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APRIL 2020





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APRIL 2020

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2508 asked Dr Trevor Kemper, director at Helensburgh’s Equilibrium Healthcare, for an update. How are Equilibrium staff coping with the crisis? All Equilibrium staff are working double pace to keep up with the ever-changing guidelines for the healthcare industry. Looking after each other at the practice is one of the most important things we are focused on, so that we can keep on looking after our patients. Life goes on despite the epidemic and we all need to appreciate the small things. After working long hours at the practice and then well into the night, it was lovely to have a laugh coming into work to find a box labelled “Pandemic Kit” in the staffroom. Inside the box was a chocolate cake made by Emma, Dr Morris’s wife. There’s a reason they say “laughter is the best medicine”. It reduces stress and brings people together in trying times.

risk and appropriate for it, we send them directly to testing sites, or if they have more severe illness, to emergency. Our aim is to prevent coronavirus positive patients from coming in to the surgery, but ensuring they are treated appropriately. We also have streamlined operations to ensure we have minimal numbers of people in the waiting room to reduce any exposure risks. We are treating most respiratory illnesses using video consultation assessments. All of these actions help keep the surgery a safe place for patients and staff alike.

What cleaning steps would be taken if someone suspected of having the virus came into the practice? The practice is cleaned daily following NSW Health guidelines. We are limiting the numbers of people Are you doing online consults and if so in the practice at any one time and patients need to how is the internet holding up? use hand sanitiser on entering the practice. If they We are doing telehealth consults routinely now. are at all symptomatic, they are provided with a These allow assessment of those who are too facemask to wear. Surfaces and door handles are infectious or too high risk to come into the surgery. being cleaned at least hourly throughout the day. While we can talk to people over the phone, video calls allow us to better assess how they are and are Where is the nearest COVID-19 testing centre proving invaluable. We recommend that everyone for 2508 residents? ensure they have the technology for video calls, The nearest testing centres for 2508 residents are especially the elderly and those with chronic Sutherland Hospital and Wollongong Hospital diseases at higher risk of severe illness. We are using Facetime and Skype and we encourage our patients to learn how to use these. The NBN has been a lifesaver and will continue to be, quite literally in this case. We hear stories of equipment shortages... how is the practice set for gear? We are running out of hand sanitiser. We have been trying to source it, but it has become almost impossible. Staff are now using our hospital-grade soap for hand-washing, as per clinical guidelines, so we can save the remaining hand sanitiser for patients. At the time of writing this article, we were down to a few boxes of face masks, certainly not enough to last more than a couple of weeks. We have had to be resourceful in the way we conduct clinics, thinking of ways to keep both patients and staff safe and encouraging patients not to use masks when they aren’t needed. Talk us through the process at Equilibrium if a case is suspected. We are triaging patients via phone and video to assess the risk of COVID-19. Where people are at

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Dr Kemper is doing telehealth consults and says the NBN ‘has been a lifesaver’.

COVID-19 Clinics. The rules for who is tested are strict and you need to fit the criteria (these change regularly but can be found at health.gov.au). No referral is needed unless you are referred to a private pathology laboratory, such as Southern IML, who currently have a test site in Denison St, Wollongong.

away from the nearest person and to avoid large gatherings of people. Masks are only useful for those who are sick, when they are around others, and for those treating the sick. Gloves are good for cleaning surfaces and treating the ill, but most people won’t need these. Get outside and breathe the fresh clean air.

Social distancing – is it still OK to swim at the beach/walk the dog/ride bikes at Helensburgh mountain bike track? Social distancing is not self-isolation. Please continue to be active, it is good for your physical and mental health, and helps maintain your immune system. Get out in the fresh air – swim, walk the dog, hike the national park, run… whatever form of exercise you love. Avoid touching lots of surfaces and crowded spaces, but outdoors is a good place to be, not stuck inside.

It’s an anxious 24-hour news cycle - as an expert on the frontline of this health crisis, who do you think is doing the best job of reporting on it? We are full-time keeping up to speed with health recommendations from the WHO, the Department of Health, professional medical bodies and published data so we have little time to assess the general media, though the ABC is our general preference. ABC’s Coronacast podcast is a good source of sensible information. We’d advise everyone to focus on the positive and look after themselves and those in the community who need assistance. 2508

What’s the appropriate outdoors etiquette? With social distancing, you are asked to stay 1.5m

COVID-19 DR TREVOR KEMPER ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS. WHAT IS IT? Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus not previously identified in humans. It is from a large family of coronaviruses that can cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). COVID-19 was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS? The most common symptoms are fever, tiredness, and a dry cough. Some people will develop aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhoea. Some people don’t develop any symptoms. Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment.  WHAT’S “FLATTENING THE CURVE” ABOUT? The idea is to reduce the number of people who are

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sick and requiring treatment at any one time. This will take the pressure off the hospital system. We need to protect the one in six people who are more likely to become seriously ill. Older people, and those with underlying medical problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, cancer or diabetes are more likely to develop serious illness. Children seem to have milder illness, but can still spread infection. WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I DEVELOP SYMPTOMS? For more severe symptoms, such as a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, you should seek medical attention. Call your doctor before attending as they will be able to triage you over the phone. I’M FRIGHTENED OF GETTING IT. WHAT SHOULD I DO? • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use a hand sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol. • Avoid touching surfaces in public places. Use a tissue or your sleeve to cover your hand or finger if you must touch something. • Avoid touching your face, nose, eyes and mouth. • Clean and disinfect your home to remove germs. • Social distancing: try to stay 1.5 metres away from other people. • Avoid all non-essential travel.




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By Dr Lorraine Jones, vice-president of Helensburgh & District Historical Society. Dr Jones came to New South Wales after an internship in the Royal Brisbane Hospital. She worked at the Prince Henry Hospital before going into general practice in Regents Park in Sydney. After moving to Stanwell Park in 1970 she worked part-time in Helensburgh until she went into specialist practice in rehabilitation. After she retired, Dr Jones joined the Helensburgh and District Historical Society. She has had a booklet published in 2019 by this society on the 1919 influenza epidemic. The epidemic of the coronavirus Covid-19, now spreading throughout the world, has similarities to the ‘Spanish Flu’ epidemic which swept the world in 1918-1919. That pandemic was caused by a virulent new strain of the influenza virus. Older generations had some mild immunity from previous influenza infections, so that they became less severely ill and were less likely to die. That pandemic killed younger people and prostrated whole households. Unfortunately, no-one has any immunity to the coronavirus sweeping the world. This virus has spread from animals to humans from the wet wild animal market in Wuhan in China. Its spread to other countries has been due to travellers, either asymptomatic or people with mild symptoms, initially from China and now from other countries with Covid-19 infections. They have returned to their home country and spread the virus through coughing, sneezing, hand-shaking, kissing or touching hard surfaces.

SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19 INFECTION MAY BE: • Nil • Runny nose • Cough • Fever greater than 38.5°C • Difficulty breathing • Pneumonia • Prostration and collapse • Vomiting • Diarrhoea


(not Helensburgh) were driven by the chauffeurs of the cars which rich people loaned for the effort. In Helensburgh the local minister loaned his horse and sulky for the volunteer nurses. This was not entirely successful as the horse sometimes released himself from where he was tied up and went home! Thus my mother had provoked in me an interest in this epidemic. When I ceased work and attended the History Society meeting in Helensburgh, Allan House, the then president, suggested that I write about that epidemic. He had done some research himself which he passed on to me. Dr Cox, who was, during the epidemic, the town’s GP, had left a log book of the patients with influenza he had seen. This was essential for his practice as he was obliged by law to notify all new influenza cases. He was paid by the New South Wales Government for each notification. I used Trove, a digitised source of newspaper articles. They had a weekly report from Helensburgh in the Wollongong paper. This section would tell stories of the

By Lorraine Jones MB.BS. , M.H.P., FAFRMRACP.

My mother was a great raconteur. She was a volunteer nurse in Sydney during the 1919 influenza epidemic. She would tell about being driven around looking for houses which had a sheet in the window. That was the sign that someone was ill or dead inside and help was needed. The nurses in Sydney

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Children seem not to show symptoms of the virus while carrying the infection or even having pneumonia. At time of writing, no children had died of the infection. This lack of apparent infection in children may be due to their robust immune systems and better lungs because they have had less exposure to cigarette smoke and air pollution. The mean age of those suffering Covid-19 infections is between 49 and 60. Once a person passes 50 there is a gradual decline in their immune system and thus their ability to fight infections. The presence of illnesses, such as

diabetes, heart disease or autoimmune disease weakens the body’s ability to fight off infections. As I write, Covid-19 has a death rate of 2 to 3%. This increases with age, reaching 14% in the over 80s. It is unclear for how long a person is infectious before developing symptoms. The asymptomatic carrier is excreting the virus in saliva droplets or mucus from the nose or by coughing. If one can smell what a person has had for lunch, say garlic or curry, then you are inhaling droplets from their breath which may carry the virus. PREVENTION OF COVID-19 • Do not shake hands with or kiss people. • Wash hands with soap or hand-wash after using the toilet, or being out and returning home. • Use the dishwasher rather than hand-washing dishes. • Avoid group outings. • Cover a cough with the bend of the elbow. • Distance yourself from people when coughing or sneezing. • Hard surfaces should be cleaned with disinfectant. DISINFECT SURFACES A letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine on March 19, 2020 by researchers N Van Doremalen and others was on the stability of Covid-19 in aerosol form on various surfaces. Covid-19 was more stable on plastic or steel than on cardboard or copper. Viable (living) viruses were detected up to 72 hours after application to these surfaces. What does that mean to you? The epidemic, who was doing what etc. I also used medical journals and researched information in the State Library in Macquarie Street Sydney and in the Wollongong library. The surprising thing was that this epidemic had been mainly forgotten by the current townspeople. I advertised in 2508 District News for people to tell stories of what happened in their families and there was no response. I gave a talk in the Wollongong History meeting about this epidemic. I mentioned the names of the young women in Helensburgh who were nursing volunteers. One of the volunteers was the grandmother of an audience member. Until my talk the granddaughter had never heard of this epidemic and her grandmother’s help. That epidemic had school closures, attempts at isolation of the population, and a much larger percentage death rate in the young than the current Covid-19 virus epidemic. The 1919 Influenza Epidemic booklet by Dr Jones is $10 plus $5 postage. Visit https://historichelensburgh.org.au, email info@historichelensburgh.org.au or call Jan Lee on 0418 681 384. 2508

KINDNESS THEN & NOW 1918/19 FLU EPIDEMIC “People in Sydney would leave food at the doorstep of the people sick with influenza to help the sick. It would have happened in the Burgh.” – Dr Lorraine Jones 2020 CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC “I’m a local business owner who is lucky enough to work from home. I would love to offer my services to anyone local with a disability or perhaps and elderly person who is struggling to get to the shops, the multiple times that is required to get everything you need. Simply send me your shopping list and address and I will do my best to fulfil it and get it to you ASAP. No charge – you just pay for your groceries.” – 2508 resident Carolyn Bursill. Carolyn’s husband Rod is a local electrician and their company, Rocar Electric Pty Ltd, is a longtime 2508 District News advertiser, contact 4294 3994, carolyn@rocarelectric.com. 2508 virus will survive on cooking surfaces and plastic bags for up to three days unless these surfaces are decontaminated. n Note: Please check NSW Health for the latest advice on this ever-changing situation. Visit www.health.nsw.gov.au or call the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080. 2508

Dr Cox outside his surgery in 1919. Photo thanks to Helensburgh & District Historical Society

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Home for the holidays? Sydney Wildflower Nursery’s Verity Snaith has some tips for gardening with kids.

Clockwise from top left: Water dragon habitat Scleranthus biflorus, paper daisies, and Plectranthus argentatus – a great toilet paper substitute. Photos: Verity Snaith

The Easter school holidays are fast approaching and with travel off the cards for many families it’s time to start thinking about ways to keep the kids occupied at home. Luckily, Sydney is blessed with mild autumn days, clear blue skies and abundant sunshine – the perfect weather to get out and about in the garden! There are many benefits to getting your kids out into the garden, from moving around and using their muscles to encouraging them to think about their environment and problem solve. Gardening is also incredibly therapeutic – just getting out amongst the fresh air, gentle sunlight, green plants and flowers can make you feel happier and more relaxed. Garden projects don’t have to be taxing or expensive. Creating a simple fairy (or dinosaur!) garden requires little more than a pot, some soil, and some Scleranthus biflorus (cushion bush) –

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from there the kids can design their own playscape. If you have a bit more space you could dedicate a shady corner to some small ferns such as Pellaea rotundifolia (button fern) and a soft, flowering ground cover such as Viola hederacea (native violet) or Pratia pedunculata (white star creeper). Add some small stones for a path, and a low terracotta dish for visiting lizards and frogs and you have a mini habitat. Paper daisies are great for children as well – they are bright, flower prolifically and make excellent cut and dried flowers. Pop them in a pot, or in the ground in a sunny spot and they’ll keep you cheery all year round. So why not try and get your children involved in a gardening project this school holidays? Sydney Wildflower Nursery has plenty of boredom-busting small projects to inspire little gardeners – pop in for a visit and ask one of our friendly staff for suggestions! 2508


9 Veno Street, Heathcote 2233 Phone: (02) 9548 2818 Open 7 days 9am to 5pm www.sydneywildflowernursery.com.au Lettering : pantone cool gray 11 Leave : pantone 5555 and shade 60%

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WATCH FILM FEST ONLINE Don’t miss the Coal Coast Film Festival Live Stream at 7pm on Saturday, 11 April 2020. Organisers Karen and Dennis Lundin report.

The Coal Coast Film Festival will be screened via a ticketed Live Stream Event. It was very disappointing to cancel our live audience event in these uncertain times. COVID-19 is an evolving pandemic and has created a new normal: the social distancing live stream film festival. By live streaming our 2020 festival, we hope to reach people stuck at home, in self-isolation or When social distancing gets tough, channel war-time quarantined. housekeeping and start blitzing berries. Coal Coast Film Festival supports talented filmmakers in their pursuits by showcasing their After a super-simple, homemade best artworks through a film festival designed to jam recipe that you can make from promote local, regional and international short just three whole-food ingredients films. The festival is run and managed by with not an ounce of refined white sugar required to produce a jam that LundinStudio and will be live streamed from our studio in Helensburgh. would rival your nanna’s best? I’ve got this one We have a great selection of short films to covered. entertain you for two hours – six Australian shorts This spread looks, tastes and spreads like jam, without white sugar, additives or preservatives. Our (NSW and South Australia) and six International shorts (filmed in Turkey, Chad, Germany, France ingredients are fresh strawberries, chia seeds and and USA). honey – so simple. Heat it up, give it a stir and jar All 12 Finalists win a suite of fantastic it. This recipe works well with all berry types, so production software and Award Winners for Best why not make a few different versions. Think Australian Short Film and Best International Short blueberry, raspberry, blackberry or mixed berry. Film receive a trophy and additional prizes, Or go for an old favourite – strawberry jam. including a shoot day at LundinStudio with the latest LED film lighting. SIMPLE STRAWBERRY JAM Tickets will go on sale from 28 March Makes - 2 Cups 2020 via the festival website: www. CoalCoastFilmFestival.com Ingredients: We invite you to join our public festival group in 3 cups fresh strawberries (chopped into small pieces) Facebook @CoalCoastFilmFestival or to follow us ½ cup chia seeds @LundinStudio on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter 1 tbsp honey (optional) and find out more about the event. 2508


Instructions: Pop berries into a food processor or blender and blitz to form a smooth consistency. If you prefer your jam chunky, then blitz for only a couple of seconds. Add strawberry purée to a small saucepan and heat over low heat to a gentle simmer. Stir frequently whilst the berries are heating up and releasing their own natural sugar. After 5 minutes, add chia seeds and honey (if using) and continue to heat, stirring constantly for another 5 minutes, or until the mixture reaches a consistency you are happy with. Keep in mind the consistency will thicken further in the fridge as it sets. Transfer mixture to an airtight glass jar and allow to cool before sealing with a lid and placing in the fridge. This jam will last in the fridge for up to 10 days. 2508

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COOKING WITH APPLES! Jo Fahey reports from Darkes Glenbernie Orchard.

INSTRUCTIONS Prepare apples for dipping. If using sticks, insert into apples at stem stopping before puncturing through bottom of apple. Line baking sheet with wax paper and spray with cooking spray. Melt caramels according to package instructions. Dip the apples, one at a time, letting extra caramel drip off. Place on wax paper to cool. Once all have been dipped, place in refrigerator for at least an hour to let caramel set up. Using kitchen shears, if needed trim caramel “feet” (extra blob of caramel on bottom of apple) off of apples before dipping in chocolate. Melt chocolate according to package instructions. Dip caramel-covered apples in chocolate until evenly covered. Let extra chocolate drip off. If adding toppings, sprinkle, dip or drizzle now. Place finished apple on wax paper until set. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate until needed. These should keep three to five days refrigerated.

April is Pink Lady and Granny Smith Apple Picking season. Unfortunately, because of new rules with COVID-19 we can’t run our pick your own experiences on the farm right now but you can buy the apples from us already picked! Pink lady apples will hold their shape when you cook them but Granny Smith will become soft and make a smooth paste. If you have plenty of time over the school holiday break socially isolating or distancing, why not try to make something delicious with these apples? Here’s a few ideas on what yummy recipes you Visit www.darkes.com.au 2508 can prepare at home whilst they are at their very best! You can always ‘google’ great traditional recipes for apple pie, apple crumble, apple Charlotte and even bread and butter pudding but try adding a bit of apple! Give this simple idea a try: Juice them and freeze with a little chopped mint added to each ice block. Use these to drop into your favourite drink, rather than a plain water ice block, or blitz a few seconds to make an icy slurpee.





































CHOC CARAMEL TOFFEE APPLES Ingredients • 5 Granny Smith apples, washed and dried • 5 wooden skewers • 11 ounces caramels confectionary lolly blocks • 12 ounces good dark chocolate for melting • Optional: toppings for sprinkling, dipping or drizzling (chopped nuts, candy sprinkles, melted chocolate for drizzling)

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From left to right, back row: Oliver Keed, Ruby Morgan, Ella Campbell, Harley Fuller, Kailan Kulmar, Marley Lewis. Front row: Lyla Bell, Evie Subovic, Zayd Kulmar, Maggie Hill.


MICRO GROMS! Children from Helensburgh to Thirroul love learning to surf with the Scarborough Boardriders. 2508 chats to Micro Groms manager Luke Campbell.

Luke Campbell has surfed with the Scarborough Boardriders for most of his life. Now his five-yearold daughter Ella is also set to ride the waves. “I started in Scarborough Boardriders when I was probably 10 years old,” Luke says. “Ella started when she was probably two and a half.” So Ella’s a professional now, at age five? “She thinks she is!” he says, laughing. Luke manages the club’s Micro Groms division and has organised an enthusiastic crowd of young surfers for our Friday afternoon photo shoot at Coledale Beach. Despite a cool breeze, the kids are all excited,

14­ / 2508­/ APRIL

ready to jump in the surf and show off their skills. Men may still outnumber women in the surf, but today there’s a good mix of girls and boys. “It’s probably half-half this year,” Luke says. “There seems to be a lot more girls than we used to have … the girls have taken over.” “Yes, the girls are taking over! Woo!” Ella yells. Ella is a gorgeous girl, fun-loving and super patient while her dad is talking. Luke has spent a lifetime in Wombarra (he jokes about having moved 500m up the road). A coal miner who also runs his own air-conditioning business, Coastline Climate Control, Luke is part of

Photos: Anthony Warry Photography

a close-knit community where friends are for life – “me and the president [Christian de Clouett] grew up together”. Growing up in Wombarra in the 80s, they loved “the beaches and the freedom that we’ve got – just the community life.” For the past five years, Luke has run the Scarborough Boardriders’ Micro Groms. “The goal for the Groms is just to get the kids in the water, feel comfortable, be safe and have fun,” he says. “They start at probably four years old through to about 10. But there’s no age limit on it.” The groms meet one Sunday a month. Accordingly to Ella, the best part is surfing, the hardest is winning and when she catches a wave: “It feels fun!” “They’re all pretty keen,” Luke says. “They all turn up in the middle of winter. The water would get down to 15 degrees [Celsius] and the air temp can be 10 to 15 degrees at times. “We surf in any weather conditions, but it’s just the surf conditions – if it’s safe for them we’ll be there. If it’s not, we’ll postpone it for another weekend. So we don’t take any risks with the little ones. “We look at Scarborough Beach first, that’s our priority but we can go anywhere. “We just try to put them in the best waves from Little Austinmer through to Stanwell Park. So wherever’s the safest and best waves for them, we’ll be there. “The club started Micro Groms about 15 years ago, just to get the kids in the water and enjoy the water and feel safer in the water.” “The Groms started out with about five or six kids and then grew. We’ve got, right now, I reckon, 40 registered – that’s just in the Micro Groms. “We probably have 30 of them turn up most Sundays.” “Some of the kids that did Micro Groms 15 years

Luke Campbell and daughter Ella, 5.

ago have gone on to win the opens in Scarborough Boardriders and some of them have just gone on to be surfers.” Parents play an active role in water safety. “About half the parents go in,” Luke says. “My dad is one!” Ella says. “It just depends on the conditions on the day,” Luke says. “We put probably five or six in the water at each time. We’ll do that do that, then they’ll surf for 15 minutes and then the next lot will go out. Just because, if you send 40 kids out there, it’s just chaos. “It’s very family-friendly. There’s lots of dads who are here at the Micro Groms that are also competing in the older divisions. And mums.” The Boardriders don’t have a club house. “A club house would be good. No, we work out of a trailer so there’s a box trailer with a barbecue and tents and everything in that.”

APRIL / 2508 / 15

After each session, organisers aim to “give the kids a bit of encouragement”. “Sometimes there’s prizes to give away. Like towels, backpacks, suncream. “Water bottles!” Ella pipes up. “If you win.” Luke: “And there’s bacon and egg rolls, and sausages on the barbecue.” More children are welcome to join up through the year. “In Micros, kids can join up any time,” Luke says. “They just need a board and a wetsuit and that’s about it. “If their parents don’t feel safe going in the water with them, if they’re not surfers but their kids are, there’s always someone that will take them out and give it a go.” There’s no fixed age when Micro Groms move up to the next level at Scarborough Boardriders. “Just when they get a little bit competitive and they’re good enough to go up. “Some kids that have gone up this year were eight, and they’ve gone really good. And sometimes they’re a bit older.” Micros are not involved in any inter-club comps: “We just compete against each other. And in the Micros it’s not really competing – I write some scores down, but they’re all 8s and 9s and sometimes 10s. “It’s just getting them in the water and having fun. That’s what it’s about.” “Yes, daddy,” Ella agrees. “That’s what it’s all about.” n COVID-19 update: On March 17, Scarborough Boardriders club president, Christian de Clouett announced: “There will be no other Scarborough Boardriders Club events in either March or April. “Our Next pointscore is scheduled for Sunday May 17th as per our Calendar, but we will monitor the situation closely and advise in the near future.” Stay up to date via the club’s social media pages. Follow the Scarborough Boardriders on Facebook and Instagram. 2508


More sponsors are always welcome, says Luke Campbell, manager of Scarborough Boardriders’ Micro Groms. The club would love to hear from a company that could donate prizes, for example. “So at the end of every round, we can reward them for trying, for being part of it, to encourage them to keep wanting to do it. “The club has lots of sponsors, but it would be epic if we could get a sponsor on board to reward the kids when they come out the water. Like with Milo, or zinc or even just a sticker. “At this age they like that encouragement.” Contact @Scarbsboardridersclub via Facebook. 16­ / 2508­/ APRIL

GROMS SPEAK At what age did you start surfing & who taught you? Dadda taught me and I was 3 years old. – Charlie Hill, age 4 I caught my very first wave at 4 at Green Island and my dad taught me. – Ruby Morgan, 9 I started surfing when I was 4 and my dad taught me. – Fletcher Bell, 6 At 5, a surfing teacher at Happy Days Surf School [Woonona] and my dad. – Marley Lewis, 7 What do you like most about micro groms? It’s fun and I get to see my friends. – Oliver Keed, 9 The best part is surfing with your friends and its fun to stand up and do barrels. – Fletcher Bell, 6 Bacon and egg sandwich after surfing and doing cannonballs off my surfboard. – Charlie Hill, 4 It’s fun because I get to see all my friends and dad gets to push me into waves. – Maggie Hill, 7 Surfing with my friends and cheering each other on when we catch a fun wave. – Ruby Morgan, 9 What’s the hardest part? Standing up. – Charlie Hill, 4 That you’re really scared to go out, but once you’re out it’s so much fun and you want to do it more. – Marley Lewis, 7 Trying to get a wave because you can get smashed. – Lyla Bell, 9 The hardest bit is sometimes you get wobbly on the surfboard and wipeout and can’t breathe in the water. – Fletcher Bell, 6 How do you feel when you catch a wave? Excited that I got it! – Oliver Keed, 9 So happy, especially if the wave goes for a long time and I don’t fall off! – Ruby Morgan, 9 It’s great because even if you fall off you are in the ocean. – Maggie Hill, 7 I feel really happy and smiling. – Fletcher Bell, 6 It feels awesome! – Charlie Hill, 4 2508

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th t

By Mrs Megan Sida at Helensburgh Public School At Helensburgh Public our very popular Kitchen Garden program, led by Ms Lewis, is expanding in 2020 to include all students from Kindergarten to Year Six. Students will have fun getting their hands dirty and learning about the environment, science, maths and English whilst planting, caring for and growing fruit and vegetables in our school gardens. Our students also have the opportunity to cook delicious, healthy meals in our outdoor kitchen from the food they have grown. Last year, the outgoing Year 6 purchased a brand-new barbecue as their school gift for the kitchen garden program and also a large, vibrant shade sail was recently installed to ensure all students are sun-safe whilst participating in this engaging program. Another development in 2020 is the brand-new large shade sail which has been built above the school’s netball court. The court has also been rejuvenated with: a completely new artificial grass surface, movable netball and basketball posts and perimeter safety fencing. The students are looking forward to the sport court being opened very soon. 2508

Mike and Gail Tribe will be stocking their caravan rather than shelves.


Helensburgh H Hardware in Parkes Street will close at the end of this month, after owners Mike and Gail Tribe failed to find a buyer. The hardware store was offered for sale last November as a going concern for about $1.7

18­ / 2508­/ APRIL

million and will now be marketed with vacant possession. The Tribes have operated a hardware store in Helensburgh since 1999 and relocated their business from Walker Street, where Helensburgh Premium Liquor now stands, to their purposebuilt premises in 2011. “We’ve been running at a loss for the past two years,” said Mike, who blamed the big “barn” stores, such as Bunnings, for the decline in trade. “It started really well but the retail market has suffered everywhere and we’re really feeling the pinch. “And we’re at that stage of life where we want to kick back, enjoy the grandkids and become Grey Nomads.” Gail said the family, including son James, had put their “heart and soul” into the business and it was sad that it had to close. “We’ve had a lot of really loyal customers and we’ve made lots of friends,” she said. A closing down sale will be held until the end of April. “We’ll miss the ’Burgh,” said Gail, from Dolans Bay. “And we’d just like to thank all our customers and supporters over the years.” 2508

g our Wishin We a re ity n u m com o p e ra ti n s ti ll g n g w h il s t ri well du lt s ta y in g u s a fe . c fi if d these thank See our website times – to see ho you for w. g in rt o p p su l. loca

Fun 4 U Helensburgh Before, After School and Vacation Care. Children attending from  Helensburgh Public, Holy Cross,  Stanwell Park and Otford School.  BSC 7:00am - 9:00am ASC 2:30pm - 6:30pm VAC 7:30am - 6:00pm

Contact Us: 0431 199 150  or  0431 099 608 fun4uhelensburgh@bigpond.com www.fun4uhelensburgh.com.au

Located at Helensburgh Public School, Entrance via Lukin Street

APRIL / 2508 / 19


By 2515 Coast News’ Backyard Zoology columnist Amanda De George Wow. Where to start? Honestly, I’m just trying to see the keyboard through my tears at this point. A few days ago, I was asked to write something to encourage people to practise social distancing. This is because five years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that has bumped me into the high-risk category. I’m a bit of a germaphobe, so hand-washing has always been part of my arsenal. I’ve always felt pretty safe, until the other day when my doctor advised me to “avoid people and to stay indoors”. And to “stay safe”. Yikes. Alrighty then. So that’s the reasoning: practise social distancing so that we can work towards flattening the curve

and protecting our health system. Do it for your parents, your grandparents and for people like me. However, now everything has changed. Everything. At time of writing we are heading into partial lockdown. For me, it means locking down with my husband, but not with my son, who normally moves between our house and his dad’s. The risk of transmission is just too high. I’m sure there are plenty in similar situations. People who have made the awful, awful choice to protect themselves or their loved ones by isolating and for the long-term. That got me thinking: what is there to get up for in the morning? What is there to get up to? As I sit here, I hear it. Nature is still buzzing all around, and it might be more noticeable than usual, especially as people begin to work from home and the noise of the village quietens. The cockatoos are shrieking wildly, the ants are clambering over the pot plants, butterflies are flitting past the window. Life. The sun will still rise in the morning whether I’ve stopped crying or not. My usual nature wanders will change. Instead of walks in national parks and long drives to new places, I’ll spend more time face down in my little garden and peering out the window, watching the sky and listening to the world still turning. I hope you all get the chance to focus on those things that you love over the next few months too. 2508

The team at Ray White Helensburgh are committed to helping our local community during uncertain times

We are offering free advice and expertise regarding the current property market & insight into what the next few months may hold. Call today on 4294 7000 to book in your complimentary consultation. Mattias Samuelsson

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From left to right: Dr Clifton Sturt founded the Park Road practice in 1895 (photo: State Records) Irish Dr Francis Crossle bought the practice in 1922; Dr William Feneley joined in 1958. Below, the current directors in 2020, from left to right: Dr Jeffrey Hall, Dr Julie Blaze and Dr Michael Hanson.

125 YEARS OF CARING FOR THE COMMUNITY Bulli Medical Practice is one of the oldest general medical practices in Australia.

This year it is celebrating 125 years of continuous operation. In 1895, shortly after the opening of Bulli Hospital and Bulli Public School, Dr Clifton Sturt (pictured) purchased the premises on Park Road. He built a small medical practice alongside his own private residence. Dr Barton Dixon took over the practice in 1903 and was instrumental in the development of Bulli District Hospital. Dr Dixon was a keen photographer and took many images of Bulli and Wollongong in the early 1900s. In 1922, the practice was purchased by an Irish migrant, Dr Francis Crossle (pictured). Dr Crossle was a colourful character who visited patients via horse and sulky until he bought a car. He caused a scandal when he published his novel, Dona Juana, in 1931 as it was considered risqué at the time. Some of his friends included D.H. Lawrence and Norman Lindsay. Dr Bertram Cook took over the practice in 1938 and was superseded by his brother, an ex-army officer, Dr ‘Captain’ Cook. In 1958, another ex-army serviceman joined the practice, Dr William (Bill) Feneley (pictured). Bill’s commitment to medical services and education earned him an Order of Australia in 2000. He received the ANZAC Medal for services to charitable and community organisations in 2001. Dr Julie Blaze joined in 1997 and, together with Drs Jeff Hall and Michael Hanson, expanded and modernised the practice. Today, with 10 doctors, four practice nurses and a dedicated administrative team, the practice continues to provide quality, personal healthcare in the Northern Illawarra. They also offer a comprehensive travel medicine service, a weight management program and a skin check clinic. Bulli Medical Practice always welcomes new patients. Visit www.bullimedicalpractice.com. au to book online or call 4284 4622.

n COVID-19 UPDATE: Bulli Medical Practice has implemented new risk-management procedures during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Patients with potential viral infections and/or symptoms including cough, fever and breathing difficulties SHOULD NOT book online, but instead call 4284 4622. For the latest advice, visit www. bullimedicalpractice.com.au or www.facebook.com/ Bullimedicalpractice 2508

New patients welcome! Book online via our website: bullimedicalpractice.com.au or call

4284 4622

Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm Saturday: 8am-12 noon 74 Park Road, Bulli


property from one name to another – as soon as she received her licence on March 29, 2000, when her boys were three and eight. She was thankful for the support of John and Robyn Venn who operated Coastline Real Estate and Ross Walker, a finance broker from Engadine, who referred her first clients. “I just needed one or two,” Kirsi said. “From there, it was mostly word of mouth.” The Justice of the Peace prides herself on helping clients get the most out of a transaction, even if that means recommending they don’t proceed. “My role is to explain the contract and highlight areas of concern, such as easements, restrictions, zonings and affectations (bushfire risk, flooding, heritage, asbestos).” It is also her role to be aware of other legal limitations, such as someone being coerced to sell or profits of crime involved in a purchase. “I’ve been subpoenaed by the Federal Court, the Family Court and the Supreme Court,” Kirsi said. By Heather Eiszele “They have a need to inspect my files so they can see the chain of evidence – everything has to be Property conveyancer Kirsi Benson once saved a documented so that if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, client $12,000 by advising them to delay their anyone can pick up the file and know where things settlement date. are at.” “It was by mutual consent with the owner,” the She now has clients worldwide, including a Helensburgh businesswoman said. “The penalty for businessman in London who bought a $10 million delaying the settlement date was less than the cost house in the eastern suburbs, sight unseen. . of drawing down on a bridging loan.” “I deal with an amazing variety of people,” Kirsi As she marks 20 years operating Bensons said. “I love ringing the client and saying the house Conveyancing Service from her home in Wills Place, Kirsi says loss minimisation has always been is theirs.” Contact Kirsi on 4294 4915 or email benson@ her focus. “There are ways around things,” she said. Kirsi started conveyancing – the legal transfer of bensonsconvey.com.au 2508



coming Future. – Michael Ali, OAM, Helensburgh RSL Sub-Branch

THANK YOU On Friday 21st February I had a fall while walking up Parkes Street and fortunately a man stopped his ute to come back and assist me. He drove me to the doctor and helped me inside and explained what had happened to the receptionist. I am sorry I don’t know your name but hope you read this message to know how appreciative my family and I are of your assistance when I was in great need. – Jim Armstrong

COALCLIFF SLSC – CHANGES DUE TO CORONAVIRUS Nippers presentation is under review. Upcoming Bombie Bar gigs are cancelled. Updates will be posted on our Facebook page and website, www.coalcliffslsc.com.au. 2508

ANZAC DAY 2020 In accordance with Current RSL NSW and Federal & State government guidelines Helensburgh RSL Sub-Branch WILL NOT be conducting the Dawn Service this year. We encourage everyone to pay your respects in your own way. Updates in accordance with Government Updates. We will advise you of a way to pay your Respects in the

22­ / 2508­/ APRIL


This is Pippy the bunny. She is available for adoption, with her best friend Poppy. As they are so bonded they can not be separated and must be homed together. If you would like two friendly, cuddly, female rabbits, please contact us at CCAR.

EMAIL Julie-ann on ccarpetrehoming@tpg.com.au or Helensburgh’s Country Companion Animal Rescue.

Austinmer-based therapist, coach, writer and creative, Renee McDonald, has been writing poetry since she was a teenager. She is currently raising her three children with her husband and their dog, Barkus, in Austinmer. She currently works as a director of her own company, runs retreats and generally lives a very full life around the Illawarra. You may see her walking her dog, out and about, or at the beach with her children. 2515

For local, experienced and educated real estate advice, call Ian today! Ian Pepper 0403 570 041


ian.pepper@raywhite.com raywhitehelensburgh.com.au

Compiled by Karen Lane

— THE LAND: MY HOME — By Renee McDonald Green tree, big hills Black serpent, spirit wills Glistening sea and turning wave Our picturesque home And fervent enclave Safety zone and shimmering gold The reds, yellows and greens abound With regularity and sky burns bold Natural light and volcanic ground Sun, shine, rain and clear Attractive nature, whilst sheer And natural mere Near and dear to Austinmer And where I find myself And loving it here You can feel the rugged, special beauty Or people with their shore duty Deep gratitude for the sand And the Dharawal country land Blessings of firsthand Knowledge and wisdom Peaceful, gorgeous, grand.

Real estate update HOW WILL COVID-19 IMPACT THE PROPERTY MARKET IN OUR AREA? There certainly has been a lot of disruption to our lives recently with the Coronavirus but is it having an impact on the real estate market? There have been a few comments from vendors and buyers, however, the fundamentals of the market are still strong. Finance regulations have eased and interest rates are at an all-time low, both of which are major drivers of the property market. Supply is limited and people still need a roof over their head. And in these uncertain times our area is viewed as safer than other more populated areas. In addition, bricks and mortar is seen as less volatile than the share market. So there are strong fundamentals, but with information and government announcements coming daily, best to contact your real estate adviser for up to date information on your property or circumstances.

APRIL / 2508 / 23


Interbane, that strangely shaped, intriguing mansion with the turret on top of Bald Hill, is being offered for sale for the first time in 18 years. Owner Heather Eiszele has reluctantly decided to sell the property. “Whoever buys this place will certainly enjoy the magic of Interbane, not just for the spectacular views but for the energy the house generates,” she said, adding that some people feel a sense of the past when they walk in. Interbane celebrated its centenary in 2017 and has witnessed a parade of characters, including its most celebrated owner, Tootie Harvey, who is reputed to have run a brothel with her three daughters in the 1950s. Known as the House on the Hill, it has also been a restaurant, guest house, tea rooms and war-time look-out. “People always ask me if it’s haunted,” said Heather. “It does have spirits but they’re pretty friendly. I think most of them were scared away when we had the builders in.” Heather and her former husband renovated the property about 15 years ago, adding functional

24­ / 2508­/ APRIL

living spaces while maintaining the integrity of the Victorian design. With four large bedrooms (downstairs with a separate entrance), three generous bathrooms and two expansive living areas, the house provides comfort and privacy. Views stretch from the Sea Cliff Bridge to Wollongong and the sky is regularly coloured with hanggliders and paragliders. “Sunsets are amazing,” Heather said. Situated on a 2221sq m block, the nearest neighbour is beyond shouting distance and the gardens are spectacular. Gardenias, Hydrangeas, Magnolias and Lavender take turns flowering. A six-person spa sits on a high point, overlooking the ocean and magnificent Escarpment. “It’s pretty special sitting in there at night, under a canopy of stars,” said Heather. Interbane is being marketed through Julie York of Raine & Horne Helensburgh, with the first (evening) Open House on Wednesday, April 8, from 5.30-6.30pm. It is expected to fetch around $3 million. Enquiries phone 4294 9800. 2508


Own a piece of history 8 Lawrence Hargrave Drive Stanwell Park • 1917 Victorian Mansion • Breathtaking views • 2221 sqm block Julie York 0405 128 070 julie.york@helensburgh.rh.com.au

View By Appointment Sale By Negotiation


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Left: A Western Pygmy Possum that was captured in the Northern Jarrah Forest. This one was not happy to have been captured, released and photographed. Right: Another Mountain Pygmy Possum being warmed back from torpor.

THE DELIGHTFUL PYGMY POSSUM By Helensburgh zoologist Rodney Armistead

Of all the native animals I have encountered in 20 years of working as a zoologist, Pygmy Possums are by far the most delightful and endearing. I find these diminutive little creatures extremely captivating with their dark bulbous eyes, dense whiskers, round ears and that long prehensile tail. But they are small, nocturnal, generally slow moving, extremely cryptic (shy and secretive) and, like so many of our other native animals, are rarely seen in their natural environment. MARSUPIALS, DISTRIBUTION AND HABITATS Pygmy Possums or ‘Doormouse’ Possums as they were known by the early settlers, are marsupials and therefore have a pouch in which they use to care for their developing pouch young. Pygmy possums can have up to four pouch young at a time and if the spring, summer and autumn climatic conditions are favourable, they can have multiple litters in one breeding season. There are five species of Pygmy Possum. This includes the Western Pygmy Possum (Cercartetus concinnus), or Mundarda (its indigenous name often used in Western Australia), the Eastern Pygmy Possum (Cercartetus nanus), Little Pygmy Possum (Cercartetus lepidus), Long-tailed Pygmy Possum (Cercartetus caudatus) and Mountain Pygmy Possum (Barramys parvus). Collectively, these five distinct species have a vast distribution that encompasses much of eastern and southern Australia. This includes parts of Qld, NSW, Tasmania and some adjacent islands, Victoria and the wonderful south-west of Western

26­ / 2508­/ APRIL

Australia. With such a vast distribution, the habitats in which they live vary greatly and include an array of heathlands, shrublands, woodlands, forests, rainforests as well as the glacial boulder fields, rock piles and screes that occur on the snow-capped mountains of Victoria and NSW. Locally, Eastern Pygmy Possums live among our coastal heathlands and forests in the Royal National Park, and throughout the Illawarra. For those people who are interested, see the National Parks and Wildlife interpretative signs at the start of the Wodi Wodi Walking track, between Stanwell Park and Coalcliff. Read the signs and then go looking for your own Pygmy Possum experience. Mountain Pygmy Possums also live among the boulder fields and rocky areas in the Blue Cow, Thredbo and Perisher ski fields. ALL PYGMY POSSUMS ARE TINY All Pygmy Possums that I have encountered have weighed no more than 20 grams, with the smallest being a tiny Western Pygmy Possum that weighed less than 5g. The Mountain Pygmy Possum, being the largest, generally weighs between 40 and 50 grams, when it wakes from its winter hibernation. But over the ensuing summer and autumn before the next snow season begins, they fatten themselves up to a rather plump 80g whilst feeding on the fat and protein-rich Bogong Moths (Agrotis infusa). In contrast, the smallest, the aptly named Little Pygmy Possum from South Australia, Kangaroo Island and Tasmania, will weigh no more than 10 grams as a full-grown adult. ECOLOGICAL IMPORTANCE, WHAT PYGMY POSSUMS EAT AND FLOWER POLLINATION Pygmy Possums perform an extremely important ecological role, which is ensuring that our native plants are pollinated. Pygmy Possums feed upon


Stuck indoors? Rod recommends three of his favourite books:

A Western Pygmy Possum that was captured in the Northern Jarrah Forest, near Perth. It was measured and released shortly after this photograph was taken.

nectar, pollen, seeds, insects and fruit. As they visit each blossom to feed, they collect pollen in their fur, which they then transfer between flowers of different plants of the same species. Pollination is a crucial ecological process for all flowering plants that we generally perceive as being performed by European Bees, or sometime by the tiny native stingless native bees. However, for many of our native plants, such as Banksia, Callistemon, Eucalyptus and Melaleuca trees, small mammals like Pygmy Possums, Honey Possums, native Bush Rats and Antechinus (Marsupial Mice), also contribute to this important natural process. CONSERVATION ISSUES AND STATUS While they do have a vast distribution across Australia, localised Pygmy Possum populations are threatened by predation by European Red Foxes, feral and domestic cats. Their habitats are also under threat from human activities and from introduced plant diseases, such as Phytophthora Dieback, which kills many native plants, many of which are known to provide food, cover and shelter to Pygmy Possums and other native animals. In NSW, Eastern Pygmy Possum, like all native animals, Pygmy Possums are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. They are also listed as being Vulnerable to extinction under the Biodiversity Protection Act 2016, which offers further protection. As they are listed as being under this Act, they and their habitats are offered additional protection under NSW environmental laws. Mountain Pygmy Possums, and their rocky alpine habitats, are protected under NSW and Commonwealth environmental laws. n Read part 2 in next month’s issue. FURTHER INFORMATION For more details, visit platypusSPOT.org and https://platypus.asn.au. 2508

A Fragile Balance: The extraordinary story of Australian marsupials By Chris Dickman and Rosemary Woodford Ganf. This book provides a ‘not so stuffy’ description of our unique native marsupials. It includes information regarding their ecology, biology, habitats and life history. I just loving flicking through this book just to look at the beautiful artwork. Platypus: The extraordinary story of how a curious creature baffled the world By Anne Moyal. This book is such an easy, free flowing and well written book that describes how platypus blew the minds of the early European naturalists that were exploring the new and exciting wonders of the great southern land. It also describes the first interactions between European explorers and platypus, how when the first platypus zoological samples were sent back to the stuff European museums, they were thought to be an elaborate hoax. It also provides details regarding the ecology and biology of this wondrous and unique animal. Field companion to mammals of Australia. Edited by Steve Van Dyck, Ian Gynther & Andrew Baker. This is a great book that provides some neat little summaries, with a photo, of each Australian native mammal (including those found on Christmas Island). For those that are interested in knowing more about our unique mammal fauna, this is the perfect book. Even after working on native mammals for twenty years, this book still goes everywhere with me, it is always on my desk at home, my work desk and it is the first thing that gets packed into my field gear when I am heading out into the bush. It also contains a very helpful set of identification ‘keys’ that we regularly use when we encounter a new unusual mammal. 2508

APRIL / 2508 / 27

SPAT THANKS YOU By Stanwell Park Arts Theatre president Matt Dickson

SPAT joined Bombie Bar Coalcliff SLSC and Thirroul Community Garden to deliver an amazing event on Feb 29. Hundreds of people turned up at the CWA Hall and grounds at Stanwell Park to support the event which raised more than $7300 to support Cobargo Music School, Sydney Wildlife Mobile Recovery Unit and the Quaama Bushfire Relief Programme. The event was a huge success thanks to the large number of artists who performed free of charge throughout the afternoon and late into the evening, including: Miss Cheri's Dance Shed; Sea Sharp Singers; Pete Thomas; Tableaux Vivante with Lesley Goldacre; SPAT choir; John Nicholl's Unsolved Mystery; Gerri Wood; Spatula Dance; Merchants of Panic; Schooners for Crooners; Lily Story; Les Femmes Fatale; Margaret Bradford and Hoya; Lucette Caillux Irish Dance; Murmur; Heat Seekers; Con Artists; Gorgon Soldiers; The Groove; Hot Potato Band; Stanwell Park RFS and their big red truck; Gaby and Sarah Magical massage; Louise from Soul Signature; Fernanda & Frank; Raeleen’s Fancy Faces Face Painting; Robbie ONeil pop-up


By Heather Fisher for The Bombie Bar Coalcliff SLSC Saturday 29 February – a fundraiser for the victims of the Christmas/New Year Bushfire disaster – was one of the best Bombie bar gigs we’ve ever had! Together The Bombie bar/Coalcliff Surf Life Saving Club, SPAT (Stanwell Park Amateur Theatre), and Stanwell Park CWA, put on a memorable event. Thanks to: Ulawatu Blue (who donated profits from the food sold on the night);

28­ / 2508­/ APRIL

paintings; Margie Rahmann funky brooches; Amanda’s Fire Fighter calendars; Tom Compagnoni music samples; Danielle and Co baked goods; Matilda Dickson’s Insult Booth; Gero Demonstration High Performance Coiffure; Improverts; Rising Arts Productions and The Upper Crass Theatre Company. And to the food providers: Sharon Claydon and the Thirroul Community Garden baking crew; Kat Erskine and the Uluwatu Blue late-night feeds And to the MCs for the day: Sharon Longridge; David Mitsak; Kelly-Maree Michael; Tom Peach. Also: SOL Sounds; South Coast Ticketing; Trish Moylan and Roddy Berriman bunting & site adornment; Bulli Party Hire for the big marquee; Remondis for free waste management; MJ Rowles for stage surface; Coles Thirroul for food and drinks; Sanhuy Bakery, Thirroul for bread; Eton Gorge Theatre Company for costumes; Wollongong City Council for assistance with approvals; Stanwell Park CWA for providing the venue. 2508 Thirroul Community Garden; and Karen (for face-painting). Following on from the fantastic day, Bombie patrons were treated to a musical feast starting with The Con Artists blasting out a storm outside the CWA Hall. Everyone was well in the mood for a good night by the time the first band began to play. Gorgon Soldiers got the night underway with great rock n roll, followed by the indefatigable The Groove (Damion Stirling, Drewe Peard and Sako Dermenjian), who nearly brought the house down! The last act for the night was Hot Potato Band, who really got the crowd moving with their exciting drums, brass and vocals. All the bands were so interactive and big-hearted – a warm and happy community experience. We are so lucky to have all these talented musicians living in our midst. All giving their time and energy to support our good cause. We raised around $7500 which will go to Sydney Mobile Animal Rescue Unit and the Cobargo Music Lessons group. Cobargo usually has its own Folk Festival each year and many local musicians lost all their instruments in the fires. Such generosity from all the bands, organisers and volunteers who gave so freely of their time. Thanks to everyone involved. And thanks to all the people who donated over and above the cost of their ticket. 2508

APRIL / 2508 / 29 Photos: Thanks to Lesley Goldacre, David & Lotte Rooney, and Jenelle McWilliam




Cubs at Helensburgh has passed another milestone with some of our very experienced Cubs moving to Scouts. Congratulations to Lily, Natalia and Lily for choosing to move on to their next Scout adventure! A special congratulations to Lily for achieving the Grey Wolf Award. Well done to Lily and her Six who supported her. We have more Cubs working toward this achievement, so stay tuned! We are focused on implementing the New Youth Program, which includes exciting developments for all our Scouts interested in new, exciting outdoor challenge areas. Also, Jungle Book references will be phased out of our ceremonies. For those who were Cubs or Cub Leaders in the past, we will confirm the date of our final Grand Howl opening ceremony soon and invite you all along. Term One has been a very busy term with lots of outdoor activities already, and more to come – we will have an upcoming cycling night, and a science night to finish off the term. We’ve already spent Term One building possum boxes for bushfireaffected animals, learning to sew and working on our bushwalk first aid kits and fun knot work, as well as finding and making plaster casts of animal tracks and building overnight emergency shelters, which were very artistic, if only semi-waterproof. We are ceasing normal Scout and Cub meetings for the rest of term and looking at either online or additional activities for Term 2 or when we may be able to do in-person meetings again. We can continue some activities and will do so with the Cubs that are working on the peak award badges online. Although many activities are on hold due to Covid-19 measures, being outdoors and enjoying adventures are not! 2508

By Fran Peppernell

After the ravages of the drought and terrible bushfires it was thought at last our fortunes had changed. Finally we had good rainfall which came to extinguish the fires and bring some relief to our farmers. Presently we are now facing a big challenge that we have not seen for 100 years and it’s called Covid-19 or coronavirus. With this in mind our Government has introduced a number of requirements in regard to large social gatherings, which will be put into place to help reduce the spread of the virus and protect our communities. With this in mind, the Helensburgh Lions Club has had to make some tough but right decisions – we have to inform you that the Easter Scramble scheduled for Easter Saturday, 20 April in Charles Harper Park and the Anzac Day Memorial Service at Stanwell Tops Memorial Park are now cancelled for this year. We will look to the future and hope that we can then bring events that our community will continue love and enjoy. Take care, everyone. If anyone has any further enquiries please contact us at info@helensburghlions.org.au 2508

30­ / 2508­/ APRIL

The Cubs Report.



We were so pleased to have Marie Alessi visit the Men’s Shed and share her journey about losing her husband Rob in 2018. Grief and loss can be a life-changing experience, and as part of our primary focus on Men’s Health, Marie’s sensitive understanding into ways to successfully Love Life after Loss, whether it be a loved one, a position in life, or a dream that may no longer be achieved, was invaluable. Some keys she shared were: • Make your first thought of the morning to be not about replacing your lost loved one with someone else, but about filling that hole with love and joy and happiness to others. • Recognise what exactly you have lost when the loved one has gone. • And invite life and happiness back into your life as a tribute to your loved one, yourself and those with you. The Men’s Shed is growing well, with new members joining up each month, each bringing fresh insights, skills, life experiences and stories to share. And jokes. We are excited to be installing the new Helensburgh Station Sign at the Glowworm Tunnel for Helensburgh Landcare, carrying out repairs on old church pews, restoring beautiful old chairs and continuing to enhance and improve our workshops. COVID-19 update: Announced on Sunday, 22/03/2020: “In the light of the Premier closing down all non-essential businesses the Shed will be closed to normal activities until further notice.” Visit us online at https://www. helensburghmensshed.org.au 2508

The start of term 1 saw the Helensburgh Girl Guides enthusiastically planning and rehearsing for the Support Group Annual General Meeting and Guides Awards Night. Unfortunately, following advice from Girl Guides NSW, ACT and NT all Guide meetings have subsequently been cancelled with effect from 20th March until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak. As a result, the AGM and Awards night has been postponed until meetings resume. In the interim, all Unit meetings and events are suspended. Leaders will let the girls know of any online Guiding activities which may be available during this time, and will be looking at the possibility of completing some individual badgework from home. Current members and parents can find information from emailing leaders - mflarey@gmail. com . Other information and updates will be on the Girl Guides NSW, ACT and NT website. 2508


In February our Probus club celebrated their 16th birthday. We had two of our founding members Mark and Barry cut the birthday cake. We then all enjoyed a slice with our morning tea. At our January meeting we had a very successful Friendship Day. We mingled with and talked to our newer members and got to know them a little better and reacquaint ourselves with members who have been in the club for many years. Fifty members and friends had a wonderful three-day Australia Day cruise on the Pacific Explorer. On Australia Day the ship anchored in the harbour so we could watch the celebrations on the harbour. We watched the great ferry race, a flotilla of small and large boats sailing past and witnessed the jets roaring past. After leaving the harbour we all enjoyed the activities on board while the ship sailed up the coast. Our members had an enjoyable day catching the train to Woy Woy, then a ride on the ferry to Davistown. We enjoyed lunch at the local RSL club before our return journey to the city and home. Johnny Pace, our February guest speaker, had us entertained by telling us about his time in show business. For membership enquiries, please phone Brent Percy: 0419 604 576. 2508

APRIL / 2508 / 31






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Shaz Harrison is the new manager at Manic Organic in Woonona. Photos: Unicorn Studios


time to take on a new job. On the other hand, Shaz told 2508 mag that food was flying off the shelves in March and she was barely able to Last month Shaz Harrison – known to many as the restock the milk fridge fast enough. “We have a regular sanitising and cleaning founder of Illawarra charity Need A Feed – took over as manager at Manic Organic Whole Foods in Woonona. schedule and will do everything we can for the community,” Shaz said. “Our fruit and veggie home-delivery service is available and we aim to Embattled independent grocery store Manic do everything we can to bring you the best Organic was on the verge of closing when a organic produce and products we can source.” retired Woonona geologist bought the business n Follow Manic Organic Whole Foods on and appointed Shaz to run the shop and its Facebook & Instagram, visit Shop 1, 409-411 social media pages. Princes Hwy, Woonona or phone 4285 9875. 2508 On one hand, a global pandemic is a terrible


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CLASSIFIEDS BAZZA’S CARPENTRY & HANDYMAN SERVICES: All handyman repairs. Decks, pergolas, tiling, fencing, plastering and all other timber work. Local, reliable, quick and fully insured. Free quotes. Ph. Barry [Bazz] 0414 492 509 or 4294 8164. CAT CARE: Wish your CAT could stay at home while you’re away? I love cats & can come & feed & cuddle yours at home with a daily photo. Margaret 0401 460 491. YOGA - PILATES - STRETCH CLASS: * increase flexibility, balance & general wellbeing * strengthen & tone the whole body *calms the mind, improves memory & concentration * Suitable for all levels of fitness & flexibility @ Stanwell Park Surf Club. All classes 1 hour: Sat 8am / Sun 4.30pm / Tues 9am & 7pm. Contact Karen 0403 789 617. ‘Yoga with a view’. yogastanwellpark 2508

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By Belinda McGarity First Grade has lost nine players from our 2019 season where we finished 2nd place in the League and were the only team to give Champions and League Champions Bellambi their only defeat during the 2019 campaign. We have had three players signed to premier league clubs, a massive accomplishment, including two Helensburgh Thistles Juniors – Luke Van Zyl and Cody Cuthbertson – along with Brad Watts. Also a couple leaving due to work commitments and 2019 player of the year Jarrad Benham because of uni commitments. But there is a silver lining: we have promoted six players from the 2019 Minor Premiers and Premier’s Youth Grade squad into our First Grade squad: Ben Watts, Kade Kinsella, Dylan Croker, Dale Edmundson, Finn Rodgers – and the 2019 Illawarra District League Youth Grade Golden Boot and Player of the Year, Luke Miller. On top of that, 2019 Illawarra District League Reserve Grade Player of the Year Reggae Rowley, and club stalwart Eamon Van Zyl. Off-season signings include Brad Strudwick (from Wollongong Olympic), Reece McAlpine (returning from Tarrawanna), and Jordan Grinham, a player with overseas experience. Club captain Ryan Hope’s experience and ability will shine through for our very young squad. These new signings bolster our District League squads with spots up for grabs each week across First, Reserve and Youth Grades. Brad Matiuscenko is returning to coach Reserve Grade, alongside Danny Blanche. Youth Grade this year will try to back up a very successful 2019 after winning the Minor Premiership and Premiership. We have former players Andy Russell and Jack Dipple leading our young but enthusiastic Youth Grade squad. The senior club has strong representation across all ages and genders. We once again have our 2019 Minor Premiership Amateur Cup teams returning, our two over-35 teams returning, with a strong off-season recruitment for our over-45 team. Also we again have our two women’s teams; one in the inaugural women’s over-30’s comp. In 2019 we had eight out of 10 senior teams play finals football, so hopefully we can get all 10 teams into the finals and a couple of grand final-winning teams. Good luck to all in 2020. We’d love to have as many spectators as possible to support the club with our fully licensed bar and canteen. 2508

42­ / 2508­/ APRIL



Barry Thompson Towns reports. The alarm rings at 5.30am. A 60km/h wind is howling outside, the rain is beating on the bedroom window, you crawl out of bed, wash down burnt toast with a cup of cold tea, pull on your wet-weather gear, spray Rainex on your glasses, dig out the gripo from your bowls bag and, when you arrive at the course, find out you are playing two-man Ambrose and your partner has a handicap of 42. Perfect! Paul, Kevin and Sparrow worked well together to take first prize with an impressive 58, followed by Craig and Ron (62), with Ken and Rod (65), taking the third prize. All off to Gallardo’s Pizza and Helensburgh Butchers to collect their prizes. Ian is looking to improve his game, collecting the Helensburgh Driving Range prize. Paul took out the nearest the pin for the round and the longest drive for the A grade and Jammu claimed the B grade. Ken put in two excellent shots to claim the difficult drive and pitch on the 13th. Next game on April 13th at 7.30am. Full results are on our Facebook page at Tradies Helensburgh Sports and Social Golf Club where I can be contacted for more details. 2508


Robert ‘Indy’ Jones reports. HSSGC members were treated to a fine beginning to autumn on March 1st. As the breeze freshened during mid-morning the talk at the 19th hole was all about the tight finish with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, all making 35 points. Kevin Brown nudged out Rob Jones, who got the better of Daniel Gersback to claim the prizes. We welcomed newcomer Frank Morgan and a second card for Jose with the on-course spoils being evenly shared across all three grades. Secure your spot with Frank on the trip away, planned for Oct 23-25, three days of golfing fun and games at Moss Vale, Highlands and Bowral Golf courses with accommodation in Mittagong. Our next HSSGC events, supported by our sponsors Christian’s Premium Meats and the Helensburgh Golf Range, are scheduled for April 5 (8am for 8.30), May 3 and June 7. Call Tony on 0418 863 100 or just arrive at our regular time of 7.30 for 8am to enjoy the golf, a chat and a BBQ finish at Boomerang Public Golf Course. Remember: A ball you can see in the rough from 50 yards away is probably not yours. 2508

WHY WE TRAINED AT COALCLIFF SLSC By Tamberlyn Cunningham and Dana Orth

A group of 12 keen participants commenced their training for the Bronze Medallion and Surf Rescue Certificates with Coalcliff SLSC at the end of December 2019, led by Head Trainer Dave Winner. Amongst the group were existing club members and new members, like us who had recently joined to participate in the training. We were thoroughly welcomed, encouraged and supported by everyone at the club. Living in a coastal area we felt it was important to have a greater understanding of the ocean we love swimming in. We’ve spent many summers at the beach and have always appreciated the confidence brought by seeing the red and yellow Surf Life Saving Australia volunteers. So we decided to join our local surf club. The actual training was a whole lot of fun, the CPR and First Aid theory fascinating, learning to read the surf invaluable, but the best part was getting out there amongst the waves, and seaweed which there was plenty of, and being put through

BOARDRIDERS REPORT By Scarborough Boardrider Ian Pepper.

our paces with numerous mock rescues using tubes and rescue boards. At times it was hard physical work, but super rewarding and there were lots of laughs and good times along the way. There are a few thanks we feel need special mention: Olly for being the ‘patient’ more times than any of us; Jim the manikin for remaining calm; Paula for her great acting skills; the RBT crew for deciphering the meaning of our signal practice; but mostly to Dave for his encouragement, patience and good humour – you are a true educator. We are now looking forward to our first patrol and many summers in the red and yellow at Coalcliff Beach. 2508 JUNIORS & GIRLS BLITZ SURFTAG EVENT Wow, what a day for our club competing 22 February at the Southern Region Surftag Qualifications on local soil at Coledale. We got both our U18 boys squads and women’s squads into the final and qualifying for the Nationals in April in Sydney. We fell short in the Men’s semi-final finishing 3rd and missing out on qualification by one spot. CELEBRATING INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY Smiles on dials for International Women’s Day at Scarborough Boardriders on March 8 at Coledale. Testing conditions for most of the day as we ran our first ever pointscore with priority for the women’s final and A grade. It was a first also for the club giving out cash prizes for men and women to celebrate International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day Final, from left to right: Zahlia Short, Anna Chamberlain, Kasey Hargreaves, Shyla Short, Zoe Gelder, Talina Wilson.

TREACHERY TRIP CANCELLED – LATEST NEWS Our annual trip to Treachery in March is cancelled after discussions with Surfing NSW and other government sources. Our Next pointscore is scheduled for Sunday May 17th as per our Calendar, but we will monitor the situation closely and advise in the near future. Follow the Scarborough Boardriders on Facebook and Instagram. 2508

APRIL / 2508 / 43


Photos by Damian Lloyd

Last month, the 11th anniversary Rod Stevens Memorial Paddle was held under picture-perfect blue skies, a slight NE swell and gentle winds. There was a variety of competitors, which included myself and my two daughters, Tianna and Isabella Massey. It was an approximate 3km paddle from Coalcliff Beach to the end of the Sea Cliff Bridge and back again. It is a great paddle with rich history, that challenges all competitors. The young brigade shined bright with 16-yearold Coby McDougall winning the overall race, with Tianna winning the girls category. Isabella and Ella Gorman, who were the youngest racers, battled hard with smiles on their faces, finished the course with gusto and completed something that they did not think possible at the start of the race. The records will show that I came last in the race (which has been brought up numerous times), but I do not think you can measure encouragement and quality family time in such a quantitative way. Looking forward to next year. 2508

44­ / 2508­/ APRIL


When I was a kid, I dreamt of living by the sea and doing Nippers on the weekend. I grew up in Canberra and our family spent summer holidays with our Wollongong cousins, at my dad’s old family home at Towradgi where we learnt to body surf, catch ‘sea dogs’ (big clumps of floating seaweed) and muck around on my dad’s big old Mal (he still has this board from the 1960s). I’d been thinking of doing a Bronze Medallion course for years but my fear of meeting a shark in the ocean had held me back. I blame that irrational fear on seeing Jaws when I was about 11. (My kids, having watched the same movie when they were much younger, weren’t scared at all and only talked about how unrealistic the sharks were and how terrible the continuity between shots was.) In 2019, I took part in a few wonderful training swims organised by Equilibrium Healthcare at Stanwell Park Beach in preparation for the Coalcliff to Stanwell Park swim and I was amazed that only

BACK TO THE POOL The Sea Eels season starts April 26, Karl Weber reports.

after about four sessions, as well as doing the Coalcliff Beach to Bombie swim, I had shed my fear and was totally hooked. So when Coalcliff SLSC ran its Bronze Medallion course for new members I jumped at the chance. It was wonderful doing the course with a group of lovely locals, mostly teenagers. We learnt first aid and water rescue skills while having a few laughs along the way. Dave Winner was an excellent trainer and his random testing of our hand and flag signals always kept us on our toes. I’ll always remember ‘pick up swimmers’ signal by doing an overhead lasso and thinking ‘yee-haw’ to remember that one! I’m excited to do my first patrol and become part of the friendly Coalcliff SLSC team. I’m also determined to learn to surf this winter now that I feel so much more confident in assessing the conditions and swimming out past the breakers. Thanks, Coalcliff SLSC! 2508 The Stanwell Park Sea Eels will be back in April for the 2020 winter season. We are a family-friendly club that enjoys cold water, swimming, hot soup and good cheer. We have been in existence for more than 25 years and are always looking for new members. If you can swim two laps of Coalcliff pool without stopping, then you might just win a race. Winners enjoy a free drink, and points go towards prestigious trophies that are awarded at the end of the year. We enjoy lots of social functions, trips on the road, inter-club celebrations, and each Sunday we raise money through fines for our major charity Cram House. Male, female and young swimmers are most welcome. Come along on Sunday 26th of April - 9am start @ Coalcliff Pool. 2508

APRIL / 2508 / 45

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2042 0.47

2101 0.34

2113 0.56

2222 0.58

2014 0.63

2157 0.71

2157 0.73

14 11 5 292 26 20 17 14 11 5 29 26 20 14 17

2250 0.74

0.47 1.26 0.64 1.66 M

0.50 1.21 0.70 1.62


SA 1545 1.23 2218 0.51

SU 1645 1.26 2251 0.45

TU 1717 1.10 2305 0.58

WE 1900 1.15

WE 1651 1.09 2226 0.66

TH 1847 1.19

SA 1840 1.32

0454 1106 SU 1651 2305

0530 1211 MO 1758 2345

1.56 0.49 1.20 0.47

0548 1.49 1238 0.53 WE 1825 1.13

0025 0704 TH 1357 1950

0508 1207 TH 1805 2333

0013 0642 FR 1330 1931

0016 0537 SU 1218 1828

0628 1.63

0000 0.55

SU 1836 1.40

17 0440 0.55 0.61 0.44 0504 1.61 0455 1.53 0108 0045 0158 0500 1.51 0609 0127 0548 1.63 0014 0155 1.56 49 0.23 0432 0.46 0506 0.32 0033 0.47 0.55 1.52 1.54 0105 1.49 21 21 6 651302 15 15 30 15 12 27 12 27 18 3 18 0712 1.51 51 1146 1.66 0728 1.58 0630 1.80 1104 0.39 1100 0706 0.55 0753 0810 0.47 0803 0.42 09095 0.50 30 53 1114 1.77 1.45 1149 1.34 1.26 0.50 1133 0.46 1145 0.48 20 5 20 5 20 20 38 0.34 0.19 1632 1.21 1326 1401 1411 1731 1.39 1903 1400 1726 1.28 1304 1519 1.14 40 0.20 1.23 1703 1406 0.46 0.40 0.56 1303 0.64 0.43 1.33 0.70 1.19 0.51

0.58 1.63 0.38 1.20

1.50 0.51 1.14 0.62

0.67 1.55 0.43 1.25

0.56 1.73 0.26 1.45

TU WE SA MO MO MO FR SA 1750 SU 1800 TH 1.13 FR 1.21 SU 1.33 WE FR 1745 SA 31 2309 1.24 1.32 1.57 2304 0.64 1940 2025 2345 0.43 1.67 2312 2319 1948 2357 0.56 1914 2029 0.80 39 1.55 2344 1.73 1843 1.66 1.54 0.71 0.66 2008 0.67

02 52 32 44 15 45 TH 08

0544 1.42

0117 0.55

0105 0.61

0609 1.61

0014 0.44 1.80 0.19 1.57

21 0108 0712

0.33 1.84 0.15 1959 1.69

22 0146 0747

6 0641 6 0630 6 0.27 60.33 1.60 21 0751 1.66 1212 0.62 21 1316 0.42 1302 0.39 21 0728 1.58 0.51 0557 0.55 0109 0.53 1.50 0146 0.40 0117 0554 0.50 0.50MO 0534 0.48 0553 1.50 0546 1.53 MO0034 0539 1.63 1304 1.190148 0.41 0652 1754 1.18 FR 1438 0.34 TU 1902 TH 1331 FR 1903 1.23 SA 1406 0.40 2031 0722 1.24 2008 1.32 1.19 1252 2351 0.50 1.69 1205 1.60 1.84 1154 1.50 1914 1.73 1137 0804 0.59 0747 1.22 1.21 1.62 1.38 1922 1223 0.46 1244 0.47 0704 1229 0.36 0807 0202 1348 0.51 0148 0.55 0629 1.51 0.481440 0.50 1816 0034 1715 0.53 0.32 0.38 0.44 0109 0.27 1.15 0.67 0.70 0.31 1732 0.51 1836 1.40 1847 1.19 1.32 SU TU WE 1355 SA71351 TU 1400 MO TU FR 1815 SA 0038 SU SA 1840 7 0053 7 70.15 1307 0.53 22 0719 1.70 0730 1.72 22 0832 1.69 0704 1.73 22 0807 1.60 1.29 1.37 1.69 2011 1.59TU 0722 1930 0.70 1.62 23550.352042 1.54 1850 1.191.33 0.32 1440 0.38 1348 0.30 SA 1515 1959 1351 2350 0.27 SU TU1952 WE 1410 FR 1418 SA

19 13 7 4 28 22 19 13 7 31 28 22 1959 1.20

2108 1.29

2012 1.25

2042 1.37

1952 1.33

43 0013 0.48 0034 0.51 0.43 0128 0243 0202 0.48 0034 0.49 0.480228 0.44 0052 40 0617 0.52 0144 1.65 1.67 0029 0.61 0.67 80129 0016 0.56 8 0817 0712 1.61 23 0807 1.74 1.83 23 0910 1.69 of 2019, of0.30Meteorology 0814 10Australia 1.69 0657 0844 1.60 0755 1.84 57 1217 1.29 0634 1.51 0642 1.55 0537 1.73 0.31 1355 Bureau 0.43 0.19 0800 SU 1546 0.46 WE 0.35 TH 1457 SA 1504 2143 1431 1.32 1942 1.21 1.221510 1.32 1402 46 0.31 0.37 0.17 34 1804 0.58 1.15 1.44 1256 0.44 1330 0.43 0.26 MO SU 1437 WE SU 2046 TU SA 1300 MO2100 FRAstronomical SU 1218 st Tide 0214 0.482114 0234 0117 0.46 0.37 1916 0320 2045 0.47 43 1931 1.32 1900 1.42 1.43 51 0.76 0.43 1909 1.47 1.25 92038 1828 1.45 9 0904 1.92 24 0945 1.68 0755 1.72 24 0850 1.77

0223 0.47 0202 0228 0.51 0129 0650 0.43 0.52 80.25 8 0814 0755 1.84 23 0844 1.60 1.82 0824 1.47WE 1.17 1510 0.37 0.17 MO 1431 SU 1437 1252 2114 1.42 2038 1809 1.43 0.17 0.46 2045 0.75 TH 1424 WE 0221 0.34 0304 0.48 1.649 0256 91.77 242042

21 15 9 6 30 24 21 15 9

30 24

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0845 1.91 0905 0918 1.59 me (UTC +10:00) or daylight savings time (UTC +11:00) when in effect TH 1440 0.33 FR 1538 0.27 MO 1521 0.10 TU 1539 0.37 SU 1548 0.11 MO 1617 0.31 TH 1515 2030 1.24 2124 0045 1.52 1.240304 2146 1.38Time 2215 0256 1.34 2144 1.47 0221 0.34 2129 20 0105 0.47 0127 0.48 0.21 0300 0.45 2130 1.59 1.63 0033 1.53Local 0155 1.56 0.61 0014 0.44 0108 0.55 New Moon First Quarter Full Moon 1.74 0900 1.43 0351 1.91 0256 45 0728 1.68 1.59 0202 0.44 0.32 0909 0357 0905 0.46 0340 0.46 0.480918 0314 0753 0.26 0.51 0803 0.42 0706 0.55 0325 0.50 1.58100845 0630 1.80 0712 1.51 0952 1.96 25 1018 1.65 10 0933 1.93 25 0951 1.56 10 0958 0838 1.81 25 0930 1.77 10 MARCH APRIL 1515 0.23 0.49FR 1558 1521 0.10 17 0.31 1539 0.37 1.17 1400 1.28 1303 1.21 1519 1.14 1406 0.40 1304 0.19 1326 0.43 MO TU TH FRWE1453 SU 0.08 TU 1647 0.33 1607 0.38 1605 1401 0.09 SA MO0.24MO TU FR 1524 MO 1633 WE SA 1615 0.27 TUTH

1.43 2029 2248 2130 1.36 2215 1.50 1.252144 2210 1917 1.60 2117 1.27 1.83 2115 1.67 1.52 2208 15 1.34 Time 1.47 0.80 0.78 1948 0.56 1843 0.64 1.32 2124 1.57 1940 1.54 m 1914 m 2008 Time m Time m 2233 0248 0922 SA 1609 2204


0.42 1.88 0.17 1.30

0336 1008 SU 1651 2245


0.48 1.75 0.28 1.26

0416 1041 TU 1717 2321


0.30 1.94 0.08 1.47

0433 1051 WE 1716 2321


0.47 1.60 0.36 1.38

1.58 0109 1.50 0213 1.48 0146 1.39 57 0148 0.46 0224 0.26 0117 0.46 0304 1.50 0.50 0351 0.55 0314 0.33 0340 16 1012 16 0917 10804 10 0958 10 0933 25 31 22 22 7 0.49 0.51 0913 0.59 0747 0.61 18 0807 1.65 1.93 1.56 0.59 1.50 1.60 0722 1.84 0951 1.16 0.09 1400 1.19 1511 1607 1.11 0.38 1627 1558 1.25 47 0.33 1512 1605 1.15

0406 1023 WE 1648 2257


1.62 0.32 0.30 0.44 0511 0.49 0336 0.40 0415 0.49 WE0509 0500 1355 1348 0.15 TH MO 0.38 WE FR TU WE TU SU 1440 TU 120.65 1008 1.92 27 1044 1.71 12 1130 1.87 27 1125 1.53 12 1114 0.79 TH 2037 0.74 0.57 2217 1.84 48 2042 1.36 2046 1.60 1.50 1930 0.70 2011 1.59 1.37 SU2210 1959 1.69 0.312215 1731 0.13 2144 1655 0.13 WE 1802 TH 1745 0.40 MO 1725 2322 1.26

2254 1.32

0.23 1.88 0.12 1.65

0416 1026 TH 1634 2246

0448 1052 SA 1641 2306

2319 1.55



11 0.44 1.37 0.54 0548 0455 0.46 0.23 SA 1523 1.77 27 1100 1.45 12 1149 2147 1.69SU 1726 0.20 FR 1703 0.46

2356 1.39

2345 1.67

0551 0.52 1200 1.44 FR 1815 0.45

0557 0.27 1205 1.62 FR 1815 0.31

0410 1.48 0.25 0.47 0448 280420 11 1052 23 17 11 8 2 26 23 17 28 1103 0.50 13 1.48 26 1020 1.47 1718 1641 1.25 0.44 1556

0319 1.490011 1.39 33 0228 0.47 0330 0.23 0452 0.45 0426 0.40 0.510416 1.49 0.51 0406 0202 0.25 0223 131.54 28 1118 13 0604 1055 1.921.88 1.651026 0.34 0.51 1027 0.55 0.65 51 Meteorology 1.60 1035 1.52 of 0844 1.60 MO1023 0814 1.82 0824 1742 0.13 0.34 1.73 TU 1758 TH 1219 2344 1.33 2359 1.261634 1848 0.22 1634 1.11 1633 1.13 1.16 16 0.36 1648 0.12 0.42 1510 0.37 1431 0.17 1424 FR TU TH WE TH MO WE TH 0.71 2157 0.730102 0.63 21 2114 1.38 2157 1.65 0531 1.53 1.50 0518 0.41 0.552246 1.42 2257 2045 1.77 2042

0.45 0652 13 1252 1.32 MO 1816 0.59 0.46 SA SU 2250 0.74 1.68 0052 0033 2306 1.40 0034 1.67 0617 0.52 1.64 14 29 141.80 292224 0534 1137 SA 1732 2355

0.48 1.38 0.51 1.54

14 1144(UTC 0635 0.57 0657 0.35 1217 1.29 0800 1.87 29 1153 1.57 14 0704 0.40 ght savings time +11:00) when in effect FR 1313 1.56 SA 1238 1.34 SA 1300 1.44 SU 1804 0.58 TU 1402 TU 1830 0.15 WE 1830 0.38 1.49 1.52 0256 1.541934 1.39 11 0304 0.49 0440 0455 0.46 0.32 0504 0.47 1916 0500 0.23 0432 0.32 0506 1848 0548 0.51 1900 0.43 0.21 0300 0.45 0.48 irst0918 Quarter Quarter Moon 0.48Last 1146 0.50 1133 0.460158 0.65 25 1.53 1.45 1.34 1104 1.26 0155 1.77 Full 0036 1.34 0037 1.261100 1.51 1145 0127 1.63 0033 1.53 0905 1.74 0900 1.43 1149 1.59 1114

18 12 9 303 27 24 18 12 15 2730 24 15 0.46 1800 1726 1.33 0.56 1.13 0.20 1745 1703 1.21 1.09 45 0.40 1750151731 1632


0.45 0614 0.59 0810 0.47 0803 0.42 0.55 0.64WE 0909 0.23 1453 SA WE 0.37 FR FR SU MOMO 0706 THWE 0614 TH1.771515 FR TU 1539 1234 1.48 1.39 0.49 1303 1.21 1519 TH 1229 SA 1411 SU 1400 1.28 1919 0.20 0.432319 0.43 2344 1948 0.56 1843 0.64 0.67 1.73 0.71 2312 0.662025 0.67 56 2144 1.39 2309 1.55 2304 1.66 2029 1.67 1904 2130 1.83 2115 1.67 2357 1.47 2345 0119 0700 FR 1309 1942


1.27 0.63 1.38 0.47

1.53 0351 1.63 0340 1.50 1.43 51 0340 0.52 0546 0.48 0553 0.27 0539 0.21 0534 0.44 0652 0.46 0557 19 1244 4 28 19 1223 13 1252 13 1205 10 25 25 0.47 1229 0.36 0939 0.46 0.60 00 0951 1.44 1.38 1.62 0958 1.62 1137 1.37 1.56 1.19 0.31 1840 1732 1.32 0.51 1836 1816 1.40 1.09 15 0.45 1847 1815

0.40 1.22 0.67

0117 0804 TU 1400 1930


28 0554 1154

TH 0.38 SA 0.32 SU 0.54 SA MO FR FR 1558 SA 1523 WE 1607 Commonwealth of Australia Bureau of Meteorology 0.66 2215 1.50  Copyright 1.542019, 2217 1.84 2355 2147 1.69 Datum of Predictions is Lowest Astronomical Tide

0.55 1.51 TU 1326 0.43 1940 1.54

0.50 1.50 WE 1355 0.44 2011 1.59

WOLLONGONG CITY COUNCIL HAS0.47 ASKED 23 0223 0824 1.47 0.46 ALL 2508THTO1424 REMIND 2042 1.64 BEACH GOERS TO 0.21 0.45 24 0300 1.74SWIM 0900 1.43 THE BETWEEN 0.23 FR 1453 0.49 1.83 2115 1.67 FLAGSQuarter – NO FLAGS Last 0.21 NO0.44 SWIM. 25 0340 1.62 MEANS 0939 1.37 SA 1523 0.54

1.69 YOU 2147 CAN ALWAYS 0420 0.45 26 SPEAK TO ONE 1020 1.32 OF SU 1556 0.59 COUNCIL’S 2224 FRIENDLY 1.68 0.32 LIFEGUARDS 0504 0.47TO 1.34 27 1104 1.26 0.56 0.64 MO 1632 DISCUSS CONDITIONS 1.73 2304 1.66 AT THE BEACH. 0.40 0554 0.50

0.25 1.48 0.44 1.80

1.22 0.67

28 1154

1.21 TU 1715 0.70

1.62 TIMES 2350 AND HEIGHTS 1.65 0650 0.52 29HIGH 0.46 OF 1252AND 1.17LOW 1.15 WE 1809 0.75 WATERS 0.76 LAT 3401.59 29’ 0045 1.56 0.50 30 0753 0.51 0 1501.17 55’ 1.14 LONG TH 1401 0.80

1917 0.78

1.50 0.59 1.15 0.70

0.50 1.21 TU 1715 0.70 2350 1.62

Times are in local standard time (UTC +10:00) or daylight savings time (UTC +11:00) when in effect 1.65 0650 0.52 Moon Phase Symbols New Moon First Quarter Full Moon

0.61 0.67 0448 0.56 0420 1.50 33 0416 1.40 0013 1.67 0016 0.52 0029 0.45 0034 0.25 0617 0.45 0052 20 0634 20 0642 5 29 14 0800 14 0657 26 11 26 1.51 1.55 0537 1.73 1020 0.51 35 1026 0.57 0.35 1.29 1.52 1052 1.48 1217 1.32 0.44 0.43 1.44 1218 1804 0.26 0.58 1256 1402 1.14 38 1.34 1330 1300

0.61 1.51 0.44 1.47

0.25 1.82 0.17 1.77

0.32 2217 1.84

0.45 1.52 0.42 1.53

25 0340 0939

1.59 0.51 1.17 TH 1917 0.78 0029 0634 MO 1256 1909


Last Quarter

0.46 1252 1.17 1.15 or otherwise 0.75 0.59 FR 0.42 SU 0.44 TU WE 1809 SAThe Bureau SUno warranty Meteorology gives anyMO kind whether express, implied, statutory in respect to the availability, accuracy, currency, completeness, TH 1634 SAof 1641 SUof1556 1.47 1.25 1828 0.62 1916 0.76 48 2246 0.51 1931 1900 0.43 or reliability of the information that the2224 information1909 will be fit for any particular purpose or will not infringe any third party Intellectual Property rights. 1.53 quality 2306 1.80 or1.45 1.68 The Bureau’s liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense resulting from use of, or reliance on, the information is entirely excluded.

0.55 0.61 0548 0.44 0504 1.61 0455 0105 1.63 0014 1.53 0108 0.32 0033 0.47 0155 0.46 0127 21 0712 21 0728 6 30 1546­0803 15 0909 12 27 27 1.51 1.58 0630 1.80 1104 0.39 1100 0.55 / 2508 1149 /0.42 APRIL 1.34 0706 1.26 1.45 0.43 1406 1400 0.40 1.28 1304 1303 0.19 1.21 1326 1519 1.23

1.56 0.50 1.14 TU 0.64 SA 0.46 MO 0.56 SU SU 1726 MO MO 1632 WE FR 1703 1.54 0.80 1.32 2357 1.57 2304 0.56 1914 0.64 1940 1.73 1843 1.66 2029 2319 2008 1.55 1948

0.33 0554 0.53 0534 0148 1.50 0146 0.40 0117 0.50 0.48 0.55 0652 0109 22 0747 13 7 31 28 28 0722 0804 1.84 0.59 1.73 22 0807 1.60

0.50 1.50

30 0045 0753

1.59 0.51 TH 1401 1.17 1917 0.78

KAI IMPROVES, BUT LONG ROAD AHEAD Local BMX competitor Kai Sakakibara suffered a severe head injury during a World Cup event, his sister Saya reports on his condition.

From the time I sent the last update out, it has been a roller-coaster of a ride. It is scary to think that one month ago, my family and I were sitting at the hospital being hit with the fact that Kai actually may not survive this. The impact of his fall was very severe but the neurosurgeons were fantastic in acting quickly to maximise his chance of survival. It is now day 45. Two weeks ago, the doctors were happy with the pressures in his brain so they started to take Kai off

Helensburgh Car Services

4294 2930

paralysis and sedation meds. Every day we came into the hospital, we were able to see some kind of change. Whether it was the reduced number of medications or the nurses had repositioned him. Kai has made positive steps forwards in his recovery, but it is still early days and it is still too early to tell what the result of his full recovery will look like. The doctors are positive, seeing the improvements he has made within the last week or so, but they do remind us that recovery from brain injuries are an unknown to them. What I found was that waking up from a coma isn’t what you see in movies where the patient suddenly opens their eyes and they say, ‘Where am I? What happened?’ It is a slow process as Kai will have to embark on a long journey of recovery – we don’t know what the outcome will be. But as we said before, he is in good hands and we are staying positive that he is young and fit with a healthy brain that will help with his recovery. Again, thank you for the tremendous support so far. We really appreciate it, and Kai is going to need it for many months ahead. This is a bank account dedicated for Kai’s medical expenses and rehab, money will be used to buy equipment and pay for facilities in the coming months. KaiFight77 Fund BSB:182-182 Acc Number: 003380821 Every day is a different day for Kai. Some days will be good, some days will be not so good. But what we know is that Kai will keep fighting until the job is done. It is in his nature. I’ll update you again soon. 2508


Tune & Service • E Safety Checks All Makes & Models LPG Rego Checks • Blue Slips Licence no. MVRL 17877

Child Restraints Fitted


John Hine (Proprietor) 187 Parkes St Helensburgh 2508

4294 1008 APRIL / 2508 / 47

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2508 APRIL 2020  

Independent local news, delivered monthly to homes and businesses in Helensburgh and district.

2508 APRIL 2020  

Independent local news, delivered monthly to homes and businesses in Helensburgh and district.

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