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August 2019 was a month of activism as residents spoke up about causes they cared about. People turned out in record numbers for community meetings, filled out surveys and shared views on social media. They signed petitions, wrote to politicians, spoke to the media. They fought to ensure the future of their children, their businesses and their town. In this issue, 2508 covers three hot topics: the high school choices campaign (p4) a planning proposal for new housing (p6); and the proposed 2020 road closures of Lawrence Hargrave Drive (p8-11). Feeling engaged? Council wants your feedback on moving the off-leash area at Stanwell Park by 10am September 9. Go to www.haveyoursaywollongong.com. 2508


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“Coggan sounds amazingly like Stevens” The Daily Telegraph


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‘WE’RE STILL GOING TO KEEP ON FIGHTING’ There’s been some good news in the high school choices campaign but the battle’s not over. 2508 reports.

‘High Schools for Helensburgh’ campaigners have had a surprise win in their four-month-long battle to have the NSW Education Department formally recognise both Heathcote and Bulli as the local high schools for residents of Helensburgh, Stanwell Tops and Darkes Forest. A Heathcote Electorate Office media release on August 22 – three days before MP Lee Evans’s first scheduled meeting with the group – said: “Member for Heathcote Lee Evans has confirmed today that any student currently enrolled at Helensburgh Public School, and their siblings, will have the choice of enrolling either at Heathcote High School or Bulli High School.” Mr Evans said: “Heathcote High School remains the designated high school for Helensburgh families, however, offering this choice will support existing school families who have had an expectation of being able to choose either of the high schools. “In future, new families living in Helensburgh who enrol children in Helensburgh Public School will be subject to the normal enrolment policy when applying to go to high school: if they wish to apply to Bulli High School, their application will be dealt with as non-local enrolment request.” “It was very unexpected. We’re all a little bit in shock,” Helensburgh Public School (HPS) P&C president Naomi Burley told 2508. “It’s very good. We’re still going to keep on fighting. “Because it doesn’t cover Otford, Stanwell Park or Holy Cross students. They will have to apply as out of area if they happen to be a resident of Helensburgh and want to go to Bulli, or any other school other than Heathcote High.” The High Schools for Helensburgh team, with a core group of HPS P&C members, has been

L-R: HPS P&C’s Fiona Myers and Naomi Burley, Labor’s Maryanne Stuart and MP Prue Car at Tradies on August 16.

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Bulli is the local high school for children who live in the purple patch, For the rest, Heathcote is the local high school. Source: NSW Government’s Public School Finder

campaigning since April 10 when shocked HPS year 6 students discovered their applications to Bulli High were invalid and had to be re-submitted as ‘out of area’ forms, due to a “historical error”. Bulli, it turned out, was never the local high school for Helensburgh, merely an alternative based on a “gentlemen’s agreement”, said to date back 32 years. The campaign has had strong support. About 100 people attended a public meeting at Tradies Helensburgh on August 8 and, at press time, 875 people had signed the Change.org petition, “Bulli or Heathcote: Give Our Children The Choice”. At the Tradies meeting were Lynne Irvine, executive director, Department of Education; Debbie Lowe, director, educational leadership Wollongong North Principal Network; Sharon Bird, federal member for Cunningham; and former Labor candidate for Heathcote Maryanne Stewart. “It was really heartening,” Naomi said of the 100-strong turn-out. “We’ve also strengthened our relationship with Debbie Lowe and with Lynne Irvine. I think they’ve got to know the parents, and everyone participating in our meeting was so respectful and so willing to work in partnership with them. “I think they were really surprised, I think they’re used to being lynched. So they really like Helensburgh now.” Naomi said a key point that came out of that meeting was: “This isn’t about ‘shopping for schools’ based on performance. The needs of our families were genuine … we are very different from all the examples cited in the press about faking addresses and the like to get a ‘better’ school. “The stories people from the community shared were all about the essentials of family life and managing multiple needs, in a lot of instances medical, multiple siblings and cultural. We didn’t even get into sporting practices etc!” On August 16, the group met Labor MP Prue Car, shadow minister for education, at Tradies. Afterwards, she said: “Parents in Helensburgh aren’t asking for anything unreasonable – they simply want what is best for their children and Continued on page 6


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150 Meters 0

Gis ref: Lady Carrington_setting.mxd

Date of Aerial photo 2018

Date: 11.06.19

detail which will then be subject to an assessment by Council’s planning staff. The role of Council planning staff is to review any new evidence or new material in-line with the planning processes involving rezoning. They do this independently of the elected Councillors for probity reasons. The Wollongong Local Planning Panel is also mandated to consider any planning proposal and provide advice to Council. However, the decision on whether a proposal has merit and should progress to public exhibition is made ultimately by the elected Councillors. I would like to stress to the community that this assessment is part of an ongoing attempt by the developer to challenge Council’s position. Council will need to be convinced, with significant new and compelling evidence, to justify changing the position it has held since 2013. So Councillors will wait for a report and recommendations from Council planners, but from my conversations with them the evidence will need to be overwhelming to change the present position. Lord Mayor, Cr Gordon Bradbery AM, Wollongong City Council 2508

Lady Carrington Estate South boundary

Drawn By: J Lewis














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I refer to the article in the Illawarra Mercury on Saturday, 3 August 2019 regarding a proposal to rezone land in Helensburgh to allow for residential development (‘Bushland rezoning plan would make way for 280 houses’). As the article notes, the rezoning proposal was not supported when it came before Council in 2013 and the developer sought a review of Council’s decision. A subsequent review was completed by the Joint Regional Planning Panel in 2014 which found that the proposal had some merit and requested that it should be considered in light of further detail. The land owner has subsequently provided various studies which relate to the suitability of the site for urban development which they are entitled to do, that is, in seeking a reversal of the Council’s previous position. The process requires the land owner to demonstrate strategic merit and




HPS P&C MEETING: All welcome, Tues, Sept 10, 7pm at Helensburgh Public School library. The DET’s Lynne Irvine and Debbie Lloyd will be attending. Facebook: High Schools for Helensburgh. 2508

Lady Carrington Estate South setting

In August’s 2508, Neighbourhood Forum 1 convenor Warwick Erwin revealed that a planning proposal for development of the area known as Lady Carrington Estate South was with Wollongong City Council in preparation for submission to the NSW Department of Planning for what is known as a Gateway determination. The area is from Otford Rd through a “cleared area”, including the gated Lilyvale Rd, and around to the rear of homes on Shannon Drive (see approximate outline on map). Last month, 2508 asked council for an update: “This Planning Proposal is under assessment and will remain this way until it is reported to Council. It is yet to be included on an upcoming Council meeting agenda. Should Council decide to progress the Planning Proposal it will return to being under assessment throughout the exhibition period and following the assessment of submissions.’’ This issue, plus Helensburgh’s Maidstone St roundabout and Stanwell Park’s dog off-leash area, will be on the agenda for NF1’s September 11 meeting, 7pm, Helensburgh Community Centre. All welcome. 2508




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their family life. The Berejiklian Government can reverse this illogical enrolment catchment crackdown … and they should do it without delay.” As part of the government’s recent crackdown on ‘school shopping’, from next year principals could be forced to cap the intake of students outside the school’s enrolment area. Naomi believes the sudden enrolment compromise for HPS students and their siblings was driven by common sense. “Much as I’d like to say, ‘oh, we did such a great job of lobbying…’ all of the regional communities have their own unique circumstances but ours is very compelling. There aren’t a lot of other communities where half your families commute in one direction and the other half go in another. “So far we are the only community with a minimum 19km distance to travel. That has an obvious student wellbeing impact. “I do think the community turning up at the community meeting and showing that it was a genuine concern made a big difference. And the petition. So big thank you to the community. On August 26, five parents had a “productive meeting” with MP Lee Evans. “We understand that there is a review underway and we look forward to the outcome of this after Mr Evans meets with Education Minister Sarah Mitchell to represent the entire 2508 community,” Naomi said. The High Schools for Helensburgh group will seek confirmation of any solution in writing. “No more gentlemen’s agreements,” Naomi said.



$4.5M ROADWORKS BUT AT WHAT COST TO COMMUNITY? Residents want better options than full closure of Lawrence Hargrave Drive over summer. 2508 reports.

More than 50 residents from 2508 district attended a sometimes emotional Neighbourhood Forum (NF1) meeting on Wednesday, August 14, to discuss proposed road closures of Lawrence Hargrave Drive for slope-stabilisation work. This would involve closing Lawrence Hargrave Drive between Otford Road and Chellow Dene Avenue, said Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). “The work requires closing the road in two stages each of four weeks, 24 hours a day. The first four-week closure is proposed during February/ March 2020 and the second during May/June 2020.” Detours would be via Bulli Pass and the M1. RMS representatives presented at the NF1 meeting, at Helensburgh Community Centre, to explain why work needed to be done and also answered questions from the attendees. NF1 officials Warwick Erwin and Ian Hill co-convened the meeting. Among attendees’ primary concerns were the proposed closure’s tremendous disruption to local businesses, the impact on families in terms of schooling, medical appointments and sporting attendances, and the effect it would have on emergency services’ response times to call-outs. The estimated cost of the planned works was $4.5 million, Emma Barber, an RMS communication and stakeholder engagement officer, said. “There are a number of what we call tension cracks developing within the road pavement on that section of the road and these cracks, from a geotechnical perspective, are a high indication of the potential for a land slip to occur in that area. “There are 10 specific sites [in that section of road] that we need to work on.” She said closures were required because “the simple fact is, it is a really narrow road and this machinery is really quite big – there is no room to get traffic past you when you’re working there. It makes it a really constricted site and dangerous site when you’re trying to get traffic past. “We considered working with one lane open but it was not an option to pursue because it made it unsafe, particularly on the downhill slope there’s a risk of out-of-control vehicles and it’s also very narrow. One of the other options was opening and closing the road to peak-hour traffic morning and

8­ / 2508­/ SEPTEMBER

afternoon and on weekends. The problem with this is that some of the machinery actually takes hours to set up and pack down and some of the activities – such as grouting the soil nails* – you can’t interrupt that process, so essentially you have to throw it out and start again.” (* The process of grouting solid bars, up to 13m long, which have been inserted into a slope to stabilise it.) A single eight-week closure had been suggested, she said. “But at the moment we haven’t made a decision as to which one of those we will go with.” Ms Barber said if the RMS did not do the work “and the road collapses of its own accord, the road would be shut completely for six to 12 months, which we consider is a far worse scenario than actually having a planned process in place”. Ian Draper, who co-owns the Palms Cafe in Stanwell Park with his wife Jo, said: “If you’re going to close this up in summer – our peak time – for us, it’s not an inconvenience, it’s our livelihood. “We’ve got children, we live in Helensburgh and there’s no way we can survive if we’re closed for two months. So why couldn’t we move it [the road closure] to winter?” Dr Trevor Kemper, who has a practice in Helensburgh and lives in Stanwell Park, said: “If I need to see somebody [a patient] in Helensburgh overnight and I can’t get there urgently [because the road is closed], more emergency services are going to be required … because it’s going to be almost impossible to service the area. “Similarly, you’ll have a lot of people in Stanwell Park who do commute to Helensburgh for their medical care who won’t be able to ... so their regular GPs in town won’t necessarily be able to see them, or it’ll be too far for them to go – these are big issues. And, secondary to that, is also that it impacts my business as well, as a lot of my business comes from Stanwell Park.” Stanwell Park resident Cr Leigh Colacino, of Wollongong City Council, called for an extension to the RMS survey on the proposed project, saying residents “don’t have enough information right now to make an educated response” and so could not make full use of “that online opportunity”. At the time, the survey was due to close on August 16. That deadline was later extended to August 30. Peter McDonald, of Helensburgh-Stanwell Park

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YOUR Letters


‘THE ROAD TO RUIN’ It feels like a deja vu experience, having endured the closure of Lawrence Hargrave Drive for nearly three years during the building of the Sea Cliff Bridge and repairs to the road from 2003 to 2005. At that time the closure affected not only the local residents and visitors to the area, but also numerous businesses which disappeared forever, i.e. garage, hotel, shops, newsagent, post office etc., all along the main artery. It was nicknamed “The Road to Ruin”. Although this time the length of closures will be obviously shorter, one has to be cautiously optimistic considering the changes in the weather that might take place. The dates are very vague, which does not allow businesses to make definite plans for the year 2020 and dates already mentioned coincide with the best trade for businesses along the coast. July-August (cooler and quieter months) would be preferable. In your [RMS] leaflet you mention residents and

motorists without mention of the businesses which will be impacted by the closures. The closures will devastate Northern Suburbs business owners and will decimate much-needed weekend Tourist Trade. Surely the RMS could devise a better way to accomplish the work without a complete closure of the road. At this stage there has not been any consultation with business operators or residents along the Lawrence Hargrave Drive stretch. It is obvious that there is a strong community feeling against the closures of the road, not only once but twice, and I believe that every possible measure should be taken to minimise the burden to the residents, businesses and tourists. – John Vandermeeren, resident and owner of Articles Art Gallery Complex, Stanwell Park THE GRAFFITI QUESTION I am concerned any concrete retaining wall down Bald Hill will become a “graffiti wall” forever more, as have the concreted cliff walls along the Sea Cliff Bridge and the concrete panel sound barriers along the Northern Distributor. Once a “graffiti wall” is constructed, there is a continuous ugly problem and ongoing maintenance costs. If you must do any retaining walls, please make them of a type impossible to graffiti, i.e. rock filled gabions, and plant native climbers over them. – Steve Barrett 2508

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SLSC, said: “It’s going to have a huge effect on us. Even though we’re located at Stanwell Park, 90 percent of our patrolling members live come from Helensburgh or the Shire. “So, how are our members going to get down the beach [if the road is closed]? It’s just impossible. Stanwell Park “is one of the most treacherous beaches on the east coast”, he said. “After all the rescues we had last year, this [road closure] is very significant.” He mentioned the fact that the club’s IRB team was on “24/7 call-out for emergencies”. “Plus two months out of our turning up at the surf club is going to be a drain on the surf club’s revenue – we’re a charity and we rely on people coming down there and spending money. “It’s also going to have a big effect on the training of our future lifesavers, even our nippers. “I think RMS is doing a cop-out – it’s the cheap option.” Paul Campbell, a civil engineer and also a station officer with Fire & Rescue NSW, operating out of Wollongong Fire Station: “I think you could estimate the cost to the community if you shut this road down could be in the order of $10 million, more than double the cost to the RMS of doing the work [estimated to be $4.5m]. “If it costs the RMS double the amount to do the work and keep a lane open, or do it at night, well, I think that would be a better option than imposing a $10 million cost on the community.” Pat Goodchild, president of Coalcliff Community Association, said: “I’ve been in the industry for 40 years and site-managed some really large sites, including the complete shut-down of George Street [in Sydney]. The way you’re talking about engineering and stuff is really very piecemeal and very unprofessional to call a public meeting without any real information at all and you still haven’t satisfied me.” Helensburgh resident Fiona Myers said: “Call me cynical, but is the reason we’re having a consultation tonight for the RMS to test the waters and to test the community’s appetite for this road being closed? Why have we not had all of the other NSW state government departments, who you have said you consulted with, who can’t give you answers, why aren’t they all here as well? Because if that was real consultation, surely that’s what should be happening.” Kat Erskine, owner of Uluwatu Blue cafe in Stanwell Park, said: “I have a cafe in Stanwell Park and I was wondering: is there going to be financial compensation for any of the local businesses?” Ms Barber said: “It’s not normal.” GET INVOLVED: NF1 next meets September 11, 7pm at Helensburgh Community Centre. Contact RMS via southernprojects@rms.nsw.gov.au 2508

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Heathcote MP Lee Evans told 2508 District News last month he would raise residents’ concerns at a meeting with Minister for Transport Andrew Constance. “I’ve had meetings with the Stanwell Park P&C and at Kennett Homes. They’re all very worried, which is understandable. To cut a community off like was proposed, it’s just untenable. There’s got to be, in 2019, an option rather than [full closure]. “It was after the election, I first heard about it in March/ April.” Initially, RMS planned to close the road in August 2019, Mr Evans said. “I went, Whoa… You’re actually going to take the road away in less than six months. It’s ridiculous. So they then rolled it over into 2020 and have the consultation now. We just have to come up with an answer, whether it is going to be lollipop people or it’s going to be a bus at the bottom, picking people up… “Everything is on the table. We haven’t made the decisions except that the work has to be done. That’s the only decision - the work has to be done. “It’s to the stage now where we can fix it and it’ll be fixed for 20 years. If it continues on… it’s subsiding down the hill. The next big rains … could create a sliding motion and that would slide straight down into the houses down in Stanwell Park … The whole section is going to be underpinned. So that’ll secure it. If it needs more budget, we need to get more budget.” What factors would lead to a bigger budget? “Just inconvenience to a community.” For medical emergencies, a temporary ambulance station at Scarborough was being considered, he said. “We’ve got to try and make this as painless as possible. As it stands now, it’s not acceptable for the community.” Business owners are worried the length of the roadworks could blow out, like last year’s Grand Pacific Drive works. “That was a council job, their resources aren’t as strong as state government.” For any feedback, Mr Evans said the correct process was to contact RMS, and copy him in. “This is a state government road. That’s nothing to do with the council. “They’re obviously impacted at the end of the day. Garbage collection, for example, will be impacted. We’ll be working with them down the road to tell them what the plan is, but it’s a case of they’re not directly in charge of this project. “It’s RMS, which is now Transport for NSW.” The Otford to Stanwell Park rail trail project won’t be completed in time to provide a walking/cycle path during road closures, Mr Evans said. “There is a lot of stuff that has to be moved. Taking the refuse out, putting tarmac down, getting lights. It went to council to do the planning work. That’s where it sat for two years. It is now with RMS. “It will be - when it’s done - an absolute icon, one of those things that people will travel from all around Australia to come through that tunnel. It’s going to be fantastic.” 2508

By Heather Eiszele Can’t drive up and down Bald Hill? Here’s three walking options (times based on a very unfit person’s efforts):

STANWELL TOPS TO STANWELL PARK TRAIN STATION 30 minutes down, 45 minutes up This is a picturesque walk and easy to navigate. Not as steep as the Goat Track, it still requires quite a few rest stops. Accessed along the southern boundary of Tumbling Waters and behind the northbound platform, the forest walk is more than an access route, with beautiful flowering plants and stunning lookouts. Henry Halloran’s influence can be seen along the track, with quite a few stone features and well-timed sitting spots.

GOAT TRACK FROM HANGGLIDER’S LANDING AREA. 15 minutes down, 20 minutes up This bush track is easier to ascend than descend as it’s steep and the downhill journey tends to involve a lot of time on your bum. There’s not a lot to grab onto in the top section, apart from native grass and the razor-sharp leaves will slice through your hand. The track is easy to find in Stanwell Park: follow the path from the gate adjoining the Crown land at the bottom of The Drive, cross the unpaved section of Chellowdene Avenue and the dirt track will lead you up. Hang-gliders must be making regular use of this route as it’s completely cleared. It’s a little harder to find from the top – look for a dry dirt section in line with the telegraph pole slightly uphill from the southern-most wind sock. Despite its name, no goats were sighted.

OTFORD MUSHROOM TUNNEL 1.8km gradual gradient No views here, apart from colourful graffiti on the tunnel walls. Strong, reliable lighting required as it is pitch-black without a torch. A few hazards will be encountered, such as an old tractor from the mushroom farming days, broken bits of wood and an intermittent stream. Unlike the other two options, the gradient is so slight you won’t even notice it. Accessed from the very end of Chellowdene Avenue at the bottom and through a hole in the fence at the end of Station Road, the problem with this route is that access from Otford is illegal. The grassy bank leading to the tunnel is a rail corridor. Legally, a round-trip is the only option and walkers will find the experience peaceful if slightly unnerving. 2508

Flying may be the fastest way down.


Our GPs : Drs Paul Theron, Fiona Danson, Trevor Kemper & Andrew Morris.

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BE A BUSH-FRIENDLY NEIGHBOUR By Merilyn House, of Helensburgh & District Landcare

When I moved to Helensburgh over 46 years ago, I was very happy to be surrounded by all our local bushland. I was a bit ignorant, at the time, about environmental weeds. I even planted a few things that I later realised were not good. It wasn’t long before I realised that, although there was lots of green in the bush, some plants were obviously causing problems for my beloved bushland. Weeds, generally, come in three categories – garden, agricultural and environmental weeds. Some weeds are in more than one group. I already knew that lantana was a weed. What I didn’t know was how many other environmental weeds there were. Many of these had originally been garden plants but ‘jumped the fence’. Birds ate the fruit and spread seeds, rain washed seeds into the bushland, and other times local residents had dumped their garden waste into the bushland. The NSW Government recognises we have a problem with some plants. For years, problem plants were called noxious weeds. In 2015 the Noxious Weeds Act was replaced by the Biosecurity Act. For gardeners, the following is from the website: http://www.agriculture.gov.au/ biosecurity/biosecurity-matters/gardening “Gardening is a great Australian pastime. “Across the country, people turn to their gardens as a way to relax and enrich their lives. “It might surprise you that as a gardener – regardless of the size of your garden – you have a responsibility to uphold and protect our

12­ / 2508­/ SEPTEMBER

biosecurity status by keeping it free of plant pests and diseases. “Plant pests, weeds and diseases from small gardens can easily be spread, causing huge problems for Australia’s agricultural industries and to our native environment.” While many serious weeds have specific Biosecurity obligations, there is a General Biosecurity duty that applies to many plants/weeds. This means “gardeners might be required to control the movement of weeds onto and off their land by reducing the risk of weeds spreading to neighbouring properties, taking into account the likely means of distribution of the seed”. We have a duty to make sure that what we have growing in our garden doesn’t spread into bushland, or our neighbours’ property, or the roadside verge. If something is a bit invasive in our garden it will also be invasive in our local bushland. In my garden, I continually have to remove seedlings of invasive/environmental weeds that I know are coming from my neighbours’ gardens. I also find them coming up in bushland areas Helensburgh & District Landcare members work in. Some of these weeds are asparagus fern, bridal creeper, Japanese sacred bamboo and giant bird of paradise. Others come from plants that have already spread to bushland, e.g. privet, camphor laurel, Mickey Mouse plant and African olive. As well as the Biosecurity Act, there is also a list of Weeds of National Importance. These plants are problems all over Australia. Local, State and National Governments spend huge amounts of our money trying to control these weeds. There are 32 weeds listed. We have a few growing locally. These are Madeira vine, asparagus fern, bridal creeper, flax-leaved broom, lantana, blackberry and fireweed. Obviously no one grows these deliberately any more (I hope), but they can spread into your garden and you may not notice. Helensburgh & District Landcare members are available to come into your garden and advise you of any problem plants. For more information, visit www.helensburghlandcare.org.au or email merilyn@helensburghlandcare.org.au. 2508

Bushland in bloom: Leptospermum (top) and Lambertia. Photos taken in local national parks by Merilyn House

WE BLOCKED IT! By Val Hawkins

Lego fans came out in force at the inaugural www.rayathai.com.au Helensburgh Lions Club Brick Fair. We are thrilled to announce that over 1200 paying patrons attended the fair. There will be some healthy cheques going to local schools. We were surrounded by happy faces and amazing creations made by the children in the brick play area. Congratulations to you all. Facebook @helensburghlions to see lots of photos. We must give a very big thank you to SydLUG Raya Thai Spring ad 2016 - outlined.pdf 1 30/08/2016 1:10:28 PM for bringing their LEGO displays to our town andRaya Thai Spring ad 2016 - outlined.pdf 1 30/08/2016 1:10:28 PM we also thank our generous sponsors. Helensburgh Lions Club meet once a month on the second Monday at Helensburgh Tradies 7.30pm, next meeting 9 September. We will now be busy finalising arrangements for the Annual Country Fair on 26 October, which will be a celebration of Helensburgh Lions phone 4294 9222 Club 40th year. 2508 C
















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GREEN MACHINA LAWN CARE TIPS With Spring upon us, I have been pretty busy starting peoples’ lawns, to get them up to standards for Summer. Should you wish to get a free quote to see what your lawns need, to be weed, Bindii, pest and disease free, fertilised and green for summer. Our products work and for the period of five visits over a year, you will be glad you contacted GREEN Machina, for a lawn that you will be proud of. Call Greg 0412 089 019 for an obligation-free quote. GREEN Machina for your round the year Lawn Care. 2508

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Lettering : pantone cool gray 11 Leave : pantone 5555 and shade 60%

SYDNEY WILDFLOWER NURSERY – TOP TIPS FOR SPRING 2019 • Now is the time to spread native slow-release fertiliser around each plant in the garden whether established or a new planting. • When planting new plants make sure the sight is well drained by using native planting mix or soil and combined it with existing soil to a depth of 200mm • Have your soil pH checked (available in the nursery) to make sure it is suitable for native plants. Native plants usually like a neutral to slightly acidic soil • Tip prune regularly during the growing season to promote dense, bushy plants. This also applies to spent flowers. Grevilleas will reward you with year-round flowers if spent flowers are removed. • When mulching the garden, to prevent weeds growing though the mulch, lay newspaper 10 sheets thick, ensuring to soak the paper first, under mulch to suppress weeds. • Mulch can be between 5 - 10cm thick and consist of sugar cane, pine bark or wood chip. We recommend Cypress Mulch in a Fine Chip which is a termite deterrent or Euky Mulch. • Plant for flowering in all seasons, choosing plants for foliage as well as colour and form. Use our consulting service if unsure or need advice.


ASK BOHMER Q: I suspect my tree has heartwood rot, what should I do?

This piece of wood (pictured at right) was cut down and, as you can see, the centre of it is rotten – which is known as heartwood rot. While some people may associate the term with a stale relationship, heartwood rot is when a tree has a fungal infection that causes the centre of the trunk and branches to decay. However, the outside of the trunk is perfectly healthy, as are its leaves, and so to most it looks perfectly healthy. Therefore, the problem with identifying heartwood rot is that you can’t identify it from the exterior, however, one of the symptoms that is present upon inspection is when you see mushrooms and fungal growths on the trunk. Contact us if you are worried your trees may have heartwood rot or any other issues – we’re happy to call out for an inspection and friendly chat to identify it there’s a problem and how we may be able to help. n Email Bohmer at info@bohmerstreecare.com.au or call 0432 789 530. 2508

LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED Read re v on our iews site or

0481 164 996 | bohmerstreecare.com.au Tree Removal & Pruning

Emergency & Insurance Work

Stump Grinding

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REMEMBER THE DAYS Helensburgh musician Darren Coggan is bringing his Cat Stevens’ greatest hits concert to Anita’s Theatre, Thirroul on Saturday, September 21. 2508 reports

You’ve lived here for 15 years – what’s so special about it? It’s the gateway to the beautiful South Coast, a wonderful town, rich in history with a fabulous sense of community. It has been our shelter, our comfort, where we have made strong friendships, where our children have thrived growing up, it’s our home. What would a dream day here involve? It would start with a coffee at ‘The Cup Bearer’, followed by the exhilarating walk that is the Wodi Wodi track, some of the best views you’ll ever see. A quick dip at Coalcliff pool followed by brunch at Lime Leaf Cafe at Helensburgh Nursery where their epic iced chocolates are divine. Another great option that we often enjoy is grabbing a chicken and salad roll from Tony’s bakery to be enjoyed at the top of Otford lookout overlooking the ocean and Bulgo village, it’s magnificent and with a bit of luck you’ll spot a few majestic whales migrating, along with the thrilling hang gliders, soaring above Bald Hill. In the afternoon, a walk along Stanwell Park beach is revitalising and a gelato ice cream from Uluwatu Blue cafe is a must!

Wagga Wagga so a country lifestyle has always been something we have desired and prefer, however, both our chosen careers meant we needed to be closer to Sydney. Helensburgh is the perfect combination of these lifestyle choices for us; peaceful, no fuss, the greatest backyard you could ever dream of in the South Coast and then if you want to dress it up, Sydney is only an hour away. I think it’s this life balance that attracts a lot of people to Helensburgh, particularly creative minded people, and there are a lot of incredibly talented and creative people who have gravitated towards this township, Ray Beadle (the greatest guitarist on the planet), the beautiful actor Christie Hayes, painter Sara Rowan Dahl, superb musicians like Artie and Jen Taylor, Michael Vidal, Jackie Dee, Sam Baker and Michael Upcroft, just to name a few, it’s a vibrant town with so much to offer.

Your critically acclaimed production, Peace Train The Cat Stevens Story. has been wowing audiences for a decade. Tell us about your new show, Remember the Days of Cat Stevens. Remember The Days Of Cat Stevens is a celebration of one of the most inspiring and prolific singersongwriters of our time, Cat Stevens. In this new How does living in the region inform your creativity? production, I want our audiences to experience Living in Helensburgh has certainly allowed me the what it might have been like to hear Cat Stevens at space and clarity of mind to create and rehearse my the height of his career, a cosmic concert shows. My beautiful bride and I are originally from experience of Cat Stevens’ biggest hits.

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There are some personal reflections on the experience I had being invited to London to meet with the great Cat Stevens in 2007, where I heard first-hand some of the many anecdotes and stories that I have enjoyed sharing with our audiences over the past 10 years. This new production also highlights how relevant Cat’s timeless songs and messages of peace, tolerance and understanding are in our world today, perhaps even more relevant than when they were first written back in the 70s. What do you admire about the songs of Cat Stevens? I love how his songs are so accessible and cross generational. Everyone’s experiences and feelings about Cat Stevens’ songs are individual and different, yet in some strange, even spiritual way, they are the same, because I always feel the audience is unified in its understanding and joy of hearing these songs together once again. The songs say something, ask questions, make statements, they have intelligent, poetic lyrics, and musically, whilst simplistic in presentation, they are very complex and always fun and challenging to perform. I love the incredible sense of unity that comes over the audience; they enter the theatre as an individual and emerge as an audience. I love how I can continue to find new interpretations of his lyrics, I love seeing the reaction from the audience each night and seeing

them all stand up with an ovation – something I’ll never take for granted. Tell us about your recent UK tour and the standing ovations... The UK tour was the highlight of my career. We played 18 theatres across England, Scotland and Wales, including Liverpool Philharmonic, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Oxford New Theatre, Manchester Bridgewater Hall, Brighton Theatre Royal, it was incredible! Backstage were photographs of artists that had played the same rooms over the years, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, AC/ DC, The Doors, it was so surreal to think that I too was treading the same boards. We had standing ovations at every show and great reviews, I do hope we have the opportunity to return soon. What can audiences expect from your September 21 show? A journey back in time as we ‘Remember The Days Of Cat Stevens’ through 27 of his greatest hits that the whole world sang along to, backed by a fabulous band, songs that have become bookmarks in our lives, deeply personal, songs that defined a generation. We trace the path of a man who never stopped wondering about how to make the world a better place. Tickets are on sale through www.ticketmaster.com.au, phone 136 100, or visit www.darrencoggan.com 2508

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A Helensburgh Community Centre playgroup that has operated for more than 40 years is in danger of closing as numbers are falling and rent is going up. 2508 reports. When Nancy Hymers and her baby daughter, Genevieve, moved to Helensburgh two years ago, the community centre playgroup was a lifeline. “Playgroup was how I met people, how my daughter met people. We’ve definitely made some lifelong friends out of it and we look forward to it every week. I’ve been the coordinator now for just under a year now. I’m pretty passionate about it. “But we’ve had a decline in numbers this year, which has put us on the brink of whether we’re actually going to be able to continue,” Nancy said. “With council taking back over management of our building, the rates are going up. We’re struggling to meet rent is what it comes down to. Playgroup meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. “We hire the centre for four hours a week. At the end of the year the rates will go from $11 to $14 an hour, which doesn’t sound like lot, but that’s 12 bucks. That’s four extra kids I need to find just to cover the rent, that’s not getting us even any extra money to buy new art supplies. “It would be really sad to see it go.” “We stopped being able to provide morning tea. So now on a Thursday I provide morning tea out of my pocket or a couple of other mums will chip in. We’re not able to really invest in more things – art smocks for the kids or printing of new brochures.” Centre services have declined since council took over management – in small ways (users must bring their own dishcloths) but, more problematically, there is no longer a coordinator on site. “People who used to knock on the door and go

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in and find out about things happening at the community centre can no longer do that because the building is just locked and vacant,” Nancy said. The playgroup has run in Helensburgh Community Centre continually for more than four decades. “It’s been run by volunteers, from the community, for the community for over 40 years. “Because it’s been around for so long, we have some parents who come that used to attend this very playgroup when they were kids. “We have a lot of assets and equipment and if we were to lose that group, Playgroup NSW would take it all back. And if anyone ever wanted to start out on one, they’d have to start from scratch. “There are other playgroups in town, which is great, but they are church run and not all families are religious. So I think having a community-run one, run by volunteer parents, is important.” Nancy is worried that not enough people know about the playgroup. “I work in environmental remediation, and I work a couple of other jobs. I’m a single parent so I don’t have heaps of time. I think maybe we’ve just dropped off in awareness.” “Even though attendance is small, I would rather we have to go completely bankrupt before we ever cancelled it … even on weeks when only two people show up, because for those two people, it could be their one outing for the week.” n Helensburgh Community Centre playgroup meets 10am-noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. $3 a child or $5 a family; first two visits are free, children under four months old free. Pop in! 2508

WELCOME TO GOATOPIA Symbio’s Jessica Harris reports.

The newest interactive experience at Symbio, Goatopia, is now open! This new area is a walk-through experience that lets you get up close with our farm animals, hand feed and pat them. You will also have the chance to meet some of the most adorable miniature goats! One of our key purposes at Symbio is to provide a connection between animals, people and the environment. This new experience immerses children in a real farm-style environment, off their electronic devices, among the animals. The new interactive area covers 1,000 sq/m of turf and includes 200 shrubs and grasses representing the local indigenous flora and over 100m of new concreted pathways to provide easy accessibility for everyone. Be sure to hold onto your feedbags – our goats can be a little cheeky and like to steal them but they are lots of fun and will be sure to bring a smile to your face! 2508

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GREASED LIGHTNIN’ STRIKES CWA HALL Book your seat! Stanwell Park Arts Theatre is presenting Grease the Musical. SPAT communications officer Beth Farmer reports.

Our musical extravaganza of the high-energy, all singing, all dancing hit Grease premieres on 13 September for its six-show run over two weeks (including two matinée performances – perfect for younger audiences). Our production features a talented cast of young performers, under the guidance of up-and-coming young theatre director Inga Silfr-Jon and musical director and local legend Alison Garvie. At right is a sneak preview of the four stars of the show… STANWELL PARK ARTS THEATRE AGM SPAT’s AGM will be held on Thursday, 5 September 2019 at Tradies Helensburgh at 7pm. Online voting is available for those members unable to attend. PANTO AUDITIONS We will be holding auditions for this year’s Panto at the CWA Hall on Sunday, 22 September 4.306.30pm and Wednesday, 25 September 6.308.30pm. Come and have a go! We need kids and adults of all ages. If you can act, sing, dance, make people laugh… whatever your talent – we would love to see you. Register at spat.org.au. 2508


The magnificent northern Illawarra coastline is gaining exposure across the world thanks to Guy Sebastian’s chart-topping single, Choir.

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Photography by David Slezak

SANDY: ISABELLA FRANKLIN Isabella has been acting with SPAT from the age of nine. She has performed in many SPAT shows including pantomimes and other short plays as well as performing in a range of other shows. She is excited to play Sandy in SPAT’s first musical!


Laurence (Loza) found a love for musical theatre at high school. Since then he has been in many productions, including IYAP’s Rock of Ages in 2018 and the Arcadian’s production of Wicked in 2017. This is Loza’s first production with SPAT.

RIZZO: SOPHIE MATHESON Sophie has been acting on stage from a young age, appearing in several SPAT productions, including The Three Musketeers, The Most Incredible Thing, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Steel Magnolias.

KENICKIE: SHAYAN MURRAY Shayan has been acting for 11 years and been in many SPAT productions including The Importance of Being Earnest, Bullshot Crummond, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Old Viaduct Hotel as well as Christmas Pantomimes.

The music video, a tribute to his late friend and backing musician Luke Liang, was partly filmed under the Sea Cliff Bridge and along rock platforms at Coalcliff. Sebastian sings in front of the graffiti-inked pylons next to the rock face: “Cause now you’re singing with a choir/Now you’re dancing with a crew/You ain’t doing this solo/We all ridin’ with you.” Sebastian has said he didn’t want to write a “stroppy” ballad and the tune was deliberately upbeat and inspirational as he wanted to honour Luke’s memory as an “exceptional human being, one who was so fun and talented and giving”. n No one needs to face their problems alone. For help, call Lifeline Crisis Hotline: 13 11 14. 2508

Fun 4 U Helensburgh Before, After School and Vacation Care. Children attending from  Helensburgh Public, Holy Cross,  Stanwell Park and Otford School.  BSC 7:00am - 9:00am ASC 2:30pm - 6:30pm VAC 7:30am - 6:00pm

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Photos: Sasha Faint.

APPLE PIE DAY 2019! CHAMPION BAKERS SHINE Darkes Glenbernie Orchard’s Jo Fahey reports.

What an awesome day we had. Thank you to the huge crowd of at least 500 that supported us by turning up and eating heaps of pie! We can’t believe our luck at it being a near-perfect-weather day and full bloom in the peach blossoms too! It was a dream for photographing in the orchard and also the incredible food on offer! Each year the pies that are baked get better and better! Judging was extremely tough this year. Some of the imaginative creations show that baking in this part of the world is alive and well! The Apple Crumble champion pulled off a huge feat by using sour cream and vanilla in the filling, creating a crumble ice-cream effect with taste explosions of candied walnuts in the crumble topping. It complemented the apple really well. Erin Ross, the Women’s open champion, won using her nan’s recipe that only she was taught to make! The men’s champion used 3D printed cookie cutters to make his decorations! We had a fantastic time and hope everyone had fun. The major focus, apart from eating pie, was to raise money for the CWA Stanwell Park who put money right back into the community via their many local projects. Visit us at www.darkes.com.au 2508


Mens Open Apple Pie: Blake Mair Womens Open Apple Pie: Erin Ross Junior Apple Pie Girls 12yrs & under: Leela Lanceley Junior Apple Pie Boys 12 yrs and under: James Reid Open Crumble: Emma Nile

















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Cider Sunday on 29 September 80 years Farm Birthday 3 November


Learn how to carve everything from a spoon to a sword at the 2019 Illawarra Festival of Wood. There’s something for all ages and abilities – here are a few highlights. The amazing Tanya Stubbles – the internationally renowned local artist with a studio at Bulli’s Timbermill – is giving an assemblage sculpture workshop (assemblage is sculpture made of ‘found’ objects). Book fast, this will be popular! Another Timbermill Studios resident, Thirroul’s Samantha Arnull, is a collector of objects who’ll be overseeing small wonders at her Tiny Sculptures workshop. Bird Whittling with Carol Russell is sure to fire the imagination – from just a block of wood you’ll carve a small bird, using only a knife. You can also learn pyrography, the art of decorating wood with burn marks; coopering (a traditional way of making wooden buckets, wine barrels, baths); and spoon carving in the Swedish green woodcraft tradition. Musical makers may like to try their hand at timber tongue drums (small wooden boxes with tone wood tops). There’s also the chance to learn from Coledale master craftsman Stuart Montague, who runs the Illawarra Woodwork School out of his Woonona workshop. Stuart will give lessons in making greenwood

milking stools and Shaker-style pantry boxes. Kids will love woodworking too! Uncle Noel Butler from Nura Gunyu, will teach teens how to make boomerangs and spears. Greg Miller (above), from The Joy of Wood at Perth’s Heritage Woodcraft Centre, will teach young ones a variety of traditional tricks: how to make a spatula, a cheeseboard, a wooden spoon, a windmill, and a sword and shield. He’s also offering an Introduction to Whittling Knife skills. So many choices! Book your spot ASAP via illawarrafestivalofwood.com/2019-workshops 2508

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SPRING FAIR IS IN THE AIR Stanwell Park will host a great fete. By Michelle Morgan Support our small school by the sea – come along to the Stanwell Park Spring Fair on Saturday, September 21 from 10am to 4pm in the grounds of Stanwell Park Public School. All funds raised will go towards a new outdoor play area for Stanwell Park Public School students. Food on offer will range from Vietnameseinspired pulled pork rolls to coffee and our legendary cake stall, including a Dads/Granddads Bake Off! Children will enjoy the rides arena, Art Exhibition & Kids Photography Exhibition, dunk The fundraiser is back with a splash! By Matt Overington. tank, hoopla and face painting, provided by Raeleen’s Fancy Faces. There’ll also be a plant stall Otford Public School will hold its third Rainbow (with creative side projects) and a book stall. Run and Family Fun Day at Rex Jackson Oval on Many local businesses have donated wonderful Saturday, September 14. The run is aimed at prizes for our raffle, silent auction and chocolate families through to seasoned athletes, but with a wheel. The Fire Engine will be on-site for the kids. twist: there are colour stations placed along courses Parents are welcome to relax in our chill-out area where runners are doused in vegetable-based and listen to amazing vocal talent. colour dye on the way to the finish line. Our fair would not be possible without the It is the primary annual fundraiser for Otford support of our wonderful community and our Public School. In previous years, funds have been major supporters: Tradies and Mattias Samuelsson used to buy books and equipment for classrooms. from Ray White Helensburgh: “We’re focusing on making the event as fun as “Tradies are delighted to come on board as a possible for families by running two courses – a major supporter for Stanwell Park Public School’s longer 5km track that starts at Rex Jackson Oval Spring Fair,” said Tradies president Dennis McHugh. and continues into trails within Garawarra State Mattias said: “I’m always proud to support Conservation Area, and a shorter one that remains Stanwell Park Public School… Having grown up in on the Oval,” said Penny Watts, one of the event the area and attended the school myself many years organisers. “It’s a genuine community effort, and ago, I understand the unique and amazing lifestyle we wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of it offers to kids. I’ll contribute wherever I can to local businesses, including Ray White and Peabody, ensure that the years they spend here are as Wollongong City Council and the volunteers from enjoyable and memorable as mine were.” Otford RFS and the Helensburgh Lions.” We are also grateful to our community The 5km runners will set out at 9am, the 1.5km supporters: Peabody Energy, Sunrise Nursery and run starts at 10am. There will be food and Helensburgh Tyres. entertainment for runners and spectators. Facebook @Stanwell Park Spring Fair 2019, Tickets via EventBrite.com, more information Instagram @stanwellparkspringfair or email on the Otford Public School Facebook page. 2508 Vanessa Mander on nesslevis@gmail.com. 2508


HELENSBURGH LIBRARY, 57 Walker Street, 4294 2185 Tues 3 Steam Punks. 3.30pm, free, ages 5+. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths fun. Fri 6 11am-1pm. Knit, Stitch, Yarn – Come along and enjoy the knitting group. Free, drop in, bring any craft you are working on. Wed 11 10.30am Storytime. Free, ages 0-5. Stories, sing-alongs, finger rhymes and craft activities. Thu 19 Reading Hour All Ages Storytime, 4.30pm. Please join us to celebrate books for the nationwide Australian Reading Hour. Come along dressed in your favourite pyjamas. Wed 25 10.30am Storytime. Free, ages 0-5. Stories, sing-alongs, finger rhymes and craft activities.

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A LETTER: ‘PROVING THERE’S MORE GOOD IN THE WORLD’ Thank you to Wollongong City Council workers who delivered my wallet to my home on 1 August. After a ridiculously busy week at work, I stupidly left my wallet on the top of my car while packing my groceries. I drove off. Later in the night, I retraced my steps to no avail! I cancelled my credit cards but was hopeful that someone would return it. Sure enough at 7.30am the next morning two WCC workers were outside my front door with my wallet. The purse was sodden, contents were broken after being driven over, but I had a driver’s licence, interstate travel cards and my money! Thanks guys! – Leah Peakman, Helensburgh. 2508




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The Ray White Helensburgh family, from left: Ashlea Beaufils, Ken McCarthy, Mattias Samuelsson and Simon Beaufils.

4TH GENERATION FAMILY BUSINESS Here’s one for the history books! 2508 reports.

When Ashlea Beaufils joined Ray White Helensburgh as ‘director of first impressions’ in July 2019, it was a remarkable moment for the local real estate agency. This family business now spans four generations, from founding patriarch Ken McCarthy to 16-year-old Bosco student Ashlea. “We are proud to be a fourth generation family business, just like the White family,” managing director Simon Beaufils said. “There are only a handful of businesses that have seen four generations from the founding family working under the same roof.” Ken McCarthy founded the business in 1972. When starting out, he employed his sons, Warren and Patrick McCarthy. Both have moved on and

found success elsewhere in real estate. Today, Ken’s grandsons, Simon Beaufils and Mattias Samuelsson, own and run Ray White Helensburgh. “Ken has amassed almost 50 years of real estate experience, being one of the oldest and longestserving business owners in Australia’s largest real estate network, Ray White,” Simon said. “He also keeps up to date with the continuing professional development courses required to renew his real estate license. The fact he has mastered the ability to complete this course online without any assistance at the ripe young age of 89 is impressive in itself as not many people of this age can claim this victory over technology.” Simon’s daughter, Ashlea, is the youngest family


One of Ray White’s oldest members is Ken McCarthy, 89, a director of Ray White Helensburgh. Ken worked in real estate for 47 years and, although he’s no longer actively selling homes, at 89 years young he is still a Licensed Real Estate Agent, passing his qualification exam each year. Prior to working in real estate, Ken was an assistant accountant for the ABC in Queensland. He said the best decision of his life was when he and his wife, Patricia, moved to Helensburgh in 1971. “Helensburgh is unusual as it’s almost like a country town yet it’s practically a suburb of Sydney.” Ken said his secret to living a long and productive life is a daily swim and a sneaky scotch every night. “I swim every day, I have never smoked and I have one scotch and dry each night, just one. I swim in my heated pool every day at noon

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and do about 10 laps,” he said. “You can blame my parents as I took after them.” Ken’s grandson, and current Ray White Helensburgh principal, Simon Beaufils said: “He’s been the glue who kept us together… Family business is not always smooth sailing and Ken’s always been there to support us all 100 percent. He’s like the godfather, and we counsel his opinion on any big decisions and he definitely still loves to attend sales meetings too.” Ken said he loved real estate as it was a people business. “We are all good-natured people and we get along with our customers like a house on fire. I’ve never had any issues inside the business and being able to work with my family makes it a lot more fun. “In all the years I was in real estate I never came across an angry or disappointed person that I couldn’t make smile.”

member on the team. She is enjoying the chance to learn about business, people and real estate in her role as director of first impressions/social media administrator. “I like that I get to learn new skills and gain experience in the real estate industry,” Ashlea said. “It also will help me earn some money to save up to buy a car and assist in deciding on a career path.” Simon said: “Ashlea has a beautiful nature about her and is empathetic with all types of people and cultures. She understands family needs being the oldest of two other sisters and being in a large external family.” Mattias added: “Once upon a time I was the young and tech-savvy member of the team but it’s difficult finding the time to keep up with all of the new marketing platforms. Ash is helping us stay on top of all the new advancements.” Simon joined the business in 1996. Mattias started in 2005 but after three years decided to see the world. “Five years and 38 countries later, I was back in Sydney working in the sales department for the Shangri-la Hotel Group when Simon called and asked if I had any interest in coming back… Now here I am as a partner in the business.” Fourth-generation family businesses are rare. So what’s the secret to their success? “An understanding of all the roles within the business,” Simon said. “It certainly helped being

trained at such a young age as we sat through family meals and social outings constantly talking about real estate. I still remember going to Ken’s Helensburgh Real Estate office after primary school every afternoon, where he made me a cup of tea while I completed my homework. “The difficult part is understanding that all members of the family have different opinions and trying to ensure that everyone has a fair say … “We try to live by Ken’s original vision for the business, which is a community-orientated, family-friendly business. He always says, ‘focus on the people and the rest will follow’. “Each generation has been given the freedom to manage, plan and implement their strategies for success while building on the already established foundations and relationships. This assisted with continuing relationships through different generations of our clients’ families and helping them through the different stages of their lives.” Mattias said: “I’ve realised that it’s important to understand that business is business and family is family. Disagreements are inevitable but you can’t take them with you when you leave the office. Simon and I can have a heated discussion about business strategy during the day and then enjoy a nice family dinner together that same night. Whenever faced with a decision between the two, we always try to put family first.” 2508

For some it’s business, for us it’s family. Family owned and led since 1972 Mattias Samuelsson

Simon Beaufils

Ron Kissell

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Christine Kissell Jayson Holloway 0448 141 649 0424 148 793

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POET’S CORNER Compiled by Karen Lane

VIVIAN SACKETT Helensburgh-based Vivian Sackett was an English teacher for 20 years. Upon her retirement, she decided to use the skills she had been teaching for so long. Vivian joined a local writing group so she could meet some like-minded people. She finds inspiration in the environment, particularly the nearby beaches and the Royal National Park. — STARS — Looking up at the night sky I see a myriad of dots of light A million tiny worlds. Were they the same stars, the same worlds, That were looked on, wondered about, By those who came before me – the ancients, Who held their children close And wondered, who wished Upon a star... I stand, watch and dream Of a world where anything is possible, Whose inhabitants are wiser than are our own Where rivers and oceans are pristine, Where people live in peace Close enough to touch; too far to travel; One day. MONTHLY TIP Feed your imagination and creativity by drenching your five senses in activities that bring joy. For example, take time to be in nature, follow a creative pursuit, play a musical instrument or simply indulge in random bursts of song and dance. 2508

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BOOK LAUNCHED By Heather Eiszele

One of the most notorious bushrangers of the 1800s, Bulli Jack, operated out of Stanwell Park while prominent surveyors and explorers chose to call the coastal village home. Why? Because they liked the place, said historian Michael Adams who launched his book The Big History of Little Stanwell Park on August 22. Michael, who lived in Stanwell Park as a child in the 1950s and returned as an adult, said the area had “the most incredible history”. Eminent surveyors Henry Halloran and Major Thomas Mitchell realised the uniqueness of Stanwell Park and, out of all the areas they mapped, chose to settle here. Halloran offered the first subdivision while Surveyor-General Mitchell built the first house in Stanwell Park. Michael said his latest book on the village (he has written three others) gave context to events. “That’s what big history is,” he said. “It asks the why not just the when.” For example, the primary school was established to cater for the families of the hundreds of workers required during the construction of the Viaduct and relocation of the railway line while the Aboriginal history of the area was just as fascinating. About 60 people attended the book launch, hosted by the Helensburgh Historical Society at the Stanwell Park Anglican Church Hall. 2508

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Stanwell Park photographer Simon Bullard collected the Spirax trophy for Outstanding Sport Photo at the 2019 NRMA Kennedy Awards for Excellence in Journalism last month. “I was blown away,” Simon said. “It’s pretty big. I was a late entry, it was kind of good – not being a five-day-a-week-sports photographer – to take out the sports category. That was a bit of a buzz.” The Kennedy Awards gala night was held on August 9 at the Ballroom at Royal Randwick, attended by about 500 people, the “who’s who” of Australian media, Simon says. “There’s no actual prize. I just won a nice award. I am hoping I’ll get a bit of extra work out of it.” The awards are named after the Les Kennedy, one of Sydney’s best known crime reporters. “Hence the Spirax notebook trophies, because he was a police rounds journalist. I actually worked with him, he was about my age,” says Simon, 59. Simon’s winning photo was shot for Australian Associated Press (AAP) on April 13 at Randwick racecourse. “It was in race one. It was Winx’s last hurrah, so a packed house, a record crowd at Randwick,” he remembers. “We have a remote camera underneath on the rail because you’re not allowed to physically be there, for obvious reasons. “So at the finish post we stick a little camera with a remote and then you shoot with a long lens and trigger the remote as they go past. “I didn’t see it because I had the long lens on… all I heard was the crowd go whoa! I looked over and there was carnage, two jockeys on the ground and just people everywhere. “And the remote caught it all.

I won it because is very rare to get a fall with a remote camera. It did look pretty sensational. It’s not often that you get that kind of picture.” Simon started out as a cadet at the Telegraph and the Mirror. As well as Sydney’s big dailies, he has worked for papers in London and Glasgow, and on jobs across Australia. He loves the variety of news photography – “and not being behind the desk”. “When I was working for the Australian, I really enjoyed photographing musicians. I met a lot of high-profile musicians, Sting, Annie Lennox. Used to shoot a lot of young bands too in Sydney, the Oils and the Flowers and Mental As Anything, when they were just starting out, when I was young and enthusiastic. “I didn’t find the digital transition that much of a big thing. It’s just the medium that’s changed – you’ve still got to be a photographer. But the standard has lifted so much because you can check your work on digital.” Covering the races at Rosehill and Randwick for AAP is a regular gig. “I don’t gamble. I’ll just take pretty pictures: crowds, horses, jockeys … everyone’s dressed up. It’s not a bad day out. Really, even when you’re working.” Simon also does corporate work and is available to shoot portraits and events. Call 0415 263 883 or email simon@ simonbullard.com.au. 2508

2019’s Outstanding Sports Photo: Simon Bullard/AAP

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By Dr Susan Sumskis PhD, Nan Tien Institute Lecturer, Acting Head of Health & Social Wellbeing

Q: What daily changes could we make to improve our workplaces and how can one achieve work-life balance? Refuse to act as if your life is an emergency. Take the time to listen to people, to look into their eyes and at their faces, to engage wholly in each moment that the day offers. “Time poor” is not a valid concept. We all have exactly the same number of seconds, and minutes in a 24-hour period. How we choose to spend that is within our influence.

Our ability to prioritise and to kindly say “No, thank you” is the challenge. Being kind to ourselves and recognising the need to disconnect and recharge before reconnecting improves our own personal feeling of being in some kind of balance. If we don’t create the balance, we may become hostage to the chaos that others can create for us. Live with your senses fully open, notice what is happening, choose what you respond to and how you respond. One foot in the past and one foot in the future means that we miss out on today – and today, right now, in this very moment, is where our body and senses live and where our memories are made. Your environment is improved through you being more connected, more intentional and more present in each moment, regardless of whether you are at home, or work or in a queue. Who has work-life balance? Is that a real concept? How about you just try a ‘loving kindness’ meditation instead and do something good for yourself, right here, right now! n If you are interested in academic study on these concepts, contact Nan Tien Institute for further information at study@nantien.edu.au or visit their website. 2515 “More like a community than a classroom”

“The best possible place to study in Australia”

- Samuel

- Janet H



Study individual subjects or work towards a Graduate Certificate, Diploma or Masters of Arts to give you a competitive edge in your career or develop personally. Study at a pace and place that suits you, with some time spent at our unique, serene campus overlooking the Nan Tien Temple and escarpment. GOVT ACCREDITED



START YOUR JOURNEY | NANTIEN.EDU.AU | › 1300 323 261 › 0402 551223 › study@nantien.edu.au CRICOS: 03233C | ABN: 80 139 338 819 *FEE-HELP is an Australian Government loan scheme only available for higher education courses. Eligibility criteria apply.

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If you’re a regular reader of the Shed’s activities in this magazine, you may recall ‘Shedman’. Perhaps you even recognised yourself. Shedman has been having a great time lately. The Stanny Park life-savers flagpole is now flying high. Small furry animals (and bats) have new homes built and put into trees hither and yon. The local fitness trainer’s patients are enjoying their new calf-stretchers. Cheese and dip are enjoyed off lovely timber boards, placed onto chables, which are chairs or tables depending on how you use them. NINA’s golfers are happy. Kids are swapping books out of the Little Libraries (thanks Lilli!). But, more importantly, Shedman has been able to share his story with other blokes. He’s enjoyed quiet conversation about things that matter. The Stepping On course has improved his confidence and balance, and there’s been laughter and fun. So many good reasons to be there. We love to have visitors pop in and say g’day; and we can turn your dream on paper into a reality of timber, metal and more. Be great to have you visit the Men’s Shed stall at the Lions Club Country Fair, Charles Harper Park 26th October, and see our Men’s Health successes, our products, commissions for 2508 locals and lots of items for sale. And you can visit us at the CWA Festival of Flight, Stanwell Park 10 November. Our upcoming Shed Open Day is Saturday, 16 November 9am to 2pm! The Men’s Shed, 199A Parkes Street, Mondays and Tuesdays 9am to 3pm. Contacts; Michael Croft 0413 401 522 Ron Balderston 0410 564 752. 2508 Ron and Norman from the Men's Shed with Peter McDonald of the Helensburgh and Stanwell Park SLSC admiring the repaired and restored Club flagpole

32­ / 2508­/ SEPTEMBER

HELENSBURGH GUIDES By Guide Leader Malynda Flarey

A weekend of brilliant sunshine and crisp winter nights meant some land-lubbing fun for these budding buccaneers. Marooned on an imaginary island, our pirates were soon erecting a bell tent, making a pack rack, deciphering coded messages, cooking on an outdoor fire, looking for hidden treasure and singing sea shanties around the campfire. The ‘final battle’ saw both patrols build their own ballistas for a water balloon cannonball fight. Captains ‘Brolga’ Barnacle, Feathersword and Penguin oversaw the fun with plenty of help from some fine parent crew, Kinya, Fiona and Marion. We raised the Jolly Roger, learnt some pirate lingo and the pirate salute and the importance of the Pirate Code including the sharing of the spoils, the right of parley and the need to befriend others wisely – but fun was the most important rule of camp. 2508

HELENSBURGH VIEW CLUB By Barbara Kitson, publicity officer

We celebrated our Christmas in July luncheon this month at the Flame Tree Grill at Tradies. They served a traditional roast turkey lunch with all the trimmings – a big thank you to the kitchen staff for a great lunch. Emma, our Learning for Life representative, took receipt of a huge amount of school needs which she took to head office. Emma was amazed that we had such a large amount to give to the Smith Family. Thank you to all who helped accomplish this endeavour. Elaine and Marg, two of our lovely ladies, knit little booties and caps for premmie babies in Sutherland, St George and Wollongong hospitals. The staff and mums are always very appreciative to receive the beautiful gifts. If you are a knitter or you would like to donate wool or help out, let Elaine or Marg know at the next meeting. Nerida, a big part of the organisation of our club, is taking a break from View to live in the Netherlands for a few months to help her daughter and grand-daughter settle in there. Bon voyage, our dear friend – love from all of us. Next meeting is on Tuesday, August 20 – 10:45 for 11:15 start. New members and guests are most welcome. For bookings call Lyn 4294 1815. 2508






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SEA EELS RAISE $3220 FOR CRAM By Peter McDonald, Sea Eels president

Finally winter arrived at Coalcliff pool on the 11th August with a welcome swim in 10 degrees, down a few in numbers but not unexpected as this would have to be our coldest swim in 31 years. Since our last report we have had a very successful “Bring a Friend” day with 19 friends braving the cool waters and enjoying socialising and making a donation of $300 to the Era surf club back at the Scarborough Wombarra bowling club where we were made most welcome. Next up, the club took a bus trip to the Bondi Icebergs to compete in the South Metrop Championships with four of our swimmers making the finals, along with our A relay team in the nominated time, 10 person relay team finishing 4th spot on our time, only to be beaten by teams swimming within 3 100ths of a second. The next Sunday a male team (sorry, ladies) travelled to Woonona pool to contest the South Coast Championships returning with great results, those being 2nd President Captain, C Grade Nominated Time, C Grade and 3rd O/40 relays. Individual events 2nd O/50s, 1st and 2nd O/70s. At the Helensburgh-Stanwell Park surf club AGM the Sea Eels presented a cheque of $300 for rescue equipment, along with purchasing a new barbecue for the season and also donated to Coalcliff surf club $300 towards rescue equipment.

Helensburgh Netball Club is raising funds to build new netball/basketball courts.


The Helensburgh Netball Club has been working hard this season on and off the courts. The skills training sessions on a Saturday morning have proven popular again and the club was forced to put a help call out to our families for extra coaches to meet the demand. Our head skills coach Kinya has developed an amazing program. Our competing teams are developing well with all the girls learning new skills and their netball is improving each week. Some of our highlights this

42­ / 2508­/ SEPTEMBER

Georgia Anger and her helpers Darcy Weber and Zalie McDonald at the CRAM presentation day at Tradies.

The main reason we swim in winter is to raise funds for our major charity CRAM Foundation residents and carers. On August 4, we hosted this amazing group of 60-plus at the Tradies for food, dancing and entertainment, the theme being Disney. On hand to assist was a representative from the Bondi Icebergs who contributed to the donation to CRAM and the CEO of CRAM, Karen Burdett, who gratefully received the Sea Eels donation of $3220 to be spent on the residents of CRAM. Special thanks to the talented Georgia Anger and her helpers Darcy Weber and Zalie McDonald for the entrainment. With the season drawing to a close midSeptember, I thank all members or our club for their generosity, we may be a small club but we have a big heart. 2508 year have been having Rebecca Bulley, a past Australian Diamonds and Sydney Giants player, run skills training sessions for us at our courts; receiving sponsorship from the Helensburgh Hotel for new clothing for all our committee members and coaches; new training kits and bags from the Tradies; and sponsorship from Peabody Mine. Our fundraising team has been working hard to raise funds for new playing courts so we are able to play and train safely each week. A big thank you to all our local businesses that continue to support us year in/out. Our community can only flourish if we support local businesses and in return they are also providing so generously back. We have been working towards gaining funding by meeting with Federal members, local members, the Minister for Sport and NSW Netball. We reached the public vote round in the My Community Project (voting closed August 15, see mycommunityproject.service.nsw.gov.au). We are hoping to gain funding to build two new courts that are multi-purpose with dual netball/ basketball rings, which will mean the first outdoor basketball courts for our community. 2508

Photo: Craig Dutton


focusing on this wasn’t going to allow me to perform to my true potential. When the focus is on a long-term goal, every setback feels like a catastrophe and you tend to focus on the one thing that isn’t perfect instead of the 20 things you’re doing Concentrating on smaller goals leads to better great. By shifting the focus to what I’m performance, writes BMX champ Kai Sakakibara. doing right now and setting smaller, Saya and I are now back in the USA, preparing for weekly or even daily goals, I could be Rounds 7-8 of the World Cup circuit. Following an confident at the end of each day that overall successful World Championships in July, I’ll I had in fact put in my very best effort towards my long-term goal. recap a little on my process leading into the event. This completely shifted my There were five weeks of uninterrupted training mentality, and I came into the between the World Cup round in Paris to the event confident. World Championships. I found it quite I ended the Worlds with my overwhelming for a few reasons: I hadn’t had the best international season so far; I felt like I needed career-best result of 9th. It’s fascinating to perform at the Worlds to justify my season; and that after 18 the fact it was one of two World Championships years in the that will be considered for the Olympics. sport, I’m still Although I had put in the best physical preparation I ever had for an event, I couldn’t shake learning, and finding better ways the feelings of anxiety, that I wasn’t doing enough (even though I was), and feeling overall unsatisfied. of doing things each year. I’m A few weeks before the event I came to the looking forward to realisation that I’d been focusing on the wrong what’s to come! things. Yes, a good result at the Worlds was what I 2508 wanted, and, yes, it was an important event, but


John Towns reports. The second round of the club championships and the semi-finals of the match play with all looking for a low score, the dry weather has firmed up the greens, testing the best putters. Iain Birss won the day with a 67, sneaking under Phil and Jim on 68 and 69 respectively, all off to enjoy the Gallardo’s Pizza and the Helensburgh Butchers prizes. Geoff was off to the Helensburgh Golf Driving Range to fine-tune his swing. The longest drive for the A grade went to Phil, with Craig claiming the B grade. Steve claimed the 1st nine and Paul the second, Mick claimed the nearest the pin on the 14th hole. Match play results: Iain defeated John 3&2 and Dave beat Mick, 2 up. That will make the grand final between Iain and Dave in the October game. The September 21 game is an Individual Stableford at 7am. Remember to arrive early so Mick can prepare the various cards.

Full results at Tradies Helensburgh Sports and Social Golf Club where I can be contacted. 2508


Robert ‘Indy’ Jones reports. Round 2 of our HSSGC Championship on August 4th, had Michael Emmett with 64, leading Tony G. (70) and Mark O’Connor in 3rd place, with 73. Prizes from our sponsors – Christian’s Premium Meats, Helensburgh Hotel and Helensburgh Golf Driving Range – were presented on August 18th, the final round of the championship, to Craig Nicholl in 1st (62), followed by Greg Herbert (65) and Adam Gersback (68). Ross Fagerstrom enjoyed a good day out on course picking up three prizes. HSSGC Match Play returns in September with Craig, Tony G and Frank attempting to make the final. The next game is the Gentleman Jim Stableford event from 8.30am on September 9th. Contact Tony on 0418 863 100 or arrive at 8am to tee-off at 8.30am – from October it’s an 8am start. n Get your cash to Frank for the October trip. n A golfer stands on the tee of a long par 3 over water. A voice from above says: “Hit a new Ball from the bag.” He tees up an expensive extradistance new ball and takes a practice swing. The voice says: “Never mind, hit an old one.” 2508

SEPTEMBER / 2508 / 43


Nyrelle Guyatt and Jenelle McWilliam are the club’s first female Life Members, publicity officer Tiarne Guyatt reports.

Left: Life Member Nyrelle Guyatt, Club President Leo Stevens; right: Leo Stevens, Life Member Jenelle McWilliam and Chief Instructor Dave Winner. Photos by Damian Lloyd, www.seasaltstudios.com

Coalcliff SLSC has always had much to celebrate in the past years, from successful fundraisers to decade-long memberships — and this year is no different. At the Presentation Evening, two extraordinary women shared the honour of being named the first female Life Time Members of the club. On Saturday, the 27th of July, members Nyrelle Guyatt and Jenelle McWilliam accepted the award after a combined 50 years of membership. This award and title could not have gone to two more deserving women. The contributions of these fantastic ladies have played significant roles in shaping the club into what it is today.  Jenelle has been an active member of the Club for more than 25 years. Jenelle and her husband Bill joined Coalcliff SLSC in October 1989 with their children. Jenelle would help out at Nippers; helping with canteen, BBQ, fundraising, beach set-up and as an Age Manager. When her husband was elected Nipper Captain in the 1995/1996, and 1996/1997 seasons, Jenelle helped with all paperwork relevant to the juniors. Jenelle was then Nipper Captain 1997/1998 and 1998/1999 seasons, also helping at the Illawarra Branch. Janelle said: “Surf Life Saving in the past has been a male-dominated sport, but this has been changing over recent years with the association working towards being more inclusive of the whole community.”  Among her many roles and accomplishments within the club, Jenelle has also done excellent work as the club’s publicity officer. Despite all of her incredible contributions to the club, Janelle said: “It was a shock to receive 25 years

44­ / 2508­/ SEPTEMBER

Long Service Award.” Upon receiving her title, Nyrelle said: “I was very humbled to receive the honour of being made a Life Member. Jenelle was such a deserving member, and I don’t think I was in the same league.” Nyrelle has devoted much of her life to the club, and contributed in many areas. After starting her three children in the Nippers programme, Nyrelle took on the role as a Nipper’s age manager and held that role for 20 years. She began as manager for her son Blake’s age group (1995–2006), and then as the manager for her daughter, Tiarne’s (2006–2014).  Nyrelle was elected as first female Club President in 2009/2010, and held the role for three seasons.   “She was an outstanding President,” Club Captain, Rob Deacon said, “that [significantly] enhanced the relationship between Coalcliff SLSC, Illawarra Surf and the rest of the Illawarra Club.” During Guyatt’s term as President, the club was awarded ‘Illawarra Patrolling Club of the Year’ in the 2011/2012 season. Nyrelle has also been Patrol One Captain, Vice-Captain, Club Secretary and Club Treasurer.  The achievements of these wonderful ladies have helped shaped the club, and the award could not have gone to two more deserving women. Jenelle said: “I hope it will encourage more involvement by our female members, especially our youth members as they are the future of our club.” Congratulations once again to these two beautiful women. Thank you for all the love and commitment you have put into Coalcliff SLSC. We hope to continue having you a part of our family for many more years to come. 2508


By Therese Weber The 2019/20 summer season is fast approaching. Nippers starts back on the 13th October and we look forward to catching up with old friends and welcoming new ones into our club. All nippers need to register via the surf club website, or at a registration day on the 8th, 15th and 29th September from 10-11am at Stanwell Park surf club. New members will need to bring a copy of birth certificates to complete their registration. Pool proficiency swims will be at Coalcliff pool from 8.30-9.30am on the 15th and 29th September. Nippers are welcome to wear wetsuits, swim caps and goggles to complete the pool proficiency swim. All nippers must complete the pool proficiency prior to starting nippers on the 13th October. We will be using Facebook as our main form of communication this year. Make sure you ‘Like’ the page to keep up to date.


Register in September – season starts on Sunday, October 13. Photos: Damian Lloyd, Steven McDonald and Jenelle McWilliam

By Leo Stevens The Coalcliff SLSC family is welcoming new members once more. Come join a great little club and enjoy some fun in the sun! Young families are invited to join our nippers program, where kids will have a blast while learning vital ocean skills and spending time outdoors. Nippers are welcome from all ages, from the under 5’s right through to our cadet programs. The training opportunities are not just for kids – we highly recommend parents get involved with the club’s Bronze Medallion program to build their first-aid knowledge and lifesaving skills. Cadets and parents are encouraged to join our water safety team or sign up as a nipper’s age manager to help keep our kids safe. Register via our website (coalcliffslsc.com.au) or directly through SLSA via their members portal (members.sls.com.au). The club will also be hosting two in-person registration days on the last two Sundays of September from 2pm-4pm. KEY INFO: Registration: Sept 22 & 29, 2-4pm. Patrol Season: 28 Sept 2019–26 April 2020. First Nippers: 9.30am, 13 Oct. Membership fees: Active Senior: $45. Associate Senior: $50. Junior: $75. Family membership: $145. Only cash or cheque can be accepted during in-person registration, credit card payments are accepted for online registrations. 2508

SEPTEMBER / 2508 / 45

0.32 0443 0.38 00 0.18 0337 0.43 0342 1.22 0410 1.11 0.05 0126 0320 1.07 0509 1.12 0104 1.11 0002 1 0330 16 0926 1 25 16 1028 10 10 7 11 7 0245 7 22 1.42 1.58 0935 1.55 0710 0957 1.70 0901 0559 1.16 0.51 0712 0825 0.61 22 0959 0.71 1044 0.66 0.62 1523 0.41 1647 0.35 1530 0.22 1614 0.19

0.58 1.67 SU 1.48 SU 1350 MO 1.44 TU 1.41 WE 1.51 TU 1127 WE 1712 TH 1255 TH 10 SA 1508 MO 1635 TU 1532 1.52 2336 1.36 1 1.55 2236 1.55 2221 0.23 2250 2209 2148 0.51 1.86 2046 2134 0.47 2358 0.37 1910 0.52 1800

0.35 0545 0.42 00 0.28 0450 0.38 0424 1.33 0442 1.08 0.10 0245 0350 1.12 0602 1.18 0139 1.09 0043 17 1000 17 1104 2 0415 2 26 11 11 8 0402 8 23 8 01 1.44 1.59 1025 1.57 0821 1044 1.69 1020 0640 1.22 0746 0.40 0930 0.64 23 1108 0.68 1144 0.61 0.63 1602 0.42 1730 0.37 1626 0.25 1711 0.26


0.53 1.78 TU 1.48 TH 1.56 MO 1.49 MO 1500 WE 1.42 WE 1214 FR 1337 TH 1807 SU 1614 TU 1736 WE 1645 FR 10 1.44 1.58 2315 1.39 2336 2331 1.29 11 2313 2239 0.47 1.72 2201 2210 0.29 1948 0.45 1841


LONG 150° 55ʼ E 0.39 and 0.48 0507 0.41 0550 0118 0.35Low 0046 0.13 0516 0024 0.44Waters 1.29 0212 Times and Heights of High SEPTEMBER 2019 1.45 0632 1.58 1132 1.64 1130 0715 1.27 Local 0651 1.44 1143 Time 1.19 0.52 0819 0.45 0.40 0.34 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER1255 0.48 0.29 DECEMBER SEPTEMBER 0.62 1749 1.63 FR 1818 TH 1812 SA 1415 FR 1239 WE 1206 THNOVEMBER SA Time m1918 m 1.84 Time m Time m Time m 1.45Time Time m Time m Time 2304 m 1.36 1827 1.54 1.60 2025 1859 0.34 Time Time m0410 2331 Time m Time m 2248 Time TIME 0320m M0.32 M Time TIME TIME Mm 0451 0.50 M 0000 1.24 0.38 0028 1.17 0330 0.05 0342 0.18 TIME 0530 0.50 0500 0.20 1.11 1.13 LAT 34° 29ʼ S 0508 LONG 150° 55ʼ E 0404 0420 Times and Heights1032 of High 1115 and Low 1.57 Waters 0.62 0936 1036 0.59 OCTOBER 1.51 0.32 1610 1.56 WE 1645 TU 1724 TH MO 1711 TU NOVEMBER

24 18 12 9 3 27 24 18 12 9 0001

9 3


0935 1.55 SU 1530 0.22 2148 1.86

16 0926 1.42 0.05

1 0957

MO 1523 0.41 2134 1.52

2239 1.72

2210 1.44


2315 1.39


0.20 1.57 0.32 1.54

WE 1827 0.40

0420 1036 WE 1645 2248

TH 1730 0.49

FR 1224 1.57

0130 0725 FR 1402 2053


1.21 0.54 1.49 0.51

21 0022


6 0327


2209 0.51

23 5 0028 0633

2046 0.52

1.36 0.43 TH 1302 1.53 1.11 1.13 1936 0404 0.47 9 0508 1032 0.62 24 0936 0.59

0402 0930 SU 1614 2313


1.08 0.64 1.49 0.47

MO 1711 1.51

0245 0821 MO 1500 2201

1.09 0.63 1.48 0.45

TU 1610 1.56

16 1122

1.71 SA 1809 0.31


0543 0.61 SU 1215 1.64 1915 0.37

16 0527

0.51 MO 1156 1.79 1850 0.23

1.13 SA0056 1.23 0442 0.42 0052 1.18 0.41 1647 0.35 0.19 0.31 TH 0011 SA SA WE FR FR1.20 SU 1809 TH2 0117 FR SU 0 TU 1614 WE FR06221852 17 2WE 0.56 0629 0.67 17 0.55 0615 0.60 17 0537 1104 1.59 0.43 11 1.27 1910 0.42 1846 1.61 1916 1.85 1912 1.48 1949 1.68 2100 2358 2331 0.23 1953 1800 1.55

1.52 TH 1730

0.37 2331 1.29

2250MO 1259 1.361.54 2221 1.55SU 1208 1.68

SA 1247 1.61 1949 0.39

1902 0.33

2003 0.42

TU 1247 1.72 1945 0.25

0516 0.48 1143 1.58 FR 1818 0.40

0.42 TH

0150 0704 SU 1338 2049

1.11 0.68 1.51 0.45

0108 0630 MO 1300 2002

1.17 0.61 1.63 0.34

0212 0722 TU 1346 2054

1.12 0.72 1.45 0.46

0156 0724 WE 1345 2041

1.24 0.58 1.64 0.28

FR TH SU MO SA SU SA 1730 MO 1 TH 0.26 FR 0.37 SA 1.61 SU 1208 WE 1711 SA 1247 1.08 0309 1.28 1939 0.45 2 0.47 20274 1948 1.601.132028 2039 1.80 2135 1.510258 1.70 1902 01 2331 1.29 1.39 0212 1.16 1949 0.39 2015 0.74 19 0733 0.65 0825 0.75 19 0832 0.60

0018 1936 1.21 0256 1841 1.58 1.44 2315 19 40.47 0556 0.54 0804 SA 1227 1.55 1912 0.43

MO 1436 1.43 2149 0.48

TU 1400 1.58 2106 0.34

WE 1442 1.37 2145 0.48

TH 1446 1.55 2136 0.30

0113 1.15 0645 0.61

0403 1.10 0916 0.75

0322 1.19 0847 0.65

0407 1.18 0936 0.75

0400 1.34 0947 0.59

0.45 1818 0.40 1812 0.34 1.51 SAWE 1509 SU MO MO 1318 1.52 1542 1.37 1.32 MO 1.47 SU1.55 TU 1300 FR SA SU TU 1 FR TH TU SU15541338 SU FR TH 1544 FR 2015 2053 0.45 2245 1859 0.48 2233 0.32 2030 2208 0.32 1930 0.55 2025 0.51 0.49 0.43 2 2100 1.570.472236 2130 1.70 2211 1918 1.60 1.84 1.512231 1.68 2002 1.36 01 2049 0.45 2127

0503 1.15 0500 1.25 0459 1.44 0219 1.11 0428 1.26 21 61.11 0745 0.65 1029 0.73 21 1003 0.61 1047 0.72 21 1103 0.54 0245 1.07 0244 1.116 0242 0151 0.32 0011 0131 0.07 0018 0.32 0256 0.15 0.44 1.21 0443 1.24 0126 1.08 0337

1.12 0 0212 1 22 22 13 28 13 28 19 19 13 0749 19 4 4 0.62 0.61 0738 0.71 0900 0.66 1.32 1.54 0851 1.46 0 1.74 0733 1.457 0825 0556 0.547 0959 0552 0.53 0710 0804 0.74 0901 1332 1508 0.44 1.48 1332 1350 0.21 1.44 1453 1635 0.39 1.41 1517 1532 0.16 1.51 1

0613 0.57 0846 0.69 0453 0546 0.32 1.43 1.44 SA 1248 SU 1527 0.55 2236 0.49 1115 1207 1930 1.56 1.11 1.07 1730 1827 0126 0.40 FR TH WE1.11 7 0245 7 0443 0825 0.61 22 0710 0.62 0959 0.71 2331 1.41 SA 1508 1.48 SU 1350 1.44 MO 1635



1200 1.70 FR 1852 0.31

1.18 0212 1.21 0046 1.07 0200 1.11 0 0251 0.31 0327 0.10 0340 0118 0.35 0507 0.13 0516 0.34 0300 0.14 0108 0.39 0130 0.48 10 0.41 0022 0150 1.11 0219 21 6 21 15 30 15 27 12 27 12 18 12 20 18 18 3 3 0613 0.57 0.54 0651 0846 0.69 0815 0745 0.65 0854 1.39 0910 1.68 0955 0715 1.27 1.44 0819 1.40 1.65 01 1.456 0725 1143 1.58 0630 1132 1.64 0704 0.68 5 20 5 20 1.43 1415 1.44 1424 1.50 10 0.40 1527 0.15 1421 1255 1402 0.48 1.49 1239 1248 0.29 1445 0.43 1519 0.21 1608

1916 0.42 1.27 0420 0500 2331 0.20 0530 0.50 0028 1.36 0114 1.13 1036 1115 1.57 5 0633 0.431724 20 1158 5 0644 1.44 0.63 1645 0.32 0.53 WE 1.49 TH TU1.53 FR 1825 TH 1302 SA 1321 1936 0.47 2028 0.47 2248 2331 1.54


1.58 WE 1647 0.35 2250 1.36

0.50 0139 1.15 0 1.13 0115 0221 0.30 0114 0.06 0311 0043 0.38 0424 0602 1.33 0442 0.36 0.16 0011 10 0.35 0028 0.42 0.28 0052 1.18 0113 180530 3 0746 1820216 31.36 20 20 5 29 14 14 11 26 11 26 17 11 18 17 17 2 1.44 0.61 0.43 1144 0644 0.63 0730 0821 1.36 0824 1.62 0922 01 0640 1.22 1.34 1.54 0.40 0537 1.445 0633 1104 1.59 1044 1.69 1158 0615 0.60 0645 0.53 1337 1.52 10 1.49 1330 0.42 1321 0.16 1318 1214 1302 0.53 1.53 1807 1825 0.49 1426 0.29 1530 1.78 1409

0.39 0.41 0350 0.10 3 0507 1.45 1132 1.64 1000 1.57 0.45 0.34 TH 1812 1.36 WE TU 1602 MO 1626 0.25 0453 0.44 0546 0.32 0011 1.24 2210 1.72 19 1115 4 1207 1.562239 4 0552 0.53 1.45

18 2 0415 1025

0500 1115 TU 1724 2331

16 1028

1.21 00 0.32 0509 1.24 0029 0.44 0104 0151 0.32 0011 0242 0.07 0.40 0131 0.21 0451 1.22 0410 0.43 0342 0.32 0546 0.38 0.18 0453 0530 0.50 0018 19 19 4 28 13 13 10 011 25 10 25 16 16 10 0002 1 16 1 0.54 1.45 1.56 1044 0552 0.53 0642 0749 1.32 0851 0738 1.54 0712 1.27 1.41 0.51 0559 1.16 1122 1.424 1207 1028 1.58 0957 1.70 1115 1200 1.70 0556 1.55 10 0.49 1255 1.57 1232 0.44 1224 0.21 1227 0.55 1332 0.40 1453 1.67 1332 1127 1827 0.58 0.40 1712 1730

0320 0.19 TU 1614 2221 1.55 0926 1.55 0.35 0.28 1523 1530 0350 0.22 TU SU0.10 2 0415 2 0424 1025 1.57 17 1000 1.44 MO 1044 1.69 0.26 0.42 2134 2148 1.86 TU 1602 MO 1626 0.25 WE 1711

1 0330 0935

10 11

2336 0.47

MO 1421 1.50 2127 0.43

WE 1646 1.36 2333 0.46

TH 1619 1.54 2304 0.28

FR 1646 1.29 2319 0.46

SA 1702 1.40 2323 0.33

TU 1532 1.51 2236 0.37

TH 1743 1.36

FR 1725 1.54 2356 0.25

SA 1744 1.28

SU 1808 1.36

0552 1.23 1.33 1.54 0337 1.12 0.49 1227 1.55 1.57 1.43 SA MO TU TU 1400 SU 0526 SA SU7 0548 WE 1 MO SA1.37 FR 1224 MO05541436 70.51 22 1133 0.67 22 1116 0.53 1151 0.66 22 1215 0.46 0901 0.66 0.52 2100 0.47 2122 0.37 2 1953 1.61 1916 1949 1.85 1912 1.50 2149 1.61 2106 0 1.27 2209 0.43 2336 0.42 2046 0.48 2236

0450 0402 1.18 0221 0.30 0.50 8 0530 23 1020 0.61 0930 1158 0821 1.44 1.56 WE 1645 1.36 2336 1614 0.29 0.42 0.53 SU SA 1409 FR 1825 SA 0024 0.44 2027 0550 2313 1.60 9 0632 1.19 24 1130 1.29 0.52

1.09 0311 1.12 1.18 0 0015 0216 0.43 0618 1.50 0000 0013 0.35 0326 0.06 0.33 0.21 0322 0113 1.150.440545 0114 1.13 0245 0403 1.10 0450 1 WOLLONGONG’S 81.08 8 0922 0634 1.31 23 1222 0.43 0630 1.42 23 0645 1.65 1.53 Copyright of Australia 0.64 0.63SU 1108 0.68 1020 0.61 1 1.62 1.51 0945 1.79 0645 0.610.58Commonwealth 0644 0.63SA0821 0916 0.75 0847 0 1825 1228 0824 0.60 1245 1318 0.38 FR MO SWIM BEACHES ARE 1830 1.38 1834 1.28 1908 1.32 1.49 1.48 1.42 1.56 0.16 1530 0.36 1610 0.15 1318 1.52 1321 1.49 1.37 1509 MO 1500 TU 1736 WE 1645 SU 1426 MOof TU TH 1 SU TU 1542 WEAstrono Datum Predictions is Lowest PATROLLED FROM 0053 2039 0.40 0044 0.24 0039 0.43 1.470100 0.36 2213 0.459 2135 0.29 2 1.80 1.51 2208 2015 0.45 2028 0.47 2245 0 90.47 242201 LAT 34° 29ʼ LONG 150° 55ʼ 0.48 E 2336 0711 1.39 0708 1.51 24 0734 1.73 0706 S 1.62

8 5 29 23 20 14 8 5 29 23 20 14 20 14 PORT KEMBLA – NEW SOUTH WALES 0545 1.12 1108 0.68 TU 1736 1.42

WE 1206 0.62

TH 1749 1.63

SA 1314 0.53

THE START OF THE TimesMOare standard time (UTC + 1333 in 0.49local TU 1415 0.30

SU 1322 0.33

1914 0300 1.40 1920 1.30Waters 0.34 1827 1.45 0251 1921 1.51 1.11 0404 1.13 0024 0.44 0.31Times 0.10 0340 0.342004 0407 0.29 0428 0022 1.18 0508 0503 1.15 0550 0130 2304 1.21 0327 1.07Heights 0219 1.111.28and and of High Low SEPTEMBER SCHOOL New1.29 Moo0110 Moon Symbols 0.62 0.52 0936 0.59Phase 0632 1.19 0.43 1.22 0104 0.40 0854 0029 1032 0.21 0127 0910 0.37 0129 0.24 0115 0.39 1030 1.39 1.68 0955 1.5501451029 1.80 1003 0613 0.57 0.73 1130 0725 0509 0.54 0846 0.69 0745 0.650.42HOLIDAYS UNTIL THE 10 0002 10 25 10 25 10 25 0559 1.16 25 1044 0.51 0712 1.27 0642 1.41 0753 1.73 0745 1.47 0745 1.60 0821 1.80 SEPTEMBER OCTOBER 1.51 1749 1.63 1.56 0.62 0.40 0.15 0.35 0.17 1248 1.43 1646 1.36 1402 1.49 1527 1.44 1421 1.50 THNOVEMBER TUMO1610 WE SU MO TU WE FR 1 0.55 1445 1232 1711 0.40 1418 1.67 1356 1519 0.46 1416 0.411206 1505 0.24 1703 SA WE FR0.58 SU SU MO0.25 TH 1619 TU 1127 WE 1712 TH 1255 FRMO TU 1608 WE END OF THE APRIL 1800 1.55 1.48 2100 1846 1.57 1.68 2015 1.47 0.23 1953 2130 1.40 2005 1.28 0.34 Time 1.45 1.70 2211 1.42 2305 2 1930 0.55 0.46 1.39 2053 2358 0.51 0.49 2304 0.431.281827 0 m 20562333 Time m 1910 Time m 2236 Time m 2127 Time m 2304 T


11 0043 0640

0.38 1.22 WE 1214 0.53 1841 1.58

0602 1.33

1918 1.60

1859 1.84

21 15 9 6 30 24 21 15 9 6 30 24 21 15 0139 0.36

0.37 1.55 MO 1435 0.40 2031 1.39

0212 0.28

SA 1330 0.29 1939 1.70

2030 1.68

2111 1.37

2159 1.35

0150 0.42


22 16 10 7 1 25 22 16 10 7 311 25 22 16 01110

0415 0.07 0402 0131 1.08 28 0738 1.54 1025 0930 0.64 0.21 SA 1332 1949 1.85 1626 1614 1.49 MO SU 2239 0.06 0.47 14 0221 0.302313 29 0216

0.35 0.4203540015 0.100242 0424 0.280.39 1.18 0618 0.38 1.33 0442 0.36 0.16 01 0.32 0350 0.49 0052 0244 0043 0.15 0301 0.39 0307 0545 1.12 0602 0450 1.180.430139 0.43 0115 0245 1.09 13 0851 28 0336 282018, 28 1.46 Copyright 10291.34 1.79Bureau 0900 0640 1.74 13 0925 1.67 1007 0940 1.810746 1000 1.44 1104 1.57 1044 1.691.85 0615 0.60 1.22 0.40 1.54 0  Commonwealth of13 Australia of Meteor 1108 0.68TH1144 1020 0.610.231.59 0634 1.31 0730 1222 0821 0.39 0.63 0.25 1554 0.31 1651 0.19 SU 1453 SA 1717 MO 1517 0.16 WE FR 1623 1.50 1602 1.21 2122 1214 1.61 2151 2248 2220 1.271337 0.42 1730 0.37 0.25 1711 0.26 1.61 0.53 1.78 0.49 0.29 1.42 1645 1.56 1228 0.60 1500 1.48 SU 1 TU TH WE 1.33 SA 1247 WE THis1807 FR SA 1330 TU 1736 WE1.28 FR2314 SA 1825 MO2100 TIMES AND HEIGHTS Datum of Predictions Lowest Astronomical Tide 1.44 1.2904341830 1.720311 2315 0417 1.390.47 0.39 1.70 1 1.58 1.51 0.33 2210 0326 1841 0.21 0335 0.42 0350 0.53 1949 2336 2331 0.290.451948 1.38 1939 2201 0.45

7 1 8 2

13 0151 0749

0.32 1.32 FR 1332 0.44 1953 1.61

0821 1.36 SA 1409 0.42 2027 1.60

0824 1.62 SU 1426 0.16

0500 1.80 0508 2039 1.11 1115 0251 0.31 0.10 1032 0300 0.62 15 0854 1.39 30 0910 1.68 1724 1711 1.51 TU1519 MO0.40 0.15 SU 1445 MO 2100 1.57 2130 1.70 2331

9 3

11 0746 1.34 0.05 0126 FR 1337 0.49 1.51 1.551948 0710 0.22 0212 0.34 1350 MO SU 12 0819 1.40 1.86 2046 0.43 SA 1415

0159 0115 0.16 26 0818 0730 0002 1.54 11 0320 0.32 0.43 1.11 0443

26 1144 0.40 0330 0245 1.11 TH 1807 1.78 0825 0935 0.61 1530 0.13 1508 1.48 SU0046 SA0.35 12 0118 0715 1.27 27 0651 1.44 2148 2209 0.51 0.29 TH 1255 0.48 FR 1239

2025 1.51

260509 11 0410 26 09050552 0822 1.680104 0838 1.83 0530 0029 0.38 0342 0.181.80 0.50 0526 0.40 0.21 1.22 1.23 0.39 1.07 0337 1.12 NORTH 0.22 0448 WOLLONGONG WE 1458 0.34 TU 1511 0.19 TH 1552 2048 1.28 2107 1.42 1.26 1115 1028 1.58 0926 1.42 0957 1.70 1200 1.70 1116 0559 1.16 0712 1.27 0642 1.41 1044 0.51 1.77 1133 0.67 0.62 0959 0.71 0901 0.66 IS THE2145 ONLY LOCAL 1647 0.35 1523 0.41 1614 0.19 1852 0.31 0.58 0.55 1232 0.40 1712 1.67 0200 1127 0.14 0230 0.37 0254 0.33 0228 0.421255 0312 0.45 1757 0.23 1743 1.36 1.44 1635 1.41 1532 1.51 1725 SA TU WE FR TU TH FR WE TH TH MO TU FR 27 27 0947 0815 1.65 12 0851 1.62 27 0923 1.85 12 0900 1.75 BEACH 1.83 PATROLLED 1.36 2134 1.52 TU 2221 1.550.17 1800 1.55 1.48 1846 1.68 0.23TH 2250 0.52 2336 0.47WE2358 2236 0.370.271910 1514 0.35 1601 1540 SU 1424 0.21 FR 1636 0.22 2358 1.28 2356 2230 1.24 YEAR-ROUND.

23 17 11 8 2 26 23 17 11 8 2 26 23 17

14 0922 Times 29HIGH 1.51 29 0945 1.79 14 1001 1.71 29 1050 1.81 14 1022 1.83 OF 1107AND 1.73LOW are in local standard timeSA(UTC or daylight savings 1710 0.21+10:00) MO 1530 0.36 TU 1610 0.15 TH 1635 0.29 FR 1740 0.24 SU 1758 0.30

0.39 0.48WATERS 0.202135 0507 0.411.22 1.11 0044 0.35 0.13 0516 0.34 0.14 0 1.47 0420 2213 0118 1.51 2233 1.29 2338 2309 1.250212 2356 1.19 0150 0024 0.44 0046 0550 1.29 0053 0.40 0200 0404 1.13 New1143 Moon First Quart01 Moon Phase Symbols 1.45 1.58 1.570340 1132 1.640.54 0.68 0706 1.27 1.44 1.40 1.65 00.57 0704 0515 0.34 1036 0407 0715 0.29 0411 0.45 0500 0436 0632 1.19 0651 1130 0.520.470819 0711 1.39 0815 0936 0.59 LAT 34 29’ 30 30 15 1145 1.66 1338 1.51 0955 1.55 30 1030 0.45 1.80 15 1040 1.72 1132 1.74 15 1818 1108 1.830.40 1645 0.32 1812 0.34 1255 0.48 1239 0.29 1415 0.43 1424 0.21 1206 0.62 1749 1.63 0.53 1610 MO 10 WE FR TH 0.29 SU FRSA 1828 SA SU SU 1322 WE FR TH0.30 SA18371314 TU 0 0.35 0.35 1.56 1703 0.17 1720 0.21 MO TU 1608 WE TH SU 1758 LONG 150 1.42 2248 2305 1918 1.39 2320 1.25 1.36 1.542211 0.45 1921 1.60 2025 1.5155’ 2049 1.68 21 1827 1.45 1859 1.84 1914 1.40 2030 2304 0.34

24 18 12 9 3 27 24 18 12 9 3 27 24 18 0448 0.39

1115 0151 1.77 0453 0.44 1.24 0029 0.32 0011 0.07 0002 0546 0.43 0.32 0509 31 1.22 0104 0.40 0131 TH 1757 0.23 1.45 0.53 0642 2358 0749 1.28 1.32 0552 1.54 0559 1207 1.16 1.56 1044 1115 0.51 0712 1.27 0738 0.49 1.57 0.44 0.21 0.58 0.40 1.67 1255 0.55 TH 1730 SA WE 1827 FR 1224 FR 1332 SA 1332 TU 1127 WE 1712 TH FR 1232  Copyright Commonwealth of Australia 2018, Bureau of Meteorology 1.27 1910 0.42 1846 1.61 1916 1.85 1800 1.55 2358 2331 0.23 1953 1.48 1949 Datum of Predictions is Lowest Astronomical Tide

10 4

2133 1.28

1 0

31 0039 0558

1.18 0.62 TU 1224 1.57 1916 0.40

1.21 0127 1.08 0129 0.32 0256 0.15 0 0.37 0244 0.21 0242 19 01 4 28 13 0851 10 25 19 13 10 4 28 25 19 0018 25 0556 0.54 0804 0.74 0753 1.46 1.74 0745 1.47 0900 1.41 1227 1453 1.55 0.39 1436 1517 1.43 0.16 1

0.40 TU 0 MO 0.46 SU SU 1356 MO MO 1418 1912 0.43 1953 0.48 2015 1.50 2149 1.61 21 1.40 2122 1.68 2100

Times are in local standard time (UTC +10:00) or daylight savings time (UTC +11:00) when in effect 0530 0221 0.50 0139 1.15 0159 0028 1.13 0115 0.30 0114 0216 0.06 0113 0311 0.33 0043 0.38 1.36 0.16 Last Moon Phase Symbols New 0602 Moon 1.33 First Quarter 0.36 Full Moon Quarter

0403 1.10 0212 0.21 0 0.37 0326 20 1158 20 0645 5 29 5 29 20 01 14 0821 14 0922 11 11 06405 0633 11 26 26 1.44 0.61 0.43 1144 0644 0.63 0730 0916 0.75 0838 1.36 1.62 1.51 1.79 0818 1.55 0945 1.22 26 0.40 0746 1.34 0824 1.54 1825 1409 0.53 0.42 1321 1426 1.52 0.36 1542 1610 1302 1.53 1.49 0.16 1318 1530 1.37 0.15 1

1435 1.78 0.29 FRwhether TH 0.53 SAor 0.49 TU 0.40 WE SA SU in respect MO TU TU 1511 The Bureau Meteorology gives no warranty any kind express, implied, statutory otherwise to theSU availability, accuracy,MO currency, completeness, WEof 1214 THof1807 FR 1337 SA 1330 2015 0.45 1936 2028 0.47 0.48 2107 2027 1.60 2039 1.80 2135 1.47 2245 1.51 quality or reliability of the information that the information will be fit for any particular purpose or will not infringe1939 any third party Intellectual Property2031 rights. 1.39 2213 1841 1.58 or0.47 1948 1.51 1.70 The Bureau’s liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense resulting from use of, or reliance on, the information is entirely excluded.

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By Angela Bevitt-Fagerstrom HJRLFC Publicity Officer The season is now officially at an end for the Junior Tigers, and what a season it’s been! In summing up the season’s success, HJRLFC President Brendan Wells said: “It’s been a fantastic year for the club, our Junior Tigers proved once again how well they can perform together as a team and represent our community. This year we had all four League tag teams making the semi-finals, all the mod teams making the semi-finals, five teams making their grand final, three minor premiers and two premiers. What a club, what a playing group, we could not be prouder.” A big shout-out and thank you to all the volunteers supporting our juniors including our devoted committee, but as always, we are most grateful to our town and local companies who support us every year. These companies who generously donate to the club allow us to supply the equipment, facilities needed to keep our juniors on the field and in the apparel that can be seen around town no matter the season. We are extremely lucky to live in the community we do, this truly is TIGER TOWN! Our presentation day is September 26 and the AGM will be held on 19 November, for more details see our Facebook page. The 2020 season kicks off in March, new players are welcome. Go Tigers! 2508

Helensburgh Car Services

4294 2930 Tune & Service • E Safety Checks All Makes & Models LPG Rego Checks • Blue Slips Licence no. MVRL 17877

Child Restraints Fitted John Hine (Proprietor) 187 Parkes St Helensburgh 2508


Open 7 days

193 Parkes Street

Mon-Fri 7.30-5pm, Sat 8.30-2.30, Sun 9-1pm * Key Cutting * Trade Facilities * Timber Cut To Size * Personalised Service from Mike, Gail & Mick

Ph: 4294 1007 Fax: 4294 1488 Email: helensburghhardware@gmail.com


4294 1008 SEPTEMBER / 2508 / 47

Previously known as engadineplumbingsupplies

Ph: 9520 8806

2 - 14 Station Street, Engadine, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2233


$499 10 YEAR



HCT4 Add $200 for Rimless Short Projection Toilet


by licensed plumber.

Back to wall toilet suite Give us a call to see if you are eligible for this offer. 95208806

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2508 September 2019  

The only monthly local news magazine for Helensburgh, Darkes Forest, Otford, Stanwell Tops, Stanwell Park and Coalcliff

2508 September 2019  

The only monthly local news magazine for Helensburgh, Darkes Forest, Otford, Stanwell Tops, Stanwell Park and Coalcliff

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