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CONTENTS MAY 2019 FASHION 16 Byron 18 Jacob Lee 24 Loot: Mad About Jewelry


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BEAUTY 30 Balance 3H Plus® 32 Ianthe Mellors


34 Design Confidential 36 Groomit 37 Pamela Morgan 38 RDR Hofstra Gala

COVER 42 Anthony A. Capetola

TASTE 50 A Proper Toast for Baby Sussex 52 T-Bar Steak & Lounge 54 Legal Sea Foods

23 Hot Summer Cool Suits


MAY 2019 JETSET 56 Nobu Hotel 62 Vancouver

ARTFORM 66 Roberto Polo 72 MvVO Art AD Art Show 2019 74 Artist Eddie Kang 75 Manhattan School of Music


76 Influential New Yorkers 78 Andy Warhol 85 Tristan Hoare 86 Madison Gesiotto 88 Carissa Kranz, Esq. 89 Reverend Jen Miller 90 Jason Pinsky 91 Psyche Terry 92 Jennifer Selter 94 Andrew Bilgore 96 Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin 97 Matt Bloom 98 Anne Reburn 100 Jessica Ann Elizabeth 101 Joe Dolce 102 Penny Sansevieri 104 Andrea Denver 105 Jill Brooke 106 Jillian Backer 107 Dominick Miserandino 108 Winnie Sun 110 Leon Logothetis 111 Ryan Berger 112 Sorted 114 Carrie Sheffield 116 Edith Chapin

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“Who shall set a limit to the influence of a human being?” - Ralph Waldo Emerson It’s been said that the first day Warren Buffett opened a Twitter account, he had 60,000 followers in an hour, and 100,000 within two hours. Warren Buffett has long been an “influencer” well before he created a social media account. While Buffett has serious clout or “street cred” in the world of investing, there is growing legion of tastemakers. Young, diverse and passionate individuals who are wielding significant influence online. Many boast millions of followers. Madison Avenue is paying attention. So, why are all magazines, including Metropolitan Magazine, interested in Influencers? It’s more than a trend, it’s smart business. Brands are always hungry for something new. Influencers are part of that conversation, that’s why we recently invited Influencer Madison Gesiotto to take over Metropolitan’s Instagram page for a day. We plan to a lot more of this. My daughter Jaime, who expertly and tastefully curates our instagram page has a terrific digital editor in Nancy Molina assisting her with our digital platform that continues to grow in influence daily. Trust me. We know. Influencers offer our amazing luxury brand partners yet another credible and influential voice to help tell their stories across platforms, with social amplification to new audiences. Great branding takes great teamwork. When top branding and magazine experts kindly tell us how beautiful, edgy and provocative our magazine is we know it’s incumbent on our entire team to share it. When Fashion Icon Tyra Banks graced the cover of Metropolitan Magazine, that epic magazine cover was celebrated throughout the media and on IG (80,000+ likes). Political Activist and good friend, Kimberly Guilfoyle promoted her Metropolitan Cover on twitter and elsewhere and in mere hour, 50,000+ followers voiced their approval. Same with our various friends in the media like Cheryl Casone, Rosanna Scotto, Dr. Kelly Powers--these talented women aren’t just reporting the news, they are influencing societal trends. Real Estate influencer Katrina Campins appeared on the cover of Metropolitan and within weeks she sold a huge estate for a huge number. Influencers and journalists can help each other. We are very proud to share our “Top Influencers of 2019” issue. Our mission at Metropolitan and 25A is to entertain, inform and delight our audience. Influencers are important tastemakers that are connecting with large followings. We welcome their unique points of view. As a well known and respected luxury brand and influencer, Metropolitan Magazine understands the importance of sharing our established platform with tastemakers, newsmakers, thought leaders, influencers and the world’s leading brands. It’s at the very heart of our great democracy to respect a diversity of opinions. It’s what makes us great.

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“The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and to influence their actions” - John Hancock

This issue has a little bit of everything and it’s all good! Our Cover Star Anthony Capetola, Esq. is a respected matrimonial attorney, super-lawyer, leading businessman, restaurateur and one of the most active and influential community members in all of Long Island. Capetola is involved in so many ventures and charitable good works it is hard to see how he ever finds the time to pursue his other great passions like travel and wine collecting. Capetola’s wisdom and equanimity is matched only by his generosity. Speaking of Influencers, Anna Wintour & Lady Gaga headed up a collection of mega fashion Influencers at the annual Met Gala. Contributing Arts Editor/international jet-setter Rachel Vancelette made sure that the work had been done. Rachel covered this celebrated New York fashion story for us like the moon covers the sky. Rachel was all over the business at hand shedding light on the story in real time with her singularly sublime insight and killer color commentary. The cherry on top of the sundae though, is Rachel’s private tete a tete with Spain’s top Art collector, Roberto Polo Throw in some fascinating stories about Andy Warhol and then we unveil Metropolitan’s most influential New Yorkers of 2019 list in addition to Metropolitan’s top influencers list. Branding expert Bernadette Marciniak does a wonderful job of explaining the current influencer trend and how social media, particularly IG, continues to change the game for brand ambassadors and influential New Yorkers alike. Not to ever be outdone, our own major influencer Chase, Metropolitan’s esteemed publisher explained to the good folks at Fox Business News all about how influencer reports from companies like HYPR help brands match up with influencers and how the Kardashians went from $20,000 a tweet to over a million for a social media shout-out. To quote the Nature Boy Ric Flair, “woooooo!” Enjoy 25A/Metropolitan’s top influencers of 2019 issue. Hope you have as much fun reading it as we had assembling it!

Cheers! Adam Kluger Editor in Chief, Metropolitan/25A

“Alfred Hitchcock presents... Jeff Koons” - By Eric Payson


May 2019 | 17


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Byrna Pomp, Iris Apfel and Michele Cohen



OOT draws an international jet-set who fly in to adorn themselves with the latest jewelry! This annual spring event at the famous MAD museum has curator Bryna Pomp all the buzz. She has become the influencer, tastemaker and fashion go-to person to find the latest and greatest in jewelry! “The jewelry featured incorporates a wide range of remarkable nontraditional materials, from crocheted textiles, ecologically tie-dyed silk, felt, leather, and resin to 3D-printed nylon, titanium, safety pins, bicycle tires, X-ray film, papier-mâché, and wood” states Pomp. Her curatorial expertise has raised many designers to next level status, and she has been championing contemporary jewelry designers in the field for years. Tastemakers such as Iris Apfel, Kay Uger and more all sit on the benefit host committee and continue to support this

24 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

event each year. A sighting of the well-known adorned Iris Apfel is always a wonderful sight! The event includes artists from fifteen countries, most of whom have never been shown in New York. The international global presence of designers invited ranged from Argentina, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Romania, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States, and Thailand. MAD is the only American museum with a gallery dedicated to the display of both temporary jewelry exhibits, and its own collection of contemporary and modern studio art jewelry. “My goal for the last years as the curator of LOOT is to have the Museum of Arts and Design exhibit and sell the most interesting, inventive studio and

art jewelry being created worldwide. My decision on each year’s artist selection represents a carefully strategized plan to have represented the greatest breadth of materials I view in my daily research, all executed in the most highly aesthetic designs, combined with the most superb craftsmanship. The accomplishment of the synthesis of these three elements--- the materials, the design, and the workmanship-- is present in the work of each of LOOT artists.” stated Pomp. Previous recipients of the LOOT Award include fashion icon Iris Apfel, collector Barbara Berger, jewelry designer Joan Hornig, fashion designer Kay Unger, and artists Joyce Scott and Axel Russmeyer. Keep an eye out for curator Ms. Pomp, maybe you can grab her latest jewelry fashion tip when visiting the MAD museum galleries!

Leyla Taranto Leyla Taranto is an Istanbul-based designer who makes jewelry using remnants of picture frames. Her designs explore ideas, shape, texture, and color through the lens of childhood memories and a grown-up love for seeing the world from new perspectives. Through experimentation with contrasts and concepts, she has found that it is possible to elevate so-called “low” materials through a series of creative choices. Taranto knows that whatever the starting point of her design—whether concept, material, or form—after it becomes a concrete object, the wearer will attach a different set of values to it. Nevertheless, she likes to imagine one of her pieces evoking in the wearer a memory similar to those that led her to design it.

Sonia Birndt Carrascosa Madrid-based designer Sonia Birndt Carrascosa has a passion for 3D computer design and vitreous enamel, and she merges these fields to create unique, personal jewels. Evolution and geometry are important themes in her work. Her “Herba” collection was inspired by the fractal geometry of the giant water lily, which the artist views as representing evolution, development, life. For Carrascosa, life is synonymous with happiness and joy, and she employs light and color to transmit these concepts, using the enameling technique of plique-à-jour to create a stained-glass effect.

Aişegül Telli Aişegül Telli is an Istanbul-based jewelry artist with a background in chemistry. She makes wearable sculptures inspired by her diving sessions in the Indian Ocean. With her “Undersurface” and “Anemone” series, Telli explores the enchantment of the underwater world, and seeks to soothe the viewer through a focus on detail.

Alena Willroth Czech-born, Berlin-based jeweler Alena Willroth’s collection Slast (Czech for bliss) comprises of work that enchant with magical lines. Her patterns develop out of the interplay between carefully premeditated designs and the inherent willfulness of her materials; the weightless and delicate nature of her work allows even opulent forms to appear light and spare. Willroth’s bias for the aesthetics of natural microforms gave shape to her jewelry: In search of unorthodox methods of expression, she developed a new welding process that allows her to form intricate pieces from polyethylene foils. A pencil drawing is traced to foil, so Willroth can hand-cut it with a surgical knife, and heat and pressure bring the pieces to their final form. During this process, the material exerts its will to influence the outcome, resulting in a marriage of design and faith and making every piece unique. May 2019 | 25




ith live feeds and coverage running from Vogue online to the Mark Hotel special Instagram story feed, the Met Gala 2019 was an eyepopping event with over the top outfits and mind-altering couture pieces. Designers’ went to extremes for their celebrity clients, as viewers could see the creative thought behind the head to toe drama, which left everyone supercharged and excited to want more! Marked as the true fashion event of the season, and often called the super bowl of fashion, the First Monday in May, Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour hosted the celebrity-packed party for the Met Museum. Celebrating the Costume Institute’s new exhibition each year, the exhibition theme “Camp: Notes on Fashion” didn’t disappoint. Katie Perry shocked and won the night dressed as a literally a beautiful chandelier! To gain this glamorous and elite invite-only ticket to the Met, one needs to be in the inner circle of celebrity and power. Guests are invited by Anna Wintour herself, as she extends personal invites and every year ensures strict seating arrangements, carefully crafted like a dance with

26 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

fabulous music and top entertainment on tap. The insider scoop for 2019, was to be sure seeing the “first red carpet event” of the evening, which was at the famous Mark Hotel. The hotel most recently known for Megan Markle’s baby shower, (the baby boy royal ironically arrived the same day as the Met Gala event), has always been known to host an array of celebrities for lunches, dinners and insider events from sightings of Woody Allen drinking a coffee at the restaurant, to the recent Royal shower and now the Metropolitan Museum Annual Costume Institute Gala. The Mark’s live Instagram feed was some of the best of the night’s red carpet, from the start of the evening with Anna Wintour stepping out in her glamorous jewel-encrusted gown and oversized feather cape to start the night off and the celebrities soon followed. Tracey Elis Ross wearing a golden picture frame around her head (Moschino dress) who stepped out boldly soon after Wintour. Then strangely a costumed figure of Smokey the Bear got into a rickshaw, ( we did not know who it was!) then came musician Gwen Stefani who was all smiles with hot designer friend Jeremy Scott on her arm. The list was the

Glamour and Camp collided on multiple red carpets!

“top of the top” from Kim and Kayne followed in order by Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone, Kendell and Kylie Jenner and Selma Hayek. Each stepping out of the hotel on their way to Met Gala event for the true first look and stopping for fans and cameras who got the first view of their dramatic attire. The best sneak peek was of the famous lovely Grace Coddington of Vogue running past everyone quickly out the hotel unnoticed. A legend at Vogue she snookered the crowd at the Mark graciously and moved quickly to her car. Unlike years ago, when Daphne Guinness got dressed in the windows of Barney’s with her unique Alexander McQueen feather dress, ( high couture at its best!) Guinness truly was the first to start the practice of getting into an open car with fans screaming her name in 2011. Thus showing everyone she was breaking protocol of the first reveal on the Met carpet steps. It was shocking and now years later everyone has followed in her footsteps to provide more access and insider coverage at all levels. The red carpet of the Mark Hotel showed the “first looks” as celebrities scrambled into their cars with their tight security, designers and assistants all helping them move along. With the introduction of social media, running feeds 24 hours a day, multiple video postings and Instagram stories with immediate news coverage have given celebrities a chance to change it up and get personal! Even Gaga who was one of the first to the Met Gala at 5:18pm making four dress changes on the carpet, solo! Prior to her arrival to the museum, she made the decision to simply walk Met Gala at 5:18 pm made four dress change... on the carpet solo! Prior to her arrival to the museum, she made the decision to simply walk down the New York city street with a full set of security guards, so every fan waiting outside could glimpse her dramatic train, giving fans the opportunity to even say hello! Does this mean the famous Met staircase has lost its mystique? The MARK Hotel certainly changed this dynamic and was the place to be with the insider crowd, fans screaming and the Mark’s live feed only hosting a selection of the 126 people there by request or invitation. It was the scoop of the night! The buzz and chanting fans can be heard for miles as they all were tempted to break past the NY police officers guarding every corner. Even people pretending to be delivering flowers to the event and overheard “don’t you know who I am” cluttered the background of snapping cameras and selfie sticks. The excitement, of course, continued onto the actual Met staircase as crowds from outside and across the street could be heard, simultaneously screaming as Miley Cyrus in creative director Anthony Vaccarello’s signature 80’s inspired minidresses and her new husband Liam Hemsworth on her arm arrived, and at exactly the same time Kayne and Kim were departing the Mark Hotel red carpet. Delightful programmed chaos! On the red carpet Gigi Hadid (looking space-aged as if landing from some planet designed by Michael Kors) arrived at the exact same time as Better Milder (dress almost like a witch perhaps playing on some her earlier roles in Hocus Pocus, a cult classic), it was a swirling and moving Met Gala carpet. They filled the stairs to the brim with all ages, celebrities, following the memo that anything goes! The CAMP theme certainly ruled as people wondered if Elton John would arrive as his style would-be right-on point! Joan Collins graced her way on the carpet, and like old Hollywood glamour, she was radiant in white feathers and fabulous multi-million-dollar jewels around

her neck and a royal princess crown. Meanwhile, model Naomi Campbell literally worked her way to step in front of her and took her space and attitude to the cameras in Valentino. Actress Juliana Moore arrived in a bizarre metallic dress in bright green, creating a clashing of colors and imagery only one can find on the carpet, while Serena Williams dazzled in custom Versace neon yellow gown and sneakers. It was a jammed packed carpet overflowing with assistants all helping everyone up the stairs with long heavy trains, high heel shoes and accessories. The weight of the outfits alone look daunting and complicated, as people screamed at Katy Perry, “how much does that weigh!” Gwen Stefani without her man Blake Sheldon showed up solo in an almost burlesque attire with white fur and jewels while Bella Hadid in custom Moschino stepped behind her, it was simply none stop flow of celebrity arrival. All eyes moved onto Kayne and Kim’s arrival, while right behind them was Alicia Key’s husband Swizz Beatz (where was Alicia?) who gave a nice smile and nod to Kayne. Swizz Beatz now know as a professional art curator, continues to make his stamp on the contemporary art world yet sneaked pass everyone during the Kayne and Kim chaos!

Gaga stole the show from the start with designer Brandon Maxwell, with her multiple dress changes as she floated up and then back down the carpet... letting fans scream while her assistants unveiled umbrellas, props and more. She proceeded to untie her bow from her head slowly and dramatically teasing photographers slowly as her assistants helped her unveil into a dress change into a new black dress (5:24 PM)! With her long silver eyelashes batting away as she grabbed an umbrella, she pretended as though she would lifted into the sky! Dramatic acting miming fit for a queen, she shocked the cameras again as she proceeded to walk back down the stairs for a third time... miming to her assistants and unveiled a third dress of brilliant hot pink! (5:36 PM) In true Gaga Style, she flirted once again on a fake cellular phone (retro 1990s) then placed her sparkled sunglasses on, lipstick in hand and there was a pause on the carpets… to finally unveil herself in the fourth look... a sparkling bra and underwear. (5:41 PM) She stole the evening laying down on the carpet to everyone’s delight and surprise. We all knew that the old school Gaga Monster fans would be over the moon and thrilled at her return. The evening was a luscious concoction of outrageous ridiculousness - the farther out the better, as was hoped by the hosts. CAMP at its best!




ith calorically-loaded, carbohydrate-laden foods everywhere and more people of all ages tipping the scales at dangerously high numbers each year, it’s no secret that America’s obesity crisis has reached epidemic proportions. Just one troubling study recently published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nearly 40 percent of American adults and almost 20 percent of adolescents are obese, which are the highest rates ever recorded for the U.S. According to this same study, more than 70 percent of all Americans are now either overweight or obese. Left unchecked, this can and often does lead to irreversible diseases like diabetes or pre-mature death. Of course, we have long known that the

30 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

primary cause of being overweight or obese is indulging in too many of our favorite delicacies without enough exercise, although for some shedding those extra pounds requires a lot more than willpower and going the gym regularly. In fact, the older we are the harder losing weight becomes. For women over 40 and up who have had kids—and especially those who are either approaching or have already gone through menopause—weight management, no matter how calorie conscious and physically active they’ve always been, can be particularly difficult. What most people don’t realize, however, is that it’s all about hormones and that a woman’s body chemistry becomes different as they enter what is medically known as “perimenopause.” Not only can this phase that can last ten years or longer and wreak havoc on a woman’s hormones, the ones affected most are insulin, leptin and ghrelin, which are the three hormones that have

the biggest impact on how we gain and lose weight. Fortunately, for those who are either in the beginning, middle or end stages of one of life’s biggest changes, Balance 3H Plus®—a doctor created, medically supervised weight loss program for women ages 40 and older—offers a much-needed solution using the best available medical science. Designed by renowned physician and hormone specialist Dr. Siobhan Kealy and with two conveniently located offices in Westchester County and Manhattan, Balance 3H Plus® also presents a significant alternative to traditional weight loss programs, combing the clinical results of comprehensive blood testing to create customized meal plans and hormone balancing based on a patient’s individual needs, and without pills or injections that are often unsuccessful and can have harmful longterm side effects. Beyond her extensive medical

expertise and training, Dr. Kealy knows firsthand what it’s like to be a woman in midlife and to sometimes feel tired, overwhelmed, overworked, cranky, bloated and even unattractive, which is why she created the program in 2015.

practical tools, guidance and support. We share Dr. Kealy’s philosophy—addressing the underlying issues and not just the immediate symptoms—and we are delighted to partner with Balance 3H Plus® in order to bring added value to this this much needed program.” Please call 914-703-4811 to make an appointment.

In doing so, her goal was to use her own journey as a source of inspiration to empower menopausal women to make positive nutritional choices so they can reach and maintain a healthy weight in order to lead happier and more fulfilled lives. Addressing both lifestyle and dietary changes, and at the same time harnessing the body’s natural fat burning process for weight loss, the Balance 3H Plus® program involves a two-week detox followed by a 4-week, scientifically-driven regimen, providing a diet that works with each patient’s hormonal chemistry to achieve weight loss. Since last year, Balance 3H Plus® has also been working with The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine, a Manhattanbased practice that aims to promote wellness through nutrition, a range of therapies and natural supplements. Together, this partnership has enabled them to provide a comprehensive holistic health and wellness program specifically designed to meet the long-term needs of each patient.

Doctor Created Medically Supervised Weight Loss for Women 40+

“One of the amazing things about weight loss and hormone balance is they go hand-in-hand,” says Dr. Kealy. “Just as hormone balance leads to weight loss, losing a few pounds can bring your hormones back into optimal levels, which will lead you to lose weight effortlessly and safely. My mission in founding this program and in partnering with The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine is to help women feel vital, balanced and sexy both inside and out.”

“It’s Not Our Fault Ladies, It’s Our Hormones!”®

Adds The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine founder Dr. John Salerno: “Key to achieving the results you want and need from any weight loss program, which is hard at any age and even more so for women over 40, is ensuring that clients have the right

balance3hplus.com. F: @Balance3HPlus | I: @balance3hplus

Westchester Office 450 Mamaroneck Ave #413 Harrison, NY 10528

New York City Office 12 East 52nd Street, Floor 4 New York, NY 10022 May 2019 | 31




anthe is a professional dancer and teaching artist from Bedford, England. She has been teaching group fitness for nearly a decade, teaching a range of genres from strength training to boxing to barre. She uses her dance experience to inform her fitness instruction and is incredibly passionate about helping others find the fun in working out – with a focus on building strength over pure aesthetics. Ianthe’s dance journey began with Ballet and Odissi beginning at age three. By the age of five, Ianthe had begun performing all over the world. Soon after, she began training in Latin American ballroom dance and played every sport on offer growing up. When she was twelve she joined Bedfordshire Youth Dance Company (BYDC) and was introduced to contemporary dance and body conditioning. Whilst with BYDC she won many national competitions and worked with Henri Oguike, one of Britain’s leading contemporary choreographers. Henri Oguike chose Ianthe to be the lead in his work ‘Quackers’ and some of her choreography was used in her solos. Ianthe then went on to study dance at Middlesex University where she was awarded a First Class Bachelor of Arts in Dance Studies. During her time at university she was selected to study abroad at Goucher College in Baltimore, where she was introduced to African dance and stepping. After earning her degree Ianthe was injured in a car accident – but she didn’t lose focus and MTV Europe dedicated an entire episode of their series ‘Plain Jane’ to her comeback that aired on MTV worldwide. She was honoured when they asked her to be spokesperson for the series and was interviewed by media crews from all over Europe. It was during this time that Ianthe’s passion and fitness knowledge really served her during her rehab. Due to her injuries she was unable to dance for two years so she worked at gyms and on the UK’s largest dance event MOVE

32 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

IT. Once stronger and able to dance and teach again Ianthe moved to New York and furthered her training at the world-renowned Broadway Dance Center. Ianthe is a versatile dancer and has performed on stage, TV and in film. Highlights of her career so far include working with Derek Mitchell,

Resident Choreographer at Hamilton: An American Musical in LA, on numerous flash mobs and a national NBA Playoff campaign, the opening ceremony for the USA Special Olympics, Maksim Chmerkovskiy (from TV’s Dancing with the Stars), and live on ABC’s Good Morning America. She has also worked with Ryan Daniel Beck and performed live on ABC for Columbus

Day, Lydia Fraser-Ward at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and Shirlene Quigley, one of Beyonce’s Dancers, on Czech Republic TV. She has performed along the East Coast of America and Off-Broadway as a member of IndoRican Multicultral Dance Project, Kalamandir Dance Company, Sho Off Dance Company and AATMA Performing Arts. Ianthe toured South Africa with AATMA and their world renowned show Mystic India the World Tour. Ianthe has partnered and taught with brands such as Nike, Reebok, ASOS, Adidas, Women’s Health and Sweaty Betty. Before moving to New York Ianthe was Move Your Frame’s Freestyle Fitness and Dance Master Trainer. Her workouts have been featured in The Evening Standard, The Telegraph, her dance classes have been reviewed in The Guardian and she taught on Fox’s Good

Day New York morning show. Ianthe has taught throughout England and New York and is now based in New York. As Fit XR’s head instructor she is very excited to be part of shaping future of fitness with VR. In her own words, “I discovered BoxVR in 2017 when a fellow instructor introduced me to the FitXR team. From the first time I played BoxVR, I was hooked, and excited about the possibilities VR can bring to the fitness world. I began choreographing and planning workouts almost immediately after trying the game and loved that my teaching style and workout programming translated so well to BoxVR!

equipment emerging right now for at-home workouts but I think VR is in a league of its own because not only does it have the fun factor and intensity of other workouts, it’s uniquely effective in allowing the user to switch off from the stresses of the outside world and focus on their workout. Users get the energy of a group fitness class but with a more personalized touch because the game reacts to their score and progress. It’s so easy to lose track of time when playing BoxVR and push yourself harder than you usually would because you don’t feel like you’re working out. And just like a real-world fitness class, We’ll be releasing new workout routines frequently, so there will always be something new and different for the player to try! I’m also really excited for the other new games that we have in the works that will further expand the VR fitness landscape.”

There are so many new apps and pieces of

May 2019 | 33


Design Confidential BY EL I Z A B ETH DA RWEN


he iconic Decoration & Design Building (DDB) in New York City biannually hosts the top editorial voices, dozens of design influencers leading industry trade organizations plus thousands of attendees to blaze new and established trails in design. This year’s Spring Market, open to the design trade only, will delve into the theme Design Confidential presented by Vanguards & Visionaries. From tips on mastering the ever-evolving business of design to lessons learned, secrets of success, and FAQs, designers – whether emerging or seasoned – have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and best practices. Members from all corners of the design Trade crave the insightful information from the pioneers that came before them, carefully honed and perfected through years of innovation, along

34 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

with a few “learning experiences” along the way. Spring Market 2019 will be comprised of three Keynote presentations, 15 Showroom Programs, 19 Experiential Events, four Cocktail Receptions, and 68 Open Houses. Renowned industry leaders will pull back the curtain to reveal exclusive intelligence in a constant effort to elevate and enrich the design conversation. Keynote sessions of the day include Inspiring Designers: An In-Depth Look At Their Obstacles and Rewards. ELLE DECOR Editor in Chief, Whitney Robinson will host leading interior designers Robert Stilin, Genevieve Gorder and Jeff Andrews for a lively discussion about their accomplished careers and exceptional designs. Known for crafting elegant and aweinspiring interiors from around the globe, this celebrated group will share their stories about the challenges they face, their ultimate rewards,

and of course, their secrets on creating impactful design and long-lasting relationships with their clients. Next up, Whitney Robinson, Genevieve Gorder and Jeff Andrews will reveal details, plus some snippets from behind the scenes, on their newly launched Bravo TV show about inspired design. The second keynote will be Interiors International: Captivating a Global. For the first time in the U.S., UK-based The World of Interiors’ Executive Editor, Sophia Salaman and global grand dame of design, Mary Fox Linton will peel back the layers of her storied career in an intimate conversation about international interiors. Listing the European aristocracy amongst her friends and clientele, Fox Linton is known for inventing the concept of boutique hotels and infusing historic estates with her signature style. Discover the unique process of designing and conducting high-profile projects across Europe, the Middle

Design Influencers Share Tricks of the Trade at Decoration & Design Building’s Spring Market 2019 East and Asia, revealing the secrets of applying diplomacy to design and adapting to meet the needs of a wide array of cultures. Founder of the quintessentially British luxury home furnishings brand Fox Linton, the adept businesswoman will also share insight into the business of design from a European perspective. The third and final keynote of the day will be Design Royalty. Lady Henrietta SpencerChurchill, who grew up at Blenheim Palace, one of the UK’s most famous stately homes, Nina Campbell, a peerless design icon and David Harber, a sculptor of regal proportions, gather to discuss how the English conquer design with British House & Garden Editor in Chief, Hatta Byng. Drawing inspiration from centuries-old traditional English design, this illustrious trio will share a peek at how they adapt and honor their heritage while designing for modern English life. Discover the nuances that are unique to their UK-based global practices, including how they tend to their star-studded clientele. The 15 Showroom Programs, four Cocktail Receptions and 19 Experiential Events will further enhance the occasion, covering topics such as behind-the-scenes disasters, inclusivity, and mastering the business of design. For the full schedule of programing, visit the new dedicated DDB Market website, insideRESOURCE at https://danddbuilding. wixsite.com/ddbspringmarket2019. This year, DDB along with Style Library, invite all Market participants and guests to celebrate women in design by wearing white to Market.

Located in midtown Manhattan’s Design District, the Decoration & Design Building (DDB) is an invaluable resource to industry professionals who seek to design and decorate luxurious residential and commercial installations. The DDB is open exclusively to the Trade and welcomes design industry professionals from around the world, who can find inspiration in anything from the bespoke furnishings, ornamental wallcoverings and luxurious fabrics to unique decorative accessories and dramatic lighting, featuring styles ranging from the richly ornate to the sleek and modern. Celebrating 50+ years, the DDB is known nationally and internationally as the world’s most prestigious collection of over 130 showrooms, and represents over 3,000 leading manufacturers dedicated to the very best in residential and business interior furnishings, and resource information. The DDB is home to many global heritage brands rooted in a rich history from countries like France, Italy and the UK, to name a few.


May 2019 | 35




his summer, treat your four-legged family member to the best in athome grooming. Groomit is the first mobile platform connecting pet owners and groomers. By connecting owners and groomers directly, Groomit offers top quality services at affordable prices, all performed in the convenience and comfort of your home. Groomit’s groomers are selected through the company’s proprietary vetting system which ensures all are fully insured and trained to care for your pet. Groomit currently provides services in New York City, Westchester, North Jersey and Connecticut.

36 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

Available services include the Silver Package, which includes: Dry Brush Out, Bath, Coat Conditioning, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim and Blow Dry; and the Gold Package, which includes: Dry Brush Out, Bath, Coat Conditioning, Sanitary Trim, Ear Cleaning, Nail Trim, Blow Dry, and Cologne. Pet owners are offered three shampoo options: Soothing Lavender & Chamomile, Fragrance Free Hypo-Allergenic, and Tea Tree & Peppermint Rinse Out. A number of add-ons are also available, such as De-Matting, Flea/Tick Treatment, Odor Removal and Teeth Brushing. Groomit also offers gift cards; the perfect

present for any dog or cat owner. Gift cards are available in $50, $125, $250 and $500 values. E-gift cards are emailed instantly to the recipient who can redeem them within the Groomit app or website at checkout. Groomit only uses all-natural products while providing a low stress and comfortable grooming experience.

groomit.me Facebook: @groomitapp Twitter: @groomitapp Instagram: @groomitapp

Pamela Morgan Shines with Her Amazing ONE-WOMAN CABARET SHOW


enowned cookbook author, lifestyle and entertaining expert Pamela Morgan has been tantalizing the taste buds of discerning New Yorkers and Hamptonites for more than a quarter of a century. Featured on the Food Network, Meet Bobby Flay and The Today Show, and Real Housewives of New York among many other places, Pamela’s special events and culinary company, Flirting with Flavors, creates a once in a lifetime experience for all those who attend her exclusive events at intimate, sophisticated venues in New York City and on Long Island’s East End. Along with her exceptional culinary career, she is also an accomplished singer and dancer. In fact, it was her dream of performing as a professional dancer and singer that initially brought Pamela to New York from Texas. She returned to her

BY LILLIAN LANGTRY musical roots where she performed exclusively at The Laurie Beechman Theatre in New York City. Some notable attendees included: Pamela Morgan, Ramona Singer, Leesa Rowland, Lauren Roberts, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, Zilia Sicre, Patricia Watt, Montgomery Frazier, Florence Fabricant, Cheri Kaufman, Pamela Wright, Gael Greene, Vanessa Noel and Frederick Anderson. Pamela’s repertoire for her new show at The Laurie Beechman Theatre, which has hosted some of the world’s most acclaimed Broadway and cabaret performers of the last 30 years, included selections from the Great American Songbook, classics from the iconic Carole King, as well as a couple of country tunes (after all Pamela is from Texas!). She also teamed up with local cabaret legends

Mark Nadler as her director and Gregory Toroian as her musical director, plus she’ll be accompanied by a 3-piece band. “I just wanted to get back to my singing roots and perform again, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to do this show,” says Pamela, who is currently at work on a sequel to her first book, Flavors. “Catering is also a lot like performing. First, there’s all of the preparation work to get ready for a party. That’s the rehearsal part and the night of the event is the performance. I love the energy of doing both.” Pamela Morgan’s next show will take place on Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 also at The Laurie Beechman Theatre. For tickets, visit web. ovationtix.com/trs/pe.c/10404364. flirtingwithflavors.com F: FlirtingWithFlavors | Twitter & IG: @PamFlavors


Hofstra University Providing for the best private education on Long Island This Year’s Honoree



s the cost of higher education continues to climb and the availability of state and federal aid decreases, scholarships play an even more critical role in making private colleges and universities accessible for today’s youth. A scholarship instills in the recipient a greater sense of belonging to the institution and the local community in which it resides. As a pillar of the Long Island community and alum of the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University, Robert D. Rosenthal, Chairman, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer of First Long Island Investors, is passionate about supporting the scholarship initiatives of Hofstra University. Each year Hofstra hosts an annual Gala that raises money for scholarships and Rosenthal is this year’s honoree. The event, being held in early May, is one of the largest philanthropic events on Long Island, bringing 600+ people to Hofstra’s campus to celebrate the students, faculty, and overall success of the university. Now in its 23rd year, this year’s gala hopes to raise over two million dollars. Rosenthal considers the education he received at the law school as fundamental to his business success and is “humbled and flattered” to be recognized for his efforts as a member of Hofstra’s Board of Trustees and as Chair of its Endowment Committee. As

38 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

a law student he studied under Stuart Rabinowitz, the current President of Hofstra, and the two have maintained a close relationship. Being the honoree was not something he sought out, but when Rabinowitz asked, he simply could not say no. Rosenthal welcomes the opportunity to further engage the Long Island community to support Hofstra’s efforts to continue to attract the best and brightest students, regardless of their ability to pay. The recent successes of several exciting Hofstra programs, including among others the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell, the Hofstra Northwell School of Graduate Nursing, and the Fred DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science, are attracting top students to Hofstra and Long Island for which scholarships are the only way to make it a reality for some students. Bob has been successful in life and is grateful for the opportunities he received at Entenmann’s and at First Long Island Investors, as well as with the New York Islanders. He believes it is incumbent on all who have achieved success to give back to the community both financially and, if possible, with the gift of time. He sees his philanthropic efforts as a way to be in touch with those less fortunate, some of whom need access to the best possible education, and it provides him with a better perspective on our society overall. He supports three main philanthropic causes: Jewish charities, medical initiatives through his work as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Northwell Health System, and education through his work at Hofstra. He “truly believes that as one looks back they should have pride and comfort that they have contributed to the wellbeing of others and left the world in a better place. I believe I have and will continue to feel that way.” At First Long Island Investors, the Jericho-based wealth management firm he conceived and co-founded over 35 years ago, he encourages all employees to give back to the community that has given them so much.

May 2019 | 39


longislandautoclassic.com | 200 Dosoris Lane, Glen Cove, NY 11542 A portion of revenue will go to charity



xperienced attorney Anthony A. Capetola founded his Williston Park law firm, The Law Offices of Anthony A. Capetola, in 1976 with the goal of providing the residents of Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk counties with high-quality legal services in the areas of matrimonial and family law and criminal defense. In the nearly 40 years that have passed since Capetola’s firm’s doors first opened, he has earned a reputation as a leader among New York attorneys. The secret to his success? “I return everybody’s phone calls.” says Capetola. “I’m very responsive to people’s needs.” Mr. Capetola began his legal career in 1971 after earning his Juris Doctor from New York Law School and his approval to practice law in the state of New York. In addition to this, the U.S. District Courts for the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York also approved him to practice in their courtrooms. Clients know they can rely on Capetola and his firm for excellent results. The reason Capetola has a sterling reputation as a litigator? “Instinct and experience,” Capetola replies with confidence. The confidence of a veteran litigator who has worked successfully for a “who’s who” of highprofile clients and front-page cases over the past four decades. “In my early career, I was trained as a criminal attorney and as such, that was my focus. During my time as a criminal defense attorney, I represented Henry Hill, a criminal

turned FBI informant and one of the central figures in the movie Goodfellas; that was an adaptation based on his life chronicled in the non-fiction book Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family, by Nicholas Pileggi. Interestingly, when he became an informant for the United States government, he did not disclose this to me, and for two years, I represented him without the knowledge of his governmental role. To be sure, the government did not want me to be privy to this information for fear that I would slip and potentially alert one of the co-defendants. My career has led me to represent a broad variety of fascinating people. Despite no involvement with the art world, I was fortunate to represent various artists and their protective artistic rights. I have worked with multiple clients purporting fraud, especially in works of art by the renowned Salvador Dali. This involvement took me to Paris on several occasions where I met with Mr. Dali’s personal business manager, Enrique Sabater, as well as some of Dali’s classmates from art school. Additionally, I represented or had involvement with the famous wildlife photographer Peter Beard and am currently handling matters involving the Estate of Peter Max, a known psychedelic and pop artist.”

philosophy when it comes to matrimonial matters is to always protect his client’s best interests.

Attorney Capetola’s legal experience is not limited to private practice. He spent two years at the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office where he served as assistant district attorney, and he also taught at Widener Law as an adjunct professor. His experience and extensive knowledge has made him a regularly requested guest speaker on legal topics and led to his appointment as a Special Referee for matrimonial cases by Nassau County’s Matrimonial Center, which is a branch of the New York Supreme Court. Capetola’s

In addition to running a successful law practice, Mr. Capetola has also achieved recognition as a real estate developer, restaurateur and community activist. When not engaged in the practice of law, he can often be found at The Carltun, a high-end Long Island restaurant and event facility that he opened in 1995. Capetola says that his guests enjoy” the best atmosphere conceivable for an extraordinary dining experience.”

“What gives me the most satisfaction as an attorney,” reveals Capetola, “is to solve my clients’ problems for them with the least amount of grief.” With more than 44 years of trial experience, Mr. Capetola has focused his practice on matrimonial law since 1985. Along with his associates, he has been recognized as being among the finest family law practitioners in Nassau, Suffolk, and New York Counties, and is often sought out to handle complex custody and visitation matters. More than just a litigator, Capetola is highly sought after to share his knowledge with others, having lectured extensively at various law schools and bar associations. He is a member of the Nassau County, New York State, and American Bar Associations. He has been included in Super Lawyers since 2010, and recognized as one of the area’s top matrimonial attorneys. “Matrimonial law is hard work,” admits Capetola, “but it is very rewarding.”

The Palm Court is the main restaurant at

May 2019 | 43


The Carltun and it has been acclaimed by Zagat’s Restaurant Guide to be, “the most beautiful and romantic restaurant on Long Island.” In turn, The Palm Court Patio, offers a stunning golf course vista. Guests dine among the flowers and enjoy special musical events including “Dining & Dancing under the Stars” every Friday night, with a special price fix menu, in addition to a regular a la carte menu. Lunch is served “al fresco”. Capetola, an avid wine connoisseur, is particularly proud of The Carltun’s impressive wine cellar. Wine Spectator magazine has recognized The Carltun’s wine list as one of the “most outstanding restaurant wine lists in the world,” “I’ve studied wine for years, says Capetola, “We are definitely one of the foremost wine investors with almost 15 thousand bottles in our wine cellar.” The Wine Cellar is available for fine dining and private functions. Capetola’s guests dine in a beautifully appointed room surrounded on 3 sides by a glass enclosed, world renowned wine collection…a uniquely regal yet intimate room for entertaining pleasure. The Carltun also features a Cigar Bar called Havanas, open to the general public for private or corporate memberships. This club boasts private dining in “The Cuba Room,” a large lounge area with big screen televisions, a beautiful alabaster bar, billiards room and the exotic “A” Frame. The Oyster Bar is a popular spot and there is, of course, walk-in humidors. The private boxes were milled on-site from two large Spanish cedar trees. This is a great location to network or just relax. And what does Capetola do to relax? “My hobbies include reading and spending time at my summer home on the North Fork of Long Island. My time there involves activities such as boating and fishing, which are major forms of relaxation for me as well as having my wife, children and grandchildren together with me. I am passionate about traveling, and do so frequently. This keeps me refreshed and enables me to come back stronger and more sound as a lawyer and restaurateur. I try to take at least one European vacation per year. I have taken cruises on the Rhine and Danube rivers. I frequent Paris, England, Holland, Italy and Spain. My all-time favorite vacation is when I visit my father’s hometown of Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy, where I am surrounded by my first cousins who reside there. More locally, I have a condominium in Key West, Florida, which I enjoy at least 3 - 4 times a year, as well as my home in the North Fork.” And when he is cruising around Long Island, what kind of car does he drive? “I am passionate about cars and 44 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

have driven a Mercedes-Benz over the last 20 years. I currently own the Mercedes-Benz G-Class AMG G63, which I enjoy tremendously for its comfort, luxury and drivability, especially during New York winters. I also drive a BMW 750i Sedan.” One thing is for certain, no matter where he goes, Capetola is most “at home” on the Island. “I am originally from Jersey City, New Jersey. I moved to Long Island in 1970 right after law school and established a home, family and career here and never looked back. Long Island has always been, and will always be, home and the perfect place for me since I enjoy the water, sport fishing, and all the wonderful attributes from east to west. “ Beyond being a trusted source of wisdom and experience in local, legal and business matters, Capetola always finds time to help others in his community by raising money for charities and good causes. Over the years, Capetola has been honored time and again for his many good works as the Columbian Lawyers Association Man of the Year, The Nassau County American Red Cross Man of the Year, The Long Island Man of the Year, National Kidney Foundation, The March of Dimes Distinguished Citizens Award, The Nassau County Bar Association “We Care” Man of the Year and the Man of the Year for the Court Officers Benevolent Association. “I like to help people,” says Capetola. “I’ve been practicing law for 48 years. Not a day goes by that I think of retiring. I have worked very hard all these years and my lifestyle now affords me the time off to refresh, regroup and come back stronger. I know I can work at least another 10 years. I am thankful everyday and know I am blessed for the opportunities I have had in my life. However, I do not only use my success for myself and my loved ones. It is equally important that I give back to my community, and I get such satisfaction out of helping numerous charities, e.g. Boy Scouts of America and March of Dimes. Although I am a Catholic, I am proud of my close friendships with spiritual leaders from different faiths. I am very good friends with Rabbi Perl of Chabad Mineola and assist him with matters that involve his synagogue. I am also close to Monsignor James Lisante, who I regard as my spiritual leader and friend.” That passion and life-long commitment to helping others definitely finds its greatest expression, for Capetola, in the courtroom. “Our law firm helps our clients efficiently and we have great experience,” states Capetola. “And I’m never afraid to take on the most difficult cases.”

May 2019 | 45

Visit to the carltun and palm court and milleridege inn THE PERFECT HOST BY MELISSA CLARK


hen Mr. Capetola invites you to visit one of his many establishments such as The Carltun, he makes sure to escort his special guests on the guided tour personally. Mr. C is a wonderful host. Informative and personable. He loves sharing with others and making sure everyone feels comfortable and well taken care of. Mr. C has been a big deal in his community for a very long time, and it is easy to see why so many members of his community trust and revere him. The Carltun is impressive, to say the least. Each room seems bigger and more special than the next. Built in 1954 the building itself was originally home to the Nassau Credit Union. Nassau County hired Robert Moses to design and supervise the construction of the building. Robert Moses, who is often described as the “master builder” of Long Island envisioned and constructed multiple municipal buildings and bridges during the 1950s, Robert Moses State Park is named in his honor. The Carltun is located on 26 acres situated between three golf courses in Eisenhower Park which has in excess of 1,000 acres of land and is larger than Central Park. In 1995 the Carltun was completely renovated and transformed into an eighty-five thousand square foot club with elegantly appointed rooms to cater to parties and weddings. The Carltun is so large that it can easily manage 10-12 parties or events at the same time. The Palm Court Restaurant itself can hold up to 1400 people with their inside and outside dining rooms. Inside the restaurant, there is the bright yellow motif with look and feel of Tuscany. The Palm Court also offers magnificent views of a pristine golf course. At The Palm Court, dinner, lunch, and Sunday brunch are served by attentive and friendly wait-staff in a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere. The chandeliers imported from Italy, light the hallways with elegance and grace. The menu boast a wide assortment of delectable dishes, signature steaks, a wine tasting menu and

popular Palm Court classics like veal agnolotti, lobster risotto and charred octopus. The entire staff is friendly and kind. We were then taken downstairs to the wine cellar right off the Palm Court where the finest of wines, cognacs, and whiskeys surrounded us. The wine cellar room is enclosed with vibrant mahogany wood, red carpet and the smell of violet in the air. The chairs are fit for a king with lions embedded on the armrest so your hands can feel the power of the place. Mr. C then took us to the most elegant, sexiest of rooms, the Havana Cigar Club. The diaphanous white curtains provide privacy and comfort. You and your guests can enjoy a large flat screen TV, in case you don’t want to miss any game. Your cigars are kept in your private box stored at just the right temperature to assure your stogie will be perfectly preserved for you. We were then invited to Mr. C’s farm at the Milleridge Inn. This was indeed a special treat! Various farm animals welcomed us-- from ponies, pigs, peacocks, chickens and turkeys to goats and roosters. All housed there and quite comfortable. I made a friend with one little piggie who stole my heart. Mr. Capetola allowed us to go inside the pen and pet all the animals. The ponies were a bit frightened due to their earlier visit from the veterinarians. These animals are mostly rescues, and you can tell they are right at home. The animals were all friendly and playful, and while we mucked about, Mr. Capetola fed the peacocks. We left with a basket of fresh chicken eggs and a new friend. Thank you, Mr. C, for a great day!

May 2019 | 47


“Fine wine and fine art complement each other and the best examples of both appreciate with age.”

Talking Wine BY D.D. RICE


nthony Capetola is passionate about wine and for the last two decades he’s dedicated himself to building the impressive 15,000 bottle list at The Carltun, in Eisenhower Park, NY. “I started off in 1995 by going to the Sotheby’s and Christie’s wine auctions. At first, I was focused on higher end Bordeaux wines, but I knew I wanted diversity, so I then began adding Burgundies, Champagnes, Italian wines and top California producers such as Camus and Quintessa as well.” Since Anthony was buying for three restaurants, including his Las Vegas and Atlantic City properties, he quickly became one of the most important buyers on the fine wine auction circuit. Among the many highlights of the Carltun’s wine list are: a monumental selection of Super Tuscans including a vertical of every vintage of Sassicaia ever made; every top Champagne House from Dom Perignon to Taittinger Comtes de Champagne; and a complete vertical of Opus One from the inception of the winery in 1979. The collection is also home to many impossible to find historic bottles like an 1868 Lafite Rothschild, a 1928 Cos d’Estournel and

48 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

two bottles of 1945 Margaux once belonging to JFK. For the purchase of the 1868 Lafite, Anthony recalls he was sitting next to Robert Mondavi at Le Cirque where Christie’s was holding their auction that season. Anthony doesn’t need a wine to be expensive or impossible to get in order to enjoy it. He and

his wife recently travelled to Sicily and while in Palermo fell in love with a local dry white wine. He decided to offer it at The Carltun and negotiated with the importer to have select vintages available exclusively for him. “Italians love a good dry white with their seafood. Everything has to be very fresh and delicious.”

A little further north outside the city of Chieti in the Abruzzo region, Anthony’s cousins run the Capetola family vineyards and produce, among other wines, an excellent Brunello. He loves to visit his family but says: “You have to be ready to eat for days. When we go, the whole family comes out to see us.”

Anthony makes a point of visiting as many of the wineries on his list as possible. Over the years he’s built relationships with many outstanding vintners and each month he invites a different well-known vintner to come to Long Island and host one of The Carltun’s wine dinners where a specially prepared menu is paired with a selection of the estate’s wines.

As an attorney, Anthony advised clients in intellectual property cases involving the estates of artists such as Salvador Dali and Peter Max. When asked about the relationship between art and wine he said: “Fine wine and fine art complement each other and the best examples of both appreciate with age.”

May 2019 | 49




ith anticipation around the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first child at a fever pitch, one thing is clear: the arrival of the newest royal ought to be celebrated with English Sparkling wines. Haven’t you heard? English Sparkling wine (ESW) is having a moment. It’s not just Restaurant Gordon Ramsey and Buckingham Palace that are serving it up these days, but plenty of Manhattan restaurants and wine stores are featuring the British bubbly as well. In the 30 years since Nyetimber produced its first sparkling wine from their Sussex vineyards, demand for ESW has never been higher. England’s Wine and Spirits Trade Commission is predicting ESW production will double by 2022 to around 10 million bottles. According to Simon Robinson, chairman of Wines of Great Britain, two thirds of ESW is consumed within Great Britain with the remainder exported to the US, Japan, Australia and Scandinavia. And, in a telling sign of validation, Champagne houses like Pommery and Taittinger have planted vineyards in Hampshire and Kent putting them on track for production in 2022.

50 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

In the US, the English fizz has found an impressive niche in popular restaurants like the Grand Central Oyster Bar and Hamptons’ mainstays like The American Hotel. Whole Foods is featuring the Hattingley Valley, Classic Reserve in 420 stores across the US. With exciting developments like these the ESW industry now faces a new challenge, that of ensuring a steady supply to their dedicated vendors going forward. This past year the wine gods appear to have interceded on their behalf; 2018 was a record setting vintage in both abundance and quality putting the industry in a jolly good position to extend its “moment” into the next decade. What makes ESW so successful? Global warming for one thing. It’s generally agreed that the warmer temperatures have boosted ripeness levels and done much to elevate English viticulture. The South of England is also endowed with the same Kimmeridgian chalk soils as Champagne (visualize the White Cliffs of Dover and you’ll understand). These mineral rich soils are modern day repositories of ancient sea beds which form a geological chain from Chablis to Champagne to Sussex. Many aficionados attribute the high percentage of Grand Crus along the chain to the composition of the soil. As vitis vinifera grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot

Meunier thrive in the soils of southern England, the UK appellation has become a serious producer of sparkling wines. Tim Farrell, wine buyer for Brooklyn Wine Exchange, who carries Exton Park Vineyard’s NV Rosé from Hampshire, says that ESW has several important factors going for it: climate, soil composition and higher acidity levels which put it on trend with the increasingly popular “grower” Champagnes that showcase a dryer, tarter style. The timing is perfect since sales indicate that American consumers are developing a taste for higher acid wines. Tim cautions however that in the $36 - $55 range ESW is in direct retail competition with the Champagne industry which represents the most sophisticated marketing juggernaut in the world. (Cavas, Proseccos and other popular non-Champagne sparkling wines generally sell for closer to $20 a bottle.) Recently professional Sommelier, Gordon DuGan, from the wine team at The Lobster Club, and other wine enthusiasts gathered to taste examples of the bubbly currently available in the US. We found the English style to be well balanced and marked by a brilliant fresh acidity. Although many of the English bottles tasted were comparable to their French forbearers, as a whole they did not

include the classic brioche characteristic typical of Champagne’s sur lie aging. The broad range of styles suggests that English producers have successfully interpreted the terrior and grape varieties in their own fashion which is a positive sign for their long-term success. Tasting Notes on ESW: Nyetimber, Classic Cuvee – massive and opulent brut style with a rich and creamy mouthfeel. Not particularly dry but with very good acidity and pleasing green apple and vanilla notes. The Nyetimber would be superb with roast chicken in mushroom sauce. (retail price $60) Hattingley Valley, Classic Reserve – elegant bubbles, softer than the Nyetimber, with excellent

integration of fruit featuring wonderful hints of Meyer lemon and other soft citrus characteristics. Pair the Hattingley with oysters and a spritz of fresh lemon juice. (retail price $43) Hattingley Valley, Vintage Rosé, 2014 – a strikingly attractive rose-gold color, a bright and complex mineral driven wine with lovely notes of under-ripe strawberry on the palette. The Hattingley Rosé was the favorite of the group, not surprisingly since it was the only vintage wine we tasted. Ideal pairings include lobster, curried monkfish and seared tuna. (retail price $60) Exton Park NV Rosé – a delicate copper gold color, this rosé was remarkable in its restraint, it showed the softest mousse of all the wines tasted. We

were impressed with its depth of orchard fruit alongside pretty rose petal and herbaceous notes. The Exton Park would be best enjoyed on its own as an aperitif or with charcuterie and ripe cheeses. (retail price $45) Chapel Down NV Rosé – a bright salmon color, very lively bubbles with an overall style of tart and savory freshness. We dubbed this one: Prom Night because it was filled with youthful exuberance. Best consumed wearing pink taffeta in a chauffeur driven limousine. (retail price $50)


May 2019 | 51




pper East Side hotspot T-Bar Steak & Lounge, which has been warmly embraced by New Yorkers since it first opened its doors in 2007, is noted for its perfect execution of classic dishes. The restaurant’s Executive Chef Ben Zwicker, previously of the Four Seasons, Aureole and Petrossian, makes T-Bar’s classic steakhouse fare relevant and exciting, while also putting his unique twist onto other classic dishes. Owner Tony Fortuna celebrated 20 years of owning the space on the corner of 73rd and 3rd Avenue in April 2015, previously known as The Lenox Room. T-Bar is a well-loved mainstay, still buzzing with its loyal following night after night. Fortuna says there is no magic formula

52 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

to achieve this sort of long-running success. “I think guests trust our kitchen and love our relaxed but vibrant atmosphere.” Diners are able to begin a meal at T-Bar with its unique spin on chicken wings Angel Chicken Wings with a Tamarind Glaze, or enjoy its classic take on Guacamole to split with the table. T-Bar also redefines the classic Kale Salad by including apple and sesame into it while drizzling it in a sumptuous chili-lime vinaigrette. Also available on its delectable appetizer menu are the popular Seared Spanish Octopus, Yellowfin Tuna Tartar, and Vietnamese Shrimp Roll. A meal at T-Bar Steak & Lounge would not be complete without ordering a favorite from The Steak Bar, which features an impressive range

of superbly-cooked Certified Black Angus Cuts of beef including its Black Angus Porterhouse for two served with your choice of Steak Sauce, Béarnaise Sauce or Poivre Sauce. T-Bar offers wealth of additional American classics including its signature Crusted Tuna served with Soy, Wasabi Rémoulade and Seaweed Salad or its Roast Free Range Chicken with truffle jus. Cap the evening off with irresistible desserts like the must-have Banana Parfait Mille Feuilles, with coconut and caramel sauce or the decadent Chocolate Sundae served with brownie, chocolate sauce and cream.


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Legal Sea Foods


easonal renters have taken root, the Jitney crawls along Main Street, velvet ropes keep club patrons in line, and chardonnays and rosés have begun popping up at every barbecue, party and clambake in sight. You can’t do much about most of the inevitable sights of summer on the East End, but you can give your taste buds a vacation from the blandness of typical warm-weather wines. Seafood is the season’s food of choice, so rather than opting for an utterly safe chardonnay or ubiquitous rosé to pair it with, there’s a whole world of wine out there that does a much better job of making that crab fab and that clam glam. According to Sandy Block, one of only 42 professionals in the nation who have earned the designation of Master of Wine, summer is the ideal time to open one’s palate and mind to new and exciting wines to complement the fruits of the sea. Block, who oversees the beverage operations at the famed Boston-based restaurant Legal Sea Foods, feels it’s a missed opportunity to not reach a few feet over in the wine aisle to get the perfect pairing for what you’re about to eat that night. “People spend more time figuring out what shirt goes best with their shoes prior to a party than finding out what wine goes best with the seafood they’re serving that night,” says Block. As a Master of Wine, considered one of the highest standards of professional knowledge in the wine industry, Block encourages everyone to give a little extra thought to what pairs best at that next lobster fest or beach clambake. Here are some of his favorite summertime seafood staples, and the wines that go swimmingly with them:

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Lobster Roll: Block keeps it local with a 2017 Paumanok Chenin Blanc from the North Fork because it is “The perfect foil for a luscious lobster roll.” It is pear-like and delicately honeyed with crisp minerality and a gentle toastiness. “It invigorates the palate while balancing the food’s concentration of flavor,” says Block. Raw Oysters: Santo “Volcanic Terroir” Assyrtiko, Santorini, 2017. Tart and racy, with light body and a lingering chalkiness, this Greek varietal is a quintessential choice for raw shellfish. Its lemony, apple tanginess tastes delicious with slightly salty oysters. Grilled Tuna: Red wine with seafood? You bet. Block says to open your mind and your palate to a Tulip Winery “Reserve” Syrah, Upper Galilee, 2013. It’s a peppery, raspberry and smoke-accented stunner from one of Israel’s great boutique winery estates. “The Syrah’s richness and intriguing spice notes stand up beautifully to a chewy fish steak.”

“If it isn’t fresh, it isn’t Legal!” Fried Clams: Domaine Zind-Humbrecht “Roche Granitique” Riesling, Alsace, 2016. This biodynamically produced Riesling is bone dry, stony and extremely citric, with undertones of apricot. Adaptable to all seafood, it’s especially complementary to crunchy, breaded fried fish like this summertime staple. So, whether you’re grilling a tuna steak or staking out a clambake on the beach this season, ditch the default choices of summertime wine and pop the cork on something new and exciting. Legal Sea Foods’ Block says summer memories are too important to serve forgettable wines with your seafood.

LUNCH ~ DINNER ~ PRIVATE PARTIES ~ WALL STREET 25 Broad Street, New York, NY 212-344-8463

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ecluded along the clear tranquil waters and the sugary white-sand beaches of the beautiful bay of Talamanca, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is a calming seaside escape in the pulse of the electrifying town center of the glamorous Spanish islet, Ibiza. An ultra-modern and sophisticated spread of five-star luxury, this all-inclusive retreat organically mirrors the natural beauty and barefoot ethos of the white-isle–a soothing palette of soft creams, seashell-white and sandy tones, with vibrant pops of blues and golds. The moment guests enter its floor-to-ceiling glass doors, they are met with a breezy and light-filled lobby, made of island textures and raw

materials–whitewashed walls, limestone floors, teakwood accents, and cane ceilings—furnished with floating loungers and sofa-hammocks, and a sweeping open-face view of the incandescentblue pool-water that, at first glance, appears to seamlessly fade into the infinite Balearic sea-line. Promising endless sensory experiences and an unforgettable Ibizan encounter, this collection of Nobu Hotels shines with super-luxe amenities and

first-rate services. From the all-white Range Rover chauffer, John Frieda hair salon, personalized meditation and yoga classes on the hotel’s roof terrace, to the fizzing glass of champagne that guests are welcomed with at check-in, the offerings here are extravagant and unlimited. Guests can unfold and fully submit to luxurious island living in any of the 152 lavishly appointed rooms and suites—featuring a fully-curated minibar, smart-electronics, Nespresso machines,

and marble rainfall showers generously stocked with Natura Bissé rosemary and white tea-infused bath products. Premium and presidential suites include private terraces with comfortable lounge areas, and rooftop whirlpools with uninterrupted views of the gorgeous Talamanca shores. The most fun though—the two beachfront woodendeck swimming pools where guests spend most of their summer days basking in the sun while lounging on super-plush canopied daybeds,

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sipping on handcrafted island-inspired cocktails and sinking their teeth in savory afternoon delights. Those that are seeking a more euphoric experience, can easily slip out to the hotel’s Six Senses Spa—a boho-style sanctuary proposing a series of revitalizing wellness therapies and pamperings, using only the purest ingredients and elements, as well as brilliantly blending in the island’s natural surroundings. Guests who indulge in restorative massages will set out on a healing and soul-awakening journey in a seafront open-air cabana, with the balmy soothing breeze and the serene harmonic Balearic waves playing as the soundtrack. Refined culinary secrets and explorations is the heart and soul of the Nobu experience. Here, sophisticated palates have an abundance of gastronomic temptations to satisfy their discerning taste-buds. From the freshly caught fish and prawns, the hearty paella dish, to the chilled flavorsome gazpacho, the master-chefs at Chambao bring the Mediterranean’s best natural flavors and ingredients to the table in a laidback beachy setting. Guests with a sweet-tooth can find delicious curiosities and healthy dessert options at the hotel’s gourmet café, Celicioso, featuring an all organic and gluten-free spread of baked goods, smoothie and acai bowls, and coldpressed juices made from local fruits and vegetables. The poolside bar showcases the most refreshing of island mixology, serving premium spirits and May 2019 | 59


signature craft-libations, their interpretation of classics are considerately-spiked and perfectly mixed—the minted-mojitos will not disappoint. Latin-inflected flavors, salsas, and jalapeñoinfused tequila or mezcal drinks can be enjoyed at the modern and stylish Mexican restaurant, Peyotito. And, of course—the shining star here—the world-renowned Nobu Restaurant, an exclusive and exotic take on Japanese-Peruvian fusion, with an impressive sushi bar, swanky dining area and an extensive menu that arouses all the senses. Their Japanese-inspired cocktails are as sensational as their cult-classic Tiradito selection. What’s best is that guests can enjoy most of the above-mentioned food choices (even a bento-box curated with Nobu’s mouth-watering specialties) from the comfort of their relaxed poolside daybed. Breakfasts are lavish displays of tropical fruit, morning pastries, and tasty egg-recipes, and served every morning at guests’ leisure. Whatever the heart—or belly—desires, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay promises to be a tasteful destination.

hidden gems with specially-curated tours and excursions prepared by the hotel’s hyper-attentive and helpful concierge team. Babysitting services are also available for those wild souls longing to unleash their fiercest party animal inside. With the

hottest discothèques at perfect proximity to the hotel, a short fifteen-minute walk (or five-minute chauffeured ride), guests—after an eventful day or night out—can easily stumble their way back to their perfectly quiet oasis.

A super-fun playground for everyone—Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is a family-friendly resort with a profusion of activities and adventures for all to explore, from the liveliest of grown-ups to the littlest of guests. Children can channel their inner David Guetta or Chef Nobu Matsuhisa at the resort’s Kid’s Club, where educational programs and island-inspired activities keep the kiddos engaged and stimulated, ranging from deejaying workshops, culinary classes, to exciting treasure hunt expeditions along the beach. Of the two freshwater pools, the one closest to the Kid’s Club was mindfully designed for parents to relax, take long cooling dips, or lounge poolside while their little ones splash around and have care-free fun under the warm Ibizan sun. For a day out in the town or sea, guests can discover the island’s

Opened in 2017—by the internationally known sushi-master and restauranteur, Nobu Matsuhisa, Oscar-winning actor and hotelier, Robert DeNiro, and Hollywood Producer, Meir Teper—this collection of Nobu Hotels brings new levels of luxury and sophistication to the Spanish island of Ibiza. Uncover a world of unexpected discoveries and rich offerings at the all-inclusive five-star resort, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay. Now opened for a new season under the glittering Balearic sun in the glamorous white-isle. 60 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

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Vibrant Vancouver 48 hours in Canada’s West Coast Eastern Gem BY NORAH BRADFORD

Named for the explorer who discovered the location, the Vancouver metropolitan area today boasts some 2.5 million inhabitants of which one-third are of Chinese heritage and under 50% have English as their first language. Whilst neighboring Victoria is the province’s capital, Vancouver represents one of the most highly cosmopolitan, globalized City’s in Canada and North American. For a short weekend adventure here is a summary of the places and experiences to guarantee a great trip to British Columbia’s number one destination.

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Where to Sleep OPUS Hotel The boutique hotel of the moment. Located in Vancouver’s trendy night out district equivalent to New York’s meatpacking, the OPUS Hotel is your headquarters away from home. Opened in 2002, the flagship property of the OPUS Hotels Group continues to receive international acclaim for its contemporary stylings, outstanding guest services and crucially location, location, location. Get ready for its sister hotel OPUS Hotel Versante to open in the New Year. 322 Davie Street www.OPUShotelsgroup.com Where to Eat Breakfast Small Victory Small Victory came highly recommended and serves a great cup of coffee in a store which is half bakery kitchen and half banquet and bench seating. It is well worth taking your time as when the kitchen finishes a bake a waft of fresh bakery goods smell rolls out - if you are taking it easy on calories it is the perfect placebo... 1088 Homer Street www.smallvictory.ca

Where to Eat Lunch Rodney’s Oyster House When you have arrived in Vancouver, BC and know the City’s reputation for seafood you will want the immediate fix. Rodney’s provides that and more. Located in trendy Yaletown, Rodney’s decor is workmanlike and pays homage to the fishing community. There is an open view to the kitchen downstairs which looks very clean and well organized for the task at hand.

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The wine pour is generous eschewing stemware for 801 West Georgia Street timber’s which are filled right to the brim, every time www.hawksworthrestaurant.com - no ice with the white wine to confuse the situation. Dining highlights include the fresh Oysters, clam Where to Drink chowder which is flavorful and the Fish and chips The Keefer Bar served in a beautiful light batter. Without a doubt a destination bar in Vancouver for the best cocktails going. Located in Chinatown 1228 Hamilton Street Vancouver BC the bar is dark with art from Chinese www.rohvan.com medicine and a medical theme throughout - the restrooms are decorated with backlit colorful Hawksworth versions of x-rays... The destination restaurant at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia and flagship for Canadian Culinary The cocktail list is simply first class and the maestro David Hawksworth, his eponymous mixologist, Hugo who hails from Gurnsey in the restaurant specializes in showcasing the skill of Channel Islands between the UK and France. A himself and his team delivering to diners their brand short conversation on taste profiles and he will go of award-winning ingredient led, contemporary into the mode of just making the drink to fit your cuisine. Open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and mood and it works a charm. Try the Dead Man’s dinner, with in bar dining menus and its own Whisper or the Tokyo Drift for starters… private rooms, Hawksworth offers a multitude of 135 Keefer Street dining experiences from power breakfasts to afterwww.thekeeferbar.com work drinks, to formal gala events. For lunch why not try the curried cauliflower soup with cheese foam, almond & raisin crumb followed by the Where to Eat Dinner moroccan spiced shoulder of lamb comprised of Elisa polenta, apricot, lemon & olive persillade. The current dining hotspot in the City. Located in Yorkville district and a sister restaurant to seafood

special Blue Water from Top table Group, Elisa is a must visit. The layout on entry is an inviting bar with limited table seating directly in front of the bar. Beyond this is the restaurant seating and open kitchen where you can see the industrial style wood firefly grill. The owners apparently spent 18 months perfecting the restaurant before opening and hired Rockwell From New York to handle the interior design. Well-travelled diners will notice the ingredients of this restaurant six months since opening - staff uniforms reminiscent of New York’s Michelin Starred Eleven Madison Park, layout similar to Avra off Madison Avenue and cuisine a mix of STK and Las Vegas staples. The food was excellent, cocktails and wine a good standard - I tried the Devour (classic old fashioned). The steaks were very good and the staff know the differences in terms of cuts in terms of fat content, marveling and geographic effects of terroir on the flavor of the meat. 1109 Hamilton Street www.elisasteak.com

The Victor Located on the 6th floor of Vancouver’s newest entertainment destination, Parq Vancouver, The Victor offers an elevated steak & sea dining experience. Accessible through the lush outdoor park, The Victor showcases stunning views of BC Place Stadium and the Vancouver skyline, unlike any other restaurant in the city. The Victor celebrates quality dining, offering guests an array of steaks, sushi, seafood, and a delectable selection of sides, desserts, and cocktails. Insider tip: one must try The Battle of 1812 - a cocktail not to be missed. 39 Smithe Street www.parqvancouver.com Osteria Savio Volpe A 15 minute taxi ride from downtown, but if you go into a restaurant just about anywhere on a Monday night and it is packed to the gills with diners you know that the owners are doing something right, and it is probably worth snagging a table. Try the rustic Italian-Osteria style cuisine with a menu overflowing with dishes which are hot and flavorful combined with attentive service.

The wine selection is similarly voluminous, with a good red and white wine selection which complemented the menu in terms of taste and price-point. 615 Kingsway www.saviovolpe.com Nightingale Hidden behind a classic ston e town house facade, Nightingale was completely renovated behind the front of the building with an up-and-coming chef who trained under the wing of Canadian cooking phenom David Hawksworth. Nightingale is a deceptive space. Entering there is a double height vault-like ceiling with a centerpiece bar. Head upstairs to a large restaurant space overlooking the open bar area and enjoy the modern Canadian cuisine with an accent on quality, excellence and fun. Try the Marinated beet salad comprised of avocado, orange, sherry vinegar, hazelnut, basil or the Grilled arctic char with fiddlehead, lemon braised potato, smoked roe & chive beurre blanc. 1017 West Hastings Street www.hawknightingale.com May 2019 | 65


“Roberto Polo’s magnetic pole energises High Art.” By Artist Nino Longobardi

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Inside the Magic World of Collector


“La Collezione Roberto Polo credo sia uno dei migliori connubi tra le tendenze artistiche del XX°e XXI°sec. e le architetture complesse e affascinanti del XIII°e XV°sec. del Monastero di Santa Fe. Il Museo ideale dove trovare ispirazione, grazie ad un concept geniale tra le opere scelte e la loro installazione. By Artist Arturo Casanova


oberto Polo, Cuban-American multimillionaire has made an agreement with the Spanish government to cede some of his work from his approximately 7000 piece collection in the Region of Castilla-La Mancha. So, head to Toledo! In the country’s biggest cultural deal in over 20

years the Spanish government has agreed to refurbish Toledo, Spain’s 13th Century Convento de Santa Fe and a former public-records building in Cuenca, which was once a headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition. Polo says of Cuenca, “It’s like a metaphysical magical city. It’s like a magical-- it’s out of body kind of place.” Carvings on the wall of the large museum there which will

house part of the collection were made by the Jews who had been imprisoned in dungeons there. Polo says “My first cession in view of donating to the Spanish government is of nearly 500 artworks from my collection of around 7,000. The cession in view of donating is for 15 years renewable for

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“Roberto Polo first impresses you as an impossibly larger than life figure, yet one who, with further investigation, has both feet planted firmly on the ground of his own possibility” By Artist Tom McGlynn “ What I felt visiting the Polo Collection is a feeling of beauty and continuity. The structure of the old building with its history gracefully embraced both the modern and contemporary works mainly painting. Roberto Polo is making a difference as his choices are taken from his extensive knowledge and love of art.” By Artist Rosella Vasta

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“Not exist, the only reality are

the extraordinary happenings that have or will occur in one place. Somewhere in La Mancha... a miracle I am very proud to be a part of.

By Artist Juan Garaizabal

another period of 15 years. At any time, the cession could become a donation in part or in whole. The first cession in view of donating consists of paintings, sculptures, photographs, works on paper and conceptual art. The museum’s name is ‘Colección Roberto Polo. Centro de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo de Castilla-La Mancha (CORPO)’. If the Spanish government properly exhibits, conserves and promotes the nearly 500 artworks that I already ceded in view of donating, I will gradually cede more in view of donating all of the around 7,000 artworks in my collection.” The packed opening of the venture in Toledo March 27th brought dignitaries, auction house representatives, mega collectors, artists, government officials and many more from around the world. His loan of the work includes an agreement to donate a permanent collection over time of about 500 works. The current transfer concerns 471 works by 173 artists from Europe and the USA, and covers the nineteenth and especially the 20th and 21st Century with newer more current, but maybe lesser known works. The collection is heavy with

Belgian art, his former home, since there are no laws of preemption on works there. Polo has reinvented himself so many times in his 66 years, if it were told as a story he says no one would probably believe it. Emerging from a darkened past 30 years ago, the never bashful collector ignores the stings of his critics and remained dedicated to his scholarly passion, determined to narrate and direct his legacy leaving a very large footprint in art world history. He says “a museum’s role is paralogical and didactic” and believes museums raise both the stature and the prices for artists and that their real role is to educate and surprise, not to “sing the same song time and time again.” Roberto Polo carries a certain air of aristocracy, although born from humble beginnings. When combined with his boundless energy, a brilliant mind, an art dealer’s shrewdness, infectious charisma and devilish sense of humor, we think he will remain a force to be reckoned with for many years to come if his predictions are true and his dreams realized. May 2019 | 71




fter the successful debut at Sotheby’s, MvVO ART, creator of AD ART SHOW, is bringing contemporary art to the streets of New York on 140 LinkNYC digital displays in key New York neighborhoods and to the monumental screens at the Oculus at the Westfield World Trade Center, a major art, culture and retail destination in the new design district in


The groundbreaking AD ART SHOW 2019 launched with a cocktail reception at 3 World Trade Center, presenting the Show’s First Prize Winner Gavin Benjamin. The prize is a creative immersion day at NBCUniversal, presenting partner of AD ART SHOW and a curation session with an Art world professional. The event featured VIP attendees Maria van Vlodrop (CEO & Founder, MvVO ART & AD ART SHOW), David Sable (WPP Executive & Chairman VMLY&R), Linda Yaccarino (Chairman of Advertising & partnerships, NBCUniversal), Charles Delana (EVP Global Entertainment & Brand Partnerships UniballRodamco-Westfield), Andy Breslau (SVP Communications, Alliance for Downtown New York), Edward Hogikyan (Chief Marketing Officer, NYCEDC), Ara Ohanian (CEO, Systech), Laura Skoler (Board of Directors, New Museum & the Daniel and Florence Guerlain Drawing Foundation), Eric Shiner (Artistic Director – White Cube, Former SVP Contemporary Art Sotheby’s & Former Director of the Andy Warhol Museum), Isaac Aden (Chief Curator and Artist, MvVO ART & AD ART SHOW), and Roger Allen Bentley (Chief Creative Director , MvVO ART & AD ART SHOW). Other attendees included the jury: Alvin Hall, Susan Hancock, Linda Shirvanian. Debbie Rechler, John Friedman; Guests: Jean Shafiroff, Brenda von Schweickhardt, Shelley Lewis and Leesa Rowland. Digital images of artworks by AD ART SHOW artists appeared on LinkNYC displays in New York during Frieze Week (May 1 to 4, 2019, 5:00 to 7:00pm) and will also be displayed on the monumental screens of the Oculus at the Westfield World Trade Center during the entire month of May daily — (10:00am to 8:00pm, Monday through Saturday, and 11:00am to 7:00pm on Sundays). All the artworks—painting, photography & mixed media—are available to purchase on the MvVO ART Artsy e-gallery via the MvVO ART website. This unprecedented all-digital art show will introduce millions of art lovers, novice & experienced collectors, art world professionals, tourists and the general public to the talented contemporary artists working in advertising and related fields. These artists are following in the footsteps of Warhol, 72 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

Gavin Benjamin LinkNYC ©Teresa Pyskaty

Magritte, Toulouse-Lautrec, Haring and many other famous names in art who either launched their careers while working in advertising or pursued dual careers for decades. “Going all-digital for the display of AD ART SHOW 2019 is part of our mandate to find innovative ways to expand the art market and bring new opportunities to artists. We want both new and established collectors to get excited about our artists. The show at the Oculus and LinkNYC, is an opportunity for collectors to discover a talented group of artists and for art lovers to become first-time collectors. More and more artists get noticed on Instagram and other social media and this is translating into online sales which are up 9% from last year and currently estimated at $6 million globally (Art Basel & UBS Art market report). Our show is taking this trend one step further by bringing a digital experience directly to people where they walk, shop and dine. And by making the Art available on our Artsy e-gallery page everyone can access via our website, Mvvoart.com.” Maria Van Vlodrop, CEO & founder of MvVO ART & AD ART SHOW The AD ART SHOW selection committee is chaired by Laura Skoler (Board of Directors, New Museum, NYC, and the Daniel and Florence Guerlain Drawing Foundation, Paris) and includes: • Isaac Aden (Chief Curator AD ART SHOW and Senior Curator, Jerome A. Cohen and Joan Lebold Cohen Center for Visual Arts) • Natalie Bell – (Assistant Curator, New Museum) • Julia Fowler – (Executive Director, JP. Morgan Private Bank/Hunter College Art Advisory Council ) • James

Oculus ©MvVO

Eric Shiner, Hyun Jung Ji, Maria van Vlodrop, Laura Skoler, Gavin Benjamin, Kito Mbiango, Linda Yaccarino ©Patrick McMullan

Fuentes – (Owner, James Fuentes Gallery, New York ) • John Hatfield – (Executive Director, Socrates Sculpture Park) • Matthew Higgs – (Director, White Columns ) • Norman Kleeblatt – (Independent Curator & Critic) • Corina Larkin – (Executive Director, CUE Art Foundation) • Gracie Mansion – (Senior Art Specialist - post war and contemporary art) • Lisa Schiff – (Founder & President, SFA Art Advisory) • Eric Shiner – (Artistic Director, White Cube, former SVP Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s and former Director, Andy Warhol Museum). This discerning committee of art world professionals will assure the high quality and extraordinary creativity of the art. In addition, a jury of established collectors will determine the winning artists in the show.

MvVO ART is closely working with NBCUniversal as presenting sponsor and in partnership with Westfield and sponsor Systech to make AD ART SHOW an innovative annual event on the New York City art calendar. Other partners include: Artnet, NYCxDESIGN, The One Club for Creativity, WPP, GroupM, SVA (the School for Visual Art), The Alliance for Downtown Manhattan, The Clarion List, Franklin Furnace, Lawlor Media Group, and 100 Coconut.

mvvoart.com Tumblr: mvvo-art.tumblr.com/

Instagram: @mvvoart Facebook: @mvvoart Twitter: @mvvoart

The MvVO ART team includes: Maria Van Vlodrop Founder & CEO; Isaac Aden, Chief Curator; Roger Allen Bentley, Chief Creative Director and a team of Art, Technology and Business Development professionals.

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rtist Eddie Kang worldwide tour has been exploding with his lively color pal-ettes and inspiration from dreams and childhood memories, taking the fashion and art world by storm! His creative process captures images from “teddies in the woods” to his very special “childhood dog|.”Kang’s artworks, often colorful and dreamy derive from philosophical stories which he creates based on life’s reflec-tions. Kang created a series of works to express his desire to escape, his courage to dream, and his ability to think beyond for which adults and children alike can find an escape passage. One can see art meets fashion, magic happens! Born in 1980, Eddie Kang obtained a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Rhode Island School of Design in the U.S.A. in 2003. With multiple solo exhibitions worldwide, he has tackled Seoul,

74 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

Taipei, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Venice and more. This global sensation has been a popular artist among corporate and international brands, such as Amore Pacific, Paul Smith, Fuji Bike, and many more. Kang’s most recent collaboration in 2018 was with the mega brand MCM, a collaboration which charmed audiences and provided a first-hand view of how art and fashion can merge to the masses with unique and charming cross-overs. Christina Kang, art collector and power art advisor in Korea, known for her work with famous art-ist such KAWS and others, has been championing the artist globally and took us on a very intimate view of one his first exhibitions with MCM in Seoul Korea. Bravo star Lisa Vanderpump, and other noted celebrities championed the artist with a capsule collaboration with a special event at Vanderpump Dogs in Los Angeles. Bringing awareness to rescuing animals worldwide was at the heart of the collaboration, with the collection selling out in a heartbeat! With“Loveless Collection” Kang continues brings audiences back to the heart of the matter and exploration of our most cherished childhood memories. It can make one smile a little longer with items such as fun t-shirts, handbags and stuffed animals and more! Kang is for sure one to watch for the next pop-up sensa-tion as he sells out in a heartbeat!



SM’s Centennial Celebration was hosted by Alec Baldwin, conducted by MSM Distinguished Visit-ing Artist Maestro Leonard Slatkin, and featured Susan Graham, Terence Blanchard, Glenn Dicterow, Olga Kern, André-Michel Schub, Kelly Hall-Tompkins, Kent Tritle, George Manahan, among 325 per-formers drawn from the distinguished ranks of the MSM extended family. Manhattan School of Music’s Centennial –

explored, noted, and amplified through a range of pro-grams during the 2018-19 season – reached a celebratory crescendo this April with the MSM Cen-tennial Gala Concert at Carnegie Call and the Gala Dinner that followed, across 57th Street at the Park Hyatt’s Onyx Room. “The milestone of 100 years is both a culmination and a new beginning,” said James Gandre, President of Manhattan School of Music. “But most of all, for the extended MSM Community and for our audiences, MSM’s Centennial has been a seasonlong celebration of excellence, an extended festival that culminated in the Centennial Gala Concert at Carnegie Hall.” Event host Alec Baldwin, who received an Honorary Doctorate from MSM in 2012 and is one of classical music’s most popular champions, joined MSM Distinguished Visiting Artist conductor Leon-ard Slatkin and the MSM Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall for a sold-out musical celebration of 100 years of Manhattan School of Music. The multi-faceted evening featured selections of classical music, jazz, opera, and musical theater – the pillars of the MSM curriculum – performed by a roster of artists drawn from the distinguished

ranks of the MSM community. The evening featured: Susan Graham (MM ’87, HonDMA ’08); Grammy Award-winning, Oscar-nominated jazz trumpeter and com-poser Terence Blanchard (HonDMA ’17, MSM Board of Trustees); violinist and former New York Philharmonic Concertmaster Glenn Dicterow (Chair, MSM Orchestral Performance Program); award-winning pianist Olga Kern (MSM Faculty); pianist André-Michel Schub (MSM Faculty), Naumburg In-ternational Violin Competition Honorarium Prizewinner Kelly Hall-Tompkins (MM ’95, HonDMA ’17); MSM Director of Choral Activities Kent Tritle; and MSM Director of Orchestral Activities George Manahan (BM ’73, MM ’76). In all, 325 MSM alumni, faculty, and current students per-formed. Following the concert, performers and guests crossed 57th Street for a sumptuous dinner celebra-tion at the Park Hyatt’s Onyx Room, whose back-lit walls were festooned with colorful “MSM 100” decals and whose tables were alive with spring florals.



METROPOLITAN Influential New Yorkers

Robert De Niro, New York Times, Michael Bloomberg. Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump, Chase Backer, Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez, AOC, Bold TV, New Amity Diner, Rao’s, Per Se, Enrique Peralta, Herb Subin & Eric Subin, Dr. Kelly Powers, Maria Bartiromo, Dr. Jonathan Aviv, Peter Travers, Dr. Gwen Korovin, Patricia Field, Dr. Robert Melillo, Patrick J. McMullan, Nerai, Nikkia McClain, CarlyTEDrum-ONeill, BY RACHEL VANCELET Mark Goldman, FDNY, NYPD, Aaron Judge, Brian Cashman, Noah Syndergaard, Michael Strahan, Bentley Meeker, Elena Brower, Ronn Torossian, Laurence Greenberg, Adam Weiss, Susan Blond, Lea Goldman, Bruce Lynn, R. Couri Hay, Sloane Crosley, Argosy Bookstore, The Strand, Gliteratti, Inc., Lainie Speiser, Al Girardi, Ron Duguay, Joe Namath, Reggie Jackson, Walt “Clyde” Frazier, David Cone, Keith Hernandez, Shep Messing, Central Park, The Astor Place Cube, Mark Peters, Mike Francesca, Edith Chapin, Heather Drucker, Brian Feinblum, Steven Herz, NY1, FOX 5, Rosanna Scotto, Michelle Makori, Andrea Peyser, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Sean Hannity, New York Post: Page Six, Rachel Maddow, Seth Meyers, Fox & Friends, GMA, Today Show, Pete Hamill, Michael Kay, Park East Synagogue, Errol Lewis, Eric Payson, Larry Gagosian, David Byrne, Lisa Levy, Lincoln Center, Pat Kiernan, Alan Rabinowitz, TMZ, VICE, Jay-Z, Alec Baldwin, Woody Allen, Howard & Beth Stern, Beyoncé, Spike Lee, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Anderson Cooper, Scott Leon, Fred Katayama, Stuart Varney, Henry Buck, Howard Polskin, Jerry Stiller, Brooke Shields, Dr. Robi Ludwig, Ian Gerard, Jay Levy, Robin Roberts, Anna De Souza, Audrey Hirsch Kaplan, Chris Boneau, Dawn Ennis, Dini Von Mueffling, Kick Kennedy, Jenny Ander Bonnet, Richard Remsen, Jess Todtfeld, Jessica Finn, Terri Kahan, Kourosh Mahboubian, Andrea Syrtash, Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Wallace, Anna Wintour

They are fiercely independent. Mavericks, ready to shake things up...their way. They have taken over social platforms by storm, building communities to inform and inspire. Using their own self-built personal brands, influencers don’t have to wait on someone to agree that they’re an expert. The confirmation comes from their drove of followers. Influencers’ messages are story-based and relatable. Language is everything and it only takes one person to deliver an idea that will hit a nerve

or click in your brain. They tug at your heartstrings, making you feel like you are not alone in your experiences. The best part? They have solutions. And those are what sells. Influencers reap the benefits of big and small business looking for a way to deliver their own messages. Microadvertising to where target audiences are already spending a majority of their time means influencers can get big bucks

for publicly endorsing a product or cause. It’s a new age of marketing, where personal brands are valued more than business ones. Their marketing is story-based, full of emotions and relatability, riding on the concept of developing relationships with people instead of things. These are some of their stories. By Bernadette Marciniak

“If you have one follower, you are an influencer.” -Jenna Kutcher

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ith all the buzz around town about the Whitney Museum exhibition, Andy Warhol- From A to B Again, and the 350 works curated by the brilliant Donna De Salvo, we all needed to stop and take in the amazing works including photographs, canvases and films by the late artist this past winter season. Artist on the Rise shines the light on other great artists who surrounded Warhol during this period, one being well known American photographer and artist, Christopher Makos. Makos is noted for introducing Warhol to the works of famous artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, and also for giving Warhol his first camera! The artist chronicles his close friendship and extensive international travels with Andy Warhol (including the famous Concord!) Their journey is published in multiple books, including his own book, Warhol: A Photographic Memoir. The artist first apprenticed with noted photographer Man Ray, and now has a major career traveling the world contributing to publications such as Interview, Rolling Stones, New York Magazine and many more. Makos photographed many celebrities including the gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor, Calvin Klein, Liza Mellini and many celebrated contemporary artists like Cindy Sherman, Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Haring, all of whom have visited him over the years wanting to be touched by Makos’ magic and raw talent, hoping to stay connected to this special man who taught Warhol to take his first photograph! I had the privilege of spending some time with the artist, and his raw, candid, captivating and deeply personal photographs surrounded us during the private studio visit. The experience was as if you were

in the room with all of his subjects looking down on you. Makos continues to blaze a unique trail in photography, traveling the world as an almost modern day contemporary oracle, providing timeless and intimate views that captivate audiences moving viewers to continue to want something more. So you worked with Warhol between 1976-1987 for nearly a decade? Yes this is correct. Peter, who manages all the archive can confirm because I can’t live in that time frame, you know what I mean. I can’t live there. And this was hard to live there. I’d prefer now. How did you become a photographer? What was the interest? Someone gave me a camera as a gift because I was dabbling in drawing and electronic music and making all kinds of experiments. I just liked to explore and to get straight to the point of what you wanted to do, one didn’t have to be involved with a lot of other people like in the music industry or other creative forms. You took pictures, you develop them, and you were in control. You were the director. And also, it was a language that I liked immensely. Have people always been your subjects? Was it about your relationship with the subjects? Yes. I mean, the subject matter sort of emerges through my personality, because my personality has always been sort of outgoing, happy and friendly person. And so whether it’s my first meeting with Warhol or Tennessee Williams or all the people that I’ve known throughout my career. I speak to them, talk to them, and say, “Oh, let’s do your portrait.” It would just come about naturally, unlike today they don’t come about naturally. If you go around

May 2019 | 79

today and want a photograph of a famous person, there are many layers of press or PR people and so on. You can’t simply get to that person very easily. It’s a very different time frame now. I mean, those people, they don’t do things like that anymore. Well, and being part of their intimate life, I guess, and spending time with them, I mean they gave you that access to truly. I was thinking when I was coming up to the elevator today. I’m kind of like a historian more than even a photographer. I just spent some time with Jane Goodall because the weekend that our show opened up, the next weekend Jane Goodall was in giving a talk about the environment and animals and that whole thing. When she talked about how she has been documenting the history of animals - and we are animals too - and I started thinking about basically that so much of my work is about documenting a time frame in the world, but most specifically a very strong moment in the cultural history of New York. This time frame ultimately became the cultural history of the world. When all the arts collided, Warhol was hanging around with Halston which was fashion and Debbie Harry and the music scene was involved with Andy. We have music, art, fashion, all the arts all colliding. The arts were sort of coalescing at that time, and you don’t see that today because people are their own tribes. They go, “This tribe is here,” and none of them mix. I mean, it’s not only political, but in all the arenas I think today. Did your subjects and friends shift or influence your way of looking through the lens? Well, I think typical influences would really be Man Ray and Warhol at that time period because it was less about editing and more about capturing everything you see. Because now a lot of people edit in the camera, or they spend a lot of time editing. And I was kind of taught or inspired not to edit so much but just be here then or be there at the moment and capturing. You wanted to be present and know what was going on

there and worry about it later. Yeah, being present. Did you teach Warhol how to use the camera? I pretty much taught him how to take pictures. I mean how to focus. I mean, we have a whole group of pictures. That if you look at my contact sheets and then you look at his, it’s the same picture. The show we are considering doing this year is an exhibition called “Double Take.” It’s called “Double Take” because we’re talking about that I taught Andy how to take pictures. On our whole trip to China I would say, “Take this picture.” And we both have the same exact pictures. We have that access to that archive and will create this dialogue. I gave him the idea about all the stone photographs. The exhibition titled “Contact Sheets” in Berkeley with a catalogue where Richard Meier and Peggy Fallon discussed my influence on him. These stone photographs which I had been doing for years, and I gave that idea because he was looking for something sculptural, and I thought, “You all have multiple shows. Let’s just take the same thing and do it over and over.” How do you feel about photography today, and how to limit the editions? How you do feel about the use of images, social media and Instagram of today? Well, it’s a real dilemma for me because I’m often doing things like I’ll take a picture with my phone, then I’ll take it with a little small camera, and then because I’m not really sure if my pictures with my phone are really sketches for something that I’m going to do later. If it is a project because I always feel the phone pictures are such small files that I can’t really do anything. But it goes back to my feelings about being in the moment that sometimes the phone is so accessible because I for the longest time sort of resisted that. I didn’t think that phone pictures were really pictures, but they are. They are capturing moments, I appreciate the way that David Hockney plays with imagery now. He’s all over the map with all of this Instagram.

I like all the new things that have come about to push the artistic scope. I mean, I was reading about 5G, and that’ll change everything because information will move so much faster than it is now, which means that there’d be more time to be even more creative. I often talked about how having a big printer and digital cameras. The lag time between an abstract idea and something that you can actually touch is so much shorter. You now have some many options because you can take a picture with this IPHONE or a camera. So tell me a little bit about the drawing show that you’re doing that is coming up in California? Andy taught me how to draw—It will be a drawing show. Drawings are a narrative outside of your photography completely… or are they informed by your photography? It is informed by my photography because all these are photos that I then drew. Can you speak about your many celebrity images and what surrounds us here in the studio? The material is from when I worked for Interview Magazine. And so that material you see on the wall comes from this period.

May 2019 | 81


Every month I had two pages to do whatever I wanted, and so with that, I’d always be looking to do something like what would be the theme of the month. These were published in February which is Valentine’s Day, and so I said, “Andy, when John comes over or Liza, I want you to kiss them, and then I’m going to publish them in the February issue.” So there is a story behind all my pictures, and they speak to my autobiography. The neat thing is a lot of people write their autobiography, and then they’ve got to go find the pictures. I already have the pictures. You just needed to tell the stories. Can you speak about the image with Andy Warhol with a red clown nose on? That one with the red nose. Well, that is when we were going to-- that’s pictures from Switzerland during Lent, and of course this was like all Catholics during Lent. They celebrate this episode some sort of wait, and we were at some party, and that’s a red plastic nose With the new series of Hilton Brothers Mako-Solberg and the series and the collaborations, are you digitally enhancing, or using traditional techniques. Can you speak about your process? One that they start at is single images and then because Paul Solberg was involved and I’m involved, we kind of mashed them up together. We have dialogue, and the images back and forth. We will sit in front of the computer together, and he will sit and play and do something. We’ve been collaborating for about 13 years, and our book the Tyrants and Lederhosen provide an inside view. It is much fun for me, and it’s so enjoyable because it has nothing to do with Andy. I mean, yeah, I do still sometimes bring him into the narrative. What are your thoughts about the Whitney exhibition on Andy Warhol? Do you feel it honors him? I think it’s an amazing show. Yeah. Oh yeah. He’d love it. I always tell people to get on the elevator, go to the top floor, and walk down. But the thing about the Whitney it’s so distracting, --with their beautiful outdoor verandas, there’s something distracting. Architect Renzo Piano’s building, is great. I love the building. It shows that people get to take a break from looking at art on those verandas, but sometimes I prefer the whole immersion. I know so much of Andy’s work - I love it. I have sent all my friends who don’t know everything about Andy because the exhibition is so comprehensive. Drawings, videos, field clips, and they did a good job. I mean, it’s hard to-- I think for that kind of a show you have to do all the hits for sure, then you have to notice the works that are not seen as the hits and then you see even the obscure. And then Andy has a lot of grand work like the Chairman Mao painting which stand to take over a whole room. Andy simply lives on with all of us now.

82 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com


Photo Courtesy Mark Kostabi


Sophie: “You mentioned that Andy Warhol was a multifaceted artist and what did you learn from Andy what was that friendship like? Kostabi: “I learned to stay positive from Andy Warhol and he was multi-facted he was the definition of a neo-renaissance person following in the tradition of Leonardo Da Vinci who was both a painter and an inventor and architect and Michaelangelo who was an architecht and a sculptor and a painter there has been a lot of specialization over our history but the Renaissance had this multifacted thing going on..and Andy brought that back in the 60’s he not only made paintings, but he published a magazine, he made films he had a television show, he was even a professional model, he even wrote a play, he wrote books and he was a party-goer he was very accessible.” Sophie: You used to run into Andy a lot when you first moved to NYC? Kostabi: “When I moved to New York in 1982- it was freezing cold but I was so excited to be here I could have run out in the snow in a t-shirt because the energy was so hot. And I would go to parties and art openings and there would be Andy Warhol a lot, frequently with Jean Michel Basqauit and other colorful characters from the period and Andy was paradoxically very shy and extroverted at the same time. I mean most people would say he was shy but he went out all the time and he hung out with extroverted people so...

84 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

Sophie: They made up for that? Kostabi: Yes Sophie: You learned a lot from Andy, no? Kostabi: “Yeah one of my early Kostabisms was whisper but use a loud speaker --and Andy Warhol epitomizes that strategy so to speak- I learned a lot from him about color about working ...he famously never turned down a job--so I expanded on that with another kostabism from the 80’s “say less and say yes..”and he said yes a lot --he was always in a good mood--whenever I saw him at least and always kind of playful, michievous and he had really good taste in art, music, fashion-- he was probably the one person that I’ve met that I’ve been completely star-struck with --and since he passed no one has replaced him --at least in my field of vision.--no one would make me be that star-struck...everytime I saw him it was unreal.” Sophie: Andy knew how to market art? Kostabi: “Andy Warhol did so many different things-- it helped market all of the things that he was selling. The fact that he published a magazine that attracted celebrities-- certainly helped him sell paintings.”

Tristan Hoare GALLERIEST


alleriest Tristan Hoare is influencing a new generation of art lovers and collectors worldwide. The UK gallery focuses on emerging and established international artists and has chosen to stay out of the craze of the global art fair circuit, paving a way for the old school style with new class charm. The gallery is located at 6 Fitzoy Square, and exhibits works such as noted German Photographer Ursula SchulzDornburg and Japanese ceramicist Taizo Kuroda. Hoare is a passionate follower of photography and ceramics and the gallery has put on some of the best shows to date, including last years a pop-up style exhibition in Paris. A visit to the gallery is worth the ticket to also see Georgian architect Robert Adam’s style completed in 1789, housing uniquely installed exhibitions. Mr. Hoare is on the artworld watch list for his unique inspiration and influence, bringing one back to the tradition of stopping by your dealer or gallery for a cup of tea and art chat. Mr. Hoare reminds us that the old school traditions of connoisseurship are truly coming back in 2019.

tristanhoaregallery.co.uk Instagram @tristianhoare

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Madison Gesiotto



adison Gesiotto is a former Washington Times columnist and conservative commentator who appears frequently on Fox News Channel. She served as the Regional Press Secretary for President Trump’s Inauguration and was a national surrogate on his campaign. Madison is in her final semester of law school at The Ohio State University and formerly served as a Staff Editor for the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law. In addition to her television work and writing, Madison is a former athlete and beauty queen. In 2014, she captured the coveted title of Miss Ohio USA and represented her home state on NBC in the 2014 Miss USA Competition.

“My family inspires me every single day to work hard, stay grounded, overcome obstacles and chase my dreams. I am so blessed to have them as my support system to lean on and bounce ideas off of throughout my journey through life.” - Madison Geisotto 86 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

May 2019 | 87




arissa Kranz, a lifelong vegan, former professional ballet dancer-turned-Super Lawyer, is the Founder and CEO of BevVeg! International, the premier vegan certification firm. BevVeg is on a mission to bring credibility and transparency to the regulation of vegan that does not exist anywhere else.

“It’s about honest information and accountability,” - Attorney Kranz. BevVeg! International was featured in Forbes, California Wine Advisor, PETA, CBS News, NBC News, Social Life Magazine, Vegetarian Resource Group, Vegetarisimo Magazine, LiveKindly Magazine, and Main Street Vegan 88 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

to name a few for being the expert authority in vegan certification. BevVeg! has certified products around the globe from the United States to South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, and Italy, including celebrity super model, Christie Brinkley’s, line of sparkling wines. Vegan Certifications by BevVeg! International are managed by the Law Offices of Carissa Kranz, P.A., which has GLOBAL trademark protection for the BevVeg vegan logo. Carissa is licensed to practice law in New York, Washington D.C., and Florida. You may have seen her as a legal expert on Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, FOX, CBS, CNN/HLN, NBC, Sirius radio, or as an anchor on Law & Crime Network with Dan Abrams, among other major news media outlets. Before founding her own law firm, Carissa worked as a Prosecutor acting as lead counsel in jury trials. She was also a litigation attorney at Greenberg Traurig, a legal Extern Clerk for the California Supreme Court, and legal counsel for East Bay Community Law Center representing indigent clients, to name a few.

Be eg


Carissa was awarded: Super Lawyer; Top 40 Under 40 trial attorneys by ASLA; Super Lawyer “Rising Star”; Martindale-Hubbell legal leader award with an AV Preeminent rating score; the AVVO Client’s Choice Award with a superb 10.0 rating, Super Lawyer — Rising Star, among other awards. After graduating from the University of Florida’s School of Journalism, summa cum laude, where she served as an anchor for an Emmy winning newscast, Carissa attended UC Berkeley School of Law. In law school, Carissa was as an Editor of Law Review and awarded Best Oral Advocate. After law school, Carissa earned her master’s in Journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, where she was the Bloomberg Scholar and a Capitol Hill correspondent. Carissa, a former professional ballet dancer, and “Super Lawyer” entrepreneur, attributes much of her ability to achieve top mental and physical performance to plant protein, veganism, and compassionate living choices.



few months ago, I didn’t know what an “influencer” was. I sort of thought all influencers were millennial Instagram models pimping lip gloss and Amazon decor. But, now that I’ve been labeled an important Downtown NYC influencer by the media, I know that’s not always the case. I am not cool. If anything, I am Patron Saint of the Uncool -- an ordained Reverend who wears elf ears, collects Troll Dolls and makes paintings depicting Chihuahuas riding Unicorns through the Astral Plane. Also, I don’t even live Downtown anymore. I live in an uncool part of Brooklyn. I won’t tell you where for fear that it will become cool, get gentrified and I’ll be priced out. Like most Gen Xers, I am not interested in selling, buying or processing anything as a career and am therefore a financial disaster, too broke to afford lip gloss, let alone influence others to buy it. So, what makes me an influencer? According to the Internet, an influencer can be a “person or thing that influences another.” For over two decades I have done this, encouraging others to overcome adversity and boredom through art, teaching by example and working tirelessly in every creative medium known to man -- painting, performing, filmmaking, acting and writing. I’ve had six books published, made two feature films, started a movie studio (Art Star Scene Studios), performed and lectured in Europe and at college campuses and bars throughout the states and shown my artwork in numerous exhibitions. From 2000 to 2016, I ran the Lower East Side Troll Museum, which I created and lived in. It was the subject of a documentary on Japan’s NHK Television Network and was featured on various news outlets around the world. I believe in carrying through on even the wackiest ideas.

Slam” a weekly open mic on Ludlow Street. Each performer received six minutes of stage time and a perfect score of ten. I referred to anyone who got on stage as an “Art Star” and soon enough, the “Art Star Scene” was born -- a group of madcap artists who still hang out together, work together and support each other. We are sort of like Warhol’s Factory without the drugs,

money and fame. Due to gentrification, we’ve had to adapt, changing venues and habitats frequently. However, the spirit of Downtown NY bohemianism lives on in our work and attitude because, really, Downtown is just a state of mind. What that state of mind is, I’m not so sure, but one thing it’s not, is boring.

In 1990, I moved to NYC from Maryland in order to attend the School of Visual Arts, three years after Warhol died and Musto subsequently announced that Downtown was dead. But where others saw a barren wasteland of lameness, I saw the opportunity to create a new scene. After graduation, I started “Reverend Jen’s Anti-

May 2019 | 89




ason Pinsky is the Chief Cannabis Evangelist at Eaze and the Cannabis Producer for VICELAND’s Bong Appétit. Pinsky’s role with the show, the first credited cannabis producer on IMDB was recognized by his peers when he was crowned King of Mainstream Marijuana by the Cannabis Business Awards at their inaugural comedy roast in 2016.

His technology background dates back to 1993 as a founder of Image Info, who created technology solutions for the fashion industry and Haze City, who provided consultation on digital and live music strategies. In 1999 Pinsky married his passion for music and technology as CTO of MusicVision creating technology solutions that drove new revenue streams to artists.

Prior to Eaze, Pinsky was a prolific cannabis connoisseur starting in 1994 when he judged the first High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. In 2014, after a decade of opioid dependency due to a spinal injury, Pinsky used cannabis to help wean himself off pain medication completely. His story and advocacy lead to his participation in the passing of New York State’s Compassionate Care Act and in 2016 he helped expand the program to include chronic pain as a qualifying condition for patient access.

In 2003 he continued his career on the road as the Technology Manager for Phish and in 2006 Pinsky became a founding partner of Fette Sau, Zagat rated number one for BBQ in NYC for over a decade.

90 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

Pinsky’s diverse career in Music, Technology, Food and Cannabis is often self described in a four point geometric configuration known as The Pinsky Triangle. He currently resides in Venice, CA with his two Siamese cats Indi and Tiva.

Psyche Terry



syche Terry was born in a small town in Michigan and raised by her great aunt with limited funds, self-love, and resources. She learned how to regain her self-confidence by achievement and positive affirmations that she has adopted in her everyday lifestyle! With her deep mahogany melanin, Psyche rose above those challenges, thus fueling her success as a woman, entrepreneur, wife, and mother to three children. She teaches these concepts to inspire others that it is okay to be vulnerable and vigilant in their plight to success and selfmastery. Psyche is the founder and CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of UI Global Brands, LLC. UI Global Brands is the home of natural hair, skin and home products called UrbanHydration. The brand also produces a collection of socially responsible items available in more than ten thousand stores across the United States. Urban Hydration values community and giving back. They believe in contributing to healthier and happier lifestyles, not only to their customers, through their products, but also by taking action and supporting causes they can fully stand behind on local, national, and international levels. Through their collective efforts, they aim to be a force for global good. Urban Hydration also has a keystone partnership with WATERisLIFE, a union that began in 2016, enabling us to donate a gallon of water to a community without the ease of access to drinking water. We have since raised enough funds to build two wells in communities in Kenya and are now aiming to construct a total of 10 wells by 2020.

May 2019 | 91




en Selter was one of the first fitness influencers, she started her journey back in 2012 and has grown her reach to over 30 million. Jen shares her love for fitness, lifestyle,and passion to motivate others through her social media platforms.

“Since I started on my journey I have always said I wanted to help other people achieve their goals in life and stay motivated. If you care about people and take what you do seriously, you can help people achieve incredible things. Whether it is through my workout app FitPlan, making great healthy smoothies with my BlendJet or starting your day with my new protein bar, Jensta, everything I do is revolving around helping others. If you love your followers and understand who they are, you can help them and that is what being an effective influencer is all about! Supporting your community the same way they support you. To me, giving back is a huge part of success and I encourage everyone to share their motivation and positivity with others!

92 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com



Asian/Pacific 10% Islander


22% 39%

African Descent


26-32 33-39










24% 23%






23% 15%




29% 25%


Under $25K




Above $200K


Under High School

High School Degree

College/ Bachelor's Advanced Associate Degree Degree Degree

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Andrew Bilgore


he actors who influenced me the most, in the beginning of my career, who have also continued to inspire me are two of the greats from the silent comedy era, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, along with Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther movies and later in “Being There”. They were all unmatched in their unique physical comedy styles, all while maintaining the subtle yet hilarious “truth” of whatever situation they were playing in. Of course, I have to add Bob Newhart to this illustrious list. I have a vivid memory from when I was probably about 12 years old, of hearing my dad laugh out loud at the TV in their bedroom. Mainly knowing my dad as a sports watcher, I was curious... He invited me to sit and watch “The Bob Newhart Show” with him and I was hooked. You can then imagine what it was like, years later in ‘92, to break the news to him that I was going to be starring, as a series regular, on Bob’s third network primetime series, “BOB”. It truly was a dream come true to be able to work face-to-face with one of my comedy idols, much less the one my dad had “introduced” me to! Buster Keaton’s “deadpan” and the complex “truths” behind it are burned into my brain and are often an influence on the characters I play. Watching Harold Lloyd’s breathtakingly daring physical comedy stunts were a master class for me. Interesting story though, when I was cast opposite Shelley Long in her series, “Kelly Kelly”,

94 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

a comedic stunt came up in my first episode: I played her crazy graduate teaching assistant, Wallace, who was on the ledge outside her second story office window “threatening” to jump because of a bad grade or something. She goes out onto the ledge to “talk him down” and is so successful that he gets happily excited, loses his balance and falls, followed by her character trying to catch him and also falling. Shelley immediately said, “Bring in the stunt woman”. I, on the other hand, immediately envisioned a way that I could make Harold Lloyd proud-- by jumping for joy, landing precariously on one foot, teetering while pirouetting in a comedic spin around to face the building and then dropping backwards off the ledge. I performed my backwards fall flawlessly, dropping fourteen feet into a pile of cardboard boxes stacked in a special formation by the stunt coordinator to crush and absorb the fall. The producers loved it so much they asked me if I would do a second take so they could capture different angles. I gamely agreed. Then they asked for one more... the third one kinda hurt. Then to add insult to injury (literally)-- apparently the editor wasn’t informed that I had risked doing the stunt myself (3 times), assumed that it must be a stuntman, and completely edited around my face. Shelley Long apparently knew something I didn’t.

May 2019 | 95


Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin 96 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com


onsuelo Vanderbilt Costin is an American singer, composer, songwriter, actress, spokesmodel, entrepreneur and philanthropist, also known by the shortened name of Consuelo Costin. She frequently gives press interviews that cite her as the “Rebel Heiress� and seventh generation descendant of railroad tycoon, Cornelius Vanderbilt.

She is the founder of SohoMuse a professional creative online networking website breaking boundaries and creating new pathways for artists.

Matt Bloom


ike many young men who want to become writers, I initially gravitated toward dark, tough guy fiction. Several authors influenced me at that stage. I loved the hard-boiled novel noirs of Jim Thompson, James Leo Herlihy’s gritty Midnight Cowboy, much of Hemingway’s work; The Sun Also Rises, in particular.

However, I think the writer who actually inspired me to become one is Larry McMurtry, whose best book, in my opinion, is The Last Picture Show. My parents took me to see the film when I was only five years old,

and it made a lasting impression on me. I read the novel years later and was glad to discover that the film is almost entirely faithful to it. What particularly inspired me about McMurtry’s writing, and what I’ve tried to emulate, is his ability to bring readers into small, intimate worlds--such as a desolate, downtrodden west Texas town--that most would never otherwise experience. My writing was also influenced by McMurtry’s clear, concise style. And some of his books, such as The Last Picture Show and Horseman, Pass By, are quite short. I try to tell my stories with similar directness and brevity.

May 2019 | 97




ey, I’m Anne Reburn. I come from a small town that you’ve probably never heard of: Bartlesville, Oklahoma. I’m a musician and YouTuber. I play piano, bass, and guitar, and arrange and edit my own videos. I’m a former dancer, choir nerd, and musical theater kid, so obviously I love the spotlight! I upload covers of songs where I play all the instruments and I sing all the parts. My channel also features short musical comedy videos and occasional vlogs. I write original music too, so if you

ever do me wrong, I just might write a song about you. Watch out!

World News Polka: youtube.com/watch?v=kF8yB7T0wFQ

Here’s The Longest Time: youtube.com/watch?v=mwuOAPJyVPo

98 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

I don’t have the secrets to Internet fame. I never expected to have as much success as I’ve had, and to be honest, I feel silly calling myself an influencer. Maybe that honesty is part of what draws people to me. I do believe that effective influencers must offer something to their fans. In my case, I give them a smile, a song, and a few minutes to forget everything else as they lose themselves in the music.

Anne Reburn musician & youtuber

www.annereburn.com ・ hello@annereburn.com


About Anne

189,262 subscribers

Anne Reburn’s YouTube channel features her

17,754,414 total video views 600k-800k watch time minutes per month

original music, covers of everyone from

Paramore to The Chordettes, vlogs, and short

musical comedy videos. She is known for being


a one-woman show: she plays piano, bass, and

11.2% average post engagement

guitar, sings every part in her covers, and

records and edits her own audio and video.


Anne speaks Spanish and English and boasts a

Tweets in Spanish & English

diverse, multi-lingual following.
 All videos are subtitled.

Current as of May 2019

Previous Collaborations

Audience 33.4% from United States 9% from Germany 5.2% from Brazil 4.3% from United Kingdom 3.6% from Canada


Female 20% Male 80%

Original music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon & more


36% ages 18-24 26% ages 25-34 11.8% ages 35-44 7.2% ages 13-17


May 2019 | 99


Jessica Ann Elizabeth SINGER-SONG WRITER


he first song I remember singing along with as a child was “Colors of the wind” from Disney’s Pocahontas. It felt enchanting and filled me with a magic of endless possibility. The lyrics and melody moved me and made me feel a freedom I never felt before. I remember singing Mariah Carey, Aliyah and Christina Aguilera. I loved their soul and meaning in the lyrics and how much their personality shone through. I saw them dance as I watched MTV and just fell in love as a young girl. Destiny’s child, Alicia Keys “Fallin”, No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani all influenced and changed me as a young girl and helped shape me into the woman I am today. I was in awe every time I listened to them and watched them perform. I grew up on classic rock as a kid as well as blues, disco, and pop in the 90’s and the start of the millennium. I heard so many singers growing up which helped shape and influence me as a singer- songwriter, and musician but the main thing I felt was this purpose that when and if I sang and wrote, I could, like these incredible singers, push and help change and shift the rhythms of the world through my music. Influences evolve and change over time but I think that’s where it all started! I was 12 years old entering Bay Academy as a vocal major when I already knew this was something I wanted to do and I feel very lucky and blessed that I’ve never given up on that dream and I live it every day!

Facebook thisisjaemusicc Instagram @thisisjae_

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Joe Dolce



s author of Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis and host of the podcast of the same name, and founder of Medical Cannabis Mentor, the first doctor-approved online education platform with courses for healthcare providers, dispensary personnel and patients, Joe Dolce has taken the mantel as one of the most well-regarded thought leader in the cannabis space.

His 2016 book was critically acclaimed—the New York Times called it “a loving rethink of all things marijuana ...likely to be a trusted hitchhiker’s guide to this new universe.” The Brave New Weed podcast, which is dedicated to “high-minded conversations for the post prohibition

era” has featured some of the brightest minds of this newly founded industry is on track to hit 100,000 downloads this year. His online course are culled from thousands of studies about the biochemical methods of action of this amazing botanical medicine. Healthcare providers and dispensary agents from the US, Canada, UK, South Africa and New Zealand have taken the courses to date. Dolce, former editor in chief of Details magazine, sees his role as “resetting the conversation around cannabis for the 21st century. That begins with education and a clear understanding of the myths and the facts about the plant as a medicine and as a vehicle for adult recreation.”

May 2019 | 101


Penny Sansevieri


hen I started this business 18 years ago the only thing I ever set out to do was give authors a chance at success. At the time, indie publishing was just beginning to kick into high gear and most authors had so few promotional options. Too many were basically being told to, “list your book on your website and hope someone sees it.” Then along came Amazon, and then Kindle, and things really started to change and opportunities were presenting themselves if you knew how to leverage them!

So I built my firm on fluidity, because things are always shifting and moving. Staying on top of everything isn’t easy, but it is necessary. I never wake up brainstorming how to be an influencer, but my goal is to always do quality work. And a lot of that is staying on top of developing trends and truly recognizing what’s working and what’s not, even when it means changing what I can offer potential clients. I can’t get comfortable if I want to continually evolve and provide a great service. I help people tell stories, and there’s something pretty incredible about putting a piece of yourself out into the world, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

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Locust Valley Village Estates

Glen Cove, NY – Pond House

Locust Valley, NY – Live American History

Locust Valley, NY

Matinecock, NY

Mill Neck, NY – Orchard House

Mill Neck, NY

Generous English Ascot Country home on over 5 acres of rolling lawns, fields, and mature trees overlooking a 28-acre tidal pond with 300 ft. of waterfront. A front-toback hallway with hand carved staircase and huge windows flood sunshine into the house setting the stage, perfect for entertaining. This offering features a beautiful in-ground pool and includes a 2.5-acre building lot. SD #5. MLS# P1344162. $3,850,000. Bonnie L. Devendorf, c.516.509.6229 Susana J. Muir, c.516.641.6612

Charming updated Center Hall Colonial on 3.6 Matinecock acres with pool located on a secluded country lane. Light and bright sitting high on a hill, this 7-bedroom home has wonderful entertaining space while offering classic style. Beautifully interpreted for today’s living. SD #3. MLS# 3117473. $2,895,000. Christina F. (Christy) Porter, c.516.835.5512

In 1668 John Underhill acquired this property from Native Americans and it has only grown. The composed calm of this 8-bedroom Colonial has been achieved with decorating and updating for the 21st century. Located on 2+ acres the grounds feature a new pool and lavish gardens in the heart of Locust Valley. Near to shops, our best restaurants and commuting yet quietly tucked away on a flower strewn hillside. SD #3. MLS# 3114696. $2,250,000. Sarah A. (Sally) Shea, c.516.652.3795 Mary Ann Wheatley, c.516.445.8042

Quintessential Country Compound offering an 1840 Farmhouse plus a 2-story gambrel roof barn. Set on a shy 2 acres this retreat has been beautifully renovated within the past 2 years. Among the many amenities are a multi-use barn with year-round playroom, gym, party room and spacious apartment. SD #3. MLS# 3119796. $1,495,000. Bonnie L. Devendorf, c.516.509.6229 Alexis McAndrew, c.917.750.8939

Exquisite custom 6-bedroom Colonial on 2 acres in Cherrywood community off Piping Rock Road, complete with caretaker on premises. Rear property opens to 65 acres of Friends Academy Fields and cul-desac backing to nature preserve. Complete interior updates in 2011 with new saltwater pool, landscaping and French drain. Exterior freshly painted with new roof and windows. SD #5. MLS# 3081035. $2,950,000. Amy W. Tansill, c.516.318.2397

Tucked in Mill Neck, set on 5 acres of lush lawns and majestic trees, this picturesque brick Colonial provides the ultimate seclusion. The 12 light filled rooms, many with fireplaces, a sunken living room, herringbone dining room and large eat-in kitchen with adjoining family room. 6 bedrooms and 4.55 baths. Bonus 6-car garage. SD #3. MLS# 3118383. $1,950,000. Katie Cuddeback, c.516.238.9919


Locust Valley Office | 516.759.4800 1 Buckram Road, Locust Valley, NY

Each office is independently owned and operated. We are pledged to provide equal opportunity for housing to any prospective customer or client, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.


Andrea Denver MODEL


ndrea Denver was born in Verona, Italy and is a supermodel and social media influencer with over 1.2 million Instagram followers. In true fashion, he lives in Manhattan and is a world traveler. He speaks fluent Italian, English and conversational German. Andrea Denver has modeled for Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Brooks Brothers, Abercrombie, Mac Cosmetics, Diadora, Daks Sport, amongst other brands. He has been featured in Men’s Health, L’Officiel Hommes, Lui Magazine, as well as in Jennifer Lopez’s music Video “I Luh Ya Papi” and Taylor Swift’s music video “Blank Space” which received over two billion views. He is booked, not only for his appearance, but also for his reputation of being humble, a pleasure to work with, free-spirited, spontaneous, and compassionate. Andrea Denver is represented by the top agencies

104 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

in multiple cities including but not limited to: Soul Artist Management NYC, Wilhelmina Miami, Wilhelmina Los Angeles, PMA Germany, Next UK, Dmanagement Milan, and UNO Spain. He is highly coveted for social media promotions, appearances, brand ambassador programs, commercials, music videos, print and editorial. Andrea Denver is not merely a beautiful face, but holds a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Verona and appreciates turning the pages of a classic novel on a rainy afternoon. Andrea Denver is devoted to health and wellness, fitness, and achieving balance in mind and spirit. He doesn’t take his ability to reach so many people for granted and dedicates his life to inspiring others and uses his popularity and influence to share ideas and positivity. He remains committed to self-improvement and motivation.



ill Brooke has always known how to anticipate trends. Along with the journalistic savvy that drew CNN, Metropolitan Home and the New York Times to her reporting or navigating the world of luxury and style as Editor-in-Chief of Avenue, she honed in on the emotions people were feeling. This time, with the launch of her new ecommerce website, FlowerPowerWithJill.com, she’s reading the floral tea leaves in the form of the $34 billion dollar floral industry. An industry that appeals both to millennials and baby boomers. “People are bombarded with negativity and it’s time to bring some daily joy into people’s lives that also informs and inspires,” says Brooke. “Flowers make people happy.” FlowerPowerWithJill.com is the first daily floral news site to celebrate flowers in all facets of life - from fashion to décor to science to the arts. Whether a story on British florist Jenny Tobin, whose work is featured in the Oscarwinning “The Favourite,” or decorator Kit Kemp, orw garden designs for hospital patients, FlowerPowerWithJill.com offers a new platform where flowers are the celebrities. “We are exploring how floral themes pollinate music, cuisine, art, travel, jewelry, fashion and well being,” Brooke says. “Flowers have ancient histories, as well as healing powers and are a part of life events in every socioeconomic group, from birth to death. We give people a daily story to discuss with friends and family.” FlowerPowerWithJill.com is also a one-stop Amazon Affiliate marketplace where users can buy anything with a floral element: clothes, perfumes, housewares, wedding or birthday gifts. Her background in design coupled with her uncanny gift for reading trends, makes her flower power brainchild an organic and timely fit.

May 2019 | 105


Jillian Backer FASHION INFLUENCER “Fashion is self expression. Influencers set the tone for new trends and what is relevant in fashion. I believe that if your style attracts the eye of others, you are an influencer.”

106 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

Dominick Miserandino CEO THE INQUISITR NEWS


nfortunately being an influencer has become a trendy term and one that might have hit and broke a bit of a social bubble. We never called old school journalists influencers and we trusted their analysis because their motive was truth and not the notoriety of influence. They wanted to report the news, not be a part of it.

My philosophy is simple. Be honest and be real. We live in an age in which you can immediately see the impact of influence on an audience. You need to respect that audience and don’t strive for the title or honor of being an influencer; instead, aim simply for the truth and to report it.

May 2019 | 107




innie Sun is a financial advisor who also plays one on tv. She has been ranked as one of the most influential financial professionals on social media today, is the regular personal finance contributor on Good Day LA, writes for Forbes, is a member of the CNBC Financial Advisors Council, and her popular weekly financial social media chats average 150+ million impressions per hour. With more than 18 years of experience in the financial industry Winnie pursues her passion of making smart financial decisions a trending topic in today’s world for her clients and social media following. With 370k+ followers on Twitter, 59k connections and followers on LinkedIn, Winnie rose to the forefront of the financial industry and uses the opportunity to revolutionize the financial industry internally and to breathe a breath of fresh air into the personal finance space for clients and consumers alike. She partners and has served as a spokesperson for a long list of brands including Intuit, Quickbooks, Sallie Mae, Adobe, Hertz Rental Cars, Aflac, WeWork and others. The infectious smile, bubbly personality, and authenticity of the friendly financial advisor paired with her plethora of expertise in the worlds of personal finance, marketing, branding, and living your best life are just a couple of things of what puts her in such high demand as a social media figure and as a keynote speaker for the conference circuit.

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winnie sun





Financial Social Media

Green Screen Accessible

College Savings Millennial Finance

OC / Los Angeles Studio Remote-Filming

Wealth Planning Industry Keynote Speaker

Available Same Day Satellite Media Tours

One of the most followed financial advisors on social media




28K 28K


f ol l o w a l ong

IN T HE NE W S • CNBC Financial Advisor Council • Forbes Best-In-State-Wealth Advisors List • Forbes Contributor • Nerdwallet Contributor • OC Metro 40 Under 40 coined “The Wealth Whisperer” *

Managing Director and Founding Partner of Sun Group Wealth Partners, a trusted financial consulting firm which provides planning services to senior executives, small business owners, celebrities, tech elites, and established families throughout the West Coast. Winnie was previously First Vice President of Wealth Management and Lead Advisor for the Sun Group at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

• Investment News Twenty Women to Watch Award ** • Barron’s Winner’s Circle for top women financial advisors invitee to conference • Top 50 Influential social media influencers in personal finance award by Money Tips ***

* OC Metro 40 Under 40: 2013 - based on impact in community, recent awards, & philanthropy ** Investment News Twenty Women to Watch: 2015 - based on community involvement, etc.

@Winniesun LinkedIn: WinnieSun


*** Top 50 Influencers by Money Tips: 2016 - based on social influence, engagement scores, etc.


Winnie Sun is a Registered Representative with, and securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment Advice offered through Sun Group Wealth Partners, a registered investment advisor and separate entity from LPL Financial.

F OR IN T ERV IE W A ND B OOK ING: hello@winniesun.com | 1 . 949. 625. 6800


Leon Logothetis THE KINDNESS GUY


eon Logothetis is a global adventurer, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and author of the bestselling memoir The Kindness Diaries. He gave up his job as a broker and his home in London for a life on the road. Leon has now visited more than 100 countries and traveled to every continent. He is

the host of the TV series The Kindness Diaries, now streaming on Netflix. Leon has documented his travels for numerous media outlets including Good Morning America, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Outside, Good, Psychology Today, and The New York Times.

leonlogothetis.com/netflix Instagram: @thekindessguy 110 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

Ryan Berger


yan’s background of running his own agency, Berger Shop, has helped take HYPR, the world’s largest search engine and database for influencers, to new levels. As HYPR’s Senior Partner, Ryan is credited for delivering global clients such as Pepsi, H+M, 72andSunny, Calvin Klein, Thrillist, and more. Since teaching new media at NYU for 15 years, Ryan understands how brands need to navigate in the influencer space, and has been a crucial part of continuing to move the influencer industry forward, with HYPR leading the charge.

called HYPR. Together, they agreed to partner up and build the company, with Gil becoming CEO, and Ryan helping lead the business development. In just 3 years, HYPR has become the leader in influencer marketing, hosting over 10 million influencer profiles, and working with

many Fortune 500 companies. HYPR’s ability to connect brands to influencers, and Ryan’s innate sense of how brands need to be behave in this space, make the partnership between Ryan and HYPR a winning partnership for everyone involved.

Ryan’s background in advertising are deep, where his father founded the ad agency, MVBMS, and Ryan ran through those hallways. It was a few years after that where his dad created Advertising Week, a celebration of advertising. As he began his career at MVBMS, he immediately became interested in word of mouth marketing, and identified a new growing segment of men which he deemed “metrosexuals,” and hence, the word of mouth on the word was born. A few years later, Ryan launched his own agency, Berger Shop, specializing in connecting brands into culture. Whether it was running event strategy for Jaguar, or developing campaigns for the NY Knicks, it was when Ryan connected his client, Polaroid, to the music group Outkast, and together, they developed the campaign around the song, “Hey Ya,” which became the #1 song in the world for 2 years in a row, and Polaroid’s business exploded after being on the verge of going out of business. The campaign, which was valued at over $750 million, cost the Polaroid brand only $250,000, and Ryan was at the reason why this popular marketing case study has been told over and over again. As Ryan continued to build a reputation in understanding culture and influencers, he was connected to Gil Eyal, who was the founder of the World’s Largest Search Engine for influencers,

May 2019 | 111




rom teaching simple recipes to exploring some of the best food in cities around the world, Sorted is built off the back of a 20 year friendship and has spent the last 10 years using social platforms to engage with millions of food lovers. With an overall audience of more than 2.8 million, Sorted has an average of 400,000 people each watching and engaging with 7.5 minutes of their content every day, making them one of the largest and most engaged cooking conversations in the world. Last year Sorted launched a membership club to develop an even deeper relationship with its community - positioned as ‘your best friend in food’, members subscribe for personalised experiences at independent restaurants around the world, tools to help them cook smarter, priority access to Sorted’s cookbooks, plus exclusive content such as podcasts and special video series.

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May 2019 | 113




arrie Sheffield is founder of Bold, a digital television news network building a more perfect union. Carrie co-hosts Bold TV, an interactive, bipartisan talk show created in partnership with Al Roker Entertainment to harness the power of technology to bridge social divides and build Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Beloved Community.” Carrie earned a master’s in public policy from Harvard University, concentrating in business policy. She earned a B.A. in communications at Brigham Young University and completed a Fulbright fellowship in Berlin. She managed municipal credit risk at Goldman Sachs and rated healthcare bonds at Moody’s Investors Service. Carrie later researched for American

114 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

Enterprise Institute scholar Edward Conard and spoke at the U.S. Senate alongside key senators in favor of landmark tax reforms passed by Congress in 2017. Carrie covered Congress for The Hill and served as a founding reporter at POLITICO. She contributed on political economy

at Forbes, wrote editorials for The Washington Times under Tony Blankley and has published in The Wall Street Journal, TIME, USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, HuffPost, Bustle, American Spectator and Daily Caller. Carrie analyzed the 2014 Election Day results for

MSNBC and interviewed House Speaker Paul Ryan on the mainstage of the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference airing live on CSPAN. She provided analysis for Fox News’ first 2016 GOP presidential primary debate, co-moderated a U.S. House congressional

debate in Harlem and debated healthcare policy with Tom Brokaw on MSNBC under host Chuck Todd the night of the 2016 Vice Presidential debate. Carrie discussed media bias in featured guest segments airing on on President Trump’s Facebook page and during

a Fox & Friends appearance the President retweeted. She analyzed the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner as a CNN on-air guest, encouraged 2018 midterm voter turnout for ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and livetweeted for CNN Opinion on Election Night 2018.

May 2019 | 115


Edith Chapin EXECUTIVE EDITOR, NPR BY ADAM KLUGER | P HOTO GRAP HE D BY STE P HE N VOS S /N P R How did CNN prepare you for NPR? My 25 years at CNN were an outstanding journalism training ground for just about everything. News 24/7 is now the norm in our society. The news metabolism now requires now just saying what happened but putting it in context right away. Speed is now required on many platforms at NPR, not just the magazine programs. CNN had many platforms (CNN, CNNHN, CNNI, CNN Radio, cnn.com etc) to serve before that became the norm for every news organization. At CNN, I was very fortunate to work extensively on national, international and Washington stories, which is critical in my role now. A surprisingly few journalists have had deep experience in all three areas. What are some of your goals for NPR? At NPR we are always trying to give the audience a well balanced daily report. We are committed to International, Science, Arts and Investigative work beyond the critical national, political and business stories. We need to tell the big stories of the day and put them in context, but we also need to take the audience to places to meet memorable characters with great storyteling. NPR is known for its

116 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com

“driveway moments”- the stories you have to hear to the end and can’t get out of your car until you do. Amidst all of the daunting news, we also need an element of joy and uplift; it is part of that NPR-ness. Top news stories of 2019 so far A few in no particular order: The Mueller report and its fallout. The diverse presidential field of presidential candidates. Boeing’s problems. The economy. Brexit. Immigration. How has news coverage changed over the years. Biggest changes. The ability to get everything at your finger tips as a commodity thanks to technology is an obvious big change. Meanwhile, news literacy or an increasing lack of verifying reliable sources has led to a huge breakdown in trust in the news media. The economics of the news business have also really hurt local journalism. So many local areas are no longer routinely reported on, which hurts communities. Collaboration is now much more widely understood as a way to address gaps in local/regional journalism.

Rob Shuter


nown for his “Naughty But Nice” tagline, celebrity columnist, TV and radio personality Rob Shuter breaks celebrity news every day on his website NaughtyGossip. com.

The former editor of OK! magazine, Rob is a regular guest on hit TV shows including: TODAY, The Talk, Wendy Williams, CNN and Extra! Rob also hosted his own morning show, The Gossip Table, on VH1!

He is a regular on radio with Z100’s Elvis Duran, and recently launched his own subscription based show — Radio Rob — broadcasting live daily from 3-4pm. Before Rob was one of the world’s most successful entertainment reporters, he was a publicist representing such superstars as Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, P.Diddy, Jessica Simpson and Jon Bon Jovi, among others. Rob always knows where to find the best scoop and delivers it with a pinch but never a punch!

May 2019 | 117




MvVO ART Special Preview Of The AD ART SHOW 2019 At The Oculus at 3 World Trade Center, NYC: Eric Shiner, Maria van Vlodrop ©Patrick McMullan

Isaac Aden at the MvVO ART Special Preview Of Linda Yaccarino at the MvVO ART Special The AD ART SHOW 2019 Preview Of The AD ART SHOW 2019 ©Patrick McMullan ©Patrick McMullan

Gavin Benjamin at the MvVO ART Special Preview Of The AD ART SHOW 2019 ©Patrick McMullan

Laura Skoler at the MvVO ART Special Preview Of The AD ART SHOW 2019 ©Patrick McMullan

Hyun Jung Ji at the MvVO ART Special Preview Of The AD ART SHOW 2019 ©Patrick McMullan

David Sable, Maria van Vlodrop at the MvVO ART Special Preview Of The AD ART SHOW 2019 ©Patrick McMullan

Ara Ohanian at the MvVO ART Special Preview Of The AD ART SHOW 2019 ©Patrick McMullan

Brenda von Schweickhardt, Ron Burkhardt and Shelley Lewis at the MvVO ART Special Preview Of The AD ART SHOW 2019 ©Patrick McMullan

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Pamela Morgan of Flirting with Flavors OneWoman Cabaret show at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, NYC: Pamela Morgan ©Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com

Pamela Morgan of Flirting with Flavors OneWoman Cabaret show at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, NYC: Larry Wohl, Leesa Rowland ©Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com

Pamela Morgan of Flirting with Flavors OneWoman Cabaret show at the Laurie Beechman Theatre, NYC: Ramona Singer, Pamela Morgan ©Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com

Art Bodega’s Cocktail Celebration held at Omar at Vaucluse, NYC: Jean Shafiroff ©Patrick McMullan

Manhattan School of Music Celebrated 100 Years with Gala Concert at Carnegie Hall Followed by Dinner at The Onyx Room, NYC: Alec Baldwin, Almerinda and Anton Coppola ©Anna Yatskevich

Philanthropist and activist Lizzie da TrindadeAsher chaired Young Friends of Save Venice Artista e Musa at Jimmy at the James, NYC: Lizzie da Trindade-Asher ©BFA

Art Bodega’s Cocktail Celebration held at Omar at Vaucluse, NYC: Alejandro Posse and Alejandra Sacasa ©Patrick McMullan

Hilaria Baldwin, Ann Ziff at the Manhattan School of Music Gala Concert ©Anna Yatskevich

Philanthropist and activist Lizzie da TrindadeAsher chaired Young Friends of Save Venice Artista e Musa at Jimmy at the James, NYC: Allyson Shapiro, Alyson Cafiero ©BFA May 2019 | 119




Lizzie da Trindade-Asher dazzled at Un Ballo in Maschera – Artista e Musa for Young Friends of Save Venice, The Plaza Hotel, NYC: Lizzie da Trindade-Asher ©Save Venice

Lizzie da Trindade-Asher dazzled at Un Ballo in Maschera – Artista e Musa for Young Friends of Save Venice, The Plaza Hotel, NYC: Larry Milstein ©Andrew Kist

Lizzie da Trindade-Asher dazzled at Un Ballo in Maschera – Artista e Musa for Young Friends of Save Venice, The Plaza Hotel, NYC: Timo Weiland ©Andrew Kist

George Wayne celebrated his book, ANYONE WHO’S ANYONE, with a dinner party at famed restaurant, Russian Samovar, NYC: George Wayne, Luann de Lesseps ©Nadja Sayej

Young Professionals Raise $30,000 To Support Cancer Research at Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation’s Inaugural ‘Havana Nights’ Event, NYC: SWCRF Associates Board ©SWCRF

Actress Kate Walsh was honored with Visionary Award at “For Her Future” Gala benefitting 5 Under 40 Foundation: Kate Walsh ©Sarah Merians

George Wayne celebrated his book, ANYONE WHO’S ANYONE, with a dinner party at famed restaurant, Russian Samovar, NYC: Vlada Von Shats, George Wayne ©Lisa Zari/capturedcolornyc

Young Professionals Raise $30,000 To Support Cancer Research at Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation’s Inaugural ‘Havana Nights’ Event, NYC: Dustin Dimpflmaier, SWCRF Executive Director, William T. Sullivan ©SWCRF

Prominent Businessman and American Film Distributor, and Producer Charles S. Cohen received Insignia Of Chevalier Of The Legion Of Honor, French Embassy, NYC; Charles S. Cohen, Isabelle Huppert ©StarPix

120 | MetMagNY.com | 25AMagazine.com


ROLLS-ROYCE GHOST SERIES II Rolls-Royce Motor Cars NA, LLC, P.O. Box 1227, Westwood, NJ 07675-1227 Tel: 1-877-877-3735 www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com © Copyright Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. The Rolls-Royce name and logo are registered trademarks.

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