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Dearest Conscious Life Friends I hope that 2018 has gotten off to a great start for you and that you are having success with sticking to your resolutions. I spent two weeks in Cape Town in the middle of January, to visit my family and celebrate my father’s 60th birthday. I am sure that many of my fellow Joburgers visited Cape Town in December and January, and I wonder how many of you have arrived home with a renewed sense of respect for water. I thought that I was being rather frugal with my water use at home, that is until I got to my Dad’s house in Noordhoek and got to experience what living on 80lt per day feels like. It was sobering. Buckets are used all over the house. A 10ltr bucket to catch the water from your 120 second shower (to save further, wet body, switch the tap off, wash body and hair, rinse and get out), this water is then poured into the open cistern to use for flushing (we don’t flush urine). A bucket in the kitchen sink to collect the water that is used in the kitchen throughout the day, used to wash the dishes at the end of the day, and then thrown into the garden to water plants. “Water”, “Day Zero”, and “whether or not it will rain today” are the standard topics of conversation. Though the South African sense of humour, and ability to laugh at our hardships, is prevailing.

Climate change is happening and we can no longer afford to ignore it. The time to treat the earth, it’s resources and beings with respect, is here. I have seen many examples of communities doing just this and it has renewed my sense of hope for humanity. With this in mind, this month’s Green Living Section is focused on water and ways to save and use less. Please read through it and let’s all work together to look after our planet, we simply cannot afford not to. Being the month of Love we also talk about love and relationships, and we have included a great Valentine’s Gift Guide for you. So if you are fortunate to be in a relationship with another human being, take the time to show them how much you love them. And this doesn’t only apply to romantic love, show your family and friends how much you love them. Show yourself, how much you love yourself!! Treat yourself too! Also in this issue, we look at why we should be “Full of Ourselves”; Why We Want to Get High; Ayurveda and Vata Dosha; Hormones; What OM is; Why Rebounding is great for you; Whether your Pet’s Immune System is strong or not; and much more. So, sit back, relax and enjoy!!

At shopping centres, restaurants, airport and other public venues, the taps are off and hand sanitiser provided instead. Conscious Life Magazine

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Conscious Life Magazine

Conscious Life Magazine

LET’S CHOOSE TO BE By Nici Oosthuizen

Why is it that we find it so hard to be who we want to be, to follow our passion, our calling and keep ignoring the signs, the niggling intuition who is begging us to be FULL of ourselves? Why are we diseased with the need to be planning, achieving, organising and holding down the fort all of the time? Conscious Life Magazine

Have we not inadvertently programmed ourselves to think that this is the way we need to show up in the world and does it not come down to the lack of trust in the divine masculine to provide? As warriors we automatically placed ourselves in that roll to ensure our survival, to keep our family’s safe, provide stability and security that was once undoubtedly the role of man. Don’t you think it’s time to be warriors and take back our divine feminine power and be the beautiful sensual creators we were meant to be, to be the ebb and flow, the magic, the spark and the essence of all life. Woman can be described as the ocean, a constant flow, always in sync and showing up in all different forms when necessary. We can be a hypnotic flow and we can be cataclysmic force, a constant change in energy. Men can be described as land, structure, stability and predictability, the grounding and safety net for all life.

make someone else look fabulously efficient? Let’s give it back, let men embrace their roles so we can feel whole in our journey, our life purpose. It’s not a case of relying on the masculine and more about finding a healthy balance. Let the planning, action and goals to be achieved benefit your divine role as creator, healer, dancer, writer, poet, artist, cook, life coach or mentor instead of wasting precious energy on yet another unfulfilling corporate masculine deadline. Let’s also be honourable about returning the masculine journey to our men. Speak your truth, voice your expectations and thank them for being in their role thus far and dissolve any guilt they have held onto, however you would like to cut cords with their role in order to help them feel whole and fulfilled. Imagine the love and joy when both men and woman are FULL of themselves, the magic of that will be infinite. May all beautiful souls be blessed with cups that overflow with the essence of purpose, love and joy!

Let’s rise together and be WHOLE. Nici Oosthuizen The Alchemystic

Let’s choose to give back the masculine roll because we have held onto it for so long! Have you noticed how men seem to be so lost and not sure what their rolls are anymore resulting in all kinds of addictions and guilt? I’m not going to beat around the bush ladies but this is our fault because we took this roll away, to our detriment and theirs! I have witnessed so many beautiful strong independent women doing it all and achieving success but when you take a closer look you will notice they are permanently stressed, suffer from anxiety and depression with vitals dangerously out of balance. Did they get time to spend with their children today or did they meet another deadline successfully? Did that deadline benefit them in anyway or did it Conscious Life Magazine

Why We Want to By David Hesketh MSc. Neuroscience & Education For Micki, it started out as an experiment, fun thing to do. And then, it all went off the rails. The fun turned into a descent into Hell. But it didn’t have to. If she knew what was driving her to get high, her life would have been much different.

Conscious Life Magazine

Drugs are one of the biggest scourges of modern society on a variety of levels. Children are particularly vulnerable and susceptible to their effects. We have taken every step we can think of to rid them from our schools and communities but the scourge grows ever larger with each passing year. So, what can we do that will have a lasting and sustained reversal of this trend? Albert Einstein has often been quoted as saying, ‘You can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that created it’. So, then, we need to change the way we think, process the information and our perceptions about drugs. I propose to do this in the following way and it starts with the questions: Why do humans want to get high? And, why do humans want to alter their consciousness? The immediate answer to this should be fairly obvious. When life is experienced or perceived (in the mind) as painful, then the drive to feel good becomes stronger. We often explain the use of drugs as forms of escapism or pain avoidance. This is part of a natural, biological survival strategy driven by the lower, autonomic parts of the brain (Brainstem & Limbic System). There are many ways to alter or change consciousness (states of mind) that range from more ‘ordinary’ ways that bring pleasure such as exercise, getting lost in a good movie/book or watching a favourite sport to using sex, drugs and/or alcohol.

What stands behind this underlying drive to get ‘high’, to shift away from pain and toward pleasure? ‘High’ is an interesting use of the word because ‘Up’ is the direction that all spiritual traditions have looked in the quest to reconnect with ‘The Source of All’. In modern terms, the Source of Everything is The Universe. Science has recently confirmed that

that the composition of the Universe is but a mere 4.9% ‘ordinary’ matter – substances, compounds and molecules that are composed of atoms that are composed of protons, neutrons and electrons, and their composite particles. The balance of 95.1% is known as Dark Energy (68.3%) and Dark Matter (26.8%) – dark because we cannot measure or see it, but, based on our observations of gravitational force and the expansion of known Universe, we know that these 2 elements are present. This stuff of the Universe, all 3 components that we ‘know’, is what composes us as human beings. Ninety-five percent of it, we don’t even know what it is, and probably 95% of ordinary matter we don’t really understand either. And like TV and radio waves, these components flow through us and are around us all the time. We can see some of their effects, but we can’t see them or experience them directly. So, we can’t really say what all of this is, except that It Is. However, what we can say is that this Source/Universe, is what gives rise to us as human beings. In other words, life as we know it. It is present inside of us and outside of us, whether we realize it or not. This is the origin of each of us. We come from and are of Source. And as children grow up in this world, they (we) become increasingly materialized (4.9%) and the connection with Source (the other 95.1%) becomes weakened. As we get older, the natural tendency of joy, love and freedom so beautifully expressed in the young child, dissipates as burdens and responsibilities grow. Yet, because Source is our very composition, we retain this connection. We feel this deep inside us at subconscious levels. This is the source of the drive to get ‘High’, to change consciousness, to feel good in the face of discomforts and pain. When we feel good, we are getting closer to Source, the natural state of joy, love Conscious Life Magazine

and freedom from which we originate. High is Home, High is Source, High is our Origin. But you don’t need to risk yourself, your family and your society by using drugs to get there. There are ways that you can get high and maintain it without the use of substances. Happiness, joy and positivity are natural states of consciousness available to every human being in every moment. It’s called “Getting High on Life”. And this is accessible when we are free to be curious, to wonder, feel gratitude for and appreciate the miracle that Life is, and to bring our Consciousness into the present moment. Pain and suffering exist in the past, worry and doubt in the future, both of which are mental states in which we dwell, most of our days and most of our lives. When we understand this, we can learn and teach ourselves how to increase our own levels of ‘feel goodness’ and reconnection; that is Presence. And then, teach our children and young people techniques and strategies that will allow them to reconnect (‘get high’) in natural ways. Meditation (quietening the busy mind); body strength & exercise; mental training, strength and exercise; mindfulness; a study in one of the arts; contemplation; balanced nutrition for body and brain; selfobservation and ego-training and daily rituals are a composite of strategies that encourage balance, inner well-being and the ability to retain a consciousness of Source. Drug highs are a hazardous and temporary way that a person tries to reconnect without

Conscious Life Magazine

being conscious of it. The drug industry exploits this without even knowing why getting high is so popular. Such organizations are based on a consciousness of absolute materialism (4.9% of Source!). This is unconsciousness, in the extreme. But anytime we expose unconsciousness and bring it into the Light, Darkness becomes less dark and it loses power. Could anything be more important? There has been no more critical a time in human history than to shine light on such an issue that is at the foundation of our dysfunctional societies. Our destiny on this planet depends on it. Let us arm ourselves and our children with the knowledge and consciousness of what they are really seeking in ways that they can feel and experience as true for themselves as individuals. Then, the world of drugs will lose its power over us, our children and societies. There will be no more need for a ‘War on Drugs’. We cannot win by fighting anyway. Everyone loses. So, let us disengage from ‘The War’ and engage a new strategy through practically empowering consciousness that will bring us a little bit closer to Home. And when we do that, we will find Peace. In the words of American Architect & Philosopher, Buckminster Fuller: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model, that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Ask about our courses for Teenagers

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Article by Wendy Young of Wise Living ‘All creatures believe that everything is done for the sake of happiness. A wise person has the world as their teacher’ Vaghabata’s Heart of Medicine 6th CE How was your month of noticing the elements, their qualities and how you experience them? What did it reveal to you about yourself and about life? Quick recap on the PANCMAHABHUTA – the Five Great Elements • Ether means space and allows for communication between one part of the body and another. • Air is movement, direction and change stirring all creation into life. • Fire means light and heat, and governs all transformation in the body. • Water is liquidity or flowing motion, the water of life that gives cohesiveness and holds everything together. • Earth means matter, solidity or stability; it gives the body form and substance. This month we explore the Vata Dosha in more detail.

VATA DOSHA Vata is a combination of ether and air and is the principle of movement. Vata is our life force (Prana), the energizing force for the entire body which controls all movement: the blinking of the eyes, the heart beat, breathing in and out, the carrying of messages throughout the nervous system, all movements involved with digestion and elimination, the circulation of blood and lymph. Vata is also responsible for the movement of ideas in the mind, creativity, spiritual aspiration and comprehension. Its main site in the body is the colon. It is also found in the bladder, thighs, ears and bones. Vata, being the principle of movement can go out of balance on its own. Without Vata, the other doshas are inert. Like the wind, Vata people are changeable with irregularities featuring strongly in their Conscious Life Magazine

physical and emotional make-up. They can be very tall or very short, with a narrow frame and slight build. They may have crooked teeth or irregular eyes, or their nose may not be straight. Their weight can change quickly and when stressed they can loose weight easily. They tend to have prominent bones and joints that often crack. Their appetite is variable, sometimes they are ravenous, other times they have no appetite at all. They tend to feel the cold with poor circulation, and any symptoms they have tend to be worse in the cold weather. They love warmth and sunshine! Because they are so active and use up so much energy Vata types tend to become dried out, and get dry skin and hair. With their erratic digestion they can suffer from wind, bloating and discomfort and tend to be prone to bowel problems like constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Vata types are active and restless and find it hard to relax.

TO RECAP • A thin frame • Tend to be underweight or lose weight when under stress • Rough, dry skin which can crack easily • Eats irregularly and quickly • Erratic appetite • Erratic memory, takes things in quickly and forgets easily • Prone to anxiety, fear • Light sleeper, prone to insomnia • Active, restless, thinks and does things quickly • Difficult to sustain energy, concentration, activity • Changeable mood, intense feelings • Feels the cold, dislikes the wind. Symptoms are worse in cold weather • Dreams of running, jumping, flying, often fearful

Their sleep tends to be light and easily disturbed and they easily suffer from insomnia. They can easily get over-stimulated and drive themselves beyond their energy resources. Vigorous exercise like running and aerobics will aggravate their symptoms even though they may temporarily feel better from it. Gentle exercise like yoga or Tai chi is much more suitable and they need to learn to relax. They are prone to poor memory, lack of concentration, fear and anxiety and can suffer from nervous problems like disorientation, tremors, panic attacks and depression.

HOW TO NOURISH AND BALANCE YOUR PERSONAL RHYTHMS The Ayurvedic principle of ‘like increases like’ helps us nourish our individual rhythms and achieve balance in our lives.

When in balance Vata people are bright, enthusiastic, creative, full of new ideas and initiative, idealistic and visionary. They think fast and love travel, change and being with other people. The most important spiritual challenge for Vata people is to learn how to balance their energy and lifestyle. Stability allows Vatas to manifest their vision.

According to this principle, we are nourished by the qualities that are not innate to our individual dosha. We should avoid the intake of things that are like our own qualities and increase the intake of things that are unlike our qualities. Vata dosha is a combination of ether and air elements and is therefore nourished by fire, water and earth. Vata’s quick and irregular rhythms are balanced by qualities of consistency, moistness, heaviness and smoothness. Vata is aggravated by astringent, bitter and pungent tastes (as they all increase dryness), at the end of a meal, early morning (2 – 6am) and early evening (2 – 6pm), by fear and Conscious Life Magazine

insecurity, in early autumn and spring, at the latter stage of life, by excessive movement, by dry and cold climates, by going to bed after 11pm. Because like attracts like there is a natural tendency to be attracted to these! • • • • • • • •

Maintain a steady daily routine around eating and sleeping habits Choose activities that create ease and allow yourself enough time to complete them Slow down and take ample rest Learn relaxation techniques and calm yoga practices Eat wholesome, fresh, warm, moist and grounding foods that are sweet, salty and sour in flavour Drink soft and warm teas – fennel, ginger, liquorice Protect yourself from cold, damp and wet environments Embrace warmth, love and security to help build self-confidence and self-esteem Warm oil massages with sesame oil

In the previous article we looked at an overview of Ayurveda and the 5 Elements. In the next article we will explore the Pitta Dosha which is a combination of the fire and water elements. Please continue to deepen your awareness of the elements and how they manifest in your body and mind! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Wendy Young offers Ayurvedic nutritional therapy and wellbeing coaching from her Wise Living practice. She can be contacted on wendy@wise-living.co.za for more information and to book a session.

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Hormones: Tipping The Balance By Prof. Celene Bernstein

Conscious Life Magazine

Hormones are chemical messengers that travel around the body, and enter cells in order to transmit information via receptor sites that sit on the surface of the cell wall. They need to be of the right type to get in, rather like a lock and key concept. They have the power to change how we look, how we feel and affect our long term health outcomes, so keeping them balanced is the key. However, today, something is seriously amiss with our hormones. Over the last 50 years, there has been an undesirable escalation of hormone related health problems. The incidence of infertility, fibroids, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, ovarian, cervical and breast cancer has increased steadily and dramatically. Male sperm count has dropped by 50% in 50 years. Rates of testicular cancer, as well as benign prostatic hyperplasia, are up. The incidence of males born with genital defects or undescended testes has doubled. Life has changed in so many ways over the last century. We are exposed to a vast array of chemicals that didn’t exist even 50 years ago. There are now well over 100.000 synthetic chemicals on the international market, including 15,000 chlorinated compounds such as PCB’s (polychlorinated biophenyls). Many are known as ‘gender bending’ chemicals as a significant number have the effect of mimicking female hormones. There is also pharmaceutical intervention with the contraceptive pill, HRT and other hormone drugs. These are synthetic hormones, so the effect is not quite the same as our natural hormones. In terms of hormonal imbalances, the ratio of oestrogen to progesterone is particularly

susceptible to all of these influences, with oestrogen tending to be the dominant hormone. It is thought that the imbalance in favour of oestrogen happens because we are constantly exposed to many environmental substances that act like oestrogen in the body. They have a similar chemical structure, so they can get into our cells and cause disruption. They are known as xenooestrogens (xeno meaning outside) and they upset the natural balance of our hormones. Examples include: man-made chemicals such as those found in pesticides, plastics, hormonal medications, industrial compounds, detergents, cosmetic/bathroom products. They enter our bodies in different ways for instance through pesticide residues on food or from plastic packaging. Animals can also take in xeno-oestrogens in their feed and if we eat animal produce, we eat it too. They get stored in fat, so avoiding excessive intake of animal fats is a good idea. In some cases, hormones are given to female cattle to increase milk production, which is another exposure. The milk itself naturally contains fat and is used to make cheese. This is often wrapped in plastic packaging - So you can see how easy it is to become over-exposed. In order to limit your exposure to the above hormone disruptors I suggest you follow my top 5 tips: • Reduce animal fats • Eat organic where possible • Avoid plastic and cling film • Avoid/manage stress • Get enough Essential fats • Try and do this on a daily basis.

If want to feel your absolute best, contact admin@askprofcelene.com or call 082 3388185 to find out more. Conscious Life Magazine

Valentine’s Day reminds us to cherish the ones we love. To spoil and appreciate them. Take this time to spoil and appreciate your special someone, family members, friends and especially yourself! Do this every day! Conscious Life Magazine

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Are you ready to achieve your weight loss goals this year? Did you ever think that it might have been your thoughts that led you astray when you had this goal in the past? Imagine if there was something you can do to stay focused and help you stay on track, even on those difficult days... This is your year!! Let me help you. Do not let limiting beliefs and negative thoughts lead you astray. You will be set to SMASH your GOALS with my ‘Mastering Your Weight Loss Mindset’ Course and it is FREE.

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Green Monday’s Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Adapted From CTVeganista Ingredients: • 1x cup raw butternut, cubed • 1 – 2 cups coconut water • 2x bananas (frozen works best) • 1x apple • 1x tablespoon mixed spice • 1x tablespoon cinnamon

Directions: • Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy.

Conscious Life Magazine

Green Monday’s Suriyaki By Amy Hopkins

Photo by: Mickey Hoyle



• 1 cup mirin • 1 cup sake • 1/4 cup brown sugar • 1 cup tamari or wheat-free soy sauce • 3 spring onions, sliced • 1 tbsp coconut oil • 2 handfuls shimeji mushrooms (not all separated) • 2 handfuls pak choi, rinsed • 2 handfuls sliced Napa or Chinese cabbage • 1/2 packet Vermicelli noodles • Fresh coriander • 1 lime

• Heat one large deep pan or wok over medium-high heat. • Combine the mirin, sake, soy and sugar in a bowl and set aside. • Place spring onions and coconut oil in the pan. Sauté for a minute, then add one cup of the sake mixture. • Add the mushrooms, pak choi and cabbage to the pan. In the meantime, soak the vermicelli noodles in water for 5 minutes. Then add to the pan with the vegetables. • Add the rest of the sake mixture and cook for a further five minutes. • Serve noodle mix with fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime juice.

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Milk Tart with a Healthy Twist Serves 4

By Lisa Raleigh

Image Courtesy of Gourmet Mum

Ingredients: Base: • 1 ½ tablespoons olive oil • 2 T xylitol / granulated sugar replacement • 1 egg yolk • ½ cup whole-wheat flour • 1 t baking powder Filling: • 1 cup low fat milk • 1 T olive oil • 2 eggs, separated • Cold water • 4 T corn flour • 1 t vanilla extract • 4 T xylitol / sugar replacement • Cinnamon

Directions: • For the base: • Beat the oil and sugar replacement together. • Add the egg yolk and beat well.

• Add the flour and baking powder and mix to form a crumbly dough. • Press into one 10cm diameter pie dish and prick well. • Bake blind at 180°C until golden light brown, roughly 10 minutes. For the filling: • In a clean bowl, beat the egg white and add in the sugar replacement slowly until stiff peaks form. • Place the egg yolks in a ½ cup measure and fill with cold water. Empty into a small bowl and whisk with corn flour until mixed. • Heat the milk and oil in a saucepan on the stove. • Add the egg mixture to the milk mixture and simmer until it starts to thicken, stirring in the vanilla. • While still hot, fold in the egg whites. • Pour into the pastry case and dust with cinnamon. Refrigerate until serving.

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By Glynis Brits of Spirit Connection

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According to Wikipedia : “OM is part of the iconography found in ancient and medieval era manuscripts, temples, monasteries and spiritual retreats in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The symbol has a spiritual meaning in all Indian dharmas, but the meaning and connotations of OM vary between the diverse schools within and across the various traditions. In Hinduism, OM is one of the most important spiritual symbols (pratima). It refers to Atman (soul, self within) and Brahman (ultimate reality, entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit, cosmic principles, knowledge). The syllable is often found at the beginning and the end of chapters in the Vedas, the Upanishads, and other Hindu texts. It is a sacred spiritual incantation made before and during the recitation of spiritual texts, during puja and private prayers, in ceremonies of rites of passages (Sanskara) such as weddings, and sometimes during meditative and spiritual activities such as Yoga.”

The sound of OM encompasses all words, all sounds in human language. OM is a matrix of all sounds and when in its diversified form gives rise to all words used in language. Whilst this iconography is seen as ‘belonging’ to a few specific religions, I believe that many who do not practise these particular religions also see it as a sacred symbol.

symbol as sacred in the same way that the symbol of the cross is seen. It is widely recognised and accepted that the sound OM, is particularly sacred and when chanted, can transform us and transport us to a divine space.

It is believed that OM is a word or symbol that contains the entire universe. The benefits of chanting the word OM are plentiful – here are a few : • It purifies the environment and creates positive vibrations • It cleanses your aura • It easily places you into a meditative state • It brings about deep and intense relaxation • It increases your concentration • It removes toxins from your body and enhances your immune system • It increases your control over your emotions • It takes you on a spiritual journey creating greater happiness and positivity • In a group, the effects are amplified and produce immense positive vibrations • It can enhance healing through rubbing your hands together and invoking the energy of the sound.

About : Spirit Connection Spirit Connection is an online platform to facilitate connecting light workers with people seeking their help. www.spiritconnection.co.za

Around the world, those who have broadened their spiritual outlook and who encompass the laws of the universe and our connection to the universal consciousness, see the OM Conscious Life Magazine

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Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat is dedicated to wellbeing and the transformation of our individual and collective consciousness through insight meditation, mindfulness, and healing modalities. At Dharmagiri, we hold a dream that healing and liberation is the birth right of all. Our focus is to catalyze this potential through contemplative practices that reconnect with the core of who we are, beyond the masks we wear, at the timeless level of our being. The power of Mvuleni-Bamboo Mountain where Dharmagiri is nestled, and Dharmagiri’s legacy of Buddhist inspired wisdom teachings, enables a process of awakening from personal and collective wounding. As dysfunctional conditioning is released, our innate, intuitive intelligence is activated, guiding our way home so we remember that we are loving and compassionate, and as unique and authentic selves, belong together within the inter-connected web of life. Dharmagiri is on the border of South Africa and Lesotho near Underberg, KZN. It was founded in 2000 by Kittisaro and Thanissara, who trained in the Thai Forest monastic Tradition, and is guided by them, Chandasara, who also trained in the same tradition, a board of directors, and members of Sacred Mountain Sangha, an affiliated community of South African and International Dharma practitioners. We offer guided silent meditation retreats, self-retreats, and a range of shorter retreats that promote physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Within an ethos of open inquiry and self-empowerment, we share teachings and practices that encourage the cultivation of mindfulness, insight meditation (vipassana), compassion, integrity and wisdom. We believe changing the world for better grows from each person’s ability to access peace, clarity, and their positive creative potential.

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RETREATS 2018 Schedule Date: Title: Teacher:

March 9 - 11, 2018 The Moon at the Window: A Silent Retreat with Ryokan (weekendonly) Stephen Coan

The Zen hermit-monk Ryokan (1758-1831) remains one of Japan's favourite poets. An eccentric original (he is also known as the "Great Fool") his antics have endeared him to successive generations. After his initial Zen training Ryokan spent several years of wandering before settling in a mountain hermitage. However Ryokan was no world-hating recluse and was often to be found playing with village children or sharing a drink with farmers. According to one authority Ryokan's life "was a living sermon". In an atmosphere of contemplative silence this retreat will use Ryokan's life and his luminous poetry to reflect on our own relationship with the world and all the beings who inhabit it alongside us. Apart from a talk on Ryokan and a feedback session this retreat will be held in Noble Silence.

Date: Title: Teacher:

March 11 - 15, 2018 Playing a Lute with No String - A Practice Retreat Stephen Coan

This will be a simple no-frills, "bare-bones" Zen-style retreat consisting of sitting and walking meditation including a morning and evening dharma reading as well as time to experience the beautiful surroundings of Dharmagiri while listening to emptiness and capturing the rare sound of a lute played with no string. Held in the supportive space of Noble Silence this retreat presents an ideal opportunity to extend and deepen your meditation practice.

Though these are separate retreats their focus on practice means they could be combined into single retreat by those wishing to experience a longer period of sustained meditation.

Stephen Coan has been involved with Buddhism for three decades. His retreats draw on his life experience of moving between being and doing as a writer, journalist, film and theatre director. Stephen has led retreats at the Buddhist Retreat Centre at Ixopo and the Emoyeni Retreat Centre in the Magaliesberg. His retreats, inspired and informed by the Theravada and Zen traditions, place an emphasis on the centrality of practice in living a skillful and enlightened life.

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RETREATS Date: March 30 - April 8, 2018 Title: Still Clear Water: Transformation through Mindfulness Teachers: Chandasara & Nolitha Tsengiwe The focus of this retreat is on experiencing transformation through mindfulness – releasing the grip of stress to rest in a still, clear, peaceful heart – in meditation and in daily life – using the Buddha's teachings as a guide. We will explore particularly the teachings on mindfulness, insight, and the four transcending states of being: compassion, loving-kindness, appreciation and equanimity. This is a 9 day meditation retreat which will be held in noble silence with morning instruction and evening talks, periods of group sitting and walking meditation, some short meditative dialogue.

Nolitha Tsengiwe - Nolitha, Catholic by upbringing, has always been, even as a child, curious about "what truth is." Her search for answers led her to become a practicing Buddhist. She is a Psychologist in private practice and an Executive Coach. In both roles her primary task is to create a holding space for people who are also in search of truth as a doorway to freedom. Nolitha is a mother of a 19 year old son, Singatha who is her teacher on how to be in the "here and now". She is a facilitator in Biodanza ( Dance ) which is food for both heart and body, and graduate of the Community Dharma Leader Program at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre CA USA. Nolitha is currently doing a four year Buddhist teacher training program under IMS in Barre, Massachusetts. Chandasara - spent her early adult life in political exile and later worked as a political analyst at the Centre for Policy Studies in Johannesburg. Chandasara trained as a Buddhist nun in the Forest School for 9 years. She holds degrees in Politics, Linguistics and Psychology, is co-guiding teacher at Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat where she also offers counselling, and teaches mindfulness at Riverview Manor clinic. Cost - Daily Rate + R300 Teacher Travel Contribution Surcharge + Dana for teachers and managers

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RETREATS Date: April 26 - May 2, 2018 Title: Understanding our True Connection with Nature: An African/Buddhist Dialogue Teachers: Mandaza Kandemwa & Chandasara Everything is teaching us – Ajahn Chah Our real home is inner peace – Ajahn Chah Be like the ocean that refuses no river – Mandaza Kandemwa The focus of this retreat will be on understanding our true connection with Nature and rediscovering how to live in balance and harmony with natural processes, both inner and outer. Can this reawakening of our intuitive sensitivity support the restoration of peace in our own hearts and minds as well as the healing of the social divisions that divide us? The retreat will include dialogues about African and Buddhist understandings of our true relationship with Nature, sessions and meditations outside in Nature, ceremonies honouring Nature, as well as opportunities for private individual readings with Mandaza.


Mandaza Kandemwa - is a spirit-medium and medicine-man from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He was initiated through the tradition of the njuzu, the water spirits. As a vessel of the Spirits, Mandaza receives visions and dreams, makes offerings, performs healing rituals, and serves as a messenger for the Ancient Ones. Mandaza carries with him in his heart the African spiritual tradition of healing and peacemaking. He is known internationally for his loving presence and for his preservation of the old ways. He stands for Truth, Love, Justice and Peace in this world. Like the water spirits he carries, Mandaza flows between the worlds, moving easily between the worlds of Christianity, the secular, the traditional, the modern, the industrial and the earth ways, all that is sacred and profane. Currently, Mandaza travels internationally offering teachings and healing counsel in churches, schools, prisons and hospitals. You can listen to a talk by Mandaza on the Mind and Life website www.BotswanaUbuntuConference2017livestream

Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat Underberg, Southern Drakensberg KZN www.dharmagiri.org office@dharmagiri.org Cost: From R450 – R550 a night, full board, vegetarian food. + Dana (free-will offering.) Scholarships available.

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We are all beings of light - each cell in our bodies is made up of light, which resonates to a specific frequency. The frequencies vary depending on the energy centre or chakra. They vibrate at different rates and resonate to specific colours, much like a television set does. If any of these energy centres are out of balance, we are not properly in tune, and much like your TV, the picture becomes fuzzy and distorted. This is what creates emotional disease, and if not dealt with, eventually causes physical disease.

The Antaneea Technique was developed by Penni to assist our bodies to return to a state of balance. The Antaneea Technique system is a multi-layered technique incorporating massage, touch and sound and pours love and colour into the cells. The trained therapist works only on the back of the body and will perform all three massages on the client during their treatment . • The first massage is the deepest, and 7 divine ‘Light matrix oils’ are applied to the different energy centres, aligning the physical body. During this process the therapist is taught to read the body to identify where stored memories of past hurts or traumas are held. When acknowledging them, you have the potential of releasing it, thereby stopping the repetitive cycles which keep attracting more of the same lessons. •

The second massage is far softer and more gentle and the therapist focuses on pouring love into the body as she places another 7 oils onto the body, which encourages emotional stability.

The third process is a light feather touch which aligns to your Divine Blueprint, or potential. This time 13 of the Light Matrix oils are rubbed into the body in a sacred ritual.

The use of the Light matrix oils balances the outer reality that supports us. This relates to our jobs, relationships and interactions with others. Sound however does the same for the inner emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives, teaching us to trust our feelings and perceptions. In order to balance both the inner and outer aspects of life, sound tools are used over the body. A different sound is used for each chakra, and can truly be felt within the cells. Cells vibrate and become alive as they absorb the tones.

If this excites you and you would like to train as a therapist, Penni’s next course is over the following 4 Saturdays: 24 March, 3, 10 & 17th April. For more information on the healing aspects of the products, courses offered or lists of certified therapists please visit the website www.divinespace.co.za

The use of touch, colour and sound in this treatment resonates directly with our DNA. This technique is suitable to be used on anyone and all ages. The transformative treatment brings about deep relaxation and peace. Slowly and with ease you begin the journey back to feeling the joy of being alive and finding your true Soul Path. The divine ‘Light Matrix Oils’ can be used at home as body or bath oils. They are supportive tools for healing and balance and can be incorporated successfully into any treatment. Each one relates to a different part of your life. They work hand in hand with allopathic medicine. While traditional medicine helps to heal the symptoms of illness, the oils assist in getting to the root, healing the emotional cause behind the disease. The Oils are complemented by the ‘Angels of Transformation’ sprays. These sprays instantly remove negativity from the environment and pour in loving vibrations.

Penni trained in 1993 with the Academy of Colour Therapeutics in the UK as both as a counselor and teacher. She has practised as a therapist and teacher for over 20 years. She believed that the all important healing power of touch needed to be incorporated with colour, and this led her developing the Antaneea Technique system in 1997. Penni has trained over 500 therapists on the Antaneea system over the last 20 years.

Click on arrow below to watch video on the Antaneea process

Cassiel -StillnessGo within and discover your own stillness and tranquillity!

It is only when you go within and discover your own stillness and tranquillity that you find the solutions to your issues and challenges and are able to receive guidance and assistance from the Angels and Beings of Light. When you are in a state of serenity your aura is smooth and not jangled which enables those on the other side, to connect to you easily and then also enables you to "hear" what they are trying to convey to you. You should be meditating every day to ensure that you are in a state of calmness.

It should become as routine as brushing your teeth and when you have not done your meditation it should feel as though a vital element is missing from your day. You live in a very hectic and noisy world and this is a special gift that you have been given to enable you to deal with the everyday issues and challenges that arise. Regular meditation gives you immense strength, calmness and serenity which makes dealing with issues and challenges that much easier. Moments of stillness are very precious so remember to access this wonderful gift often and change your life forever!

Angel light and blessings Margi (Angel Connection) Interpretation by Margi of Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno Conscious Life Magazine

Welcome To The Angel Connection School of Africa The Angel Connection School of Africa, established as a non-profit organisation, for the highest good of all, will incorporate all forms of Spirituality continuing with the basic teachings of Angels, Ascension, Atlantis etc. which we all know to be Universal. The teachings of various modalities will however, be enhanced by adding the specific requirements of our culture and ethnicity, whilst retaining flexibility.

The mission statement of the school is:“To Light up Africa so that Africa can Light up the World”

A Letter From The School Principal – Margi McAlpine

Angel Connection Day


SPIRITUAL TEACHER TRAINING COURSE - SOUTH AFRICA 2018 Are you ready to change your life forever and in the process assist others by enlightening and empowering them? Do you feel that this is your Divine Life Path, helping to spread the light to others and accelerating your own personal growth? If this is the case then this life changing Teacher Training course is for you! I am delighted to announce that the next Teacher Training course is from 2nd to 15th March 2018 at The Angel Warehouse, Spirit of Amberfield, Rheenendal (near Knysna). http://angels.za.com/venue/ This course is for those that are passionate, motivated and committed to working with the Angels and Ascension and wanting to pass their knowledge and passion onto others so that they too are empowered and enlightened. You do not have to be very experienced in your Spiritual abilities, but must be working from the heart with enthusiasm and integrity. Academic qualifications are not important. Your own personal self-development and the desire and passion to pass this onto others, is what counts. This course emphasises your own self-development which is so very important. I take pride in inviting you into our sacred and very special space where you will be nurtured and supported whilst you grow and learn. This beautiful country venue offers a special and safe place to focus your attention and listen to the longing of your own soul allowing you to grow and do your own self-development. This experience is unique and a special gift that you give yourself whilst you are preparing to go out and spread the light. The Angel Connection School of Africa is delighted to announce that there will be a bursary available for those who would like to do the course but are unable to afford it. Please contact me for more information and application forms. Closing date for applications is the 15th January 2018. Terms and conditions apply. Please call me on 082-563-7422 margi@angelconnection.co.za www.angels.za.com







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The Buddhist Retreat Centre, where people of all religions, and none, come to experience peace and tranquility. How to Retreat The Buddhist Retreat Centre offers various types of retreats, ranging from those investigating Buddhist thought and philosophy, through to practice retreats where the emphasis is on meditation; as well as retreats featuring bird watching, cookery, drumming, pottery and photography. At first glance the latter might appear to be unrelated to Buddhism but even these retreats will contain some element of meditation, of mindful awareness, refracting the chosen subject matter through a Buddhist lens. People from all walks of life come to these retreats with a variety of motivations and expectations. Perhaps they want to deepen their meditation practice, to take some time out from a hectic working life; to reflect on a tense domestic situation; to consider the trajectory of their lives; to make a decision about a way forward. Maybe they just want to learn how to take a good photograph. Each person will have a different reason for going on a retreat. Different paths will have led them to this place. We all need to make an appointment with ourselves from time to time. To re-connect with who we are; to maintain balance; to recharge exhausted batteries. To make time to go on a retreat is a necessary and healthy step for anyone.

General Information The Centre has been established on an exquisite 125-hectare country estate near the village of Ixopo, KwaZuluNatal 90 kilometers south of Pietermaritzburg, one and a half hours’ drive from Durban. Set in hilly grasslands amongst dams, indigenous bush and forests, it overlooks one of the great valleys in the Umkomaas river system. CNN featured the BRC as one of the ten finest retreat centres in the world. It was awarded Natural Heritage status by President Nelson Mandela in recognition of its success in establishing indigenous vegetation on the property and providing habitats for wildlife to return, including the endangered Blue Swallow. It is a birder’s paradise with more 160 species recorded.

Walks lead to many interesting sites and viewpoints on the property, including evidence that Bushman lived there and Voortrekkers and Settlers passed through. In 2000, the BRC facilitated the founding of Woza Moya, the community-based NGO, located in Ufafa valley. It continues to support the organisation in a variety of ways.

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Accommodation Fifty retreatants can be accommodated in single and twin-bedded rooms, en-suite cottages and thatched chalets overlooking the secluded valleys on the property – a short distance away from the dining room, office, library, studio and meditation hall. The Centre is justly famous for its fine lacto-ovo vegetarian cuisine which is featured in its own bestselling recipe books, Quiet Food, The Cake the Buddha Ate and Plentiful: The Big Book Of Buddha Food. The BRC menu includes organically grown vegetables and farm-baked bread.

Observances The Retreat Centre offers a tranquil environment for the study and practice of philosophy, psychology, meditation and the arts associated with Buddhist culture. The Centre therefore encourages adherence to traditional Buddhist moral principles during retreats, such as respect for all forms of life and abstinence from alcoholic drinks and hallucinogenic drugs. Noble Silence is maintained from the last meditation at night until the first session after breakfast in the morning. During some retreats, Noble Silence is maintained throughout. Pets are not allowed at the Centre. Only some retreats are suitable for children: please check with the Administrator.

Forthcoming Retreats: For full details of each retreat please go to the website page: http://www.brcixopo.co.za/retreats/detailed-list-ofretreats.html

Email: brcixopo@futurenet.co.za Tel: +27(0)39 834 1863 or 0878091687 Mobile: 082 579 3037 www.brcixopo.co.za

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Conscious Life Magazine sat down with Wellness Expert, Lisa Raleigh, to talk about the latest fitness craze and how it’s changing lives for the better. How long have rebounders and rebounding exercises been on the market? Rebounding as a discipline has been in SA for around 10 years, and I first came across it about 6 years ago while interviewing SA’s rebounding experts, Justine and Keith McFarlane, for a TV show I was presenting and producing. While I have had a rebounder in my house since then and used it on and off throughout, it was only at the end of last year after having a baby that I really experienced the benefits of rebounding first-hand, and decided to create my own products and workouts. What inspired you to create your own branded rebounder and workouts? Last year, I went up to my farm in the midlands with my then 5-month old baby, Bella. It was icy cold, I was still easing back into training and I needed portable workouts that I could do at home without leaving Bella. I brought my usual free weights, mat and other exercise equipment, along with the rebounder for cardio. I was amazed at how useful it was to have a portable, on-the-spot, indoor/outdoor form of cardio that was not only incredibly effective and so versatile, but fun as well. After some greasing it is also completely silent, making it ideal for working out near baby. When I was really getting into it and took to the internet for some rebounder workout inspiration, I found none and realized there was a real gap to fill globally for those in a similar position.

What makes your rebounder different to everything else on the market currently? It’s all in the bounce. A cheaper, lower quality

rebounder gives a jarring bounce, it can roll your ankles, the springs won’t have a good guarantee, and the durability will in general be lower. I have collaborated with SA’s leading experts in rebounding – Rebound SA – to bring only the highest quality, tried and tested worldwide rebounder to SA markets. What type of individual will find rebounding most useful? The beauty of rebounding is that it is universal. Men and women, kids, beginners, those with injuries, those who are overweight, the elderly, those suffering with arthritis, osteoporosis or other chronic illness – or the super fit and active too – will all benefit from exercising on a rebounder. What type of exercise does a rebounder offer? This is such a versatile exercise. Rebounding can be done as a full cardio workout, part of a circuit, a HIIT workout, with light weights, and can be used in big gyms, boutique classes, at home or outside. The sky’s the limit! When you purchase a Lisa Raleigh rebounder, you’ll also get four free workouts to try out, so you can see for yourself what works best for you. What are the benefits of rebounding? The benefits of rebounding never cease to amaze me. Off the bat, it is more effective per minute than most other forms of cardio. It promotes lymph drainage, reduces cellulite, increases your heart rate, tones the whole body – even the skin – provides resistance without impact, repairs tissue and boosts circulation. Moms will rebuild deep core strength and Kegel muscles, and this exercise can be practiced safely by almost anyone. Even 5 minutes on a rebounder provides impressive health benefits! It really has become my exercise staple. Getting in touch with Lisa Raleigh TV Personality, Author, Lifestyle and Wellness Expert www.lisaraleigh.co.za lisa@lisaraleigh.co.za

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FOR THE LOVE OF WELLNESS www.lisaraleigh.com

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The Antbear Drakensberg Lodge is a thatched, whitewashed lodge built high on a natural platform overlooking the Bushman's River and Giants Castle. Antbear Drakensberg Lodge offers various Drakensberg accommodation options in en suite double rooms, luxury suites, family units and also boasts a luxury cave too. Antbear Drakensberg Lodge is one of those smaller intimate kind places which has been lovingly put together. The natural setting of the accommodation is stunning and we have managed to encase all this beauty with an atmosphere of comfort and ease. The cottages are smartly appointed and individually designed and the fact that we are a small place makes for an intimate and personal accommodation experience. Each of the accommodation units are different and are decorated with uniquely eccentric and artistic wooden furniture. It is a bit off the beaten track and is more of an insider tip than just another bed and breakfast. We cater for small intimate groups and never have more than 45 guests at a time. It's a laid back, lovingly cared for kind of place where you feel a sense of happiness and peace. Honeymoon stays turn into anniversary commemorations just as guests become friends. Even foreign tourists return for a second and third taste.

Attractions Drakensburg Hiking Trails Bushman Rock Art Giant’s Castle Kamberg Weenen Game Reserve Royal Natal National Park Drakensburg Boys Choir

Horse Trails Injasuti Nature Reserve Monks Cowl Natal Midlands Tugela Falls Sani Pass Fly Fishing

Retreats The Antbear Drakensberg Lodge is the ideal retreat venue where we can provide all the services and accommodation for your retreat. Situated 4 hours from Johannesburg and 2 hours from Durban with easy access from the N3 Antbear Lodge is easy to get to but has the feeling of being far from the madding crowd. This wonderful place for group retreats offers spectacular views, vast spaces, wild winds, rain, sunshine, clouds and rainbows and in all of this – silence and peace. Retreat groups can book the whole lodge for their exclusive use. The Lodge can accommodate 44 persons in 15 separate accommodation units Antbear Drakensberg Lodge has a spacious dining room with a wood-burning fireplace, a comfortable lounge with a fireplace and spectacular views, a breakaway meeting room, a large veranda and a large meeting room for retreat, team building or training activities. We provide excellent meals and will fit our menu to your expectations.

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Because food is an important part of your stay Meals are part of the real surprises that the Antbear Lodge has to offer where home grown cooking is part of the deal. We like to use our own home grown organic vegetables and if we haven’t got, then we lean heavily on those local providers with similar attitudes to our own. Conny and Andrew both like cooking and are up to changing just about anything to suit tastes or philosophies. Our cooking experience is in part a journal, a record of events and memories expressed in recipes. In the course of our travels we have filed away many recipes and with them images of people and places and their lives. How food tastes has much to do with the associations we make and if you would like to hear the tales of our meals we would love to tell them.

Sustainable & responsible tourism is our social responsibility and what we do to give something back to our community and environment We believe in sustainable tourism and social responsibility. We live is a spectacularly beautiful place called the Drakensberg and our standard of living here is exceptional. But around us lie contrasts of poverty and lack of development. If we are to keep our way of life then it surely follows that we must do everything in our power to contribute to the upliftment and prosperity of this rural area. We believe that the future of South Africa is linked to the prosperity of the people, and that upliftment is linked to education. And as such we have chosen to support our local primary school called Vulakani Primary School.

Pet friendly accommodation Drakensberg One of the few pet-friendly places in the Drakensberg. Beautiful, vast views of the Drakensberg with plenty of ground for my dogs to roam. Walk for hours. Your dogs will be happy with lots of dams to swim in and horses to discover. One of the accommodation units at Antbear Lodge is fenced in so its really easy to leave your dog behind if you would like to explore some of the sights where pets are not that welcome. If country life is for you and you would love to take your pet with you then Antbear Lodge is a great accommodation choice. Your hosts will advise you on all the activities available. Antbear Lodge prides itself on being both family-friendly and petfriendly.

CONTACT Mobile 076 441 2362 Email: reservations@antbear.co.za Web: www.antbear.co.za

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FIND & BOOK ECO-FRIENDLY ACCOMMODATION IN SOUTH AFRICA lovetostay.co.za is your green heart guide to eco-friendly accommodation throughout beautiful South Africa. We partner with all kinds of accommodation establishments that operate in an eco-friendly, sustainable and responsible way. So whether you opt for a luxury boutique hotel or rustic tree house, you can feel good knowing your holiday supports a place that serves the environment and community in a positive way. To help you make these good choices, we are committed to growing a wonderful selection of urban and country, luxury and rustic green accommodation options where you will love to stay! Search for your next green getaway on www.lovetostay.co.za by location or type; the Check Availability & Book Online green button will enable you to check real-time availability, make a booking & secure online payment through the Nightsbridge booking system at no extra charge.

WHAT IS ECO-FRIENDLY ACCOMMODATION? Eco-friendly accommodation is defined as a lodging establishment with structural features that minimize the impact and footprint on the environment; as well as well as those that follow green living, sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

WHAT ARE GREEN HEARTS? Look out for the Green Hearts Seal of each establishment. We are proud to showcase all of our members and love to highlight their specific efforts to protect and conserve the environment. Seals display between 1-5 Green Hearts as awarded to them for their positive Green Acts. Here`s more info!

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Help us Fight the Dog Meat Trade URGENT: Our Animal Rescue Team has identified a dog meat farm in South Korea where more than 170 dogs are in desperate need of help. Please make an urgent donation to help us rescue these dogs and save them from a brutal death. Stolen from the streets, shoved into trucks, locked in cages. Then slaughtered and sold to be eaten. This is the horrifying fate of the millions of dogs caught up in Asia’s dog meat trade. Please join the fight to shut down this brutal industry for good. With your help, we’ll shut down farms in South Korea, assist farmers as they transition to more humane livelihoods, support our local Chinese partners in intercepting dog meat traders’ trucks, fund the care of confiscated and rescued animals and lobby for better laws throughout Asia.

You can help stop this cruelty. Please give today.

Act Now Please fill out the form (link) to add your name to the petition calling for vital legal protection for cats and dogs in South Korea.

Help us bring hope to girls without and choices to those with none. Founded in 2000 by Khanyisile Motsa, and run under her diligent care ever, Home of Hope for Girls is an autonomous, self-started initiative to provide real care for exploited, trafficked and abused children in the city of Johannesburg. It is more than just a residential shelter; it is a loving home where dignity is restored, the past is healed and the girls are given the tools to take control of their futures. Home of Hope also reaches out to the community offering the most vulnerable members support, practical help and a lifeline.

The Background to Home of Hope An estimated 10,000 children are prostitutes in Johannesburg and this figure is increasing. When Khanyisile Motsa relocated to Hillbrow she was shocked to observe girls as young as nine working as prostitutes and selling drugs on the streets at night. The truth about these forgotten children is: • • • • • •

Child Prostitute. Photo by Tseliso Monaheng

Criminals pay agents to recruit children They usually target often orphans or/and those from very disadvantaged rural communities Victims are trafficked or seduced to leave with lies about a life in the city Their IDs are frequently taken from them to make escape and identification difficult Their IDs are often sold on the black market ‘Owned’ by their exploiters they are prostituted, abused, made to sell drugs

Email: info@hopehome.org.za Mam Khanyi: 073 250 2086 Telephone: 011 614 0861

PAWS R US (SA) is looking for INVESTORS – help us BUILD THE DREAM of our “HAPPY PLACE”! After 6 years in animal welfare/rescue, PAWS R US (SA) has moved into the LINBER KENNELS facility out in the Tarlton area, JHB. It is time to spread our wings, create a permanent home, and contribute more effectively to both the cause and effects linked to animal welfare/rescue in SA. Our dream is to build the LINBER KENNELS facility into a top-notch rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming haven for rescue dogs. We also want to establish a home-base for our EDUCATION campaigns, so that we can work with the youth in returning to the core value of COMPASSION and RESPECT for Self and All Life. To make this dream a reality, we need to BUY the LINBER KENNELS site. And to get that done, we need to find INVESTORS and PARTNERS who want to contribute to something greater than themselves, and help make a real, immediate and practical difference in a world that has lost its way. The PAWS R US (SA) TRUST has been created as a legal entity – and we now look to spread the net open wide and “go on the hunt” for kindred spirits who want to help build something GOOD. We need INVESTORS of the HEART and MIND – those who want to protect the vulnerable, educate the youth of tomorrow, and know that their investment has directly uplifted lives and communities. CONTACT: For all enquiries and details related to this search for INVESTORS, and the implications for each INVESTOR within the Trust, please email us on woof@pawsrus.co.za

Call 012 430 7775 Lines open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Save the Children believes every child deserves a future. In South Africa and around the world, we work every day to give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. When crisis strikes, and children are most vulnerable, we are always among the first to respond and the last to leave. We ensure children’s unique needs are met and their voices are heard. We deliver lasting results for millions of children, including those hardest to reach. We do whatever it takes for children – every day and in times of crisis – transforming their lives and the future we share.

We need your help to ensure that no child is left behind. In a tough funding environment, we have ensured we have multiple avenues of funding and are proud to have 11,000 generous individual donors contributing monthly. We will continue to be innovative in securing funding to enable us to reach more children and will work on increasing unrestricted and consistent funding streams. You can help us make a difference. Even just by becoming aware of our work by reading our annual report. To download and read the full annual report, click here.

Help us do whatever it takes to save the children.

Thank You Gugulethu Ndebele CEO


Education The quality of education in the foundation years has a lasting impact and we are working hard to ensure that every child receives quality basic education.

Child Protection South Africa is marked by high levels of violence and exploitation of children in places where they should be safe. All children should thrive in a safe environment.

Health & Nutrition No child under the age of 5 should die from preventable disease and all our children deserve long-term good health.

Children’s Rights Insufficient recources prevent children from achieving their rights as enshrined in the South African Constitution. We are campaigning for a strengthened childrights system

One in Every Four Children Being Robbed of Their Childhood One in every four children being robbed of their childhood, new report from Save the Children finds One quarter of the world's children are being denied a childhood, a new report from Save the Children has revealed. The report includes a global index ranking the places where childhood is most and least threatened. Launched to coincide with International Children's Day, the Stolen Childhoods report has found that at least 700 million children—and possibly hundreds of millions more—have had the promise of a full childhood brought to an early end.

The reasons vary from extreme violence and conflict, often driving families from their homes; early marriage and pregnancy; child labour, poor health and not being able to go to school. In South Africa, the high levels of child homicide and extreme violence against children is the most concerning indicator.

Read: Save the Children to the rescue to take street kids under its wing

With much appreciation to our advertisers, contributors, endorsers and of course, our readers Namaste

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Conscious Life Free Online Mag Feb 2018 Ed 42  

Beating Day Zero; Hormones - Tipping The Balance; Valentine's Gift Guide; Relationship's - Making Them Work; Why We Want To Get High; How St...

Conscious Life Free Online Mag Feb 2018 Ed 42  

Beating Day Zero; Hormones - Tipping The Balance; Valentine's Gift Guide; Relationship's - Making Them Work; Why We Want To Get High; How St...