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Presented coast to coast by Health Arts Societies of Canada

“The last time the musicians were he commented on how it reminded her she attended in Vancouver, down in continued to reminisce. I hope the m how much it means to the residents them come and perform.�

Vancouver, British Columbia

ere, one resident r of the concerts n Stanley Park and musicians know s and staff to have Bramwell Tovey meets resident Phil Peterson

Health Arts societies and Société pour les arts en milieux de santé are a Canada-wide group of registered charities bringing the joy and enrichment of first-class, professionallyperformed music to people, particularly frail elders, isolated in care. The first of these societies, Health Arts Society, was founded in British Columbia in 2006. The seven societies, serving audiences in all provinces are the following: Health Arts Society (BC) Health Arts Society of Alberta Health Arts Society of Regina Health Arts Society of Manitoba Health Arts Society of Ontario Société pour les arts en milieux de santé Health Arts Society of Atlantic Canada Health Arts societies of Canada


“Thank you so much. We had a won with the musicians that you sent to our residents. They were fabulous! O really appreciated the quality of the They were so personable as well and a great show. Beautiful!”


nderful afternoon o perform for Our residents eir music. d really offered photo: Vanessa J. Goymour

Concerts in Care are 45-minute concerts performed by first-class professional musicians in institutional residences for people with chronic frailties, illnesses and disabilities. The societies address the imbalance between services provided to audiences able to access live music in the community and those isolated, often for the rest of their lives, in residential care.

Health Arts societies of Canada


“You gave me so much pleasure to he the tears came in my eyes. You’re a a darling.”


ear you playing – sweetheart – photo: Vanessa J. Goymour

Our Performers Concerts in Care performers are chosen from the ranks of presenting organizations across the country and the community of freelance professional musicians. They are paid for their work, although the audiences also benefit from the artists’ goodwill. The distinctive innovations of Concerts in Care are its ambitious scale, regularity and professionalism.

Health Arts societies of Canada


“One of the residents was especially the concert. This was an amazing r is usually confused. She was compl attentive, and made positive comm piece. She explained to me afterwar family attended concerts regularly. music spoke to her and called her in


enthralled with response, as she letely focused and ments after each rds that she and her . The familiarity of nto being.�

photo: Yukiko Onley

Our Audience Elders and others entering care must leave their homes and possessions and give up their lives as autonomous individuals. They have often suffered significant personal losses, including the deaths of a spouse and many of their circle of friends, and must reconcile themselves to declining health. Concerts in Care helps to normalize their existence, bringing them the enrichment of fine music and respectful and vitalizing contact with performers.

Health Arts societies of Canada


“Last week we had the pleasure of m of musicians from the National Arts just entranced by such a display of obvious love of music, and their ple their joy in ensemble playing.Hearin and skilled string players playing lo was an unforgettable experience – I I have spent many hours reliving th will never forget!”

Ottawa, Ontario

meeting a quartet s Centre. I was musicality, their easure in sharing ng these talented ovely instruments I was thrilled. his experience and

photo: Vanessa J. Goymour

The Work of Health Arts societies and Société pour les arts en milieux de santé Concerts in Care brings music to people isolated in care for a fraction of the cost of delivery of equivalent programming to well and autonomous audiences. A very substantial proportion of the societies’ revenues is paid to musicians and extremely efficient techniques for delivery and service of the concerts have been developed. Each society is a registered charity responding to specific conditions in each province. The administration and development functions of all of the societies are managed by a small core team. Concerts in Care is a uniquely-scaled and efficient response to a significant human need of people isolated in care.

Health Arts societies of Canada


“The concert swept them away. The beautiful voice and the pianist is ve A very good concert! The residents l staff were wishing the concert could suffering from severe cognitive impa started singing one of the pieces.”

Montréal, Québec

singer has a ery talented. loved it and some d go on. A resident airment even photo: Al Harvey

Partners The societies are supported by a substantial number of cultural and financial partners, listed in full on the societies’ websites.

Health Arts societies of Canada


“The music was so well received and to see the patients engaging throug clapping and singing along. A plea their performance.�

Atlantic Canada

d it was beautiful gh toe tapping, asure to listen to

photo: Yukiko Onley

Concerts in Care • seven registered charities across Canada • more than 5,500 concerts to date provided to audiences in care; residents, their families and staff • more than 12,000 artist engagements to date • an audience of over 220,000 to date • 2012 concerts delivery goal: 1,600 • 2015 concerts delivery goal: 5,000 • audience member cost per concert: approximately $17

Health Arts societies of Canada


healthartssocietiesof canada For more details of the work and contributions that build the societies ongoing, please visit www.healtharts.org and www.samsante.org Front and Back Cover: Health Arts Society concerts (photos by Vanessa J. Goymour and Yukiko Onley)

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Health Arts Society Fundraising Brochure  

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