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Profiles of mothers who started their own businesses.



An interview with Jeff Lapin, dubbed the ‘turn-around CEO’, and now President of Tech Coast Angels.




A More Radiant You

Marlyn Diaz, holistic nutritionist, discusses age-defying foods.

Eden Sassoon in a candid conversation about her legendary father, love, beauty, health and business.


Jessica Alba Interview

Whitney English interviewed Jessica Alba at the 2nd anniversary party of her Honest Company.

32 19

Learning To Listen To My Body

Jordan Younger challenges herself to a fully raw diet for a month.

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People You May Know

Julianne Gabert takes up the Facebook challenge and agrees to meet a friend of a friend for breakfast at Elaine’s Bakery.

Insights into your neighborhood.

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At a recent conference, Y Combinator co-founder, Jessica Livingston said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if in five years, we feel like 2014 was the tipping point for female founders.” Coincidentally, we were already finalizing this issue about women entrepreneurs. Eden Sassoon gave us a rare insight into her relationships and business. Highlights are printed here but you can watch the entire video interview at We also feature ‘mompreneurs’ – women who juggle the role of motherhood with running their own startups. And, if you are inspired by what you read, we invite you to write to us for details about our first ever investor event in May. You will get a chance to pitch your big idea to celebrity judges and real investors in our version of ‘Shark Tank’. At the end of the evening you may well walk away with enough funding to start your own business! As always, I’m happy to hear from you if you have suggestions for future issues, or if you want to contribute a post to the magazine or website.

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Style&Gifts Caviar & Cashmere

SYDNE SUMMER IN NEW YORK CITY Dispatch from New York Fashion Week 2/6/14 - 2/13/14 SPRING FORWARD

When Caitlyn Chase started her luxury lifestyle blog, Caviar & Cashmere in 2011 as a creative outlet to share her favorite luxury items from around the world, she never imagined what it would become. One year later, the Caviar & Cashmere blog was one of the most read lifestyle blogs on the internet. With the instant success of her blog, Caitlyn decided to expand the blog into a luxury lifestyle brand. In 2012, she launched the Caviar & Cashmere brand website in conjunction with the blog, selling her own line of cashmere home and fashion accessories inspired by the very things she would write about on the blog. Today, the Caviar & Cashmere brand has grown into a full-scale luxury lifestyle company, with product lines ranging from cashmere throws and robes, to silk scarves and costume jewelry. The unique line of products are now sold not only online, but in hotels, spas, department stores, and boutiques around the world. Locally, you can find Caviar & Cashmere at Lauren Moshi, A.Sweet Boutique, Silver Girls, The Malibu Inn, The Biltmore Santa Barbara, and Regency Salon Studios Calabasas. Caviar & Cashmere

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Even when it still feels like the dead of winter, you can add Spring to your style. The easiest way is with pastels. I fell in love with this watercolor skirt back in LA, so I used a black turtleneck and tights to winterize it in NYC. A double dose of statement necklaces and mint bag gave it an extra dose of cheery color. Former fashion editor for the Style Network, Sydne Summer is a LA-based fashion blogger. A regular style tips contributor on Bravo, NBC and Entertainment Tonight. Sydne has also been featured in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and countless online publications.


Photos by Preston Skirt: Ted Baker Top: Three Dots Necklaces: Stella & Dot Bag: Brahmin Shoes: Ivanka Trump 7

In a candid conversation, Eden Sassoon, reveals her relationship with her father, the Former actress Eden Sassoon is things that bring her joy and on the board of the Association her determination to create aof Celebrity Personal Assistants legacy of her own. and also oversees the LA branch of very British, Quintessentially People

What led you to LA and how long have you been here? Uniquely, I moved out to LA to be an actress! But I quickly realized my passion and talent lay in organization and managing people. That’s when I decided to become a professional Executive and Personal Assistant which evolved into House/Estate Management. I know you’re involved with the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants, can you tell us about that? The organization has been around for over 20 years. The members are the gatekeepers to the Hollywood elite, VIPs, and captains of industry. The assistants do everything from making sure there are only blue M&M’s in a bowl to coordinate with the office colors (yes, I did this), to reading lines with Oscar winning actors, and everything in between. It has been an honor to get to know these hardworking assistants. I have served on the Board of Directors for the past six years and it’s been challenging but always worthwhile, and the relationships I have developed along the way as a PA/EM have been very rewarding.

Photoraphy: Rod Roberts Hair & Makeup: EDEN by Eden Sassoon 8 FOCUS | A P R I L 2 0 1 4

EDEN SASSOON | 04/2014/ Dawn McCoy & Felicia Waldman

#sassoonway Edited transcript by Felicia Waldman from an exclusive video interview with Dawn McCoy

Watch the entire video interview at

Dawn McCoy: Your dad is of course this iconic legend, Vidal Sassoon, and as a successful business woman yourself, along with your charitable endeavors, you are making quite a name for yourself. Eden Sassoon: It’s evolved from a really organic place from becoming a mother and sitting across from my father and him saying, “So what are you going to do with yourself?” And I looked at him and I’m like, “I’m a mom!” And I left that house and literally I went to therapy the next

exactly what I do now. So that’s how Pilates started. Changed my whole world.

So you had a vision and how did you put it into action? I think everything that I do comes from an organic visualization – I have a connection with what I call God, people call it higher power, whatever it may be, the universe; for me its my God – and I get this immediate gut feeling and all of a sudden it’s very clear what I have to do. And then you take the steps. You make it happen. You “You know, I’m a single sober mother. And, find the right team. That’s one that says a lot, those words right there: thing my father taught me is you are only as good as your single, sober mother at 40. Ok….why? you team. So if I don’t have that know where did that all come from? And team around me that’s gonna I’m not afraid to show all that.” build something, I can’t. There’s no way I can do it all myself. But I do a day, and I was like, excuse my language, lot of things and I’m like wow, at the end “S#*t! My dad asked me what I’m going of the day I’m like, I’m like Superwoman, to do with myself, what am I doing with [laughing] I mean it feels sometimes I’m my life?”, and I thought being a mom was superwoman. I mean sometimes I take it that, I’m done, and I sat back and I’m like, for granted but I just get up and do it again! One; I’m in therapy which means I got And I just think, alright! [looking up and some problems, of course, its life, but they pointing to the ceiling] I’m listening to you, need to be worked on, Two; what am I and how am I gonna make a difference in going to do? Being a mom for me is not someone else’s life. That’s it, that’s my goal. my everything. I love my kids and I can do It’s not anything else. I’m gonna build these all this, so I at that point, where does my businesses, it’s gonna come natural, but passion lie? And, I found it. At that point the intention is, how am I gonna make a in my life it was pilates. I was there every difference in someone else’s life? day, and I was, obviously because I’m single now, unhappily married, and pilates was my safety, it was my home. I went to bed looking forward to that next day of my journey, my physical journey and how I was gonna get through it, and just finding myself. And through that, there was a divorce, opening the business, and so much that came from just Dad saying, “What are you gonna do with yourself?” Coming from him, really it was very clear to me because he’s a man, there’s no B.S., there’s no joke, he looks you in the eye and its like “who are you? And what are you going to do? And how are YOU going to make a difference?” And he and I are very much alike and I’m like, “Oh G-d, ok here we go!” And that’s’


You are already making a difference in so many people’s lives – your charity work on top of your two health and beauty businesses... I will go out carrying on his legacy. He, (Vidal), said to me one day, “You know, I wonder if it will be forgotten, or if I’ll be remembered.” and I’m like, “Uh, are you kidding me?” And its not because of hair, and its not because you’ve come up with an original idea, but, its who you are. You take the time, you stop, you talk, you listen…. he was blessed. And he followed through. And you know, growing up as his daughter, 9

EDEN SASSOON | 04/2014/ Dawn McCoy & Felicia Waldman

he was my dad. I completely took him for granted for who he was as a man. He was just my dad. He wasn’t Vidal Sassoon the man. I didn’t get it. When he died I had to rearrange my thoughts, and look at him as Vidal Sassoon the man, and like… [choked up] that doesn’t happen, you know, he was blessed with this life, and really every day made a difference in so many ways. And not just the beauty industry. To me, those are the stories that keep going on and on and on in history, and they come from that place of love. I’m like sweating now [laughing] It’s wonderful you are continuing your father’s legacy, and taking it in your own direction, creating a beautiful legacy for your own children. I think if you’re just real and you’re organic and you’re not afraid, and for all the things that I’ve been through in my life, I’m willing to share them. You know, I’m a single sober mother. That says a lot, those words right there: “single, sober mother at 40”. Ok…. why? Where did that all come from? I’m not afraid to show all that and you know in losing people, my sister overdosed, and blah blah blah we all have a story, but people don’t share. People don’t express; how did you overcome that, why are you where you’re at now and that’s what they need to hear, you know? EDEN BY EDEN SASSOON

How is Eden by Eden Sassoon different from other salons and blow dry shops? What sets you apart? What sets us apart is we don’t call it a salon, we call it a finishing studio. Here’s a little story. So dad had an episode, ICU, etc, he thought he was going to die. “Eden, Can we go to lunch?” “Of course.” At lunch, his favorite restaurant, “You know this time I really thought it was it, and at some point you’re gonna be given a gift, and since I’m still here, I want see what you’re going do with it.” Ohhhhhh, here we go again! [laughing] So, here we go and you know “what are you gonna do with yourself ” again. Wait a minute, so now I’m a mom, I have a pilates studio, now you wanna see what else I can do. ‘Coz he knows there’s more to me than what I’m just giving. So, [smiling] I’m on another journey saying, [sighs] ok, one passion: fitness, I got that. What else is there? And at this point I’m at a blow dry bar, I’m not gonna say the name, in Beverly Hills, and I’m sitting there 10 FOCUS | A P R I L 2 0 14

and I’m looking around and I’m thinking, this place is gross. Really in my head I’m like, this place is gross. And these people are rude! I’m getting no feeling of….I’m getting nothing. I want to get out of here.

I say carrying on a legacy, that means carrying on a brand as well. So, the Sassoon brand, and Eden by Eden Sassoon, will be everywhere. Products, The Finishing Studio definitely will grow fast. I’d like to go international. And everything for the greater good. A product isn’t just because people need another product. No. If we come up with something and we put something out there, then there is something behind that to give back. And more and more companies are doing that, thank God. So there is always thought behind what the next thing is going to be but there’s a lot. And it says it in the name, Sassoon is one thing, but Eden is another. And I always wonder why they chose “Eden”. I believe there’s a reason for everything.

Can you finish blow drying my hair so I can get the hell out of here please? Excuse my language, but the energy was just way off, way off. So, its coming to me and, wait a minute…..I want to change the world. I love health, I’ve already done that, I’m a Sassoon! Hellooooo….I got it, I got it… Here we go. These blow dry bars are taking off. I’m going to do something different, I’m going to do it my way and I’m going to do it better. “What do women want?” A finishing studio where you can go you can get your nails and toes done, you can get your face done, and your hair done at the same time. You’re basically finished for an event, for the day, For whatever it may be, a date? Fast. Most importantly, it’s your experience that you have there. You don’t feel like you are in a salon – because I grew up in a salon, and I didn’t want to have that feeling anymore. So I built it out as sort of a Malibu, comfy, chic, exactly like my home. It’s relaxed and you immediately feel at home like this. With photos on the wall of my family and old pictures of my dad and my mom, it’s just very...inviting you into my life and my family. And people love it. If you’re going to work for the Sassoon brand, the “Eden Sassoon” brand, then you need to come from the same sort of heart space that I do. Otherwise, we don’t speak the same language.


What’s next for Eden by Eden Sassoon? Everything. We are building… when

Outside of your Pilates and Finishing Studio, what keeps you going? Being sober, going to meetings, talking to people that inspire me or maybe need my inspiration…. waking up, taking the kids to school saying, “get outta the car so I can get to SoulCycle,” and sweat, and know that in my mind at that moment, ohh, what goes on in my mind in THAT class is like wow... is 45 minutes for myself. It’s a spiritual thing for you then? OHHHHH my God. Wow. There’s nothing else like… its pretty close to like the top. So I just keep going. I’m like this battery that just keeps going. What’s one word that describes your current state? Joyous. But the real meaning of joy. I think everyone should find their own real meaning of joy. But to me its way beyond, Oh! I’m joyous!, it goes deep. If you don’t come from that joy, everything doesn’t come from that joy. You know, you’re kind of just hitting the surface. You are not a very surface person? No, [laughing] it would be hard to date me...I might be single for a long time. Well usually those are the people who have the most gifts to offer. Well we shall see. The love story will unfold. It’s hard to fill THOSE shoes Is there a quote, mantra, passage, or just a line that guides your life right now? “This too shall pass”. Everyone stays stuck.

SASSOONWAY | 04/2014

And I unstuck myself... in every moment, is every moment. Be very present, and very involved. and then you just kind of live this life. What accomplishments are you most proud of? You know one would think I’d say my children first but I’m not going to. “Being sober”. How long? It’s been over a year.

In addition to being your dad, he was also your mentor... One hundred percent, my dad is my Congratulations. mentor. He is, hands down in every way. Thank you. And the addiction’s been lifted. Which is kind of odd, but who he is as a But it’s the work and the truth and the man, I aspire to be every single day of my honesty that I put into my life – but I always life. And pretty much live up to it. I really have. You’re not really truthful if you’re still, just let go, and be present in the moment, and of course its a “We are building… when I say carrying on daily, you know... a legacy, that means carrying on a brand as Its going to be my well. So, the Sassoon brand, and Eden by Eden lifelong journey. So Sassoon, will be everywhere.” I’m blessed to be given him as a father to be given those gifts. you know, kind of masking an addiction… so I think sobriety is a big thing. I think You are, and it sounds he also felt very without that, for me at least, things don’t blessed to have you as a daughter. evolve as planned. The way that I live my I was reading some bits and pieces of his life is very clear, and for people to say, wow. book today and he was going through the She’s no joke. That’s it. There’s nothing to kids, no disregard to my brothers and sisters cover up, there’s no pills, there’s no grabbing because they are amazing, but he would go for alcohol, there’s no smoking… you know into each kid and there was my sister, then you might find me going to two classes at my brother, then… “and my darling Eden... SoulCycle or taking an extra pilates class, or she’s the most like me.” [teary]. maybe indulging in pizza. A friend texted me the other night and said, “how are you There’s no higher compliment. If your dad doing?” and I said, “Amazing. In loss we was here with us right now, what do you evolve.” and he’s like, “in loss???” And, think he’d say about you, or to you? in losing my father and my relationship at One of the last things he said, I went over the time, I could have gone any which way and I was crying and I had this fear, and he possible. I sometimes think how does that said, “Wait, I didn’t raise you like this. Go happen? I know exactly how it happens, get ‘em. You can do this.” And I said, “What and I know exactly where I am today, and I if I fail, what if I lose everything?” He said, know exactly how to get through something “Then you start over.” I’m like, arghhhh, like that. And anything’s possible. you make this and then this, and now this?! I did it. And I did it, and I did every day, [laughs] Ok. I got it dad thanks. F and I chose to make the right decisions, and I moved forward, and I did it at the About the interviewer: time when I was also opening the business, Dawn McCoy is the and having the kids, and breaking up with founder and editor of a relationship, and deciding to stay single, BeautyFrosting. A former and stop drinking, and get rid of smoking. makeup artist for Trish I mean, I made all those decisions. And it McEvoy, Bobbi Brown comes back to that one thing that he tried and Giorgio Armani and to teach me all the time. Discipline. Period. former personal shopper End of story. Because you choose and then for Barbra Streisand. that’s it. How do you want your life to be? Every single day.

FUN STUFF What is your morning ritual? So before, it used to be wine, and now I don’t do that anymore. I love my music but I get my one song addiction, so I put on the same song over and over again, and it just keeps me in this same mood, and I’m like alright, we gotta do this, but still I do the hair, and I don’t do much, I’ve learned to keep my natural curl, so I take a towel and I shake it up, and I keep the towel on it so it keeps the curl in it. Clip the bangs back,and let’s get into the face. And then I kind of create this canvas of what am I feeling? And so depending on where I’m going and who I’m meeting, I usually put on this sexy song, oh its so good its Miguel his new song, really gets you, I’ll tell you, and I heard it in SoulCycle so you can imagine! You find so many good songs there, and you ask them, you can’t leave without asking. So my face, it just comes from this emotion – what am I feeling, what do I want to express? It usually comes down to really good lashes and a gloss…. and some cheek. Beauty Tips ‘Baby Pout’ by Smashbox. ‘Egyptian Magic’, there’s a bottle everywhere in this house, that I use for everything. It’s kind of like an olive oil, vaseline base, and I use it as a moisturizer. I use it in my hair, I use it on my hands. I use it everywhere, absolutely everywhere. 5 products you can’t imagine your life without? Egyptian Magic, SoulCycle, Lululemon, and Nike by far. Because every single day of my life is spent with Lululemon, Nike, SoulCycle, Egyptian Magic...and my vitamins. SoulCycle Love Can Initiative Charity Ride, hosted by Eden Sassoon. 3/3/14

EDEN by EDEN SASSOON 8600 W. Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069 T: (310) 861-4660 Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm Sat: 9am - 6pm Sunday: 9am - 5pm 11

MOMPRENEURS | 04/2014/ Cody Brooks

Mompreneurs It’s a word that describes women who juggle the twin roles of motherhood and running a business. Cody Brooks examines the concept through examples of startups close to home. We also invite you to pitch your big idea to a group of investors, and start your own business. HOW TOUGH IS IT TO BE A WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR titles Mom and Owner to be at times, well, extremely hard. “It’s been NOWADAYS? Is it harder, since business has long been a boy’s club, a long road,” she says. “I had a tough time when I was pregnant... or is it just that women face problems unique to them? nobody knows what to do with you.” When searching for investors “I wouldn’t be surprised if in five years, we feel like 2014 was her advisors and mentors told her to wait until she had the baby. “I the tipping point for female founders.” Jessica Livingston said this felt like I had a scarlet letter.” But she’s optimistic. “I truly believe at the Female Founders Conference in San Francisco, hosted by a that if you run a company, and are passionate about it, you will venture capital company she cofounded called Y Combinator. The make it successful, regardless of whether you have a baby or not.” company helps small tech startups, and with their current batch of When she had her son she was still running the company, so “it was founders being 25 percent female, they felt a push to address them by far the hardest 14 months of my life... Word’s can’t describe how specifically. stressful that time was for me.” Livingston said when you have kids, Would we feel like that in five years? And does that mean women don’t be afraid to outsource smaller jobs like grocery shopping. are now equal, business-wise? Let’s get some context. American Addressing the issues in the sense of embracing them implies Express’s 2013 OPEN report explains women are that way: timid, submissive, and not “I wouldn’t be surprised if in that 29% of U.S. enterprises are owned by willing to sacrifice enough for the job. So... five years, we feel like 2014 was Are they? women, and the trend is upward. Women are staking claim in all industries, but are The answer as usual with this sort of thing the tipping point for female much more abundant in the healthcare & is yes, no, and we don’t have enough data yet. founders.” Jessica Livingston social services (52.7%), educational services The economist podcast Freakonomics did an (45.1%), and administrative, support & episode entitled “Women Are Not Men”, in which waste management services (44.3%). The numbers go down in the economist Uri Gneezy explains his study on gender competition. He stereotypical way: 18.9% in wholesale trade, 11.4% in transportation found that in the patriarchal Masai tribe of Tanzania, it looked like and warehousing, and only 6.7% of women own construction firms. the U.S. — women were less competitive. In the matrilineal Khasi So while women aren’t at completely equal numbers to men, tribe of India, however, women were more competitive than the women are definitely there. Here’s a bad statistic: though women men. Chalk one up for social pressure. own 29% of firms, they only contribute 4% of business revenues, On the other hand, a study done in 2013 by the University which is about the same as what women did in 1997. In a Forbes of Wisconsin-Madison explained that differences in gender article Lesa Mitchell, vice president of the Marion Kauffman competitiveness arose as early as 3-5. In a competitive tournament Foundation, and Susan Sobbott, president of American Express game “girls performed significantly worse... especially when they OPEN, suggested the small revenue is due to women typically being were unfamiliar with the task”. More studies point to the male in different fields like retail; those fields either don’t make as much gender being more competitive and risk-taking in general. There’s money or they’re more risky so banks are wary of giving loans. one for nature. Sobbott noted importantly that the OPEN data shows revenues of Gneezy tried to clear the confusion in the podcast, saying: “It’s not women-owned firms in the big-money, male dominated fields of that men and women are not born differently. I’m sure they are. And construction and transportation are generally equal. you can come up with good evolutionary stories about why men are The conference’s main female-specific topics were addressing more competitive than women. What we showed is that’s not the timidity and juggling work and kids. Livingston said it’s okay only factor that goes in, which is not a big surprise, but the other to be “quietly determined”, meaning not that intense business factor, the culture can be so big that it can just overturn the results.” aggressiveness, because it works. “Quietly determined people beat So women are claiming good ground in all areas of business, and out people who talk loudly but never do anything.” When talking the trend is up, but they’re still not numerically equivalent and that about being a mom entrepreneur, she said “If you do have kids and may be due to social pressures, or it may not. And maybe that’s fine. start a startup, know what you’re up against.” Or not. People come to this problem from a lot of different angles. And you’d be up against a lot. One self-described mompreneur But the point to take home if you’re a woman and want to make a Talia Goldstein, of matchmaking site 3 Day Rule, found juggling the startup is: go for it! F

12 FOCUS | A P R I L 2 0 14

Mompreneurs Whitney English: What are your tips for clean eating? Jessica Alba: “When putting a meal together or going out to eat, try to use as much local food as possible. You can make an amazing, indulgent meal with fresh, organic produce and food. There’s a shocking amount of options here in L.A. because the weather is so great and we do have a lot of organic, farm-to-table options. I do a delivery service where I get a box of fresh produce weekly.” What are your favorite healthy restaurants? “I like everything from Real Food Daily , M Cafe , Lyfe Kitchen , and even Spago has great farm-to-table options.” Where do you go to get your sweat on? “Jen Johnson’s dance studio is super fun. You’re dancing and the music is loud and you don’t feel like it’s a workout, which is what I love. She also does private lessons so if you’re uncoordinated and you don’t want to show everyone your sweet moves, you can try it alone. I also like Hot 8 Yoga and I like Flywheel a lot.” Valentine’s Day is coming up, what’s your ideal healthy date night activity? “Because I work a lot and I don’t always have time to make my own meals, I get Simple Foods Home Delivery . [Cash and I] will each get our own, watch TV and have a glass of wine. That’s our favorite healthy date night. On the weekend we cook more but during the week when we’re slammed.”

How Jessica Alba Lives & Diets in L.A. by Whitney English


When a celebrity puts their face on a product, nine times out of ten they don’t know squat about it. That’s not an exact figure but a good guesstimate based on Hollywood’s remarkable sell-out rate. I also don’t have a figure for that, but simply scroll back through the Super Bowl commercials and you’ll see what I mean. Jessica Alba is honestly not that kind of celeb. She created The Honest Company after having the same doubts and concerns many new moms have about the safety of their household products, after giving birth to her first daughter, Honor. Jessica decided to take the guesswork out of finding healthy products by creating her own, and has tirelessly researched every aspect of clean living so consumers know that when they buy a product from Honest, it will be, well, honest. The girl clearly has a good head on her toned shoulders. Being a fan of the company, I was over-the-moon to be invited to their 2nd Birthday last week and even more so when I realized I got to take home a bag full of their amazing goods. The best part though was chatting with the actress, who was so friendly and down-to-earth. As we discussed some of her favorite restaurants and fitness studios in L.A., I thought to myself, “I could totally see us being good friends.” Well, that’s probably not going to happen. But based on her L.A. faves, I’m guessing we might run into each other again. Here’s what Jess (I’m going to consider us on a short-name basis) told me about her healthy, happy, honest life:

OK, so if you did have time, what sexy — but healthy — meal would you be whipping up for your man on V-day? “I made lobster for [Cash] once. A good filet is nice. Or just a clean, vegetarian pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil and parmesan. I think what is healthy is indulging once in a while. I think balancing a strict diet with moments of indulging is fine. I think too much of anything is not the right way to go, at least not for me. Obviously you don’t want to indulge all the time, but a little here and there, sure.” So what do you reach for when you’re indulging? “Red Velvet Cake. Fonuts makes a good one. I’m also a huge fan of coconut water and there’s this new chocolate coconut water I’ve been drinking and it’s nothing short of absolutely amazing. It’s one of those delicious treats that’s more of a treat than completely healthy. But it’s rehydrating me, so I feel good about that.” Give us some healthy Valentine’s Day meal inspiration – what are your favorite red foods? “Red beets, red cabbage, red or rainbow kale, strawberries, cherries….there’s too many to list! This interview, from the 2nd Anniversary party of The Honest Company on 30 January 2014, is reprinted from the original post on by Whitney English, and with kind permission from The Honest Company. Photo: Jason Merritt, WireImage

About the author: Whitney English is a Hollywood reporter and author of the blog, To Live & Diet in L.A. She has worked at E! Entertainment, MSN, and and interviewed everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Johnny Depp. Her blog features delicious, original recipes, interviews with celebrities and health industry experts and tips for fit living. Whitney co-hosts the live Google+ cooking show, The Fit & Funny Foodies for Fit Approach. 13



Drybar was created by Alli Webb around a very simple idea: No cuts. No color. Just blowouts for only $40. WHO Alli Webb has been a professional stylist for almost 17 years. She did a brief stint in public relations in New York working with clients such as Faith Hill, Paul McCartney and Keith Urban, and dabbled in the fashion world before making the decision to go to beauty school. After cosmetology school, she attended continuing education classes with Toni & Guy in Dallas and spent several years working under John Sahag in NYC. In 2008 she began a mobile blowout business, Straight-atHome, which provided in home blow-outs in L.A., strictly on a referral basis. The business and popularity quickly outgrew her one-woman show, so she decided to expand and start Drybar. WHY “Like most women, I struggled to find a place where I could get a great blowout at an affordable price in a fun, beautiful environment. I felt Drybar was desperately needed and it didn’t exist. I believe that almost everyone (even us pros), prefers having a professional stylist blow out their hair. I think our success is a combination of providing amazing blowouts and fantastic customer service. We’re not just selling blowouts, it’s much more about the happiness and confidence that women get from a stellar blowout.” HOW Alli partnered with her brother and Drybar CEO, Michael and husband, Cameron (Drybar Creative Director), to open their first shop in Brentwood. It took six months of “high burn” with everyone including architect/partner Josh Heitler) spending just about every waking hour, seven days a week, working on Drybar. From architecture and design to branding, marketing, computer systems and public relations, to finding and training dozens of stylists.

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One hundred percent of babies will experience dermatitis in their first year of life. Episencial combines advanced skin care technology with Actively Healthy™ ingredients including probiotics, neem oil and botanically-sourced essential fatty acids and antioxidants to enhance skin immunity and defend against daily environmental challenges from water, sun and air. Always all natural Episencial skincare products are loaded with the good stuff and free from the bad stuff. WHO An esthetician with more than a decade of experience, Kim Walls established a new skin care concept that leverages botanically-based skin care and the skin’s transdermal nutrient absorption as a pathway to improved health and beauty. Kim shares her experience internationally with dermatologists and estheticians, as well as childbirth and postpartum professionals, creating awareness of the foundational relationship between skin care and optimum health. Now through Babytime! by Episencial, she shares that knowledge with new and growing families to support the enhanced health benefits that clinically proven, effective natural products can provide. WHY “I started Episencial for the health of children: mine, yours, everybody’s. Parents should know skin plays an important role in our overall health and immunity, so taking care of it is important. There is an opportunity for improved health with quality skin care. Finally, and most importantly, Episencial was developed from a firm belief that harsh chemicals have no place on baby skin – or anyone’s skin for that matter – because 70 percent of what goes on the skin can be absorbed into the body very quickly. Choosing authentic skincare products made only from natural and organic ingredients is a positive, actively healthy step – and that is just what Episencial delivers. My background at Epicuren afforded me the connections within the industry to develop the product formulas, but, frankly, most of the work at the beginning was done around my kitchen table with a few other moms wanting to achieve this one goal: make skincare that was ‘free from the bad stuff’ for kids available to moms everywhere so they didn’t inadvertently or unknowingly compromise their kids’ health. Together, we developed packaging, graphic design, marketing and a sales network of other moms who ‘got it’.”



A selective online dating website founded by Talia Goldstein and Val Brennan. Members must be invited or apply to be accepted. The result is a pool of A-list, relationship-minded singles. Each member must possess the criteria that furthers their mission to create an online dating community with relationship-minded singles who are engaging, accomplished, and have a passion for non-work related pursuits. Each member has access to world-class matchmakers and exclusive events. The Three Day Rule team help people improve a person’s online presence and give them date and style coaching. At each session, daters meet a panel of experts including a sociologist, stylist and matchmaker to help improve their dating habits and overall wellbeing. WHO Valerie Brennan is a business activator, motivational speaker, and consultant. A former business litigator representing Fortune 500 companies, she also provides consulting to start-ups in every facet of business – consulting business development and fundraising. Talia Goldstein is a former TV producer at E! True Hollywood Story and Vh1 Behind the Music. Talia studied communication at Tulane University. Talia spent many years as a wish granter with the Make A Wish Foundation and works closely with A Place Called Home. WHY A once-single Talia averaged four dates a week and immersed herself into just about every dating website on the market looking for love. Often, she found herself setting up her friends on dates with people she did not feel a connection with. Fast forward to Talia’s wedding in 2010 – ten couples in attendance were comprised of her own matches! It started as a blog in 2008 as a way to help women locate the best bars to find their specific type of guys. The website became an instant hit and soon branched out to incorporate Three Day Rule singles parties, many reaching more than 600 guests. Three Day Rule Matchmaking Company was created in 2010, turning her successful hobby of setting friends up into a career.


Undercover Tape is a hypo allergenic, latex-free selfadhesive comfort tape that acts as a barrier between you and your irritating seams/tags on clothing, hats, socks, or anything that keeps you from feeling your best. Inspired by their own life experiences, it is designed to work with all types of clothing, including sports jerseys, costumes, socks and underwear. WHO Michelle Isrow grew up in Beverly Hills and taught elementary school kids. Michele Naftal grew up in the Hollywood Hills and worked in the garment industry. WHY “We were troubled that our kids were consistently complaining about pesky tabs, irritating seams and of course…itchy sequins! This was leaving hundreds of dollars of clothing going unworn, so we needed a solution and we needed it fast. We could not go on buying and returning clothes because they were bothersome. The more we talked about this the more we found that others had the same sensory issue. Even our husbands complained that the tags in their dress shirts were at times irritating. For a year we searched for solutions trying to find something soft and fabric like and at the same time, something fun and novel, like a bandage for clothing! We were on a mission to create comfort for all, and so...we developed Undercover Tape. ” HOW In 2013, winning the Kimberly Clark, Huggies Mom-Inspired Grant gave them an opportunity to manufacture more Undercover Tape and get them in front of some big retailers. They recently applied for the Start up to Success, (for innovative start up companies), on the Today Show to gain more exposure and marketing and advertising opportunities. 15


A mobile car seat and stroller eco-friendly cleaning service which comes to your home or school. Designed with safety in mind, they get into every nook and cranny where snacks and toys are hiding. After cleaning, their staff of Certified Safety Technicians professionally re-install and/or provide instructions for reinstalling your car seat to ensure the highest standards of car seat safety for your children. WHO Jennifer Beall is the Founder & CEO of CleanBeeBaby. Certified as a Child Passenger Safety Technician since 2009, Jen is passionate about helping parents properly use their car seats given that 85% are incorrectly installed. She also serves on the Los Angeles committee for Baby Buggy, a charity that helps collect used baby gear to redistribute it to families in need. Jen received her MBA in in 2010 from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University where she focused on Marketing and Entrepreneurship. CleanBeeBaby was created through her MBA coursework when she searched for business ideas that would help improve work/life balance for busy parents. Prior to business school, Jen worked in Management Consulting in San Francisco, as well as Strategy for a food & beverage company in LA. She grew up in Austin, Texas and received a B.S. in Mathematics from Duke University. WHY “When my sister had her first child, she lamented that with all the additions to her daily life and schedule, cleaning was one area where she felt constantly behind. She worried about the cleanliness of her baby products, and had an especially hard time with the car seat. It was such a hassle to get it in and out of the car, disassemble it, wash it and wait at home with the baby for hours while it air dried. The stroller was no easier with all of the nooks and crannies where ickiness would accumulate. I launched CleanBeeBaby to help busy moms like my sister. I call myself an aspiring mommy and hope that my experience with CleanBeeBaby will one day help me be a better mom too!”

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Are you ready to dive into a startup business? It’s time to let people know about your BIG IDEA, and possibly raise a sizeable investment to make it come alive. Email us for an invitation to a free networking and investment event taking place in May 2014, in Brentwood. You will have a chance to meet other women with great ideas, and then pitch your concept to a group of celebrity judges and real Angel investors. #motherofanidea

SHARKANGEL | 04/2014


career, but when I was offered a senior position at a company, I jumped at the opportunity. You are now president of TCA. Can you explain what that is, how you became involved and what you do please?

Former CEO of Starwood Hotels, Take-Two, and Atari. Dubbed the “turn-around CEO”, Jeff Lapin has built and run billion dollar companies in a variety of industries. Tell us about your background Jeff. I went to law school and practiced law for three years at a local, large firm. I was hired by a client of that firm, (a small public hotel company), as the General Counsel. Through a series of events, I eventually became the CEO of that company, and that company eventually became Starwood Hotels. I was the first President of Starwood. After Starwood, I ran development and growth at a chain of restaurants and music venues call the House of Blues. I then went on to be CEO and/or President of three more public companies all in the video game business - THQ, Take-Two (the publisher of Grand Theft Auto) and Atari. I also ran a few private companies for venture capitalists. Most of my positions involved turn around or high growth opportunities. I have served and continue to serve on many Boards, and today, I am an angel investor with many diverse investments in start-up companies, most of which are in technology. How did you become involved in business and running companies?

My father was a serial entrepreneur and business man. Even as a child, I was eager to spend time with my father at his office to learn as much as I could about business. I was involved in a series of small businesses throughout my youth, and always wanted to end up running a company. I really enjoyed being a lawyer, and my legal education has always been a great asset in my business

Tech Coast Angels (or TCA) is a group of approximately 300 members in five chapters in the Southern California area. I am President of the Los Angeles chapter, which has around 100 members. TCA is the largest angel investing group in the country. The members of TCA are interested in learning about and investing in start-up companies. We do not invest as a an affiliated group, but rather we invest as individuals. Our power is in the collective knowledge, experience and asset bases of our members. TCA receives a substantial amount of applications for funding from start-up companies each month. We have a variety of screening processes in place, and each month approximately 15-20 companies make live presentations to the various TCA chapters. The Los Angeles chapter sees eight or more live presentations each month. The companies are usually technology based, but there are a variety of exceptions. For example, we often see consumer product companies. When companies present, there is usually a TCA member who has some expertise in that company’s product. That collective knowledge helps all members make better investment choices. Not only do we provide the startup companies with money, but, just as important, we mentor and guide the startup companies we fund. Last year we funded around 45 companies with approximately $14.5 million in member investments. Start-up companies seeking funding should visit the TCA website at

Can anyone become a member and what are the privileges of membership? There

is a membership application and screening process, but membership is generally open

to people who demonstrate a desire and capacity to invest in start-up companies. We also look for members who want to be active in TCA (regularly attend meetings, lead deals, become involved with the due diligence process, etc.). Members get the benefit of seeing a wide variety of start-up companies, tapping the collective knowledge and experience base of the TCA members, keeping up with, and learning about the latest trends in technology, learning about the start-up investment process, and having access to the robust TCA website which not only chronicles all potential start-up investment opportunities, but is a great educational resource. Anyone interested in discovering more information about TCA membership should visit our website at What are you views on the LA startup scene? The LA startup scene is extremely

active and robust. In addition to TCA, there are other angel groups, several startup accelerators – where startup companies generally receive a small amount of funds and are provided with office space and mentoring for several months – and a variety of organized groups devoted to the startup community. There are several events every week in LA which are part of the startup community. There are even several buildings all around LA that specialize in having startup companies as tenants. There are hundreds of startup companies located in Venice and Santa Monica (now referred to a Silicon Beach). A person interested in learning about the startup scene in LA could spend his or her full time looking at companies and attending events. It is a very exciting time, and as investors, we are always looking for the next Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How do you spend your days? Are you still involved in business and startup companies? I am extremely busy these

days. I am helping a good friend run a consumer products company and I serve as a mentor, advisor or Board member for several other companies. I am also the President of a charitable agency called the Maple Center which is the largest provider of low cost psychological services in LA. I am very involved with my WPO chapter as the co-Chapter chair. Finally, and most importantly, I spend as much time with my wife and two boys as I possibly can. 17

10 REASONS TO GO ON A YOGA RETREAT / by Danielle Cuccio


REASONS TO GO ON A YOGA RETREAT by Danielle Cuccio We all have busy lives. We are all living, but are we really living? I mean really enjoying our lives…? The little things that we take for granted when we are constantly going, can be hard to actually enjoy if we don’t make an effort to do so. Sometimes we must put the brakes on our lives to slow down, relax and restore. A yoga retreat can be just the answer.

1 2 3 4

You will take your yoga practice to the next level physically - Become more flexible, balanced and maybe master a new pose!

5 6

Relax & Refresh Your Spirit - Let go of the stress, negativity and work problems. Give yourself a break! When you get back to real life, everyone will thank you!

7 8 9 10

Learn how to mentally relax - Learn to use your breath. Use yoga as a calming mechanism and tool for your day-to-day life. Learn to eat healthy - Learn new tips and recipes.

Detox - Eat healthy, practice yoga, exercise and meditate. Let someone else be in charge of your detox for a weekend. All you have to do is show up. You might even drop a few pounds on the way..!

Go somewhere new - Venturing out and experiencing something new allows you to give a little clarity and perspective to your life. Watch things become much clearer and simpler when you return. Make new friends! Making friends on a yoga trip is a unique experience. Having the same interests in wanting to better yourself and relax somewhere together automatically makes you click and connect. Make friendships and connections that will most likely last much longer than the span of the retreat. Set Goals - Set goals in your life and watch yourself come back ready to accomplish them.

Be treated! Spoil yourself. Why? Well, because you deserve it!

I truly believe that everyone should take time for themselves on a weekly basis. It’s so important. As a result we feel rejuvenated, relaxed and more at peace. The techniques you learn on a yoga retreat will last you much longer than your weekend away. Don’t have time for a yoga retreat? Make your own retreat at home. Send everyone out of the house for a day, pick some lemons from your backyard, make some tea, give yourself a bath, eat only healthy foods, roll out the yoga mat and give yourself an extra long Savasana or meditation session, to just be still and quiet. “You, yourself, deserve your love and affection as much as anybody in the entire universe.” To join my & Kaleigh Walker’s next yoga retreat in the Summer of 2014, please contact us at info@

You’ve Always Wanted To Go On A Retreat - You keep putting it off, but you want to do it. Why not NOW?!

About the author: Danielle Cuccio offers private yoga sessions, customized to your individual needs.

Cuccio Yoga Somatology Private Yoga • Retreats • Workshops (323) 863-5041 Photo: Brandon Hunt

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Yoga Off The Mat

Learning to Listen to My Body

YOGA IS A PRACTICE THAT ALLOWS FOR ENDLESS PHYSICAL AND MENTAL BENEFITS. Some of these “Yoga Extras” include stress relief, improved circulation, as well as increased flexibility and strength. We are so fortunate, especially here in Los Angeles. There are so many practices to choose from. Over 22 different schools of yoga are recognized and fewer than a dozen schools of yoga are widely practiced today. A world-renowned teacher can be a stone’s throw away. I’ve been a yoga lover for over 15 years. I really enjoy instructing others on getting into poses, breathing, meditating, and stretching. The best part of the practice for myself is the ability to notice the subtle shifts that yoga provides off the mat as well. Yoga teaches us that everything passes. That intense struggle that goes on during chair pose might become overwhelming in the moment but through each breath, or each practice, the discomfort becomes a bit easier to manage. As in everyday life we go through times that feel heavy and times that feel light. Through each experience we learn to manage and breathe through it. “What you resist, persists”- Carl Jung. Ever notice during your yoga practice you hold your breath in a pose or are fearful of doing it exactly as is instructed? When we do this, we tend to feel more pain because we are not trusting in our own capabilities. I know this happens for me plenty off the mat. When I do not accept the way things are, I feel pain. This could be in the form of anger, sadness, or even a headache. If I surrender to life on life’s terms and let go of the need to try and control everything, I open myself up to tremendous growth. One door closes as the other sweetly opens. Through yoga, we learn to overcome the fear of failing. The mat can be scary place, especially when we first begin a yoga practice. We are scared to fall, or scared to try “crow pose”. As we delve into the practice, overtime we learn that it’s all a practice. As in life we learn to see the progress and let go of the idea of perfection. We are all having a human experience. Sometimes we err. Yoga teaches us that mistakes are part of the learning curve. How else could we learn and grow? Have you noticed the subtle effects of yoga once you step off the mat? Tell us your story. We will discover the subtle effects of yoga right here every month.

AFTER SOME OVERINDULGENCE AROUND THE HOLIDAYS, and determined to make some changes come February, I decided to eat a fully raw diet, cut out soy products and return to the purely fruit, veggie and nut lifestyle that saved my life over a year ago. It makes sense, right? To cut out all the foods that you know don’t work with your system and replace them with whole fruits, vegetables and nuts. If you’ve ever experienced stomach pain you know that stripping down to the basics can work wonders. Natural, whole, plant-based foods are the easiest foods for the human body to digest. I decided to go all out and go alcohol-free for the month as well. I drink a lot less than I did during my pre-vegan days (sorority girl: guilty as charged), but I still felt pressured to drink more than I wanted to when I was out with friends and I knew it was contributing to my stomach imbalances. I started out Fully Raw & Alcohol-Free February with a bang. I cleaned the shelves of Whole Foods bare, made myself plenty of raw salads and smoothies, hit up every raw restaurant in my neighborhood and passed on drinks when I was out with friends. I felt on top of the world – for about five days. One morning I woke up with my thigh muscles pounding. I couldn’t figure out what the deal was. I had run a few miles the day before, but that wouldn’t usually leave me feeling so sore. My active lifestyle is just as important to me as my plant-based lifestyle, after all. It didn’t make sense. Then, much to my horror, it came to me. I had actually turned into one of those vegans with a protein deficiency – something I had spent the last year combatting on my blog as a “myth,” happily posting photo gifs saying, “I got 99 Problems but Protein Ain’t One.” Now I was one of those vegans people worry about, and I was exhausted. So I decided to add some grains and beans back into my diet. Which lead to tofu and tempeh. Which lead to vegan desserts. Which lead to a glass of wine at dinner. Here I was, midway through February, right back where I started. I set up an appointment with a plant-based nutritionist and had him write me a meal plan. It is an entirely vegan plant-based diet that includes three big meals a day and discourages snacking. It is important to let our bodies get hungry, and the reason I had been feeling so off balance was because I was trying to combat my protein deficiency. I was not allowing my body to actually tell me when it wanted to eat, what it needed or how much. After many nights of turning down drinks and being happy with my decision, I decided that alcohol in moderation is OK. Having a glass of wine with my boyfriend at dinner is not going to kill me. Health is not about saying no to yourself, it’s about finding what works for you and being consistent with it. Eating healthy is a balancing act, and what I had to learn was that I didn’t have to set those extremes for myself in order to feel better. I just had to listen to my body, which is the best thing you can do for yourself in the first place.

by Pia Artesona

About the author: Pia Artesona guides Recovery Yoga and Vinyasa Flow at Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica and Sattva Yoga LA in Brentwood. She also offers private yoga sessions.

by Jordan Younger

About the author: Jordan Younger is a passionate food blogger at The Blonde Vegan, a yoga teacher and a creative writing MFA student at The New School in New York City. 19

NUTRITION | 04/20134

Wake UP to a More Radiant You by Marlyn Diaz Are you feeling like you lost your youthful glow? Ready to slow down the aging process and reignite your energy and vigor? If so, the answer you are searching for may be as close to you as the food at the end of your fork.

IT’S BEEN KNOWN IN RECENT YEARS THAT OUR FOOD CHOICES CAN GREATLY AFFECT OUR HEALTH. Yet, did you also know that your food choices can directly affect your energy, vibrancy and how fast or slow you age? Exciting new research in genetics, neurobiology, and other medical fields is now showing that our daily lifestyle choices – including our choices about diet, sleep, exercise, stress management, and relationships – are the most important factors in our health and wellbeing. Contrary to popular belief, our genes are not our destiny. With very few exceptions, our lifestyle choices determine the expression of our genes and whether we will enjoy good health. At a recent Motion Picture and Television Women’s Conference I attended last fall, Dr. Dean Ornish shared the findings from a landmark study he led. He found that the vast majority of the patients in the study were able to stop or reverse heart disease, without a reliance on drugs and possible surgery, simply by making comprehensive lifestyle changes, including a healthy whole food diet, moderate exercise such as walking, meditation, yoga-based stretching, breathing, and the cultivation of loving relationships. This is great news! This puts a lot of POWER back in YOUR hands. By taking simple steps each day to “eat like a rainbow” and choose foods rich in vibrant colors that are both nourishing and health promoting, like low sugar fruits, fresh vegetables and whole grains, you naturally infuse your body with high amounts of antioxidants, minerals and powerful phytonutrients...all designed to support your energy, cellular health and longevity. As you take it one step further and begin to reduce (or eliminate) the foods known to be highly inflammatory like gluten, refined sugars and some dairy, you begin to allow your body to heal, rejuvenate and repair. Research in the area of nutrigenomics, also confirms that many foods known as “superfoods” have been shown to possess powerful ingredients that support positive gene health and also may contribute to slower aging. A few of my favorites are: Broccoli Sprouts – these contain sulforaphane - which has been shown to support cellular health and may also help fight cancer. Add to salads, sandwiches, wraps and more. Brazil Nuts – rich in selenium – of which many of us are deficient. Supports thyroid health. Good portion: 3-5/day. Turmeric – contains curcumin. Research has shown curcumin to reduce cell damage. Also a potent cancer fighter. Add to smoothies, stews, chicken or veggies.

Looking for age-defying foods in your backyard? We highlighted a few fun eateries, serving delicious dishes with an added boost of energy and flavor. M CAFE Oatmeal with Quinoa & Toasted Flaxseed - topped with fresh berries, banana and maple-glazed walnuts. (gluten-free) Grilled Salmon & Arugula Salad - grilled organic salmon filet over wild arugula & mesclun greens, with asparagus, fire-roasted red pepper, red onion, carrot, cucumber, and lemon vinaigrette (gluten-free) JUICE CRAFTERS Acai -Brazilian Super Blend - Amazonian acai with guarana, almond granola, banana, strawberries & coconut flakes - fresh, delicious and energizing! LE PAIN QUOTIDIEN Organic Lentil & Avocado - arugula, frisée, raw vegetables, flax seed, chickpeas and basil vinaigrette

As Virgil said, “Health is the Greatest Wealth”. It feels good to know that we can create better health and the vibrant life we crave through the simple steps and actions we take each day. Keep bringing in the healthy choices and “crowding out” the bad. My guess is you’ll begin to feel better than you have in years!

About the author: Marlyn Diaz, Integrative Nutritionist, B.S. in Nutrition and Food Science, post graduate studies in Comprehensive Nutrition and Certified as a Lifestyle Educator, Marlyn shares knowledge by writing for industry trade publications, speaks on the relationship between food and aging and creates programs that tackle sugar cravings, weight management and stress. Marlyn supports a variety of clientele including writers, agents, producers, on air personalities, and actors. @hnutritionista Pinterest: marlynbdiaz 20 FOCUS | A P R I L 2 0 14



Plant A Garden And They Will Come by Teryl Ciarlo Plant strawberries and your children will come home from school and pick them. They will tell their friends, and then their friends will come over and pick them Now suddenly, they are playing in the garden, instead of playing on electronics. Walk Grandma to the back garden and ask her to pick fresh zucchini with you and she will begin to recall her memories of a time when families were more self sufficient and relied on the kitchen garden to provide fresh food at the dinner table. The reason to grow it was to it eat! There is a lot of pride in that memory. Ask the awkward preteen to come into the garden and turn the soil and dig the holes and maybe some of the angst will subside because this feels good. And possibly working in this garden could become the preteens pride and joy of accomplishment. Plant an urban garden in a concrete jungle and all of the neighbors will come out. In fact they will stare in amazement at all the fresh beauty. In the headlines recently, several non profit organizations and individuals are growing fresh food in neighborhoods where fresh food is unavailable, and also creating job opportunities for locals to maintain the gardens and sell produce. Do you want to meet your neighbors? Ask them to come over and pick large beautiful tomatoes off of the vines and they will be pleased. It helps to make good neighbors. This summer, on a warm evening, have a garden party. Let’s really have drinks and dinner around the raised planter beds of fresh herbs and vegetables and pick lemons and limes to squeeze into the cocktails, and pick fresh figs from the fig trees for dessert. How fun does that sound? So to all of you who are still dreaming about a garden in your life.......roll up your sleeves and get started. Gardens are powerful, magical stuff and I promise that you will be surprised how many will come to admire your achievement.


My company motto is “one beautiful garden at a time”. I am passionate about landscape design and creating outdoor living spaces that are charming and make a statement. Most of my clients are in Brentwood, their properties are big and small...from multi acre estates to small postage stamp yards and patios. I love them all! I especially love working and living in Brentwood because of the beautiful trees that surround us. When I design a garden, I always try to grasp the big picture and pay attention to the smallest detail. Landscape design includes so many things......patios, kid friendly areas, swimming pools – and proper lighting is everything! Even adding a bench and a lantern can change the mood of a garden. Sometimes my clients ask me to oversee a clean up of their yard and they want things removed. When that happens, I try to donate the plants to local schools, and offer to have my crew install it. I was the volunteer gardening supervisor at Kenter Canyon Elementary school for four years and loved it! My kids would see me on Campus helping out and it made me feel good that future Kenter families will have a beautiful environment for their children.

Photos by Cindy Airey 21



















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It’s Our Turn: Young Women’s Conference

On 8 February, 2014 Brentwood School presented “It’s Our Turn: Young Women’s Conference”. The one-day event featured Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, and more than 30 other notable speakers. Nearly 1,000 young women, coming from 90 different schools, joined conversations about identity, advocacy and entrepreneurship with an impressive range of female leaders. Highlights of the more than 30 notable speakers included the actress Geena Davis, who opened the conference with a presentation of her research on women in media. Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling shared candid experiences related to finding one’s passion. To close, Honorary Chair Maria Shriver participated in an intimate interview with two Brentwood School students about her role in creating The Women’s Conference and her newest project, The Shriver Report. Photos via Instagram by: Top (left to right): Marguerite Alberts, Kelsey Baez, Danny Moloshok Center: Galit Strugano, Ruby Karp, Journalist Amanda Champagne Bottom: Chaska Potter, Nicole Pajer, Rebecca Ray Gallery Powered by

Night Of Dance

Photos by Daniel In

The Archer School for Girls held its annual Night of Dance: “Your Journey, Your Revolution” on February 22 and 23 at American Jewish University. The show wowed audiences and featured nearly 100 student dancers in grades 6-12 under the direction of Andrea Locke, the school’s Artistic Director. The highly anticipated performance showcased numbers in jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, tap, ballet, and Bollywood. 23


Music & Theater MUSIC 2 APRIL

Johnny Winter

THEATER 29 MARCH Broadway @ The Broad: Adam Pascal $53 / $87

Tony nominee Adam Pascal joins pianist and host Seth Rudetsky for an electrifying evening of Broadway and banter! Pascal first achieved fame as the original Roger in the iconic musical Rent, a role that earned him a Drama League award and an Obie award, and a Tony nomination. He received his second Drama League award for his role as Radames in the original Broadway cast of Elton John and Tim Rice’s musical Aida. From there he played the final Emcee in Studio 54’s acclaimed revival of Cabaret, and has also starred on the silver screen in School of Rock and as Roger in the film version of Rent. His impressive Broadway resume also includes featured roles in the musicals Memphis and Chicago.

The Broad Stage. 1310 11th St, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

For over 30 years, Johnny Winter has been a guitar hero without equal. Signing to Columbia Records in 1969, Johnny immediately laid out the blueprint for his fresh take on classic blues, a prime combination for the legions of fans just discovering the blues via the likes of Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. Constantly shifting between simple country blues in the vein of Robert Johnson, to all-out electric slide guitar blues-rock – Johnny has always been one of the most respected singers and guitar players in rock, and the clear link between British blues-rock and American Southern rock (a la The Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd). Throughout the 70s and 80s, Johnny was the unofficial torch-bearer for the blues, championing and aiding the careers of his idols like Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker. Tickets: $35 / $75. 8pm Canyon Club. 8440 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

T: 818 879-5016


Peter Brook / Théâtre Des Bouffes Du Nord: The Suit

Renowned director Peter Brook brings us a music-filled adaptation of a poignant original story from South African writer Can Themba. The Suit is a tragic tale of betrayal and resentment as a scorned husband takes out his anger, pain and frustration on his wife. The suit her lover left behind takes on the symbolic embodiment of him and becomes the tool of her husband’s aggression. Set in apartheid-era South Africa, Brook’s innovative staging integrates live musicians performing African melodies and Schubert lieder. The original novel The Suit, written by Themba, was banned in his native country as he was exiled during apartheid. Tickets: $30 / $60 8pm. Freud Playhouse 340 Royce Drive, CA 90095


Chick Corea and Béla Fleck

As a duo, Fleck and Corea combine a variety of musical styles and flavors—from blues to bluegrass, and from classical to country. Fleck first saw Corea live when he was 17 and that night with Return to Forever changed the banjo player’s outlook on music. Melodic and richly tonal, the original compositions recorded by this compelling duo have a special way of taking hold of the listener. In live performance, they deliver a mesmerizing fusion of styles. 8pm. $25 / $75 Royce Hall 340 Royce Drive, CA 90095 24 FOCUS | A P R I L 2 0 14


Escape is easy. It’s redemption that is hard. That’s the life lesson at the heart of Greg Pierce’s funny and introspective play Slowgirl. An absorbingly off-kilter onstage pair, William Petersen and Rae Gray star in this two-hander coming to the Geffen Playhouse March 4. When seventeen year-old Becky is shipped off to her Uncle Sterling’s Costa Rican home — a sanctuary to which he escaped many years ago — the two lost souls navigate generations, contrasting philosophies and a maze of regret. Geffen Playhouse Artistic Director Randall Arney reunites the same cast and designers for the West Coast premiere of this critically acclaimed production. With Arney as director, the play garnered rave reviews last summer at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater where the Chicago Tribune called it “Engaging, compassionate and well-written.” William Petersen has a distinguished background in theater, film and television. His feature film credits include To Live and Die in L.A., Manhunter and The Contender. On TV he was nominated for a Golden Globe for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He is also a member of Steppenwolf Theatre. Rae Gray is a student at the University of Chicago and has a long list of credits. Most recent TV appearances include Boardwalk Empire and Chicago Fire. Arney creates an astonishing “tennis court” William Petersen and Rae Gray design in the intimate Audrey Photo by Michael Brosilow. Courtesy of Skirball Kenis Theater at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company Geffen Playhouse that will allow audiences to experience the play from two sides of the action.

Till 20 April. 8pm. Saturday matinees at 3pm, Sunday 2pm. Tickets $57-$72

The Pianist Of Willesden Lane

“Hold on to your music. It will be your best friend.” This was Mona Golabek’s family mantra. They were also words her grandmother said to her young daughter, a pianist, as the girl departed Vienna in 1938 via the Kindertransport to England. Golabek, a world renowned pianist, tells the story of her mother’s triumphant survival in The Pianist Mona Golabek of Willesden Lane appearing at Photo by Michael Lamont. the Geffen Playhouse beginning February 28. The show, a world premiere at the Geffen in 2012 was a huge hit, playing for six months there. Since then the show has toured the country, winning accolades and fans. The Los Angeles Times called it “A triumph…an undiluted privilege to witness.” Golabek was taught by her mother, Lisa Jura, to play the piano. “They were more than piano lessons – they were lessons in life,” Golabek recalls. In between Beethoven and Chopin, Jura would talk about the characters she met in a London hostel as a child. Jura’s parents and siblings did not survive the Holocaust. “Her stories were our folklore, bursting with bits and pieces of wonderful characters who bonded over her music.” Adapted and directed by Los Angeles audience favorite Hershey Felder, the evening is comprised of some of the world’s most beloved music played live. Till 19 March. 8pm. Saturday matinees at 3pm, Sunday 2pm. Tickets $37-$72

“a toUr de ForCe For an aCtor at tHe top oF Her CraFt. ”

Ruth DRapeR’s Monologues Written by

ruth draper Featuring

annette bening

world premiere on stage april 8 – may 18 in the gil cates theater at the geffen playhouse

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310.208.5454 25



The Adventures of the Cahn Family LITTLE ROYALS TEA On Friday and Saturday afternoons the Hotel Bel-Air offers tea time for little ones. They have a kid friendly menu, caffeine free tea, and a stuffed swan to commemorate the experience. For our group of girls - the swans swimming in the lake was the absolute highlight of the day. Oh… and maybe throwing pennies into the fountain while getting drenched from head to toe! The food was delicious, but with 3 separate courses (savory finger sandwiches, scones, and sweet desserts) it is definitely not quick for distractible toddlers! It isn’t the cheapest tea in town either, but a visit to this iconic hotel is definitely something everyone should do once! And what better excuse than a tea party with your sweet little prince or princess? What: Little Royals Tea When: Friday and Saturdays 3 - 4pm Where: Hotel Bel-Air Cost: $60 per adult $36 per child Online:

Things To Do 1 21 March: 10.30am

Yoga For Kids

Ages: 18 months-4yrs Costs: Free

Maxi of Ga Ga for YoGa leads this free class designed for parents/caregivers and their little ones! Crawl, play and stretch while doing lots of partner poses to introduce your toddler to yoga. Space is limited so get there early. If you can, bring your own yoga mat. Donald Bruce Kaufman Library

11820 San Vicente Blvd, CA 90049. T: 310 575-8273


23 March: 2pm

Beauty and the Beast Musical Ages: 3+ Costs: $20 Adult $12 Kids

This fun one hour Mini Musical is audience interactive and perfect for the entire family, ages three and up. All kids receive a toy musical instrument upon entering and are encouraged to boo for the villains, cheer for the heroes and sing and dance along! T: 310 804-0223 Promenade Playhouse 1404

3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica, CA 90401 www.


5 April: 1pm

Tea By The Sea Ages: 5+ Costs: $36

Inspired by the herbs, vegetables, and fruits that grow in the Villa’s authentically re-created first-century Roman gardens. Feast on a Mediterranean-inspired menu of savory panini, sweet scones and tea breads, and gourmet cakes and tarts— along with fruits, cheeses, and a varied selection of teas. T: 877 440-7300 The Getty Villa 17985 Pacific Coast Highway

4 5 Kim Cahn left her television producer job to be a full time mom to Olive (4) and Buster (9 months). She writes about their family activities on her blog Watch this space for Kim Cahn’s family adventure next month!

26 FOCUS | A P R I L 2 0 14

12 April: 10am-3pm

Meet Rescued Wild Animals

All ages Costs: $8 Adult $6 Kids Guided tours of the Eco Station introduce visitors to a host of exotic rescued wildlife, from tropical fish to tortoises, from parrots to pythons. Each tour is led by an expert Eco Station staff member who explains the habits and history of hundreds of rescued exotic animals. STAR Eco Station 10101 Jefferson Blvd. CA 90232 T: 310 842-8060

13 April: 10am-4.30pm

Puppet Festival

All ages Costs: $10 Adult $5 Kids

Celebrate the art of puppetry through performances, puppet making, and storytelling. This day-long event features performances, live music, and a diverse array of innovative puppets, including an interactive puppet display created by the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry. Skirball, 2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd. CA 90049

Tech TOP CROWDFUNDED GADGETS Crowdfunding is making it more viable to develop new concepts and fund them online. These are some of the top crowdfunded campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.


Ever wanted your drawings to become 3D? Now they can! 3Doodler, a 3D printing pen, works very similarly to a 3D printer but fits into your hand producing interesting results only limited by creativity. 3Doodler, raised $2.4M of a $30,000 goal making it the third most popular Kickstarter of all time.


Tile is a small square tracker that can either be stuck to objects or affixed with a keyring. It can track objects up to 150 feet away – but after that distance the app taps into other users of the app to help find it. Tile has garnered $2.6 million to date.


Panono is a ball camera that takes 360 x 360 degree photos when you throw it up in the air. It is great for events like parties or group photos at weddings. Raised over $1,250,000.


Coin promises to replace all of your cash cards by capturing them all in one card. By clicking a button on the device, you can choose which card to purchase with before swiping. Other features such as an alarm if you leave the card behind, make the Coin extremely unique. Smashed through its $50,000 goal in under 40 minutes. Source:

3 Apps for Living in LA OUR MALIBU BEACHES FREE The app provides maps, instructions and underground tips to access all the public beaches along the 20-mile Malibu coastline – many of which look off-limits. Our Malibu Beaches informs us that “there’s no such thing as an all-private beach in California,” There are photos of each beach and advice on how to find hidden entry ways. LA’S BEST HIKES BY MODERN HIKER $1.99 Find images of the terrain, info on mileage, elevation and crowds, as well as descriptions of each trail. The app details a range of hikes within an hour’s drive – from Studio City’s Fryman Canyon to trails throughout the Santa Monica Mountains. WAZE FREE Users report traffic jams, roving police officers and accidents from their car to the app in real time, and this collected information helps reroute you to a faster path. Waze combines an accurate, detailed layout of LA roads with invaluable live tips from drivers (whom the app rewards in points), all within a user-friendly interface that won’t distract you behind the wheel. IN PROGRESS

The Window Socket The Window Socket offers a neat way to harness solar energy and use it as a plug socket. So far we have seen solutions that act as a solar battery backup, but none as a direct plug-in. Simple in design, the plug just attaches to any window and does its job intuitively. Designers: Kyuho Song & Boa Oh 27

Free The best things in life are


Here are some things you can do around your neighborhood this month, that won’t break the bank.


20 March, 8pm – Simon Schama

Explore the epic history of the Jewish people with Professor Simon Schama, as he discusses the first volume of his magnificently illustrated cultural history The Story of the Jews. A tie-in with the forthcoming PBS series of the same name, The Story of the Jews traces the Jewish experience across three millennia—from ancient times to the opening of the New World in 1492—and across the world—from Egyptian bazaars to the streets of Paris. Schama is University Professor of Art History and History at Columbia University in New York. A Q&A and book signing follow the program. Skirball, 2701 N Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90049

Till 29 March, Saturdays 8am – ROGA at Santa Monica Pier

8am Run Meet under the iconic Pier sign at the top of the ramp at Colorado and Ocean for a morning warmup with a brisk run around the beach and Pier areas. 2 and 5 mile courses available. Walkers welcome too. 9am Yoga Meet at the far west end of the Pier.  Bring your mat and have your peace of mind restored by Santa Monica’s top instructors as you gaze over the Pacific. All levels encouraged. Santa Monica Pier. 28 FOCUS | A P R I L 2 0 14

25 March, 6.30pm – Red Hen Press: John Barr, Nate Barr and Cecilia Woloch

Father and son John and Nathan Barr flourish in the related arts of poetry and music; both do so with what is apparently hereditary humor. John Barr’s Ibn Opcit poems have garnered strong praises for their mock-epic, serio-comic rollicking, and Nathan Barr’s recent musical work includes the score for the Hollywood comedy The Big Wedding. The ties of family run through Cecilia Woloch’s work, and her wrenching poetry explores familial and personal relationships; her most recent book, Carpathia, contains works of remembrance and celebration of her father. Annenberg Community Beach House 415 Pacific Coast Hwy at Beach Coast Way Santa Monica

Talk Back Tuesdays

Enjoy complimentary Peet’s Coffee & Tea before the show and dig deeper into plot, characters and themes with Geffen artists post-performance. It’s interactive, intellectual and thoughtprovoking. Geffen Playhouse 10886 Le Conte Avenue. T: 310 208-5454

Sunday Morning Yoga

Every Sunday, complimentary instore yoga at Lululemon from 9:30 -10:30am. Take your yoga mat – and if you don’t have one, you can borrow one for the class.

Thursdays – Run Club

If you like company when you’re running, Lululemon have a great free running club for the Brentwood community on Thursday evenings at 6:15pm. Meet at the store (11920 San Vicente Blvd.) and run around the neighborhood. Lululemon 11920 San Vicente Blvd, T: 310 442-3563


12 March, 7pm – An Evening with Malcolm McDowell

The Landmark’s Anniversary Classics screening is a tribute to Malcolm McDowell, a gifted raconteur with lots of anecdotes about working with the likes of Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud, Peter O’Toole, Helen Mirren and Alan Bates. He is best known for his charismatic role in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. In TIME AFTER TIME an ingenious fantasy written and directed by Nicholas Meyer, 19th century author H.G. Wells (Malcolm McDowell) uses his time machine to travel to modern-day San Francisco in order to trap Jack the Ripper (David Warner), who has eluded the police in Victorian England by fleeing to the 20th century. Mary Steenburgen also stars. At the time of its release in 1979, critic Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. praised the film as “an uncommonly cunning and literate thriller.” The film also features a majestic score by multiple Oscar-winning composer Miklos Rozsa. The Landmark presents An Evening with Actor Malcolm McDowell for the film’s 35th Anniversary. The Landmark. 10850 W Pico Blvd, CA 90064


21 March, 6pm – Soul Station featuring Terron Brooks Live performance in The Lounge at Casa del Mar. Stop by for music, dinner, craft cocktails, small plates, and an amazing sunset ocean view. This multi-talented performer has sung with legends such as Smokey Robinson, Stephanie Mills, and Michael Jackson. The Lounge at Casa del Mar 1910 Ocean Way Santa Monica, CA 90405


Health & Science Buyer Be Aware!

I spend a lot of time in my car listening to the radio, and it is amazing to me how many commercials feature dental “specialists”. So what’s the big deal – everyone is advertising right? Well maybe they are, but I know something that you by Dr. Paul Parminter, D.D.S. may not. These aren’t recognized Specialties in dentistry. To help educate the readers of this article as to who the dental specialists are, and how they are different please read on. What you should know about dental specialists: The American Dental Association (A.D.A.) recognizes nine dental specialties. A dental specialist must have at least two years of advanced training after graduating from dental school, from a program recognized and accredited by the A.D.A. Council on Dental Education. The specialist is required to limit the scope of their practice to the area of specialization. The nine areas of specialization are: 1. Endodontics 2. Oral Pathology 3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 4. Orthodontics 5. Pediatric Dentistry 6. Periodontics 7. Prosthodontics 8. Public Health Dentistry 9. Oral Radiology and Imaging

The Love Can Initiative Charity Cycle Event

Congratulations to Eden Sassoon and SoulCycle! They joined forces to strengthen body & soul and raise funds for the Love Can Initiative with a Cycling Event in West Hollywood on 3 March.

“People inspire people.” Eden Sassoon

The Love Can Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to the principle that all low-income families and their children should have the basic necessities and enjoy a better quality of life through community support and education.

(American Dental Association definitions-

Anyone claiming to be a dental “specialist” who does not limit their practice and has not completed an accredited training program in one of the dental specialties above is being fraudulent. Examples of areas that are not dental specialties include: “cosmetic dentistry”, ”T.M.J.”, “holistics”, ”Esthetic dentistry”, ”Implantology”, ” Certified Restorative Dentist”, “L.V.I.”, “Prevention”, “Amalgam detoxification”, “ Nonsurgical periodontics”, ”Sleep/snoring”. The public must be aware that some dentists claim to be specialists in such fields that are either unrecognized, unscientific, or both. Others claim to be specialists without completing the necessary training. And others claim membership in impressive-sounding but bogus or unrecognized professional organization. Remember that, just as in medicine, a dental specialist must receive additional training in a recognized area of specialization. This is additional study beyond that received in dental school. This training must be accredited by the A.D.A. and should be recognized by the governing body of that specialty. There are too many dentists practicing today for the governing bodies to police themselves. Membership in these organizations in voluntary. Enforcement costs are excessive. So the consumer should be aware of the above when making appropriate decisions for themselves in regard to dental care. Specialists can be a good choice for second opinions and often work together with general dentists. About the author: Dr. Paul Parminter, D.D.S. has lectured and published on the topic of implant prosthodontics, and lectured internationally. He currently maintains a full-time private practice limited to implant and reconstructive dentistry located in Brentwood. 11980 San Vicente Blvd, Suite 501, CA 90049 T:(310) 820-9800

Brentwood Focus will be co-hosting a special charity ride soon. Email for an official invitation: 29


Current Exhibitions John Miller. Untitled, 1986. 40 x 56 in. (101.6 x 142.2 cm). Courtesy

Cady Noland. Frame Device, 1989. Pipes, stanchions, 12 walkers. 132 x 132 x 54 in. (335.3 x 335.3 x 137.2 cm).

Barbara Kruger Untitled (Hello/ Goodbye), 2013 Digital print on vinyl.

David Wojnarowicz. The Death of American Spirituality, 1987. Mixed media on plywood. 81 x 88 in. (205.7 x 223.5 cm).

of the artist and Metro Pictures, New York. Image Courtesy of the Artist.

Courtesy of the artist.

Gaby and Wilhelm Schürmann, Herzogenrath, Germany; courtesy David Zwirner, New York Courtesy of the artist and David Zwirner Gallery, New York.

Collection of John Carlin and Renée Dossick. Image Courtesy of the Estate of David Wojnarowicz and P.P.O.W Gallery, New York, NY.


Take It or Leave It: Institution, Image, Ideology

The first large-scale exhibition to explore intersections between the artistic strategies of appropriation and institutional critique in the work of American artists who emerged from the late 1970s to the early 1990s. Featuring the work of 36 artists, the exhibition traces shared impulses between artists associated with the imperatives of institutional critique – confronting the structures and practices of institutions to scrutinize their role within society – and those who are commonly identified with artistic strategies of appropriation – the borrowing and recasting of existing images, styles, and forms from popular mass-media and fine art sources. As means of critical interpretation, institutional critique and appropriation can be understood as overlapping methodologies, and indeed they share a number of fundamental concerns.


Sam Durant: Pigs and Gold Sam Durant is a multimedia artist whose works engage a variety of social, political, and cultural issues. Often referencing American history, his work explores the varying relationships between culture and politics, engaging subjects as diverse as the civil rights movement, southern rock music, and modernism. His work has been widely exhibited internationally and in the United States. Art exhibitions at The Archer School for Girls are conceived, planned and executed entirely by students as part of the school’s unique gallery management program. 30 FOCUS | A P R I L 2 0 14


To The Point: Posters by Dan Reisinger Dan Reisinger is one of Israel’s design pioneers, known internationally for his vibrant visual language. This exhibition presents a selection of his iconic posters spanning the past fifty years.Reisinger is known for producing work that conveys “maximum meaning” by “minimum means.”


Coming Soon...





Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) is the foremost researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligence, working to create a sentient machine that combines the collective intelligence of everything ever known with the full range of human emotions. His highly controversial experiments have made him famous, but they have also made him the prime target of antitechnology extremists who will do whatever it takes to stop him. However, in their attempt to destroy Will, they inadvertently become the catalyst for him to succeed—to be a participant in his own transcendence. For his wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) and best friend Max Waters (Paul Bettany), both fellow researchers, the question is not if they can…but if they should. Their worst fears are realized as Will’s thirst for knowledge evolves into a seemingly omnipresent quest for power, to what end is unknown. The only thing that is becoming terrifyingly clear is there may be no way to stop him. Stars: Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany Rebecca Hall, Kate Mara, Morgan Freeman Director: Wally Pfister

After discovering her boyfriend is married, a woman (Cameron Diaz) tries to get her ruined life back on track. But when she accidentally meets the wife he’s been cheating on (Leslie Mann), she realizes they have much in common, and her sworn enemy becomes her greatest friend. When yet another affair is discovered (Kate Upton), all three women team up to plot mutual revenge on their cheating, lying, three-timing SOB. Stars: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kate Upton, Nicki Minaj Director: Nick Cassavetes

RIO 2 finds Jewel (Anne Hathaway), Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and their three kids leaving their domesticated life in that magical city for a journey to the Amazon. They encounter a menagerie of characters who are born to be wild.

Bears showcases a year in the life of two mother bears as they impart life lessons to their impressionable young cubs. Set against a majestic Alaskan backdrop teeming with life, their journey begins as winter comes to an end and the bears emerge from hibernation to face the bitter cold. The world outside is exciting—but risky—as the cubs’ playful descent down the mountain carries with it a looming threat of avalanches. As the season changes from spring to summer, the brown bear families must work together to find food—ultimately feasting at a plentiful salmon run—while staying safe from predators, including an ever-present wolf pack. “Bears” captures the fastmoving action and suspense of life in one of the planet’s last great wildernesses—where mothers definitely know best and their cubs’ survival hinges on family togetherness. Director: Keith Scholey Alastair Fothergill


The Other Woman

Rio 2

Stars: The voices of Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Leslie Mann, Jamie Foxx Director: Carlos Saldanha

Bears 31

PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW | 04/2014 / by Julianne Gabert

by Julianne Gabert AT ELAINES BAKERY

Ilea Matthews Actress and dog clothing outfitter.

Last month, I made a new real-life friend from the “People You May Know” list on Facebook. So I decided I’d continue my friendship-making quest and explore a new café in Brentwood. Ilea Matthews and I have over 250 mutual friends even though we haven’t met before. Her Facebook image is what drew me in; she’s on the cover of Curve magazine, which I remember seeing on newsstands. I can’t say I’ve ever hung out with a covergirl before, so why not see if she’d want to meet up? Since she’s from Sacramento also, I figured we’d have something to talk about. We met at Elaine’s Bakery, which opened last Fall. The interior is primarily hardwood flooring, the walls are painted beige, and the red padded chairs bring a sense of comfort to the ambiance. The service was very friendly towards Ilea and I and since we had her little Chihuahua, Xena, we were able to sit on the patio. Ilea ordered the Elaine’s Breakfast, which came with a fresh crepe, two eggs (she got over easy) and fresh fruit. Ilea noted it was a simple, but great take on a classic Breakfast dish. The cashier recommend I try the Elaine’s Honey Chipotle Chicken sandwich and that was a great recommendation. The sandwich has filled with a generous portion of chicken breast and pickled red cabbage. The chipotle aioli also gives it a kick without being too spicy. It came with a side over roasted carrots, with feta cheese and a light Olive Oil dressing. I would order the carrots over fries or chips anytime. After a few bites, Ilea and started talking:

32 FOCUS | A P R I L 2 0 14

JG: Thanks so much for meeting up with me. You have a unique name, what is the proper way to pronounce it? IM: EYE-LEE-AH. People don’t usually guess correctly the first time,

so I’ve heard all the wrong ones. Everything from Aaliyah to Eileen.

What inspired your custom dog clothing line, Ecopupfits?

It all started with Xena. It was winter, and she’s a Chihuahua. She needed sweaters to keep her warm. So I made sweaters just for her. I had ideas of what I would want her clothes to look like but buying all new material is costly. I’ve found so much material that is in perfectly good condition from second hand shops. My friends encouraged me to try and sell them, and I was apprehensive. Then one day, for fun, I decided to make clothing for male dogs. It was a dress-up shirt I called the “Ruff Lauren”. I didn’t expect it to take off the way it has but I’m happy about it. Plus, it allows me to donate a portion of profit to rescue shelters. Is it tougher to do custom clothing for animals than humans?

It’s actually an easier way to go. I get the exact measurements of your dog so it will fit just right. I once made clothing for a French Bulldogs and Dachshunds. They’re very oddly shaped. Most designs found in stores are designed for Chihuahua or Toy Dog type bodies. It’s also the most fun way for me to go. I like hearing what customers have in mind, especially when I can get creative. There’s a video on the website ( that instructs a viewer on how to measure their dog correctly. It’s actually not that hard. Which design is your favorite?

I made an Argyle sweater over a hipster striped button down shirt. Xena’s French Poodle boyfriend wears it. The Tahoe is the most popular design with my online customers. I also sell a lot of The Hampton designs at Rockstar Rover in West Hollywood (7701 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046).

Food I noticed posts about “Kiss Her I’m Famous”, the web-series you star in. What’s it about?

It’s a web series about two best friends who are down and out. I play Jen, a straight girl who has recently broken up with her boyfriend. Jen’s best friend is a lesbian whose girlfriend dumps her. In Season 1, Jen comes up with a brilliant idea to make a sex tape so they can get famous, so they make one. Season 2 is about the sex tape leaking and the aftermath of having a sex tape go viral. It airs on Tello Films (, which is a lesbian web-series channel.

We’re both actresses from Sacramento originally trying to get in on Film/TV projects in the area. What gave you the push to pursue a career in LA?

I started acting in high school. After I graduated from Sacramento State University with my degree in Theater, it took me 4 years to get the courage to move to LA. I wanted to move down with my ducks all in a row, projects on my resume, a SAG/AFTRA card, have an agent, a manager, etc. It got to a point where I decided I couldn’t sit in Sacramento and wait for these to happen. So I moved down and I don’t regret it at all.

The show has a growing following. Do you get interesting fan messages?

Any advice for actors who want to move to LA?

myself for Youtube called “The Newer Girl, In Apartment 33, Who Kissed a Girl in a Catwoman Suit”. It was about my life in LA getting established as an actress. The title of the show pokes fun at the fact that everyday I have someone coming up to me and telling me I look like one of the celebrities referred to in the title. I get a lot of haters from it. They post things like “You don’t look like Katy Perry” or “You don’t look like Krysten Ritter”. I’ve also heard “You’re just trying to live through their fame”. It’s obviously bored Youtubers with nothing better to do. They take it a little too seriously.

ten times more in LA. Also, if there’s anything else in your life you’d rather do, or that will make you as happy, do it. It’s so hard and it’s so taxing on you emotionally. While everyday is a challenge, there’s nothing else I want to do with my life.

I actually get more fan from an unscripted web-series I produced

Do you get hit on a lot by fans?

Sometimes I get messages that will just say “Hi”. I’m not exactly inclined to say anything back. I assume those are coming from the men right? When I was dabbling in online dating I got a lot of that.

No, I actually got 18 “hi” messages from a woman. It’s one thing when someone starts with “I liked you in this film” or something to start a conversation so I can have an actual conversation. Just “hi” is kind of creepy.

There’s so much more competition down here. It’s great to build your resume with local projects but I would say get used to the rejection there, so that way you’re used to it in LA. Cause you’ll hear “No”

$10 off on an Ecopupfit design if you mention Brentwood Focus. Follow us on Twitter: @ileamatthews @juliannegabert Elaine’s Bakery 11677 San Vincente Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049

About the Author: Julianne Gabert is an actress and blogger for “Girls on Food”. 33

THE DESIGN OF SPRING / by Tom Callaway

The Design Of Spring

I memorized my childhood storybooks by the images on the page in relation to the text, as it was read to me. When some kindly elder would be reading aloud to me, I would correct them if they by Tom Callaway left out a single word, or changed a phrase from what was actually es, it’s beginning to feel like Spring Time. I’m sure East printed on the page. Therefore, before I could read a single word, coasters would scoff at this southern Californian point of my little neighbor friends were shocked to think I could read view. To them we must be living in an endless summer, before we even got to kindergarten. while they have been and still are, bracing themselves for With both of my parents working all day and many nights, one of the meanest, coldest, and snow laden winters in memory. I spent a huge amount of time at my grandparent’s home But short of our usual rainy month, (which this year has been a surrounded by aunts, uncles, and cousins. This made the “no show”), trees are beginning to green out, wisteria blossoms time spent with my Mother all the more meaningful, and as a are beginning to dangle from their arbors, and the sweet smell of result, we became extraordinarily close. To this day we share the earth’s eternal attempts to bloom again are filling our nostrils an extraordinary bond that speaks volumes about my interests once more. and talents. Not because of all she taught me or shared with me, Unfortunately I am so allergic to all things growing or but more for the support she showed for my visual and artistic odiferous, including trees, flowers, grasses, perfumes, face proclivity, even without her understanding of how I could show creams, and almost every four legged animal, that I wouldn’t be these interests at such a young age. surprised to find myself allergic After World War II, a couple to some of the two legged years after my father returned versions as well, especially from over seas, I eventually when doused in perfume or came into the world. My cologne when I’m stuck in a taxi mother stopped working for or elevator interior with their almost two years when I was aromatic selves. Then my eyes three, but when I was about begin to swell shut, my under five, we moved to a larger house eye skin droops into large, where mother took in custom welt-like pouches, and my chest orders for dressmaking and presses down to make every alterations in our home. She breath a gasp, and every body also continued to make every movement an unforgiving ache. piece of her own wardrobe. It So I medicate thoroughly most was in this environment that every day, year round, but with my own visual sensibilities spring in the air, (forget about and point of view began to it)… I’m a walking drug store. make themselves known. At In spite of these personal the ridiculous age of five and issues, the notion of spring on six I was already critiquing its way is happily sparking my my mother’s clothing projects, thoughts of rebirth and new sitting at our kitchen table Photos by Tom Callaway, depicting beginnings. It’s as if we have a looking through my mom’s pattern books, and choosing the button to push to give us a jolt the landscape he designed at his styles and outfits I preferred for her personal wardrobe. I also Brentwood home. of inspiration to the instincts, pronounced what skirt length was appropriate for her, and helped talents, and interests that each choose her shoes on shopping trips together to Miller’s Shoe Store of us, in our own way, seem to be born with (not learned or on College Avenue, the main drag. acquired), flowing right there in our blood stream from our first Some of Mom’s wealthier clientele would bring in gowns breath. I’m, particularly thinking of creativity…artistic creativity, and party dresses purchased in larger cities, like Green Bay or which at first glance, seems to me to be something you either Milwaukee, for her to fit and do alterations. One such back HAVE OR HAVE NOT. I’m suggesting that creativity is less sequined dress had long sleeves of black chiffon that ended at the learned behavior, but rather a part of our innate instincts and wrist in white satin cuffs. I took one look at the cuffs, and at age abilities. This opinion is not studied scientific fact, but just my five, told my mother that the hideous cuffs had to go. After she personal observations, or sense of things. It may not be scientific, patiently explained that the dress did not belong to her, that she certainly not a clinical trial, but thinking back to my earliest was altering for an important client, and it was not our concern memories, I can’t recall an instant when drawing, painting, whether we liked the dress with or without cuffs, Mom completed colors, shapes, stories, music, or attractive images and the clear her work on it and hung it up on a rack near her sewing machine. sense of pretty or beautiful were not at the forefront of my mind. It may have only been finger painting, or playing Mr. Potato ater that afternoon, while she was cooking dinner, I head, but making images, organizing forms and colors on a sheet slipped down the stairs to her basement workroom, lifted of paper, or caring about the appearance of virtually everything the plastic cover, and with one of my mother’s nearby was always foremost in my consciousness. pinking shears, lopped off the satin cuffs to my desired When I wasn’t drawing or coloring, as soon as I could talk I effect. I then zipped up the plastic clothing bag over the dress and was giving my verbal opinion about damn near everything visual. hung it back up on the rack. I headed upstairs to dinner without My inner, imaginary life, knew no bounds, and perhaps due to saying a word about my added alteration. The next morning, being an only child for ten years, I was acting out entire pageants when Mom returned to finish her project by attaching sparkly with my imaginary characters, both friendly and frightening. rhinestone buttons to the infamous cuffs before her client’s



34 FOCUS | A P R I L 2 0 14

APRIL 2014 arrival for pick up, I heard her scream my name, and flying up the stairs and grabbing me by the ear, she demanded an explanation for the ruined sleeves! At five years old, I snapped back at her “since she didn’t have the good sense and good taste to cut off those stupid cuffs, I did”! I was spanked within an inch of my life, and with tears streaming and my rear end burning, I watched my mother, tearing her hair out, trying to repair (in mere minutes) the infamous gown. Only her resourcefulness and talent saved my skin. The client arrived, the re-cuffing not noticed, and the entire affair was never mentioned again. I now look back to this vivid memory as one of my clearest recollections of an early step forward on my meandering path toward a life in the arts, specifically, a life in design.


ut what is my point in this long anecdote of my impetuous guerilla tactics to an innocent evening dress? In a way, I like to think that my need for acting out as a young kid to express my visual point of view was part of my DNA, no differently than a flower needs to push up from the earth each spring and open it’s bloom to the sun. That my intense desire to have the largest Crayola Box so I could have all the colors at my disposal was more than a spoiled kid wanting the big one, but instead, the seed of an artistic person wanting the full range of the color spectrum to make his colorful images come to life. I think my need to tell my mother her proper skirt length, or what pair of shoes looked best on her was as unlearned an event as my heart beating of its own accord, or my wanting to eat when I felt hungry. I’m not suggesting that one’s innate abilities, i.e., whether one is good at design, or the ability to act or sing, or to be a whiz at math, or to be a natural athlete are enough to stick with from what we have from the outset. Rather that these natural talents are to be cherished, worked on, studied, and expanded over the length of one’s life to be more than just an instinct. These are gifts to be valued, explored, and expanded through every means possible, and with this exploration not viewed as a chore. These are tasks we do because we cannot help but do them. They give us the endless pleasure of learning more and doing more with what came as part of our birthright… our individual gifts. I’m hoping these sunny days, blue skies, and scented breezes will push each of our buttons to do more of what comes to us naturally, but with a renewed vigor. So Happy Spring everybody! Go do your thing! I know I’ll be taking a new stab at mine. But first, here goes another antihistamine, down the hatch.

About the author: Tom Callaway is an interior designer and architect, living in Brentwood.

Trivia 1000 Awesome Things by Neil Pasricha

Fat Baseball Players


If you ever find yourself playing professional sports and someone from the stands yells out “Come on, Big Bopper!,” you’re probably a fat baseball player. Fat baseball player, thank you for giving us that simplest thing of all. Hope. See, because usually when we see those tricep flabs shaking in the wind and those bathroom scales exploding into a mess of springs going in all directions, we figure that our professional sports careers are pretty much over. Ain’t too much room on the hockey bench or the soccer pitch for us husky folks, and so, with our dreams sidelined, we sign up for night school VCR repair courses and start staining furniture in the garage, channeling our energies away from the games we love into our Plan Bs and Cs. But that’s where you come in. To the Cecil Fielders, John Kruks, and C.C. Sabathias of the world: Thank you for keeping our dreams alive to one day be a platoon Designated Hitter. Thank you for being AWESOME!

What We Are Watching on Netflix

You’ve got your Netflix subscription and finished your binge marathon of House of Cards. Now what? Well, we watch a few of the outdated offerings on Netflix and bring you our recommendations each month. PHILLY

A one season, courtroom ABC series from 2001 – created by Steven Bochco, (Hill Street Blues) – which focuses on criminal defense attorney Kathleen Maguire (Kim Delaney). Kathleen is a principled, single mother whose ex-husband happens to be the DA. She defends members of the unfortunate underclass in Philadelphia, whilst also taking care of her young son, and fitting in an affair with a rather handsome judge. It’s very addictive, quirky and emotional – we bet you shed a few tears at the end of every episode. Try it. 35

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