machine 02. One-time material packaging 01.



Step 01.

Step 02.

Step 03.

Follow the numerical order then add 01.sodium hydroxide -> 02.olive oil -> 03.ore powder into cup.

Putting the cup into machine bottom stand then closing the top cover, and press three seconds power button to start stirring.

Opening the top cover, and add essential oil then stirring slightly.

Step 04.

Step 05.

Step 06.

Putting the soap into shape tool then waiting two weeks.

Clearing the stirring part and cup. Add water into the cup then put back machine. And press power button about 15 seconds for clearing cup and stirring part.

After 2 weeks, You can use your own handmade soap.



Crowdfunding in Taiwan This crowdfunding is successful and over our expectation. It got the support from 781 individuals and the fundraising up to NT$3,302,758. Crowdfunding wedsite : www.zeczec.com/projects/lessdosoap?r=k3810489264



Athens Background In the market, there have some product for support your knees and back, but they don't take care of user psychology. For example, the exterior just like medical products or uncomfortable. So the user hardly feels free to use those products. Who: Someone needs a product to support their knees or back. When Someone needs a chair to take a break. Where: In the living room or room.


Cross Positioning

Persona is assuming user basic information to understand what they are needs.

Focus on the similar product to analyze appearance.

Design Process



Integrated Design Directions

3D Proposals

Using a hexagonal board define the product position. After that, establishing three different stories for the next step.

According to previous design research establish three different design language proposals. And focus on one direction to forward the next step.



Design Process



3D Modify Process This process is cooperating with each party until tooling start.

According to the yield rate to modify the back curve to straight for catching a high yield rate.

Design direction is confirmed.

Modify dimension with mechanical engineer.

Original concept 28

Making a styrofoam‘s mockup check Human Factors Engineering then modify the shape.

ID lock down for tooling

Define CMF

By observing using process adjust user experience.

Defining color, material, finish and discuss with the factory make it meets ID spec.

Design Process

User Testing & Interview


Using flow Combining the exquisite design and posture enhancing features of our optimize line with lift sensor technology. Elevating lift chairs provides a gentle, yet firm 25° lift with the simple push of a button.





TREKr Background LoRa is the latest and greatest in the IoT, LoRa technology with its -140dbm sensitivity uses virtually no power and even in an off-grid environment can still broadcast a signal over a very long range. Who: Mountaineer When When you go hiking or adventure, you need to protect yourself. Where: Mountain area or uncharted place which is rarely person.



LoRa is a new technology. We need to know user experience on outdoor activity for defining design direction. Therefore in-depth interview to understand user behavior.

After the interview, we can describe the initial target user.

Design Process




Function Definition

01. Brainstorming for functional. 02. Brainstorming between user, product, environment. After brainstorming increse two functions with LoRa as follows. - Water bottle/ You can forget a standalone device, but you are much less likely to forget to bring along a water bottle. It is this combination of necessities. - Built-in LED as a lantern/ LED is power saving and convenient for hiker.

Build A Community

Protect Your Teammates

You can see other TREKr users coordinates as well.

TREKr excels at managing a team adventure via the alert function; you are notified as soon as a teammate is out of range.

Share Your Location

Call For Help In Emergencies

As soon as you turn on TREKr and connect to a mobile device, you share your location with the other users.

Press the SOS button and any TREKr users will be immediately notified of your emergency and with accurate GPS coordinates information, you can be found sooner.


Design Process



Marketing Positioning

Convergent Design Directions

Collection the others brand to find our positioning and how we can breakthrough or what we can learn.

Define six words to create hexagon chart of imageboard. Two image boards are in order to focus on visual direction. And providing three different stories for the next step. 01. Left Imageboard is abstract board. 02. Right Imageboard is product board. 02.

Design Process



Checking Mock-Up & CMF

After discussing with ME/EE, ID modify exterior until mass production and making sure overall detail meet ID spec.

Checking overall exterior detail that includes color, material, finish.

Design Process

Rendering For ID Lock Down


2 miles with an efficient antenna The latest wireless technology offering communication range up to 2 miles with an efficient antenna.


01. The built-in LED Lantern. 02. BPA Free bottle material. 03. An IPx7 rated housing to make TREKr tough enough for your hardcore adventures.






Off-the-Grid, still connected The long-range radio technology and the premium GPS work without internet service. Just by pushing one button on the bottle, your SOS and position will be broadcast to other TREKr users within transmission range. 43


Rubber PP5



PCB of main board Battery PP5

Tritan(BPA Free)

PCB of LED board

Dimensions R:75mm H240mm

Waterproof Rating IPx7

Bottle Material Tritan(BPA Free)

Battery Life Up to 30+ days 2000mAH

Product Origin Taiwan

Lid Material PP

Positioning System GPS

Supported OS IOS / Android

GPS Chip U-Box

Color Ore Black

Power Supply Micro USB charger

Weight <200g(approx)

Communication wifi 10 meters approx LoRa up to 2 miles Function Keys On-off / Wi-Fi Lantern / SOS


Space matters

Towards Clear Skies.

GPS Towards clear skies for avoiding blockage of the receiver.


Clear path for the antenna.


A battery capacity of up to 30 days.


Encore Background Encore is hp 1000 series commercial notebook. Focus on lightness and thinness. A and C cover are unibody CNC. The thinnest area only have 0.8mm. D cover have a new design language for the speaker hole. Who: Someone needs a high-end commercial notebook. When It's easy to take out or put into the briefcase. Where: In the meeting room or office.



Concept Proposal Flying to Houston cooperate with HP ID for concept development.

Backing to Taiwan for making a mockup.

- Provide concept proposals. - Define X/Y/Z dimension. - Define exterior material & process. - Provide solution for interference with mechanical engineer. - Define CMF.

- Checking overall surface quality by mockup. - Providing solution for mockup issue. - Modifying 3D until each issue is closed for the next step.

Design Process

Marketing Spec

Mockup Verification 2~3 times

Tooling Start Flying to China check overall parts by tooling result.

Setting up overall ID standard for mass production.

- On-site factory for color is match ID spec. - On-site factory check every process about exterior if it will impact ID surface. - Checking the plastic issue then communicate with the manufacturer to solve the problems.

- Sign off the golden sample of every part for quality checking. - Checking exterior limit sample for mass production. - Checking color limit sample for mass production. - Provide overall parts spec for SQE.

Design Process

System Integration 2~3 times

Product Validation & Mass Production


Design Proc 50

cess of CMF 51

HP Elitebook Folio G1 2015 The world's thinnest and lightest business-class notebook. Exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional performance are united in the HP EliteBook Folio. With hand-selected materials and premium features optimized for collaboration, it's the choice for those who value a flawless experience.

- 180 Degree Open 52

HP JEWEL LOGO Material = SUS Process = Plated Finish = High Gloss

SLOT ANTENNA COVER Material = Plastic(Mylar) Process = UV 2 Coats Color = Match to A- Cover

A-COVER Material = Aluminum Application = Anodizing Finish= Bead Blast Color = Asteroid Process = CNC

PIANO HINGE COVER Material = Aluminum Application = Plating Color = Chrome Surface Finish = High gloss

B-COVER Material = Aluminum Process = Paint (2 Coat UV) Surface = Soft Touch Color = PMS Black C WEB CAM / SENSOR LENS Material = PMMA Finish = Polished / Back Printing Back Print Color = PMS Black C KEYBOARD Material = Plastic Application = Painted (Dura Coat) Color = Black Licorice C-COVER Material = Aluminum Application = Anodizing Finish= Bead Blast Color = Asteroid Process = CNC

FEET (X2) Material = Rubber Process = Double Shot Color = Gray (Equive to PMS CoolGray 7C)

HINGE BRACKET COVER Material = Plastic rocess = Paint (2 Coat UV) Surface = Soft Touch Color = PMS Black C CONNECTOR *Exposed plastic parts must be matte black color ICONS Finish = Laser Etched Color = PMS CoolGray 9C

D-COVER Material = Aluminum Application = Anodizing Finish= Bead Blast Color = Asteroid Process = Stamping



- Top View

- Bottom View


Bazooka Jr. Background Bazooka Jr. is hp 1000 series commercial notebook. Focus on new design language on sideband curve and rear side angle. A and C cover are unibody CNC which is new anodized color. D cover's coating is soft touching. Who: Someone needs a high-end commercial notebook. When It's easy to take out or put into the briefcase. Where: In the meeting room or office.


HP Elitebook Folio 1020 2014 Sleek, stylish notebooks with business-class IntelÂŽ Core â&#x201E;˘ M processor and industry-leading security. Engineered to pass rigorous military tests for durability3, you can take it wherever your work leads you-and anywhere else you want to go.


Taking work on the road has never been easier. At 1.17 kg / 2.58 lbs. and 15.7 mm /.62 inches thin, the HP EliteBook 1020 G1 is a durable travel companion fully equipped with HP's leading security and manageability solutions

- Top View

- Bottom View


Thanks for your time.

Author 葉元鎧 Yuan-Kai Yeh 1989/09/04 yuankai.yeh@gmail.com +886 987-601-086

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Industrial Designer Yuan-Kai, Yeh

Industrial Design Portfolio By Yuan-Kai Yeh  

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