Taos Moderns Return to The Stables Gallery

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Taos Moderns Return to the Stables Gallery

Photo Credit: Don Laine, courtesy of the TCA, 1984

TAOS MODERNS Return to the STABLES GALLERY A fine selection of works by the early modern artists of Taos, the Taos Moderns, some of whom created the original Stables Gallery, as an artist cooperative for the newly created Taos Artist Association in 1952. The Stables Gallery, an actual converted stable, was a bastion and showcase for modern art in Taos, and had a lasting influence on the contemporary art market in the region for almost 30 years, finally closing in 1980. Pressed into existence by artists, Emil Bisttram, Cliff and Barbara Harmon, Ted Egri and others, these artists and the works of 20 other Taos Moderns will return to the Stables this Fall for a major three day exhibition. This Stables Gallery Pop-Up exhibition will be a fund raiser for the TCA, to set aside funds to renovate the Stables Gallery. A portion of our sales will go into a special account set aside for that purpose. In addition, Saturday Oct. 20th, at 2pm, there will be a series of oral histories provided by Barbara Harmon, David Witt (author of Modernists in Taos), and others to be announced. Exhibition runs for three days only: Oct. 19, 20 and 21, 2018 Opening Reception: Friday, Oct. 19, 5 to 8 pm Saturday at 2 pm, an oral history and stories of the Stables Gallery Hours: Friday 11 to 8 pm Saturday 11 to 7 pm Sunday 12 to 5 pm

Emil Bisttram (1895-1976), Sails in the Night, 32" x 36", oil on canvas, 1968

Emil Bisttram (1895-1976), Pueblo Elder, 28.75" x 20", watercolor, 1958

Andrew Dasburg (1887 -1979), Landscape Geometry, graphite on paper, 1976

Thomas Benrimo (1887-1958), Mirage, 24" x 30", oil on panel, circa 1950s

Ted Egri (1913-2010), Torso, Through the Artist’s Eyes, 38 x 28", oil on canvas, c. 1950

TAOS MODERNS Taos Moderns was an expression used for the first time in 1956 as an exhibition title at the University of N ew Mexico Art Gallery, curated by the progressive artist Raymond Jonson. This was a group exhibition of progressive, experimental, avant-garde Taos painters, including Andrew Dasburg, Louise Ganthiers, Ward Lock­ wood, Agnes Martin, Robert Ray, Emil Bisttram, Clay Spohn, John De Puy, Louis Ribak, Howard Cook, Ted Egri, Beatrice Mandelman, Thomas Benrimo and others. Later this became the eponym used to describe a loosely associated, and by the 1950's, quickly expanding group of modernist artists who culminated a new era of Postwar Modern Art in Taos. This new wave of mostly non-representational abstract expressionist art took hold as dramatically in Taos as it did elsewhere in the United States during this period. The newly arriving artists merged with the existing early modernist painters, some of whom had already been well established in Taos as Modernists. Together, with like-minded intent to push the limits of this new American art form, they were driven and struggled to define the method of how to interpret the light, landscape and ancient culture of the geography in an abstract form. This group of artists', some of whom are only now beginning to receive recognition made Taos a crossroads of Modernism between the major art center of N ew York and San Francisco. Source:


Louis Ribak (1902-1979), Canyon End, 52 x 46", acrylic on canvas, c. 1960s

Louis Ribak (1902-1979), untitled Canyon, 29 x 21", oil and ink on paper

Beatrice Mandelman (1912-1998), Canyon #10, 60 x 45", acrylic on canvas,1960

Beatrice Mandelman (1912-1998), untitled 60-SP-06, 11.5 x 9.5", collage on paper

Cliff Harmon (1923-2018), Earth Forms No.77, 40 x 58", acrylic on canvas, c. 1970s

Cliff Harmon (1923-2018), Construction 61-2, gouache & casein, 20 x 14", oil on board, 1961

Barbara Harmon (b. 1927), Bouquet in the Land of Yellow Orange, 31 x 24", Oil on gesso on masonite, 1967

Barbara Harmon (b. 1927), Ancient Egyptian Bottles, 6.5 x 9.5, Pastel_1975

Edward Corbett (1919-1971), untitled for Rosemond, 24" x 20", oil on canvas, 1963

Edward Corbett (1919-1971), Provencetown 7, 18 x 15", acrylic and ink on paper, 1969

Clay Sphon (1898-1977), Ballet of the Elements, 19.75” x 27.75”, oil on masonite, 1952

Ted Egri (1913-2010), Inner Sphere, 25 x 14 x 15", wood, c.1950s

Louise Ganthiers (1907-1983), Directions, 28 x 32", oil on masonite, c.1950s

Louise Ganthiers (1907-1983), Hondo Dance, 36 x 40", oil on masonite, c.1954

Earl Stroh (1924-2005), Ariel, 19 x 22", oil on canvas,1964

Earl Stroh (1924-2005), Silence, 8.625 x 11.75, lithograph ed 20/40, 1981

Louis Catusco (1927-1995), American Series 5, 48 x 35", oil on masonite, c. 1951

Louis Catusco (1927-1995), Vision 5, 22 x 18", oil on paper, c. 1950s

Robert Ray (1924-2002), untitled Cliff Dwellings, 38 x 36", oil on canvas,1957

Robert Ray (1924-2002),Canyon de Chelly II, 50 x 44", oil on canvas,1956

John De Puy (b.1927), Tibetan Dream, 31 x 46", oil on canvas, 2004

John De Puy (b.1927), Rio Grande Gorge, 28 x 34", oil on canvas, 2014

Oli Sihvonen (1921 -1991), Film Series Red, 72.25 x 60.125", acrylic on canvas, 1973

Oli Sihvonen (1921 -1991), 3 x 3 (Variant 3 on Blues), 28 x 30.25�, c. 1973

Lee Mullican (1919-1998) Abstraction, 24 x 18", oil on paper, 1962

Lee Mullican (1919-1998), Shooting Chant, 48 x 40", oil on canvas, 1985

Michio Takayama (1903-1994), Glory, 22 x 20, oil on canvas, c. 1970s

Michio Takayama (1903-1994), Sun Dew Point, 51.75 x 45.75", oil on linen, 1975

R.C. Ellis (1923 -1979), Wanderers, 30 x 80", oil on canvas, 1962

R.C. Ellis (1923 -1979), We find solace, 21.5 x 14" casein on paper 1957

Lawrence Calcagno (1913-1993), Red Cloud, 48 x 78", oil on canvas,1970

Lawrence Calcagno (1913-1993), untitled Color Blocks, 14x16, ink on paper, 1963


Adeïne de la Noë (1914-1987), Glacier Bay, 36 x 40", oil on canvas

AdeĂŻne de la NoĂŤ (1914-1987), Latitude No. 3, 17.5 x 23.25", ink on paper, 1963

Harold J Waldrum (1934-2003), Pewter Cordova, 28 x 24" oil on canvas, 1979

Keith Crown (1918-2010), The Little Intersections of Arroyo Miranda – Near Taos, 28 x 21", watercolor

Wesley Rusnell (b. 1934), Green Nude, 20 x 22" acrylic on canvas, c. 1970s

Thomas Benrimo Louis Catusco Andrew Dasburg Louise Ganthiers Beatrice Mandelman Louis Ribak Clay Spohn Michio Takayama

Emil Bisttram Edward Corbett Robert C.Ellis Cliff Harmon Lee Mullican Wesley Rusnell Oli Sihvonen

Lawrence Calcagno Keith Crown Ted Egri Barbara Harmon John De Puy Robert Ray Earl Stroh Harold J. Waldman


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