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Earl Stroh 1924 - 2005

Earl Stroh 1924 - 2005 The subtle and sensitive work of painter/printmaker Earl Stroh has been collected by The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Cincinnati Art Museum, The Dallas Art Museum, The Fort Worth Arts Center, and The Denver Art Museum. His work has been exhibited in such galleries as The Library of Congress, The Oklahoma Art Center, The Galerie Seder in Paris, and the Willard Gallery and World House Galleries of New York. Born in 1924 in Buffalo, New York, Stroh studied at the Art Institute of Buffalo, The Art Students League of New York, The University of New Mexico, and the Atelier Friedlander in Paris. Since 1947 he has lived in Taos, New Mexico, where he worked with Andrew Dasburg and Tom Benrimo. He began making original lithographs in 1970 and has been chosen several times as a guest artist at the University of New Mexico's Tamarind Institute. His subjects are usually panoramic landscapes in which he seeks to express "a unity and the possibility of an openness of all forms to all others." He "makes his simple appearing forms move and completely interrelate." Despite the softness and tranquility of his images, they are, as one observed, "made of steel."

"Nocturne with Boats", 13" x 16" oil on canvas 1955

"Lagoon", 16.5" x 21.25" pencil & colored pencil 1961

"Untitled", 30.25" x 32.25" oil on canvas circa 1960's

"Earth Violet", 45" x 34" oil on canvas circa 1960's

"Winter Relief", 24" x 30" oil on canvas circa 1960's

"A White Turning", 22" x 28" oil on canvas circa 1960's

"Untitled Landscape", 8.75" x 13" oil on canvas circa 1960's

"Shield", 28" x 29" pastel on paper 1997

"Diagonal Height", 13.25" x 16" pencil and colored pencil on paper 1971

"White Beyond", 20" x 18" oil on canvas circa 1960's

"Umbrian Hills", 23.5" x 28.5" oil on canvas circa 1950's

"Ariel", 19" x 22" oil on canvas 1964

"Untitled Print", 5.5" x 7.5", aquatint etching on paper, circa 1950's Front Cover: "Paradigm", 14" x 17", oil on canvas, 1964


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Earl Stroh  
Earl Stroh  

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