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December 2016

18 Leesa Rowland Dr. Christopher Calapai Jane Scher, R.N.


FASHION 26 California Dreaming 38 Couture Designer Jackie Rogers

FEATURE 40 Nigel Barker 46 Scott Borrero

TASTE 50 Blue Water Grill & Metropolis 52 Kellari Taverna 54 The Final Countdown 58 Ginger Brings Spice to the Holidays





December 2016


Jetset 62 Help! Comes To Cliveden House 66 Ticket To Ride 70 Banquet at the White Tower in London 72 Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa 74 Take on Telluride 76 Miami Beach 78 The Ritz-Carlton South Beach 80 The Confidante Miami Beach 82 Qatar Airways


REGIMEN 84 Bulk Up with Plants 86 Ask Dr. Pober 88 Sisley Spa


PROFILE 90 Elie Hirschfeld 92 Randy Zelin 94 Nancy Chemtob 96 Gary Stone 98 Messina Market 100 Fall Market 2016

ARTFORM 102 Larry Aarons 104 Mark Seidenfeld 106 Lisa Beth Older

SOCIAL 108 Cover Party for Dr. Kevin Tehrani 110 New York Society Scene 112 New York Social Scene 114 New York Party Scene 116 Zarin Fabrics Celebrating 80 Years 117 The Safe Center 118 Galas Galore 120 Jackie's Joke Box


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November 2016

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The Fall Travel Issue


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As the air gets cooler and leaves start to fall away, we know that the holiday season will soon be upon us. You can feel it all around you. We are looking forward to the upcoming winter months where we can enjoy activities such as skiing, ice-skating, and enjoying time with family and friends. Check out the talented photographer Nigel Barker, formerly of America’s Next Top Model, speaking about his new show Top Photographer, airing on YouTube by Adorama. I am pleased to have our publication included as a part of the second season, so stay tuned for what’s in store. We also have a wonderful feature about the actress and animal advocate Leesa Rowland who is the liaison for Last Chance for Animals and the founder of the Animal Ashram—a worthy non-profit organization for animal rights and adoption. As always, we have dining, fashion, travel and social gatherings featured. We know that there are other publications in the New York City and Long Island markets, so we thank you for your loyalty—we hope you love our magazine as much as we love putting it together. We are blessed to have the best writers and readers in the world. Here’s to a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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Karolina Zmarlak: Dress | Stella McCartney: Shoes


NEW YORK POWERHOUSES LEESA ROWLAND Actress, Author and Animal Activist


By Elizabeth Durand Steisand | Photos by Andrew H. Walker Produced by Carlos Lacayo

eesa Rowland is more than just a pretty face—she’s pretty on the inside, too. The vegan actress is passionate about animal advocacy and has dedicated much of her time to making the world a kinder place for all living creatures. Since 1989, the beautiful blonde has acted as the New York liaison for Last Chance for Animals, an organization whose mission it is to eliminate animal abuse through legislation, investigation and education. Additionally, she spearheads several charity events each year to support Animal Ashram, the non-profit organization she founded in 2013. Animal Ashram Gala The next Animal Ashram gala is coming up on December 13th at Paul’s Casablanca, the newly opened nightclub in SoHo run by Chloe Sevigny’s brother, Paul Sevigny and his partner Brain McPeck, that W Magazine recently declared was, “the nightclub New York had been waiting for.” Two of the owners, Robin and Dominick D’Alleva, are also dog-lovers. The glamorous event will highlight animal adoption, a cause close to Rowland’s heart. Stopping Animal Care and Control “We get a list of all of the animals they are going to kill in the morning from the New Hope program from the Animal Care Centers of NYC,” she explains. “Then we network through the night to try to find homes and sponsors for them.” Over the years, Rowland has built up a group of people to go to for help, though she also explains that social media has been a powerful tool for change as well. “You can share the pictures right away on Facebook and Instagram,” she notes. Her latest project is to try to establish an actual home for foster animals in the West Village or somewhere else convenient for animal lovers. “We dream of having an actual sanctuary, a safe space, for them to stay,” she explains. A Perfect World Rowland recently filmed a reality show called A Perfect World, which further aims to help save animals. “Each episode highlights a different animal rescue group,” she reveals. “It will be something that they’re involved with, such as rescuing a cow.” Yes – rescuing a cow! “There was a cow that escaped a slaughterhouse last year in Queens and he ran through the streets and the police caught him and they brought him back to the slaughterhouse,” she said with a sigh. “So we all networked until somebody actually went over there with a trailer for him and negotiated his freedom and now he lives in New Jersey.”

Horror Is Her Sweet Spot While Rowland is a vegan animal-lover in her private life, her professional life is marked by her success in horror movies. In February 2017, a film she acted in called The Lion’s Den will premiere. “It involves a kidnapping by this crazy group of people,” she explains, “but they kidnap the wrong person.” Rowland plays the wife of the person who was mistakenly kidnapped and said the experience of working on the dark comedy was “totally fun.” Previously, she starred in Slaughter Daughter, Class of Nuke ’Em High and Return to Nuke ’Em High. Discovering the IT Factor Within You Recently Rowland released a motivational book, Discovering the IT Factor Within You. “The book is about finding how to be comfortable in your own skin, no matter what happens to you, and having a sense of inner peace, enthusiasm and purpose,” said Rowland. Je Ne Sais Quoi What is this elusive IT factor? “When you find your passion and true purpose, then you have an enthusiasm that shows through you, and you just want to share it with other people,” she explains, “The French call it je ne sais quoi, which means ‘I know not what,’ but it’s all the same thing.” That’s exactly what “it” –is—a force that cannot be adequately described; it just comes through in your personality. Holiday Plans Between her acting and her activism, it’s hard to believe that Rowland has time to relax, but she will get away over the holidays. Every year, she and her boyfriend, real estate mogul Larry Wohl, go to Cabo for Christmas at Los Ventanas. “It’s romantic,” she says, “every room has its own butler and they schedule everything for you and the food is amazing.” Rowland says they have to book a year ahead of time to secure their spot, but it’s worth the planning because once there, they get a chance to catch up with old friends. “It’s its own community,” she says. “The same group of people goes every year, so it’s like a house party except you don’t have to plan or clean up!” December 2016 | 19

Milano Fine Men’s Fashion: Shirt, Suit and Tie


DR. CHRISTOPHER CALAPAI Renowned Stem Cell Researcher By Elizabeth Durand Streisand


f you don’t know Dr. Christopher Calapai yet, you should. He is a boardcertified family practitioner specializing in stem cell research, health through nutrition and anti-aging medicine who, as of 2016, has been in practice for 30 years. Compared to many other doctors, Dr. Calapai is approachable, charming and direct, making it easy to speak with him openly and honestly. He also takes a comprehensive approach to care, collecting as much information about each patient as possible so that he can make the most effective recommendations. Why He’s Different Typically, upon first meeting Dr. Calapai, he will take a very thorough history and exam including a 25-page blood test that examines everything from hormones to absorption and digestion to unusual exposure to heavy metals. “We’ll do a separate test looking to see if you’re breaking down your foods and if your hydrochloric acids in your gut are appropriate,” he explains. To be clear, this is far more data than most doctors would collect—which may be why his results are so dramatic. Clearing Up Common Misconceptions Dr. Calapai helps clear up common misconceptions about health and wellness that so many of us have. One example: The myth that if you take vitamins, you’re getting all the nutrients you need. “Patients are always surprised when they see their vitamin levels are low and they are taking vitamins on their own,” he reveals. “Or they have huge heavy metal exposure and they had no idea that was possible.” His goal is to provide patients with the full picture, instead of just a small slice. “They come in saying, ‘my doctor only does two pages of bloodwork and I don’t think that’s enough. I heard you talking about the 25-page blood test and I want that,’” he explains. “My patients love it because they are learning 10 times more than they knew before and now there is a lot more we can do to get them healthy,” he adds. His Best Piece of Advice, Across the Board “Everybody needs to fine-tune their diet,” he says confidently. “Almost everyone can improve their quality of life through diet correction and some modest but consistent exercise,” he adds. For the record, he follows his own advice and is a third-degree black belt in karate, which he has been practicing for the last decade. “It’s great to be able to get your body to do movements that require a lot of practice and agility,” he said. Little Healthy Tricks To help patients stick with their recommended plans, he offers, “little tricks,” such as having a protein shake before you even take a shower and are tempted to reach for that box of cereal. For people who find it hard to motivate themselves to exercise, he encourages them to simply walk around their block. Because most blocks in New York City are rectangular, it becomes easy to keep track of distance and progress. As for the

holidays, he says red wine is okay. “You can have a glass or two of wine,” he states. “That’s not going to ruin everything, so enjoy it.” Over the years, he has also adjusted his approach to be more like a counselor compared to a standard doctor. He assesses each patient’s personality and then tailors his approach to match. “Some people want me to lay down the law,” he laughs, “but others want a more gentle approach.” A Shining Light in Stem Cell Therapy But medicine has made some huge advances since Dr. Calapai first earned his license back in 1986. Specifically, the field of stem cell therapy has experienced a huge boom. “Stem cells are the one type of cell in your body that can become something else because they don’t have their own blueprints,” he explains. “Essentially, they can replace older cells with new cells, making it the ultimate mechanism of repair and anti-aging.” Healing the Body With Stem Cells As the field has progressed, so have treatments, and he has been at the forefront along the way. “The state-of-the-art process we are doing with stem cells involves taking some bone marrow from the crest of the hip, which is numbed so it isn’t painful. It’s then put into a high-speed centrifuge and we extract billions of stem cells which we then inject into a joint or intravenously to reach the organs.” The beauty of stem cells is their ability to help heal the body. Treating Serious Conditions With Stem Cell Therapy Dr. Calapai is a staunch believer in this state-of-the art treatment because he’s seen the powerful results it can create. “We have a Parkinson’s patient who is not in a wheelchair anymore!” He reveals. “We’ve also reversed Type-2 Diabetes in people. It’s always unexpected, but when people use stem cells from their own body, the results can be truly amazing.” Stem cell therapy has also been used to treat conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s to sports injuries to arthritis. The cells can be directly injected into a damaged joint to help renew and repair, and the effects are virtually impossible to duplicate with any other treatment. Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging As for the ability of stem cells to help with anti-aging efforts, Dr. Calapai points out that they can be used for facial enhancement or used intravenously to help the body’s organs function the way they did years ago. This means that not only can stem cell therapy make you look more beautiful, but also it can make you feel younger from the inside out. “The beauty of stem cells is that they are programmed to seek out damaged areas, so they migrate to wherever they are needed,” he notes. Combined with other efforts in the areas of diet and exercise, the results can be truly dramatic. In other words, when you feel good, you look good, and he can help you with both. continue December 2016 | 21

Photo by Cam Camarena


Dr. Christopher Calapai and Sonja Morgan

Celebrity Clientele This year, the New York Daily News referred to him as “The Stem Cell Guru.” His other specialties include anti-aging medicine and nutritional guidance. He has consulted with a number of high-profile individuals, including Chris Noth; Mike Tyson; Mickey Rourke; Steven Seagal; Donal Logue, of Fox’s hit series Gotham; and actress and model Anastasia Garvey, whom he advises on nutrition for health and beauty enhancement. New York Rangers Dr. Calapai was a medical consultant for the New York Rangers hockey team in the 1990s, and for over 25 years Dr. Calapai has hosted radio shows on various stations; he currently hosts two weekly call-in shows on WABC-AM, offering health and medical advice. He treats patients in Manhattan and at two offices on Long Island, in East Meadow and Plainview. Top Ten Bachelor List In 1995, the New York Post named Dr. Calapai one of the ten most eligible bachelors suitable to escort a separated Princess Diana on her trip to New York. He’s a people person, and in his off hours, when he’s not playing with his 150-lb. German shepherd, Maximus, he’s something of a swashbuckler: piloting planes, practicing full-contact karate with other black belts, boating (he’s a member of the Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club), or taking racecar-driving lessons. Dr. Calapai is even in possession of Elvis Presley’s iconic red and white Karate Gi outfit consisting of a custom made jacket, sash and pants. Priscilla Presley said, “one of Elvis’ greatest passions was Karate. He didn’t like to study alone, he liked to take group classes.” The stem cell guru, who is a 3rd degree black belt, said, “I’ve always been a fan of Elvis and because we both love martial arts, I thought this would be a great addition to my collection of movie memorabilia.”Dr. Calapai enjoys entertaining; his specialty is leg of lamb, based on a family recipe his mother taught him. True story: Comprehensive medical/nutritional approach helped a young woman battling obesity: The 19-year-old patient was 5’10”, weighed over 200 lbs., and was anxious and depressed. Her blood tests revealed a thyroid problem, which required treatment. Dr. Calapai asked her to follow a low-carb diet, and to do some walking every day, even just around the block, and to gradually increase that until she was getting 30 to 45 minutes of exercise. The exercise, paired with the thyroid medication, he said, flooded her cells with oxygen, vitamins, and minerals, and she started to feel more energy. “The anxiety and depression started to

go away because her thyroids came up,” he recalls. “She was losing weight, and she was thrilled. So this girl who was a wallflower was now breaking out of her shell.” After about four months, the patient got her weight down to 140, and she is now a certified personal trainer. “She’s taken it to completely the next level,” Dr.Calapai adds. “The girl went from feeling miserable to feeling ecstatic. That kind of transformation can occur if you look at all the right things True story: Stem-cell therapy dramatically benefited an Alzheimer’s patient: This patient, in her 80s, was withdrawn, didn’t talk much, and couldn’t name the day or month. Her son and daughter-inlaw requested Dr. Calapai to implement stem cell therapy, and the results shocked them. On their drive home that same day, the woman talked in the car, all the way. They went to a restaurant, and she was able to speak to the waitress, order her food, and eat with a fork and knife. “She hadn’t done that in five years,” Dr. Calapai says. The family reported that the woman was also able to clean herself more easily, so her health aide didn’t have to do everything for her when taking a shower. She was more interested in watching TV and looking at magazines. “Her brain function was stimulated,” he adds. During follow-up examinations, the doctor joked with her, and she laughed in response. “She went from being completely nonfunctional to being able to function.” There was one drawback, however, to the amazing improvement in this patient’s condition. “When I first married her son, she was the mother-in-law from hell,” the daughter-inlaw confided to Dr. Calapai. “Then she developed Alzheimer’s and became withdrawn. Now, she’s going back to being the mother-in-law from hell again,” the woman joked. The patient’s personality was coming back thanks to the treatment.” Comprehensive medical and nutritional evaluation, with vitamin blood test Dr. Calapai created a comprehensive technique to evaluate all underlying causes of a patient’s medical problems. “This is the ultimate holistic approach,” he said. It includes a physical and a series of tests, including a blood test to evaluate the body’s vitamin, mineral, and hormone levels. “We go over that and determine what you should or should not eat, what exercises to do, what vitamins to take, so it’s based upon your body’s specific requirements,” he explains. “With this thorough evaluation, we take steps to start correcting things.” This method, he pointed out, contrasts with the traditional medical approach of treating symptoms. Every single patient he’s ever seen requests the vitamin blood test.

December 2016 | 23

Cinq a Sept: Dress | Anne Fountaine: Wrap | Jimmy Choo: Shoes


JANE SCHER, R.N. The Celebrity Aesthetic Nurse By Bennett Marcus


ith the increasing popularity of injectable skincare treatments like Botox and fillers, spas have been proliferating everywhere. But do you ever stop and wonder where the aesthetician was trained, and how much experience they really have before they stick that needle in? Enter Jane Scher, who after a highly successful career as a Certified Plastic Surgery Nurse in operating rooms where she worked closely with many renowned plastic surgeons, including Sherrell Aston, MD, Alan Matarasso, MD and Sam Rizk, MD, at many of the top hospitals, including Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, has now established a unique practice of her own, giving patients injectable treatments with superior knowledge. Low-risk Procedures In over 30 years as a registered nurse, Scher has worked with some of the top surgeons in the field, among them, Dr. Sherrell Aston and Dr. Jennifer Walden. “There’s nothing like experience,” says Scher. “These aestheticians are doing procedures, and I’m not saying that they’re not qualified, but they’re not as qualified as I am,” she adds, frankly. “You want somebody who has hands-on experience, who has worked with their hands in a surgical arena for years, knows their anatomy and knows patient safety.” Even with low-risk procedures, things can go wrong. “If you are, say, in a beauty parlor setting, you want to make sure that they have the needed equipment to take care of any potential complications,” Scher points out. “You don’t have the necessary EpiPen. You have to make sure you’re qualified and in the proper setting to be doing these injectables.” American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses She operates her Manhattan practice in a plastic surgeon’s office, so there is always a doctor on hand. She also continues to work with reconstructive surgeons, so she is up on the latest techniques, and she continues to study. She’s a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses (ASPSN) and stays abreast of all the latest medical techniques in combination therapy and the challenges of the newest aesthetic rejuvenations to formulate the best outcome involved in aesthetic medicine. InMode Machine Although she won’t tell us whom, Scher counts boldfaced names among her clients, including a 22-year-old supermodel. “I’ve been called the celebrity aesthetic nurse,” she says. Her patients range in age from 21 to 81 because Scher

understands that everyone wants to look their best. Today people take better care of themselves, and with good diet and exercise, many are able to avoid having facelifts and opt for noninvasive treatments. A big enhancement to her practice is the InMode Machine, which delivers aesthetic procedures using radio-frequency, laser and pulsed-light technologies. Because Scher’s stayed on top of all the latest techniques, she has worked with the InMode Machine, which many of the top plastic surgeons have invested their interest in, too. But even with all of Scher’s years of experience, working with the machine has been a revelation. “The fact is, the machine is like a miracle; it transforms the skin and removes hyperpigmentation,” Scher says. “It’s a noninvasive miracle. It does five different procedures, including fat-melting, skin tightening for both face and body, skin texturing, skin toning with IPL (intense pulsed light) and also has an added benefit of removing light facial hair (peach fuzz). Doing multiple procedures at the same time saves the patient time and money, improves skin tone and texture by skin tightening and removing hyperpigmentation.” Khloe Kardashian “If you tailor the treatment to the patient’s needs, the InMode Machine can do a lot, and then accompanied by my injectables, I do Botox and fillers, I can totally rejuvenate a patient and give them ten years off their face instead of going for a facelift and having downtime.” And, she notes, a facelift won’t fade age spots or red veins like this machine does. Hollywood stars all use this machine. “When they go to the Academy Awards, they do these noninvasive procedures for two months where they’re constantly doing this machine to get ready,” Scher says, “Khloe Kardashian went on TV with the body effects.” Plastic Surgery Scher got her start in plastic surgery very young, at age 20, while she was married to a plastic surgeon she went in nursing school. Not long after, once she graduated from nursing school, she started doing injectables, which were not so common back then. After so many years working in top operating rooms, she made the decision to go out on her own. “For me, aesthetic is more fun,” she says. “It’s more creative. I get a lot of self-fulfillment out of what I do. I make patients aesthetically look better.” December 2016 | 25


California Dreaming

You connect with me yet you want to be disconnected

Photos by Filip Shobot

Hair by Tina Dizon | The Private Room Salon Makeup by Andrew Toma Celebrities: John Savage & Blanca Blanco


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John Savage ART LEWIN & CO. Suit Blanca Blanco GUESS BY MARCIANO Shirt Ed's Airport Cadillac, Santa Monica


That's fine! Live your life knowing how you walked away over something small


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How are you going to handle the bigger issues in life


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About desire



I want to be everything to someone

DESIGNER: ARIDO Pearl Earrings




By Elizabeth Darwen

ashion designer Jackie Rogers continues to inspire with her bold designs and unexpected fabric selections. Many of Rogers’ collections are inspired by her friendship with some of the world’s most influential people and her time spent in some of the most fascinating cities in the world. Rogers has truly lived a life of inspiration – from big-band singer to Hollywood starlet, denizen of Rome’s la dolce vita in the company of princes and magnates, a muse for Federico Fellini, Coco Chanel’s favored mannequin, and a successful New York model. Her Spring 2016 collection, for example, paid homage to the works of famed artist Salvador Dali, with whom she established a friendship with while she lived in Paris. Rogers dresses some of the most recognized women in entertainment, politics and finance, and her long client list includes icons such as Jackie Onassis. Rogers utilizes materials other designers steer away from to create unique, timeless fashions. From blouses to pants to beautiful gowns, each piece is handcrafted in the New York showroom to ensure the quality of each individual piece. When you enter a room, the beauty and craftsmanship of a signature Jackie Rogers design is unmistakable as Rogers uses sewing techniques she perfected while working with Coco Chanel at the latter’s Paris studio. It is her zest for both life and the experiences it offers that gives Jackie Rogers her extraordinarily sophisticated point of


| |

view, which translates into designs that make a statement of sophistication and style with every piece being impeccably tailored. A garment Rogers has become known for is her burlap jackets, which she tailors to the body, creating beautifully structured designs. These often feature a perfectly paired color-duo, giving the garment a striking, bold and modern look. Some of the most extraordinary experiences on Roger’s resume includes her past as a runway model for the most renowned couturiers of Rome, including Simonetta and Fabiani, and her role in Fellini’s cult classic 8 ½ where she starred against Marcello Mastroianni. But most impressive of all is probably her time working at the House of Chanel, where she absorbed the immaculate style and techniques of her mentor. Said Rogers, “It was the greatest experience of my life. I never realized what an effect she had on me.” The effect was to prove lasting, and Rogers became a designer on her return to New York. Rogers is often referred to as “America’s Coco Chanel,” and she likes to point out that, “I don’t believe in fashion, I believe in style,” and this motto is reflected throughout her collections, which are made with the timeless elegance that is the signature of the Jackie Rogers brand.




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NIGEL BARKER Top Photographer


By Georgette Malitsis | Photos & Styling by Leonid Gurevich Digital Capture: [+] Futurecapture | Skin: David Razzano Photographer’s Assistants: Steven Simione, Caroline Argirokastritis | Post Production: George Buczko

orld-renowned fashion photographer and former model, Nigel Barker continues his legacy through his true dedication and passion for creativity and the arts. His talents date back to the 1980s when his mother entered him in a modeling competition that ultimately sparked his career in the fashion industry—an unexpected change of direction for a man who was originally studying medicine in hopes of becoming a doctor. It wasn’t until after the ’80sthat Barker discovered his passion for photography, and after making this transition, he quickly changed the world of fashion and media for years going forward. Barker’s photography career began in Milan, Paris and London where his previous travels around the world as a model allowed him to work with

world-renowned photographers. Barker moved to New York in 1996 and set up a studio in the meat packing district (quite an undesirable location in those days) where he realized he could make a career out of combining what he was most passionate about and best at—fashion photography. Barker always enjoyed being creative and enjoyed the arts—a large part of this passion was being involved in the modeling business and photography was his natural transition to a fashion media icon. His first big break was in PAPER Magazine when editorial director, Mickey Boardman, gave him a big story after Barker went above and beyond with portraits for the magazine. PAPER Magazine ran all 14 pages of Barker’s portraits and also gave him the cover. That in turn quickly launched his career. December 2016 | 41


Barker began his photography career with America’s Next Top Model—one of the most successful fashion reality television series—during the show’s second season. The network was interested in taking him on for a more permanent position as both judge and photographer. At the time, television was not very exclusive or elitist and partaking in a show that was on prime-time television was once frowned upon. Knowing this, Barker still took the risk in 2003 and has since then served 17 successful seasons on the show. What is most unique about Barker’s extensive career as a photographer is that he practiced his craft by shooting with film. The world of digital photography did not exist until the mid-2000s. His first experience with digital photography was on America’s Next Top Model where he was expected to shoot digitally for a Garden of Edenthemed photo shoot. Lumiere digital company was launching its first digital camera, and with only five of their digital cameras in the country—Barker was given the opportunity to be one of the first to use the equipment. In the beginning of its launch, America’s Next Top Model was a very low-budget reality television series, but was valued by viewers due to its authenticity. No one on the show became famous until several seasons progressed. America’s Next Top Model then changed dramatically and by the end of its run, members of the show, including Barker, gained fame and success as being part of a well-known television series that aired in over 100 countries with over 100 million viewers all over the world. Barker tells us that the biggest lesson he gained from working for an extensive period on America’s Next Top Model was the importance of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Certain contestants over the course of the show would reveal themselves as future stars and Barker enjoyed seeing the arc of transformation of the people who had potential and were willing to learn. This sparked the mentoring aspect of his career that he uses today in launching his Top Photographer—a very similar concept of uncovering talent and potential.


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After serving as a judge and photographer for a decade on America’s Next Top Model Barker began his new venture as host of a new reality competition show Top Photographer.. The idea for the show germinated due to some of the most popular highlights of America’s Next Top Model. The excitement of the show’s photo shoots and model transformations had viewers engaged and inspired. Viewers seemed to love the fashion industry and modeling and Barker wanted to push the idea that it was possible to become a photographer with the right creative ambition. The current launch of the Adorama web series Top Photographer features a series of photography challenges as five carefully selected photographers compete for the perfect shot. Contestants are expected to wow judges based on their ability to work well with subjects as well as capture a concept that is beyond their familiarity of photography. Barker’s long-standing relationship with Adorama allowed the production of Top Photographer to come together. Adorama is more than a camera store —it’s one of the world’s largest photography, video, audio and computer retailers. AdoramaTV is the preeminent source for videos related to the photography, film and music community. They are at the forefront of social media and one of the longest-established companies in film. So far, Top Photographer has reached a wide audience, including viewers ranging from Europe to South Africa. The first season of Top Photographer received thousands of submissions and narrowed them down to the five photographers who demonstrated the most potential. Submissions are limited to only one photo and it must be the highest quality and best depiction of their work. The show plans to increase the amount of contestants in future seasons and hopes to add an element of teaching to the competition as well where contestants are expected to practice the photographic style they’d been taught. The goal of Top Photographer is to create a show that is cutting edge and available for anyone to watch around the world. Launching the show on YouTube facilitated the concept where users could download and share episodes. Doing so allows the show to reach younger audiences who utilize media platforms on a daily basis. The industry of photography has grown exponentially on social media and has blown up over the years. Innovative technology, such as smartphones has armed millions of people with a camera at the palm of their hands. Top Photographer seeks to enable viewers to realize their creative potential and realize that the time is now in the growing age of technology. Nigel Barker still continues his practice as a photographer outside of his new venture with Top Photographer. He is involved in a series of creative pursuits consisting of the launch of his own furniture line, radio show, men’s clothing and a variety of projects that emphasize his role as a fashion legend. Barker’s love for world travel and experiences has fed the production of his artistic endeavors, bringing him nothing short of success.

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SCOTT BORRERO By W.A. Muller | Photos by Scott Borrero

Where are you from and how did you get into photography? My hometown is a small suburban town called San Ramon and I moved around a bit during college, but I’ve lived in the SF bay area for most of life. As a child I was always into art, if I wasn’t playing sports or video games, you could find me drawing or coloring for hours. Unfortunately, I lost touch with that side towards the end of high school and during the first few years of college, I somehow stumbled into modeling. During that time, I was able to meet another photographer, Anthony Deeying, who quickly became more of a friend than a business acquaintance. I loved his style of photography - the way he used light and was able to show movement and emotion. I got up the nerve to ask him - if I bought a camera if he would take me out on a shoot and teach me. To my surprise, he was very willing to teach me, even brought me on a shoot with a Ford model, FOR MY VERY FIRST SHOOT EVER. I was so nervous, but had so much fun taking pictures that day. Afterwards, we went back to Anthony’s to review the photos and while looking over the photos Anthony turned toward me and said, “Wow, you’ve got an eye for photography.” And the rest is history. 46

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What was your favorite challenge on the show? Without a doubt my favorite challenge on the show was the last one. When Nigel said we could shoot whatever we want, wherever we want, for however long we want - my eyes lit up. During my time in NY the Oculus was always under construction and I moved away before it was completed, so I had been dying to go to this location. My model, Nofar Avigdor, absolutely killed it too. Everything fell into place perfectly that day – I couldn’t have asked for a better shoot. What was your favorite picture that you took during the show? My favorite image of the competition is definitely the last one. The things that stand out to me the most about my final image are the strong leading lines, the composition and color. I love the way the dress pattern almost mimics the structure of the building and how the movement brings you into frame.

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What did you learn working with Nigel Barker? Was there any tips that you will take with you in your future work? Nigel was nothing but a perfect example of professionalism, charisma and humility. I remember specifically, I came up to Nigel after watching some of his BTS videos online and I asked him, “don’t you worry about people copying your style when they can see your lighting, how you shoot, etc?” He took a breath and calmly replied, “Well you see they can have all that, they can copy everything I do, but they’ll never have these,” as he lifted his hands and pointed to his eyes. For such a small point/gesture it was huge to me and will stick with me for life. How does it feel to be the first winner of Top Photographer? It feels incredible really. I don’t think it’s fully set in quite yet, but check in with me in a few weeks. I gotta say though - I still can’t help but feel I owe some thanks and gratitude to the other contestants. Without them, I don’t think I could have done it. What advice would you give contestants on season 2 of Top Photographer? The best advice I can give the contestants for season two is to listen to EVERYTHING Nigel and the judges say. They aren’t just blowing air, when they say something it’s got a reason. If you are working on an image and sort of hesitant about using it as your best, then a judge comes around and says anything negative about the image - MOVE ON. If they ask if something is distracting to you, chances are, it is distracting them and they don't like it. Also don’t close yourself off and try to win this on your own, the other contestants and and crew are an amazing support system - make friends! What are your next steps in your career? Whenever my friends ask me what I’m doing today, my usual response is, “Take over the world, one photo at a time.” A photographic ode to Pinky and the Brain. I want to leave a legacy of inspiration that will hopefully bring positive change to the world. I want to be the greatest photographer/visual artist in the world and winning Top Photographer sure helps me on my path to become just that. I know being the ‘best’ or ‘top’ is inherently flawed, it’s based on perspective and biased, and even if I don’t get there, I want it to be known that at least I died trying to be the greatest who ever lived. Winning photo


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BLUE WATER GRILL & METROPOLIS A Wave of Renovations Creates a Splash in New York's Seafood Scene


By Marianne Belmonte

lue Water Grill has been serving Union Square fresh, modern American seafood for two decades. Always looking for ways to support local purveyors and self-sustainability, they actively support vendors from the Union Square Greenmarket. To keep up with the fast-paced city, they have recently updated the restaurant’s appearance in a series of renovations; the largest, a decadent oyster room and cocktail lounge, called Metropolis. Located in the heart of Union Square in what used to be the Metropolis Bank, hence the name of the new addition, the building’s rich history has not been left behind. The renovation of Blue Water Grill has placed the bar in the center of the room and separated tables to create an airy, open space. Calcutta marble brightens the top of the bar and you can take a seat on the new brass-and-leather bar stools. Dazzling, modern chandeliers


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covered in gold with pops of light highlight the historic architecture of the elegant coffer ceiling and wainscoted walls. The appearance of the restaurant has not been the only change. New executive chef, Chris Meenan has 25 years of experience to bring to the new menu. Sharing the restaurant’s passion for locally sourced ingredients, the menu features entrees such as Blackened Swordfish, perfectly cooked swordfish with tangy barbecued shrimp, sweet potatoes and braised greens. Look over the lights of Union Square while enjoying an autumnal cocktail, called the Jack’s Apple, with Baron Blanco tequila, fresh market cider and apple bitters. For dessert, try the indulgent Valrhona Chocolate Mousse garnished with Oreo crumbles.

For live jazz music infused with stunning architecture and sublime seafood and cocktails to share, their new lounge, Metropolis is the place to go. Located in what used to be the vault of the Metropolis Bank, the low-lit atmosphere creates an intimate environment for drinks and divine assortments of seafood for a romantic evening or a night out with friends. Velvet drapes line the walls and a gray marble bar creates the platform for heavenly cocktails. Red banquettes bloom like roses within the cozy ambiance of the room. Chef Adam Raskin is the chef at Metropolis and has been working at restaurants since he was 14 years old. A variety of flavored oysters ensure everyone will be happy. Try the Baron Margarita Jalapeño oysters bursting with flavor and color. Indulge in the Ocean Water Ponzu shooter, each served in an individually garnished shot glass, invigorating your palate. If you are not in the mood for seafood, Metropolis offers several other options, including the Metropolis Cheese Steak, tender steak atop a warm bun with creamy cheese. For poultry lovers, try a savory chicken dish, the succulent Sullivan Farmhouse Roasted Chicken Grandmere.

It is impossible to ignore Metropolis’s menu’s unique cocktails. The Spiced Girl consists of Grey Goose vodka, pomegranate juice, nutmeg and cardamom syrup for an enticing experience of spices. For six to eight friends or family, the Fruit Smash is a refreshing cocktail with Avion Balanco tequila, seasonal market fruits and garnished with fresh mint. For dessert, sip on a hot cappuccino paired with a warm apple crisp and magical Mexican cinnamon gelato. Serving some of the freshest seafood and decadent cocktails in New York City both Blue Water Grill and Metropolis are the spots to dine amidst beautiful architecture in Union Square. Step away from the commotion of daily city life and sink into Metropolis’s dreamy banquettes or Blue Water Grill’s enchanting interior for a night that will be remembered. 31 Union Square NY, NY 10003 212.675.9500 December 2016 | 51



The Freshest Seafood and Warmest Hospitality Flows from the Heart of Manhattan


By Valerie Vitale

he heart of midtown is pumping warm colors through wooden tones and cathedral ceilings above Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Located besides Times Square, on 19th West 44th St, Kellari Taverna is serving the freshest seafood in New York City. Ideal for business meetings, intimate dinners, and theatre brunches this restaurant ensures a professional, romantic environment that feels like home. Hovering above the bar is a plaque reading, “Enter as Strangers Leave as Friends,” reflecting the extraordinary hospitality given alongside your dining experience. Arrive for brunch and relish the selection of appetizers and entrees. Begin the meal with one of many classic dishes that have been perfected by Kellari Taverna. Indulge in the perfectly cooked Calamari appetizer, either fried in chickpea flour for the perfect crunch or charcoal grilled for a divine smokey flavor. Get lost in the flavors of a brunch entree that include a complimentary drink. Bite into the Paidakia, four succulent grilled lamb loin chops, swiss chard and soft roasted lemon potatoes. Enhance the meal with a full bodied Bloody Mary, refreshing Mimosa or sensuous sparkling Wine. Focusing on the surrounding entertainment and catering to the needs of the customer, a pre-theatre, pre-fixed price menu is available. Enjoy an evening of theatre without worrying about being late to your show with a menu designed specifically for exclusive fine dining from pre theater, 4:00 to 6:00 PM or post theatre, 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM. A decadent and efficient two coursed meal is set at 34.95 dollars per person. Savor the freshness of the seafood by starting with the Salmon Keftes. Crisp salmon croquettes burst 52

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with the sea and are served with a light tomato sauce to refresh your palate. For a hearty entree, try the Lavraki, “the Greek Pride,” flawlessly cooked mild Sea Bass fillet served with Spanakorizo, a dish of creamy rice and spinach. Spend a memorable dinner beneath the warm hues of wooden beamed ceilings and besides elegant white drapes. Share “plates and tastes” with the Pikilia appetizer. An assortment of tempting, savory spreads including tamaza, creamy tzatziki, melitzanosalata, and tirokafteri are served with crostini for everyone to enjoy the fine medleys of flavor. Explore the Raw Bar, exhibiting fresh daily catches such as East and West Coast Oysters or Spicy Tuna Poke. For an entree, sink into the heavenly, oceanic flavors of the Fisherman’s Pot. Fresh shrimp, clams, octopus, and calamari are served with decadent saffron spinach trahana. Compliment the meal with one of the 350 wines from Kellari’s specialty wine cellar. Wrap up this blissful dining experience with traditional Baklava or the Sokolata, warm chocolate cake accompanied by the coolness of vanilla ice cream. With meals embodying the philosophy that cooking includes herbs and spices which exude therapeutic properties, it is worth your time to experience why Kellari Taverna is pumping fresh seafood and warmth from the heart of Manhattan. 19 W 44th St NY, NY 10036 212.221.0144


delicious cuisine, stylish presentation, impeccable service

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THE FINAL COUNTDOWN Ten New York City Restaurants to Jetset to Now!


By Lillian Langtry

mong the reasons for which New York City is known globally is its ever-changing restaurant scene. With each season old favorites seek to reinvent themselves and newcomers aim to make a name for themselves and even, perhaps, change the game. Here are the ten restaurants that you should experience this coming season. Blast-off! MAMO Restaurant 323 West Broadway, New York | Celebrity favorite MAMO restaurant continues to draw locals and visitors alike to New York’s bustling SoHo neighborhood. MAMO New York is the transatlantic sister to Cannes film festival go-to restaurant MAMO Le Michelangelo, a two decades old French Riviera staple and favorite among movie stars and socialites alike. MAMO, the younger SoHo sibling, is run by Italian restauranteur Mike “Mamo” Mammoliti (son of MAMO Le Michelangelo’s Herve Mammoliti) and maintains the same authentic feel and dedi-cation to Provençal flavors as its Antibes namesake. Executive Chef Massimo Sola grew up sur-rounded by the flavors and cooking style of the Italian/French Provençal cuisine. Just like MA-MO Le Michelangelo, MAMO New York attracts a wide array of celebrities, including Rhianna, Magic Johnson, Alexander Wang, Diane Kruger, Samuel L. Jackson, Gigi Hadid, Beyonce and Jay Z.

The Polo Bar 1 East 55th Street, New York | Meticulously designed by Ralph Lauren the Polo Bar is a sumptuous visual experience matched by a simple menu focused on strong execution of the essentials. Like its star diners including Oprah Winfrey and Sean Penn why not try the Polo Bar Crab Cake or Salad, Ralph’s Corned Beef Sandwich or the signature Polo Bar Burger. Polish it off with Ralph’s Coffee Ice Cream – by the time you will have secured a reservation you will likely have worked up a strong appetite.

Café Hugo 525 Greenwich Street, New York | Café Hugo invites guests to dine on simple farm-to-table American fare in a sophisticated set-ting, rich with polished wood and nautical influences to match the hotel’s aesthetic and enjoyed by the likes of Jude Law, Jonah Hill and Don Cheadle. Café Hugo is curated to satisfy for break-fast, a quick lunch or a casual dinner as guests enjoy everything from a morning cocktail with avocado toast, and all day offerings such as house-made rigatoni al Pomodoro or steak frites. Dine al fresco on our seasonal patio or privately in the Café’s intimate, private dining room com-plete with a living garden wall and skylight. After dining, rise to the rooftop for a spectacular 360 degree view of Manhattan from Bar Hugo or, Azul our seasonal Cuban inspired bar. 54

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T-Bar Steak & Lounge 1278 Third Avenue, New York | A classically-chic Upper East Side eatery, T-Bar Steak and Lounge has offered outstanding cui-sine in a casual yet elegant space for over eight years. Under the watchful eye of restaurateur Tony Fortuna and Executive Chef Ben Zwicker, T-Bar puts a modern spin on the classic up-scale steak house. Serving prime beef steaks, as well as a mélange of grilled fish, chopped sal-ads, burgers and pastas, you could visit T-Bar every night of the week and never leave disap-pointed. Enjoyed by Iman and Whoopi Goldberg, the menu features a wide range of dishes, ranging from well-cooked renditions of classics, to refined and inventive plates, providing the ultimate dining experience. T-Bar’s enchanting charm is brought to life by a dimly-lit, dark-wood accented din-ing room which is always buzzing with interesting people.

Upper Story Café by Charlie Palmer 979 Third Avenue, New York | The best-kept-secret lunch spot for NYC’s designers and their discerning clients sits 14 stories above 3rd Ave-nue at 59th Street in the prestigious Decoration & Design Building, a Cohen Design Centers property, owned by Charles Cohen. Upper Story by world renowned chef, Charlie Palmer features a fresh take on café classics with seasonal standouts like artichoke pesto mozzarella flatbread and fan favorites like the hand carved tur-key club. Enjoy spectacular views of Manhattan for lunch, Monday through Friday or for social or corporate functions in their 300 person event space and 1000 sq. ft terrace.

Il Gattapardo 13-15 West 54th Street, New York | Gianfranco Sorrentino has been running high-profile restaurants around the world, and catered to a well-heeled, discerning clientele for decades including Paul McCartney, Tilda Swinton and Stanley Tucci. He currently owns landmarked New York hotspots Il Gattopardo and The Leop-ard at des Artistes, as well as the rustic Mozzarella & Vino - three acclaimed Manhattan restau-rants dishing out some of New York's most authentic southern Italian cuisine. Gianfranco is well known and respected among New York's powerful elite, and together with his wife Paula, Exec-utive Chef Vito Gnazzo, and a passionate, dedicated team, he offers warm Italian hospitality and exceptional service in a unique, sophisticated, yet relaxed atmosphere. December 2016 | 55


Le Coucou 138 Lafayette Street, New York | Offering a refined French menu from Stephen Starr and Chef Daniel Rose (of Spring and La Bourse et la Vie in Paris, France) in a space designed by Roman and Williams with celebrity diners include Dakota Fanning and Nicky Hilton. Experience classic French cuisine including the Terrine de Veau, Salade de Homard or Cotes d’agneau de Colorado.

Avra Madison 14 East 60th Street, New York | Celebrities Katie Holmes, Olivia Culpo and Tony Bennett are some of those enjoying the recent-ly opened second location for the authentic Greek restaurant in New York offering traditional cuisine with an accent on fresh seafood from Marc Packer and the TAO Group partners. Close to Central Park on the Upper East Side this bustling restaurant has 207 seats – which are mostly occupied.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown, 27 Barclay Street, New York| The first New York foray for the Austrian Chef inside the newly opened Four Seasons Hotel lo-cated downtown. Already visited by Taylor Swift and Tom Ford, the menu offers more than ten steak options to please more sophisticated carnivores and over two dozen different side dishes, sauces and toppings.

Le Coq Rico 30 East 20th Street, New York | Chef Antoine Westerman once asked Michelin to remove his three stars so he could explore new ideas. While traveling he became fascinated with the new generation of American farmers with the result being the creation of le Coq Rico, located at street level of the landmark Gabay building. The heart of the menu is its use of poultry – all of which come from small family farms and grown using traditional methods.


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GINGER BRINGS SPICE TO THE HOLIDAYS Great Ways to Set the Mood This Season


By Andrea Correale

ith the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to welcome back annual traditions, such as holiday potlucks, parties, singalongs, gift exchanges, and more. These activities have a few things in common, like bad sweaters and eggnog and mulled wine-induced shenanigans, but most importantly, there’s an abundance of holiday-themed food. At these festive gatherings, you’ll find plenty of treats, from holiday cookies to fruitcakes to candy canes and more. All of these sweets tend to combine similar flavors and smells like mint, chocolate, and vanilla, as well as spices like clove and cinnamon. But there’s an underrated and underappreciated spice in the mix: ginger. While it is associated with gingerbread cookies and houses, it’s actually a very versatile ingredient. Plus, the health benefits of ginger are tremendous. It’s time to think about creative ways to use ginger to add a little spice to your holiday dishes. To start, the ginger we cook with is from the stem of a flowering plant. You’ve likely seen it in many different ways in various contexts: fresh, pickled, candied, and dried. It’s a very potent sweet and spicy flavor that can make an ordinary dish pop. Additionally, gingerol, which is found in ginger, offers


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anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory capabilities. It can also aid indigestion, soothe muscle pain, prevent diabetes, and boost immunity, to name a few. Healing Winter Ginger Spiced Green Tea This is a tea I make for friends or myself whenever winter begins to wreak havoc on throats and sinuses. The ginger adds a spicy fragrance and slight acidity that helps to play off the sweet notes of agave nectar and spices to cut through the ills of the winter cold. Don’t have agave nectar? Use honey. You can substitute other sweet spices if you like. Want to get a little crazy? Add a pinch of cayenne to the proceedings to spice it up a bit. 4 bags of good green tea 6 teaspoons agave nectar or local honey 4 coin sized slices of peeled fresh ginger 4 Cardamom pods 2 Cloves 2 Star anise pods 1/2 teaspoon dried lavender flowers 1 Lemon or orange, with juice and 4 strips of peel Boil 8-10 cups of water and pour into a glass pitcher with green tea, agave

nectar, ginger, cardamom, cloves, anise and lavender. Steep for 5 minutes or so, mixing to dissolve agave. Strain into four warm mugs and finish with a splash of lemon juice and peel in each mug. Ginger Maple Holiday Muffins Ingredients 1/2 cup – coconut oil 1/4 cup molasses 1/2 cup real – maple syrup 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt 1 egg 1/2 cup milk 1 teaspoon – ground ginger 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour or oat flour 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour 2 teaspoons cinnamon 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt Brown sugar Directions Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Grease a muffin tin with coconut oil or butter. Melt the coconut oil in the microwave for a 30-45 seconds to liquify. In a small mixing bowl, mix the melted coconut oil and molasses together. In a microwave safe mixing bowl, mix the maple syrup, Greek yogurt, egg, milk, and ginger. Microwave this mixture for about 30 seconds to warm it up to approximately

room temperature. (you also want to keep the coconut oil from hardening) Then, add the coconut oil and molasses mixture. Add the flours, cinnamon, baking soda, and salt and mix slightly to combine. Scoop batter evenly into the muffin tin. Sprinkle the top of each muffin with Brown Sugar Bake for 18-20 minutes or until tops are firm to the touch. Once Cooled serve plain, topped with whipped cream, or dusted with powdered sugar Last but not least, it wouldn’t be the holidays if you didn’t make gingerbread cookies or decorate gingerbread houses. I know I’m always talking about being creative with ingredients, but sometimes it’s nice to stick with tradition. It’s a wonderful way to bond with your family during the holiday season.

Andrea Correale, President of Elegant Affairs, is a celebrity caterer and the new national entertaining expert for the Lenox brand. Andrea has been featured in multiple magazines and on television networks such as People magazine, Woman's Day magazine,, FOX 5, WCBS, Bravo, VH1, Lifetime, and Martha Stewart Living. L'Oreal Paris Academy calls her their lifestyle expert with a series of entertaining videos used to inspire women nationwide. December 2016 | 59

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50 Years After the Beatles Filmed Scenes Here, This Buckingham Palace-Stand-in Still Draws Fans


By Janis Turk

new documentary The Beatles: Eight Days a Week—The Touring Years, opening in US theatres this autumn, is kindling a new fire of Beatlemania, causing even more fans to flock to famous places that once served as backdrop for the band, like London’s Abbey Road album-cover crosswalk, Liverpool’s Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields and the Paris George V Hotel room where The Beatles had their famous pillow fight. Today, director Ron Howard’s new upbeat Beatles film is getting good reviews and fanning the flame of the band’s matchless fame. But 51 years ago The Beatles were busy making their own movie, Help! a farcical romp about Ringo and a ring. The Beatles’ second film following A Hard Day’s Night, Help! was a precursor to modern music videos and chronicled the fun of these early years in the careers of those loveable lads from Liverpool. 62

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Even now, more than a half-century after the Fabulous Four filmed scenes from Help! during a two-day stay at Cliveden House, a castle-like country house that is now a luxury hotel and spa, visitors are still making pilgrimages there. Just outside London, near Windsor Castle, Cliveden’s 376-acre parkland estate, owned by the National Trust, dates back to the 1660s and is anchored by its palatial house, built in the 1850s. Once the English country home of American billionaires Waldorf and (Lady) Nancy Astor, the film’s most lavish location is still a draw for today’s more mature Beatles’ fans, as well as those who simply love a five-star retreat. There is nothing loud and long-haired about Cliveden, a posh place with a graceful air of aristocracy, so one may wonder why The Beatles were there frolicking in the garden, wandering in the woods and playing cards in one of the dining rooms.

“Cliveden served as a highly suitable stand-in for Buckingham Palace in the movie Help!,” explains house manager Michael Chaloner, “The French Dining Room with its rococo gilded millwork was perfect for palace scenes, while other scenes were filmed in the garden and in Bluebell Woods on the grounds of Cliveden, as well as down by the river where the hotel now offers sunset cruises aboard vintage wooden boats.” There is also a scene where The Beatles lean out of an upstairs window, and guests can sit on the same steps where they were photographed during their May 1965 stay. Last summer, I spent the night at what was The Beatles’ royal residence during the filming of Help! Only 18 miles from London Heathrow, with quick access to London from the station at Taplow, Cliveden House is a castlelike 5-star hotel with its André Garrett fine dining restaurant in the main house and the more casual Astor Grill in what was once the horse stables. Standing on a high chalk cliff overlooking a slender arm of the Thames, the

Italianate-style mansion looks like a cross between Downton Abbey and Buckingham Palace. Surrounded by lush flower gardens, a water garden, towering woods, gravel walking paths, manicured hedges, boathouses, a park café, a visitors center and shop, swimming pools, tennis courts, a bathhouse, ornate follies and paths leading to the river, the house was restored and opened as hotel in the 1980s, and its grounds are popular with local families who picnic and play there. Just below the house, children still have foot races and roll down the grassy hill on the spot where The Beatles famously took part in a relay race with camera operators, carpenters and electricians around the gardens between filming. The band on the run won that race (an 8mm home movie of it remains) and according to an interview that day with Houston disc jockey Buddy McGregor, The Beatles also popped into a pub near Cliveden’s front gate: The Feathers, which still welcomes guests. December 2016 | 63


During our stay, my husband and I enjoyed afternoon tea by a window overlooking the parterre gardens and the river, dined by candlelight at Chef André Garrett’s remarkable restaurant, strolled by the water gardens in the afternoon, and enjoyed a champagne vintage motorboat cruise at sundown. We heard little about The Beatles, but there was a good deal of old gossip still swirling about an infamous 1960s British political affair which began at the Cliveden outdoor swimming pool and became the basis of the 1989 movie Scandal. Flowers and a stone wall surround that same pool, where John Lennon was photographed holding a Cliveden life preserver. Cliveden’s indoor pool, hot tub, dressing rooms, café and outdoor patio areas in the shadow of a gilded clock tower are a great place to relax after long walks in the woods where The Beatles once rambled, and a new spa will soon open on the property. 64

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Staying in the second-floor Prince of Wales suite made us feel like rock stars—bigger than The Beatles—and we couldn’t help wonder if John or Paul slept there, too. A regal apartment with silk-lined walls, marble fireplaces, a foyer, sitting room, dressing room, an enormous bathroom awash in white Italian marble, and a canopied bed, the suite has wide windows overlooking the parterre and the river. Downstairs, the French dining room, where the Beatles played cards, looks a room in the Palace of Versailles. My weekend at Cliveden was quiet and restful, but the two days the Beatles spent there were filled with laughter, as Paul McCartney later would recount in The Beatles Anthology: “’I remember one time at Cliveden (Lord Astor’s place, where the Christine Keeler/Profumo scandal went on) we were filming the

Buckingham Palace scene where we were all supposed to have our hands up. It was after lunch…We were all a bit merry and all had our backs to the camera and the giggles set in. All we had to do was turn around and look amazed, or something, but every time we’d turn ‘round to the camera there were tears streaming down our faces. It’s OK to get the giggles anywhere else but in films… – but we were having a great laugh.’” Cliveden has also been a film location for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, Alan Rickman’s A Little Chaos and for another farcical 1960s British film, Carry On – Don’t Lose Your Head. Although Cliveden may attract Beatles’ fans, movie buffs and Brits who love a good old fashioned scandal, the hotel is perhaps a more suited

to Downton Abbey fans, travelers who love a quiet, luxurious country house or anyone who needs help hiding in a palace, like The Beatles. Want to make your own Beatles pilgrimage? Head to… • Liverpool: Start at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel in Liverpool, the world’s only Beatles inspired hotel. Stop by the adjacent Cavern Club; take The Beatles Story & National Trust Tour of John & Paul's childhood homes; visit Strawberry Field, Penny Lane, and St. Peter’s Church where Lennon and McCartney first met. • London: Hit the street, barefoot, at Abbey Road Crossing, stop by Marylebone Station where “A Hard Days Night” was filmed, and stay at Cliveden House December 2016 | 65


TICKET TO RIDE My Great Scandinavian Rail Adventure


By Janis Turk

ailing through Nordic fjords, gliding past ice-blue glaciers, chugging by train through Blue-bell-filled meadows and pulling into the stations of vibrant Scandinavian cities— such journeys in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway are safe, scenic and serene. So when travel can be so difficult and uncomfortable, and security concerns make us all uneasy, a quiet stress-free rail trip through peaceful spaces of wild untouched beauty is the ticket to ride.


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Actually, the ticket is Eurail’s new Scandinavia pass, just introduced this year, allowing easy seamless border travel between Scandinavian cities, making it easier than ever to say “All aboard.” With clean cities, friendly people, a dynamic food scene and efficient railways, Nordic countries are popular with American travelers, and rail travel is the most safe and civilized way to enjoy the scenery and see several cities in one trip. Since there are no long security lines, no checking and paying for baggage and no cramped seats, trains offer a romantic, easy, hassle-free travel experience.

Here are just some of the places to see: Copenhagen, Denmark Norwegian Air often offers low fares to Copenhagen from the US, and it’s easy to get into the city from the airport without an expensive taxi. Take metro from the airport to Kongens Nytorv, a public square that is home to Copenhagen’s Royal Danish Theatre, erected in 1748, at the edge of a wharf filled with colorful boats. There stands the Hotel d’Angleterre, a fashionable 5-star hotel with its Michelin-starred restaurant, Marchal. Perfectly situated at the city center, close to a vibrant shopping district, enchanting candle-lit restaurants and lively quayside pubs, the hotel, which reopened after an opulent 2013 renovation, is like a grand palace but with a fresh contemporary vibe. My room even had a long slender balcony overlooking the rooftops of Copenhagen. Not to be missed is its urban and elegant restaurant Marchal, known for its signature prime steaks. Copenhagen is a walking city with good public transportation so it is simple to navigate the subway to get to Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Gardens or

find the statue of Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid overlooking the harbor, but first stroll along the waterfront and visit the bustling shopping streets near the hotel. Literature lovers can even take a train to the seaside village of Rungsted, a suburb of Copenhagen, to Karen Blixen Museet, the home and museum of the late Out of Africa author Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen). All aboard Boarding the train in Copenhagen is easy, and so is the smooth and scenic quick trip across the Øresund Bridge, the longest combined road/rail bridge in Europe, connecting the Danish city of Copenhagen and the Swedish city of Malmö, Sweden. Fans of the Danish-Swedish television show, The Bridge will recognize this as a setting from the popular crime series. Malmö, Sweden’s third-largest city, is worthy of a stop, with its medieval castle ruins, blue-bell-filled parks, windmills and a modern port area with good restaurants and nightlife. However, since Malmö is only 35 minutes by train from Copenhagen, some may want to travel farther in one day and go on to Gothenburg. December 2016 | 67


Gothenburg, Sweden Gothenburg is one of those sweet surprise cities that visitors adore. Founded in 1621 at the mouth of the Göta älv, (River of the Geats), today it is Sweden’s second largest city after Stockholm, and is a favorite stop of many. Disembarking in the city center at a large square near the river, rail passengers can walk to a several good hotels, including a modest business-style hotel Grand Hotel Opera. For an over-the-top Belle Époque boutique hotel experience, duck into the 37-room Dorsia Hotel and Restaurant. Another elegant little “naughty French” décor-driven hotel is Pigalle, with restaurant Atelier and Bar Amuse upstairs. Unique local stores, coffee shops, bakeries, chocolate shops, microbrew pubs and food halls made my friends and me want to linger longer in Gothenburg, at places like Restaurant Gabriel in the Feskekörka Fish Market, a casual fresh seafood bar where we dined on rare Swedish oysters. That was just one of the stops on a fabulous local food tour offered by Jesper Adolfsson and his company, Matvandringen, which led us through cheese stores, food halls, coffee shops, chocolate bistros and other places we would not have found on our own. We also enjoyed an unforgettable meal in the historic post office building at the Clarion Hotel Post near the train station. Oslo, Norway was our next stop called on our great rail adventure. Oslo, Norway’s capital, founded in 1040, is a global city, a vibrant 68

| |

fishing port, and rich in trade, industry and banking. Oslo’s harbor and marina areas are exciting to visit, and its museums and parks are many, so plan on spending several days here before boarding the Bergen Railway. Oslo-Bergan with a scenic Flåm side trip The Bergen Railway, linking the Norwegian cities of Oslo and Bergen, offers one of the finest ways to view Scandinavian wonders, including glaciers, mountains, green valleys and golden sunsets. At 4,000 feet above sea level at Finse, see the blue-ice beauty of Hardangerjokulen glacier. Sunshine and snowfalls, soft sunsets and starry skies, this is the place to see it all. With four daily departures from both Oslo and Bergan, this is a seven-hour rail journey across Western Norway’s highest mountain plateaus. However, I highly recommend stopping at Myrdal to board the scenic Flåm Railway, a 12.5 mile long trek past fjords, mountains, deep valleys, and tiny villages by the Aurland fjord to the community of Flåm, tucked away at the inner end of a branch of Sognefjord, the world's deepest and second-longest fjord, 127-miles long and 4291- feet deep. While Flåm is an add-on trip requiring a separate ticket on the Flåm railway, don’t miss it, for the scenery is unparalleled. (Eurail pass holders receive a 30 percent discount on the ticket from Flåm Railways.)

Flåm, Norway Surrounded by steep mountainsides, cascading waterfalls and slender valleys, Flåm is home to a comfortable little inn, the Freheim Hotel and a few surprisingly good restaurants, including the Ægir BrewPub a Norse Viking-style pub set in a building that looks like a Stave Church. There guests encircle a large central fireplace, sip local brews and sample the chef’s creative dishes, many containing with Ægir beer. In the morning, board a two-hour fjord cruise on a comfortable ferry to experience one of the most stunning fjord areas in Norway, a UNESCO world heritage area in the Nærøy fjord. Eurail passholders receive a discount on tickets for this cruise, and when they arrive by this boat in the tiny community of Gudvangen, a bus will pick them up and take them to the town of Voss, where guests can take a train or bus to the city of Bergan, using the Eurail pass. Bergan, Norway Another city that is surprisingly vibrant and young, in spite of its long history dating back to 1070 AD, Bergan is the second largest city in Norway, after Oslo, a west coast destination called the “city of seven mountains” and the perfect place for a final stop on your great Scandinavian rail adventure. Walkable and friendly, this is a fun university town with a happening art scene and a New-Nordic culinary focus. With a bustling city center and northern

neighborhoods set alongside Byfjorden, "the city fjord,” it’s a tourist friendly place with a tram to the top of a high overlook of the city and harbor. While in Bergan, be sure to stroll through the area known as Bryggen (the dock), a series of Hanseatic commercial buildings dating from the Middle Ages lining the eastern side of the Vågen harbor, also a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. There, overlooking the wharf in a historic house and shop with a unicorn sign over the door, enjoy fresh Norwegian seafood at Enhjorningen, an enchanting restaurant with a warm and inviting antique-style decor. In the land where the world’s famous fairy tales and children’s storybooks were written, it’s no wonder that Scandinavia is such an enchanting place. For a peaceful trip to a truly idyllic land, witness the wild beauty of this place from the wide windows of a train. IF YOU GO: Eurail’s new Scandinavia Pass covers travel with participating train, ferry and public transport companies in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. December 2016 | 69



By Victoria R. Crosby | Photo credit: Victoria R. Crosby and Susan Mathisen


lthough the Tower of London was originally built as a fortress by William the Conqueror in 1066 and completed in 1100, parts of the White Tower were added by King Henry Vlll for his second wife Anne Boleyn, for her coronation as Queen in 1533, it is the same place where she was later imprisoned and subsequently executed, although the kIng did grant her request that instead of an ax, a sharp sword from France be used. It was in this place seeped with history, murder and mystery, that a formal banquet was held for patrons and board members of the non- profit organization, HRP, Historic Royal Places. As a board member of HRP I was privileged to be invited, with about one hundred other guests, from the US and the UK, to attend this glamorous event. 70

| |

Guests were welcomed by a Yeoman Warder, popularly known as a Beefeater, at the West Gate, and given a brief walking tour of the Tower, past the Traitor’s Gate, where prisoners used to arrive by boat at the Tower, and up the hill where a view of Tower Bridge could be seen open, to allow larger vessels to pass. A champagne reception was held in a room which included armor worn by King Henry Vlll in sizes ranging from small to large, from his youth to his older years. A curator led tour was given to some of the unique spaces of the Tower, including the Chapel of St John the Evangelist, then the dinner was

served in a separate room overlooking Waterloo Block, the building that houses the priceless Crown Jewels. Guests, men in black tie and women in gowns and cocktail dresses, were welcomed by Colonel Richard Harrold OBE, Governor of the Tower of London, who thanked the guests for their continued support, and especially those who had traveled from the United States.

night for over seven hundred years. The brief ceremony is the official locking up of the gates to the Tower, and is a must for visitors to the Tower. For more about The Tower see 25A Magazine November 2014. HRP is the charity that cares for the six palaces, which are now for the most part museums, and they receive no government funding but are supported by patrons and funds raised through visits from tourists and special events.

One of the Yeoman Warders attending was Peter McGowran, who I had met a few years ago when he visited New York and I was president of the DBE, Daughters of the British Empire in New York State, and he had been the keynote speaker at our fundraiser luncheon at the Cosmopolitan Club.

The other palaces are Hampton Court, Kew, Kensington, The Banqueting House, and Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland, which only came under the care of HRP a few years ago, and still is the residence of the Queen and members of the Royal Family when they visit Northern Ireland; more about Hillsborough Castle in the next issue of this magazine.

Following the delicious and artfully presented three course dinner, paired with wonderful wines, we were able to watch the Ceremony of the Keys, which has taken place at the Tower of London at the same time each

To become a patron of HRP or for further information on any of these palaces visit

Victoria Crosby is available for poetry readings, which entertain and inspire, and power point presentations on historic preservation, at libraries and other venues. For further information contact 516.864.2525. Victoria Crosby has been Glen Cove's poet laureate since 1994. Her radio show, Oasis, for relaxation and inspiration, can be heard every Monday at 5pm on WHPC 90.3fm. and is podcast on NCC.EDU/WHPC. December 2016 | 71




By Valerie Vitale

reathe in the Pacific Ocean while tucked in between the dazzling mountains of San Lucas Mexico at Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort and Spa. Nestled within the Baja’s extraordinary beauty, this resort offers harmony and relaxation with touches of intimate luxury for an unforgettable vacation. Sink into warm tones of modern design while gazing at the vast PacificOcean in the Grand Studio. Ideal for an intimate getaway, this 737-square-foot suite can accommodate up to three people. Awake to the sound of the ocean waves beyond your private balcony and sip on a fresh smoothie made in your private kitchen from fresh fruit. Unwind with a favorite movie on the flat-screen TV while relaxing on the plush king-sized bed or queen-sized Murphy bed.


| |

Spend an unforgettable vacation with friends or family in the Master Suite. One-thousand-two- hundred- and-forty-eight-square-feet bursting with shades of red and with marble counters and floors that adds to the sleek feeling of luxury. Gather around the warm tones of the dining area while being enchanted by the electric-blue ocean beyond the window. With eight unique restaurants serving Baja and international cuisine, your palate will enjoy a journey of its own. Suitable for any special dietary needs, LaRoca offers a variety of vegetarian and gluten-free options. Sit beneath warm hues of light suspended from a high ceiling while biting into warm homemade bread. Enjoy the bounty of the sea with the catch of the day served with divinely sautéed quinoa, soy sprouts, zucchini, carrot and ginger puree and a unique citrus butter.

Sink your teeth into fresh Black Angus cuts, Pacific lobster and Mexican cuisine at Don Luis. Deep blue and soft yellow hues create an extravagant atmosphere for a memorable meal. Start your meal with the soup of the day, such as the Tortilla soup served with succulent dumplings filled with chicken barbecue, fresh avocado sauce, creamy Panela Cheese, sour cream and fried Gajillo chile. For a hearty entree, try the Lobster Chile Relleno with cheese sauce and mushrooms served with perfectly spiced red rice and red squash blossom enchiladas. Escape to the comforts of home at the Sports Bar. Indulge in American comfort food, craft beers and unique cocktails in a relaxing environment concealed within the breathtaking mountains. Keep tabs on your favorite sports team on the HD TVs while enjoying the Monster Hotdog with sauerkraut, bacon, tomato, onion, avocado, pickles and crisp French fries. Shake off the stress of work at the Cabo San Lucas Spa by the Sea. Create an everlasting harmony between mind and body while being comfortably nestled between rocks beside the enchanting turquoise ocean. Personalize your treatment with the Land’s End Pampering

experience, which combines traditional Mexican healing and modern pampering to detox your body from head to toe. Or try the Moonlight to Remember for Two, an experience that will revive your romance with Yin and Yang philosophy. Blissfully spend your vacation sight gazing or submerge yourself in the Pacific Ocean for swimming or surfing. Replenish your body after a dip in the hot tub with a swim in the infinity pool by the Las Olas Poolside Bar. Sip on the Bella y Joven (Young and Beauty) with Mescal Joven, refreshing watermelon and cranberry juice while watching the sky burst with color above the ocean. Step away from the rest of the world in between the golden mountains at Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort and Spa. Sip champagne in one of the many hot tubs or enjoy a spa treatment while your children are in the best of care at the children’s center. Experience fine cuisine while connecting deeply with those you love in this mesmerizing oasis. November 2016 | 73


TAKE ON TELLURIDE Interactive Paradise

O 74

By Valerie Vitale

n my first trip out to Telluride, I thought I knew what to expect. Another ski resort, I figured, should be enjoyable. But as I sat there on the plane silencing the demands of a busy city life, my ears filled with the buzz that surrounded me. This wasn’t your normal, so long LaGuardia I’m off to chase the sun, kind of buzz; this was something completely different…something contagious… and I couldn’t help but catch it.

This became quite clear at my first stop – Wagner Custom Skis. With over 300,000 lines of code in their DNA software, the Wagner Custom design team takes great pride in creating custom skis that are perfectly matched to your individual needs. A more personalized gift simply does not exist. Don’t take it from me, take it from the team that lives and breathes the mountain lifestyle so deeply they have built their work schedules around optimal ski time.

From the mouths of those privy to Colorado’s best kept secret, “You’ll never leave Telluride without planning your next trip back.” The natural beauty of this box canyon coupled with its Butch Cassidy old-town historic charm, sets the stage for any ski enthusiast's dream destination. But there’s more to Telluride than just prime location. There’s an energy, a way of life, that draws you in and never lets you go.

In a town where happiness is measured by the number of runs you’ve hit in a day, it’s safe to say Telluride exudes a culture for skiing. Offering a wide variety of terrain, you can plan a perfect day on the slopes, unbothered by lines or crowds, for all ability levels. Or if it’s a thrill you’re seeking, drop the kids off at ski school and spend your afternoon heli-skiing over 10,000 vertical feet of untouched terrain. Those willing to part from their skis can experience

| |

the mountains from a whole new perspective while exploring backcountry on an exhilarating snowmobile tour led by Telluride Outfitters, soaring above the town in a glider plane, or riding across the valley floor on a fat tire bike. A little incentive never hurt, so why not end your Boot Doctor fat tire biking tour with well-deserved, locally produced refreshments from both the Telluride Distilling and Telluride Brewing Companies…believe me, they’re worth the ride. When you’ve had enough fun for the day, your luxurious accommodations await at Element 52. Ranging from two to five bedrooms, these Auberge Residences sit mountainside allowing for direct ski-in/ski-out access. Enjoy the convenience of an on-site ski concierge, storage, tuning, and private clubroom for après ski. Relax in your private steam shower, soak in the heated outdoor pools, or simply cozy up to your gas fireplace and unwind. And forget about a rental car, that won’t be necessary. The only transportation you’ll need is the free gondola connecting Telluride with its modern counterpart, Mountain Village. Boasting breathtaking mountain vistas, unbeatable sunsets, and access to the Telluride Golf Club, come up and behold the grandeur of the artfully refined Mountain Village. Whether for rejuvenating hand and foot therapy, warm oil treatment, or a couples’ aromatherapy message, the Madeline Hotel Spa and Salon offers high-alpine tranquility like no other. With a

stunning rooftop pool and restorative altitude adjustment bar it’s a stop you certainly do not want to skip. Also noteworthy is the abundance of dining options available for your tasting pleasure. Start your day off right with a hand-crafted artisan pastry or homemade bagel at the local hotspot the Butcher & the Baker Café and reward yourself with a signature cocktail at Lumiere after a tiring day on the slopes. For dinner, stop by 221 South Oak or La Marmotte for a mouthwatering experience that will not disappoint. Both restaurants, set in historic landmarks, offer the characteristic old town charm Telluride is known for. Whether your travels lead you to Telluride for the weekend or the season, no stay will feel quite long enough. From excitement to relaxation, Telluride possesses luxury and convenience enriched with bountiful beauty and rich history. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself whispering the words I and so many others know all too well…until next time, Telluride. Saturday flights out of LaGuardia direct to Montrose on United start December 17. Additionally, Great Lakes has partnered with United to book flights to and from Denver directly into Telluride. December 2016 | 75


MIAMI BEACH A Perfect Weekend Jaunt


By Lisa Loverro

ust a quick flight from New York City, Miami Beach is perhaps the perfect weekend getaway. People have been flocking here since the days of the Depression but, more recently, in the 1980s and early '90s a multi-billion dollar infusion of investment capital brought a beautiful new Miami downtown skyline, a reborn Miami Beach, a modernized transportation infrastructure and a new way of life that features the arts, culture, sports and entertainment, all with an international accent. Book a stay at the Nautilus - a Sixty Hotel. This 250-room hotel is an upscale beachfront property that attracts hip, young travelers looking to be at the center of it all in South Beach. It has an elegant pool area with swanky cabanas. There is a small fitness center, spa and lobby


| |

bar here, perfect for those who want to be at the center of all that South Beach has to offer. While you’re in Miami Beach, it would be remiss not to stroll up the beach walkway to check out the stunning Faena Hotel Miami Beach. This hotel is the brainchild of Alan Faena, an Argentine real estate developer who has transformed much of Buenos Aires and now making his mark in Miami with a somewhat ostentatious, yet remarkable “Faena Arts District” just north of South Beach. Be sure to book a reservation at the restaurant Los Fuegos by Francis Mallmann, located at the hotel. Master chef Mallmann, also from Argentina uses a multifunctional grill to intensify the flavors of all the meats and vegetables offered on his menu.

And speaking of restaurants, Miami Beach offers just about anything you fancy. Highly recommended is dinner at “Watr” located at the “1 South Beach Hotel” Rooftop. The menu of “Watr” is inspired by the islands of Polynesia and Japan, specializing in sushi and poke, all set 18 stories above the lights of the city. Also be sure to check out KILMA Restaurant and Bar located nearby to the Nautilus Hotel. Bringing a taste of Barcelona to Miami Beach, all items on this menu use local, seasonal ingredients to create a contemporary Catalan-Mediterranean cuisine. Be sure to take time to admire the Art Deco architecture that has become synonymous with Miami Beach. The term Art Deco came into common usage in the 1980s as public interest in the style was renewed and is generally used to cover several distinct periods. Art Deco became known as the Skyscraper Style for the buildings that sprang up in every big city in the mid to late 1920s. Miami Beach’s building boom came

during the second phase of Art Deco known as Streamline Moderne. Miami Beach architects used local imagery to create what is now called Tropical Deco. These buildings feature relief ornamentation featuring whimsical flora, fauna and ocean-liner motifs to reinforce the image of Miami Beach as a seaside resort. The best way to learn about this style and era is to book a walking tour of the Art Deco Historic District. In essence, Miami Beach has just about everything one could ask for. From great restaurants to a happening nightlife, you’ll soon realize there is so much more to discover beyond its beautiful beaches and tropical breezes. December 2016 | 77


THE RITZ-CARLTON Glitz at the Ritz



By Lisa Loverro

itting at 1 Lincoln Road, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is perfectly located at the epicenter of South Beach. It is housed in a restored oceanfront 1953 Art Moderne building in the famed Art Deco district. Just steps from Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road, the hotel offers accessibility to the best shopping, dining, nightlife and people-watching South Beach has to offer.

One of my favorite places for lunch, their DiLido Beach Club sits seaside offering a perfect view of the blue waters while enjoying a leisurely meal. The menu features a selection of fresh seafood, lamb and steak; all grilled at the restaurant’s outdoor grilling station. There are also salads and sandwiches along with a creative cocktail list.

The hotel features 375 rooms, including 58 poolside lanai rooms, 41 suites, 67 Ritz-Carlton Club level rooms and one Ritz-Carlton Suite, some featuring balconies and terraces. The16,000-square-foot spa, currently being revitalized, offers a serene and meditative environment with private spaces for personal reflection surrounded by artwork and sculptures.

Exciting news at the hotel is the opening of “Tatel,” a restaurant that saw huge success in Madrid, now opening stateside to become part of the RitzCarlton Hotel. The menu offers a variety of dishes prepared with seasonal products, including their famous Tortilla Trufada and signature Tatel Milanese Veal with Egg and Truffle.

Service at the Ritz-Carlton can’t be beat, especially poolside where the attendants are always on their game. It was a buzzy scene at the pool the day I visited, with kids and adults basking in the sun while a tropical drink “pop-up” station blended together fresh fruit, herbs and alcohol for some refreshing potent potables. That same day a taco stand seemed to appear out of nowhere making for an even more festive environment, not to mention serving delicious Mexican nibbles. There was cool, sultry music being played from the speakers; a welcome change from the usual thumping music you might hear at other South Beach hotels.

While there are many hotels to choose from when visiting South Beach, the Ritz-Carlton is a step above the rest when it comes to service and atmosphere. If you are looking for a party scene, this might not be the place; but if you are looking for sophistication along with a fun vibe in the heart of it all, you’ve found your home.

| |

Spirited Celebrations in the Grand Salon Expansive bouquets of red roses and ceiling crystals cascading from sparkling chandeliers enhance the festive setting of the Grand Salon. The seasonal centerpiece of the majestic space is the recently-installed Baccarat Red Grand Genre vase. Inspired by the iconic Harcourt design, this exceptional creation is double cased with red crystal and exalted with diamonds, and on display throughout the season for all to enjoy.




By Lisa Loverro

outh Beach usually gets all the love with its flashy nightclubs and trendy digs…until now. Recently, a more sophisticated scene has been heating up just north of South Beach. With cool new hotel openings and a culinary scene to match, the new place to be is just a bit north of south. The Confidante, part of The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, is a one of the newest hotels to open its doors in the “mid-beach” neighborhood, located on Collins Avenue between 40th and 41stt streets. Formerly the Thompson Hotel, the restored Art Deco tower hotel features modern accoutrements with 363 guestrooms and 16 suites along with a 1950s-inspired design under the direction of British interior designer, Martin Brudnizki. The hotel offers two heated swimming pools (one is adult-only) with private cabanas and bungalows, along with a full-service beach area. The service at the hotel was on point as was the view from my 6th-floor king-bed room. For the best “room with a view,” book an Ocean-View Balcony or Balcony Suite. Rooms have wood-frame beds with striped white linens and stylish armchairs upholstered in tropical flower prints. And once you’re ready to call it a night, their 400-thread-count linens, comfy pillows and luxurious rain showers, will ensure a good night’s sleep.


| |

The Confidante has recently kicked up their food scene a notch with the opening of a new restaurant by popular Miami chef, Richard Hales, called “Bird & Bone,” showcasing Chef Hales’ take on the American culinary landscape. If you want to venture off property for a meal, try the Continental Miami restaurant located on 23rd Street and Collins Avenue. With a ’70s retro look and a menu of continental classics and Chinese specialties (don’t miss the Korean Fried Chicken), the Continental will have you salivating from the moment you glance at the menu. For dessert, the Chocolate-Hazelnut Cream Pie is a must and will likely put you in food coma heaven. With The Confidante’s new amenities scheduled hit this winter, including a new beach house, and a signature wellness program, along with the hotel’s unpretentious vibe, you might just find yourself wanting to relax and forego the trendy South Beach scene and stay right where you are.


QATAR AIRWAYS Luxury in the Clouds


By Valerie Vitale

ly with the world's fastest growing airline, Qatar Airways. One of the youngest global airlines to serve all six continents, Qatar Airlines believes that the experience on board is as important as the journey itself. Do not dread the flight to your destination. Rated airline of the year by Skytrax in 2011, 2012 and 2015, Qatar Airlines connects more than 150 destinations each day with the safest, latest-generation aircraft. Not only will you be flying safely, but you will be supporting a better world with Qatar Airways’ multiple initiatives for the environment including, environmental management and sustainability reporting. Submerge yourself in a luxurious cabin with world-class service in your own private space while flying first class. Customize your dream experience with signature dishes created by world-renowned chefs. An on-demand menu is available whether you would like to indulge in something sweet or enjoy a hearty, savory meal. Your palate will be awakened with meals meticulous in both presentation and with extraordinary flavors. When flying First Class with Qatar Airways, you will arrive at your destination feeling well rested. Soar through the clouds in complete privacy in the softness and comfort of the fully lie-flat bed made with Frette Linen and a duvet. Brief yourself on a presentation for work or enjoy over 3,000 entertainment options within Qatar’s innovative entertainment system. On-


| |

board Wi-Fi ensures you will always be connected and complete privacy ensures there will be no distractions. Unwind with a range of specialty drinks or energize with the comfort of a warm cup of coffee or tea. Experience the World’s Best Business Class, voted by the 2016 Skytrax World Airline awards. Luxury and illustrious hospitality mingle to form an unforgettable journey. Ample storage space will allow you to keep your most treasured belongings at hand. LED lighting will ensure you arrive at your destination refreshed by automatically adapting to time zones. A high-tech utopia ensures more than a productive workspace. The first dual-screen interface on board allows you to multitask between games, movies and music on a touchscreen. No luxury has been left behind with a selection of Giorgio Armani’s finest amenities surrounding you. Indulge in decadent dining options at any time with regal table linen and modern cutlery. Leaving home and arriving at your destination is done with luxury and efficiency. Customer service is the top priority with 137 extra-wide check-in aisles, high-speed security clearance, ample service desks and many more accommodations. Hamas International Airport also provides the opportunity to work, relax or explore. Quiet rooms are available for customers to rest, and extraordinary shopping and dining experiences await.




By Lindsay Brustein Rosen, MS, RD, CDN

hen people think of “protein,� they generally think of animal-based foods like chicken, turkey, beef, pork, fish, and eggs. Although animal foods are usually highest in protein, some plants also contain noteworthy amounts of this essential nutrient. Generally speaking, protein is the macronutrient (meaning that it provides energy in the form of calories) responsible for building and repairing tissues. The average adult should consume about 0.5 gram of protein for each pound of body weight per day. For example, a 120-pound female should consume about 60 grams of protein per day, on average. Note that this recommendation is for a sedentary individual and that recommendations vary based on activity level and other lifestyle factors. Below are 8 healthy vegetables rich in protein: 1) Alfalfa Sprouts Alfalfa sprouts are very low in calories, but rich in nutrients. One cup


| |

of alfalfa sprouts provides 1.3 grams of protein. Although this may not seem like much, protein accounts for over 40% of the total calories in this veggie. 2) Broccoli For only 31 calories per cup, raw chopped broccoli provides 2.6 grams of protein. Broccoli is thought to improve gut health, liver health (it stimulates detoxification), and provides anti-inflammatory and anticancer benefits. 3) Spinach Spinach is one of the most nutrient-dense leafy green vegetables available. Protein accounts for 30% of its calories (it contains a little less than 1 gram per 1 cup raw) and it contains all of the essential amino acids. A one-cup serving contains 181% of the RDI for vitamin K which helps with blood clotting, building strong bones, and preventing against heart disease. This vegetable helps to reduce inflammation in the body.

4) Bok Choy Like spinach, bok choy is another leafy green vegetable that contains a moderate amount of protein (about 1 gram per cup). Bok choy also provides anti-inflammatory properties. 5) Asparagus One cup of asparagus contains 2.9 grams of protein. Aside from the anti-inflammatory and anticancer benefits that this vegetable provides, asparagus also contains fructooligosaccharides which provide prebiotic benefits, stimulating the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria and thereby improving gut health. 6) Brussels sprouts Not only are Brussels sprouts rich in protein, but they also contain a good amount of dietary fiber. One cup contains 3 grams of protein and up to 3.3 grams of belly-filling fiber. 7) Collard Greens Collard greens are from the same family as kale, broccoli and cauliflower, therefore providing many of the same nutritional benefits. One cup of collard greens contains 0.9 grams of protein and only 11 calories. The vitamin K content is particularly noteworthy; they contain 230% of the RDI in a one-cup serving. This vegetable also contains calcium, potassium and manganese.

8) Cauliflower Cauliflower contains 2 grams of protein and only 25 calories in one cup. Like many of the other vegetables mentioned on this list, cauliflower provides a high amount of protein for the small number of calories it contains. Although it may not seem like much protein (compared to the more “obvious� protein-rich food like chicken and steak), cauliflower and the other veggies discussed contain various vitamins and minerals that are not as readily available in some animal foods. Additionally, consuming these vegetables is a great way to sneak in some extra protein and nutrients without adding too many calories to your daily diet.

Lindsay Brustein Rosen, MS, RD is a registered dietitian and the founder of Nutrition by Bru, a nutrition counseling and consulting practice in New York. She received a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from New York University, and has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. She is an active member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as the Greater New York Dietetic Association. December 2016 | 85


ASKAll DR. POBER About Rhinoplasty By W.A. Muller


What is the most important feature on the face? Without makeup, the central feature of the face is the nose, which often determines the attractiveness of the face.

camouflaged by the use of tinted makeup. Some add, that especially when smiling, the nose droops (nasolabial angle between the hanging columella and upper lip is less than 90°).

How do you get a rhinoplasty done right? First let’s answer, what are the most common problems with the appearance of the nose that can be corrected by plastic surgery? I approach rhinoplasty by first looking at what your expectations are for your perfect-looking nose while you are looking at yourself, while I observe you, in a mirror. Most commonly, pretty young women, when looking at their profile, complain about a bump on the nose (prominent dorsal hump) or the nose is a bit longer than desired and, when looking at their face, might add that the tip is a bit fuller (bulbous) than they’d like, but it’s often

What should I do before getting a cosmetic rhinoplasty? Before proceeding with getting treatment for the identified cosmetic concerns to proportionalize the nose relative to the face, you should make sure that your plastic surgeon examines the nose for functional abnormalities associated with the nose, such as breathing difficulty, history of sinusitis, snoring, prior nasal surgery, etc. I often perform an internal evaluation of the nose (endoscopy) and/or obtain a CT scan of the paranasal sinuses to further evaluate nasal and paranasal structures and function. Sometimes these functional concerns are covered by certain health insurance plans.

| |

Actual Patient of Dr. Pober

So tell us in a few words or less what happens with a rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty re-contours the nose to balance your profile and proportionalizes this central facial feature. Depending on your preference, you may have local or general anesthesia and have the surgery performed in the hospital or in our office. Patients usually go home after surgery. There are no external scars or sutures in most cases. A nasal splint is removed after 5to 7 days. Many patients return to work after the splint is removed, applying makeup to any residual bruising. Patients usually enjoy normal social activities, including physical exercise, after three weeks, but avoid contact sports for six weeks. Why look for “Rhinoplasty King”? Hampton’s Magazine quoted Dr. Pober’s approach to rhinoplasty when he stated: “I focus on the patient’s strongest features when they come into my office. A pretty mouth and eyes can hide behind a disproportionate nose or chin, and the whole look is enhanced when sometimes minor changes [such as a nose job] are made.” The magazine adds “minor changes made by a plastic surgeon with a sculptors hand” allow Dr. Pober to “produce naturallooking human works of art.” In other words, when Dr. Pober performs a rhinoplasty, he works to bring out the “hidden beauty” of your eyes, mouth and general face, so that the end result is total beauty and not just a pretty

nose. No one wants to be told, “Gee, who did your nose? It’s beautiful.” Instead, Dr. Pober’s rhinoplasty patients commonly hear, “Your face looks beautiful.” In New York Newsday: “A rhinoplasty for example, must look right in relation to the forehead and chin,” says Manhattan plastic surgeon Joseph M. Pober, MD. “We ask for a harmony that makes the difference between a beautiful nose that fits the face and a nose that has no relation to the rest of the face.” “Dr. Pober has often been brought in on cases that were considered lost hopes,” according to Hampton’s Magazine. The Daily News featured Dr. Pober’s rescue work, after a girl’s “first nose job [by another surgeon] left her all bent out of shape.” Dr. Pober’s rhinoplasty not only corrected the deformity of her nose but also brought the features of the face into harmony and beautiful balance. Dr. Pober’s rhinoplasties have not only won him recognition nationally, but internationally as well, such as in the Polish beauty magazine, Pani. To learn more, please visit, or contact his office at 212.517.9042 to schedule a consultation to speak with Dr. Pober personally. December 2016 | 87


SISLEY SPA Rejuvenation within New York City's Jewel of Elegance and Glamour


By Valerie Vitale

tep away from the hustle of New York City streets into the sensorial experience of the Sisley-Paris Spa located in the Carlyle Hotel. Located on 35 E 76th St, off Madison Avenue and blocks away from Central Park, The Carlyle, a Rosewood Hotel, has been a haven of elegance and luxury for celebrities and world leaders since 1930. United with Sisley Spa, one of the world’s most prestigious cosmetic brands, you will become enchanted by the glamor of the hotel while replenishing your mind and body with the highest degree of innovation and care. Find the treatment that is perfect for your skin type with Sisley’s Phytocosmetology. This innovative method selects extracts from specific plants,


| |

enhancing their active properties which will induce a plethora of long-term benefits for your skin. A team of scientists within Sisley’s laboratories create formulas by using a wealth of knowledge on every aspect of the skin combined with excessive knowledge on each plant’s properties. Try the Expert Phyto-Aromatic Facial. Spend 50 minutes of bliss within an ethereal journey which will prove to show immediate results. Fine lines will become diminished and purified through a method that is uniquely adjusted to your body. Treat yourself to the Phyto-Aromatic Gentleman's facial which is designed exclusively for men through a treatment combining efficiency and well-being for rested, well-hydrated, and toned skin.

Vanish the aftermath of a life’s worth of facial shaving with the Phyto-Aromatic Anti Aging Sisleyum Facial for Men. This treatment combats the common stresses a man’s skin undergoes including, shaving and environmental factors. Special massage techniques strengthen the skin while wiping away years of age. Fully indulge in this sensorial experience with an array of full body treatments. Ideal for a pre-holiday treatment or to extend the glow of a natural tan, The Phyto-Aromatic Sun-Without Sun treatment exfoliates your skin while infusing it with energy for a uniform, hydrated, tan throughout your body. Dismiss any stress with 80 minutes of full body relaxation with the Restorative Relaxing Phyto-Aromatic body treatment. Savor the relaxation with calamity given through a series of gentle messages with the nourishing benefits of essential oils. Enhance your wellbeing with a selection signature messages. Each massage is a multi-sensorial experience overflowing with relaxation, restoration, and a multitude of healing benefits. The 80 minute Swedish Massage combines light and medium pressure to improve muscle tone, relieve tension, and soothe fatigued muscles. If you are letting persistent pain dictate your life choices, find freedom with the Deep Tissue Massage. Strong and consistent pressure realigns hidden layers of muscle and connective tissue to alleviate pain, heal old injuries, and improve posture.

If you are expecting the gift of life, help prevent stretch marks with PreNatal Therapy. Relax while lying on your side under the caring hands of a professional which will address all of your unique areas of swelling and aching while ensuring your skin is smooth and firm. Step into the Sisley Boutique and be dazzled by the deep, elegant decor. Indulge with your favorite tones without compromising the health of your skin. Sisley insures that their makeup not only illuminates your natural beauty, but actively restores it against environmental stresses. Create a look of effortless elegance that embodies who you are at the Yves Durif Boutique Salon. Regardless of gender, this saloon views each client as an entirely new canvas to work with. Consultation is key and you will always be given the look you desire. Transcend to a world of luxury, rejuvenation, and restoration implemented by an innovative, scientific, take on the natural remedies of plant life within New York City's most Elegant Hotel at Sisley Spa, within the Carlyle Hotel. December 2016 | 89


ELIE HIRSCHFELD NYC's Quiet Real Estate Tycoon Believes in His Friend Donald Trump



By Flo Anthony

escribed as "an American real estate developer, theater producer, philanthropist and art collector", Elie Hirschfeld is also a proud New Yorker and a man who is loyal to his friends. That loyalty to another native son of New York City, President-elect Donald Trump, led Hirschfeld to become one of of the largest contributors to his longtime friend's campaign to become the 45th President of the United States. In fact, Hirschfeld is probably one of the few non-political types who has spoken with Trump since he won the election on November 8.

was the Penn Yards. I thought of him as my friend before I thought of him as president."

When asked about that conversation and his thoughts on his fellow real estate mogul winning the race, the modest Hirschfeld told us, "I'm thrilled. Who knew? I spoke with Donald briefly. He told me, 'Elie, thank you for your support.' He's a very considerate guy. He always sends me thank you notes written with a blue felt pen. From the first time I received a note from him, I also started using only blue felt pens. "

In fact, Hirschfeld's wife, Dr. Sarah J. Schlesinger, stuck with Hillary, making theirs' a very interesting household.

As for why he threw his support behind Trump, who has been perceived as a political outcast, said Hirschfeld, "It's very simple. I saw Donald from the first day as my friend. We developed Riverside South together, which

He tells us: "They came to me and asked me what they did in the house. I told them that the Secret Service could set up servers and I told them 'yes."

| |

Hirschfeld admits that he is also a friend of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who rented out his $32.5 million dollar East Hampton estate for two summers. "I was going for Hillary until Donald decided to run," says Hirschfeld.

Although Hillary's email problems had nothing to do with his decision to go with Trump, authorities did question him about the computers the Clintons installed in his East Hampton home.

Hirschfeld remains mum on the exact dollar amount that he donated to Trump's campaign.

Back then, they also brought in the Macri Group from Argentina. Today, the son, Mauricio Macri is the President of Argentina.

He tells us: "I donated the maximum, $2700 per family member. Fortunately, I have a big family, 10 children between my wife and I and I also have a lot of cousins."

Says Hirschfeld, "Can you believe it? The now beloved President of Argentina was on that site, the Hirschfelds were on that site, and the President-elect of the United States was on that site."

While there have been many protests going on around the country denouncing Trump's election, Hirschfeld feels his friend will do a good job and stand up for the people.

Hirschfeld's most recent real estate acquisitions include 1771 and 1773 First Avenue, and he ensures New Yorkers that there is good news where Affordable Housing is concerned with the reinstatement of 421 A - a tax abatement given to developers if they support Affordable Housing being back on the table.

"He's a good guy," says Hirschfeld. "He may have overreacted to some issues and said some aggressive things, but he likes to get out and talk to the people. When we worked together he would go around to job sites and talk to everybody. And when we were fighting to get this whole joint project approved, he hired the best talent, including the four best lawyers in New York City, two of them were Democrats and two of them were Republicans. Doing this, we were able to get the job done. The one reason I knew that Donald would make a good president is I always reflected his ability to see large. That site of the Penn Yards was vacant since World War I. No trains had been running there for 60 years. They couldn't sell it, but to buy it, we needed Donald. "

Aside from being a political donor and real estate investor, Elie is also a major philanthropist. A trustee emeritus at his Alma Mater, Brown University, he and Sarah, who is a physician, researcher and associate professor of clinical investigation at Rockefeller University, recently donated $3.5 million to Brown to renovate the Judaism Studies building. In recognition of this gift, Brown University renamed the building the "Hirschfeld House." | December 2016 | 91


RANDY ZELIN True Trial Lawyer of New York


By Peter Elston

andy Zelin is a leading trial attorney with a concentration in white collar criminal defense as well as complex civil litigation matters. Randy has been named a New York Super Lawyer in consecutive years from 2011 through 2016, and has over 25 years of experience defending individual and corporate clients in both State and Federal Courts across the United States. A former prosecutor, Zelin has represented many forms of business organizations, boards of directors, special committees, professionals and individuals in all aspects of criminal, regulatory, selfregulatory and civil matters, including, frauds related to securities, banking, tax, customs, bankruptcy and insurance to name a few. Zelin is a true trial lawyer, having built his career trying complex fraud and business crime cases. Randy has successfully tried many high profile cases, which have led to results such as the dismissal of federal insider trading charges after the jury could not reach a verdict; a nationally cited downward variance in a federal securities fraud case, and an acquittal on a DWI count where the client’s blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. But Randy’s greatest achievements are those that never come to light -- where the problem is solved before there even is a problem, where the high-profile client’s problems get no publicity, and where the client never sees the inside of a courtroom.


| |

Randy is a highly sought after legal commentator for the media, regularly appearing on Fox News, Fox Business Channel, CNN, CBSN, CNN Headline News, Bloomberg and local network television, as well as the New York Law Journal, New York Times and Wall Street Journal, offering expertise on a wide range of legal issues and cases. Zelin is also a frequent lecturer at continuing legal education programs on criminal law and procedure, and has taught as a guest instructor in various local law schools’ trial advocacy programs, as well as for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy. Recent high profile cases that Zelin have commented in the media includes a CNBC segment on Apple vs. FBI, discussing the FBI’s access to the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone without Apple’s help; a CBSN segment on a new “textalyzer” device that would tell police which drivers text behind the wheel; a CBSN segment on what legal consequences Trump’s adviser could face following the run-in with former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields; and a CBSN segment on Dr. Luke responds to legal battle with Kesha.

Side-by-side investing. It’s how we build trust.

Your money. Our money.

Trust • Service • Performance Trust w Service w Performance w Since 1983 516-935-1200 •

516-935-1200 w Please visit for additional information.


NANCY CHEMTOB High Powered Divorce Lawyer By Bennett Marcus


t Nancy Chemtob’s office, they don’t refer to their clients by name, ever. Every client has a nickname that the entire staff uses, and that’s not just for high profile cases like, Michael Douglas’s exwife Diandra Douglas, Tory Burch or Star Jones, whose divorces Chemtob handled. Her firm, Chemtob, Moss & Forman, is one of the top matrimonial and family law firms in New York, and confidentiality is paramount. “To me, confidentiality is the absolute most important thing,” says Chemtob. “It’s probably the most important part of my business.” Although her clients have included Bobby Flay’s ex-wife Stephanie March, Tiki Barber’s wife, and Matt Lauer’s wife Annette Lauer, this rule extends to every case. “I have a client who’s a hedge fund owner, we call him the tall man,” she says. For very confidential matters, like high profile prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, which are not subject to public filings, the files are kept under lock and key, and only two of the firm’s partners have access. Ground Breaking Custody Case A landmark New York Court of Appeals decision created an important new law recognizing the custody rights of adults who are not biological or adoptive parents of a child but who should, based on their involvement in the child's life, be recognized as a parent nonetheless. This decision has far-reaching implications for modern familial arrangements in NY, including LGBT couples that lacked legal marriage rights in NY when a child entered their relationship. Within days of this decision, Nancy Chemtob of Chemtob, Moss & Forman, brought an action in Manhattan Supreme Court using this groundbreaking law to protect a client whose ex-partner was attempting to 94

| |

move abroad with the child they had been raising together. Ms. Chemtob successfully used the law to temporarily enjoin the counterparty from leaving the country with the child, and the matter is now scheduled for a trial, which will set an historic precedent in establishing the meaning of this law moving forward. Complex Custody Cases Chemtob’s clients often call her late at night and on weekends, all the time, but it’s part of the job. “I have a client who called me at one in the morning, and three in the morning, and she was really in a bad situation. I wasn’t happy at all, but I just dealt with it,” says Chemtob. When there are issues with children, she explains, most of the time those fall on weekends or holidays. “Believe it or not, we’re incredibly busy coming up to Thanksgiving or Christmas vacation.” Some cases that Chemtob has handled have been highly complex, In Assini vs. Assini, she successfully got a court to grant a father custody of his son without a hearing, thus changing the law. The law in New York at that time, 2004, required a trial or hearing for custody changes. “Ever since then the law has been if you go to court and you have compelling reasons to transfer custody, you can do so on an emergency basis,” she explains. Another groundbreaking case she handled was New York State’s first ever same-sex divorce, for a couple who married in Massachusetts but lived in New York—before same-sex marriage was recognized here. | 212.317.1717

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GARY STONE Roslyn Eye Centre By Gary Stone


Happy New Year and Thank You Greetings from Gary Stone, owner of Roslyn Eye Centre.

Started in 1959, Roslyn Eye Centre is going stronger than ever on the corner of Willis Avenue across from the former A&P which became Cedarhurst Paper and now CVS. I want to take this moment to share some of my thoughts and to thank my loyal and amazing customers.

Marta, my right-hand man/woman has gone above and beyond her daily job taking care of this business as well as buying road trips and is always there with a smile and great sense of style.

We have watched our families grow, we have shared many stories and in some cases, became social and Facebook friends. I am grateful for the trust and support you have all shown. It’s a pleasure to be here serving you, your families and your friends. I couldn’t have kept this business that’s now 57 years old going if not for the most dedicated and wonderful staff. They care about you, the customers, and each other as well. The fun and love that goes on here is very endearing and sincere.

Faye runs the back office when she’s not making customers and staff laugh. Such a pleasant, sweet and funny lady and I’m blessed to have her on staff.

A special congratulation goes to Barbara Unger on our 4th year anniversary of North Shore Optics joining Roslyn Eye Centre. Not only has it been fun working with her, but meeting so many wonderful new customers has been fantastic.

Our newest addition, Beth Burton from Plainview jumped on board this November. She brings an awesome smile and 27 years of opticianry to us.

In my 33 years here I have had very few staff changes. However, this year we were so lucky to add Optometrist Michelle Battaglia to our team. She is so sweet and knowledgeable and adds so much to our practice. She tag teams with Dr. Carolyn Tehrani a few times a month and I am proud to say that Dr. Tehrani has also been an important asset here for many years. 96

Rich joined me over 20 years ago and is a professor at the optical school and has more knowledge, expertise and experience than any optician I personally know in this field.

| |

Ricky is like no other. The world doesn’t know what a dedicated and appreciative employee he is until they meet Ricky. He has been by my side for 22 years and it’s a wonderful feeling, knowing she’s here and has all of our backs… every day… year after year.

So, at this holiday time I wish you all the happiness, prosperity and a great healthy and happy New Year.

Gary Stone

TOM FORD · chanel · caRTieR · ThOM bROwne · DiOR · OliveR peOples · Oakley · Maui jiM · DiTa

We are Pleased to Announce Michelle Battaglia-Capogna, OD Formally of Pearl Vision Center of Manhasset has Joined Our Practice Monday-Friday 9-6 · Wednesday 9-7 · Saturday 9-5 360 Willis Avenue · Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 · 516.484.8899


MESSINA MARKET Brings Quality Food to NY


By W.A. Muller

hen an Italian family invites you to dinner, what do you usually do? I mean after you breathlessly accept in excited anticipation. You have a light breakfast that day and skip lunch because your stomach is going to need the space. Because there’s a powerful mother figure scooping yet another helping onto your plate, refusing your refusal, commanding you to keep eating: “Mangia, Mangia, Mangia!” That’s the picture I painted for Daniele Messina, President of the Messina Group, a family-owned company that runs four restaurants in New York


| |

and a catering business. I expected him to take the bait and run with it, in his description of what his Messina Market eateries offer. Instead, he threw my picture right out the window. In other words, he was frank, which was refreshing. “The Italian culture from Italy is actually a very different way of eating. It’s actually smaller portions, a lot of fresh food. It’s a lot of vegetables, a lot of pasta and not actually too much meat. There’s a lot of fresh food in Italy so that’s why most people are not overweight and why they have the second highest longevity in the world.”

Chef Ramone Herrera

It’s clear that Messina Market embodies all of that. All the food is fresh and your order is cooked right in front of you. Messina says it’s the reason his customers keep coming back. They rave about the different stations where you can get everything custom made, from omelets and fajitas to crepes and smoothies. All of it whipped up right on the spot.

The thing is, he’s able to get away with it, because the food at Messina Market is that good. He points out that Grandma’s secret ingredient (Hint: the L word) is the same one he uses too..: “You have to really have a love for food, and on top of that you have to have an understanding because it’s a very delicate subject in the sense that people are ingesting what you’re making.”

“People feel more comfortable when they’re watching people make their food, fresh in front of their eyes. It gives them a sense of security,” Messina notes.

At this point, I’m starting to understand where his frankness comes from. Mixing words leaves room for error and that’s not an option in his line of work. Messina put it this way, “I have friends that have construction companies that at the end of the day, if something like the paint was incorrect, they can always go back and correct it the next day. We can’t do that in our business. You can’t tell somebody, ‘oh, have your party again.’"

But is it as good as Grandma’s home-cooking? Once again, Messina wastes no time setting me straight by telling me about a conversation he recently had with an acquaintance: “Somebody asked me one time, ‘why is it that my grandma can make something so good?’ I said, ‘She’s not really as good of a chef as you think that she is.’ He said, ‘What do you mean?’ I said, ‘All it is, is that she uses quality ingredients and makes it fresh. That’s really why it tastes so good. That’s pretty much the premise of everything.” Did I mention Messina was frank? The guy is challenging Grandma.

So frank. So refreshing. It’s clear Messina Market is an extension of Messina himself. It’s about being real-Real food, real people. And taking the time to appreciate both. December 2016 | 99



Industry Leaders Celebrated Design at New York’s Decoration & Design Building


By Ann Grenier

ew York’s Decoration & Design Building hosted the design industry’s leading tastemakers and influencers during their two-day Fall Market on Wednesday, October 19 and Thursday, October 20, 2016. The wealth of international influence and expertise inspired audiences. The event’s keynote speakers covered pertinent topics that offered design insight for this season and beyond. Attendees enjoyed new collection introductions, showroom presentations, book signings, open house events and receptions. CEO/Owner of the Cohen Design Centers, Charles S. Cohen delivered the opening remarks, setting the tone for industry-leading programming. Keynote participants included: Sophie Donelson, Ashley Whittaker, Jeff Andrews, Spencer Rudin, Michael Boodro, Carl Dellatore, Clinton Smith, Keith Robinson, Tori Mellott, John Pomp, Gene Meyer, Babi Ahluwalia, Christopher Spitzmiller, Dakota Jackson, David Rockwell, Hugh Hardy, Suzanne Slesin, Mitchell Owens and Michelle Nussbaumer. Showroom program participants included: Chris Barreto, Linherr Hollingsworth, Paula Bennett, Robert Kime, John Rosselli, Whitney Robinson, Wayne Koestenbaum, Liora Manné, Chad James Andrew Cogar, Elizabeth Ralls, Margaret Kirkland, Meg Braff, Jeffrey Bershad, Hutton Wilkinson, Peter Koepke, Alexis Audette, Joni Vanderslice, James Aman, Barbara Sallick, Inson Dubois, Annie Kelly, Tim Street-Porter, Kathryn Ireland, John Bermingham, Campion Platt, John J. Fryc, Matt Randall, Amy Lau, Clodagh, Jennifer Block, Kim Kuhteubl, Kendell Cronstrom, Marianne Howatson, David Walker, Gideon Mendelson, David Scott, William McIntosh, Linda O’Keefe.


| |

Participants and attendees alike were enthralled with the variety of topics and invaluable information they enjoyed throughout the two-day event. From the Masters of Design to master artisans in today’s world and sensory design to decor that reflects individuality, there was truly something for everyone. About the Decoration & Design Building The Decoration & Design Building is located in Manhattan, on Third Avenue between 58th and 59th Streets, diagonally across from the flagship Bloomingdale’s department store. Known nationally and internationally as the world’s most important home to over 130 showrooms, the DDB represents over 3,000 leading manufacturers dedicated to the very best in residential and business interior furnishings, educational opportunities, and resource information. The D&D Building is open exclusively to the trade and welcomes design industry professionals from all over the world. The building also incorporates Upper Story, situated on the 14th floor, which is the building's scenic events venue, conference center, and restaurant, with cuisine by celebrity chef and culinary icon, Charlie Palmer. The DDB hosts two major Market events each year; one in the spring and one in the fall. The Markets, which are often held in partnership with the world’s top editorial voices and industry trade organizations, examine all aspects of design and the decorative arts. Over 2,000 design professionals and industry leaders attend these Market events, with over 150 in attendance at each of the DDB keynote presentations.

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55 Lumber Road (2nd fl. STE360) Roslyn, NY 11576 • 516.953.4021


RIDING A WAVE OF SUCCESS Along the Beach at the Miami Art Basel Scene


he multi talented LI North Shore artist, Larry Aarons, is fulfilling his dream of being a successful full time artist. For the second year in a row his sculpture and art photography “Defense of the Species” collection is now featured in the exciting X Contemporary Art Show at the hippest hotel during Miami Art Basel week, The Nobu Hotel on Collins Avenue.

Larry Aarons, has been named “One Of The Top Artists To Watch.” He’s the recentrecipient of the prestigious President's Award From Salmagundi Gallery / AAPL, just last month he was awarded the Gold Medal of Honor from the American Artist Professional League. He has had many group and one man shows on Long Island, NYC and Florida, his art is in private collections across the country. |


| |

Call for a Private Viewing Appointment

55 Lumber Road (2nd fl. STE360) Roslyn, NY 11576 • 516.953.4021 December 2016 | 103


MARK SEIDENFELD My artistic mission is to create and cultivate my own unique visual language. My visual language results from the interaction between chance, spontaneity, and my vision. I have observed that my vision is informed by every experience I have had and by every emotion I have felt. So, even when I don’t look to paint a specifically emotional painting, the emotions brewing just below the surface rise into the work, affecting the thousands of decisions that need to be made which graphically influence forms, content, patterns, angles, and relationships. My artistic journey makes me see with an intuitive mind, unfettered by limiting ideas. I have fought to let go of ideas and to let me eyes lead me into the deep and unknown places. By relying on my intuition over my intellect, I put myself in that wondrous place where it feels like the painting has created itself and recreated me in the process. My work is, for me, a transformation accelerator.


| |

December 2016 | 105


LISA BETH OLDER NYC, Chelsea Artist Lisa Beth Older showcasing 30 amazing artworks in her signature style of "Bending & Bending" paint, at LBO ART Gallery, 1511 E Las Olas blvd. Ft. Lauderdale during Art Basel week.


| |

CASA DE MONTECRISTO Manhattan 2nd Ave. | 516.714. 8005


25A COVER PARTY FOR DR. KEVIN TEHRANI OF ARISTOCRAT PLASTIC SURGERY Funfilled evening with employees, collegaues and close friends of Dr. Kevin Tehrani, a succesful plastic surgeon, celebrated his apperance on 25A's November cover. The party was held at Vanity Club downtown on Tuesday, November 1th. Photos by Ashley Anderson


| |

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With Our Guidance, You Will Have A Clearer View Of Your Financial Future, Empowering You To Make Educated Financial Decisions Throughout The Divorce Process Divorce Financial Expertise and Strategy · Living Expense Analysis · Financial Affidavits Spousal Support Assessment · Review and Analysis of Proposed Marital Settlement · Pre and Post Divorce Budgets Expert Witness and Litigation Support · Tax Preparation before during and after Divorce

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The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF) hosted its 19th Annual Collaborating for a Cure Benefit Dinner & Auction, posthumously honoring Vince Camuto and featuring a musical performance by Roger Daltrey of The Who, Cipriani Wall Street, NYC: Samuel Waxman, Marion Waxman ©

Chris Wragge at The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation’s (SWCRF) 19th Annual Collaborating for a Cure Benefit Dinner & Auction ©

Louise Camuto at The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation’s (SWCRF) 19th Annual Collaborating for a Cure Benefit Dinner & Auction ©

Elin Nierenberg, Michael Nierenberg at The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation’s (SWCRF) 19th Annual Collaborating for a Cure Benefit Dinner & Auction ©

Robert Kantor, Mary Kantor at The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation’s (SWCRF) 19th Annual Collaborating for a Cure Benefit Dinner & Auction ©

Willie Niles at The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation’s (SWCRF) 19th Annual Collaborating for a Cure Benefit Dinner & Auction ©

Roger Daltrey at The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation’s (SWCRF) 19th Annual Collaborating for a Cure Benefit Dinner & Auction ©

Joyce Varvatos, John Varvatos at The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation’s (SWCRF) 19th Annual Collaborating for a Cure Benefit Dinner & Auction ©

Kenneth Fishel, Melissa Fishel, Maria Fishel, Robert Fishel at The Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation’s (SWCRF) 19th Annual Collaborating for a Cure Benefit Dinner & Auction ©



The highly anticipated Accessible Art Fair New York Alan Cumming at the Accessible Art Fair New presented by MvVO ART opened with a VIP First Access York presented by MvVO Art Night at the iconic National Arts Club in Gramercy Park. ©Teresa Pyskaty A jury of contemporary art experts selected more than 50 top emerging artists for the Fair, from New York and around the world: Maria van Vlodrop, Isaac Aden, Stephanie Manasseh ©

The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc hosted a kickoff party at Rotisserie Georgette to celebrate the 27th annual event, which takes place between March 17 and April 1, 2017 in the unspoiled beauty of the Moroccan desert: Christine Lagarde ©

Dominique Serra at The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc kickoff party at Rotisserie Georgette ©

Miek Calcoen, Marc Calcoen at the Accessible Art Fair New York presented by MvVO Art ©

Christine Cachot, Marie-Noelle Pierce at The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc kickoff party at Rotisserie Georgette ©

Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) held its annual gala. Angela Missoni at the Museum of Arts and This year’s Visionaries! Awards honored design advocate, Design’s (MAD) annual gala patron, and longtime MAD Trustee Charles S. Cohen; the late © architect Zaha Hadid; Angela Missoni of the Italian design house MISSONI; and conceptual artist Yinka Shonibare MBE, NYC: Simon Doonan, Clo Cohen, Charles S. Cohen ©

Yinka Shonibare, Rachel Sorrill at the Museum of Arts and Design’s (MAD) annual gala ©


IMC. Imperial Meat Company showcasing the freshest ingredients and meats hand-selected from all over the world. Succulent cuisine prepared by IMC’s top chefs, alongside an extensive wine list, and mixologist, creating the most cutting-edge cocktails. The sprawling space features fine dining with a sleek and romantic decor. WAgYU StEAKS | lAMb CHoPS | RoAStED CHICKEN | DUCK | lobStER | CRAb | oYStERS | CAvIAR | MUSSElS

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Jeff Koons and Jean Paul Agon Honored at French Institute Alliance Francaise Trophee des Arts Gala The Plaza Hotel, NYC: Clo Cohen, Charles S. Cohen ©Patrick McMullan

Founder and CEO of Education Model Towns, Ernesto Argüello, married fellow philanthropist Ashley Taylor Cooper at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. The ceremony was followed by a 400 people celebration at the iconic Plaza Hotel, NYC: Ashley Taylor Cooper, Ernesto Argüello ©Oscar Castro

Animal Ashram founder Leesa Rowland hosted the organization’s Animal Supply Drive & Fundraiser at Flirt Beauty Boutique, with proceeds benefiting New York City’s animal shelters, NYC: Leesa Rowland ©Patrick McMullan

HG Contemporary Gallery celebrated over 50 years of Rolling Stones history with the opening of MICK, KEITH, CHARLIE + RONNIE: ART + OBJECTS. The event was hosted by ACRIA and Guest of a Guest, NYC: Kim Alexis ©

The National Association of Professional Women Shana Schlossberg at the NAPW Power (NAPW), led Star Jones, hosted an exclusive Networking Event NAPW Power Networking Event at Midtown Loft ©Patrick McMullan and Terrace in New York City, featuring keynote speaker Jean Shafiroff: Jean Shafiroff, Star Jones ©Patrick McMullan

Culture For One hosted a reception at the townhouse of Tony Award-winning producers Janet & Howard Kagan to celebrate established supporters and introduce new members of the community to the important work of the organization, NYC: Howard Kagan, Joan Hornig, Doug McCormick, Kasia McCormick ©Victor Hugo

Ramona Singer’s Birthday Party produced by celebrity event planner Larry Scott of Lawrence Scott Events at The Glasshouses, NYC: Sonja Morgan, Ramona Singer, Larry Scott, Dorinda Medley, Carole Radziwill ©LMG

The Experience Auto Group held a grand opening celebration of its newest dealership, Porsche of South Shore in Freeport, NY: Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy, Mary Kennedy, Owner of Porsche of South Shore Stuart Hayim, VP of Porsche Area East Jacob Harb ©




COMING SOON . . . DUMBO BROOKLYN!!! BRIDGEHAMPTON 631.537.8000 2462 Main Street Bridgehampton, NY 11932

EAST HAMPTON 631.324.8888 59 The Circle East Hampton, NY 11937

ENGLEWOOD 201.227.BLOW 3 B E. Palisade Ave Englewood, NJ 07631

MANHASSET 516.365.1111 397 Plandome Rd Manhasset, NY 11030


ZARIN FABRICS CELEBRATING 80 YEARS By W.A. Muller | Photos by Benno Klandt

Bobby and Jill Zarin with family and friends celebrated 80 years in the fabric business at their warehouse, The secret source for designers located on 69 Orchard Street NYC. Media and celebrity guests as well as other business related companies showed up for this great event.


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This Year's Honorees Matthew Sorrentino & Christopher Tsarsi from 388 Restaurant, Chris & Tony's Restaurant, MS&AS Consulting and the Match Restaurant Group. The fundraiser was held at the Garden City Hotel on Thursday, October 13th. The Safe Center LI protects, assists and empowers victims of family violence and sexual assault while challenging and changing social systems that tolerate and perpetuate abuse. This is accomplished through direct services, education and advocacy. By W.A. Muller | Photos by Claire Vodicka & Gene Schroer

December 2016 | 117


GALAS GALORE Manhattan Events that Matter By Carlos Lacayo | Photos by Patrick McMullan

Sanctuary Hotel owners, Brandon and Hank Freid, with the hoteliers transformed Haven Rooftop into “Holiday Haven,” with a forest of twinkling trees. Regulars at the hotspot include Joe Jonas, Olivia Munn and SNL’s Kate McKinnon.

Political Artist, Robert Cenedella, unveiled his critically acclaimed painting, Fin Del Mundo (The End of the World), which is centered on Donald Trump at Central Park Fine Arts. The work depicts president-elect Donald Trump as an orange-colored devil surrounded by a court of vanquished politicians including Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Rand Paul, and a green-tinged Chris Christie. Guests included Leesa Rowland, Larry Wohl and Katlean DeMonchy.

Rapper, Fabolous, celebrated the 15th Anniversary of his debut album, Ghetto Fabolous, with a performance at Stage 48 in Hell’s Kitchen. Revelers went upstairs to Cantina Rooftop for an authentic Mexican dinner by chef Gonzalo Colin.

Audrey Gruss, the founder of the Hope For Depression Research Foundation, honored Anderson Cooper. Chuck Scarborough emceed the luncheon and seminar. Guests included author Jay McInerney, Karen LeFrak, Susan Gutfreund, and Princess Katherine of Serbia.


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Iris Apfel was honored at the opening of Holiday house at The Sullivan Mansions. Martha Stewart and Nicky Hilton Rothschild checked out rooms by Campion Platt and Geoffrey Bradfield and luxury vintage clothing by Morphew. The night benefited the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Scott Diament, the CEO of the Palm Beach Show Group, presented a check to Lauren Bush Lauren to provide 90,000 meals to children through Lauren's Feed Foundation at the opening of the New York Art, Antique & Jewelry Show hosted by her mother, Sharon Bush at Pier 94.

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Jackie's Joke Box Follow Jackie on Twitter for a daily joke! @JackieMartling I gave my idiot brother-in-law a rowing machine for Christmas. Boy, it's a good thing that lake was frozen, or he would have drowned. Kelly says to Dunn, "My wife thinks she's a Christmas card." Dunn says, "Why don't you send her to your psychiatrist?" Kelly says, "Why should I? He never sends me one." How’s Christmas just like a day at the office? You do all the work and the fat guy in the suit gets all the credit. Did you hear about Adolph, the brown-nosed reindeer? He could run as fast as Rudolph, he just couldn’t stop as fast. It's Christmas Eve, Jena's late for a party, and she's in line buying a last-minute Christmas present. When she finally gets to the front, the clerk has his back to her. Jena says, "Hey, I'm in a hurry, could you please check me out?" The clerk turns around, looks her up and down and says, "Great hooters, lady." Johnson buys his mother-in-law a cemetery plot for a Christmas present. The next year, he doesn't get her a gift. She says, "Why didn't I get a Christmas gift from you this year?" He says, "You never used the one I got you last year.” 120

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7953 JERICHO TPKE, WOODBURY, NY | 516.466.0117

ROLLS-ROYCE GHOST SERIES II Rolls-Royce Motor Cars NA, LLC, P.O. Box 1227, Westwood, NJ 07675-1227 Tel: 1-877-877-3735 © Copyright Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. The Rolls-Royce name and logo are registered trademarks.

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