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Dearest Conscious Life Friends In the spirit of World Environmental Day which was on 5 June our cover star this month is our beautiful mother earth. In this issue we have focused a bit more on our Green Living section, and have even added a new monthly article. A friend of mine and I were chatting this week about being environmentally conscious and what we can each do in our homes to help the planet. I shared with her a bit about the various little things that I have done and continue to do on a daily basis to lessen my carbon footprint. She liked the way that I have made it easy for my household and so suggested that I start writing a monthly, simple ,step-by-step article covering the systems I use. Then you too can use these in your home, no matter whether you live in a big house or an apartment with no garden. Now I am not saying that I am by any means an expert in this field, and I am nowhere close to being 100% green yet, though I think that this will be an awesome journey for us to take together. I live in a cluster townhouse which shares a common wall with my neighbour. It has a great little front garden and a smaller back garden. When I first moved in, I was renting, (I bought last year) so I didn’t think that there was a whole bunch that I could do, but I was wrong. In the 1st year, I started to compost my food waste, and found that this was way easier than I thought it would be. I simply chose a spot in the back garden, dug a shallow square hole, surrounded it with a border of bricks and started to throw my food scraps in each day.

Initially I used an old ice-cream tub in the kitchen, though as time moved on, I have found that a 5lt bucket with a lid, works beautifully and only has to be emptied out once a week. The benefit of this is that my bin takes longer to fill, never stinks, and my waste is set to work in creating awesome nutrient rich soil. The other aspect is that my household is no longer adding to the growing problem in the landfills. Now I can hear some of you asking – how is food waste a problem on a landfill – it’s biodegradable and decomposes quickly …right? Wrong, and this is just what I used to think too. In actual fact, food waste in landfills rots, produces methane (and other devastatingly dangerous green house gases such as Nitrous Oxide), and provides a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria. The next aspect I added was to recycle the rest of my waste, which I must admit took me quite a few years to get into as I always thought it would be a big job , requiring me to have 3 or 4 bins in my kitchen. Now what person living in an apartment, or townhouse, has space for that?? Again, I have found that there is a much simpler way to achieve this. Our complex simply arranged a recycling company to collect our recycling once a week. They provide us with the bags and everything that is recyclable goes into one bag. Just like that!! So now we have the compost bucket under the counter, 1 dustbin for recycling and a checkers packet which hangs on a drawer Conscious Life Magazine

handle to collect the items that are not recyclable such as tissues, and that little piece of absorbent material that sits under the meat in it’s packaging. We find that our nonrecyclable waste is really small each week and this makes me very happy. A note to those without gardens: you too can compost using a bucket and adding Bokashi bran to break it down into a plant food for your indoor plants. The liquid created doesn’t smell and can even be used to clean drains!! To get this affordable system, check out

We also get a chance to explore DNA Testing and how it can assist in our healthcare. Pharmacogenomics harnesses genetics to predict an individual’s response to medication, leading to more effective treatment. Really fascinating stuff! Lisa Raleigh shares 6 Tips with us for Reducing Weight. Remember to try out her latest workout in the Conscious Body Section. So let’s take the 1st step towards a better, healthier, more conscious you.

So you see, it can be relatively simple to reduce your carbon footprint. There are many other little things that I do, which I will share with you over time. Each of these things takes very little time and effort, which my friend really liked as she is a busy mother of two with little time on her hands. In each article, I will include a monthly challenge and you can share your progress with us via email or Facebook. You can even share strategies that that you have found to work well for you. The best letters will then be published. Working together, we can help to change humanity’s course and heal this beautiful planet we live on. So, what do you say? Are you with me? Apart from that , in this month’s issue we take a look at S.A.D Seasonal Affective Disorder, also called Winter Depression, and what you can do to deal with it. We hear from Gerry, a person who has ben suicidal for most of his life, as he talks about what it is like and how you can truly help someone who is suicidal. Wendy Young talks to us about Self Care, Deepening in Self Love. Conscious Life Magazine

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What is Unconditional Love and Why Do We Desperately Need It?

by Mateo Sol

Unconditional love is so vastly different from the love we are used to receiving that most of us don’t really know what it is. In fact, most “love” these days isn’t actually true love, but instead differing forms of infatuation, lust, affinity, affection, codependency or egotistical neediness. The reality is that true love is rare and immensely precious. The moment you experience true unconditional love is the moment you feel completely seen, understood, forgiven, accepted, and loved just as you are. This feeling is the most embracing and liberating sensation you will ever experience. Indeed, unconditional love is the most healing force in the universe. Yet unfortunately, we are so starved from experiencing it regularly in our daily lives that we become emotionally and spiritually ill. One of the saddest sights you will ever see is a being who has been completely deprived of unconditional love – and we have all experienced it at some point.

Conscious Life Magazine

But you don’t need to stay malnourished any longer. As we’ll explore, unconditional love is open for you to access in any moment, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.

What is Unconditional Love? Unconditional love essentially means loving someone or something without any conditions. In other words, no matter what another person says, does, feels, thinks or believes in, we still love them unconditionally. Unconditional love can also be applied to other beings such as animals and even emotions and thoughts. But perhaps most importantly, unconditional love can be applied directly to ourselves in the form of self-love. The more we are able to love ourselves unconditionally, the more we are equipped to love others in the same way. This principle echoes the famous words of Jesus, “Love your neighbor as yourself” and other enlightened masters such as Lao Tzu who said, “When you accept yourself, the whole world accepts you.”

Conscious Life Magazine

What is Conditional Love? Conditional love is the complete opposite of unconditional love. In fact, conditional love isn’t really “love” in the truest sense of the word, because it comes from the ego, not from the heart.

Unlike unconditional love which is given freely, conditional love has to be “earned.” When this false form of love is earned, only then is affection, respect, and kindness given. While unconditional love is limitless and boundless, conditional love is restricted and limited. While unconditional love doesn’t need anything from the other, conditional love is given only when something is received. The equation looks like this: I will love you only if ………. (you do this, say that, provide this, make me feel this way). Conditional love is inherently selfish and ego-centered. Conditional love only lasts so long as certain unspoken rules are maintained or met. Some of the most common unspoken rules that underpin conditional love include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I will love you only if you make me feel good about myself. I will love you only if you maintain your attractive looks. I will love you only if you are successful and popular. I will love you only if you have a good career. I will love you only if you do what I say. I will love you only if you believe what I believe. I will love you only if you keep supporting my bad habits. I will love you only if you keep giving me money. I will love you only if you are great in bed. I will love you only if I have control over you. I will love you only if I approve of your life decisions. I will love you only if you behave properly. I will love you only if you sacrifice something for me. I will love you only if you abandon your dreams. I will love you only if you love me.

Can you see how conditional love is a recipe for failure and absolute misery? And yes, relationships with your partner, children, family, friends, and parents can all be infected by conditional love. So many of us have experienced these kinds of shallow relationships. Let’s face it, at some point in our lives (maybe even right now), we’ve dished out conditional love to other people too.

Why We Desperately Need Unconditional Love Unconditional love is at the very heart of what we are searching for as human beings. Studies have shown that without love and affections, infants either develop severe cognitive and psychological dysfunction or die.

Conscious Life Magazine

Not only is unconditional love necessary for our physical, emotional, and psychological health, but it is vital for our spiritual well being as well. Without knowing how to access the deep wellsprings of love within us, we settle for tainted forms of affection and egotistical gratification. The sad thing is that most people aren’t even aware that they carry a source of unconditional love within themselves. We tend to believe that love is always found in the external world, in some person, animal, place or state of being. It is imperative that we learn how to access unconditional love, because, without it, we wither away. Like plants that don’t receive sunlight, we become sickly, starved, and even desperate. This desperation can lead us to enter relationships that directly harm us, sacrificing our dreams for others, and self-sabotaging our happiness for approval. Unconditional love is the only thing in the entire universe that can truly help us to experience the joy, freedom, acceptance, and peace we are so longing for.

How to Experience Unconditional Love Unconditional love doesn’t have to be earned or proven. It is timeless and endless. If you want to learn how to experience unconditional love, you have to be willing to rewire your conditioned habits.

Here are some powerful ways to practice experiencing unconditional love towards yourself, and others: 1. Whenever you experience an emotion you dislike, embrace it, don’t push it away We are taught to avoid and suppress “negative” emotions at all costs since childhood. Yet hiding these emotions only causes them to build in the Shadow Self. Practice accepting the way you feel instead of fighting to stop the emotion or artificially forcing yourself to be happy. Honor your emotions for what they are and the messages they bring.

Conscious Life Magazine

2. Practice mindfulness and connect to your body How is your body feeling? Are you feeling sore, tired, stiff, tense or heavy in any areas? Practice mindfully observing these sensations without judgment. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to relax as you do this. By witnessing your body, and allowing anything that you feel, you will access deeper levels of peace. 3. Embrace your negative thoughts and habits Remember, it is normal to struggle with negative thoughts and habits. The important thing to remember is that these thoughts and habits do not define you – you entertain them, but you don’t have to identify with them. Embrace your tendency to be negative, even self-hating. Even self-loathing is an opportunity to forgive and practice unconditional self-love. 4. Ask yourself, “Am I putting conditions on this relationship?” Be honest. Does someone else’s behavior or beliefs stop you from loving them? It’s OK to feel anger and sadness towards another person, but withholding your love is a whole different story. What can you do to open your heart towards a person or group of people in your life? 5. Give something to someone without wanting anything in return You can try this little practice every day. For example, you could give a compliment, do a favor for someone, let someone go in front of you in the queue or any other form of help that will brighten another’s day. 6. Become conscious of triggers that cause you to shut off Triggers are wounds within us that have not yet healed. When poked, triggers cause us to react with anger, self-isolation, and even hatred. By paying attention to what “pushes your buttons” you will develop more self-awareness. The more self-aware you are, the more you can practice self-love and forgiveness of others. 7. Forgive others (and yourself) and set yourself free Forgiveness is an act of self-liberation more than anything. You don’t forgive another for the sake of being a self-righteous saint, you forgive to release the burden of resentment from your heart. Think about all of the grudges you may be holding right now. What can you do to find peace through forgiveness? Keep in mind that it is healthy for you to also show self-forgiveness. Read more about practicing forgiveness if you need help. 8. Practice loving yourself and others exactly “as is” Unconditional love means embracing all of the nice, nasty, and ugly things about yourself and others. Remember that no one is perfect nor can anyone ever be perfect. Life is a constant journey of growth. Don’t love others based on what they look like, have or do, love a person exactly as they are in the moment, simply because they are worthy of being loved. The same advice applies to you: embrace all the pain, woundedness, and imperfection within you. Love it without conditions.

What is unconditional love? It is absolute acceptance and openness to yourself and others; it is the most powerful force in the universe. Conscious Life Magazine

Shared with Love‌. By Brent Lindeque Watch: Little two year old South African is going viral for being too terribly cute! A little two year old South African toddler from Durban is going viral for being too terribly cute!

New internet TV service set to change the way South Africans watch sport! A phenomenal deal is bringing daily ICC cricket near-live action to fans on the go for just R10.

Need to read: A Knysna man’s harrowing post after the Knysna Fires is going viral Herman Labuschagne wrote an emotional and beautiful piece after the Knysna fires that people are sharing far and wide on social media.

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Hi, My name is Gerry, and I'm an alcoholic. No, I'm not. But I wanted to use that phrase to illustrate a point: that it is commonly accepted that once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. Even after 30 years of not having a single drink, you will always be a "recovering" alcoholic. I want to use this exact reference to talk about suicide. Hi, my name is Gerry, and I'm a coffin-dodger. I wanted to take my own life the first time when I was in high school. Not just a down-in-the-dumps, have-the-blues, the-world-hatesme type of taking my life, but a serious "I want out" suicide. I still have the scar on my right wrist. It hurt too much, I could not follow through. I've had two attempts this year alone. These are not pop psychology cries for help. These were serious attempts. The first one was thwarted by my wife who talked me out of it. The second, I was in such distress, that I had a panic attack and lost control and did not have the motor control to go through with it. >

Conscious Life Magazine

There have been other attempts in between, and what psychologists call 'suicidal ideation'. Suicide has been part of my life for a long, long time. When my friend Michaela jumped in front of a train in 2014, it broke my heart, and it was the worst pain I've ever felt, but I also admired her courage and no-bullsh*t determined approach. I sometimes wish I had that amount of guts. The thing is, you may think you understand suicide. The average non-coffin-dodger has a ton of pop-psychology answers as to why people want to commit suicide. "Because they are in pain", "because they think the world will be a better place without them", "because they have depression." They think they can attribute Robin Williams' kicking of the bucket to depression. They don't understand why someone like Chris Cornell offed himself, and blames it on medication. They - quite understandably - look for answers. Here's the thing: there aren't any. Suicide, like alcoholism, makes absolutely no effing sense at all. But I have an answer: Talking. Not about suicide. Not about why anyone would want to commit suicide. Not about the problems or the sh*t that may cause a coffin dodger like me to go catch a train. That's bullsh*t, and more likely to send me, and someone like me, to the tracks. That's like taking an alcoholic to a whisky bar and asking them why they don't drink anymore. You don't go and immerse someone with a problem, into the problem! You don't go rub someone's face in their problems trying to solve it, do you? You talk about anything and everything. I've never wanted to jump off a bridge when I was in my studio, taking photos, or playing pool with my buddies, or, paradoxically, having a solitary 'sanity lunch' with no one at all except a book,

a beer, and a bowl of chilli. It's not about 'not being alone', although that too. The over-arching problem is this: the stigma of mental illness is real, and we don't like to talk about it. But f*ck it, I'm known as a guy who speaks my mind, and I will use that as an opportunity to spread awareness. To the coffin dodgers out there: go and talk to someone. Just about anything. Even if it is just to a good book or a bowl of chilli. To those out there concerned: there are more of us out there than you think, and not everyone is as out about it as I am. You never know when a game of pool, a beer, or just a quiet "leave him be, he is okay right now" will save a life. Understand this: why people want to kick their respective buckets, seldom has anything to do with all of the pop psychology reasons we read about on Facebook, or in flowery little self-help books. The battle is real. And it's not always about pain or money problems or addictions or whatever. Often times its simply the way we are wired, the way an alcoholic is wired. And the only way to avoid that compulsion, is to engage with life, instead of death.

And maybe one day that bough will break. I hope to f**k it does not. Despite my agonising mind, I still want to die of old age. Preferably with a whisky in one hand and my wife in the other. PS: Personally, I'm okay right now. Please do not bombard me with countless invites for beer - I'm trying to lose weight and reduce my liver size, dammit! I appreciate your concern, but right now, I'm on the up-swing. ď Š If you or someone that you know is feeling suicidal, please ask for help. Call SADAG to talk or for help in emergencies. Please know that is always another way! 24hr Helpline: 0800 12 13 14 Suicidal Emergency Line: 0800 567 567

Conscious Life Magazine

By Veronica Haupt

Depression is labelled a mental illness and there is a huge stigma attached to it – as you would know if you or a loved one is suffering with this condition. It is also labelled ‘hereditary’ and ‘incurable’ by much of the medical industry. The problem with these labels is that we believe them – after all, doctors have said so, and they have studied for years; and they are the authority on the subject. So we take medication, tolerate the side-effects, accept that we are ‘sick’ and try not to think about the ‘fact’ that this is a sentence for life. Or we live with the dark cloud hovering over us all the time. Hope it will shift if we change jobs, or partners, or countries.

Conscious Life Magazine

Kid ourselves that most people think about ending it all, killing themselves in the easiest possible way… swerve on the highway into oncoming traffic? No, someone else may get hurt…maybe swerve into a concrete pillar on the highway. Or take poison, gas my car up, find a weapon, slit my wrists the right way, lengthways, I know that … and research the ways that work best on the sly online. Start believing that nobody would miss us anyway. That their lives would be easier without us around. The Depression and Anxiety Healing Centre is for you if you don’t want to accept that you have an incurable condition. If you are not prepared to accept that you will have sideeffects from medication for the rest of your life. If you are tired of being labelled with something that sounds incurable and quite frankly, scary. And if you hold out the hope that your mind and body CAN heal itself – no matter what anybody says.

Is it mainstream? No. Is it recognized by the medical industry? Double-no. Does it work? Well, here's what some of our clients have said:

My name is Veronica Haupt and, having completely cured my own lifelong depression, I now work with a form of healing called Energy Psychology. It works by getting to the root cause of why we are depressed – and healing it. Quickly and permanently, with no side-effects – except peace, lightness and freedom from the black cloud. The fact is, that there are very clear reasons why we are depressed – the medical industry is starting to realize this too. So is depression a ‘mental condition’? Sure, if the flu is a ‘body condition’. Or a broken leg is a ‘physique illness’. Why don’t we start by taking the emotive words out of the equation, and seeing through the medical jargon to what our minds and bodies are telling us – ‘I am in pain, here’s the signal, please heal me!’? At the Depression and Anxiety Healing Centre, we use a very specific methodology called ReCode© to heal depression and anxiety, which has a truly remarkable success rate.

The ReCode© methodology isn’t an energy healing technique. It’s an energy psychology technique. Why? Because psychology deals with the mind and emotions. And that’s where the problem of depression lies – in the mind and the emotions (though we also involve movement and the body). It uses known, medically-proven techniques to find and then heal the cause of depression.

From going into an emotional meltdown (that before would have lasted for hours or even days) to calming down in minutes…’ Samantha F, Johannesburg, South Africa ‘This technique should be taught more widely and at school. Very beneficial and I feel empowered!’ - Hannah N, Johannesburg, South Africa ‘Phenomenal stuff!’ - Desmond C, JHB, South Africa ‘Thank you for helping me.’ - Anastacia F, Johannesburg, South Africa 'Veronica - my depression is OVER!' Catherine M, Johannesburg, South Africa ‘Hey Veronica J I just want to say thank you for the gift you gave me with your teaching and healing. It’s amazing how much I have grown and the shifts that happened. You are an earth angel!’ - Bianca, Pretoria, South Africa 'I feel like I have stepped out of a dark room into a light open space’ – Password, arrived suicidal. 'It (anxiety) no longer controls me or scares me... I am in control at all times, when I feel a bit of anxiety I am in control of it and can manage it and 99% of the time get rid of it within a minute or's so great to have this power back in my life!' - Roxy, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Conscious Life Magazine

Shining Some Light on Seasonal Affective Disorder Article Courtesy of Flordis

Depression is defined as an intense feeling of sadness, that may follow a recent loss or other sad event; but that the feeling is usually out of proportion to that event, and persists beyond an appropriate length of time; and having an impact on the overall quality of life of the individual. A sub-type of depression following a seasonal pattern each year is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression, characterized by changes in mood, changes in eating habits, and changes in sleeping patterns. Other signs and symptoms of SAD include poor mood, irritability, difficulty getting along with others, inability to concentrate, over sleeping, reduced energy, increased appetite, carbohydrate cravings and possibly associated weight gain. SAD is thought to affect 15% of the population each year, and due to the withdrawal often experienced by individuals with SAD going to work, and interacting and socializing with others can be more difficult.

SAD occurs approximately at the same time each year, and spontaneously remits at the same time each year. Winter depression is the most common type of SAD, which then may remit in the spring time. SAD is so much more than just a feeling of seasonal sadness. It is a depression that presents with significant symptoms that are severe, persistent and recurrent, and impact the overall functioning of the affected. SAD is thought to be caused by a lack of exposure to light, when less natural sunlight is available; causing disruption to the circadian rhythms (daily body rhythms) of the body. Additionally, dysregulation of certain neurotransmitters (brain chemicals), namely serotonin and melatonin, result in reduced

Conscious Life Magazine

reduced levels of serotonin, and increased levels of melatonin, affecting mood, and leading to feelings of depression. Serotonin is thought to affect mood, social behavior, appetite, digestion; as well as have an effect on sleep and memory. Melatonin is well known for its role in regulating sleep, as it has an effect on the maintaining the body’s circadian rhythm. Once correctly diagnosed, SAD can be treated through a combination of therapies, including biological, psychological and psychosocial therapies. Additionally, management of SAD can be significantly improved by making an extra effort with lifestyle factors such as exercise, sunlight and sleep!

Conscious Life Magazine

Exercise: A daily 30 minute walk may help prevent the blues! A brisk stroll on a winter’s day be more beneficial than what is thought.

Sunlight: as little as 15 to 30 minutes of sunlight, will make a remarkable difference to mood.

Sleep Hygiene: Sleep is an integral part of daily functioning, and allows for emotional processing and rest. Adequate sleep encourages a good mood, and ability to concentrate and function well the following day. Aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, and ensure that the sleep is of a good quality by practicing good sleep hygiene.

By correctly identifying symptoms of SAD and managing SAD adequately, days will soon seem brighter again for those affected! 

By Wendy Young: Wise Living

Buddha said: “You can search throughout the entire Universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire Universe deserve your love and affection.” When we set goals for ourselves, we’re often telling ourselves subconsciously that we’re not quite good enough just as we are. Instead, take time to reconnect with yourself and nurture what’s important to you. Here are some simple ideas to help with this.

Create space to flourish We all know that when we take time for ourselves to do the things that we love – activities that help us unwind and rejuvenate – it helps us heal, creates reserves of energy and cultivates peace. Although ‘time for me’ very easily gets eaten up by other commitments, there are ways to make ‘me time’ a reality and priority: •

What do you enjoy doing – if you have five minutes or no weekend plans, what would you like to do that makes you feel

Conscious Life Magazine

relaxed and happy? Then get out there and do it! Create a daily ritual for yourself – meditation, short walking in nature, bubble bath or breathing in the sunset – these are the moments that matter. Say yes a little less – saying yes can feel exhilarating, except when you never say no and everything piles up. Saying yes a little less can help simplify your life and allow more time for you.

Nurture loving relationships Strong healthy connections with other people provide us with joy and love and cultivate a deeper sense of both physical and spiritual wellbeing. A deep belly laugh, a heart-felt hug, a shoulder to cry on, a loving connection: these supportive relationships can be the foundations that help us realise and fulfil our full potential.

Reconnect with yourself The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda teaches us that listening to our body is a key to creating harmony, health and happiness in daily life. Although we’re all unique and there are as many constitutions as there are people, Ayurveda divides us into three main constitutional types: Vata, Pitta and Kapha (otherwise known as dosha). Knowing your dosha, you’ll be able to explore what helps you thrive, offering insight into your wellbeing and informing the choices that you make each day. Create a joyful life from intuition Following a path in life that is guided by your own intuition can teach you important things that no-one else can. That ‘inner voice’ that just knows, can help alert us to people and situations in life we find fulfilling. It can be difficult, but by giving space to your minds inner critic and taking time to listen to the Heart, you’ll be amazed by the realisations you’ll have. Achieving these small steps each day will help bring positivity, clarity and confidence in the direction you are growing. Remember that this is about you reconnecting with yourself; take time to do what makes you feel vibrant and alive!

With love Wendy Spiritual Counsellor / Teacher / Nutritionist

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

In the last decade, advances in science have made it possible to diagnose and treat illness with greater precision than ever before. Simple, accessible genetic testing, like mygeneRx, has given healthcare practitioners the power to maximise effectiveness and minimise side effects of medicine. This is changing the world of healthcare – but not everyone knows how. Here’s what you need to know about genetics and personalised medicine:

What Does It Mean for You & Me? By Dr Daniel Meyersfeld

What is Pharmacogenomics? For a long time, medicine revolved around the best way to treat the masses – doctors prescribe the same medication to treat people with a similar condition. Pharmacogenomics promotes a more personalised approach. Pharmacogenomics harnesses genetics to predict an individual’s response to medication, leading to more effective treatment. Although there’s a long way to go in relying entirely on DNA to make medical decisions, this is a rapidly evolving field that already can provide a wealth of useful information. It’s a more effective way to practice medicine than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Why are genes important in treatment? Small variations in our DNA make us unique. These variations determine how proteins and enzymes are made, which in turn lead to specific enzymes working faster or slower. This impacts how medication is metabolised in the body. In certain patients, a higher or lower dosage of medication is needed, or alternative medication is better suited.

Conscious Life Magazine

Statins, for example, which are commonly prescribed to help lower cholesterol, vary in effectiveness depending on DNA.

For some, they don’t work at all and instead yield negative side effects. If a doctor understands a patient’s DNA, they can avoid prescribing a drug that won’t contribute to a quick recovery.

What medications can I test for? The responsiveness of more than 150 medications across cardiovascular, pain, gastrointestinal and psychiatric medications can be made more accurate through genetic tests.

How advanced are genetic tests? Genetic testing and personalised medicine have an exciting impact on both clinical research and patient care. Not only will it improve health but also save time and money by avoiding a trial and error approach. These tests are applicable to children, adults and the elderly, as your DNA never changes.

Is all genetic testing invasive? The perception that genetic testing is an invasive and complicated process is misinformed. Advanced home test kits consist of a simple cheek swab that can be delivered to and collected from wherever you are. There’s nothing invasive about it.

How long will it take to get results? Because DNA samples are analysed in a lab, most people believe it’ll take months to get results. This isn’t necessarily the case. Genetic test results can be received 10 to 14 days after DNA samples reach the lab.

Can I trust genetic testers with my data? Many people fear their genetic information landing up in the wrong hands and being used by insurance companies for risk analysis or research. If you take a test through a reliable and trustworthy laboratory, information should be kept confidential and stored in a secure database only available to the patient and healthcare practitioner.

What are the benefits of genetic testing? Pioneering genetic tests like mygeneRx yield a more precise understanding of why two people might respond differently to the same medication. It’s a quantum leap towards prescribing exactly the right treatment, to the right patient, the first time. For more information about mygeneRx, visit

DNAlysis DNAlysis, a leader in the field of biotechnology, provides insights that enable healthcare practitioners to adopt a tailored approach to personalised patient care. The portfolio of DNAlysis genetic tests give information to improve and maintain health, for more informed, effective and safe treatment. DNAlysis products and services are distributed worldwide.

mygeneRx mygeneRx analyses genetic variants that affect the metabolism of cardiovascular, psychiatry and pain medications. The tests are able to give accurate recommendations for 150 different prescription drugs. This benefits patients starting new medication, experiencing side-effects or not responding to specific medication, to ensure the safety and efficacy of their treatment.

Dr Daniel Meyersfeld Dr Daniel Meyersfeld, founder of DNAlysis, holds a PhD in molecular biology from the University of the Witwatersrand. During his studies, he saw an opportunity to use advances in the field of human genetics to improve health and wellness. This inspired him to establish DNAlysis Biotechnology in 2007, to introduce the benefits of genetic testing to South Africa.

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Weight-loss is often right up there on the list of the average individual’s concerns, and certainly what I get asked about the most. The tricky thing with individual weight-loss is just that: we are all individuals. Reasons for weight-gain differ vastly across people, based on their habits, eating patterns, stress and activity levels, and there is certainly no one-size-fits-all plan for tackling them. That said, here are my four general weightloss tips that everyone stands to benefit from.

1. Variety: Our bodies adapt quickly. It’s essential to keep yours guessing by varying your workouts and eating as much as possible. This breaks through fitness and weight-loss plateaus – and keeps you interested and motivated as well. Opt for a balanced diet of a variety of foods, aiming for as many colours as possible on the plate.

2. Intensity: HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the most efficient way to blast fat and tone up. This means shorter workouts of challenging, explosive sets of resistance or cardiovascular training back-to-back, with short – sometimes active – rests.

3. Add veggies: If this is the one change you make to your diet, it may be the only one you need. Our veggie quota of roughly 4-5 helpings is almost

Conscious Life Magazine

never met. Focusing less on what to take out your diet, and more on reaching this quota is one of the most successful strategies for weight-loss. You’ll be surprised how little space is left in your stomach after you’ve worked to include all the veggies we need in a day! This is a healthy approach that focuses on increasing nutritional quality in your diet, rather than deprivation.

4. Smart carbs: Refined carbs and added sugar sneak their way into so many of our daily meals. A conscious effort to limit these and rather take in a healthy balance of complex, low GI whole carbs – think starchy vegetables, brown rice and oats – will remove a lot of the dead weight in your diet that typically ends up being stored as fat.

5. Identifying excess: Identifying the biggest contributors to your weight-gain is a must, and they are usually the

Conscious Life Magazine

things we do repeatedly or in excess. Do you have multiple cups of tea a day with a few sugars each time? Are you getting dramatically less than the weekly recommended minutes of exercise? Does every weekend include a big night out with handfuls of drinks? Are you prone to something sweet after dinner every evening? These habits are going to differ sizeably amongst individuals, but it is these personal habits that have the most impact on results. Spend some time identifying the few routine things you believe have the most impact on your weight and moderate them accordingly. 6. Consistency: Forget the all-or-nothing approach! Generally sticking to a sensible training and eating schedule will serve you far better than going flat out for a few weeks then throwing in the towel for long stretches in between. Slow and steady fat-loss is also the key to keeping it off long-term – deprivation is always short-lived. 

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What Healthy Foodies Actually Drink All Day (Because Water Gets Kinda Boring)

Photo: Stocksy

by Liz Moody

One of the most important things to do on your health journey is swap out the bad foods and drinks you consume daily. That doughnut you indulge in once a month? Probably not going to hurt you. The soda you sip on daily? Well, that's another story. We all know the major health benefits of drinking loads of water, but frankly, it's kind of boring. We reached out to our favorite foodies to find out what they drink to stay hydrated all day long. Phoebe Lapine, author and blogger at Feed Me Phoebe Kombucha! It's got some bubbles going on and a mild sweetness without being high in sugar. It's even gotten my boyfriend permanently off soda. Once my addiction reached new heights, I decided to start making my own kombucha at home. The project requires some counter space, but is fairly easy and hands off. Plus, I love scaring dinner party guests with my mounting jars of SCOBY.

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Madeleine Shaw, author and founder of Get the Glow I used to be addicted to Diet Coke—I would drink four in a day! Now, I try to drink as much water as I can. To make it more interesting, I infuse it with lemon, mint, cucumber, and even rosemary! I also love my herbal teas. My absolute favorites are Pukka Peppermint and Licorice. The licorice is great for satisfying sweet cravings, and the peppermint eases your stomach, and they're so yummy.

Lindsay Freedman, blogger at the Toasted Pinenut I love sipping on infused water! Maybe it's my inner foodie, but I get so excited about the different flavor combinations I can come up with! My favorite is mint and cucumber. It makes me feel so hydrated and de-stressed! With my two boys running around, every sip of my infused water is like a little moment for myself to recharge. And, of course, coffee, too, because #momlife.

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Lee Tilghman, blogger at Lee From America I sip tea all day long, about six bags a day. I love herbal tea for every occasion. I start out with dandy-nut blend in the morning with ashwagandha, then have Yogi Detox Tea midmorning. In the afternoon, I switch to ginger and fennel blends. After dinner, I have peppermint, licorice, or lavender tea.

Christina Valenziano, blogger at the Blissful Balance I know everyone has heard this a million times, but I just try to drink water all day. I used to be an avid soda drinker when I was younger and into my freshman year of college. The truth is, I felt like crap every time I drank it, and my skin hated me for it. Drinking water all day has done wonders for my skin, and my digestive system (I suffer from IBS). If you're trying to get in the habit of drinking more water, try adding periodic reminders to your smartphone that will alert you to drink up.

Jordan Younger, author and blogger at the Balanced Blonde I sip on sparkling water with lime pretty much religiously! When I am in the mood for a sweet "treat," I go for an Arnold Palmer (half lemonade, half iced tea). I say "treat" because you never know how much sugar is in restaurant-made lemonade! But I try not to stress too much about that because we've gotta bend the rules once in a while! As far as my sparkling water with lime go-to, it's the best because there is no better way to stay hydrated than by sipping on sparkling water all day. Hydration is amazing for our skin, digestion, metabolism, sleep, hair, nails, and so much more. Plus, sparkling water with lime is my go-to at bars (people don't even realize I'm not drinking alcohol)!

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Miranda Hammer, blogger at the Crunchy Radish Adequate water consumption is essential for your body to function properly, to achieve glowing skin, improve bowel function, and to genuinely feel good. During the winter months, we're surrounded by dry heat, which can lead to dehydration. You may not feel as thirsty as you do in the warmer months, but staying properly hydrated is just as important. If I'm chilly, I'll sip on warm water with sliced ginger and lemon or green or mint tea. I am also a fan of sparkling water—it just feels a little more exciting than flat. I usually will drink it with fresh lemon or lime juice or, if I'm feeling fancy, some mint or basil leaves.

Alanna Taylor-Tobin, author and blogger at the Bojon Gourmet I'm hooked on Health-Ade Ginger Kombucha cut with sparkling water. It's minimally sweet, super gingery, and full of probiotics that aid digestion.

McKel Hill, author and founder of Nutrition Stripped I love drinking sparkling water with a fresh-squeezed lime and grapefruit juice or a kombucha for a treat! It tastes amazing, satisfies any craving for pop, and keeps your digestion happy— especially with the probiotics from the kombucha.

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Ali Maffucci, author and founder of Inspiralized I keep my reusable water bottle with me at all times and I'm constantly refilling it, so I drink a lot of water. During the day (like with lunch or in the afternoon for a pick-me-up), I love GT's Kombucha (Gingerade flavor is my fav!) to help keep my body naturally detoxing, and I also love peppermint tea with a bit of steamed almond milk for sweetness. The peppermint tea helps boost my immune system, aid digestion, relieve stress, and as a bonus, is a cure for bad breath! Also, I recently traveled to Bali and they drink these club soda drinks with crushed mint, ginger, and freshly squeezed lime juice, so I make that if I need an extra boost—ginger is pretty much THE panacea, and lime helps keep my skin clear and the mint again helps with digestion. I gave up soda when I was 24 and haven't had a sip since. It was one of the best decisions I made for my health!

Laura Wright, blogger at the First Mess I make up a delicious and golden home-brew called switchel or "switchy," which is a mix of fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, lemon juice, sweetener of choice (I like maple syrup), and water. There are tons of recipes and methods online. I let the mixture steep in the refrigerator overnight and strain it in the morning. Whenever I need a little fizz, I mix equal parts switchel and sparkling mineral water. It's refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness, plus you get all the antiinflammatory benefits of the ginger and turmeric.

Jessie Snyder, blogger at Faring Well I turn to water first. I try to keep a tally of my glasses in order to motivate me to reach all 10 (my end goal). It makes it a bit more fun. I also love quality coffee brewed in my Chemex with a little homemade cashew creamer and always have a jar in the fridge filled with water and a peppermint green tea bag. This cold brew method makes it so I always have a serving on hand to pull out when I need an afternoon pick-me-up with some flavor. In the winter I'm almost always sipping on homemade hot cocoa at night to curb my sweets craving. Usually balanced with raw cacao, coconut sugar, and cinnamon in hot water with a splash of cashew creamer (or hazelnut milk). A little dose of sweet goes a long way, and with added health benefits I can't help but sip on these all day long!

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Jessica Murnane, author of One Part Plant and host of One Part Podcast My favorite drink is water with giant frozen strawberries as "ice cubes" and a tablespoon of chia. I throw it all in a giant water bottle, shake it up, and sip on it throughout the day. The chia boosts my energy, and I swear it makes me a little more regular, if you know what I mean.

Liz Moody Liz Moody is the Senior Food Editor at mindbodygreen. As a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, she was able to explore cuisines and health practices in places like Syria, Morocco and the Amazon rainforest. She's contributed to Glamour, Women's Health, Food & Wine, goop and many other publications, and is the woman behind the healthy food blog, Sprouted Routes, and Instagram account @sproutedroutes. Her cookbook will be released by Clarkson Potter/Random House in April 2017. She's a known green smoothie pusher, and will rarely turn down a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie.

How To Make A Perfect Healthy Latke

The Hot Chocolate Cure? Functional Recipes For Every Ailment

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Recipes From Dr. Axe

This gluten free banana bread recipe is a great snack. It’s full of healthy fats, fiber and amazing flavor! Try this awesome classic and let me know what you think!



4 eggs 3 medium overly ripe bananas, mashed 1/4 cup honey 1/4 cup coconut milk 1 tbsp. Vanilla Extract 2 tsp Baking Soda 2 1/4 cups almond flour 1/2 tsp Sea Salt 1/2 tsp Cinnamon

• • • •

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F In a bowl, mix eggs, banana, honey, coconut milk, and vanilla. In a separate bowl, combine the remaining ingredients. Combine both mixtures and stir until well incorporated. Grease a bread pan and pour in batter. Bake for 35-50 minutes

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MAKE IT YOURSELF Recipes From Lisa Raleigh

EASY ANYTIME PESTO Ingredients: • • • • • •

4 cups herbs of your choice (basil, rocket, coriander, parsley – anything goes!) ½ cup extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil ¼ cup pine nuts / walnuts, toasted 1 T fresh garlic ¼ t Himalayan rock salt Black pepper to taste

Directions: •

Blend all ingredients in a blender until reaching your desired consistency (should not be a paste). Enjoy! Refrigerate leftovers for up to three days.

MAYONNAISE Ingredients: • • • • • •

4 egg yolks at room temperature 1 T lemon juice or apple cider vinegar (recommended) 1 t preservative-free mustard Himalayan rock salt and pepper 2/3 cup olive oil 2/3 cup coconut oil (warm) or other healthy oil (macadamia works well)

Directions: • • •

Put egg yolks into blender or bowl and whisk/blend until smooth. Add lemon juice or vinegar, mustard and spices and blend until mixed. VERY SLOWLY add oil while blending or whisking at low speed, starting with olive oil. Start with a drop at a time until it starts to emulsify and then keep adding slowly until all oil is incorporated. Store in fridge up to 1 week.

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Conscious Life Magazine

by Kait Fowlie

I used to constantly feel overwhelmed—like there weren't enough hours in a day. When I was in this state, everything seemed impossible. Nothing got done because I was too busy worrying to focus on the task at hand. I was frustrated and burnt out by the time I finally found my solution: Reiki I, like many other urban-dwelling 9-to-5ers, tried to incorporate energy-boosting hacks into my hyper-caffeinated lifestyle (cue morning yoga, guided meditations, countless heated breaths of fire), but these strategies just shrank my time and made me feel even more exhausted. Once I started practicing energy healing, my perspective of time shifted almost immediately. I don't need to know "if Reiki really works" to know that practicing it daily has taught me to effectively manage my time and energy. Here are three lessons I've picked up along my energy healing journey:

Conscious Life Magazine

1. Personal power lives in the present moment (and there are no hacks for being present). Reiki energy—the life force energy that animates all living things—is subtle. It's not a booming, loud force, and that's the point. It takes quieting down my mind and turning on my awareness to tune into it. Expecting something to "happen" in a reiki session will only distract me from what's actually happening. When I'm fully entrenched in the present moment, focused on and engaged in what I'm doing—that's when time stops. We are never more powerful than we are in the present moment. Reiki has helped to teach me how to be present, and thus, stand in my power.

2. It's essential to take care of both the body and the mind. Getting to know what my life force energy "feels like" has helped me get a sense of when I'm overspending it by surrounding myself with draining people or pushing myself too hard. There's no sense in fighting back when I feel drained. Nobody benefits from this, certainly not me. When I listen to this feeling of exhaustion, I can find ways to support myself. I actively try to be in my body more now that I've started reiki. Getting caught up in the mind was my way of distracting myself from my basic needs. Finding this other activity that I love and do with my hands, not my mind, creates a better balance. Spending more time in that balance has helped me to bring a more whole self to the table.

3. Emotions are just energy we can use. As a reiki practitioner, it's up to me to act as a channel for energy to pass through. This energy flows more freely when I'm not distracted by what's happening in my mind or body. A practitioner's body is his or her tool, and the tool has to be a clear channel to work well. Therefore, it's essential for me to work through my emotions and turn them into strengths. After all, emotions, unjudged, are just energy that we can bring to the table.

Kait Fowlie is a Toronto-based freelance writer, digital marketer and collector of wellness wisdom.

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It is in our human nature that we want to feel important but we seek to be and feel important from the ones nearest and dearest to us… But what if we were the most important person in our life and they were the most important person in their life? Putting yourself first is not selfish, it is allowing you to be the best version of you so you can be there for others in the way that best serves you and them. Learning to understand how to put yourself first can sometimes be a challenge as well as having the discernment of when to, as there is always the factor of being in ego. It may be easier to put others first or seek others’ opinions/validation so that we can have a sense of importance in order to help us feel more ‘complete’ or ‘fulfilled’.

So what would it take to acknowledge yourself and be important to you? The lack in us is an illusion. Before we were born, (while we were in the womb), we had access to Higher wisdom. Then when we were born all that wisdom was removed from our consciousness and we become like sponges; absorbing everything around us. We learned how to think, speak, act, be and do from our parents, those around us and whatever environments we were exposed to. Some of our experiences from childhood left us feeling disappointed, rejected, angry, hurt and sad. We stored these in our sub-conscious and created limiting beliefs and feelings. In addition, we also carry residual memories in our cells for generations and lifetimes. These experiences, feelings and stored cellular memories contribute to us feeling unsafe in some way or another. This often leads us to responding negatively or defensively to challenging situations, triggers and setbacks. And we find ourselves constantly fighting to fulfill this need of feeling safe.

Conscious Life Magazine

So what would make you feel safe right now? Whatever your answer, question that answer with “what is the worst thing of not having [your answer]”. You will find the deeper you dig – questioning each answer further, you will gain access to your sub-conscious and insight to your limiting feeling and beliefs. Each year gets more challenging resulting in some high and some lows…hoping the next year will become easier and more rewarding. We need to come to the understanding that how we respond/react to these challenges is what can make it easier. Stop resisting what the lesson is and understand growth comes in many forms, the most significant progress we can make is pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. Be open to the possibilities… I am still being challenged to learn how to set healthy boundaries; to know that my best is good enough; that experiences in my life only make me grow and it’s up to me to acknowledge my growth and continue to take more steps without fear, doubt and worry… But by just being truly open to possibilities and change, it is making this journey so much easier. One of the biggest learning most of us are faced with is trusting in ourselves and in life itself! When you are open and willing to receive, opportunities you never considered will confront you; and the more you live in gratitude the more you will be blessed with surprises, not to say everything is smooth sailing but I am truly experiencing what a fundamental factor gratitude is in life… So are you willing and able to allow yourself to experience calmness in chaos? “Let us rise above our discomforts of fear and change; believe in ourselves to persevere and conquer; be open to receiving the gifts that are awaiting us and embrace all of life with gratitude”

Love & Blessings, Chetna Divine Healing

Dear Readers Children are our blessings from the Universe. These bright spirits have come to us to give us love and light. Children are old spiritual souls coming to have another human experience and have chosen you, their parents, for the lessons and challenges they’ll be given. Our children are here to teach us the meaning of things if you’re ready to learn from them. I have had many children in my lifetimes and in this one I do not. I believe this human experience was meant for all of you to be my children as we work together to create loving and happy lives. The Universe has filled my life with rich experiences and made me the surrogate mother to millions of people. As I teach you to love yourselves, I want you to do the same for your children. As a parent you are their guide and we must remember that our children have a different way of looking at life. If we want them to thrive, we mustn’t teach them old ideas. We can’t teach our children the outdated ideas our parents instilled in us. Children are intuitive and unique. Applaud their uniqueness. Celebrate everything they have to say. It’s our duty as parents to provide a safe, nurturing space for their soul to develop their personality to its full potential. When we encourage and empower our children to be who they are and love every part of themselves at a young age, they could do wondrous things for humanity.

I’m not saying we have to be perfect parents. The best and most important thing you can do for a child is be loving to yourself and them. Love is the answer to help them grow up to be kind people.

As you practice your self-fulfillment, help your child with theirs. Work on loving yourselves together. When we model for our children self-love, our children will follow this example. They’ll have a better and successful life.

Here are affirmations both you and your children can practice together:  The child in me knows how to love and sing and dance and heal. I honor and cherish myself.  I see the best in everyone.  I allow myself to think big dreams.  I am a unique individual with my own path to follow.  I am brave.  I have trust in myself.  My intuition is a guide showing me the right direction.

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Hay House Radio Podcast A Mind Of Your Own – Dr. Christiane Northrup

Is it really true that we have “chemical imbalances” that affect us so badly that we need psychiatric medications to be happy? Why do so many women now take drugs like Prozac, and Paxil? In this episode of Flourish, Dr. Christiane Northrup talks with integrative psychiatrist Kelly Brogan, MD who shares how to get to the root causes of psychiatric conditions. And get off drugs! To hear more from this host and any other Hay House Radio hosts, please visit

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I have been sitting staring at my computer screen for about a week now, waiting endlessly waiting to feel inspired to write something profound for the newsletter this month, and what am I getting - NOTHING!!!! It is like I am in a holding pattern at the moment, in a blank space of just being. So what does that mean to me? Perhaps it is time now to unclutter in order to make space for the new. Uncluttering my thoughts, my emotions and the judgements I have on myself to perform, to show up and to be there for everyone. Who put those expectations on me? I DO IT TO MYSELF! Eish... so much pressure and for what? Can you resonate with this too? What expectations do you place on yourself that keeps you in a tailspin? What if we are being asked to be present and accountable in each moment. Just show up, listen (I mean really listen) to your children, family, friends and your clients. How much do we presume, think we know and jump in with our interesting points of view – that may redirect the conversation away from the actual issue in the first place. I remember my daughter saying to me once (not so long ago), that all she wanted was me to listen, hug her and be a mom – not to be her therapist. At the time this hurt me lot; as I had put such value on being a therapist and wanting to support and guide her; but what if she was right all along? Thank you for that lesson my darling child, I hear you and honour you for your courage in letting me know what you required from me. Another thing I have noticed is that in the midst of everything going on around me, I have been able to remain calm and unaffected. So much so, that I noticed someone on my Divine Space Facebook page place viscous comments in the name of religion…. and I did not react. If he is unable to see the light that surrounds everything that i do, and that it always comes from the heart – then it is him (not me) who is demonic and awaiting ‘Gods” wrath. He slated each one of my posts included the Light Matrix oils as being tools of the devil, and all I can do in this case is feel sorry for him.

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I know that I am guided by the light in everything that I do and would love to share a little of my journey with the products that I make. My range began with the Oils of Transformation in 2001, and each bottle had a different jewel-like colour, which resonated with different parts of the body and different emotions. I run a workshop called The Magic of Colour, which guides people in how to do a deeply insightful colour reading by their choice of colours. The colour reading entails you choosing 9 bottles from the entire range, and each bottle represents a different part of your life. It is so interesting to see where the person’s gifts and potentials are, as well as what blocks these from coming into fruition. This is a fantastic counselling session and gives the person the opportunity to really get to know themselves at that point in time, while giving them remedies to use to unblock the hurdles. I had 3 ranges of different products that they would choose from: The coloured ‘Oils of Transformation’, and a range of both Angelic Oils called the ‘Angels of Illumination’ , and a selection of Angel sprays. Then a few years ago, I kept getting the message that I needed all my products to be 100% ‘green’. Now the only part of my range that was not 100% natural was the colouring. I stewed over this for about a year. Loath to remove the colouring as I was known as the ‘colour lady’, when one day I woke up with a clear knowing of how to do this. I was guided to use one of my symbols which has a beautiful high vibration, as the base for various different coloured stickers which would be placed on the bottle. The stickers would be clear so the colour would be drawn into the oil and reflected back out again. So about 3 years ago the ‘Light Matrix’ oils were birthed. This meant that there were now 4 ranges to choose from when doing a colour reading, and it was so interesting to see which product was chosen in which position. One thing I became aware of was that where the Oils of Transformation was chosen – it indicated deep past trauma and drama, and that the person was resistant to releasing this, whereas the choice of the Light Matrix oils showed a willingness to let go of the past so they could step easily and effortlessly into a higher vibration. These 2 ranges ran side by side for 3 years until earlier this year, when the colours started changing and becoming unstable. At first I panicked and tried everything I knew to stabilise them; and then again a deep sense of knowing told me to let go of that entire range. For those of you with adult children you will know how I feels being told to let go of my babies, but I had to trust my guidance (even though I had just printed 4000 new brochures). So what does this mean when doing a colour reading? No more hiding, no more holding onto the past, no more procrastination. Now is the time to let go of the past and all the stories we have carried for so long. If you are ready to change your life, your reality and your future then this level of guidance could be exactly what you are waiting for. Use them on your body, or as a bath oil and watch the magic happen.

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I know that I am guided by the light in everything that I do and would love to share a little of my journey with the products that I make. My range began with the Oils of Transformation in 2001, and each bottle had a different jewel-like colour, which resonated with different parts of the body and different emotions. I run a workshop called The Magic of Colour, which guides people in how to do a deeply insightful colour reading by their choice of colours. The colour reading entails you choosing 9 bottles from the entire range, and each bottle represents a different part of your life. It is so interesting to see where the person’s gifts and potentials are, as well as what blocks these from coming into fruition. This is a fantastic counselling session and gives the person the opportunity to really get to know themselves at that point in time, while giving them remedies to use to unblock the hurdles. I had 3 ranges of different products that they would choose from: The coloured ‘Oils of Transformation’, and a range of both Angelic Oils called the ‘Angels of Illumination’ , and a selection of Angel sprays. Then a few years ago, I kept getting the message that I needed all my products to be 100% ‘green’. Now the only part of my range that was not 100% natural was the colouring. I stewed over this for about a year. Loath to remove the colouring as I was known as the ‘colour lady’, when one day I woke up with a clear knowing of how to do this. Most people have welcomed the change and understood the reasoning behind it, and even those who were resistant are slowly coming around. Once they use the new range – they could feel the difference for themselves and notice the difference in their lives. I saw someone recently who mentioned that she uses the oils all over her wet body when she finishes her morning shower. This both moisturises her body so she does not have to use cream on it, while at the same time offers her invaluable support and strength to get through her day. How does it get better than that? I took her suggestion and have been doing the same over the past few days and it is simply divine. If you would like to find out more on how to do colour readings, I run the Magic of Colour training once a year – and it will be run over the first 3 Saturdays in July. It gives a lot of insight into the healing properties of colour and is a fantastic addition to any therapy practice, and it is an invaluable support for yourself and your family. You are welcome to join us. Alternatively you could choose one colour that draws you from the chart on my website, and in this way – you can do a simple assessment for yourself. We successfully post the bottles anywhere in the world, so don't hesitate to choose and try them out. For the ultimate loving support, why not book an Antaneea treatment with one of the awesome therapists on my website. This treatment uses 13 of the divine oils on the body in a series of 3 gentle massages in each treatment. It is very different to anything you have ever experienced, and will be a true gift to yourself.

Much love as always Penni

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My Ibogaine Treatment Experience Written by Linda Navon

This is my experience with the Ibogaine treatment at the Magalies Wellness centre. After reading up on the benefits of doing ‘A Lifetime of Treatment in One Night’ I decided to try it for myself as I have been suffering from depression for many years and wanted to get off the medication. I was also using sedatives regularly to keep the anxiety at bay. In a Family Constellation session I understood that I had lived my whole life in PTSD after the death of my baby brother when I was only 2 years old. This explained a lot to me about my behaviours throughout my life. The Centre staff were kind enough to allow me to spend a few days there to wean off the antidepressants, as you have to be off them for a week before doing the Ibogaine. They were most supportive and I got to hear about all the success stories of people who had been cured of heavy addictions like heroin, alcohol, crystal meth and other drugs. I met a few of the expatients and was very encouraged about what I was undertaking. Everything is explained to you in detail, and you are encouraged to watch various documentaries on the plant medicine, how it works and some motivational videos. So I was primed and ready for the Monday night when I did my treatment. I had also gotten to know the team and trusted them, as I am a real scaredy-cat when it comes to any mind altering substances. I had never experienced recreational drugs and was worried irrationally about dying. I was worrying unnecessarily as your assigned team are watching you on video cam from the office a few meters away the whole time. On the day of treatment your diet is adjusted accordingly so that you only have a light lunch and then at around 6pm you are given your first dose along with an anti-nausea tablet. Within about a half hour you need to go lie down and relax, and let the plant medicine start it’s work. I felt very calm and relaxed and looked forward to what would come up for me, as it was explained that each person has a different experience. I felt very ‘heavy’ in the bed, like I couldn’t really move. My two team members came into the room every half hour to check on me, take my vitals and talk to me to assess where I was at during the journey. This was a huge comfort as I didn’t have to feel embarrassed about being helped to the loo, as my legs felt like jelly. Every hour I was given another capsule of the medications – your dosage is worked out before the time according to your body weight and general health. By the time I had taken 3 capsules, I started seeing things, and I was fully aware of what the visions were, and enjoyed the experience. I mean seriously, the door hinges turned into squirrels which kept running up and down, and I knew this was not really happening, so I just laughed at the fact that the Grandfather of Plant Medicine has a sense of humour!

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Like I said, everyone has a different experience. At one point I could ‘see through the ceiling’ at the sky with trees and stars above me, and at one point a flock of birds flew over. This was beautiful though I don’t know where it fitted into my journey. It was positive though. The only other visual disturbance I experienced was when the team sat with me, their faces kept changing, but I knew it was the plant medicine doing it’s work. All part of the process. I got to my fourth dose and then started feeling ill, which is what is supposed to happen, You have to purge – get it all out. Which is what I did and by then I could feel that my body didn’t need anymore medicine. I felt like every cell in my body had been penetrated by the medicine. The next day is called ‘A Grey Day’ where you either sleep, or just carry on with the journey as I did in a milder format. This is when I had a very strong and beautiful journey through the woods, a long path with forest on both sides. I imagined what I would like to see at the end of it – almost like setting an intention of how I wanted my journey to end. My interpretation of the journey through the forest, going downhill and then over the rocks at the bottom, and then the climb back up as the path I had been on was this….. Going down, navigating the obstacle course and then climbing a steep hill on crutches….. The crutches being the medication I had been taking for so long and which I was now coming off. At the top of the climb I entered a beautiful sunlit area, surrounded by trees, and this little girl (who was me as a child) came running up to me. I hugged her into me, that hurt little girl who needed to be accepted and loved. During the process you are evaluated before the treatment by two psychologists, and then follow up consultations afterwards with feedback. We also did vision boards and got really creative with what we wanted for our futures. I felt exuberant and filled with energy by the Wednesday and on Saturday when I left it was very sad. I would have happily stayed in this warm nest of nurturing forever if I could. My first stop on reaching home was to put into action my trip to the UK which will be coming up later this year. Since my experience I have had to work hard at not falling back into my old patterns, and made some life adjustments to put me into a new environment.. There is always follow-up work to continue the healing process. A friend of mine recently went for the treatment himself, for whatever his addiction was, and had a totally different experience to me, but came back feeling positive and well. Whilst my ‘ailments’ were minor compared to some patients, I can see how effective the Ibogaine plant medicine can work for heavy addicts who have successfully completed the programme.

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Magalies Ibogaine Wellness Centre “…all accepting, accepting of all…” At Magalies Wellness Centre, we use Ibogaine to facilitate healing. Ibogaine is the active chemical found in the sacred African teacher plant called Iboga. It will reset, reboot, release, rewire, bring insight and, following a mental and physical defrag, will provide a clean slate. It heals many physical and emotional ailments, it alleviates addiction and compulsion, restores the body and mind's natural homeostasis and thereby restores energy and drive. The mind is expanded by the experience but ultimately restored to a pre-addiction, pre-trauma state. We have had a 85% success rate on more than 550 people treated with various illnesses over the past 6 years. Our Ibogaine treatment is done in a controlled environment with medical practitioners and qualified staff onsite 24/7. Iboga has been used by people with: Addictions, Burn Out, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar disorder, Depersonalization Disorder, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Mental/Emotional Abuse Issues, Mood Disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Severe Mental Blocks, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Childhood Emotional Trauma. And those with Physical Health Problems: Hepatitis, Herpes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Auto immune Conditions, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Chronic Infections, Aero toxic Syndrome, Chemical Toxicity, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Arthritis, Physical Stress, Eczema, Lupus, Blood Clots, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Infertility. Apart from the Ibogaine treatment (also referred to as 'a lifetime of therapy in one night'), the program consist of: • psychological evaluation and feedback • pursuit of therapeutic goals as dictated by the individual needs of the client, • and may include psychotherapy, hypnosis, and useful life skills training, with the view to facilitating the client's ability to create a positive emotional experience for themselves. Clients are able to redefine their intentions, and set goals which will solidify and launch the changes needed for their journey towards self actualization. This is encouraged by, amongst other things, creative activity – such as creating vision boards or gratitude wheels. Much of the program is customized around the individual needs of the patient. In rehabilitation treatment, we also cover relapse prevention - which incorporates a suitable plan of action, tailor made to each client. Our program encompasses the integration of the information obtained through the Ibogaine treatment, evaluation and counselling sessions, set therapeutic goals, and the setting of life goals. This process of change is directed towards a higher transformation of self, and becoming the person you choose to be.

Three follow up appointments are included. Additional sessions are also available so as to support clients on their way, till they stand strong... armed with the will and the way.

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Butterfly Maiden Transformation – “You are experiencing enormous change right now, which brings great blessings.”

Transformation always indicates great changes but sometimes to get to that point you have to go through tough challenges and deal with difficult issues which allow you to shed what is no longer important. This is not always easy to do but once you have released the excess baggage which has been holding you back you are able to soar and fly! Going through these changes can be very difficult and often will fill you with fear as that which is familiar falls away and is replaced by the new and sometimes totally unknown. Today you are being told that you need to embrace the new cycle that you are being given with joy and excitement. Take to heart all of the lessons that are being brought in then give thanks for them and release them without fear knowing that you are guided, protected and loved every step of the way. The butterfly seems to “die” as it is in the cocoon stage which allows it to do its amazing transformation, yet eventually it leaves the cocoon as an amazing and beautiful butterfly which can soar and fly with wings that are strong and functional. Look forward to the future with excitement and passion knowing that as you come out of your “cocoon” stage you will spread your beautiful wings and fly and soar as the amazing Being that you truly are filled with love, light and integrity!

Angel light and blessings Margi (Angel Connection) Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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Reconnect with Spirit

Rediscover your Life Force

Restore Balance

PSYCHIC MEDIUM As a Psychic Medium, I am able to connect with spirit guides, where I receive messages about a clients past, present and future. These messages may be beneficial to help bring clarity

on their lives and where be leading. Many of the messages have received for my have been healing on levels.

it may that I clients many

REIKI A quantity that is almost impossible to define! Energy can never be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another. Among the familiar forms are heat energy, energy of motion, electrical energy, and sound energy. Reiki is a form of energy healing. This form of healing helps to maintain balance within, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki is a form or spiritual or energy healing. It helps open up and remove blockages

within the system. Each system within our bodies is intimately connected to the seven major charkas. Reiki will help remove these blockages and restore balance.

Contact Damian Wood Email: Mobile: 082 863 8842 Conscious Life Magazine

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ConsciousLife LifeMagazine Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017 Conscious

Practice these five compound moves for a minute each, taking 10 seconds of rest in between each minute. Once complete, rest for a full minute then repeat the circuit twice or three times, depending on how much time you have.

Lie on your belly with arms and legs outstretched. Lift one arm and the opposite leg up and out away from the body. Hold for three beats then lower and repeat with the opposite arm and leg.

Hold a medicine ball above your head and sink into a sumo squat, with feet wide apart and toes turned out. Holding this position lean your body to the right, hold for a moment, then lean to the left and hold for a moment.

Stand with a medicine ball held behind your head. Take a step forward and sink down until both knees are bent to 90 degrees, stretching your arms up above your head. Hold for a moment then repeat with the opposite leg.

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Start in plank position with arms and body held in a straight line. Keeping your abs tight, draw one knee into your chest, followed by the other.

Start in a diamond plank position with forearms flush against the floor and hands clasped. Strongly bend your torso to form a V, creating a straight line from shoulders to hip and hips to ankles. Hold for a moment then lower back down to plank position.

TV Personality, Author, Lifestyle and Wellness Expert LisaRaleighSA – Twitter LisaRaleighTV – Youtube Conscious Life Magazine MAY-JUNE 2017

Enter to WIN A Year’s Supply* of Almond Breeze Almond Milk!

Looking for a low-kilojoule alternative to milk? Almond Breeze Almond Milk is a must-have if you’re looking to incorporate a healthier dairy alternative into your lifestyle. With great health benefits, Almond Breeze is a lactose-free alternative to dairy and can be used in cereals, smoothies, coffee, in cooking and baking or simply enjoy a delicious glass on its own. Almond Breeze will provide one lucky winner a chance to win a year’s worth of Almond Breeze Almond Milk. To Enter: 1. Email us at Subject: Almond Breeze 2. Answer this Question: According to Dr Kahn’s Article in this issue, on Switching to Almond Milk: What vitamins and minerals are found in Almond Milk? 3. Elect 3 friends to receive Conscious Life Magazine for free by including their email addresses. Terms & Conditions: *(Based on an average consumption of 1L a week). Cases to be delivered to the winner’s physical address during office hours. The winner can select which variant they prefer, either Almond Breeze Unsweetened or Original. The Competition Ends on the 31st of July 2017 at 12pm. The judge’s decision is final. The competition is not open to directors, agents, employees or consultants of Blue Diamond Growers or Conscious Life Magazine. The competition is not open to readers who reside outside of South Africa or those who have won a prize with us in the last 6 months.

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By Cj Matticks

Winter time is normally the time of year that our electricity bills soar. Last year was a particularly bad one for us. I used the oven a lot for meals and then would leave it running for about 30 mins more after cooking to keep the open plan section downstairs warm - bad idea no 1. Bad idea no 2 was using the oil heater at night while we slept so that we didn’t freeze. Well I certainly learnt my lesson with the extra grand that it cost me per month!! This year, we have been a lot wiser and I am certain that it is paying off.

Tip Number 1 – Close Up at Night

Tip Number 4 – Layer Up

Instead of turning up the heat in your home at night time, simply close all windows and curtains. If you have pets, lock them in at night. It’s safer for them and it will keep them nice and warm too. If you have dogs, its actually better for them to be inside in terms of keeping you safe and alerting you of possible intruders. Just let them out about 30mins before bed time to do their business. If you , like me, have cats, simply get them a cat sand tray or two.

There is no point in wearing light clothing and then running a heater and electric blanket all night to stay warm. We have found that the old adage of layering your clothes, helps us a lot, greatly reducing the amount of time that heaters need to be on, if at all. We in fact use the panel heater in our room only once a week, if that. The only other room with a heater now, is the spare room (my mom stays over at us quite often).

Tip Number 5 – Duvet Heaven Tip Number 2 – Close Inside Doors Close the doors of rooms that are not being used. We close the door of our spare room and the adjacent bathroom at night. We also close our en-suite bathroom when it gets really cold.

Tip Number 3 – Open Up in the Day Depending on how much sun your home gets in the day, many of our houses are north facing, I find that opening the windows in the in the day. really helps to bring the warmer air in from outside. Remember to close them just before dusk if you can. This tip may not help you if you get home after dark. Conscious Life Magazine

We have found that for two of us in the bed at night, a summer thickness microfibre duvet underneath a summer comforter, are perfect for warmth. If you are single, you may need to add a warm fluffy blanket under the duvets. Sleeping like this is way better for you and your circulation, than using an electric blanket. If you love your electric blanket though, only use it to warm your bed up before you get in.

Tip Number 6 – Geyser Timer & Blanket We had the team from Saving Energy install our geyser timer and blanket about a month ago and we are loving it!! There is so much

benefit in having a geyser timer, as discussed in last month’s Green Living Section. The installation process was quick and easy and the team were in and out in less than 30mins.

Tip Number 8 - Blankets love Movies

Our geyser is now set to go on at 6am and off at 8am (I work from home mostly and get up around 7am – giving the geyser enough time to heat up if I choose to shower in the morning.) Typically speaking, we generally shower at night, so there is not too much need to have the geyser on in the morning. Also, the geyser blanket keeps it nice and hot throughout the night anyway.

Extra thick socks work wonders too.

At night we have the geyser set to switch on at 5pm and then off again at 8pm. The geyser is now only on for a total of 5 hours a day vs 24 hours a day. Another perk is that we have become even more careful with our water usage.

Tip Number 7 – Steam It Up When showering, or bathing (the latter is infrequent for us), we close the door to the bathroom allowing it to steam up a little. Our en-suite has an extractor fan connected to the light switch, so I find that a candle light shower is best – really relaxing too. Dry and dress in the bathroom if it’s particularly cold. Once you open the door, the steam is able to escape into the rest of the house which is great if you are in the dry Highveld. Otherwise you can always open the bathroom window to let it escape quickly. We also try to use a bucket in the shower (the type used to hold drinks at a party). You simply stand in the bucket while showering., turning off the water while lathering. The water is then thrown into the garden, reducing the need to water. We find that showering at night just before bed time is best in winter as you get into bed nice and warm.

Instead of turning on a heater to watch TV, a Movie or reading a book, grab a blanket and wrap up for a nice cuddly experience.

Tip Number 9 – Hot Hydration Winter is the perfect time to enjoy hot drinks. Some of my fave’s are, My T Chai’s Dairy Free Instant Chai Tea Mix, a nice cuppa hot tea, and yummy hot cocoa. I have found that buying a tub of cocoa and simply adding hot water, a little sugar and milk/almond milk works beautifully and cuts out all those additives.

Tip Number 10 – Cuddle Up Winter gives us the perfect excuse to get cuddly with our loved ones. I am not only talking about couples, if you are a parent cuddle with your kids , if you are a fur-baby mommy or daddy – cuddle with your four legged children! We barely have space to move in the bed at night sometimes as the cats pin us down on all sides. My one baby, Max, particularly loves to cuddle under the blankets. And if you are alone at home, no worries, get a nice hot water bottle or two, just watch that you don’t fill it all the way up and that you close it properly.

MONTHLY CHALLENGE FOR YOU: Take the Challenge – try out these tips this month, tell us how the experience was for you. Email us your letter/mini journal and any tips you may have, by the 20th of July as to and we may even publish it! Email me: Subject line: My Winter Energy Saving Challenge Until next month – Adios and keep warm 

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Conscious Life Magazine

We are all searching for ways in which to cut expenses. And petrol is a big expense in most households. One option in which you can save is to buy a more fuel-efficient vehicle. But that’s not an option for everyone. So what if we, your trusted insurance advisors, tell you that we have 17 tips on how you can save fuel when you’re driving? Read on to drive more economically.

Vehicle examine • • • •

Ensure that your vehicle is serviced regularly. Ensure that your tyre pressure is correct. Don’t carry unnecessary weight in your vehicle. Remove your roof rack from your vehicle, if you’re not using it.

Filling up • •

Fill up your vehicle when your tank is halfway empty. Fill up your vehicle’s tank in the morning.

Driving • • • • • • •

Don’t rev your vehicle unnecessarily. Stop driving aggressively. Stop driving in the lower gears. Don’t break too hard or too suddenly. Do not speed. Maintain a steady speed while driving, use cruise control if you can. When driving slower than 75km/h, open your windows. If you’re driving faster than 75km/h, drive with the air con on.

Routes • • • •

Plan your route ahead of time to avoid unnecessary stops and trips or getting lost. Try to run as many errands in one trip as possible. Try to avoid traffic jams as much as possible. Consider carpooling.

By implementing these small changes to your driving habits, you can ensure that your wallet won’t be hit so hard the next time there is a fuel price increase. If you do decide that it is time for a new vehicle, contact your Indwe advisor. Not only are we your trusted insurance advisors, but we’re also your partner for life. Visit or phone 0860 13 13 14, for your unique insurance solution. Conscious Life Magazine

35% Cut in Peak Demand Consumption Year on Year!

By Craig Berman of Saving Energy

The residents and body corporate at Kyalami Hills are smiling this Monday ! The recent year on year comparison for peak demand consumption has shown a whopping 35,38% reduction since the implementation of Saving Energy’s Residential Complex Energy Reduction Solution. The average monthly peak demand consumption from January 2016 – June 2016 (as per the ESKOM invoices) was 40298Kwh per month. The Average monthly peak demand consumption for the same period for 2017 was just 26039 Kwh. This is a saving of 14258 Kwh per month or 85548 Kwh which is the equivalent of almost 4 months peak demand consumption. The average year on year saving is 35,38% which clearly shows that the energy saving solution implemented has delivered exceptional returns for the investment. Coupled with the smart metering system currently installed, the Residential Complex Energy Reduction Solution has now show indisputable proof that this solution is exceptionally effective in significantly reducing peak demand energy usage in Residential Complexes.

The Impact of ESKOM’s high demand season tariff. As of June 1, ESKOM’s high demand tariff has taken effect increasing the peak demand tariff around 250%! The low season demand tariff is around 90c / Kwh on peak demand usage while the high demand tariff is around R2-90 / Kwh! The reduction of 35% at Kyalami Hills will have a massive impact on the electricity costs during winter and residents will be spending MUCH less this year than they did last yeareven though this year has been noticeably colder. The installation of the timers and blankets has proved beyond doubt that this simple and cost effective solution will deliver results beyond expectation. With this saving achieved at Kyalami Hills, it now seems certain that the Return on Investment for this project will be less than the original 9 month projection.

Download the free report here to see how this solution was implemented and ACT NOW to get this into your complex BEFORE the end of Winter. Conscious Life Magazine

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Conscious Life Magazine

Connecting Mindfully with Horses

By Claudia Graunke

There’s something about horses that you either get or don’t. I had no fear of horses as a young child – they intrigued me. There was nothing my teacher asked me to do, that I was not ready to try. Having my first experience at the age of 3 now 18 years later, I run my own riding yard and I have 13 horses of my own. I know that every one of my students would agree – there is truly something special about our equine friends. It’s not just because of the therapeutic benefits or physical benefits. There isn’t one horse, who has not left his/her mark on my life – who has not taught me something about myself and made me a better communicator with them. For me, horsemanship starts not in the jumping arena – it starts the moment that child’s feet hit the ground when they arrive at a yard. It then develops as they learn to respect each horse for the individual that they are and respecting everyone that cares for the horses.

Conscious Life Magazine

There are a few disciplines that I believe come with the package of riding. It’s been proven that horse riding helps children improve memory, and develop problem solving skills. Riding in a saddle and staying on, means that your child has had to develop strong physical and cognitive abilities.

STIFF JOINTS? ARTHRITIS? LAME OR IN PAIN? If your pet is suffering with problems of movement, associated with damage to the musculo-skeletal system? YOU can help him! We have developed a range of medicines aimed at the control of joint disease and lameness in general. ECO-JOINT exerts an effect on tendons and ligaments in, or close to all joints, including sacro-iliacs. Reduces swelling and inflammation and joint stiffness. ECO-ARTH has been formulated to heal and restore function quickly, and encourages cartilage regeneration. Indicated for carpal and hock chips and spurs. ECO-BONE for ‘kissing spines’ & spondylitis. Should be used as a preventative medicine in rapid growing animals. ECO-LAME for back problems where pain is related to nerve irritations. ECO-HEAL for pain, recovery & emergencies, and ECO-GERIAT to assist older animals to loosen-up. Please visit our website to see our full range, varying from skin conditioners to heart medication. Email us and we can assist you with choosing the right medicine for his condition. 0860 326 838

Because it’s a live sentient being you are dealing with, even just tacking up, means that you need to focus on what you are doing. Whatever problem the child had in his or her day, riding will soon get them to forget it and be fully present in the NOW.

It’s also about teaching students to work with their horse in such a way that it becomes a relationship of cooperation and trust. You are trusting your life with an animal that can weigh over 600kg. As you learn to know horses, you appreciate that he/she trusts you enough to let you climb onto his/her back. Seeing a horse bring out the best in a child that used to be listless and bored with life – children with truly no sense of purpose – is an amazingly rewarding privilege. And that’s why I do what I do. I know that horses have much much more to teach us, than we can ever imagine.

We lead increasingly busy lives. juggling work, family, personal issues and day-to-day general ‘stuff’. Our energy can feel unbalanced at any time even on the best of days and sometimes stressful situations can totally throw us out of sync. Holistic healing is a wonderful way of balancing your body mind and spirit. Everything is made up of energy. When we are stressed or unbalanced, our entire environment is affected, including our family, pets and our living or working environment. Our animal companions are highly sensitive beings. Their energy centres are easily thrown out of balance by negative energy in the home, i.e. noise, arguments, work stress, loss of a family member and even moving house, which can be extremely stressful for everyone involved. Reiki helps to balance our animal friends and give them a sense of calm and balance, helping them to stay healthy and relaxed, even in the most stressful of situations..

Our homes can also be affected by negativity, creating stagnant energies in our own living space. Space clearing, a specialised area of Feng Shui, can help to restore positive energy and movement into these stagnant areas, creating peace and calm – restoring the natural balance within your home, your sanctuary. A three-part healing experience for you and your animal companions, cleansing all the negative energies within your home environment. Ann-Marie Kelly Mobile: 082 579 9478

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The Antbear Drakensberg Lodge is a thatched, whitewashed lodge built high on a natural platform overlooking the Bushman's River and Giants Castle. Antbear Drakensberg Lodge offers various Drakensberg accommodation options in en suite double rooms, luxury suites, family units and also boasts a luxury cave too. Antbear Drakensberg Lodge is one of those smaller intimate kind places which has been lovingly put together. The natural setting of the accommodation is stunning and we have managed to encase all this beauty with an atmosphere of comfort and ease. The cottages are smartly appointed and individually designed and the fact that we are a small place makes for an intimate and personal accommodation experience. Each of the accommodation units are different and are decorated with uniquely eccentric and artistic wooden furniture. It is a bit off the beaten track and is more of an insider tip than just another bed and breakfast. We cater for small intimate groups and never have more than 45 guests at a time. It's a laid back, lovingly cared for kind of place where you feel a sense of happiness and peace. Honeymoon stays turn into anniversary commemorations just as guests become friends. Even foreign tourists return for a second and third taste.

Attractions Drakensburg Hiking Trails Bushman Rock Art Giant’s Castle Kamberg Weenen Game Reserve Royal Natal National Park Drakensburg Boys Choir

Horse Trails Injasuti Nature Reserve Monks Cowl Natal Midlands Tugela Falls Sani Pass Fly Fishing

Retreats The Antbear Drakensberg Lodge is the ideal retreat venue where we can provide all the services and accommodation for your retreat. Situated 4 hours from Johannesburg and 2 hours from Durban with easy access from the N3 Antbear Lodge is easy to get to but has the feeling of being far from the madding crowd. This wonderful place for group retreats offers spectacular views, vast spaces, wild winds, rain, sunshine, clouds and rainbows and in all of this – silence and peace. Retreat groups can book the whole lodge for their exclusive use. The Lodge can accommodate 44 persons in 15 separate accommodation units Antbear Drakensberg Lodge has a spacious dining room with a wood-burning fireplace, a comfortable lounge with a fireplace and spectacular views, a breakaway meeting room, a large veranda and a large meeting room for retreat, team building or training activities. We provide excellent meals and will fit our menu to your expectations.

Conscious Life Magazine

Because food is an important part of your stay Meals are part of the real surprises that the Antbear Lodge has to offer where home grown cooking is part of the deal. We like to use our own home grown organic vegetables and if we haven’t got, then we lean heavily on those local providers with similar attitudes to our own. Conny and Andrew both like cooking and are up to changing just about anything to suit tastes or philosophies. Our cooking experience is in part a journal, a record of events and memories expressed in recipes. In the course of our travels we have filed away many recipes and with them images of people and places and their lives. How food tastes has much to do with the associations we make and if you would like to hear the tales of our meals we would love to tell them.

Sustainable & responsible tourism is our social responsibility and what we do to give something back to our community and environment We believe in sustainable tourism and social responsibility. We live is a spectacularly beautiful place called the Drakensberg and our standard of living here is exceptional. But around us lie contrasts of poverty and lack of development. If we are to keep our way of life then it surely follows that we must do everything in our power to contribute to the upliftment and prosperity of this rural area. We believe that the future of South Africa is linked to the prosperity of the people, and that upliftment is linked to education. And as such we have chosen to support our local primary school called Vulakani Primary School.

Pet friendly accommodation Drakensberg One of the few pet-friendly places in the Drakensberg. Beautiful, vast views of the Drakensberg with plenty of ground for my dogs to roam. Walk for hours. Your dogs will be happy with lots of dams to swim in and horses to discover. One of the accommodation units at Antbear Lodge is fenced in so its really easy to leave your dog behind if you would like to explore some of the sights where pets are not that welcome. If country life is for you and you would love to take your pet with you then Antbear Lodge is a great accommodation choice. Your hosts will advise you on all the activities available. Antbear Lodge prides itself on being both family-friendly and petfriendly.

CONTACT Mobile Phone: Email: Web:

076 441 2362 (036) 352-3142

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The Buddhist Retreat Centre, where people of all religions, and none, come to experience peace and tranquility. How to Retreat The Buddhist Retreat Centre offers various types of retreats, ranging from those investigating Buddhist thought and philosophy, through to practice retreats where the emphasis is on meditation; as well as retreats featuring bird watching, cookery, drumming, pottery and photography. At first glance the latter might appear to be unrelated to Buddhism but even these retreats will contain some element of meditation, of mindful awareness, refracting the chosen subject matter through a Buddhist lens. People from all walks of life come to these retreats with a variety of motivations and expectations. Perhaps they want to deepen their meditation practice, to take some time out from a hectic working life; to reflect on a tense domestic situation; to consider the trajectory of their lives; to make a decision about a way forward. Maybe they just want to learn how to take a good photograph. Each person will have a different reason for going on a retreat. Different paths will have led them to this place. We all need to make an appointment with ourselves from time to time. To re-connect with who we are; to maintain balance; to recharge exhausted batteries. To make time to go on a retreat is a necessary and healthy step for anyone.

General Information The Centre has been established on an exquisite 125-hectare country estate near the village of Ixopo, KwaZuluNatal 90 kilometers south of Pietermaritzburg, one and a half hours’ drive from Durban. Set in hilly grasslands amongst dams, indigenous bush and forests, it overlooks one of the great valleys in the Umkomaas river system. CNN featured the BRC as one of the ten finest retreat centres in the world. It was awarded Natural Heritage status by President Nelson Mandela in recognition of its success in establishing indigenous vegetation on the property and providing habitats for wildlife to return, including the endangered Blue Swallow. It is a birder’s paradise with more 160 species recorded.

Walks lead to many interesting sites and viewpoints on the property, including evidence that Bushman lived there and Voortrekkers and Settlers passed through. In 2000, the BRC facilitated the founding of Woza Moya, the community-based NGO, located in Ufafa valley. It continues to support the organisation in a variety of ways.

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Accommodation Fifty retreatants can be accommodated in single and twin-bedded rooms, en-suite cottages and thatched chalets overlooking the secluded valleys on the property – a short distance away from the dining room, office, library, studio and meditation hall. The Centre is justly famous for its fine lacto-ovo vegetarian cuisine which is featured in its own bestselling recipe books, Quiet Food, The Cake the Buddha Ate and Plentiful: The Big Book Of Buddha Food. The BRC menu includes organically grown vegetables and farm-baked bread.

Observances The Retreat Centre offers a tranquil environment for the study and practice of philosophy, psychology, meditation and the arts associated with Buddhist culture. The Centre therefore encourages adherence to traditional Buddhist moral principles during retreats, such as respect for all forms of life and abstinence from alcoholic drinks and hallucinogenic drugs. Noble Silence is maintained from the last meditation at night until the first session after breakfast in the morning. During some retreats, Noble Silence is maintained throughout. Pets are not allowed at the Centre. Only some retreats are suitable for children: please check with the Administrator.

Forthcoming Retreats: For full details of each retreat please go to the website page:

Email: Tel: +27(0)39 834 1863 or 0878091687 Mobile: 082 579 3037

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

Venue: at the foot of a mystical mountain in Magaliesburg. on the Bekker Rd opposite the Black Horse Restaurant Exhibitors’ tables and gazebos with all kinds of Mind, Body and Spirit products and services will be set in natural African bush. Enjoy the “Umoya” trails, named after the 4-metre high metal man that stands out the front of the property, inspired by the Shembe hymn, “My Spirit Will Rise”, and rest at seven meditation spots along the way. Visitors can wander through the Expo area, attend talks in the conference room and hike along the trails at their leisure. Whether you're coming to see a particular Mind, Body, Spirit practitioner, or looking for a specific product, or vegan food, or just for an excellent day out walking and meditating in nature, come along and join us on the day.

R50 entrance fee for visitors, R30 for kids under 12. Includes Goodie Bag. Purchase your visitor’s tickets on Quicket at: Visit us on the Mindmark website, or join the discussion on Facebook. We're on the Bekker School road opposite the Black Horse Restaurant. Exhibitors/vendors: to book a stand or for other information, contact Limited stall spaces are still available.

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

Grace-rescue, rehab, rehome or retirement of abused, abandoned, ill/elderly animals. We believe in eradication through education CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!!!! đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ đ&#x;šŤ The Police are now saying if you see a dog locked in a car in hot weather, take a picture of the dog and the car. If someone is with you, get them to bring up the weather for your area on their phone so you can screen shot the temp, then break the car window. This way, you will not be charged with criminal damage and it gives the police photo evidence to take the dog owners to court.

CONTACT DETAILS Call Caron: 072 844 0250 Email: Conscious Life Magazine

CONTACT DETAILS: Email: Conscious Life Magazine

HUSKY ROMI WOLF SANCTUARY HuskyRomi is a non-profit organization providing a safe haven for abandoned and abused huskies and wolves in South Africa. We provide a home to all huskies and wolves that can’t be kept as pets because of their complicated nature. Many of the animals arrive in a poor condition, some not even knowing what grass is. They are rehabilitated with loving care by Larry Paul. This website was started to provide support to the HuskyRomi project and to promote the protection of wolves and other wildlife. The sanctuary is open for the public to come and learn about wolves. We do appreciate donations and sponsorship for the buying of food, for veterinary bills and doing maintenance to the enclosures. We currently take care of more than 200 huskies, wolves and hybrids in 54 enclosures.

Get Involved We are working towards getting a formal volunteer program off the ground at HuskyRomi. This is available to both local (South African) and international volunteers. Should anybody be interested to become a volunteer or to assist with the program please contact Larry on the number or email below.

Sponsorship and Donations Name a Wolf. Should you wish to name a wolf, for instance in remembrance of a loved one or pet, you may arrange it with Larry. We just request that you then will be prepared to do a full monthly sponsorship of that wolf for a period of at least two years.

Get in Touch: Mobile: 071 679 5141

Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

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Conscious life mag 36th ed june july 2017  

Conscious Life magazine - your eco-friendly natural living magazine. This month we look at the side effects of the Winter Blues, tips for sa...

Conscious life mag 36th ed june july 2017  

Conscious Life magazine - your eco-friendly natural living magazine. This month we look at the side effects of the Winter Blues, tips for sa...