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November/december 2014 • Issue 1

Improving Independence

The Importance Of Early Years Mobility Product Focus

The latest products to aid independent living for children and adults

World Federation Of Occupational Therapists What a membership can mean for you

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New to

Quantum® Elbow Supports

Swing away elbow stops offer optimal positioning and comfort.

Foot Boxes

Perfect comfort and positioning, available in three sizes.


Useful for body positioning, and simply interfaced.

Q6 Edge with Stealth Products®

Tablet Holder

Tablet mount for hardware from 8”-10.5” in height. Please Come and see on:

i-Drive Head Array

Fully adjustable, advanced drive system and



* images used for illustration purposes only

Tel: 01869 324600 Email: sales@pride-mobility.co.uk Web: www.pride-mobililty.co.uk

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welcome W to the first issue of The OT Magazine

e are delighted to be launching a publication dedicated to occupational therapists and the invaluable

introduction to the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT). We discover the important work that they do and what a membership to this global federation can offer you.

We hope The OT Magazine serves as a useful resource and helps keep you up to date with the latest innovative products to aid independent living. We have several product features throughout the magazine that focus on a variety of daily living aids for both adults and children as well as articles showing products in practice and explaining how they have benefited people.

With the Occupational Therapy Show back for its second year and taking place at the NEC, Birmingham, we take a look at what it has to offer visitors, from free CPD training to new innovative products and services. Turn to page 44 for more information.

work you do.

In this issue you will also find a column from Kate Sheehan, OT and Director of The OT Service. Kate shares her thoughts on client centred practice on page 13. We also speak to Camilla Hawkins, Lead OT at Mildmay Hospital, to discuss the changes that have occurred in the field of HIV treatment, its management and what this has meant for the role of occupational therapists. O n p a g e 4 0 yo u w i l l f i n d a n

The team Editor: Rosalind Tulloch Staff Writer: Jen McLean Designer: Katie White Sales: Abraham Otakoya

t m t m t m

We hope you enjoy reading the first issue of The OT Magazine and if you can spare five minutes of your time to tell us your thoughts on it please turn to page 65 to fill in our feedback form. On page 66 you will also find a form to fill in for a free subscription to The OT Magazine, alternatively you can email me at ros@2apublishing.co.uk with your details and your thoughts on the magazine. We look forward to hearing from you. Ros, Editor

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contents November/December 2014

07 News We take a look at what is happening


across the globe

13 Client Centred Practice Kate Sheehan shares her thoughts in

her regular column

17 HIV - changing times We talk to Camilla Hawkins, Lead

OT at Mildmay hospital, to find out more about the work they do

21 Product Focus We display some of the innovative

products available to aid independent living


25 Day in the Life of an OT Every issue we talk to a different OT to

find out what their job involves

31 Product Focus More products to aid independent

28 Are carers pushing safe wheelchair loads? OT Ailsa Reston explores the benefits


37 Hoisting Your Way to Independence We explore the different

of using a wheelchair powerpack to assist propulsion




THE IMPORTANCE OF EARLY YEARS MOBILITY PRODUCT FOCUS The latest products to aid independent living for children and adults

WORLD FEDERATION OF Occupational Therapists What a membership can mean for you



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let us know your thoughts on the ot magazine See page 65

environments that hoists can be used in to assist people

40 World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) An introduction to what the

WFOT do and what an individual membership can offer you

44 The OT Show What does this event hold in store for

you this year?


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50 47 The Importance of Early 65 Your Voice Counts Years Mobility We ask you for your thoughts on the first issue of The OT Magazine We find out more about the Bugzi

Loan Scheme on offer from Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF)

50 Children’s Product Focus A focus on the varying products

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available to help children with disabilities

58 Tap2Tag A look at this life saving new technology

61 Events Calendar Exhibitions, events and conferences

that may be of interest to you

61 www.

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We explore what’s happening in the healthcare sector, from new products and services to inspirational stories

UNISON Survey Shows Financial Reality of Life as an NHS Worker


new survey by UNISON, the UK’s biggest health trade union, reveals that one in five NHS workers need more than one job to make ends meet, with some working up to 26 extra hours a

Government is refusing to acknowledge that there is a real poverty problem affecting NHS workers.

The online survey of 3,366 UNISON members starkly reveals the financial strain health workers are under. More than one in two (54%) of those who responded said they are overdrawn every month and half said they wouldn’t survive without a second source of income.

“In Britain today, we have NHS workers struggling to buy food, pay for their bills and who as a result fall into a cycle of debt and despair. Morale in the NHS is at an all time low.


“A demotivated, stressed workforce is bad for patients and bad for the NHS.

“NHS workers work day in day out to provide vital care and support for millions of patients so they deserve fair pay. A full time hospital cleaner should not have to deliver pizzas after work to make ends meet.

Some of those who rely on a back-up job have taken on ex tra work as a lifeguard, tourist guide, exam invigilator, farm worker, hairdresser, d r i v i n g i n s t r u c t o r, g a r d e n e r, d e l i v e r y driver, dog groomer and maintenance worker.

“It’s time NHS workers get a fair deal for the invaluable work they do. The Government needs to step back from the brink and reconsider its pay policy urgently.”

Some said they started their own businesses or did extra shifts in hospitals – even though this was often at a lower rate - as their NHS salary wasn’t enough for them to live on.

The survey also reveals that two thirds of those who responded had to cut on food, 51% reduced their energy usage, 44% cut on transport.

Despite this, half said they have to borrow to make ends meet. Nearly six out of ten (57%) rely on credit cards, 41% on friends and family, 37% turn to bank loans and 13% had to resort to pay day loans.

A massive 80% and 90% had to cut back on holidays and leisure, leaving them with little opportunity to recuperate. ■

Christina McAnea, UNISON Head of Health, said: “The

www.unison.org.uk www.

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what’s new

Free Seating and Sensory CPD At this year’s OT Show the Kirton Group and its leading brands will be offering free product workshops on stand C10. Visit seating experts, Kirton A J Way, and the sensory team at SensoryPlus on the 26th & 27th of November at the NEC, Birmingham, to receive free training and a certificate for your CPD portfolio: • • • •

Product training Posture & pressure management Seating assessment Sensory solutions

Kirton A J Way and SensoryPlus training is also available

Essential New Website for Home Carers


n response to the lack of support for home carers, leading medical equipment and services provider, Essential Healthcare Solutions, has launched a new e-commerce website which will make purchasing specialised equipment for partners and relatives much simpler and more convenient. A recent study of 2,100 carers revealed that 75% of respondents were unprepared for the role and 81% unaware of the support available to them. “There are more than 6.5 million carers in the UK and this figure continues to grow,” comments T h o m a s O we n s m a n a g i n g director of Essential Healthcare S o l u t i o n s . “ Ye t t h e r e s t i l l remains a lack of support for home carers. Having the right equipment to ensure a partner or relative is comfortable is crucial but carers, particularly if they are new to the role, don’t know where to start when it comes to the support available

to t h e m o r k n ow i n g w h a t equipment to use. “We strongly believe that by designing the space correctly and using the right equipment can make a significant difference to the lives of both the individual and the carer. In addition, we also provide training, guidance and support for customers who are not sure what product to buy.” The new e-commerce website a l l ows c a re r s to p u rc h a s e everything from moving and handling solutions to specialised mattresses and medical supplies. Essential Healthcare Solutions also provides an overview of what each product is used for and the benefits, making it much easier for carers to purchase the equipment. ■ The online shop can be found at www.essential-healthcare. com/shop

Bring Your Ideas To Life



nationwide, so if you can’t make the show contact the team to arrange your own session at a time to suit you. ■

Ginnie Garlick is an OT who works at the Royal Hospital for Neuro Disability in Putney, London. She has worked in a variety of different settings over the years and used to give out bath boards on a regular basis to clients.

For more information: Kirton Healthcare 0800 212709 www.kirton-healthcare.co.uk

However, one common complaint she heard from her clients was their annoyance that they could not pull the shower curtain over as the bath board

was in the way and this resulted in water going everywhere and causing a real risk of slipping. So, Ginnie decided to take matters into her own hands and design a simple product that would solve this problem. After talking with some equipment suppliers she was advised to contact the Health Design and Technology Institute at Coventry University.


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what’s new


Secrets of old age pave way for a healthier Britain eading health specialists have used the findings of a 35-year study as an evidence base to call on members of the UK public to take responsibility for their own health.

The study is the longest of its kind to probe the influence of environmental factors in chronic disease. It identifies five healthy behaviours as being integral to having the best chance of leading a long and disease-free life: taking regular exercise, non-smoking, a healthy bodyweight, a healthy diet and a low alcohol intake.

aims of the summit is to inspire health influencers to renew their efforts in effecting change in the public’s take up of these prescribed healthy behaviours. Professor Peter Elwood, who has led the Caerphilly study since its inception, said: “Thirty years ago, only 30 men in our study – less than 1% - followed all five of our recommended healthy steps. “Although following these steps do not give them complete protection against disease; the men who, despite living healthily, developed a disease, did so at a much older age than the men neglectful of their lifestyle. Thus the development of heart disease was delayed by up to six years, and it was up to around an additional 12 years before dementia took its grip.”

From 1979 to the present day, researchers from Cardiff University School of Medicine tracked – and continue to track - the lifestyle habits of 2,500 men aged 45-59, living in the Caerphilly area of South Wales. The study, funded by the Medical Research Council, Alzheimer’s Society and the British Heart Foundation, found that the men who followed four or five specified healthy steps – who represent less than 1% of the total cohort - had a 70% reduced chance of developing diabetes; 60% reduced incidents of heart attacks and strokes; 40% fewer cancers; and a reduction of 60% in cases of dementia. At a ‘Healthy Ageing’ summit held on 30 October, organised by Cardiff University and supported by Alzheimer’s Society, representatives from Government, Public Health officials, universities, health services, charities and members of the public were presented with these findings. Chief among the

Professor Elwood describes the 2,500-strong Caerphilly cohort study as a pilot for a much larger study, involving over half a million subjects in the UK. The gathering of evidence on cognitive decline and dementia will now continue through the UK BIOBANK study, now led by Professor John Gallacher who works alongside Professor Elwood in the School of Medicine. Unhealthy living has accounted for around 10% of the costs of the NHS in Wales since the study first started, while the annual expenditure on prevention and public health services in Wales is estimated to have been £280 million. ■ Alzheimer’s Society: www.alzheimers.org.uk

“So I contacted them and they talked me through the process of what to do and they did all the design work for me and they also recommended that I get in touch with a patent attorney.”

work which was a huge help. They were very collaborative, they would make a few changes and then come back to me and then we would look at it together, so it was good working with them.”

“They were great, they organised funding for me for half of the design

Asked if she would recommend other

OTs to embark on their own product design process Ginnie commented: “Yeah definitely, the whole process has actually been a lot easier than I expected, although it’s very slow. I would definitely recommend people to go for it, especially as OTs we come up with ideas all the time and then don’t act on them.” ■ For more information contact Ginnie Garlick at ginniegarlick@gmail.com

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Lewis Reed First for Mobility Solutions Lewis Reed tell The OT Magazine about what they offer. Lewis Reed (WAV) Ltd is the leading UK vehicle supplier specialising in the conversion of vehicles to aid the mobility of wheelchair users. We sell and rent new and used specialist and adapted vehicles for the disabled and wheelchair user, delivering outstanding service to our customers each and every day. We are well equipped to deal with the assessment and delivery of a wide range of wheelchair accessible vehicles ( WAVs) turning your problems into ideal solutions - nationwide. From the

compact and beautifully crafted Skoda Roomster to the luxurious Mercedes Range, Lewis Reed has a vehicle to suit all the family’s needs. Independence We realise that ever ybody is an individual. Every person deserves to lead an independent and normal life. We recognise an essential role of being independent is the ease of mobility. For many clients needing help with mobility solutions, confusion and frustration is what we are told they experience with not knowing where to go and what to do. Lewis Reed aim to smooth those worries away. We are

A Better Bidet

The Aquarius Porta-Bidet is an innovative battery operated, portable and travel friendly bidet allows the user luxury and comfort of a regulated spray wash wherever they may be. Its light, compact, slim, stylish design focuses on ease of use whilst its powerful pulsing wash nozzle improves bathroom personal hygiene, well-being and dignity. Unlike plumbed bidets the Aquarius needs no tradesmen to plumb or wire before use, and also allows you to add emollients or approved medication to the reservoir of water which is a huge step forward in bathroom care. It will fit virtually any toilet, be it at home, in a hotel, caravan, on a cruise ship or when

10 www.

always at hand to help with a whole range of issues. We believe our clients don’t need to compromise, everyone has their own set of circumstances and everyone’s situation is different. It therefore follows that there are no two solutions exactly the same either. We are confident we will find the best vehicle in the most cost effective manner for each client to best fit their circumstance. To partake in the Lewis Reed experience call our sales team on 0800 247 1001. ■ You can find us on www.lewisreedgroup.co.uk, Facebook and Twitter.

visiting friends. Pack it into your suitcase for holidays or weekends away. Showcased at Naidex and the OT show the Aquarius literally made a splash with potential buyers who wanted to place orders to give them freedom and reassurance to know they could use it with ease and take it anywhere. The price is much lower than fixed plumbedin versions which means that it is affordable to everyone and occupational therapists can provide an instant solution to their patients’ needs. ■ For more information on the Better Bidet please visit: www.aquariushygiene.com FREEPHONE: 0800 064 4454 info@aquariushygiene.com


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m edimo t io n G E T M OV IN G EVERYDAY...

Take enjoyable effective exercise at home with MOTOmed’s passive, assisted & active therapy system Easy to use software with a range of training programmes, spasm control and analysis

Used extensively in UK hospitals, therapy centres and private homes

INTEREST FREE HIRE/BUY PLAN AVAILABLE Call now for a FREE demonstration: 01559 384097

Wide range of arm and leg accessories

Sole UK importer for

Childrens Model

Bed Model


tel: 01559 384097 sales@medimotion.co.uk otmag_ad_page_nov_14.indd 3 Medimotion A4v4.indd 1

www.medimotion.co.uk 06/11/2014 23:54 23:39 16/04/2013

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Client Centred Practice


lient centred practice is at the core of our profession. We also have a legal duty to respect the rights of our clients under the Human Rights Act 19981 and regulatory duties in the HCPC Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics2. In fact the first standard states ‘we must act in the best interests of our service user’. So what does this mean to you and me? Well it’s about respecting our clients, treating them with dignity, it is about our intervention being a partnership with our client and our client being involved in the process, it is about being responsible for the advice we provide and challenging a colleague when we feel they maybe putting a client in danger. But in practice this can be very difficult to achieve. To balance the needs of not only the client, but also the expectations and responsibility to our employers, the HCPC, our Code of Ethics from The College of Occupational Therapists3 and other external influencers such as NICE or NHS England. Sometimes we do get this wrong and we need to reflect on what we do, how we do it and the effect on those we do it to. I want to tell you a story about a friend of mine who recently saw an occupational therapist, as an example of where employers’ polices and procedures can conflict with OT intervention. Jane (not her real name) has significant physical impairments and uses a wheelchair most of the time to meet her mobility needs. She is passionate about maintaining her independence and is a real advocate for our profession, yet her recent experience has left her feeling depressed, alienated and despondent.

Kate Sheehan

Kate is the Director of The OT Service; the company provides

She had been struggling for a number of months with her bed mobility. She already had a profiling bed which was provided to her by the local authority and which has met her needs very well over the last few years. The bed allowed her to sit up to 72° but due to reduced core and upper limb strength she needed ‘something’ to enable her to get up to 90° and allow her to safely transfer in and out of bed.

high quality advice, consultancy and training to manufacturers, retailers and service providers. It also provides occupational therapy clinical services in housing and equipment to case managers, solicitors and private individuals via their handpicked network of occupational therapists.

She waited eight weeks for a visit which Jane felt was acceptable as she did not classify her needs as critical, only urgent and was looking forward to meeting her new OT and working together to find a solution to her problem and in Jane’s own words wanted to ‘show off ’ how she maintained her independence, without carer support but with an environment that enabled not disabled. The visit date arrived and the OT talked through her needs and observed her transfer, she stated she was newly qualified, had no experience of moving and handling as it was not covered in her undergraduate course or on › www.

13-14 Kate Sheehan Column_rt.indd 13

-magazine.co.uk 13

07/11/2014 15:54


help. Jane explained that it may impact on her ability to get to her bedside table, which had essential items on it such as medication and environmental controls. The OT explained that she could poke her hand through the bed lever to access these things, Jane expressed that this would not be possible as her shoulder range of movement was impaired and she would not be able to achieve the angle to safely use her hands to get hold of the medication or controls. The OT then stated that in her opinion the best solution would be a new profiling bed that went to 90°, thus reducing the need to find a solution on the present bed, Jane asked to see a picture of the bed and the specification of the new bed but was told not to worry as this would work. She stated she would order one and left. Five days later the bed arrived from the community stores, the old bed was taken down and Jane asked the deliveryman to leave it in the living room so that she could make sure she was happy with the new bed. The new bed was larger than the old one and required her wardrobe to be moved to the living room, which would have made the process of dressing in the morning more complicated, but manageable. The aesthetics of a wardrobe in her living room was not her first choice but if it maintained her independence she was willing to compromise.

in ‘the catalogue’ that would meet her needs, the OTs t h e n l e f t . J a n e w a s l e f t fe e l i n g b u l l i e d a n d distraught, her advocate who had been present as an observer was stunned with their lack of engagement. Two days later a letter arrived from the OT stating that Jane had declined alternative bed provision and that a bed lever had also been trialed and declined, therefore she was closing the case. Jane was incandescent with anger as this was not the case, however she felt that she did not have the energy to pursue a complaint. Now I am Jane’s friend not her OT, we go for dinner, we discuss politics, we gossip about our past and old friends. However I have worked with Jane to find a solution and between us we have found one. It is not an off the shelf solution but does meet her needs. It will cost £260.00 and although this is a reasonable sum of money it will allow Jane to maintain her independence and dignity. Now I am the first to acknowledge that there are not enough resources in the public sec tor and that as a society we cannot fund ever ything, but as an OT we need to stop and think, look at the problem and find a solution, which may be through the ‘catalogue equipment list’ or a bespoke piece of equipment. How it is funded then needs to be looked at.

› clinical placement, but wondered if a bed lever would

We must not be restricted by our employers funding but advocate for our service users’ needs.

The bed was set up, it became apparent immediately that the new bed did not go above the 75° and Jane was left in exactly the same situation of not being able to get out safely. The deliveryman agreed, took the bed down, reinstated her old bed, repositioned her wardrobe and took the new bed away. Jane rang the OT to explain the situation and to see what other options were possible and another visit was arranged. The OT visited with her supervisor who stated that Jane had been offered an alternative solution but she did not accept it, Jane explained again what the problem was and that the alternative bed did not do anymore than her existing bed and in fact due to its size would have had a significant affect on her dressing. Jane then asked them to view her transfers again and was told that her transfers, although not textbook, were completely safe. Jane disagreed and was concerned about her risk of falling out of bed and being able to do the transfer safely if not feeling well.

My concern is that as a profession we are restricting our practice by the influencers on our practice, in this case the Local Authorities ‘catalogue’, but we are also not meeting our own professional standards by acting in the best interests of our service user. We should be giving them choices and some of those choices may have a cost implication to them as our client as well as our employer. However we must engage our service user in the OT intervention; they are the expert in their condition, we must keep up to date with all equipment and possible routes to bespoke provision, we must not be restricted by our employers funding but advocate for our service users’ needs. If we keep this at the foremost of our practice our clients will be our best supporters for our profession and in my opinion there could be no better advert. ■ 1. Human Rights Act 1998

Jane tried to engage the OTs in a conversation about other solutions but was told there was no equipment 14 www.

2. HCPC, Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics 2008 3. Code of Ethics, College of Occupational Therapists 2010


13-14 Kate Sheehan Column_rt.indd 14

06/11/2014 21:15

Quantum® Q6 Edge HD with TRU-Balance 3 Power Positioning The Q6 Edge® HD offers a 32 Stone 2lbs weight capacity and can except Synergy®, TRU-Comfort Plus® seating along with TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning. Benefiting from exceptional performance and manoeuvrability the Q6 Edge HD features Quantum’s® innovative, yet functional approach to Mid-Wheel 6 drive performance, combining to produce the perfect heavy duty solution.


Please come and visit us on:

STAND * images used for illustration purposes only


Tel: 01869 324600 Email: sales@pride-mobility.co.uk Web: www.pride-mobililty.co.uk

Q6 Edge HD.indd 1 otmag_ad_page_nov_14.indd 5

07/10/2014 17:28 07/11/2014 13:24

Jiraffe_OT_Magazine_210mm_x_297mm.pdf 16/10/2014 16:05:08

Jiraffe specialises in sourcing and providing postural care equipment and support for everybody, whether they’re at home, school, rest or play!

We stick our neck out to provide innovative postural products to people who need a little extra support C

Introducing... the HTS by Rifton








With over 30 years experience of working with children and adults with special postural needs, our team are dedicated to bringing you the latest, most innovative and highest quality specialist products out there.

A completely NEW Hygiene and Toileting System. Hygienic, simple, affordable and adaptable to most toilets, it’s versatility means it can be used on, over and off the toilet. Finally, there’s a hygiene system that solves the toileting challenge - the HTS.

The Jiraffe range covers all aspects of everyday life from seating and standing, to mobility and sleeping, to therapy and bathroom equipment, and we’re adding new products regularly too. All our products are aimed at enabling people to experience a wider range of activities in comfort.

Email hello@jiraffe.org.uk today to book your free demonstration. Quote code: HTSOT14

For detailed information about the HTS please visit jiraffe.org.uk or scan me now.

How can Jiraffe help you? Call us for a chat on +44 (0) 114 285 3376 or email us at hello@jiraffe.org.uk For all the info visit jiraffe.org.uk

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06/11/2014 23:49


With World AIDS Day taking place on 1 December every year, we talk to Camilla Hawkins, Lead OT at Mildmay Hospital, a specialist HIV unit in London and discuss the changes that have occurred in the field of HIV treatment, its management and what this has meant for the role of occupational therapists.

HIV Changing Times


very year in the UK there are 7000 people diagnosed with HIV and it is estimated that 100,000 people are living with HIV in the UK, with approximately 25% of those people unaware that they have the virus. Globally 34 million people currently have HIV and more than 35 million people have died from the virus, making it one of the worst pandemics in our history. There have been substantial advances in treatment since the 1980’s when a diagnosis was essentially a death sentence

for someone. The introduction of antiretroviral drugs to the treatment of HIV have immensely changed the outcome of a diagnosis. Nowadays people are not only living longer but they are living well. It is possible for someone living with HIV to manage this disease, return to work, continue in a family role and essentially work towards living a ‘normal’ life, providing they are able to adhere to the appropriate medication regime. Having the right support from services and family or friends where possible can also be invaluable, whether assisting with practical aspects of daily living, or providing emotional support. However many people do not have the support › www.

17-19 Working wtih HIV Patients_kw.indd 17

-magazine.co.uk 17

06/11/2014 21:21


Left: Camilla Hawkins, Lead OT at Mildmay Hospital, HIV Representative on the Specialist › of their family, whether this be through

Section HIV, oncology

geographical circumstances or because the person has chosen not to share their diagnosis.

and palliative care [SS-HOPC]; Committee Member

In these circumstances, a person can become quite isolated, but there are peer support groups available. These groups exist to provide a safe and comfortable place for people living with HIV to meet and talk openly with their peers without fear of judgement. Camilla explains: “With increasing numbers of people living with HIV, because new diagnoses continue and also people are living longer with HIV, the number of people living with HIV is growing year on year and that actually means therapists, including OTs, are more likely to be working with someone, in their general work as it were, not necessarily in an HIV specific post.” “I have worked here (Mildmay Hospital) for 18 years, so when I first worked here people didn’t have access to antiretrovirals the way they do now which meant a completely different clinical picture. We also had a different pattern of referrals, people were, generally speaking, admitted more often and might have 4,6 or 8 admissions a year. Whereas now I am more likely to see someone once and maybe never see them again and that’s not because they are dying, that’s not to say they are not living without difficulty but they have made a level of recovery from whatever impairment/s they are experiencing. Antiretrovirals help the amount of virus in the persons’ blood remain controlled and hopefully, as a consequence, their CD4 count will rise and remain high. It basically means their immunity is not constantly under onslaught from the replication of the virus, so what we call the opportunistic infections don’t happen at the same frequency as they used to in the pre antiretroviral era.” As people are living longer with HIV, OTs are now more likely to come across people living with HIV in their work with older people but also in many other areas too, as HIV is a multi-system disease that affects cognitive, physical

18 www.

Rehabilitation in HIV Association [RHIVA]

and psychological areas and as people are living with HIV across the life-span. An HIV diagnosis also means a person is more predisposed to certain co-morbidities including certain cancers, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease and several others. The enormity of a diagnosis alone can have a huge impact on a person and the uncertainty of a disease like HIV can cause a great strain on a person’s well-being. This can lead to many people accessing mental health services. Camilla does raise the important note that actually a person accessing other health services may not be doing so as a direct result of having HIV, but it is something that all OTs should be aware of because HIV spans a very diverse group of people nowadays and it is inevitable that more and more OTs will come into contact with someone living with HIV.

Living with HIV Unfortunately, there is still a stigma associated with HIV and it can be a very difficult diagnosis to come to terms with, especially if a person is not able to share this with family or friends. On top of this if a person is dealing with associated problems like a reduction of mobility, fatigue, cognitive issues and outside stresses like housing, employment, financial strain, it can be a very difficult time for someone. Camilla explains the problems that can arise: “Things to emphasise for the OT role are people may have been at home and had a gradual decline over time or they might have been in an acute centre for a lengthy admission and might have been acutely unwell or admitted to ITU as well as perhaps to an infection and immunity ward. So they might be very physically deconditioned or using a wheelchair, where as previously they were mobile, they might have cognitive difficulties and that can include anything and everything with regard to cognitive function. It might be executive function problems like planning, problem solving, prioritising, or it might be physical issues, fatigue or that a person has experienced substantial weight loss which obviously then has another impact on aspects like energy levels. They might have issues with nausea and any of those things mentioned are going to have a knock on effect elsewhere. If you are feeling


17-19 Working wtih HIV Patients_kw.indd 18

07/11/2014 15:55

“Occupational therapists can play a vital role in the lives of people living with HIV, as an OT you are trained to deal with the physical, the psychological and the cognitive”

World Aids Day 1st December 2014 World AIDS Day is held on 1 December each year and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died. www.worldaidsday.org

nauseous or being sick then you are not going to feel like eating, you are then going to lose weight and you have then got less reserve in terms of your nutrition for your cognition and for your physical abilities and routines as well.” Occupational therapists can play a vital role in the lives of people living with HIV, as an OT you are trained to deal with the physical, the psychological and the cognitive aspects of a person’s health, as well as considering the person, the environment and occupation. Working with people living with HIV requires an OT to call on all of these skills. The type and nature of the difficulties people living with HIV experience can fluctuate and ‘episodic disability’ captures this experience meaningfully. This term describes the chronic but fluctuating nature of living with HIVrelated impairments whereby periods of disability and wellness can be variable and unpredictable, presenting a range of challenges, requiring diverse strategies and solutions.1

Within that time the multidisciplinary team members will carry out assessments and where possible also provide rehabilitation interventions, but obviously four weeks is still a relatively short time. This is especially so when you are talking about a whole team of people working with a person who sometimes will be experiencing quite significant problems across a number of domains. They might be admitted from home generally not coping or having difficulty with their adherence, or their family or friends are noticing their self care is declining. Or it might be some specific event like a fracture or an amputation, or they have had a stroke or been diagnosed with cancer. We have a number of people who have a dual diagnosis and that might be a cancer that they are more predisposed to because of HIV or it might be something completely not associated with HIV.” At present Camilla works mainly on a one to one basis with patients at Mildmay assessing their function and everyday abilities, primarily working with cognitive issues, although physical and psychological aspects are common in conjunction with cognitive impairments.

Mildmay Hospital Mildmay is a charitable HIV hospital located in Shoreditch, London. It has been providing care and services to people living with HIV since 1988 and it is the only centre in Europe dedicated to rehabilitation for people living with HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND). A complex condition that occurs when HIV enters the brain causing symptoms similar to severe dementia, perhaps including impaired memory, impaired executive function, confusion, mobility difficulties or challenges to communication. These difficulties may impact on the person’s ability to conduct daily tasks. Evidence shows us they can vary in their severity and extent and with antiretroviral medications some reversibility of impairment is possible. Camilla explains that Mildmay mainly has two admission types: “There is a two week admission and the idea in that is that they are seen by doctors and nurses and not by the wider multidisciplinary team, but there are no hard and fast rules, someone on referral might appear to be appropriate for a short admission but then you might then uncover something or have a discussion or see a problem on the ward and the person may then require a longer admission. The other type of admission is for a four week assessment.

“In terms of assessment and intervention I do what other OTs may do in other settings but with the lens of viewing it through HIV and the associated issues, the specific psychological, cognitive, physical problems that might arise from HIV but the assessments, interventions, strategies and solutions I access are the same as many other OTs. Most people I work with, their primary presenting problems are cognitive issues because that is one of the things that Mildmay specialises in.” “I love my job, everybody has difficult days and wishes they could do more and there are things they could do better. I think it’s a really fascinating area to work in, but I also think it’s a really good role for OT because of the multi system nature of HIV and the way in which OTs can utilise their broad range of skills to investigate the impairments people living with HIV may be experiencing and work with them to generate possible compensatory strategies.” ■ For more information visit www.mildmay.org 1. O’Brien, K.K. and Brooks, D. (2006) Two Episodic Illnesses: Lessons Learned in Rehabilitation. Physiotherapy Canada, 58, (4) (Fall), 251-254


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Carbon Black offer one on one consultations to therapists and patients. Contact us at info@carbonblacksystem.com for more information.

To receive a 5% discount on a Carbon Black quote OT1 This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, UK customers only. Offer expires end Dec 2014.

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product focus

Product focus The independent living sector is filled with amazing innovations to help people live more independently. Every issue we will bring you a selection of products, from daily living aids to major mobility products, that make life a little easier for those who need it.

The Impey SlimFold The Impey SlimFold is a stylish shower seat and bench designed for those with mobility issues or anyone that simply wants to sit and relax in the shower. Engineered for maximum strength, support and durability, SlimFold can support up to 47 stone (300kgs). The attractive and modern SlimFold is available in 10 colours and has a super-sleek profile when folded.

SlimFold can be fitted from heights of 417mm and has no maximum height restriction. The product is made from ‘warm to the touch’, semi flexible, comfortable and non-abrasive polyethylene. ■ Prices available on request Impey Showers 01460 256 080 www.impeyshowers.com

The Hopper The Hopper is a new product that helps people using walking frames and crutches to carry things for themselves. It lets you carry hot and cold drinks, magazines, papers and a huge range of essential items easily whilst keeping everything right in front of you and out of the way of the walking frame or crutches. It’s made from a strong, lightweight, flexible fabric and finished with a water resistant coating with four useful pockets of varying shapes and sizes to carry just about anything you’ll need while on crutches. Ideal for people with lower limb fractures, hip and knee replacements, walking frame users, people with arthritis, MS, fibromyalgia, muscular dystrophy and spinal injuries. ■ Prices from £24.99 Hopper Products 0131 225 8715 www.thehopper.co.uk www.

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product focus

EX N’ FLEX EX N’ FLEX International has been providing Range of Motion Therapy Devices to disabled and critically ill people since 1991 and in the UK since 2004. Passive/Active Therapy is beneficial for people with a wide range of physical disabilities including para and quadriplegics, persons with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, arthritis, diabetes and those who have experienced brain trauma or stroke. Individuals have reported various benefits such as increased circulation, muscle and tendon flexibility, strength and endurance, as well as improved bowel, bladder function and control. Also reported is a decrease in spasm, spasticity, edema, bladder infection, stiffness, pain and bed sores. Caregivers have reported that they like the rhythmic patterning EX N’ FLEX devices provide and have noticed improved mental attitudes, increases in attention span, better coordination and gait. Use EX N’ FLEX for long term body maintenance. Movement provided by EX N’ FLEX devices not only helps to improve flexibility of muscles, joints and tendons but also helps promote better organ function and health. ■ Prices available on equest Ex N’ Flex Free Phone 0800 032 2814 info@exnflex.com www.exnflex.com


The Stand & Turn Easy

assessment). Carers will also find it easy to manoeuvre as you simply tilt onto wheels.

Exclusively designed by NRS Healthcare, the Stand & Turn Easy is simple to operate and extremely easy to use. It provides a number of standing and turning options for users with different or changing capabilities.

Simply squeeze the spring-loaded lever to unlock the frame and rotate the person into position. All hand holds have a smooth finish for comfort and are easy to clean.

The user can push up using the side handles for a more independent transfer (the height adjustable kneepads can be removed). If the user becomes less able to stand independently, they can pull themselves up using one of the horizontal handles. The wide base frame helps to counterbalance the user, minimising the risk of injury to the carer. Single carer transfers may be possible (subject to risk 22 www.

The Stand & Turn Easy is the ideal turning solution for assisted transfers in hospitals, care homes, stroke rehabilitation and in domestic home settings. ■ Prices available on request For more information or for a FREE product demonstration contact: NRS Healthcare 0845 120 4522 www.nrs-uk.co.uk


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Isagi Antimicrobial Slip Resistant Shower and Bath Mats The award-winning Isagi Antimicrobial Slip Resistant Shower and Bath Mats are designed for comfort, grip and to beat bugs. The soft, comfortable ridged structure gives excellent drainage and ensures comfort underfoot. A generous amount of strong-moulded suckers, in a new configuration, give a firm grip and provide the confidence of a secure mat.

They are independently tested to BS8445:2012 achieving Level 1; deemed to offer the greatest Slip Resistance as specified by the BS Standard introduced two years ago.

Now both the mat and suckers are manufactured from the unique PER® material, combined with an antimicrobial ‘Silver’ additive, which actively inhibits mould and bacterial growth.

• • • • •

OEKO-TEX® standard 100 – Product Class 1 Toxin & Heavy Metal free Contains NO Phenols or Phthalates Tough & Durable Soft & Comfortable

• Non Allergenic – Rubber & Latex free • Machine Washable at 40°C Available in Bath, Shower and Corner/ Quadrant Shower Sizes. ■ Prices from £16.99 Philip Morris & Son 01432 377 089 www.philipmorrisdirect.co.uk

Florien II A dynamic and highly mobile seating system, the Florien II enables greater independence by promoting correct posture and facilitating a supportive, comfortable seated position. Unique features including an ergonomically moulded backrest and modern styling make this an excellent solution for a wide variety of users and environments. Kirton also offers a 10 day dispatch promise; this means standard Florien II chairs are available for dispatch within 10 working days from receipt of order. For further information or to request a demo contact Kirton Healthcare using the details below. ■ Prices available on request Kirton Healthcare 0800 212709 www.kirton-healthcare.co.uk


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working with


Helping you maximise safety and independence regardless of injury, illness or disability.

built-in independence PROMOTING INDEPENDENCE BESPOKE SERVICE INCLUDES: Personalised Assessment Assessment Get a full Occupational FREE assessment for clients, visiting them at only £90 their withaccess this advert. forand home discussing requirements. Just quote OA913 when calling for an appointment. Design and Proposal In partnership with Contour Showers a team of We are also proud to supply: specialist Occupational Therapists and t Grab Rails Housing t Shoe Horns t Riser Recliner Designers your t Sock work Aids using either Chairs t long Handled who would NHS, Social Services or Housing Association Sponges t leg lifters t Bath Boards reports to createt aStairlifts FREE design of tthe new t Reachers Bath lifts shower facility. Supply08000 Tel:

282 532

Providing accessible bathrooms that enable clients to live in their homes independently.

Installation & Project Management Specifying Contour Showers bathroom products and liasing with your Occupational Therapist, we arrange the installation of the adaptations from start to finish ensuring that all products have been installed correctly. “I got referred to Stuart when my mother started having difficulty bathing and he arranged to have a wet room fitted. Not stopping there he also assessed her mobility and obtained a perching stool and a ramp is also being constructed at the front of the property. I’ve got to say everything he has done to help my mother has enriched her life”. Mr A Hayward May 24 2014

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY otmag_ad_page_nov_14.indd 8

Stressed with obtaining quotes? High workload & adaptations to arrange? Unsure how to proceed with an adaptation? Worried a wet room cannot be achieved? Large waiting list despite having a budget for the assessment & works... WE CAN HELP! Who Are Promoting Independence?

We specialise in the design, supply and installation of bespoke, beautiful accessible bathrooms and shower rooms across the UK, ensuring both the client’s requirements and design considerations are taken into account so their house still feels like a home.

• We can do as much or as little as you require to enable your . . clients to receive a quote and installation service within days of a request. • Our Occupational Therapists are experts in housing . . adaptations and will be on hand from start to finish.


• Supply and install from initial request to completion a low entry shower, level access shower or wet room within 2 weeks, all managed by a team of experts.

• Our partnership with Contour Showers means the . equipment supplied and installed is of the highest standard.

For further information on Promoting Independence visit www.promoting-independence.co.uk For equipment advice, queries or visit requests please email info@promoting-independence.co.uk or call 02921 900403 06/11/2014 23:51

a day in the life

A day in the life of...

Occupational Therapist, Clare Chiwandire BSc OT, MSc


lare is an independent occupational therapist and case manager with over twenty years of experience in rehabilitation and significant experience in brain injury, complex trauma rehabilitation and case management. Clare is part of a network of OTs and case managers (Independence Works) who specialise in the rehabilitation of people who have suffered serious injuries and are finding it difficult to return to work or study. Here we find out more about Clare’s role and what a typical day involves.

What is you role? I am an occupational therapist, I left the NHS in 2008 and have been working in private practice since then. I work as a case manager as well as doing expert witness work for the court. As a case manager I work with clients who have had personal injuries, I work with insurance companies and solicitors and the role of the case manager is to arrange rehabilitation, equipment and any services to help people return to a normal life, including return to work or return to driving or if they are severely injured, organising care and support.

Do you work from home? I have a home office space but a lot of the work is seeing clients in their own home so I travel quite far. I spend several days a week out of the office seeing clients or meeting with stakeholders or solicitors and the rest of the time is office based. I have a fairly young family still so it gives me a great work life balance being my own boss.

solving and you need a lot of creativity as you need to solve all manner of different problems. It has a combination of a medical model and a social model and I liked the fact that it had such diversity as a profession.

Describe a typical day for you… I complete the school run and hit my office or the car at about 8.45am. If it’s an office day that involves writing reports, liaising with GP’s, ordering equipment, calling clients and the usual desk admin things. If I am travelling somewhere then I am off to see my clients and meet with them in their own homes, where we review things, I talk to them, I might do some functional activities with them or a work site assessment if I am trying to get them back to work, it can be really varied.

Do you have regular contact with the other OTs at Independence Works? We meet face to face twice a year and we have a lot of telephone and email contact, one of the difficulties of being self employed and working in private practice is the lone working aspect and I have found that being part of peer support networks is invaluable in maintaining your CPD and having support.

What’s the most enjoyable part of your job? No doubt about it, it’s seeing clients progress, seeing them improve and regain their independence, for some of them it’s getting back to work for others it’s getting to college for others it’s being mobile again. And that’s what OTs are all about, it’s about being able to do activities that are really important to them, so the best feedback you get is client satisfaction when they are pleased to improve.

Why did you become an OT? I wanted to be an OT from quite a young age, I did a work experience placement when I was in secondary school, back in Australia, in a centre that cared for people with disabilities and I absolutely loved it. So I then went on and organised my schooling around that and went on to university. I wanted to work in a profession that dealt with people, but also occupational therapy is all about problem

What’s your favourite time of day? When all the work’s done, which never happens! I don’t know that I have a favourite time of day but one of the things I often say, my niece in Australia has recently started studying occupational therapy and I remember saying to her (it’s a quote from somewhere), ‘if you love what you do you will never have to work a day in your life’. I don’t feel like my job is work, I enjoy working and I enjoy what I do. ■ www.

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get connected

Website Visit us at www.ot-magazine.co.uk to keep up to date with news stories, training days, events and exhibitions, the latest products and much more! Updated daily, The OT Magazine website will provide OTs with a useful resource filled with relevant information, interesting stories and innovative products entering the market. Want to sign up for your FREE copy of The OT Magazine? Simply fill in your details online and we will ensure you get a copy every issue. Want to get in touch to share your thoughts on the magazine? You will find all of our contact details on our website and we would love to hear from you! Social Media You can also keep up to date with The OT Magazine and contact us on Facebook and Twitter: ‘Like’ us on facebook, simply search The OT Magazine Follow us on Twitter @ot-magazine www.

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Are Carers Pushing Safe

Wheelchair Loads?

Ailsa Reston, OT, highlights the benefits of prescribing motorised powerpacks to protect carers from excessive back strain when propelling manual attendant-controlled wheelchairs.


powerpack is a battery operated, powered unit that can be fitted to the underside of a manual attendantcontrolled wheelchair. It can include one or two drive wheels that are powered by an onboard battery connected to controls mounted on a wheelchair handle. If a reliable, ergonomic model is selected it will provide reliable and controlled, powered propulsion of a wheelchair and occupant with a common speed of 3-4mph. This is particularly important when carers need to negotiate slopes, ramps, kerbs or uneven surfaces and will eliminate potential overexertion. Products available will fit a wide variety of wheelchairs including many tilt-in-space models and TGA as an example, has just introduced a bariatric powerpack that can drive an occupant and wheelchair weighing up to 32st. Models can also provide forward and reverse motion to assist with manoeuvring in space limited places. Ergonomically speaking, the design of the TGA powerpack has been carefully considered to ensure unhindered walking as it fits further underneath wheelchairs than competitors’ versions. The new PLUS, 32st capacity version can greatly reduce moving and handling risks for carers attending to bariatric clients – a major issue faced by many of my peers. With the growing trend towards larger, heavier care 28 www.

25 Day in Life_rt.indd 28

home residents and private individuals requiring propulsion, motorised assistance will become ever more essential for better healthcare. In terms of wheelchair users, the outdoor accessibility they provide allows greater engagement with local communities and facilities. Occupant well-being and mood is lifted. The Evidence for Change As independent OTs, we receive countless visits and enquiries from people with disabilities and carers, who are looking for powered assistance with propelling an attendant-controlled wheelchair. It is critical that wheelchair attendants in the community can manoeuvre immobile people in a strain-free manner and without affecting posture. Fitting a motorised powerpack to an attendantcontrolled wheelchair can provide sufficient assistance for carers, so that the effort needed to exert is nominal, ie. steering the wheelchair rather than pushing it. This gives carers protection against back and shoulder injuries, as well as providing a safeguard for those with heart or respiratory conditions. A powerpack can also provide benefits to employers in the care home sector. This product provision ensures carer health and safety is not being put at risk, by pushing loads in excess of Health & Safety Executive


06/11/2014 21:58


recommendations (HSE). This in turn can reduce the potential for staff being off work or working less efficiently due to injury or illness. Loads that are safe for carers to push are based on guidelines issued by the HSE. These clearly state that the exertion of force in excess of the guidelines increases the likelihood of injury. It should be noted that HSE guidance assumes that the wheelchair being pushed is well maintained and operating on a smooth surface. Unfortunately this may well not reflect most real life situations for carers and wheelchair users, who will be negotiating uneven paving, carpet and kerbs.

manual chairs as for those where the user has a power assisted chair. It is also noticeable that carers propelling manual wheelchairs are very much more likely to report heart, breathing or balance problems than those supporting powered wheelchair users….’ Within the data, it also confirms that without the use of powered momentum, the number of healthcare professionals complaining of back pain increases by 25%. Coupled with statistics demonstrating that the majority of wheelchair occupants and attendants are aged 40+, the health and mobility benefits of fitting a powerpack are heightened even further.

The graphs below show how pushing the combined weight of a wheelchair and occupant can easily exceed HSE guidelines – both for initiating momentum and also keeping the wheelchair moving. The forces needed to stop the wheelchair will be approximately the same as those needed to start it moving.

When you consider the above, unfortunately best practice in moving and handling will not be adhered to on a regular basis throughout the community. Therefore the added use of powered propulsion, as provided by fitting a powerpack, should be a critical consideration when prescribing a manual wheelchair.

The excessive stresses and strains being commonly placed on carers today can also be illustrated clearly by the following data:

Conclusion Working in independent practice for many years now, I have seen the negative impact of excess strain on carers pushing attendant-controlled manual wheelchairs in terms of muscle and back injury. This issue will only continue to grow as the trend toward heavier wheelchair users becomes ever more pronounced. Supported by HSE clinical evidence and guidelines, recommending the addition of a powerpack to attendant-controlled manual wheelchairs is now an essential consideration. Motorised solutions from trusted suppliers such as TGA Mobility, can provide significant moving and handling benefits to all concerned with regular attendant-controlled wheelchair propulsion. ■

A six-year-old child weighing 20kg will, in conjunction with a standard wheelchair (12kg), have a combined weight of approximately 32kg. This is just over the safe limit for a female to push in order to maintain a chair’s momentum, on a gradient of 1:12, without risk of injury. In the same scenario, an 80kg adult in conjunction with a standard wheelchair (15kg) will weigh 95kg, well beyond the safe limit for males and females to push. Significant evidence continues to mount regarding the moving and handling risks associated with carers pushing manual wheelchairs. As an example, the ‘Keeping the Wheels Turning’ white paper produced by the University of Dundee in association with NHS Fife, states why powerpacks significantly reduce pain and health-related difficulties for attendant carers:

Ailsa Reston qualified as an OT in 1986. She initially worked in the NHS in the field of adult physical medicine and then specialised in the field of neurology and the treatment of Stroke. In 1999, alongside fellow OT and

‘….shoulder pain for example is over four times as common for carers propelling attendant-controlled

COTSSIP member Bev Kelly, she set up the independent OT Practice, RKS Occupational Therapist Services.


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Rimini Classic Madison



Flexi Porter

A fresh approach to healthcare seating

All Repose chairs have been designed to the highest standard. Offering bespoke seating for both health care environments and home, Repose chairs are designed specifically to the users measurements and personal requirements.

C OMF ORT WI T HOU T COMP R O MI SE • Bespoke chairs designed to the users measurements and needs • Extensive range of health and home chairs catering for different comfort requirements • Interchangeable back and seat cushion options for different pressure care and posture management solutions • 24 hour delivery on some standard rise recliners • A wide range of home and health fabrics.

Dr Hilary Jones Our In-house Health Advisor

For more information please give us a call:

Tel: 0844 7766001

www.reposefurniture.co.uk otmag_ad_page_nov_14.indd 10

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product focus

Product focus We bring you a further selection of products to aid independent living.

General Purpose Gripping Aid

The Active Hands General Purpose Gripping Aid can enable a wide range of tasks to be carried out by people with limited hand function, such as holding a bottle or glass, working out at the gym, or doing some DIY or gardening. Tightening the adjustable strap in the upper section of the aid gently pulls the hand into a fist shape, enabling you to hold items in your palm. Made from tough webbing and comfortable but durable neoprene, the aid is also padded to reduce chafing and designed to withstand regular use. Available in small, standard and large sizes for adults as well as minis for under fives. All aids are machine washable. â– Prices from ÂŁ49.95 Active Hands 0121 247 9152 info@activehands.com www.activehands.com

Timor Chair Bed One product to replace all three - bed, chair and a hoist. Everyone deserves to go to bed, with the Timor an easy access bed/chair, it is simplicity itself. The Timor is an alternative to hoisting or sleeping in a chair thus assisting independence and encouraging mobility. The unique seat action takes you from laying to sitting with little or no effort. The sliding seat enables the legs to go down easily whilst supporting the back of the legs and also the spine. The Timor aids independence to clients and assists in reducing the risk of moving and handling issues for the carers.

Timor Nurser The Timor Nurser has the high/low function allowing professionals and carers help with personal care or treatments thereby assisting in reducing the risk of injury and manual handling issues. Also available in bariatric. â– Prices available on request Centrobed 01233 635 353 sales@centrobed.com www.centrobed.com

The main functions of the Timor bed are head up, leg extension and sliding seat, all operated by an easy to use handset. www.

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product focus

Arctic Independent Bed The Arctic Multi action turning bed has many varying positions that the client or carer can choose to suit their needs, helping with breathing, reducing coughing and increasing comfort. The Arctic reduces the time and effort it takes to reposition. There is no need to be woken as the overnight automatic reposting allows both carer and patient an improved nights sleep. Gently at the touch of a button, and without the need for physical movement, a patient can manoeuvre themselves into a comfortable position with the Arctic Independent Turning Bed. In the warmth and comfort of familiar surroundings patients are given back their independence when

they may otherwise have needed constant care in hospital or at home. The frame of the Arctic is made up of different sections making it possible for the client to turn left or right whilst staying in the seated position. With its unique design the legs can be moved independently, helping to reduce the risk of pressure sores and paraesthesia. Available in sizes from paediatric to bariatric. ■ Prices available on request Centrobed 01233 635 353 sales@centrobed.com www.centrobed.com

Grabber Stick Healthcare Designed Ltd’s Grabber Stick has been made with beauty as well as practicality in mind. The Grabber Stick helps those who have trouble bending down or reaching higher objects. It is both lightweight and

32 www.

sturdy, allowing users to reach for objects without added strain to the back. The handle is designed for comfortable use with all four fingers, making it easy to use for those with weaker hands and the jaw is rubber lined to add grip. The Grabber Stick is available in Pink Peony, Blue Swallow and

(pictured) Yellow Waterlilies. ■ Prices available on request Healthcare Designed 01474 832217 enquirieshealthcaredesigned@ gmail.com www.healthcaredesigned.co.uk


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Exceptional features, along with durable drive control

*The Q4 with Power Tilt and Power Recline

Flip up & Swing Away legrests

Opt Power Tilt

ATX Suspension

Sophisticated Design

The Quantum速 Q4 is a compact 4mph Mid-Wheel Drive power chair, designed for indoor and outdoor use. The Q4 has been specifically designed with the new Ion Seat, allowing width and depth adjustment. The Q4 features mid-wheel 6 design, which enables tight turning radius and outstanding performance making the Q4 a good choice for the demands of the most active client.

Please come and visit us on: * images used for illustration purposes only




Tel: 01869 324600 Email: sales@quantumrehab.co.uk Web: www.pride-mobililty.co.uk

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The Melrose The Melrose is the latest chair launched by Repose Furniture Limited. Part of the company’s Posture Positive range, The Melrose has been specifically engineered with comfort and functionality in mind. The chair provides adaptable support for a number of neurological and postural conditions, including arthritis. The bespoke design of the chair caters for the needs of both semiambulant and non-ambulant users. The Melrose chair encompasses a number of familiar Repose features including: Tilt in Space, Independent Recline, Independent Leg Rest, Footplate and Adjustable Seat Depth actions. The Melrose also comes with a range of seat and back cushion options to enable occupational therapists to offer an extensive range of postural and pressure management positions. Like all chairs in the Repose range the Melrose can be quickly and easily fitted to the individual user. ■ Prices available on request

Repose Furniture Limited 0844 7766 001 www.reposefurniture.co.uk

Etac Positioning Wedge This simple, yet effective tool can help prevent the static loading involved during personal care and can be used to assist with positioning for pressure management. The sides are at different angles so the Wedge can be turned to offer the best angle for a given situation and the anti-slip cover helps to keep the Wedge in position. An excellent tool in single-handed care scenarios, it can be used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with in-situ slide sheet systems. The Positioning Wedge comes in two different lengths – IM53NS (£64.00) is 53cm long and commonly used in personal care, while IM53/80NS (£84.00) is 80cm long and tends to be used for pressure management. ■ Prices from £64 + VAT Visit SK Handling at the OT Show on Stand A10A. SK Handling 07957 447 435 steve@skhandling.co.uk www.skhandling.co.uk 34 www.


31-35 Product Focus_rt.indd 34

07/11/2014 16:02

product focus

Dycem Non-Slip Material Dycem’s Non-Slip living aids provide solutions to many stabilisation and grip problems encountered on a daily basis. Both Non-Slip mats and reel material are available in a variety of colours to help carry out a variety of daily living tasks. The reel material can be cut to any size or shape, providing a non-slip surface to any item which would benefit from extra grip, hold and stability, such as cups and plates, to help avoid unwanted spillages and breakages. ■ Prices from £21.36 Dycem 0117 955 9921 contact@dycem.com www.dycem.com

handSteady Cup Created by Chris Peacock and funded by Guys and St Thomas’ Charity, this ingenious design has revolutionised steady drinking for so many people. The handSteady’s Rotatable Handle™ uses gravity to keep the cup upright, allowing the user to hold the handle at the most comfortable angle for them, unlike rigid handles on standard cups. Even if the user’s wrist accidentally moves forward, the Rotatable Handle™ will correct the

angle of the cup, preventing spillages and accidents with hot drinks. Another benefit of this clever device is that it makes drinking from a reclined position much easier, reducing the distance that the user has to rise to take a drink. ■ Prices from £39.99 handSteady info@handsteady.com www.handsteady.com

Trabasack Curve Lap Tray and Bean Bag Trabasack is a light weight tray that can be used as a bag too. Easily used for balancing food, drinks, work or games, it is ideal for wheelchair users and its curved design and bean bag insert allows it to comfortably sit on your lap. It comes with a range of straps creating a versatile bag that can be used as a rucksack, bum bag or shoulder bag. ■ Prices from £39.95 Trabasack 0800 567 7812 info@trabasack.co.uk www.trabasack.co.uk www.

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07/11/2014 16:01




u .o r u k/s g.

Our useful and fun products respond to the needs of children, families and therapists 188x130 OT Magazine AW:Layout 1




Visit our Online Shop

Reg Charity No: 269804

Page 1

Walking Trolley • • • NEW


New, innovative household trolley, designed in conjunction with occupational therapists and physiotherapists exclusively for NRS Healthcare. Provides a safer alternative to a conventional trolley for those with reduced mobility. � Stable design based on a walking frame � Unique rear slider feet with built in ‘push brake’ � Tray design allows for natural walking gait � Manoeuvres easily over thresholds and floor surfaces � Height adjustable handles

� Available in white and red – ideal for people with visual impairments or dementia

We OTs Visit stand H11 at the OT Show 26 -27 November 2014 at the NEC Birmingham

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Hoisting your way to

independence O ver recent years mobile and tracked hoists have become more and more commonplace in hospitals, care homes and other care related facilities. However, in conjunction with occupational therapists, Dolphin Mobility is leading the way in taking this technology to a much wider audience. Trampolining and rebound therapy have

long been recognised as playing a vital role in the ongoing treatment and rehabilitation of people with varying levels of disability, but this can often cause a manual handling issue. Basingstoke Gymnastics Club is one location that has benefitted from working with Dolphin Mobility on a hoisting solution for its disabled members as Alexandria Campbell, Head of Disabilities at the Club, explains: “We have around 70 adults on the register at › www.

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“The hoist has made a real difference to my day to day life as swimming and hydrotherapy sessions play a vital role” Jason Miller › Basingstoke Gymnastics Club with varying levels of disabilities, from mild to profound, many of whom use our trampoline. We also have a huge cross section of children, and the hoist has been vital in getting them onto the trampoline – something which most of them are unable to do outside of the Club.”

met new people who she interacts with, which is excellent for her confidence and social skills. “Coming here once or twice a week gives users a new found independence, which they often cannot experience at home due to their levels of disability. We also use the hoist to lift members out of their wheelchairs and be placed on matting for additional therapy sessions. At 19, Jade is our youngest member – we also have people in their 40s and 50s using the hoist, which shows that people of all ages can benefit from this type of equipment and exercise. They all love it!” Craig Dunnage of Dolphin Mobility explains that the hoist in question, the Handi-Move Victor hoist, is the most suitable hoist for use with trampolines and is highly favoured for rebound therapy: “It will comfortably lift a user from the ground onto a 1.1 metre high trampoline and unlike many other hoists, it will get the user onto the main bed of the trampoline. Because of its size and robust design it is easy to push and will lift up to 225kg (35 stone) comfortably.” A Domestic Perspective Jason Miller, from Cambridgeshire, has seen t he dif ference a t rac ked ceiling hoist has made after having one installed above his swimming pool and hot tub.

The Handi-Move Victor hoist can lift up to 225kg (35 stone) comfortably due to its robust design.

38 www.

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An Active Life Jade is 19 years old and has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, which has caused severe learning and physical disabilities, along with partial sight. Jade uses the hoist to access the trampoline and according to Alexandra, it has helped tremendously with her movement skills: “Jade absolutely loves the trampoline as it gives her some freedom, sensation and feeling back in her muscles,” commented Alexandra. “She is unable to walk so the trampolining sessions have enabled her to have fun and be as free as possible, stretching out all her muscles and getting the feeling back in them. She has also

Jason, 44, was left paralysed from the chest down after being knocked off his bike while on holiday in Portugal in 2012. Following initial treatment in Lisbon, Jason returned to England to receive further treatment. “It was while I was undergoing hydrotherapy that I realised how important it would be for me to continue this in my own pool when I returned home,” explained Jason. Jason realised he would require assistance getting in and out of the pool, and started researching hoist manufacturers: “I wanted a hoist that would not only be safe and co m fo r t ab le, b ut also uno b t ru s ive as there was limited poolside space,” he said.


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The hoist Jason opted for was the HandiMove HM2500 LRC ceiling hoist, a model with infrared hand controls and an electrolytically polished body support to enable self-hoisting, which allows the user to transfer safely and independently from bed to wheelchair, toilet, bath or in Jason’s case, into his swimming pool. Jason’s version of the model also features a membrane panel and has had a PCB treatment applied, for use in environments where water is present. The hoist is ergonomically designed without any loss of space, making it ideal for smaller areas or for domestic use. Jason added: “The hoist has made a real difference to my day to day life as swimming and hydrotherapy sessions play a vital role in my ongoing treatment plan. From a personal point of view having the ability to hoist myself in and out of the water independently is just fantastic”. “When speaking to clients, we always discuss all the equipment and hoisting options available as self-hoisting may not be suited to everyone. We are always on hand to discuss the ease with which self-hoisting can be incorporated as part of a more independent lifestyle, even if it is with the partial aid of a family member or carer. With the latest technological advances, there is always a solution and it is our aim and the ethos of Dolphin Mobility, to ensure we leave every client with as high a level of independence and comfort as possible,” explained Craig. Self-hoisting Linda Dowdeswell is a great example of someone who is using the latest hoisting technology to self-hoist throughout the home. Linda was diagnosed with a cluster of tumours on her spine whilst pregnant with her daughter in 1981. “As my condition has deteriorated we have carried out various adaptations to our home, from widening doorways to converting rooms and installing equipment,” she said. Despite her restricted mobility, Linda is one of a growing number of people who can ‘self-hoist’ due to the latest advances in hoisting equipment - this means she can get herself in and out of bed,

bathed and dressed independently. These daily activities would be impossible without the Handi-Move ceiling track hoist with body support system. About Dolphin Mobility Over the last 25 years, Dolphin Mobility has firmly established itself as a leading independent supplier of hoists and stairlifts in the UK. There are now 16 independently owned and operated Dolphin branches covering the UK and Ireland and most are family businesses, helping to add the personal touch so often missing from larger companies. Dolphin Mobility prides itself on being independent and represents many of the leading mobility and access equipment manufacturers including Stannah, Liko, Handi-Move, Thyssen and Handicare. However, as it is not aligned with one individual supplier, the company is in the unique position of being able to offer customers completely independent and impartial advice and quotations.

“Linda is one of a growing number of people who can ‘selfhoist’ due to the latest advances in hoisting equipment”

For more information and to find your nearest Dolphin Mobility branch visit www. dolphinlifts.co.uk or call 0800 980 0126. ■ Dolphin Mobility will be on stand B21 at The OT Show and will have several working examples of different hoisting and stairlift solutions on show and available for testing. www.

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World Federation of Occupational Therapists


FOT is the key international representative for occupational therapists and occupational therapy around the world and the official international organisation for the promotion of occupational therapy. WFOT is truly unique in that it is the only organisation that represents 84 national occupational therapy organisations worldwide. Founded in 1952, WFOT now represents over 420,000 occupational therapists worldwide. With over 100,000 occupational therapy students and 50,000 occupational therapy assistants, the number of people involved in the profession is in excess of half a million. WFOT has an individual membership of in excess of 30,000 therapists. WFOT has an elec ted Executive which oversees the business and governance of the organisation. Using a programme management structure, five programme areas work together to meet the aims and objectives for the organisation – Executive, Education, Practice Development, Research, and Standards and Quality. The work is carried out by Program Coordinators (PCo’s), project team leaders and project team members. The PCo’s oversee ongoing functions and time limited project teams which are guided by specific costed project plans. The Executive meets every year and the (world) Council meets every two years.

WFOT is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO), which has been in official relations with the World Health Organisation (WHO) since 1959 and recognised by the United Nations (UN) since 1963. In October 2009 WFOT and the WHO celebrated our 50th anniversary of collaboration at the WHO Headquarters in Geneva. WFOT, with its global engagement towards the inclusion of people with disabilities, is an important partner for making a significant contribution to the implementation of the Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Most recently, WFOT has responded to preliminary drafts of the ‘Disability Action Plan’ to support the Disability agenda within the UN Millennium Development Goals

40 www.

post 2015. WFOT continues to attend WHO Executive Board meetings, and support the WHO initiatives, including the development of the WHO Rehabilitation Guidelines and the Global Assistive Health Technology Cooperation (GATE). World Occupational Therapy Day is celebrated on 27th October every year. Launched on 27th October 2010, World Occupational Therapy Day is now the most important date in the international occupational therapy calendar to promote and celebrate the global profile of the profession. In 2014, hundreds of people participated in events around the world which generated media interest and international support. Each year WFOT produces a range of promotional items, for download from the WFOT website, to support World Occupational Therapy Day. This year’s event had the theme “United in Diversity” aimed at promoting the international impact of our profession at an individual, group, local and national level. Reports on international activities for World Occupational Therapy Day will be available on the WFOT website and social media. Every four years, WFOT hosts its International Congress and Exhibition. The recent WFOT Congress in Yokohama, Japan (18 – 21 June 2014) attracted a record number of 6893 participants from 70 countries. At each WFOT Congress, occupational therapists from worldwide join together to celebrate and develop the occupational therapy profession through mutual exchange and sharing of knowledge. The next WFOT Congress, will be held in Cape Town South Africa, 21 – 25 May 2018, with the theme “Connected in Diversity: Positioned for impact”. Plan now for your attendance at the next WFOT Congress in Cape Town. For the latest information, go to the WFOT website, www.wfot.org >Congress > 2018 Congress.


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The WFOT ‘Bulletin’ is the official publication of the WFOT. Its aim is to promote the awareness and understanding of the WFOT and its activities and services, the development of the occupational therapy profession worldwide, and the international exchange of professional knowledge and experience. Published b i a n n u a l l y, i n M a y a n d i n November, articles are published in the official languages of W F OT: E n g l i s h , S p a n i s h , French and German. I t publishes two categories of articles - themed papers, and free papers submitted by authors from around the world. Members can access their copy of the Bulletin from the WFOT website. Other colleagues can purchase the Bulletin from the WFOT website, online store. Benefits of individual membership - become part of an international community that connects you to thousands of occupational therapists around the world. Subscribing to WFOT as an Individual Member provides outstanding value for money in addition to supporting the critical work that is needed to represent and develop the profession at an international level. An annual subscription to WFOT enables YOU to: • Support strategic international representation at key stakeholder events to progress, lobby and influence the importance and relevance of the occupational therapy profession at a global level. • Gain access to the exclusive Members Only part of the WFOT website. Imperative if you want to download the latest documents, guidance and materials produced by WFOT. ›

“WFOT now represents over 420,000 occupational therapists worldwide” www.

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R82 UK and Etac, working together to meet the mobility needs of children and adults R82 is a market leading supplier of seating, standing and walking aids for disabled children and young adults. Etac offers a wide range of mobility solutions including, Immedia manual transfer products, Molift hoists and slings, Etac daily living aids, toileting and bathing and manual wheelchairs. In the UK, we are working together to provide specialist solutions for young and old alike. Our highly trained Product Advisors will help ensure you make the right choice to suit the needs of your clients.

R82 is on stand A49 and Etac G32 where the new Heron, multifunction, height adjustable, tilt in space toilet and shower seat will be on display along with a selection of Molift, Immedia and Etac products. We hope to see you there. For more information, please contact us-: Tel: 0121 561 2222 Etac Email: enquiries@etac.uk.r82.com, website Etac: www.etac.uk.r82.com R82 Email: enquiries@r82.com, website: www.r82.uk

Come and see us at the OT Show 2014

Adult & Kids Stand Up All Terrain Wheelchair


The Mybility Stand Up Wheelchair offers unprecedented freedom of movement and independence. From standing to laying down and any position in between. Whether you have a passion for sport or are a school aged kid who wants to keep up with your mates, our wheelchairs won’t hold you back indoors or out.

Call For A Free Demonstration On 0330 555 0545 See Our Action Videos at wwwmybility.co.uk/videos

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• • • • • • •

Receive generous discounts on products offered for sale in WFOT’s Online Store – Individual Members can save up to 50% on advertised prices. Download the latest free publications and promotional materials up to 12 months in advance of them being released as public access. Request individually numbered copies of selected promotional materials. With only 500 available, these limited edition items will become highly sought after. Receive twice yearly copies of WFOT’s international professional journal the WFOT Bulletin – available in digital copy, so you keep up to date wherever you are. Access previously published editions of the WFOT Bulletin dating back to 2004. Receive WFOT’s e-newsletter, published quarterly and sent direct to your inbox once you have registered on the WFOT website. Receive 20% discount on all books produced by Wiley and up to 33%

discount on the quarterly journal “Occupational Therapy International”. Apply for WFOT’s Thelma Cardwell Foundation Award for Research and Education.

To join WFOT as an Individual Member you should contact the British Association/College of Occupational Therapists www.cot.co.uk. The Membership Fee is paid directly to the national association who forward this on to WFOT. To find out more about WFOT, please visit the website at www.wfot.org. The website attracts visitors from all over the world including national occupational therapy associations, occupational therapists, students, assistants, other healthcare professions, governments, policymakers and the general public. ■ Join in the WFOT social media opportunities at Facebook: www.facebook.com/thewfot Twitter: twitter.com/thewfot


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26-27 November 2014, NEC, Birmingham he Occupational Ther apy Show is back for its second year, bringing occupational therapists (OTs) the largest dedicated FREE CPD education and trade event in the UK.


Taking place in the NEC, Birmingham, the Occupational Therapy Show will welcome thousands of OTs from across the UK and from a wide range of specialist areas, to educate, inspire and raise the profile for such an important allied healthcare profession.

Why visit? • • • • • • • •

Access 60 hours of FREE CPD Learn from world-class speakers and experts in their field Network with colleagues and peers Get practical advice and share best practice Update knowledge across all therapy areas Research and source new products and services from over 200 suppliers Hear industry and regulation updates Have fun. Be inspired

Visitors attending the show will also be treated to an appearance from television’s Dr Hilary Jones as he opens the event. The famous doctor will be attending the first day of the show with specialist seating provider, Repose Furniture, which recently appointed Dr Hilary Jones as its expert healthcare advisor. With over 250 exhibitors offering innovative products and services and displaying new equipment to demonstrate, you will not want to miss the opportunity to find all of these companies under one roof for two full days.

Conference Programme Solely aimed at OTs, this year’s event will deliver a conference programme that stretches over four separate streams, covering clinical areas including: • Physical • Mental health • Children and families • Innovation in practice and shaping the future There are over 56 hours of professional development to be obtained over the two days. CPD certificates will be sent out to you post show, stating the sessions attended and the total number of hours attended. 44 www.

Show Opening Times Wed 26th November Registration from 8.30am. Doors open 9.30am – 5.30pm (Drinks reception until 6.30pm) Thurs 27th November Registration from 8.30am. Doors open 9.30am – 4.30pm Register for FREE at www.theotshow.com ■


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Exhibitors 1st Call Mobility AAT (GB) LTD A J Way Abacus Healthcare Able 2 OT Services Able Access UK Ltd Access BDD Access Independent Ltd Access Magazine Action Assist Specialists Bed Supplier Adaptwear Agema Atheo AKW Alcoholics Anonymous Alexander Leigh OT Apollo Healthcare International Limited Aqua Padding Ltd Aquarius Porta - Bidet ArjoHuntleigh Arrows Connect (UK) Assistive Control Astor Bannerman Atos Healthcare Attainability UK Ltd Automated Door Systems Autumn UK Ltd BaKare Beds Bank Partners Barts Health NHS Trust Benmor Medical BES Rehab Ltd BHTA Bond Solon Training Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust British Association and College of Occupational Therapists Brotherwood C3S Projects Ltd. Cambian Group Camelot Furniture Ltd Capita Health and Wellbeing Capital Care Services (UK) Ltd Carebase Careflex Caretech UK Cefndy Healthcare & Manufacturing Centra Pulse Centrobed Chiltern Invadex UK Ltd Chunc Wheelchairs Clark & Partners Ltd CMS UK COACHBUILT GB Complete Care Network Ltd Configura by Accora Consolor Ltd Co-Operative Independent Living Costco Wholesale COTSS IP COTSS Work Coventry University

CP Sport CPR Call Blocker Creative Care Ltd Cura Seating Cyclone Technologies Daily Care Ltd Dartex DCS Joncare Deep Tissue Massager Designability DLF DM Orthotics Ltd Dolphin Mobility Ltd Drive Medical Ltd Dycem Limited Eclipse Access Solutions EFG - European Furniture Group Enable Access Enable Aid Ltd Ergolet Etac Felgains Fish Insurance FloorBed by Accora Formans LLP Frontier Medical Group Gel Ovations Europe Genie Care Ltd Go Access Guldmann Harrison Associates Harrison Davies Training HCA Hospitals Head2Toe Orthotics Healthcare Monitors UK Holidays For All Hopper Horizon Mobility – Mobility Hire Hydrate for Health ID Medical Group Ltd Impey Showers Inclusion.Me Innova Jaqueline Webb & Co Ltd JCM Seating Jenry Ltd Home of the millie-mova Jiraffe JLC automation services Ltd Kingkraft Kirton and A J Way Krysalis Consultancy Labmed Recruitment Langham GE Laybrook.com Lepmis Game Access Leversedge Telecome Services Ltd Lewis Reed Lift Seat Ltd Limbless Association LR Locums Ltd

Lynch Healthcare Mackworth Healthcare Made2Aid Mangar International Medequip Medicare First Medicotech Medimotion Ltd MedPage T/A Easylink Mercado Medic UK Ltd Midshires Specialist Rehab Products Moore (UK) Ltd Motability Muggi Multicare Mybility All Terrain Wheelchairs Narcotics Anonymous Neater Solutions Ltd Nexus DMS Nightingale Bariatric Solutions NopaC Midlands North East London NHS Foudnation Trust NRS Healthcare Oakhouse Foods Oarsome Potential Obair Ola Technology OpeMed (Europe) Ltd Osborne Technologies OSprey Sling Company Otolift Stairlifts OTS Ltd (OT Stores) Oxford Hoists (Joerns Healthcare) Patterson Medical Ltd PDS Hygiene Pearson Assessment Peta UK Limited Pivotell Poshchair Medical Ltd Possum Ltd Prism Medical UK Promoting Independence Protel Health PSL Recruitment Pulse Allied Health QEF and Meru Qimova UK Ltd Quantum® Qunote R82 UK Ltd Radcliffe Rehabilitation Solutions Ltd Ram Mounts RBF Healthcare Really Useful Stuff Recliners Ltd RemPods Repose Furniture Ltd RICA RIG Healthcare Recruit Rise & Recline Ltd

RMS Rompa & Winslow Resources Royal National Institute of Blind People RSLSteeper Safe Care Technologies Safespaces Safety System Distribution Sanctuary Allied Health Sandpiper Shoes Seating Matters Seers Medical SenseToys Sensible Staffing Sensory + Sensory Integration Network SHA Disability Consultancy Sheffield Hallam University Simple Stuff Works CIC Simplyhealth Independent Living Sirus Automotive Ltd Sitability Ltd SJB Medical SK Handling Limited Smart Seating Solutions Smartbox Assistive Technology SmitCare Somek & Associates Soundbeam Southpaw Specialised Orthotic Services Ltd Spectra Care Group StairAID Stairlift Recycling Sugarman Medical Sunrise Medical Symmetrikit Postural Care & The Helping Hand Co Tabtime Talarmade Ltd TFH - Special Needs Toys The Forum of Mobility Centres The OT Service The Ramp People The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital Theraposture Throne Accessories by KW Therapy Solutions Ltd Timocco Toby Churchill Ltd Tomcat SNI Ltd Total Hygiene/Clos-o-mat Triton Showers Ultimate Healthcare United Professionals Ltd University of Derby University of Northampton Van Os Medical Uk Ltd Veronica Downing Associates Wealden Rehab York St John University Your World Healthcare

*Exhibitor List subject to change www.

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! e s EW th eo e N tch vid bsit a x e W fle w to ur Ro n o o

Theraposture – working with OTs to provide independence since 1981. Trusted assistive beds, chairs and care cots

• High quality, yet affordable solutions • Cost effective and long lasting independence at home for your clients • Assessment based provision with our Trusted Assessors • Unique and bespoke designs, both ergonomic and attractive • Over 30 years of understanding clients’ individual needs • Achieving positive outcomes for all

Freephone: 0800 834654 Email: info@theraposture.co.uk www.theraposture.co.uk


Theraposture Limited, Kingdom Avenue, Northacre Industrial Park, Westbury, Wiltshire. BA13 4WE. Open: Monday – Friday, 8:30am–5:30pm. Answerphone messages can be left at all other times

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Bedworth Chair Bed 

Drop down arms

Memory foam & antibacterial fabric

From 20-65 stone safe working load

From 20-30” seat widths

From 17-22” seat heights

Stand & Recline

FREE Demonstrations


UNIQUE Bariatric Leg Lifter 

Both legs or individual legs lifted and gently swung into bed

Battery operated

Lifts legs upto 14 stone

Suitable for Hi-Lo beds FREE Demonstrations

Gantry & Mobile Hoists, Electric Rise & Recline Armchairs & Profiling Beds

01455 212 482

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early years mobility

The Importance of Early Years Mobility Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF) offer a free loan scheme of the award-winning MERU Bugzi, a small indoor powered wheelchair that allows very young disabled children to experience powered mobility. We talk to Graham Race, Project Lead for the Bugzi Loan Scheme and Karron Parrish, the OT responsible for the Bugzi Loan Scheme assessments to find out more about how families can benefit from this service.


e ry young children who have mobility problems can often miss out on so much more than just the ability to get from A to B. The ability to crawl, roll, bum shuffle, stand or walk opens up a whole new world to toddlers and young children. These actions allow a child to explore, discover and learn from the environment around them, it gives them independence, confidence and satisfies the natural curiosity that children possess. The ability to independently move encourages social interaction, physical co-ordination, motor skills, spatial awareness, personal risk management and hand to eye co-ordination. The Bugzi offers children with mobility issues just that, the opportunity to experience independent mobility, often for the very first time in their lives.

MERU Bugzi Designed for pre-school children aged 1-6 years old, Karron explains that “it allows young children to be able to move around under their own steam and explore their environment earlier than when the wheelchair service would be › involved”.

“It allows young children to be able to move around under their own steam”


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› Graham goes on to explain to us that

wheelchair service’s have quite strict criteria to adhere to and while they do understand and recognise the importance of being able to provide a tool for very young children to experience powered mobility at such an early stage of life, they are in a difficult position because they have no evidence of the child being able to control a powered wheelchair or using switches or a joystick. This is where the Bugzi Loan Scheme can really benefit families, as Graham iterates: “ The Bugzi Loan Scheme is invaluable because it provides the child, their family and the supporting clinician with an ideal tool to develop new control skills. Motivated by the joy of being mobile develops the child’s skills for making choices, learning and discovery, whilst developing their potential for independent mobility.” “Yesterday a Bugzi was returned from a family who live in Somerset. After 14 months of Bugzi 48 www.

use, the child had developed new skills that demonstrated to the local wheelchair service the need for a powered wheelchair.”

The Assessment Process Prior to attending QEF’s dedicated assessment venue, the family are asked to fill in a fairly in-depth application form that allows Graham and Karron to understand as much as possible about the child and their abilities. Graham explains the importance of gaining this information prior to the assessment process allows them to set up the Bugzi as best they can to reduce the time of the assessment process. Many children and families may have travelled long distances so the child may be tired and the assessment venue will be a new environment to them with new people. Graham says: “At assessment when you give a child the control of their own movement for the very first time, sometimes it can be difficult to try a different form of control because the child doesn’t want to let go. So knowing what switches or controls they have already used


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helps prevent the child getting upset.” When a family arrives for an assessment they first discuss the child’s disability, range of movement, head control and hand control, before measuring the child to match up the MiniCAPS seating that they use to secure the child safely in the Bugzi with plenty of support and comfort. The next step is offering switches or a joystick for the child to use, if they are used to a certain type of switch already this will give an indication as to what may be the best option for that child, but if it is the first time using switches or a joystick, Karron and Graham will test out different ones until they find the one that suits the child.

a Bugzi on the same day as the assessment. Graham explains: “ We have a stock of MiniCAPS, we work closely with Active Design who are fantastic and they are supporting us in having all the components on hand so that we can provide the Bugzi on the same day. We also have a running stock of all the different types of controls.” This service is currently available at QEF’s Mobility Centre in Surrey and is being

Karron explains that they have a huge indoor demonstration area for the child to test out the Bugzi. “ We have a ver y large indoor demonstration area and we have a little car wash that they can focus on and try to move forward and have somewhere to go, it even has a little petrol pump.” “We also have these big foam lilies and I had a child the other day who just loved going to knock them down and we were all running around picking them back up again, just for him to knock them over again! It was the motivation to actually go forward to do it which was very exciting. Then we all just stand back and let the child investigate the switches and the parents just watch from a distance. It is very important to let them have time to explore the device itself, but all the time we are looking at the child’s position and checking if the seat is ok, are the legs in the right position, are the lateral supports correct. Then we might take them out and make adjustments and put them back in or change the switches around.”

Taking the Bugzi Home QEF are working towards providing this service as something that can be turned around on the day, so a family can take home

introduced to the William Merritt Disabled Living Centre in Leeds and Cornwall Mobility in Truro so that more children across the UK can more easily access the loan scheme. “We want the service to be as accessible as possible. Access to early years mobility is essential for children and providing this innovative product and service through Mobility Centres is the beginning of a journey of discovery.” ■ For more information on the Bugzi Loan Scheme contact: mobility@qef.org.uk 0208 770 1151 www.qef.org.uk/mobility www.

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Product focus

We take a look at some of the innovative products available for children with disabilities

Kiddimoto Kurve The Kiddimoto Kurve is an ‘all access’ bike, that can be used by youngsters with balance or co-ordination difficulties, as well as children with disabilities that could affect their ability to ride a pedal bike. It can also be used by children with special needs to master their skills of balance and co-ordination so that they can eventually progress to a pedal bike without the need for stabilisers. The seat is also height adjustable so it can be lowered or raised to accommodate the comfort and growth of the rider.

It features a durable birch plywood frame, real pneumatic tyres and comes in a variety of designs that kids love. ■ Prices from £59.99 Kiddimoto 01749 871 175 www.kiddimoto.co.uk

The Upsee This mobility device is designed to let children with motor impairment stand and walk with the help of an adult. It allows parents to help their child to experience standing, stepping and to fulfil their physical potential through family participation. The Upsee enables active assistance movement so the child can stand and step to the best of their ability with the minimum level of assistance provided by the adult. The adult can feel the child’s movements through the double sandal, enabling the adult to provide assistance to step as required. The Upsee also provides the possibility of cruising – moving sideways along furniture. 50 www.

The type of support provided by the Upsee means that the child’s hands are free to play, while giving the child the potential to achieve hip abduction (legs apart) and actively work trunk muscles in standing – and it’s motivational because it can be done during play.

In addition to the clinical and developmental opportunities, the Upsee is lightweight and easily portable. ■ Prices rom £269.00 Firefly Friends 02892 600 750 www.fireflyfriends.com


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06/11/2014 22:56

children’s products Wizzybug The Wizzybug is a fun and innovative powered wheelchair designed specifically for children under five. Children as young as 18 months can operate its simple controls, enabling them to develop spatial awareness, social interaction and independence. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, the Wizzybug can be easily dismantled for transportation and features an easy to use adjustable seating system and ‘puncture proof’ low maintenance tyres. As there is no NHS funding for powered mobility for children under five, Designability’s charitable loan scheme

provides Wizzybugs free to children who can benefit from them. Families receive a Wizzybug for as long as needed. On return, it is refurbished and loaned to another family. If you would like to apply for the scheme on behalf of a client, contact Nina Evans, Designability’s occupational therapist, on 01225 824 103. If your client is interested in purchasing a Wizzybug, prices are available on request from Simplyhealth on 0800 138 0764. ■ Designability 01225 824 103 www.designability.org.uk info@designability.org.uk

Cerebra Sledge Kids with mobility difficulties can get outdoors and enjoy all the fun of the snow with their friends this winter thanks to the Cerebra sledge. The sledge was originally designed for a young lady called Sarah in Scotland by the Cerebra Innovation Centre (CIC) - a team of designers producing unique equipment for disabled children as part of the charity, Cerebra. When it was reported in the Cerebra newsletter, there was an overwhelming response from families interested in the sledge. Due to the high demand, the sledge is now being produced by Gordon Ellis and Co. in Derby, who will make a donation to Cerebra for every sledge sold. With a low centre of gravity and a wide stance, the sledge has the added safety features of straps, armrests and a safety leash. It features an adjustable back, with two angles to choose from, and it can fold flat for transportation. There are also foot plates on the back so that the child or adult riding on the back has a secure place to rest their feet. ■ Prices from £299.00 Gordon Ellis and Co. 01332 850 011 www.sledge.gordonellis.com


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Mybility Stand Up Kids’ Wheelchair The new all-terrain stand up wheelchair from Mybility uses a scaled down version of the Mybility specialist seating system to meet the needs of children aged 5-10 years. The flexibility of the seat means that it can enable a standing position, laying down flat and virtually any position in between. It also has a convenient seat riser for reaching shelves and higher tables. It has been designed to grow with the child because the frame can be easily converted to fit an older child or adult with the adult sized seating. The wheelchair can comfortably handle challenging terrains such as grass, mud, cobbles, steep slopes, high kerbs, steps, snow and even sand. It is highly manoeuvrable and handles tight corners indoors, without damaging carpets and floors at home. The wheelchair holds all the relevant EU safety certificates for use as a seat in a vehicle and if required the speed can be restricted as appropriate for the child’s age and abilities. There are also two options of attendant controls; either an additional joystick on the back of the wheelchair or a wireless remote control with proximity detector to restrict the distance the child can travel away from their parent or carer. ■ Prices available on request Mybility 0330 555 0545 info@mybility.co.uk www.mybility.co.uk

Chunc 45° The Chunc 45° children’s wheelchair makes a vital contribution to a 24 hour postural management programme. It can be tailored to the individual’s needs with a wide range of adaptations and its versatility ensures that the most biomechanically efficient position of the pelvis and spine can be achieved as well as ensuring excellent support to the thighs, feet and head. It is designed to help the child achieve an improvement in the facilitation of cognitive, communicative and functional skills, providing a solid foundation for enhanced participation with friends, carers and parents. ■ Prices available on request Chunc Wheelchairs 01432 377 512 sales@chunc.co.uk www.chunc.com 52 www.


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06/11/2014 22:57

SK Handling   is   an   independent   supplier   of  Moving  and  Handling  equipment.    Specialising   in   in-­‐situ   slide   sheet   systems   and   sit   to   stand   transfer   platforms   along   with   a   number   of   small   handling   aids,   we   would   love   to   hear   from  you.     This   year   we   will   be   attending   the   OT   Show   at   the   NEC,   so   please   come   and   visit   stand   A10A   and   we   would   be   delighted  to  help.    

The Wetroom Specialist As pioneers in the care shower industry, Impey has always been committed to a programme of continual product development. Our innovative and intuitive approach to design has resulted in the creation of some of the most revolutionary products ever seen in the healthcare showering market. With a reputation for class-leading features, unmatched technical support and product quality, the Impey range is the preferred choice for O.T.’s, specifiers, architects and end-users.

Tel: 01460 256 080 www.impeyshowers.com

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07/11/2014 00:10

StairSteady® A Step Towards Independence

What is StairSteady? This is the ideal solution if your patients have some difficulty getting up and down the stairs but do not require a stairlift. The device is made up of a handrail attached to the wall and a handle that provides support whilst going up and down the stairs.

Who is it for?

Stairsteady key features

• Users of rollators or walkers

• Keeping People Active

• Users of grab rails

• Discrete

• Users of bath boards and raised toilet seats

• Installation

• People who want to remain active and independent in their own home

• Alternative to Parallel Bars

Did you know...60% of fatal accidents among the elderly are the result of falls from the stairs. (RoSPA) For more information on the StairSteady and to receive your FREE StairSteady memory stick

Tel: 08444 124 330 Email: retail.sales@pattersonmedical.com










“I’m impressed with the range of topics, lectures and speakers The Occupational Therapy Show is YOUR SHOW. Register now to:  Access over 56 hours of FREE CPD  Learn from world-class speakers and experts  Network with colleagues and peers

at the show.” Jennie Alexander Occupational Therapist Trauma and Orthopaedics

 Research and source new products and

services from over 200 suppliers

Register at www.theotshow.com/posability or call the Delegate Team, on 0207 348 5776 for your FREE place now.

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sensory products

Children’s sensory

Product focus Sensory equipment can help provide a more comfortable environment for children with a variety of different needs, either by stimulating their senses or promoting relaxation. The products can also enable children to learn and develop faster in a fun and interactive environment. Fruit Scented Balls The Fruit Scented Balls from Explore Your Senses each have a different fruit aroma to stimulate the child’s sense of smell. Featuring a friendly smiling face, the Balls are available in four different colours and scents. Prices from £2.58 per ball

Tactile Feet This set comes with 8 tactile feet that feature 8 different textures. The feet allow a child to work on finding their own body space while also stimulating tactile identification by creating sensory balance. The set features textures such as foam, felt and plastic. Supplied with one scarf. Prices from £55.00

Explore Your Senses 01535 662 812 www.exploreyoursenses.co.uk

Total Sensory 01702 542 231 www.totalsensory.co.uk

Emotion Balls The Emotion Balls enable children to express how they are feeling. The pack of six includes balls depicting happy, angry, sad, amazed, excited and frightened. Prices from £19.99 (6 pack) Total Sensory 01702 542 231 info@totalsensory.co.uk www.totalsensory.co.uk

Touch Bubble Tube The Touch Bubble Tube from SpaceKraft offers kids a fun way to explore cause and effect while encouraging communication. Touching the Touch Bubble Tube activates the bubbles and colours, enabling kids to develop their tracking skills as they follow the bubbles around the tube. The Tube can be set to three different programmes to alter how touch affects the bubbles and colours.

The Touch Bubble Tube comes complete with a Softplay Plinth and its own wall fixing bracket. Column size 1.5m. Prices from £1345.00 SpaceKraft 01274 581 007 enquiries@spacekraft.co.uk www.spacekraft.co.uk www.

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hris Christou is director of Mybility All Terrain Wheelchairs and he is passionate about flexible seating for wheelchair users. In fact as a wheelchair user himself, Chris has found the flexible seating of his stand up wheelchair very liberating.

The old adage “he liked it so much he bought the company” is very appropriate for Chris. After having been diagnosed with MS and being in need of a wheelchair that would enable him to pursue his passion for rambling and doing landscape gardening, Chris did an international search and found the Mybility All Terrain Wheelchair range. Manufactured by Scandinavian engineers, the wheelchair gives its user unprecedented flexibility to tackle a range of challenging indoor and outdoor terrains and its flexible seating system gives a phenomenal range of movement. The flexible seating allows the user to electronically adjust their body posture at will to either lie down flat, replicate standing up, or choose virtually any angle in between for total postural adjustment. In addition the seat is able to rise up to enable the user to reach higher shelves and tables. “The exciting thing about the Mybility All Terrain Stand Up Model or Stand Support System wheelchair is that it enables the user to move and reposition themselves in their seat the same way as an able bodied person is able to do,” says Chris. In fact Chris thinks that it should be the right of every disabled wheelchair user to reposition themselves in their seat so that they can be as comfortable as possible. It also helps to avoid health problems such as spine compression and 56 www.

56 Mobility_rt.indd 56

The Benefits of Flexible Seating

painful pressure sores which are more likely if the user is forced to sit still at a 90° angle as in a traditional wheelchair with rigid seating. “Can you imagine how an able bodied person would feel being forced to sit still in the same position all day and every day?” Chris asks. The potential health benefits of flexible seating are huge and include improved posture which means that the user would need a less remedial and more progressive physio regime. Other benefits include improved bowel and bladder function as a result of being able to easily stretch and reposition on a regular basis. On a psychological well-being level, the seating system enables greater independence and potentially less dependence on carers and handlers. Another very appealing feature of the wheelchair is that it enables the user to use the seat riser to reach eye level during conversation to break down feelings of isolation and encourage social inclusion. These features are important whatever the age or disability of the user and the wheelchair is appropriate for users aged from 5 years to adulthood. It can also be adapted to meet the specific disability needs of the user. We offer a wide range of adaptations so they are too numerous to mention here but they include chin tracking chin controls for users unable to use their hands, through to attendant controls where a carer or parent might be required to provide added support. ■ To see the Mybility All Terrain Wheelchair for yourself visit www.mybility.co.uk or for a free demonstration please call 0330 555 0545.


06/11/2014 23:03

E14 ND A T S � Stainless steel � Highly configurable � Up to 42st user weight

RAZ AT shown.

Raz shower chairs BUILT TO LAST

Call 0845 658 8411 or visit www.wealdenrehab.com/raz to see our extensive range of Raz shower chairs.

Life Changing Sensory Solutions For All 01246 211777

Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy


Resources for all ages and conditions Multi Sensory Environments



Sensory Integration

Medicare First (stand i9) is an established, award winning recruitment agency who specialise in placing Allied Health Professionals into the NHS, Public and Private Sectors throughout the UK. We specialise in: • Occupational Therapy • Speech and Language Therapy

• Physiotherapy • Radiography

For more information contact Medicare First today on:

Come see us at The OT Show! Stand C40

020 7407 1130 nathalie@medicarefirst.co.uk www.medicarefirst.co.uk

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01246 210416


07/11/2014 00:17


Tap2Tag A

new potentially life-saving device has recently come into the marketplace that can enable first responders to access a person’s vital medical information in an emergency with just a ‘tap’ of their mobile phone.

The device, known as Tap2Tag, has been hailed as an important development in emergency care, particularly for those with a known medical condition, the elderly and anyone taking prescribed drugs. Tap2Tag Medical uses Near Field Communication technology (NFC), most known for its use in contactless payment with credit and debit cards, to access the information from a device the user carries with them such as a wristband, key fob or card. If the user was to have a medical emergency, after calling the emergency services, any passer-by or first responder can simply ‘tap’ the person’s device to access vital medical information on their mobile phone. This might include what medications they may be taking and any allergies, which can aid medical professionals to treat them appropriately. Having this information to hand so quickly could save vital seconds and could be potentially life-saving. Ta p 2 Ta g M e d i c a l i s t h e invention of C h r i s Fo rd . I t was through his experiences caring for his late mother that Chris was inspired to develop the device.

design a system where we could put the information into a secure place and then electronically attach that to something my mother could always have with her.” It was back in December 2012 that Chris was first introduced to NFC and saw the potential the technology could have for realising his idea. NFC is embedded into most smart phones on the market and is currently most commonly used for contactless payment and advertising. For example, when Chris first saw the technology in action, the demonstrator tapped a beer mat with his mobile phone and up popped an advert for the brand of beer along with the option of a free download. After just 18 months in development Chris was able to launch Tag2tag Medical at Naidex National 2014. Chris said: “It was our first opportunity of demonstrating the system and the products to the public and the feedback was absolutely astonishing.” Following Naidex, a formal press launch was held, hosted by Chris’ local MP Chris Skidmore, which was attended by the likes of senior operations manager for South West Ambulance Service Nick Evans, and representatives from Epilepsy Action, Medic Alert, the local mayor’s office, and Gloucestershire County Council social care department, which Chris described as a “resounding success”. Nick Evans was particularly impressed,

Chris explained: “My mother was receiving a carer three times a day and we always had to keep her medication up to date on a word document, printed out and put on the notice board just in case there was an incident and the paramedics were called because we always knew they would ask for a list of her medication and allergies. So we thought wouldn’t it be a great idea if we could

58 www.


58-59 Tap2Tag_rt.indd 58

06/11/2014 23:06

Case Study Mazie Stapleton WHEN five-year-old Mazie Stapleton was rushed to the Southmead Accident and Emergency Department, doctors were unaware that she suffered from a rare condition that can cause her heartbeat to stop without the correct treatment. But mum Stacey Stapleton is hailing Tap2Tag for potentially saving her “inquisitive little angel’s” life. Mazie was wearing a Tap2Tag Medical Alert key fob – which warned hospital emergency staff that Mazie suffers from Reflex Anoxics Siezures (RAS), a very rare condition that can cause fits, often confused with epilepsy, that briefly stops the heart in certain stressful circumstances. As a result of the quick availability of her medical information, Mazie was treated appropriately for her condition and then discharged without the need for further treatment.

Mum Stacey said: “Mazie is a very inquisitive little girl, like any youngster, and she is always into something, and so when she came home with berries that I instinctively felt were poisonous, I took her straight to hospital. “I was beside myself with worry and at times like that, it is difficult in the panic of the moment to give doctors a quick,

saying he can see “huge potential within emergency healthcare” for the devices. Tag2Tag is also garnering a lot of interest from Government health officials; the chairperson of the Commons Health Committee, Dr Sarah Wollaston MP and the EU Health Commissioner, Tonio Borg are both interested in speaking to Chris about its potential. So how does it work? When the device is purchased the user will set up their account online where they will input the information they want to disclose. They must input their first and last names, their date of birth and a picture which will be included on their public profile which can be accessed by anyone. Any other information they want to include is optional. This might include: allergies, known medical conditions, medications they need and any message eg. “Call 999. I have a heart condition. Spray is in my bag. Spray once in my mouth then wait for paramedics.” This can only be accessed by those who have a Tap2Tag account. This is so the user knows who has accessed their data. If the person does not already have an account they can set one up immediately after tapping the tag with just a few clicks.

articulate and succinct summary of my little angel’s medical history.” She added: “I was simply able to tap Mazie’s medical alert key fob on my phone which I was then able to share with emergency hospital staff, which explained fully they were dealing with an unusual situation. Nursing staff were amazed to see how the fob worked with my phone.” ■

The products retail from just £8 and there is no subscription fee to pay thereafter. The user can update their profile as many times as they like free of charge. As well as revealing the person’s vital medical information, the device can also send out an alert to the person’s next of kin to let them know the user is experiencing a difficulty. This can either be by text or email. The system has also been built to be used by those who do not have an NFC enabled mobile phone, but do have internet access. Chris explained: “Every device has a unique code on it with instructions to go to our emergency website, tap2.me, enter the code and here you will be able to access the same information. It’s a much simpler version of our main website and everything is printed on the band itself so it’s clear what to do.” ■ Tap2tag devices are currently available to purchase direct from Tap2Tag and also through the Epilepsy Action website. For more information visit www.tap2tag.me


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We are pleased to be introducing our fantastic range of products designed to be practical and beautiful. Healthcare Designed products offer the highest level of quality and comfort for the user.


Tudor Cottage, Brakefield Road, Southfleet, Kent, DA13 9PY Tel: 01474 832217 Email: enquirieshealthcaredesigned@gmail.com

Moving & Handling People 2015 Safeguarding standards, sharing the vision Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th January The Human Rights Action Centre, London EC2A 3EA

The essential learning event for health and social care professionals • Fully CPD-certified • Evidence-based solutions and expert analysis • Practical, interactive workshops • Seminars on latest issues • Open Forum with peers and equipment suppliers

Places strictly limited so book now at www.movingandhandlingpeople.co.uk Reg Charity No. 290069

M&HP_A5_Ad.indd 1

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Events calendar 2014/2015 Kidz Up North

Date: 20 Nov 2014 Venue: EventCity, Barton Dock Road, Manchester, M17 8AS 9.30am – 4.30pm Time: Attendance Cost: Free

• • • • •

Continence Direct Payments Parental Experiences Transition Legal Advice

For more information: 0161 607 8200, info@disabledliving.co.uk,

Dedicated to providing families with disabled children and professionals who work with disabled children a wide range of products, services and advice. Kidz Up North is one of the largest free events of its kind in the UK. Free seminars run alongside the event covering the following areas: • Moving and Handling • Sleep Issues


The Occupational Therapy Show Date: Venue: Time:

26 – 27 Nov 2014 NEC, Birmingham, B40 1NT 26 Nov 9.30am – 5.30pm

27 Nov 9.30am – 4.30pm Attendance Cost: Free Back for its second year, The Occupational Therapy Show is the only dedicated show for OTs in the UK. With over 250 exhibitors displaying and demonstrating products and services and over 56 hours of CPD seminars, this is an event that you don’t want to miss. Your attendance to the seminars will be recorded and CPD certificates will be sent out post show. For more information: www.thotshow.com


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events calendar

› Moving and Handling People 2015

Date: 27 – 28 January 2015 Venue: The Human Rights Action Centre, London, EC2A 3EA Attendance Cost: £295 +VAT The 2015 programme has been designed to address the most urgent issues facing moving and handling practitioners. Taking place over two content-packed days it is fully CPD-certified and incorporates topics suggested by recent Moving & Handling People attendees. Each delegate will receive a personalised time-table, ensuring that they attend two plenaries, four seminars and four practical, interactive workshops, plus the Open Forum discussion between professionals, manufacturers and suppliers. Places are limited so book now to avoid disappointment. For more information: www.movingandhandlingpeople.co.uk

Kidz in the Middle Date: 19 March 2015 Venue: Jaguar Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, CV6 6GE Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm Attendance Cost: Free Part of the family of ‘Kidz’ events run by the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) this event offers families with disabled children and professionals who work with disabled children, living in and around Coventry, the opportunity to access products and services that are relevant to them. There will be over 120 exhibitors offering advice and information on funding, mobility, seating, beds, communication, access, education, toys, transport, sensory, sports and leisure and a wide range of free seminars for parents and professionals. For more information: 0161 607 8200, info@disabledliving.co.uk, www.kidzinthemiddle.co.uk

BAPO Conference Date: 20 – 22 March 2015 Venue: The Point: Lancashire County Cricket Club, Talbot Road, Manchester, M16 0PX Attendance Cost: See website for the varying member, non member and student fees. The Annual Conference of the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO) is continuing to develop its strong clinical programme with the continuation of the practical based Sunday workshops. In line with this they are keen to expand their emphasis on individual clinical practice and sharing knowledge from all different environments. For more information: 0141 561 7217, conference@bapo.com, www.bapo.com

Naidex 2015 Date: 28 – 30 April 2015 Venue: NEC, Birmingham, B40 1NT Time: 28 Apr 10am – 5pm 29 Apr 10am – 5pm 30 Apr 10am – 4pm Attendance Cost: Free The UK’s largest disability, rehabilitation and homecare event with over 300 exhibitors displaying the latest products and services to aid the independent living market. The COT (College of Occupational Therapists) in partnership with Naidex will be delivering cutting edge seminars presented in the COT Zone. During the three days, the COT Zone will feature sessions run by experts from the College, as well as the leading lights from

the specialist sections, plus a number of external speakers who are leaders in their field. Aimed at busy practitioners, The COT Zone sessions will enable occupational therapists to learn more about practice, what’s new in policy, and the learning opportunities provided by the College to enable occupational therapists to meet their career aspirations. The COT Zone’s content is tailored to the needs of occupational therapists, therefore only occupational therapists will be permitted entry to these sessions. For more information: www.naidex.co.uk

COT Annual Conference 2015 Date: 30 Jun – 2 Jul 2015 Brighton Centre, Venue: Kings Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 2GR Attendance Cost: See website for the varying member, non member and student fees. The COT Annual Conference is the only UK occupational therapy peer-reviewed conference. It is an excellent opportunity to meet and hear influential health and social care policy makers, interact with the foremost occupational therapy thinkers and practitioners, contribute to discussions on the future direction of the profession and explore new and different ways to develop their practice. OTs will also have the opportunity to meet other OTs with the same interests and from similar settings, share best practice and discuss ideas and challenges and meet CPD needs and career aspirations. For more information: 020 8977 7997, admin@conferencecollective.co.uk, www.cotannualconference.org.uk

62 www.


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Come an d The O see us at T Sho w on sta nd A6

A warm welcome, excellent food and appropriate care await A warm welcome, excellent food andmobility appropriate care await those guests with disabilities and /or problems. those with disabilities and/orormobility on their own orguests together with companions carers. A problems on their own or together with companions or unique award winning country house hotel set in the rolling carers. A unique award winning country house hotel set in parkland and parkland woods onand thewoods Sandringham Estate. Estate. the rolling on the Sandringham

Maison des Landes is a hotel catering exclusively for disabled guests and their families or carers in accommodation which has been specially designed to meet their needs. Set in glorious unspoiled countryside overlooking a major international heritage area. Heated indoor pool with ramps and hoists : En-suite facilities including walk-in showers : Gardens with magnificent views : Licensed lounge : Pétanque (a version of bowls ideal for players in wheelchairs!): Daily Island tours in specially adapted minibuses if you don’t want to drive. Open from the beginning of April to the end of October

RATES per person per day include full board accommodation, daily excursions and transfers to harbour and airport and return.

CONTACT US NOW FOR A BROCHURE St Ouen, Jersey JE3 2AA Tel: 01534 481683 Fax 01534 485327 Email: contact@maisondeslandes.co.uk Website: www.maisondeslandes.co.uk



Her Majesty the Queen comes to Sandringham in the winter, why not you? Ring: 01485 543000 | Email: parkinfo@leonardcheshire.org parkinfo@LCDisability.org www.parkhousehotel.org.uk We work in close partnership with Steve’s Taxis for all your transport needs.

Movement for LIFE - 5 Unique Machines -

Predictable Patterned Daily Range of Motion Therapy

for Increased:

Circulation Flexibility of Muscles & Tendons Lubrication of Joints Long Term Maintenance

for Decreased: Spasm & Edema

model EF-300


Passive/Active Therapeutic Exercise

Ideal for Para & Quadriplegia Multiple Sclerosis Cerebral Palsy model EF-250 Strokes freephone: 0800-032-2814 website: www.exnflex.com one month email: info@exnflex.com

VAT exempt

money back guarantee

“I have been a T12-L1 paraplegic for nine years. I have now been using my EX N’ FLEX for seven years and would not want to live without it. My pain has decreased, my bowel and bladder control has improved and my muscle spasms have decreased significantly. I have increased muscle tone, and feel better in general. This is a quality product with great customer service. I could not recommend it more.” Richi Sahney

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Celebrating 25 Years of Bathing Excellence

Enjoy Bathing Again This Winter

FREE Bathing Hamper with all orders placed in December!* *Terms and Conditions Apply

0800 1 690 690 www.bath-knight.co.uk

MS OOable R il T

WE w Ava No


Untitled-1 1

06/11/2014 10:32

Quoddy a bed that grows A paediatric bed needs to fit a child, be fun and support all their growing needs and the Quoddy certainly does. Gaps in the bed and the bed profiling in the correct place are of primary concern. Centrobed have made sure there are NO GAPS that can put a child at risk of entrapment.




The bed is made to fit the child with the backrest and kneebreak profiling in the correct place. The Quoddy is designed to grow with the child and will expand to 3 different lengths. Choose your theme and the frame colour will be coordinated.

www.centrobed.com T: 01233 635353

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Your voice counts


hank you for taking the time to read the first issue of The OT Magazine, we hope you have enjoyed it. We are striving to produce a magazine that provides OTs with a useful resource filled with relevant information, interesting articles, innovative products and thoughts and opinions from OTs themselves. We would love to hear your thoughts on the first issue of The OT Magazine to ensure we are producing a publication that you want to read.


MBER 2014 • ISSUE 1



S The latest produ cts to aid independent living for children and adults

Your help is much appreciated. Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr:

WORLD FEDERATION OF Occupational Therapists

First Name: Surname: Address:

What a members

hip can mean for


Tel: Email: Date of Birth: Age: under 25



over 60

Are you: a) an occupational therapist b) a professional in the healthcare industry c) a student of occupational therapy


What would you like to see in The OT Magazine? • Products • Case studies of products and methods in practice • Columns from OTs • Interviews with OTs from different fields • Research articles • Services available for patients • Information on respite and accessible holidays • Information on events and exhibitions • Information for students • Recruitment section • Other (Please specify)

Are you an independent OT? Yes No What area of occupational therapy do you work in?

What is your overall impression of the first issue of The OT Magazine?

Please post back your completed form to:

The OT Magazine, Caledonia House, Evanton Drive, Thornliebank Ind Est, Glasgow, G46 8JT www.

65 Feedback Form_rt.indd 65

-magazine.co.uk 65

07/11/2014 15:21


DON’T MISS out...

sign up for your FREE subscription today!



The OT Magazine is out every two months and every issue will include a wide range of products, news stories, personal stories and informative articles.

2014 • ISSUE 1



CUS The latest pro ducts to aid independe nt living for children and adults


e hope you have enjoyed the first issue of The OT Magazine and have found it informative and enjoyable to read. If you would like to register to receive a FREE copy of the magazine every issue, simply fill in your details and post back this form to the address provided, email ros@2apublishing.co.uk or call 0141 270 8085 and our team will be happy to help you.



WORLD FEDERATION OccupationOF a Therapists l What a mem

bership can

mean for you

Yes! I would like to subscribe Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr: First Name: Surname: Address:

If you would like to have your say on what you would like to see in the magazine, see page 65 (other side of this page). We would love to hear your thoughts.


0141 270 8085


66 Subs_rt.indd 66





Date of Birth:

The OT Magazine, Caledonia House, Evanton Drive, Thornliebank Ind Est, Glasgow, G46 8JT

66 www.


Are you an independent OT?



What area of OT do you work in?


07/11/2014 15:23

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Volkswagen Caravelle MONTEREY Luxury Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Lowered floor

Class leading 59” access height

Seats 4 plus wheelchair passenger

Drive from wheelchair vehicles giving you total independence

Volkswagen Caravelle NEVADA

Volkswagen Caravelle COLORADO

Rear access Remote operated tailgate and ramp Rear lowering suspension Lowered floor Class leading 59” access height

Side access Remote operated doors and lift Optional air levelling suspension Lowered floor Three seat rear bench

Citroen Berlingo DUO Lowered floor Remote power tailgate and ramp Drive from or travel up front Lowering rear suspension Interchangeable driver & passenger seats

The only full length lowered-floor Caravelle conversion CALL 01626 853050 www.gmcoachwork.co.uk GMCoachworkLtd

otmag_ad_page_nov_14.indd GM LUXAD_FINAL1.indd 1 24



GM Coachwork Teign Valley, Trusham Newton Abbot , TQ13 0NX

07/11/2014 10/11/2013 10:55 10:48

Profile for 2A Publishing

The OT Magazine  

The OT Magazine is being launched to cater solely for occupational therapists in the UK.

The OT Magazine  

The OT Magazine is being launched to cater solely for occupational therapists in the UK.