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Turning The Clock Back

Dearest Conscious Life Friends You may have read my 1st letter last month when Linda asked me to step in as Deputy Editor and write the Ed’s letter for a change, what I didn’t know at the time was what she had up her sleeve!! I am honored and proud to announce that I have taken over full time as Editor of Conscious Life Magazine! I look forward to sharing this beautiful magazine with you, our awesome readers for many, many years to come as we walk the path of living consciously and sustainably together. If there is anything I have learnt in my life, it is that life is what you make of it, or what you allow it to make of you! We each have a choice and are co-creators with that divine higher power of exactly how we want our lives to be. This month I decided that enough is enough, I am taking the steps needed to get my body, mind and spirit back into shape and harmony. I am proud to say that I went to gym 5 days this week and have signed up to be a beta tester for an awesome new workout by a friend of mine, focusing on getting the best butt! I also spent time clearing and sorting my space at home, clearing out old stagnant energy and allowing new, fresh, positive energy to flow in. I spent time in meditation just being close to that Divine energy of the Creator of all that is. I am sharing this with you in hopes that it will inspire you. Life is short and so many of us just Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

rush through each day not properly paying attention to our health, fitness, mental and spiritual health. We are creating and deciding what, who & how we want to be in every moment of every day with our thoughts and actions. But it starts with our thoughts – who are you choosing to be in every moment of everyday? What are you attracting to yourself and into your life with these thoughts? Something to really think about and part of the reason behind the creation of Conscious Life Magazine. We want to help you live your best life. Every month we share a wealth of information in our articles to help you take care of each of these aspects. So I encourage you to take the 1st step towards a better, healthier, more conscious you by choosing an aspect to focus on. We will help you do that this month with so many beautiful articles such as: “How Do We Digest Life” by Wendy Young; Natural Ways to Boost Your Dopamine; Making the Switch from Dairy to Almond Milk; Space Clearing; DIY Father’s Day Gift Guide. And we celebrate a legend before his last tour… Johnny Clegg We salute you!! I still remember the 1st time I saw him perform when I was just a little girl! A treasured memory.

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

By Wendy Young: Wise Living

We have less ability to digest food when our mind is improperly digesting life's experiences! Mind and body are not separate entities but are deeply interrelated. The mind can affect the wellbeing of the body, just as the condition of the body can affect the quality and state of mind. There is an intimate relationship between the brain and stomach which means that digestion responds to thoughts and emotions. The healing tradition of Ayurveda teaches that health and wellbeing depend upon our ability to digest everything we receive from the environment. This includes food and drink, experiences and emotions as well as the sensory input through our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. Agni is the Sanskrit term for “digestive fire”. Agni breaks down food and experiences, assimilating what is useful and eliminating the rest.

Conscious Life Magazine

When digestive ability is strong, healthy tissues are created, waste products are effectively eliminated and a subtle essence called ojas is produced. Ojas is experienced as our innermost vital essence and our enthusiasm for life. Ojas is the basis for clarity of perception, immunity, overall strength – physical, mental and spiritual, as well as the glow of our aura! If agni is weakened through improper eating, lack of activity, turbulent emotional states or an unhealthy daily routine, digestion will become compromised. This produces toxins – ama – which are stored in the body and is the root cause of dis-ease. Whether you are dealing with weight issues or uncomfortable symptoms such as IBS, bloating, gas, acid reflux or indigestion, the underlying root problem is weak agni, or poor digestion.

Ayurveda recommends a variety of practical tips to keep agni strong. By including these practices in your daily life, you can strengthen agni, improve nutrient absorption and food metabolism, treat uncomfortable digestive symptoms, digest life experiences and enhance your overall sense of vitality: •

Meditate daily – regular practice helps restore balance to your body/mind, including the processes which control digestion. Meditation is also an effective way to manage stress. Regular exercise - whether it is a little yoga every morning or a short daily walk, this aids digestion and controls sugar spikes. Don’t overeat - when you overeat, your body cannot break down food properly. Your body will also produce more acid, causing reflux and indigestion which leads to gas, discomfort or bloating. Ayurveda recommends that you leave ¼ of your stomach empty to allow space for the digestive process. Sip ginger tea throughout the day - ginger is known as a “universal remedy” due to its many medicinal properties. Ginger relaxes the smooth muscles of the intestine which relieves symptoms of gas and cramping and strengthens digestion. Eat your largest meal at lunchtime - your body is most able to digest food at midday, when you are active and digestive fire is at its strongest. In the evening your body is slowing down and preparing for sleep. If you eat your biggest meal at dinner, when agni is weaker, you can feel heavy and bloated and have difficulty falling asleep. Practice letting go of turbulent emotions – have you noticed how emotions effect your digestion? You may get heartburn or lose your appetite when you feel stressed or feel nauseous before a big presentation...

ConsciousLife LifeMagazine Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017 Conscious

Unprocessed emotions can put a strain on the natural digestive process and lead to chronic digestive issues. By learning how to manage stress and release emotional turbulence, you help your digestive system work naturally and efficiently. Look out for next month’s newsletter in which I talk about emotional intelligence. If any of this resonates with you and you’d like to learn how to meditate, need nutritional treatment or transpersonal counselling to help access and ‘digest’ emotions, please contact me for more information and to book a session Proper digestion, with a strong agni, plays a central role in your physical and emotional wellbeing. By making wise choices that strengthen your digestive ability, you form the foundation for good health and vitality. With love Wendy Spiritual Counsellor / Teacher / Nutritionist

The 10 things you need to have in your car Whether you’re driving a brand-new vehicle or a previously loved car with plenty of mileage, there are certain items that you should always have in your vehicle in case of an emergency. Here is a checklist of the top ten. Phone charger Keep a spare charger in your car for those moments when your phone’s battery is critically low and you need to call for emergency help.

Torch You can use the torch app on your phone but it will drain your battery, so keep a torch with spare batteries. It’s important if you’re stuck at night or need to look inside the bonnet or under the car.

Jumper cables Batteries can go flat, so keep jumper cables in your boot and make sure you know how to use them. You will, however, need to ask a Good Samaritan to help you start your car!

Spare wheel If you have a puncture you’ll have to change your tyre, so it’s crucial that your spare is in good condition. Also check that you have a wrench and jack, and that you know how to change a tyre.

Tyre sealant In case you don’t know how to change your tyre or you need a quick solution, have an aerosol sealant so that you can temporarily plug the leak and get to the closest petrol station.

Owner’s manual Keep this in your cubbyhole as it has very useful information about how your car operates. It could help you identify and fix the problem to get you back on the road.

Reflective triangles By law you need to have a double-sided red reflective triangle in your vehicle. If you’ve broken down on the side of a public road, use it to warn other motorists.

First aid kit Having a basic kit in your car could save someone’s life. Check it regularly to ensure nothing has expired and replenish items after you’ve used them.

Tow rope If you’ve broken down and you need to be towed to the closest petrol station, a tow rope is an essential item to have.

Map You might have a GPS in your vehicle, but technology can sometimes let you down or you may be out of signal, so have a map book just in case you get lost. Article by Indwe Risk Services - Information sources: Santam, MiWay and Wheels24. Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Conscious Life Magazine

Depression And Nutrition — 3 Nutrients Against Depression

By Filip Gjorgoski

Depression is one of the leading health problems in the world and its impact on our health and quality of life is enormous. The world is in desperate need of a new approach to prevent and treat depression. Unhealthy diet characterized by high intake of processed meat, desserts, snacks packed with sugar and artificially sweetened drinks, has never been a bigger research field for scientist.

A growing body of evidence suggest an interlink between nutrition and depression. That’s why it’s important to understand that what we eat can have a significant impact on our mood. The lack of essential nutrients that our brain uses to balance its chemistry may lead to depression. Scientists believe that reduced levels of the neurotransmitter called serotonin is the main cause of depression. Serotonin is an important compound for mood regulation and is nourished by the nutrients we consume.

The following are the three nutrients that play the biggest role in improving our mood.

Omega 3 essential fatty acids Our brain is 60% fat and there are 2 types of fats that our body can not make to support the brain’s health: omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. That is why including omega 3 rich foods in our diet is crucial.

Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry revealed consumption of omega 3 fatty acids by patients diagnosed with depression significantly lowered their symptoms. Omega 3 essential fatty acids are primarily found in fish such as wild Alaskan salmon sardines or tuna. Three to four servings of wild Alaskan salmon weekly should help you get the optimal amount of omega 3 fatty acids. Enough for our brain to start producing serotonin and antiinflammatory hormones. If you are vegan or vegetarian, then you will be pleased to know that there are alternatives — in the form of organic supplements. Another quality and vegan source of omega 3 fatty acids is flax seed. One table spoon of ground flax seed or one tea spoon of flax oil should meet the daily necessary amount of omega 3 in our body.

Folate as an alternative depression treatment Folate and Folic acid belong to the vitamin B group, also known as vitamin B9. It is a central nutrient in aiding many essential processes such as the production of red blood cells and DNA protection.

Folate also helps with vitamin B12 absorption, stress and depression, fighting heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Norwegian researchers found that the lack of folic acid and vitamin B12 in our diet could cause depression. Consumption of folic acid helps regulate serotonin levels, making people achieve inner balance and feel happier. The German Nutrition Society recommends a daily dose of 300 micrograms of folic acid, which is the equivalent of 25 g of yeast flakes, 600 g wheat or 250 g parsley. When taken in combination with vitamin B12, the effects could be even greater. Other Folate rich foods: 100 g Beets contain 80 mcg of Folate 100 g Brussels sprouts contain 61 mcg of Folate 100 g Rice contain 58 mcg of Folate 100 g Peanuts contain 120 mcg of Folate 100 g Broccoli contain 63 mcg of Folate

Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Magnesium Magnesium is the most powerful relaxation mineral. It is responsible for over three hundred enzyme reactions. It helps with relaxing the muscles, reduces stress and the overall cellular function. So, if your depression is associated with anxiety, including magnesium in your diet can have a tranquilizing effect. And there are a lot of studies that can prove that. The most alarming facts of all is that 3 in 4 people have magnesium deficiency and don’t even know it. Some of the magnesium deficiency symptoms are: headaches, muscle spasms, insomnia, anxiety, constipation and low energy levels.

That’s why it’s important to load up on these magnesium rich foods: 1 cup Spinach contains 157 mg magnesium 1 cup Chard contains 154 mg magnesium 1/8 cup Pumpkin seeds contains 92 mg magnesium 1 square Dark Chocolate contains 95 mg magnesium 1 ounce Almonds contains 80 mg magnesium ½ cup Black Beans contains 60 mg magnesium 1 medium Avocado contains 58 mg magnesium 1 cup Yogurt contains 50 mg magnesium The recommended dose for men is RDA 400 milligrams and women RDA 310 milligrams a day.

Filip Gjorgoski Filip Gjorgoski is a Staff Writer for Filip is also a nutrition enthusiast. He believes that the secret to long and healthy life is achieved only through proper nutrition. His hobbies are blogging, working-out, hiking and traveling. Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Conscious Life Magazine Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

There are many arguments and recommendations but very little evidence to show that milk consumption is associated with reduced risk of bone fractures. Milk is a good source of potassium but the levels needed to prevent hypertension are much higher than is being consumed.

By Dr. Aadil Ahmed Khan Registrar Internal Medicine. MBChB, BMedSc, HMedSc (PHYS). FBB SA Classic Bodybuilding, Arnold Classic Africa 2016 Runner Up

Milk is a prime source of 3 important nutrients calcium, potassium and Vitamin D. • Calcium is especially important for bone health • Too much sodium and too little potassium together are risk factors for high blood pressure. Most people have too much salt and not enough potassium in their diet • Vitamin D is added to fortified milk

Research further suggests that the dairy in our diet can actually cause health problems (for some) like lactose intolerance, painful menstruation, aggravation of skin problems, indigestion, heart burn, etc. A deficiency of lactase, an enzyme produced in your small intestine, is usually responsible for lactose intolerance. Although many people with low levels of lactase are able to digest milk products, if you are indeed lactose intolerant, you are unable to fully digest the sugar (lactose) in milk and your lactase deficiency could lead to symptoms after you consume dairy. Some of these symptoms include diarrhoea, gas and bloating after eating or drinking dairy products. The condition, which is also called lactose malabsorption, is usually harmless, but can be very uncomfortable. Conscious Life Magazine

One might benefit from clearer skin by cutting dairy out of your diet. Dairy can aggravate skin conditions such as acne. A study published in 2005 in the “Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology” determined that there is a link between milk consumption and acne. Researchers hypothesized this is due to the hormones and bioactive molecules in milk. Additionally, a review of studies published in 2010 in “Skin Therapy Letter” looked at 21 studies and six clinical trials, concluding that there is a positive association between cow’s milk and acne. Females may benefit from cutting out dairy during their menstrual cycle if they have painful menstrual cramps. Nutritional research shows that dairy intake boosts oestrogen consumption because cows were maybe milked when their hormone levels are highest. Oestrogen builds up the lining of the uterus, which releases prostaglandins when it sheds during your menstrual cycle and this in turn, can lead to painful menstrual symptoms.

Is switching to a non-dairy alternative such as almond milk healthy? Almond milk is made from ground almonds. It is a dairy-free, soy-free and lactose free alternative to cow’s milk, which makes it a good option for those with dairy or lactose intolerances. It contains healthy benefits such as vitamin A, D, E, vitamin B12, protein, fibre, magnesium, potassium and calcium. It is free of cholesterol and saturated fats and evidence suggests that the fat in almond milk is healthier than that of cow’s milk unless it is

skim milk or has no fat. According to the American Heart Association, monosaturated fats like those found in almond milk are good for your heart. Almond milk also has fewer calories that cow’s milk, which makes it easier to incorporate into a weight loss diet. Vitamin B12 helps produce red blood cells and release energy from carbohydrates that you eat. In my home, we have substituted dairy out of our everyday life, and introduced Almond Breeze almond milk as a staple in the kitchen. This dairy alternative is a healthier option, that doesn’t compromise on taste. The dairy transition has been really easy for me to do because of the following benefits of almond milk: • Flavour: It tastes great and has a smooth creamy texture • Non-dairy: completely free from dairy, eggs, lactose, casein, peanuts and gluten • Low-calorie: can assist with weight loss when combined with a low calorie diet. Contains fewer kilojoules than skim and soy milk. It also has a low glycaemic index (GI) • Vegan friendly: suitable for people following a vegan diet • Cholesterol free: can help lower cholesterol • No added sugar: Almond Breeze Unsweetened has no added sugar making it suitable for diabetics • Versatility: can be used for cooking, baking, in cereals, coffee, smoothies or simply enjoy a delicious glass on its own.

Why don’t you try the switch for you and your family and see the difference it makes to your wellbeing!

ConsciousLife LifeMagazine Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017 Conscious

by Jayne Leonard

Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter which helps to control our brain’s reward and pleasure centers. It also keeps us motivated and focused so we can work toward reaching our goals. Signs of low dopamine include fatigue, depression, an inability to deal with stress, poor concentration and memory, mood swings, a lack of motivation, and failure to complete tasks or work toward goals. Those with addiction may also have low levels of dopamine, as fueling addictive behaviors is one of the body’s shortcuts to increase the dopamine available in the brain. If you think your dopamine levels are low, then check out these 11 ways to boost this important neurotransmitter naturally. Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

1. Challenge Yourself When we achieve a long sought-after goal – or even take steps toward reaching that goal – our dopamine levels are stimulated. Working toward any goal – large or small – with positive expectations helps to release dopamine. According to Dr. Loretta Breuning, setting a new challenge and taking small steps toward it every day for just 45 days will teach our brains to stimulate dopamine in a new way. Those struggling with low dopamine may have no motivation to complete any task, but even setting a tiny goal – such as going for a 15 minute walk, or cleaning the kitchen – can stimulate the brain to release a little dopamine, which will encourage you to set bigger goals, in anticipation of larger rewards.

2. Meditate Meditation is one of the most important morning habits you can adopt for a variety of reasons. Not only does it reduce stress, ease chronic pain, boost immunity, and improve focus, but it naturally raises dopamine levels. One study, published in the journal Cognitive Brain Research, found an increase in dopamine during meditation, which helped to improve both the focus and concentration of participants. Although meditation requires a concerted effort and diligence, the results are well worth it. Whether you choose to focus on your breathing, practice yoga poses, or repeat a mantra, there’s sure to be a type of meditation that suits you. Why not make regular meditation one of your long-term aims, and double your dopamine-boosting efforts?

3. Exercise Working out doesn’t just benefit the body, it has a hugely positive impact on the mind too. Consistent exercise over time stimulates dopamine release and uptake in the brain. It also releases other positive neurotransmitters such as serotonin and endorphins, and lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Dopamine is also partly responsible for the feeling of a ‘runner’s high’, although less strenuous exercises such as walking, swimming, cycling, yoga, and kettlebells will all stimulate its release too. Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

4. Massage Massage and other forms of physical contact are known to increase both happiness levels and immune function, whilst relieving pain and lowering blood pressure. The skin-to-skin contact of massage has even been shown to raise dopamine levels. In a study carried out by the Touch Research Institutes at the University of Miami School of Medicine, researchers found that massage increases dopamine levels by 31%, and serotonin (another important neurotransmitter) by 28%. Enjoy regular back massages or even a stressrelieving foot rub now and then to boost mood and neurotransmitter levels.

5. Turn Up the Radio Play your favorite tunes regularly to experience a temporary burst of happiness. Research shows that listening to music can increase dopamine levels briefly, as can the anticipation of hearing your favorite sounds! Other studies have shown that listening to upbeat music daily for just two weeks can significantly improve mood and overall happiness levels.

6. Stop Stressing Prolonged, or chronic, stress can deplete dopamine levels over time, while raising cortisol levels. Chronic stressors such as a high-pressure job, marital breakdown, or financial worries actually limit concentrations of dopamine transporters and impede release of dopamine in the brain. To balance things out, try to reduce your stress as much as possible, and work to improve your mechanisms for coping with those stressors you just can’t avoid. These coping mechanisms can include exercise, meditation, quality sleep, and a healthy diet – all the things that help increase dopamine naturally!

Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

7. Take Turmeric A revered golden-colored spice, turmeric has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine. Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric that is responsible for both its health benefits and its yellow hue, may improve mood by boosting dopamine and other important brain chemicals such as serotonin and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). One small study indicates that curcumin may be as effective as Prozac at lifting mood in depressed patients! And the participants who took both curcumin and prescription medication experienced the greatest improvement. Be sure to take turmeric with black pepper, which contains piperine – a compound that increases curcumin bioavailability by 2,000%! This highly popular supplement also contains black pepper to dramatically increase the bioavailability of curcumin. Also, why not try these 16 delicious ways to drink turmeric?

Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

8. Improve Gut Health Fostering healthy gut bacteria is probably one of the most important things you can do for your health. Scientists and doctors are continually learning about the complexity of the human gut, and its influence over immunity, cognitive function, weight management, hormonal balance and more. It turns out that dopamine production is dependent on a healthy gut – not surprising when you discover that the brain and gastrointestinal system share an intimate connection, known as the brain-gut axis. A healthy balance of bacteria in the gut will also help reduce the number of lipopolysaccharides – a type of endotoxin that inhibits dopamine production. Here are 13 ways to improve the health of your gut.

9. Swap Coffee for Green Tea Green tea, which has been enjoyed in Asia for centuries, is one of the most healing drinks around. While it contains caffeine – which has been shown to deplete long-term dopamine levels – it has less than coffee making it a better choice for those needing an energy boost. When it comes to boosting mood, green tea also has another advantage over coffee – it contains an amino acid called l-theanine, which research shows increases bodily levels of dopamine, serotonin and an acid called GABA. Other studies have shown that green tea has anti-depressant-like effects, which stave off feelings of anxiety and pressure. This delicious brew has also been associated with lower overall levels of psychological distress.

10. Get Creative When we work to create something, we enter a highly focused state where nothing else matters, known as flow. The effects of flow are similar to those of meditation, which is why it can increase dopamine production. It also helps reduce stress and gives us a sense of purpose and goal-fulfillment! Creativity can take on many forms – such as knitting, sewing, drawing, photography, home- or auto-repairs, cooking, cake decorating and much more. All of these are thought to stimulate dopamine levels – an idea which research backs up. In a study of more than 3,500 knitters, published in The British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 81% of respondents with depression reported feeling happy after knitting, while over 50% described themselves as ‘very happy’. Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

11. Eat a Dopamine-Boosting Diet Healthy eating is important for so much more than clear skin and a trim figure, it plays a huge role in mental health too. To stay happy and healthy, avoid simple carbohydrates – like sugar, breads, pastries, pasta, and white rice – which all cause blood sugar levels to rise, and then drop. Eating these highly processed foods can also lead to cravings, thanks to dopamine’s influence on the pleasure centers of the brain. While these may seem like good options to raise dopamine levels, they merely provide a temporary fix, and can lead to food addictions and overeating, raising the risk of insulin resistance, hypoglycemia and type 2 diabetes. Don’t be tempted to replace refined sugar with artificial sweeteners either. These are just as unhealthy and pose some serious concerns. For example, studies in 2007 and 2013 found that a compound in aspartame can cause reduced levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Complex carbohydrates, which release energy slowly and steadily, are a better choice than simple carbs for mental and physical health. These include quinoa, amaranth, millet, buckwheat, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, lentils, and beans. They’re not processed, and so don’t trigger the brain in the same way that simple carbohydrates do. You should also consider increasing your intake of tyrosine-rich foods. Tyrosine is an amino acid that encourages the brain to release dopamine. It’s found in nuts like almonds, pumpkin and sesame seeds, avocado, banana, lima beans, dairy, and meat. Folate is also an important nutrient, and is found in raw, leafy green vegetables, and starchy beans like chickpeas, kidney and black beans. This essential B-vitamin is necessary to produce both dopamine and serotonin. Finally, enjoy a variety of brightly colored vegetables and fruits, which contain many important vitamins and minerals to help the body run smoothly. As dopamine is easy to oxidize, antioxidants in fresh produce may reduce free radical damage to the brain cells that produce neurotransmitters.

Article source: with gratitude Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

By: Tumi Rapetswa, Mina Senior Facilitator

When I first heard about MINA Cup I was at a Sesego Cares Golf Day Fund-Raising Event. I was sitting beside Annemarrie Mostert and Charlotte Khoza (founders of Sesego Cares) and my Mother, Molebogeng Rapetswa, and we were throwing in ideas over a cup of coffee. My guess is that we had reached the topic of “spontaneous and unique ideas" in our conversation because that is when Mostert beckoned two MinaCup facilitators? It was as if a new-born baby had been announced because in walked both facilitators presenting a menstrual cup. I was amazed and confused...

I had never heard of a menstrual cup before: 'What a violation to the human body.' I thought. ‘Are women that desperate?’ 'Surely a tampon does justice?’ 'Why are we constantly 'improving’ the unnecessary?' For the most part of the presentation the packaging seemed lovely and sincere. Listening further, I realised it wasn't the cup that I was most fearful of, but the journey to discover the wonders of my body and it’s ability. I could appreciate that I was part of a cycle where the feminine realities that come with the excitement of "It's a girl” are still foreign and taboo, not just culturally, but to many women and men globally. I then made it a point to meet with one of the Founders of MINA, Zaakira Mahomed with the intention of letting her know that I was inspired by the product she had designed, and their mission to keep more young girls in school, change lives and save the planet. I can recall wanting to inform her that I’d be an Ambassador and I’d cheer Mina everywhere I

Conscious Life Magazine

went. But much like the presentation from the facilitators, I found myself talking less and listening more. I found myself wanting to sit at the feet of this woman who spoke so openly about her life; wearing her womanhood on her sleeve. Simultaneously, I kept finding myself; my womanhood. I began once again wanting to know my body and be its friend. Wanting to know “Mina” that is the me more intimately. I then began my journey with Mina by understanding who Mina is. I no longer saw it as a menstrual cup; Instead, I saw her as an African Leader and Global Ambassador, a Role Model who shaped the way in which woman viewed themselves. Mina became a point of self-realisation not only by me for myself, but by me for others. She became the realisation of the truth of myself as a woman. I think when growing up it is very seldom we are thrown into our fullselves as women. Into the full truth of what it means to bleed every month; to be an

emotional being; to understand the intricate wonders of our design to can carry a new life inside ourselves or to simply be woman. It is at this point that I think most women can agree: Mina becomes that chocolate teaser on display in which you indulge, cannot get enough of and end up buying in bulk. Our mission is so much more than a "touch and go “ approach, which a lot of organisations and/or companies seem to think is an impactful strategy. To “teach a man how to fish”; to fully change his/her life takes time and requires full engagement. It requires that we understand the environment in which the individuals are exposed. It requires a full interest in that individual by understanding their unique story. It requires that we drain our minds, from preconceived ideas, and become receptive to re-learning and thinking. One example of this, Mina was invited by the National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH) to have a conversation about menstrual hygiene with women who wastepick as a means of survival. I thought to myself, “They're not going to hear me”. I had a preconceived idea of the women at the event, based on a “get out of the road” irritation I encountered with one of the men, on separate occasion, whom I thought to be really stubborn. They opened up the ceremony with a choir so as to unite us all and showed a documentary of these individuals: their struggles, their faith to find a promise even in the midst of such chaos and the pains of living in a materialistic society that strips a man and woman of his/her dignity and compares him/her to the lowest of animals in a food-chain hierarchy. I was moved and so my goal-post shifted and the talk centered around the restoration of dignity. I also realised I had a lot more to take from these woman than we could ever give and in so doing I encouraged them to tell their story.

Conscious Life Magazine

The MinaCup organisation alongside dedicated NGO’s and companies has impacted over 25 000 lives, of children and women. We travel all over South Africa to distribute menstrual cups in schools, first and foremost, particularly in cases where females are denied an education owing to poverty conditions, lack of information or mentorship, and poor hygiene and sanitation. This is why I enjoy my work, Mina is continuous and never ending. Mina is not one big glorified Christmas truck that has all these happy African children running-up behind it (as if it were some North Pole commercial) only to receive from it one night's meal until the next Christmas. Mina changes the narrative by encouraging women and young girls to really search within themselves. Mina says you have a story; now tell it. Mina says you’re no different from the one next to you simply because of circumstances, status or roles instead you can form a chain of sisterhoods. This is how we approach situations. It is also through the feedback sessions that we have with the young girls that makes our work worthwhile. We find out if the girls are using the cup and if not, why and how better can we assist. We live in their moments ,their obstacles, expectations and feelings. It's through feedback we try reduce challenges and better inform ideas. Mina also comes with a diary. This allows young girls to record their day-to-day experiences and reflect back. Mina becomes that starter-pack to life and womanhood. We find that even though the circumstances are similar; each testimony is different. It becomes impossible to categorise these young girls because in the end it's their unique experience that makes their ambassadorship impactful. We go into communities where young girls are taught to fear their body but make it available for young boys to name and to explore; communities where mothers do not know how to talk Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

about puberty, menarche, sexuality and pregnancy; communities where condoms are thrown in the faces of these young children with no answers to why, with little depth or a lack of vision of a brighter and more tangible future. We must stress this reality, that there is only so much a third party can do. There is only so much that a Life and Orientation class can teach, or schools or organisations that attempt to bridge these adolescent gaps can give. Thus, Mina also aims to get the parents and the teachers involved. We cannot be judgmental but mindful of cultural barriers that are, even to this present day, sensitive about the biological and uncontrollable facts that are an Act of God. Part of my research of Mina and womanhood in general, presented this interesting scenario: In relationships, it was noted that men got away with a lot more for the simple fact that they knew more about women than women knew about them (or themselves for that matter). I’m not too sure about the statistics on that one? However, Mina isn't a neofeminist movement at all. The above scenario is not aimed at pointing fingers. The point here is it's this simple: when you can understand and accept your biological makeup you're on your journey to accepting and living your truth. You also take the risk of informing somebody else of that truth and hope that they can appreciate it. A few examples of this are as follows:

Why do women take shorter steps and precise movements? How is it that the uterus is the strongest muscle in the human body irrespective of gender? Why are our (women) bodies centres of attention? (For suckling babies.) This shouldn't make us feel inadequate but empowered to better know and care for ourselves as women first, before asking of this responsibility from somebody else. We must recreate a cultural initiation that centres around puberty, menarche and sexuality, —deemed as awkward and unpleasant topics. Parents, institutions and organisations are obligated to take up their role and better inform young children of who they are and the roles they ought to play as young women or young men. Mina lays the foundation to adolescent and sometimes adult questions such as “Who Am I Really?” We must be more open about our story. It took me understanding Mahomed’s story, to understanding mine, to be able to understand another's. We must be transparent from woman-to-woman: let’s talk about the blood in between our legs. Mina is realising that the same atom that produces self-love can create an energy of selflessness. Mina is a memory, a moment that is relatable and that brings all women together and ultimately she creates a chain of sisterhood and a movement of which I am happy to be a part. This is why I work my hardest alongside Mina to remind women and young girls that they are majesty. 

The Mina Team with girls from Magaliesburg Secondary School

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Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Courtesy of Down To Earth

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is that inflammatory disorder where the skin becomes swollen, red, dry and itchy. It is accompanied by an overactive immune system and is often a chronic, long-lasting condition that affects young and old; not only on a physical level, but on an emotional and social level too. The skin is the body’s largest organ. It is no wonder that eczema can negatively impact one’s quality of life. Besides the daily challenges eczema sufferers’ face, studies show that personal relationships are affected too and that feelings of stigmatisation are very common. SOCIAL CHALLENGES Eczema can cause a negative body image among sufferers. They experience feelings of unattractiveness, rejection and stigmatisation. They tend to avoid social activities and the exchange of tenderness with existing partners. These negative emotions may lead to higher levels of anxiety and depression too.

Conscious Life Magazine

DAILY CHALLENGES The itchiness of eczema can be unbearable and could affect the quality of sleep, the ability to work and the general performance of daily activities. The subsequent exhaustion and irritability can add to emotional distress, leading to further anxiety among sufferers’ and their families. TREATMENT The best strategy to treat eczema is to prevent outbreaks. The exact cause of eczema, like with many other autoimmune disorders, is not always known. There are however triggers or irritants that cause the

symptoms of eczema to flare-up. Things like soaps and detergents, temperature extremes, abrasive fabrics and food allergies can aggravate the skin. Learn what your triggers are and take special care to avoid them. When symptoms flare-up, avoid scratching. Scratching the rash can make it itchier and cause more inflammation. Once the skin barrier is broken, the skin can become infected by bacteria which are believed to aggravate eczema. Use an ointment that reduces the itch and acts as a skin purifier to prevent any infection. A natural ointment, like Clear Skin Gel that can be used as often as needed, is recommended. Last, but not least, consider the impact that eczema has on your social functioning and psychological well-being. Seek help though family members, friends, support groups or psychologists if you find that you are struggling to cope. Stress may exacerbate eczema, so it is important to keep it in check.

Learn more about how you can manage your eczema. FURTHER READING: The Impact of Atopic Dermatitis on Quality of Life Impact of hand eczema severity on quality of life Atopic Dermatitis and Eczema

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By Lisa Raleigh

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Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

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TV Personality, Author, Lifestyle and Wellness Expert LisaRaleighSA – Twitter LisaRaleighTV – Youtube Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Conscious Life Magazine

Join GreenMondaySA and make your first meal of the week a plant-based one.

Yup, eating green could improve your health! In South Africa nearly 30 percent of men and 56 percent of women are either overweight or obese, says the Medical Research Council (MRC). It’s time to take action, one bite at a time! At GreenMondaySA we’re not asking you to take up an extreme fitness regime or even ditch your love of beer or Chenin! But there is one simple way you can improve your health, and to start seeing and feeling the difference to your health (and your waistline). Start with it this Monday! DID YOU KNOW? Studies show that people who eat fewer animal products have lower rates of obesity, dementia, arthritis, high blood pressure, cataracts, gallstones, and colon disease. People who eat totally meat-free diets are also less likely to die or become hospitalised from heart disease . Cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure… these are also chronic diseases on the rise worldwide, and many of them can be prevented, treated, and in some cases reversed with a plant-based diet. We’re not asking you to munch your way through Mondays on celery sticks alone. We’ve got dozens of Green Mondays recipes here to get your juices going! Love a burger? Try this fab lentil burger instead. We want Mondays to be healthy, tasty and fun. You in? Join Now ! There is no question that largely vegetarian diets are as healthy as you can get. The evidence is so strong and overwhelming and produced over such a long period of time that it’s no longer debatable. – Marion Nestle, Ph.D., M.P.H., New York University’s nutrition department Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017


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Ingredients: • • • • • • • •


250 ml Almond Breeze Original or • Place all the ingredients in a food processor Unsweetened Almond Milk and process until smooth. 250 ml tightly packed spinach 2 Granny Smith apples, cored and chopped 2 stalks celery, chopped 1 banana, sliced and frozen 2 cm piece ginger, grated 30 ml honey 3 - 4 ice cubes

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LUNCH CHICKEN WRAP WITH CASHEW BASIL SPREAD The spread can also be used as a dip – makes 375 ml

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chicken, sprouts, grated carrots, tomato, rocket, onions and any other vegetable 250 ml tightly packed basil leaves 200 g cashew nuts, soaked in boiling water toppings of your choice. • Roll up and cut in half. for 30 minutes

Ingredients: • •

• • • • • •

125 ml sesame seeds 160 ml Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk 30 ml nutritional yeast (available from health shops) (optional) 1 large clove garlic, crushed 30 ml lime juice 2.5 ml salt flakes

Method: • Combine all the ingredients for the spread in a food processor and process until smooth. • Spread on wraps and top with sliced smoked

Conscious Life Magazine

• Also delicious as a dip with veggies e.g. carrot, cucumber and celery sticks, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, mange tout peas and baby corn. • Use as a spread on sandwiches and crackers or pizza. • Thin down with a bit of Almond Breeze almond milk to pouring consistency and use as a dressing over salad.

DINNER PRAWN THAI CURRY Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

30 ml oil 1 clove garlic, crushed 3 cm piece ginger, grated 15 ml Thai red curry paste 375 ml Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk 15 ml fish sauce 30 ml soft brown sugar or palm sugar (grated) 400 g headless, peeled prawns, cooked 4 spring onions, sliced 80 g sugar snap or mange tout peas, sliced 2 carrots julienned Basil leaves (deep fried in oil – optional) Stir fried baby marrow spaghetti or Basmati rice for serving Fresh coriander or basil leaves for garnishing

Method: • • • •

• •

Heat the oil and fry the garlic and ginger for 1 minute. Add the curry paste, almond milk, fish sauce and brown sugar. Cook over medium heat until sauce thickens slightly. Add the prawns and cook over medium heat until just cooked.

Add spring onions, peas and carrots and cook until spinach has just wilted. Serve over baby marrow spaghetti or basmati rice and top with coriander and basil leaves (or optional deep fried basil leaves).

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Ingredients: Nut and seed crust: • 100 g raw almonds • 100 g sunflower seeds • 250 g pitted dates Filling: • 200 g raw cashew nuts • 80 ml honey • 30 ml orange juice • 15 ml lime juice • 75 ml Almond Breeze Original Almond Milk • 250 ml raw blanched almonds • Fresh mixed berries of your choice for the topping • Fresh orange and lime zest for garnishing

Method: Crust: • Line a 12 x muffin pan with baking paper cut into squares and press into the cavities.

• Place the almonds, sunflower seeds and dates in a food processor and process until coarse and the mixture holds together. • Divide mixture between the 12 lined muffin cavities and press evenly halfway up against the sides and onto the muffin cavity bottom. • Refrigerate until firm. Filling: • Process all ingredients for filling together in a food processor until thick and creamy. • Spoon into plastic bag & cut off one corner. • Pipe into the prepared date and nut cases. • Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. • Top with mixed fresh berries and orange and lime zest.

Johnny Clegg embarks on

The Final Journey World Tour

Nearly forty years after he began one of music’s most remarkable careers, Johnny Clegg is embarking on his Final World Tour, titled The Final Journey. Johnny Clegg was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and underwent chemotherapy treatment. Throughout the treatment he continued to tour locally and internationally undertaking a nine week tour of USA and CANADA in 2016. Johnny is currently finishing a new album and his autobiography. As he is in remission, Johnny has decided to use this opportunity to perform a final set of concerts in SA and overseas to thank his fans for their support over the 35 year long journey that spans his career. Through his bands Juluka and Savuka, Clegg pioneered a uniquely South African hybrid music during a time of cultural and racial segregation. His music always offered a vision of how South Africans could find each other and the possibilities of a non-racial future. For this reason, the South African leg of the tour has tremendous import for him as it was South Africa and all South Africans that shaped him as an artist.

The iconic South African artist will start this live journey on July 1st with one show only at Grand Arena, GrandWest in Cape Town. The tour will then move to the Teatro at Montecasino for two Johannesburg shows on July 7th and July 8th, before Durban audiences get the opportunity to see Clegg live, with a show at the Durban ICC Arena on July 29th. Following these four South African dates, Clegg will begin the international leg of the tour, starting with shows at the Eventim Apollo in London on August 19th and a show at the Dubai Opera House on September 20th. The tour will be built around Clegg’s unparalleled repertoire of songs which began with the release of Juluka’s Universal Men in 1979 and continued through the Savuka years and his more recent solo work.

Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Clegg’s many different hits and live favourites will be brought to life by the biggest production ever created for a Clegg live show, supported by his world-class live band. A highlight of the shows will be the different styles of dance that have been integral to Clegg’s life and work, ever since he learnt the fundamentals of Zulu music and traditional Zulu Inhlangwinini dancing with Charlie Mzila while still a teenager. Guest artists include the Soweto Gospel Choir. As the tour unfolds, there will be some special surprises lined up for the audiences. Johnny Clegg said "This will be my final set of public performances for my fans in SA and around the world. I am immensely excited to be able to bring to them an autobiographical, audiovisual and intimate account of my life through my music and The Dance. "

"Johnny is taking time off to write his autobiography and spend time with his family and do the things he hasn't been able to do due to an incredible work schedule", said long time Johnny Clegg manager and promoter Roddy Quin. “It's been a privilege to have travelled such a long journey with Johnny and an honour to have worked and shared so many incredible experiences with him. It has truly been inspiring. And so we are excited to present The Final Journey with 4 incredible shows in SA in July and the tour, which will stretch across the world over the next few months. Johnny will still continue writing, recording and will partake in a few private engagements."

“Johnny Clegg is more than just one of this country’s finest musicians and entertainers. He is a national treasure who has brought together all South Africans and reminded us of what makes us great as a country.” says Cyril Ramaphosa.

Johnny Clegg: The Final Journey World Tour represents the peak of a career that has combined near matchless music success with sustained - and significant - social, political and cultural impact. Clegg’s recorded output as part of Juluka, Savuka and solo has earned him millions of record sales, countless awards and nominations (including a Grammy nomination) and multiple international releases, all eagerly consumed by a truly global audience. He was the forerunner of combining Western musical styles with African ones, sparking a revolution in South African music that can be still be heard in the work of artists today. Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Most potently, Clegg’s ability to illuminate the connectedness of all human beings through his music meant he was a pioneer of social cohesion in South Africa. He also provided a portal for international audiences to gain a deeper understanding of the anti-apartheid movement and the journey towards, and ultimately into, freedom. For this, Clegg has received many different honours including an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire), the South African Order of Ikhamanga and the French Chevalier des Arts et Lettres (Knight of Arts and Letters) , as well as several honorary doctorates. Booking for the South African dates of Johnny Clegg’s Final Journey World Tour open on April 25th. Tickets for this unmissable event are expected to sell out fast as fans ensure they don’t miss this South African on his Final World Tour.

Additional South African and international dates are set to be added later in the year for what promises to be the most powerfully emotional live shows of a truly singular South African – a dancer, anthropologist, singer, songwriter, academic, and activist like no other.

Johnny Clegg: The Final Journey World Tour first phase dates: 1st July – Grandwest Arena, Cape Town 7th and 8th July – Montecasino, Johannesburg 29th July – Durban ICC Arena, Durban 19th August – Eventim Apollo, London 20th September – Dubai Opera, Dubai Tickets for the South African dates, from R375 are on sale now at or by calling 083 915 8000. Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

“He’s legendary. He’s an international superstar. He’s given South African music a voice. And his musical journey is coming to an end”.

This will be my final set of public performances for my fans in SA and around the world. I am immensely excited to be able to bring to them an autobiographical, audiovisual and intimate account of my life through my music and dance. — Johnny Clegg

Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Watercolour Mug

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Engraved Mousepad

DIY Wall Clock

Directions here

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Reasons I Love You

Drink Coasters

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DIY Mugs

Hot Pepper Oil

Laptop Desk

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Wood Knife Rack

Shaving Cream

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Planter Boxes

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DIY Shirt

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Shared with Love‌. By Brent Lindeque South Africans are knitting thousands of scarves to leave in public places for those in need Thousands of South Africans have taken up the challenge to knit scarves and leave them in public places for those in need.

Watch: The video of the most beautiful wedding of 2017 has gone viral Amanda and Dennis shared the footage of their special day and it quickly went viral! Their traditional wedding is possibly the best wedding of 2017!

Turning seawater into drinkable water. A new South African desalination plant is officially up and running A new potable seawater purification plant has begun processing hundreds of kilolitres of salt water to ease the shortage of drinkable water caused by the current drought in South Africa.

Space Clearing Have you experienced walking into a room and instantly feeling nauseous, frustrated, depressed or generally like you have the heeby jeebies? It is important to clear the space before that energy begins to affect you and your family. In fact, everyone can benefit from doing regular space clearings. We pick up stuff from work and from other people in our space. When you are ill or stressed, your natural defenses are lower and you are more susceptible to taking things on or being susceptible to psychic interference.

This article offers an easy, step by step guide that you can do yourself. This allows you to take responsibility for your space and allows you to re-do it when necessary. I usually do the whole ritual once or twice a year, and then once you have done the initial cleansing ritual, regularly use the Angel sprays around yourself to assist in strengthening your aura and building your natural defense mechanism (daily or weekly – depending on the energy in the environment). Using the Angels of Transformation sprays is an extremely effective way of bringing light into any space – thereby dispelling any sludgy or negative vibration or entity.

WHEN WOULD YOU NEED TO DO THIS? • Sometimes when people visit your home or office – if they are particularly angry or negative, they may leave a residue of that energy in your space. You will be aware of this because your energy level drops, your mood changes or you will begin to behave the same way they do. This is a very subtle energy so look out for it. Be aware that we all leave energetic imprints wherever we go. • In the case of a stuck entity or fragments of a lower vibration that has not moved on – you will find that the people living or working in the environment may struggle with their moods, energy levels or have addictive behaviour that can’t be shifted. This energy could also cause blockages in your finances or projects that just wont come to fruition. • Children are extremely sensitive to energy, and you may find that they do not want to be in a specific room or have constant nightmares. • There may be a definite temperature drop in different corners or areas of a room. • If you are psychically aware you may feel ghosts or entities in a room. Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: I use the following Divine Space Angel Sprays: 1. Clear – Angel of Illumination spray, Red – Earth Angel spray & Gold – Angel of Ascension spray (optional – great for removing negative entities) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

A box of Epsom salts Bowls (one for each room) Tin foil Surgical spirits Incense or smudge sticks – white sage is my favorite High vibrational music (Gregorian chants, Tibetan bowls, Indian Mantras etc)

FOCUS: Intent is the most important – so above all do not dwell on the issue and build fear around it – as that will feed the energy and make it harder to clear. Remember energy follows thought, so by talking or thinking about it – you re-create the dynamic. Do the clearing work and KNOW that it has shifted. The Angelic realm is also waiting to support you but cannot do so unless asked to do so. Invite Archangel Michael into the space to help you. He is the Angel of protection, so when invoking his presence, ask him to help you protect your home and all who live in it. After the clearing call on him regularly and imagine him standing with his massive blue sword of protection over the home, family and vehicles.

CLEANSING RITUAL: Begin by breathing deeply and centering yourself. Set the intention that you are anchoring a pyramid of absolute clear light over the environment and that only the light is welcome in that space. Call in Archangel Michael to help you and ask him to protect you as well. While doing the space clearing, ask that he creates a vortex of light which will remove anything that is of either a lower vibration, or that no longer serves you. First spray the clear – Angel of Illumination spray over yourself and onto your hands, so that you are a clear channel for the work. Light a stick of white sage incense in every room. Then place a strip of tin foil into the bowl with a handful of Epsom salts and sprinkle the salts with the surgical spirits. (make sure not to use too much spirits or it will dissolve the salts). Loosen the salts with a fork. You will need a separate bowl for each room. Spray the red Earth Angel spray around yourself as a protective barrier. Pray for guidance and call in higher support, then light the Epsom salts (one room at a time). Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Invite the Angel of Illumination to help draw light into the room, while the Red Earth Angel, assists with protecting your energy. • While it is burning notice sparking that occurs – this is the absorption of the negativity. When the flame goes out – have a look at the colour of the salts – if very black this is an indication of the amount of negativity that has been absorbed. You will need to do it again (note the reduction of black spots as the negativity is being absorbed and cleared). NB: do not touch the salts. • Should you feel uneasy at any point in the process – use the Gold spray – this invites Christ energy into the room and is very cleansing. • After the flame has gone out – fold the salts into the tin foil – making sure to touch only the foil and not the salts, then throw it into your outside bin. • When the burning is complete light incense and leave it burning in every room. • Then walk around the home and spray the clear Angel Spray everywhere calling on the angelic light into the space. This will polish the energy. • Visualise Michael’s spiral vortex of light in the room while you do this. See it collecting and drawing out any residue that is no longer welcome in the space. When that ritual is complete, use the Angel of Illumination Spray liberally around the environment regularly to keep it clear. If there are many negative people in the environment – this can be done daily. If your home – then once a week is good. This ritual is usually taught in the Magic of Colour training, if you would like to learn more, please have a look at the workshops I offer.

Sending you a rainbow of light and blessings


Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Shaman Ancient Healing Wisdom The Shaman were very ancient and wise Beings who connected to Spirit to assist those in need. They lived their lives in ceremony and understood that everything needed to be treated with absolute reverence. That included death and even more so life. They were very revered and honoured in their communities. These wise Beings knew that unless you went to the Spiritual aspect of the illness you would not be able to alleviate or cure whatever sickness the person suffered from. Sometimes it is because the person is out of balance in that they are not looking after and treating their body, mind or soul the way they should. They have not honoured themselves and so it comes out in "dis-ease". Other times it might be karmic or a contract that the soul has come to fulfill. This is to finish or teach lessons to others and most times it is both. Call in your Spirit Guides or Angels to assist you with whatever healing you might need at this moment in time. It might be physical, emotional or spiritual or all three. Ensure that your connection to Spirit is strong and that you utilise this to heal yourself. Picture yourself healed and well and trust in the Universe that everything is exactly as it should be.

Angel light and blessings Margi (Angel Connection) Interpretation by Margi of Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D Farmer Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

MAR-APR 2017

Conscious Life Magazine

Retreat – Embracing your Inner Self

Life happens… we find ourselves in fight or flight mode… then we feel heavy or lost or just low… And if we confront the truth then we will get to understand that we have neglected ourselves… we have become resistant to nurturing ourselves… we lose touch with loving ourselves and everything that entails… we totally get engrossed in doing! and doing! that we forget that we are human “beings”!!!

So what would it take for you to take time to Just Be? Are you prepared to nurture YOU to better health – mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually? Would you be willing to journey on embracing “All that you are”? If you hear the calling of this Retreat, reward yourself with a time-out for relaxation, reflection and opening your heart to release, nurture and heal through Breathwork, Meditation, Kundalini yoga, Journaling, Time-alone, Play & Creativity and self-empowered techniques.

Join me, Chetna and like-minded people on a journey of discovery, new experiences and transformation… * We will explore and shift limiting beliefs and feelings! * Connect to our inner child! * Acknowledge all that we are and all that we do and journey on a path of Embracing… Self-Awareness, Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Forgiveness, Self-Respect and Self-Trust!

And in additional to my facilitation, I am delighted and excited to have Kobus Burger as a guest facilitator on Saturday morning at this Retreat. He will share this powerful and rewarding technique of Breathwork, taking you on a journey of reconnecting and releasing using our life force energy, our Breathe.

Escape to the nurturing home of Mother Nature at our tranquil venue in Magaliesburg called Melody Hills • Accommodation is shared rooms with en-suite bathrooms. • All meals are vegetarian, freshly prepared with love and consciousness and guaranteed to delight your taste buds. • Arrival time is 3pm on Friday, 26th May. Depart Sunday 28th May at approx. 3pm. Further details and directions will be provided once booking is confirmed. • Investment in yourself is R2 850 per person • (inclusive of 2 nights’ accommodation, all meals, spiritual facilitation & activities). Commit to avoiding another moment of neglecting yourself.

Request a booking form: Email: SMS/WhatsApp: 082 717 6669

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Reconnect with Spirit

Rediscover your Life Force

Restore Balance

PSYCHIC MEDIUM As a Psychic Medium, I am able to connect with spirit guides, where I receive messages about a clients past, present and future. These messages may be beneficial to help bring clarity

on their lives and where be leading. Many of the messages have received for my have been healing on levels.

it may that I clients many

REIKI A quantity that is almost impossible to define! Energy can never be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another. Among the familiar forms are heat energy, energy of motion, electrical energy, and sound energy. Reiki is a form of energy healing. This form of healing helps to maintain balance within, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki is a form or spiritual or energy healing. It helps open up and remove blockages

within the system. Each system within our bodies is intimately connected to the seven major charkas. Reiki will help remove these blockages and restore balance.

Contact Damian Wood Email: Mobile: 082 863 8842 Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Flattening your stomach means working from the inside out. In addition to cleaning up what you eat, your focus must be on your Transverse Abdominus – your deepest core muscle. This muscle compresses the abdominal wall, acts like a corset, draws the belly button closer to the spine and is the body’s most important core stabilizer.

Note: Traditional crunches and ab exercises have their place, but they only target your six pack muscles – not the all-important Transverse Abdominus that lies under them! Your six pack muscles easily over-power the weaker internal muscles, which can actually cause your abdominal wall to bulge out if your form isn’t perfect – not the effect you’re looking for. Here are 4 moves to strengthen your core from the inside out and help you sculpt a flat and toned tummy.

Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground and arms at your sides. Take a deep breath and pull your stomach muscles in towards your spine. As you exhale, gently lift your head and neck off the floor, reaching your arms straight forward towards your legs. Pause for a few seconds then take another deep breath and gently lower yourself back to the ground. Aim for 3 sets of 6-12 reps, depending on your fitness levels.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Lift your feet one at a time until your calves are parallel to the ground and legs bent at 90 degrees. With one hand on the ground and the other pressed against your stomach, slowly open legs as far as you can. Work to keep your stomach pulled in towards your spine. Hold for a moment, then slowly draw your legs together again. Aim for 3 sets of 6-12 reps, depending on your fitness levels.

Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Drop down to your forearms, rise onto your toes and keep your head in line with your spine. Slowly lift one leg up into the air, hold for a moment then lower it back down to the ground. Aim for 3 sets of 6-12 reps, alternating legs as you go.

Lie on your side with your upper body propped on one arm, and your leg on the same side bent to 90 degrees. Keeping your arm strong, slowly lift your torso up into the air. Hold for a moment then lower yourself back down to the ground. Aim for 3 sets of 6-12 reps, performing an equal number of reps on either side. *Make this move more challenging by straightening both legs and lifting your whole body off the ground.

TV Personality, Author, Lifestyle and Wellness Expert LisaRaleighSA – Twitter LisaRaleighTV – Youtube Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Enter to WIN A Year’s Supply* of Almond Breeze Almond Milk!

Looking for a low-kilojoule alternative to milk? Almond Breeze Almond Milk is a must-have if you’re looking to incorporate a healthier dairy alternative into your lifestyle. With great health benefits, Almond Breeze is a lactose-free alternative to dairy and can be used in cereals, smoothies, coffee, in cooking and baking or simply enjoy a delicious glass on its own. Almond Breeze will provide one lucky winner a chance to win a year’s worth of Almond Breeze Almond Milk. To Enter: 1. Email us at Subject: Almond Breeze 2. Answer this Question: According to Dr Kahn’s Article in this issue, on Switching to Almond Milk: What vitamins and minerals are found in Almond Milk? 3. Elect 3 friends to receive Conscious Life Magazine for free by including their email addresses. Terms & Conditions: *(Based on an average consumption of 1L a week). Cases to be delivered to the winner’s physical address during office hours. The winner can select which variant they prefer, either Almond Breeze Unsweetened or Original. The Competition Ends on the 31st of July 2017 at 12pm. The judge’s decision is final. The competition is not open to directors, agents, employees or consultants of Blue Diamond Growers or Conscious Life Magazine. The competition is not open to readers who reside outside of South Africa or those who have won a prize with us in the last 6 months.

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By Flora Force

Calcium is essential for good bone health. But are you and your family getting your recommended daily allowance of this important mineral? Studies worldwide suggest that you may not. Why do we need calcium and how does it affect our bone health? Why do I need calcium? It’s essential to know why your body needs calcium. Good bone health is not this mineral’s only function. Approximately 99% of the calcium currently in your body is stored in your teeth and bones, where it provides the strength and structure that promote good bone health. Bones contain many mineral complexes, but calcium, in the form of calcium phosphate, is the principal component they need to remain healthy.

Calcium is also vital in helping muscle contraction, moving nutrients across cell membranes, promoting communication between the nerves, regulating enzymes that control digestion and metabolism, blood clotting and the formation of new cells. So you can see why your body has very strict guidelines about the amount of calcium it needs to function properly.

Did you know? Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body.

What happens when my calcium levels are too low? If your body has insufficient calcium to perform its many functions, it will ‘steal’ it from your bones, causing your bone health to deteriorate and your skeleton to become porous and fragile. Enter osteoporosis, the scourge of postmenopausal and older women, and men too (we talked about this in an earlier blog Six ways to protect your bones, which revealed these cautionary statistics: bone loss in women can begin as early as the age of 25. Worldwide, the lifetime risk for a woman to have an osteoporotic fracture is 30–40%. And men are not exempt.’ In South Africa, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will develop this disease within their lifetime. Currently, that translates as 4–6 million people. Rickets is another risk, as is poor blood clotting and muscle spasms. The fact remains that, as you age, your body uses more calcium than it can make. To ward off bad bone health, you’ll need to make some easy adjustments to your diet and lifestyle.

What are the best food sources of calcium? Despite the debates surrounding milk and calcium, one thing is clear: adequate calcium is key to maintaining bone health and other body functions. Milk may be a good source, but it is definitely not the only source. Did you know that you don’t need to drink milk at all to get adequate calcium? Yoghurt (preferably plain, organic) contains from 30-40% more calcium than milk. Other great sources include broccoli, kelp, almonds, quinoa, okra, blackstrap molasses and sardines. Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Anything else I should know to improve my bone health? Of course. Vitamin D is also critical to bone health. (An examination of clinical trials studying the role of vitamin D in the prevention of osteoporosis found that getting 700 to 800 IUs of vitamin D per day decreases the risk of hip and non-vertebral fractures.) And it seems to work even better when it’s taken in conjunction with calcium.

Vitamin K also seems to play at least one important role in calcium regulation and bone formation. You’ll find vitamin K in cabbage, kale, broccoli, bok choy and other leafy greens, and in grass-fed organic animal products (such as eggs, butter, cheese), certain fermented foods such as natto (Japanese fermented soya beans) or vegetables fermented using a starter culture of vitamin K2-producing bacteria. (In the body, vitamin K2, or menaquinone, is made by the bacteria that line your gastrointestinal tract.) K2 goes directly to your blood-vessel walls, bones and tissues other than your liver. Certain cheeses are very high in vitamin K2 (Gouda and Brie) and others are not. It really depends on the specific bacteria involved during the making of the foods. Miso and tempeh, for example, are also low in vitamin K2.

Get off your bottom! Load bearing- and resistance exercise, also called strength-training exercise, can make bones stronger so that if you do fall down, nothing will break. Try doing 20 push-ups every day, starting with kneeling push-ups, progressing to full length over time. Do some hops, squats and lunges. These are movements we do all the time, says Patrick McDowell in Healthy Life Journal. ‘Every time you go up stairs, you are doing a mini-lunge. Every time you bend down to pick something up, you are doing a squat. Since these two movements use the largest muscles in our bodies, our quads and our glutes, strengthening these muscles will support your skeleton and make moving easier. And when moving through your day is easier, your energy will go up and you will get more done.’ Finally (we know, you’ve heard it all before), don’t smoke, drink alcohol in moderation, avoid extra salt and eat less red meat.

We hope you move freely forever… If you’re concerned about your bone health, we recommend you take supplements or fortified foods. Flora Force DensiMax™ is a natural formula that offers good support for bone health. And consult your healthcare practitioner.

Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

The Humble Geyser Blanket:

Your Geyser is like a Cup of Tea… By Craig Berman of Saving Energy

As the colder seasons and the annual ESKOM price increase start to set in, more people will start to look at ways to save electricity and money through winter. From using gas heaters to solar , people often look ‘out there’ ,but the first look should actually be inside the home and more specifically – inside the roof. Yes, your geyser. Typically, a geyser can account for between 40% and 60% of the total monthly electricity usage and in winter, this will increase due to standing heat loss.

It works a bit like a cup of tea.

You boil the kettle and the water comes out at 96°C into your cup. The water infuses the tea bag and that warm homely colour starts to settle into the cup. The second that water comes out of the kettle, it’s starting to cool down as the colder air around it draws the heat out of the water. This is all due to a process of natural thermodynamics where heat flows from hot to cold. In the 5 minutes it takes to make that cup of tea, the water could lose 10° in temperature just to the air around it. If you left that tea out for 10-15 minutes, it would go from hot, to warm and then to luke warm and then to cold. The you’d have to re-heat it back to 96° all over again and that would waste electricity wouldn’t it? Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Rather just put a tea cosy on and keep it warm for much longer.

Now, consider the surface area of the tea cup itself- not very big is it? Now , multiply the size of that surface area 100 times – and think about a tea cup as big as your geyser and how much heat it would lose if left out in the cold and yet, most people do this every day.

Your geyser is nothing but a big Kettle. A kettle has a tank that you put water into and an element that heats the water as does your geyser. The main difference here is that a geyser has a thermostat which is a ‘temperature’ gauge that measures when the water reaches the geyser set point. For example, if you geyser is set to 60°C, as soon as the element has heated the water to that temperature, the thermostat switches the element off or it would simply keep heating up and boil the water – then your geyser would explode and that would NOT be fun. So , the thermostat acts like a temperature policeman and switches the geyser element off once the water reaches the set temperature. But, here comes the tea cup scenario again. As soon as the water reaches temperature, it already starts to cool down as the steel tank of the geyser is a GREAT conductor of heat and the surrounding air is MUCH colder than the water inside the geyser. So, the water starts to lose temperature as the colder air ‘ sucks’ the heat away from the tank. Then the water in the geyser starts to cool down and that’s when the ‘geyser policeman’ – the thermostat- jumps into action again. It switches on the element to re-heat the water back to the required set temperature and no sooner has it done that, then the water starts losing heat again…and so it goes on and on…and on. Wouldn’t it be better to just put a cosy on it, like the tea cup. Well, that’s what a geyser blanket is – it’s a cosy for your geyser and it’s only purpose is to keep that water hotter for longer by insulating the geyser against the colder air around it. Much the same way you wrap a blanket around yourself when it’s cold. Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

The geyser cosy – it saves money by saving electricity. Simply put , the longer that water stays hot, the less electricity you use and , when the geyser does switch on, it uses LESS electricity and stays on for less time to reheat the water. A geyser blanket alone can save around 8%-10% on your electricity bill simply by INSULATING your geyser against the cold and especially the VERY cold as we see in winter. But, a geyser blanket alone is a bit like diet without exercise- yes, you will lose weight but much slower than you would with exercise!

Enter the geyser timer! By controlling the geyser to NOT switch on when hot water is NOT needed and combining that with the INSULATION provided by the blanket, the electricity saving JUMP considerably from 10% to 28%! By coordinating the geyser to provide hot water ONLY when it’s needed and not having it switch on unnecessarily throughout the day and night , a home with one geyser can reduce their electricity costs by up to 40%!

At Saving Energy , we have done more than 2000 timers and blankets and have become quite good at it really..Even better is that we are GIVING AWAY a free geyser blanket with every geyser timer installed in Gauteng before 31 May 2017. Why are we doing this? Simple really. We want to help the residents of Gauteng prepare for Winter now so that when the real cold weather hits, they are already in Energy Saving mode and can enjoy hot water through winter and save a LOAD of money and electricity as well!

Plus, we help Gauteng take pressure off the grid but not having your geyser on during peak demand time but still ensuring you have HOT water. Just click on the link below to book or find out more.

Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Conscious Life Magazine

Heart warming animal rescue video clips Man adopts unwanted shelter cat, and their bedtime routine is heart-melting

Monty the cat has no nasal bridge as the result of a chromosomal abnormality giving him a strange appearance and making him sneeze more than a normal cat. Despite being the sweetest kitty, he wasn’t adopted until he was three years old. But one man took a chance on him, and it’s the best thing he’s ever done. Just look at their adorable sleep routine…


A girl on the verge of death rescued a kitten with no hope… Then, the kitten rescues her family. This film is dedicated to the memory of Kylie Myers 2002 – 2015

We lead increasingly busy lives. juggling work, family, personal issues and day-to-day general ‘stuff’. Our energy can feel unbalanced at any time even on the best of days and sometimes stressful situations can totally throw us out of sync. Holistic healing is a wonderful way of balancing your body mind and spirit. Everything is made up of energy. When we are stressed or unbalanced, our entire environment is affected, including our family, pets and our living or working environment. Our animal companions are highly sensitive beings. Their energy centres are easily thrown out of balance by negative energy in the home, i.e. noise, arguments, work stress, loss of a family member and even moving house, which can be extremely stressful for everyone involved. Reiki helps to balance our animal friends and give them a sense of calm and balance, helping them to stay healthy and relaxed, even in the most stressful of situations..

Our homes can also be affected by negativity, creating stagnant energies in our own living space. Space clearing, a specialised area of Feng Shui, can help to restore positive energy and movement into these stagnant areas, creating peace and calm – restoring the natural balance within your home, your sanctuary. A three-part healing experience for you and your animal companions, cleansing all the negative energies within your home environment. Ann-Marie Kelly Mobile: 082 579 9478

MAR-APR 2017

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The Buddhist Retreat Centre, where people of all religions, and none, come to experience peace and tranquility. How to Retreat The Buddhist Retreat Centre offers various types of retreats, ranging from those investigating Buddhist thought and philosophy, through to practice retreats where the emphasis is on meditation; as well as retreats featuring bird watching, cookery, drumming, pottery and photography. At first glance the latter might appear to be unrelated to Buddhism but even these retreats will contain some element of meditation, of mindful awareness, refracting the chosen subject matter through a Buddhist lens. People from all walks of life come to these retreats with a variety of motivations and expectations. Perhaps they want to deepen their meditation practice, to take some time out from a hectic working life; to reflect on a tense domestic situation; to consider the trajectory of their lives; to make a decision about a way forward. Maybe they just want to learn how to take a good photograph. Each person will have a different reason for going on a retreat. Different paths will have led them to this place. We all need to make an appointment with ourselves from time to time. To re-connect with who we are; to maintain balance; to recharge exhausted batteries. To make time to go on a retreat is a necessary and healthy step for anyone.

General Information The Centre has been established on an exquisite 125-hectare country estate near the village of Ixopo, KwaZuluNatal 90 kilometers south of Pietermaritzburg, one and a half hours’ drive from Durban. Set in hilly grasslands amongst dams, indigenous bush and forests, it overlooks one of the great valleys in the Umkomaas river system. CNN featured the BRC as one of the ten finest retreat centres in the world. It was awarded Natural Heritage status by President Nelson Mandela in recognition of its success in establishing indigenous vegetation on the property and providing habitats for wildlife to return, including the endangered Blue Swallow. It is a birder’s paradise with more 160 species recorded.

Walks lead to many interesting sites and viewpoints on the property, including evidence that Bushman lived there and Voortrekkers and Settlers passed through. In 2000, the BRC facilitated the founding of Woza Moya, the community-based NGO, located in Ufafa valley. It continues to support the organisation in a variety of ways.

MAR-APR 2017

Conscious Life Magazine

Accommodation Fifty retreatants can be accommodated in single and twin-bedded rooms, en-suite cottages and thatched chalets overlooking the secluded valleys on the property – a short distance away from the dining room, office, library, studio and meditation hall. The Centre is justly famous for its fine lacto-ovo vegetarian cuisine which is featured in its own bestselling recipe books, Quiet Food, The Cake the Buddha Ate and Plentiful: The Big Book Of Buddha Food. The BRC menu includes organically grown vegetables and farm-baked bread.

Observances The Retreat Centre offers a tranquil environment for the study and practice of philosophy, psychology, meditation and the arts associated with Buddhist culture. The Centre therefore encourages adherence to traditional Buddhist moral principles during retreats, such as respect for all forms of life and abstinence from alcoholic drinks and hallucinogenic drugs. Noble Silence is maintained from the last meditation at night until the first session after breakfast in the morning. During some retreats, Noble Silence is maintained throughout. Pets are not allowed at the Centre. Only some retreats are suitable for children: please check with the Administrator.

Forthcoming Retreats: For full details of each retreat please go to the website page:

Email: Tel: +27(0)39 834 1863 or 0878091687 Mobile: 082 579 3037

MAR-APR 2017

Conscious Life Magazine


PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT Get ready for the musical journey of your life! The critically-acclaimed hit musical, Priscilla Queen of the Desert is a heart-warming and uplifting tale of three drag artist friends who hop aboard a battered old bus aka “Priscilla” and go off on the adventure of a life-time through the Australian Outback, to perform in Alice Springs. On the way they find friendship, love and far more than they ever dreamed of. Artscape Theatre, Cape Town 26 March – 23 April Teatro Montecasino, Johannesburg 29 April – 18 June

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Old Souls: Mystics and Sages (eBook) Description: Have you always felt older than what your age reflects? Are you solitary, thoughtful and intuitive? Do you feel like an outsider constantly looking into a society that doesn’t feel like your home? If so, you may be an Old Soul. Existing as the perpetual outsiders in society, Old Souls are the teachers, counselors, philosophers and oracles of humanity. They are both in the world, but are not quite of the world at the same time, passing through life on their own solitary paths. In this book, writer and researcher Aletheia Luna provides a compact, elegant and well-researched look into the life of Old Souls.

ABOUT US Our names are Aletheia Luna and Mateo Sol. We're twin flames, psychospiritual mentors and soulwork teachers who blend a mixture of psychological, spiritual and shamanic insight throughout our online writings and work in Perth, Australia.

Our mission is to help you rediscover and reconnect with your soul through the practice of soulwork. By working with your soul, you’ll be able to experience genuine self-love, purpose belonging, and unconditional joy in the present moment. We write about topics such as spiritual awakening, discovering and channeling your gifts (such as those that empaths have), thriving in loving relationships (like twin flames) and progressing as an old soul in soulful maturation.

Find out more about soulwork.

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Grace-rescue, rehab, rehome or retirement of abused, abandoned, ill/elderly animals. We believe in eradication through education CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!!!! đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ The Police are now saying if you see a dog locked in a car in hot weather, take a picture of the dog and the car. If someone is with you, get them to bring up the weather for your area on their phone so you can screen shot the temp, then break the car window. This way, you will not be charged with criminal damage and it gives the police photo evidence to take the dog owners to court.

CONTACT DETAILS Call Caron: 072 844 0250 Email:


HUSKY ROMI WOLF SANCTUARY HuskyRomi is a non-profit organization providing a safe haven for abandoned and abused huskies and wolves in South Africa. We provide a home to all huskies and wolves that can’t be kept as pets because of their complicated nature. Many of the animals arrive in a poor condition, some not even knowing what grass is. They are rehabilitated with loving care by Larry Paul. This website was started to provide support to the HuskyRomi project and to promote the protection of wolves and other wildlife. The sanctuary is open for the public to come and learn about wolves. We do appreciate donations and sponsorship for the buying of food, for veterinary bills and doing maintenance to the enclosures. We currently take care of more than 200 huskies, wolves and hybrids in 54 enclosures.

Get Involved We are working towards getting a formal volunteer program off the ground at HuskyRomi. This is available to both local (South African) and international volunteers. Should anybody be interested to become a volunteer or to assist with the program please contact Larry on the number or email below.

Sponsorship and Donations Name a Wolf. Should you wish to name a wolf, for instance in remembrance of a loved one or pet, you may arrange it with Larry. We just request that you then will be prepared to do a full monthly sponsorship of that wolf for a period of at least two years.

Get in Touch: Mobile: 071 679 5141

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