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No tte n’s

N o t t e n’s B u s h C a m p Sabi Sand Reser ve Since 1964

African Dream



otten’s is one of the finest family run lodges in Africa, and is situated in the world renown Sabi Sand Game Reser ve. I t is one of the original game lodges and it offers a truly authentic African safari experience. I ts ex tremely high return cliental is due to its impeccable standard of ser vice and warm hospitality. The lodge is the epitome of natural elegance and exclusively has only 8 private suites


Sabi Sand Reser ve

Into the wild


he Sabi Sand Game Reser ve is a re markable natural sanctuar y known


for its exceptionally high concentration of animal and bird life. Safaris are led by experienced rangers in open-top land rovers, offering an adventurous discover y of the region’s prolific wildlife, including the Big 5. Walking safaris are also offered daily, giving guest the oppor tunity of discovering the hidden treasures of the re gion.Â

t 145 Mammal Species t 500 Bird Species

t 110 Reptiles Species

t 30 Amphibians Species t 45 Fish Species


Peace and tranquility at the pool and spa

Delicious wholesome food prepared by the loving hands of top local chef Henr y Mnesi.

Crackling fires, soft glowing lanterns & the sounds of the Africa night.

Why choose Notten’s L o c at i on

Lodge Reser vations t

+27 13 735 5105


+27 13 735 5970


+27 (0) 82 414 2711 w w w. n o t t e n s . c o m

- situ ate d in one of t he f inest pr ivate game re s e r ve s i n t he world.

N G ame v i e w i ng

- hig hest concent rat ion of natura l ly o cc ur r ing w i ld life in S out h Af r ic a, including t he big f ive.

E xclus ive

- to ensure t he hig hest qu a lit y and to honour t he env ironment, Notten’s Bush C amp has on ly 8 pr ivate suite s .

Fam i ly r u n

- p ers ona l attent i on is gu ar ante e d.

Aut he nt i c

- Notten’s Bush C amp is one of t he or ig ina l pr ivate game lo dges in S out h Af r ic a and it of fe rs an aut he nt ic Af r i c an S afar i ex p er i ence.

otten’s Design by Grant Notten

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Notten's is one of the finest family run lodges in Africa ,and is situated in the world renown Sabi Sand Game Reserve. For more information...