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ello, welcome back to 22 West Magazine! Thank you for picking up this issue, it’s been fun getting set up after spending so much time hunched over a screen at home. Now I can spend time hunched over in front of a screen at our brand new offices in the USU. If I could describe the process it’d be in the words of a very wise person (me): “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and it was the times of times.” Joking aside, I’m excited to take over the reins from our last editor in chief, Kaleen Luu, who I would like to thank for keeping the ball rolling last semester and being an inspiration. Another big thanks also goes to our lovely volunteers who contributed to this issue, their sweat and tears — not blood though because that’s against HR regulations — are greatly appreciated. As we get everything going, I’m eager to show everyone what our team this year has to offer! We have wonderful people. The best people. This theme is one that we’ve done in the before times, so I’m glad to be coming out with it in our publication, Out-ober! An LGBTQ centered theme to bring a spotlight to what our volunteers have to say about various topics in the community. As a reminder, LBSU has support resources for LBGTQ students who are looking for assistance, please visit faculty-center/lbgtq-services for more information about tools that our campus provides as well as off campus organizations.

Disclaimer and Publication Information: 22 West Magazine is published using ad money and partial funding provided by the Associated Students, Inc. All Editorials are the opinions of their individual authors, not the magazine, ASI nor LBSU. All students are welcome and encouraged to be a part of the staff. All letters to the editor will be considered for publication. However, LBSU students will have precedence. Please include name and major for all submissions. They are subject to editing and will not be returned. Letters may or may not be edited for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and length. 22 West Magazine will publish anonymous letters, articles, editorials, and illustration, but must have your name and information attached for our records. Letters to the editor should be no longer than 500 words. 22 West Magazine assumes no responsibility, nor is it liable, for claims of its advertisers. Grievance procedures are available in the Associated Students business office.

by Andres Leon

MAGAZINE STAFF Andres Leon, Editor-in-Chief Jensen Puckett, Managing Editor Jake Winkle, Art Director Avery Keller, Lead Copy Editor Lianna Schieber, Distribution Manager

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ACT UsS CONTfo @22we tm EMAIL: In Blvd, Bellflower 12 12 : IL A M h, ong Beac Suite 112 L CA 90815


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Art Director


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Distribution Manager


ASI Comm Graphic Designer


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CULTURE by Carlos Fuentes



ay men are continuously being

comprehend the harmful effects of

mock and gain attraction from larger

mocked throughout multiple

queerbaiting online. One of the conse-

audiences. In other words, exhibiting

media platforms. We are drawn to be

quences being the reinforcement of

queer behavior is meant to be funny

over feminized and dramatized for

negative stereotypes of gay men; it

and attractive. The reality for a lot of

the amusement of viewers. However,

starts a chain reaction of homopho-

queer individuals is the opposite; they

in the real world, little boys are being

bic slurs that are harmful to the queer

are victims of hate crimes endorsed by

bullied in schools for ‘acting’ gay. And

community. A common reaction on

stereotypes that showcase them as a

in an ironic turn of events, those same

Tiktok is people attacking the queer

joke. They are attacked and judged for

bullies are going online and queer bait-

community while giving heterosex-

the same behavior straight people are

ing on platforms like TikTok to gain

uals a pass from being ridiculed and

idolized for in the media.


celebrating them as comedians. A

Queer baiting is the practice

person pretending to be queer for

queer baiting, they start to invali-

of implying queer attraction or rela-

views should not be mistaken as an

date LGBTQ stories. Fake coming-

tionships to engage with the LGBTQ

ally to the LBGTQ community. They

out videos are produced by people

community. A lot of influencers and

are only enforcing harmful and false

who later confess they’re straight.

celebrities are guilty of this practice,

stereotypes that belittle queer people.

Videos like these invalidate queer

which has made queer baiting a trend

Capitalizing on a marginalized group

people because it labels coming out

throughout many social media plat-

only further disconnects them from

as a joke. There is nothing funny about

forms. TikTok is a major platform

society. Queer baiting does not make

coming out; it can be traumatizing and

where queer baiting is performed on

queer behavior socially acceptable

anxiety-driven due to fear of rejec-

a daily basis. Those on the front lines

because of the internalized homopho-

tion. Straight people fail to realize they

of queer baiting are straight cis-gen-

bia within queer baiting. There are

are enacting and pushing homopho-

dered men who have a history of using

places where being gay is illegal, yet

bic ideals by mocking queer people in

homophobic slurs.

ironically heterosexuals are given a

their videos.

The performance of queer-

pass to perform and present as queer

baiting capitalizes and profits from the

for entertainment. Thus, queer people

continue is encouraging toxic behavior

lives of queer people. Tiktokers fail to

become skits for straight people to

to fly under the radar without reper-

When straight people start

Allowing queer baiting to


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cussion. LGBTQ stories are not some-

ery of queer people coming out and

ignorance to prevail in the media. Let

thing to stigmatize and make fun of.

the false stereotypes given by the

us celebrate and learn about queer

Queer baiting performed by straight

media has left the LGBTQ community

culture, instead of enabling homopho-

people has created this double stan-

vulnerable to an alarming number of

bia by making harmful stigmatizing

dard that erases the hardships of

homophobic attacks online. Queer

videos that disparage queer people

queer people and turns it into a joke.

baiting silences queer voices and it’s

and their unique stories.

As a queer person, it hurts to see my

unacceptable. LGBTQ stories aren’t

community continuously harassed for

meant for jokes nor to be capitalized

simply being ourselves. The mock-

for profit. There is no room left for

Illustration by Arielle Zepeda 7

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10/8/21 2:53 PM


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CULTURE by Avery Keller




can feel invisible sometimes. Being

Bi erasure is the idea that bisexual

but that myth has been dispelled as

a bisexual man comes with a severe

identity often gets erased by society

well. After entering college, I had a

lack of media representation that

when a bi person settles into a seri-

better understanding and the ability

makes the journey all the more diffi-

ous relationship. Depending on the

to accept myself as who I was. I offi-

cult. For a long time when I looked at

gender of their partner, they may often

cially took on the bi label and opened

the screen, I did not see people who

get labeled as straight or gay, and their

up to people about my identity freely.

shared the same experience as I did.

capacity to be attracted to more than

My relationship with my bisexuality is

Finally I found what I was searching

one gender is not recognized. Even

a healthy one now, rather than some-

for, in the form of John Constantine on

within the LGBTQ+ community, bi

thing I would choose to hide from.

the CW show “Legends of Tomorrow.”

erasure is pervasive. Bi people will

While I still work to find the courage

He was a warlock, a superhero, and

often get lumped into groups that they

to tell my family, I have made a lot of

a positively portrayed bisexual man.

do not fully identify with. Because of

progress and I want the world to know

Until this moment, watching a ridicu-

the disregard for bisexuality, many

who I am.

lous and campy comic book TV show,

people can feel invalidated with their

I had never seen a heroic bisexual man

own identity.

create art and writing that represents

on the screen.

I struggled for a long time to

my identity. I now write for film with this

Bisexual representation in

feel valid in my identity. I knew that I

in mind, and my goal is to bring more

media has grown from the past, but

had feelings for both men and women

powerful bi characters to the page

it still often fades into the background

around my junior year of high school,

and screen. As bi people, we need to

in favor of the straight-gay binary.

yet it took me longer to come around.

let the world know that we’re here,

Most movie and television charac-

Oftentimes, I would still tell people I

that we are visible. This means more

ters are either straight or gay with a

was straight, as I was not able to figure

representation and better represen-

lack of recognition of any other iden-

myself out. Even when I began to admit

tation. Bisexuals can exist in commit-

tity. Sexual identity in media is most

to people that I had some essence of

ted relationships, they can be single,

often presented by who a char-

bisexuality, I would tell them that I was

they can be anything they want to be.

acter’s love interest is, rather than

‘mostly straight.’ Nobody ever made

If young people can see positive and

something that is openly discussed

it clear to me through my life or the

strong bisexual characters on screen,

as a distinct element of identity. This

media that being bisexual was a valid

perhaps that will make their journey

binary assumption not only affects

identity. For a long time, I also thought

just a little bit easier.

the characters on our screens but

being bisexual meant that I had to have

also the people who exist around us.

an equal attraction to men and women,

In this venture, I strive to

Illustration by Katelyn Bernado 9

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10/8/21 2:53 PM

STUDENT LIFE by Kadie Gurley



West Media held a volunteer

advisors from the media company and

volunteer,” said senior Nina Walker.

mixer on Thursday, Sept. 9,

were able to sign up to volunteer and

“It is just an outlet for creativity,” she

looking for students to get involved

work alongside the other students in

continued. The emphasis on creativity

on campus. The event took place

our organization.

and passion seemed to be the spark

outside the front doors of the

which students aimed for by signing

University Student Union. This is the

Alex Fonseca, went to the mixer not

up to be a part of our organization.

first semester students are back on

only to get involved but to discover

campus since the pandemic and the

passion. “During my freshman year, I

and working as the graphic design

award-winning organization is not

actually came here because I wanted

artist, gave a basic rundown on what

taking it lightly.

to start a radio show and I was kind

22 West Media does. “It is a multimedia

Many students lined up

of lost and didn’t know,” he said. The

company run by students on campus.

outside waiting for the event to begin.

business and political science major

They have three branches like radio,

The multimedia platform had a live

continues, “This is a passion I have

video, and the magazine,” she stated.

DJ with music from the radio station,

always had so I am starting to get into

Walker continued, “Radio has a station

games, and food for the first 50


that plays on and off campus, video

students to arrive.

Anyone is encouraged, no

creates video productions throughout

Attendees had direct

matter what level of experience.

the semester, and the magazine

discussions with our members and

“Anybody in any skill set can come and

comes out with a monthly issue.”

Some in attendance like senior

Walker, majoring in studio art


22West_Outober_FinalCopy.indd 10

10/8/21 2:53 PM

Illustration by Jake Winkle

The student-led platform

productions are just a few possibilities

“We will be looking for students to volunteer all year round.”

has received various awards that

of what students can participate in.

have illustrated their work and

projects. Student creators at LBSU

to volunteer all year round. If you could

have showcased their work at

not make it to the mixer event then you

industry festivals like the CSU Media

can access the Associated Students

to volunteer and that’s it.” Garnica

Arts Festival and the Intercollegiate

Incorporated website to join or follow

continues, “Anyone who is passionate

Broadcast System Media Awards in

22 West Media on social media to stay

about radio, magazine, or anyone who

which we have placed for multiple

updated. Plus, the offices and radio

just shows interest are all welcomed

years. The awards received by past

station are open for students to come


and present students include radio

stop by.

broadcasting, film, and digital media.

Enrique Garnica, recent

workshops in various areas of media

Students looking to join 22

graduate turned radio audio engineer,

throughout the semester. For more

West Media can take part in many

explains where students can find

information on workshops and how

projects throughout the semester.

the radio station. “You can always

you can get involved, visit the ASI

Becoming a radio DJ or host, helping

visit the radio station. We are here in

website as mentioned before or follow

create monthly magazine issues on

the North mall area in the USU. Just

us on social media.

campus, and taking part in our video

stop by, say hello, and say you want

We will be looking for students

22 West Media will be hosting


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10/8/21 2:53 PM

ART by Yoanna Kollin



am not happy.

when I am not seen.

But I never asked for the body that I

I am not Joyous, or gleeful, or even

When I am here the whole time.

came with.

remotely good.

When I look in the mirror, I see a reflec-

I like being fem and people recognizing

How am I supposed to feel when

tion of the woman I am.

me as a girl. I like when people accept

someone loves me, but doesn’t accept

While my father will only see the

me. I like when people call me

me? When that someone is your father

person I used to be, nothing more.

by my name

and that lack of acceptance will never

Nothing less. I am comfortable and

When people use my pronouns, when

fall short. How am i supposed to feel

content with who I am.

they say miss or mam.


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10/8/21 2:53 PM

I am happy.

He will never see me as his

I am joyous and gleeful, and not even

daughter and that’s what

remotely sad.

makes me so heartbroken.


“So, do I love my da

So, do I love my dad? I just want to be accepted and I want

It’s weighted.

my dad to know who I am and I want

I don’t know how to love my dad since

him to embrace me and I want him to

he doesn’t know how to accept me.

accept me I just want him to accept me

What hurts the most is that There is

God damn it

so much potential for so much love

I just want him to accept me.

for this relationship But because he

But what good is praying for some-

doesn’t know how to accept me I can’t

thing that will never happen.

give him the love

I’ve never had the best relationship

the love that should be there.

with my dad, especially not in recent

One of the hardest things about grow-

years and that’s largely due to the fact

ing up is if your parent doesn’t accept

that he doesn’t know how

you and that causes a lot of distrust

to accept me.

and a lot of anxiety and

And it’s gotten to the point where

a lot of depression

some nights, i can’t even fall asleep

So i would just like to politely say.

He says he loves me, but

Fuck you Dad. You dumb fucking

doesn’t show it.

stupid ass bitch. Fuck you because

He never not once used my pronouns

everytime you had the chance to learn

That’s it. Love/Acceptance

And a little bird told me that he would

about my identity, you never listened,

the whole thing.

only use my pronouns once i officially

not really, because you were so caught

I am a transwoman.

transition, whatever the

up in having to be “right”

My pronouns are she/they

fuck that means.

That you tried to tell your own fucking

And my name is Yoanna

I already officially transitioned. I

transgender daughter what it means

And I have friends who love me

changed my name and my pronouns,

to be transgender. Go fuck yourself a

and a mom who accepts me

hence the transition.

thousand times over.

And an environment where

But my dad doesn’t believe in an in

You do not know what you

I can be myself

between gender identity.

are talking about.

Thank you CSULB for making me

In my father’s eyes it’s male and female

And you do not have the right to tell me

feel seen, and for giving me a place

and that’s it.

that my identity is wrong.

to call home.

And it’s only transmale and transfe-

You are not supposed to be right

male if you get bottom surgery

you’re supposed to be my parent.

“In my father’s eyes it’s male and female and that’s it”

right e h t e v a not h “you do that my identity e to tell m .” is wrong

Illustration by Nina Walker 13

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10/8/21 2:53 PM

STUDENT LIFE by Ethan Lauren



ith campus having its first in-per-

to make mistakes and grow.”

son classes since 2020, students

A typical meeting consists of

are looking for ways to connect with peers;

discussions, speakers, games, and other

some of these students being part of the

means of getting participants to know one

LGBTQ+ community. Many clubs, events,


and resources on campus have stayed digi-

tal since transitioning at the start of COVID-

major, is a recent transfer to LBSU and has

19, and it is easier than ever to access them.

found the Café to be helpful. She says that

The Rainbow Café, one of 13

the topics every week are relatable and

spaces through the LBSU Counseling and

would recommend anybody curious to

Psychological Services, is facilitated by


Dr. Lauren Jensen, a licensed psychia-

trist. Hosted through Zoom, the Café is an

alone during this time. You can vent and

LGBTQ+ drop-in support space for those

share how you’re feeling with trustworthy

to learn or connect, with a focus on sexual,

people who understand what you are going

gender, and romantic diversity. It meets at


3:30 p.m. every Monday, barring breaks or

holidays. More information and a link to the

online meetings for students is privacy,

meeting can be found through the CAPS

as Jensen points out. For this reason, the

website under outreach on their sidebar or

school’s Multicultural Center has spaces

through Instagram

reserved during the Café’s duration, with


the addition of an all-gender bathroom.

As the space tailors exclusively to

Mia Castro, a civil engineering

“It has really made me feel less

One of the potential problems with

“[It’s] for those who are questioning

the LGBTQ+ community, Jensen recom-

or exploring their identities,” Jensen says,

mends allies interested in learning more to

“and to find support in that journey, regard-

visit the Queers and Allies club on campus.

less of where it goes.”

She wants people who join to feel comfort-

able expressing themselves within a safe

one place meant to connect and help


students, CAPS holds numerous other

“We’re making a space for those

services, such as other drop-in spaces,

experiences to be heard, so that’s really

therapy groups or initial consultations that

a gift where we get to learn how to create

could lead to short-term counseling.

authentic connections and where it’s okay

Illustration by Caroline Bae

Though the Rainbow Café is only


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10/8/21 2:53 PM

ART by Arielle Zepeda

TINY PELITOS Perception of beauty is outta touch My mom says I’ve cut too much It keeps on growing longer But I don’t feel any stronger Weak — Shit, I used to be unique I loved smelling the goop of suavecito Pero, this doesn’t feel like me though Yeah, it’s cool for now or whatever I can’t wait until it gets better These people are breathing down my neck “Mija you look bonita” Which makes it harder for me to let go Sometimes I’ve gotta do shit for me I remember what that was like to feel free! Little locks of brown and black. I hope that shit never grows back. Reflection gave me the perception to be me. Ironically no hair gave me the strength to grow. Sometimes you’ve gotta learn how to let go. Comfort is ideal and it’s sweet Being who you are feels like you’re dancing naked down the street.

Illustration by Arielle Zepeda


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10/8/21 2:53 PM

Student Life





o drive is to live—or such goes some notion emulating Kerouac, but now he’s dead and the romance

of the road ceases to the realities of commuting. Yet sometimes, you need to head out onto the open road with the speed limit wind streaming through your hair.

Anybody taking Interstate 405 to Long Beach

knows it’s not quite a scenic journey, with stop-and-go traffic drawling on. For those who prefer staying up, out, and looking to while the time away, here are four routes for rolling out with blacktop under wheel—though, technically, some recommendations might be asphalt.

Whether you’re new to southern California or

a true Angelino, cruising down these streets resonates differently at night compared to daytime traffic congestions.

One tip for driving late at night is to pull aside,

when able, if somebody is riding close behind you. There is an inherent risk to driving, but don’t be fast nor be furious. It’s typically better to know there’s a car ahead so you don’t find yourself entranced by the empty road.

Mulholland Drive Driving down Mulholland is a staple in Los Angeles road vernacular for a reason. Go westward, go eastward, go until the luster grows weary. Don’t get dazzled by the city lights as you wind higher up the hills. Loop to the north or south by way of Coldwater Canyon, or the famous Laurel Canyon—a basic rule to follow is that streets with ‘canyon’ in the name can’t steer you wrong. 18

22West_Outober_FinalCopy.indd 18

10/8/21 2:53 PM

Pacific Coast Highway It would be remiss to not mention one of the most iconic strips of pavement to have ever fringed the coastline. When the streets are quiet, when the stench of gasoline isn’t present, the ocean scent takes hold across the land.

The worst aspect of Route 1, save for speed

racers scrambling down the road, is the thought in the back of the mind urging you to keep going and not look back, but that might just be this writer. It’s easy to turn back around but those looking to steal a longer drive should fare either the canyons Topanga or Malibu. They’ll carry you to Route 101, wherein you can head wherever you choose. These roads careen through the mountains where it seems no souls reside. Pleasant curves are abundant; pleasant so long as you don’t speed—not that anybody would dare do so.

Across Terminal Island to San Pedro After a late night on campus, come cross some iconic bridges before breaking off down into lower San Pedro. Interstate 710 will take you over the newly-constructed Long Beach International Gateway and the Vincent Thomas Bridge, the only suspension bridge in the area. Continue to the recommendation below or loop around and drive over some more bridges, because few things are better than bounding a nice, solid bridge.

Sunset Boulevard For fans of the musical group Jan and Dean—as I’m sure all college students are—this is where their famous “Dead Man’s Curve” stems from. Just don’t go racing anybody and that nickname shouldn’t be a deterrent to you. Driving the continuity of Sunset showcases bustling intersections to dark patches to William Holden, face down in a pool.

Many streets such as Sepulveda, Santa Monica,

Victory, and anything else that Randy Newman might have sung about, are strong contenders, but Sunset triumphs above them with its stamp of Los Angeles iconography.

Illustration by Katelyn Bernado 19

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10/8/21 2:53 PM

OPINION by Carlos Fuentes




he conversation around

age, society limits and defines our

behaviors, and pronouns. My gender

pronouns is different for

understanding of pronouns based on a

expression allows me to fluctuate in

everyone. An individual’s pronouns

person’s gender. A majority of people,

how I choose to present daily. There

can be absolutely anything as there are

either from a cultural or social stance,

are days where I feel more feminine,

no rules to a socially constructed idea.

take years to realize this.

while others are more masculine,

Some people prefer he/him, she/her,

Gender expression is how

my pronouns being interchangeable

they/them, or even queen/goddess for

a person presents. This could be

within the process. I mostly dress in

pronouns. Unfortunately at a young

based on clothes, hairstyles, social

masculine clothes, yet behave more


22West_Outober_FinalCopy.indd 20

10/8/21 2:53 PM

feminine. Thus, I cannot simply

I was once afraid to speak

school more than ever; it’s exciting to

address my pronouns as one or the

about my pronouns, especially

see the inclusiveness of companies


when working with predominately

and institutions that I love and

For the first 20 years of my

straight cis-gendered men. During

support. Long Beach State University

life, I was strictly he/him because as

the first few months at a new job, I

has policies set in place to adhere to

a ‘man’ I was taught it was socially

was cautious of being open about my

an individual’s pronouns. I can now

‘correct’. I recently realized I was

gender expression. I wasn’t sure if I

declare my pronouns by going to

living this façade of what I thought my

could freely express myself without

MYCSULB, scrolling down to personal

gender expression should be. At the

being judged. During a store meeting,

information, and clicking on pronouns

moment my pronouns are he/she/

I stated I was non-binary with my

under the dropdown list.

they because my gender expression

pronouns as he/she/they to make my

is fluid. I don’t just fit into one set of

experience at work more comfortable.

pronouns freely around campus and

pronouns; I’d ultimately be boxing

Being constantly addressed as only

work makes me feel welcomed and

myself if I chose to conform to social

he/him felt invalidating to my gender

protected. I have been lucky enough

expectations around my assigned sex

expression and I didn’t want to keep

to work and be associated with people

or gender.

making my life harder for the sake of

who support me and my pronouns.

keeping everyone else’s at peace.

Nonetheless, I know that may not

everyone has their explanation

As a non-binary person who

be a reality for everyone. There are

for them. I’m sure this all sounds

goes by he/she/they, I understand

people with certain social or religious

complicated and it is. Nevertheless,

not everyone will get my gender

beliefs that we won’t see eye to eye

the moment a person expresses

expression. Nevertheless, it is

with and it’s okay to remove ourselves

their preference in pronouns, it is

important to address who I am as

from those uncomfortable situations.

important to keep an open mind even

a person to be my authentic self. A

Always talk to people you trust about

when the conversation is confusing.

supervisor of mine came to me and

any concerns you may have, especially

I think what’s important is to listen

expressed that she was still learning

if your life feels threatened. People will

and respect any form of pronouns as

about different pronouns. I explained

hate and try to erase our story, but we

it can be emotionally and mentally

my appreciation towards her after

can’t allow that to happen. I encourage

challenging for people to express due

our talk because she respected me

starting our conversations with the

to the fear of being judged. This is the

as a person and my pronouns even

question “what are your pronouns?”.

reality for a lot of us who don’t abide

when she didn’t quite understand.

And if anyone is unsure, that too is

by the social expectations of a man

She’s a great example of how people


or woman. The world isn’t so kind

don’t have to understand a person to

to non-conforming individuals, but

respect them and their differences.

that shouldn’t stop us from telling our


visible within the workplace and

Pronouns are limitless and

Being able to state my

The usage of pronouns is

Illustration by Arielle Zepeda 21

22West_Outober_FinalCopy.indd 21

10/8/21 2:53 PM


22West_Outober_FinalCopy.indd 22

10/8/21 2:53 PM

OPINION by Anonymous



ssumptions are inevitable.

me feel like there is a bigger void in

fetishize and ‘go with it’ when a girl

Whether making assumptions

accepting myself.” The assumptions

identifies as bisexual. They accept

is right or wrong, it’s what people do

that are voiced about him would be

what they find attractive and disregard

with the information they find out

hard for anyone to hear. It makes

what they don’t. He mentioned that it

about the matter that is important.

you feel self-conscious in everything

is hard to fit in with straight men when

One can make any assumption they

you do. It is so hard to know who you

one identifies as bisexual because they

want, but until they get educated,

are when everyone else is telling you

oftentimes assume he is actually gay.

they really don’t know what is

before you get the chance to figure it

beyond the surface. There are a few


already, but when you are constantly

assumptions about being a bisexual

It is hard enough to push past

being told “you’re just gay” to bi

guy that is different compared to

the assumptions, but it is so much

guys or when men say things like

being a bisexual girl. Being a bi girl,

harder when people start to judge

“oh can I watch” to bi girls, it gets

people typically accept me and what

based on those assumptions. “People

confusing. People think they know

I declare my sexuality to be. They do

are so quick to judge me. People are so

more about your sexuality than you

not tell me “oh you’re just straight” or

quick to judge others. The truth is we

do because they do not believe you

“you’re actually just a lesbian.” This is

live in a deadly world of comparison

can be attracted to both guys and

a different assumption for bi guys. My

and people are going to be judgmental.

girls. Bellison is not the only bi guy

good friend, Nick Bellison, a second-

But, it is up to me to continue to work

who feels this way. We must start to

year student here at Long Beach and

on myself and embrace who I am as a

educate ourselves rather than let quick

a bisexual man, opened up to me

bisexual man.” People usually assume

assumptions guide our behaviors. This

about how hard it is for him. He says “I

his sexuality without even getting to

does not just include terms of sexuality

personally really dislike when people

know him and hear it for themselves.

or gender, but in general about people

assume my sexuality. People usually

Bellison says that he thinks he is

and situations. We never really know

assume I am gay because of my hand

treated differently than the bi girls

what’s going on and it is not up to us to

gestures, my easiness to make friends

he knows. So many people believe

decide who someone is before they

and stay friends with girls, and my

that there is no such thing as a bi guy,

even get the chance to.

voice being high sometimes. It makes

but the same people are so quick to

It is hard enough to be yourself

Illustration by Maria Vasquez 23

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10/8/21 2:53 PM


by Martin Garcia



22West_Outober_FinalCopy.indd 24

10/8/21 2:53 PM


he Long Beach State University

posting job openings throughout

and sanitation, employee symptom

workforce is slowly returning

campus. Go into the Student

checks, and employee COVID

to normal after the unprecedented

Recreation and Wellness Center and

prevention training.

challenges caused by COVID-19 in

you will see that there are job listing


posters in the main lobby for multiple

hours due to Covid over the past year,

positions that need to be filled.

things are taking a turn for the better.

something is still missing.

Students can also find current job

openings on the Associated Students

my hours, I started working at the

of remote learning, students were

Inc. website.

beginning of the school year and we

eager to return to campus and interact

had the option of working from home

with others in person. Face to face

these businesses from fully opening.

or from the office,” said Kinney.

interactions were something that most

There is still fear amongst students to

students had gone months without

return to campus so, understandably,

are allowed to return to campus

thanks to COVID. So being back feels

getting students to actually work on

however, there are requirements that


campus has been a challenge as noted

have to be met. Proof of vaccination

by all of the current job openings.

against COVID has to be submitted

however still feels odd at times. As

before hand, and for every day that

you walk around campus you will find

to get back to working on campus.

the student or faculty member is on

that there are still 49er Shops that

“Working on campus is super

campus, they are required to submit

are closed. Walk into the University

fun because you are able to interact

a COVID pre-screen. If the student

Student Union eatery and you will find

with people on a personal level,”

or faculty member is feeling ill or if

that Subway and El Pollo Loco are both

said Isabella Kinney, administrative

they have been in close contact with

temporarily closed.

assistant for 22 West.“Working from

anyone who has tested positive for

“It’s like a ghost town,” said

home can be a little lonely because you

COVID, it is recommended that they

Monique Garcia, public relations

really only talk to people on Zoom calls

stay home until they receive a negative

major. “I’m not very good at packing

and most of the time not everyone has

test result for the safety of others on

lunch, and it makes getting food really

their cameras on so there is really a big


hard for me.”


Students who work on

many of our favorite places on campus

campus, but a lot of our favorite go-to

campus practice strict health and

still closed, it is encouraging to see that

places are not. The blame is certainly

safety protocols set by the university

there are job opportunities available


to meet the Center for Disease

to hopefully open these shops and

Slowly but surely these

Control and Prevention guidelines.

restaurants in the near future.

businesses will open back up. The

These guidelines include wearing

university is preparing for this by

face coverings, enhanced cleaning

We are back on campus, but After an entire school year

Strolling through campus

So sure we are back on

COVID has prevented many of

Some students couldn’t wait

Although students have lost

“COVID hasn’t affected

Before students and faculty

So while it is odd to see so

Illustration by Nina Walker


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10/8/21 2:53 PM


YOU’VE GOBBLED YOUR LAST GOOL, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS THERE’S BETTER ITALIANS THAN THAT GUIDO by Caroline Smith We can all agree that Columbus is a punk bitch. It makes absolutely no sense to celebrate that genocidal colonizer. And yet on October 11, much of America still does.

When people want to defend Columbus day without

outright admitting that they’re a bigot, they like to fall back on the Italian argument. Apparently, Columbus day is a source of pride for Italians. The holiday has been around since 1792, a time when Italians were marginalized immigrants and they had pride in an American holiday celebrating an Italian.

However as an Italian myself, I think that is very

stupid. There are much better, less genocide-y Italians that could be celebrated.

These are the quintessential Italian-Americans:

1. Stanley Tucci This man has done it all: “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Easy A,” “The Hunger Games,” “Captain America,” and “Kit Kittridge.” Every role he’s in is golden. Not only that, but his series “Searching for Italy,” where he explores authentic Italian foods and culture, has been essential viewing in Italian-American homes during quarantine across the country. You gotta love the Tooch. 26

22West_Outober_FinalCopy.indd 26

10/8/21 2:53 PM

2. Danny DeVito What isn’t there to love about this bulbous senior citizen? The most memeable man is also an American treasure. Aside from being Harry Wormwood in “Matilda” and Frank Reynolds in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” he also passes as that great uncle you see at parties that is gonna give you wine and tell you its grape juice

3. Marissa Tomei From “My Cousin Vinny” to Spider-man’s aunt, she is and forever will be reigning supreme in the world of Italian women. She has the voice you hear in your head gossiping about cousin Maria and telling you to sit up straight during mass.

4. Luca and Alberto This one is specifically for the LGBTQ+ Italians. I understand they’re not Italian-American, but neither was Columbus (also this is my piece, don’t tell me what to do). These little gay fishboys are just as worthy of celebration. They like vespas, they eat pasta, they turn into sea monsters- things all Italians relate to. I mean yes, art is subjective, but c’mon.

5. Dr. Anthony Faucci Ok this one is less of a joke, but you have to admire the most tired man in America. He truly put in the work during the pandemic and I hope he gets all the appreciation and biscotti he deserves.

To put it simply, Christopher Columbus is not a person

that should be celebrated and the holiday is rightfully being pushed out in favor of Indigenous Peoples Day. Italians shouldn’t have to find pride in a colonizer when there are plenty of other people and parts of culture to be proud of. *This list is not comprehensive. The writer of this piece acknowledges that no one on this list was in “The Godfather,” but frankly she does not care. She lost interest after the wedding scene and went on to watch “Pitch Perfect.”

Illustration by Patrick Daugherty 27

22West_Outober_FinalCopy.indd 27

10/8/21 2:53 PM

CULTURE by Andres Leon



very day that I have class, I

that’s in the same department as me.

that I would have inevitably looked up

wake up to the same text from

The greetings are always awkward

on the class Beachboard. Not having

my beautiful partner who I love very

and uncomfortable because I have

to print out assignments in the library

dearly and it reads the same every

“forgotten how to human,” as the

at the last minute is cool too because

time, “CSULB Reminder: Before

millennials say. I just shook that guy’s

now I can wait until the literal last

coming to campus for an in-person

hand, should I have gone for the classic

minute to hit the submit button for any

class today, please complete the

fist bump? Elbow even? Most men I

due work.

COVID-19 All Student Pre-Screen in

see in the bathrooms don’t wash their

SSO.” It always makes my heart flut-

hands and now I have to apply hand

feel safe enough, but can’t help winc-

ter, reminding me that I am loved and

sanitizer for the fifteenth time today.

ing every time someone within arms

never forgotten. Sure, it’s a tad over-

Don’t get me started on the

reach of me sneezes or coughs. Is it the

bearing to get the same text but it’s

dreaded hug. What am I supposed to

common cold? Is it allergies? Is it just

understandable after spending so long

do, reject a hug after months of being

a photic sneeze reflex? Who knows.

apart from each other.

deprived of being around people? I

I’m probably better off not knowing.

probably should but I won’t. That’s

I’ll wait for the time that my love, LBSU,

dance with ebbs and flows. Every time

why I’m vaccinated, right?

notifies me that I’ve been exposed in

I open a door on campus I don’t feel the

I guess a good thing about

a vague message and leaves me in

need to wash my hands — I only apply

this is that I haven’t encountered any

a state of confusion and panic. Until

hand sanitizer twice after, no big deal.

physical handouts of papers during

then I’ll be doing my daily routine of

Walking along the paths of

class whatsoever which is cool, now

routines, living the new normal.

LBSU is always fun now because

my classes are as paperless as my

I commonly end up seeing some-

bank statements. I wasn’t a huge fan

one I met over Zoom or social media

of carrying around a crinkled syllabus

Coming to class feels like a

When I sit in a classroom now I

Illustration by Patrick Daugherty


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“Thank You”







“Apprec iate You ”







Yo e v o L “

Writer & Artist



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