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departmentS 6 EDITOR’S NOTE

The changing of the seasons.


Do elites matter, largest road races, and a continuation of the Best Times List controversy.

12 BEST TIMES LIST compiled by jennifer benner


How does “Bad” Becky Backstrom smoke her competition? by heather romano

16 REAL RUNNING Into the darkness. by greg van belle


Eastside Runner perseveres through health challenges and Spokane clubs merge. by craig romano


Balancing weight and performance – one runner’s success story. by heather nakamura


The making of a new trail. by wade praeger

28 RACE AND EVENT SCHEDULE compiled by jennifer benner


Jay and Breanne Stickney have a blast at the Quilcene Ranger Run. martin rudow photo.


features 24 Back to my roots

Lake Chelan Marathon, Half and 10K Reynvaan Memorial 10K, 5K & 2 Miler Women of Wonder 5K & 10K Brighter Futures 5K Discovery Trail Half Marathon Fairhaven Runners Waterfront 15K Black Diamond Half Marathon You Go Girl Half Marathon & 10K Columbia River Power Marathon & Half Middle Fork Half, 22 Miles and 50K Quilcene half marathon, 10K & 5K Seattle AIDS 5K Bellingham Bay Marathon, Half & 5K Race for a Soldier Half Marathon


Returning home to the Utica Boilermaker 15K—as hot as I remember. by john o’hearn

26 Turn a bad race on its head Learn from past experiences to improve your racing. by richard ferguson

34 Collegiate cross-country preview Local colleges aim for national title. by paul merca

36 The Portland Penny It didn’t take a coin toss to decide where to run marathon #50, plus Portland Marathon race report and results. by paul gentry and martin rudow


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COVER PHOTO: Snohomish runners Rodney and Karen Langer reunite at the Portland Marathon finish line to bask in their strong performances. amy tomlinson photo. Northwest Runner (ISSN 0883-7945), volume 41, number 11, Northwest Runner (ISSN 0883-7945) is published monthly by Road Runners Club of America Club Northwest, 6310 NE 74th, #245, Seattle, WA 98115. Periodical postage paid at Seattle, WA. Postmaster: send address changes to Northwest Runner, 6310 NE 74th St #245, Seattle, WA 98115.Seattle, WA 98115.




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ALTITUDE MEASUREMENT 30.29128 97.73858 30° 17’ 28


Location Confirmation

VEGETATION / NOT MOVING The International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS) is a worldwide union of scientists and others interested in theoretical and practical studies of vegetation: its composition and structure, history, classification, distribution, ecology, dynamics, management and uses in the landscape. Communication is the key to everything. ©2013


ALTITUDE MEASUREMENT 30.29128 97.73 30° 17’ 28 Location Confirmation


VEGETATION / NOT MOVING The International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS) is a worldwide union of scientists and others interested in theoretical and practical studies of vegetation: its composition and structure, history, classification, distribution, ecology, dynamics, management and uses in the landscape. Communication is the key to everything. ©2013

ALTITUDE MEASUREMENT 30.29128 97.73858 30° 17’ 28


Location Confirmation


VEGETATION / NOT MOVING The International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS) is a worldwide union of scientists and others interested in theoretical and practical studies of vegetation: its composition and structure, history, classification, distribution, ecology, dynamics, management and uses in the landscape. Communication is the key to everything. ©2013

HUMAN IDENTIFIED SAFETY MODE LOCATION OF INCIDIENT 30.29128 97.73858 30° 17’ 28 Location Confirmation






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CONTENT LOCATION 32.29128 12.73858 32° 19’ 28

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e d i t or ’ s N o t e by h e at h er ro m a n o

November 2013, Volume 41, Number 11

Publisher/Advertising Director: Martin Rudow Editor: Heather Romano

The changing of the seasons


all is a great season for change. There’s a change in temperature, with cool days and crisp, chilly nights. There’s the change of color in the leaves before they fall off the trees, just waiting for our feet to crunch them on a run. And there’s the change in daylight hours, the bane of many runners who must dig their reflective gear from the depths of their closets and prepare for workouts in the dark. Why not let the change of the season

something healthy together? Did you say you’re feeling burned out from racing all year? Well, why don’t you change your focus and give volunteering a try? Events large and small need volunteers and who’s better suited to help at a race than a runner? A local club event could be the excuse you were looking for to check out that running club you’ve been thinking about joining. Whatever you do, don’t let the darkness or the weather dampen your moti-

Copy Editor: Kirsten Rice Events Editor: Jennifer Benner Art Director/Ad Coordinator: David Burngasser Senior Editorial Contributors: Paul Merca, Heather Nakamua, Wade Praeger, Craig Romano, Greg Van Belle. Editorial Contributors: Richard Ferguson, Paul Gentry, John O’Hearn, Martin Rudow. Photographic Contributors: Sally E. Aristei, Becky Backstrom, Eric Badeau, Aric Becker, Amy Dale, Paul Gentry, John O’Hearn, Portland Marathon, Wade Praeger, Craig Romano, Martin Rudow, Jody Shapiro, Jennifer Swift. Northwest Runner (ISSN 0883-7945) is published monthly, 12 times per year, by Club Northwest, 6310 NE 74th St., Suite 217, Seattle WA 98115. Contact Us: Phone: (206) 527-5301, Fax: (206) 5271223, E-mail: nwrunner@mindspring. com. Website: Subscriptions: $19.95/year USA; $37.00/2 years USA; $27.00/year Canada. Copyright 2013 by RRCA Club Northwest. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. In the interest of providing a wide spectrum of training information, writers are given latitude to express their opinions. These opinions, and the health and medical advice in Northwest Runner, are not intended to replace the advice of your physician or coach. Periodical postage paid at Seattle, WA. Postmaster: send address changes to Northwest Runner, 6310 NE 74th St., Suite 217, Seattle WA 98115.

Why not gather your family and friends and enter a holiday race this fall? martin rudow photo. lead to a change in your running routine? Never participated in a race? Fall marks the beginning of many seasonal races – from costumed Halloween runs to turkey trots and Christmas runs. The race calendar is brimming with events. Why not gather a few family members and friends and spend the day doing

vation. Put a few races on your calendar – to participate in, volunteer at or to cheer on the runners as a spectator. And remember to enjoy the sound of leaves crunching under your feet – it’s a testament to your dedication to running and a reminder of the change in the seasons. See you at those holiday races! •


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Editorial contributions are welcome; unsolicited manuscripts and photographs will be considered. Northwest Runner cannot be held responsible for their return. Please send to office address above. Advertising: Northwest Runner welcomes advertising of interest to our readers. Contact us at (360) 678-3146 or e-mail for information. National ad sales are handled by the Endurance Sports Media Group, Inc. (541) 617-0885, e-mail

Starting Lines northwest runner • NOV 2013

With the Competitor Group’s decision to eliminate their elite runner program in North America, Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon may not see elites on the course next year. martin rudow photo.

Does the presence of elites matter? In the October issue, Northwest Runner reported on the Competitor Group’s (the operator of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series) recent decision to eliminate their elite athlete program in North America. We wanted to hear what our readers thought about the presence of elite athletes, so we posted the following question on Northwest Runner’s Facebook page: “How important is the presence of elites at a running event? Will it make you more likely to enter a race?” Below is a sample of the responses our followers shared: Doreen Blanding: “Not at all. I’ll never see them or run one stride with them. The crowd that comes to see them is gone by the time I get there.” Lawrence Merrifield Jr.: “Take the Seattle Marathon or Portland Marathon as examples. Neither event has an elite component and each year the number of finishers grows or in the case of Portland the race reaches it cap. Bloomsday brings in elites and it would be interesting to see what percentage of people enter the race just because of that. My guess is that few do and the vast majority enter because of the event itself. The elite component is an aspect the race participants enjoy, but which is not very important to them.” 8

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

Ed Haywood: “More likely. I think it somewhat legitimizes the race.” Jennifer Mansfield Yeatman: “I care more about how an event treats the last finisher to cross than I do about how they treat the first. I couldn’t care less about elite runners being at a race or not.” Bill Sepeda: “Not at all, ‘well organized’ trumps ‘elites’ at any event.” Andrea Gibson Hallberg: “Not necessarily, but what Run Competitor did is a complete turn off (as if their races weren’t already a turnoff with the ridiculous crowding & steep prices). They should support the sport of running, or at the very least not pull the rug out from under those elites that were already planning on their measly paycheck for this year’s races.” Kristin Evans: “That has never factored into my decision. In fact, I have never even thought about it. I can’t tell you if elites were even at the races I have entered in the past!” Trisha Steidl: “It’s sad to read so many comments of people not caring at all about the top echelon of our sport and some downright negative remarks (why the hate? they’re people just like you).

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

While I understand that elites might not be THE reason you choose a race, they are what helps make it an actual race. Also, this is a sport. There is no sport or even an actual race if it isn’t for the competition and competition only happens when people are better and better (in this case, faster and faster). I think directors of races have done a bad job (in general, not completely) of highlighting the elite runners. When people have a chance to meet those people and put faces and names together and then results, that’s when people get involved and care. I still don’t think that’s a reason to choose a race specifically, but I will say that when I’ve been to races where I know I’ll meet someone like Haile Gebreselassie or Bernard Lagat, that’s been pretty damn cool and has gotten me more excited about it.” Talia Ringer: “I don’t really understand why people like to distance themselves so much from the top end of the sport. There’s a really big ‘who cares about them, it’s about us’ attitude I keep seeing regarding Competitor’s decision. It’s something I think is silly because it’s perfectly possible to support the casual and competitive aspects of running at the same time (especially for a company with a budget like Competitor), plus there’s a huge continuum of runners in between. Not to mention Competitor buys out races that have a rich elite history (like Philly) and then dilutes them, showing zero respect to the sport of running. I don’t think most runners care about the sport of running, but I wish they did, and I think part of why they don’t is that many people seem to view elite runners as somehow superhuman, which makes it easy to totally ignore them. But really not only are they (very talented, very hardworking) people, they also share the same love of running (albeit probably for different reasons) which really ought to serve as a bonding factor.”

And we also heard from a reader via email: Dear Northwest Runner, After reading the article about CGI no longer paying out appearance and travel fees for elite athletes, I would like to give a “thumbs up” for the decision. Most of these athletes are well off and can well afford the travel costs. Most rarely interact with the field as a whole when appearing at races. It’s frustrating to see those five Kenyans or other elites paid to come show up and get paid for it while also taking home almost all the prize money and awards. Increase some prize money then to attract them, but let them earn their money solely by performing. If you really want to keep the running boom alive it will come by rewarding the local talent and not the ringers. Look what age divisions did in that respect. It essentially gave locals of all ages a chance to win. Not giving it all to some folks who really don’t care about your race or community always has been wrong. Now maybe the same folks will consider changing Masters to 50 and older in their races...but alas, now I digress... or do I? —Ray Leone

Largest road races Each year, Running USA releases rankings for the nation’s top road races. Their latest report ranks the top 100 U.S. timed road races. In 2012, the top 100 accounted for more than 1.5 million finishers, compared to 922,500 finishers in 2000 or an impressive 73% increase. In 2003, half marathons represented 17 of the races listed in the Top 100, and in 2012, the 13.1-mile distance accounted for an astonishing 43 races listed in the top 100, with 15 from Competitor Group’s popular Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series. As mentioned in past State

of the Sport Reports, since 2003, the half marathon has been the fastest growing distance in the U.S., with women – 60% of fields now – driving its growth. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peachtree Road Race 10K (58,043), Lilac Bloomsday Run 12K (48,229) and Dick’s Sporting Goods BolderBOULDER 10K (47,925) continue to rank as the top three largest timed road races in the nation, and Peachtree kept its #1 U.S. timed ranking for the 4th straight year and its 58,043 finishers were the largest number ever fully timed for a 10K. •

TABLE 1: Top 100 U.S. Timed Road Races (2000 vs. 2012)   2000 2012   Events Finishers Events Finishers 5K 25 244,391 8 99,694 10K 15 113,649 9 244,680 Half-Marathon 10 63,736 43 588,806 Marathon 18 204,322 8 159,540 OVERALL TOP 100 TOTAL 100 922,500 100 1,593,576

Tacoma City Turkey NOV 28Turkey Trot Tacoma City Trot THUR

Santa DEC 14 Runs Tacoma SAT


1K Kids Run/5K


1K Kids Run/5K


N O V 2 013 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r


starting lines continued

Best Times List Controversy The Best Times List is always a popular topic, and Roger Dean’s question of whether races with greater than 1meter/kilometer drop should be allowed to qualify for the List (October 2013 issue) brought in a handful of emails: Dear Northwest Runner, The several times I have made the list it hasn’t been with flat courses – Mercer Island, Seattle Rock N Roll, Seattle Marathon, etc. But, when I qualified for Boston I did run Phoenix and will likely run Phoenix or Vegas again, if necessary, to qualify. So, I will run a “flatter” course if necessary to qualify for Boston and not consider it “cheating”, but not just to make the Best Times List. Guess I would leave the List alone and let qualifiers be qualifiers regardless of which course they ran. As there aren’t that many “easy” half and full marathon courses around I suspect there won’t be a very high percentage of List qualifiers who actually run on an “easy” course anyway. Now, if the same person always makes

the List and always runs flat/easy courses, that person is unethical in my opinion, but we runners know they chose an easy course. —Scott Driver Dear Northwest Runner, Being a scientist (PhD Analytical Chemistry) I’m pretty doctrinaire about reproducible measurements. If you can’t replicate something under a variety of conditions, you don’t understand what you are doing. Given the above, I feel that NO course that has any net elevation loss (or gain) should be allowed in the Best Times list. In fact, NO course that is not closed should be considered. Multiple loops should be allowed although, as a runner, I feel they’re pretty boring (whoever decided XC races should be multiple 2K loops should be forced to run them!). This, unfortunately, includes Boston, which is too bad, but that’s the way science is sometimes. —Jim McGill Dear Northwest Runner, There are two events (race names removed) that are examples of significant downhill advantages. They should be

removed from the list of eligible races. They dilute the original purpose of the list. —Darrin Hatcher We understand the concerns that our readers have shared about courses with significant drop. Our aims with the Best Times List are twofold: First, to offer an incentive for local age-group runners to stay competitive and to recognize them for their efforts. And secondly, to convince race directors to certify their events, so runners know they are racing on accurately measured courses. Northwest Runner will not remove any events from the List for significant drop, but we would like to note that finish times from the unnamed controversial courses do not dominate the List. We would also note that almost every runner whose finish time qualified for the List on a “controversial” course has also qualified for the List on a noncontroversial course. In other words, these are still fast runners who are dedicated to training and performing their best. Our hats are off to you, dedicated runners, whether you’re currently on the List or not. •



Saturday October 26, 2013 SEWARD PARK-SEATTLE 5K to Care for Seattle’s Homeless & 2 Mile Family Walk • • • • • •


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USDA Certified & Chip timed Free long-sleeved T-shirts Prizes, free food & drink Costume Contest Be a Health Care Hero!

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Compiled by jennifer benner

There have been a few USATF-certified races that haven’t provided the necessary details – or results even – to be used for the List. If you’ve run in a certified event and don’t see the event listed, drop us a line! Please send all correspondence to Jennifer at: Jennifer@nwrunner. com. See you at the races!

5K Alki Beach, Anne Jackson Memorial, Beat the Raven, Big Backyard, Bill Burby Inspirational, Camp Gilead, Carnation Run for the Pies, CNW Resolution Run & Polar Bear Dive, CNW Dry Resolution Run, Columbia Winery (Covey), Duvall, Eugene Marathon 5K (OR), Fall City, Finaghty’s St. Patty’s, Flight for Sight, Foothills Dash, Fremont, Free to Breathe, Friday Night Stampede, FSRC Resolution Run #1, To Hell with Cancer, Hot Chocolate, Indian Summer, IRC Father’s Day, IRC MidSummer’s, IRC Mother’s Day, Kent Cornucopia, Love ‘em or Leave ‘em Valentines Day Dash, Lynch Creek, Matterhorn Madness, Mercer Island, Nookachamps, Olympia Donut Dash, Overlake, Redmond Derby Days, Refuse to Abuse, Run4Us, Run2Educate, Run of the Mill, Ruston Way, Seafair, Seahawks, Seattle Race for the Cure, See Jane Run, Shore Run, Smelt, Snoqualmie Railroad Days, Spokane Race for the Cure, Spring Forward, Sound to Narrows, SummeRun for Ovarian Cancer, Tacoma City Marathon 5K, Tacoma Independence Day, Tacoma St. Paddy’s, Tesoro March Point, Top Pot, Washington State Senior Games, West Seattle, White River, Undy 5000, Y Run for Kids, Yankee Doodle Dash Subscriber Submitted: Santa Rosa (CA)


19 & Under Ruben Riordan Jonathan Stevens Keegan Symees Aaron Roe Cameron Stanish 20-24 Francis Reynolds Matt McClement Joel Ambo Alex Crabill Brian Sutter 25-29 Mike Sayenko Joseph Gray Travis Boyd John Ricardi Justin Culver 30-34 Dan McLean Ben Mangrum Eric Garner Brett Winegar Daniel Julian 35-39 Destry Johnson Gabriel Kliot Greg Crowther Ian Fraser Lance Thompson 40-44


15:29 Seafair 15:34 Pies 15:37 Pies 15:48 Mill 15:49 Shore 14:36 Tac Indy 14:43 Seafair 14:58 Seafar 15:02 Ruston 15:26 Fremont 14:51 Mill 14:59 Top Pot 15:03 Mill 15:11 Ruston 15:11 Mill 14:23 Tac Indy 14:28 Tac Indy 15:16 Ruston 15:22 Love 15:58 Love 15:33 Ruston 16:00 Love 16:00 Love 16:21 Ruston 16:34 Fremont

Jeff Hashimoto Sean Sundwall John Collins Colby Titland David McCulloch 45-49 Blair Cossey Bruce McDowell Jeff Lutterloh Doug Babbitt Dean Vergillo 50-54 Kevin Olson Tony Young Michael Smith Paul Abdalla Ray Prentice 55-59 Michael Smith Joe Sheeran Mark Boydston Bill Haldeman Mickey Allen 60-64 Mark Billet William Waters Monte Evans Timothy Oguri Michale Allison 65-69 David Longmuir Paul Muto Aidan Robinson Martin Ribeiro Will Lomen 70-74 Jerry Gammill Paul Benton Douglas Woollen Chris Steer Brian Fitzpatrick 75 & Above Bill Iffrig Peter Marshall Larry J. Wright Eugene Nunn Richard Olafson

15:53 Ruston 15:53 Mill 16:09 Smelt 16:14 Mill 16:16 Fremont 16:43 Love 17:03 Pies 17:18 Tac Indy 17:24 Ruston 17:26 Pies 16:15 Tac Indy 16:33 Ruston 16:49 Ruston 17:00 Mill 17:05 Love 17:08 RR Days 17:54 Indian 18:27 Donut 18:27 Mill 18:37 Tac Indy 18:30 RR Days 19:06 Love 19:16 Smelt 19:27 Ruston 19:52 Top Pot 20:39 Duvall 20:55 Alki 21:46 Alki 22:15 Alki 22:37 Shore 21:19 Tac City 21:19 Fall City 22:12 Tac Indy 22:35 Alki 23:06 Alki

Rachel Jaten 16:53 Spo Cure Claudia Copeland 17:27 Donut Zarah Deleon 18:06 Sea Cure Amber Farthing 18:21 Fall City Janet McDevitt 18:47 Love Hao Quinn 18:47 Tac St. Pad 40-44 Kristi Magee 17:28 Sea Cure Janet Collar 18:08 Spo Cure Linda Huyck 18:16 Ruston Jodi Suter 18:29 Spo Cure Danita Erickson 18:29 Tac Indy 45-49 Liz Wilson 18:59 Seafair Lisa Knoblich 19:36 Top Pot Stacia McInnes 19:56 Shore Mary Hatcher 20:03 Breathe T Gudmundsdottir 20:08 Shore 50-54 Lori Wachter 18:30 Sea Cure Gail Hall 19:23 Love Enid Moore 20:42 West Sea Kathy Kearney 20:47 Pies Kathy Lundy 21:00 Jane 55-59 Regina Joyce 21:00 Mill Terri Stewart 21:22 Tac Indy Romey Haberle 23:18 Tac Indy Jean Hayes 23:33 Sant’ Rosa Wendy Jones 24:16 CNW Dry 60-64 Susan Gehrke 23:03 Sr. Games Gay Hunter 23:27 Love Barbara J. Bumann 23:42 Sr. Games E. B. Penoyar 24:45 Sr. Games Reitha Weeks 25:16 Shore 65-69 Jane A. Treleven 22:25 Sr. Games Pat Warner 23:54 Shore Judy Fisher 24:02 Love Phyllis Nelson 25:14 Love Carol Grisso 27:02 Love 70-74 Judy Fisher 24:10 Breathe Sharon Carroll 25:16 Spo Cure Ricki Vadset 26:12 Seahawks Isabelle Noiret 26:30 Foothills Louise Mihay 27:24 Alki 75 & Above Barbara Macklow 34:47 Tesoro Denise Kahn 42:40 Shore D. P. Northstrom 42:57 Sr. Games Mazine B. Tomisser 43:12 Sr. Games Diana Anderson 45:03 Kent

22:49 RR Days 26:25 Sum’Run 27:21 Sr. Games 28:20 Mill 28:21 Kent

10K Anne Jackson Memorial, Bay View Women’s, Bellevue, Berry Dairy, Bill Burby Inspirational, Chelan Shore to Shore, ChelanMan, Columbia Winery (Covey0, Duvall, Fall City, Flight for Sight, Foothills Dash, FSRC Resolution Run #2, Have a Heart, Mercer Island, Nookachamps, Richland’s St. Pat’s, Run4Us, Run2Educate, Ruston Way, Seattle Marathon 10K, Shore Run, Smelt, Snoqualmie Railroad Days, Speedy, Tacoma St. Pat’s, Tesoro March Point, Washington State Senior Games, Wenatche, Yankee Doodle Dash, You Go Girl Subscriber Submitted: PeachTree (GA) Johnny Faerber (HI), Women’s Pacific Health (HI)


19 & Under Brian Masterson 32:02 RR Days Alex Mitchell 33:43 Berry John Rodeheffer 33:53 RR Days Brian Comer 35:19 RR Days Kyle Norris 35:35 Ruston 20-24 Preston Myers 32:55 RR Days Chris Boyle 32:57 Speedy Dan Sloat 33:37 Shore Ari Schorr 34:39 Shore Nathan Fall 34:43 Speedy 25-29 Mike Sayenko 30:11 PeachTree Gregory Leak 30:37 RR Days Travis Boyd 31:03 RR Days Bettett Grimes 31:10 Sea Mar Andrew Fuller 32:22 RR Days 30-34 Dan McLean 31:12 RR Days Phil Olson 31:14 RR Days Matthew Koenigs 32:32 Van Sun Run Brett Winegar 32:44 RR Days Spencer Walsh 33:09 RR Days 35-39

Kevin Saur 32:41 Chelan Clay Wing 32:51 Berry D’ry Gabriel Kliot 33:30 Fall City Evan Sims 33:30 Speedy Robert Warnock 34:49 Speedy 40-44 Uli Steidl 31:14 RR Days Travis Adams 34:02 RR Days Chris Fendrich 34:16 RR Days David McCulloch 35:47 Nooka Glen Weissman 35:48 Bellevue 45-49 Mike Lynes 34:41 Ruston Lance Logan 35:29 Fall City David Bonauto 36:11 Sea Mar Acy Roff 36:21 RR Days Darrin Hatcher 36:24 RR Days 50-54 Michael Smith 34:11 Fall City Ray Prentice 35:07 Fall City John O’Hearn 35:36 Fall City David White-Espin 35:54 RR Days Paul Abdalla 36:04 Foothills 55-59 Bill Haldeman 36:34 Sea Mar Bill Rodeheffer 36:35 RR Days Mark Boydston 38:27 Tac St. Pad David Schach 38:51 Fall City Jerry Crofoot 39:29 Smelt 60-64 Michael Lyons 38:44 Shore John Dickson 40:51 Fall City William Waters 41:07 Smelt Timothy Oguri 41:52 Foothills Scott Harvey 42:50 RR Days 65-69 Craig W. Andersen 41:59 Sr. Games David Longmuir 42:06 Fall City Arne Hales 47:38 Foothills John M. Marsteller 48:10 Sr. Games Ted Coulson 48:16 Sea Mar 70-74 Jerry Gammill 44:08 Tac St. Pad Douglas Woollen 45:49 World’s Fastest 10K (TX) Brian Fitzpatrick 48:23 FSRC Mark Stockslager 49:31 Fall City Mark Summers 50:33 Sea Mar 75 & Above Bill Iffrig 46:21 Smelt Jim Davison 49:53 Shore


19 & Under Katie Bianchini 17:52 Love Megan Legresley 18:20 Pies Hailey Kettel 18:25 Alki Marren Haneberg 18:27 Mill Kelsey Dunn 18:40 Redmond 20-24 Katelyn Steen 17:59 Pies Tansey Lystad 18:04 Mill Stephanie So 18:13 Sea Cure Natty Plunkett 18:19 Mill Chloe Treleven 18:22 Narrows 25-29 Kristi Houk 16:42 Tac Indy Kimberly Pancoast 17:03 Love Sarah MacKay 17:19 Love Corrina Kelsey 17:41 Spo Cure Bobeya Krishnek 17:48 Seafair 30-34 Rose Wetzel 16:52 Ruston Megan Heuer 16:59 Love Ruth Perkins 17:17 Mill Stacy Cail 17:25 Ruston Tenzin Tsomo 18:02 Sea Cure 35-39

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

Runners test out the new course at this year’s Labor Day Half Marathon. martin rudow photo.

Ryan MacPhee 53:22 Fall City Jerry Youngblood 58:39 Rich. StPat William Jackson 1:00:11 Tac St. Pad


19 & Under Andrea Masterson 36:29 Sea Mar Larissa Kolasinski 39:21 RR Days Alex Laiblin 39:38 Smelt Rebekah Oviatt 41:06 Nooka Kelsey Dunn 41:36 Burby 20-24 Chelsea Prahl 35:38 RR Days Talia Ringer 39:49 RR Days Annelie Fjortoft 40:18 Speedy Katie Mahoney 41:21 Rich. StPat Cate Montgomery 45:29 Bay View 25-29 Daniela Seman 36:43 Sea Mar Allison Maxson 36:48 Ruston Kristi Houk 37:06 RR Days Corrina O’Brien 37:17 Speedy Kailey Campbell 37:55 Sea Mar 30-34 Ruth Perkins 36:05 RR Days Lauren Matthews 36:27 Sun Run Rose Wetzel 37:12 Sea Mar Amber Morrison 38:28 Tesoro Erica McElrea 38:51 Fall City 35-39 Paige Longdon 39:34 Shore Karra Whitmire 39:52 Foothills G Van Dyke 41:42 Ruston Jennifer Saam 42:04 Sea Mar Jill Frank 42:06 Mercer 40-44 Gwen Lapham 35:19 Sun Run Susan Empey 36:56 Sun Run Casi Tarr 39:51 Wenatche Deborah Fletcher 40:55 Yankee Amber Cruzan 43:15 Roses 45-49 Catie Rodeheffer 40:28 Smelt Mary Hatcher 41:39 RR Days Wendy Harrison 43:57 Yankee Kirsti Sheeran 45:03 Bellevue Karen Weber 45:08 Wenatche 50-54 Gail Hall 40:17 Foothills Laura Follis 43:27 Go Girl Terry Ostendorg 44:03 RR Days Enid Moore 44:32 Shore Molly Hurd 44:55 Fall City 55-59 Kerry Lynne Jones 47:21 Heart Terri Stewart 48:12 Tac St. Pad Robin Updike 48:22 Shroe Arlane Olson 49:03 Tesoro Gail Farmer 49:49 Wenatche 60-64 Karen E. Schoessel 48:40 Sr. Games Penny Colton 49:05 Rich. StPatLynne Werner 50:39 Ruston Donna Jackson 51:36 Tac St. Pad Catherine Davis 52:34 Bay View 65-69 Pat Warner 48:30 Wenatche Judy Fisher 50:16 RR Days Phyllis Nelson 53:20 Smelt Carol Grisso 55:44 FSRC Kit Bean 56:19 Burby 70-74 Sharon Carroll 52:17 Ephrata Isabelle Noiret 56:05 Smelt Joan Torfin 1:02:42 FSRC Gretchen Ramsdell 1:10:41 Smelt R Wollenweber 1:13:35 Go Girl 75 & Above Jean Moore 1:05:24 PacHealth Wilma Waters 1:10:44 Nooka Edythe Hulet 1:37:46 Foothills

HALF MARATHON Bellingham Bay, Berry Dairy, Capital City, Chelan Shore to Shore, ChelanMan, Coeur d’Alene, Cinco de Mayo, Discovery Trail, Disney (FL), Eugene

(OR), Eugene Women’s Half (OR), Heroes Half, Honey Wagon, Houston (TX), Indian Summer, JBLM, Kirkland, Langley, Labor Day Half, Mercer Island, Nookachamps, North Olympic Discovery, Olympia Lakefair, Portland (OR), Quilcene, Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland (OR), Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle, Run2Educate, Scotiabank Vancouver (BC), See Jane Run, Skagit Flats, Snake River, Tacoma City, Tacoma Narrows Half, Tri Cities, Vancouver B.C., Vancouver USA, Wenatche, Win’mere, Winthrop, Whidbey, Women’s Moon Run, You Go Girl Subscriber Submitted: Avenue of the Giants (CA), Melbourne Music (FL), Race for the Roses (OR), Rock n’ Roll New Orleans (LA), Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego (CA), USA Half Marathon Championships (IN)


19 & Under Keegan Symmes 1:10:29 Mercer Alex Mitchell 1:13:05 Nooka Brian Masterson 1:13:34 Scotia Brent Knutzen 1:16:09 Lakefair Christopher Fisher 1:16:40 Lakefair 20-24 Jonathan Lafler 1:07:10 RnR Sea Aiden Irish 1:08:00 RnR PDX Francis Reynolds 1:08:41 Eugene Erik Barkhaus 1:09:53 Labor Joel Ambo 1:11:24 Narrows 25-29 Mike Sayenko 1:03:39 USA Bennett Grimes 1:08:10 Bell Bay Travis Boyd 1:08:21 RnR San Diego Tim Aukshunas 1:09:11 Narrows Justin Culver 1:10:36 RnR Sea 30-34 Josiah Price 1:09:31 Cap City Spencer Walsh 1:10:44 Cinco Brett Winegar 1:11:07 Labor Steven Crane 1:11:13 Lakefair Joshua Ricardi 1:12:46 Mercer 35-39 Evan Sims 1:07:06 Snake Jeff Oswalt 1:14:20 Win’mere Destry Johnson 1:14:39 RnR Sea Trevor Pincock 1:16:10 Win’mere Chris Charles 1:16:15 RnR Sea 40-44 Uli Steidl 1:07:07 Melbo’rne Mike Bresson 1:10:47 Snake Sean Sundwall 1:11:22 Labor Travis Adams 1:14:23 Disney Greg Crowther 1:14:55 RnR Sea 45-49 Lance Logan 1:19:15 Cinco Craig Dickson 1:19:32 Mercer Mason Reay 1:19:52 Mercer Larry Merrifield 1:20:28 PDX RnR John Heikkila 1:22:12 Mercer 50-54 Michael Smith 1:17:46 Honey David White-Espin 1:19:38 Labor John O’Hearn 1:20:32 Cinco Brig Seidl 1:21:50 Chelan Jay Sloane 1:21:59 Honey 55-59 Michael Smith 1:16:37 Skagit Doug Jacobson 1:21:32 Snake Mark Boydston 1:22:13 Cap City Jerry Crofoot 1:27:21 Honey Mickey Allen 1:27:50 Narrows 60-64 Bob Spencer 1:28:13 Indian Dan Winger 1:29:18 Bell Bay Matt McDonald 1:33:17 Van USA John Dickson 1:33:34 RnR Sea Steve Hamilton 1:33:58 Nooka 65-69 Ken Tarleton 1:40:43 Nooka James Ceasar 1:43:06 Berry Ronald Olsen 1:43:28 Mercer Bill Pech 1:43:59 Nooka John Marsteller 1:49:41 Narrows 70-74 Mark Stockslager 1:48:48 Skagit

Bob Carson Lawrence Glenn Jerry Gammill Jack Granahan 75 & Above Bill Iffrig Lucio Diloreto France Cokan Theodore Collins Murray Andrews


1:52:54 Bell Bay 1:54:02 RnR Sea 1:54:05 Labor 1:54:11 Skagit 1:43:25 Nooka 2:05:24 RnR Sea 2:22:33 Labor 2:24:35 Whidbey 2:27:38 Giants

19 & Under Morgan Willson 1:21:55 Snake Larissa Kolasinski 1:23:29 Jane Megan Scheidt 1:32:23 Tac City Kris Weber 1:36:43 RnR Sea Marti Schodt 1:37:09 Cap City 20-24 Chelsea Prahl 1:20:12 JBLM Lauren Breihof 1:22:03 Labor Talia Ringer 1:25:48 Eugene Alycia Hill 1:27:02 Tac City Somer Kreisman 1:27:44 Mercer 25-29 Sarah Robinson 1:19:47 Whidbey Corrina Kelsey 1:20:31 Win’mere Kimberly Pancoast 1:20:48 Mercer Kristen Carter 1:20:56 Bell Bay Sayaka Yoshinaga 1:22:25 Nooka 30-34 Sarah Robinson 1:18:25 Skagit Ruth Perkins 1:21:38 Labor M McConnaughey 1:22:35 Snake Sarah Barkley 1:25:39 Wenatche Claire McGowan 1:26:15 Jane 35-39 Rachel Jaten 1:17:40 Chelan Caryn Heffernan 1:25:05 Whidbey Paige Longdon 1:25:55 Heroes Trisha Steidl 1:26:12 Mercer Kara Whitmire 1:26:52 Mercer 40-44 Susan Empey 1:21:46 Cinco Sarah Ranson 1:25:14 CDA Shelly Hack 1:25:40 Van B.C. Tracy Wollschlager 1:28:30 Labor Sarah Lesko 1:28:45 Bell Bay 45-49 A Song-Rooney 1:28:00 Mercer Catie Rodeheffer 1:29:09 Berry J Van Allen 1:32:24 CDA Sally Bergesen 1:32:43 Bell Bay Liz Wilson 1:33:02 RnR Sea 50-54 Lisa Tylor 1:30:18 Narrows BooBoo James 1:33:18 Bell Bay Enid Moore 1:39:06 Cinco Terry Ostendorf 1:39:20 Chelan Maureen Guido 1:39:40 Snake 55-59 Becky Backstrom 1:31:09 Dub’nRnR Kerry Jones 1:40:31 Honey Lesley Roberts 1:40:18 Roses NKitner-Meyer 1:40:44 RnR Sea Carol Sexton 1:43:23 Disney 60-64 Carol Finn 1:46:36 Heroes Sandee Myers 1:48:58 RnrR PDX Susan Smith 1:51:53 Portland Marti Murphy 1:52:05 Whidbey Donna Jacksosn 1:53:00 Lakefair 65-69 Judy Fisher 1:48:32 Kirkland Gunhild Swanson 1:55:21 Win’mere Phyllis Nelson 1:57:34 Lakefair Sandra Overstreet 2:02:50 Mercer Bonnie Hurtig 2:05:53 Bell Bay 70-74 Judy Fisher 1:51:40 Go Girl Sharon Carroll 1:57:57 Snake Isabelle Noiret 2:01:58 Honey Bonnie Torske 2:04:20 Win’mere Vicki Griffiths 2:06:54 Skagit 75 & Above Barbara Macklow 2:44:53 Nooka Margaret Harrison 2:47:06 Skagit Jean Greene 2:55:37 Win’mere Allegra Atkinson 3:07:42 RnR Sea Jean Lagrou 3:21:29 RnR Sea

MARATHON Bellingham Bay, Boston (MA), Birch Bay, Boys & Girls Club, Capital City, Chelan Shore to Shore, Coeur d’Alene (ID), Disney (FL), Eugene (OR), Houston (TX), Light at the End of the Tunnel, Napa Valley (CA), North Olympic Discovery, Portland (OR), Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle, Run for Water (B.C.), San Juan Island, Skagit Flats, Tacoma City, Tunnel Lite, Wenatche, Win’mere, Winthrop, Whidbey, Vancouver B.C., Vancouver USA, Yakima Canyon Subscriber Submitted: Gran’ma Marathon (MN), Los Angeles (CA), Museum of Aviation (GA), Mercedes (AL), Sugarloaf (ME), St. Jude Country Music (TN), Newport (OR)


19 & Under Grant Uselman 3:07:23 RnR Sea Evan Patrick 3:08:58 RnR Sea William Wolcott 3:11:57 NODM JT Armstrong 3:31:27 Bell Bay Travis Fisher 3:32:29 Skagit 20-24 Yon Yilma 2:29:53 RnR Sea Kurt Warwick 2:33:51 Boston Aaron Catlin 2:34:46 Eugene Andrew Reed 2:34:49 Eugene Justin Englund 2:37:24 RnR Sea 25-29 Joseph Gray 2:18:45 Boston Joshua Klimek 2:29:55 Boston Christopher Mah 2:34:51 Eugene Keith Laverty 2:35:03 Eugene Youssef Zirari 2:35:18 Van USA 30-34 Ben Mangrum 2:25:56 Eugene Dan McLean 2:27:50 Houston Steve Dekoker 2:30:07 Bell Bay Jesse Stevick 2:32:05 Cap City Teshome Kekobe 2:36:33 RnR Sea 35-39 Shaun Frandsen 2:37:52 Portland Chris Ashfield 2:41:14 Boston Marcell McArthur 2:43:11 Winthrop Tony Daguanno 2:44:10 Van USA Ben Haber 2:44:56 RnR Sea 40-44 Uli Steidl 2:22:05 Boston Michael Bresson 2:28:30 Boston Sean Sundwall 2:29:32 Boston Wayne Bruce 2:35:57 Eugene Chuck Engle 2:36:14 Tunnel 45-49 Adam Cohen 2:42:15 Portland Michael Lynes 2:46:21 Tac City David Bonauto 2:47:10 Eugene Darrin Hatcher 2:48:17 Eugene Craig Dickson 2:53:46 Boston 50-54 Bob Brennand 2:47:49 Boston Bob Harrison 2:56:35 Tun’l Lite Gary Cooper 2:57:35 Eugene D Montgomery 2:57:47 Boston Daryl Wendle 3:00:53 RnR Sea 55-59 Bill Haldeman 2:52:53 Skagit Rick Becker 2:56:04 Yakima Doug Jacobson 2:59:45 Boston Mickey Allen 3:04:17 Boston Cecil Williams 3:08:34 Tunnel 60-64 Tim Freeman 2:48:26 Eugene John Dickson 3:19:20 Van. B.C. Stephen Hamilston 3:24:30 Boston Fred Wedam 3:24:37 Boston Randy Johnson 3:27:29 NODM 65-69 Daniel Bonogofski 3:38:50 Boston Paul Snyder 3:40:03 Skagit James Ceasar 3:40:31 Van B.C. Ken Tarleton 3:40:56 Boston Ron Fleming 3:42:24 Boston 70-74 Larry Carroll 3:59:06 Tunnel

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Ronald Olsen Joe Stewart Jon Nevitt John Moore 75 & Above Bill Iffrig Duane Higby Theodore Collins Tadahiko Hasebe Roger MacMillan

4:05:01 Cap City 4:34:28 Yakima 4:35:18 Birch 4:38:52 Portland 4:03:47 Boston 4:53:04 Van USA 5:01:18 Eugene 5:01:26 Portland 5:19:36 Tac City


19 & Under Elsie Howell 3:39:41 RnR Sea Kathryn Naranjo 3:43:54 Van USA Alison Gertler 3:53:59 Cap City Christina Lomakin 4:06:16 Bell Bay Katie Shanahan 4:13:28 Portland 20-24 Lauren Breihof 2:53:51 Eugene Danielle Lampi 2:55:28 Win’mere Jennifer Macias 2:58:24 Bell Bay Sierra Brisky 3:00:52 Van USA Megan Hall 3:08:17 Whidbey 25-29 Kristen Carter 2:47:38 Boston Kimber Lemon 2:52:16 Eugene Courtney Olsen 3:02:45 Skagit Karen Craddick 3:04:55 Eugene Julie Shogan 3:10:07 Eugene 30-34 Amber Morrison 2:49:58 Boston Kate Bradshaw 2:51:45 Bell Bay Ruth Perkins 2:52:22 Tac City Sarah Getty 2:56:17 Eugene Amy Cooper 2:56:47 Eugene 35-39 Rachel Jaten 2:42:13 Portland Milah Frownfelter 2:56:30 Boston Jaime Pritchard 2:56:57 Wenatche Paige Longdon 2:58:01 RnR Nola Karra Whitmire 2:58:56 Boston 40-44 Caryn Heffernan 2:50:42 Van B.C. Crystal Wisness 2:55:34 Eugene Lori Gleichenhaus 2:59:48 Eugene Lynda Finegold 3:04:28 Eugene Lori Buratto 3:06:37 Boston 45-49 Lori Moriarity 3:04:31 Tunnel A Song-Rooney 3:08:56 Boston Mary Hatcher 3:13:03 Eugene Julie Jacobson 3:19:44 Eugene Michelle Fetzer 3:25:04 Whidbey 50-54 Jan Janke 3:25:10 Newport Mary Hanna 3:29:03 Boston Lori Dunley 3:29:56 Portland Alicia Britt 3:30:01 RnR Sea Terry Ostendorf 3:31:04 Boston 55-59 Becky Backstrom 3:06:45 Boston Arlane Olson 3:39:22 Tunnel Carol Sexton 3:40:17 Disney N Kintner-Meyer 3:44:20 Portland Vi Bentley-Condit 3:45:52 Tunnel 60-64 Carol Finn 3:42:33 Van USA Polly Fabian 3:54:26 Boston Lynee Werner 4:04:24 Gran’ma Ellie Hedel 4:06:52 Boston Sandee Myers 4:07:28 Portland 65-69 Maron Wang 3:58:32 Boston Judy Fisher 3:59:20 Eugene Judy Loy 4:07:28 Boston Gunhild Swanson 4:23:38 CDA Piper Peterson 4:25:14 Tunnel 70-74 Judy Fisher 4:08:29 Portland Sharon Carroll 4:23:28 Tunnel Susan Brain 4:38:22 Tun’l Lite Mary Ann Bosky 5:31:57 Portland Dian Wiwatowski 8:25:48 Win’mere 75 & Above Sylvia Quinn 4:21:18 CDA Diana Anderson 7:04:56 Portland

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r


BEST TIMES profile by heather romano

Becky Backstrom, 55-59 Half and full marathon

Becky’s lucky singlet has helped her cross the finish line of every marathon since Boston in 1989! photos courtesy of becky backstrom .


aybe it’s her background in aerobics, or did Becky inherit the Boston Marathon gene? Or does a Starbucks sugar buzz help her smoke her competition? Whatever it is, “Bad Becky” Backstrom is obviously doing something right with her training and racing. At age 56, Becky is leading her age group in the Best Times List in the half marathon by over nine minutes. And in the marathon category, she’s leading by over 30 minutes! Becky’s roots: I am originally from Boston. I moved here in 1969 to Woodinville, which back then was cow country. I went to Bothell High School and graduated in 1975. On becoming a runner: I didn’t


N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

started running until I was about 25. I ran a few 10Ks just for fun and with no training. I was in the craze of aerobics classes. I decided to run a marathon to just say I had run one. Again I did little training - I think I ran one 15-mile run for a long run. The rest I ran maybe 3-4 times a week, 4-6 miles at a time. With just a month of training I ran the Seattle Marathon in 1985. I told myself to shoot for 4 hours and not to stop running. I ran about a 3:48 marathon. I was sore and blistered, with no desire to run another. A few months later, a friend who ran marathons, Ron, said I should try to run a marathon and actually properly train for it. So Ron and I trained for the Olympia marathon 1986. Ron wanted

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

to do a sub-3 hour marathon. I ran the first half with him, but he was running too fast for me so I told him I was going to run the rest on my own. I came in at about 3:22. I was so beat up I told myself I would never run a marathon again! But when I got my results they told me with that finish time I had qualified for Boston! I had never even thought about running Boston, but Boston was my town... I was going to Boston! Ron helped train me. He was bummed because his dream was Boston. It was when I ran Boston in 1987 that the running bug got in my blood. From then on I was a runner –a marathon runner. Favorite race: Boston is and will always be my favorite. Being a native Bostonian – my heart is there, and I would live there. But my husband hates the east coast. Boston marathon is the only marathon where, as a runner, you become a celebrity for a day. Complete strangers come up to you after the race and hug you and say how proud they are of you. There are cheering fans four people deep for the whole 26.2 miles – nowhere else have I seen that. Favorite distance: I think the marathon is my favorite distance. Though as I get older half marathons are looking better to me. Biggest running achievements: I won my age group at Boston in 2008 and in 2010. They give you a nice crystal bowl for it. I also came in fourth women overall and first masters at Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle in 2009 at age 51. Training partners: I usually train by myself. My friend, Kristen Mossman, and I will run long runs sometimes together if we are training for the same marathon or for one around the same time. I joined Eastside Runners Club, but I haven’t done any runs with them yet. Typical training week: I try to run 5-6 days a week. I do my long run on the weekend, speed work I do on the treadmill at the gym. I live in Sammamish, so hill work is just part of my everyday






BELLINGHAM | 360.676.4955


VANCOUVER | 360.885.4556 • PORTLAND | 503.525.2122


BONNEY LAKE | 253.862.8890 SEATTLE | 206.329.1466 • TACOMA | 253.272.8890


BAINBRIDGE ISLAND | 206.842.8146



Getting psyched for Becky’s favorite race!

SAMMAMISH | 425.898.4173


BEAVERTON | 503.524.7570 • PORTLAND | 503.232.8077


runs. Those are 4-10 miles, depending on what else I have to do that day. I work 3 days a week as a dental hygienist in Kirkland. One day a week after work I love to run along lake Washington Blvd. and throw in a few hills for a good workout. On cross training: I enjoy road bike riding in the spring and summer. I’ve biked STP and RSVP several times. And I also snow ski in the winter. I also lift weights at the gym 1-2 times a week, and I have weights a home that I use 1-2 times a week with lunges and squats, planks and core workouts two times a week. Eating habits: I try to eat healthy year round, but I do have a sweet tooth... and an addiction to my Grande Skinny Cinnamon Dolche Latte with whipped cream every day at Starbucks. My day doesn’t start without it. Upcoming goals: I’m thinking of running Vancouver BC marathon. I usually run just one marathon a year. I will also do a few half marathons, I think I will try to run a trail marathon also, but I’m not sure which one yet.

Family: I’m married with two kids. My husband, Guy, is a chiropractor in Redmond. He enjoys golfing, skiing and will go on bike rides with me. My son Reid just graduated from UW in economics. He is getting into running and biking. He says he wants to run a marathon soon. He would also want to run Boston marathon with me someday. My daughter Keiley is in 10th grade at Eastlake High School. She is more into drama and music then sports, but she does the Jingle Bell Run with me. Other pastimes: I enjoy walking with my neighbor Marianne with our dogs to Starbucks . Weekends I love to check out garage sales - you never know what treasure you my find. The big secret: I wish I had some secrets to why I run as well as I do to share with you. But I do have a lucky shirt: My “Bad Becky” singlet. I have worn it to every marathon since 1989 Boston when I ran a 2:56. The shirt has rust stains from the pins and is looking very dated, but I can’t run a marathon without it. I get a lot of cheers along the course for “Bad Becky.” •

PORTLAND | 503.777.3214



BELLEVUE | 425.406.6730 • KENT | 253.850.6200 SEATTLE | 206.517.5100



NORTH SPOKANE | 509.468.1786 SPOKANE | 509.624.7654 • TRI-CITIES | 509.783.7463


RUN 26

MILL CREEK | 425.948.6495

SUPER JOCK & JILL SEATTLE | 206.522.7711


SEATTLE | 206.624.6717



SPOKANE | 509.838.4232


TACOMA | 253.593.8786 • OLYMPIA | 360.705.2580 PUYALLUP | 253.268.0016

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N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r


rea l r u nn i n g By gr eg va n b el l e

Into the darkness


ast night I changed the batteries in our smoke detectors and replaced light bulbs on our porch lights. I cleared out the garage to be able to park a car in there. And then I dug out my reflective vest, headlamp and the red, blinky light that I refuse to call a “tail light.”

Yep. Fall is here. It’s dark when I get up, and often by the time I drag myself away from the typing machine, it’s dark outside again. This means that, for the next few months, a lot of miles are going to be logged while lit up by LEDs and whatever they use to make my black jacket actually reflect light. That still

apart from the rest of the pack. Anyone can fire off the miles on long summer afternoons before settling on the nearest porch and sipping a beer. It takes no fortitude to get up early and crank out 5 miles when it’s light at 5:30 in the morning. As we slip seemingly instantly into long nights and short days, it’s prudent to freaks me out. take some safety precautions, of course, The weak-willed see this as treadmill but it is also a good time to rethink your time. Not me. This is time to set yourself training and recreation plans in order to make the most of the dark months. Here are some tips for you. Rethink your route. My usual neighborhood route is a nice, windy, hilly road that winds through the trees. No sidewalks, and certainly not a streetlight anywhere to be found. During the day, this is no problem. On a rainy night? Death zone. It might be more boring, but this time of year I opt for the main road, the one that actually has a sidewalk and the occasional light. Crosswalks, even. Boring, but not deadly. We have to make compromises. Rethink your timing. In the summer, I will often set out from a trailhead Plan your long runs early in the day so you finish late in the day with a miniwhile it’s still light. nwr archive photo. malist pack and a vague 16

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

plan. In the absolute worst case scenario, I figure, it will be a short night in the wilderness before someone hopefully starts looking for me. Fall and winter? Your wilderness window is short. Hit the trail early and save the routefinding, bushwhacking routes for summer. Light up the night. Even if you set out for your run in daylight, chances are you will find yourself out on the sidewalks when the unseen sun sets. Gone are the days of carrying a heavy, military-grade, 6-D battery flashlight strapped to your head. Invest in a good headlamp and shove it in your pocket when you set out. Pro Tip: Rig your headlamp to wear around your waist rather than on your head. Be loopy. I think we all prefer long routes that take us places, but this time of year is perfect for short loops. I found a 1-mile loop around a local neighborhood that has wide sidewalks and only a few off-leash attack dogs. Set the iPod to shuffle, get your lap split button ready, and hit it. If you’re lucky enough to have a lit track near you, spend some evenings there. Be mobile. It’s sunny in Los Angeles right now. Something to consider. Stay off the treadmill. It’s a torture device.

Mail time

Last month I asked you to fill my inbox with questions, comments and thoughts so I could justify running a mail bag edition of Real Running. You did not disappoint. Below are some reader emails and my responses. Keep your thoughts coming. If I use your email in a future column, you will receive nothing, as we don’t have a budget for gifts or postage here at Real Running. Dear Real Running, There is a lot of debate over what constitutes “running” in marathons and

I have never been concerned with this. I walked a few minutes of my first marathon and still told people I ran it. Every ultramarathoner I know advocates walking in trail races, and there are sections of most races I’ve been a part of that are more or less impossible to run. Sometimes you have to hike a little. If the standard you are suggesting is that you can’t walk even a step of a course and have it qualify as a running race, I hope to see you at the Cascade Crest 100 next year… Dear Real Running, My wife and I are looking to buy a new car, and I want one that will be a good car for running. Any suggestions? –Dave M, Monroe.

ultramarathons especially. Walking isn’t running. Running is running. If you stop running, you didn’t run the race. You walked it. –Tom G, Seattle. Dear Tom, Did you have a question about this?

Dear Dave, You want a car that will mask the smell of sweaty technical fabrics and muddy shoes, a car that will fit into tiny parking spaces at marathon starting lines, a car that doesn’t need a parking pass at a trailhead, and a car that is so nondescript that a thief won’t even see it when they are prowling the lot at Tiger Mountain. You want a bike.

Dear Alysson, I’ve written about streaks before, and I think any long-term streak you can set is impressive. I, for example, have managed to not keep to a training plan, a diet or a work schedule for almost five years now. It’s not easy, but I persevere. Thanks everyone. More mail bag to come soon. Follow me on Twitter (@gregvanbelle) for updates on my non-training and my latest television project. No, it’s not running related, unless you count the production assistants running to get coffee. • Greg Van Belle can be reached at Check out his blog for reprints of earlier Real Running columns and other web-only special features. http://realrunning.


Keep an eye on the outside temperature before you head out the door – a sunny fall day doesn’t necessarily mean warm running weather. nwr archive photo.

Dear Real Running, A runner in the Midwest is about to complete a streak where he ran at least a mile a day and drank at least a beer a day. What do you think of that streak? –Alysson F, Woodinville.








N O V 2 013 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r


w as h i n g t on C l u b R epor t by Cr aig Romano

ESR perseveres after serious challenges


hile much of the spotlight at this year’s Boston Marathon was on Snohomish Running Club’s Bill Iffrig’s dramatic finish during the bombings, I’d like to acknowledge another remarkable Northwest runner who competed in that event. For Eastside Runner Neil Andrews, completing the 2013 Boston Marathon was the culmination of a remarkable journey rife with challenges.

In 2010, Andrews was diagnosed with cancer. After winning his battle with that disease, Andrews went on to run his first marathon in 2011. He soon afterward qualified to run the 2012 Boston Marathon. However, while training, he was hit by a truck and suffered several broken bones. But because of the heat waves that year, Andrews was able to defer his entry for the following year. While continuing his training, he suffered a heart attack in early 2013. But thanks to some responsive coworkers at his fitness center and a good medical team, Andrews was revived and back on his way to training for the 2013 Boston. Andrews finally realized his dream of competing in and completing the Boston Marathon, crossing the finish line this past April 15th just 30 minutes before the terrorist bombings. In an article in Boeing News Now by Carrie Howard (and reprinted in the Eastside Runners’ Runner Mumbles), Andrews reiterates, “I’ve had so many close scrapes over the last few years, and I’ve survived every one of them. I hope that when people hear about what happened to me, they’ll be inspired to press on what they’re doing.” Just like Mr. Iffrig’s getting up after being knocked down by a bomb blast and finishing the Boston Marathon, Mr. Andrews didn’t let a series of daunting obstacles keep him from persevering as well. My running cap is off to you, Neil Andrews—your determination is truly inspirational! A couple of other Eastside Runners that I mentioned in my last Club Report also continue to inspire the Northwest running community. Bob and Amy Wismer have started a fundraising campaign and shoe and clothing drive for school children in the village of Kimana, Kenya. The Wismers will be traveling with a small group of volunteers next February and spending two weeks to help build an orphanage. They will also be assisting a local school, offering much-needed manpower. 18

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

Despite many health challenges, Eastside Runner Neil Andrews ran the Boston Marathon in 2013. sally e aristei photo.

After working at the orphanage, the Wismers plan on participating in the 2014 Kilimanjaro Marathon further raising funds for village projects. The funds that they raise go 100 percent toward the humanitarian effort in Kimana. All volunteers on this project are paying all of their own travel expenses. You can make a donation to this worthy cause by visiting www. bobamywismer. Also consider making a donation in the form of clothing and/ or school supplies. The Wismers have been working with several local running stores (Super Jock ‘n Jill in Seattle; Everyday Athlete in Kirkland; Run 26 in Mill Creek; and Balanced Athlete in Renton) setting up bins where you can drop off children’s athletic shoes, summer clothing, and school supplies. We applaud this effort and look forward to hearing about this campaign. Autumn is now in full swing, and for many runners this time of year means cross-country season. If you have been considering joining a club for social runs and/or team training for road running and/or cross-country, by all means wait no longer. This is a great time to join your local club as numerous events and socials are typically planned around this time of year. Club Northwest in Seattle has resumed its Sunday morning runs from Super Jock ’n Jill at Green Lake. The club is also gearing up its cross-country team with its eyes on the Club Nationals to

The Manito Running Club, including the Six Runners Short relay team, are now part of the Bloomsday Road Runners. From left: Cody Tylock, Evan Sims, Javier Pita, Jody Shapiro, Matthew Kee and Mike Wiser after winning the Spokane to Sandpoint Relay ultra category. photo courtesy of jody shapiro. be held in Bend, Oregon, this December. Spokane’s Bloomsday Road Runners Club has kicked off its race series, which includes some cross-country runs. And, following the lead of big corporations, the club has acquired the Manito Running Club. Okay—I was just joking with that last sentence—but the two clubs have indeed merged, meaning that the Manito folks are indeed now part of the BRRC, receiving all of the club’s benefits with a little bit of autonomy as well. The big news, of course, for BRRC is that it will be hosting the Road Runners Club of America’s (RRCA) annual convention next May in Spokane. If your club is a member of the RRCA, then you are a member. Among the many great things that the RRCA does is promote runner-friendly communities. Does your community qualify as one? The RRCA is currently accepting applications for Runner-Friendly Community designations. Among the criteria for consideration are community infrastructure, community support and local government support. According to the RRCA, runner-friendly communities can increase quality of life, improve physical activity for residents, and provide for increased economic impact to their regions. RRCA annually awards official Outstanding RunnerFriendly Community designations. Perhaps your club would like to make as one of its goals this year or next to help your community reach this status. Check out for more information. Okay, that wraps it up for this month. Happy Halloween to all, and I look forward to hearing about your Halloweenthemed runs and get-togethers. • Craig Romano can be found running, hiking and sometimes even biking the trails of Washington. Find him and his books online at:

For More Info: or (253) 404-3900

4818 Nassau Ave. N.E.

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N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r


W i nn i n g N u t r i t i on by H e at h er N a k a m u r a , M P E, M S , R D

Balancing weight and performance

Profile: Jennifer Swift


ennifer is an endurance athlete who loves to train. She first came to see me in April of 2002 when training for the Seattle Half Marathon. Her energy was low and she wasn’t recovering well. She also wanted to lose body fat and increase her muscle mass and metabolism. But her food records showed she wasn’t consuming enough calories to support her training, energy or metabolism.

Jennifer would restrict calories too much on certain days and overeat on others. We worked towards a more balanced daily calorie intake, which helped to reduce her cravings for sweets and high-calorie foods. We also focused on strategies to decrease her fat intake while increasing her carbohydrate intake. Being a vegetarian, Jennifer didn’t always have an optimal protein intake. So we found ways to increase protein, which helped to improve her energy and satiety. Jennifer trained hard and successfully completed a number of marathons and triathlons that year. But she struggled with overtraining and insufficient fueling in her efforts to lose body fat. She also experienced several injuries that interfered with consistent training. We discussed the importance of balanced training, so she began to incorporate more cross-training, pilates and strength training into her program. We also discussed the concept of periodization and the need to give her body a rest from intense training.

Ultra-endurance events

I didn’t see Jennifer again until May of 2006. She had begun doing ultra-endurance events, recently completing an Ironman and 50-mile road race. She was burning a lot of calories during training, but often restricted her intake and created large calorie deficits in an effort to lose body fat. Limiting calories on heavy training days led to cravings for sweets and high-calorie foods. We discussed her current energy needs and developed a training meal plan to support those needs. She was preparing for an intense triathlon training camp, so we discussed the importance of fueling for those heavy training days. Jen struggled at her triathlon camp and came back both physically and mentally depleted. We discussed the need to focus on fueling for 20

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w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

Jennifer Swift, thrilled to find a balance between weight loss and training for ultra events. swift photo.

“As a result of eating to fuel my workouts, I’ve been dropping weight and body fat. I feel like I was given permission to eat, and when that happened, my body responded.” recovery and performance instead of weight loss, but that was a challenging concept for her. Jennifer continued to train for numerous ultra events. As her distances increased, nutrition and fueling became a more critical issue. Since weight loss was always a priority in her training plan, she had a tough time fueling optimally on heavy training days. She often felt hungry but tried to ignore it, believing it was part of the weight loss process. One body fat test, performed during a period of heavy training, showed she had actually gained fat weight and lost lean body mass. Her body was slowing its metabolism to conserve energ, and storing

fat as a mechanism of survival. She was frustrated that all that her training had not produced better results. I encouraged her to focus on fueling before her next race instead of restricting calories for weight loss.

Making peace with food

It was another six years before I saw Jennifer again. She contacted me in June of 2013, wanting to focus on weight loss and fueling for her upcoming distance events. Even though hergoals were the same, Jennifer was ready to take a new perspective on nutrition and training. Setting a primary focus on fueling for energy, she was finally able to achieve a balance between weight loss and performance. Since this is a challenge for so many athletes, I asked her to share her story... “When I first contacted Heather this spring, my goal was to drop some weight that had crept on over the last year. I was heavier than I’m comfortable with and felt my running would improve with some weight loss. What ended up happening is that Heather challenged that goal. We realized that what I wanted was to be a faster runner, and calorie restriction wouldn’t help. My strategy shifted to making sure I was getting enough calories and the right amount of protein/carbs/fat to make my workouts strong and recover quickly. We figured out my daily calorie needs and added more to account for the day’s workout. That meant I was usually eating 2100 calories a day. When I was ‘dieting,’ I was trying to get by on 1500, including exercise. As a result of eating to fuel my workouts, I’ve been dropping weight and body fat. I feel like I was given permission to eat, and when that happened, my body responded. I love to eat, and being told to eat more was a relief. I had to break the thought process that fewer calories were better. I’ve always loved to eat,

but I was depriving myself and feeling guilty when I did ‘overeat.’ When Heather challenged my goals and told me I needed to eat more, I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. It is okay to eat! For 10 years I’ve struggled with my weight, at one point weighing 40 pounds heavier than I do now. That entire time I felt guilty when I didn’t restrict my calories. No more. When I walked into Heather’s office, I had a number on the scale I wanted to get to. She forced me to re-examine my goals. I’ve learned that eating doesn’t have to be a chore or a source of stress. I can eat things that aren’t great for me sometimes, and nothing bad will happen. I have to eat enough, and that’s awesome because I love food! I think people pick a magic number or clothing size they want to get to. That may not help you reach your true goals. Do you want to be faster, healthier? Have a better relationship with food? That isn’t a number on the scale. Letting go of that allows you to really get to work on the right things.” Thanks, Jennifer, for your great story. It’s so important to remember that peak health and performance aren’t just about numbers on the scale. I’m sure your words will be an encouragement to many Northwest runners. • Heather Nakamura, MPE, MS, RD is a registered dietitian with masters degrees in both exercise physiology and nutrition. She works as a Personal Wellness Coach to help active individuals develop nutrition and training programs that focus on improving performance, maximizing energy, and achieving optimal body composition and health. For more information, go to, or call (206) 595-2688.


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Race info: (253) 856-5050 Register online at

January 1 – 5K, 5 Miles January 25 – 10K, 10 Miles February 22 – 15K, 15 Miles March 22 – 20K, 20 Miles Run the full series, kilometers or miles, or any individual event. Fort Steilacoom Running Club hosts the Resolution Series at Steilacoom High School—a place to sit, heated, be in or out of the weather, showers, dressing rooms and all the amenities a runner could want. Series information at For registration information:

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t r i coac h i n g by wade pr aeger

The making of a new trail – The Cross Kirkland Corridor


here is lodged in my memory a day, decades ago, when some friends and I walked along the old Lake Shore & Eastern rail line near my parents’ house in North Seattle on our way to Matthews Beach for a swim. I remember how the trees hung low over the rusty rails and the dappled sunlight sparkled on the dark green ferns and ivy. I wish I had taken some pictures, because now most people would have a hard time believing that the Burke Gilman Trail was ever anything other than the fantastic running and cycling thoroughfare it is today.

The trail’s far from finished, but it’s easy to imagine the running options the Cross Kirkland Corridor will offer. wade praeger photo. 22

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

So with that in mind, a few weeks ago I traded my normal morning run route for a trip to the new (and only recently cleared) Cross Kirkland Corridor. The CKC was the old Burlington Northern rail line, which hasn’t been used in decades. It reminded me of what the Burke Gilman was in the early ‘70s between the UW and Matthews Beach. I’m not sure why this warrants an article, or what it has to do with triathlons, but I do know that sometime in the near future you will find your-

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

self enjoying a long run or a race or a bike ride on this trail that connects 520 near Bellevue Way with the Sammamish Valley and Woodinville. Mark Mandi, cross-country and track coach at Northwest University in Kirkland, agrees. He said that this trail is a “dream come true.” He added that since he started coaching at NU he had been thinking about all the long tempo runs and interval training his team could do on that path. “I’m excited to see progress towards making that happen,” he said with a huge smile on his face.

Long-term plans

Besides making the corridor safe for hardcore collegiate runners, the Kirkland planners hope to develop the corridor as both a cycling path and a future light rail line. The easement is over 100 feet wide, so making room for multiple uses shouldn’t prove too difficult. Maintenance of the finished trail will be funded by a permanent property tax levy and supplemented by Adopt-a-Trail sponsors that range from a Cub Scout troop to a little tech company named Google. The city is still in the process of taking public comments on what the final corridor will look like and how it will function. They know that this trail will be an incredible resource for the citizens not just of Kirkland but all its adjacent cities and communities, and they don’t want to screw it up! At its south end adjacent to the South Kirkland Park & Ride, the trail will connect to the new SR-520 bike trail in a couple of years. Heading north, the route will pass a couple of small parks and an elementary school before bisecting the growing Google campus in the Houghton neighborhood of Kirkland. After crossing over some busy streets on old wooden trestles, the trail will skirt a few blocks east of downtown and pass under busy 85th Street just before it dives into more densely wooded areas around Kirkland Elementary School and the Forbes Creek Greenbelt. Then, in less than a mile, the trail will emerge near the Totem Lake business district and Evergreen Hospital before it makes its final turn at the city’s northern limits just south of the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery. The city estimates that there are currently 11,000 people working at over a thousand businesses within a third of a mile of the trail. And densities are going up in that area every year as Google expands and other properties are developed. But I’m starting to sound like a Chamber of Commerce booster. Blach!

Reminders of the past

So, back to the trail. . . . There were only a few people out on the day of my rainy run. Just a young couple out for a walk with

their child and two teenage girls using the trail for a shortcut home. The above-grade rail bed consists of mostly one-inch gravel thtat drains the puddles pretty well but made the footing a little rough. (Save your Vibrams for the finished trail!) But even with the gray skies and empty path, I couldn’t help envisioning the day when runners and riders fly past busy streets and through green parks on their way Runners love to train and race on to work or play. It trails, where they’re sheltered from was a strange but busy streets. craig romano photo. exciting feeling, standing in the middle of an empty railroad grade with rusty rails and old ties lying in the ditch, and, instead of seeing emptiness and abandoned property, seeing the motion and vibrancy of a busy bike trail – instead of hearing nothing but rain falling in muddy puddles, hearing running shoes slapping on smooth asphalt and freewheels clicking on racing bikes. Standing on

an old wooden bridge over a busy street, I felt myself squeezed between the past and the future, like a racehorse locked in the gate before the bell. After my run I stopped by Everyday Athlete in Kirkland and spoke with co-owner Lance Carter about the new trail. He said he couldn’t wait for the day the new trail opens for business. “It’ll open up so many new running routes and ways to connect current trails and bike lanes,” he said. Everyday Athlete sponsors races like the 12K’s of Christmas and the Kirkland Half Marathon, both of which will likely someday use sections of the new trail. In addition, members of EA’s Tuesday night training crew will be able to easily incorporate the trail into their evening run loops. The next few years will be a very exciting time for anyone traversing Kirkland on foot or by bike. First, in the next couple of months the trail will get a smooth layer of fine gravel, making it perfect for walkers, runners and cyclists with fat tires. Then the street crossings and park connections will be developed and marked, thus beginning the trail’s integration with the surrounding communities. Later a smooth layer of asphalt will go down to further improve the trail for bike commuters and others looking for a safe and easy way to traverse Kirkland’s many hills. And in the way-off future we will likely see a new light rail line next to the bike path, thus bringing the Eastside Rail Corridor full circle as it makes its return as a vital engine of the Eastside’s economy. • Wade Praeger coaches all sorts of competitive athletes helping them achieve their running, cycling, swimming, and triathlon goals. He can be contacted at


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Back to my roots Returning home to the Utica Boilermaker 15K—as hot as I remember by John O’Hearn

The author (in the CNW singlet) reunites with family at this year’s Boilermaker. photos courtesy of john o’hearn.


y first two Boilermakers were in the late 1970s, but I don’t remember a lot about my experience. I know it was a big deal for Utica, New York, to attract some top running talent from all over the United States to run through the local streets and deal with our hot and humid temperatures. Over the years, many top runners from all over the globe have participated in the Boilermaker. The fist year I ran I was 16 years old, and it was close to 85 degrees when the race started at 10 a.m. I recall getting sick around mile 6 from going out too fast and running a 5:18 first mile – I had not prepared properly for the race, and the humidity had skyrocketed to over 90 percent. Several people were hospitalized, others required critical care at the finish – so from there on out, the race time was changed to 8 a.m. The following year I vowed to train a little more (which I did not do), but I made sure I hydrated in the days leading up to the race. My time was not stellar, but the race got me started on a summer training program leading into my senior


N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

year of high school cross-country. Between 1994 and 2004, I ran the race seven times. I was always amazed at how the city comes out in force to support this event. At its core, Utica is a city with a lot of heart and local pride. Over 14,000 people registered (12,000 finished) for the 15K this year, and over 2,000 registered for the 5K. The weather leading up to the race was reasonable, but the temperatures started rising the day before, along with the humidity. By race time, the temperature was over 80 degrees and humidity close to 90 percent. I had a pre-race plan to run a certain pace and, even with the heat index rising, I did not adjust it. Due to my predicted finish time, I had a bib number 210 and started right behind the 100 elite runners from the US and all over the world. Tony Young would have known who they all were - I had no idea, but I knew they were all faster than me! This race draws many of the same top runners as Peachtree and Bloomsday.

Wilting in the heat

The gun went off and for the first two

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

miles I felt good, but the next six miles I felt like a Hershey bar melting on the sidewalk. I have never spent so much time at water stations in all my years of road racing; I hit every one of them for water and ice, slowing my time significantly but probably keeping me in the race. As Bill Rodgers told me in 2004, “to run the Boilermaker fast, you have to run hard, and then recover, for nine miles.” There is a sizable downhill that starts at mile 7, so I knew if I had not “boiled” too much I might be able to get myself back in the race later. My years of experience at the Boilermaker paid off, as I was able to run the last 2.3 miles more comfortably and finish strong. The last 200 yards of the race were intense with cheering of wild proportions – I felt like I was running in a “crowd tunnel.” The humidity was as bad as I have ever seen it and my time was way off my projection. This is a humbling race for a Northwesterner; it quickly becomes a slog with high humidity. However, sometimes running is like golf; you never know how you will do against your competitors until you post your score or time. I gave it my all at the end, the result of which was second place in the 50-54 age group and a 58:33 overall time – one of my slower times, but perhaps one of my more memorable given the conditions. I ended up 179th overall – nowhere near the top-100 finish that I used to post, but that was nine years ago, and there is always next time! My other pre-race projection of having a beer swiftly after finishing was realized as I jogged through the recovery area, downed a bottle of water, and then had a Saranac Wild Hop Pils in my hand by 9:03 a.m.! The men’s winner was Julius Keter (Kenya) in 43:55, edging Wilson Kiprotich (Kenya) by 3 seconds. Tyler McCandless was the first USA runner in sixth place at 45:16. The women’s race was won by Lineth Chepkarni (Kenya) in 50:33 with Risper Gesabura (Kenya) in second at 50:39. The top American was Stephanie Rothstein in sixth place with a time of 51:26.

Thousands of people braved the heat and humidity to stay for the Boilermaker’s post-race party, which included plenty of free beer.

Recovering with a brew – or two

The post-race party is arguably one of the best in the nation. Many of the runners compete solely for the free beer, wellstocked snack tables, and the opportunity to participate in the world’s largest toast around 11 a.m. as over 40,000 people lift

a glass simultaneously. The temperatures in the parking lot were in excess of 100 degrees, but that did not stop the majority of the folks out there from pounding free beer from the FX Matt Brewery, which makes some of the best microbrews on the east coast –

and if they were distributed on the West Coast, they would have a lot of fans out here as well. For over three hours after the Boilermaker the brewery opens the taps and gives away free beer – it is a beautiful thing to behold. One of my friends from high school, Larry Owens, is from the Matt family that still owns and operates the brewery. Larry’s cousins Fred (FX) Matt III and Nick Matt manage the brewery. Larry introduced me to Fred, and I had the opportunity to go up on the brewery roof to have a cold beer with him, Larry, and some other members of the extended Matt family. He showed us where the big fire was in 2008 that almost destroyed this Utica landmark and how the firemen put it out in record time, saving the brewery from possible destruction. Several members of my wife’s family participated in the two races and we all had a great time getting together after the race with friends from the area. This race will always be special for me, and returning to the area where I grew up makes me think of a saying that my dad used to carry in his wallet from a friend he knew in college: “Never forget where you came from, never forget where you are.” It is always nice to come home to Utica. •

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy presents

12th annual






north olympic discovery marathon 5k

from Sequim to Port Angeles

June 1st, 2014

Sponsored by Therapeutic Associates, Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce, O l y m p i c M e d i c a l C e n t e r, K i t s a p B a n k , S w a i n ʼs , R e d L i o n , S u n n y F a r m s , a n d N e c e s s i t i e s & Te m p t a t i o n s N O V 2 013 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r


sp o r t s psc y c h o l o g y • b y r i c h a r d f e r g u s o n

Turn a bad race on its head Y

ou have worked very hard over the past several months, sacrificing much time and energy with your training. Without question, you have gotten yourself in the best shape of your life. All of the long runs, interval workouts, healthy foods and mental training have brought your preparation to a point you only dreamed of in the past. The big race you have been targeting for the past year is coming up and you are ready for your best performance ever – but also ready to beat your archrival down the street. You just know the race will be the greatest day of your running life. However, race day doesn’t go as planned. You have a bad race with a bad time, and your archrival beats you again. Now you feel depressed, miserable and very unmotivated to keep training. Your performance didn’t reflect all the hard work you put in for months. You ask yourself, “Is really worth all the training time I put in?” We have all probably faced this scenario as runners at some point in our careers. The fact is, we are all human and we all must come face to face with failure at some point in our running lifetimes. While failure hurts, it certainly doesn’t have to destroy you. In almost all cases, you need to look at your setbacks in a different light. What good are you doing by coming down hard on yourself and making yourself feel miserable? Maybe the disappointment of the bad race can be a learning experience that will benefit you in the future. So you didn’t reach your race goal. No personal best, no age group win, no beating the guy down the street. You certainly didn’t try to have a bad race. More than likely, you actually tried too hard to have a great race. Does the bad race mean you are now a failure in life and a bad person? Why, of course not! All the bad race really means is that you performed below the level that you personally expected. Take time to analyze the race to determine if you could do anything differently next time to make a difference in your performance. One thing is 26

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

An experienced racer will take time to learn from past performances. nwr archive photo. certain: it does you no good to get down on yourself, nor does it help your family and friends who have to be around you when you’re in a foul mood over a bad race. No matter how hard you try, there is nothing you can do about the past except use it as a learning experience for future events.

Analyze your training and race day Always ask yourself, “What can I learn from my race that will help me in my next race?” Try to gain something of

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

value from the experience. Even the very best runners in the world have bad races, but most have developed ways of thinking that help them learn and actually benefit from poor performances. They respond to bad races by learning from them and then mentally letting them go. The big issue is figuring out what you can learn from the experience to make you a better runner and more at ease with your running in the future. Were you over- or undertrained? Would you change how you taper the next time you

beyond your control, you just plain and simple had a bad day. You might analyze your race and find that you would train and prepare the very same way for the next big event. Here, the key is recognizing things you can control and things you can’t. Sometimes you do everything in your power to prevent a poor performance, but the fact is, sometimes a bad day just happens.

Look for the positives Before you know it, your sights will be set on another big race, a new personal best and finally beating that guy – or gal – down the street.

nwr archive photo.

try to peak for a big race? Did you get enough sleep leading up to the race? Did you go out too fast? Did you eat enough carbohydrates? Did you drink enough fluid during the race? In some instances, you may have actually done everything in your power to have a good race. Yet, for reasons

No doubt about it, having a bad race can make you feel miserable, depressed and even helpless. But a bad race can also force you to examine yourself, your training and how well you cope with and respond to disappointment. As miserable as it makes you feel, the poor race actually teaches you how to better prepare in the future. If you can put the race in perspective and gain something positive from it, then you are well on your way to actually reaching the goal you originally sought to achieve. The course to becoming the best runner you can be is going to have some potholes and roadblocks along the route. Sometimes you feel like you make great gains, while at other times you feel as though you have regressed back to being

a novice runner. Remember to always look at the big picture and see how much you have improved since you began running – and how far you have come toward reaching your long-term goals as a runner. Training is all about allowing your body to adapt physiologically to the stress of running. The same can be said for your mental outlook as well. When you compete, either against your own personal standards or other runners, there will be setbacks and disappointments. The better you cope with these setbacks and learn to adapt to them, the happier and faster you will become. Trying to learn from that bad race has a very interesting way of getting you back on track toward reaching your goals. Before you know it, your sights will be set on another big race, a new personal best and finally beating that guy down the street. •

Richard Ferguson is Chair of the Physical Education, Wellness and Sport Science Department at Averett University (in Danville, Virginia). He is also an AASP-Certified Sport Psychology Consultant.

SUNDAY MAY 4, 2014

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race and event schedule Compiled by jennifer benner

PLEASE NOTE: Start times are for the first running event; other distances or “early start” may differ. While we do our best to ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date, lastminute changes do take place. We suggest you use the contact information to confirm details before traveling to events listed in the schedule. To submit an event, please send an email to *BEST TIMES LIST: Races that qualify for the Northwest Runner’s Best Times List are marked with an asterisk. USATF-certified courses of other distances are listed as USATFcertified in the description.

OCTOBER Friday, October 25 Bruce Newman Youth 1.5 Mile XC Race. Olympia. 4:30 p.m.

Saturday, October 26 CGRC Pumpkin Trail 5 Miler. North Bonneville. 9 a.m. Starts at Strawberry Island trailhead. Freaky 5K* Zombie Run. Federal Way. 11 a.m. Runners receive a flag football capture flag – don’t let the zombies get it!, (253) 835-6900. Green Halloween Highlands 5K. Issaquah. 8 a.m. Loop course. Halloween Run 5K & 1 Mile. Bremerton. 9 a.m. Kitsap Track Club event, kids’ dashes too. John, (360) 692-8994. Haunted Hoquiam 2K, 5K & 10K. Hoquiam. Magnuson Series Halloween Run 5K, 10K & 15K. Seattle. 10 a.m. Team options and kids’ dash. Marine Park Halloween Costume 4 mile run. Vancouver, WA. 10:15 a.m. Kids’ dash at 10, treats for all. Monster Dash 4 Miler. Bellingham. 9 a.m. Ghosts, monsters, pumpkins and kids half miler. Pumpkin Pacer 5K. Deer Park. 10 a.m. Costumed race that benefits local food banks; kids’ mile, 9:30. Pumpkin Push 5K* Run & 2 Mile Walk. Seattle. 11 a.m. Proceeds benefit uninsured patients at Neighborcare Health for the homeless. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Pumpkin Run 6.5K & 2K. Leavenworth Ski Hill. 10:30 a.m. XC style course, kids’ dashes. 28

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

Riverside Run 10K. Spokane. 10 a.m. Perfect for trail novices. Run for Project PINK. Kirkland. 9 a.m. Heritage Park run supports breast cancer patient. Skagit Valley Zombie 5K. La Conner. 10 a.m. Survivors, infected runners and walking dead all welcome. Take the Plunge. Bonney Lake. 11 a.m. Join the fight against domestic violence., (253) 862-6808. Tenino Pumpkin Dash 5K & 10K. Tenino. 9 a.m. Strollers, wheelchairs and pets welcome. Trick or Treat Trot 5K & 10K. Montesano. 8 a.m. Starts at Fleet Park. West Seattle Monster Dash. Seattle. 9 a.m. Double loop through Lincoln Park, kids’ dash. YMCA Fall Classic 5K*. Monroe. 10 a.m. Benefits YMCA’s scholarship fund; 1.6 mile family run/walk & kids’ events too., (360) 805-1879. Zombie Sun Run 5K. Kennewick. 9:30 a.m. Fun, food and prizes for best zombie costume; kids’ 1 miler., zombie5ksunrun.

Sunday, October 27 Cougar Mtn. 50K & 20 Mile Trail Runs. Bellevue. 8 a.m. Last race in the series. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Lutherwood, wouldn’t you? 5K & 10K Trail Run. Bellingham. 9 a.m. Trail run at Camp Lutherwood. Monster Dash 5K. Spokane. 10 a.m. In Manito Park, costume contest pre-event; kids’ runs too. Monster Mash Dash 5K & 1 Miler. University Place. 2 p.m. 5K has “monster” of a hill, costumes encouraged. us, (253) 798-4753. Run Scared 5K. Seattle. 9:30 a.m. Celebrate Halloween with a “scary” run around Seward Park, costume contest and free kids’ dash. Run Wild Whatcom Adventure Race. Bellingham. 9 a.m. Part race, scavenger hunt and route finding through Whatcom park; kids dash. Snohomish River Run Half Marathon & 10K. Everett. 8:30 a.m. Flat and fast courses start and end at Rotary Park.

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

Spooky 12K Trail Race. Port Gamble. 8:30 a.m. Costume prizes, free kids-only spooky 1 miler., (360) 779-8757. Tri-Cities Marathon* & Marathon Relay. 8 a.m. Flat and fast course runs through Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco, crosses Columbia four times. Woodland Park Zoo Pumpkin Dash 5K Fun Run & 1K Kids Dash. Seattle. Costumes encouraged, benefits zoo.

NOVEMBER Saturday, November 2 Breaking the Silence 5K. Richland. 10 a.m. Raises awareness and funds for victims of human sex trafficking. Chocoholic Frolic 5K Fund Run. Spokane. 9 a.m. Loop course on Centennial Trail. https:// Fircrest Watch Your Speed 5K*. Fircrest. 9 a.m. Mostly flat course w/easy downhill. www., (253) 238-4160. In Unity We Run Marathon* & Half Kent. 8 a.m. Out-and-back on the Green River trail. Klickitat Half Marathon & 5K. Klickitat. 10 a.m. Scenic, medium technical trails. LC Valley Marathon, Half & Doc Sears 5K. Asotin. 8 a.m. All events start and finish at Asotin H.S. track. crosscountry/2013funruns.html. Mud and Chocolate 4.5 Mile Trail Run. Redmond. 9:30 a.m. Mud on course, chocolate at finish. Muscle Milk Woodsy 5 & 10 Milers. Snohomish. 9 a.m. Lord Hill Regional Park. Puddle Jump 5K & 10K. Olympia. 9 a.m. Out-and-back on the Chehalis Western Trail, stroller division. Self-Transcendence 2 Mile. Boat Ramp, Magnuson Park, Seattle. 8 a.m. Free monthly series, chart your progress. (206) 527-5099. Soap Lake Veteran’s Day Run 5K & 10K. Soap Lake. 10 a.m. Step Forward 5K. Seattle 9 a.m. Seward Park run benefits Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance. www. Zombie Fest 2.5 Mile Dash. Vancouver, WA. 4 p.m. Run as a zombie or a survivor; Ghouls for School event at 3.

Sunday, November 3

Saturday, November 16

Saturday, November 23

Anything is Possible 5K. UW Campus, Seattle. 1:50 a.m. Benefits Team Red, White & Blue.

Ft. Lewis Turkey Trot 10K & 5K. Ft. Lewis. 9 a.m. Register in advance for base access., (253) 967-4768.

CCR Turkey Trot 5K. Vancouver, WA. 10 a.m.

Get Your Rear in Gear 5K. Redmond. 8:30 a.m. Kicks off training for Mercer Half. www.

Defender Donut Dash 5K. Seattle. 9 a.m. Walkers, leashed dogs and strollers welcome., Melissa (206) 713-0036.

Mud and Chocolate Half Marathon Trail Run. Redmond. 9:30 a.m. Cruise wide dirt trails on way to a chocolate-themed finish area. www.

Gift for Jacoby 5K. Bonney Lake. 9 a.m. Supports teen recovering from spinal chord injury.

Padden Mudfest 6 Miler. Bellingham. 10 a.m. Very hilly, muddy run on wooded single track trails. Turn Back the Clock 10K* & 5K*. Lacey. 10 a.m. Celebrate the “extra hour” at Rainer Vista Community Park; 1 mile family run., (360) 491-0857.

Saturday, November 9 Down & Dirty Wine Run 10.5 Miles. Yacolt. 10 a.m. Scenic trail, wine and music at finish. Everyday Superheroes 5K. Bellingham. 9 a.m. Chip-timed road race helps caregivers in need. First Call Veteran’s Day 50K, Marathon & Half. Bothell. On Sammamish River Trail. Fowl Fun Run 10K* & 5K* Mount Vernon. 10 a.m. Flat routes on farming roads., (360) 982-2934.

Grand Ridge 5 Miler, Half Marathon, Marathon & 50K. Issaquah. 7:45 a.m. Nice double and single-track trails; sells out early.

GBRC Turkey Trot 5K. Bellingham. 9 a.m. Register at Whatcom Falls Park main picnic shelters., (360) 510-4288. Orting Turkey Trot 5K & 10K. Eagle Creek Lodge, Orting. 8 a.m. www.ortingturkeytrot. org, (360) 893-0095. TriCities Jingle Bell 5K & 1K Kids’ Run. Richland. 9:30 a.m. Holiday-themed race benefits the Arthritis Foundation. www., (509) 315-9862. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Mustache Dache 5K. Seattle. 9 a.m. Grow a stache, do the dache, support men’s health and party at the finish.

Seaport Striders 4 Mile Turkey Trot. Clarkston. 10 a.m. One-way run, rides back to start.

Poultry Predictor 4 Miler. Redmond. 10 a.m. Top five runners closest to their predicted finish time win a turkey, no timing devices., (425) 556-2333.

Sunday, November 24

6th Annual Snoqualmie Ridge Turkey Trot 5K*. Snoqualmie. 9:15 a.m. Fee includes pancake breakfast; 1K kids’ run. Spokane Jingle Bell 5K*. Spokane. 10:55 a.m. Holiday-themed run benefits Arthritis Foundation; kids’ 1K 10:30., (509) 315-9862. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Doppler 50K. Port Gamble. 8:30 a.m. Bring own support, approx. 5,800 ft of climbing, 20 miler option. FSRC Turkey Trot 5K. Lakewood. 2 p.m. XC style run through Ft. Steilacoom Park. www., (253) 537-8712, Green Lake Gobble 5K*, 10K, Kids’ Dash & Mashed Potato Munch Off. Seattle. 9:10 a.m. Bring canned food for local food bank; stay for the competitive eating contest. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Lewis River 5 Mile Trail Run. Vancouver, WA. 10 a.m. Scenic and tree shaded. www., (360) 263-7505. Veteran’s Day 5K. Poulsbo. 10 a.m. Kitsap Memorial State Park. Winter Pineapple Classic 5K. North Bend. First wave 9 a.m. Run w/obstacles on mixed terrain., (206) 628-0777 x104. Run all Day Relay. Kenmore. 9 a.m. Trailrunning event for all levels, teams of 2-5. www.

Sunday, November 10 Bellingham Trail Marathon. Bellingham. 9 a.m. Stunning mix of trail running may be toughest marathon in the state. Carkeek Park 5K & 10K Trail Run. Seattle. 9:30 a.m. Mostly forest route, mix of fast, wide trail and narrower rolling trail. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Columbia River Classic 10 & 2 Mile Run. Richland. New course for 2013, out-and-back on Urban Green Belt Trail. Fitness for Vitality 5K & 10K. Seattle. 9:30 a.m. Myrtle Edwards Park, last in series of 3.

Liberty Lake to Riverfront Park Spokane, WA N O V 2 013 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r


schedule continued

HCR Turkey Trot. Sarg Hubbard Park, Yakima. Predict your run time. www.hcrunners. org,

Skamania’s Turkey Trot 5K. Stevenson. 8 a.m. Benefits local food bank, please bring donation.

Hopelink Turkey Trot 5K. Kirkland. Kirkland tradition is fun for whole family. www.hope-link. org, (425) 869-6000.

Tacoma City Turkey Trot 5K*. Tacoma. 9 a.m. Course runs through Procter district; kids’ 1K. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Kent Christmas Rush 5K* & 10K*. Kent. 9:50 a.m. A holiday favorite for over 30 years., (253) 856-5050. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Turkey on the Run 12K & 5K. Wenatchee. 9 a.m. Walker-friendly, bring cans for local food banks, kids’ dash.

New Balance Winter Grand Prix Race #1 – XC. Magnuson Park, Seattle. 9 a.m. Must finish 4 of 6 events to qualify for awards. www.

Ugly Sweater Run 5K. Seattle. 11 a.m. Put on ugly sweater.

Thursday, November 28 Bainbridge Island Turkey Trot 5K & 1 Miler. 8:30 a.m. Bainbridge Island. Familyfriendly run benefits Helpline House. www. Bangor Turkey Trot 5K & 1 Miler. Bangor. 11:30 a.m. Base access needed. (360) 315-2134. Benton-Franklin Red Cross Turkey Trot 5K & 1 Miler. Kennewick. 8:45 a.m. Family event in Columbia Park. Clark County Turkey Trot 10K & 5K. Vancouver, WA. 9 a.m. Runs along Salmon Creek Trail, polar bear dip after; no DOR. Give Thanks 5 Mile Run & 1.7 Mile Run/ Walk. Redmond. 9 a.m. Benefits Maltby food bank, food donations accepted. Holmes Chiropractic Turkey Trot 10K & 5K. Gig Harbor. 8 a.m. Out-and-backs leaving from Skansie Brothers Park., (253) 858-5152. Kennewick Turkey Trot 5K & 1 Miler. Kennewick. 9 a.m., La Conner Turkey Trot 5K. La Conner. Finish the race closest to your predicted time – no watches. Longview Turkey Trot 3.5 Miler. Longview. 8:30 a.m. One loop on path around Lake Sacajawea., (360) 4425400. Magnuson Series Thanksgiving Day 5K & 10K. Magnuson Park, Seattle. 10 a.m. Monthly series for health and fun, team options and kids’ dash. www.magnusonseries. org. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Norpoint Turkey Trot 5K* Run & 2 Mile Run/Walk. Tacoma. 9 a.m. Run before you gobble, kids’ dash too., (253) 305-1022. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Oly Trot 4 Miler. Olympia. 9 a.m. Bring two non-perishable food items, certified course in Heritage Park. Rubber Chicken Relay 8 Miler. Lewiston, ID. 9 a.m. 2-person relay; teammates alternate running 2-mile legs, reg. @8. Seattle Turkey Trot 5K. Seattle. 9 a.m. Supports the Ballard Food Bank. 30

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

Walk for Water Turkey Trot 5K. Ridgefield. Wattle Waddle Marathon & Half. Seattle. 8 a.m. Out and back on Burke-Gilman trail, leave from Gas Works Park.

Saturday, November 30 Christmas at the End of the Road 5K. Winthrop. 1 p.m. Part of weekend long celebration. Lewisville Park 5K. Battleground. 10 a.m. Unpaved trails and roads. Seattle Ghost Marathon*, Half* & 50K. Seattle. 8 a.m. Loop course from Mt. Baker Park, early start available. Seattle Marathon’s 5K*. Seattle. 8:30 a.m. Downtown course is dog and stroller friendly; costumes encouraged for “Santa vs. Superheroes” theme., (206) 729-3660. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Seattle Children’s Kids Marathon. Seattle. 10 a.m. Final 1.2 miles of marathon course after logging 25 miles pre-event., (206) 729-3660.

DECEMBER Sunday, December 1 Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon* & Half*. Seattle. Scenic, rolling course with views of downtown and Lake Washington., (206) 729-3660. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Hot Buttered Run 12K & 5K. Vancouver, WA. 9:30 a.m. Event held at Pearson Air Museum; includes kids’ Kandy Kane events.

Saturday, December 7 Bend Jingle Bell 5K. Bend, OR. 11:40 a.m. Benefits Arthritis Foundation, kids’ dash and ugly Holiday sweater contest. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Fairhaven Frosty 5K & 10K. Bellingham. 10 a.m. 5K loop course, 10K is 5K repeat; kids’ dash 9:45., (360) 410-8634. Girls on the Run 5K. Bellingham. 9 a.m. www. Ho Ho Hoquiam Dash 2K, 5K & 10K. Hoquiam.

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

Jingle Trail 5K Fun Run & 1 Mile Walk. Fort Ebey State Park, Coupeville., (360) 678-5434.

Port Orchard Jingle Bell 5K. Port Orchard. 1:30 p.m. Dress festive, kids’ 1K at 1 p.m. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Santa’s Reindeer Dash 5K, 10K & 2K Kids’ Dash. Ft. Lewis. 9 a.m. http://www.jblmmwr. com/races, (253) 967-4768. Santa Run 5K. Swallows Nest Picnic Shelter, Clarkston. Self-Transcendence 2 Mile. Boat Ramp, Magnuson Park, Seattle. 8 a.m. Free monthly series, chart your progress. (206) 527-5099. St. Martin’s Jingle Bell Run 5K. St. Martin’s University, Lacey. Toys for Tots Airport Run 5K & 10K. Arlington. 11 a.m. Benefits Puget Sound Toys for Tots.

Sunday, December 8 The Grinch Trail Half Marathon & 5K. Purdy. 8:30 a.m. Spanish chicken soup at the finish; kids 1.5 mile. Hardcore Runners Club Winter Race Series #1. Yakima. Must complete 3 out of 4 runs in series to qualify for awards., K9 Candy Cane 5K. Renton. 9:15 a.m. On paved Cedar River Trail, all levels and dogs welcome. Portland Jingle Bell 5K. Portland, OR. 8:50 a.m. Holiday-themed run, kids’ 1K 8:30 a.m. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Reindeer Run 5K* & 1 Mile Candy Cane Run. Olympia. 9 a.m. Kids’ activities and holiday fun. Seattle Jingle Bell 5K. Seattle. 9 a.m. Holiday-themed run benefits Arthritis Foundation, kids’ 1K 8 a.m. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Skagit Jingle Bell 5K. Mount Vernon. Holiday-themed run, kids’ 1K. www., (888) 391-9389. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Saturday, December 14 Bellingham Jingle Bell 5K. Bellingham. Holiday-themed run benefits Arthritis Foundation, kids’ 1K. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Birch Bay Ghost Marathon & 15.1 Miles. Blaine. 9 a.m. Frying pan loop from Birch Bay Park. Deception Pass 25K. Oak Harbor. 8 a.m. Jingle All the Way 5K. Longview 5 p.m. Holiday costumes encouraged; Rudolph Run kids event at 4. www.kelsolongviewchamber. org, Lincoln School 4.3 Mile Run. Vancouver, WA. 10 a.m. Course runs through neighborhoods and Discovery Trail. Rogers Reindeer Run 1K, 5K* & 10K. Puyallup. Heritage Rec Center. Santa Runs 5K & 10K. Tacoma. 9 a.m. Run with Santa along scenic waterfront; kids’ 1K and costume contest too. www. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Ugly Sweater Dash 5K. Carnation. The ugliest 5K of your life is fun for everyone. www.

Sunday, December 15 Deception Pass 50K. Oak Harbor. 8 a.m. 12K’s of Christmas 5K & 12K. Kirkland. 9:30 a.m. Costumes encouraged; food and fun at finish, kids’ dash; 12K is certified, 5K is not.

Saturday, December 21 Lampson Cable Bridge Run 10K, 5K & 1 miler. Pasco. 9 a.m. The biggest race of the Tri-Cities; long-time holiday tradition. www., (509) 545-3456. Magnuson Series Holiday Fun Run 5K & 10K. Seattle. 10 a.m. Team options and kids’ dash. New Balance Winter Grand Prix Race #2 – Road. Magnuson Park, Seattle. 9 a.m. Must finish 4 of 6 events to qualify for awards. www. Pacific Park Runs. Vancouver, WA. 10 a.m. Mostly unpaved loop, complete as many as possible in under 45 minutes.

Pigtails Flat Ass 50K & Marathon. Ravensdale. 8 a.m. Flat trail run; bring food donations for food bank.,

FSRC Resolution Run #1 5K* & 5 Miles. Steilacoom. 9 a.m. First in series of four; hot showers and food post-race. www.runfsrc. com, (253) 537-8712. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Tour de Lights 5K Fun Run. Bonney Lake. 7:30 p.m. Local Christmas light run, bring can of food to donate., (253) 862-8890.

Lake Padden 2.6 Mile Resolution Run/ Walk. Bellingham. 10:45 a.m. Free, untimed run followed by polar dip at noon. services/recreation, (360) 647-7665.

Sunday, December 22

Prance and Plunge 3.6 Miles. Bremerton. 10 a.m. Run around Wildcat Lake, then take a dip., (360) 830-4243.

Hardcore Runners Club Winter Race Series: #2. Yakima. Must complete 3 out of 4 runs in series to qualify for awards.,

Tuesday, December 24 Tacoma Jingle Bell Run 5K. Tacoma. 1:30 p.m. Bring food for local food bank or shoes for local mission., (253) 305-1022.Sunday, December 29 Sporty Diva’s Last Run of the Year. Seattle. 9 a.m. Run 1 to 5 loops of 2.8 mile path around Green Lake. Yukon Do It Marathon Half Marathon & 5K. Port Orchard. Flat course with negative elevation gain.,

Tuesday, December 31 Last Chance Marathon & Half. Bellingham. 9 a.m. Out and back on Interurban Trail. www. Last Run 5K and Polar Bear Plunge. Stevenson. 9 a.m. Get an early start on your New Year’s Resolutions.

Saturday, January 4 New Balance Winter Grand Prix Race #3 – XC. Magnuson Park, Seattle. 9 a.m. Must finish 4 of 6 events to qualify for awards. www. Self-Transcendence 2 Mile. Boat Ramp, Magnuson Park, Seattle. 8 a.m. Free monthly series, chart your progress. (206) 527-5099. White Elephant Run 5 Mile. Olympia. 9 a.m. Leaves from South Sound Running, loops around Capitol Lake and the capitol campus. www.

Sunday, January 5 Hardcore Runners Club Winter Race Series #3. Yakima. Must complete 3 out of 4 races to compete., Resolution Run 5K, 10K & 1K Club Run. Battle Ground. 10 a.m. Flat course with optional polar bear waterslide at end, post-race party.

Saturday, January 11

Year to Year 5K. Longview. 11:50 p.m. Bring noisemaker to celebrate! Reflective gear or clothing a must.

Heritage Trail 3 & 7 Mile Runs. Vancouver, WA. 10 a.m. Out and back on unpaved, flat trail.


Nookachamps Winter Half Marathon*, 10K* & 5K*. Mount Vernon. 10 a.m. Some hills, great winter scenery, warm-up facilities at finish.

Wednesday, January 1 CNW Resolution Run 5K* & Polar Bear Dive. Magnuson Park, Seattle. 10:30 a.m. Optional dive into lake before finish., (206) 729-9972.

Resolution Run for the Heroes 5K & 10K. Skansie Park, Gig Harbor. 9 a.m. Benefits Behind the Badge Foundation., (253) 377-4417.

N O V 2 013 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r


schedule continued

Share the Joys and Benefits of RUNNING

Give a Northwest Runner gift subscription for the Holidays Health, fun, friendship, competition — a running and walking program has so much to offer. And the best way to get started, stay motivated, remain healthy and wear the best clothes and shoes is to read Northwest Runner magazine each month. But you already know that! Share this knowledge with a friend or two by giving a Northwest Runner magazine subscription for the holidays. They’ll thank you all year long!

Saturday, January 18 New Balance Winter Grand Prix Race #4 – Road. Magnuson Park, Seattle. 9 a.m. Must finish 4 of 6 events to qualify for awards. www.

Sunday, January 19 Hardcore Runners Club Winter Race Series: #4. Yakima. Must complete 3 out of 4 races in series to qualify for awards.,

Saturday, January 25 FSRC Resolution Run #2 10K* & 10 Miles. Steilacoom. 9 a.m. 10 mile also certified; hot showers and food. www.runfsrc. com, (253) 537-8712. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Orcas Island 25K. Moran State Park, Orcas Island. 9 a.m. 3500’ elevation gain. Rain Run Half Marathon. Redmond. 9 a.m. Out and back on Sammamish River Trail. www., (425) 785-8915.

Sunday, January 26 Vancouver Lake Half Marathon. Vancouver, WA. 10 a.m. Popular race sells out quickly.

EARLY BIRD Saturday, February 22, 2014. FSRC Resolution Run #3 15K & 15 Miles. Steilacoom. 9 a.m. Hot showers and food; both distances certified., (253) 537-8712. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

YES! I want to share my running excitement. Send a year of Northwest Runner to the following special person at the regular $19.95 yearly rate. We will send a gift announcement card in your name. Look below for special savings, too.

Saturday, March 22, 2014. FSRC Resolution Run #4 20K & 20 Miles. Steilacoom. 9 a.m. Last in the series, hot showers and food post-race; both distances certified., (253) 537-8712. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Name Address City/State/Zip Phone I can give more gifts or order my own new or renewal subscription at the same time and save. q Start another subscription for the following person, or q renew or q start my own subscription at the special $15.00 rate, good when you order two or more subscriptions through this special once-a-year offer. Name Address City/State/Zip Phone (if this order is for yourself) Send full payment to: Northwest Runner • 6310 NE 74th #217 • Seattle, WA 98115. Or call 1-206-527-5301 and use your bankcard to order. 32

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

Saturday, March 15, 2014. Bud Light St. Paddy’s Day 5K*, 10K* and Half Marathon. Tacoma. 9 a.m., 1K 10:30 a.m. Fast, waterfront courses; walkers welcome, kids’ 1K too. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

Saturday, April 5. Yakima River Canyon Marathon*. Ellensburg to Selah. 8 a.m. Course runs through scenic river canyon, two big hills. (425) 226-1518 or (509) 966-0188,,. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Sunday, April 13, 2014. Whidbey Island Marathon* & Half*. Anacortes to Oak Harbor. Scenic course on country back roads and along waterfront; 5K and new 10K and kids’ 1K events SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Sunday, April 27, 2014. Heroes Half Marathon* & 10K. Port Gardner Landing, Everett. 8 a.m. Out and back course runs to Marysville on Yellow Ribbon Highway. www. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Sunday, May 4, 2014. Tacoma City Marathon*, Half* & 5K*. Tacoma. Scenic, point-to-point net downhill course. Kids’ and relay events too. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Sunday, June 1, 2014. Windermere Marathon* & Half*. Spokane. Point-topoint from Liberty Lake to Spokane along the Centennial Trail; half begins in Spokane Valley. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Sunday, June 1, 2014. Sunday, June 2. North Olympic Discovery Marathon* & Half*. Sequim to Port Angeles. 9 a.m. One way on Olympic Discovery Trail, stunning views, great support. 5K, 10K and relay events too. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Saturday, October 26. BRRC XC Series. Mead, Spokane area.


Sunday, November 3. BRRC XC Series. Qualchan, Spokane area.

YOUTH MEETS For more information, visit youth. Saturday, October 26. Rain City Flyers’ XC Meet. Woodland Park, Seattle. Jim Neff (206) 523-4233,

Sunday, November 3. PNTF Open & Masters XC Championships. Lower Woodland Park, Seattle. www.clubnorthwest. org,

Saturday, November 16. Inland NW Jr. Olympic XC Championships. kkutsch2@,

Saturday, December 14. USATF National Club XC Championships. Bend, OR. Open & Masters Men’s 10K & Women’s 6K. www.

Saturday, November 16. PNW Assn. Jr. Olympic XC Championships. Upper Lower Woodland Park, Seattle., darryl.


Sunday, July 27, 2014. Eugene Marathon* & Half*. Eugene, OR. One of the prettiest and flattest marathons, now in summertime – finish in historic Hayward field. 5K & kids’ events Saturday. Coincides with junior T&F Champs. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Saturday, November 23. Region XIII Jr Olympic XC Championships. OR. www.,

Sunday, October 5. Portland Marathon* Half. Portland, OR. Popular event is packed with music groups, cheering teams, porta potties, aid stations, and photographers! Sells out fast. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.


Saturday, December 14. USATF National Jr. Olympic XC Championships. San Antonio, TX.

Saturday, November 9. Washington State XC Championships. Pasco. www.jcrawford. net/ccmain.html.

Saturday, November 2. Pac-12 Championships. Louisville, CO. Saturday, November 9. NCAA Division II West Regional. Plantes Ferry Sports Complex, Spokane. Friday, November 15. NCAA West Regional. Sacramento. Saturday, November 23. NCAA Champs. Terra Haute, IN. Saturday, November 23. NCAA Division II Champs. Spokane.




$50 individuals • $75 family (immediate) $40 students (HS or college)

Race discounts alone can save you three times the cost of membership! Other benefits and savings can also save you the cost of a membership: • A FREE Northwest Runner subscription – a $20 savings. • A FREE members-only tee-shirt – $5 value. • Discounts at leading running specialty stores, including

Saturday, April 5, 2014 8:00 a.m. Ellensburg to Selah

our flagship store and longest running partner, Super Jock ‘n Jill, as well as Run26, and Everyday Athlete – save 10- 25% on a variety of items (depending on the outlet).

SPECIAL GUESTS: Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to officially enter and run the Boston Marathon and Roger Robinson, author and Boston and New York City Marathon recordsetter, will be attending all YRCM activities. A great chance to meet and hang out with two running legends.

• Social gatherings, free pizza at board meetings (RSVP required), and other functions. • Connections to Chuckit Running and Skyline training groups. • Regular e-mail news and updates. Join us on-line through PayPal or download a form at, or pick up a brochure at one of our events or running specialty partners and mail it in.

Visit us online for registration, race details and visitor information: For information: (425) 226-1518, or (509) 966-0188, or e-mail

N O V 2 013 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r


ser i o us t r ack & f i el d • by pau l m erc a

Collegiate cross-country preview T

he 2013 collegiate cross-country season is in full swing for all nine of the state’s NCAA Division I and II programs. The University of Washington, Seattle University, Gonzaga, Eastern Washington and Washington State are taking aim at the NCAA Division I championship meet in Terre Haute, Indiana on November 23rd. And the NCAA Division II schools, Western Washington, Seattle Pacific, Saint Martin’s, and Central Washington, look to be on the starting line at in Spokane the same day. One of the other biggest meets of the collegiate season happens on November 2nd. Seattle University will host the Western Athletic Conference meet at Jefferson Park Golf Course on Beacon Hill. On the same day, Washington and Washington State head to the Pac-12 championship meet in Louisville, Colorado; Eastern Washington will run in the Big Sky Conference meet in Bozeman, Montana; and Gonzaga will compete in the West Coast Conference meet in Malibu, California. On November 9th, Spokane hosts the NCAA Division II West Regional championship meet for the right to return for the national championships two weeks later. All five Division I schools will see each other on Friday, November 15th at the NCAA West Regional meet in Sacramento. The four Division II schools will meet up at the Great Northwest Athletic Conference meet on October 26th in Monmouth, Oregon, before facing off in Spokane. Here are capsule previews of what to expect this season from the state’s nine Division I and II schools.

Division I schools

Washington State: The Cougar men’s team will be led by

St. Martin’s Joe Berger turned heads when he won the St. Martin’s Invitational in September. aric

Division II

becker photo courtesy of

Central Washington: The Wildcats will be led by senior Connie Morgan, and sophomore Dani Eggleston. Both have run to-

st. martin ’s university.


N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

Australian import Todd Wakefield. The Cougs may have some depth issues, as junior Lee George, senior Andrew Gonzales, and sophomore Forrest Shaffer are the ones with previous bigmeet experience, with senior Drew Jordan reportedly redshirting this fall. Depth will also be a problem on the women’s side, with junior Ruby Roberts the clear leader, along with redshirt senior Courtney Zalud, who is an 800m specialist. The Cougs will need their freshmen and sophomores to step up if they want to get out of the basement. Gonzaga: The Bulldogs will be led by senior Brent Felnagle and Colin O’Neil. Nick Roche has shown that he’s up to the challenge as one of the team’s front-runners, as he finished fifth at the Sundodger meet in Seattle last month. The Bulldog women must re-tool with the graduation of Lindsey Drake and Emily Thomas. Head women’s coach Patty Ley thinks the pieces of the puzzle are in place as the team is led by Lauren Bergam, with Maggie Jones and Laura Tuthill close behind. Eastern Washington: Coach Chris Zeller is optimistic that the Eagles men’s team can get out of the bottom third of the Big Sky Conference with the return of Simon Sorensen, Chris Schroll and Vince Hamilton after a redshirt season, to go along with last year’s number one runner David Thor. The women’s squad will be led by Katie Mahoney, who was redshirted last cross-country season, along with team captain Berenice Penaloza. The Eagles must look to their group of young runners and community college transfers to close the gap between them and their two front runners. Seattle University: The Redhawks will have the daunting task of replacing conference champion Erik Barkhaus and first-team all-WAC-standout Matthew McClement, who both graduated, and Collin Overbay, who is being redshirted this season. Sophomore Nathan McLaughlin has been the team’s early leader so far, finishing as the top runner in two meets this season. On the women’s side, SeattleU is led by WAC steeplechase champ Hannah Mittelstaedt, along with seniors Lauren Hammerle and Jennifer Stolle. Nonetheless, coach Trisha Steidl believes that both of her squads can finish in the top three in the WAC championships. University Of Washington: The women’s squad’s ranking took a slight dip with the news that All-American Megan Goethals will miss the season with a stress fracture in her femur. Katie Flood leads the Huskies. She will have a strong supporting crew with senior Justine Johnson, along with Eleanor Fulton, Maddie Meyers and a pair of the top high schoolers from this state – Katie Knight and Amy-Eloise Neale. Aaron Nelson and Tyler King look to fill the void left by NCAA qualifier Joey Bywater, who graduated. The Huskies have perhaps one of their best recruiting classes, led by Mead standout Andrew Gardner.

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

ward the front of the pack for the Wildcats in each of their meets so far this season. On the men’s side, the going could be rough for the Wildcats as they’ve had to lean on freshman Rudy Spencer as their top runner in their first three meets this season. Saint Martin’s: The Saints are in a rebuilding mode, as they have a new coach in Jason McConnell, who was the cross-country coach at Evergreen State College. Saint Martin’s may have a bona fide front-runner on their squad in Joe Steeplechase champion Hannah Berger, who made Mittelstaedt leads Seattle U’s people notice when women’s squad. eric badeau photo, he won the Saint courtesy of seattle university. Martin’s Invitational on a rain-soaked course on September 28th. Kenna Fosnacht and Erika Crock are the Saints’ top women,

but the team’s lack of depth will hurt at the conference championships. Seattle Pacific: The Falcons return four members of last year’s squad, led by senior McKayla Fricker and junior Jasmine Johnson, with sophomores Lynelle Decker and Anna Patti. The challenge for the team is to find a strong runner or three to run close to their top four. Sso far, freshman Hannah Calvert from Enumclaw has answered the bell after finishing fourth in the Saint Martin’s Invitational. On the men’s side, Turner Wiley and Adam Avischious have established themselves as the team’s front-runners, but the Falcons are saddled with a lack of depth. Western Washington: The Vikings are clearly the secondbest men’s squad in the GNAC behind Alaska Anchorage, with five returning runners. They are led by seniors Chip Jackson, Dylan Peterson, Tanner Boyd and Tabor Reedy, all of whom have national championship meet experience. Fellow senior Dak Riek won the open section of the Sundodger Invitational meet at Lincoln Park last month, but did not wear a Western jersey due to an eligibility issue. Riek, who was an All-American for WWU last year, is most likely done unless his appeal comes through. Even though the Vikings have a clear front-runner in junior Katelyn Steen, there are questions about who can step up to run with her. Freshman Lillianna Stelling has stepped up so far, but the team will need others if they want to battle with the likes of defending champ Alaska Anchorage, as well as Simon Fraser and Seattle Pacific for a top three team finish in the conference. For updates between issues of Northwest Runner, don’t forget to visit for the latest news. •

N O V 2 013 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r


The Portland Penny

It didn’t take a coin toss to decide where to run Marathon #50 The first wave prepares for the starting gun. martin rudow (mr) photo.

by Paul Gentry


hat was I thinking?” It’s a common question for those brave enough to reach the starting line of a marathon. Most say “never again” after staggering across the finish line for the first time, but that quickly changes when you re-enter your normal daily grind and the thrill (and aches and pains) are gone. So, to soothe the savage beast, you run another marathon, which again truly excites you as you realize the first time was not a fluke. Before you know it, you’re hooked. Welcome to the mind-altered world of the marathon run36

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

ner….but how many are enough? For me, a practical and somewhat non-fanatical number was 50, but which marathon is special enough for such a momentous occasion? Additionally, the final reward needed to be a memorable memento, more than a sticker adhered to a trophy shop medal. The answer was a “no-brainer”: the Portland Marathon, of course! In 1845, three flips of a coin took place between Asa Lovejoy and Francis Pettygrove, originally from Boston and Portland, Maine to decide which of their hometown’s names would be used for the area then known as “The Clearing.” Pet-

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tygrove won the coin toss using an 1835 one-cent piece. Nearly two centuries later, these cities’ worlds collided once more with the colors of the Portland 2013 event coin mirroring the Boston Marathon yellow-gold and blue colors. They did this to honor the tragically stolen lives, the injured marathon runners, spectators and first responder heroes from this past April’s tragic events.

The Oregon Trail

Being a confirmed medal chaser, I spotted the Portland coin-minted finisher medal within days of moving to the great

The coveted 2013 Portland Marathon finisher’s medal – “Medal Guy’s” motivation to cross the finish line. courtesy of portland marathon . Northwest, and signed up for the 2003 marathon. That year the Louisiana Purchase and Thomas Jefferson adorned my two-sided Portland medallion. This priceless keepsake came at a great price as I developed shingles and suffered far beyond the finish line. Yet I look back at my only six-hour marathon finish fondly now. Like most marathoners, there have been extreme sacrifices in finishing multiple events – burning and freezing temperatures, 40 mph winds that pummeled my body with hail and sheets of rain, a nagging groin pull, and even a post-race ER visit for stitches after falling headfirst onto the pavement. Common sense was not in play while training for Portland either, with two runner’s knees and Achilles tendonitis to deal with each morning, just praying that the pain would numb. Still I consider myself lucky compared to many suffering with marathon madness – I have lined up 50 times without the final results showing that dreaded “DNF“ next to my name. Marathons are like an assorted cookie jar; you just want to grab handfuls at a time, savoring the unique flavor of each

Samantha Moser and Jennifer Fahey appear happy with their finish time. amy tomlinson photo.

Treated like a celebrity – Portland Marathon awarded the author bib #50 to represent his 50th marathon. paul gentry (pg) photo. N O V 2 013 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m

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one. The majesty of New York City, the overwhelming patriotic feel of the Marine Corps, Route 66’s classic highway, or San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The list goes on and on down insanity lane, but in the end, I came to the conclusion that for a special marathon, all trails led to Portland. And why not? How many marathons have an Event Director’s College before their event, shut down a city for eight hours for walkers, or give out roses to finishers? Portland is the epitome of how marathons should be organized, from the encouraging volunteers to the race committee, where each member has specific tasks critical to every step of a runner’s journey to the finish line. The 2012 Portland Marathon’s coinlike medal was selected as the number one medal in North America by Marathon and Beyond magazine. And yet, for 2013, event director Les Smith completely changed 30 years of tradition and designed a medal mirroring the “Pour le Merite,” which signifies the highest military honor. Portland already possessed the best medal. Why tinker with perfection? Simple answer: Smith and his committee have never forgotten that everything they do is all about the runners. The finisher’s medal is a sign of stature, the

very reason Chicago and New York City initially fashioned their designs to replicate military medals during the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. I had no doubt about finishing when I awoke that perfect weather morning; Portland’s 2013 medal was the carrot on a stick that I was chasing. Fortunately Portland is a walker-friendly marathon so my pre-race thoughts were that I had eight hours to zombie stumble to the finish line if I had to!

A hero’s welcome

While lining up before the start of the marathon, I couldn’t help but notice I was just one small pawn amidst nearly 13,000 runners. I kept asking myself why they gave me, an average runner, bib number 50 – an elite number? I remembered a few years back when Portland gave the amazing Bob Dolphin bib number 80 for his 80th birthday during his personal journey to 500 marathons. Comparatively, my 49 marathons felt insignificant, but Portland gave me the same respect. That attitude of respect is extended to all of their runners, and volunteers echoed that same sentiment while I ran that morning, shouting “Medal Guy!” as I ran by. They had inscribed my nickname on my personalized bib.

Lilian Yamasaki (left) and Alley Vause traveled from Vancouver, BC to run the marathon. mr photo.

The 3:10 pace group looks cheerful, as they should at mile 4. mr photo. 38

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

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While crossing the St. John’s Bridge, I thought of the Bixby Bridge during my first marathon, Big Sur, in April of 2000. I still vividly remember crossing the finish line in Monterey that day as this activeduty Navy runner was literally in tears and proud of it. But what about marathon number 35 or 42? Why couldn’t I remember those finishing line moments? Easy answer: they were not number 50! Every marathon is special, but hitting the 2013 Portland finish line gave me a feeling of exuberance I hadn’t experienced in over a decade. It was such a major relief, much like my first marathon finish, and all because of a simple number! Hanging up your sneakers with 49 marathon finishes would have been much like having a PR of 3 hours flat, one second short of reaching the two hour timeframe! As a marathoner, you are alone in meeting this challenge, but everywhere I looked there were brothers- and sistersin-arms chasing their dreams. It’s a sea of humanity pushing towards one solidified goal. In Portland, everyone was treated as a winner as we limped toward the smiling volunteers who were holding space blankets, northwest tree seedlings and medals. How incredibly wonderful it felt as I absorbed every second of that finisher medal being draped around my

neck. How quickly forgotten were the 20,000 miles I had run the last decade or the countless Saturday morning long runs leading up to that moment. All the years of plugging my ears to logic felt worth it! But euphoria can be oblivious to your body’s needs after 26.2 miles, and I couldn’t help but notice that the medical staff ensured I was okay to move on before my picking up the best swag in the country. In the end, what do you have to show for running 50 marathons? Perhaps a slight limp or, worst case scenario, surgeries as you get older. But how do we remember that achievement in time? The finisher medal, of course! As of October 6th, I was holding the best marathon medal in the nation. Two hundred years from now you can bet that symbol of valor will withstand the hands of time. Perhaps it will be displayed in a descendant’s den as a reminder of my own little war – a war against complacency, against that little voice urging me to turn over and get another hour’s sleep. As I drove home I realized that Portland will always be my Boston, as I am an average runner at best. And much like that historic 1845 coin toss which decided the city’s name, everyone who ran the 2013 Portland marathon came out a winner. •

Portland Marathon Race Report Portland has set such a high standard that you almost hope for something to go wrong, or a hot duel for first, or maybe a streaker, to give you something different to write home about. But ho hum: 2013’s edition was another perfect Portland Marathon. Chamber of Commerce weather, flawless course management, fast times at the top and many PRs along the way. Men’s winner Jameson Mora, who repeated his win here last year, was so far ahead by the 20-mile mark that he could have stopped for the world’s longest potty break and still won. His final time of 2:20.53 was a quality performance, as was the 2:42.30 of women’s winner Rachel Jaten of Spokane. At age 38 she qualified for her second Olympic Marathon Trials (in 2016) and made a significant impact on our Best Tines List. Mora, Jaten, and the other finishers ran under the finish banner on a street made quiet this year by Race Director Les Smith’s decision to keep the area around the finish clear—the only visible concession to the terrorist threat created by the Boston incident. There were plenty of other security measures taken as well, reassures Smith, but none as visible. Nothing to keep the Portland Marathon from being its usual awardwinning marathon day. —Martin Rudow

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Portland Results October 6

Marathon MALES Top Ten Overall

Jameson Mora 2:20:53 Tyler Dudley 2:29:50 Julian Spence 2:30:03 Kevin Cave 2:36:38 Shaun Frandsen 2:37:52 Cody Callon 2:38:14 M J Engle 2:38:19 Wes Fuhrman 2:40:22 Adam Cohen 2:42:15 Matt Dunlap 2:42:58 19 & Under Jake Beach 2:52:19 William Holdhusen 3:00:14 Wyatt Hayden 3:22:04 Alex Chau 3:27:47 Michael Nutkowitz 3:40:49 20-24 Tyler Dudley 2:29:50 Jesse Saldana 2:43:32 Bryant Mason 2:52:42 Colin Root 2:58:56 Carl Holborn 2:59:35 25-29 Jameson Mora 2:20:53 Julian Spence 2:30:03 Matt Dunlap 2:42:58 Antonio Roque 2:43:47 Gary Krugger 2:46:50 30-34 Kevin Cave 2:36:38 Cody Callon 2:38:14 Wes Fuhrman 2:40:22 Peter Christoff 2:44:45 Clint Vandergiessen 2:47:09 35-39 Shaun Frandsen 2:37:52

Aaron Routon 2:45:36 Michael Finn 2:49:49 Kevin Saur 2:51:29 Tyler Williams 2:52:17 40-44 M.J. Engle 2:38:19 Jason Irby 2:48:00 Bobby Stuckey 2:53:28 Mike Murphy 2:54:33 Richard Bae 2:58:00 Additional subscribers Jason Carlson 3:55:16 Gregory Payne 3:56:10 Jon Bell 4:18:56 Adam J. Fyall 5:45:02 45-49 Adam Cohen 2:42:15 Paul Smith 2:44:56 Robert Franklin 2:52:27 Angel Santiago 2:56:31 Jeff Spang 2:57:05 Additional subscribers John Hughes 3:45:04 50-54 John Clifford 2:56:45 Jeff Trapold 3:03:28 Greg Armstrong 3:04:51 Timothy Steele 3:05:50 Richard Christensen 3:08:20 Additional subscribers Greg Mills 3:25:34 Mark Smith 3:30:48 Randal Thiel 4:26:21 James Klarich 4:33:59 Doug Marlatt 4:38:49 55-59 Shinji Miyamoto 2:51:54 Jay Helgerson 3:05:36 Keith Lerew 3:10:04 Bill Raabe 3:16:01 Greg Dewitt 3:20:22 Additional subscribers Karl Kunkle 3:24:53 Barry Baker 3:30:51 Paul Gentry 5:59:07 60-64 Gerry Tinkle 3:10:20 Phil Henry 3:14:17 Tom Manning 3:26:56

At least someone’s looking on the bright side! pg photo. 40

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Ron Heintz 3:32:48 Gordon Opel 3:35:34 Additional subscribers Bob Rutledge 4:57:25 David White 5:01:59 65-69 John Middleton 3:52:37 Richard Adomitis 3:52:45 Dan Harvey 3:53:32 Sonny Conder 3:55:27 Toby Skinner 4:02:06 Additional subscribers M Wakabayashi 4:14:03 70-74 Charlie Bretz 4:03:03 John Moore 4:38:52 Gary Windom 4:42:47 Steven Sandor 4:46:02 Thomas Crites 4:48:15 Additional subscribers Barry Chernick 6:22:31 75-79 Rod Strodl 4:50:23 Douglas Adams 4:59:20 Tadahiko Hasebe 5:01:26 Ed Bender 5:33:37 Byron Paul 6:42:31 80 & Above Mel Preedy 6:54:34 Malcolm Dunham 7:17:17

FEMALES Top Ten Overall

Rachel Jaten 2:42:13 Devon Yanko 2:50:52 Hayley Mckeen 2:57:01 Ashley Desanno 3:02:23 Sara Wild 3:04:50 Laura Lavezo 3:05:29 Kristi Lachenmeier 3:05:55 Aaryn Munson-Price 3:06:07 Tracy Wollschlager 3:07:26 Melissa Bell 3:09:20 19 & Under Brooke Mischkot 3:50:58 Kimberly Rudeen 4:03:57 Elizabeth Prosser 4:07:56 Katie Shanahan 4:13:28 Hannah Johnson 4:25:40 20-24 Sara Wild 3:04:50 Laura Lavezo 3:05:29 Susan Smith 3:11:41 Anna Grummon 3:20:45 Kelsey Croall 3:23:25 Additional subscribers Kimberly Williams 4:54:21 25-29 Olivia Poblacion 3:09:54 Ashley Sledz 3:12:41 Kelly Laleman 3:13:50 Caitlin Bushong 3:15:15 Jessica Lemme 3:16:32 Additional subscribers Colleen Bryant 3:41:35 Rachel Freeman 4:48:42 30-34 Devon Yanko 2:50:52 Hayley Mckeen 2:57:01 Ashley Desanno 3:02:23 Aaryn Munson-Price 3:06:07 Melissa Bell 3:09:20 Additional subscribers Amanda Morales 6:17:17 Christy Bemis 7:09:13 35-39 Rachel Jaten 2:42:13 Kristi Lachenmeier 3:05:55 Heather Johnson 3:10:50 Barkley Hope 3:11:28 Allison Graves 3:17:52 Additional subscribers E Hutchinson 3:40:39 Heather Free 3:46:51 Julie Distel 4:01:01 Lori Orser 4:02:31 April Graves 4:16:28 Diana Gardner 4:59:07 Heather Jaynes 7:07:09 40-44 Tracy Wollschlager 3:07:26 Michelle Culos 3:14:01

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

Janet Lun 3:15:21 Lucy Kenward 3:15:30 Traci Mitchell 3:18:59 Additional subscribers Deborah Fletcher 3:21:12 Angela Wilder 4:33:18 Melissa Pursel 4:46:26 Michelle Miller 5:09:19 Heidi Thomsen 5:12:44 Samantha Smith 5:47:38 Linda Swier 6:33:27 45-49 Heather Wiebe 3:10:44 Karen Oppenheimer 3:24:29 Lisa Ramsey 3:27:05 Tejal Parikh 3:27:38 Jennifer Giles 3:29:30 Additional subscribers Ana Short 4:34:02 Holly Nottingham 4:36:10 Kimberly Lukens 4:46:22 Kris Salmon 6:30:44 50-54 Francine Katz 3:24:11 Lori Dunley 3:29:56 Tamara Murphy 3:30:43 Gayle Vanderford 3:32:37 Alicia Britt 3:33:04 Additional subscribers Alicia Britt 3:33:04 Mary Jane Lohr 4:30:57 Carla Stewart 4:59:42 Gail Bonicalzi 5:06:37 55-59 Naoko Murata 3:16:38 Kathy Stoehr 3:38:14 N Kintner-Meyer 3:44:20 Lora Mattsen 3:50:56 Jennifer De Cocq 3:54:46 60-64 Katey Angel 3:44:32 Patrice De Graff 3:54:45 Shirley Kaiser 3:57:13 Sandee Myers 4:07:28 Suzanne Koonce 4:10:15 65-69 Ann Fowble 4:26:18 C Des Lauriers 4:39:43 June Gorsky 5:07:47 Phyllis Giarro 5:34:10 Carol Goslin 5:50:00 70-74 Judy Fisher 4:08:29 Sharon Wentworth 5:04:10 Alys Traw 5:12:36 Mary Ann Bosky 5:31:57 Margaret Mayer 5:56:32 75-79 Diana Anderson 7:04:56 Gloria Bassler 7:22:27 Elizabeth Buffam 7:29:52 Elvida Walrod-Frothingham 7:37:41

Portland Half MALES Top Ten Overall

Shamus Eaton 1:08:31 Dustin Lieb 1:10:29 Rob Schlegel 1:13:08 Michael Henry 1:19:07 Eric Lattin 1:19:35 Matt Smiarowski 1:20:28 Sahil Doshi 1:24:32 Toby Primbs 1:24:41 Chris Mallory 1:24:53 Greg Galbraith 1:25:03 19 & Under Sahil Doshi 1:24:32 Duncan Prince 1:36:04 David Lehrburger 2:03:08 Gabe Lehrburger 2:03:08 Owen Cooper 2:11:53 20-24 Thomas Wood 1:39:18 Eric Hagen 1:43:17 Ian Propst-Campbell 1:46:36 Hennessey Donovan 1:47:02 Benjamin Cundiff 1:48:55 25-29 Shamus Eaton 1:08:31

Rob Schlegel 1:13:08 Matt Smiarowski 1:20:28 Nic Zweifel 1:28:55 Nate Robinson 1:34:59 30-34 Dustin Lieb 1:10:29 Sean Mcburney 1:26:34 Jeff Gutierrez 1:27:11 Devin Starling 1:19:54 Nick Vollmer 1:28:31 35-39 Michael Henry 1:19:07 Toby Primbs 1:24:41 Chris Mallory 1:24:53 Chris Pricey 1:35:51 Ryan Mcgraw 1:36:44 40-44 Eric Lattin 1:19:35 Ross Crowley 1:25:47 Matthew Gadbaw 1:31:45 Jared Ray 1:32:45 William Schneider 1:33:28 45-49 Greg Galbraith 1:25:03 Will Patton 1:33:15 Robert Fabian 1:35:21 Troy Rappold 1:36:07 Chi Miller 1:36:37 Additional subscribers Michael Watkins 2:15:54 50-54 David Wirtanen 1:32:47 Douglas Samuels 1:37:55 Steve Coneybeare 1:40:18 Peter Clements 1:41:28 Steve Boe 1:41:34 Additional subscribers Edward Lane 1:48:01 Frank Yandrasits 2:53:41 55-59 Kent Vincent 1:34:04 Rick Poli 1:37:52 Jeffrey Fullman 1:48:02 Jeffrey Harbaugh 1:53:19 Bruce Howard 1:55:55 60-64 Francis Kessler 1:29:22 John Hoffstaed 1:47:42 John Craig 1:50:39 Jim Fety 1:50:57 Bernie Gomez 1:51:41 Additional subscribers Jon Jorstad 1:55:07 Ken Tanino 1:55:17 Warren Tessler 2:01:02 Gary Walker 2:46:11 65-69 John Shryock 1:38:36 James Osborne 1:42:46 Donald Hensel 1:48:17 Stefan-Ludwig Foik 1:48:34 Andrew Becker 1:50:58 Additional subscribers James Weber 1:56:21 70-74 Andy Harris 2:00:40 Art Edelstein 2:17:03 Stuart Oken 2:22:02 Ronald Schoenheit 2:25:50 William Allshouse 2:41:45 75-79 Paolo Gramaccioni 2:05:43 Michael Breeze 2:10:04 Allen Sandstrom 2:38:37 Joe Williams 3:38:16 Richard Hannon 3:45:25

FEMALES Top Ten Overall Yoshiko Sakamoto Milah Frownfelter S Le Febre Biehl Kara Bazzi Jody Eckert Bethany Strutz Lisa Zolman Katie Schmidlin Sonya Wilkerson Katie Drechsel 19 & Under Marley Johnson Alyssa Ito

1:26:24 1:29:31 1:32:38 1:32:52 1:33:47 1:34:20 1:35:31 1:35:43 1:35:55 1:36:03 1:46:17 1:48:36

Anna Martinsson 1:50:36 Madison Kenney 1:59:08 Rebecca Miles 2:07:56 20-24 Lindsay Wagner 1:43:57 Laura Cazares 1:49:11 Mary Barlean 1:49:35 Hannah Ellsworth 1:50:43 Kelsey Hu 1:52:52 25-29 Bethany Strutz 1:34:20 Katie Schmidlin 1:35:43 Katie Drechsel 1:36:03 Brianne Hook 1:43:05 Gretchen Holzgang 1:44:33 30-34 Yoshiko Sakamoto 1:26:24 Kara Bazzi 1:32:52 Jody Eckert 1:33:47 Kristine Archer 1:36:57 Anne Luce 1:38:21 35-39 Milah Frownfelter 1:29:31 Martha Evenson 1:37:45 Jeana Kats 1:40:22 Maria Frei 1:41:26 Larisa Whipple 1:42:02 40-44 Lisa Zolman 1:35:31 Sonya Wilkerson 1:35:55 Angela Marozzo 1:40:01 Lynnette Cauble 1:42:30 Carol Hall 1:43:52 Additional subscribers Jen Steele 1:49:58 Nicole Gibson 2:02:17 Lori Penor 2:09:24 45-49 Suz Le Febre Biehl 1:32:38 Kathleen White 1:36:54 Margaret Ellenson 1:37:20 Kelly Anderson 1:39:24 Christine Staub 1:44:57 Additional subscribers Erin Nolan 2:30:39 50-54 Liz Hendrie 1:38:15 Susan Kaluza 1:39:45 Sheila Perletti 1:39:58 Yasuyo Fujimori 1:42:02 Renay Peck 1:51:27 55-59 Liz Fancher 1:43:20 Beth Brady 1:47:18 Fiona Robertson 1:47:28 Mary Roberts 1:50:27 Jane Stevens 1:52:27 Additional subscribers Mary Hansen 2:15:07 Marianne Iksic 2:29:56 60-64 Susan Smith 1:51:53 Leslee Russell 1:53:33 Rosemary Harding 1:57:27 Laurie Moses 2:08:00 Susan Hecht 2:08:53 Additional subscribers Marsha Murray 3:19:29 Barbara Johnson 3:39:49 65-69 Karen Kasper 2:08:45 Irene Bertani 2:10:26 Eileen Holzman 2:10:45 Klarice Anderson 2:12:45 Sharon Clow 2:14:00 70-74 Sarah Parshall 2:24:42 Patricia Finke 2:37:04 Ellen West 2:42:40 Mally Castner 3:02:49 Judy Burchell 3:09:12 75-79 Marilyn Paul 2:22:29 Iris Kissir 3:09:11 Diane Lund 3:29:17 Lucy Sandoval 3:34:05 Diane Maxwell 3:59:37 80 & Above Flor Irlandez 2:54:11 Greta Nelson 3:21:48 Ruth Bortz 4:21:06

RACE results Lake Chelan Marathon, Half & 10K September 7, Chelan

Marathon MALES Top Five Overall

Bill Condon Caleb Ambrose Jonathan Spears Jeff Wolf Tyler Hennon 19 & Under Nathan Longhurst John Wehrer 20-24 Tyler Torres Daniel Dudley Colby Noll Alex Clark Blake Fitzgerald 25-29 Caleb Ambrose Tyler Hennon Brian Toncray Bradley Wong Daniel Lee 30-34 Bill Condon Ryan Cole William Beaty Joshua Corbin Kevin Fleming 35-39 Jonathan Spears Jeff Wolf Doug Wood Israel Schweiger Shane Hill 40-44 Christopher Green Paul Nelson Charles Cannon Larry Longhurst Aaron Bryant 45-49 Michael Pfeifer Douglas Shanks Scott Forrest David Pearson Todd Patsy 50-54 Steve Waco H. Derek Palmer Larry Lehmbecker Michael Miller David Smith 55-59 Dale Heinen Gary Kobold Mac Allen Greg Gibson 60 & Above Francis Leblanc Gary Otheim Mel Preedy

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Danielle Villarreal Joanne Bernhardt Selina Danko Jennie Lange Meg Hare 19 & Under Natalie Ambrose Keisha Engley Alina Cibicki Mackenzi Brunner

2:45:29 2:54:47 2:57:13 3:02:08 3:02:53 4:38:13 4:48:00 3:50:31 3:50:56 3:55:23 3:56:14 4:55:53 2:54:47 3:02:53 3:30:32 3:39:13 3:48:08 2:45:29 3:41:47 3:46:15 3:46:41 3:47:04 2:57:13 3:02:08 3:09:59 3:46:07 3:51:49 3:15:08 3:24:54 3:26:15 4:25:51 4:35:13 3:19:36 3:19:48 3:42:07 3:57:23 4:20:48 3:22:57 3:25:54 3:38:31 3:55:34 4:21:27 3:27:45 3:36:41 3:55:04 4:05:55 4:14:28 5:13:34 6:58:20

3:10:57 3:23:26 3:25:40 3:26:33 3:30:53 3:52:00 5:05:05 5:17:23 6:23:12

20-24 Thessaly Nicolaysen 3:59:01 Haley Broughton 4:39:27 25-29 Danielle Villarreal 3:10:57 Joanne Bernhardt 3:23:26 Alyssa Meinhold 4:04:26 Wendy Hawthorne 4:05:45 Marousia Wright 4:12:41 30-34 Meg Hare 3:30:53 Shelby Spears 3:43:34 Jennifer Corbin 3:46:41 Pam Olsen 3:56:42 Crystal Whittier 4:00:52 35-39 Erin Ellison 3:31:49 Jenny Copson 4:00:42 Christina Jalali 4:05:43 Jenn Harowicz 4:11:51 Christina O’brien 4:18:54 40-44 Selina Danko 3:25:40 Jennie Lange 3:26:33 Lorena Devlyn 3:34:57 Elena Smith 3:42:46 Jill Perrigoue 3:54:19 Additional Subscribers Rita White 4:41:55 45-49 Betty Helgren 3:43:23 Pamela Thain 3:51:33 Stephanie Lamey 4:03:33 Sabrina Naftel 4:04:56 Martine Korban 4:19:38 50-54 Lyell Fracas 4:44:42 Elizabeth Preston 5:42:01 Kim Dotson 6:09:26 60-64 Jean Schmidt 3:59:08 Jennifer Black 4:36:07

Chelan Half MALES Top Five Overall

Brig Seidl 1:21:50 Kirk Sall 1:29:08 Bob Soost 1:32:17 Paul Brandt 1:33:01 Eric Reutter 1:35:44 20-24 Riley Donohue 1:50:00 Travis Hunt 1:57:15 25-29 Eric Reutter 1:35:44 Daren Toy 1:38:22 Alejandro Gamboa 1:44:13 Kevin Hougen 1:47:47 Thomas Gray 1:53:23 30-34 Troy Robeck 1:38:45 Brad Nelson 1:44:54 Mathew Brown 1:48:45 Karl Rowland 1:51:52 Ryan Taylor 1:54:32 Additional Subscribers Mike Brown 1:55:17 35-39 Ben Adamski 1:38:23 Brandon Hoglund 1:38:44 Bert Ivey 1:43:04 Don E. Marshall Jr. 1:48:58 Eric Moe 1:55:10 40-44 Shailendra Gujarati 1:54:56 Lee Stone 2:02:52 Scot Doboszenski 2:22:56 Chad Fuller 2:26:50 Michael Spath 2:27:48 45-49 Kirk Sall 1:29:08 Paul Brandt 1:33:01 Don Sorensen 1:36:47 David Katzer 1:42:04 Robert Owens 1:44:42

50-54 Brig Seidl Bob Soost Michael Weinstein Adolfo Vasquez Bob Wismer 55-59 Patrick Funk Hoyt Gier Richard Nadolny Jerry Bartlett Milton Rother 60-64 Tom Feil Chris Macfarland David Keeney

feMALES Top Five Overall

1:21:50 1:32:17 1:39:39 1:43:04 1:50:24 1:50:44 1:52:32 2:05:46 2:11:20 2:27:29 1:42:27 3:02:36 3:22:24

Rachel Jaten 1:17:40 Lynda Finegold 1:29:24 Terry Ostendorf 1:39:20 Hillary Conner 1:40:35 Jayme Hoglund 1:40:38 19 & Under Eliza Knowles 2:33:49 20-24 Gretchen Funk 2:04:58 Courtney Hicks 2:05:52 Victoria Shaw 2:19:00 Katie Siedel 2:27:54 Kaitlin Cole 2:38:02 25-29 Jayme Hoglund 1:40:38 Alexa Jewell 1:43:27 Michelle Martinez 1:49:19 Sara Collins 1:58:40 Jenna Schweitzer 2:00:11 30-34 Hillary Conner 1:40:35 Kathryn Binder 1:40:49 Krystina Nelson 1:48:38 Maya Wiest 1:50:49 Stephanie White 1:51:55 Additional Subscribers Christy Bemis 3:07:49 35-39 Rachel Jaten 1:17:40 Carmen Johnson 1:41:24 Kelly Weatherman 1:43:44 Stacy Rivera 1:48:39 Marci Fillmore 1:48:58 40-44 Lynda Finegold 1:29:24 Jennifer Gunderson 1:45:58 Dadra Clement 1:48:51 Julie Roos 1:49:20 Amy Dodge 1:55:09 Additional Subscribers Jennifer Davis 2:06:44 45-49 Adrienne Cook 1:50:34 Karen Zehm 1:50:50 Shannon Perry 1:54:41 Joan Adams 2:07:55 Leah Wilson 2:11:21 Additional Subscribers Amy Wismer 2:13:16 Kristi Wilson 2:55:20 50-54 Terry Ostendorf 1:39:20 Janet R. Howe 1:41:31 J Ainsworth-Taylor 1:42:33 Sue Maybee 1:48:52 Laura Zeffer 2:04:16 55-59 Patti Wiegard 2:18:22 Kirstie Higgins 2:23:02 Carol Rowand 3:00:49 Mary Wood 3:03:36 Colleen Clifford 3:03:37 60-64 Lynn Gray 2:16:31 Jeanne Coleman 2:31:38 Linda Hendricks 2:51:34 65-69 Vickey Baker 3:07:49

Kathleen Keeney


Chelan 10K MALES Top Five Overall

Kevin Saur Luke Hakensen Dennis Summers Randy Erber Nathan Collyer 19 & Under Luke Hakensen 20-24 Steven Sabedra David Bahr Jesse Hallenbeck 30-34 Matt Kilgore Allex Smith Dennis Troy Nathan Hill Brandon Sisco 35-39 Kevin Saur Nathan Collyer Aaron Rowe Roman Sandoval Justin Fevold 40-44 Steve Brewer Eric Lange Bryan Mcniel Jason Moug James Goforth 45-49 Randy Erber Daniel Dufner Walter Horan 50-54 Dennis Summers Perry Rodgers David Newsom Kevin Ostendorf Wayne Newitts 55-59 Dave Clark 65-69 Glenn Knutson Michael Vance

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Traci Hamilton Christine Klingel Marisol Galeana Sydney Austin Desiree Jones 19 & Under Hannah Gunderson Sydney Green Chloe Fasoldt 20-24 Sydney Austin Jennifer Miller Katrina Miller Camille Bowers Maddie Miller 25-29 Amelia Jones Nicole O’brine Jennifer Bartlett Helen Tuilevuka Melissa Rains 30-34 Traci Hamilton Desiree Jones Melissa Osborn Tiffany Mecca Sara Deason 35-39 Christine Klingel Marisol Galeana Carrie Brewer Susanne Cushman Cheryl Sisco

32:41 40:26 41:32 44:23 45:01 40:26 45:22 48:52 1:06:15 45:54 53:59 57:35 1:00:38 1:01:25 32:41 45:01 47:18 48:14 53:43 46:05 48:01 54:40 1:06:52 1:07:59 44:23 49:40 57:20 41:32 48:49 55:41 58:43 1:05:05 1:10:07 1:06:30 1:22:26

40:51 42:24 43:41 48:09 48:14 48:29 48:29 1:07:18 48:09 55:08 57:03 1:00:51 1:06:18 55:16 55:48 56:24 58:22 59:11 40:51 48:14 48:56 49:18 54:51 42:24 43:41 55:16 59:28 1:01:25

40-44 Jennifer Witherbee 48:28 Kimberly Mcniel 54:40 Lynn Frosch 54:54 Jenifer Chamberlin 55:13 Penny Paus 55:34 Additional Subscribers Robin Fowler 1:31:49 Davina Gilroy 1:36:48 45-49 Lori Scheller 58:19 Nancy Fasoldt 1:07:24 Kristen Park 1:11:14 Wendy Hansen 1:14:20 Donna Shepard 1:23:55 50-54 Sharla Austin 48:20 Deborah Hartl 59:07 Bonnie Foust 1:01:42 Michelle Churchman 1:05:12 Trudy Soost 1:07:29 55-59 Melody Murray 57:34 Kimberly Barnes 1:00:35 Debbie Bahr 1:03:54 Leslie Moore 1:06:39 Cherie Schmidt 1:11:22 60-64 Laurie Berge 1:10:30 Dana Shumaker 1:13:02 Kathy Funk 1:22:19 Cyndie Lester 1:29:48

FEMALES Top Ten Overall

Alexis Franklin Judy Renteria Savanah Smith Theresa Chapin Arielle Burnett Julir Burnett Corolyn Kelly Kjertsen Reime Breanne Bitar Dawn McMillan

25:21 26:33 27:50 27:51 28:12 29:39 29:42 29:62 31:21 32:30

Reynvaan 10K Male Finishers

Brian Dayton Mike Barton

49:09 54:45

Kristen Barton Ashley Layden Nikki Wells Corri Schmid Morgan Hart Kimberly Greninger

49:13 54:27 59:04 61:27 63:15 67:55

Female Finishers

Women of Wonder 5K/10K September 8, Seattle


Reynvaan 10K, 5K & 2 Miler

FEMALES Top Five Overall

September 7, Hoquiam

2 Miler MALES Top Ten Overall

Austin Drake Kyle Reynvaan Carlos Juarez Ryan Cole Derek Stoken Elijah Walker Zak Vessey Alex Houbregs Matthew Bush Grant Vessey

FEMALES Top Ten Overall

Alexis Delchanty Piper Sandstrom Jade Sandstrom Chrissie Erickson Lindsey Pace Jennifer Pace Victoria Bush Ellie Cody Carrie Vessey Katy Moore

13:20 13:38 14:05 15:38 16:14 16:23 16:27 16:41 19:40 21:24

14:49 16:32 16:42 16:43 18:11 18:12 19:40 21:24 21:29 21:29

Reynvaan 5K MALES Top Ten Overall Loren McNiel Alex Valliere Terry Spurgeon Steve Husko Matt Jorgenson Matt Meholchick Richard Thompson Jeremy McMillan Robert Atwell Elbert Field

N O V 2 013 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m

21:21 22:43 23:00 24:39 25:33 26:00 27:10 28:38 30:04 34:30

Daniela Zeman 18:32 Gail Hall 20:05 Michelle McGuire 20:56 Catherine Waddell 20:58 Meghan Lyle 21:17 19 & Under Emma Flood 23:05 Rachelle Henry 24:12 Abby Powell 25:35 Cameron Mason 25:57 Sophia Meshinchi 26:33 20-24 Kendra Clauson 23:23 Angela Evans 26:53 Brianna Murray 28:06 Morgan Gilchrist 28:31 Liz Hall 29:44 25-29 Daniela Zeman 18:32 Joanna Johnson 21:40 Kristin Okinaka 22:34 Jessie Turner 24:29 M Phang Delgado 26:26 30-34 Catherine Waddell 20:58 Meghan Lyle 21:17 Jen Nausin 25:45 Shanna Odegaard 25:47 Carolyn Hall 27:38 Additional Subscribers Diana Nguyen 30:56 Jill Young 37:11 35-39 Kim Lupo 22:00 Rebecca Alexander 23:44 Nancy Anibarro 23:57 Sarah Playtis 25:16 Aubrey Rosenkranz 25:37 Additional Subscribers Lisa Larson 49:58 40-44 Chelese Longwith 23:46 Lyndee Belina 24:54 Kimberly West 27:47 Debby Lukas 28:09 Kristina Saunsaucie 28:13 Additional Subscribers

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r


results continued

Jen Guadagno 32:05 45-49 Michelle McGuire 20:56 Evi Emmenegger 23:45 Kathy Bozich-Miller 25:22 Sevil Toksu 26:31 Shellee Vandeventer 26:52 Additional Subscribers Heidi Wylie 31:19 Diana Calderon 34:47 50-54 Gail Hall 20:05 Patti Crookshank 22:39 Kathy Lundy 23:18 Caroline Sayre 25:15 Ruth Pappas 25:27 Additional Subscribers Cindy Cardenas 26:10 Nancy Lacombe 37:42 Lavon Newby 50:09 55-59 Valerie Ritchie 24:28 Debra Coates 28:54 Leslie Wetherholt 29:55 Kelly Mitchell 31:23 Carolyn Tierney 31:55 Additional Subscribers Patty Brandt 43:39 60-64 Linda Studley 29:29 Sue Shaw 29:47 Debby Burrows 30:18 Linda Kelly 31:46 Patricia Klingler 34:40 65-69 Peggy Hansen 27:01 Jeannie Ray 38:40 Diane Mickelson 41:53 Beverlyn Wong 43:58 Cindy Stachelek 46:54 70-74 Judy Fisher 24:31 Carol Kenneng 32:02 Judy Garry 44:42 Barbara Clayton 47:43

Wonder 10K FEMALES Top Five Overall

Erica McElrea 39:55 Louisa Hays 41:01 Kerri Benzenberg 41:15 Carol Earls 41:53 Jen Valliere-Douglass 42:28 19 & Under Jacqueline Hughes 1:01:34 Chloe Hoepfinger 1:15:12 Rachel Dell 1:27:28 Leah Mansfield 1:27:52 Helen Schuda 43:31 20-24 Megan Sandall 50:57 Annabel Dessert 52:37 Kristen Kuniyoshi 57:45 Jennifer Sloan 58:33 Jenn Swanson 58:33 25-29 Louisa Hays 41:01 Kerri Benzenberg 41:15 Lucy Flynn 45:47 Kate Gibson 49:33 Deborah Jacoby 53:00 Additional Subscribers Laura Irish 1:02:17 Katie Adams 1:17:03 30-34 Erica McElrea 39:55 Kate McMahan 47:15 Ashlee Addleman 49:34 Christina Grasher 49:51 Jessica Aguilar 50:34 Additional Subscribers Rachel Boller 1:00:55 35-39 Tiffany Jolly 47:22 Jennie Nrehols 48:00 Karen Rasmussen 48:18 Sonsarrah Wright 48:52 Kristen Freund 50:10 40-44 Jen Valliere-Douglass 42:28


Emily Huff 47:11 Jennifer Rozler 47:25 Margaret Lang 47:27 Sara Zriny 47:51 45-49 Carol Earls 41:53 Eileen Yardley 47:05 Andria Kerkof 49:29 Donna Beard 50:01 Sheryl Perales 51:21 50-54 Vicki Schott 50:15 Janice Cullen 50:30 Laureen Kuniyoshi 52:30 Marie Clever 53:46 Gail Sandall 54:13 Additional Subscribers Alison Allen 1:00:48 Alyeen Barry 1:16:53 Barbara Clark 1:21:02 55-54 Lee Oatey-Crouse 56:48 Vicki Powers-Stiles 59:17 Kerry Cooley-Stroum 1:00:41 Margie Lewis 1:00:53 Virginia Waye 1:02:30 60-64 Kathryn Parks 57:27 Susan Hecht 58:41 Alexis Pontikis 1:06:27 Deborah Greene 1:21:05 Sandra Nunn 1:21:05 65-69 Carol Knox 1:33:33 Susan B Madden 2:12:07

Top Ten Male Finishers

September 14, Olympia

Todd Caffey Hugh Randall Oliver Kramer John Bussey Corbin McKeon 19 & Under Hugh Randall Oliver Kramer John Bussey Corbin McKeon Sam Randall 20-29 Garrett Havens Andy Morris Jeff Storvick 30-39 Matt Lewis Harvey Gilchrist Ethan Richards Elliott Hedin Christopher Conner 40-49 Todd Caffey Jerry Shelley Robert Hunt John Rothlin 50-59 Brian Wright Barry Wrzesinski Ben Johnson 60-69 Terry Hess

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Susan Robertson Katelyn Miller Lyndsey Brock Juli Taylor Barb Johnson 19 & Under Katelyn Miller Qianna Townsend Sammie Jorgenson Farzana Mohamedali

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

Discovery Trail Half Marathon September 14, Long Beach

Brighter Futures 5K MALES Top Five Overall

Acadia Edgerton 31:39 20-29 Stephanie Mccormick 31:21 Lela Mcaferty 32:03 Mahlah Lewis 32:13 Nicole Glenn 32:37 Emilie Schnabel 32:58 30-39 Lyndsey Brock 26:53 Jennifer Meyer 27:25 Lori Butcher 28:54 Laura Shelley 29:48 Kristen Westlund 29:57 40-49 Heidi Miller 27:24 Susan Aschenbrenner 27:35 Ann Bartholomew 27:47 Mary Durkin 28:15 Jocelyn Sherrill 28:53 50-59 Susan Robertson 26:33 Juli Taylor 27:19 Sabrina Hageman 30:00 Amy Belko 30:02 Wendy Tanner 30:34 60-64 Barb Johnson 27:23 Sylviann Baldwin 31:21 Linda Watterson 35:48 Susan Thomason 38:02

22:28 23:01 24:01 25:23 25:33 23:01 24:01 25:23 25:33 29:04 26:29 34:08 34:33 28:08 29:00 33:47 33:48 34:38 22:28 29:34 32:26 34:29 30:14 34:06 34:20 34:04

26:33 26:34 26:53 27:19 27:23 26:34 27:25 30:01 30:38

Kendall Sawa 1:30:41 Ben Volk 1:32:02 Tony Barnes 1:33:22 Tom Sutherland 1:36:46 Sam Townsend 1:43:14 Steve McPhail 1:45:37 Bryan Powell 1:53:35 Erick Supplee 2:02:29 Andrew Vlaskin 2:07:25 Bryan Chapman 2:10:46 Additional Subscribers Howard Harris 2:19:46

Female Finishers

Madeline Kinzly 1:40:19 Anne Judge 1:48:33 Dawn Eschenbach 1:52:12 Bridgett Bonte-Chun 1:52:12 Becky Barry 1:55:29 Lea Mason 1:55:48 Tami Johnsen 1:56:07 Shawn Lieziert 1:57:55 Susie Pernsteiner 1:57:55 Kimberly Ray 1:59:15

Fairhaven Runners Waterfront 15K September 14, Bellingham

MALES Top Five Overall

Gregory Leak 46:35 Bennett Grimes 46:46 Andrew Fuller 47:33 Alex Crabill 48:57 Kyle Carrick 51:50 18 & Under Nirmal Nair 1:08:29 Luke Wolfisberg 1:15:41 Dominik Riemann 1:23:18 Patrick Smith 1:29:06 Kenny Barnes 1:32:19 19-24 Matt Cummins 52:11

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

Noah Irshad 1:00:31 Daniel Canham 1:17:37 Johnathon Bures 1:21:50 Jordan Samford 1:40:43 25-29 Gregory Leak 46:35 Bennett Grimes 46:46 Andrew Fuller 47:33 Alex Crabill 48:57 Tyler Pottle 59:03 30-34 Kyle Carrick 51:50 Josh Vanderwiele 53:16 Benjamin Scherrer 54:23 Derek Thornton 57:42 Ryan Bauthues 1:03:39 35-39 Andrew Swinburnson 59:35 Collin Morrow 1:04:40 Wesley Mccain 1:05:28 Kevin Murphy 1:08:10 Derek Forbes 1:08:52 40-44 Tim Slesk 57:28 Dave Bushnell 1:00:10 Peter Vosshall 1:00:39 Scott Smith 1:08:53 Edward Bloom 1:10:19 45-49 Keefer Whan 54:33 Jonathan Richner 55:57 Ken Koenig 56:56 Mike Brisbois 58:42 Dwight Baker 1:00:57 Additional Subscribers David Bourey 1:10:59 50-54 Mark Bussell 1:02:45 Jeffrey Seaholm 1:06:11 Bob Marvel 1:06:23 David Jefferson 1:07:19 Tom Schneider 1:10:28 Additional Subscribers Greg Pash 1:18:00 55-59 Jerry Crofoot 1:01:30 Rick Franklin 1:06:39 James Willson 1:10:17 Paul Westra 1:13:57 Neal Brown 1:14:14 60-64 Ray Leone 1:07:49 Kevin Mayock 1:08:28 Bill Pech 1:10:38 Scott Klippert 1:11:07 Charles Nelson 1:22:58 Additional Subscribers Nick Bailey 1:25:24 John Hastings 1:28:43 Rich Bosman 1:32:27 65-69 Jay Kitchin 1:27:17 Samuel Nakamura 1:28:46 Larry Mills 1:32:02 Dan Straney 1:34:42 John Morgan 1:39:26 70-74 Bob Carson 1:18:31 Don Bauthues 1:32:08 Kenneth Hay 1:42:33 75 & Above David Mitchell 1:50:40 Don Clark 1:53:25 Jim Newcomb 2:18:20 Dennis Barnes 2:38:33

Kristina Johnson 1:14:45 Austen Hilleary 1:17:20 Genelle Claus 1:18:46 25-29 Lydia Carrick 55:56 Erica Ziel 1:06:14 Erin Lietzan 1:09:49 Michelle Wrobbel 1:11:26 Anneliese Lewis 1:14:35 30-34 Julie Scheele 1:00:51 Alma Mcmurtry 1:02:41 Nikki Vanderwiele 1:03:02 Amy Heidecker 1:03:13 Patricia Mcdermott 1:11:56 Additional Subscribers Rachael Woods 1:32:25 35-39 Shannon Buckley 1:09:59 Michelle Neff 1:14:57 Mary Doherty 1:16:27 Julie Strain 1:16:30 Kelli Mann 1:20:52 Additional Subscribers Carrie Brown 2:37:45 40-44 Lori Buratto 1:01:17 Jen Gallant 1:01:31 Jenny Kapp 1:07:28 Sara Van 1:08:40 Renata Detta 1:09:34 45-49 Alicia Beck 1:05:49 Deborah Donovan 1:10:50 Kelly Shepherd 1:14:57 Susan Perry 1:19:09 Tamara Reinhardt 1:20:09 50-54 Cheryl Mercer 1:12:46 Ellen Young 1:18:18 Traci Hahn 1:19:06 Jony Perez 1:20:03 Donna Mcleod 1:25:51 Additional Subscribers Sherrie Marble 1:40:34 Cynthia Buttrey 1:42:22 55-59 Sandra Leone 1:12:02 Maureen Connelly 1:14:29 Marci Wilson 1:22:47 Terry Kaul-Connors 1:23:51 Marsha Hendrickson 1:33:11 60-64 Barbara Rappaport 1:20:18 Catherine Davis 1:20:33 Susan Cole 1:29:51 Renny Richards 1:31:57 Valerie Allison 1:36:36 65-69 Maureen Arestad 1:36:32 Phyillis Kostanoski 2:04:27 Shirley Burns 2:11:37 Carol Dellecker 2:11:37 Mayrus Helberg 2:21:22 70 & Above Barbara Macklow 1:48:13

FEMALES Top Five Overall

MALES Top Ten Overall

Lydia Carrick Julie Scheele Lori Buratto Jen Gallant Alma Mcmurtry 18 & Under Lilly Hoodenpyle Samantha Boxx Abbey Drury Sam Driscoll Audrey Wielenga 19-24 Anne D’Aquino Andrea D’Aquino

55:56 1:00:51 1:01:17 1:01:31 1:02:41 1:23:06 1:28:54 1:30:36 1:36:42 1:37:57 1:11:59 1:13:52

Black Diamond Half September 15, Enumclaw

Michael Brisbois 1:27:15 David Sherman 1:32:36 Bryan Howisey 1:34:46 Brock Neighbors 1:36:49 Jurgen Willis 1:38:30 Jason Garcia 1:39:06 Charles Leonard 1:40:52 James Schwarting 1:43:30 Travis Burke 1:46:26 Wes Collom 1:50:42 Additional Subscribers Terry Grant 1:51:34


Top Ten Overall

Sara Pope 1:36:22 Kimberly Horn 1:52:21 Davia Passeau 1:55:04 Katie Levy 1:55:14 Hana Binder 1:56:19 Lorena Boyd 1:56:38 Anya Spano 1:57:17 Ariel Babcock 1:59:12 Lyn Mikesell 1:59:37 June Siapco 2:05:12 Additional Subscribers Linda Swier 3:11:04

You Go Girl Half & 10K September 15, Tacoma

Half Marathon FEMALES Top Five Overall

Shelly Hack 1:29:09 Amanda Hoskins 1:34:24 Tara Peterson 1:37:05 Nicole Yedlinsky 1:41:05 Irene Sanders 1:44:07 19 & Under Elena Meyerson 2:06:05 Aguene Kimmel 2:06:41 Haley Surface 2:24:57 Austin Campbell 2:52:42 20-24 Avery Shannon 1:53:45 Iris Thompson 2:00:21 Natalya Terlouw 2:03:25 Kelsey Lewis 2:04:34 Brittany Johnston 2:08:23 25-29 Irene Sanders 1:44:07 Kelly Kinney 1:45:40 Kimberly Faltisco 1:48:24 Angela Teodoro 1:50:50 Doria Hastings 1:51:56 Additional Subscribers Ashley Schuster 2:44:18 30-34 Trisha Fintel 1:47:49 Kathryn Silk 1:51:37 Anika Blake 1:54:38 Anna Nikolaeva 1:54:58 Jennifer Nguyen 1:55:32 35-39 Amanda Hoskins 1:34:24 Tara Peterson 1:37:05 Nicole Yedlinsky 1:41:05 Lori Orser 1:46:04 Jeri Hanes 1:49:31 Additional Subscribers Rebecca Alexander 1:57:32 40-44 Shelly Hack 1:29:09 Tara Nelson 1:53:36 Beth Masura 1:54:39 Ruth Rabdau 1:54:39 Stephanie Gaston 1:57:06 Additional Subscribers Leigh Sinclair 1:59:50 45-49 Michaelle Denully 1:48:44 Marylee Martucci 1:48:57 Elizabeth Trunkey 1:50:10 Jesse Rodriguez 1:52:01 Lisa Vipond 1:56:09 Additional Subscribers Tracy Brown 2:28:37 Tracy Clark 2:53:33 Kristi Silvernale 3:05:13 50-54 Y Yoon 1:51:11 Heidi Celmer 1:53:43 Cindy Beck 1:58:18 Stacy Ryan 1:58:31 Laureen Kuniyoshi 1:58:50 Additional Subscribers Dawn Bellevue 2:38:31 55-59

Linda Rowe-Oneal 1:58:43 Paula Herrrington 2:00:39 Yvonne Whalen 2:01:28 Rose Castro 2:07:55 Colleen Hacker 2:09:37 Additional Subscribers Janette Helling 2:18:42 60-64 Karie Hayashi 2:48:17 Larae Rasmussen 3:00:24 Eileen Lewis 3:14:33 Mary Lou Morgan 3:16:21 65-69 Janet Werner 2:25:32 Barbara Bertucio 2:51:21 Marge Bethel 2:58:39 70-74 Judy Fisher 1:51:40

MALES Top Five Overall Aaron Roberts Joe Romano David Gardner Carl Tinker Anthony Powers Ray Shaw

1:33:38 1:34:14 1:37:40 1:39:19 1:44:55 2:29:29

Go Girl 10K FEMALES Top Five Overall

Laura Follis 43:27 Bridgette McGoldrick 45:29 Jess Van Fleet-Green 45:39 Lanette Blume 45:57 Irene Moore 46:52 19 & Under Anna Hoang 55:19 Maya Hansen 56:08 Amanda Cohen 56:47 Rylee Winkler 1:02:39 Madison Allen 1:06:13 20-24 Irene Moore 46:52 Shelly Larsen 49:08 Hannah Bilodeay 49:47 Julia Clement 52:50 Alissa Weiher 1:01:22 25-29 Kelly Patton 48:45 Kara Springer 50:39 Alycia Hinckley 53:43 Molly Ward 53:47 Rachel Coleman 54:30 30-34 Jess Van Fleet-Green 45:39 Emily Stokes 48:32 Shannon Grant 50:36 Lina Taing 51:27 Katie Havens 52:09 Additional Subscribers Sarah Portrey 1:21:16 35-39 Elizabeth Thiel 48:20 M Ouellette-Clifford 50:38 Sara Rush 51:17 Rebekah Olson 52:51 Kelli Schramm 53:28 40-44 Bridgette McGoldrick 45:29 Negar Knowles 50:09 Cheryl Roper 52:09 Colleen MacDonald 52:21 Tamra Sharp 52:23 45-49 Lanette Blume 45:57 Kathy Hillis 50:45 Angela Bates 53:40 Karen Donahue 54:42 Rebecca Sorter 57:52 Additional Subscribers Sophia Petro 1:01:09 Elizabeth Evey 1:42:58 50-54 Laura Follis 43:27 Sheryl Santos 49:58 Meridith Harman 52:58 Roni MacIas 53:22 Sarah Melde 53:24 55-59


Jean Hayes Marian Schwartz Jenny Dehaas Lorri Trimble Hope Glump 60-64 Kathryn Parks Jill Vedros Christine Panitz Charlea Sherman Ettie Goldy 70-74 R Wollenweber Linda Rinker

MALES Top Five Overall Greg Howell Rob McGuire-Dale Kevin Shilley Matthew Adams Glyn Drever

52:41 56:49 1:01:17 1:02:01 1:02:45 53:37 59:21 1:00:06 1:03:17 1:06:51 1:13:35 1:48:32

50:46 52:51 55:49 56:01 56:35

Columbia Power Marathon & Half September 21, Umatilla, OR

Marathon MALES Top Ten Overall Troy Blackburn Adrian Perez Bryan Wolf Alexander McCann Brian Kreitzer Tyson Blackburn Jonathan Lewis Patrick Grengs David Pearson Brian Miller

FEMALES Top Ten Overall

Lindsay Martin Shelby Martin Maurine Meininger Lindsay Zook Mabel Fong Karen Lewis Donna Swanson Jeanine Faria Christina Faria Cathy Gertsch

3:13:38 3:33:58 3:38:27 3:59:08 4:05:31 4:26:30 4:35:27 4:36:40 4:46:59 4:57:14

4:28:23 4:28:23 4:56:25 5:04:46 5:06:56 5:11:22 5:19:55 5:22:23 5:22:24 5:44:18

Power Half MALES Top Ten Overall

John McCulley Corey Snyder Stephan Tangeman Dan Hansen Thomas Stenovich Ben St.Amand Jon Medler Joe Howard James Wing Tim Seydel

FEMALES Top Ten Overall

1:21:11 1:40:28 1:40:44 1:41:12 1:41:42 1:42:47 1:43:26 1:44:43 1:51:41 1:53:15

Jen Puzey 1:24:01 Rose Logan-Surgeon 1:44:02 Jillian Malmberg 1:55:10 Emilee Quinn 1:55:194 Ann Richards 1:57:08 Nichole Jorgensen 1:57:49 Angie Miller 1:58:14 Sheila Burchell 1:58:58 Liz Sharon 1:59:34 Sofia Gispert 2:01:38 Additional Subscribers Lara Owczarski 2:20:36

N o r t h w e s t R u nn e r

Middle Fork Half Marathon, 22 Miles & 50K September 21, North Bend

Half MALES Top Ten Overall Michael Chinchar Jake Logar Paul Swanson David Von Lehman Jason Gowans Mitch Parker Wesley Sherman Travis Day Michael Rice Sam Huston

1:34:15 1:37:12 1:41:27 1:45:35 1:48:41 1:48:57 1:50:07 1:59:43 2:01:55 2:09:29

Sarah Menaul 2:02:18 Sabrina Kessler 2:03:07 Kysa Johnson 2:12:11 Becky Heyward 2:21:17 Christa St. Pierre 2:36:07 Elise Lowe 2:40:54 Cheryl Salazar 2:42:20 Ginger Krugmire 2:44:33 Sharon Reese 2:45:18 Ali Livengood 2:48:48 Additional Subscribers Ilana Balint 4:13:45

Middle Fork 22 Miles MALES Top Ten Overall

Phil Kochik 3:12:00 Jonathan Dughi 3:41:53 Levi Miller 3:44:40 Jeff Kercher 3:45:19 Aaron Banks 3:45:37 StanChiknavaryan 3:51:31 Mike Standish 4:03:38 Matt Stroshane 4:06:38 Andy Hopkins 4:21:16 Charles Everson 4:24:29 Additional Subscribers Gunnar Kudrjavets 4:28:06

Asia Vanderbilt Ashley Parks Cindy Demarco T Ogata-Schure Kelly Woznicki Mary Barber Michelle Wright Emily Woods Lori Lynch Alexa Martin

Lisa Laxson 2:05:00 June Blaser 2:08:59 Additional Subscribers Joan Baker 2:46:26 50-59 Cindy Beck 1:58:18 Alice Lane 1:59:06 Cotah Rose 2:07:49 Julie Richert 2:08:19 Tiare Bailey 2:27:18 Additional Subscribers Nancy Loizeaux 2:30:11 60 & Above Patricia Beckman 2:20:06 Theresa Espinoza 2:51:14 Eileen Pierson 4:22:19 Rose Horvath 4:22:20

Quilcene Half Marathon, 10K, 5K

Quilcene 10K

Rachel Dillon 6:02:10 Maria Aiello 6:14:11 Lauren Harwick 6:37:48 Rachael Rose 6:38:09 Jessica Salmon 6:45:56 Deann Leoni 6:54:34 Holly Bays 6:59:28 Hideko Opperman 7:06:26 Gwen Scott 7:10:02 Wendy Stubenrauch 7:10:02 Additional Subscribers Tracy Brown 7:13:31 Leslie Miller 7:55:55

September 28, Quilcene


FE MALES Top Ten Overall

FEMALES Top Ten Overall

Top Ten Overall

4:06:44 4:08:14 4:30:03 4:34:44 4:35:44 4:47:09 5:06:03 5:15:09 5:37:44 5:47:12

Middle Fork 50K MALES Top Ten Overall

Kevin Hall 4:40:09 Martin Saxer 5:39:16 Brent Miller 5:39:21 Charlie Quinn 5:40:46 Arya Farahani 6:01:07 Craig Hanela 6:35:10 Damon Storey 6:42:19 Seth Dwyer 6:58:01 Eric Cameron 7:25:51 Edgar Valentin 7:30:23 Additional Subscribers Gary Wright 9:08:57


w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • N O V 2 013

MALES Top Five Overall

Josh Sutcliffe 1:27:36 Ben Fox 1:28:52 Owen Beck 1:29:55 Derek Reiff 1:33:36 Scott Breiler 1:35:11 19 & Under Kyle Mackey 2:26:08 20-29 Ben Fox 1:28:52 Owen Beck 1:29:55 Derek Reiff 1:33:36 Adam Clark 1:38:07 Joe Garber 1:38:48 30-39 Josh Sutcliffe 1:27:36 Scott Breiler 1:35:11 Mark Mellein 1:39:27 Adam Carter 1:40:24 Beav Barrett 1:52:35 Additional Subscribers Matthew Mills 2:46:22 40-49 Kyle Downs 1:42:07 Robert Bondurant 1:43:15 Randall Aldern 1:49:27 Curtis Clifton 1:56:30 Patrick Blotzer 1:58:02 50-59 Stu Marcy 1:41:56 Scott Browning 1:42:40 Tim Vanriper 1:43:07 Kenny Miyamoto 1:50:32 Romas Aleliunas 2:05:18 60 & Above Christopher Lemke 1:56:38 Roy Campfield 2:08:57 Tt Hunter 2:10:12 Nick Bailey 2:11:41 Bill Powers 2:18:36 Additional Subscribers William Holt 2:32:15

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Alicia Craven 1:46:09 Maron Resur 1:51:46 Angela Sorensen 1:53:49 Karen Oyama 1:53:54 Stephanie Chatfield 1:54:14 20-29 Stephanie Chatfield 1:54:14 Katlin Gahnberg 2:14:04 30-39 Alicia Craven 1:46:09 Maron Resur 1:51:46 Sadie Brumley 1:57:34 Katie Breitling 1:58:37 Alison Petty 1:59:30 40-49 Angela Sorensen 1:53:49 Karen Oyama 1:53:54 Belinda Graham 2:04:11

MALES Top Five Overall

Peter Vosshall Andrew Spickert Brian Vodzak Allen Estes Kevin Estes 20-29 Andrew Spickert 30-39 Justin Rolfe Zach Wall Kurt Ibarreta Brian Hester Jim Correia 40-49 Peter Vosshall Brian Vodzak 50-59 Kevin Estes Thomas Gritis Terry Steele 60 & Above Allen Estes Roger Dean Gordon Bayes Richard Waldo Gary Huff

40:34 51:33 53:53 54:48 55:01 51:33 55:28 56:35 1:02:29 1:04:41 1:11:04 40:34 53:53 55:01 1:03:56 1:36:31 54:48 1:00:10 1:04:37 1:07:35 1:07:37

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Sara Rolfe 34:22 Annette Patton 57:15 Iris Sutcliffe 57:26 M Rempel-Hester 58:39 Joyce Foster 58:42 19 & Under Ellie Cortez 2:07:10 20-29 Annette Patton 57:15 Keri Kalskett 1:04:53 Ashley Hoffman 1:10:59 Brittany Huntingford 1:20:27 Krystal Slimp 1:20:29 30-39 Sara Rolfe 34:22 Debbie Ibarreta 1:02:28 Sarah Wright 1:10:14 Shannon Murphy 1:11:37 Monica Ibarreta 1:14:14 40-49 Iris Sutcliffe 57:26 M Rempel-Hester 58:39 Melissa Correia 1:23:16 Joy Steele 1:30:37 50-59 Joyce Foster 58:42 Diane Froula-Webb 59:02 Laura Showers 59:56 Karen O’Meara 1:03:57 Allison Danner 1:06:35 60 & Above Lynda Estes 1:00:42

Quilcene 5K MALES Top Five Overall Donte Polson Jeff Parrish Taj O’Barr

20:46 21:35 22:57

Andy Danner 23:22 Tim Danner 23:33 19 & Under Taj O’Barr 22:57 Tim Danner 23:33 Louis Bagik 33:40 Connor Mackey 39:28 Landon Steele 39:29 20-29 Andy Danner 23:22 Ben Marquart 35:48 30-39 Donte Polson 20:46 Jeff Parrish 21:35 Coley Malone 23:47 Matty Kirtzeson 23:59 Clint Sallee 25:43 40-49 Thomas Beavan 31:40 DJ Warfield 1:10:02 50-59 Alan Hanson 24:30 Terry Danner 48:53 60 & Above Roy Osterhaus 24:41 Christ Kantzavelos 54:14 Bill McCauley 57:53 Dennis Warfield 1:10:05

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Aspen Hirsch 22:24 Krista Garrett 24:08 Briana Weller 25:20 Trish Hanson 26:32 Breanne Stickney 28:31 19 & Under M Holland-Jackso 30:35 Mira O’Barr 32:27 Mae Bagik 43:57 Karolyn Wooley 54:16 Elizabeth Krajewski 1:06:29 20-29 Aspen Hirsch 22:24 Krista Garrett 24:08 Breanne Stickney 28:31 Nicole Marquart 35:51 Jessica Steele 39:24 30-39 Elizabeth Veile 36:36 Amelia Yonan 57:10 40-49 Briana Weller 25:20 Kolby Mertz 29:27 Dawn Thenstedt 46:03 Julie Danner 48:05 Jeannette Hundley 49:08 50-59 S Sutherland-Hanson 33:12 Wanda Jaramillo 36:34 Gabrielle Bagik 41:49 Ruth Beavan 46:38 Mary O’Kief 47:40 60 & Above Trish Hanson 26:32 Betty Stewart 43:49 Marge Hodgson 47:42 Cheryl Sallee 57:12 Bonnie McDaniel 1:13:20

Seattle AIDS 5K September 28, Seattle

MALES Top Five Overall

Aaron Eggers Ross Milne Mike Koslosky Kevin Solarte Brian Crosier 20-29 Ross Milne Kevin Solarte Cary Lee Hamilton King Dylan Westfall 30-39 Aaron Eggers

16:52 17:51 18:13 18:36 18:53 17:51 18:36 19:52 20:21 20:23 16:52

Brian Crosier Stephen Barrow Bruno Lozano James Fischl 40-49 Mike Staczek Mike Johnson Scott McGlothlin Alex Nachman Greg Potts 50-59 Mike Koslosky Gerald Patterson Mark Wittow Steve Grundmeier Tony Wilcher 60-69 Phil Converse Keith Collingwood

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Catherine Waddell Maura Carroll Mary Carroll Jessica Bierhaus Jessica Chong 19 & Under Celina Ferrill Christina chandler Anna Iglitzin Erin Wong Roya Karami 20-29 Mary Carroll Tina Ghirarduzzi Nancy Oleen Philana Benton Brittany Fifield 30-39 Catherine Waddell Maura Carroll Jessica Bierhaus Jessica Chong Crystal Alberthal 40-49 Jennifer Hallett Rosalba Del Toro Juliet Pruzan Jenifer O’Ryan Margret Truax 50-59 Emily Stoffel Julie Hill Jeanne Wicker Diane Lennstrom Kathy Rostkoski 60-69 Karen Dluhosh

18:53 19:59 20:29 21:07 20:17 21:28 22:33 25:30 27:19 18:13 22:20 22:46 23:01 24:10 29:51 44:35

19:26 20:03 20:28 21:47 22:41 33:14 33:27 49:31 49:31 00:47 20:28 22:50 24:07 24:28 25:42 19:26 20:03 21:47 22:41 25:11 22:53 25:36 27:30 29:21 31:35 27:34 32:32 33:14 33:27 44:37 37:53

Bellingham Bay Marathon, Half & 5K September 29, Bellingham

Marathon MALES Top Five Overall Steve Dekoker Danny Mackey Jeffrey Wolf Abraham Tobon Masaru Horie 19 & Under Jt Armstrong 20-24 Abraham Tobon Mark Fischer Robert Stolzberg Alex Yager Shawn Bjorback 25-29 Luis Smith Thomas Race Jason Wallace

2:30:07 2:39:31 3:00:00 3:01:29 3:01:43 3:31:27 3:01:29 3:12:10 3:15:06 3:30:39 3:47:55 3:18:49 3:20:59 3:28:18

Antonio Espinoza 3:29:55 Jose Rodriguez 3:32:45 30-34 Steve Dekoker 2:30:07 Danny Mackey 2:39:31 James Diedesch 3:25:56 Kenny Towner 3:26:26 Jeremy Voigt 3:26:55 Additional Subscribers Ben Russell 4:43:19 35-39 Jeffrey Wolf 3:00:00 Stuart Cook 3:20:33 Paul Ringsrud 3:26:14 Casey Patrick 3:29:02 Benjamin Perri 3:32:12 40-44 Nate Sutherland 3:06:56 John Scollo 3:15:30 John Whipple 3:28:51 Eric Olson 3:30:34 Brett Wittner 3:30:41 45-49 Masaru Horie 3:01:43 Kevin Bennett 3:02:33 Dwight Baker 3:10:38 Michael Brisbois 3:11:17 Stephen Redding 3:12:13 Additional Subscribers David Bourey 3:39:04 Steve Duncan 3:49:28 50-54 Osamu Sato 3:02:58 Michael Tidwell 3:29:55 Pedro Infante 3:37:47 Matt Chambers 3:51:06 Terry Day 3:57:26 Additional Subscribers Craig Romano 4:08:23 55-59 Jeff Coulter 3:31:17 Roger Greene 3:34:37 Brian Rod 4:03:13 Will Longman 4:31:25 Alan Mcglashan 4:37:32 60-64 Willy Mendoza 3:55:54 Bill Lee 4:14:38 Jeff Popp 4:36:08 Cliff Davidson 4:41:06 Ralph Moy 4:43:47 65-69 Rick Haase 5:16:32 Arthur Gee 6:24:08 70 & Above Dan Murphy 4:49:04 Gary Otheim 5:15:14 Mel Preedy 6:16:55

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Kate Bradshaw Jennifer Macias Molly Mccluskey Siri Moody Lori Buratto 19 & Under Christina Lomakin 20-24 Jennifer Macias Natty Plunkett Kristi Louthan Tabbitha Bailey Maria Guzman 25-29 Molly Mccluskey Alyson Klein Mandie Unick Valerie Fritsch Freya Tringham 30-34 Kate Bradshaw Ariana Lee Patricia Havey M Lee-Klubberud Erin Hibbs 35-39 Siri Moody Erica Upmeyer Dawn Norton Amy Cosgrove Nadia Ancona

2:51:45 2:58:24 3:04:46 3:04:55 3:10:26 4:06:16 2:58:24 3:11:17 3:39:47 4:24:14 4:39:01 3:04:46 3:34:38 3:38:59 3:57:25 4:00:32 2:51:45 3:20:36 3:31:51 3:37:33 3:40:12 3:04:55 3:53:22 3:53:46 3:54:44 3:55:28

40-44 Lori Buratto 3:10:26 Sherri Todd 3:44:21 Cara Buckingham 3:44:30 Heidi Lauinger 3:49:27 Jessica Morrish 3:59:07 Additional Subscribers Trang Tu 4:37:25 45-49 Lorrie Chinn 3:39:48 Camille Owens 3:40:55 Amy Myers 3:43:37 Roanna Lagreide 3:49:29 Ellen Middleswart 3:55:31 Additional Subscribers Wendy Foster 4:58:27 50-54 Bettylou Morrow 4:03:47 Kathy Layton 4:04:27 Cecilia Mcdaniel 4:10:06 Jayme Sanford 4:17:15 Celina Coombs 4:25:41 Additional Subscribers Diane Hood 4:56:25 Ethel Kitching 5:53:01 55-59 Sandy Leone 3:55:34 Arlane Olson 3:56:33 Lorna Marshall 3:58:50 Jennifer Quirk 4:26:53 Julie Winkler 4:30:26 Additional Subscribers Jackie Price 4:36:26 65-69 Caren Adams 4:59:23 Lynn Troost 5:32:45

Bay Half MALES Top Five Overall

Bennett Grimes 1:08:10 Eric Brill 1:13:46 David Miller 1:14:53 Andrew Prentice 1:17:51 Martin Ranney 1:18:53 19 & Under Cory Brunhaver 1:34:12 Zion Crocker 1:47:24 Christian Pash 1:51:02 Alex Hamilton 2:00:24 Mark Stevens 2:03:35 20-24 Casey Schwenk 1:19:08 Dan Sloat 1:23:36 Peter Mann-King 1:30:59 Curt Mcconnell 1:35:14 25-29 Bennett Grimes 1:08:10 Eric Brill 1:13:46 Nathan Louws 1:35:35 Andrew Berg 1:35:57 Andrew Jernigan 1:38:07 30-34 David Miller 1:14:53 Andrew Prentice 1:17:51 Jonathan Ralston 1:19:18 Benjamin Scherrer 1:19:28 Sean Bonato 1:22:33 Additional Subscribers Nick Lejarcegui 2:02:12 35-39 Martin Ranney 1:18:53 A Swinburnson 1:30:51 Jef Malpass 1:30:55 Jason Cecka 1:31:56 George Mount 1:34:57 Additional Subscribers Brock Neighbors 1:45:28 40-44 Paul Frazey 1:24:47 Chris Husband 1:25:37 Shane Duncan 1:29:30 Cris Bennett 1:30:45 John Diefel 1:32:29 Additional Subscribers Matt Purvis 2:10:11 45-49 Ken Koenig 1:25:10 Robert Durrant 1:25:41 Dominic Gaudin 1:27:53 Dan Stefanson 1:33:23

Richard Arndt 1:36:37 Additional Subscribers Mariano Lozano 2:32:38 Donald Kramer 2:33:22 50-54 Patrick Burns 1:29:16 David Yakashiro 1:34:11 Doug Acker 1:34:13 Jeff Seaholm 1:36:01 Jordan Sim 1:38:43 Additional Subscribers Steven Yee 1:52:54 Michael Tatham 2:47:47 55-59 Ruben Contreras 1:41:11 Greg Ferry 1:43:00 Neal Brown 1:43:56 Mark Sweeney 1:44:30 Steve Pratum 1:45:51 60-64 Dan Winger 1:29:18 John Scollo 1:37:40 Kevin Mayock 1:41:23 Robert Deforest 1:50:02 Craig Moore 1:56:31 Additional Subscribers Rich Bosman 2:21:16 65-69 Carl Klein 1:52:30 Robert Gabreski 1:57:10 Gordon Vancorbach 1:57:15 Don Buker 2:10:40 Jeffrey Rees 2:11:03 70 & Above Allan Kerr 1:36:47 Bob Carson 1:52:54 Gil Holzmeyer 2:22:48 Kenneth Hay 2:32:23 Bruce Gustafson 3:10:17

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Kristen Carter 1:20:56 Kerri Benzenberg 1:27:54 Sarah Lesko 1:28:45 Meghan Manaois 1:29:35 Jena Winger 1:32:01 19 & Under Laura Carlyle 1:37:52 Ariel Edwards 1:47:44 Sarah Mcmillan 1:54:29 Courtney Knox 1:55:06 Taylor Phelps 1:59:21 20-24 Janet Kling 1:37:57 Leonie Sommer 1:39:05 Sarah Paulson 1:41:18 Renee Tryon 1:44:17 Katarina Gombocz 1:46:03 Additional Subscribers Rebecca Scheurich 2:34:38 25-29 Kristen Carter 1:20:56 Kerri Benzenberg 1:27:54 Jena Winger 1:32:01 Ashley Toutain 1:36:12 Tina Gall 1:37:12 Additional Subscribers Rachel Freeman 2:19:33 30-34 Meghan Manaois 1:29:35 Stephanie Gundel 1:38:20 Jesica Thomson 1:40:41 Snow Peterson 1:40:56 Liza Rickey 1:41:19 35-39 Paige Longdon 1:39:26 Denise Patterson 1:42:37 Meredith Ediss 1:47:07 Megan Johnson 1:47:31 Alyssa Dalton 1:47:37 Additional Subscribers Karen Chapdelaine 2:07:14 40-44 Sarah Lesko 1:28:45 Jen Gallant 1:32:10 Rhea Black 1:35:03 Tiffany Crumbaugh 1:39:26 Jenny Kapp 1:40:28 45-49 Sally Bergesen 1:32:43 Bettina Strauss 1:42:54

USPS Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation Publication Title: Northwest Runner. 2. Publication Number: 0883-7945. 3. Filing Date 9-25-2013. 4. Issue frequency: 12X annually. 5. Number of issues published annually: 12. 6. Annual Subscription Price: $19.95. 7. Complete Mailing Address of Known Office of Publication (Not printer): 6310 NE 74th #217, Seattle, WA 98115. Contact person: Martin Rudow, 360-6783146. 8. Complete Mailing Address of Headquarters or General Business Office of Publisher (Not printer): Martin Rudow. 2723 Van Dee Ave., Greenbank WA 98253. 9. Full Names and Complete Mailing Addresses of Publisher, Editor, and Managing Editor: Publisher: Martin Rudow, 2723 Van Dee Ave., Greenbank WA 98253. Editor: Heather Romano, 2611 Northwoods Loop Rd, Mt Vernon, WA 98273. Managing Editor: Same 10. Owner. Full Name: Road Runners Club Of America Club Northwest. Complete Mailing Address: 1003 – 32nd, Bellingham, WA 98225. 11. Known Bondholders, Mortgagees, and Other Security Holders Owning or Holding 1 Percent or More of Total Amount of Bonds, Mortgages, or Other Securities. If none, check box: 12. Tax Status not changed. The purpose, function, and nonprofit status of this organization and the exempt status for federal income tax purposes: 13. Publication Title: Northwest Runner 14. Issue Date for Circulation Data Below: October, 2013. 15 a. Total Number of Copies (Net Press Run): 6815, 7,000 1. Mailed outside County Paid Subscriptions: 2233, 2310 2. Mailed in-county: 1852, 1707. 3. Paid distribution outside the mail 801 952 4. Paid distribution by other classes of Mail through USPS: 9, 10 16. Total Paid distribution: 4895; 4,979 d. Free or nominal rate distribution: 1. Free or nominal rate outside county: 371, 386 2. Free or nominal rate in-county: 351, 432 3. Free or nominal rate copies mailed at other rates: 0, 0 4. Free or nominal rate distribution outside the mail: 1098, 1103 e. Total Free or Nominal Rate Distribution: 1820, 1921 f. Total distribution: 6,715, 6,900 g. Copies not distributed: 100, 100 i. Percent Paid 72%, 71% 16. Publication of Statement of Ownership: November, 2013 17. Signature and Title of Editor, Publisher, Business Manager, or Owner: Martin Rudow. Date: 9-25-13. I certify that all information furnished on this form is true and complete. I understand that anyone who furnishes false or misleading information on this form or who omits material or information requested on the form may be subject to criminal sanctions (including fines and imprisonment) and/or civil sanctions (including multiple damages and civil penalties).

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results continued

Kristen Ingman 1:45:33 Lorie Lauzon 1:46:15 Brenda Deforest 1:50:02 Additional Subscribers Diana Robinson 1:58:28 50-54 Booboo James 1:33:18 Jan Acker 1:37:59 Saleena Murphy 1:40:33 Sherry Vandenbos 1:44:17 Lynn Strange 1:45:19 Additional Subscribers Margaret Diddams 2:08:24 Alyeen Barry 2:44:27 Leslie Scheurich 3:20:57 55-59 Kerry Jones 1:42:38 Linda Garrett 1:50:19 Paula Hillier 1:51:10 Suzette Moore 1:51:27 Annie Littlewood 1:56:12 Additional Subscribers Suzanne Wu 2:26:06 Debbie Doyle 2:39:03 60-64 Catherine Davis 1:55:52 Ann Keppler 2:07:08 Joan Miller 2:10:22 Heidi Mcgough 2:11:32 Sally Vancorbach 2:16:47 Additional Subscribers Rembie Krattli 2:34:34 65-69 Bonnie Hurtig 2:05:53 Lynne De 2:22:41 Sue Fauerbach 2:25:31 Laurie Davenport 2:27:20 Kathy Mcewen 2:57:07 70 & Above Carol Wright 2:14:52 Violet Holmes 2:35:50 Mary Anne 3:10:27 Bridgit Mcdonald 3:14:14 Marilyn Murphy 3:16:29

Blake Harmon 21:20 Christopher Lo 21:58 Rhys Bryant 22:03 Roger Boxx 22:18 David Harmon 22:25 Shaun Capper 22:54 Aspen Buckingham 23:01 Chris Wilde 23:36 Cody Tosland 24:06 Dennis Terrell 24:30 Chuck Jenkins 24:42 Steve Brown 24:46 Adam Erickson 25:13 Arden Flores 25:22 Aaron Musser 25:26 Additional Subscribers Eric Jensen 34:07

FEMALES Top Twenty Overall

Alma Mcmurtry 19:29 Julie Scheele 19:48 Alanna Steele 21:37 Sara Bawden 22:20 Kathy Carr 24:27 Deedee Brown 24:47 Kirsten Coffman 25:28 Rachel Roberts 25:44 Brooke Benson 25:46 Terell Weg 25:48 Patti Jones 25:58 Cailtyn Collingwood 26:12 Mayumi Paluh 26:14 Julie Mellick 26:19 Lisi Erickson 26:29 Samantha Boxx 26:33 Andrea Antrim 26:44 Jessica Burchiel 26:49 Amanda Drake 26:56 Kim Lamont 26:58 Additional Subscribers Vicki Griffiths 28:27 Julia Parker 54:50

Bay 5K MALES Top Twenty Overall Mark Burke Derek Thornton Collin Buckley Nathan Fontes Ken Peper

17:52 18:17 18:49 20:55 21:07

Race for a Soldier Half September 29, Gig Harbor


Top Five Overall

Roy Reichlin 1:44:11 Additional Subscribers Greg Carpenter 2:05:15 50-54 Pat Kenworthy 1:29:28 David Houpt 1:34:28 Gerald Ries 1:35:02 Tom Regis 1:44:48 Glen Henderson 1:45:20 Additional Subscribers Robert Holt 2:05:26 55-59 Keith Lerew 1:30:05 David Sherman 1:34:19 Arne Lund 1:40:45 Daniel Vaughn 1:41:30 Steve Rees 1:49:37 Additional Subscribers Aaron Campbell 1:50:46 Bruce Quam 2:04:15 Guy Yogi 2:04:55 Douglas H Stutz 2:27:34 60-64 Ken Farmer 1:35:35 Dennis Zaborac 1:43:34 Jeff Brown 2:06:12 Jorge Esteve 2:23:12 Stephen Harding 2:25:24 65-69 Martinho Ribeiro 1:44:05 Michael Ketcham 1:53:01 John Marsteller 2:06:00 Frank Scoggins 2:30:08 Henry Retailliau 2:34:04 Additional Subscribers Rodney Choy 2:40:33 70-74 Max Welker 2:17:55 Kenton Hill 2:38:05

Jesse Stevick 1:13:57 Kevin Fischer 1:21:28 Kyle Norris 1:22:48 Michael Stinson 1:24:34 Kevin Jones 1:26:11 19 & Under Kyle Norris 1:22:48 Daniel Rees 1:42:21 Brendan Berejikian 1:47:46 Damian Allard 1:49:37 Caleb Rochette 1:54:26 20-24 Charles Pham 1:30:44 Jordan Penland 1:36:40 Alec Elliott 1:38:33 Nick Biggs 1:40:04 Daniel Allen 1:40:59 25-29 Kevin Jones 1:26:11 James Nuxoll 1:28:50 Mike Price 1:29:08 Adam Dear 1:30:41 Matt Scherer 1:31:29 30-34 Jesse Stevick 1:13:57 Kevin Fischer 1:21:28 Adam Ewoldsen 1:27:10 Cristobal Magana 1:27:25 Matthew Murphy 1:31:19 Additional Subscribers Nathan Pigza 2:07:49 35-39 William Everett 1:34:21 Brian Bergren 1:34:44 Steve Kingston 1:37:51 Raed Gyekis 1:39:13 Jason Willett 1:42:23 Additional Subscribers Matthew Mills 2:50:33 40-44 Michael Stinson 1:24:34 Wm Courtemanche 1:32:18 Duane Montoya 1:33:53 John Spannuth 1:34:18 Michael Mutch 1:36:31 Additional Subscribers Michael Smith 1:40:18 Curtis Brake 1:52:11 45-49 Yumg Park 1:36:52 Casey Blake 1:37:46 Mark Reding 1:39:20 Stephen Granito 1:42:58

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Mary Kate Bailey Jennifer Ford Jamil Ellinger Mary Lynn Zastrow Elizabeth Lewis 19 & Under E Schwendeman M Schuerdeman Olivia Hill Mckenna Starkey Bailey Marshall 20-24

1:25:31 1:29:31 1:30:03 1:33:37 1:34:29 2:11:52 2:13:42 2:23:17 2:25:59 2:34:03

Mary Lynn Zastrow 1:33:37 Anne Danczyk 1:52:39 Mary Comstock 1:53:54 Jasmine Hatch 1:53:58 Yvette Huston 1:57:40 25-29 Jamil Ellinger 1:30:03 Elizabeth Lewis 1:34:29 Molly Koczarski 1:36:56 Katie Schmidlin 1:41:32 Danielle Maloni 1:47:26 30-34 Jennifer Ford 1:29:31 Erica Chabalko 1:38:48 Ellen Hammond 1:43:12 Christine Miller 1:43:37 Alicia Bowman 1:44:05 Additional Subscribers Tasha Conde 1:51:46 35-39 Mary Kate Bailey 1:25:31 Renae Goldsmith 1:40:30 Sara McGrath 1:41:33 Marisol Galeana 1:43:14 Jade Garrison 1:43:31 Additional Subscribers Amy Quesenberry 2:06:27 40-44 Kim Lundin-Harvey 1:45:16 Kimberly Hert 1:47:35 Beth Caldwell 1:47:40 Jennifer Soika 1:55:47 Cristie Rochette 1:57:08 Additional Subscribers Gina Reed 2:10:24 Lara Owczarski 2:30:26 45-49 Patti Saltsgaver 1:49:09 Alyce Buursma 1:51:09 Lisa Blauvelt 1:51:52 Cheryl Tobie 1:53:05 Michelle Denully 1:53:21 Additional Subscribers Heather Nugent 1:57:43 50-54 Lesa Overfield 1:51:20 Kelly Heinzinger 1:51:54 Cindy Bujacich 2:02:04 Corinne Bernardy 2:04:31 Colleen Thompson 2:05:13 55-59 Nancy Gayman 1:44:03 Gayle Jones 1:55:39 Myong Spencer 1:59:41 Geri Buttke 2:02:39

Susan Hall 2:06:17 Additional Subscribers Jill Zajac 2:45:20 60-64 Judy Hartmann 2:06:18 Sandra Madden 2:06:42 Carol Coram 2:13:59 Ann French 2:14:06 Jill Vedros 2:21:18 65-69 Sharon Gunderson 2:12:08 Dale Cecchettin 2:15:23 Diane Cecchettini 2:30:11 Lindy Cubberley 2:38:26 Nancy Bamford 3:19:42 70 & Above Chereen Bell 1:51:53


12K’s of Xmas.............................. 43 Eugene Marathon.................OBC FRCS Reso Runs......................... 21 Green Lake Gobble.................. 43 Heroes Half...................................31 Jingle Bell Run............................ 47 Kent Xmas Rush......................... 21 Magnuson Series...................... 35 NODM............................................25 Norpoint Turkey Trot................19 Northwest Trail Runs............... 45 Portland Half..................................7 Pumpkin Push............................ 10 Santa Runs Tacoma.....................9 Seattle Marathon.......................17 St. Paddy’s Tacoma...................23 Tacoma Marathon.................... 27 Tacoma Turkey Trot.....................9 Whidbey Island Marathon.... 39 Windermere Marathon..........29 Yakima Marathon..................... 33


Asics.................................................11 Asics.................................................15 Brooks...............................................5 Club NW Member..................... 33 Marketplace................................46 NWR Gift Subscription........... 32 Super Jock ‘n Jill........................2-3 USPS Statement......................... 45


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