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Calming the UGLY in People

by Carlin Armstead

I’m fascinated by the concept of “ugly” Christmas sweaters. The idea encourages competition between people to find the ugliest Christmas sweater to wear. It’s fun to participate, but one could wonder and ask, “What is ugly?”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ugly as “Offensive to the sight, offensive or unpleasant to any sense, morally offensive or objectionable.” I believe calling something ugly is subjective; what may be offensive to one person, may not be to another.

Sometimes ugliness isn’t about something or someone. It could be about a state of mind or how a person thinks. The way we act toward one another can be positive or negative. If a person treats an individual negatively, they may be showing an “ugly” side of themselves.

The year 2020, has been a challenging year, resulting in times that many of us have never experienced or imagined. So, during this holiday season, maybe we should take a moment to review how we are treating others. Politics, police brutality, a pandemic, and other situations have brought out the best and worst in people.

Every one of us should stop and take a look in the mirror to see if we are treating others the way God would treat them. I don’t say treat others the way you would want to be treated, it’s possible that you’re not taking such great care of yourself!

The holiday season for many of us is about giving. Giving comes in many forms, to include our time, talents, and finances. It’s also an opportunity to give others a chance to do better when we feel that we have been treated wrongly. We have each ‘messed up’ at some point in our lives and consequently should hold ourselves accountable. Even though we fail, God gives us another chance each day when he wakes us. It’s an opportunity to correct our path. Why not give others that same opportunity?

It’s the little things we do that matter and can have a huge impact in the lives of others. A kind word, a smile, opening a door, saying thank you, saying I’m sorry. These expressions go a long way to turning negative issues into promoting positivity.

I’m tired of the bad news from the media that consumes us. It tells their vision (television) of the negativity that exists in the world. Where’s the good news? I know it’s out there, but it doesn’t sell too well. Is there an audience or target group that wants good news?

It’s the little things we do that matter and can have a huge impact in the lives of others.

Well, God’s news is Good News. The Good News of Jesus Christ and eternal life through salvation has been rejected by many. Many choose not to follow God’s plan for their lives. God’s plan helps and doesn’t hurt us. He loved us so much that He has a plan accompanied by another chance when we fail in life. It’s up to us to choose His plan over our plan (sin) and the plan of the enemy (Satan).

Maybe we should go back to His manual (the Bible), which will lead us in the direction of love, joy, and peace. When we follow His direction, it will help us to address the problems that cross our path leading to positive results.