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this issue on the cover Clint Millar doing what he does best. super tech madness. 4 pegs, 2 brakes. Word//Zac Musarsa

on this page We started checkin thru heaps of shots we havent used and figured that this page is a prime spot for the gold moments lost in the 2020 hard drives. Phil Johnson sucking one up for the gold bikinis of Bondi//IanRobinson


Keeping it relevant//Matt Holmes, Mike Daly G5unit//Holmes Mac Wench//Robola B

Volume 6 December 2006

Contributors//Jamie Mahon, Clint Millar, Dave Sayer, Gorak,, Rhysty, Steve Morissey, Cooper Brownlee, Adam Haynes-Apps, Hugh Andrew, Stu John, Shaun Jarvis, Chris Samuel, James Wade, Travis Peek, Devin Parker, Daniel Age, Pete Porker, Hunt, Justin Henehan, Stu Keenan, Mike Davis, Matt Hodgson, Sephan Friedman-Hawk, Paul Kim, Nitai, Mark Schnieder, MikeS, Nick Gascoine, Zack Musarsa, Brian the bastard, Brett Mason, Alistair Finlay, Todd Harford and the odd random rider/bum/angry mutant that had a say about something or other... Photos//Nitai Whitehurst, Nick Gascoine, Jamie Mahon, Chris Samuel, Steve Morissey, Gorak, Dave Sayer, Zack Musarsa, Ian Robinson, Stephen Hillenbrand, Seaton Spratt, Paul (Kim) Kim, Colin Mackay, Chris Moore, Dave Rubi, James Wade, Nat Cooke, Stu K, Tony Nolan, Ryan A, Robin Eriksson, and Hugh Andrew. Photographic + digital mentor//Tony Nolan Advertising info// Publishers//Holmes & MikeD Webheads//

Editorial and photographic contributions are more than welcome, but 2020bmxmagazine won’t accept responsibility for much. Send a stamped self-addressed envelope if requiring return pronto. That said, we do look after your stuff like our own, but label it good cause piles of slides and photos with no names on ‘em suck. We’re sorting out stuff we’ve had for ages and will get it back! for all editorial or other enquiries. 2020bmxmagazine is published four times a year. 2020bmxmagazine Pty Ltd (proudly 100% rider owned and operated) RRP AUD$7.95 NZD$10.00 Every issue more and more crew get themselves involved in the construction of 2020bmxmagazine, making it the riders manual for the whole of Australia and NZ. If you think your scene is going off, let us know. If you want to find out how to submit words, ideas, photos or anything, hit us up and make it happen. Distributed in all states of Australia by Gordon&Gotch. New Zealand distribution by Independent Magazine Distributors (IMD) Bikeshop sales in Oz or 0415 585 243 And for New Zealand bike shop sales call Auckland 09 5270500 To subscribe in Australia use the form in the mag or check out in New Zealand go to Proudly printed in Australia by the best printers, Quality Images Made on a Mac//1.8 Dual G5’s, G4/450, Ibook G4, CS2. All material copyright ©2006 2020bmxmagazine Pty Ltd. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the publishers, but possibly that of the author. So if you’re pissed with something, hassle them or get over it! Respect yourself and others, when riding and in life, you’re always responsible for your own actions. Always wear protection regardless of what/where/when/who you’re riding.

Correspondence and competition entries to// 2020bmxmagazine PO Box 498 Newtown NSW 2042 or email

I’m pretty amazed this issue made it out before the end of the year. If you asked me a few weeks ago when it was coming out, I probably would’ve mumbled something about ‘never’ or ‘I don’t really care’ if anything. But life (and magazines) rolls in funny and usually completely random ways. One day you’re up, the next day you’re down. At times it seemingly doesn’t take much at all to knock you down. And from there, some are prone to slipping that little bit more into the void, letting it slowly overcome them, with everything rapidly becoming all too hard. See, mid way thru this mag, my world got spun upside down resulting in a space cadet ride to ICU and a couple of weeks of hospital, surgery and recovery from a head injury. Aside the general numbing effect of various painkillers, my headspace wasn’t really focussed on making a mag to say the least. And forget riding or dealing with anything in the normal swing of things. Days ticked by and motivation to step outside of my blurred headspace got less and less with every minute spent lost inside it. Of course about here, a quote from some old school physicist is way overdue on some deep and meaningful tip. That being that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And much like the deal that it doesn’t take much to knock you down as mentioned above, it’s amazing what random events can kick your arse back to reality and get you back on top of the world.

created one amazing show. Far from trails, streets or car parks, the show admittedly was all art. And in some ways somewhat removed from what we know as BMX. But to see the completely undiluted skills of Simon centre stage was pretty inspiring. Sitting up in the dark seats, the performance spelled the end of my downward trip. I was so stoked to see Simon rocking out (and not holding back on the tricks to make it easy) in the highest cultural performance space in Australia, well you could say one of the most famous in the world. All while alongside some of the most talented artists our country has to offer in a performance that showcased how different styles, cultures and disciplines can thrive and bounce off one another, progress and grow to something unthought of before. That in its self, in this day and age is a very rare commodity. Beyond anything though, the one thing that really sparked me up and back into the living world was the acceptance of BMX by the highest cultural powers that be. And that made me proud of Simon. Why? Well put simply cause he is one of us… A rider.

Although I was still somewhat out of it, my crazy lady and myself had tickets to check out a performance at the Opera House and I was pretty much forced into going rather than vagueing out at home some more. Lets just say a couple of weeks on a couch recovering is a pretty un-motivating past time. So, some high-class culture and a trip out of the house was meant to be the cure. Not that I didn’t want to go, cause it had a friend in it, and this friend rides BMX… I thought about the whole concept a bit on route to the Opera House, and pretty much came to a solid conclusion. Forget the inclusion of BMX into the drug fuelled, ego-trip that is the Olympics, BMX had made it into the Opera House and was now regarded as high art!* I think that light bulb was step one of the recovery, well at least the lights came on.

So from lying in an emergency ward wondering what the hell happened, to two weeks later feeling on top of the world, this mag somehow made it out.

Simon O’Brien was a part of the performance alongside a breaker, a dancer, a skater and an acrobat with an amazing singer who, as the sum of their parts

So, again, to all the crew who played their part in bringing this mag to fruition, thanks. Beer is in the mail! Holmes

Issue 23 is our biggest issue to date and I can say with pride that it is our best issue to date. This is 100% due to the unwavering commitment of all the heads involved in the making of 2020. A vastly varied crew of riders comprise our contributor base of writers, photographers, supporters and friends. These are the people that make the magazine possible and all deserve a huge thanks, especially with my twisted brain this issue. And although Hindsight 3 has been postponed a little, rest assured it’s well underway and will be rocking with our next mag, better than it ever would have been had we tried to get it out now. Lets just say the mag was a mission enough!

*But we already knew that right? Shame the security guards outside the Opera House don’t think the same way…


a massive endeavor

The coming about of a complete bike from the Australian based Colony crew is a huge step in the evolution of the Aus scene and a definite sign of big things to come. We got Clint Millar to word us up on the new Endeavor.

When the idea first came to mind that Colony could indeed enter into the complete bike business I wanted it to be a bike that cut as few corners as possible. I wanted it to still adhere to the high standards I have held Colony to for all our other products. It needed to be something that I would be proud to say was a Colony product. I think we achieved this in so many ways. The first major way was teaming up with Wethepeople to help me produce such a fine bike. Wethepeople know what’s up when it comes to BMX and they were totally down for helping me with the Endeavor. This is the first joint venture with Wethepeople and Colony, one which is sure not to be the last. Doing a complete bike is a rather hard task to be honest. There are so many factors involved. For a brand like Colony, I wanted the bike to be of the highest spec level we could. But you also have to be realistic, as not many people will pay $1,600 for a bike out of the box. So we had to make some small sacrifices to make it a worthy but valuable bike. There were some points I was not going to sacrifice on though. The frame, fork and bars had to be full cromo. It had to come with an internal headset and mid BB. It had to have tubular cromo cranks with sealed bearings. It had to have fully sealed wheels with a cassette hub. It had to have micro gearing. It also had to have great geometry and look the part as well. All this while being light yet strong. For your money (about $1,000 rrp) you are getting a full cromo frame, fork and bars. You are getting a frame designed by riders with today’s riding in mind. You’re also getting sealed bearing cromo Mid BB cranks, Internal headset, sealed bearing 36 spoke wheels with a one piece 10 tooth driver in the cassette and a 28 tooth sprocket up front. You’re also getting good quality stuff like genuine Wethepeople Defcon grips and a Wethepeople internal headset. It comes with Maxxis M-tread tyres and a Colony slim seat with Colony embroidery to match. All these small details add up to produce one quality bike. The Endeavor can be bought in two colour combos, a Gunpowder White and the Purple People Eater. The whole bike weighs in at 12.1kgs or 26.6lbs. Not bad for a bike ready to roll out of the box! I feel the Endeavor is one of the better complete bikes out there in the market place for the price you will pay. I also think you will be hard pressed to find another rider owned bike out there that comes close. Plus this is the only bike you will find bearing the Colony name and stamp of approval. Clint Millar


endeavor specifications Designed by Colony BMX with WeThePeople Co. frame//Full Cromo 20.6” TT//13.75” CS//74.5° HT//71.0° ST fork//Colony complete full CrMo rearbrake//Tektro FX-570CD brake levers//Tektro 289A brake cables//Slick headset//WTP Integrated stem//Frontload handlebar//Colony complete bar full CrMo grips//WTP Defcon - black sprocket//6061T6 CNC Alloy 28T - Black crankset//Tubular CrMo chain//KMC Z510 pedal//Wellgo LU-A18 bottom bracket//MID BB sealed CrMo spindle rims//Alex DX2418 36 hole F/black R/chrome front tyre//Maxxis M-Tread 2.1 rear tyre//Maxxis M-Tread 1.85 spokes//Black steel front hub//Sealed 3/8” bearing low flange 36h rear hub//Joytec cassette 14mm SB with 10T driver 36h pegs//Steel 3/8” and 14mm (1 x each) seat//Colony Slim Seat with embroidery seat post//Alloy Micro adjust seat clamp//Colony Slimline

Thanks to Colony and TripleSix, we’re giving away this very bike! Yep, you could be rolling on a piece of Australian BMX history, the 1st gen Colony Endeavor complete ride. All you gotta do is answer the simple question below and email the answer to by Feb 14th to go in the draw. Q. Who are all the riders on the Colony BMX team? If you be struggling to work it out, hit up

One rockstar ride//tony nolan


Bring on the media frenzy! We’ll see how many pro photographers we’ve never heard of decide to tell us they know BMX and push us out of the way cause they shoot for 2020? You gotta have pro gear like Chris OK. Dave Dillewaard throwing a big ice to 270 last year.//MaHon

let the bmxgames begin

Since 2004, the BMXGames has been bringing the best of Australia’s 20inch talent together to blow up in all styles of riding in both am and pro classes. From humble beginnings in South Australia in 2004 with only dirt and flat, the event has grown exponentially each year and 2007 is going to be the biggest and craziest by far. With crew from all round Australia already signed up along with the majority of the Australian OS contingent (with a few of their OS mates in tow), the scale, intensity and individuality of riding on these shores is going to be off the hook. Be it am or pro. Here’s the rundown so you know what’s up: January 26th sees the King Of Dirt blow up, same place as last year. January 27th is Flatland and Park, inside Monster Park with a BMX only tradeshow, BMX shops and live bands rocking out! January 28th sees Vert and Mini Ramp take place. The Games are expanding the format to include a girls only Am park event. Registration will be the same and the comp will be taking place before the male Am contest on Saturday 27th Jan. All female riders are encouraged to take part in any aspect of the BMX Games, in particular the park comp. Bring it on ladies. And a possibly unreliable source has it impromptu high jump comps for cash will be taking place sometime around the games too? Alongside the event action there’s a whole host of stuff going on as a part of the Games especially on the Saturday. This includes a BMX only tradeshow, a massive and eye opening vintage BMX display, and playing live, the legendary Porkers, Los Capitanes and the Casino Rumblers all set to skank the hell out of Monster thanks to SoundSystem records!

You can’t say it won’t be a massive event and worth your while and bucks coming out! $12 entry fees apply on the Saturday and Sunday (or $16 for both days), but it’s all free for Dirt on the Friday so get you and your crew out there supporting Australian BMX at it’s best. And great news is that Fuel TV are stepping up last years coverage and covering the event even more comprehensively. Massive props go out to Fuel for their constant support of the Australian 20inch scene. Of course the event wouldn’t be complete without some kind of debauchery, so with no hint of hesitation, we here at 2020 decided to get a party started. Friday night will see The LiveHouse (Lewisham Hotel) at 794 Parramatta Road, Lewisham deal with a truckload of riders keen to party it out to a couple of bands and quite possibly a few unconfirmed DVD premieres! Entry will be free and drinks are hella cheap. Keep your eyes peeled at the Games for info, invites and drink passes. And if you’re lucky, the very undercover 2020 premium organic lager will be floating around. For more details and for practice times, hit up the website

Back in black, Hunt getting into the Lotus position at Civic//Morrisey

the black lotus project What is black lotus? Black Lotus is a new Australian rider owned and 100% Australian made BMX parts company. Black Lotus is owned and run by myself, Daniel Hunt (with the help of some good friends here and there). Right now we are doing sprockets and have more products in the works. Black Lotus sprockets are available in three different sizes 25t, 28t and 30t. Each size comes in a matt finish silver, black or dark green.

Tell us a bit about the sprockets? The biggest thing about these sprockets is the material they are made from. Instead of using the usual aluminium, these sprockets are made from an aluminium alloy called Alumec-89 which is even stronger than 6061 or 7075-T6, the material nearly all other sprockets are made from. They are nice and thick for strength like a Tree sprocket but still super light because of the design. The 28 tooth only weighs 97 grams. Also the teeth have been centred for extra strength. What do you think sets black lotus apart from other companies? I guess the biggest thing is that Black Lotus is totally Australian. The parts are designed and drawn by myself and then CNC machined in Victoria. I know a rider owned company is not a new thing but I have been riding for over 10 years and have also studied mechanical engineering. I think this gives me a really good understanding of what makes a good bike part and how to design it. Because of my studies and work experience, I’m able to totally control the design from start to finish. Even up to the machining process, I send a 3D model to the machinist which goes into a computer controlled milling machine and the part that comes out is exactly as I designed it. Another thing I guess is the fact that I don’t intend to make thousands of parts and sell as many as possible, as cheap as possible. The aim is to make really good stuff and spend the time to be sure its good quality. In the end if people are stoked on the parts and enough are sold to keep making more I will be really happy.


The home grown 20inch industry is on the rise. We get the low down on the latest Australian born and bred company... Why Australia and not Taiwan or China like most other companies? Well probably the main reason is just to support Australia. I know it is only on a small scale but I would much prefer to support our own country when there is the option to do so. I understand Taiwan or China are definitely cheaper and in some cases it may not be feasible to make bike parts in Australia. But with a little extra hard work and support from riders I think it is possible to avoid going straight to Taiwan or China. Another reason is for quality of the parts. The company I found to do the machining has heaps of experience in doing precision parts. Plus communication between them and myself is made really simple. There is no language barrier and no agents or other people in between. I can give the machinist a call directly and ask him a question or answer any he may have. We are both working to Australian standards so there are no misinterpretations. There has not been even one mistake or problem so far. What are the plans for the future? I’m really happy with the sprockets so we will keep doing those and maybe do a few more sizes… Maybe even a 44t some time for Rhysty ha ha. Definitely do some other components. I have a few really new ideas for hubs that I hope to test out soon and if all goes well start making them. Maybe a stem and then a few smaller bits like seat clamps or even some bars later on. We will be doing stickers and T-shirts and should have a web site up some time shortly with an online store. So you will be able to buy black lotus gear 24hrs a day! Yeeeeeew. Also we are having a jam here in Canberra next April stay tuned for more details, turn up and they’ll be here. How can somone get a black lotus sprocket? Give Black Lotus a Call or TXT on 0424 255 905 for mail order. Or drop in to Back Bone BMX, Fisher square, Weston Creek A.C.T.

this is old school!

With this fantastic sport of BMX now in it’s 4th decade, it’s not surprising that many of the dudes involved in the early developing years are now looking back and reminiscing about ‘the good old days’. With the release of the feature movie ‘Joe Kid on a Stingray’ and many of the surviving factories releasing commemorative bikes with ‘old school styling’ for their 25th or 30th anniversaries. Brands like SE and Kuwahara are back in the game and it seems that ‘old school is cool’. That’s just why many 30 to 40 something’s are re-discovering a love for all things that where cool to them ‘back in the day’ (B.I.T.D.). The Australian Vintage BMX Gathering is a once a year get together of some old guys who share a love of collecting and restoring old school rides, a time to show off their latest restoration and to talk about ‘Tuff Wheels’, ‘Skinwall tyres’, ‘threaded forks’ and ‘side pull brakes’. To reminisce about the glory days when Oakley made hand grips and Comp 3 tyres were available in different colours. This year the Gathering was at Terrigal BMX track on Oct 1, coinciding with the NSW State BMX titles, and was a great success with around 50 bikes on show and enthusiasts travelling from as far as Brisbane and Melbourne to take part. The next get together is coming up soon and is planned for a ‘show n shine’ at the BMX Games in Sydney on Sat January 27, 2007. For more info point your browser to or check out the Aussie threads on PeTe

A group of vintage Haro’s, the middle one is the very first bike that Haro made. TOP LEFT// The KKT Lightning pedal, these were the shit until Shimano introduced the platform DX pedal. TOP RIGHT//JMC where top of the line moto-machinery BITD, with teardrop shaped cromo tubes on frame and forks. ABOVE LEFT//The legendary Oakley 3 handgrip, these where state of the art in 1982! ABOVE RIGHT//A beautifully restored Kuwahara ET, a limited edition model released to promote the movie.


Roots, history, heritage, call it what you want but it’s more than just that dodgy old guy with hairy ears and yellow stuff in the corners of his mouth who hangs around down at the local snake-run.

Do you remember the days when the mullets were long and the shorts short? When your dad wanted an XA Falcon but could only afford an Escort? And you had an HMX500 but wanted that awesome Redline that kid at the track had? Ahhh, those were the days, when the bikes had gigantic handlebars and came in any colour (so long as it was chrome), and doing a radical aerial meant taking your foot off the pedal. Old school nostalgia has gripped many a BMXer, leading fairly normal people to scour old Mowers and Cycles stores the world over for that lost cache of new old stock anodised parts, frames and tires. One look at ebay is enough to tell you that collecting and restoring old BMX bikes is huge in the US, but it also has a keen following in Australia and New Zealand. So the first ever ‘Old School BMXhibition’ (named so to get around tricky liquor licensing laws) hatched in my bored unemployed brain. It was a chance for collectors from all over New Zealand to show-off their bikes in all their chromed, anodised glory. With the help of mn8 art gallery, the generous sponsorship of Tiger Beer, a data-projector courtesy of Rockit Sound, and some sweet spot prizes from Hedgehog Bikes Takapuna and, (not to mention a timely mid-show visit from the RedBull girls), a bunch of gleaming bikes were lined up and let loose on the general public. The whole experience was like doing a burnout in the Delorean from Back to the Future, in a BMX show-room, with the flux capacitor… flux-capacitating beside you, while Doc yells, “1.21 gigawatts, 1.21 gigawatts!” over and over in your ear and you say to yourself, “Far out, check out the Hutch pedals on that GHP”. It was a fun show, by all accounts and we got to put some rad old bikes in an art gallery, look at them, and drink beer, what more could you want out of life. To quote ‘sodbuster’ of, “these bikes can be (and should be) looked at as art”: too right. Thanks to all the collectors who contributed bikes to the show and to all the sponsors, mn8 art gallery, Tiger Beer, Rockit Sound, RedBull,, and Hedgehog Bikes Takapuna. Justin Henehan


Big whip drop at Monster//Morrisey

Jamie Muire//stu K

going the distance

I’ve seen a lot of websites come and go over the years and others that wither down to very little but remain online like a remnant of BMX history. It’s up to the individual to decide whether 7 is a lucky number or not, but that’s the amount of years safreestyle has been around. Only two Oz sites remain are older, Sunday Riders and So what makes a site last so long? Here’s the story. It started around October 1999 with a comp in the southern suburbs of Adelaide where Kym Grosser, Mick Bayzand, Steve McCann and Brad Grantham were battling it out on the dirt. Little did we know at the time it was a preview of the who’s who of Australian BMX. 2020bmxmag was only just starting up and there was close to no web presence for BMX in South Australia. Apart from the people who attended the event, who was gonna see some of this history in the making? I had visions of a local BMX newsletter that never eventuated, but now had the means of showing this to the world. I took around 150 pictures on my 1.2 megapixel floppy drive digital cam that day and went about finding out how to make websites. A couple weeks later I found the free webhost, Angelfire and started uploading photos and building a website with their version of a webpage builder. The options on that webhost were extremely limited and only allowed me to put up three photos per page, but Adelaide BMX had a dedicated web presence.

kinross riot

OK, the Jam formerly known as the West End Riot...

Back in January I organised a jam at Kinross Skate Park. Basically that weekend Perth was hit by some freak weather, resulting in cyclonic winds and the entire park being constantly sandblasted, making it impossible to ride. The jam was quickly called off, to be re-scheduled at a later date. 9 months later and I thought it was time to organise it again. Saturday the 14th of October rolled around, and I arrived to find the Carine locals heavily into the drinks and already a warning from the cops to calm it down. A steady flow of people were coming and going throughout the night. Dempsey the madman was killing it all night. Icepick to 270 on the sub, over tooth and back to fakie on the spine and close attempts at brakeless lawnmowers on top of the sub. He also tried a monster 6-7 metre gap from the bank over the fence, which resulted in a high speed kung-fu kick into the fence, he was so lucky to walk away un-harmed. Jamo blasted some huge airs over the hip, as well as big floating 270 flatties and 270 turndowns. Chris Jones was dropping nice super whips and flips, and he also tried a flair on the hip but over-rotated and slammed hard, destroying his back wheel. Little Todd Meyn launched some massive airs out of the bowl, way too much for someone that small. Darky was transferring at high speed all over the park, causing some collisions in the process. Fat Jamie was loud mouthing as usual, but backed it up by downing 2 beers at a time in the funnel. He also did some riding as well, feeble to barspin on the rail and whipping everything in sight. The CHL was in full affect, drinking and riding, same old, same old. Jamie Mauri was enjoying toothpicks in the (8ft) bowl and destroyed the sub with his brakeless trickery. All up it was a great night with some awesome riding and fun times had by all. The night was finished up at Gav’s with lots of drinking, fire and laughter. Big thanks to Joondalup Cycle City for the prizes, and cheers to everyone who showed up, hope to see you all at the next one. Good times. Stuart Keenan


I had the means and had the contacts to get the news, so it simply went from there. Photos continued to flow, news got out around the country and the rest of the world and people knew what was happening. A couple of webhosts and a couple of address changes and we have what is today. It may not be the most popular website out there, but I always prided myself on always staying there for Adelaide BMX and while lately the updates are sporadic, there was a time when I would be uploading new picture sets and videos (The first in Australia to have online vids) every couple of weeks. Apart from photos, video and news, a lot more has been offered. Web comps featuring prizes from clothing companies, bike shops, distributors and out of my own pocket. Four flatland jams, three park jams and a few best trick comps. From all this, I get paid for writing this, free accommodation for BMX Games and a bunch of friends. The latter of which makes it more than worthwhile. So here’s a toast to the extras..... Daniel and Jeremy Beard, Aidan from Malaysia, Matt Hodgson, Matt Holmes, John Murray, Kym Grosser, Dwayne Golding, Russell Tranter, Damian Daniels, Terry Durham, Doug Underhill, Mike Daly, Zoli Borbasi, Mick Murnane, Trev @ Standish Salisbury, Jamie Moore, Justin Sikora, Boony, Andrew from Roger The Band, Alistair Finlay, Todd Harford, Cayden Mowbray, Mike Bielecki, Glen Downey, Ivan V, Ryan A, Chris Moore, Simon O’Brien, Rado Sodama, Clint Sibbald, Shaun Walters, Stewart Munro, Damon Fox, Chris Carver, Mike Dwyer, Shaun Jarvis, Campbell Lee, James Wade, Kate Hardwick, Heath Walker, Daniel “Mozzy” Dunn and the badman himself Shane Badman. All these people have helped out in some way or another in my web projects in the past 7 years. Thank you to all. If I left anyone out, please fill in your name ______________________________ and thank you, sorry I forgot you. So what does all this come down too? Well, I want to see more BMX websites out there, and to this end I’m giving away one year’s webhosting (200mb) and domain with Digital Host All you have to do is make a small website or send me the link to your current free hosted website to I will pick out my favourite and set up the prize for you. The winner won’t necessarily be the best looking site, but the easiest to navigate with good content and feel. So get to it and work that html into something. Dave Sayer

photo: Jeff Z

BIBI frame · Our lightest frame ever · 20-3/4” top tube, 13-3/4” chainstays · Spanish BB only · Weight: 4.84 lbs · Colours: Black (with sparkles), Metallic Blue Get all the details at triplesix distribution 02 43682811 new zealand 09 529 5299


Beer, BBQ and a bunch of idiotic BMXers...

That pretty much sums up the Zombie Jam. But if you want to get into detail, here it is, Triple Six distribution were thinking of putting together a show case of 2007 bmx products, clothing and bikes for the public to view. While after the success of the ‘Hell is for Zombies Jam,’ I was thinking about holding another jam. So like a couple of evil idiots we put two and two together and made a day of it. The Zombie Jam kicked off at Victoria Park around midday with a free fleshy BBQ under the trees. Once the crowd of brain dead BMXers had feasted on the entrails of animals the bmx began. We started with an ‘in n out’ comp. Various people shredded it, but Paul Beadle took it out with a bar spin in to bar spin out. Next was the ‘in n out’ to high jump. This ended up being more bananas than I expected. It was a continuous battle of fellow zombies until George Bolter hoped 5’4” from a lip less than one foot. Like I said, bloody bananas! By this time of the day the Red Bull girls had plagued the park and 100 plus kids fled to them like they were giving out fresh blood. Charged with Red Bull we started the long jump comp on the box. The box jump suddenly became bigger as a quarter pipe was placed four foot in front of it. As every body struggled to jump it Jed Mildon flipped it, three whipped it and just plain scared the shit out of everybody. Once the competing zombies got comfortable, the lip slowly moved back until Jeff Bell went 20foot or more, then sat down and drank some Ranfurly. From then people just shredded the park until late. Between 6 and 9pm the crowd started to fill the mn8 gallery to lay their eyes on a wide range of products from Triple Six, including the new range of Colony products, which were drooled over like zombies to fresh meat. Plenty of free beer and wine was consumed while we all enjoyed a showcase of BMX videos. The night officially came to an end when Clint Millar let the evil within him (too much booze) take over and became lifeless on the gallery floor, and the rest of the BMXers headed to show girls. The Zombie Jam and Triple Six show was a success and I would like to thank Colony, Macneil, Triple Six, Mike Lawrence and everybody who turned up and supported the day. Mike Davies

Lewis Bolter//Nat CooKe


FUEL TV. 24//7 Action Sports Television

lucky 07

It must be the end of the year, more fresh new rides arriving every day. Here’s four more...

Haro MacKay Forum Pro This is Colin MacKay’s signature ride from Haro and the Pro is, obviously, the top of the range. The frame is 100% cromo with double butted top and down tubes, a 21” top tube and a mid BB. The colour is a cool silver with a dark red fade and the design is nice and simple with neat dropouts and a chainstay u-brake. Parts wise, you get cromo forks and bars, a tubular cromo 3pc crank, sun double wall rims and a Macneil style pivotal seat. This set up gives you a pretty solid ride but it would have been nice to see a cassette hub on the pro model, you get a 13t freewheel and 36t front chainwheel which is a bit big by today’s standards… All up, a good frame and parts with a couple of spots for improvement later on.

Wethepeople Addict The Addict is Wethepeople’s mid range bike for 2007 and comes in two colours, dark blue/blue fade and dark red/red fade. It has a full 4130 crmo 20.5” frame with a Euro BB, removable gyro tabs and cromo bars and fork steerer. Parts wise you get a rear u-brake, sealed front hub, rear cassette hub with a 12t cog, CNC alloy chainwheel and tubular cromo 3pc cranks. The front wheel is black 36 hole and rear is chrome 48. Overall the bike looks good with a nice looking frame and parts you would expect on a mid range bike. Geometry and ride wise you know that WTP know their stuff so its gonna ride like a pro setup, basically a good place to start and build up an awesome ride as you need new parts.

Felt Ethic The Ethic is Felt’s entry level bike and is designed for the younger rider who wants to hit up street, dirt or ramps. The frame has a shorter 20” top tube (for smaller riders) and comes in 3 colours, blue, black or red. You get a cromo down tube and hi ten elsewhere, rear u-brake, gyro tabs and a USA BB. Parts consist of hi-ten bars and fork, tubular cromo 3pc crank, 13 – 36 gearing and alloy 48 hole rims. You also get lightweight pedals, seat and seat clamp, front and rear u-brakes, 4 pegs and chain tensioners so it’s ready to rock. Overall, this looks like a good beginner or first bike, it has everything you need, I’m sure the price is right and you can always upgrade as you go.

Specialized Fuse 4 GL Specialized have a range of Fuse bikes and the Fuse 4 is the top of the line. As you would expect, you get cromo everything with a 21” top tube, double butted frame with a mid BB, integrated headset and built in chain tensioners. The forks are butted cromo and bars are also full cromo. Parts are good with a genuine odyssey 10t cassette hub, rear u-brake, nice tech looking 2pc crmo cranks, alloy 28t chainwheel and lightweight pedals. Looks like Specialized have pretty much thought of everything with this bike… And it’s a nice colour too…

Available on Foxtel Digital and Austar Digital

The FUEL TV line-up over the next couple of months has all the BMX action you crave… Check below for the full deal!


7.30pm Road Fools 8pm Toronto BMX Metro Jam 10pm Props Mega Tour


7.30pm Road Fools 10pm Props Mega Tour


7.30pm Road Fools 10pm Props Mega Tour

JANUARY FRIDAY 5th 7.30pm 2006 BMX Games

FRIDAY 12th 7.30pm 2006 BMX Games

FRIDAY 19th 7.30pm 2006 BMX Games 10pm Matt Hoffman’s BMX Special 2

FRIDAY 26th 7.30pm 2006 BMX Games 10pm Elevation

FEBRUARY FRIDAY 2nd 7.30pm 2006 BMX Games 10pm Props Mega Tour

SATURDAY 3rd 8pm Nokia FISE [various BMX included]

FRIDAY 9th @ 7.30pm Road Fools @ 8pm Matt Hoffman’s BMX Special 2 @ 10pm Props Mega Tour

FRIDAY 16th 7.30pm Road Fools 8pm UCI BMX Supercross (you know you’ll love it!) 10pm Props Mega Tour

FRIDAY 23rd 7.30pm Road Fools 8pm UCI BMX World Champs 8.30pm UCI BMX Supercross 9.30pm Toronto BMX Metro Jam 10pm Props Mega Tour

Also, Check Out… LG Action Sports Tour @ 7.30pm on Gold Medal Mondays Dew Action Sports Tour @ 8.30pm on Gold Medal Mondays 24

Jake Jablonski//WaDe

victor harbour

South of Adelaide is the coastal BMX town of Victor Harbour... This all started a few months ago, when it was thrown up in the air to do a Victor scene report. Let me give you a little background... There are a group of young shredders who have skills that are up there with the rest of South Australia. They have style, they have flair, they aren’t the nanny but they shred, 3 double whips are common... Anyways, it took me a long time to get this article together, having my car on defect is a pain in the neck when you have to drive a hundred k’s to get somewhere, so it was put together in somewhat of a rush, anyway, here goes...

Beau Jablonski//WaDe

We rocked up on a Saturday, after the hour long drive.... To some awful weather and nasty wind. It was actually dry, but the wind was horrid. I also had a terrible hangover, so that didn’t help. We hung out at the park for a bit, I shot a fag photo of Mozzy, and I got my shoes wet in the water, but apart from that, nothing much happened. We went to Maccas, told the manager to get out and go to the chopper, she didn’t understand. Anthony then salted her, but still no reaction. Anyway, we then realised that the old Victor park is pretty sheltered from the wind (it isn’t right next to the beach), so we rode there for the rest of the day. Beau, Causby and Ben shredded. That night, a group formed and we went and hit the Victor hotel... It was pretty ratty, beer was poured down poker machines, people were thrown off chairs in the front bar, glasses were broken, beers were stolen, punches were exchanged... and we didn’t get kicked out. In fact, after the beer down the pokie machine incident, all we got was “guys, I know you are having fun, but this is a pokie machine area. Take it to the front bar”. Fair enough... The walk home was pretty nasty, I think i remember ripping a sleeper out of the ground and trying to swing it at someone else... But I cant remember who was involved. Hahaha. The next day was sweet, except for the fact I felt like death slightly warmed up. Anyway, I didn’t have to ride, all I had to do was take photos so it wasn’t that bad. I guess the photos are proof of what riding went down that day... But I have to say, the riding that did go down was more of a relaxed session than the boys pushing themselves.

Ben Miels//WaDe

Gouldy was ripping with huge transfers across the channel gap and lookbacks, despite having a torn ACL. Not only does he have a torn ACL, but he is only 16, so he isn’t allowed to have a re-con. Jake Jablonski was shredding from about nine am, and he is a kid to watch out for. He’s only 15, but rides like a bat out of hell. Somehow he managed to shoot himself in the finger with an air rifle, so he couldn’t really ride, and his finger looked rank. He was still pushing out huge airs and whips. Ben Miels was also on the injured list for the day... His ankle is tweaked from a failed attempt at a 3 double whip (i think?) And he hadn’t ridden his bike for a month because it was at a shop being worked on. Anyway, he only had his bike for a few hours and fired out a clean fakie to whip hop on a bank, downside whips, massive airs, lookbacks.... You name it, he was doing it. Causby just plain didn’t rock up on Sunday, he had to do some work, or something. I dunno, but his knee is still a bit average, so he was probably chilling at home nursing his hangover from drinking with me on Friday and Saturday. Hahhaha. He can still do nosed footjams, though.

Aaron Gould//WaDe

Beau Jablonski rips... I forgot how good he was. He does everything high, with stupid amounts of style, huge tables, turndowns, whips... Whatever... I guess that’s about it, if you’re ever in Adelaide, take the trip down to Victor, it sure is worth it. The park is rad, and the locals are even better. Check the weather before you go, cause if it’s windy the park is a pain to ride. It’s easy to find, just drive down south road and you’ll find it. I don’t know what else to write? Ohhhh.... And another good thing is that the pub actually doesn’t care about what you do, as long as you are drinking... Seriously... James Wade


aDe Aaron Causby//W

Josh Kathigitis//WaDe

Luke Gorecki//Seaton Spratt


Forget pumpkins and trick or treating when you’ve got Emancipate’s second annual Halloween Jam rockin at Dulwich Hill.

Well where do I start? This was our second attempt at the Halloween jam… All events leading up to the big day on the 28th October at Dulwich hill skatepark in Sydney were a bit erratic and nerve racking, but all were anticipating a great day! There were a few problems coming up to the day and seeing as everyone was either hurt or away, but I got the ball rolling. This was a hard task considering I have no car or money (haha), but with the help of some good friends and the return of Tom from his round the world trip and John’s Melbourne experience we were back, hard at work, organising like crazy! Saturday morning creeps up on us and we awake hungover, tired and ready to pick up some last minute necessities with the help of Tom Stretton and the loan of his van. We tried to fit 8 people, 7 bikes, 2 boxes of clothing, a garbage bag full of sausages, bread and BBQ utensils and a generator into his van. The drive 2 the park was a lil’ squashy to say the least, but we finally arrived, fashionably late of course. Now here’s where our main and biggest problem came into play, our main man and famous ‘angry’ builder/shredder couldn’t make it at the last minute so we were stuck without any building tools to build our famous, promised ghetto ramps, sorry guys and gals. So after setting everything up and with the music flowing the, jam was finally officially started! There were people a plenty and some great costumes shown! From crazy pirates to weird green things, Pikachu, a duck, a famous nutrigrain man rocking a skirt and blonde locks! Some gay dude in a suit, damn it was hot! and I think even Danzig showed up! So after already witnessing some amazing riding we started the mini games! 1st up was the bone death long jump comp! The situation looked like this, there was a cut out in the fence of the bowl just a lil bit wider than bars with a 4-5ft drop to flat and a sketchy concrete bump that ran like a lip. As scary and stupid as it looked, there were a few dudes cranking at that thing! Halfway through it turned into a best trick demo. DJ and Liam both shot the b’s, Liam 180’d it then DJ came out with a 180 bar! Liam was trying to three off it but it was way too tight, then DJ suicided no handed it! There was talk of a lil bastard wanting to whip off it! Insane! The long jump continued with Luke Gorecki and Alex Cameron


battling out going way too far and eventually taking a tie! That’s when the lil bastard Danger produced the goods and whipped the bone death drop, twice! It was crazy! While everyone was shredding the park I sat back, cold beer in hand, giving my stupid mouth a rest from commentating and I noticed a few standouts. I don’t mean to say there were some slouches, everyone was riding really well but there were a couple that really stood out. Dan Baker, Luke Gorecki, Danger, Liam Fahy-Hampton, DJ, Cooper Brownlee, Benn Pigot, Xave Cohen, Dave C, Brendan Jones, Tom Stretton and Tom Payne. It was a good mix of flow, street, lines, style and tricks! While this was happening Dan from O-town got to business and 720’d the big quarter to flat bank! Danny gave it a few tries too and got close but it was all Dan Baker this time. Danny also backied the said quarter to flat bank way too easy which was very rad! As appetites were growing Dave C’s mum (who is the best ever) saved the day by cooking all the sausages and onions and driving them all the way to the park. I think I even saw two of the worlds best flatlanders rock up, Simon and Mike, you guys rule! After full stomachs it was onto best trick in bowl. Now this was a standout event! First of all I have to say once again Dan Baker did a 900, like it was nothing! Easily the best thing I’d ever seen, congrats boy! Liam did a whip to feebs to fakie, Danger did a manual to whip and a 450 whip to back wheel pivot 540 thing which was insane! Tom Stretton did a brakeless manual to foot jam whip and Dan Baker also did a run that consisted of 540 disaster, whip disaster, foot jam, fuf then foot jam whip, awesome! Brendan Jones ‘the gun show’ was doing the biggest whip airs I’d ever seen but ended up taking it pretty hard. He’s such a trooper! DJ brought some more crazy brakeless tech action with ice grind to can can jam, bar to ice to can can jam! Luke Gorecki did a massive fakie turndown air, a downside whip to disaster, as well as some mega high no hander and super clicked turndown airs! Yewwww! By this time I’m sure I was pretty drunk and everyone was sick to death of my crappy announcing but the show had to go on! Best trick on rail! Liam went up the bank 180 double tire ride to 180 off! Coop B went up the bank x-up double pegger to

Tom Stretton//Paul Kim

fakie. Danger was trying hop whip over the rail and Liam was trying to hop 540 over it but no dice, next time guys. Coop also did a very rad g-turn! The day was starting to wind down and the comedy styling’s of Zave, Nick and Alex kept everyone in stitches. We had many prizes left so we gathered all you ratty kids in the bowl for a proddy toss! First up was a copy of the greatest Aus DVD ever Focalpoint and kids went flying! I saw at least ten kids all piled on other kids on top of bikes grabbing for the copy. New Zealand Joe came away victorious! After that, everyone pretty much just grabbed stuff and threw it in the bowl. There were bars, pegs, sprockets all hurtling at a mosh full of scavengers! I even heard of the gun show putting a kid in a world of pain with a peg to the head. Haha. Sorry dude! All in all it was an awesome day! So much better than expected and considering we didn’t have anything built, everyone made do with the parks natural layout and some of the best riding Sydney has seen! Huge thanks go out to all the sponsors for hooking us up with rad prizes, Unitedwestand, BMX Militia, BMX Mafia, Focalpoint, Kickassbmx, 2020bmxmag and Emancipate, you guys are awesome, everyone go support them cause they’re here for you guys! Massive thanks to everyone for coming, for dressing up, for riding or just chilling. Huge thanks to Dave C’s mum, you are seriously the best! You went out of your way slaving over a hot stove for a bunch of stinky dirty BMXers, thank you so much! My wonderful lady Emma for supplying us with all the sausages, bread, etc. You’re awesome! Tom Stretton for helping out with the van! Giles for hooking us up with the stereo, cheers buddy! All the Five Dock / Summer Hill crew for everything. Our homey/cripple Troy Charlesworth for filming a bunch and hooking up the money hat! And most of all Tom Pand and John Young, love you guys! Next years just going to get bigger and better so make sure you get your ass there! Cheers Abbs

albany creek trails kod Council backed trails and comps? Check!

Nick Cooper//nitai


Josh Kane//Morrisey

Niki Buckard//Morrisey

Getting on a plane at 7am is a mission, getting in at 5am after a long night almost assures a missed flight, but somehow it all came together… That kinda set the scene for the day, fly in to Brissy, it looks like rain, but of course it doesn’t, and ends up hella sunny and properly QLD like! Ultimately it was all part of the plan put in place by Chris Bierton, which was to bring together some of the countries best dirt riders for the second event of it’s kind at the Pine Rivers Shire, Albany Creek trails. In the end, 60 riders entered into the various classes to compete, not bad for a local event at council backed trails (which were running pretty damn well)! Add a few Red Bull cars, a few more Red Bull ladies, the odd tent and BBQ plus over 700 heads there to check out the action and you get the picture. With amateur, expert and pro classes it was a long day, not that there was any shortage of action. So, highlights yeah? Well from this point of view it went like this. With a Mackellar in every class, they had to bring home some belt buckles (yep, belt buckle trophies) and the Mackellar’s ripped in every class, little Johnny killing Am for a win and PJ pulling in a big 5th place in Pro. Beginner and Expert classes saw a few 24 and 26 inch bikes go head to head with the 20inch crew. Check this, no bad vibe, no shithouse closed minded attitudes, just some great riding with local ruler Darren Pokoj schooling Expert with big 360 variations and awesome trail style on a 24inch, all fresh off a hella busted ankle. He won a 20inch frame and we reckon he’ll be killing trails whatever wheel size he chooses to run. Josh Kane brought super consistency and his local knowledge to bear and stuck a big Pro third place, word to that! Now, there’s no doubt Dane Searles, Nick Cooper and Niki Buckard ruled the pro class. Three whips, decades, bikeflips, double whips… Some serious shit went down. Consistency played a big part in the final standings, and come the final mathematical addition of lotsa loose notes, Cooper and Searles tied for first. No final showdown, not even an arm wrestle, just a shaking of hands and a lotta smiling while the cash got split. While the Albany Creek trails are pretty damn well sorted with roll ins and are damn big for council trails, it sounds like there may be plans for an event venue even better down the track. Look out for highlights on and also on Fuel TV. Thanks to Catalyst Youth Arts Organisation and Pine Rivers Shire Council (Outside and Alive Festival) for putting on the event. Thanks to DK Bikes, Failure Bikes, Answer BMX, Drive Products, Knucklebone Products, Peter Campbell Realty and Freestyle BMX for sponsoring the event.

pro-tec giveaway Pro-tec have been keeping heads in check for a long time. We reckon you’d be hard pressed to hit up a session at any park in Australia and not see an original Pro-tec on someone’s head. Pro-tec have expanded their range in a big way this year and have also incorporated a lot of new technology to make sure your head stays in one piece. As a part of the expanded range Pro-tec are now protecting the wicked minds of Ryan Guettler with a pro model Ace Freestyle Signature helmet. The Ace range is now equipped with SXP multi-impact technology, giving you the protection the top riders demand. We’ve got five of these suckers to give away to five readers. The deal is simple answer this question: What Pro-tec helmet is Ryan G’s pro model? Email your answer to for your chance to win. Just make sure to put your head size in (get a tape measure and measure around your head in cm!). Get your answer in by midnight on the 9th of February 2007. Till then don’t land on your head eh!

mt barker gromfest The Adelaide Hills Cycles under 18 comp was held on the last Sunday of November at Mt Barker with a good turn out of locals, kids from surrounding areas and plenty of spectators. Included in the ranks were 2 female riders, Erin and Ellen, good to have you there girls. Of cause way too much went down to mention it all so I’ll give you the top 3 in each class. In the Under 15’s third place went to local, Ryan Mercier who has loads of tech lip tricks adding 180 bar spins, big 360’s and he also 360’ed the spine for the first time. Second in line was Liam from Mannum with 270’s over the hip, no foot cans, pedal grinds to fakie and an old school no-hander launch out of the park onto the rock. First was all Mardy Dickerson’s. He had height and style on his side. Turndowns, look-backs and pancakes on any hip, any way. Mardy carved the spine, dipped his 270’s, launched clean 360s and pulled tucked no-handers to complete his run. Honourable mentions to Jimmy Blight for possessing more style, boost and balls than most riders 10 years his senior and to Tom Slater who’s old school no-handers are real damm good for a 13 year old. Now for the Under 18s with Greg Townsin stealing third. Greg had a large bag of tricks, which he delivered well. Flatties over the hip, 180’s over the spine and 360’s on anything including the spine, which ended his final run with a rolled ankle. In second place was Brendan Capper, he basically did the same tricks but made it look way better. With style and flow, he alley-ooped the spine, 270’d the hip and pretty much grazed his head with his front tyre from inverted flatties.

Tommo//DaVe ruBiniCH


The man of the day was Travis Redington (No, sorry the ‘Boy’ as he was meant to be in the under 15s class, but thought he would fair to those kids and ride with the older guys). Trav’s run was massive to say the least. He did all the biggest gaps the park had to offer. He launched from a knee-high wedge 10 plus feet over a 45° rail onto a bank. He plain old went bigger and harder than anyone on anything. With look-back 180’s up the rock, high 360’s over the spine and a big Indian air. Finishing off with a huge 360 and an almost pulled whip up the big rocks, Trav took the well-deserved number one position. Well done to all the riders that weren’t mentioned above, everyone rode real well. Thanks to everyone for coming along and all our helpers that made the day a success. A big thanks to the Adelaide Hills Cycles, Eastern, Odyssey, Specialized, Maxxis, ABD and Pryme for making the comp possible. With a special thanks to Dave Rubi for being the MC, the photographer plus sharing his skills in the demo. Thanks to Mike Moore and Cairns for judging. Tim for doing the timing, the demo and for having the biggest hop on the day and Craig Bennett helping with the demo and going so big over everything. I believe a good day was had by all. Matt Hodgson

low budget high class I’m basically an average BMX’er. I’m dirty, stinky, and fairly ratty. To make matters worse, my jeans are tighter than your average. Not to mention I’m poor. Usually, this equates to sitting at home, or chilling at a equally dirty, stinky, ratty pub or gutter… But I’ve managed to break out of that cycle yo! Knowing people is the key. Through my girl, I’ve managed to weasel my way into one of the most exclusive bars in Adelaide. They even reckon it has won an award for the ‘Best bar in Australia’. So yeah, it’s pretty ritzy. Disgustingly ritzy, even. Bars made of ice, marble everywhere, $20 cocktails… This shit is off the hook! And the place has the crowd to match. Most of the dudes there seem to wear outfits that are worth at least my weeks pay cheque; and although some of the girls there are definitely fit, most of them aren’t, and all of them think they are god’s gift to men. If they are god’s gift, we have a fucking spiteful god, eh. Don’t get me wrong, some of the crowd is cool (and some of the girls are fucking hot!) and all of the people that work there are rad, but the majority of the crowd is there to attain social status points. In other words, it’s an ego wank for most of the people there… Lame, eh. OK. We have it cleared up. That’s what the scene is like at this bar. It’s the same as all the other ‘exclusive’ bars around Australia. Where am I going with this? Well picture this situation. Mikey, Pickle and me finish up riding on a Friday night. We’re all pretty dirty and grimy, wearing jeans with varying degrees of tight-ness, and random BMX shirts. I spray on some deodorant, and share the can around. Mikey washes his hands under a drink fountain, but I don’t… My hands are black. We lock our bikes up in my car and walk up to the bar, sharing a long neck mind you… There isn’t really a line, but there are people waiting outside. Three guys just get refused entry because they are scruffy. A couple of girls enter (who look damn fine) and pay $5 each for the privilege. The three of us walk up, I say hi to the bouncer and shake his hand, and we are let in free of charge, much to the disgust of the line. We then walk up to the bar. Say hi to my girly, and wait to get served. The guy standing next to us orders three jacks and cokes, gets them, and hands over $36. Yeah, $36 for three jacks and cokes. I guess this is the punch line for the whole article: we order three fuck off style cocktails made with fresh fruit and three shots of shit (that I can’t even pronounce, let alone spell) and hand over $12 for all three. $4 each, we be livin’ it up! 4 cocktails later, we’re damn messed up… All for the price of 3 or 4 pints at my local! Now, jesus, we are out of place in here. I guess that’s half the fun for us. Something different. People that are weird. It’s kinda fun being in a place, where everyone seriously invests in their clothing… you wonder if they are actually rich or if it’s all an act. Like I said before, it’s all a bit lame… and that’s half the fun of watching it all! It’s also pretty fun messin with the people there, we ran around last time getting people to pose for photos for some random fictional fashion magazine… Sounds lame, but fun as heck when your off your tits on fresh fruit cocktails! Mikey got in on the action in a few, too… great snaps! I guess that is more or less it? Maybe? Perhaps? Moral of the story? There ain’t really one. I mean, I’m a ratty BMX dude, there ain’t no way I fit in this bar, the drinks are sure nice though, and heck, I’ll drink there if the drinks are cheap! James Wade PS. JOHN get your ass down here, lets drink at this bar soon man!


Now summer is here you gotta make sure you ain’t getting burned by the sun ending up with steak sized chunks of your flesh getting removed by over zealous doctors. Our easy solution is a T shirt... Clockwise from right:,,,,,,, (limited ed shirts!).


Send us your love or hate mail, pics of yourself or your crew, random acts of stupidity, bodily mutilation and random stuff. We love it all. Mail inbox PO Box 498 Newtown, NSW 2042 or my bike again, but if anyone in the greater Brisbane area does see an old sand/beige colour Macneil Ruben with all black stuff, Odyssey parts and Sputnic forks, dismount the rider for me! Here’s wishing for a new bike for xmas! And a barbie on the beach at Fraser Island instead of roast turkey in grey and rainy England! Take it easy, keep up the good work, Alex Dodds To all the readers of 2020, if you spot this bike, let us know, we’ll get it back to Alex. And if anyone knows of any stolen bike, or knows who has it, sort that shit out pronto. Ain’t nothing worse than a piece of shit bike thief.

You’re freakin us out.. Hey 2020, first off sick mag. I’m Ryan and I’m 15 and I live in Dongara, WA. I thought my story would make readers go nuts! I was born with out any collar bones so I can make my shoulders touch. Crazy shit huh? Now you probably think what the fuck does this have to do with bmx’ing but it screws my riding when I do tricks using my arms but shit happens. I would just like to mention my mates that I ride with because they are fucking legends. Cheers Jones, Brendan, Mitch, Cody, Jake and Kelly. Cheers guys. Now go ride bitches! Ryan How’s you’ll never have to go thru the suffering of a couple of months off every time you bust a collarbone...

advice needed I was just writing to ask what kind of chain and tires would be best for my bike? I mainly use it for freestyle on the local skate park but I sometimes go to my mates place to ride some nice dirt jumps. I need to know what would be best cause I have thrashed my grip on my current tires and need new ones and my chain has just snapped. You guys rock! Kain Jennings Any brand name tyre with park tread will do the trick on cement or dirt, take Animal, Primo, Odyssey or Maxxis for example. The likes of Luke Fink ride slicks on everything and love it, so go figure. On your chain, head to your LBS and pretty much any chain will be better than the one that came stock!

not the only one... I live in Perth, WA and I’m a 15 year old female. I ride freestyle BMX, I’m


betting man local at Carine and Kinross, Belmont and Bayswater kicks ass. These are some pics of me riding, I really would like to go into 2020 because I try so hard with my BMX and want people to realise there’s a chick that rides in Perth coz I’m the only one... Erryn Grima Hey Erryn, lately it seems there’s more than a few girls rippin’ it up all over the country. The latest HMH had a girls class and so does the upcoming BMXGames, so it’s happening!

I ride a Wethepeople addict 06 model with a few up grades. I’ve been riding for about 4 years and learnt how to 360 Gunners’ spine not to long ago. I ride BMX with my friend called Marcus Ivers and he is a heaps good rider as well. You guys rock, keep up the good work. Could you please put this email in your next mag cos I made a bet with Marcus that I could get a letter in your mag. I put $10 on this bet so can you help me out? Live to ride. Alexander Reeve You owe us $2...

bummed geeza

running smooth

Awesome mag by the way, I was well chuffed when I found an Aussie based magazine, gives a different perspective on BMX to the rest of them... Just thought I’d shoot you a little story... I’ve been travelling in Aus for 5 months now, flew out with my bike from the UK in June intending to follow the great concrete skate park monster up and down your country. So far I’ve made it from Sydney to Cairns and back down to Brisbane with not much trouble until this week some scum bags stole my bike from the Brisbane YHA. What makes it even worse is that I was going to have to sell it soon anyway cos I’d somehow developed Sciatica in the last month and was pretty much unable to ride, and was going to use the money to travel and get fit again... 2 days later, I was affected by someone totally the opposite. Going about printing up some posters for my stolen bike, a kind woman at the print shop gave me over $40 worth of colour prints for free. Why can’t more people be like her and less like the scumbags? I’m pretty much resigned to never seeing

I just bought a frame and painted it I was wondering if you guys could put some more info in the magazine on how to make your bike run better and stuff also if you guys could host another jam in Canberra seeing as there is so much good talent here peace out. PS Your mag iz tha shizz Tom You got us thinking, so next issue we’ll have a truckload of tips form the best riders in Aus on how to make your ride smooth as hell.

Five Dock//Daly



Mackay is back//C Hris M


Brian Veint// stepHan FrieDMan-HaWK

Rex trucking//

Cairns//Kris FinGlas

Brad G//stepHan FrieDMan-HaWK

Luke Batchelor//

newsworthy stuff? If you have any news, pics or info that you think should find a place here in the news, let either the guys here know or email:


Campbell Lee//roBin eriKsson

flatground News from the flatlands

Stujon has been busy as of late putting the finishing touches to his new video project. The media release goes something like this... “Here Comes The Sun” is a new flatland lifestyle DVD from CuttingRoomFloor Media. Filmed on DV, Super 8mm and 16mm film, it showcases some of the best flatlanders from around the world. Riders such as Simon O’Brien, Brandon Fenton, Alexis Desolneux, Cory Fester, Frank Lucas and many more. This should be available real soon. If the trailer is anything to go by, it should be awesome. Click on to the “Here Comes The Sun” MySpace page to get the sneak peek: KickassBMX is now stocking St Martin gear. This means that Simon O’Brien’s signature frame, the “Happy Place” as well as a bunch of other flatland gear, is available on these shores, so go show Simon some love and buy one of his frames Sydney and Melbourne are both working hard making the most of the weather with regular jams. The Melbourne crew held their second annual IVF jam at the IMAX spot back in October, read up on that elsewhere in Reformist.


The forums at have all the info you need to know and some you don’t. If there’s anything that’s not covered, just ask the locals, who will be more than happy to help. Shane Badman recently got some magazine exposure by way of “Offline” magazine. Offline is a general all round extreme sports mag based in Hungary. Shane is also continuing to bust up all over Europe, riding hard and having way too much fun. So much fun in fact that latest return dates have been set back till around early 2008. Keep checking for the latest on his travels. On other international flatland news, Martti Kuoppa has been riding and filming his ass off for his next solo DVD and his part in the KGB team vid. Expect to see combos like full kickflip to halfpacker and megaspin to tailwhip bunnyhop back into megaspin! Crazyness! Nathan Penonzek has his personal website up and running. Lots of photos, video and blog action happening over at

Mike S in his home away from home//paul KiM

sydneysummersessions Summer has snuck up on us again and the elusive Sydney flatlanders seem to have emerged to warm themselves in the sun. The next few months are looking promising for the rising Sydney flat scene with the impending warm days, sunny skies and flatland vibes. With our numbers bolstered by the arrival of a few new visitors from overseas, the future looks promising with the upcoming BMX Games on the Australia day long weekend (26-28 Jan), when even more international and interstate flatlanders will be here. Regular Jams have been running most weekends at Greenway Park in Cherrybrook with a typical attendance of about a half dozen, and double that number on select weekends. International regulars at the Cherrybrook Sunday sessions include Robin Eriksson from Sweden, Pete Olsen from Canada and Kevin Browne from Ireland, mixed in with the usual locals. The Cherrybrook sessions feature all the comforts of home, music, a BBQ, and an esky with plenty of cold drinks are always on hand. Apart from the gale force winds and rain we have been having on and off, it has been a good lead up to summer so far, so this one looks to be a cracker. Keep tuned to or www.myspace. com/SydneyFlatland for upcoming jams and we hope to see you here in Sydney. Todd Harford

IVF class of 2006 left to right, Tina, Mik, Rusty, Ben, Andre, Alan, Chris, Grant, Wally, Ali, Karl, Ryan, Steve, Taka and Anthony.//ryan a


The Board of Trusties of the Institute of Victorian Flatland (IVF) is pleased to announce the successful completion of its Second Annual Open Day.

The event, which was held at the Imax campus of the Institute on Sunday the 15th of October, boasted three more alumni than last year’s event and a class retention rate of over fifty percent. A range of progressive and different flatland skills were on display, with riders coming from all over the state to ply their wares. Notable class mates included the long lost Ben Moran who travelled over two hours to attend the event and had to ride a large-ish Fly Pantera due to him snapping the back end off his flatland frame just days before. Ben’s long and lanky style showed that he had obviously been riding during his absence from the scene and was working hang 5’s to half packer combo’s and pedal hang 5’s on the front wheel as well as a number of back wheel links. Alan Woo brought the class to cheers with a number of elbow glide to hitch-hiker manoeuvres. The IVF’s Japanese exchange student Takahro was in his zone and working combos involving hang 5’s and Karl cruisers. Current caretakers of Imax, Grant and Mik, were both in fine form, the former with his new backwards Karl cruisers and endless combo’s mixing old and new and the latter with a fast improving style and focused dedication which is fast making him a rider to watch. Chris Carver, after having a year off from riding due to a chronic back condition, brought on by too much riding, made a come back and showed that flatland is really just like riding a bike. IVF patriarch Old School Wal dropped by on a 26” Mongoose Kos cruiser, just to keep it old school. Karl Hughes was in attendance with what is hands down the best flatland bike in Australia at the moment, Karl’s ride is modded and custom to the extreme. Rusty, against doctors orders, ice picked anything he could find above waist height. Many, many other things happened too numerous to list here, however the IVF would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who came out and supported the day, notably DJ Andre who supplied the music box, as always. Next year’s event is set to be bigger and better than ever and will be returning to a mid winter date. Ali




What’s your main inspiration for your fast hard riding styles? Does where you live have any effect on that? I live in a small suburb called Mount Riverview in the Blue Mountains, NSW. All I can say is being so far away from anything good to ride made me hit local schools a little harder and faster than normal. As far as inspiration goes I think the Metal Bikes guys, well the 'Faded glory' DVD played a massive part in my riding style. As well as the people I ride with like you, Nick, Thom, Xave, Benn and any other chalk stalking riders. Kim Bridgeland is a nutso insane mountains street rider that inspires me to the point of laughing when riding with him. Dustin Dollin the skater who used to live in Katoomba has the best skating style eve, also inspires me. Thanks to all. Describe your likes and dislikes regarding the Australian riding scene as your know it? Dislikes are not enough money to fund the underground scene and too much spotlight the big name riders makes me feel like they should give some new fresh riders a go down the path way. Likes are I like stairs and grape juice, but a date with my kidneys followed by some hop top jam filled obstacle lights my fire. What other activities occupy your time apart from riding?? Jig jagging with mates, hunting, waving at this old corn flake-hows your father type grandpa, writing stories, shit I am sleepy, nude, compose games and painting my ears on.

What is your cup size? Ultra.

Hey dude, do you have gold panties, I need a costume for my tea party tomorrow Panties not so gold as you with the red legs would like... So when I say hot damn pirate fighters of 20 inch death wagons. What do you say? Pirate fighters and/or no prize fighters taste high speed silver trampolines. That's what's good about going fast you just bounce. And where do trampoline bikes lay in that forest of entourage and how the sparks flew can you remember the first time we met? Sparks more like I was welded to your hip... Agh hargh, sukas, almost bed time... It was many hot damn dance moves with fire engines and steam rolling steam! My eyes are welded shut with paper weights I took a snail in the toilet today dude. What did he say Just blinked. Insano. Tell me your thoughts on the red baron challenge due in Feb? 360 death cab turn to monkey spank and dive bomb fishnet foot tattoos so about the jam? Well I think if your push the date hard it will pull together nicely... well I think it will give some apes and snakes to piss out on some wood filled zig zag obstacles with cuts and trauma circus style events I would like to swing high and see snake eyes being rolled What's your stance on riding styles these days? How do you see your riding style? And where would you place it in the masses shit, just seem to roll away, more like a skate boarders, maybe legal matters...



Haha, missing face antics and personal take over issues… Serious question, what went through your mind after that pivotal crash at Sydney uni and the healing process after? Yeah well, at first I was thinking like I fucked up real bad and that it was all my fault but after a while I just became numb to it all, like it's crazy ass gap, long and high, I was going as fast as I could go and landed, then blew up and down onto my face which makes me cringe talking about it now. I didn’t even break a bone in my body only minimal injuries and that started to spin me out real hard. I remember laying at home, chilling not long after it happened and thinking I should take it easy this is stupid. I am in no way religious but I believe in myself like a religion and after I saw the clip for myself, I knew I had everything dialed to my expectations. I believe in it all having some meaning and a place in my life. Happiness and compassion are the meaning of life and riding is my happiness my recovery and lack of injuries had some scary facts about what had happened to me, to this day I believe I didn’t want to get hurt and I wanted to recover. Stand up or stay down and from the moment I hit that gap I was fighting to make it and no way was I going to stay down and get hurt. It was like I chose not choose, but believe in standing strong even if I am covered in blood. After I thought about it all and had some clear views on what had happened to me, I used that positive energy to jump back on that horse. I also remember looking in the mirror at my face and was like ‘holy shit’ what have I done . The longer time moves away from it, it becomes just some story to tell the grand kids one day. People said I was stupid for trying it but would you call the first person who tried a back flip on a bike or flew an airplane stupid? I needed to see the good, not the bad as that's what life does to you, slams one door, opens another. Dude, I am so glad you are in a good mindframe, as with anything in life you can choose to get up or choose to stay down... Dude, those words just rolled out and I choose to stand. And on that, I believe that is what I wanted you to tell people about yourself. If the readers had seen that crash they would know how bad you fell but you got back up and are powering on as never before, faster, better and more inspired. Thanx dude.


A large stereotype of Australian BMXer’s is referred to as Woodward style/ trained riders such as Bohan, MacKay, Guetler etc... How did you break from that DNA replica and mutate into pioneering a more street gap/loose cannon style Aussie? I look at a few of them Aussie dudes and think nice candle sticks, but BMX is BMX. It's riding a bike and having fun. I don’t care about tricks, circumcised from the norm. Sometimes on street, when you’re faced with boring locations, it seems you start to think outside of the box of today's tech riding and just jump for hell.. Are you scared running ramp style light weight parts on hefty drops? Hell yes, like a few parts I trust not to break with one big hit, I suppose times are changing and light is in until your rim snaps in half with one gap on a red pizza tray. Your name just got introduced in the USA with that 30 stair double set bonedeth to the face incident... Some have described it like a wooden dowel attached to a stirring motor, blowing its gas line on the spark of a match. Most say that crash is going to shut down stair gaps for a while. Do you have anything to say in reply to these scared Americans? The sky is the limit and you will never find what you're looking for in life or riding without answering that question; What if? Once you stand to fight the mental war of a crash like that, you learn what can and can’t be done, body and mind as one. Hahahaha....

Sharp, shiny and ground down to the bone, blood red with animal style hunting pattens. Thanx to my family and friends like Matt, Nick, Kim, Xave, Kim Kim, Benn, Scott, Chris, Ware, Thom, and Coop. Also anyone I ride with, thanx for riding with such a douchebag. Thanx to Kim Kim for shooting photos with me, even the nude ones. Thanx to Tash for having Ramones hair and all her care. Thanx to Nick at Martial, thanx to Sean and Jimmy at Metal, thanx to Ferbert at Bonedeth, thanx to Gary at ECI and thanx to Evan at Lifecycles.Tthanx to toast popping ear phones and small sized decapitated jumping fish. Thanx to Matt at 2020 for holding out as everything on earth fell out of our hands and a big thanx to 2020 for this opportunity. Thanx for being interested and thanx to anyone I forgot you, know who you are.




ell I guess Matt asked me to write a little about myself. I didn’t really know what to say, I guess you could say I haven’t had your normal childhood. I was born in Worchester in England, on my Dads birthday in 1983. I lived throughout the USA, including Dallas Texas, Key West Florida and Hawaii. I have 3 passports, and 3 brothers and 1 sister. In 1989 my dad got a job working for Apple computers here in Australia, so we packed up all our stuff in the States and moved down under to Canberra, and after a year or so moved up to Queensland and have been here ever since. I got into photography in about year 12, and would spend lunch hours developing and printing black and white photos in the darkroom. I obviously wasn’t that great back then but I guess everyone had to start somewhere. Once I finished school I decided my Pentax MZ-50 didn’t cut it any more and decided to get serious with my BMX photography and saved a lot of money to get a Canon 1Vs. Pretty much the rest is history. I have been shooting non-stop for the past four or five years. Spent thousands of dollars on film, cameras, bags, flashes and everything else you need to shoot. And have had the chance to meet and shoot some amazing riders here and overseas. If you’re getting into photography and want to get serious with it, all I can say is be prepared to spend some money, and shoot shoot shoot.

About a year ago or more, i think, I tried to line up a double interview with Mike and Macca from Brisbane. For some reason or another it just never came together. So all I ended up with were these portrait shots. It was an old abandoned house where there was a pool we wanted to try and shoot, but it being full of water, we ended up messing up the abandoned house more than it already was and taking these portrait shots. Lets just say the holes in the wall weren’t there when we started shooting. I was staying in Greenville N.C. with Colin and was really lucky to hang out with some awesome people. One of those people was Ryan Mills. He was hanging out in town for a few days, I forget why but yeah he was there. We went to ride this small indoor park, which is run and owned by a skate shop owner. The guys know him and he let us ride after hours because it was raining. I got to shoot this pic which is one of my favourite photos. This is another shot that was from when I was in Greenville. While I was there I got to meet a lot of riders that I had looked up to through the years, and one of them was Ryan. He is the most laid back and nice guy and it was great to meet him. This is a shot of Ryan at the Shortbridge trails in G’ville. This is a photo of my brother, not many people know, but I have an identical twin brother. These jumping photos all started when I was messing around with my best friend and room mate Brenno. I was mucking around with a digital camera I was borrowing, and taking just some normal portrait type shots. We quickly got bored with that and Brenno just jumped and I took a photo. What we saw was so funny we took a bunch more. It all started from that moment and some ended up on myspace etc. But out of all of them, this one was my favourite.


COREY BOHAN THIS IS JUST ONE OF THOSE PHOTOS THAT NEVER GOT USED. I DON’T KNOW WHY, BUT YEAH, ITS JUST BEEN SITTING AROUND WITH ALL MY OTHER PHOTOS. I had been in contact with Jeff Z at Ride Magazine and got the go ahead to shoot some photos with Corey that they might end up using. I talked to Corey but he was having trouble with his back so he was in chill mode, so I never got any photos of him except this one. I really like it because a lot of people think of Corey as a dirt rider. This just shows that he kills it on everything.




NICK RICHARDSON AS SOME OF YOU MIGHT HAVE SEEN ALREADY, I SHOT AN INTERVIEW WITH NICK RICHARDSON. Nick is emo, but he is one of the best young riders out there. So much style and every air he does is massive. Anyway, this was one of the shots we didn’t use. He didn’t think his tabo was big enough? Yeah right.


JOSH HARRINGTON WHEN I WAS IN GREENVILLE, JOSH HARRINGTON ASKED ME IF I WANTED TO GO RIDE STREET WITH THEM IN RALEIGH AND SHOOT SOME PHOTOS FOR AN OAKLEY AD. Getting to watch Josh ride street was so good to see in person but to shoot photos with him was even better. I was super nervous the whole time and tried to set up as quick as possible. In one of the shots it was actually raining. My flashes were out and my camera was getting wet but I didn’t want to tell Josh I didn’t wanna shoot. We ended up getting these three shots that never got used.


ROB DARDEN I GUESS THERE ISN’T TOO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT THIS PHOTO. I got to shoot with Rob nearly everyday and always had something he wanted me to shoot. We shot this, but never used it for anything because he didn’t like how his leg looked on the wall (bad timing on my part) but I still liked the shot.




Brendan Jones//MorrIsey


Well I can’t believe we are up to HMH 14. The 1st morning of the comp, Tim Wood rocks up to do the commentary, grabs the mic and starts by welcoming everyone to HMH...? He turns to me and asks,“What number are we up to now Mark? is it 11 or 12?” I turn to him and say “Its Heavy Metal already?” Heroes 14 Tim”. Tim was like,“Wow! Thattoldmany me once he had never had a sick day... ever. Clint Millar and myself went to his funeral. I love running these comps and I love the Beenleigh bike park, they have become part of my life. And like life, there has been ups and downs. The first 7 comps were run without any insurance and some of the ramps in the park were built by me with lots of help from my friends! It was all done on the sly.

The local council didn’t know and I didn’t care. If I wanted to build a new ramp, I’d ask Doug Larsen (who was the man who built the whole parkland that the bike park was part of). He would just say, “You go ahead and build whatever you want Mark and I’ll make it all good with the council.” I trusted Doug and he trusted me. We did some crazy things together, he was in charge of the road works in Beenleigh since before I was born! And If I needed supplies to build a ramp he would get it for me. One time I needed some plywood to build this sub box quarter I had told him about. So he told me to rock up at the council road works yard with my ute in my railway uniform during lunch hour. I was like... ”OK Doug?” So I go to the yard at noon and I walk over to the admin, but get stopped by Doug, cause he was waiting for me in the car park. He tells me to back my ute into this shed. I do it, there’s this 17yr old council employee with no idea as to why I’m there. Doug walks in behind me and instructs the kid to help me load a heap of plywood into my ute. The kid looked a little confused by this request, and says to Doug, “I’ll just check with my foreman first.” Doug (who is like 10 promotions over the foreman) grabs him on the shoulder and says, “Right now YOU are the foreman!” This kid suddenly realises who he is talking to and what was going on, and just said, “Whatever you want Doug”. We loaded up my ute with plywood till it hit the bump stops and I rolled on out of there. I built that sub quarter and HMH 7 rocked! I thought things were going great! But then, in between the 7th and 8th HMH I was hit for six. Doug who was 64 years old at the time had a stroke. After he got out of hospital his sister bought him down to Beenleigh to try and jog his memory. Ryan Guettler rode up to him to say hello. Ryan, who had known Doug all his life told me later that Doug didn’t even recognize him or where he was! Doug died soon after. Doug

We noticed a lot of old school riders there too. The Police blocked off the roads for his funeral procession through Beenleigh. A few weeks later, I had just finished a 12 hour shift at work, I arrive home at 2am and there was a note on my door from some Beenleigh local riders. The note said, “Mark, the council just destroyed your ramps, if you get here tomorrow you can still save your box jump!” By 3am I was down at the park on a Sunday morning by myself, taking down my box jump and loading it into my ute. It was bloody depressing! I thought my dream of riding a park in Australia that didn’t involve 4ft concrete was over. I was shattered. I gotta be honest, right then right there I gave up! I had no answers, I didn’t know who to speak to? I don’t know how to approach a council and say, “Hey what the F#@@!!! Give me back my ramps!!” I’m just a bloody railway worker with a really bad grade 10 report card, ok. That’s when a great thing happened. All my work was appreciated by friends (Clint Sibbald, Clint Millar, Stuart Devonish, Rado Sodoma and Ricky Hunt) and especially the parents of a young local rider by the name of Nick Richardson. Nick sr. and Debbie Richardson approached me with ideas on how to take back our bikepark! Then, realizing I was dumb as a post about paperwork and forming an association. They proceeded to sort out what was happening with the park with local council members. They are legends! The council are now on board and fully believe in our vision. We have a kickass world class spine ramp for all to see, that I designed and Tim Wood built. In March we are getting a 32ft wide Vert ramp too!

eavy Metal TAKES ON

And this ramp will actually be rideable, being only 11ft high, something you can have fun on without having to worry about dying! Mark Schneider


Chris Edgar, huge flair//Morrisey


It’s been awhile since the old faithful Beenleigh has had a competition,which seemed strange considering only lastyear there was one every few months. Although the park hasn’t had the competition thing lately, it has definitely had a few upgrades, ramp wise. The street course has had a new wall ride added and the big change was the removal of the old trusty vert ramp and the install of a new premium Spine Mini that has sub boxes, different level ramps and a wall ride. This has been designed by Mark Schneider and brought to life with Tim Wood’s ramp building skills, basically built by BMXers for BMXers. In true Beenleigh style, the weather was cooking and more than a few people were rolling round looking like human lobsters. The other new addition was the girl’s street comp and it was cool to see they got recognised and added to the list with prizes to boot, hopefully a trend of things to come. The beginner classes seemed to have every kid whipping like crazy and Expert had some serious moves that are only a half step behind the pros, the future definitely looks strong in Oz if the youth is anything to go by. There was quite a big turn out for the pro class, with more than a few interstate riders. It was good to see the Beenleigh comps returning to a premier event that many BMXers come to participate in from far and wide.

sounding lame, I am going to jump to the pro class because it was off the hook. The format was a little different, it was supposed to be two regular runs, with a third run to nail your best trick. With the usual faces present plus a good handful of new ones, I figured I would just out line the standouts. Without doubt, Nicky Buckard had the highest airs of the weekend, some of them had to be round the 9 foot mark with lookbacks and inverts, flairs and opposite flairs! Yes you read that right. Matt Gannon did the sickest trick, a hop up from small to big sub foot jam drop in? Try and work that one out, he always has the most innovative style. Kinda tech and kinda burly as well as a bike covered in Bundy Rum stickers, hell fun to watch. Brendon Jones from Sydney wasn’t happy just to fuf the big sub, so he decided to hit up the back rail on the 7 foot quarter instead, the deck isn’t a small one and it’s a ten foot drop to Beenleigh’s not so smooth bitumen on the other side. He took it a few times and I thought he had enough of getting broke trying but then gave it one last shot

Heavy Metal With the new approved ramp upgrades just around the corner, I can see this event being one to definitely mark on your calendar. Most people knew the new ramp had been built


and built well, so this was always going to be the Premier event of the weekend. Without

and pulled it perfect as. As usual no one came close to the tech skills of Clint Millar. One run, he dropped in and I’m pretty sure every transition he rolled up got dealt with a different trick combo, when he was done his brakes and Colony pegs were almost smoking…(Sorry for the Plug)... but that aside, he shredded it and also landed his downside whip to nosepick…

Nick Cooper with the transfer of the comp, 180 whip from spine to box//Morrisey

Heavy Metal Chris Edgar has had flairs dialled for a while but now he has turndown flairs wired and is launching them the full width of the ramp at about head height. He also had some tech skills and probably spent as much time round coping level as he did way above it which shows he is progressing immensely and isn’t just the flip guy. There was a lot of tricks that got thrown down in the best trick section, most of which were mind blowing, but relatively new face Toby Mathews from the Gold Coast fired out a double whip air and unbelievably pulled a 360 double whip over the spine!! Not only is that a stupidly hard trick, but over that spine was just ridiculous, I was on the deck when he said he was going to try one and I thought he was joking till he nailed it second try! That’s gotta be a first I think for Oz…

The three Nicks of Beenleigh always stand out. Nicky Buckard probably did

Street is always a draw card and for the younger class, I believe I saw a relative of Colin Mackay and Clint Millar shredding the course, must be in the blood! The line between Pro and Expert class seems to be blurring, flips, whips, whatever you wanted someone did or tried. The pro class was packed, and they had kind of a loose jam format and again the best trick option. There was also a call out that anyone who could stall the top of the wallride would get a brand new Colony Sect frame for their efforts. Daniel Dunn aka Mozzie rode like crazy and double whipped the box plus had a countless array of tricks. Lee Kirkman has a burly original style and kept things upright for both runs and stood out with unique tricks and lines. I heard he only learnt flairs recently, he was blasting them and even got in a couple of no footed ones. Brendon Jones came closest to getting on top of the wall but just couldn’t get the pop up he needed, he got up and went over to the deck of the mini but he just couldn’t get the stall. He clicked the hell out of a turndown flip so far that I am pretty sure his guns were the only thing restricting going any further. One of the most impressive riders and a new addition to pro class was Vince Byron. He fired out a wall ride to whip from the quarter and back in to the trannie, very tuff indeed and also has some of the best oldskool no handers in the game.

little limiting as far as new lines and tricks. However, he always pulls out

the biggest wallrides of the weekend in practice, I swear his front wheel was inches from going over the top and also took a beating on some flip whips on the box, so definite props for getting up and nailing it near perfect. Nick Richardson did the maddest tabe’oes and highest backies at the comp and pretty much looked like he was not taking it too serious, just having fun riding with mates, either way he shredded. Nick Cooper pretty much owns Beenleigh and even though the street course is good it is a

tricks that no one can even figure out or spot. He did the line/trick of the comp, a tailwhip 180 transfer from the street spine to the takeoff of the box jump! This is no small gap but to 180 whip it brakeless and to land smooth as butter and fakie out perfectly was Crazy! He just pulled it out of nowhere and I think he was as stoked as anyone. It was by far the burliest stunt… All up, the weekend had too many highlights to list and with the new vert ramp due in by March next year, plus an array of other ramps to be added straight after, things can only get better. It’s been a while since the old Beenleigh comps when everyone made the yearly trip up to Sunny Brisbane, but if this comp was a sign of things to come then you should mark the next one on the calendar now. Stephen Morrisey

Beenlieigh got flips, from left, Lee Kirkman, Niki Buckard and Richo//Morrisey


Vince, old school no hander at the now new school Beenleigh bike park//Morrisey

We had kids in every class doing stuff that was ‘pro’ level not so long ago. The level of BMX in Australia is moving forward so fast these days that it’s hard to keep up with. It’s a very good thing for sure and will only push BMX further in all aspects. From events to attend, to parks to ride, magazines and DVD’s to watch and even Australian based company’s products to buy and ride. BMX here is massive right now and shows no signs of slowing down in my eyes. Events like HMH only help this growth. I didn’t get to watch too much of the comp itself as I was busy making sure everything was running smoothly but I will run through a few highlights of my own… Peta Shepherd of the Girls class did an awesome old school hander over the street spine. Rani did some really good wallrides and some 360’s over the box as well. The girls showed us all that they can hang with us for sure. Young Jamie Maxwell of the Under 10’s rode awesome and did a 360 over the street spine. Not bad for such a little guy! Vince Byron impressed the hell out of me with his huge bag of tricks, which included no handed 540’s on the mini ramp. Brendan Jones is NOT a pussy with his huge fufanu on the big sub along with a footjam on the smaller sub. He also pulled a perfect fufanu on the back rail of the mini which is 6 feet back. Not a pussy by any means. Chris Edgar taking out both street and dirt on the weekend. His riding has really come of age the last few months and he is a serious force to be reckoned with in the Australian comp scene now. Nick Cooper… 180 whip transfer from the spine to the box take off. Unbelievable. He also killed mini ramp with back to back original tech as well an amazing double peg to fakie on the 7 foot sub. Mark Schneider pulled his first ever wall tap. Those who know Mark are aware that this trick has haunted him for way too long. He stomped that and 540 in mini easily. Tobi Mathews killed both the street course and mini. Tobi did an amazing double whip air in mini as well as maybe the best trick of the comp. A perfectly executed 360 double whip over the spine. So crazy! Matt Gannon came down from Maryborough with his inhuman burly tech that only he is capable of. Imagine riding along the top of the


sub box on the mini, bunny hopping 2 feet and landing into a footjam nosepick, stalling it out then dropping on off the 7 foot sub box! It was for me one of the highlights of the weekend. Nikki Buckard did what was maybe a 9 foot high one foot table air. As

For me this HMHwas very special.Itwas the first onewe have hadwith the new spine/mini ramp in place andwas always set to be a banger.

well as flairs both ways.

It was also the first comp where Schneider, Lauren and myself had to do all the pre-organization ourselves. This meant a lot more work for us, but it was also very rewarding. Anyone out there that has put on an event knows how much work goes into these things, not just the lead up but also on the day. I would love to be able to go to a HMH and just be a rider/spectator. It must really be a great day for those who do so. For us, it’s more of a manic weekend of running around taking care of so many things at once. Answering the hundreds of questions from kids, riders, spectators and parents alike. I then have to prepare myself for my own riding which seems to work OK for me to be honest. Pressure seems to bring out the best in me.

without the sponsors. These companies are behind BMX in Australia

So there you have my angle on the weekend. It was for me the best HMH ever to grace the Beenleigh BMX park. We even had a pro purse of $1,500 for the comp. The comp would not have been possible and so you should be behind them. Companies such as Wethepeople,

Heavy Metal The level of riding at this HMH was totally of a world class level. It really shows that us Australian’s really are talented at this BMX thing. Everything from the under 10’s park comp where we had some doing 360’s over a 4ft tall street spine to the girl’s park class doing old school no handers off the same street spine. Wall rides were also done almost the whole length of the wall ride. The girl’s class was a first for HMH and we had 4 entrants who all had a blast and showed everyone that the girls can certainly hang with the guys. It was awesome to see.

Colony BMX, Shadow Conspiracy, Macneil, Orchid Footwear, Unit Riders Clothing, Odyssey, Volume, Demolition, Snafu, 2020bmxmagazine and Big Deal Clothing. All these companies contributed to HMH 14 being the huge success that it was. Now with the support that the Gold Coast City Council are giving the park, it won’t be the last HMH comp, I can guarantee that myself. Heavy Metal Heroes 15 is set for the Easter long weekend of April 7th and 8th 2007. So get yourself here for it or miss out on the biggest and best rider run comp in Australia. Check for more info and while you’re there add us as a friend! Clint Millar



Interview and photos by Steve Gorak Taylor

Getting to know Nathan Charles

There were a few ideas running through my head when it came to this interview. I had planned on doing it whilst drinking copious amounts of alcohol and finding out whom and what Nathan Charles is. I wanted you, the reader, to walk away after finishing with my rambled pages with an understanding and maybe even an appreciation of where this kid comes from and how he got here. It was in my mind that there would be so much information about this shredder that you’d be able to see him on the street, recognize him and share some drinks at the local pub to catch up on old times like you’d known him for years. So, this is me, getting to know Nathan Charles.


Getting to know Nathan Charles

What’s ya fav movie? Cars, it’s the best. The kids movie? The kids movie!

Working and not living at home. Still riding my bike, that’s if BMX is still around.

So you’re a fan of the animation? You heard the Transformers movie is coming out in 2007?

Ha ha, it will be! How is living at home going for you? Cheap huh?!

LOL, sweet as, I used to watch that when I was 10 I think right before school.


Yeah yeah! I’m pumped but my girlfriend just laughed! Have you got any ideas of where you’ll be in the future? Like 10 years down the track?

Dam right it’s cheap, plus free! I love it but it would be good to move out and have my own place where no one can tell me what to do.

I’m hearing that loud and clear. What are you thoughts on foam pits to learn new tricks? They are good I guess, they help the sport grow with the new tricks. Having said that, you into tricks or flow and style? A few tricks but I like to think I flow sometimes. You flow the lines! Do you enter comps where you can or prefer to play from the sidelines? I have entered a few, won one but it was easy, I like to watch more.

Have you got any dreams or aspirations for a BMX career?

2 stuffed knees and a lot of cuts and bruises. That’s it, no broken bones yet.

Na, none. I just ride for fun, that’s what it’s all about.

What’s your knee problem?

Who’s the first person you’d call if you’re keen for a ride?

If I hit them or land on them they get really big and I can’t walk because it hurts.

Faz. What about if you wanted to be out partying?

For the women who may be reading this, you single?

Ummm, little Stef, he's a party animal.

I’m single

Yeah, I’ve heard some stories about that kid, he gets wild yeah?

Anything else you got to say?

Wild should be his first name, kid's crazy!

Is there anyone you need to thank?

Ha ha, you get crazy or leave it up to him?

Yeah, my mum. Ha ha, Fraser for getting me out riding again, all my friends, Gorak for doing this interview. That’s about it!

Just kick back and watch him. What injuries have you had to put up with because of your BMX?

I’m hungry!

There it is! Nathan shreds! I don’t know if you could see him on the street and instantly relate and know who he is exactly but you should by now have a little bit of an idea what he is like and know that it’s him 6 and a ½ feet out of the bowl and above your head! Gorak

Getting to know Nathan Charles

What’s ya fav movie? Cars, it’s the best. The kids movie? The kids movie!

Working and not living at home. Still riding my bike, that’s if BMX is still around.

So you’re a fan of the animation? You heard the Transformers movie is coming out in 2007?

Ha ha, it will be! How is living at home going for you? Cheap huh?!

LOL, sweet as, I used to watch that when I was 10 I think right before school.


Yeah yeah! I’m pumped but my girlfriend just laughed! Have you got any ideas of where you’ll be in the future? Like 10 years down the track?

Dam right it’s cheap, plus free! I love it but it would be good to move out and have my own place where no one can tell me what to do.

I’m hearing that loud and clear. What are you thoughts on foam pits to learn new tricks? They are good I guess, they help the sport grow with the new tricks. Having said that, you into tricks or flow and style? A few tricks but I like to think I flow sometimes. You flow the lines! Do you enter comps where you can or prefer to play from the sidelines? I have entered a few, won one but it was easy, I like to watch more.

Have you got any dreams or aspirations for a BMX career?

2 stuffed knees and a lot of cuts and bruises. That’s it, no broken bones yet.

Na, none. I just ride for fun, that’s what it’s all about.

What’s your knee problem?

Who’s the first person you’d call if you’re keen for a ride?

If I hit them or land on them they get really big and I can’t walk because it hurts.

Faz. What about if you wanted to be out partying?

For the women who may be reading this, you single?

Ummm, little Stef, he's a party animal.

I’m single

Yeah, I’ve heard some stories about that kid, he gets wild yeah?

Anything else you got to say?

Wild should be his first name, kid's crazy!

Is there anyone you need to thank?

Ha ha, you get crazy or leave it up to him?

Yeah, my mum. Ha ha, Fraser for getting me out riding again, all my friends, Gorak for doing this interview. That’s about it!

Just kick back and watch him. What injuries have you had to put up with because of your BMX?

I’m hungry!

There it is! Nathan shreds! I don’t know if you could see him on the street and instantly relate and know who he is exactly but you should by now have a little bit of an idea what he is like and know that it’s him 6 and a ½ feet out of the bowl and above your head! Gorak

reverse gear The future of fakie is becoming a whole lot brighter with the new generation of freecoasters. Every time you do a tick to fakie, it’s just normal that you will start pedalling backwards. That is because you have probably ridden a regular freewheel ever since you started riding BMX. But wait a moment, some riders roll fakie and they don’t backpedal. That should be pretty convenient when trying to focus on a trick you want to do coming in fakie, like a fakie 180 down a set of stairs. So how come these guys don’t have to pedal backwards? The secret is a special kind of rear hub. It’s not a regular freewheel, it’s not a cassette hub, it’s what is called a freecoaster hub. So you might think if it’s that convenient, why doesn’t everybody have a freecoaster hub? Well, I guess there are a couple of reasons. First of all, when you buy a complete bike, it will usually come with a freewheel or cassette hub, so you have to invest more dollars to get a freecoaster hub. Secondly, when trying to pedal forward after backpedaling, a freewheel will engage instantly, while using a freecoaster hub will mean there is a little gap before the hub engages and the power you put on your pedals actually ends up on your rear tire, where you want it. This gap depends on the type of freecoaster you are using and in most cases on how you set the freecoaster up. And probably the most important reason why many people don’t even want a freecoaster is the durability. While a freewheel hub is fairly simple, a freecoaster is a fair bit more complex, thus being a lot more prone for failure. For the longest time mostly Flatland riders used Freecoaster hubs. They almost have to have one, because they like to set their pedals in a certain position so they are out of the way for the tricks they want to do and a lot of backwheel tricks would simply be impossible with the pedals moving. So for ages flatlanders had to put up with hubs that worked mediocre or they had to pay a lot for a good, and in many cases hard to find, high quality freecoaster hub. In recent years a couple of companies have realized that there is a market for freecoaster hubs, if only there was a reliable one on the market. Suntour made the only Freecoasters for a long time and with people like Standard making shells and parts to fit them they were the number one on the market. Since they stopped production, another company from Japan, Nankai has been the market leader. Several street riders have used a Nankai Freecoaster, but it comes with a 10mm axle and loose ball bearings only, so it doesn’t work as smoothly as a sealed bearing 14mm freewheel hub, and the axle will only last so long when riding street. Premium, Odyssey, Primo and DNA have all tried to introduce a 14mm Freecoaster with sealed bearings, but while they might have been strong, they were not too reliable in the clutch function, resulting in a few ugly crashes from riders frontflipping the bars, and just as bad, these things were heavy as! But finally, after waiting for it for years and years, there are now a few other choices. The Arestric freecoaster is very popular among Japanese Flatlanders. It has sealed bearings all the way, is pretty light and comes with a 10mm axle. Even better, the Geisha (and new Street Geisha pictured above) hub by KHE is running on sealed bearings as well, it comes with a 17mm aluminium axle and studs that you fix the wheel in your frame with as well as one piece drivers as small as 9t. The clutch does not just sit on a friction spring, as almost all other makers are using, instead two balls keep the clutch in place, which just seems more reasonable than metal rubbing on metal. So how do the new freecoasters work? A lot of big name flatland pros ride the Geisha and they all like it. Though more and more street riders are giving the Geisha a go and it seems to work just fine for them as well. Just before you go and buy a freecoaster to be able to do all those fakie tricks, try a mates bike who has one and see if you like it. It still feels very different to a freewheel! Mike S


SHIT FAST MAIL ORDER AUSTRALIA WIDE! Sydney: Same to next day NSW: 1-3 days ACT: 1-2 days VIC: 1-3 days QLD: 1-4 days SA: 1-4 days TAS: 1-5 days WA: 2-5 days NT: 2-5 days

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fufanu subs

Fufanu is a pretty stupid name for a trick, but they are one of the basic ramp/park tricks that everyone needs to learn. You can also step up and do them on a rail or sub box, which can range from a curb to a 10ft fence behind the ramp. Obviously you need to have learnt fufanu’s on a regular ramp before you step up to a sub box or rail and you need really good back brakes as well. The most important thing to keep in mind when learning to fuf a rail is speed. It’s all about getting enough speed to get up onto the rail and find your balance point without going too fast and falling over the back.

Rider Dan Baker Words of wisdom MikeD

1. Head up the ramp with enough speed to make it up to the rail but not so fast that 4. Stall the fuf for a while, adjusting your body weight so that you are ready to pull back you are going over the back…. You are just going to have to figure out the speed for each individual rail you want to try, as it’s a matter of trial and error. You can also try flying out next to the rail to get a feel for it.

2. As you take off push your back wheel out slightly so that you are keeping your

weight a little out over the ramp, this will help you get back in off the rail later. You also want to turn slightly to your natural way so that you are not hitting the rail at 90 degrees.

3. If your speed is right you should land on the ramp side of the rail, not right on top, this

keeps your weight over the ramp and gives you a little leverage to pop back in.


into the trannie.

5. As you start to fall back, keep your rear tyre on the rail a little longer so that when you do pull off you are already moving back into the ramp and don’t have to pull off so hard. Looking over your shoulder in the direction you normally turn will help you rotate back around too.

6. By the time you hop off the rail you should already be falling slightly backwards and turning so that you can land back into the ramp.

7. Ride away and start thinking of bigger rails to hit up…


malcom hanslow resides canberra, act

Malcolm, I don’t really know any other kid like him. He is always super nice and stoked on everything around him. Which is weird I guess seeing as how he spends most of his time hanging out with salty bastards like Liam, Fiddy and myself. It’s not a bad thing though. It’s actually really good to have someone who is just stoked to be out riding. And that’s another thing with Mal, he just rides. It’s not about the tricks or how many people were watching when he did a run, it’s just about riding and flowing around. You’ll notice that there aren’t any big tricks or massive shit which he hucked to get done. It’s just a few regular jibs done with passion and finesse. Which is something you don’t see enough of in magazines these days. Nic Gascoine

//niC GasCoine

know what’s Get your copy of 2020bmxmag from the stores that really up with Australian BMX. Support those that support our scene...

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Biffen ruling his local//MorrIsey

abelardo vargas resides melbourne, victoria

I distinctly remember the first time I saw Aba. It was at Camberwell, roughly five years ago. He was wearing a bright red Fox T-shirt and he was riding a white Specialized 415 pro decked out with Profile cranks (I think I was jealous that he had those cranks at the time). I don’t think we even spoke that day, but once a new skatepark was built in our area, it was apparent that we were both going to be locals. Over the years he’s become one of my best friends and I regard him as one of the most genuine and honest people I know. Aba’s got nothing to hide and doesn’t have time for obnoxious scenesters. He’s currently undertaking a course to become a personal trainer and rides most days. Whether it’s riding that same local skatepark, on a road trip to Canberra, or just pumpin’ Papoose in his whip, it’s always a good time. I’m sure this won’t be the last you’ll hear about Abelardo Vargas. By the way, if you ever get the chance to see this young Columbian get down on the D-floor, consider yourself lucky… the kid’s got moves. Zack Musarsa


//ZaCK Musarsa

jed mildon resides new zealand

The first time I met the 19-year-old “Warrior Boy“ he was doing the most amazing inverted 3’s at his second home, the Taupo Skate Park in New Zealand. Always with a smile and loving BMX. Guys like this keep BMX fun and always exciting. Definitely look out for this Kiwi ripper in the future as he plans to head over to Australia and also to the United States. There is never a dull moment on and off the bike with this guy. Brian the Bastard


//Colin MaCKay


ron rampton resides brisbane, queensland

So, where are you from and how long have you been riding flatland for? Brisvegas, I’ve probably been riding flat for about 8 years on and off. I know you are in to brakeless and rolling tricks, what made you take your brakes off and what tricks have you been working on this year? I took my brakes off because I wanted to see what it would be like and to try something new, more inspiration and it makes my riding smoother, allegedly, I haven’t looked back since! I’ve been working on a beer gut, rolling decades, hitchhiker flips and mostly just easy links this year. What do you do to support yourself when your not riding flatland? I conduct electrical and gas fitting activities What type of music motivates you to ride? I generally like listening to a variety of styles depending on my mood or the run I’m working on (hip hop, reggae and punk). I’ve been listening to the radio (JJJ) as I’m too pov to get an mp3 player. Do you prefer to ride with someone or by yourself? Usually I ride with sensei Brett Dighton, but solo is good for concentration. What other stuff are you in to besides riding flatland? I’m in to racing pocket motorbikes, drinking and fast cars, but not all at the same time! Anyone you like to thank? Lets see, where should I start? Mum, Lana, Brett D, Stu, Stumpy, Tony Newton, Chris Moore, Mick Lav, Crossleys, Ridgeway’s Cycles, Dan and Christy, Chooky, Pat and Monique, Timbos, Blakey, Rammish, Gaselec crew, my deadly treadly and my bra for supporting me all these years. StuJohn


Yep, brakeless//nitai



on of BMX as we know it. factors in the constant progressi s are getting more and DVD’ rt DVD’s are one of the most important impo that out work to hard ain’t it Aside all the emails we get about it, than a few other riders) are hoping to launch your own riding more expensive. And if you (like more into shops and paying for all the hella expensive equipment them g gettin yards DVD it’s some hard the latest you bought to make it. So we came up with a plan to ensure you can always access and affordamped on and greatest riding DVD’s from here and around the world and stay of DVD’s cost the cuts the riding experience! BMX DVD Direct mail order not only but we send ‘em straight to your door! Stoked.





OK, this DVD has been a long time coming and for good reason, the TripleSix team is big and widespread! Clint Millar has upped the ante from all his Prody productions and unleashed Selftitled, a DVD dedicated to the amazing riders on the TripleSix roster. Big sections come from Nick Richardson, Nick Cooper, Brendan Jones, Ryan Guettler, Kym Grosser, Zac Musarsa, Clint himself, Kenny Raggett and a massive section from Pete Radivo along with a few friends sections. Easily the biggest Aus BMX production to date with more whips than a BDSM party...

Ride’s latest DVD takes 4 hardcore NYC street riders and drops them in Greenville for a look at the protown lifestyle. Featuring big name’s like Dave Mirra, Josh Harrington and Aussie Dave Dillewaard ripping up the million dollar private indoor parks of Greenville, plus some cutting edge street from NYC. This DVD is all about uniting the fringes of BMX. You know the production will be up to Ride’s high standards, check next issue for a full review.



Filmed over the past 4 years and showcasing Stowaway’s team riders doing it their own way. Full of snap shots of riding spots, landscapes and people travelling different corners of the earth with complimenting music all add to the feel of this contemporary BMX video documenting the lifestyle of travel and cool times associated with BMX riding. Brad Grantham, Peter Koh, Craig Bennett, Jamie Moore plus plenty of friends that are associated with the Stowaway crew get shit laid down. Stowaway distribution have built a solid team of riders and put together a nice creative piece you will proudly add to your DVD collection.

Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla, Corey Bohan, Danny Hickerson, Will Love, Kurtis Elwell, Sergio Layos, Scotty Cranmer and Steven Lilly all blow up in the latest Ride BMX DVD. Although BMX continues to be one of the most popular of all the lifestyles, it still remains one of the weakest industries, with lower-paid professional athletes and active persecution by police, parents, security and even other sports. Why, for so little reward, do these riders still push themselves so hard? Where does inspiration come from when you are... Livin in exile



Simon’s OBrien’s directing debut goes a bit deeper than just his amazing bag of tricks promoting himself and his riding. As for the riding, everyone can love it, but it’s the personal touches to the video that show Simon’s personality and how he chose his production to let people see his life. You can see his riding spot right outside his house, his lifestyle, both he and his family bodysurfing, friends on motorbikes, some unreal skating, wildlife, the amazing ramp/dirt riders Australia has to offer along with the many experiences from Simon’s global travels.

Against all odds features an impressive line up of riders including Ryan Metro, Chris Wilson, Leland Thurman, Tony Hamlin, Derrick Gabbert, Richard Ayers, Billy Ashby, Jesse Bower, Ross Tanner, Gene Coffman, Cameron Wood, Derek Girard and Mike Tag. Each rider gets a section, most of which are pretty street orientated and there’s some really original and gnarly stuff going down. Lots of big gaps, long rails and scary crashes as well as really tech street with heaps of original spots. Bonus wise there’s about a hundred sections which as you might expect from Shitluck feature a combination of burnouts, fire, vomit and general drunkenness.



Issue 2 is a solid production that showcases the streets of Australia, but first and foremost, it’s the RIP Battle of Melbourne. Lets just say there’s street styles for everyone… As you’ve probably suss’d, the results of this event are up to you. Following the Battle of Melbourne, there is a good mix of riders in their Melting Pot sections from Melbourne and Sydney. The nicest guy in BMX, Kim Bridgland gets a bio and proves he can take hard hits and there’s even a flatland section with a little piece on Mike Steingraeber. So good to see crew stepping up to document the Aus BMX scene on a regular basis.

Just staring out and want to learn how to grind or need to learn some new tricks cause the local kids getting better than you? Grab a copy of the How To DVD and learn from a bunch of pro’s that lay it down nice and simple so you can make the steps to BMX ruler in no time!



Produced by Dave Mirra this video includes full sections from Mike Aitken, Matt Berringer, Ryan Guettler, Scotty Cranmer, Josh harrington and of course Dave himself. These riders traveled the US, Canada, Japan and Australia documenting their unique and individual styles proving that being “Sentenced to Life” in BMX is truly a gift. Extras include rider interviews, raw footage and outakes. Filmed, directed and edited by Brian Purdy. Be prepared for Dave Mirra doing the longest run with more bangers than most videos...

RIDEBMX $29.95

Ride BMX has combined two classic videos onto one DVD. Rhythm is a trails video that takes you all over the United States, including: Indiana, Ithaca, Florida, Iowa City, California, Long Island, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and many other places. How to Dirt Jump is hosted by Fuzzy Hall, and stars T.J. Lavin, Cory Nastazio, Robbie Miranda, and many others teaching you everything you need to know to become a better dirt rider.

FOR AUSTRALIAN SALES PLEASE MAIL A CHEQUE TO: 2020bmxmagzine, PO BOX 498, NEWTOWN, NSW 2042 NZ SALES: PAYPAL THE $ TO DVD@2020BMXMAG.COM.AU AND EMAIL YOUR DETAILS TO THE SAME ADDRESS. DELIVERY MAY TAKE UP TO 21 DAYS DEPENDING ON STOCK. FIRST NAME ________________________________________ SURNAME ______________________________________________________ ADDRESS __________________________________________________ SUBURB_____________________________ STATE _____________ POSTCODE ________ DAYTIME PHONE __________________________________ E-MAIL _______________________________________ [

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garreth hedfield

resides brisbane, queensland I first met Garreth at Kuraby skatepark one day after work not long after he relocated to Brisbane from Newcastle. He seemed pretty cool and I got his number to hook up for a ride sometime. From time to time he would come into my shop to buy some parts or we would bump into each other out riding, but either way we always got along well and had a laugh. We have hooked up a lot more recently and he is always super motivating to have around, the sort of person who you can feed off when riding and then joke around and talk shit with on the deck afterwards. No matter who I talk to in Bisbane most know Garreth and have similar thoughts. Maybe it comes down to the fact he rules on a bike and has his own unique style? I believe its more the fact he is just a nice guy and will say hello to anyone, plus doesn’t seem to take many things too seriously or stress out. Especially when it comes to BMX. That said he is definitely a shredder and has some serious talent on his bike, but more importantly I always look forward to hooking up a ride with him and having a good laugh. Morrisey




focal point





dvd zine

issue 62

Fitlife is raw, straight up, 100% BMX from one of the most respected teams on the planet. No gimmicks, no special effects, just kick arse riding. With crew on the team from almost three generations and from all across the continental US, the riding is varied and on the money, no matter what you dig. OK, so there’s no flat. With all the big names getting sections and the rest in mix tape kinda deals, it’s all on once you press play, no lagging sections at all. Chase Hawk flows, Van Homan rips, Justin Inman styles it, Brian Foster plain kicks arse, Edwin D and Tom White tear it up, Robbie M and Eddie Cleavland do nothing wrong. But of course there’s always the class rulers. Chase DeHart and Mike Aitken stomp two of the best sections we’ve checked in a while. You’ll see… If you doubt the commitment or the effort put in, skip back to the slam section one more time… Definitely one that’ll always stay close to the top of the DVD pile, even in 10 years time.

On 1st watch I could of easily been fooled into thinking this production came (like usual) from the US. Music, editing, DVD menus and of course the riding all being so on the money from the get go. Cept then the reality that nearly every spot is an Aus (well maybe Melbs) street icon crept in. And yep, they all get shut down by one, if not all of the crew. From the top it’s Cooper Brownlee, who is a man on a mission. Be it behind the reins of his ‘zine, the lens of a 3ccd cam or behind bars in the opening section of What. Chris Matthews, Dean Johnson and Lou Reeves all do their best to round every ledge in the CBD but it’s Troy Jackson and Daniel Johnson that really step shit up with originality and pure intense street mayhem. Not only does Focal Points ‘What’ showcase just how far the Melbourne street riding scene that has been growing amongst the cracks in the concrete has progressed, but ensures Australian riding is looked at as the varied and rich scene that it truly is. Shit is happening in Aus BMX right now on all fronts and Focal Point be at the forefront. Damn I miss Melbourne…

Steadfast is the latest project from Emancipate’s John Young. It’s the full DVD zine deal, full of rider and event checks and of course riding more than worth the admission fee of a paltry twenty five bucks especially considering it starts with a rocking Toby Forte bio to the 80’s sounds of Stand and Deliver. Now that is something special. Nathan Saunders and Daniel Johnson score bio sections too. On the event front, it’s jam central. The final Wentworth Falls jam in full 25fps glory along with both Halloween Jams getting the business plus the Five Dock Jam. And if you’re wondering where all the OS footage came from, it was from the Emancipate European Vacation. All up, Steadfast is a solid production, especially for a launch issue. Check out for details on getting yourself a copy or email John at steadfastvideozine@hotmail. com If DVD mags keep going like this, you ain’t going to need magazines pretty soon!

Props is ‘the’ source for whats going on worldwide in BMX when it comes to the DVD zine format. They’ve been doing the video mag thing for a long time (back in the days of VCR’s yo!) and they do it better than anyone else. 62 is full of shit hot riding including a Wisconsin scene check, the infamous Rebel Jam which see’s Colin Mackay, Ryan Guettler and a hella hung over Clint Millar after the big arsed party that always happens at any Euro comp. A few road trips keeps it moving before FBM’s Ramen Noodle bowl Jam, the Kink demo derby and the Brooklyn Banks Tiseo memorial jam rocks. Some big hits and even bigger misses... Bonus sees Macneils little roadtrip, which could be misconstrued to be a Kym Grosser section, as he kills it all over the north of the US and up in Canada. He also makes the odd appearance in the Ten Pack Am Jam... Good to see Australian riders getting some OS coverage beyond the TV comp scene.

frenzal rhomb

forever malcom young shock records Habitual line steppers Frenzal Rhomb have done it again with “Forever Malcolm Young”, the follow up to 2003’s Sans Souci. Yet another album of raucous tunes and lyrics that make you proud these guys are Aussie. There is no great vocal talent here and there never has been but the songs are short and catchy and by the second listen I was sold. With songs like “When will I see you in the ICU”, “Cruelty to Animals” and “Fuck you and your stupid (emo) band” its hard to not want to listen and know more. I really liked this album even though I’ve not been a big Frenzal fan in the past (except for “Russel Crowes bands a fucking pile of shit” ) and it’s a nice change from all the emo bullshit that seems to be circulating at the moment.


the bronx The Bronx (II)

This US wild bunch has definitely got a vision… Twisted LA cats getting loose on stage with a show that no one forgets. They deliver a full in your face attack, with manic guitars, blasting rhythm section and above and beyond all, a singer who chooses when to sing and when to scream. The Bronx is an album of straight, street fighting rock n roll. Nothing more but definitely nothing less. Self titled, self controlled and self made, It’s guitars, drums bass and voice, nothing more. It (proudly) wears it’s influences on it’s sleeve, and doesn’t pretend to lie about it.


whatevers got you down Born in 1988 from the legendary Gillman St. punk scene, this band pioneered the pop-punk/rock sound that so many great (and not so great bands have drawn influence from), a band that green day, blink 182 and offspring once opened for… This is the long-awaited follow-up to 2000’s “Astray” and with it you get a piece of punk’s past, present, and future with a stripped down and raw version of what made them popular in the 90’s and does so with such skill that it’s hard to believe they’ve been gone for most of this century. Fans who take time with Whatever’s Got You Down should find satisfaction in the end, since it finds Samiam ultimately returning with heart, muscle, and melody -- and like six years haven’t even passed at all. Plus the trippy cover art illusion is almost worth the physical purchase on its own.

casino rumblers

see how it’s gonna end soundsystem Sydney’s Casino Rumblers are rock’n’rolling thunder on the ska tip with hell amounts of psychobilly thrown in for good measure. Add a double bass to the mix and you got yourself a good time. With members from the likes of the Louisville Sluggers, Eight Ball Baby and the Psyclones, these guys are a polished act and well worth a listen if you want some Australian skank’n action. Check em out on Jan 28th at the BMXGames!

khe method

You mighta heard that Marcus Wilke joined the KHE team and it’s only fitting he gets a signature ride with them. Even better news is that this new frame is minus the internal detangler. Integrated Head Tube with FSA Impact headset (Campy Style) included. CNC machined dropouts for light weight and an all round light weight street weapon.

king kong gloves

Three new glove designs from King Kong, just in case you don’t like the pink ones. Kenny Raggett likes the new material too cause you can wipe your nose on it better… Cool.

wellgo pedals

These pedals from Wellgo have a magnesium body with a CNC cromo axle and sealed bearings. The design is nice and rounded and they have replaceable pins. Weight is a hella light 376g

fly pantera v bar

V-Bars… well they look a little weird now but in 1980 they were the only bars to have. The Fly version comes in black, red and green and weighs in at 670g. There’s some theory about the V giving the bars a little more flex which helps with the strength, but I reckon they just look hella cool… Hopefully there will be v-crossbar pads very soon.

pro-tec hi5 gloves

snafu seat

pryme helmet

etnies roscoe

We would like to see Charley from Hi-Five modelling these gloves naked but we were unable to arrange it before deadline. Anyway the gloves come in 3 colours and have a slim fit with no un-necessary plastic bits. The palm is tough Clarino and synthetic leather and the back has a breathable mesh to keep you cool.

Affordable? Check. Lots of graphics and colour options? Check. Australian standards approved. Check.


If you wanted to bling your bike up and get maximum value for money versus looks, you can’t really fault the new Snafu seat range. Some super slick saddles that will have you smiling every time you miss the pedals.

The latest style for Taj’s Roscoe signature shoe has little Roscoe’s all down the side. Just in case you don’t know of the most famous dog in BMX, Roscoe is Taj’s dog…. They are good to ride in too…

simple bars

pro-tec knee’s

shimano dx

little devil belt

united seat

Simple’s new Studio54 bars come in 2 sizes, 7.25” and 7.75” rise, they are made of 11 butted crmo, have a 10 degree upsweep and 4 degree backsweep and have built in bar end caps so you don’t have to run bar ends or worry about core samples from your stomach. Nice and light too at 650g.

Shimano used to be a big force in BMX, just think DX pedals or look at any bike pre 1990 and you will see some Shimano stuff. It seems they just discovered that BMX didn’t disappear in the 90’s and have started making new stuff again… here’s their new hub set…

When your pants are sagging so low your crack might get cold. That rhymes! Good thing this belt sticks to what it’s intended to do: hold your pants up and look good…

wtp stem

The latest stem from one of the biggest players in BMX today. Black, machined beauty with super nice etched graphics. For sizes and lengths hit up the web, we just make it look good!


Knee protection from the masters of all things keeping you safe. Neoprene and Velcro strapping keeps these low pro pads in place while great side protection is provided for the delicate knee and a great hard cap means you can take big bails and walk away. Plus they almost fit under girls jeans…

The Aaron Ross Stair Master signature frame is a beauty. It comes in 20.5, 20.75 or 21” top tube lengths and weights 5.25lbs. There’s three colours and a whole lot of 80’s fluoro style going on with the stickers. As with all FBM frame’s its made in the USA and Steve Crandall has probably spilled beer on it, at no extra charge…

United is Ian Morris’ new company and as you might expect they have some good stuff coming through. This is their new seat, it comes in 3 colours and has a shorter, smaller design for all you kids that never sit on a seat anyway.


l a n i p S

r e d r Diso

m p 2 t a h t 0 January 2 k r a P X M B Beenleigh

e s r u p e z i r p o r /bbsa for full info. 3GRAND P.c om www.myspace Proudly SUPPORTED MOby RRISEY BY TOBY DOUBLE WHIP PIC

More Halloween action, Liam blowing the Dulwich rail the fuck up// up//PauL KIM


2020bmxmag has gone hella hi-tech and we now offer subscriptions online through Of course you can still subscribe through us. One year Australian subscription (4 issues) $A30 delivered to your door! Simply enclose a cheque/money order for $30 payable to 2020bmxmagazine (No cash please!) PO BOX 498 NEWTOWN NSW 2042

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lookingback Before macs, indesign and digital to plate technology, mags in Aus were a very different entity. Stumpy takes a trek back down memory lane and catches up with Kevin Filmer, old school flat rider and creator of possibly Australia’s 1st BMX zine; Shreddin’, a zine that helped inspire 2020... How did you get into flatland? It all started when I was about 9 or 10 years old, one of my neighbours had a brand new Kuwahara and he started doing wheelies and bunny hops up and down the street. When I got my first BMX, freestyle was still in it’s infancy and my BMX (a Moongoose lookalike Malvern Star) was basically a racing bike. Then RAD, the movie came out and I can still remember the scenes at the end of the movie when the credits were rolling where R.L. Osborne and Martin Aparijo were doing cherrypickers, frame drops, balance lawnmowers and those infinity rolls that went on forever. That was the turning point and from then on, flatland was all I wanted to do. The first trick that I learnt to do was the frame drop in my garage. From then on I just bought every issue of BMX Plus! and later Freestylin’ and then GO magazine. Why did you decide to do a zine? Back in the early to mid 80’s, freestyle was still quite new in Melbourne and the only zine that had any form of info on the freestyle scene in Melbourne was 2 issues of a zine done by Steve Cassap. It was actually a very well produced zine because I think Steve was a printer or something. It then got me thinking that I could do something like this as I always like the creative aspect of writing, photography and design. I then did my first issue with a friend whom I rode with and we got really into it. After the 2nd issue, my mate got out of riding and I started to produce the magazine myself. Now this was in the days before fancy word processors! I did the zine’s on an old electric typewriter, lots of correction fluid, sticky tape and Lettraset! The zine also motivated me to spread the freestyle movement that was just becoming big at that stage. What benefits did the zine have? The biggest benefit of the zine was that I met so many riders. I also collaborated with a zine in Queensland and we swapped issues and stories. Money was never a factor as I usually broke even on the magazine but my big thrill was putting 10 magazines in the PRM bike shop and going there a couple of weeks later to see them all sold! There’s nothing better than your peers appreciating your work. How did the zine effect the scene (in your opinion)? I think the south eastern Melbourne scene grew a little from the zine. I had the zine in a few bike shops like PRM and Glen Waverley Cycles and advertised jams at the local netball courts in Vermont South. Sometimes you may get one or two new faces and


sometimes you’d get none but it was just great to hang out with the new guys and ride all day. As the zine got more popular, riders would always want to see if they got a picture of themselves in the scene. I think zine’s are an important forum for any local scene. What have you been up to since? I stopped riding in 1991 or so because of pursuing my career and other interests at that stage in life. Since then I’ve played drums in a rock band, was an apprentice at Australian Airlines, worked in printing and telecoms and also got my pilots license. I had always loved aircraft and aviation since I was young and I am now living in Edinburgh, Scotland flying Boeing 737’s as a first officer. My passions now are playing tennis, rock climbing, golf, computers and cooking, and watching the old Dorkin’ In York DVD’s of my idol Kevin Jones. I still do a double take when I see a kid on a BMX with a Gyro and pegs. I just want to go up to him and borrow his bike so I can do a fire hydrant to funky chicken to spastic freak squeaks. I still pop into bike shops to have a look at all the new bikes and the new technologies behind them. People you would like to catch up with? There so many people I’d like to catch up with, especially the crew that rode at the Nunawading Skate Ranch on Sundays. In no particular order, Alan Woo, an insane roller with a bike that was always falling apart, Glen and Abe who were like inseparable twins and incredible at rolling tricks, Trevor King, one of Melbourne’s best all-round riders, Dave Scott, a really swell egg and nice guy, Scott Hodgson who use to give me lifts everywhere in his Commodore, Brett “Stumpy” Mason, dedicated to his sport and still a pro at his craft, Ricky Hunt, he was the first person I saw do a rolling trick in real life, Lindsay Brown, a crazy rider with dialled in brakes, Chris Carver, an old schooler and ladies man and Steve Lynn, insane and scary vert rider. Future plans? I’d like to move back to Australia and fly for an airline based in Melbourne and to be around my family and friends. Thank you’s? To my wife for putting up with my crap and my family for supporting me in everything that I wanted to do. Also, thanks to R.L. Osborne, Kevin Jones and Chris Day for all the motivation when I rode. Finally, the riders in Melbourne for letting me be part of the family of freestylers.

Kym Grosser//Zack Musarsa


Motivation comes to people in many ways and is experienced in varying degree’s of intensity. What seems universal though, is the nature of motivation, it’s cyclical and is determined by intrinsic and external factors. Motivation can be the difference between being who you want to be rather than what you’ve been told to become. In this day and age, the external factors make a big difference to how motivated we are to get shit done or what we want out of life. One thing that is becoming more apparent, particularly in the last 20 years or so, has been an awareness of the whisper from deep down in our psyche, of what’s innate and what we were put on this planet to do. We are developing an acute sense of scepticism about our current realities; that maybe the so called hippie/greenie approach to develop as part of our surroundings rather than trying to control, subjugate and destroy. Somewhere there is a thought, maybe in fact, another way is possible, a different reality. Feeling “human”, is constantly repressed at so many levels, we are often frustrated and anxious about ourselves and the realities we live in. As BMX riders most of us have, at one point or another felt the need to affirm our existence as humans. We pick up our bikes and “just go ride”, lift a shovel to dig trails or move boulders by firelight on cold winters nights just to build that some place special that represents something real in our lives. There is a strong drive to seek interaction with other like minded “humans”, to seek the truth about who we are and what we’re about. We fight a battle to push and challenge ourselves to become that ideal. If there’s no stimulus, there’s no motivation. This ideal is unique, but for many it’s that elusive feeling we live for. The feeling every now and again we experience, a realisation, a moment of clarity when you gain self worth and pure satisfaction is worth a lifetime of chasing. Some reach this realisation on a daily basis, others maybe once if they’re lucky. These events usually occur after a time of testing and patience, struggle and of perseverance. Personally, I need to be way out of my comfort zone to heighten these moments. If the weathers real bad and I have to wake up in the dark and ride to work in the cold and rain, have a shitty day at work, only to ride home again in the same conditions – then I’m in my element. It seems the more hard yards I’ve put in the greater the rewards. It’s an old adage but I truly believe that the “harder you work the luckier or more fortunate you become”

Whatever the life story though, it’s the moments when our motivation is at a high point that we feel anything is possible. Those we hold in high regard, particularly in dare I say “action sports”, are able to internalise these moments and work their way to making these feelings and experiences as consistent as possible. The more frequently we can internalise these experiences, the greater the motivation we have to replicate them and develop what’s innate – the search for that “human” feeling. I think if we all take stock and look around at what’s going on we are less likely to be fooled by what seems like the scarcity of time. Messages we receive from society try to sway our motivations toward awkward and specific time lines of achievement, making us feel that by these standards we have failed and won’t possibly reach our desires, you know the ones; have this degree, get that job, buy that house, have this many friends and by a certain age we should be looking to …….. it goes on and on. If the feeling you have inside is strong enough, if you nurture and believe in it always then eventually the true passion, the real you – what you’re all about will prevail. Once you have this sense of agency - you’ll pursue the desires over all else. Inadvertently these actions fuel a curiosity; you’ll ask questions of yourself and the reality you currently exist in – then you’ll transcend thoughts and actions and apply them to achieve what you’ve held close. It’s from these different worlds you choose to experience, these different realities, that we transcend the thoughts and experiences of others, making them, strange as it may seem – our own. We become attuned at developing skills and mental patterns that assist the perpetuation of the life process of thought into action. As the rate of this process increases, we discover things never before conceived in our minds – it’s at this point that we are empowered. It’s at this point we know what our lives are about and what we want out of life. This is the life process, be aware it’s inside, that you are part of this evolution as an individual and a part of the collective. BMX is inspirational like that, even if I couldn’t ride I’d still place myself around the good people in BMX. I’m not talking alternatives types necessarily but generally just an array of people who astonish and surprise with their lives and how they CHOOSE to live them. Keep on keeping on… Daniel Age

I’d like to dedicate these ramblings to Adam Gibson. Adam tragically died while base jumping in Mexico. Adam was a husband, son, brother, friend, bodyboarder, base jumper and world traveller many times over. He was and still remains a source of inspiration and represents all I’ve written about here. I will miss our annual catch up’s and emails telling of each other’s pursuits. Rest in peace mate.



Issue 23 of 2020bmxmagazine.

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