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Earl Stroh Prints & Drawings

Earl Stroh 1924 - 2005 The subtle and sensitive work of painter/printmaker Earl Stroh has been collected by The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Cincinnati Art Museum, The Dallas Art Museum, The Fort Worth Arts Center, and The Denver Art Museum. His work has been exhibited in such galleries as The Library of Congress, The Oklahoma Art Center, The Galerie Seder in Paris, and the Willard Gallery and World House Galleries of New York. Born in 1924 in Buffalo, New York, Stroh studied at the Art Institute of Buffalo, The Art Students League of New York, The University of New Mexico, and the Atelier Friedlander in Paris. Since 1947 he lived in Taos, New Mexico, where he worked with Andrew Dasburg and Tom Benrimo. Stroh lived in Paris for over two years in the mid-1950s where he studied etching and other printmaking techniques with one of the medium's leading practitioners of that time, Johnnie Friedlander. During this time period Stroh created many fine distinguishable etchings, quickly gaining technical proficiency, and pushed himself to meet the most difficult technical challenges. He developed concepts of internal structure that would remain a part of his subsequent work, and learned to use a dynamic but often subtle line to strong effect in all his compositions in various mediums. In 1970 Stroh began making on original lithographs, and was chosen several times as a guest artist at the University of New Mexico's Tamarind Institute. While at Tamarind, an apprentice printmaker asked Stroh where he got the patience to execute such meticulous work. "It's not patience, it is necessity," he answered. "The only way I can get what I want is slowly and carefully." Historically Stroh took a great deal of time to complete each of his paintings, drawings and prints, and to view them in person one can begin to understand the complexity of technique in witch he worked. Preliminary drawings, and sometimes, small paintings, precede larger works that may have taken several years to complete.

"View of Paris", 14 3/4" x 24" oil on canvas 1958

"Quaides de Orfevres", 5 1/2" x 10 1/2" etching ed. AP framed c. 1950s

"Abstract Forms", 17 1/4" x 20 3/4" colored pencil 1960

"Vaux Le Vicounte", 18 1/2" x 25 1/2" etching ed. 15/75 1959

"La Loire Verte", 6" x 9" etching ed. AP framed 1958

"untitled Equestrian Plaza, 13" x 9 5/8" etching ed. 2/50, c. 1950s

"Abstract Landscape", 17 1/4" x 20 3/4" colored pencil circa 1960s

“Quiet Scherzo� series (second state), 22" x 30" lithograph ed trial proof c. 1970s

“Untitled", 5 1/2" x 7 1/2” aqua tint etching on paper c. 1950’s

"Fountain for Balconies", 15" x 22" aquatint etching ed AP 1954

"Diagonal Height", 13 1/4" H x 16" W pencil & colored pencil 1971

"Diagonal Dark", 21 7/8" X 19 1/2" colored pencil c. 1960s

"Diagonal Dark", 22" X 19" oil on canvas c. 1960s - Sold

"Mesa Verde", 11" x 9 1/2" etching ed. AP framed 1958 - Sold

"Valley Wind", 17" x 22" ink on paper framed c. 1972

"Silence", 8 5/8" x 11 3/4" etching ed. 20/40 framed 1981

"Standing Male Nude", 19" x 14 3/4" colored pencil on paper c. 1950s

"Standing Male Nude", 40 1/2" x 26 1/2" oil on panel c. 1950s

"Madrigal", 21" x 29" pastel on paper 1974

"Thracian Mode", 20" x 29" lithograph ed. 32/35 framed c. 1970s

"Variation III", 15" x 13" lithograph ed. 19/20 1971

"Summertide", 16 3/8" x 21" lithograph ed. 9/25 1975

"Edge of the Mesas", 14 3/4" x 24" lithograph on grey Rives BFK paper ed. 10/18 1977

"Cedar", 22 1/4" x 29 1/8" lithograph ed. 15/50 1979

"Wintertide", 16 3/8" x 21" lithograph ed. 8/25 1975

"Variation II", 15" x 13" lithograph ed. 19/20 1971

"Variation I", 15" x 23" lithograph ed. 19/20 c. 1971

"Symbiosis", 18 1/4" x 25" lithograph ed. 13/75 1978


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