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“To Be Well Dressed Is A Little Like Being In Love” . . . Oleg Cassini


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Italian Dining Water on the

Highly Zagat-rated (26) chef, Rocco Sacramone, introduces his latest venture, a casually elegant restaurant located in the picturesque waterfront section of Long Island City, Queens. Here, Rocco shares authentic Italian cuisine with a modern flare. Maiella sits at the base of the iconic Pepsi sign in Gantry State Park and features spectacular city views. 4610 Center Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11109 | (718) 606-1770 | maiellany





Photography: Scott G. Morris - SGM Photography




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MAY 2018


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Summer is almost here and I could not be happier ! It was a tough winter, where we all had to hibernate and be depressed. Now I am happy to pronounce that this is of my favorite times of year! With that being said, I am proud to present Michelle Makori on our May cover! She is of i24 News fame! A wonderful addition to our cable news universe, Michelle speaks truth to power! We are very honored to have her on the cover and know you will love the piece as much as we loved interviewing her! This month we feature several wonderful articles on hotel from around the word. These inspiring destinations are amazing additions to our pages and we couldn’t be happier to showcase these properties. Like always, dining, art and the latest social events are all covered. Use us as your guide to luxury living and you won’t be disappointed! We work hard to bring you the best of the best, because we know, you demand nothing less.

Chase Backer Publisher

THE FLEX BRUSH Introducing The Ultimate Detangling Brush for Wet and Dry Hair BY ANN GRENIER


he Flex Brush is the creation of two of the most innovative minds in beauty: Angelo David, owner of the elite Angelo David Salon in New York City, and Jacob Guttman, founder and CEO of Creative Pro Hair Tools. While on the beach in Aruba, Angelo was pained by watching people destroy their hair as they yanked rigid brushes through knots, tearing ends and destroying roots. He contacted Jacob and together they designed The Flex Brush—an all-purpose tool that detangles safely, massages the scalp and promotes hair health and growth. It is designed for both wet and dry hair. The Flex Brush comes in three variations: The Flex Brush XL Nylon Bristle, The Flex Brush Petite Mixed Bristle and The Flex Brush XL Mixed Bristle. SRP is $20 for the smaller size and $26 for the larger brushes. The Flex Detangle Spray is available in two sizes: the 2 oz bottle for SRP $6.95 and the 8 oz bottle for SRP $17.95.

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Š2018 California Closet Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Each franchise independently owned and operated.

You dream it. We design and build it. Make every space your own.

Discover the boutique-like closet created for Eat/Sleep/Wear’s Kimberly Lapides on our website.

MANHASSET 981 Northern Blvd G R EEN VALE - Coming soon 516.33 4.0077 facebook & instagram: @caliclosetsnyc

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ON THE HUNT Photos by Michael Paniccia Styling by Christina Pacelli Produced by Christopher A. Pape Model Anna Besedina/Images Management Thank you to 101 Bedford in Williamsburg for use of their space

3.1 PHILLIP LIM: Braided Jacquard Dress, $850, 3.1 PHILLIP LIM: Utility Shorts, $850, INVERNI: Iris Hat, $185, ANZIE: Micro Starburst Studs, $475, Saks Fifth Avenue MIMI PROBER: Metamorphosed Art Sculpted Wave Bracelet, $1,300, VICTORIA DENY JEWELRY: Pebbles Black Rhodium Ring, $150, | | 25

"No woman who had been intimate with a god was easily disturbed." Michael Cadnum

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Hair by Dion Moore for Angelo David Salon | T3 Micro | Makeup by Virginia Martin Aliaga for Angelo David Salon | SMASHBOX COSMETICS | Manicurist Clive Rousseau for Angelo David Salon OPI Products | Fashion Assistant: Saulu Santana

ALENA AHKMADULLINA: Dress, $1,056, A PEACE TREATY: Botero Silver Earrings, $150, (Left hand) ANTIPEARLE: Double Blacktop Pearl Ring, $301,; LELE SADOUGHI: Sandbag Ring, $120, Bloomingdales (Right hand) ANTIPEARLE: Crab Ring with Freshweater Pearl, $310, | | 27

"It is better to be looked over than overlooked." Mae West

AKRIS: Black Techno Mesh Top, $695, AKRIS: Long Plisse Shorts Skirt, $2,490, MISSONI: Spacedye Turban, $620, or or Missoni, NYC, 212.517.9339 BERGÈ: Leather Belt, (Right arm) GLORY AND HONOR: New Classic Chain Link Bracelet, $695 each, (Left arm) VICTORIA DENY JEWELRY: Bone Cubes Cuffs in Silver and Black Rhodium, $420 each,; VICTORIA DENY JEWELRY: Leaves Diamond Black Rhodium Ring, $630, 28 | |

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BELTRAMI LTD. Founder:Ben Youdim

7953 Jericho Turnpike Woodbury, NY 11797 516.466.0117

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MICHELLE MAKORI By Adam Kluger | Photos by Benno Klandt

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he international channel i24NEWS broadcasts in English, Arabic and French around the world, with its biggest bureau in Jaffa Port, Israel. From the New York anchor desk in their Times Square studio, Michelle Makori gets ready to report the news... after a cup of coffee.

"I'm a good multi-tasker...but I'm useless before my cup of coffee in the morning.” A typical workday for Makori is anything but typical-- and usually lasts at least 12 hours! "I start scouring various news sites from the minute I wake up, sending suggestions to my team as I run my morning errands, which on a good day includes the gym. At 12 o'clock we have an editorial meeting for my show where we lay out the rundown—choosing our top stories and guest segments. I really like to work closely with our guest bookers to get a good range of experts and analysts...full spectrum of voices. Then it is typically a number of meetings about what the reporters are being assigned to...suggesting assignments... planning for future shows, planning for my other show. I like to immerse myself in the interview research. I really enjoy that. And much like other journalists and TV people, I kick into high gear as the deadline nears and its crunch time. It's a non-stop day basically from 8:30am until 8:30pm of multi-tasking and juggling a number of things and then after I wrap up the show I try to have what we call, "a life."(laugh) Makori is the Anchor and Editor in Chief of i24's US flagship show ‘Clearcut with Michelle Makori’ airing every week day at 7pm EST. She's also the Producer, Anchor and Editorin-Chief of ‘Beyond The Story with Michelle Makori’, which is going to be launching in late March.

i24NEWS itself launched in the U.S. last February 13th. Makori has been there from the very beginning to help shape the network's U.S. channel. "I was the first hire in the US by the CEO Frank Melloul. I met him in Israel when I was there for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary a couple of years ago and was very impressed. He reached out when he was ready to launch i24News in the US. In less than 3 months we made it happen. There were five of us, the pioneers or P5 as we call ourselves and we launched the U.S channel from scratch...going from meetings in coffee shops to assembling a whole news team and crew to then putting four hours live on TV. That was a fantastic experience. It’s remarkable that we are having our one year anniversary soon." Makori says that American television news viewers are eager for a channel like i24 NEWS that offers objective, straight forward news reporting. "We're trying to capitalize on the fact that viewers are disillusioned with the media... particularly the news industry, it is generally just punditry --you watch American cable at night and for four hours straight the broadcast will go on about just one story--which is probably some negative Trump-linked story, and it will be back to back coverage of one issue with people opining or arguing. You watch MSNBC and it’s an echo chamber of the same sentiment usually over just one topic from show to show --you don't get to see the news of the day --you don't get to learn about what’s going on outside the U.S., you don’t get fact-based reporting just punditry...but on i24 news we give you fact-based reporting, insight and analysis. If you’re watching my show you are going to get a global picture, beyond just one or two U.S. stories. On my show the emphasis is on the U.S. and the Middle East, and more importantly how they intersect. We like to say ‘what happens in the middle East doesn’t stay in the Middle east’ like it | | 37

or not it impacts the world. The world is so interlinked that its vital to include news from China, Europe, Africa – I want to give the global perspective. I also place a strong emphasis on the economy and I have a dedicated business news segment every show because it all goes back to money anyway, money makes the world go round." At I24 NEWS, Makori combines her business journalism experience with Wall Street credibility. Being a FINRA licensed financial adviser (Series 7) and having

first ten hires in America. I guess I am TV news channel pioneer.” ( laughs). Before joining CCTV now CGTN in December of 2011, Michelle was an anchor and reporter for Bloomberg TV for five years as well as a reporter with CNN Money. “Bloomberg TV was my break that got me from South Africa to the US. When I was 7 years old I decided I wanted to move to New York and become an international News Anchor and Bloomberg made that happen for me. They sponsored my work

worked with the Beryl Consulting Group, GFI and now Context Summits. Michelle joined i24NEWS from CGTN (China Global Television Network) where she was a key member of the team that launched the U.S. based global English Channel. Makori was the New Yorkbased Anchor and Producer of “Global Business America”, CGTN's flagship global economic and business news show. “Turns out I like start up TV News, I was part of the team that launched what is now CGTN in the US .I was one of the

visa and later my green card and my five plus years at Bloomberg were incredible and so educational” On her nightly show Clearcut with Michelle Makori, the telegenic dynamo is particularly adept at explaining how world events can significantly impact the economy. "Drawing on my business background I always include an economic focus in my show. I like to keep my finger on the pulse of the financial world through my work with

38 | |

Context Summits … yes, seeing as I have so much spare time ( laughs), I also host summits for Context which is the leader in Alternative Investment conferences. There I get to interview some of the leading portfolio managers and some of the brightest minds in finance so that gives me an inside perspective and insight that I can use on my show. If you watch my show you’re going to get a range of headlines and stories from around the world from business to technology to politics …. fact-based analysis and multiple perspectives, I like to cut to the chase and extract what you need to know, straight forward, no BS, its ClearCut " Before joining Bloomberg TV and moving to New York in 2005, Michelle was one of the main anchors and producers for SABC Africa Television, based in Johannesburg South Africa and broadcasting throughout the African Continent. Makori's accolades include winning the Harambee African Reporter of the Year Award in 2004 for her work on micro-lending enterprises. One of her biggest moments was interviewing South African President Nelson Mandela. "I interviewed Nelson Mandela was an extraordinary experience ... speaking to Nelson Mandela, the man just exuded energy that was sublime in a way, healing almost, there was just a calmness about him that radiated , now it sounds ridiculous but I was first taken aback by how tall he was and his stature. He had tremendous presence and just exuded a very positive energy." As a long-time South African resident Makori says she loves watching animal programs on TV to relax after her 12 hour work days. Like the recent broadcast of Planet Earth 2 on BBC world. "I like everything from trashy reality TV to serious documentaries and other news shows but I always have the TV on in the background and I love shows about animals and nature, I have that on most weekends. I find it very relaxing. It's my African connection. I used to go on safaris all the time in Africa. I've seen the ‘big five’, as we call them, up close: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, buffalo. I have seen hippos, wildebeest, kudus all kinds | | 39

40 | |

of bucks, crocodiles you name it, I have been on countless game drives it’s what we do in Africa ...I had a situation once when I was on safari with my father and some elephants started charging the car and we had to get out of there in reverse... that was quite eventful...hey, you're in their territory." W h i l e i n S o u t h A f r i c a n t e r r i t o r y, Michelle really made her mark, she was voted as one of the ‘Top 30 Women’ by Cosmopolitan magazine (SA edition) and one of the ‘Sexiest Women in the World’ by FHM magazine’s SA readers. To stay in amazing shape and maintain balance in her life, Makori hits the gym and enjoys an active social life. "I play squash. I'm learning ballroom dancing .. and in theory I go to the gym three times a week. I have an insatiable intellectual curiosity and love to read and attend TED talks. I'm a social creature. You might even see me at parties in the Hamptons or hosting a charity event. I love to travel. My family is scattered around the globe. I'm always on a plane somewhere - anytime I have some free time." Whatever she does, she does well. Michelle's even a model daughter who always calls her mom in South Africa every day to check in! "I'm a good Jewish daughter." (laughs)

and my mom is an even better Jewish mother , she watches the show every night.” Michelle was born in Haifa and moved to Johannesburg, South Africa as a baby where she grew up until moving to New York in 2005. “I am very proud to now be a US citizen. So I'm an African American Israeli as I like to say, I used to say I am an African American Israeli working for the Chinese. I have been lucky to have been exposed to various cultures and countries and I always maintain that global perspective when reporting the news or interviewing people." Michelle speaks 5 languages and holds a Post Graduate Honors Degree in Media Studies and Journalism (with distinction), and a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Law and Psychology, both from South Africa’s University of the Witwatersrand. She also graduated top of her class from South Africa’s Damelin Business School. A native born Israeli, Makori sees a number of clear trends in the Middle East. "Probably the most significant thing that is happening right now is the shift in the Middle East in the sense of new alliances. Israel and the Saudis are developing a clandestine relationship. They are not public about the strengthening ties but all indications are there that they are cooperating on a number of fronts and I think that's a huge game changer... The situation with Iran is one of the enemy of my enemy is my friend and that common threat of Iran has brought the Israelis and the Saudis together and that could be very significant in terms of checking Iranian influence and potentially shaping how the Palestinian situation g e t s re s o l v e d . . . or doesn't get resolved."

"Also, the relationship between Israel and the U.S. has never been better... Netanyahu and Trump have a very close relationship. There is a clearly a chemistr y between them....and shared interests.” “Trump saying he will move the US embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, acknowledging that reality... has been very significant. He actually kept the same campaign promise made by Bush, Clinton and Obama. There is no doubt about it that’s it’s a far stronger relationship than under Obama. Some of the Obama administration's positions could prove to be severely detrimental to Israeli safety and security - case in point the Iran Nuclear deal. That is a bad deal. Iran was in a compromised position, feeling the pinch of the sanctions and Obama had the leverage and made a deal which gave Iran billions of dollars up front , instead of ‘anytime/ anywhere’ inspections they got ‘sometimes / some places’ inspections , military sites aren’t accessible and of course the biggest issue is the sunset clause which allows Iran in 2025 to go ahead with its Uranium enrichment program ….I agree with Trump on that one - it’s a terrible deal.” So, will President Trump become a huge Michelle Makori fan? “Well I think the President will find that I am certainly not the mainstream media. I am fair. Of course, he is welcome on the show. I am happy to give President Trump my opinions on a range of issues. I can even help him finesse his Twitter game (laughs) Would President Trump like i24 NEWS? The attitudes and perspectives are very varied across our shows. He might or he might not. We are fact based and objective. We deliver both sides. We are not trying to create an echo chamber of similar opinions. We are aiming to give facts, analysis and perspective. Viewers are fed up with the bias on the news."

i24NEWS is available on Altice ,Cablevision, Spectrum ,Optimum, Suddenlink, Charter, Mediacom and Roku and online at: | | 41

O YA, CO VI NA & ROOF AT PA RK S O U T H An Evening Not Easily Forgotten B Y CHR I STO PHE R A. PAPE


ccasionally, while daydreaming, I fantasize that I am as good a food writer as Frank Bruni, the former New York Times restaurant critic. Beyond our shared Italian heritage and love of fine foods, we do have something else in common: our passion for and devotion to o ya, the trendsetting sushi restaurant originally from Boston and now additionally in New York. I remember, as a young professional, reading Mr. Bruni’s work with earnest intent, and I recall vividly how he ranked o ya as the best restaurant outside of New York City in 2008. That review motivated me, when I was finally able to do so as the editor-in-chief at my former publication, to head to Boston in 2010 to write about the quality and excitement found at o ya. Owned and operated by the legendary

42 | |

husband-wife team of T im and Nancy Cushman, o ya stands at the summit of sushi establishments in New York and in the country; it is one of the brightest stars in the firmament of fine dining. Wooed by the hotelier of Park South Hotel, the couple are proud operators of three spectacular establishments within the hotel. Including the aforementioned o ya, they also operate Covina, a New American eatery with Mediterranean influence, and the Roof at Park South, a cocktail and small bites haven with stunning views of downtown Manhattan. Mention must be made of the Roof’s frozen drinks and of a drink called the Italian Greyhound, which was one of the best I had this year. Made with grapefruit juice, Punt e Mes amaro and salt, it was a dark, bold glass that took away the slightly brisk weather we were enjoying

that evening. As for Covina, we enjoyed the most unusual (but utterly delicious) pizza called the Spicy Honey. Made with soppressata, provolone béchamel, house made fior di latte, mozzarella and black pepper, it was a revelation. My guest and I could not resist insisting that other patrons order this pizza. It was a perfect blend of spicy, sweet and umami (that elusive Japanese term meaning a savory quality). But onto the main event, o ya. Having enjoyed the restaurant before, I knew what to expect. However, I had forgotten how inventive, surprising, fresh and most importantly, delicious each bite was. There are three options to pick from – a la carte, the omakase, which is 18 courses, or the grand tasting, which is 24. We opted for the smaller, having already eaten pizza and imbibed several drinks. From the opening plate, a Kumamoto

oyster with ponzu watermelon pearls and a cucumber mignonette, we knew we were in for a magical evening. Other wonderful dishes were placed in front of us, but some of the standouts included Shima Aji and Maine Sea Urchin served in an Aji Amarillo vinaigrette and nigella. As an uni (the Japanese word for sea urchin) fiend, I loved this delicate yet vibrant bite. Two other favorites were seared A5 wagyu with scallion and wasabi leaf puree, which was some of the most flavorful and tenderest pieces of meat I’ve ever had, and their famed foie gras sushi with balsamic

chocolate kabayaki and raisin cocoa pulp. This was the bite that made o ya famous, and it was as good or better than when I had it in 2010. Constrained only by my talent and limited word count (but not by enthusiasm), I must end this piece. Suffice it to say, my guest and I enjoyed every moment of our night with the Cushmans. No matter which venue you pick, they are excellent hosts. I urge you to make a reservation today; you won’t leave disappointed (or hungry)!

o ya 120 E 28th Street New York, NY 10016 212.204.0200 | Covina 127 E 27th St New York, NY 10016 212.204.0225 | Roof at Park South 125 E 27th Street New York, NY 10016 212.204.5222 |

o ya


Roof at Park South | | 43



irt is not a word you necessarily associate with fine dining. I, for one, tend to avoid dirt. I don’t like to get messy; maybe I’m too much of city slicker. Yet, dirt has recently, at least for me, taken on a new meaning. That’s because it is part of a name of the best vegetarian restaurant in New York City. And I will go one step further and say that Dirt Candy transcends its vegetarianism and is, at least in my mind, one of the best restaurants in the city. Recently, a guest and I had the pleasure of dining at this temple of vegetables. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good vegetable. I’m Italian, it’s in my DNA. But, Dirt Candy, goes beyond a well-placed tomato or a fancy cucumber. No, it

44 | |

elevates the vegetable; it turns the lowly beat into art. Each dish is thoughtfully crafted to bring maximum flavor and visual pleasure to their well-heeled clients. The mastermind behind such competence with the veggie is Amanda

Cohen; she is both chef and owner of this award-winning restaurant. So ahead of her time was she, that hers was the first vegetable-focused restaurant in the city and the clear leader of the vegetableforward movement (of which there are

now many adherents to this new religion). To speak of our meal is to speak in glowing adjectives. Who knew, at least my thinking went, the vegetable could be so pleasing? This is total credit to Cohen and her staff. Recently, the restaurant decided to eliminate their a la carte menu and now serves two tasting options: the Vegetable Patch (5 courses) and the one we had, the Vegetable Garden (9-10 courses). The longer menu changes based on the season and whatever the restaurant’s purveyors bring them that week. The individual dishes we had a l m o s t d o n ’t m a t t e r, a s e a c h presented its respective veggie on a pedestal and gave us a new perspective on the ingredient. However, some of the standouts included a Korean fried broccoli that was – all at once – spicy, tangy, crunchy and a revelation. I didn’t know broccoli could taste like this! Another dish that made an impression was the spinach spätzle. Now, as an Italian, I’m no fan of German or Austrian spätzle, thinking we have a bit of cultural appropriation on our hands; however, the amount of spinach flavor Ms. Cohen got into this humble pasta was breathtaking (and mouthwatering). I have never, in over ten years of doing this, had a pasta pack as much vegetable flavor within the dough as this did. Credit is due; it was an amazing dish and representative of the quality and care the restaurant puts into each dish. My guest and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal. I urge you to book your table today and find out how the vegetable can easily become the star of the show. Perhaps, for once, it will be both an enjoyable meal and one that is also good for the waistline. 86 Allen Street New York, NY 10002 212.228.7732 | | 45

S EAMORE’S Quality Seafood, Done Right! BY C H R IS TO P H ER A . PA P E | I NT E R I OR P HOT O B Y ALE XANDE R STE I N


t’s become common knowledge – even outside the food world – that the earth’s oceans have declining stockpiles of our favored fishes. Soon, we might see a future with no bluefin tuna, salmon or other high-end fish that America and the rest of the developed world (especially Japan) has come to adore. That is the thesis behind Seamore’s, an ever-expanding seafood restaurant in New York that’s recently opened its fourth location, its first in

46 | |

Brooklyn. Founded by Michael Chernow in the summer of 2015, Seamore’s is known for excellent, healthy and delicious seafood. The concept behind this restaurant empire is that the fish is 100% sustainable, sourced as close to home as possible. Michael’s goal was to create restaurants that were approachable, comforting, and delicious, while still being environmentally sound. Having dined at their original location

in Nolita, I knew what to expect: fresh fish, inventive combinations of flavor, personable staff and charming décor. And that’s exactly what I found at their newest location, on Water Street in Brooklyn. Stepping in the large restaurant, I was immediately struck both by its nod to the sea and how chic the space was. As for the food, the portions were large and more importantly, of high quality. We started with scallop ceviche served with tiger’s milk, tropical fruit, coconut and

sesame and tune poke with ponzu, peanut and avocado. During our visit, the scallop was not yet on the menu, but I’m glad to see that now it is. It was a flavorful dish, executed with care and precision. We loved the acidity and obvious freshness of the plate. While the tuna evoked Thailand, both dishes were perfect representations of the thought and care the restaurant puts into its dishes. Moving onto the mains, we loved the idea of the Reel Deal, a build-your-own fish

dish served with sustainably caught fish and four options for sauce. Here, we had monkfish with a miso butter sauce that paired perfectly with the delicate, flaky nature of the fish. We also loved the curry mussels, which also harkened us back to Thailand. The tang of the curry matched well with the briny and meaty mussels. In the final analysis, Seamore’s is obviously doing something right; on the night my guest and I were there, it was a crowded room. You will love the many fish

selections, the great cocktail program, the knowledgeable and friendly staff and the excellently prepared dishes. Book your table today!

66 Water Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 718.663.6550 | | 47



f New York is to be defined by one type of restaurant, please Lord, let it be the New York steakhouse. As Italy is known for pasta, Japan for its sushi and France for its foie gras, then New York must be known for its porterhouse. Succulent, tender, flavorful, dry-aged steak is one of the most mouthwatering (I usually refrain from using this word but can’t resist here) dishes imaginable. Obviously, it’s rich in butter and fat, but boy, is it worth it! There are many mediocre iterations of this famed slab, but Ben and Jack’s is one of the city’s worthiest additions. Operating since 2005, the team at Ben and Jack’s has perfected the formula and presents only the best cuts of meats, the freshest of fishes and the tastiest of treats. Recently, they reopened their original location (the space had been knocked down and rebuilt as a hotel) in midtown east with a gorgeous new space and exceptional staff.

48 | |

I am of the firm belief that not much deviation from the standard menu at a steakhouse is a good thing. Therefore, my guest and I (a Japanese who is a crazy steak fiend) didn’t stray far from the classics. We ordered the seafood platter, which included a half lobster, large shrimp, oysters and clams. The freshness was evident, and we enjoyed each bite. Together with the seafood, we each had a large strip of Canadian bacon, one of God’s most perfect inventions. Salty and fatty for me are the keywords on this dish and they equaled utter perfection. I could have eaten ten pieces more, but my guest slapped sense back into me! Moving onto the main event, we had a porterhouse cooked to rare perfection (we can’t be friends or eat together if you cook your meat beyond rare; even then, I prefer “black and blue” but compromised for my friend). What adjectives can be used for the meat? Tender, moist, flavorful, rich and

heavenly are just some that spring to mind. Each bite elicited a wave of pleasure in my mouth, and we could have devoured the steak for two had we not exhibited some self-restraint. Accompanying the steak were dishes of delicious mac-n-cheese, grilled and sautéed asparagus (we couldn’t make up our minds) and Brussels sprouts. A bold cabernet washed it all down. I am limited by talent and space to truly convey what a wonderful meal this was. Suffice it to say, you will enjoy your meal and devise ways to return. The space is big enough to provide quiet, romantic corners or to host large business gatherings. Book your table today, and you won’t be disappointed. Trust me. 219 East 44th Street New York, NY 10017 212.682.5678 | | 49

THE SEA FIRE GRILL Succulent Seafood Served Sumptuously B Y CHR I STO PHE R A. PAPE


ew restaurants can surprise me. It would be fair to say I’ve seen all the tricks, trends, glorious food revolutions and movements in the last decade. Now in my older age, there are only two aspects of a restaurant that can truly excite me: knowledgeable and personable service and high-quality ingredients prepared in a confident way. Thankfully, there is a restaurant, The Sea Fire Grill, in midtown east, that

50 | |

accomplishes my requirements in spades, and it does so with aplomb. I recently ate here with a hard-to-please guest, and by the end of our long meal, both he and I left satiated and surprised that a restaurant (especially one found in midtown) could be serving up such delightfully delicious dishes. We vowed to each other that we’d make a quick return. Owned and operated by the team behind the world-famous Benjamin’s Steakhouse, The Sea Fire Grill is their ode to seafood.

Thanks to them, New Yorkers (and visitors) get to enjoy some of the freshest, most delectable fruits of the sea currently offered to this city’s patrons. We began with the seafood sampler offering two raw oysters, two clams, two shrimps and ½ lobster per person. This extravagant dish was devoured in record time and with gusto. We especially loved the tender flesh of the mobster. I could see a seafood coma – that state of nirvana – rise on the face of my guest. Yes, he was

that enthralled. This platter was joined with perfectly-seared sea scallops resting on a purée of celery root. If I could write a dissertation on the taste of celery root, I would. But, suffice it to say, this unctuous, luscious accompaniment to the scallops was eaten with pleasure and was most assuredly welcomed. Onto the main dishes, and as with the starters, my guest and I were in a state of ecstasy. The first of the two dishes was the Dover sole. This white fish is prized for its mild, buttery, sweet flavor and wide range of uses. Here, it was served in a

lemon caper sauce that was outstanding. We loved how the filet held together yet was perfectly delicate and tender enough to eat. The second main was organic Scottish salmon with black rice served in a yogurt honey mustard sauce and dill. The salmon was ultra-fresh and cooked to rare perfection (you really shouldn’t eat salmon past rare; it has such wonderful flesh, you ruin it by overcooking it). Sides of macn-cheese with lobster and a creamed spinach rounded the meal and were a welcomed addition. In the end, The Sea Fire Grill has, in

short order, become an institution on the New York dining scene. Financiers with corporate accounts, socialites, and wellto-do tourists flock here for a special meal; a meal that showcases the bounty of the sea, uses excellent culinary skill wrapped up in a warm setting. Top that with suburb service, and you have a winning formula! Go today—you won’t be disappointed! 158 East 48th Street New York, NY 10017 212.935.3785 | | 51

CHEF JESÚS NÚÑEZ The Sea Fire Grill’s Superstar B Y CHR I STO PHE R A. PAPE


hef Jesús Núñez has been called many things—provocative, artistic, passionate, eccentric—but never boring. For over a decade he’s made a name for himself in his native Madrid and now New York as a forward-thinking culinary rebel, combining daring flavors and textures with his streetart style to produce delectable creations that guide diners’ palates in new sensory directions.

52 | |

Chef Núñez is currently the Executive Chef for The Sea Fire Grill Restaurant, where he oversees culinary operations. Previously Chef Núñez served as Corporate consulting Chef of Mangia, 41 North hotel and corporate chef of Socarrat restaurant group and Quimeria Think Group, and Executive Chef of Barraca and Melibea Restaurants. Having arrived on the New York culinary scene nearly four years ago, Chef Núñez, described as the “Spanish enfant terrible,”

by New York Magazine, brought his unique culinary vision and artistic style to the Upper West Side with his restaurant Gastroarte (fka Graffit). Here Chef Núñez served playful and contemporary takes on traditional Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, earning the distinction of “Key Newcomer” in the Culinary Innovator category of the 2012 Zagat Guide. We sat down with Chef Núñez to find out his philosophy and creative vision for Seafire Grill:

Where do you source your seafood from? Our seafood is locally-sourced. We use a variety of suppliers with most of our seafood coming from Massachusetts. What do you look for when buying fish/ seafood? This really depends on the type of seafood you’re shopping for but when we’re buying fish, there are some key indicators to look for to ensure that our guests are getting the freshest fish possible. The first is by looking at the fish’s eyes. We want the eyes to be clear because if they’re cloudy, that’s a tell-tale sign that it’s losing its freshness. Then we move onto the skin and we want it to be slightly moistened and tight. If it’s something like oysters or clams, we want to make sure the shells have been kept cold and that they aren’t cracked or opened in any way. We never compromise the integrity of our seafood and if you’re coming into the restaurant, you can rest assured that we’ve taken the time to identify and purchase the freshest seafood in the city. How do your offerings change throughout the year, according to season? As a chef I am constantly paying attention to the various seasons and it’s crucial to change your offerings according to that rotation. By doing so, you are guaranteeing the best quality of your

ingredients and I want nothing less for my guests at The Sea Fire Grill. It’s also a lot of fun to change things up every now and then. It allows me to be more creative, showcase more ingredients and get people excited about dishes that are only available for a limited amount of time. What are some of the most popular ingredients? Scallops, tuna, halibut, branzino, calamari, salmon. What’s an ingredient you’d love to use, but haven’t yet?

I’d love to experiment with fennel pollen which the Italians actually brought over to the US and ended up planting in California. Fennel pollen has an extraordinary taste that is absolutely different from what you get from a fennel seed. It’s used more sparingly and provides an incredibly unique floral flavor. 158 East 48th Street New York, NY 10017 212.935.3785 | | 53

TWO ITALIAN SUPERSTARS Tavola and Denino’s Greenwich V illage Shine B Y CHR I STO PHE R A. PAPE


hen it comes to Italian food, I’m a bit of a snob. Growing up with an award-winning cookbook author grandmother, who insisted on only the freshest and best-quality ingredients, will do that to you. So, whenever I book a table at an Italian restaurant in the city, it is always with excitement and a bit of trepidation. I can never be certain whether the restaurant will do my ancestral homeland proud or be an embarrassment to my people’s proud culinary heritage. Luckily enough, I’m happy to report that these two Italian eateries are worthy of praise. One is a newer addition the Hell’s Kitchen landscape and the other is a Manhattan outpost of a Staten Island favorite, but both will delight and please you. Try them and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed:



The idea behind Tavola is regional Italian cooking mainly from Puglia, Rome and Sicily. Inspired by owner Nick Accardi’s extensive travels to these regions, the restaurant serves up some of the most inspired Italian dishes this city has to offer. With the help of his relatives, Nick has secured quality regional ingredients, including single estate Castelvetrano olives and extra virgin olive oil, which he exclusively imports and offers for purchase at Tavola. The restaurant features two wood-burning ovens specially handcrafted in Naples, allowing for a variety of cooking temperatures: one for pizza and one for meats and fish. Speaking of pizza, Tavola features mouthwatering options from the Little Neck clam pie featuring clams, roasted garlic, mozzarella, pepperoncino or the Amalfi with Maryland blue crab, thinly sliced lemon, summer herbs and taleggio. Each pie is made with thoughtfulness and taste as if made back in the motherland.

When it comes to tradition, heritage and name recognition, few restaurants can compete with Denino’s. Famed as the best pizza parlor in Staten Island, this institution can now be found in Manhattan. Originally opened in 1937, it has been serving pizza since 1951. Since then, the restaurant has been renowned for their pizza and Italian dishes, which are prepared daily. Some of the standout appetizers include an eggplant tower with fried eggplant, tomato, fresh mozzarella and roasted peppers with a balsamic glaze and miniature rice balls filled simply with perfectly al dente rice and grated parmesan cheese. On the pizza front, a clam pie with fresh garlic, parsley and olive oil with a sprinkle of grated cheese has consistently been voted as the best pizza in New York City.

488 9th Avenue New York, NY 10018 212.273.1181

93 Macdougal Street New York, NY 10012 646.838.6987

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Denino’s Greenwich Village | | 55

FORTINA Italian American at Its Best B Y CHR I STO PHE R A. PAPE


s an Italian American, I am both blessed and cursed by the abundance of Italian eateries found in New York. Some, as all of us know, are horrible iterations of my ancestral home’s thoughtfully crafted cuisine, while, thankfully for us, there are others deserving of credit. Recently, I ate at such an establishment and was blown over by their use of fresh ingredients, expert craftmanship and, most importantly,

56 | |

deliciousness. The restaurant I refer to is Fortina—a n e w i s h a d d i t i o n t o N e w Yo r k C i t y (downtown Brooklyn) but a crowd favorite in Westchester and Connecticut, with several locations spread throughout these tony suburbs. Dedicated to serving the classics of the Italian American kitchen, Fortina goes beyond the tired staples and serves some of the best versions of these classics I’ve had in a long time. We started with a cornucopia of antipasti

that set the tone for the wonderful meal to come. Their most famous dish, fried meatballs, transported me back to my youth and memories of begging my grandmother to make these for me (I contend that a fried meatball eaten before being drowned in marinara sauce is an infinitely better eat). Here, they were served on top of a tomato ragu and smothered in parmesan cheese. The first bite was a meaty revelation, and each bite after only got better. Even my hard-to-please guest (I take him on most

reviews, because he gives me his honest opinion) was enthralled by this devilishly delicious dish. Other antipasti we enjoyed included the mushroom arancini and the fried mozzarella. The arancini was served in a marsala and robiolona cream, and the fried mozzarella sticks were another throwback to my youth. Onto the pizza and main dishes: my guest and I could not resist ordering the Luigi Bianco pizza. Served with burrata, robiolona, parmesan and black truffle, the pizza was eaten in record speed. We

loved the creamy saltiness of the cheeses combined with a hard-to-describe but totally worth it black truffle. Just the aroma alone of the truffle is worth its weight in gold, not to mention the unctuous goodness of the taste itself. We combined the pizza with a lemon spaghetti served with the aforementioned lemon, black pepper, pecorino Romano and sesame. It was a classic pasta dish (honestly, I was surprised to find it on the menu) but one that was more than welcomed. In the final analysis, Fortina is a worthy

addition to the New York City dining scene. By serving well-executed, thoughtfully delicious dishes, it has won my heart, and it should win yours too! Head over to Downtown Brooklyn and experience this Italian gem. You will definitely be happy you did! 445 Albee Square West Brooklyn, NY 11201 917.947.9399 | | 57




t is officially springtime, which means warmer weather and more time spent outdoors. Let’s face it: noofficially one wants to be spending t’s summertime. That meanshours more and spent hoursoutside in the inkitchen they time the sunwhen with family could be having funmeans in theless sun. Here and friends. That also clothing. are 3 nutritious andare delicious snack Whether you in the best shaperecipes of your that won’t intotoyour life, orcut looking dropfun: a few pounds, there is nothing more uncomfortable or frustrating Mini Frozen GreekEven Yogurt than being bloated. thoseCups who work out regularly Makes: individual portions and eat a8 well-balanced diet may struggle from Ingredients: bloating. However, by ingesting the right foods and • 1 cup Greek (plain,you flavored, nonavoiding those thatyogurt induce bloat, will be feeling fat or and low-fat all work!) better appearing lighter in no time! • 4 Tbsp natural peanut butter, divided Directions: My top 4 tips for avoiding bloat: • Add Tbsp Greek yogurt into a silicone Don’t eat1too quickly. baking or muffin mold. (Use 8chewing molds Eatingcup too quickly and not thoroughly total.) your food can cause you to swallow air, which leads Add ½Your Tbsp peanut each mold. to •bloating. meals shouldbutter last at to least 20 minutes. • Top digestion each with remaining 1 Tbspyou Greek Because begins in the mouth, can yogurt. decrease bloating just by simply chewing your food • Freeze for at least 30 minutes. more. Note: Not only isbeverages. this treat refreshing, but Limit carbonated it is with protein-rich Greek Thealso fizz inpacked carbonated drinks can cause gas to get yogurt keep feeling full.lemon, You can trapped intoyour Opt for water with lime, customize thistorecipe well.without I prefer to mint, or cucumber amp up as the flavor added use plain Greek yogurt, but you can play calories or sugar. around withfoods. the flavor combinations. Not a Avoid salty peanut fan? Fillfoods your can frozen cupswater with Eatingbutter high-sodium trigger any otherwhich nut butter of your choicemore (or skip it retention, can make you appear “puffy.” completely)! You evenastop the cups Avoiding sodium isn’tcan as easy steering clear ofwith the slivered freshsneaks berries, or into ground saltshaker,almonds, however. Sodium its way most flaxseeds forpackaged an added nutritional punch! processed and foods (think soups, breads, crackers, and the like), making it very difficult to avoid. Raw WhenBrownie and if youBalls do succumb to salt, increase your Makes: 10-14 balls water intake to help flush it out. Ingredients: Keep a food journal. Although there are some common culprits, bloating

58 | |


• ¼ cup roasted unsalted cashews BY• L¼I Ncup D SAYroasted B RU STEIN ROS EN , M S , RD, C D N unsalted peanuts • 3 medjool dates • 1beTbsp unsweetened cocoa powder may individualized as well. Recording your daily • 3 and Tbsp liquid intake noting how(unsweetened bloated you feel isalmond a great milk, water) way toregular pinpointmilk, whether certain foods or beverages Directions: are triggers for you individually. It is always best to • Add datesor and cocoa powder to consult withnuts, a physician registered dietitian for more aguidance food processor. as well. • While processing, slowly add your liquid 1 tablespoon a time until a batter 6 foods toatintroduce forms. (You may use 1 Tbsp liquid or intoonly your diet: you Kefirmay need 3 Tbsp depending on your ingredients.) Probiotic bacteria found in kefir or yogurt help with Once incorporated, into bitethe•digestive process and fightroll off batter inflammation. Kefir sized is easy balls. to tolerate by those sensitive to dairy. Opt for Note: These ballsversions are loaded with vitamins, plain or unsweetened and sweeten it naturally minerals with fruit. and heart-healthy fats. They require NO cooking at all and can be stored in the Avocados fridge. They areinvery portable so they This food is rich potassium, a mineral thatmake plays for thein perfect park beachPotassium-rich snack. The a role regulating fluidor balance. best partcounteract about them? Useofwhat you have foods help the effects sodium, therefore on hand! Feel free to sub the ½ cup total reducing bloat. of nuts for any other nuts of your choosing Asparagus (walnuts, shelled or Asparagusalmonds, is often referred to as pistachios, the “anti-bloating hazelnuts). superfood.” Ultimately, it helps you urinate, flushing out excess water and in turn relieving any discomfort and Very Bowl which help support bloat.Berry It also Smoothie contains prebiotics, Makes: the growth1 ofsmoothie “good” bacteria in the gut. This helps to Ingredients: maintain a healthy balance in your digestive system 1 cup frozen to •prevent and/or reduceberries flatulence.(strawberries, b lueberries, blackberries, and/or Fennel raspberries) Fennel is rich in potassium, helping to reduce • 1/3 frozen banana post-meal digestive spasms. The seeds found in this • 1contain cup non-fat plain(anethole, Greek yogurt plant compounds fenchone and • ½ cup spinach frozen) estragole) that relax the (fresh GI tract,or allowing gas to pass • ultimately 2/3 cup relieving unsweetened and bloating. almond milk (or low-fat milk)or chamomile tea Peppermint Both of these teas have been found to relax

Directions: Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender. Pour in a bowl and top with toppings of your choice (slivered almonds, gastrointestinal muscles, therefore dissipating the gas ground flaxseed, fresh dried goji that causes your stomach to berries, bloat. Chamomile has berries, chia seeds). also beenor said to soothe and relax, which can help Note: T h of i s stomach n e x t re cipe is also very ease any sort discomfort. customizable because you can really Papaya use whichever berries (or fruit) you have Papain, the enzyme contained in papaya, helps available. fruitinand provide lots break downThe proteins yourspinach gastrointestinal system, of dietary while theAlso, Greek yogurtfruit is easing up thefiber, digestive process. this tropical rich in protein. Thisproperties smoothiealong bowl is agreat has anti-inflammatory with high for as anaafternoon treat. fiberbreakfast content thatorsupport strong digestive tract.

Lindsay Brustein Rosen, MS, RD is a registered dietitian and the founder of Nutrition by Bru, a nutrition counseling and consulting practice in New York. She received a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from New York University, and has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. She is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as the Greater New York Dietetic Association.


deliciouscuisine, cuisine,stylish stylishpresentation, presentation, impeccable impeccable service delicious service

OFF-PREMISE CATERING & EVENT DESIGN for your HOME, BUSINESS or VENUE OFF-PREMISE CATERING & EVENT DESIGN for your HOME, BUSINESS or VENUE Southampton 631.324.9825 Glen Cove 516.676.8500 Manhattan 212.991.0078 Southampton 631 324 9825 · Glen Cove 516 676 8500 · Manhattan 212 991 0078

THE REVERIE SAIGON Italian Artisry Meets V ietnamese V itality BY W.A. MU LLER


he Reverie Saigon is not the place to go if you prefer your hotels as serene sanctuaries. In fact, it is one of the most extravagant hotels in the world, and by far the most glamourous hotel I’ve ever stayed at. The property makes guests feel as if they’re in some surreal sojourn, not the middle of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Decorated with

60 | |

haute Italian furniture, dazzling jewels and palatial-style luxury, the Reverie Saigon, since its opening, has found itself atop the world’s most desirable hotel properties and has been consistently voted the best hotel in Asia by several leading publications. The hotel commands both the upper and lower floors of the contemporary, 39-story, mixed-use Times Square development in Ho Chi Minh City. With over-the-top grandeur

that epitomizes the best of Italian design, the hotel transcends expectations, to offer a modern-day thesis on theatrically inspired splendor. From its rooms and suites to its restaurants and bars as well as its cavernous public spaces, all feature undeniable expressions of “fato a mano” (handmade) artistry in the world. As visually stunning as the setting is inside, so too are the expansive views from

the city’s highest hotel. You’ve never seen Saigon like this. From the beautiful and masculine colonial French architecture to the gentle twists of the Saigon River and the panorama of the sprawling city itself, the eyes have much to take in and be pleased with. With entrances on Saigon’s two most storied avenues, Dong Khoi Street and Nguyen Hue Boulevard, the Reverie sits at the center of the city’s sophisticated section: District 1. As Saigon’s mosthappening neighborhood for both business and leisure, D1 has become a sought-after destination for high-end shopping and the city’s best dining spots. Back inside, all rooms (there are 286 in total), have floor-to-ceiling windows, revealing views of Ho Chi Minh City’s everevolving skyline, the Saigon River and the storied Mekong Delta beyond. The 12 categories of guestrooms offer the largest accommodation in the city, with 224 rooms ranging in size from an ample 462-570 square feet, and 62 suites ranging from

a spacious 678 square feet to extravagantly large 3,369 square feet. The interiors were designed by some of Italy’s most recognized furnishing design brands—including Colombostile, Giorgetti, Poltrona Frau Group and Visionnaire—with styles ranging from chic modern to classical European, from whimsically romantic to fanciful and sophisticated. All guestrooms come outfitted with walk-in or walk-through closets and spacious bathrooms with separate tubs and rain showers. Bath amenities include Chopard in rooms and a choice of Hermès or Acqua di Parma in suites and are complemented by Frette linens throughout. Beds are also dressed in F re t t e , w i t h s m o o t h 4 0 0 thread count in rooms and silky 600 thread count in suites. Duvets are filled with the highest quality goose down, and pillow menus offer more than half a dozen options. Occupying a bi-level space on the top two floors of the hotel, the Reverie Lounge exquisitely redefines the conventional hotel club lounge and is exclusively available to suite guests. The airy retreat is open seven days a week and offers breakfast, afternoon tea and evening cocktails and canapés service daily, with refreshments and light snacks available throughout the day. A small meeting room is also available for complimentary use on

a first come, first serve basis. Three distinctive dining venues satisfy longings for Cantonese, refined French cuisine and hearty, home-style Italian. In addition, a deli serves up made-to-order salads, sandwiches and simple pastas along with homemade chocolate, cakes, cookies and macaroons. Overseen by Italian Executive Chef Giovanni Parrella, each outlet strives to leave culinary impressions that are no less memorable than the hotel itself. Café Cardinal, the hotel’s central gathering place, presents an airy perch with sweeping views of Saigon and captivates with its lively open kitchen, revealing a highly-skilled culinary team at work. At the Royal Pavilion, Hong Kongese chefs, led by Chef de Cuisine Li Kam Wa, present the finest Cantonese to be had in all of Vietnam. Jade stones, vermillion and traditional Chinese scenes painted on gold leaf are juxtaposed with chairs and tableware designed by Provasi of Italy to accentuate the restaurant’s stately ambiance. At R&J, Italian Chef de Cuisine Fabrizio Valdetara delivers innovative presentations of home-style cooking from Italy’s north right down to its south, with subtle twists of the imagination in a setting as passionate as its inspiration. Whether Saigon is your first destination of your Vietnamese tour or your last, make the Reverie Saigon your first choice in hotel accommodation. From its striking elegance, haute Italian sophistication, large and plush rooms, superlative service and sumptuous dining, there is no hotel like it in the country, or one might say, in the world. Take my advice and book this hotel. You won’t be disappointed! | | 61

62 | |



n my recent trip to Vietnam, I had the very fortunate opportunity to stay in a world-class hotel, The Reverie Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City. Within this glamourous abode, there lies three magical restaurants: one French, one Italian and the other Cantonese. Though each were delicious, my guest and I were particularly fond of the Cantonese eatery called the Royal Pavilion. As many of you may know, for many traditional Cantonese cooks, the flavors of a dish should be well balanced and not oily. Apart from that, spices should be used in modest amounts to avoid overwhelming the primary ingredients, and these ingredients in turn should be at the peak of their freshness and quality. With that in mind, it was with grateful astonishment that my guest and I enjoyed our meal at the Royal Pavilion. Here, finally, after many years of disappointment in New York City, was Cantonese at its truest potential. This was a kitchen self-assured in its goals and adept enough to execute them. Helmed by Chef de Cuisine Li Kam Wa, the restaurant presents the finest dim sum, braised imperial bird’s nest, honey-glazed barbecue pork and of course, shark fin soup. One of the dishes my guest and I were desperate to try, having read the menu in advance of our visit, was abalone. It is a rare treat to be had in the United States, so to see many types of vari-

etals on offer here made our hearts go pitter-patter. Of course, we ordered two pieces. The supple, tender quality of the flesh is hard to describe, but suffice it to say, it is one of the most delicately wonderful meats I’ve ever had. It was accompanied by a brown sauce, which I surmised at the time to be a combination of soy and sugar. Needless to say, this dish was an exquisite piece of art and an ode to Cantonese cooking. Mention should be made of the aforementioned shark fin soup and bird’s nest, which I’ve never had before, but according to my Japanese guest, these were excellent iterations of the most famous of Chinese dishes. The shark fin, a controversial food ingredient in the United States (less so in Asia), was subtle in flavor and seemed similar to typical fish soups found in Cantonese cooking, which does not mean it was not delicious. It was, exceedingly so. The bird’s nest was unlike anything I’ve ever had. I detected earthy tones, alongside the lush consistency of the soup itself. I could go on and on describing all their dishes; we had so many good ones! However, limited by talent and space, I want to make it abundantly clear that this restaurant is worthy of great recognition. If you ever find yourself in Ho Chi Minh City, make your way to the Royal Pavilion. You’ll be so glad you did! It is an extravagance definitely worth booking! | | 63

THE ANAM A V ietnamese Paradise BY W.A. MU LLER


s a busy New Yorker, I long for nothing more than days spent on an exotic beach. W ith warm sun, stunning views, delicious drinks and a special companion, there is little in the world that can compare. That’s what makes the Anam, on Vietnam’s Cam Ranh Bay, so special. Being one of Vietnam’s top hotels and with access to

64 | |

crystalline waters, the Anam, which opened only a few years ago, is a top choice when hunting for your next vacation. It goes without saying that the Anam is a beautiful luxury resort that encapsulates both colonial-era charm and the relaxed atmosphere of an exotic locale. The property has been thoughtfully designed, allowing guests ample space to unwind and enjoy the serene magic of a tropical getaway.

Cam Ranh Bay, a 60-minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City, is on the verge of becoming Vietnam’s biggest beach resort destination, and the Anam is among the first of many multimillion-dollar resorts to open doors along this coastline. Therefore, it’s no wonder that if it’s luxury, privacy and a lovely beach holiday you’re after, this area is ideal. The Anam overlooks almost 1000 feet of beachfront, which averages more than 300

sunny days per year. The luxurious five-star resort boasts 117 villas and 96 rooms and suites. The Anam also features a fine dining grill, an all-day dining restaurant, a classical bar, sports bar and beach club, in-room dining, a 10-treatment-room spa, a 3-D movie theatre, three capacious swimming pools, a ballroom, conference rooms, recreation and fitness center, a tennis court, yoga room and deck, kids club, gift shop and more. The Anam’s design was inspired by Vietnam’s bygone Indochine era. The resort’s romantic appeal draws on this particular epoch, evoking a nostalgic tone with its imperial-style roofs, lanterns, big-bellied water vases, decorative pools, customized mosaic floor tiles and stone pathways. In many places, pillars and horizontal lines frame views across sparkling pools that are edged with villas and palm trees (there are more than 3,000 on the property), which form part of an extensive and beautifully landscaped garden. Leafy plants grow tall against the resort’s buildings, allowing them to recede into the garden, cultivating an impression of a tropical paradise. Each room epitomizes the ultimate in V ietnamese craftsmanship and offers picturesque views of the ocean, headlands, lush gardens and the resort’s swimming and decorative pools. The villas, rooms and suites range in size from 165 square feet to 895 square feet. All the accommodations are light and airy and feature king-sized and/

or twin beds in the center of the bedroom, h a rd w o o d f i n i s h e s f ro m s u s t a i n a b l y cultivated forests and customized encaustic mosaic floor tiles, creating an atmosphere of old-world elegance. All the bathrooms in the villas, rooms and suites are adorned with grey slate stone tiling and feature deep-soaking tubs and separate rain showers. The villas’ bathrooms open to private gardens. The rooms’ and suites’ bathtubs in the Anam Collection can be partitioned from the rest of the interior space with folding, wooden doors. Every villa features terraces and/or balconies,

and 27 of the villas have their own private swimming pools. With five dining venues, the Anam does not lack for options. Its main restaurant, the Indochine, is located near the Anam’s openair lobby overlooking the East Sea. Rich wood accents and luxurious fittings and fixtures set the mood in a multi-level dining space that feels like a collection of intimate restaurants more than a single venue. Its terraces overlook one of the resort’s three swimming pools and are bathed in welcome slithers of sunlight by day and in the glow of lanterns and candles by night. At the Indochine, an extensive buffet breakfast includes popular Vietnamese, Asian and Western dishes, large spreads of pastries, breads and fruit, a live cooking station and freshly squeezed juices. Lunch is an a la carte affair with a delectable selection of contemporary Vietnamese, Asian and European cuisine. A Vietnamese set lunch menu is available on demand. The restaurant hosts buffet dinners to themes that change daily, featuring a range of experiences from seafood BBQ to Italian and Vietnamese. W ith a hotel this special, it’s easy to understand why it’s become an instant crowd-pleaser. From the stunning views, amiable staff, delicious food and a beach that is breathtaking, the Anam is the leader in luxury Vietnamese resorts. I suggest you book your room today! | | 65

FUSION RESORT CAM RANH The Perfect Be ach Resort (And So Much More!) BY ANGELA NOELLE


ietnam has only, in the last decade, become a hot tourist destination. With that newness brings excellent opportunities for discovering new and exciting local destinations and hotel properties. One such location, Cam Ranh, was a fishing village in the not too distant past. Today, it hosts some of the most luxurious and exclusive properties in

66 | |

all of Vietnam. One of the best is Fusion Resort Cam Ranh. Located on the south-central coast of the country, the property is about three years old and has introduced a new level of service and accommodation to the area. With its wellness concept, it has become one of the hottest booking in Vietnam. Once known for its US military base, Cam Ranh has come into its own as a tourist

destination. Luxury lodgings, natural beauty, pristine white-sand shores and a more relaxed vibe attract visitors after a beach vacation away from the usual haunts. The 72-suite-and-villa beachfront property is 34 acres in total and just ten minutes from the international airport (once an American military base). There’s complimentary shuttle service to town, but no one would blame you if you never wanted to step off this

stunning property. All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV and a comfortable seating area. Most notable of all is the signature hanging bathtub in the bathroom. You can and should enjoy a soak with the herbal bath treatment—a rejuvenating mix of lemongrass, lime and other aromatic herbs. As you step inside your villa, you’ll notice how spacious and airy it is. A lovely breeze and sunlight are part of the decor, blending seamlessly into the wooden furnishings and soft white fabrics. For the best villas in the resort, book one with direct access to the beach, or one with the beach at your doorstep and a private pool. The best part: the villas can accommodate up to four people. The resort offers a private beach, several pools, a gym and a restaurant with a beach bar. In addition to the sleek, sophisticated contemporary design, and a setting so peaceful you’ll soon forget the outside world

even exists, Fusion has one feature that sets it apart from any other property in the area: it is an all-spa inclusive resort! It has recently revamped its spa menu, by introducing a packed schedule of healthy and healing activities ranging from anti-gravity yoga and yoga for children to daily meditation and Tai Chi sessions. Up to four types of yoga classes are now on offer per day. Local ingredients have found a place on the menu with options including a V ietnamese coffee scrub—a blend of brown sugar and coffee used to polish and moisturize dull skin (which is simply amazing and a must try)—and a pineapple smoothie wrap that uses fresh tropical fruit for cleansing and healing. More decadent food items in the line-up include caviar in an anti-ageing facial. More than 30 treatments are available at Maia Spa, including a range of herbal baths, facials, body wraps, eastern and western-style massages and reflexology and nail care.

Beyond the spa, the food at the hotel is magnificent. With one of the most interesting food concepts in the world, the hotel offers complimentary gourmet breakfast at any time and place. Guests can enjoy breakfast in the privacy of their own suite or villa, at the resort’s infinity pool or on the beach, any time of day. For dinner, feel the ocean breeze at their sheltered open-air dining restaurant with bay views. Here, they serve Vietnamese specialties and continental favorites. Whether a beach lover or a spa fanatic, there is something for everyone. W ith fantastic views, personable and professional service, large and open rooms, modern touches and excellent amenities, Fusion Cam Ranh is the place to be while in Vietnam. In a location that can’t be beat, this is a hotel that is sure to be the hardest booking for years to come! Trust me, go and you won’t be disappointed! | | 67



ld-world mastery of details and elegance meets modern sophistication and convenience at this worldclass hotel, the best of H a n o i , S o f i t e l ’s L e g e n d Metropole Hanoi. Opened in 1901, this is one of the leading old colonial hotels of Southeast Asia. Far from resting on its revered name and central location, it has managed to move with the times and retain

68 | |

its grandeur, combining modernity with oldschool glamor, in the heart of Hanoi’s former French Quarter. Hanoi is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in all of Asia. It is often the start or end of a trip to Vietnam, and what a great welcome or farewell it is. Packed with charm, Hanoi has gone through enormous changes in the last decade, since Vietnam opened its doors to tourism, but the city retains all the characteristics, which make

it an amazing city to experience. As for the hotel, it is divided into two wings. The historic Metropole Wing was inspired by classic French architecture with a nod to local Vietnamese style. The more contemporary Opera Wing has been renovated to create a blend between the historic and modern elements of the hotel, and great care was taken to respect the rich heritage of the site while installing state-ofthe-art technology. New additions include

the Executive Floors and a Club Lounge. The hotel has 364 gorgeous rooms. The Metropole wing has 106 guestrooms and three Legendary Suites. The suites are named after famous residents and visitors to the hotel (Graham Greene, Charlie Chaplin and Somerset Maugham with private gardens) and have access to the Club Lounge. The Opera Wing offers 236 guestrooms (including 12 Premium Room Patios with a 2-square-meter terrace opening into a garden feature) and 18 suites, and one Grand Prestige Suite spanning 176 square meters. Each room in the Opera Wing has been individually furnished and decorated in a neoclassical style. The fifth, sixth and seventh floors, the Club Metropole Floors, are home to the Grand Premium Rooms, six Prestige Suites, and the Grand Prestige Suite, with exclusive luxuries and services such as a personal butler, afternoon tea and evening cocktails. Located in the center of the hotel, Le Spa du Metropole fits perfectly into its

environment, a pleasant 400-square-meter space overlooking the charming garden courtyard and pool. Each massage area is private, allowing guests to meditate, recharge and make the most of the spa experience. Using top products, such as Sisley, Clarins, Ytsara and Laurent Severac, Le Spa has diverse facilities: two themed spa suites for couples, six individual spa suites, one manicure and pedicure room, steam bath, sauna, showers, a relaxation room and a reception area. The Metropole restaurants and bars are all famous dining venues, each offering a different exotic experience: Le Beaulieu has the best French fare in Vietnam; Spices Garden offers the ultimate in Vietnamese gastronomy; Angelina, Italian Restaurant and Lounge, is the capital’s current hotspot; La Terrasse brings Parisian-style to the sidewalks of Hanoi; Le Club Bar treats guests to its famous chocolate buffet and cool jazz performances; and finally, Bamboo Bar brings poolside lounging to the next

level. Like the hotel, Le Beaulieu is more than 100 years old. Many have frequented t h i s re s t a u r a n t , i n c l u d i n g p o l i t i c i a n s , entrepreneurs, diplomats and war correspondents, like Graham Greene and Lucien Bodart. Directed today by Executive Chef Nicholas Shadbolt and Chef de Cuisine Olivier Genique, Le Beaulieu is especially known for its extravagant brunch as well as the live violin, which is the Sunday rendezvous for Hanoi. S o f i t e l L e g e n d M e t ro p o l e H a n o i i s beyond just the best hotel in Hanoi. It is an institution, and one that can’t be missed! From its luxurious rooms, personable and knowledgeable staff, fantastic dining and stunning luxury, the hotel is a world-class property tucked into the heart of the French Quarter of Hanoi. You’ll love everything about this property, and it’s the perfect launching pad for exploring this vibrant city. | | 69



ietnam is a country of splendor. From its rich street culture, fragrant and flavorful food, to its stunning scenery, it is a destination that has only grown in popularity as a tourist hotspot in the last 10 years. One of the main attractions is the natural wonder of Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay, on the northeast coast

70 | |

of Vietnam, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is teeming with massive limestone formations and is strikingly beautiful; basically, it is the perfect place to end a trip to Vietnam. The best place to experience the bay is to cruise on a junk boat. Paradise Luxury Cruises is the largest and most luxurious company working in Ha Long Bay. With four ships, each one more luxurious and outfitted than the next, it is the

go-to company in Ha Long Bay. They offer one- and two-night cruises. From its topnotch service, a tastefully decorated boat and excellent food, Paradise is the leader in client experience. Most guests arrive from Hanoi, which is a four-hour drive from the center of the city to the bay. The cruise line will gladly send a luxury van to collect you from your hotel in Hanoi, which gives you no excuse not to take this beautiful adventure!

Paradise Elegance

Mention should be made of their newest ship, Paradise Elegance. The 200-ton steel craft measures 61 meters long and 13 meters wide, making it the biggest overnight option in the UNESCO World Heritage site, ever. In addition to 31 high-design cabins that range from 250-350 square feet and include private balconies, walk-in closets, rain showers and floor-to-ceiling glass doors, Paradise Elegance features an array of upscale amenities, including an artfully sectioned dining room with piano bar and a spa with four treatment rooms. Once on board, you are briskly and efficiently shown to your cabin. Adorned with high-quality wooden and bamboo décor, air-conditioning and views to die for, the room is one of the attractions of the boat. But, you didn’t come here to spend time in your room. Lunch is served soon after arrival, and each guest can pick an activity of interest for after the meal. For example, you can

Home Restaurant Hanoi

go kayaking, which is a fabulous way to get closer to the stunning rock formations and feel the breeze from the bay. Next, visit the Hang Sung Sot, which means “surprise cave.” The surprise of the cave is the fresh water pools inside, making it an excellent way to explore the hidden treasures of Vietnam. Later that evening, enjoy happy hour and watch a cooking demonstration. Savor the wonderfully authentic Vietnamese cuisine on board and watch the twinkling lights, both in the sky and onshore. Sit back and relax, confident in the knowledge that Paradise truly exemplifies the mystery and beauty of Ha Long Bay—stunning with much still to explore. In addition to the fantastic experience you can have on water, there is plenty to do on land. The company owns a fantastic restaurant in the heart of Hanoi called Home Restaurant. The fusion of old-world glamour and refinement meets moder n

sophistication at this stunning restaurant. Pairing the finest traditional Vietnamese food with inspired contemporary cuisine makes for a memorable evening. Located in one of Hanoi’s most desirable areas, Home Restaurant is within walking distance of lyrical lakes, traditional markets, charming parks and many of Hanoi’s most popular sites. Set within a former French residence, Home is a unique take on Vietnamese cooking. It is here you can try a crunchy salad full of flavor and the freshest of seafood grilled to perfection. The meat is tender and expertly marinated in pungent (in the best sense of the word) Vietnamese sauces and accompanied by fresh herbs, direct from their garden. Each of their wines is handpicked to best accompany the light nature of Vietnamese cooking. | | 71



a Résidence in Hue, Vietnam, is one of the grande dames of the country and enough of a reason, in and of itself, to visit this magical city. The hotel was once a grand mansion built in 1930 as part of the former colonial governor’s residence. This architectural show-stopper

72 | |

overlooks Hue’s Perfume River, and it was restored and re-opened in 2005 as a luxury hotel. The city of Hué is steeped in history, from the days of the imperial court to the Vietnam War. La Résidence is perfectly located for seeing these stunning attractions, but also perfectly secluded. The main sites are the

Nguyen Tombs—a grand set of complexes of the Nguyen Dynasty kings, anchored by mausoleums within gardens, courtyards, pavilions, palaces and stela houses. Nearby sits the massive Citadel, an over-the-top interpretation of the dynastic capital in Beijing, as well as many pagodas, including Tu Hieu.

The hotel’s frontage sits along the south bank of the river with terraces, gardens and a wall of windows, offering splendid views of the city’s Flagtower Bastion, Citadel and the Trang Tien Bridge. The style cues of the hotel date back to its era of completion: art deco. The redesign honored that influence; art deco design touches can be seen throughout the hotel. They’re found in the door frames of the reception hall and billiard room, the ceilings and doors of the restaurant and in the indirect lighting and staircase banisters–all hallmarks of the art deco movement. In three connected buildings, the hotel’s 122 guest rooms and suites combine age-old charm and Asian opulence, with louvered shutters, hardwood floors and lofty ceilings. Each room features a private

balcony or terrace with views of the river. Rooms are decked in warm, vibrant colors with golden and chocolate brown tones. Signature suites feature four-poster beds and roomy claw-foot tubs. As for the offerings of the hotel, Le Parfum restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine with a strong French accent. One of the highlights of the menu is the authentically Hue-style beef pho from the local side of the menu. The Le Gouveneur Bar is the physical and social heart of the hotel, with guests socializing and working over tea in the afternoon and over cocktails by night. The spa has a diverse menu that ranges from a rigorous Vietnamese massage with fire to facials with high-end products from the Italian line Comfort Zone. Near the garden, there’s a saltwater swimming pool.

Of interest to Japanese guests, Japanese Americans or admirers of Japanese culture is the recent visit of their near retiring emperor, Akihito. In 2017, he and his wife, visited Hue and stayed at La Résidence. Guests can stay in the suite he used or eat the special menu designed by the hotel’s chefs in honor of his visit. Whether visiting for the hotel’s luxurious accommodations, interesting history or for the city’s splendor, you cannot go wrong with staying here. From the personable and expert service to the large rooms on offer, La Résidence leaves an indelible (and fashionable) mark on their guests. Stay and be enchanted!



ravel has always been a passion of mine. I’ve been privileged enough to have traveled to over 50 countries, from Africa to Asia and of course, Europe. Nothing beats the thrill of experiencing some hidden part of a culture, a new food or a new sight. But truth be told, I detest the process of traveling; getting on a cramped plane makes me feel like a helpless sardine. That is why I counted my blessings when I booked my flight on Cathay Pacific’s business class; this was going to be a comfortable ride! I was more than excited, and now the act of traveling could be pleasurable too! Cathay Pacific has one of the best reputations in the airline industry, thanks to spectacular service, a young fleet and excellent premium cabins. This was enough of a reason to entice me! My flight on the airline’s flagship 777-

74 | |

300ER in business class was an amazing experience that made the long flight to Hong Kong (over 15 hours) totally worth it (I even wished the flight was longer!). From the moment I stepped up to the check-in counter to the moment I disembarked from the plane in Hong King, I was totally enthralled by Cathay Pacific’s professionalism. A bit of background is necessary if you are unfamiliar with this prestigious brand. The Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Group offers scheduled passenger and cargo services to over 200 destinations in Asia, North America, Australia, Europe and Africa, using a fleet of close to 200. Cathay Pacific is a founding member of Oneworld, the airline alliance. Member airlines include: Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LATAM Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airlines, Royal Jordanian, S7 Airlines and SriLankan

Airlines. These airlines serve more than 1,000 airports in over 150 countries. But back to the experience itself, suffice it to say, I wasn’t disappointed. Cathay’s seats are large, featuring innovative inflight entertainment (with a wide-range of large-release films), multi-point reclining seats that were easy to use and delicious food (which seemed as if it were prepared onboard). The freshness of the food cannot be understated, as the fish that was served seemed practically line-caught. I could go on and on, but know this: I found this business-class experience extremely enjoyable. From the staff, comfort of the seats, food and general atmosphere, you could tell great care was used to create a memorable flight. I’m very glad I had the opportunity to fly with Cathay Pacific. I urge you to book your flight today. You won’t be disappointed!

th i rty par k p lac e

Our favorite part of going out is coming home

Tribeca Condominiums Starting at $2.995M

Fully Serviced by Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

S E A S O N S P R I VAT E R E S I D E N C E S N E W YO R K D O W N TO W N . T H E M A R K S “ F O U R S E A S O N S , ” “ F O U R S E A S O N S H OT E L S A N D R E S O R T S , ” A N Y C O M B I N AT I O N T H E R E O F A N D T H E T R E E D E S I G N A R E R E G I S T E R E D T R A D E M A R K S O F F O U R S E A S O N S H OT E L S L I M I T E D I N C A N A DA A N D U . S . A . A N D O F F O U R S E A S O N S H OT E L S ( B A R B A D O S ) LT D . E L S E W H E R E .

S E A S O N S ) , T H O U G H T H E Y W I L L N OT B E O W N E D , D E V E LO P E D O R S O L D BY F O U R S E A S O N S . S P O N S O R U S E S T H E F O U R S E A S O N S T R A D E M A R K S A N D T R A D E N A M E S U N D E R A L I C E N S E F R O M F O U R S E A S O N S H OT E L S L I M I T E D . C O R C O R A N S U N S H I N E M A R K E T I N G G R O U P I S T H E R E A L E S TAT E AG E N T R E S P O N S I B L E F O R T H E M A R K E T I N G O F 3 0 PA R K P L AC E , F O U R

I N C LU D E D . S P O N S O R : 3 0 PA R K P L AC E R E S I D E N T I A L L LC , C /O S I LV E R S T E I N P R O P E R T I E S I N C . 2 5 0 G R E E N W I C H S T R E E T, N E W YO R K , N E W YO R K 1 0 0 07. E Q U A L H O U S I N G O P P O R T U N I T Y. 3 0 PA R K P L AC E , F O U R S E A S O N S P R I VAT E R E S I D E N C E S N E W YO R K D O W N TO W N W I L L B E M A N AG E D BY F O U R S E A S O N S H OT E L S L I M I T E D A N D/O R I T S A F F I L I AT E S ( F O U R

A L L I M AG E S A R E A R T I S T S ’ R E N D E R I N G S . A D D I T I O N A L I N F O R M AT I O N AVA I L A B L E AT T H E S A L E S O F F I C E . T H E C O M P L E T E O F F E R I N G T E R M S A R E I N A N O F F E R I N G P L A N AVA I L A B L E F R O M T H E S P O N S O R . F I L E N O . C D 1 3 - 0 2 5 8 . S P O N S O R R E S E R V E S T H E R I G H T TO M A K E C H A N G E S I N AC C O R DA N C E W I T H T H E T E R M S O F T H E O F F E R I N G P L A N . F U R N I T U R E N OT


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s M e x i c o ’s m o s t v i s i t e d destination, Cancun is known throughout the world for its spectacular beaches, unique beauty, breathtaking turquoise waters, and colorful culture. Cancun is located in the northern part of the southeastern Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The area includes the area of Puerto Morelos and the islands of the

76 | |

Mexican Caribbean, which are comprised of Isla Mujeres, Holbox and Contoy. It is a multifaceted destination that combines the very best in luxury, nature, Mayan culture, glamour and world-class amenities with seductive adventure offerings and an upand-coming culinary scene. Nestled on Cancun’s finest stretch of private beach, the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun offers the best of both

worlds: award-winning luxury that transports the soul to pure relaxation, yet equally stimulates with its proximity to the area’s vibrant culture and entertainment. Beautiful surroundings combined with top-notch service have made the property the winner of the prestigious Five Diamond award numerous times and gar nered accolades from many of the top publications, as one of Mexico’s best resorts. It is also

a member of the elite Preferred Hotels & Resorts. All 602 suites offer spacious comfort and feature breathtaking ocean views, offering vistas of sea and sand at every turn. The décor is warm yet retains an element of refinement, naturally complementing the setting. Their world-class, 40,000 square foot Gem Spa boasts stunning, sophisticated design, innovative treatments inspired by gemstone therapy and unique amenities including a 10-step hydrotherapy ritual-and 26 treatment rooms complete with luxurious, private VIP treatment rooms. Room categories include the Junior Suite Ocean View, Junior Suite Ocean Front, a Master Suite, Gover nor Suite, Grand Club Junior, Grand Club Master and the Presidential Suite. Cool marble floors welcome guests into the Junior Suite Ocean View beautifully designed 560 sq. ft. room. Spectacular views are enjoyed from the private sitting areas and surrounding balcony. Guests can choose from two comfortable double beds or a single luxurious king-sized bed. This Governor suite is 1,500 sq. ft. of pure luxury and features a private reception

area, living and dining areas with marble floors and an expansive terrace which offers dazzling views of the ocean by day and night. The most luxurious room on offer is the Presidential Suite. Spanning two levels and 5 x 410 sq. ft., this suite boasts uncompromising luxury with panoramic ocean views from the private rooftop plunge pool overlooking the ocean, a fullyequipped kitchen with separate dining and living areas that open onto a large terrace. The interior also features a private study, a guest bedroom and a master bedroom with a Jacuzzi and steam room. An awe-inspiring pool spans the length of the hotel and boasts rich blue “lagoon-like” waters and numerous relaxing lounges. The resort gorgeous beachfront is continually regarded as one of Cancun’s best and is lined with tropical palapas along the sand. Picture-perfect vistas offer an unobstructed view of nearby Isla Mujeres. Resort guests may also enjoy a variety of water sports from the resort as well as visits to local attractions including Cichen Itza, Tulum, Xcaret, Xel-Ha and Cozumel. Various dining options include the Five Diamond Le Basillic, the oceanfront fresh

seafood restaurant Isla Contov and the authentic and stylish La Joya. Local Mexican flavor is infused in the ambience nightly with traditional Mariachi singers serenading at sunset in the lobby. The hotel’s 85,000 square foot of meeting and function space can accommodate groups up to 1,800 guests and offers numerous function capabilities. This area is conveniently located in its own section of the resort. Exciting news for guests include the resort elevating its gastronomic offerings with the launch of a new interactive, digital gourmet dining experience available at the resort’s award-winning La Joya restaurant. Guests are now able to immerse themselves in an eight-course meal, prepared by the resort’s Executive Chef Sergio Zárate, that celebrates Mexico’s rich history and indigenous ingredients. The dinner is served on a custom-built, 16-person communal table that displays vivid video depicting the journey of the country’s mesmerizing past, while narration and music add to the multisensory culinary adventure. | | 77

INTERVIEW WITH ADAM KLUGER on Desperate T imes: Short Stories


: Why Bukowski? There are a lot of reasons. The humor, the honesty, the accessibility. When you find a writer that speaks to you-- like music - you just really appreciate it. Bukowski deserves all the love he gets. His writing delivers. Post Office, Women, Love is a Dog From Hell, Ham on Rye, Hollywood and pretty much every book he ever wrote-- I’ve read them all and will keep re-reading them. The prose, the poetry - so good. His film with Barbet Schroeder- The Bukowski Tapes is just amazing. I could watch it over and over. Bukowski revered and promoted John Fante, who was also a terrific writer. Bukowski, to his credit also had the courage to criticize many of the literary world’s over-rated writers--as being pompous and unreadable --which was criticism that was frankly long overdue. Q: Hemingway? Same thing. Hemingway knew how to write beautiful prose and he delivered. I love his Iceberg theory and his other theories on writing. Old Man & The Sea is a classic but so too are most of his short stories like The Killers, A Well Lighted Place and The Three Day Blow. I also really enjoy his Green Hills of Africa. An important writer.

78 | |

Q: Salinger? Catcher in The Rye. Masterpiece. Franny & Zooey also praise-worthy. And his Nine Stories. Salinger was a good short story writer. A Perfect Day for Bananafish was powerful and memorable. Q: F. Scott Fitzgerald? Love Fitzgerald. So good. So talented. Gatsby was brilliant but his short stories are also worthy of notice from Bernice Bobs Her Hair to A Diamond as Big as the Ritz to the hilarious Pat Hobby Stories. To become the voice of a generation means you’re pretty good. Q: What is Guy Lit? A label. People come up with labels. Who knows why? The truth of the matter is that Desperate Times is simply a collection of flash fiction and short stories about male protagonists who find themselves facing various conflicts. These stories do owe quite a bit to the rich American short story traditions that these previously mentioned literary giants (Bukowski, Hemingway) have already set forth. It’s hard not to be inspired by their books and advice on writing. One contemporary writer I love just for his understanding of dialogue is David Mamet. Glengarry Glen Ross--wow! Doesn’t matter if you are writing for the stage or a short story. Great dialogue is great dialogue. Q: Others Literary Heroes? Melville and Kerouac have also impacted me in various ways. How can you not read Moby Dick over and over and over and marvel at the timeless poetry within? Oscar Wilde’s gorgeous use of description in his short stories is almost like that of a painter. Capote’s facility with language at such a young age, Faulkner’s America , Kerouac’s exuberant jazz-like explorations, O’Henry’s incredible sense of humor

and use of Twain-like twists of phrasing. There are so many incredible American Short Story Writers. My hope is that folks who pick up Desperate Times, might also decide to explore America’s great Short Story traditions. Q: Any other Short story writers that have caught your attention? James Joyce, I love Dubliners which I just came across recently at a book fair in Kent, Ct. Joyce’s writing style is such a pleasure to read and his ability to deliver a meaningful and resonant short story is so impressive. While not a short story, I was greatly impressed recently by the classic French coming of age novel The Wanderer by Henri Alain Fournier. Also, I’m just now digging into the collected stories of Guy De Maupassant and was immediately blown away

by the sheer beauty and profundity of Moonlight. I also picked up a dog-eared copy of Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio, which I’ve often wanted to read. It has a weird, unsettling, mythic quality to it due to the way that Anderson incorporates dreams with character sketches. Reminds me a bit of the feeling you get watching Blue Velvet or Twin Peaks. Q: What do you hope readers will take away from Desperate Times: Short Stories? Great question. I hope the reader is entertained. I hope they find value or resonance in some of the stories and characters. I tried to order the 45 stories so that the collection would feel a little bit like an emotional roller coaster. Q: How so? Just tried to mix it up a bit Some of the stories rely on dark humor. Some offer quirky characters in strange situations. Some offer poignancy or bitterness. Some provide a glimmer of hope or a denouement of some sort. I guess the glass is either half- full or half-empty based on the reader’s pre-disposition. My hope is that this collection of flash fiction will invite repeated readings. Q: You mean to say that some of your stories are open-ended? Exactly. Again, I think Hemingway Salinger, Bukowski did a lot of that. They all left a little meat on the bone for their readers to chew on. Life is not always so obvious or cut and dried. Less is more sometimes. You never want to talk down to your audience. You want to engage them in a conversation. A couple of these stories have a parable-like quality to them. But again that’s entirely up to the

reader to interpret and discover. Literature that makes you work a little bit to derive a meaning or message is more fun I think. Q: How is it fun? Well an active reader is required to use their curiosity, deductive capabilities and to contextualize a story, situation or character in order to determine if the protagonist is a hero or anti-hero. Originally, this book’s working title was, Winners & Losers which was a double entendre, in that some of the main characters are clearly heroes--but are they actually “winners” or “losers” in the eyes of American Society? That’s where the reader is called in to make such decisions. What’s the criteria? That’s up to the reader. I also liked “Winners & Losers” as a title because some stories are just stronger than others. Not every story can be a winner. Even the greatest of writers and artists have misfires. I’m hoping that there are only a couple of rotten apples in the bunch. Q: It’s pretty unusual for a writer to be critical of his work isn’t it? Hemingway said it best, if you want to be a good writer you need to possess a fail-safe bullsh-t detector. Q: What are your thoughts on various Literary Magazine Editors calling you one of America’s most intriguing contemporary short fiction writers? Now that’s total bullsh-t. (Laughs)

On his Artwork “Whether I apply chromatic composition, an eclectic palette or color desaturation with my mixed media methods, makes less of a difference, than if the art object resonates with the viewer. It’s totally hit or miss and that’s what makes it so exciting to me,” says Kluger. “I adapt my painting style to the subject matter—and New York City has no shortage of fascinating subjects. “To me, all my subjects have a dramatic arc, a back-story, a heroic or tragic quality… but ultimately it’s up to the viewer to imbue the art with a particular meaning. It’s almost Jungian in a way. I believe that art is singular to the individual the same way dreams are. I am drawn to nonsentimental slices of life,” says the artist, who is

often seen roaming city streets capturing images, “but life in New York City—by its very nature—is full of irony, drama, beauty and danger. “I like to adapt my painting style to the subject matter. I can paint stylistic portraits using a muted palette to express inner turmoil or mix my media and go bold with the color. My painting process is similar to Warhol in that I start off photographing a subject. Then it becomes a multi-step process until I get to the final painting or mixed media image. It’s sort of like pottery: when you are making pottery it does not look very impressive. White glop really. Then you take some magic colored powders and manipulate shapes and throw it in the kiln… and what comes out is—Voila! Something colorful, unexpected and wonderful.

Artist/Author Adam Kluger Adam Kluger is a New York City writer and artist and distant cousin of famed British sculptor Sir Jacob Epstein. Kluger attended the same high school as Jack Kerouac and draws inspiration from diverse literary sources that include Charles Bukowski, John Fante, Ernest Hemingway, and Herman Melville as well as artists Jean Dubuffet, Andy Warhol, Bob Ross, Eric Payson, and Pablo Picasso. Kluger is one of the leaders of New York’s growing AntiArt movement. He curated the Desperate Times group art show at the Susan Eley gallery in January 2017. His illustrated flash fiction, Desperate Times: Short Stories is available on Amazon. A veteran television writer and producer (Fox, CNN, E!), Kluger owns and operates a PR firm He is a proud dad and terrible golfer who says he credits his current literary and art-world success to hard work, a willingness to completely ignore all the rules and the kindness and unflagging support of family and friends. | | 79

Chattanooga Image: 9 x 9 in 16 x16 mat gouache and ink on archival

Tiffany de Lisio Passionate Artist B Y ADAM K LUG E R

Themes in your work? I have always been interested in the interface of energy, color, dynamics and mood provocation so my art encompasses my forays into those intangibles. At some point once I reach saturation on affects, faces and figures will likely become a fo-

Covent Jardin | Image: 10 x 10 in 16 x16 mat | gouache and ink on archival

80 | |

cus. I already see faces and totems that need further extrapolation in some of my existing compositions. Influences? I was an Executive Assistant at the Woodner Collection shortly after college where I was exposed to a huge collection of Old Master Drawings as well as a significant collection of Odilon Redon whose haunting musings preceded the well known, less intellectual, mainstream Impressionists. Although I did not appreciate the body of his work at the time, I see some aftershadow affects that resonate in my ponderings, especially with respect to allegorical and/or floral influences. Additionally although, again, I never particularly liked Gorky his work has been mentioned. I do like Klimt and have been flattered when people liken some

of my pieces to his style. Chuck Close and his photo collages has also been a curiosity as has Helen Frankenthaler and her abstract studies entitled with references to global religions. In my personal world, I have always observed that air is granular, like the snow in blank TV screens so trying to dissect that matter is likely a subconscious undercurrent. Is your art wearable? There are several online “stores� that invite artists to upload their art/textile designs to be used on their products for resale. I have placed designs on VIDA which has leather, silk and cashmere accessories; ArtofWhere which offers ecopoly spawear and Spoonflower/Roostery who offer wall paper, textiles and linens for bed and dining.

Marigold in Field of Wildflowers | Image: 10 x 10 in 16 x16 mat | gouache and ink on archival

Quest | Image: 9 x 9 in 16 x16 mat | | 81

LAURA RUGINYTE Captures the Majestic Essence of Horses on Canvas B Y W.A. MULLE R


aura Ruginyte is a natural born artist. All of her paintings feature horses as the focus, a subject she has been drawing since the age of three. Growing up in rural Lithuania she

82 | |

spent many awestruck hours observing her subject in the green pastures and began riding in earnest at the age of ten. It was here she develpoed her extensive knowledge of the equine anatomy which informs and inspires her vision to this day.

Her paintings extract the beauty, essence and energy of the subject. The grace and sublime movement are depicted and forever preserved on her canvas in vibrant emotion. | | 83

FAVO RITE NYC DINERS ON THE UES New Amity Restaurant (84th & Madison Ave.) B Y CR AI G B UG O WSK I

Did you hear about Milton?” “No, what happened?” “He’s not here anymore.” “No way.” “Have you seen him around?” “No but he’s probably just on vacation or something.” “I don’t think so.” “Look there he is!” “That’s not him--why do you always do that.”

84 | |

“Because it makes you laugh...that’s the fake Milton” “It does look like him” A week later I asked Gus about Milton. “Oh, who’s that?” “What do you mean Gus, Milton’s not here anymore?” “He was supposed to be here one day and he didn’t show up-- that’s all I know.” “OK thanks, Gus.” Obviously, that was now the company line.

The New Amity Diner has been a sort of home away from home for many years now. A place to meet friends. Conduct business and to hang out. I call the place Old School. Because of its old school approach to customer service. When you walk in, Irma at the cash register (where she keeps the lollypops), says “Hi” and asks about the family. They bring you an iced coffee without being asked and keep refilling it throughout the

meal. Of course, when I told my best friend Franz Mugler, a stickler for propriety, to meet me at “Old School” one morning, I got a stern lecture about using silly nicknames instead of proper names for a dining establishment. Yesterday I ran into a terrific couple at Old School. They often see me there and make fun of me for being a “regular.” “Hey Craig, funny seeing you here! What’s the special occasion? Oh... it’s another day” I thought that was a very clever line. Of course, this whole thing about Milton has me a bit flummoxed. Part of me is happy that he is free from the routine of working at the diner. Perhaps, free now to pursue more exciting adventures with his young life. But part of me hopes he knows that he will be missed-- that beyond his always friendly salutation of, “Iced Coffee Mr. Craig, Decaf with skim milk, Ms. Trixie,” one could feel a solidity of character underneath his dashing exterior. Milton left “Old School” once before when the diner briefly changed owners. It was a total disaster. The place lost all it’s magic and life and turned run-down almost over-night. It felt like an empty bus terminal. Manfred Gogol, the dismissive artist and social cynic, met me there once during this low-ebb period and criticized the sticky silverware, that the booths were too cramped (for him) and that the large, raised plaster mural of a lighthouse scene across the entire souther n wall of the diner was “utter dreck.” Only Manfred could dismiss such a delightful oddity. Then, almost like a miracle, Steve and Irma came back to the diner and breathed life back into it and even Milton returned-- and the place was buzzing and humming and filled to the brim with happy customers, friendly neighbors and the fastest, friendliest service in NYC. It all starts and ends with Steve. He is always watching his customers and employees to make sure everyone if happy. He is on the case and on top of all the small details. From daily deliveries to table service to inventory to staff to customers-the man is a maestro who conducts his business through a daily cacophony of loud conversation, clinks, clanks, sizzles, laughs and shouts of “Whiskey Down!” “Gus, give Mrs. Hossenpfeffer that table in the is your son...what’s his

name?” “Bradford” “Is he still in college?” “Yes, Steve -you have such a good memory...he has one more year at Vassar... he loves it!” “That’s great, that’s great...know your family a long time.” “Absolutely.” “OK, your table is ready now thanks for waiting.” “Thank you Steve.” “Gus, Herbal tea with lemon for Mrs. Hossenpfeffer.” “Thank you, Steve.” These types of small exchanges occur throughout the work day for Steve and Irma and their attentive, friendly staff. The food comes to the table almost as quick as it was ordered and the line outside starts to build around 11:30am. One old friend of mine. A writer-- goes to Old School almost every day. It is part of his daily routine. Like Einstein. He keeps certain things simple. “Have you seen Evan? He was just here asking for you?” “No Irma, but I’m sure we’ll bump into each other eventually like two ships passing in the night.” Irma looked at me quizzically. She rarely gets any of my literary or pop references. That’s ok. We’re cool. It’s funny, how I always used to only order delivery from Old School and then one day it took over an hour for them to deliver something (probably a burger deluxe) late at night. Then it happened again. I spoke with Steve on the phone and he told me brusquely. “We’re very busy.” That’s Steve as I’ve now gotten to know him better. No nonsense. To the point. At the time, in my younger days as it were, I took that treatment and service to mean that the diner did not appreciate my long-time patronage. So, I switched diners and started ordering from The Viand (now Gracie’s on 86th St. and 2nd Ave.), exclusively. I had made a promise to myself-- never to order delivery from this other, rude, unappreciative diner ever again. And so it went for a number of months. Eventually, on whim, I decided to stop into the “rude” diner one morning. Something I had rarely if ever done before-to grab some coffee. Suddenly there was a buzz. “That’s him.” “That’s definitely him.”

Apparently, one of the delivery guys (who I made eye contact with upon entering) who worked the counter, recognized me and told Gus--”that’s the guy who used to order from us... for years.” Gus being Gus--a charmer of all ladies and the elder statesman of the diner--with the good looks of an old time movie star --beloved by all, knew exactly what to do.” “So? Apartment 10B, right?” “Yes, you have a good memory.” “How come you no order cheeseburger deluxes on a diet?” So funny. Gotta love Gus. Everybody does. I told Gus the story of being a disgruntled loyal customer and being left high and dry waiting for delivery and he was very amused. We both were. Funny thing is, I still have not ordered delivery from Old School since the now famous “phone argument with Steve.” Call it principle, stubbornness or perhaps, it’s just more fun to go there in person now --and listen to the 80’s music playing on the radio while chilling out in the Old School atmosphere and observing all the interesting characters that frequent the diner. There’s the Rabbi’s wife who wears baseball hats, sequined shirts and tons of make-up. The grumpy Professor reading the New York Times on his laptop, leaving the occasional “reservation note” on his preferred end table for unsuspecting interlopers. The well-known News Anchor w h o h a s h i s p re - w o r k o u t b re a k f a s t meetings...whose famous older brother will probably announce a run for President of the United States one of these years... and then there’s me--speaking in a British accent at times to make Gus smile, drinking my iced coffees, scribbling work notes on napkins while working on the Daily News crossword puzzle. They even let me use the bigger “ladies room” bathroom all the time and never say a thing instead of forcing me to use their super-claustrophobic men’s room-- which is the size a broom closet or small lockerroom at a ministorage facility. The coffee is decent...and the Old School vibe is always right. The food’s great and arrives at the perfect time always. Besides, I bet Milton comes back again one day. He and Gus are like an old comedy duo and seemingly the best of friends. | | 85

ART INSPIRED BY GOLF Showcases the Beauty of the Game B Y CHR I STO PHE R A. PAPE


our centuries of golf and features approximately 90 works by artists such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Hendrick Avercamp, Sir Henry Raeburn, Childe Hassam, George Bellows,

approach beginning with images of kolf, a cousin of the modern game, in seventeenth-century Dutch landscape and genre paintings. It includes an impressionistic rendering of the Maidstone Club, East Hampton, in Dune Hazard, No. 2 (1922) by

Dwight Eisenhower and Arnold Palmer smile before a round of golf at the Gettysburg Country Club in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in 1960. (Paul Vathis, The Associated Press)

Norman Rockwell, Andy Warhol, and the celebrated photographer Harold Edgerton. The highlight of the exhibition is Charles Lees’ extraordinary painting, The Golfers (1847), which depicts the Old Course at St. Andrews with fifty-four spectators at a famous foursome match. This commanding picture is seven-feet wide and is considered by many to be the world’s greatest golfing picture. This celebrated canvas has never traveled to the United States prior to the exhibition’s opening at the High Museum of Art last February. The Art of Golf takes a chronological

86 | |

Hassam and a striking painting of a California golf course by George Bellows. The accomplishments and popularity of Robert Tyre “Bobby” Jones, Jr. (1902-1971) are highlighted with several portraits and photographs of the golf icon. Quintessential modern American artists are also represented with a painting of Jack Nicklaus by Warhol from his “Athlete Series,” and an enigmatic drawing of Arnold Palmer by Larry Rivers. The Art of Golf will entice new and old enthusiasts for the game and brings together rare and remarkable works of art

to celebrate what Bobby Jones called “a game of considerable passion.” Arnold Palmer and President Eisenhower Made Golf the Post-War Pastime The charismatic, working-class golfer and beloved president made golf the sport of elites and middle-class duffers for a generation Arnold Palmer and President Eisenhower Made Golf the Post-War Pastime considered a legend on and off the fairway for many reasons. Arnold Palmer won the Masters Tournament four times, the British Open twice and the U.S. Open once (but did so in spectacular fashion, with an incredible comeback at Cherry Hills in 1960). He was a lifelong philanthropist, golf-course designer and advertising pitchman. He even has a ubiquitous nonalcoholic soft drink named after him, the refreshing blend of ice tea and lemonade, an official licensed version of which is sold by Arizona Beverage Company. One of his greatest contributions to American culture, however, was his friendship with the golf-obsessed President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The president’s fondness for the sport and Palmer’s telegenic, dramatic golfing style in the early TV era helped popularize the links in the 1950s and ’60s, making it the de facto suburban pastime for the last half of the 20th century and a necessary skill for any up-and-coming business professional. According to The Atlantic, 17 American presidents have golfed while in office, beginning with William McKinley in 1897. Only Teddy Roosevelt, Hoover, Truman and Carter avoided the links. While McKinley kept his golfing secret, the first openly golfobsessed president was William Howard Taft, though his skills were not necessar-

39 years. as well as old friends and celebrities. The A legend Ar nold media was both critical and smitten with Palmer in the world the president’s love of the sport, taking of golf, pigeon-toed, plenty of photos of Eisenhower swinging a l m o s t u g l y g o l f his clubs next to Hope and notables like stance and aggres- General Omar Bradley. Washington, D.C., sive approach to the was “seized with golfing fever like never game was compel- before in history.” ling for early televiIt wasn’t just a coincidence. Eisenhower sion audience. His was an active booster of his favorite sport, go-for-broke style and in a message to the PGA Tournament made the once up- in 1953, he wrote, “[Golf] obviously proper-class sport ap- vides one of our best forms of healthful EAST COURSE, MAIDSTONE CLUB - signed Childe Hassam and dated Oct 10th 1926, l.r. pealing to a mass exercise, accompanied by good fellowship oil on board | 8 by 10 3/4 in. | (20.3 by 27.3 cm) audience of post-war and companionship. It is a sport in which Americans with more the whole American family can participatefree-time and more -fathers and mothers, sons and daughters disposable cash. alike. It offers healthy respite from daily “Arnold meant eve- toil, refreshment of body and mind.” Eisenhower thought that Palmer could rything to golf. Are you kidding me?” have a positive influence on the nation Tiger Woods as well, and pushed the younger man to Bob Hope, Palm- embody American values and morals. “The er’s long time friend old general who had sent men who were put it more suc- barely more than boys onto Normandy’s cinctly: “There are beaches in defense of liberty was detertwo things that made mined to make me aware of the valuable golf appealing to the service I could perform as a role model to average man—Ar- thousands of young people,” Palmer wrote nold Palmer and the in his autobiography. “In a tumultuous invention of the mul- period of time that would soon begin to ligan.” devalue such traditional notions, Presiily up to par. He once took 12 strokes to Victoria Student, writing for the U.S. dent Eisenhower believed fervently in the free himself from a sand trap, though he was a scrupulously honest and insisted Golf Association, writes that Eisenhower power of heroes to transform lives—and played over 800 rounds of golf while in he spared no opportunity to remind me on recording every errant strike. Eisenhower, though, was the first to office, roughly 100 rounds per year, taking that I had the rare opportunity to be such bring the game to the White House itself. the public’s business onto the golf course a hero.” According to Dave Shedloski at the golf Winter scene showing golfers playing on the ice, by Dutch painter Hendrick Avercamp magazine Kingdom, less than a month (1585-1634), painted circa_1625 after taking office in 1953, Eisenhower began practicing chip shots on the South Lawn and eventually commissioned a 3,000-square-foot putting green just outside the Oval Office. Supposedly, the hardwood floors of the office still bear marks from his golf spikes. Palmer first met Eisenhower in 1958 at an event at Laurel Valley Golf Club near Palmer’s home in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The two began playing together regularly after Palmer won the U.S. Open in 1960. From there, they formed a true bond, though Palmer was Ike’s junior by | | 87



: Yo u s p e a k a n d w r i t e analytically about Bukowski in a way that deftly explains his literary genius. What is it that detractors of Bukowski always seem to miss? A: That writing was his crutch, his disease. He couldn’t help but writing almost daily. Sure, some of it was dross, it was an exercise of sorts to get the good stuff going, but when he got good, he got really good. Few writers can touch Bukowski at his very best. Academics usually dismiss Bukowski because they think he was a drunk lecher who couldn’t write sh-t. “Well, f-ck off,” Bukowski would tell them. It’s true that Bukowski didn’t have time for metaphors, synecdoches, and iambic pentameters, and thankfully so. He wrote a few rhyming poems— ”rhymers,” as he called them—but they were mere exercises in fun. All he cared about was the next line, and for the most part his lines were clear, spare, and as straightforward as you can get. And, many times, funny as hell. Bukowski used to say he simply recorded what he saw, and that’s precisely what he did: he gave us

88 | |

beautiful, unadorned snapshots in time tinged with laughter and passion. Academics despise this kind of poetry because they have a hard time relating to it. They’re in their ivory towers, boring everyone to death for the umpteenth time with their smart-ass linguistic games that no one understands, and to them Bukowski is just a poor, foul-mouthed peasant who will never enter their kingdom. Conversely, his diehard fans will never fault Bukowski, blindly championing the crappiest lines he wrote drunk out of his mind. They don’t care if Bukowski himself said more than once that he wrote tons of sh-t—and who wouldn’t, with a baggage in excess of 5,000 poems? Q: What are some of the biggest misconceptions or surprises about Bukowski that you have uncovered during your exhaustive research? A: The most obvious one is that a great deal of—mainly female—readers believe he’s a male-chauvinist pig, but that misconception largely stems from reading only the novel Women (1978) and the poetry collection Love Is a Dog from Hell (1977). That’s a tiny portion of Bukowski’s actual output. And in those two collections there’s a lot of self-deprecating humor; Bukowski happily depicts himself as a poor fool in the hands of some very smart women. If you read other poetry collections, novels and short-stories, that misconception crumbles down in no time. Myth-making was one of Bukowski’s fortes. He came up with several myths about his life and work—like he didn’t write at all during his infamous ten-year binge in 1945-55—and some of those myths have been taken for granted by some scholars, biographers and readers alike, causing a snowball effect of sorts that’s not easy to undo. I can hear Bukowski rolling in his grave. Another misconception, happily perpetuated by the man himself, is that he was an ignorant drunk. Well, maybe he was not Umberto Eco nor Noam Chomsky, but he was very well-read and famously devoured dozens and dozens of books

at the Los Angeles Public Library in his early days. There’s this long, beautiful poem called “the burning of a dream” that Bukowski wrote in his old age after hearing about the fire that burned that library to the ground. It’s a moving piece that makes it very clear that he was a literature buff, and he poignantly revealed as much in yet another poem, “the first love.” His passion for literature was only comparable to his passion for classical music; poems such as “a radio with guts” and “classical music and me” are a testimony to that, showing that Bukowski was anything but a dumbass boozer. In the latter, he says: “my tastes were strange. I liked Beethoven but preferred Brahms and Tchaikovsky. Borodin didn’t work. Chopin was only good at moments. Mozart was only good when I was feeling good and I seldom felt that way. Smetana I found obvious and Sibelius awesome. Ives was too self-comfortable. Goldmark, I felt, was very underrated. Wagner was a roaring miracle of dark energy. Haydn was love turned loose into sound. Handel created things that took your head and lifted it to the ceiling. Eric Coates was unbelievably cute and astute. and if you listened to Bach long enough you didn’t want to listen to anybody else.” Q: What is it about Bukowski’s first novel Post Office that makes it so great? Any interesting trivia or back-story related to Post Office?

A: After the unfinished A Place to Sleep the Night (1956) and The Way the Dead Love (1966), Post Office was Bukowski’s first full-length novel. As it turns, it was his longtime publisher John Martin who persuaded Bukowski into writing Post Office: “I had mentioned to Hank that if he ever thought he could write a novel, that would make our success more likely. And the story is true that he began writing Post Office on January 2, 1970 without saying anything to me about it.” After quitting his post office job, and as intoxicated as he could get, Bukowski wrote furiously during the following weeks, typing between 10 and 20 pages daily. Sober, the morning after he would keep the best parts, trashing the drunken gibberish. As Martin recalls, at the end of January, Bukowski called him and said, “It’s done. Come and get it.” Martin asked him what he was talking about. And he said, “You told me to write a novel, and it’s done.” Martin said, “What enabled you to write a novel in less than a month?” He replied, “Fear.” Although in interviews, poems, and

stories, Bukowski always said he wrote Post Office in about 3 weeks, it actually took him almost 6 weeks to complete it, as the correspondence from that period reveals. Still, fear probably urged Bukowski

to take his new job as a full-time writer seriously enough as to complete his first novel in record time. Q: Did Bukowski in his correspondence ever discuss what books that he wrote that he was most proud of? Least? A: I don’t think he did so. When asked that question, he would say that all he cared about was “the next line.” In his correspondence, he would say, as most writers do, that his latest book was the best one, but that was about it. Occasionally, he would say something nice about an old piece. After reading “the tragedy of the leaves” in The Bukowski Tapes, he says, “good poem, even if it’s an oldie. But I write much better sh-t now.” One of the reasons many poets and academics dislike Bukowski is because he didn’t remember his poems. To them, it’s heresy a poet doesn’t remember his own poetry. To Bukowski, that was a burden. He wrote the poems and then pretty much forgot them; in his correspondence, he claimed he didn’t even remember having written some of his classics, such as “beans and garlic” and “something for the touts, the nuns, the grocery clerks and you.” While poets like Ginsberg embraced the holiness of poetry and sanctified every single line they wrote, Bukowski found it an exercise in futility. His no-bullsh-t attitude permeated his notion of poetry, making it as ungodly as possible. Q: How important was John Martin and Black Sparrow to Bukowski’s success? A: Again, let Bukowski do the talking: I’ve stuck with you. I’ve had offers from New York publishers. I’ve had offers from competitors. I’ve stayed with you. People have told me that I was stupid, many people. That hasn’t bothered me. I make up my own mind for my own reasons. You were there when nobody else was, you helped me get money through archives. You bought me a good typewriter. Nobody was knocking at my door. I have loyalty. I guess it comes from my German blood. But I ask you to leave my mind clear for my writing; all I want to do is type and drink my wine and do some small things. Letters like this area waste of energy. Just let me write and mail my shit out like any other writer. Don’t be too much of a mother hen. This is an excerpt from a 1978 letter to Martin published in On Writing. Martin was a shrewd businessman, and his instinct told him that Bukowski would become a successful writer in the hands of the right publisher. Early on, Martin said

that Bukowski would be the new Walt Whitman, and he did all he could to pave the way for Bukowski’s popularity: Martin helped Bukowski to quit his job at the post office to become a full-time writer by promising him a monthly $100 check

for life, whether Bukowski wrote or not; he persuaded Bukowski to write his first novel, which would earn him more money and popularity than all his previous small press poetry projects combined; he put out gorgeous editions of his books and kept them all in print over the years; and he championed Bukowski’s work against all odds, especially in the early days. But there were a number of things Bukowski didn’t like about Martin, and he voiced them in his correspondence and interviews. I have recently discussed them in Literary Hub and in Los Angeles Review of Books. The edits that mar the posthumous collections are infuriating, and I truly hope Bukowski’s genuine voice and style are restored before long. Q: Did his popularity in Germany have a significant impact on his overall success? A : E u ro p e w a s k e y i n p ro p e l l i n g Bukowski to stardom. His poetry and prose were doing well in the United States in the 70s, but unexpectedly huge sales in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain in the late 70s and early 80s made him one the wealthiest small press authors ever. | | 89

The German sales of his books would substantially increase in time, and by 1988 over 2.5 million copies had been sold in West Germany alone. By 2000, worldwide sales exceeded 15 million copies and he had been translated into 20 languages. Again, that was something unheard of for a small press author who was relatively unknown in the United States. Q: How important were the little magazines that he submitted to? A: Together with the underground newspapers, the littles were instrumental in both enhancing Bukowski’s reputation as a writer and helping him become the most published author of the 60s. They were crucial in his pursuit of fame, too. Had it not been for his regular appearances in those publications, Bukowski might not have achieved such a popular status by the late 60s, when he was hailed as “an American Legend” and the “King of the Underground.” By the early 70s, little magazine editors saw him as a spiritual leader and they published pretty much everything Bukowski submitted to them. But it was not an overnight success. Actually, it took Bukowski almost three decades of unrelenting submissions for him to finally achieve the success he longed for. Endurance was definitely in Bukowski’s dictionary, and he talked about it in rather funny terms in the late poem “the secret of my endurance,” which ends with a triumphant statement, “I’m 59 years old now and the critics say / my stuff is getting better than ever.” Q: Your favorite Bukowski “discovery.” A: Probably too many to list, but I fondly recall the day I was at the State University of New York at Buffalo in July 2008 and I came across “I saw a tramp last night,” a poem unrecorded in Bukowski’s bibliographies and checklists. It’s always exciting to find rare material, more so if it’s really good. This poem was first rejected by The Fiddlehead in 1957 and it was printed three years later in Scimitar and Song, an obscure little magazine with limited circulation. After uncovering the poem at SUNY, it was reprinted as a broadside by Bottle of Smoke Press in December 2008, and it was finally published by Ecco in The Continual Condition in 2009. I think there’s a parallel between Bukowski’s long journey through the little magazine scene, before being accepted as an important author in the late 1960s, and the many rejections, reprints, and acceptances some of his poems and short stories experienced

90 | |

before earning a most deserved book publication. Here’s the poem in full: “I saw an old tramp last night” the way the old dog walked with clotted, tired fur down nobody’s alley being nobody’s dog . . . past the empty vodka bottles past the peanut butter jars, with wires full of electricity and the birds asleep somewhere, down the alley he went— nobody’s dog moving through it all, brave as any army. Q: How does a literar y scholar like yourself separate the cult of personality that surrounds Bukowski from his writing? Does the legend of Bukowski inform the writing or detract from it? A: Distance, I guess. When you love a writer, there’s this natural inclination to revere everything they do. It comes with the territory. And although it’s not always easy to keep writers at a distance, it’s the best medicine there is to prevent biased projects. In Bukowski’s case, it’s even harder because he deliberately blurred facts and fiction, and he also came up with a number of myths about his life and work that further complicate things. Not only that, he used the “Bukowski” persona quite a bit to win audiences over. His drunken performances and exchanges with hecklers became almost legendary in the poetry reading circuits in the 1970s, making him quite popular, especially in Europe, where he was seen as a rock star of sorts. Audiences expected that wild Bukowski persona, and he delivered the goods, always happy to comply. Luckily, his writing was not ruined by his onstage antics. Disciplined and industrious, he continued to pump first-rate material out of his typewriter, undaunted by those crazy times. If anything, Women and Love Is a Dog from Hell, written during that period, attest to his endurance and sense of humor when his love life was repeatedly falling apart. Q: Did Bukowski really like cats more than people? What was the reaction to Bukowski’s On Cats? A: Cats were not that prominent in Bukowski’s work in the early days; I had a hard time finding good cat poems written in the 50 and 60s, although one of my favorite cat quotes is from the mid-50s: “a cat walks by and shakes Shakespeare / off his back.” You can read many things

into these two lines, but I like to think he’s saying something like, “F-ck Shakespeare. F-ck immortal literature. Cats know better.” And what a brilliant line break. Later on, especially after he moved to San Pedro with Linda Lee, his relationship with cats became more obvious. One of his greatest poems ever, “the history of a tough motherfucker,” is a tender story about survival. To me, the final stanzas say it all: interviewers want to know the secret to great literature, and Bukowski simply holds up his cat and says, “this is it!”, and they look at him genuinely puzzled, not understanding anything. Not surprisingly, On Cats has received more media attention than any of the other

Bukowski books I have edited. It has been favorably reviewed in most outlets. Perhaps that explains why it’s the best-seller of all the recent Bukowski collections, closely followed by Essential Bukowski—although I believe that Essential will eventually top On Cats. Q: Your Bukowski book On Writing is a must-have gem for any writer or book-shelf. Which writers made the greatest impact on Bukowski’s own writing style? A: Bukowski put it better than anyone in a 1983 letter to editor Loss Pequeño Glazier: “I’m not all that isolated. I’ve had my crutches: F. Dos, Turgenev, some of Céline, some of Hamsun,

most of John Fante, a great deal of Sherwood Anderson, very early Hemingway, all of Carson McCullers, the longer poems of Jeffers; Nietzsche and Schopenhauer; the style of Saroyan without the content...” Ezra Pound is missing here. Bukowski looked up to him, and liked to quote Pound’s “do your work” in interviews. He wasn’t very much into the Cantos, and he affectionately mocked them in several poems, but he did like the Imagist Pound, the Vorticist Pound, the Ernest Fenollosa influenced Pound who translated Chinese poetry. Some of Bukowski’s early poems are genuinely Imagist: he records reality and conveys it without comment, like a long haiku of sorts. Which takes us to Li Po, another major influence on Bukowski which is missing in the list above. His tribute poems to Li Po are quite heartfelt and candid—an oddity given Bukowski’s inclination to openly disparage most writers. Q: What was your criteria for Essential Bukowski? A: Like most anthologies, Essential Bukowski could be seen as a crowdpleaser. First, I came up with my own selection, and then I asked editors, fans, and literati for their top 10 list. Most of their picks were in my list, but a few firstrate poems had slipped under my radar: in August 2015, I went to Hamburg to give a talk on my new Bukowski projects, and shortly before my talk, David Calonne discussed very movingly “an almost madeup poem,” which was not in my initial list. What an oversight! I made sure that it made it to the final selection. Once I had Bukowski’s “greatest hits” on file—”the laughing heart,” “the bluebird,” “the crunch,” “the genius of the crowd,” “if we take,” and so on—there was room for some relatively obscure gems such as “hell is a lonely place,” “the loser,” and the previously uncollected “swastika star buttoned to my ass,” which I was very happy to include, not only because it’s a strong, apparently obscene poem but also because it turned Bukowski’s German agent and friend Carl Weissner into a lifelong fan. I feel it’s a comprehensive collection that covers all Bukowski’s voices and styles. I could have made an entirely different selection and I think it would have been equally valid. That’s what happens when you try to put together a short Bukowski anthology: he wrote some 5,000 poems and many of them—hundreds—are truly essential. Potentially, there are several

Essential Bukowski collections. Q: Like most fans, I’ve always enjoyed Bukowski and his poetry and prose as being ver y readable, unpretentious, resonant, honest and beautiful. But I was completely shocked by the power of some of the poems you selected to include in your most recent book, Storm for the Living and the Dead. What has the response been to this collection? A : As good as it gets, at least in my view. Some people love it, some people hate it. Reviewers have said that it “might be remembered as the single work that best represents the full range—the unmasking, as it were—of Charles Bukowski’s oeuvre.” At the other end of the spectrum, they have said that it “may represent the nadir of Bukowski’s posthumous publications,” partly because it features experimental poems such as “kuv stuff mox out,” which the same reviewer calls “drunken drivel.” For the most part, the reception has been pretty good, although some readers have voiced their objection to poems they find too shocking, obscene, and politically incorrect. Perhaps my only regret is that I included too many experimental poems in Storm. Bukowski didn’t experiment that much, and most experimental poems were left in the editing room over the years. Using half-a-dozen or so experimental poems in the same collection might be a tad too much when you’re talking about Bukowski. Still, I believe Storm is my best editing effort to date, however flawed it might be. Now, you have to take into account that I was working with the leftovers, so to speak. For the most part, Bukowski’s best poems were published in his lifetime. Coming up with a collection as strong as Mockingbird Wish Me Luck, Dangling in the Tournefortia, and The Last Night of the Earth Poems is next to impossible. Luckily, many first-rate poems were unused or they had been sitting in on library shelves and private collections for years, waiting to be unearthed. Take “song for this softlysweeping sorrow,” “poem for Dante,” “he went for the windmills, yes,” “the glory days,” “in this,” and “29 chilled grapes,” among many others. They all are top-notch Bukowski poems. And in “I was sh-t” he says, “animals love me as if I were a child crayoning / the edges of the world.” I think Crayoning the Edges of the World would be a brilliant title to sum up this collection and, quite possibly, Bukowski’s entire opus. Q: Any more old poems, short stories or previously unpublished Bukowski material

due out or has the vault been completely emptied? A: There’s a lot of unpublished material, especially poetry. I’d say there are some 1,500-2,000 unpublished/uncollected poems on file. While gathering material for Storm for the Living and the Dead, I re-read everything available and I put together a long list with all the poems I found strong enough to be published. There were some 400 poems in that list, and I do hope they are published over the next few years.

[All excerpts and poems are reprinted courtesy of Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins] (c) Adam Kluger & Abel Debritto, 2018

Abel Debritto, a former Fulbright scholar and current Marie Curie scholar, works in the digital humanities. He is the author of “Charles Bukowski, King of the Underground,” and the editor of the Bukowski collections “On Writing,” “On Cats,” and “On Love” as well as the poetry collection “Essential Bukowski.” Adam Kluger, is a former television writer and producer. He is the author of a collection of short stories entitled “Desperate Times” https:// author-interview-desperate-times-short-storiesby-adam-kluger/ … via @saz246 | | 91



rtist Karen Hawkins is c u r re n t l y i n the midst of amassing 52,000 pink

bows. Her newest work, The Pink Bow Project, is a powerful statement on childhood sexual abuse, a monumental work comprising 52 ten-foot tall sheer curtain panels, each holding 1,000 pink bows. 52,000 represents the number of substantiated child sexual abuse cases reported annually by Child Protective Services agencies. The massive installation, which opens on April 21st at Gallery Shoal Creek in Austin, Texas, immerses the viewer among the panels, which are hung in every direction. “It’s really meant to not just engulf you in it, but to force you to have to navigate your way through,” Hawkins says. My name is Karen. I was ten years old She is in the process of collecting what she hopes will be thousands of voices for an audio component that will run on a loop. The first voice will be the artist’s, saying My name is Karen. I was ten years old. “That voice will recede back into the crowd and then another

92 | |

voice will come forward, a different person: My name is Jill. I was six years old, and that will recede back and another will come forward,” Hawkins says. Victim of childhood sexual abuse Hawkins’s voice message tells her story: she was a victim of childhood sexual abuse, and she is certain that the actual number of annual victims is much higher - 52,000 are only verified cases. “Many can’t be substantiated, or are not believed, or do not come forward until they’re adults,” she says. She did not acknowledge or talk about her own abuse until she was in her 20s. Now 53, Hawkins says, “Most of the women I know who are my age also did not tell as children. So that number must be significantly higher than that in actuality.” Political art is a departure; cathartic While Hawkins’ art has often involved largescale installations, taking a political stance a “very big departure” for her. “I had to struggle with the idea that I’m about to step forward in a very vulnerable way.” She discussed the project with her husband and five children before going forward. “It did feel

cathartic, and terrifying, and brave all at the same time,” Hawkins says. “I think that everyone who lends their voice to this, and everyone who is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who sees it will have that same sort of experience.” But she also felt like she had to do it. “There was just no other direction that I was going to be able to go in my work right now. It was that compelling to me.” Why pink bows Hawkins decided on pink bows as a single, ubiquitous symbol of girlhood. “Pretty much every little girl at some point or another has a bow that they wear in their hair, and this light pink seemed the most symbolic of a girl’s childhood and innocence, and it’s easily recognizable.” Reaction to messages from other victims Women of all ages have l e f t re c o rd i n g s t h ro u g h Hawkins’ web site. “Some of their voices are really strong and powerful and they’re stating it as kind of a matter of fact, and some of them you could tell have a tremendous amount of e m o t i o n , t h e y ’ re a l i t t l e wavering, a little timid,” she says. “I want to hold their hand. I want to tell them it’s okay.”

DR . DANI E L A ATA N A SSOVA -LIN EVA , M D V ision for Total Health B Y ADAM K LUG E R


r. Daniela Atanassova-Lineva, MD is a Doctor on a mission to help everybody in the family live a healthier, happier life. Born in Bulgaria, Dr. Daniela, who speaks 5 different languages, is as brilliant as she is dedicated. Her love for children has led her to all parts of the globe as a medical volunteer. Her own personal story of turning tragedy into triumph is not only inspirational but a testament to the extraordinary life and invaluable work of this remarkable Doctor and individual. Also, her ten year old son is the best company and

94 | |

motivation for her today and is extremely proud of him. He is an excellent tennis player in the Eastern section How did you get into medicine? Ever since I was a little girl I dreamt of becoming a doctor. The only answer I would give to adults to the question, “What would you like to become when you grow up ?” was... “A DOCTOR!” Most of my imaginary play games as a child were with dolls that I would treat and perform surgeries on. I would use pine tree needles as injections, make compound remedies from flower leaves mixed with mud and pretend being a Doctor.

I even built my own little clinic tree house and would climb every day to escape into my games. Children are my inspiration. Children, my mom being a teacher, and I also developed an interest in science and languages from my dad . He was an agricultural engineer and instilled in me a love for nature, plants and science. Now, I want to help parents look and feel better too! In 2010 you were recognized by the International Association of Pediatrics as a Leading Physician of the World and Top Pediatrician in Queens, NYC. In 2011, you received the Patient’s Choice Award. For the past 11 years in a row (2008-2017) you

have been selected as one of America’s Top Pediatricians. Now, you are expanding your practice in a number of new directions? Why? I recently added services to benefit the parents of my children, the whole family. Parents are so incredibly important. They need to take care of themselves better for the sake of their children. The new service for parents and adults is called: D DAY med spa or Dr D Medical wellness, because the most important day of your life is the day you commit to your health and well being. Everything starts with that day. Your awakening, your true potential, your renaissance, your inner and outer beauty, your biggest investment to yourself. D stands for “the Day”, “Daniela Day, “ for a relaxing day, a special day. That “Day” you may spend the entire day doing yoga, having beautification and anti-aging procedures, nutritional education, health drinks, massage. Parents deserve to be pampered too. You serve yourself on D Day as a deserving healthy woman or man, parent.

This sounds amazing! Why is it so important to expand your practice to address the health needs of parents? The goal is to educate parents and the community on how they can benefit themselves and their children with these new services. I’ve spent two decades taking care of children (who will always remain a primary focus). Over those years I’ve seen how unhealthy parents can sometimes negatively impact their children. Children often learn and adopt unhealthy behaviors from their parents ( addictions, stress, divorce, alcohol, tobacco). This is often why some children get sick since they are fully dependent on their parents who at times, unwittingly make unhealthy decisions for themselves and their children. This is why I want to spend equal time on educating and healing the parents. Healthier parents raise healthier children. Whatever it takes for them to reach a healthy balance. How? Proper Health, nutrition and even beauty treatments. Helping parents look and feel more

attractive and fit, boosting their confidence offering Aesthetic medical services. I want to prevent chronic disease through caring for the parents, so they can provide a healthy environment for their children. This is why I am continually growing my knowledge and expertise in the field of nutrition, anti-aging and aesthetic medicine so that I can also help parents look good and feel great! Beauty and Health, Health and Happiness, Happiness and Health. How have you grown this additional knowledge and expertise while at the same time being a leading doctor in Pediatrics for two decades? After graduating from Mount Sinai Medical School I was invited to teach in the Pediatrics ER at Elmhurst Hospital, a big trauma center with very challenging cases. I always used to say that I thrive on challenges and the ER environment was a perfect match to my personality and ambitions. The experience I gained in the ER, doing minor surgical procedures and taking care of acute cases made me choose to expand my areas of specialty and seek additional training in Aesthetic and anti aging medicine. I am certified in Botox and derma fillers injections, anti aging and hair loss PRP procedures, threading face lifts, non invasive fat loss removal procedures, utilizing the latest and most innovative laser machines of Cynosure, SCULPSURE and TEMPSURE. My mentor and idol in life is Dr George Anastassov, a very respected plastic and maxillofacial surgeon. I have been working under his supervision both in Elmhurst Hospital and his private office in Manhattan. Learning from the best has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to keep evolving and searching for my full potential as a Doctor. What about nutrition? I am currently representing USANA nutrition and healthy products and in support of its CEO and founder, Dr. Myron Wentz . I also want to be part of his mission on approaching health and beauty from a cellular level. additionally, I am currently in the process of certifying for the medical Board of Obesity Medicine. How does your knowledge of various languages help you as a Doctor? I was born and raised in Bulgaria, but my father spent 4 years working in Morocco where I attended school and learned French. Russian was mandatory during the times I grew up in Bulgaria, and English and Spanish came naturally after I moved to USA. There are days when I speak all 5 languages. It feels so special to be able to communicate to patients and parents in their mother tongue/ language. I work in the most diverse area in the world, | | 95

in Queens with more than 82 nationalities. In the last 5 years I have been traveling and exploring the world, volunteering for children in Nepal, Nicaragua, Mexico. Recently visited China and Mongolia. Learning about new cultures is my new passion. You lost your daughter very tragically. How have you been able to survive this loss and honor her beloved memory? My strong personality, the support system of friends, colleagues and family has helped me cope with the tragic loss of my daughter. My Fiancée who is also my best friend is my rock . His precious love and support means my life. My son who is only 10 has taught me resilience . My wonderful patients keep me going . Also, I’m a dreamer. I opened the Med Spa in honor of my daughter. Stefani was a first division full scholarship (tennis) student-athlete in a pre med program at Binghamton, and she wanted to become a child psychiatrist. This is the reason I decided to expand the services to add psychologist, life coaches, nutritionist , SW on-line services, in addition to the beauty and anti-aging procedures. Blending the Eastern and Western way of medicine and integrating them, is what my continuing path will be. I also registered the foundation StefaniForever20 in memory of my beloved daughter to raise awareness of alcohol and drug abuse in colleges. You are an amazing person. What types of things do you do to stay healthy and grounded?

I have an altruistic personality. Having purpose in life is a blessing. I did not even look for it, born this way. Caring and giving, helping others, being present for patients and friends, traveling and volunteering keeps me humble and grounded. I have very high bars and expectations and being loved by me is not easy. Perhaps, even my family, my children, fiancée feel deprived of my presence at times. I like to joke saying that I have always been married to medicine Goals for the future. Keep developing this new model of Health Care, where in one place, with a trusted physician, patients can come and seek not only medications, but life guidance. I am a doctor with extended knowledge of anatomy, great experience in surgical procedures and would like to share this gift with my patients, their families and the community. Working on the foundation and traveling, volunteering will be a big part of my future career. I am also teaching PA students from Stony Brook and will be investing time in an academic career as well. The catalyst for my drive to dedicate the rest of my life to science and beauty is my pursuit to prevent diseases and ensure long- lived health. Health is happiness , happiness is health. My vision and new model of healthcare is the way of the future. I want to offer to the parents of my children and to their families the knowledge and understanding of how to invest in their health.

More about Dr. Daniela:

Dr. Daniela Atanassova-Lineva, FAAP, FSAM is a board–certified Pediatrician and a Fellow of the Section of Adolescent Medicine. She has been selected for America’s top Pediatrician 11 years in a row from 2008 to 2017 and was recently awarded and accepted in the World Life Registry. Dr. Atanassova-Lineva has devoted the last 3 years to expand her clinical and ER experience in treating the whole family as a unit, implementing integrated and aesthetic medicine in her scope of practice. She is certified in aesthetic medicine, botox and derma fillers injections, ALEXANDRITE and QUANTA Nd Yag lazer treatment, LED phototherapy, and PRP (platelet plasma rich) hair loss treatment and skin rejuvenation. Dr. Lineva’s areas of clinical interest include management of dermatology, integrated and aesthetic medicine, pediatric primary care, emergency medicine, asthma, allergic disorders, obesity and nutrition, and adolescent medicine. She is certified as an injector for botox and fillers for medical and cosmetic procedures and is adept in the latest innovations in the skin fillers. Dr. Atanassova-Lineva primes herself on attention to details and exquisite results. After being accepted in the medical school with the award of achieving the maximum MCAT score, she earned her medical degree from Varna Medical University in Bulgaria, Dr. AtanassovaLineva completed residency in Pediatrics Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, affiliated with Elmhurst Hospital, Queens, NY. She spent considerable amount of time in her residency in the Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and is still serves as an Assistant (attending, teaching medical students and pediatrics residents). In addition to managing common pediatric problems and diseases, Dr. Atanassova-Lineva has particular expertise in Integrated and Aesthetic Medicine. She has been treating depression, providing counseling and preventive care for her teen patients. Dr. Atanassova-Lineva is also particularly interested in the prevention of obesity and sports injuries. She has published scholarly articles on topics in Obesity, Nutrition and Sport Medicine. She is very proud of her latest publication about difficulties in feedings of newborns with cleft lip/ cleft palate. Dr. Atanassova-Lineva is board-certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics and is a member of the Academy of Pediatrics, the Section of Adolescent Medicine, Doctors without borders and has numerous presentations at the Eastern European meetings of Pediatrics. Dr. AtanassovaLineva is currently an Assistant Attending of the Pediatric Emergency Department at Elmhurst Hospital and is affiliated with the faculty of LIJ Hospital, NYH of Queens and Mount Sinai Hospital. She has been working under the supervision of the World recognized CEO of Axim biotechnologies, Dr George Anastassov, maxillofacial and plastic surgeon, M.D, DDS, MBA. In 2010 she was recognized by the International Association of Pediatrics as a Leading Physician of the World and Top Pediatrician in Queens, NYC. In 2011, she received the “Patients’ Choice Award”. |

96 | |

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ometimes car accidents happen... and when they d o . . . n o t h i n g ’s m o re valuable to a car owner than knowing an honest, trust-worthy auto body shop like First Class Collision that can be counted on to fix any car good as new and handle all aspects of the process like experts.

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shop. We specialize in handling your claim from beginning to end... to negotiate on your behalf, we call up the insurance company, we’ll arrange to put you in a rental car- we do all the legwork.” Dealing with accidents can often be a frustrating hassle. First Class Collision is a trusted insurance claims center that works with all the top insurance companies directly to make sure First Class Collision customers are always properly satisfied and compensated by the insurance company “We are leading experts at turning any claim around... sometimes the insurance companies will say “we’re not accepting liability,” we will dispute that to benefit our customers. First Class Collision’s track record in working with insurance companies is unmatched. “The degree of customer satisfaction

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“The goal is to grow bigger and bigger... we’re an insurance claims center so that means we deal with ALL the insurance companies.” Beside great word of mouth and glowing client testimonials, The First Class Collision team has even come up with a memorable business slogan: First Class Collision, I’m so glad we met by accident! That’s our slogan and we’ll work with you on your deductible as well.” Our Promise to you: • Work done right using factory made and authorized parts • Repairs completed in the shortest time-frame possible • Automobile delivered with undetectable repairs We will guide you through the insurance claim process - start to finish, including managing your rental car. We are recognized by all insurance companies, and will ensure the proper steps are taken and completed so that you are fully compensated for all your repairs.

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h y s i c i a n , re s e a rc h e r, a n d author, Dr. Eric Braverman, MD is one of the leading antiaging/health pioneers in NYC but perhaps what he is most proud of is his role in being a caring and devoted father. “The gift of children is that it reminds us what love is really all about...spending time with our kids keeps the joy of life alive in all, play, love, pray...there is nothing better than playing sports with your keeps you young- along with sleep, stability, creativity and energy.” Dr. Braverman has been busy reversing the aging process as the founder of PATH Medical. When he isn’t seeing patients Dr. Braverman is busy writing over 200 research papers, 40 books and is also out and about supporting various charities particularly the US military. Some of Hollywood’s biggest names and faces like Suzanne Somers and brainy beauty Sonja Morgan are ardent supporters

of Braverman’s anti-aging theory that total body health starts with understanding the brain’s functions and that proper exercise and diet can help eliminate many chronic illnesses and turn back the clock. D r. B r a v e r m a n i s a l s o a re s p e c t e d c o n s u l t a n t o n b r a i n re l a t e d i n j u r i e s and issues, the potential dangers of environmental toxins as well as the most effective ways to combat obesity. Dr. Braverman is a top medical expert on the treatment of menopause and how it affects every organ from the brain to the toes Women can stay on par with men when it comes to maintaining their physical health, strength and cognitive stamina and creativity as they age. Dr. Braverman earned his undergraduate degree from Brandeis University in 1979 and his medical degree from New York University School of Medicine in 1983, and did subsequent residency and research at Greenwich Hospital and Massachusetts

Dr. Braverman with Suzanne Sommers

Dr. Braverman with Catherine Malandrino & Kelly Rutherford

General Hospital. Dr. Braverman has served as clinical assistant professor of integrative medicine in neurological surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College (2008–2013), assistant attending physician at Cabrini Medical Center, and instructor in psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine. Dr. Braverman is a member of a number of professional societies including the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, the American Neuropsychiatric Association, the Quantitative EEG Board, and the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Braverman with Sonja Morgan

100 | |

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Eric Braverman, MD: (646) 367-7343 or (888) 304-7284



ink diamonds are very rare, representing only 1/10th of one percent of all the diamonds that come out of the ground. Pinks can go for $25,000 to $40,000 wholesale. In comparison, brown diamonds may cost a few thousand dollars per carat. “That’s the kind of pricing that pinks can fetch,” says Jordan Fine, one of the world’s foremost experts on natural color diamonds, and president of JFINE, a boutique firm specializing in these precious stones. “It’s almost unheard of in

102 | |

the industry.” Pink diamonds command huge premiums at auction, including the “Pink Star” diamond that famously fetched over $70 million this year. JFINE’s accessibly priced pink diamonds Now, JFINE has made the highest quality pink diamonds available at accessible price points. “Not everybody can spend $10 or $20 million on a stone, so in this collection we have pieces that start at $1,500 retail,” says Fine. “We really wanted to make pink diamonds something that everybody could afford and make a part of their lives.” J. Lo’s color diamonds Consumers have become m o re a w a re o f c o l o re d stones, in part because of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, who received 6-carat pink diamond during her ill-fated engagement to Ben Affleck. JLo mended her broken heart later with a spectacular 14-carat blue diamond from former husband Marc Anthony. London Jewelers The JFINE line is sold at a few select retailers around the country, including, in the New York region, London Jewelers Tappers Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, Barmakian Jewelers and Bitteridge “Now that we’re putting jewelry out there with these pink diamonds in them, a lot more people are adopting it for bridal, for special gifts, for anniversaries,” Fine says. Responsibly mined in Australia JFINE’S color diamonds

are not only beautiful and rare, they are also conflict-free, from Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine, which produces 90% of the world’s pink diamonds. As an authorized Argyle partner, one of only a handful in the world, JFINE obtains its stones directly from them. “Provenance and social responsibility has been on consumers’ minds a lot, and the mine that we work with founded the Responsible Jewelry Council, and they’re in Australia, which means there’s not any conflict there,” Fine explains. Certified Arglye diamonds Each Argyle diamond over 0.8 percent of a carat comes with a certificate from the mine affirming its authenticity. Diamonds from Argyle are old. “You won’t find any fossils in the ore that they use to extract the diamonds,” Fine says. “The diamonds are over a billion years old. That’s before life existed.” Over the years, he has acquired a number of notable pink diamonds from this mine, including the 2.37ct Dauphine, the largest red diamond known to originate from one of their exclusive tender sales. Natural Color Diamond Association Fine has been an active board member of the Natural Color Diamond Association since 2006, and has served as president. He became a leading expert in the field by chance when, in 2000, he designed a web site for his wife’s father, an emerald dealer who had begun carrying color diamonds. Fine put up the site promoting the fancy color diamonds, and had the calls transferred to his office in Boston. “We just sat back and waited to see if anybody called, and the phone started ringing, and it got to the point where I realized that that could be more exciting for me than whatever I had been working on at the time.”

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Beth Stern and Alex Donner


ith a career spanning nearly 30 years, society band leader Alex Donner and his orchestra have performed for President George W. Bush, the Queen of Sweden, Donald Trump, Tom Cruise, Tony Bennett, Harry Belafonte, Rudolph Giuliani and Katie Holmes He has also headlined at the Café Carlyle, The Algonquin’s Oak Room and Club El Morocco, where the Vanderbilts and Hearsts mingled with iconic celebrities including Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and Ethel Merman. Studio 54 While working at his law firm, the NYC hotspot Studio 54 signed on as a client. “Whenever there was live music to be played there, I got the call because the owners, Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell, knew I loved to perform.” This exposure led him to sing at even more debutante balls, benefit galas and bar mitzvahs, which garnered him opportunities to play parties for celebrities including Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol, Truman Capote and Halston, a feat most rising artists can only dream of. Life of the Party High society is familiar territory for Donner. The entertainer grew up on Fifth Avenue in NYC and attended Princeton University. Following college, he went on to Fordham Law School before becoming a divorce lawyer while never losing his passion for performing, saying, “I was doing divorces

104 | |

during the week and playing weddings on the weekend with the band.” This unusual professional combination generated lifestyle stories in national media including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Donner’s Big Break When asked about his “big break,” he surprisingly says that singing for Sinatra or Jagger wasn’t it. He gained international recognition after performing at a lavish wedding in India Upon returning to his law office, Alex’s boss informed him that he was receiving more calls from individuals seeking Alex’s musical services than his legal services and that he would have to choose between the two. It was a no-brainer

for Donner, he quit the law firm and pursued a full time career in music. The Tiffany Ball Now, in 2018, after performing for 29 years, Donner is a hotter commodity than ever. He has six bands and scores of backup singers under his baton and can perform everything from rock and R&B to Jazz and top 40 covers. Donner has also recorded numerous CDs of both big band and swing music; his current albums are entitled “White Tie,” “Black Tie Blues,” and “Alex Donner at the Tiffany Ball.” With the summer season wrapping up, he and his bands are already taking coast to coast bookings for the holidays. Toasting Prince Harry This year, Donner and his band have played alongside Grammy award winner Richard Marx at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach for the American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards Luncheon, which was hosted by Beth Stern, Daisy Fuentes and Lois Pope. Donner and his band are also slated to perform at the Cocktail Dinatoire to benefit Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School where Ruby Rinker will be honored; the 61st Annual New York Emmy Awards Show at the Marriott Marquis Hotel; the NYC Mission Society’s Champion for Children gala and will start his the summer at the Anglosphere Society as they salute the Queen in honor of Meghan Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry.

37 West 24th Street New York, NY between 5th and 6th Avenue

844-277-9123 •

DR. EHSAN ALI Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor B Y B E NNE TT MAR CUS


s the Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor, Dr. Ehsan Ali provides VIP service in the form of round-the-clock house calls. “I’m available 24 hours a day, seven days a week because of the entertainment industry here, and high profile people that visit form the East Coast ” Dr. Ali says. Celebrity patients His patients have included Justin Bieber, Lana Del Rey, Ariana Grande, Liam Hemsworth Mel Gibson, and athletes like Yaisel Puig and Chandler Parsons. “There are not that many doctors who are available after hours, and these VIPs don’t want to go

to the emergency room, they don’t want to be seen, they don’t want pictures taken by the paparazzi. So they like for us to come to them.” Dr. Ali was on a recent episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Rinna summoned him to administer an IV vitamin drip. Primary care physician, for everyone A larger part of Dr. Ali’s practice is as a family doctor for people in many fields . “I’m a general practitioner and internist ,” he says. “I don’t want anybody to feel like they have to be rich and famous to be able to come into the office. I take insurance, I have office hours; I see people of all backgrounds.”

A l t e r n a t i v e a n d n o n i n va s i v e c o s m e t i c treatments In addition to the usual medical services, Dr. Ali also provides some alter native treatments, including IV vitamin drips, hydration, and some non-surgical cosmetic procedures. “We do simple things like Botox, fillers, cool-sculpting, medical weight loss and some hormone replacement therapy.” Volunteer work, UCLA clinical instruction Dr. Ali volunteers regularly at L.A.-area health clinics serving the homeless and uninsured. One, the Venice Family Clinic, is affiliated with UCLA Medical School, and Dr. Ali instructs the medical students while treating patients there. Men’s health issues With West Hollywood close by, Dr. Ali sees many LGBTQ patients, and has developed a particular interest in men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, sexual health, and AIDS/HIV treatment options and awareness. “It’s just something that I’ve gravitated to because I get a lot of gay men who come in, and I feel like men’s health isn’t necessarily talked about enough.” Always wanted to be a concierge doctor By the time Dr. Ali was a teenager he had already decided he wanted to be a concierge doctor. Even before that, he knew that he wanted to become a doctor. At age 7, he witnessed his grandfather’s heart attack, and the doctors who saved his life made a big impression on him. Family, fitness, travel Even with his demanding schedule Dr. Ali fits in daily gym sessions as a selfdescribed “health fanatic,” Married with two young children, he loves to travel with his family. “We try to go somewhere every couple of months, whether it’s a local small road trip or traveling internationally. I love to live life to it’s fullest, so I try to work hard and play hard.”

106 | |




kincare entrepreneur June Jacobs started her eponymous business in 2003, and at the same time opened her own laboratory where all the products are manufactured. This is unusual in the cosmetics industry, and provides a market advantage. Private laboratory “In order to successfully bring products to fruition quickly, you really need to have research and development people,” Jacobs says. Most companies depend on outside labs, and a product can take a year or more to come to market. When Jacobs gets an idea, she simply

108 | |

calls her chemist, and within 60 days or so, it is up and running. “I’m never put in back of the line, I never have inventory issues.” They do make some private label items for prestige cosmetics companies, but for the most part, the lab is devoted to the June Jacobs brand as well as the Peter Thomas Roth skincare line, in which she is also a partner. M o t h e r- d a u g h t e r b u s i n e s s , a l l - n a t u r a l Mediterranean beauty secrets Jacobs’s daughter, Rochelle, runs the business with her, and the two are committed to combining cutting-edge science with botanical remedies. “I decided with the June Jacobs line to make it natural, to have no paraffins, no preservatives, no sulfates, no dyes, and to make sure the scent was with an aromatic and not with a fragrance,” she explains. Coming from a large family whose ancestral home was in the Mediterranean, Jacobs went back to her ro o t s i n d e v e l o p i n g h e r skincare line. “I remember visiting them and seeing all these gorgeous Middle Eastern women putting this stuff on their faces, and my mother said, ‘That’s why they look beautiful, that’s why they look young.’” Jacobs followed that tradition in creating her line. “It’s very clean, very simple, it just has the best, highest percentage of those a n t i o x i d a n t s t h a t re a l l y work.” Exclusive formula receives 20-year patent The company uses a proprietary blend of g o j i b e r r y, g r e e n t e a ,

pomegranate, grape seed, and African black tea in every product, and just last year they were granted a 20-year patent on this formula, a rarity. Most popular product developed for her own use Almost five years ago, Jacobs was diagnosed with breast cancer, and during t re a t m e n t s h e h a d p a i n f u l r a d i a t i o n dermatitis, and decided to come up with something to sooth it. The formula worked so well that her doctor asked for more to see if other patients had similar results, although it was not for sale. It’s called Rapid Repair Healing Cream, and today it is Jacobs’s biggest selling product, popular not only with people undergoing radiation, but also for anyone who has very dry skin. High-end spas, hotels worldwide June Jacobs products are found in the most exclusive spas and hotels, including Canyon Ranch, Pebble Beach, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City, and in guestrooms at all Grand Hyatt Hotels worldwide. Sephora in Asia The June Jacobs line is also in all Sephora stores in China, Southeast Asia, and Australia. China, in particular, is a big deal for the company. “It’s a big business but you really need to nurture it,” Jacobs says, with smart strategies for social media, press, and engaging consumers. Started out launching successful lines for doctors: why am I doing this for other people? After finishing school, Jacobs worked for a plastic surgeon doing marketing, and developed an interest in products. Later, she ran successful skincare lines for dermatologists, one of which was sold to Proctor & Gamble. Eventually, she realized she should go into business for herself. Her longtime friend Peter Thomas Roth offered to finance a business, and they co-founded that line in 1993, and later started the June Jacobs line.



ulianne Michelle began her career with starring and guest starring roles in film and TV at the age of 5. Her credits have garnered multiple “Best Actress” awards and nominations. She is currently playing Max in an upcoming sitcom for Amazon TV. The opportunities she was afforded at a young age also opened her eyes to those less fortunate, and Julianne promoted multiple initiatives, including her own, The 2% Club, which championed all children to donate 2% of their allowance each year to charity. Throughout her life, Julianne has supported numerous worthy causes, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer

110 | |

C e n t e r, T h e A l z h e i m e r ’s A s s o c i a t i o n , Fountain House, The Children of Chernobyl, Child Haven, and Positively Kids. Julianne was honored by Teen People Magazine as one of “20 Teens Who Will Change the World”, was named by L’Oréal Paris as one of the “Top Five Teens in the World”, and has received other awards of recognition as well as a letter of commendation from President Bill Clinton. J u l i a n n e ’s p a s s i o n f o r s e r v i n g t h e underserved led her to return to school so that she could better understand how to optimize her role in helping others. Julianne took a two-year hiatus from acting to study Clinical Social Work at Columbia University and received her Master’s Degree in 2017 and LMSW in 2018. Her clinical background

and personal experience have enlightened the mission of her upcoming jewelry brand, Juls, which will be donating 10% of all net proceeds to disenfranchised women and survivors of domestic violence. As the granddaughter of a prolific New York real estate investor, Julianne also holds a Real Estate Salesperson License with Douglas Elliman and appreciates the value of diversifying one’s portfolio with real estate. While Julianne lived in Los Angeles for several years as a child, she was primarily raised in New York City and attended The Marymount School. She currently resides in the Upper East Side. When she is not working, Julianne enjoys art, music, and spending time with her family.

The Art of Seduction

Chanel Korby and Michelle Griffith (Photo Credit: Tom Lew)



edicated and diligent, Chanel Korby’s devotion to business development and real estate began in early childhood when she watched her parent’s buy, sell and develop multiple properties on Manhattan’s Central Park West, in Southampton, NY as well as in Montreal. Prior to joining Yelp, she worked in sales and marketing at the TRUMP Organization

112 | |

- a luxury brokerage firm; with an awardwinning public relations marketing company, and at - “New York’s most elite social networking site” (Gotham Magazine). Through these affiliations Chanel gained valuable experience in business development providing superior service to clients. Chanel was a dean’s list student at New York’s Trinity High School and the Kent Boarding School in Connecticut. She is a

Graduate with Distinction from the University of W isconsin-Madison, holding a BA in History. She studied overseas in Florence, and Paris. Born and raised in New York City, Chanel has lived on the Upper West Side, the West Village and the Upper East Side. Her interests include tennis and volunteering for New York Cares and Health Advocates For Older People (HAFOP).

Cristalle Glacé c’est formidable ! ‘Crystal Ice Collectibles’ from the Oleg Cassini Crystal Collection

STARZ board members from Left to Right: Becca Tebon, Lynn Radice, Faith Washington, Candace Rojas (founder), Carla Thrower, Lisa Sussman, Sandra Tribioli



he founders of Starz Foundation have discovered and personally encountered women, children, and families in our local community who are in desperate need of help. Feeling trapped in layers of dysfunction or crisis that include emotional, physical and financial distress that keeps them from shining. This cycle of co-dependency and crisis is prevalent regardless of race, ethnicity, age and socioeconomic culture. We are looking to partner with local and national brands such as Ouzo Bay in Mizner Park, located in Boca Raton, FL. Our campaign is to bring affordable housing to south florida with the form of container homes. Building a community that empowers individuals to rise and shine in their own lives while being a shining example to others as a beacon of hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that hope lives eternal. Our team of leaders and board members are from our local community here in Boca

114 | |

Raton, FL and are working hard to build an internal community that will be the backbone of this foundation. With varied backgrounds of expertise and knowledge of community, business, health and wellness, branding, media, PR, and spiritual leadership our team is well rounded and motivated to bring about change. We recognize how quickly a situation can change for those in distress and we are prepared to connect with varied outreach programs already in place to begin the process of recovery for our STARZ foundation members.



planning events to raise money to purchase affordable housing as well as land and to provide a clubhouse for our members. The STARZ clubhouse would be a co-sharing office space and WiFi to allow small start up businesses the support system, networking, referrals and resources to shine. STARZ charity events are on the calender for 2018/19 season and we are looking forward to highlighting local event space and brands that are aligned with our STARZ platform. We are excited to shine a light on our local Boca Raton community of women, children, and families in need and we aspire to create a world where even on the darkest night you can still produce the brightest STARZ. S-safe affordable housing T- training & education A-advocacy R-resources/support Z-zealous mentorship

with drug or alcohol addictions.

The STARZ foundation charity is currently

BELTRAMI, LTD. 7953 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY 11797 | 516.466.0117

2018 RALLYE AICHA DES GAZELLES DU MAROC Singer/Actress Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and Actress Kiera Chaplin Placed 3rd in the E-Gazelles Category BY LILLIAN LANGTRY


o re t h a n 1 0 0 0 p e o p l e gathered in the marquee tent in Essaouira to ring out the 28th Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles in style. A total of 165 teams, including 6 electric vehicles, participated in the 28th edition of this one-of-a-kind adventure. It is the world’s first international off-road Rallye race for women only. Since 1990, it has been bringing together women between the ages of 18 and 71, from more than 30 different countries, who embark on an adventure of a lifetime from the French city of Nice and onward to the start of the Rallye in the Moroccan desert. Participants of the 2018 rally included singer and actress Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and actress Kiera Chaplin, who came in 3rd place in their e-vehicle category, and Monegasque royalty Pauline Ducruet competing alongside fashionista Schanel Bakkouche. After spending 9 days deep in the Moroccan desert, the Gazelles enjoyed a

116 | |

prestigious gala evening in an immense white marquee tent across from the ramparts of Essaouira. In a fitting tribute to the former Mogador, the theme of this year’s gala was “Marine Marvels”. Dominique Serra and the Governor of Essaouira opened the gala, inviting the 1,200 guests to stand and drink a toast with a glass of Tsarine champagne. The décor featured an aquarium, seashells, a sailboat and even a mermaid. Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, daughter of Prince Albert II of Monaco and a Gazelle of Team 504 (competing alongside actress Kiera Chaplin in the e-Gazelle Class), took to the stage to perform an original song at the commencement of the evening’s dinner. Further entertainment during the dinner was provided by belly dancers, sailors and acrobats. The winners of each category were then invited to the stage to receive gifts from event partners Aïcha, Saint Honoré and Afriquia. Lively applause and a standing ovation were given to Marina Vrillacq, President of

the Rallye’s non-profit, Cœur de Gazelles; and Frédéric Valat, Manager of the Cœur de Gazelles medical caravan; and all the event’s volunteers and partners. “We were able to perform 8,400 medical procedures thanks to our volunteers and the partners who support us and understand our needs. I wish to thank them, because without them, we could do nothing. The strength of Cœur de Gazelles is in its patient follow-up. My thoughts go out to each of them,” said Marina Vrillacq. Her speech was interrupted by tears, and Frédéric Valat took over: “Thanks to the 140 teams of Gazelles who stopped to visit us in the villages where we were set up. You are our best representatives. You are the ones who promote Cœur de Gazelles.” The evening ended with music as dinner gave way to the dance floor. rankings/

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, Kiera Chaplin ŠMaienga

ŠMaienga | | 117


Ashley Judd was honored by Audrey Gruss’s Hope for Depression Research Foundation in the mix were the ever-glamorous Hilary Geary Ross, Sharon Bush and Margo Landenberg. Guests went home with a bottle of hope, Gruss’s new uplifting fragrance where 100% of the proceeds goes to the Foundation for depression research.

Sharon Bush, Hilary Geary Ross. Jared Siskin PMC

Ashley Judd, Audrey Gruss. Jared Siskin PMC.


Jean Shafiroff hosted a party for the Southampton Animal Shelter. Attendees included the Shelter’s president Clifton Knight, famed divorce attorneys Nancy Chemtob and Susan Moss, jeweler and pink diamond expert Jordan Fine and stem cell guru Dr. Christopher Calapai. The Shelter’s gala will be in the Hamptons on July 21st.

Jean Shafiroff. Paul Bruinooge PMC

Dr. Chrsitopher Calapai and Anastasia Garvey

Clif Knight, Rachel Atcheson. Paul Bruinooge. PMC

Ivana Trump and controversial political artist Robert Cenedella met during Princess Katherine

Archbishop Erdo helped Peter Thomas Roth launch his Hungarian Thermal skin line with Ferenc

of Serbia’s Lifeline N.Y. benefit, which raises money for orphans, at Le Cirque.

Kumin the Consul General of Hungary at the Consulate.

Ivana Trump, Robert Cenedella

118 | |

Peter Thomas Roth, Archbishop Erdo

GALORE Allison Janney bought a diamond-studded “A” necklace from jewelry designer Lisa Jackson,

Metallica’s Jason Newsted showed his new, paintings at the 55Bellechasse Booth at Nick

who’s also sold pieces to House Of Cards’ Robin Wright, and John Travolta.

Korniloff’s critically acclaimed Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Art

Allison Janney

Jason Newstead

Eugenia Bullock made her debut at the 63rd Viennese Opera Ball with her mother Janna Bullock. Debutant Meredith Schott with her parents Christine Schott Ledes and Steven Schott. VOB President Silvia Frieser and committee member and philanthropic advisor Laine Siklos. The ball benefitted Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Steve Schott, Meredith Schott, Christine Schott. Rommel Demano

Silvia Frieser and Laine Siklos

Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston who has done the faces of Catherine Deneuve, Anna Wintour

Art Miami Director Nick Korniloff his wife Pamela Cohen, Former NY Knick Amar’e Stoudemire,

and Carolina Herrera and his wife Muffie Potter Aston, helped director Joan Kron and comedian

NFL Legend Joe Namath all perused paintings form number galleries and number artists that

Julie Halston celebrate the opening of their film Take My Nose…Please!” Shelia

included Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and David Hockney Some sales

Nevins and Joan Rivers impersonator Linda Axelrod.

from 55bellechasse benefited the Perry J. Cohen Foundation.

Muffie Potter Aston and Dr. Sherrell Aston

Amar’e Stoudemire at Art Miami_credit Dylan Rives. Getty Images for Art Miami | | 119

NEW YORK SOCIETY SCENE A Spring Celebration, A Symposium, A Comedy Panel, & Women’s Leadership By Clara Morgan

The New York Center for Children (NYCC) hosted the 23rd Annual Spring Celebration Benefit at the Clement Restaurant at The Peninsula New York, NYC: Michael Gala, Vita Gala

Jonathan Crook, Meghan Pardi, Linda Schoenthaler, Martin Foont at The New York Center for Children (NYCC) 23rd

Jean Shafiroff, Lauren Vernon, Michele Herbert at The New York Center for Children (NYCC) 23rd Annual Spring

Annual Spring Celebration Benefit ©

Celebration Benefit ©

Randi Subarsky, Marlene Sandler, Sarah McNamara at The New York Center for Children (NYCC) 23rd Annual Spring

Jason Harrell, Glenn Askin at The New York Center for Children (NYCC) 23rd Annual Spring Celebration Benefit

Jake Montagnino, Christine Crowther, Susanne Schalin at The New York Center for Children (NYCC) 23rd Annual

Celebration Benefit ©


Spring Celebration Benefit ©

The 2018 Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation Scientific Review and Breakthroughs Symposium, NYC: Ramon Parsons M.D., William T. Sullivan, Jonathan D. Licht, M.D., Craig B. Thompson, M.D. (David T. Workman Award Recipient), Samuel Waxman, M.D. ©LMG

Laughing Affairs, founded by comedian Felicia Madison, presented Funny Business, a panel discussion for female comedians, at the legendary Friars Club, NYC: Felicia Madison ©Laughing Affairs

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff Honored by Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright at the Third Annual Women’s Leadership Awards, NYC: Jean Shafiroff, Rebecca Seawright ©


120 | |

NEW YORK PARTY SCENE A Nominations Celebration & Flex Brush Launch By Clara Morgan

The nominees were announced for this years 2nd Annual 2018 Chita Rivera Awards at Bond 45, NYC: Nikki Feirt Atkins Carmen De Lavallade Joe Lanteri ©Christopher Duggan

Tony Yazbeck at the 2018 Chita Rivera Awards nominations announcement ©Christopher Duggan

Robert Fairchild at the 2018 Chita Rivera Awards nominations announcement ©Christopher Duggan

Skye Mattox at the 2018 Chita Rivera Awards nominations announcement ©Christopher Duggan

Kenita R. Miller at the 2018 Chita Rivera Awards nominations announcement ©Christopher Duggan

Elizabeth Carena at the 2018 Chita Rivera Awards nominations announcement ©Christopher Duggan

Angelo David Salon Hosts Launch Event for The Flex Brush, The Ultimate Detangling Brush, with Founders Angelo David Pisacreta and Jacob Guttman, NYC: Angelo David Pisacreta,

Aviva Drescher at the Angelo David Salon Launch Event for

Robin Pack, Dr. Jason Shamil at the Angelo David Salon Launch Event for The Flex Brush ©

Jacob Guttman ©

122 | |

The Flex Brush ©

SOCIAL SCENE A Rallye Gala & British Design By Clara Morgan

“Marine Marvels” Gala to ring out the 28th Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles with a special performance by Jazmin Grace Grimaldi: Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, Kiera Chaplin ©Maienga

Natacha Bordry, Clothilde Hamion at the “Marine Marvels” Gala for the 28th Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles ©Maienga

Natacha Bordry, Clothilde Hamion at the “Marine Marvels” Gala for the 28th Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles ©Maienga

Hélène Grand’eury, Charlotte Zucconi at the “Marine Marvels” Gala for the 28th Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles ©Maienga

Elisabeth Kraft, Sonia Baudoin-Guerard at the “Marine Marvels” Gala for the 28th Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles ©Maienga

Solen Kerleroux, Carine Poisson at the “Marine Marvels” Gala for the 28th Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles ©Maienga

New York’s iconic Decoration & Design Building (DDB) celebrated British creativity, craftsmanship and heritage with eight British Interior Design Showrooms participating, DDB, NYC:Clare Risman, Marianne Howatson ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G

Paul Colley at the Decoration & Design Building (DDB) Brilliantly British ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G

Caleb Anderson at the Decoration & Design Building (DDB) Brilliantly British ©LandinoPhoto for NYC&G

124 | |




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25a May 2018 Issue