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Opulence is in the details with this season’s rich brocades crystal beading and delicate lace appliqués. Clean lines acentuarte fantasy accents for the bride with sophistication, style and grace…



Spa Nalai Private balcony on 25th floor Personal steam shower in your spa suite Signature Nalai Treatment on our sand quartz bed Complimentary access to fitness center and pool with spa treatment For reservations please visit nalaispa.com or call 646-774-1210

Zirkova One+Together vodka believes that every one of us is a unique and vital part of this beautiful tapestry that we call humanity. In Ukraine, there is a traditional toast “Budmo” or “just be” that acknowledges the greatness in each of us. We are committed to empowering everyone to do just that. To just be you. To appreciate and celebrate each other. And to unite through uplifting moments of optimism and possibility. Yes, we are a vodka company and if you like vodka, we hope it is ours you are toasting with. But if you don’t drink, or even if you drink other vodkas, we still hope you join our commitment to One+Together. We celebrate you. We celebrate all of us. We are One+Together.



Ultimate Spirits Challenge

New York International Spirits Comp.






SIP Packaging Design Awards PLATINUM 2017

SIP International SpiritsAwards PLATINUM 2017

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While we still may be in the throws of winter, I am optimistically looking forward to the warmer months! It hasn’t been such a terrible winter, where we all have to hibernate and be depressed. No, rather, I am happy to pronounce this has one of my favorite times of year! With that being said, I am proud to present Michelle Makori on our February cover! She is of i24 News fame! A wonderful addition to our cable news universe, Michelle speaks truth to power! We are very honored to have her on the cover and know you will love the piece as much as we loved interviewing her! This month we feature several wonderful articles on art from around the word. These inspiring artists are an amazing addition to our pages and we couldn’t be happier to showcase their wonderful talents. Like always, Travel, dining, art and the latest social events are all covered. Use us as your guide to luxury living and you won’t be disappointed! We work hard to bring you the best of the best, because we know, you demand nothing less.

Chase Backer Publisher

917.969.5527 | minadjewelry.com

Playful & Chic

PILYQ PilyQ is a European-inspired brand of “cabana chic” swim and resort wear. Offering an array of ultrafeminine swimwear, graceful tunics, and flirty shorts, PilyQ encompasses everything a woman needs for a stylish getaway from sunup to sundown. Our alluring designs are inspired by our life’s travels –always within reach of an exotic beach and the sun’s glowing heat.

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ANGELO DAVID Celebrity Hair Stylist & Leading Hair-Loss Expert B Y PE TE R E LSTO N


ngelo David Pisacreta, creative director of Angelo David salon, is one of the most coveted stylists and wig masters in New York City. He has a reputation for creating the “wow” factor with fully customized wigs, Couture Hair extensions, hairpieces, toppers, clip-ins, ponytails, fillers, and bangs—all of which address specific thinning-hair challenges. Angelo has also found a niche within the wig-making industry, which is experiencing a resur-gence. According to a recent New York Times article, the current demand for wigs is as high as it was in their early ‘70s heyday. All of Angelo’s wigs, extensions and additions are made of 100% human hair and are designed on-site to match the client’s unique hair texture, type and color.

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He has turned wig-making into an art form, as well as a solution to a variety of hairloss challenges. He also works closely with cancer survivors and women undergoing chemotherapy, as well as clients who have hair loss from other causes. These causes may include genetics, pregnancy, medical issues, stress, unhealthy lifestyles and mechanical hair stress caused by styling/ pulling the hair too tight. He has a natural talent for connecting with his clients, who may feel shame or sadness because of their hair loss. That’s why he has a special name for his consultation rooms. “I call them the dream rooms because they are where women come to talk about their dreams for their hair,” he says. After listening to clients’ particular needs (both men and women flock to the salon), Angelo works with each one to develop the perfect

hair solution. To support the maintenance of healthy hair, Angelo has designed a range of products, includ-ing Hair Detox vitamins and a hand-crafted natural boar bristle hair brush line which keep natu-ral and Couture Hair tangle free. He has also created his own line of VOL volumizing shampoo, conditioner and spray. “Hair extensions and hair pieces are part of our culture and our industry now,” he says. “They are no longer a secret. They are everyday hair wear.”

Angelo David Salon 420 Madison Avenue, NYC 212.883.6620 | Angelodavid.com @angelodavidhair



onsuming adaptogens is one of the latest health and diet trends these days. You may have noticed beverages and food products infused with adaptogenic herbs such as ashwagandha, maca, rhodiola, and moringa. t’s officially summertime.exactly? That means more But what are adaptogens Simply, time spent outside in the sun with family they are natural substances that work with and friends.body That also means lessthem clothing. an individual’s by helping to Whether you are in the best shape of your “adapt.” In other words, they counteract life, oroflooking few pounds, there is the effects stresstoindrop the abody. Adaptogens nothing more uncomfortable or frustrating are said to be effective when dealing with than being bloated. Evenand thosefatigue who worksince out regularly persistent stress they and eat a well-balanced diet may struggle from work with regulating important hormones bloating. However, by ingesting the right foods and in the body. avoiding those that induce bloat, you will be feeling Although each adaptogen is unique, better andthey appearing in nohealth time! benefits overall offer lighter several including: My top 4 tips for bloat: • Strengthening the avoiding immune system Don’t eat too quickly. • Managing a healthy weight too quickly and not thoroughly chewing •Eating Increasing physical endurance and your food can cause you to swallow air, which leads mental focus to •bloating. Your meals should last at least 20 minutes. Balancing mood Because digestion begins in the mouth, you can decrease by dsimply To b ebloating c o n s ijust d e re a n chewing “ a d a p tyour o g efood n,” more. herbs have to be non-toxic to the body’s

Limit carbonated beverages. physiological functions, offer widespread The fizz in carbonated drinksthe can body cause gas to get support, and help bring back to trapped in your Adaptogens belly. Opt for water with lemon, equilibrium. come in lotslime, of mint, or cucumber amp up the flavor without added different forms, toincluding pills that resemble calories or sugar. vitamins; powders, which you can mix into salty foods. aAvoid smoothie or shake; and teas. Ultimately, Eating high-sodium foods trigger them; water there is no “right” way to can consume retention, which can make you appear more “puffy.” choose whichever is most realistic for you. Avoiding as easyatas steering of the Let’s sodium take isn’t a look some clear specific saltshaker, however. Sodium sneaks its way into most adaptogens and how they benefit the body processed andhealth: packaged foods (think soups, breads, and overall crackers, and the like), making it very difficult to avoid. When and if you do succumb to salt, increase your Ashwagandha water intake to help flush it out. to help increase Ashwagandha is used Keep a food journal. energy and endurance, promote longevity, Although there are some common culprits, bloating

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Bloat Busters

and strengthen the immune system. Today, it is often recommended for people with high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as those suffering from anxiety or exhaustion. It is said to enhance BY L I N D SAY B RU STEIN ROS EN , the M S , thyroid RD, C D N endocrine function, especially and adrenal glands. may be individualized Rhodiola rosea as well. Recording your daily intake and noting howacts bloated youafeel is a great Rhodiola rosea like “hormone way to pinpoint whether certainasfoods or beverages thermostat,” especially it pertains to are triggers for of youour individually. It is always best to cortisol, one main stress hormones. consult withhelps a physician or registered dietitianlevels for more Rhodiola balance the cortisol in guidance as well. our bodies, raising or lowering it as needed. Therefore, this herb is often recommended foods tofrom introduce for those6 suffering anxiety or high into your stress levels. Rhodioladiet: may also help Kefir balance blood sugar levels, improve fertility Probiotic bacteria found in kefirstrengthen or yogurt help with and reproductive health, the the digestive process and fight off inflammation. Kefir heart, and protect the heart from stressis easy todamage. tolerate by those sensitive to dairy. Opt for related plain or unsweetened versions and sweeten it naturally Maca with fruit. is valued for increasing libido and Maca Avocados health in both men and women. hormonal This richcruciferous in potassium,vegetable a mineral that plays It is a food typeisof that is a role in regulating fluid balance. Potassium-rich rich in antioxidants, therefore fighting off foods helpdisease counteract thepreventing effects of sodium, therefore chronic and damage to reducing bloat. cells. It has also been shown to improve Asparagus sexual health, balance hormone levels, and Asparagus is oftenmood referredand to asmemory. the “anti-bloating improve energy, superfood.” Ultimately, it helps you urinate, flushing out Ginseng excess water and in turn relieving discomfort and Research indicates that any Asian ginseng, bloat. It also contains prebiotics, which help support the most potent form of ginseng, is effective theimproving growth of “good” bacteria in the gut. This to at mental performance andhelps one’s maintainto a healthy balancestress. in your digestive ability withstand It alsosystem has to prevent and/or reduceantidepressant flatulence. antioxidant effects, effects, Fennel and can help naturally lower blood pressure Fennel is rich in potassium, helping to reduce and blood sugar levels. post-meal digestive spasms. The seeds found in this Astragalus plant contain compounds (anethole, and fenchone and Astragalus boosts immunity buffers estragole) that relax the GI tract, allowing gas to pass the effects of stress on the body. It increases and ultimately bloating. compounds our the amount relieving of anti-stress Peppermint bodies use or tochamomile repair andtea prevent stressBoth of these teas have been found to relax


related damage. It may also decrease the ability of stress hormones like cortisol to bind to receptors. Overall: Adaptogens aren’t a new concept. In fact, they were first developed and studied during gastrointestinal muscles, dissipating the gas World War II as a waytherefore to improve the body’s that causes your stomach to bloat. Chamomile has ability to respond to stress, increase energy also been said to soothe and relax, which canNew help and attention, and fight off fatigue. ease any sort of stomach discomfort. research is now looking at how adaptogens Papaya may be helpful in treating chronic diseases Papain, the enzyme contained in papaya, helps including respiratory and heart conditions. break down proteins in your gastrointestinal system, easing up the digestive process. Also, this tropical fruit *NOTE: This information is intended for educational and has anti-inflammatory properties along with a high conversational purposes. As always, please consult with your fiber content that support a strong digestive tract. physician before taking any of these supplements.

Lindsay Brustein Rosen, MS, RD is a registered dietitian and the founder of Nutrition by Bru, a nutrition counseling and consulting practice in New York. She received a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from New York University, and has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. She is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as the Greater New York Dietetic Association.


Loving HoW You Live.

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You dream it. We design and build it. Make every space your own.

See the streamlined closet created for Apt 34 founder Erin Hiemstra on our website.

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californiaclosets.com 516.33 4.0077 facebook & instagram: @caliclosetsnyc

JUNE JACOBS Skincare Entrepreneur B Y B E NNE TT MAR CUS


kincare entrepreneur June Jacobs started her eponymous business in 2003, and at the same time opened her own laboratory where all the products are manufactured. This is unusual in the cosmetics industry, and provides a market advantage. Private laboratory “In order to successfully bring products to fruition quickly, you really need to have research and development people,” Jacobs says. Most companies depend on outside labs, and a product can take a year or more to come to market. When Jacobs gets an idea, she simply calls her chemist, and within 60 days or so, it is up and running. “I’m never put in back of the line, I never have inventory issues.” They do make some private label items for prestige cosmetics companies, but for the most part, the lab is devoted to the June Jacobs brand as well as the Peter Thomas Roth skincare line, in which she is also a partner. Mother-daughter business, allnatural Mediterranean beauty secrets Jacobs’s daughter, Rochelle, runs the business with her, and the two are committed to combining cutting-edge science with botanical remedies. “I decided with the June Jacobs line to make it natural, to have no paraffins, no preservatives, no sulfates, no dyes, and to make sure the scent was with an aromatic and not with a fragrance,” she explains. Coming from a large family whose ancestral home was in the Mediterranean, Jacobs went back to her roots in developing her skincare line. “I remember visiting them and seeing all these

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gorgeous Middle Eastern women putting this stuff on their faces, and my mother said, ‘That’s why they look beautiful, that’s why they look young.’” Jacobs followed that tradition in creating her line. “It’s very clean, very simple, it just has the best, highest percentage of those antioxidants that really work.”

Exclusive formula receives 20-year patent The company uses a proprietary blend of goji berry, green tea, pomegranate, grape seed, and African black tea in every product, and just last year they were granted a 20-year patent on this formula, a rarity. Most popular product developed for her own use Almost five years ago, Jacobs was diagnosed with breast cancer, and during treatment she had painful radiation dermatitis, and decided to come up with something to sooth it. The formula worked so well that her doctor asked for more to see if other patients had similar results, although it was not for sale. It’s called Rapid Repair Healing Cream, and today it is Jacobs’s biggest selling product, popular not only with people undergoing radiation, but also for anyone who has very dry skin. High-end spas, hotels worldwide June Jacobs products are found in the most exclusive spas and hotels, including Canyon Ranch, Pebble Beach, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City, and in guestrooms at all Grand Hyatt Hotels worldwide. It’s also in all Sephora stores in China, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Started out launching successful lines for doctors: why am I doing this for other people? After finishing school, Jacobs worked for a plastic surgeon doing marketing, and developed an interest in products. Later, she ran successful skincare lines for dermatologists, one of which was sold to Proctor & Gamble. Eventually, she realized she should go into business for herself. Junejacobs.com

NOON BY NOOR Ethereal Spring Collection

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GLENN GISSLER Interior Designer & President of ASID Metro B Y B E NNE TT MAR CUS

Art in All Its Forms Is a Key Component in the Design Work of Glenn Gissler


hanks to his education at the Rhode Island School of Design, Interior Designer Glenn Gissler brings a broad knowledge of fine and decorative arts to his residential projects. That’s not to mention his infectious enthusiasm. The Manhattan-based designer has developed a discerning eye over the past 30 years years, in part is due to his strong relationships with the city’s leading auction houses, dealers, and artists. Gissler, who takes an alchemical approach to designing and furnishing, also is a member of the RISD Museum board and current president of the New York Metro Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers. “Art in all its forms—photography, painting, prints, sculpture—is a key component of my design work,” Gissler explains. The designer regularly assists clients with thoughtful art

34 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

installation and collection consultation. “I also work with people who are just starting to collect, advising them on how to navigate today’s aggressive art market and acquire art for the ages rather than simply fall for the latest art world fashion.” For Gissler, every assignment involves taking a comprehens i v e v i e w. T h i s i n volves integrating all elements—architecture, art, antiques, furniture, textiles, and objects— through the specifics of the client’s personality and lifestyle. Here are a few examples of his art-driven interiors to illustrate his process. Michael Kors in Greenwich Village Since 1989, Gissler

has designed a series of luxurious but minimal apartments and showrooms for fashion designer Michael Kors. A photograph from Melvin Sokolsky’s iconic 1963 “Bubble” series for Harper’s Bazaar, in which couturewearing models were suspended in Plexiglas

works on the walls with fine pieces of 20th-century fur niture.” One notable example of such furniture is a pair of totemic oak-and-steel stools in the living room. The set was designed in 1927 by the fabled French architect Pierre Chareau. They serve as the perfect complement to a 1970 set of lithographs by the equally fabled American artist, Cy Twombly.

globes around Paris locations, dominates the foyer of Kors’ penthouse. The image sets the decorative tone: chic and elegant, yet light and witty. The furniture vignette—a classic daybed and circular coffee table, both by Mies van der Rohe, sitting on a zebra-skin rug—announces the space’s disciplined palette. Black, white, and gray appear throughout the apartment, alongside a vocabulary of minimalist materials: polished chrome, stainless steel, marble, wood, and leather. A Westchester County property The clients at this Westchester property are empty nesters who are also passionate and discerning art collectors. Modest in size but superlative in quality, their collection includes works by Joan Miró, Jim Dine, Edvard Munch, Jean Dubuffet, Richard Serra, Robert Motherwell, Henri Matisse, Jasper Johns, Claes Oldenburg, and Frank Stella. Gissler sought to create a setting for these pieces that would display them prominently yet without ostentation. “It was the clients’ desire truly to live with art,” he says. “So we seamlessly harmonized

At UN Plaza UN Plaza, a pair of residential towers designed by architect Wallace Harrison in 1966, has an uber-modern glass-wall exterior, while its apartments are more traditional rooms. When a client a c q u i re d a d u p l e x t h e re , Gissler had to invent a design language that respected the modernity of the building’s skin. But he also had to balance a sense of texture and material richness within the rooms, which were without ornamentation. His strategy was inspired by a Picasso cubist painting, which evinces architectural clarity in a warm palette. “The colors are muted, ranging from white to ivory to beige to taupe to brown to shades of blue,” Gissler notes. “The 20th-century f u r n i t u re f o r m s a q u i e t l y elegant counterpoint to the client’s ambitious art collection, which takes pride of place.” In the dining room, for example, 1930s Jules Leleu chairs, a custom oval table, and a French 1 9 4 0 s b ro n z e c h a n d e l i e r complement a Max Er nst figure, also in bronze, and a dramatic 2001 Ross Bleckner painting, Flow and Return. And in the foyer, an elegantly curving staircase provides a sympathetic setting for Marsyas, a stunning bronze

torso by Rodin. A pied-à-terre on the Upper East Side A couple from São Paulo, Brazil wanted a real Manhattan home for their frequent visits, often with children and grandchildren in tow. To import some of the color and cadence of their homeland, Gissler drew inspiration from Latin American architects like Brazil’s Oscar Niemeyer and Mexico’s Luis Barragán. “ We a d o p t e d N i e m e y e r ’s l o v e o f biomorphic shapes in our selection of ceramics and artworks, and emulated Barragan’s bold use of color to demarcate planes and announce room transitions,” Gissler explains. But these architectural trends are hinted at rather than imitated. So a dining nook gets a banquette upholstered in buckskin, a chair covered in a diamond-pattern fabric, and a walnut tabletop under an iconic Louis Poulsen pendant light. However, it is a large 1950’s abstract painting in gray, black, and white, together with pillows and accessories in brilliant orange, that give the space a jazzy, bossa-nova vibe.

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JODY SOKOL Home Makeover Expert B Y B E NNE TT MAR CUS

sToNY BrooK


A New Space for a New Chapter

ast winter, we received a call from create a warm and cozy place to entertain Woven shades were added to the large front By Jody Sokol a couple in desperate need of help family and friends and the furniture that they window for privacy. A small custom cocktail for several rooms in their house. had for the last fifteen years just wasn’t table was designed to fit the space, two ur client always drivingthey past the 1941 colonial revival out his paperwork while she needed for working her laptop, so After years of living with some going to do it.loved When contacted us, in comfortable chairs werespace brought in,on and Brooktime Village,to so itup wastheir a dream come true when adorable his and hers desks withottomans complimenting were styles were added. We old family hand-me-downs and they historic knewStony it was game and plaid added fordesigned she and her husband finally had the opportunity to buy it. Of a custom desk to accommodate his needs and brought in a shagreen inexpensive furniture they bought create a living space that fit their style. They additional seating. We finished off this room course, after moving in, they knew that a lot of work needed to leather desk for her. Everyone loved the design on the roman shades so when they were first married and of letting be done. wanted a space where they would and be offi proud adding a gorgeous piece artwork that A hideous green carpet covered the bedroom ce floors, by much that it became the focal point in theof office. A lucite cart with rattan life take precedence over updating their whiletocontrasting host their bookdrapes clubhung meetings. thesome whole room accessories sing. Funky sconces floral andweekly burgundy striped in the windows. makes baskets and fun starburst brighten up the room. a year of living in the newprofessionals, home, they decided itthey was time for a fresh make this room a stand out while the rug home, it was not reflective of two working AfterAs two working lacked While we were in the midst of this project, our client quit her job to convert professionals. Now it was time to transform start.the time, knowledge, and resources to do grounds the space, and the pale green her new home into New York’s first Bed & Bike Inn, a bed and breakfast grasscloth wallpaper adds just the right their home to fit their lifestyle. this, and their request was simple: “Just The bedroom went from drab to fab. Gray grasscloth wallpaper went geared toward cyclists. The Stony Brookside is in the perfect location, First, they wanted us to design a small up over getstark it done.” amount of texture gorgeousmaking Mill Pond everything Park, backing up to the white walls. The custom-made bedding was pet-friendly across the street from the while historic Grist Mill, and just down the road from the Village Center. screened in patio that would work for and After to discuss design concepts, pop. passed meeting all the cats’ tests. Swivel chairs with textural fabric and soft else and a direction, faux crocodile leather providewanted the perfect the spot to entertaining. Next, they wanted us to colors color and ottoman how they morning coffee. The beautiful rope texture on the mirror adds a nice accessorize several rooms in their house. enjoyroom to work, the marathon began. The plan touch, while the black dresser with leather handles grounds the room. Last and most importantly, they wanted to Rattan was to do a light and airy coastal concept shades give the windows new life with their warm texture, and the redo their living room. of creams, turquoise, blues embroidered linen drapes are now the focal point. and greens. More than any other room of their house, We started with a cream sofa in a Crypton the bedroom complete, we needed flowy to tackle drapes the adjoining their living room was in desperate need of Oncefabric, andwas added beautiful office. Because the rooms connect, the elements in the rooms needed to a makeover. It clearly did not reflect where workintogether. a cream and turquoise leaf patterned Designer: Jody Sokol A soft gray carpet flows throughout the space. Our clients they are in their life now. They wanted to werelinen trimmed with a lovely aqua email: Jody@jodysokol.com lookingfabric for a way to share the office; he needed room tape. to spread


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PRESENTED BY NY’S DECORATION & DESIGN BUILDING An Evening of Art with NYC&G, Sotheby’s and Victoria Hagan BY PET ER ELST ON


e w Yo r k ’s D e c o r a t i o n & D e s i g n B u i l d i n g ’s h o s t e d NYC&G Editor in Chief Kendell Cronstrom in conversation with Sotheby’s Master Paintings Senior Vice President, Christopher Apostle and celebrated designer Victoria Hagan as they discussed how to procure and seamlessly incorporate centuries old works of art into modern interiors, the designer’s signature aesthetic, with insight from her perspective. The event opened at the D&D Building’s

38 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

Upper Story Café, followed by a multishowroom reception hosted by Armani/ Casa, Chesneys and Holland & Sherry each offering a unique honey-whiskey based cocktail by Catskill Provisions. Over 200 Trade professionals were all ears during the expert panel discussion and enjoyed an up close and personal look at four original master paintings; Fede Galizia’s pair of a still life bowl and basket of fruit, Jan Brueghel The Elder a wooded landscape and Bartholomaus Zeitblom double portrait of an engaged couple. Notable attendees

included designers Garrow Kedigian and Lisa Frantz, and Editor Michael Boodro of Dering Hall. The event was the Decoration & Design Building’s first installment of their exclusive Designer Forum Series. Throughout the year, the DDB will be teaming up with leading experts of design and luxury to elevate the design conversation and provide added value to the interior design community. ddbuilding.com

SoHo’s Most Sophisticated Urban Retreat

525 Greenwich Street, New York, NY www.hotelhugony.com 212.608.4848 reservations@hotelhugony.com Follow us: @hotelhugosoho @barhugonyc @azulnyc



’m an older woman. The oldest man I’ve ever been to bed with was 65. Viagra made it possible. I didn’t know it at the time, and if I had known, I would have been turned off. After that experience, I gave up on sex, determined to live without it, but fate was kind to me one day as I was dumping the garbage I hauled from the ranch. As a steward of the land I forbid a dump on my property. Many ranchers simply dig a pit, dump their garbage, burn it when it becomes full, and repeat the cycle over and over again. Not me. I pay a monthly fee to deposit my garbage in a trailer in the nearest town of Barksdale. I also take my cans, magazines, bottles, and plastic to the recycle center 60 miles away in Uvalde. My vegetable scraps are placed in a barrel to provide compost for my garden, and my meat scraps are placed in one of the hog traps I keep baited. My garbage is minimal. On that day I was retrieving a single white plastic bag from the back of my pickup when a voice called to me from the local cafe across the highway. “What are you doing Sonja Klein?” It was Billy, an acquaintance of more than a decade. “What do you think I’m doing, Billy? I’m dumping my garbage.” I was also on the way to give a talk about writing to the middle school students at the small consolidated school a few blocks away. Billy looked good. I got in the truck and

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rolled the window down. He approached the truck. “You curled your hair.” “Do you like it?” “Yeah.” “You look good too.” “I had some health problems, almost died. I’ve quit drinking.” “Have you been dancing lately, Billy?” “No.” “Call me. Let’s go dancing.” Billy is a good dancer. I know that because I have danced with him on a few occasions since our first meeting years ago beside the road. His truck had broken down, and I gave him a ride. When he introduced himself I realized who he was, the son of friends from church. There was a spark between us, but I never fueled the fire though I must admit I thought about it over the years when we ran into each other. The story is classic. Several weeks later we met at a local benefit. We danced and the rest is history. For once in my life the timing was right. We were both single, had no excess baggage, and the spark became a bonfire – a bonfire that raced through our little community like a raging inferno. Billy is 14 years younger. After some initial anxiety Billy and I decided the hell with the age difference. If it didn’t matter to us, why would it matter to anyone else? We were wrong. The relationship was okay with all the men. Not so with the women. Most of them knew my age. To them I was the older woman seducing one of their young. My reputation was ruined. It bothered me, but not that much. We talked about it. I told Billy, “If you were an older man with a much younger woman, it would be okay.” He agreed. I mentioned several couples in the canyon lands where the woman was much older. The community had accepted them. I asked Billy, “Why not us?” “Because you are the wealthy woman writer and I’m from here. They either think I’m in it for your money or you are a dirty old woman.” “None of that is true.” “We both know that.” “They think I’ve stolen one of their own, and they’re trying to protect you.” “Sonja, I’m 56, been married three times.

I think I know what I’m doing.” “I’m over 70 and sure as shit think I know how I feel.” “Just don’t die on me.” “I’ll try not to.” “I don’t want to get married.” “Billy, I’ll never marry again, tried four times. Marriage doesn’t work for me.” “Doesn’t work for me either.” We spend the weekends together, get along great, and the raging fire of gossip is extinguished. Time takes care of most everything, or as Billy quotes his Granny, “It all comes out in the wash.”

I guess I now fit the definition of a cougar. What a silly term. I’m not that fond of cats. Sonja Rose Klein is a fifth-generation Texan and graduate of The University of Texas. She is the author of Honk if You Married Sonja, Roundtrip from Texas, and most recently, Ambushed by America. When not traveling (and often during), she writes poetry, essays, and short stories. She lives on Ambush Hill Ranch in southwest Texas and knows her way around a shot gun. sonjaroseklein.com

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Race to Judgment, a new crime thriller udge and author Frederic Block calls his latest book, “Race to Judgement,” “reality fiction,” because it is loosely based on a number of high-profile cases he has handled. The phrase “ripped from the headlines” comes to mind; in his 23 years on the federal bench in Brooklyn, Judge Block has presided over such notable cases as Peter Gotti’s attempted extortion of action star Steven Seagal; the Crown Heights riots; and the exoneration of Jabbar Collins, an African American man who spent 16 years in prison on false charges of murdering a Hasidic rabbi. That decision exposed corruption

42 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

in the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes, who was later unseated by African American Ken Thompson, upon whom the book’s protagonist, Ken Williams, is based. “Riveting thriller about truth and justice.” “Race to Judgment” brings those dramatic crime stories and others to life in a fast-paced thriller that will keep you turning the pages. “Reads with the pace of a whip-crack. Judge Block knows this world cold,” crows best-selling author David Baldacci. Novelist Linda Fairstein calls it a “riveting thriller about truth and justice.” As a hobby, fictional D.A. Williams plays jazz piano and writes country songs - also a slice of real life; Judge Block is a musician and composer who has written an off-Broadway musical, and his country-music songs are reproduced in the book, and can be heard on e-books and on the internet. A judge should be open about his work Judge Block’s first book, “Disrobed,” is a non-fiction look at the life and work of a federal trial judge. “I think judges should reach out to the public. I think they have a wealth of information that they should share with the public in general about how the whole judicial system works,” Block says. “ It sold like crazy in stores because they stacked it next to Fifty Shades of Grey.,” he quips.A book like this is unusual because, he explains, because there is debate among those in the field about how open a judge should be. “The conservative old school believes that a judge should not be seen or heard except through his opinions, or what goes on in the courtroom,” Block says. “I don’t subscribe to that.” Why a novel? One day Block got a phone call from M i c h a e l P o n s o r, a f e l l o w j u d g e f ro m Massachusetts whom he did not know. “He had read Disrobed, thought it was terrific and said he wanted to share with me that he just got a gig for a novel that he wrote called The Hanging Judge,” Block says.

He encouraged Block to try his hand at a novel, explaining that he found it enjoyable working creatively outside the constraints of the rules of law. The explosive next novel And yes, the many stranger-than-fiction cases Judge Block has tried in his years on the bench have provided much fodder, and he is currently at work his next novel with the working title “Radical Justice.” “What do we have in the courts now, especially in Brooklyn more than any place in the country are terrorist cases,” he says. “I’ve done a couple myself. And reality fiction book number two is about terrorism in the courtroom.” It’ll be a “who-done-it story; you know, who’s who, who survived, and who did this.” fredericblock.com

127 W 28th Street, New York, NY 10001 646.484.4361 www.hotelhaydennyc.com



illiam Quigley is an American Artist (bor n April 29, 1961 in Pennsylvania) working in New York City and East Hampton. From 1980-85 he attended Philadelphia College of Art, Tyler School of Art in Rome and University of Pennsylvania. Immediately after Graduating Philadelphia College of Art, now University of the Arts, he had his first exhibition with Andy Warhol in 1985 at Henry S. McNeil Gallery. McNeil is one of the leading collectors of Contemporary Art in the United States. Moving to NY after the exhibition, he attended Columbia University Graduate

School of Fine Art from 1985-87. Since he has lived and worked across Europe, India and South America showing in Art Fairs, Galleries, and Museums internationally, such as: Philadelphia Museum of Art, MOCA, Charles Craigg Museum Santa Barbara, The Reina Sofia in Madrid, Art Basel, Switzerland through Ernest Beyler Gallery and Ferran Cano, Art Chicago, Arco, Manny Silverman, Pablos Birthday NY, Ferran Cano in Spain, 71Mercer, Arne Zimmermann, and one of the first American painters to show at the Miro Foundation in Mallorca. In 1994 he founded and owned the infamous, AB Gallery, directed by Dan Bernier, who exhibted fledgling talents like Marc Chiat, Manuel

Ocampo, Toba Khedorri, Dan Fisher, Steve Hurd, Julien Bismuth, Mike Bouchet, Jason Rhoades, George Stoll, Kevin Sullivan, Russell Crotty, and Martin Kersels. Quigley’s work is collected all over the world, and through his Creative Clothing line Skrapper, has built a reputation as one of the most influential artist’s among a new younger generation of self made artists. He has painted commissioned portraits of, and in many cases for, President Bush and Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, Shaquille Oneal, LeBron James, Wayne Gretzky, Eminem, Muhammed Ali, Donald Trump, Bruce Springsteen, Ice Cube, Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson. Because of his high end client list and dedication to Children, Soldiers, and extensive charities, in 2006 his work was featured on ABC Televisions, “Life Styles of the Rich and Famous”, and in 2007 was selected as VH1 featured Artist of the Year along with honorees, President William and Senator Hillary Clinton, John Mayer, Jon Bon Jovi, Roger Waters, MTV / VH1 founder John Sykes and Mariah Carey. quigleyart.com

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PET LOVE Petcasso, Luis Ramos B Y DE B R A R O THB E R G

Want unconditional love a friend forever who cuddles, plays, and makes you feel better after a hard day? Get a pet.


c i e n c e a g re e s t h e j o y a n d laughter received from a pet releases soothing endorphins, lowers blood pressure, and warms our hearts.They become a precious child to be spoiled and coddled, kept warm, well dressed and fed, exercised and groomed. What more can we do for our beloved Angels? The answer is a Pet Portrait. Researching Pet Portrait Artists, I want to introduce you to 2 established New York Painters, one with a whimsical style, the other a hyper realist. What pet people have in common is usually a good nature and a sense of humor and passion so do these artists who just adore what they do. Artist Luis Ramos is known as Petcasso,

46 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

a graduate of Parsons School of Design,combines his love of old master art, his Spanish heritage and life-long devotion to creating custom pet portraits. Working in oil on canvas, each custom portrait is a delightful exercise in capturing every animal’s soulful whimsy. Arriving on the scene in 2000, Luis Ramos has worked to capture and intrigue the pet-loving community with his whimsical, beautiful, sometimes humorous oil paintings. Sharing the streets of his native NYC with dogs, cats, squirrels and the occasional celebrity, Petcasso gathers much of his inspiration from daily NYC streetlife, and relies on friends, family, and cultures from around the world to make his work stand out from the rest. Painting for 15 years Artist Dana Hawk knew immediately she loved painting pets. “Getting the feel for a subject’s personality adds depth to any portrait and dogs keep

their personalities right out front, so it’s a gratifying experience and usually pretty humorous.” Although Dana’s paintings center around dogs and pets, her true rewards are from their people. “Nothing warms my heart than a joyfully tearful email from a client who has just received their painting. A large portion of my commissions are from husbands surprising their wives, which adds another layer of fun and enjoyment!” Her process begins with a 30-60 minute photo shoot, usually done in the pet’s home, which also serves to give Dana a sense of the style and color palette that a client’s prefers. From these images, a few will stand out as being representative of the pet’s personality and will be used as reference for the painting. petcaso.com | petcsasso@gmail.com

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“Manhattan” Letterscape by Ron Burkhardt

MvVO ART ANNOUNCES AD ART SHOW First Art Show Celebrating Artists from the Advertising World B Y JACK I E PR I CE


vVO ART, an innovative N e w Yo r k - b a s e d a r t venture, invites art lovers to discover a new generation of contemporary artists from Advertising & Commercial Art. Says Founder & CEO Maria van Vlodrop, “AD ART SHOW

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is a platform for discovering exciting new emerging artists that come from this historically rich landscape– following in the footsteps of Warhol, Magritte, Rockwell, O’Keefe, Hopper, Haring, Rosenquist & so many others renowned artists. ” MvVO ART’s groundbreaking art show will debut at Sotheby’s New York from February 22-

25, 2018, with the support of Presenting Sponsor, NBCUniversal. Artists were selected from a large number of entries, featuring submission of their paintings, sculpture, photography, art on paper, mixed-media work and video-art, which was then reviewed by the MvVO AR T Selection Committee, comprised

of contemporary art professionals. The selected artists who are exhibiting their artworks at AD ART SHOW have a unique opportunity to gain more exposure to an audience of art lovers and collectors. MvVO ART is proud to present all participating artists and their exhibiting work via Artsy https://www.artsy.net/mvvo. AD ART SHOW features a selection of global artists chosen by an esteemed committee of contemporary art professionals, chaired by Laura Skoler, Board of Directors, New Museum, NYC and the Daniel and Florence Guerlain Drawing Foundation, Paris; and includes: Isaac Aden – Senior Curator, Jerome A. Cohen and Joan Lebold Cohen Center for Visual Arts • Natalie Bell – Assistant Curator, New Museum • Julia Fowler – Executive Director, JP. Morgan Private Bank/Hunter College Art Advisory Council • James Fuentes – Owner, James Fuentes Gallery, New York • Deborah Harris – Former Deputy Director, The New York Armory Show • John Hatfield – Executive Director, Socrates Sculpture Park • Matthew Higgs – Director, White Columns • Norman Kleeblatt – Independent Curator & Critic • Corina Larkin – Executive Director, CUE Art

Foundation • Gracie Mansion – Gracie Mansion Gallery • Lisa Schiff – Founder & President, SFA Art Advisory • Eric Shiner – Senior Vice President, Contemporary Art, Sotheby’s and former Director, Andy Warhol Museum. The weekend-long AD ART SHOW is a great opportunity for New York’s art lovers to discover new artists and explore today’s art. Sotheby’s is an extraordinary New York art venue and the combination of emerging artists and an established venue creates a dynamic and exciting art experience. “This is an exhibition vetted by esteemed professionals. The range of styles included is diverse and I think there’s something that will appeal to every art lover and collector. As the curator, I would say the opportunity to be selected for the AD ART SHOW could really help launch an emerging artists career.”, said Isaac Aden, Curator of AD ART SHOW. AD ART SHOW sponsors and partners include: P r e s e n t i n g S p o n s o r, NBCUniversal, Artsy, The One Club for Creativity, SRI Fine Art Services, Y&R, Geometry Global, Adforum, The School of Visual Arts, The Clarion List, Belvoir and Neuhaus. MvVO ART is also collaborating with NYCxDESIGN, New York City’s annual celebration of design administered by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), to celebrate the dynamic relationship between creativity and commerce in New York and introduce new audiences to New York’s artists and c o m m e rc i a l d e s i g n e r s . MvVO ART is also a proud supporter of Franklin Furnace and Artistic Dreams International. The launch reception for the 2018 AD ART SHOW

took place at Y&R global headquarters in New York City at the conclusion of Advertising Week, in September 2017. Featured Speaker, Eric Shiner, Senior Vice President of Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s and former Director of The Andy Warhol Museum, provided a historical perspective on the close relationship between Advertising and Art. MvVO ART is a New York based innovative a r t v e n t u re c o m p r i s e d o f a t e a m o f advertising, art & technology professionals, dedicated to creating new opportunities for artists, art lovers & brands to discover each other and form powerful partnerships. MvVO ART Founder & CEO, Maria van Vlodrop, is a global business development executive with an impressive track record establishing new ventures. MvVO ART is poised to reimagine & redefine the relationship between Art & Commerce. Maria van Vlodrop has built businesses and brands in the US and Europe. She blends blue-chip marketing expertise with cutting-edge technology experience and entrepreneurial flair and has a successful track record of working with world-class creative talent to create campaigns for Pepsi, Haagen-Dazs, Finlandia Vodka, L’Oréal, Toyota among others. Maria received her Master’s degree from the London School of Economics. She founded MvVO ART to build bridges between ART and Commerce and to open doors for emerging artists. MvVO ART is located at the center of business & art – New York City. mvvoart.com

“Mother Nature” by Giancarlo Impiglia

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KASHA RITTER An Artist With a Unique Technique B Y JO HNNY ANG E L


he works of artist, Kasha Ritter, are non-traditional. Not only does she have her own individual style, she also creates her striking images using a technique that she discovered on her own and has honed through the production of hundreds of works. All work is created without a paintbrush. Acrylic ink is splashed, poured, dripped, diluted and then manipulated, with a glass eye dropper allowing her to create

50 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

lively, colorful images that are almost a cross between abstract and realist art. The subject of most of her paintings are man’s best friend. Clients usually send her pictures of their pups, and she, in turn, creates these vibrant and beautiful paintings that are striking and rich in color. These creations are meant to be enjoyed both as a piece of art, and as a personal portrait of dogs in their glory. Almost all of the dogs

have lovely expressions and joyous poses as well, to help keep the painting feeling active and energetic, just like how dogs truly are. These pieces of art on canvas deep meaning to the owner and also to their pup. Living near the beach, she incorporates sand from the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard for a truly unique touch.She is known for quality in her custom paintings and commissioned pet portraits for any home.

Clowning Around

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MICHELLE MAKORI By Adam Kluger | Photos by Benno Klandt

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he international channel i24NEWS broadcasts in English, Arabic and French around the world, with its biggest bureau in Jaffa Port, Israel. From the New York anchor desk in their Times Square studio, Michelle Makori gets ready to report the news... after a cup of coffee.

"I'm a good multi-tasker...but I'm useless before my cup of coffee in the morning.” A typical workday for Makori is anything but typical-- and usually lasts at least 12 hours! "I start scouring various news sites from the minute I wake up, sending suggestions to my team as I run my morning errands, which on a good day includes the gym. At 12 o'clock we have an editorial meeting for my show where we lay out the rundown—choosing our top stories and guest segments. I really like to work closely with our guest bookers to get a good range of experts and analysts...full spectrum of voices. Then it is typically a number of meetings about what the reporters are being assigned to...suggesting assignments... planning for future shows, planning for my other show. I like to immerse myself in the interview research. I really enjoy that. And much like other journalists and TV people, I kick into high gear as the deadline nears and its crunch time. It's a non-stop day basically from 8:30am until 8:30pm of multi-tasking and juggling a number of things and then after I wrap up the show I try to have what we call, "a life."(laugh) Makori is the Anchor and Editor in Chief of i24's US flagship show ‘Clearcut with Michelle Makori’ airing every week day at 7pm EST. She's also the Producer, Anchor and Editorin-Chief of ‘Beyond The Story with Michelle Makori’, which is going to be launching in late March.

i24NEWS itself launched in the U.S. last February 13th. Makori has been there from the very beginning to help shape the network's U.S. channel. "I was the first hire in the US by the CEO Frank Melloul. I met him in Israel when I was there for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary a couple of years ago and was very impressed. He reached out when he was ready to launch i24News in the US. In less than 3 months we made it happen. There were five of us, the pioneers or P5 as we call ourselves and we launched the U.S channel from scratch...going from meetings in coffee shops to assembling a whole news team and crew to then putting four hours live on TV. That was a fantastic experience. It’s remarkable that we are having our one year anniversary soon." Makori says that American television news viewers are eager for a channel like i24 NEWS that offers objective, straight forward news reporting. "We're trying to capitalize on the fact that viewers are disillusioned with the media... particularly the news industry, it is generally just punditry --you watch American cable at night and for four hours straight the broadcast will go on about just one story--which is probably some negative Trump-linked story, and it will be back to back coverage of one issue with people opining or arguing. You watch MSNBC and it’s an echo chamber of the same sentiment usually over just one topic from show to show --you don't get to see the news of the day --you don't get to learn about what’s going on outside the U.S., you don’t get fact-based reporting just punditry...but on i24 news we give you fact-based reporting, insight and analysis. If you’re watching my show you are going to get a global picture, beyond just one or two U.S. stories. On my show the emphasis is on the U.S. and the Middle East, and more importantly how they intersect. We like to say ‘what happens in the middle East doesn’t stay in the Middle east’ like it

25AMagazine.com | MetMagNy.com | 55

or not it impacts the world. The world is so interlinked that its vital to include news from China, Europe, Africa – I want to give the global perspective. I also place a strong emphasis on the economy and I have a dedicated business news segment every show because it all goes back to money anyway, money makes the world go round." At I24 NEWS, Makori combines her business journalism experience with Wall Street credibility. Being a FINRA licensed financial adviser (Series 7) and having

first ten hires in America. I guess I am TV news channel pioneer.” ( laughs). Before joining CCTV now CGTN in December of 2011, Michelle was an anchor and reporter for Bloomberg TV for five years as well as a reporter with CNN Money. “Bloomberg TV was my break that got me from South Africa to the US. When I was 7 years old I decided I wanted to move to New York and become an international News Anchor and Bloomberg made that happen for me. They sponsored my work

worked with the Beryl Consulting Group, GFI and now Context Summits. Michelle joined i24NEWS from CGTN (China Global Television Network) where she was a key member of the team that launched the U.S. based global English Channel. Makori was the New Yorkbased Anchor and Producer of “Global Business America”, CGTN's flagship global economic and business news show. “Turns out I like start up TV News, I was part of the team that launched what is now CGTN in the US .I was one of the

visa and later my green card and my five plus years at Bloomberg were incredible and so educational” On her nightly show Clearcut with Michelle Makori, the telegenic dynamo is particularly adept at explaining how world events can significantly impact the economy. "Drawing on my business background I always include an economic focus in my show. I like to keep my finger on the pulse of the financial world through my work with

56 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

Context Summits … yes, seeing as I have so much spare time ( laughs), I also host summits for Context which is the leader in Alternative Investment conferences. There I get to interview some of the leading portfolio managers and some of the brightest minds in finance so that gives me an inside perspective and insight that I can use on my show. If you watch my show you’re going to get a range of headlines and stories from around the world from business to technology to politics …. fact-based analysis and multiple perspectives, I like to cut to the chase and extract what you need to know, straight forward, no BS, its ClearCut " Before joining Bloomberg TV and moving to New York in 2005, Michelle was one of the main anchors and producers for SABC Africa Television, based in Johannesburg South Africa and broadcasting throughout the African Continent. Makori's accolades include winning the Harambee African Reporter of the Year Award in 2004 for her work on micro-lending enterprises. One of her biggest moments was interviewing South African President Nelson Mandela. "I interviewed Nelson Mandela ...it was an extraordinary experience ... speaking to Nelson Mandela, the man just exuded energy that was sublime in a way, healing almost, there was just a calmness about him that radiated , now it sounds ridiculous but I was first taken aback by how tall he was and his stature. He had tremendous presence and just exuded a very positive energy." As a long-time South African resident Makori says she loves watching animal programs on TV to relax after her 12 hour work days. Like the recent broadcast of Planet Earth 2 on BBC world. "I like everything from trashy reality TV to serious documentaries and other news shows but I always have the TV on in the background and I love shows about animals and nature, I have that on most weekends. I find it very relaxing. It's my African connection. I used to go on safaris all the time in Africa. I've seen the ‘big five’, as we call them, up close: lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, buffalo. I have seen hippos, wildebeest, kudus all kinds

25AMagazine.com | MetMagNy.com | 57

58 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

of bucks, crocodiles you name it, I have been on countless game drives it’s what we do in Africa ...I had a situation once when I was on safari with my father and some elephants started charging the car and we had to get out of there in reverse... that was quite eventful...hey, you're in their territory." W h i l e i n S o u t h A f r i c a n t e r r i t o r y, Michelle really made her mark, she was voted as one of the ‘Top 30 Women’ by Cosmopolitan magazine (SA edition) and one of the ‘Sexiest Women in the World’ by FHM magazine’s SA readers. To stay in amazing shape and maintain balance in her life, Makori hits the gym and enjoys an active social life. "I play squash. I'm learning ballroom dancing .. and in theory I go to the gym three times a week. I have an insatiable intellectual curiosity and love to read and attend TED talks. I'm a social creature. You might even see me at parties in the Hamptons or hosting a charity event. I love to travel. My family is scattered around the globe. I'm always on a plane somewhere - anytime I have some free time." Whatever she does, she does well. Michelle's even a model daughter who always calls her mom in South Africa every day to check in! "I'm a good Jewish daughter." (laughs)

and my mom is an even better Jewish mother , she watches the show every night.” Michelle was born in Haifa and moved to Johannesburg, South Africa as a baby where she grew up until moving to New York in 2005. “I am very proud to now be a US citizen. So I'm an African American Israeli as I like to say, I used to say I am an African American Israeli working for the Chinese. I have been lucky to have been exposed to various cultures and countries and I always maintain that global perspective when reporting the news or interviewing people." Michelle speaks 5 languages and holds a Post Graduate Honors Degree in Media Studies and Journalism (with distinction), and a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Law and Psychology, both from South Africa’s University of the Witwatersrand. She also graduated top of her class from South Africa’s Damelin Business School. A native born Israeli, Makori sees a number of clear trends in the Middle East. "Probably the most significant thing that is happening right now is the shift in the Middle East in the sense of new alliances. Israel and the Saudis are developing a clandestine relationship. They are not public about the strengthening ties but all indications are there that they are cooperating on a number of fronts and I think that's a huge game changer... The situation with Iran is one of the enemy of my enemy is my friend and that common threat of Iran has brought the Israelis and the Saudis together and that could be very significant in terms of checking Iranian influence and potentially shaping how the Palestinian situation g e t s re s o l v e d . . . or doesn't get resolved."

"Also, the relationship between Israel and the U.S. has never been better... Netanyahu and Trump have a very close relationship. There is a clearly a chemistr y between them....and shared interests.” “Trump saying he will move the US embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, acknowledging that reality... has been very significant. He actually kept the same campaign promise made by Bush, Clinton and Obama. There is no doubt about it that’s it’s a far stronger relationship than under Obama. Some of the Obama administration's positions could prove to be severely detrimental to Israeli safety and security - case in point the Iran Nuclear deal. That is a bad deal. Iran was in a compromised position, feeling the pinch of the sanctions and Obama had the leverage and made a deal which gave Iran billions of dollars up front , instead of ‘anytime/ anywhere’ inspections they got ‘sometimes / some places’ inspections , military sites aren’t accessible and of course the biggest issue is the sunset clause which allows Iran in 2025 to go ahead with its Uranium enrichment program ….I agree with Trump on that one - it’s a terrible deal.” So, will President Trump become a huge Michelle Makori fan? “Well I think the President will find that I am certainly not the mainstream media. I am fair. Of course, he is welcome on the show. I am happy to give President Trump my opinions on a range of issues. I can even help him finesse his Twitter game (laughs) Would President Trump like i24 NEWS? The attitudes and perspectives are very varied across our shows. He might or he might not. We are fact based and objective. We deliver both sides. We are not trying to create an echo chamber of similar opinions. We are aiming to give facts, analysis and perspective. Viewers are fed up with the bias on the news."

i24NEWS is available on Altice ,Cablevision, Spectrum ,Optimum, Suddenlink, Charter, Mediacom and Roku and online at: https://www.i24news.tv/en/tv/live

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ew York City is full of spectacular restaurants, so it’s understandably difficult to choose where to take a loved one for Valentine’s Day. No fear! Choose these eight places for an amazing and romantic evening.

CO. PIZZA James Beard Award winner James Lahey’s New American restaurant with bread as the centerpiece, featuring pizza, wood-fired vegetables, artisanal meats, cheeses and more is a masterpiece in West Chelsea. With a clean and modern interior, the restaurant serves up high-quality, and most importantly, delicious offerings. Black Trumpet pizza, a moist roasted poussin with polenta and lemon and an innovative escarole salad with anchovies are just some of the offerings. 230 9th Ave. New York, NY 10001 212.243.1105 co-pane.com

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HENDRIKS Hendriks, the classic New American restaurant and craft-cocktail bar in Murray Hill, has expanded to include the Atrium, an intimate extension of Hendriks that offers a quieter, more sophisticated dining experience. Located just around the corner with a separate entrance on 37th Street, the Atrium opens to a chic, well-stocked granite bar with an industrial style exposed-brick backdrop. The ambiance extends to two partially separated dining rooms, one of which is a sky-lit, glassenclosed patio and a smaller, more intimate dining room. Owner Himansu Patel grew up in the food and beverage industry working in his father’s re s t a u r a n t s a n d c o n c e p t s . P a t e l re c e i v e d a n M B A i n p u b l i c h e a l t h and attended medical school, before changing career paths and coming back to take over the family business while beginning new ventures like Hendriks and Atrium. Patel emphasizes the guests’ experience through genuine connections with neighborhood regulars and consistently great food. The menu, created by Chef Jaime Munoz, who is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, includes house favorite appetizers like deviled eggs topped with smoked salmon and slow-cooked lamb meatballs in Romesco sauce, sprinkled with parmesan and Maine crabcakes. 557 3rd Ave. New York, NY 10016 212.686.8080 hendriksnyc.com

DUE WEST Due West, a new bar in the heart of the West Village, recently opened from managing partners Andrew McLaughlin, Joffrey Lupul, Jess Goldfarb and Camilo Viafara. They’ve teamed up with executive chef Adabis Castro, formerly of Atrium Dumbo and Le Bilboquet, to offer light bites in an intimate 65-seat space accented by a rotating selection of artwork from the renowned ACA Galleries in Chelsea. Goldfarb’s cocktail program at Due West features a selection of seasonal offerings like the Old Diablo, with tequila, lager, house spiced grenadine, lime and a charred citrus sea salt rim; as well as unique takes on classic cocktails like the Build Your Own Old-Fashioned program where guests can mix-and-match spirits (R ye Whiskey, Mezcal, or American Brandy), sugar (cane, smoked, or maple), and bitters (aromatic, orchard, or chai). Due West also offers draft cocktails, such as the Green Witch with Greenhook Ginsmiths Gin, saffron, grapefruit, a toasted rosemary; bottled cocktails like the Agri-Cola, a Rhum-based drink with house cola; and large-format cocktails like the Flight of the Concord served in a copper punch bowl with Absolut Elyx, concord grapes, sparkling wine, rooibos tea and mint. Chef Castro’s menu is designed to complement the beverage program, offering a raw bar and selection of elevated, yet straightforward bar snacks, small and large plates. Raw bar items include East Coast Oysters with horseradish and ice wine mignonette; and Bay Scallops with coconut milk. Bar snacks include Yukon Potato Bread with smoked onions, thyme and cultured butter; Chickpea Fritters with red pepper and bottarga; and Hot Crab Dip with cheddar cheese and smoked trout roe. Small plates include Fried Cauliflower with strained yogurt and a sweet & sour curry; Octopus with sunchokes and meyer lemon; and Beef Tartare with salsify and mustard. Large plates include a DryAged Burger with caramelized onions and bacon; Sasso Chicken for Two with foie gras and leek butter; and a Whole Fluke for Two with brown butter and lemon. A Valrhona Chocolate Mousse with vanilla cream and a crispy milk crumble rounds out the menu as a dessert item. 189 W 10th St. New York, NY 10014 646.687.4609 duewestnyc.com

HOLIDAY COCKTAIL LOUNGE Built in 1835 and located in the heart of the East village, Holiday Cocktail Lounge has been a longstanding neighborhood fixture. A one-time haunt for the city’s vintage creative set, it’s an iconic speakeasy turned classy dive bar that’s served everyone from Al Capone to Frank Sinatra to Madonna. The legacy continues. This reborn classic is complete with banquettes and its original horseshoe-shaped bar, and is a favorite among industry folks as well as locals. 75 St. Marks Place New York, NY 10003 212.777.9637 holidaycocktaillounge.ny

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FIFTY F i f t y, a N e w - A m e r i c a n re s t a u r a n t w i t h Ecuadorian influence, introduces an updated seasonal menu for winter. Exploring exotic South American flavors while utilizing fresh, seasonal ingredients and artful plating, Executive Chef Luis Jaramillo pushes the boundaries of NewAmerican cuisine in a refined setting in the heart of New York City’s West Village neighborhood. Chef Jamarillo’s additions to the winter menu are a fusion of cultural inspiration and dedication to seasonal ingredients. Highlights include: Grilled Octopus with potato, red wine vinegarcumin sauce, Cavatelli with Blue Crab, mustard greens, marjoram, and white wine, and Olive Oil Poached Halibut with black chickpea-mussel casserole, tomato, and kalamata olives. Since its opening in 2016, Executive Chef Jaramillo and Owner Alex Kingman have created a new wave of New-American and Latin American cuisine in New York City. “New York is one of the largest global marketplaces in the world; here at the intersection of so much talent and diversity, we strive to create a new winter menu that doesn’t fall into a traditional category,” says Jaramillo. “By pulling inspiration from art, music and travel, and by bringing in unique seasonal ingredients like mustard greens and black chickpeas, we are making New American cuisine that is just that— new.” 50 Commerce St. New York, NY 10014 212.524.4104 fiftyrestaurantnyc.com Photos by Andrew Werner | andrewwernerphotography.com

VAGO RESTAURANT Vago Restaurant’s owners (509 3rd Avenue) were inspired by a historical term meaning beauty in old Latin and believe beauty is the essence of their f o o d a n d i t ’s s e r v e d w i t h passion, art and elegance. The dishes at Vago are inspired by the Mediterranean and European way of life. Once i n s i d e , t h e a t m o s p h e re i s elegant and comfortable with floor to ceiling windows making the space bright and airy. The menu includes dishes such a s C h i c k e n R o l l a t i n i , Ve a l Sorrentina, Linguine ai Frutti di Mare and Gnocchi al Taleggio. 509 3rd Ave. New York, NY 10016 646.559.0609 vagorestaurant.com

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BOWERY ROAD Bowery Road is a neighborhood American brasserie offering a marketdriven menu from Chef Ron Rosselli, whose background includes chef de cuisine at Locanda Verde and most recently as executive chef at The Standard Hotel Meatpacking. Located just south of Union Square, Bowery Road is an all-day restaurant serving Chef Rosselli’s approachable, local and seasonally inspired dishes with global influence. Bowery Road draws its name and ethos from the eponymous street that preceded Fourth Ave (the restaurant’s address) and functioned as an access road to Peter Stuyvesant’s bouwerij—Dutch for farm. Next door is sibling bar Library of Distilled Spirits helmed by beverage director Kyle Tran, formerly of Chicago’s The Aviary. 132 4th Ave. New York, NY 10003 212.432.1324 boweryroad.com

SHUKA The Bowery Restaurant Group’s Vicki Freeman, Marc Meyer and Chris Paraskevaides, opened Shuka in the former Hundred Acres space in Soho. Chef Ayesha Nurdjaja showcases the dynamic and flavorful cuisine of the Eastern Mediterranean with the same dedication to sourcing and supporting farms from the Northeast like the other Bowery Restaurant Group properties (Vic’s, Cookshop a n d R o s i e ’s ) . S h u k a e v o k e s Freeman and Nurdjaja’s passion for Mediterranean culture and cuisine in a lively and energetic manner. Chef Nurdjaja, a Brooklyn native, found her inspiration for intense flavors from growing up with an Italian mother and Indonesian father. She honed her skills with Lydia Bastianch at Felidia, and with Missy Robbins at A Voce. In addition, Chef Nurdjaja has traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean, from Spain to North Africa and Israel and has been fortunate enough to stage at some of the most influential restaurants in Tel Aviv. Shuka’s menu begins with dips and mezze like Muhammara with Roasted Pepper and Walnut; Bourekas with Puff Pastry with Feta and Parsley, Grated Tomato and Zhoug; House Made Labne with Harissa; and Fried Halloumi with Spiced Yogurt. The appetizer section also includes a selection of skewers such as Pork Kofta, Shawarma Spiced Chicken, and Grilled Albacore Tuna. Larger dishes include Cod Shakshuka with Roasted Pepper, Tomato, Potato and Cilantro; Dizi with Braised Lamb, Roasted Pumpkin, Parsnip, Couscous, and Pomagranate; and Vegetable Paella with Foraged Mushrooms, Squash, Parsnips, Brussels Sprout Leaves and Tarragon. A selection of desserts round out the menu such as the Souk Sundae with Toasted Sesame Gelato, Medjoul Dates and Crushed Hazelnuts and Olive Oil Cake with Persimmon, Lemon Glaze and Thyme. 38 Macdougal St. New York, NY 10012 212.475.7500 shukanewyork.com

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he Empire Diner made its grand revival this past April. Cafeteria Group and Chef/ Proprietor John DeLucie have joined forces to create a space that combines diner classics with elevated and fresh flavors. DeLucie noted, “I’ve always been drawn to nostalgia. I love historic spaces that can be revitalized. I’m thrilled to be working with Cafeteria Group to bring such an iconic New York establishment back to life.” Located in West

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Chelsea, the Empire Diner appears as any other milkshake and patty-melt joint on the outside, yet it has been transformed into a chic, modernized dining area on the inside. There is both a floor-level seating area and an upstairs dining area that serve as ideal spots for private events for up to twentyfive guests. Chef de Cuisine Justin Neubeck presents the diner meals we know and love with unique twists. Neubeck displays appetizers that intrigue his guests. From the macaroni

and cheese served with mustard greens and sherry vinaigrette to the celery root soup accompanied by brown butter and crab, the list goes on. As for heartier options offered in Neubeck’s “Main” section, one can choose to feast on Braised Beef Short Rib with horseradish gremolata or even a Sourdough Pretzel Fried Chicken with chili mustard sauce and herbed French fries on the side. While you eat, you have the opportunity to sip on beverages creatively concocted

by mixologist Jenny Castillo. Castillo utilizes her appreciation for simple and crisp ingredients to produce drinks that will truly tickle the taste buds. The Empire Diner’s “Mule,” which combines matcha with notes of mint, lime and ginger, and the “Salty Dog,” which fuses pressed fennel and grapefruit juice, are only a couple among the many updated takes on classic beverages. Overall, the Empire Diner encapsulates a universe where the past and present join forces, and the results are innovative

dishes and beverages within a stunning, comfortable space. With a glowing history of its own and a future towards refreshing takes on beloved classics, the Empire Diner is a spot you simply don’t want to miss.

210 10th Ave New York, NY 212.335.2277 empire-diner.com

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BOBBY VAN’S STEAKHOUSE New York City’s Premier Steakhouse And Grill B Y JACK I E PR I CE


stablished in 1969, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse has become a staple of New York City dining. Founded on the principles of quality food and superior customer service, Bobby Van’s maintains the same high standards more than four decades later. Bobby Van’s Steakhouse has grown to include five restaurants as well as a takeout burger joint called BV’s Burger. The friendly staff, warm décor and prime selection of steaks, chops and seafood at Bobby Van’s create a true New York steakhouse experience. Known for its classic steakhouse fare, Bobby Van’s serves a variety of steak dishes including the traditional Porterhouse Steak (a premium cut of beef that can be shared between 2-4 people) and its signature Filet Mignon (a prime, tender cut of beef with exceptional taste and texture), as well as fresh seafood options such as Chilean Sea Bass (prepared with Miso & Tamari glaze and served with asparagus, Bok Choy and Shitake mushrooms in a white truffle fish broth). Each of Bobby Van’s five New York City locations offers a unique experience for Bobby Van’s customers, while upholding the

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superior qualities that make Bobby Van’s Steakhouse a New York icon. BOBBY VAN’S CENTRAL PARK SOUTH Bobby Van’s Central Park South is the most recent addition to the venerable New York institution. Just steps away from the Plaza Hotel, this location offers stunning views of Central Park as well as an expanded selection of menu items. In Addition to Saturday and Sunday Brunch, Central Park South also offers a daily breakfast menu with items such as Buttermilk Pancakes and Bobby Van’s Steak and Eggs 40 Central Park South (Between 5th Avenue and 6th) 212.369.4000 BOBBY VAN’S STEAKHOUSE “THE ORIGINAL” Since opening its doors in 1996, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse on Park Avenue has become known as “the original” Bobby Van’s in New York City. Housed within the landmark Helmsley Building, the venue boasts scenic views of iconic Park Avenue. With its elegant menu options, award-winning wine list and

refined décor, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse on Park Avenue attracts guests looking for a luxury dining experience. 230 Park Avenue (Between 45th Street & 46th Street) New York City 212.867.5490 BOBBY VAN’S STEAKHOUSE & VAULT GRILL With two separate restaurants located on Broad Street in the bustling Financial District, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse & Vault Grill is truly an extraordinary establishment. At street level, in what was once the lobby of the historic J.P. Morgan Bank, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse offers an elegant, formal setting. Underground, in the Vault Grill, guests can enjoy a more casual dining atmosphere among J.P. Morgan’s antique bank vaults, complete with the original vault doors and bronze safety deposit boxes. 25 Broad Street (Broad Street at Exchange Place) New York City 212.344.8463

Bobby Van’s Steakhouse & Vault Grill

Bobby Van’s Central Park South

Bobby Van’s “The Original”

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onsidered by many to be one of the top food Meccas in the world, New York City can lay claim to a bevy of fabulous and famous restaurants covering a wide variety of different styles. New restaurants are always coming and going in the city, hoping to make a lasting impression. And Charlie Palmer Steak New York, located at the Archer Hotel in Midtown, is certainly one that is garnering much attention. Charlie Palmer Steak New York is one of the many temples to food created by the Charlie Palmer Group, which owns several different restaurants all over the country. The owner, the titular Charlie Palmer, is not just a skilled entrepreneur, but is also a master chef in his own right. Palmer’s signature style is Progressive American, which blends together intense flavors in surprising ways to create an unforgettable dining experience. He has achieved great fame through his cooking and as executive chef brings all of his culinary technique and flair to Charlie Palmer Steak New York.

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Charlie Palmer Steak New York has menus for all three major meals, and each menu features several delicious options. Start your day off with a bread and pastry basket, a steak and eggs special, or a bagel with house-made lox and optional caviar. For lunch, help yourself to one of their raw bar options, or simply have it all with their Prime Platter, which features all of their raw bar foods. Continue your meal with their specialty 50-50 Burger, with a patty consisting of half ground beef and half ground bacon. But it is at dinner where their steaks truly take center stage. From Japanese Kobe Beef to a filet mignon, you can hardly go wrong with any of these options. Also of special interest is their 30-day dry aged New York strip, Ribeye, and Porterhouse for two. Mention should also be made of their non-beef options, such as a starter of Charred Spanish Octopus served with salsa verde, chorizo and fingerling potatoes that will convert you to or reconfirm your love of octopus. And for dessert, try Ryan’s Sticky Bun with vanilla ice cream and cream cheese frosting, a delicious ending to your

meal. When it comes to drinks, Charlie Palmer Steak New York is at the top of their game there as well. Amanda Streibel, their lead sommelier, has worked with Charlie Palmer for many years having been sommelier and bartender at Aureole, his very first restaurant. The wines offered range from crowd favorites like California Cabernet and Italian Montepulciano to niche wines from as far off as New Zealand and Tasmania. Charlie Palmer Steak New York is a truly wonderful example of what makes the New York City food scene so spectacular. With Palmer’s experienced hand at the reigns, the food is utterly superlative and there are more than enough options to cater to whatever mood you are in. It is without exaggeration to say that in the firmament of New York City dining, Charlie Palmer Steak New York is one its brightest stars. And therefore, I implore you to go there soon and experience everything that the restaurant has to offer. 47 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018 (212) 302-3838 charliepalmersteak.com/locations/new-york

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MAMO RESTAURANT New Executive Chef Salvatore Marcello & Stunning New Menu B Y LI LLI AN LANG TRY


ew Executive Chef Salvatore Marcello has brought his culinary expertise to ce-lebrity favorite, MAMO Restaurant. Originally from Naples, Italy, Salvatore was bor n into a family of cooks and bakers, igniting his passion for food at an early age. Since leaving home at the age of 13 to attend the Scuola Alberghiera in Formia, Lazio, Salvatore has experienced an illustrious career in some of Europe’s foremost kitchens; most recently as the Executive Chef at il Vero at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva. His journey began at the Quisisana in Capri, as a summer job, and then to St. Moritz for another summer. After graduating from the Scuola Alberghiera, Salva-tore returned to the Quisisana for the summer, and went further north in Italy, to work with Chef Massimo Spigaroli. This experience inspired Salvatore to step away from his comfort zone, and he began working for Rocco Forte hotels, first as a Chef de Partie

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in Frankfurt, then in Berlin. Less than 18 months later, he was named Sous Chef at The Richemond Hotel in Geneva, where he would make his home for several years. During his time at The Richemond, S a l v a t o re m e t M i c h e l i n - s t a r re d c h e f Fulvio Pierangelini of the world-renowned Gambero Rosso. Mr. Pierangelini was seeking a right-hand man and was certain that Salvatore was the right man for the job. He took Salvatore under his wing, and the two traveled throughout Europe working through hotel openings, food and beverage transitions, and menu redesigns. After almost three years with Pierangelini, Salvatore missed having ‘his’ kitchen, and he returned to Geneva to open il Vero at the Grand Hotel Kempinski, as its Executive Chef. In 2016, when Salvatore brought his culinary genius to NYC, people took notice and he began cooking private dinners and lear ning from New York’s best-known restauranteurs while looking for his perfect fit. It was upon meeting Mike Mam-moliti

and the MAMO team that he realized he had found his New York home, and a place to grow further and shine. Now diner’s can enjoy the best any season has to offer with MAMO Restaurant’s incredible menu created by Salvatore. MAMO’s new menu features an array of dishes prepared with only the best ingredients. MAMO offers diners traditional southern Italian/French cuisine in an intimate yet elegant setting. The bi-level restaurant includes a casual lounge on the ground floor and a formal dining room upstairs. Both spaces capture the Riviera’s “sense of home” with original family photos and oversized vintage movie posters. The decor also incorporates classic New York-inspired touches such as exposed brick walls. The intimate downstairs lounge is available for private bookings, and is the perfect space for a holiday gathering or celebration. 323 W Broadway New York, NY 10013 646.964.4641| mamonyc.com

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Boulud Sud Bar. Photo by Melissa Hom



hen it comes to the culinary world, New York City is a veritable Mecca for fantastic taste opportunities. From Spanish to Chinese, a savvy gourmet can find just about anything somewhere in the city. For those who want to experience authentic Mediterranean cuisine, then look no further than Chef

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Daniel Boulud’s restaurant, Boulud Sud. Located at 20th West 64th Street between Broadway and Central Park West, Boulud Sud is a truly incredible Mediterranean experience, featuring flavors from all over the region. The tastes offered range from the south of France to the coast of North Africa, and emphasize fresh seafood and a variety of spices for a savory and flavorful meal. The décor matches the food perfectly,

creating an elegant and comfortable setting. Colored in sunflower yellow and slate gray, the space features a bar and lounge and is lit by floor-to-ceiling windows, illuminating the vaulted ceilings, terrazzo floors, and the many Vik Muniz paintings lining the walls. It is truly an exquisite location, creating the proper ambiance for enjoying Boulud Sud’s culinary offerings. Under the purview of Executive Chef

Travis Swikard, who became fascinated with the craft of cooking at four years old, Boulud Sud’s menu has become a thing of beauty. As Chef Travis says, “Boulud Sud is about elegant and inspired Mediterranean cuisine. It’s about taste, texture, and aroma first and foremost, but it is also about fun.” Boulud Sud serves both lunch and dinner, and provides a Happy Pasta Hour at their bar and lounge, which starts at 9 p. m. every night and allows guests to order any of their house-made pastas at half price. With wonderful dishes like Rye Flour Spaghetti and Squid Ink Bucatini “Fra Diavolo,” it is an opportunity that is not to be missed. Of course, their other offerings are equally delightful. For lunch, start off with

a Za’atar Grilled Salmon and Quinoa Salad or a Ratatouille and Oeuf Mollet, based off a recipe by Chef Boulud’s grandmother. Next, try a Fire-Roasted Turkish Pizza with soujouk, feta, and spinach or a Harissa Lamb Burger with polenta fries. For dinner, begin with an Octopus “à la Plancha,” then move on to a Dover Sole “Méditeranée” or a Moroccan Chicken Tagine. Finally, finish up your meal with a Bittersweet Torta Caprese or the HouseMade Crèmes Glacées. Last, but certainly not least, enjoy some of Boulud Sud’s drinks, which are utterly spectacular. Curated by sommelier Joe Robitaille, their wines cover the full length and breadth of the Mediterranean region,

and their cocktail program is expressly designed to mirror many of the ingredients used in the kitchen. Boulud Sud is a marvel of Mediterranean cuisine and a must-visit for any gourmet. With outstanding food, amazing drinks and gorgeous décor, the restaurant is a vibrant and unique expression of the region’s diverse culinary culture, and it is guided by practiced and caring hands. Go soon, and see for yourself just how exquisitely flavorful this coastal cuisine can be when handled by the right team. 20 W 64th St. New York, NY 212.595.1313 | bouludsud.com

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RUSSIAN SAMOVAR Russian Fare in the Heart of the Theater District BY PET ER ELST ON


n a c i t y re n o w n e d f o r e t h n i c restaurants, Russian Samovar is unique. Owned by Roman Kaplan and managed by his daughter Vlada Von Shats and her children, this elegant, upscale establishment offers some of the finest Russian cuisine in New York. Located in the Theater District, Russian Samovar boasts a 19th-century feel, complete with picturesque green and red shades and Russian folk prints. Being entrenched in the theater and art community, Ballet Legend Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Nobel Prize winner for poetry Joseph Brodsky are former partners. The popular eatery is famous for its 26 flavored vodkas p re p a re d i n - h o u s e , i n c l u d i n g g i n g e r, horseradish, lemon and cranberry, as well as its Russian delicacies. Jilly Rizzo, friend and bodyguard of Frank Sinatra, owned the establishment in the past, and Sinatra held many personal concerts there and often spent time with The Rat Pack, as well as games of baccarat. Appetizers include Beluga and Osetra caviar, blinis filled with salmon or caviar, the Assorted Fish Platter – in house cured Salmon Gravlax with dill, Smoked Atlantic Salmon, Smoked Butterfish — vol-au-vent, a wild mushroom puff pastry, traditional borscht, a pate Russe laced with brandy, and Pelmeni Stroganoff, veal or chicken with sirloin tips in a creamy mushroom sauce. But its signature dishes have put Russian

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Samovar on the culinary map. House specialties include shashlik Karski, rack of lamb marinated in Georgian spices, beef Stroganoff, veal pojarksi, ground veal and breast of chicken cutlets, chicken Kiev, pelmeni, veal, beef and chicken dumplings, and chicken tabaka, a baby chicken split and grilled. Side dishes, such as marinated red cabbage, boiled or mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables, compliment the succulent entrees. For dessert there is the Zapekanka, a very Russkiy cheese cake, and the Crème brûlée just to name a few. Russian Samovar seats 100 in the dining room and 50 at the bar. Upstairs, the intimate St Petersburg Hall & Lounge, which caters to private parties, small dinners and events, seats 34 for sitdown dinner, and 100 f o r s t a n d i n g b u ff e t comfortably. Designed by Felix Zbarski and Yuri Kuper, the lounge houses Kaplan’s extraordinary collection of samovars. The clublike feel is evident in the oak floors, schlacked with a warm gray/gold veneer. Because the restaurant is a magnet for artists and writers, poetry readings are held

throughout the year and a classically trained pianist performs nightly. Russian Samovar features live interactive theatre every Thursday with award-winning actors, performance from Opera Singer Michael Peer on Mondays, Gipsy Fun Trio on Fridays and Saturdays on violin and guitar playing traditional Russian music, and Jazz Blues Brunch on Sundays 3:00pm - 7:00pm with the Uptown Jazz Company. Russian Samovar has been and continues to be a major contributor and supporter of the art community. 256 W. 52nd Street New York City, New York 10019 212.757.0168 | russiansamovar.com

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T-BAR Iconic UES Restaurant Presents a Symphony of Classic Dishes B Y PE TE R E LSTO N


pper East Side hotspot T-Bar Steak & Lounge, which has been warmly embraced by New Yorkers since it first opened its doors in 2007, is noted for its perfect execution of classic dishes. The restaurant’s Executive Chef Ben Zwicker, previously of the Four Seasons, Aureole and Petrossian, makes T-Bar’s classic steakhouse fare relevant and exciting, while also putting his unique twist onto other classic dishes. Owner Tony Fortuna celebrated 20 years of owning the space on the corner of 73rd and 3rd Avenue in April 2015, previously known as The Lenox Room. T-Bar is a wellloved mainstay, still buzzing with its loyal following night after night. Fortuna says there is no magic formula to achieve this

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sort of long-running success. “I think guests trust our kitchen and love our relaxed but vibrant atmosphere.” Diners are able to begin a meal at T-Bar with its unique spin on chicken wings Angel Chicken Wings with a Tamarind Glaze, or enjoy its classic take on Guacamole to split with the table. T-Bar also redefines the classic Kale Salad by including apple and sesame into it while drizzling it in a sumptuous chili-lime vinaigrette. Also available on its delectable appetizer menu are the popular Seared Spanish Octopus, Yellowfin Tuna Tartar, and Vietnamese Shrimp Roll. A meal at T-Bar Steak & Lounge would not be complete without ordering a favorite from The Steak Bar, which features an impressive range of superbly-cooked Certified Black

Angus Cuts of beef including its Black Angus Porterhouse for two served with your choice of Steak Sauce, Béarnaise Sauce or Poivre Sauce. T-Bar offers wealth of additional American classics including its signature Crusted Tuna served with Soy, Wasabi Rémoulade and Seaweed Salad or its Roast Free Range Chicken with truffle jus. Cap the evening off with irresistible desserts like the must-have Banana Parfait Mille Feuilles, with coconut and caramel sauce or the decadent Chocolate Sundae served with brownie, chocolate sauce and cream. 1278 3rd Ave New York, NY 10021 212.772.0404 | tbarnyc.com



delicious cuisine, stylish presentation, impeccable service

OFF-PREMISE CATERING & EVENT DESIGN for your HOME, BUSINESS or VENUE Southampton 631 324 9825 · Glen Cove 516 676 8500 · Manhattan 212 991 0078 ElegantAffairsCaterers.com

TUOME American Favorites Mixed with Asian Flair BY WILLY NICHT ER


he American culinary landscape is one of endless variety and nuance. Even when preparing traditional dishes, most chefs are able to find a way to insert a cultural flair, making every restaurant a truly unique experience. At Tuome in New York City, Chef Thomas Chen prepares distinctly American meals with an Asian touch that not only taste delicious, but show the many ways a simple meal can be modified and explored. Tuome, located on the East Village, is the creation of Chef Chen, a ChineseAmerican native of New York. After working

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as an accountant for four years, he left the business in order to pursue a career in the culinary arts. Chef Chen spent years working his way through the ranks of Eleven Madison Park’s kitchen honing his cooking skills while also spending time learning business and commerce in order to properly run a casual neighborhood-style restaurant. Tuome, named after his parents’ pronunciation of his childhood nickname “Tommy,” is Chef Chen’s first restaurant, and it is by all accounts a major success. Tuome is open for dinner on Monday through Saturday, and its menu is heavily

ingredient-focused. It is contemporary American in style but features unique additions and modifications from Chef C h e n ’s c l a s s i c a l t r a i n i n g a n d A s i a n upbringing, creating a scintillating taste experience. The menu is simple but well-made and filled with nuance. Begin your meal with an appetizer of crispy, devilled chili eggs, a lobster roll with wasabi aioli, chives, and celery, or octopus with brown butter and fingerling potatoes. From there, move on to a main dish of chicken with gem lettuce, basil, and porridge, beef with a shallot confit,

sunchoke, and mushrooms, or branzino with corn, freeksh, and herbs. Of course, there is always the special Pig Out meal for two, Berkshire pork with spicy peanut noodles and condiments—a rich and flavorful meal perfect for an enjoyable evening. T h e i r d r i n k s e l e c t i o n s a re e q u a l l y excellent, with a variety of cocktails, beers, and wines designed to pair perfectly with your meal. From a Fire in the Sky—sake with Thai chili and yuzu—to an East Forest Blossom—brut rose with hibiscus and blood orange— your drinks are guaranteed to be exquisite. Tuome provides special meal offers, including the “Taste of Tuome” and “Summer Picnic” experiences. The “Taste of Tuome” is a three-course meal offered Monday through Thursday, where guests choose one of several options for the first and second courses, including the

already mentioned Pig Out. Guests can finish their meal with a beignet with goat’s milk caramel, citron, and ice cream. The “Summer Picnic” is a two-person meal of fried chicken, made with General Tso’s honey and herb ranch sauce and served with a jalapeño and corn waffle and Karee curry macaroni and cheese. Both of these offers are truly exquisite and wonderful ways to experience Tuome’s food. Overall, Tuome is a vibrant addition to the New York food scene, providing contemporary American favorites with a unique Chinese touch. Go soon, and experience Chef Thomas Chen’s masterful interpretation of American cuisine. 536 E 5th St. New York, NY 646.833.7811 | tuomenyc.com

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apanese cuisine is a rich and nuanced culinary experience with many different facets. From hibachi to sushi, the food of Japan covers a wide spectrum of techniques and products. James Beard Award-winning chef Tim Cushman is bringing a new style of Japanese cuisine to the States with his Boston-based izakaya-styled restaurant, Hojoko. Hojoko, located inside the Verb Hotel, is Cushman’s take on an izakaya, which is

80 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

essentially a Japanese gastropub. Designed with happy hour and socializing in mind, they tend to serve relatively substantial shared plates over the course of a night, setting it apart from its Western equivalents. Cushman has done an excellent job transporting this unique tradition of establishments to the United States. Having spent seven years training and working in Los Angeles under some of the greatest chefs in the business, including Michael Roberts and Roy Yamaguchi, Cushman founded the restaurant group Cushman

Concepts alongside his wife, Nancy, who is herself a distinguished drink specialist. Together, the two have created and maintained restaurants such as O Ya and Covina, and they have brought the full extent of their years of expertise to bear in Hojoko. The restaurant’s décor is a perfect expression of its general aesthetic, with colorful artwork, Japanese knickknacks, and communal tables. The food matches well with the décor, with Cushman presenting his own personalized take on traditional Japanese and izakaya

cuisine, creating a unique and flavorful experience. As is traditional for an izakaya, many of the dishes are shareable, prompting guests to interact with each other and with the food in ways that are unique to Hojoko, which helps set it apart from other Japanese restaurants. A m o n g t h e re s t a u r a n t ’s p a r t i c u l a r specialties are their Wasabi Roulette, which features hamachi, shiso, and one piece of “super wasabi”; their Funky Chicken Ramen, a 48-hour chicken broth with soy egg, menma, and Robata grilled koji chicken; and their Spicy Tuna Burger, made of seared big-eye tuna with avocado, kabayaki, and spicy mayo, served with sprouts and fries.

As for drinks, Nancy Cushman livens up the bar with her experience as a certified advanced sake professional. While they do serve beer and wine, sake is the most prominent drink they have to offer, serving bottles and cups with a variety of flavors and sensations. Additionally, Hojoko serves as a music venue at night and during the weekends, hosting both local and international bands. They also feature karaoke and DJ nights on a regular basis, giving their guests an opportunity to truly relax and enjoy themselves. Hojoko is a wonderful pub experience that is not to be missed. Not only are the

food and drinks utterly spectacular, but Tim Cushman’s commitment to bringing the izakaya experience to Boston creates a truly unforgettable venue. Hojoko is unlike anything most people think of when they think about a pub. Go and have a drink of a wonderful sake or beer, share a plate of food with your friends or family, listen to some truly fantastic music, and let the stress of the workday disappear in the rich and exotic atmosphere the Cushmans have created. 1271 Boylston St. Boston, MA 617.670.0507 hojokoboston.com

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LA PULPERIA HELL’S KITCHEN Hosts New York’s Most Fabulous Drag Brunch B Y HAR RY WHI TE


or a truly entertaining ending to the weekend, join cockteleria and rustic Latin cuisine restaurant La Pulperia Hell’s Kitchen’s Drag Brunch every Sunday between 12:00pm4:00pm, featuring $30 unlimited cocktails and performances by some of the city’s most fabulous queens. Diners can choose between two seatings: at 12:00pm and 2:15pm. The popular restaurant, which is co-owned by Victor Medina and Head Chef Carlos Barroz, serves classic Latin dishes with contemporary inspiration from a menu comprised of several fresh seafood dishes, accentuated by select meat and vegetarian options. On Saturdays and Sundays, diners can enjoy a Latin twist to a classic brunch. Menu items include Lobster & Baked Eggs

seasoned with fresh herbs, crema de blue cheese, fresh cream and truffle scented toasted bread; La Pulperia Omelet with caramelized onion, roasted red peppers, tomato confit, Chihuahua cheese, a side of home fries and a house sal-ad; and Tortilla Espanola, a Spanish style omelet with potato confit, onions and a choice of cheese or chorizo. The res-taurant also offers an extensive selection of spirits and an ample cocktail menu featuring both classic and innovative cocktails. La Pulperia Hell’s Kitchen also hosts Tuesday Lady’s Night, where from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, all female customers receive their first drink of the night free of charge! Guests are also welcome to Happy Hour all day Monday, and Tuesday-Friday & Sunday, 4:00pm-7:00pm. Try the flavorful Fernandez (Vida Mezcal, Fernet-Branca, hibiscus tea, lime juice, egg whites, chocolate bitters) or the Don Mora (Michter’s Bourbon, Chartreuse liquor, muddled blackberries, fresh lime, and mint). The restaurant’s interior features walls and ceilings of brick and reclaimed wood from Brazil and rich red leather seat-ing. Guests can enjoy drinks at an elegant marble bar. The modern yet classic feel makes this popular eatery a perfect location for private events and celebrations. The restaurant comfortably seats 45 in the bar and dining room.

About La Pulperia

Contemporary rustic Latin cuisine restaurant La Pulperia first opened in Hell’s Kitchen in 2014, followed by two addi-tional locations on the Upper East Side and Midtown East. The restaurant is the creation of Victor Medina and Carlos Barroz, who also serves as the Executive Chef. Named after the general stores found throughout South America, La Pulperia offers Barroz’s simple yet refined cuisine from the countries of Latin America

82 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

with contemporary culinary in-fluences from Spain and Italy. With interiors designed by Andres Gomez (Red Rooster, Whitehall, SoCo) La Pulperia draws inspiration from the authentic pulperias of South America, with handcrafted floor tiles from Mexico, reclaimed wood from Brazil on the ceiling and walls, and abundant shelving displaying top shelf liquor, fresh produce, and wine. Each of the three La Pulperia’s hosts their own set of unique events and dining specials, with available private party menus and online delivery additionally being available within the Upper East Side.

Facebook: PulperiaNYC Instagram: LaPulperiaNYC Twitter: @PulperiaNYC 371 W 46th St (Between 8rd Ave & 9th Ave) New York, NY 10036 212.960.3176 | pulperianyc.com

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hen it comes to cultural cuisine, New York City has practically every avenue covered. From Italian to Chinese, New York City has a variety of delicious options for every imaginable culture. And in their Mexican culinary scene, two restaurants in particular are now prime destinations for hungry visitors. Whether you go to Rosie’s on East 2nd or Vida Verde on West 55th, you are guaranteed a deliciously vibrant and utterly unique dining experience. Rosie’s, the older of the two restaurants, comes from restaurant veterans Marc Meyer and Vicki Freeman, who have worked together on multiple projects in the past. Meyer serves as Executive Chef for Rosie’s, working alongside chefs Angel Andrade and Chester Gerl to produce a phenomenal and authentic menu. Rosie’s specializes in straightforward Mexican classics prepared using traditional techniques, serving lunch, dinner, and brunch to its guests. Diners can start with a snack of guacamole and chips or sikil pak, Mayan pumpkin seed dip with tomato and habanero, and then move on to a fish ceviche, a chicken tamale with mole sauce,

84 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

or one of a variety of different tacos. As far as drinks are concerned, Rosie’s offers traditional options such as wine or beer alongside a variety of tequilas and mezcals. These traditional Mexican alcohols are sure to pair perfectly with the wonderful culinary offerings Rosie’s provides, creating an excellent dining experience that is not to be missed. Compared to Rosie’s, Vida Verde is much more recent, having opened in the middle of July 2017. Despite its newness, Vida Verde has already made a name for itself as an exquisite cocktail bar and restaurant, combining excellent food and enticing drinks to create an enthralling addition to New York City’s nightlife. Vida Verde’s menu was designed by Chef Hugo Orzoco to bring to mind his hometown of Mazatlan, Mexico, and it certainly succeeds at that. W ith items like their tableside guacamole with pico de gallo, serrano peppers, tostadas and charred tortillas, their refreshing watermelon salad, and their tacos consisting of housemade tortillas filled with a variety of different options, Vida Verde provides an authentic taste of Mexican cuisine. Their drinks are equally spectacular,

using fresh ingredients to create signature cocktails like their Old Town Oaxaca with Añejo tequila, mezcal, moscatel, and cane sugar, and their Vida Verde, with snap pea infused mezcal and tarragon among other ingredients. Vida Verde puts as much care into their cocktails as it does their food, providing an invigorating experience. Together, Rosie’s and Vida Verde offer two different viewpoints on Mexican cuisine. Rosie’s offers traditional Mexican favorites in a comfortable and relaxed setting, while Vida Verde offers enhanced dishes in a vibrant and modernized location. Both restaurants are fantastic, and both approaches are equally valid when it comes to Mexican food. The cuisine is a truly rich and flavorful one, and it should be experienced as often as in as many ways as possible to truly get the full effect. So feel free to go to either restaurant, as whichever one you go to, you are sure to get an absolutely marvelous experience. ROSIE’S 29 E 2nd St New York, NY 212.335.0114 rosiesnyc.com

VIDA VERDE 248 W 55th St New York, NY 646.657.0565 vidaverdeny.com

37 West 24th Street New York, NY between 5th and 6th Avenue

844-277-9123 • www.hotelhenrinyc.com

VILLA MANGIACANE in the Rolling Hills of Tuscany BY PET ER ELST ON


scape to a world of renaissance beauty at Villa Mangiacane i n F i r e n z e , I t a l y. Former home to the powerful Machiavelli family and famed author of The Prince, Villa Mangiacane is a hidden gem nestled in the Chianti hills overlooking Florence. Built over 500 years ago, Villa Mangiacane’s twenty-eight luxurious guestrooms and suites are individually and elegantly designed, reflecting the serenity of the property’s surroundings. The hotel is set among 600 acres of olive groves and vineyards which enables the Estate to produce its very own distinctive olive oil and range of award-winning wines. The opulence of Mangiacane combined with its history, art, and idyllic countryside setting create the perfect backdrop for a Tuscan wedding, unforgettable h o l i d a y o r e x c l u s i v e re n t a l . Luxurious facilities complement the property, including a gourmet restaurant, a stunning infinity pool, unique sculpture gardens and breathtaking views of the Dome that covers Florence’s C a t h e d r a l a n d G i o t t o ’s B e l l Tower. At Mangiacane, guests will experience the very best of Tuscan hospitality and the joy of modern day convenience, seamlessly combined with the splendor of the Renaissance. mangiacane.com

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Cristalle Glacé c’est formidable ! ‘Crystal Ice Collectibles’ from the Oleg Cassini Crystal Collection




t is time to put together your best bucket list travel plans. There are destinations to think about, weather patterns to consider and times of year to ponder. However, one thing is certain, the new year will bring you to some of the most spectacular regions in the world to explore. Here is a list of the hot-test and most dream-worthy locations to visit throughout the calendar year. Happy Jetset Travels!

MARCH: DUBAI,UNITED ARAB EMIRATES The Dubai World Cup is the richest horse-racing prize in the world and whilst the Carnival runs from January 11th – March 10th, 2018 the finale is run on Saturday March 31st, 2018. Stay in luxury at two beautiful Jumeirah resorts; Jumeirah Al Naseem with lush gardens edging the sandy beach, providing pockets of privacy and peacefulness, and Jumeirah Mina A’Salam offering authentic Arabian experi-ences on a beach front location with family friendly service.

dubaiworldcup.com | jumeirah.com

APRIL: MOROCCO Be a Gazelle and celebrate the finale to the all-women Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc in its 28th year (which runs from March 16th – 31st, 2018). A unique concept with thoughtful and impeccable exe-cution, the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc is the first international off-road rally race of its kind exclusively for women. Since 1990, founder Dominiuqe Serra and her company Maïenga, has been creating a new vision of automobile competition: no speed and no GPS, just old-fashioned navigation, completely off-road—a return to the roots of adventure. The only requirement is determination. Stay at Sir Richard Branson’s Kasbah Tamadot, a 28 room (including 10 Berber luxury tents) property situat-ed in the stunning Atlas Mountains. rallyeaichadesgazelles.com virginlimitededition.com



The 2018 Cannes Film Festival brings

Why not indulge your love for Downton

the stars of Film from around the

Abbey and the British social season by

world to the South of France from

attending the horserac-ing at Royal Ascot

May 9th – 20th, 2018. The Hotel to

(June 19th-23rd, 2018). Your ideal place

stay at is the Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc

to stay to enjoy all the traditions and pomp

in Cap D’Antibes. The beauty of this

is the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, Lon-

property is without question and a

don in Knightsbridge and experience the

perfect people-watching headquar-

beauty of the recently restored façade as

ters from which to watch the movie

well as the renovated rooms and suites in-

industry movers and shakers with a

cluding 2 new penthouse suites. Close to

late night bar scene.

shopping institutions Harrods and Harvey


Nichols and a short cab ride from Saville


Row and St. James’s because “it is simply the thing to do”.

ascot.co.uk mandarinoriental.com/london

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JULY: NANTUCKET, MA Jetties beach is the best place in Nantucket to view fireworks and celebrate the Independence Day. Each year, families and friends set up on the beach and marvel at the spectacular fireworks show over the harbor. The amazing firework display is very popular and draws quite a crowd. While there, stay at the grand and historic Nantucket Hotel & Resort, a premier year-round hotel, newly restored, located downtown just a short walk to beaches, ferries, restaurants and shopping. Dine at their on-site restau-rant, Breeze, or take ride to The Summer House to try their

AUGUST: AT SEA WITH SILVERSEA Once a year is probably a good time to try something different. Why not experience five star luxury at sea with Silversea on a cruise. The only afloat Relais & Chateau restaurant, top quality service and facilities – all while travelling to new destinations. Summertime is particularly exciting for cruise experi-ences to Alaska and the Mediterranean, the latter on board the latest addition to the Fleet, the Silver Muse. silversea.com

award-winning cuisines nantucketchamber.org/events thenantuckethotel.com thesummerhouse.com



The Fall is regarded as an ideal time to

One of the highlights of the Hamptons Fall sea-

experience Tuscany at its finest and ex-

son is the Hamptons International Film Festival

plore the wine harvest, hunt for truffles

(HIFF). Held each year in October, HIFF previews

and mushrooms whilst all the time the

the most talked about award season films, and

wine and Tuscan olive oils are gathered.

this year is no different. Come for the movies,

To complete the experience stay at the

stay for the beauty of the Hamptons, and dine at

Villa Mangiacane Winery & Spa.


local favorites. The ideal gateway to the Hamp-

ated amongst 600 acres of award winning

tons is the perfectly manicured and situated

wine and olive groves the 10 room villa

Southampton Inn offering some 90 charming

was constructed by the Machiavelli family

guest rooms. For dining, experience authentic

and each room is uniquely appointed and

Mexican cuisine at nearby Union Cantina, clas-

some even have views of nearby Florence.

sic American fare at 75 Main, or great times and


cocktails at the Southampton Social Club. hamptonsfilmfest.org | southamptoninn.com unioncantina.net | southamptonsocialclub.com



One of the premier events New York City every

The premier art gallery on everyone’s cal-

November is the New York Comedy Festival.

endar is of course the Art Basel Miami.

The Fes-tival – which is produced by Carolines

Over 250 of the world’s leading galleries

on Broadway – is presented in association with

participate drawing over 70,000 visitors

the television station, TBS. The week-long laugh

each year, offering an exciting and in-spir-

fest brings the biggest names in comedy to New

ing week for artists, collectors, curators,

York City’s most prestigious venues. After you

critics and art enthusiasts. The Hotel Croy-

recover from all the laughter, unwind at Henry

don is the opti-mal choice for those who

at Life Hotel, the new restaurant at the southern

are attending this year’s Art Basel Miami

end of Midtown with a menu of crowd-pleasing

Beach 2018 celebration as one it is close

shareable plates from BR Guest alum chef Mi-

to all the action, but far enough to catch

chael Vignola. Expect dishes like a burrata with

one’s breath and settle back after a day

kabocha squash, pizzas, pastas, and roasted

browsing en-thralling galleries, boutiques,

chicken thighs.

murals, and restaurants.

nycomedyfestival.com | lifehotel.com

artbasel.com/miami-beac hotelcroydonmiami.com

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os Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is a popular vacation destination known for its perfect weather. With an average of 360 days of sun, there is always a perfect fun-filled day awaiting you on your vacation. You will never be bored on your trip to Cabo. Whether you choose to spend your day swimming, taking a boat ride snorkeling and seeing the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas, dinner on the Marina, or dancing the night away at Cabo Wabo. However, no vacation is complete without

90 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

the right hotel accommodations. As you head closer to downtown Cabo from the airport, you reach Hacienda Encantada, a beautiful luxury resort hidden far off the busy highway amongst the tranquil cliffs of Cabo. This resort is truly the ultimate relaxation and luxury experience. You are welcomed by their friendly and endearing staff that help escort you to your new temporary oasis. The architecture and furnishings reflect traditional Mexican Hacienda inspired decor, featuring colorful buildings with elegant vine covered walls and

fountains. The resort offers studio suites all the way up to 4 bedroom suites, making this the perfect experience for both big and small groups travelling together. You can choose suites offering kitchen, dining and living rooms options, as well as ocean view balconies with private whirlpools. And the highlight of this resort is the breathtaking picturesque view of the Sea of Cortez. Although the beach is not swimmable, there are 3 separate infinity pools on site, ensuring room to accommodate all guests at the hotel.

towards children. At the main pool, the friendly staff offers fun-filled activities t h ro u g h o u t t h e d a y t o e n t e r t a i n a l l members of the family. Steps away, you will find a separate children’s pool, paired with the kids zone; a water playground and play area. Tennis and basketball courts are both on site and available to all guests as well. Also, be sure to ask about the resorts babysitting services if interested in a romantic dinner for two or a night out on the town. The adults only pool area consists of a 3-level infinity pool paired with a 5 star view of the Sea of Cortez and the iconic mountainous cliffs. Surrounded by a breathtaking view, you will truly experience luxury and relaxation unlike any other resort. The adults only pool area offers prompt waiter service and swim up bar where you can order poolside appetizers, sushi, and an extensive cocktail menu. Relax in one of the luxe lounge chairs and be immersed in the sound of the sea crashing over the rocks below. As the evening unfolds, make a reservation at one of the eight restaurants on site for dinner. This resort is known

for the high end cuisine and restaurant experience. Hacienda Encantada does offer an optional all-inclusive plan, which would include all eight restaurants on site. The all-inclusive package also includes restaurants found at the sister hotel in downtown Cabo on the Marina, called Marina Fiesta. If you feel like expanding your Cabo San Lucas experience some evenings, the hotel offers shuttle service to Marina Fiesta, the sister hotel on the Cabo San Lucas Marina and downtown Cabo, where there are a handful of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and shopping for your entertainment. Hacienda Encantada truly brings you the best experience of Los Cabo San Lucas, providing a tranquil luxury experience, while also being a quick ride away from the flamboyant famous nightlife of downtown Cabo. The views, pools, rooms, and food are all the perfect 5-star combination for the ultimate vacation. This hidden luxury gem is truly a must see if you are visiting Cabo San Lucas, and will bring you a unforgettable vacation experience. haciendaencantada.com

Expedite your relaxation level and treat yourself for a day at the resort’s Holistic Spa. The spa offers a large selection of pampering activities to choose from and has beautiful indoor and outdoor bed options. The smell of unique oils and Mexican holistic incense instantly has you relaxed from the moment you walk in. For some more interactive activities, book a day of horseback riding on the beach or Mexican cooking class paired with tequila tasting. When traveling with the whole family, the resort offers a list of services directed

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GM has a legendary history of hospitality in Las Vegas spanning more than forty years. Of the brand’s 14 hotels and resorts, the Delano stands apart as a sophisticated, refreshing alternative to its sister properties. Originally opened as The Hotel at Mandalay Bay back in 2003, it was reimagined as The Delano in 2014 after a top to bottom renovation inspired by the contemporary design of The Delano South Beach. A partnership between MGM and Morgans Hotel Group, the non-smoking, non-gaming 1,117 room all-suite hotel offers the boutique atmosphere and attention to detail that define Morgans properties. It begins with the inviting lobby experience-soft lighting, a cozy coffee and tea bar and friendly staffers with iPads ready to assist with any guest needs. Other thoughtful touches--complimentary flavored water, a rotating shadow box exhibit (currently highlighting vintage cocktail guides) and large mirror ador ned with handwritten inspirational sayings that change every day. Accommodations at the Delano are spacious at 725 square foot or larger and sleekly designed in neutral tones. Suites boast floor to ceiling windows with Strip, beach, or mountain views, a separate

92 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

living area with seating for five, and master bathroom with a glass enclosed shower and soaking tub. Distinctively scented bath amenities come from BATHHOUSE Spa, the hotel’s well-appointed 14,000 square foot spa and gym complex. Unwind in the spa’s eucalyptus steam room and redwood sauna. With its location adjacent to Mandalay Bay, the Delano offers easy access to the resort’s dizzying array of restaurants, shopping, gaming and pools. Right next to the Delano Beach Club pool sits Mandalay Bay Beach--an 11-acre man-made beach with sand, a 1.6 million gallon wave pool, four additional pools and private cabanas. Culinary indulgence awaits at the Delano’s two main dining outlets. Located on the lobby level, Della’s Kitchen serves breakfast and lunch all day daily, with farm-totable items made from regionally sourced ingredients. The casual eatery’s peaches and cream French toast is a standout, garnished with peach compote, granola and bourbon crumble and creme Anglaise. For a more upscale experience, Rivea doesn’t disappoint. Located on the 64th floor, the rooftop restaurant is known for its spectacular Strip views, outdoor balcony dining and attentive, knowledgeable wait staff. Delano Executive Chef Bruno Riou updates the European-born Alain Ducasse concept, with fresh seasonal takes on small

plates inspired by food markets in the Italian and French Rivieras. Must-have specialties-marinated sea bass, beef carpaccio and chickpea fries. Save room for Rivea’s signature dessert--a decadent limoncello baba cake, drizzled tableside with chilled limoncello and fresh vanilla whipped cream. The Delano is one of only a few hotels on the Strip that is pet friendly, with a first-class selection of amenities available through its Doggie Butler Service. Four legged guests receive a welcome bag upon arrival with biscuits, a leather toy and waste disposal bag. In addition to a small but serviceable dog park right outside, the hotel provides dog walking services for a fee with optional text messages and photos so you know your best friend is being well taken care of. Like many other hotels, the Delano does not allow dogs to be left unattended unless they are in a crate or carrier. Not to worry-crates are available for rental. And yes, the 24-hour room service menu includes Doggie Delights. For a luxurious, rejuvenating oasis that will transport you from the Strip while staying right in the heart of it, The Delano Las Vegas is your best bet.


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Avalon Hotel

PALM SPRINGS The Winter Hamptons


he desert has always been a place of romanticism, open skies bounded by snow capped mountains, set in ombre colors of mauve. The Coachella Valley looks as if it were the backdrop of an old George Montgomery Western, perhaps that is why he picked this scenic oasis to call his home. He wasn’t the only movie star to do so. Only 100 miles east of Los Angeles, made this the perfect escape for the glittering stars of the golden age of film, who were bounded by their contracts to never be more than a two hour drive from the studios. Palm Springs, known as the “Hideaway of the Stars,” has stayed true to its name. Walk through the wide, palm lined streets of the historic Las Palmas neighborhood and you can stand in front of the black and white regency style home once lived in by Marilyn Monroe. A short skip down the street and you will find yourself at the gates of the

94 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

Howard Hughes estate, turn and face Mt San Jacinto and classic statuary is staring back down at you from the white hilltop compound of the Hearst family. Stroll down to the area know as Movie Colony and you'll be greeted by the towering hedges that once protected the privacy of Lucy and Desi and so many others. With some of the strictest historic preservation rules in the country, Palm Springs is virtually untouched. It still stands as it was created, a glamorous place of privacy. The city is seeing a revitalization like never before. A sexy and freshly affluent crowd of from across the globe are now calling the desert their holiday home. The new guard is sleek, cultured and sophisticated, Palm Springs has always been a city of sex appeal, but never more than now. As any resort, Palm Springs has its high season which conveniently opens as soon as the Hamptons closes. For any New Yorker looking for a sophisticated escape… pack your bright colors and head to JFK for

a non -stop flight to America’s Oasis. For those visiting the pool-centric town for the first time here are a few tips to make your experience a cool one: •

• • • •

Do ride your bike- Don't let the charm of this small town fly by through the window of a fast moving car, it’s best seen on a leisurely ride. Pack Sunscreen- high altitude of the valley means your skin is closer to the sun’s rays Wear linen- Even in the winter is a beautiful 85 degrees Don't be afraid of color - Trina Turk is the epitome of Palm Springs style. Have a gin and tonic with a squeeze of locally grown lemons

CHI CHI at the Avalon The Secret Garden Hideaway • Start with the Oysters- from the nearby Pacific coast

• •

Order the best branzino in the desert Dine poolside

The age that created the glamour of the Sonoran Desert can still be seen through the white, Spanish stucco walls, protecting four acres of private villas and fragrant landscapes. Like a secret garden, the rich greenery surrounding the interior of the Avalon holds a Mediterranean secret where poolside dining becomes the ultimate seaside affair. Leave the modern maddeness of city life at the yellow doors of CHI CHI at the Avalon and sip a refreshing, dirty martini next to the crisp turquoise lapping of the courtyard pool. Tucked away under a lush canopy of foliage where overhead fans cool the night temperature, an intimate row of benches flicker under calm candle lite, creating outdoor experience in fine fare. Chilled on a bed of crushed ice, local oysters from the nearby Pacific coast are shucked and served on the half shell for an inviting 1st course. In this playful setting of the Sonoran Desert you’ll find the Coachella Valley’s best Branzino. Mellow flavored and flaky it's the perfect aquatic complement to follow as second course. Clad in white

shirts and bermuda shorts, friendly staff, set off the coastal aesthetic. To complete the meal finish with a chilled glass of dry rose and fresh berries with creme. Alfresco dining is a main ingredient in the California lifestyle and fresh food based on fresh living is the theme at CHI CHI, where you can dine seaside in the desert. Korakia Pensione - The Artist's Hideaway • Sleep in the studio that once housed Winston Churchill • Curl up with a vintage book from the classic library • Watch Classic and foreign films glimmer under the night skies • Relax and refresh with a Moroccan tea service each afternoon • Explore the grounds barefooted • Indulge in an in-room spa treatment • Experience a midnight swim under the stars • Have lunch delivered to privacy of your room • Stay in the waterfall suite, a spanish adobe dating back to 1910 Walk through the intricately carved

Moroccan doors and enter the imaginative world that was once the home of painter Scottish painter, Gordon Coutts. Dar Marroc, as the villa was named, was created to reflect Coutts’s exotic life in Tangiers, then a popular resort among turn of the century european gentlemen. From the moment the white, Moorish arches opened along a sandy path in 1924, it was a gathering spot of artists and intellectuals, even housing Winston Churchill, who came to paint among the bohemians of his time. Today, walking through the same arches, the Korakia (Greek for crow, a local resident who makes her home among the fan palm trees...Palm Springs has the largest population of Fan Palms in the world), is a step back in time. A world away from the distractions of modern technology, this historic property has kept true to its origins as a retreat for the creative community, with all of the comforts of a private mediterranean estate tucked in the hills of Marrakesh. 1.5 acres of intimacy like no other is charm of this property. Though Morocco may be a world away, the experience of the ancient seaside destination is felt through the attention paid

Korakla Pensione

25AMagazine.com | MetMagNy.com | 95

The Colony Palms. Photo Credit Scott Chebegia

to the design of the bungalows, villa and gardens. Relaxed attentiveness from the beautiful and worldly staff, makes sure your every need is seen to in the most private of fashions. The start of every morning is met with a full-cooked breakfast served in the courtyard, under the shade of thriving citrus trees. Casual crowds, dressed in loose fitting floor length dresses and linen shirts, sip coffee around antique wooden tables. Light conversation in art flows over the bubbling of a Moorish fountain that once greeted guest like Rudolph Valentino. In the afternoon, be treated to an authentic Moroccan tea service before strolling barefooted along the stone pathways that wind through the property. Discover the organically styled pools, at the perfect temperature and swim in the natural stone inset, reflecting a partition of calming fire side blazes. In the evenings curl up on the cushioned daybeds covered in rich middleeastern motifs and watch the sunset over the majestic view of Mt San Jacinto. Candle lit lanterns and firepits flicker in the evening twilight with a European turndown service as glittering movie stars project under the

96 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

vast constellation of the night sky creating a luxurious indoor/ outdoor experience. The Colony Palms The Hollywood Hideaway • Stay in room 18 • Rent a poolside cabana • Tour the Movie Colony by bike A crackdown on crime in the Midwest saw a mobster influx to the Wild West. Seeing themselves as pioneers they fled to the desert to avoid prying eyes and the law. Visionaries, like Bugsy Siegel saw more than a pile of secluded sand, they say money, and lots of it! As a resort town, Palm Springs had a severe downturn in its economics every year at the end of each season and with the closing of the illustrious playground, El Mirador in 1932, the city was losing its style. Enter a pair of glamour toting, dinner jacket wearing, celebrity friended brothers known as The Wertheimers. Associates of the infamous Purple Gang, a predominantly Jewish mob of bootleggers and hijackers, Al Wertheimer arrived in Palm Springs to capitalize, as any western prospector would. Conveniently situated near the O’Donnell Golf Club (the millionaires playground) is a

discrete colonial facade of white stucco, topped by red Spanish clay tiles, known today as the The Colony Palms. What lay through the entrance of this discreet hotel is a history synonymous with the golden days of Hollywood. Opening its doors as “ The Colonial House” in 1936, Wertheimer’s hotel swiftly became the prefered playground of the silver screen elites, drawn to the property for its opulent accommodations and for its discretion. Prohibition may have ended three years prior but the good times were far from a close. In true mobster fashion Wertherimer installed a basement casino, speakeasy and brothel. Any evening one could catch a glimpse of Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable or Carol Lombard dancing the night away, granted you were among those admitted. Though the days of underground nightlife have long since left the property the elegance has stayed the same. Today the Colony Palms Hotel is a fashionably private hideaway attracting sleek socialites who have come to retreat in the courtyard style grounds of ivy and citrus. Under the mystical sound of cicadas you’ll find, cocktails in hand, lounging poolside in private cabanas the most attractive crowd of cultured individuals in the Coachella Valley.

Simplicity is the key to comfort at the Colony Palms. Plush white lined beds face Spanish fireplaces and spacious bathrooms with clawfoot tubs invite their guest to lounge in soapy suds like Joan Crawford would have. Attention to atmosphere, down to the appearance of the staff, who all look as if they’ve walked out of a Hollywood film themselves make this the “Hollywood Hideaway.” The Purple Palm A pantry without borders • Brunch with the locals • Have a Purple Palm bloody mary The Bloody Mary is a staple of Palm Springs brought here from NYC’s St Regis to the Palm Springs Racquet Club in the 1930’s • Share the 1st course Like the glamorous gangsters of golden age Hollywood, Chef Nick Tall is a visionary in the desert. Cuisine set from local ingredients seem to appear like a plated oasis. More than a Chef, Nick Tall is an artist. Each dish he prepares has a story, inspired and created. Like the classic stars who once sipped poolside cocktails at the Colony Palms, he has become quite the locally celebrated chef himself. Under the rust red scrolls of Jacobean printed wallpaper and antique beamed ceilings, The Purple Palm is a culinary experience reflective of the rich history of the Coachella

Valley. Finding innovative ways to bring exotic life to locally abundant ingredients, like the citrus grown right on the property, he has created an atmosphere that is the epitome of fine desert dining. The endless possibilities of Chef Nick’s talents are more than apparent in the fresh menus that he creates weekly. A menu that brings to life the elements of the international influence of the local culture, because after all no one is from Palm Springs. People who choose to come to the Sonoran Desert city of only 75 years of age, have lived rich international lives and Chef Nick Tall is no exception. A youth spent on the Southern Coast of Florida brings out the spices in Latin America, combined with his culinary career in the Orient and infused with the local region's rich agricultural and Chef Nick Tall gives you a cuisine that is authentically Palm Springs. V-Palm Springs- The Social Hideaway • Chat with the bartender to hear the properties vibrant history • Have the tuna tartare cigars delivered to you lounge chair • float on a Swan shaped floatie • Relax on your private walled terrace Called the “Beverly Hills of the Desert” South Palm Springs has a flavor all its own. Developed in the late mid-century this stylish area of palms and canyons is home to the fabulously preserved roadside inns.

Housed in a stone clad 1950’s lodge that has been transformed into a double, salt water pool oasis, the V is a sophisticated retreat that has all of the mid-century charm of the region's heyday. Sitting proudly at the base of Mt San Jacinto, entering the lobby of the V you are greeted by south facing views of the plummeting peaks and rocky ridges created by the Andreas Fault, a sight rarely seen from a hotel pool in the Coachella Valley. Flanked by terraced and walled guestrooms, the angular, eagle thunderbird shaped pool at the V is a natural social setting lending itself to an atmosphere of trendy luxury. Local DJ’s pump the sounds of sultry beats at the Saturday pool parties, where giant inflatable swans provide an entertaining lounging experience, for guests who have come to the desert for a social escape. At this property you will find a diverse crowd of vacationers infused with locals, all in Palm Springs for the same reason, to soak up the world renowned poolside party life. Staying in character with the mid-century design influence, the open floorpan of the guestrooms with ensuite walled terraces, provide the perfect place for inmates to gather around private firepits and swing in relaxing hammock chairs. A transitional property on the rise to a great farm-to-table restaurant soon to open its doors to the public, the V Palm Springs is gateway to the timeless social style this Sonoran Desert is home to.

The Purple Palm. Photo credit: Scott Chebegia

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andarin Oriental Hyde Park, London is in the final stages of one of the most extensive renovations in its glorious 115 year history, which are designed to solidify the hotel’s position as one of the leading institutions in central London. Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London is constantly striving to ensure continuity of the highest levels of service with upgrading of its facilities to remain continually relevant to its clientele. Recently restoration of the façade on the front of the hotel was fully completed bringing back the full beauty of the structure. Situated in Knightsbridge, just a short walk from Harrods, and across the road from fashion emporium Harvey Nichols, the hotel remains open throughout the renovations which will be completed in Summer 2018. International renowned designer, Joyce

98 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

Wang, has been commissioned to oversee the overall design concept, and has taken her inspiration from the hotel’s royal heritage and peaceful parkside location, as well as the glamour of the early 20th century’s Golden Age of travel. All 181 rooms and suites will be more luxurious and comfortable than ever before, encompassing details inspired by the building’s Edwardian heritage and the natural beauty of Hyde Park. Art Deco inspired features include carefully curated artworks and custom-designed furniture, creating a warm and inviting environment. In addition, two entirely new, luxurious penthouse suites will be created, with private terraces and extensive views over the park. Esteemed New York designer Adam D. Tihany has been appointed to oversee an inspirational and uplifting renovation of The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, as well as a light refurbishment of the hotel’s popular

restaurants and bar. This past September, the hotel unveiled its beautiful, newly restored Knightsbridge facing rooms that combine contemporary grandeur with a refreshing play on traditional luxury for guests to enjoy. Work has now begun on The Hyde Park facing guest rooms and suites which will be completed in Summer 2018. New experiences at the Hotel include cookery classes in concert with specialist cookware firm Divertimenti. For children the experience of the season has to be Afternoon Tea with Bertie Bear from Harrods – maybe for the Adults as well… Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park 66 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7LA, United Kingdom Phone:+44-20-7235-2000 Website: mandarinoriental.com/london/hyde-park

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Dubai Mall



ravel trend watchers suggest that travelers are increasingly tur ning a flight layover into a mini-break of its own, to maximize a vacation and experience somewhere unfamiliar as a break en-route to a final destination. Dubai in the United Arab Emirates fits this profile as an ultra-modern City with a wealth of things to see and experience while being a hub for flights to Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa. Dubai is full of surprises which a North American traveler would see in shorthand as a mix of the Bahamas, Miami and Beverly Hills with a dash of Las Vegas extravagance thrown in. 24 hours can go very quickly so here are our top must-experience suggestions. See La Perle by Frank Dragone Frank Dragone was the inspiration behind the Vegas show La Reve at the Wynn and has brought his skills to a permanent show held at the W Hotel, Al Habtoor City in Dubai. Held in a specially designed 1,300 seat theater with 65 international artists the shows water effects involve a staggering 2.7 million liters of water to create a range of highly memorable visual effects. laperle.com Visit the Dubai Mall Although a 5% sales tax is being brought in from January 1st 2018, the Dubai Mall is still well worth allocating a full day to visit. Even if shopping is not your thing there

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is much to do here at the world’s largest indoor shopping mall. It would seem that brands and stores from across the world are present here along with a plethora of cafes and dining. Not to mention there is an aquarium. Seriously. Best kept secret: See the fountain music show (think Bellagio in Las Vegas on a greater scale) from either a restaurant or from the balcony at the Apple Store. thedubaimall.com Replenish your energies at the Talise Spa Madinat Jumeirah This award-winning spa is a destination in itself featuring gardens, cabanas, private pools and no fewer than 26 treatment rooms offering a wide variety of treatments. For something try the unique Alphasphere – a treatment unique to each individual experiencing a sensual perception and deep relaxation. At the cutting edge the Talise spa also features the DNA Health & Wellness center – offering diagnostics and medical treatments lifting the Talise offering from amazing to cutting edge. jumeirah.com Enjoy a sunset drink at Ambar Bar at the Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel The word Ambar is derived from Arabic and used to describe a scent that is the basis of many regional perfumes with rich, earthy and oriental tones. With its classicly designed rooftop location overlooking the gardens and pools of the hotel property

towards the majestic Burj-al-Arab, Ambar provides the perfect ambience for a sunset drink at this premier modern Arab Mezzeh bar and then take in its vibrant vibe into the late hours. jumeirah.com Dine on the beach under the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah at Shimmers With a prime location on the Madinat Jumeirah private beach with jaw-dropping views of the world recognized Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Shimmers offers beach dining of a five star, greek variety at Jumeirah Mina A’Salam. Offering a wide range of tantalizing dishes in a relaxed environment why not try from the Sta Karvouna (“from the coals”) the Lavraki Me Lahanika (Grilled mediterranean sea bass) or the Mosharisia Brizola (Rib eye steak with garlic butter). Sleep at Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel The newest Jumeirah property in Dubai which opened in 2016 Jumeirah Al Naseem brings the outdoors indoors with its stunning design bringing together water, sand dunes and Bedouin traditions for a unique experience. Home to some ten restaurants and bars unified by a common theme of the Arabian explorer, and sharing large, modern fitness and the Talise spa facilities Al Naseem offers an ideal location for a short break from which to explore Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. jumeirah.com

Jumeirah Al Naseem view

Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel

Talise Spa

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah at Shimmers

La Perle

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MONTREAL Th e Pa ri s of Nort h A me ri c a BY CATHERINE AND ERSEN


ou know that feeling when someone lets you in on a secret? All of a sudden you feel a little sneaky and a little giddy. You’ve just been trusted with some very special information. You now have access to something that few people do and you are now one of the few keepers of this treasured knowledge that was given to you in a whisper, because it was that precious. I live for those moments, especially when I travel: The secret dish that’s not on the menu and has to be ordered in a very specific way; the password that gets you into an underground watering hole to hear the best live, local music; the undisclosed hot spring that’s off the map and way off the tourist trail. I live for those moments-when a local trusts you so much that they’re willing to let you in on one of their city’s secrets. My trip to Montreal felt like one whispered secret after another. It started before I even got there. So I’m waiting in the Delta Sky Lounge for my flight and a Delta representative asks me to follow him. He takes me through a door I’d never noticed before, down a set of stairs and before I can ask why, he opens another door and there we are on the tarmac—as in, where the planes are. He explains that my plane is now departing from a different terminal and walks me over to a Porsche. Yep, it’s right there on the tarmac too. He opens the passenger door for me and explains, “We do this for VIP’s—Celebrities, Government Officials, and Delta Diamond Club Members who have tight connections. It’s called our Porsche Service.” The last part was uttered just above a whisper. The Delta representative then drives me past a dozen or so planes until we arrive at mine. A private stairway is set up and at

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Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile Opera Suite Bedroom

the top, is a covert door. “This is how I get on?” I ask, walking up the stairs in disbelief. When we get to the top, he nods and opens the door to the plane. No need to go back into the airport and wait for boarding instructions. Just up the steps and there I was, in my seat sipping champagne before the jet bridge for all the other passengers was even set up. How did I not know about this Porsche Service before? It was a secret. The next one was disclosed about 20 minutes later. This time, not in a whisper. Our pilot announced that our flight from NYC to Montreal would be 45 minutes. Yes, as in less than an hour. I’ve had commutes from one side of Manhattan to the other that were longer than that. Instead, today, I’m commuting to--what I’ve been told is--a miniature version of Paris which is a little bit different, isn’t it? Next, we arrive at our hotel, Sofitel

Montreal Golden Mile, where every staff member we encounter is genuinely smiling and happy to greet us. It became quite clear over the course of our stay that their staff is carefully hand-picked. They truly enjoy hospitality. Again, I found myself questioning how seasoned I actually was as a traveler: How am I not more familiar with this hotel group? I’d obviously come across the brand before, but I had no idea it was such a step above. It’s almost as if it’s been kept a secret. Part of a French multinational hotel group, Sofitel sums up its philosophy in one word: Magnifique--the French word for magnificent--a word that’s synonymous with gorgeous, splendid, lovely, and royal. Nothing could be more true of this hotel and its staff. The Le Renoir restaurant and Le Bar within the hotel were refined down to the detail from the dashing décor and clever cocktails to the creative menu and

elegant dishes. Dessert was no exception. (Psssst, don’t tell anyone, but their Head Pastry Chef, Roland del Monte, renowned for his ice cream, was made a knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit by the French Agricultural Minister and has indulged the sweet teeth of French presidents and other state officials. He wants people to enjoy his creations, not his titles, so that stays between you and me.) That air of charm and French refinement shines throughout the city of Montreal, however I wouldn’t confine it to being “a miniature Paris.” Its flavor is slightly different. There’s a modern flair added to the Old European feel in Montreal that’s magnetic. You get the sense that the city doesn’t want you to just wander in and out of its historic sites and museums. It wants to make sure you’re engaged while you’re there. For example, I was caught by surprise at the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal by the spectacular multi-media light and music show called Aura. It was, not only stunning by way of its production value, but also by the way it left me with a much deeper appreciation for the architecture and sanctity of the Cathedral itself. Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts Museum

was another perfect example of the city’s desire to keep you captivated. One minute y o u ’ re l e a r n i n g a b o u t c l a s s i c R e n o i r paintings and the next, you’re diving into “Love is Love,” a daring and exquisite exhibit by French designer, Jean Paul Gaultier. It’s remarkable. Here’s what’s not a secret: My fascination with food. It’s amazing to me how much eating through a city will tell you almost everything about it. In Montreal, that happens right in the streets—open-air farmers markets taken to a whole other level. Not just once a week, but every day, they set-up these elaborate indoor/outdoor markets with colorful, fresh, seasonal produce, artisanal breads, pates, foie gras, soups from scratch, pastries, and the types meats and cheeses that, in New York, you would have to seek out a specialty store to find. Within 15 minutes of being at the market, we put together a charcuterie board that would rival most fine dining restaurants. In Montreal, they simply call it “grocery shopping.” I know. It makes me jealous too. These markets are everywhere but the most prominent ones are the Jean Talon Market and the Atwater Market. And now, one of the best-kept secrets

I’ve ever come across: The Sugar Shack of Chef Martin Picard’s restaurant, La Pied de Conchon. Quick background: The term “Sugar Shack” comes from the Canadian tradition of boiling sap down to maple syrup in a shack out in the countryside. In short, it describes a rustic atmosphere. Get Picard involved and what you have is a renowned chef’s gourmet reinvention of local, traditional, harvest season recipes. Imagine, being out in the peacefulness and fragrance of a gorgeous farm, knowing everything from this land you’re on is being cooked for you elegantly course after course, and you’re being served in a cozy log-cabin like setting—picnic-table style with a front porch outside where the barbeque smoker is within arm’s reach. I was in foodie bliss. The atmosphere, the flavors, everything was so grounded and sophisticated at the same time. One of the best culinary experiences of my life. Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels that way. It can take months to get a reservation. But I assure you, if you plan ahead, it will be a night you will never forget. Sometimes a secret is just too good to keep.

Moment Factory Aura

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feel like a million dollars.” I’ve said it probably a million times. Usually, after something like a great night’s sleep or a big win at work to express to someone how vibrant I feel at the moment and to get a laugh out of them at the same time. “I feel like a million dollars” is almost always said in jest because, let’s face it, what does a million dollars really feel like? Now, I know, because as soon as I stepped into my room at the Royalton St. Lucia Resort and Spa, it truly felt like a million dollars. My corner suite was chic, spacious and wrapped in sunshine. Instead of walls, there

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were sliding glass doors—floor to ceiling— providing multiple entrances that led out to the wraparound terrace from both the living room and the bedroom; their curtains breezily hypnotized me over breakfast throughout my stay whether I was curled up in the suite’s delicious Dreambed™ or savoring my omelet and coffee at the dining table. The living room felt like a white canvas accented with brushed steel art, mirrors and a bar full of all the details: a set of glasses to suit whatever cocktail you desired, a mini wine cellar and, oh yes, wine taps. Then, I saw the bathroom complete with a gorgeous, long vanity, a shower with dual rain-drop showerheads, and the

centerpiece: a Jacuzzi already drawn for a bubble bath waiting for me. I felt like Marilyn Monroe, kicking bubbles in the air. It was divine. Just in case I’d rather enjoy my bubbles outdoors, there was a second Jacuzzi on the terrace overlooking the beach. I wholeheartedly took advantage of both. I learned this place has a pillow menu (yes, that’s a real thing) and standard operating procedure for putting in your order is done via the designated butler cell phone. It’s mobile so you can bring it with you wherever you go (I called it the “bat phone” because I could ask for anything and a lovely friendly staff member would appear wherever I was

in the resort to help me). Let me just pause for a second while we’re on this subject. This is important. I’ve traveled around the world and have been to many beautiful places, but it’s the people who are there who always seem to make or break a trip for me. Each place, whether it’s a city, or a region or an island, has its own personality. If their vibe is closed-off or cold, you don’t absorb the same rich flavors of a place as you do when you visit a spot where the locals are genuinely warm and friendly. The locals in St. Lucia make you crave your next trip back. Because of how welcomed I felt by everyone I met, I could fully absorb the island’s beauty: the knock-out beaches, the gorgeous waterfalls, the volcanoes and Morne Coubaril Estate (tasting chocolate in its rawest form—a must!), the landscape, everything. Then there was the food. When I travel, I usually like to do most of my eating “off-

campus,” so-to-speak, to explore an area and get an authentic taste for the local cuisine. But after my first meal at Calypso, a restaurant within the Royalton St. Lucia, I realized this was one of the few resorts where I could have a culinary adventure every day without ever leaving the grounds. Each plate felt like a new experience on its own. Offering West Indies cuisine with exquisite style and creativity, Calypso served the perfect marriage of local flavor and high-end dining. After that, I found myself counting the hours between each meal because I couldn’t wait to try another restaurant at the Royalton St. Lucia—whether it was Hunter Steakhouse, the Zen Japanese restaurant or the darling Beachfront Seafood and Grill Restaurant, Dorado, to name a few The beauty of this was not only the food itself, but the fact that I could soak in every minute of the pristine beach, the infinity pools, the cabanas and entertainment at the resort instead of wasting that precious time

in taxis searching for a memorable meal. But, therein lies the conflict of any trip, right? You want to explore this place that you’ve never been to, but spending all day on a bus with a tour guide or wandering around on your own sounds less than desirable when you consider the beach and luxurious loveliness waiting for you back at the resort. That’s when they mentioned the excursions available. What better way to explore an island than on a boat? I couldn’t agree more. It’s like they knew me. But what was it that closed that milliondollar feeling? The spa. Anything that starts with a hydrotherapy circuit is going to be amazing. Then it continued with aromatherapy, exfoliation treatments, body wraps, and the most intuitive deep-tissue massage I’ve ever experienced. I caught myself tearing up a little when it was time for me to go. Yeah, it was that kind of heaven. royaltonresorts.com/St_Lucia

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MARIGOT BAY RESORT & MARINA St. Lucia’s Best Caribbean Hideaway BY JANIS T U RK


f all the Caribbean islands, none seems as extraordinary and as sublimely tucked away as St. Lucia. There guests can hide away on a private sparkling bay flanked by rainforest-covered jungle mountains and a pristine little beach, making it a sublime vacation or honeymoon spot. And with direct/nonstop JetBlue flights from JFK, getting to St. Lucia is a breeze. All the best island fun—like street parties and water sports—await, or simply unplug from city life and enjoy a peaceful Caribbean retreat. St. Lucia is home many spectacular hotels and resorts, but my favorite is one far from where the cruise ships dock. For the best

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and most luxurious St. Lucia experience, I prefer to stay at the secluded elegant Marigot Bay Resort & Marina by Capella. Romantic, playful, scenic, and sexy, this tony little resort offers the best island adventure in the Caribbean. Centered by two freshwater infinity pools on the upper and lower levels of the resort, Marigot Bay Resort also offers a luxury spa, an active marina, attractive shops, boats and beaches, fine-dining restaurants, Sushi bars and a swim-up watering hole, along with a newly renovated Rum Cave restaurant, featuring fun and informative rum tasting events. The lavish resort has sprawling indoor/outdoor lounge spaces, garden pavilions, patios, cabanas, water features, and a private boardwalk. With

stunning views of Marigot Bay (featured in movies), and with shimmering waters, and mountain flora and fauna, Marigot Bay Resort offers a blissful escape. The resort’s 124 extravagantly handsome rooms and suites offer hot tubs, balconies, and West Indian-inspired décor. You’ll feel as though you’re in your own private island residence, complete with five-star amenities and your own personal assistant. Whether guests book the most expensive suite or simply a standard room, all are assigned their own Capella Personal Assistant who calls in advance of their trip to make their every desire is ready once they arrive. Once there, the personal assistant will book romantic dinner reservations, arrange a cruise from the resort’s own Capella Marina, or set up

special island adventure excursions. During my stay, the staff pampered me as I enjoyed an enormous one-bedroom suite, complete with a living room, ultra-contemporary kitchen, laundry room, spacious master bedroom, and grand master bath. With my own deck overlooking the pool and Capella Marina, and with a private hot tub and fast dependable Wi-Fi, I couldn’t imagine nicer island accommodations. Two- and threebedroom suites are also available, and families with children will appreciate the resort’s “Zando’s” Kid’s Activity Program. One of the highlights of my stay was a visit with Billy Boyle, Marigot Bay Resort & Marina’s executive chef, who carefully and skillfully cultivates the resort’s farm-to-fork dining experiences. Chef Billy’s meticulously curated menus feature delicious, locallysourced dishes inspired by fresh ingredients available seasonally from Saint Lucian farmers. Local fisherman Captain Warren

docks at the Rum Cave to deliver his catch of the day for the evening’s dinner. Another blissful part of my stay was an afternoon at the Auriga Spa & Fitness at Marigot Bay Resort & Marina. With views of the bay and mountains, the private indoor/ outdoor spa village and fitness facilities are hidden among trees and verdant foliage, creating an exclusive oasis. Before my treatment, I enjoyed the steam inhalation room, Jacuzzi, and sauna cabana, and a welcoming, grounding ceremony, employing carefully selected herbs designed to prepare the body for the spa experience. The large state-of-the-art fitness center was also handy day and night. The Spa village is even home to a treehouse gazebo, perfect for a romantic dinner for two or a special spa treatment setting. W i t h t h e re s o r t ’s m a r i n a ’s s h o p s , restaurant and sundries store, and with a ferry to take guests across the bay to

LaBas Beach at Marigot, to swim, kayak, and more, guests never want to leave Marigot Bay. But if you do, be sure to take a “Smooth Operator” private charter boat to the other side of the island (or you can ask your Capella Personal Assistant to arrange for a car). Take day trips or half-day excursions to visit cocoa farms, or to bathe in natural hot springs, or take a volcano tour, and along the way pass through charming villages and see St. Lucia’s famous twin volcanic mountain peaks, the Pitons. Visit Pigeon Island and Anse Cochon beaches, where snorkeling and diving is a delight. Or make a scenic climb up the Marigot Bay Ridge with the resort’s resident Ranger. With all this to do and see in St. Lucia, you owe it to yourself to book your Marigot Bay getaway. marigotbayresortc.com

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JOSEPH A. DI PALMA Named a Lifetime Achiever by Marquis Who’s Who BY W.A. MU LLER


arquis Who’s Who, the world’s premier publisher of biographical profiles, is proud to name Joseph A. Di Palma a Lifetime Achiever. An accomplished listee, Mr. Di Palma celebrates many years’ experience in his professional network, and has been noted for achievements, leadership qualities, and the credentials and successes he has accrued in his field. As in all Marquis Who’s Who biographical volumes, individuals profiled are selected on the basis of current reference value. Factors such as position, noteworthy accomplishments, visibility, and prominence in a field are all taken into account during the selection process. Long before his popularity as a TV and movie producer, Joseph Di Palma traveled to Italy in 1937 at age six by ship with his father, Gaetano Di Palma, a Civil Engineer, who was commissioned by the Italian government to build the Italian Pavilion at the 1939 World’s Fair in NYC. Joseph Di Palma received his B.A. from Columbia University in 1952, his law degree from Fordham University in 1958, and his LL.M in Taxation from New York University in 1959. He was admitted to the New York Bar in March 1959. He served with the U.S. Army during the Korean Conflict. He worked as a Tax Attorney for CBS in New York City 1960-1964, and for TWA in NYC from 1964-1974 becoming Staff Vice President-Taxes. He was also Executive Director of The Di Palma Family Holdings in New York City, Beverly Hills, and Las Vegas. Joseph Di Palma flew to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in 1972 on a matter regarding the Israeli Travel Tax in his capacity as Chairman of the International Air Transport Association Taxation Sub-Committee and Staff Vice President- Taxes for TWA. The story was carried by the Jerusalem Post, The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times. He married Joycelyn Ann Engle. Their first child, Joycelyn Joan Di Palma, was born in

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New York City and is now a TV producer in LA. Upon leaving TWA in 1974 to enter the private practice of law in NYC, Joseph Di Palma received an award from the Air Transport Association for distinguished service and valuable counsel. He was in the private practice of law in NYC 1974-1987 and worked with his father on numerous real estate deals. Joseph Di Palma was Executive Director of The Di

future prospects for gaming legislation and the effects of gaming on state taxes, employment and real estate values. In the 1990s, his think tank, The Di Palma Position Papers, The Di Palma Forum TV show at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and The Di Palma Center for the Study of Jewelry and Precious Metals at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution in New York made him internationally known and garnered him

Joseph Di Palma with his wife Joycelyn Engle and TV Personality and New York Times best selling author, Rita Cosby at the Metropolitan Magazine cover party for Ainsley Earhardt April 2017

Palma Family Holdings specializing in real estate and stocks. In 1991, Joseph Di Palma initiated his weekly column in the Las Vegas Sun, which expressed his opinion on a number of issues including the American economy, the future of Atlantic City and Las Vegas, and the effect of gaming on taxes and property values. He was also interviewed by a number of newspapers and magazines for his views on the crisis in the Mideast, the stock market and other national and international issues. In 1990, he was appointed head of a comprehensive gaming study to determine

many invitations and awards, including an invitation from First Lady Laura Bush to a luncheon at The White House. Joseph Di Palma established The Di Palma Forum at UNLV, a TV interview program, which was the first televised university affiliated celebrity panel discussion of significant national issues in a serious debate atmosphere. His wife, Joycelyn Engle, assembled the Host Committee and cast every show. She was also one of the hosts on the TV show. Joseph Di Palma worked with top Hollywood stars on The Di Palma Forum, including guests and Host

Committee members, Woody Allen, Fred de Cordova, Diane Keaton, Jonathan Jackson, Bette Midler, Julianne Michelle, Shirley Jones, Elliott Gould, Susan Anton, U.S. Senator Richard Bryan, U.S. Senator Harry Reid, Joe Mantegna, Edward James Olmos, Debbie Reynolds, Dee Wallace Stone, Tony Randall, Della Reese, Katherine Helmond, and Robert Maheu, who was Howard Hughes’ long term personal representative, and many more.......... Joseph Di Palma is Executive Producer of the feature film Shannon’s Rainbow (aka Amazing Racer) 2009 and the motion picture, Awakened 2014, which starred award winning actors including Oscar and Golden Globe winners and nominees. Cast members of both movies include Julianne Michelle, Scott Eastwood, Daryl Hannah, Edward Furlong, Louis Gossett Jr., John Savage, Eric Roberts, Claire Forlani, Sally Kirkland, Steven Bauer and Charles Durning. Joycelyn Engle is the producer and casting director for Shannon’s Rainbow (aka Amazing Racer), and she is writer, director, producer and casting director for Awakened and more (see below). Joseph Di Palma’s younger daughter, Julianne Michelle, is a film star whose credits include more than 30 movies and several TV series. She stars in lead roles in Apartment 1303, Shannon’s Rainbow (aka Amazing Racer), Awakened, The House is Burning, and many more. She won Best Actress in Poland for her role in the feature film, The House is Burning, starring opposite Oscar Winner Melissa Leo. Joseph Di Palma’s non-profit, editorial think tank, The Di Palma Position Papers, released an average of 20 topics per month to the media. Joseph Di Palma was named as a member of The International Platform Association. In 1993, Joseph Di Palma dedicated The Chapel of The Blessed Virgin at The Guardian Angel Cathedral in Las Vegas in memory of his parents, Michele May and Gaetano Di Palma. In 1996, Joseph Di Palma made the cover of Las Vegas Magazine in connection with a cover story on his think tank, The Di Palma Position Papers. In 1997 the Di Palma family donated a 50-carat diamond necklace and pendent and an 18.5 carat diamond woman’s wristwatch to The Cooper- Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution on Fifth Avenue in NYC. The gift served to establish The Di Palma Center for the Study of Jewelry and Precious Metals at

the museum. Avenue Magazine published a number of photos from events sponsored by The Di Palma Center for the Study of Jewelry and Precious Metals. In 2001 Joseph Di Palma received the T iffany Smithsonian Benefactors Circle Award from The Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution in NYC. In 2002 he received the WNET/Thirteen Public Spirit Award for years of continued support in underwriting (sponsoring) The Nightly Business Report at a gala party with guests from the TV and movie world. He received a special commendation from The University of Nevada, Las Vegas for The Di Palma Forum TV show due to excellent ratings, superior selection of topics, and the many celebrities from the motion picture and TV industry who appeared on the show, and world leaders, as well as other powerful people in America, including Robert Maheu, Howard Hughes’ long time personal representative. Joseph Di Palma was interviewed extensively by the media regarding his views on Indian gaming, business, finance, the stock market, the motion picture industry and the Mid-East. He has been listed in Marquis Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, and Who’s Who in the West. In 1997, former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani sent a letter of commendation to the Di Palma Center at The Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum. Joseph Di Palma has authored many tax and legal articles for various magazines and publications, and he has been interviewed on TV and radio and written up by the media. He has been on the board of many charities including, Friends of the Henry Street Settlement and The Outdoor Cleanliness Association of New York. He is a member of The NY Athletic Club. He is the son of Gaetano and Michela May (Ambrosio) Di Palma and he married Joycelyn Ann Engle. They have two children Joycelyn Joan and Julianne Michelle and two grandchildren, young Count Bailey Joseph and Countess Avalynn Karen Ann. Joseph Di Palma also carries the title of Count from his ancestors originating in Norway, Normandy and Italy. His wife, Joycelyn Engle, is a movie producer, writer, director, actress, casting director, and a speech and image consultant. She is also the Executive Producer of The Di Palma Forum at UNLV TV show. She formed

the Host Committee for The Di Palma Forum, which consists of many of her celebrity friends. She cast the celebrity panelists for all The Di Palma Forum TV shows. She is also a TV Host. She had her own school of acting and speech in three locations and she taught many prominent individuals including U.S. Senators and members of the House of Representatives. She produced and directed a number of off Broadway plays as well. As mentioned on The David Letterman TV Show, Joycelyn Engle wrote, produced, and narrated the first LP on Speech, which was used as part of the curriculum at NYU and other colleges. Joycelyn Engle (Countess Joycelyn Engle Di Palma) received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Children At Heart, Steven Spielberg Chairman. Their first born daughter, Joycelyn Joan (Joycelyn Di Palma), is a TV writer/producer in LA. Her credits include Forensic Justice, Corrupt Crimes, E! News, E! True Hollywood Story, What Should You Do? and many more. She also assisted in many production aspects of The Di Palma Forum TV Show. Joseph Di Palma’s younger daughter, Julianne Michelle, is a celebrity in her own right. She is an actress who thus far has starred in 30 movies and TV series. Julianne Michelle, a two-time Best Actress winner in New York and Poland Film Festivals, stars with Oscar and Golden Globe winners and nominees. Her big screen credits in the past ten years include Awakened, Apartment 1303, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Shannon’s Rainbow (aka Amazing Racer), Sweet Lorraine, The Little Wizard Stories, The Oz Kids, and more. TV shows in which she starred and guest starred include Who’s The Boss?, Roseanne, Ellen Degeneres, Queen Latifah, As The School Bus Turns, Bus No. 9, Phenom, the WB TV special “20 Teens Who Will Change the World”, and many more. She was also a celebrity panelist on The Di Palma Forum TV show. In movies and TV, Julianne Michelle starred with Tatum O’Neal, Melissa Leo, Scott Eastwood, Sally Kirkland, Michael Douglas, Charles Durning, Rebecca De Mornay, John Savage, Steven Bauer, Robin Lord Taylor, Anne Archer, Joe Mantegna, Patti LuPone, Tony Danza, Judith Light, Alyssa Milano, Claire Forlani, Daryl Hannah, Eric Roberts, and many more. At the age of 13 she was named as one of 20 Teens Who Will Change The World by Teen People Magazine. In 2001, L’Oreal Paris named Julianne Michelle as number one of 5 Top Teens in the World.

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LIV TYLER The Face of Triumph Essence B Y W.A. MULLE R


2th April, 2017: Switzerland: Triumph announces Actress, Liv Tyler will be the face of Triumph Essence for its global campaign this Autumn Winter 2017. Celebrating female sensuality and body confidence, the new campaign has been photographed by legendary fashion photographer, Rankin, which marks an exciting new direction for the Triumph Essence brand. Chic, elegant and seductive, Triumph Essence offers lingerie that makes a statement and works perfectly with every modern woman’s stylish wardrobe. This season the premium line takes on the

110 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

glamourous theme of ‘Opulent Art Nouveau’ and features delicate and intimate styles which Liv will showcase, crafted in velvet embellished mesh, Leavers lace and luxurious silk satin. Liv Tyler Comments: “I am so honoured to be working with Triumph, a brand I have known and admired for so many years. It has such history! The Triumph Essence collection is really special and has both a playful, feminine and chic style, which I love. I can’t wait to see it launch later this year.” The Triumph Essence campaign will be seen in print, online and in retail from October 2017 and follows the launch of the recent global Triumph brand campaign, ‘Find

the One for Every You’ also shot by Rankin, who adds: “Liv is such a natural beauty and this campaign was such an easy shoot. Her timeless elegance and Hollywood glamour is what we have managed to capture.” Suzanne McKenna, Global Head of Brand, Triumph: “Liv Tyler encapsulates everything s y n o n y m o u s w i t h Tr i u m p h E s s e n c e . Beautiful, elegant and exuding female confidence. She truly is a modern woman in every sense, a mother and actress with a fierce sense of femininity that women across the world can relate to. It is her genuine spirit that translates into our new campaign for Triumph Essence and we are thrilled to be working with her.”

HANGING WITH LOS HENRYS Maya Henry and Thomas Henry Jr. Attended Star-Studded Republic Records Grammy Awards Party B Y HAR RY WHI TE


epublic Records in partnership with Cadillac, Barclays Center and CÎROC hosted a starstudded pre-GRAMMY® Award bash at Cadillac House i n N e w Yo r k . A m o n g t h e attendees were actress and model Maya Henry, high-powered attorney Thomas J. Henry with wife Azteca Henry, and Thomas Henry Jr.—the stars of reality series “Hangin’ with Los Henrys”. In addition to sets from Alesso, DJ Cassidy and Black Caviar, the event featured attendees such as Lorde, Julia Michaels, Hailee Steinfeld, James Bay, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Hailee Baldwin, Luis Fonsi, Justine Skye, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Sophie Tucker, Iggy Azalea, Birdman, WATT, Lil Pump, Ski Mask The Slump God, Blackway, Uno The Activist, Chris Blue, Jacquees, Pentatonix, Daniel Cesar, Shanina Shaik and more. About “Hangin’ with Los Henrys” The Henrys are a wealthy blended

112 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

Mexican-American family from San Antonio, Texas. The family, headed by patriarch and high-powered attorney Thomas J. Henry, is known for throwing elaborate, star-studded bashes. In 2016, the $6 million Quinceañera they threw for their daughter, actress/model Maya Henry, was a viral sen-sation which led to appearances on the Steve Harvey Show and Inside Edition. The Henrys also sponsored the 2016 Apollo in the Hamptons event at Ron Perelman’s home, the 2017 Republic Records Grammy afterparty, and the 2017 Maxim Super Bowl party. Their mini-series reality show, “Hangin with Los Henrys” debuted on YouTube on December 13, 2017. The show centers around Thomas “Tom” and Azteca Henry and their two children, Thomas Jr. and Maya Henry. Also featured is “Abuelita,” Teresa Crawford, who lives with the family in their San Antonio mansion. Maya Henry is a model and actress. Her upcoming film, Carte Blanche, co-starring Dylan Sprouse, Suki Water-house, and Jack

Kilmer, is due out next year. Last year, she appeared alongside Joe Jonas in DNCE’s hit music video “Kissing Strangers“. Thomas J. Henry is an attor ney and philanthropist from Texas. He is the founder of Thomas J. Henry Injury At-torneys, a national personal injury firm. He has been featured in Newsweek Magazine, Parenting Magazine, Forbes, and Fortune for the record-breaking multi-million-dollar awards hard-won for his clients. “Hangin with Los Henrys” YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/hanginwithloshenrys For more information about Maya Henry, visit http://mayaisabellahenry.com/ Facebook: officialmayahenry Twitter: @mayahenry5 Instagram: maya_henry Snapchat: maya_henry Follow Thomas Henry Jr. on Instagram: thethomashenry



Bard Foster aka Mylez “Myvision100” McBange




est known for his magnificent, one of a kind events, celebrity event planner Larry Scott of Lawrence Scott Events was brought in to add his creative touch to Margaret Josephs’ spectacular birthday bash in the RHONJ Season Finale. The incredible and exciting party was no doubt the highlight of RHONJ Season 8. The episode “Prisons, Proposals and Parties” aired on BRAVO. The event was held at Margaret and her husband Joe Benigno’s New Jersey mansion, which was turned into an edgy 2018 version of the legendary Studio 54—complete with

114 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

modelesque staff draped in black and gold. The carefully selected décor gave the space a hip, movie set-like ambience, including black and white striped floor tiles inspired by the Mark Hotel in New York, custom wall-papers featuring Margaret in her signature pigtails look, and a satirical tribute to the original Studio 54 by a Disco is Dead “graveyard” in the garden, featuring “fallen” disco balls. Larry’s signature “invasions”—often a key part of his events—added a shot of adrenaline to the event. Invasions are designed to steer attention away from individuals and bring a new common aspect

to entertaining, which causes people to draw attention to food items and drinks, hence bringing attention back to the guest of honor. Stylishly dressed waiters paraded around carrying many of Larry’s delicious hors d’oeuvres and signature oversize desserts. A s i g n a t u re L a w re n c e S c o t t E v e n t offers guests a chance to enter a magical environment that allows them to escape and connect in a magnificent space unlike any other. All of Lawrence Scott Events’ services are in-house, so clients receive only the best customized décor, food, flowers and entertainment which blends

together to make a perfect event. Larry Scott has a long undisclosed list of loyal A-list celebrity clients that keep rehiring him for his bespoke events and discreet and personable approach. Some of his high profile clients include Michael Bolton, Judge Judy, Howard Stern, Vera Wang and John Varvatos. Larry Scott is equally known for producing spectacular one-of-a-kind events as he is for his philanthropic endeavors. With a longstanding commitment to the community and decades of support for charity, Scott is viewed just as much as a philanthropist as he is a legendary events planner. Causes

close to his heart include: Make–A–Wish, The Feinstein Institute, The Michael Bolton Charities, Northwell Hospital, Southampton Hospital, and the Global Lyme Alliance. Larry donates events services to over 30 charities annually. Charity events that Lawrence Scott Events has produced throughout 2017 and continuously supports include: the Feinstein Institute Summer Concert featuring Pitbull, to which he donated the decor and services; the Southampton Hospital, for which he produced the annual summer gala; and the Michael Bolton Charities private dinner, concert and fundraiser, for which he

produced and donated decor and services. Larry was also brought in again to add the “WOW” factor to the Global Lyme Alliance’s third annual NYC gala in October 2017. The sold out event honored Joseph Abboud and Marisol Thomas and was co-chaired by singer Rob Thomas. Honorary Event Chairs included Yolanda Hadid, Ally Hilfiger, Dee and Tommy Hilfiger, Thalia Mottola, Mike Schneider, with Rosanna Scotto serving as the night’s master of ceremonies.


Photo credit: Terri Diamond Photography

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Jean Shafiroff, Valery Jour, Laine Siklos, Mercedes Bass and F. Murray Abraham led the cognoscenti to the opening of The Metropolitan Opera. The gala evening featured a stunning new production of Bellini’s bel canto tragedy Norma starring the dazzling Sopranos Sondra Radvanovsky and Joyce DiDonato and tenor Joseph Calleja. Metopera.org

Valery Jour

Jean Shafiroff

Laine Siklos

Audrey Gruss and Michal Metrick, Jamee Gregory and Hilary Geary Ross, Lorriane Bracco attended the preview of Gruss’ new fragrance, Hope, which launched at Saks 5th Avenue with all profits going to the Hope for Depression Research Foundation. Candace Bushnell, and Nicole Miller. hopefordepression.org

Mark Metrick, Audrey Gruss. Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan PMC

Jamee Gregory, Hilary Geary Ross. Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan PMC

Lorainne Bracco. Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan PMC

Baked by Melissa’s founder Melissa Ben-Ishay celebrated the release of her 1st

Uma Thurman, NBC’s What to Wear star Stacy London and Victoria Secret Angel

cookbook at the DivaMoms Book Club hosted by Motherhood’s a B#tch author

Adriana Lima, wore dazzling earrings made of rare pink diamonds from the Argyle

Lyss Stern. divamoms.com

Diamond Mine by jeweler Jordan Fine. Jfineinc.com

Melissa Ben-Ishay and Lyss Stern

118 | MetMagNy.com | 25AMagazine.com

Uma Thurman

Adriana Lima

GALORE Jennifer Lawrence’s new thriller Mother! by her boyfriend director Darren Aronofsky premiered at Radio City Music Hall with the dress code stating, “dress for a funeral;” rocker Patti Smith also performed. Guests included art advisor Kenny Ackerman, stem cell researcher Dr. Christopher Calapai. Emma Stone, and Matthew Rhys. Dr.calapai.net

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky

Kenny Ackerman

Dr. Christopher Calapai and Kate Lysemko

Mariah Kennedy Cuomo, The Village People’s Randy Jones and Mark Fleischman and Whitney Schott attended a book party for Fleischman’s Inside Studio 54 at The Dream Hotel. The explosive expose tells the late-night secrets of celebrities including Andy Warhol, Liza Minnelli, Robert De Niro, Mick Jagger, John Belushi and David Bowie. Rarebirdbooks.com

Mariah Kennedy Cuomo. Photo credit: Sylvain Gaboury PMC

Randy Jones and Mark Fleischman. Photo credit: Sylvain Gaboury PMC

Whitney Schott. Photo credit: Sylvain Gaboury PMC

The Pastel Society of America’s Dianne Bernhard, hosted a party to celebrate the opening of their exhibition Enduring Brilliance, at her atelier in the National Arts Club. In the mix were Angela Bernhard Thomas and Society President Jimmy Wright. Pastelsocietyofamerica.org

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NEW YORK SOCIAL SCENE Women in entertainment, A cocktail party, & the Power of Art By Clara Morgan

Laughing Affairs, founded by comedian Felicia Madison, presented Funny Business, a panel discussion for female comedians, at New York City’s legendary Friars Club, NY: Felicia Madison ©Stacy Slotnick

Jessica Pilot at the Funny Business panel discussion for female comedians, at New York City’s legendary Friars Club ©Stacy Slotnick

Krystal Stark at the Funny Business panel discussion for female comedians, at New York City’s legendary Friars Club ©Stacy Slotnick

28th Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc Hosted the a Cocktail Party for NY Rallye drivers at Spiegel, NYC: Jazmin Grace Grimaldi ©LMG

Keanna Erickson-Chang at the 28th Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc Cocktail Party at Spiegel, NYC ©LMG

Brooke Bond and Shmulike Avital at the 28th Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc Cocktail Party at Spiegel, NYC ©LMG

Philanthropist Jean Shafiroff, with Nathan & Alan Lieberman of the South Beach Group Hotels, hosted the Power of Art to Heal at the Hotel Croydon Miami Beach during Art Basel Miami 2017:Jean Shafiroff ©Patrick McMullan

Alan Lieberman at the Power of Art to Heal at the Hotel Croydon Miami Beach ©Patrick McMullan

Joyce Moore, Eric Demarchelier, and Catherine Demarchelier at the Power of Art to Heal at the Hotel Croydon Miami Beach ©Patrick McMullan

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LA GOLDEN GLOBES SCENE A Gift Lounge, Awards Show, & After Parties By Clara Morgan

GBK Productions presented “A Golden Affair” Luxury Lounge with Blue Nun, Too Faced, The Artisan Group and My Manu in Honor of the 75th Golden Globe Awards, LA: Randy Jackson ©GBK

Kelly Stables at the GBK Productions “A Golden Affair” Luxury Lounge Honor of the 75th Golden Globe Awards, LA ©GBK

Teala Dunn at the GBK Productions “A Golden Affair” Luxury Lounge Honor of the 75th Golden Globe Awards, LA ©GBK

Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards, The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA ©Patrick McMullan

Emma Watson at the BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party, Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA ©Patrick McMullan

75th Annual Golden Globe Awards HBO After Party, Beverly Hills, CA: Nicole Kidman ©LMG

Angelina Jolie at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards, The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA ©Patrick McMullan

Jessica Chastain at the BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party, Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA ©Patrick McMullan

75th Annual Golden Globe Awards After Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA: Kathy Hilton, Chris Zylka, Paris Hilton ©LMG

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Featured: 18kt Green Gold Cocktail ring with Bezel set 10.61cttw. rare trapiche spider Web Cabochon Columbian Emerald with pavé Diamond-cut 3.10cttw tsavorites, rubies, Blue sapphires, red spinel, White and Brown Diamond Brilliants.

Purveyor of Rarity “We have always been drawn to rarity. Colombian Trapiche Emeralds are amongst the rarest on earth. We are ‘stone centric’ and hand-carve our designs around the center gemstone, using your stones or ours. The natural spider web pattern inspired this one-of-a-kind mosaic of pavé gemstones.”

Award-winning Jewelry Designer Selected One of America's Coolest Jewelry Stores

Bespoke | Collections | Diamonds | Estate | rare timepieces | Fine art Selected One of America’s Coolest Jewelry Stores

southampton | 10B Jobs Lane 631- 400 -9800 port WashinGton | 279 main street 516 -767-1600

glennbradford.com ©2016 Glenn Bradford Fine Jewelry Corp.

NY GRAMMY SCENE A Gift Lounge & The Award Show By Clara Morgan

GBK Productions presented the NYC Luxury Lounge with Philippe by Philippe Chow in Honor of the 60th Grammy Awards: Demetria McKinney ©GBK

Sullivan Stapleton at the GBK Productions NYC Luxury Lounge in Honor of the 60th Grammy Awards ©GBK

Emma Myles at the GBK Productions NYC Luxury Lounge in Honor of the 60th Grammy Awards ©GBK

Lady Gaga at the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards, Madison Square Garden, NYC ©Getty Images

Reba McEntire at the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards, Madison Square Garden, NYC ©Getty Images

Ashanti at the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards, Madison Square Garden, NYC ©Getty Images

Cardi B at the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards, Madison Square Garden, NYC ©Getty Images

Bruno Mars at the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards, Madison Square Garden, NYC ©Getty Images

Miley Cyrus at the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards, Madison Square Garden, NYC ©Getty Images

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I T ’ S T I M E F O R E L L I M A N