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CERAMIC PAINT COATING Two year guaranteed protection Improves gloss up to 10%


What is Diamond Plate?

A: Diamond Plate is a nano ceramic polymer coating that reacts with your vehicle’s clear coat finish to form a second layer and thicker coating for added protection. These highly cross-linked coatings are extremely weather resistant, provides UV protection, wear and acid rain resistance. These coatings are so durable they are used widely in the aerospace industry.

Our Warranty Protects Against

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(from newly painted road lines.)

The Diamond Plate 2 Year Warranty

Is backed by an A+ insurance carrier. Therefore, if a claim is filed, both consumers and installers will never have to pay for the price of repair.

Diamond Plate Kit Includes: • 1 Vile of the Patent Pending Diamond Plate

• VisionBlade Hydrophobic Windshield Protector • Gloves • Applicator • Microfiber Finishing Towel • P.O.S. Customer Hand Outs • The Diamond Plate Warranty Desk Topper Pop Up Sign

Simoniz USA, Inc, 201 Boston Turnpike, Bolton CT, 06043, 800-227-5536

CONTENTS Air Force On Detailing. . . . . . . . . . 5 Team arrives at Seattle’s Museum of Flight Elbow Grease . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 When it comes to boat detailing ... don’t forget the dock and cover

Modern Detailing . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 How To Deal With Local Competition.

Nitty Gritty. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Getting to Know Vincent Macri

For the Birds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 In the News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Open for Business. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Innovations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 IDA News. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 is All New!

Detail Doctor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Step by Step Interior Cleaning

Pulp Friction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Cleaning that nasty upholstery and carpet.

One More Thing ... Hello, dear readers. Fall is here. I used to think spring was the symbolic season because it meant newness, cleaning and awakenings, but autumn is just as emblematic. Along with the autumnal beauty of the leaves, it is a season for change, letting go, shedding that extra baggage, the deadweight, and the regrets. I for one had a rough summer, but have learned to “let it go.” I mean, it wasn’t awful, but was not exactly carefree. For one, a family vacation turned into an eight-day tribulation after everyone got sick, our van got damaged, my son fell and gashed his lip, I forgot medication, our check-in was delayed by six hours, and my iPhone was left behind on the beach during a torrential downpour. However, these plights came with two silver linings… a lesson in kindness and a lesson in priorities. So, after I ran onto the beach to retrieve my phone, in the rain, I packed up my two kiddos and went straight to the grocery store to buy some rice and then headed to the nearest Verizon store. And, did I mention we were all still in our bathing suits? I was exhausted. I had no way of calling my friends and family and no

Letter from the Editor

one knew where I was. And, I was worried-- after all, when you’re away from home, leaving behind pets and loved ones, a phone is an appendage of security, ease and safety. So, there we were, in a Verizon store in Myrtle Beach, drenched, harried and a mess. A very nice employee greeted me with a warm smile, and told us to take a seat and we would be helped as soon as possible. Now, at this point, I was running through all of the aforementioned difficulties we had already experienced on our vacation. continued ...

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Letter from the Editor I sat there, feeling sorry for myself, and it apparently showed on my face. And, I know in the scheme of things, it is just a phone, but my equanimity and mental clarity hit a wall. Then, out of nowhere, another customer sat across from me in the waiting area. “Are you okay?” he asked. He then tried to make my children laugh and said he could tell I was having a rough time. His wife then sat next to him. I told them they both seemed to be in good spirits. He went on to say he was once a person who got mad all the time and had his priorities out of whack… but, ever since he was diagnosed with cancer, he understood what life was really all about. In the brief stint of support, I became resolute. Who was he? Clarence from It’s A Wonderful Life or maybe

the Sam Elliott character from The Big Lebowski? I wasn’t sure, but his advice was poignant and everlasting. Then, a Verizon team member came over to help me and was able to backup all of my information and order me a replacement phone which would be overnighted to our hotel. This team member was kind, patient and sweet to my kids. During this time, I was still carrying the bag of rice and some of it had spilled on the floor. When I went to pick it up, he stopped me and said to, “not worry about it,” and smiled. He treated me with kindness and respect, even though I was standing there looking like a washed up sea urchin. So, the lessons learned here are the power of kindness, and good customer service and a mindfulness of priorities. And, please know that I get it. I know a damaged phone in no way compares to illness, or real loss, or the hell that Hurricane Florence has brought to our friends on the East Coast, but we all

lose track once in a while. And, please know that if you were affected by the hurricane, or are feeling downtrodden for any reason, or if your business is giving you a hard time, please know that this community of detailers that I have come to adore is one tight family, so I encourage you to lean on them, call, ask questions, and I can guarantee they will help you. We are a family and we are all rooting for you. Before I forget, here are some vacation pictures I thought you might enjoy -a few guys spent about 5 hours building a car made of sand and I instantly thought of all of you. And, one more thing before I go… I was so excited to finally get to interview Vincent Macri. I first met him at a tradeshow and I noticed a sort of humbleness, yet also an intrepidness about him. And, after reading his story (page XX), I now know why my initial thoughts were accurate. Also, I want to thank the wonderful

Darin Pereira for sharing his expertise on interior detailing for our cover story. He is adept and extremely skilled and we hit a homerun with him as the interviewee. I truly hope you all enjoy this issue, and as always, don’t forget to support our advertisers, and/or write to me with any questions or story ideas at debrag@, and be sure to follow us on Facebook at https://www. Until next time,

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VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018

Air Force One Detailing Team arrives at Seattle’s Museum of Flight Master detailer Renny Doyle announces that the Air Force One Detailing Team hits Seattle’s Museum of Flight July 15–22 and in addition to the first presidential jet Air Force One, there is a new airplane on the agenda this year— The handpicked team of 65 professional detailers from around the nation will continue their annual cleaning and preservation of the presidential plane on display at the museum, but they will also take their first shot preserving the museum’s newest acquisition, a Boeing B-52G Stratfortress Bomber known as Midnight Express. Built in 1960, she was used extensively during the Vietnam War as a nucleararmed Cold War platform, active during Operation Linebacker II in December 1972, which led to the release of 591 prisoners of war in 1973. The Air Force One Detailing Team is chosen and organized by the “Detailer of Air Force One”, Renny Doyle, and his continued ... VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS |



wife and business partner, Diane Doyle of Detailing Success in Big Bear, CA. Trained and certified by the International Detailing Association (IDA) and by Doyle himself, all team members are successful detailing business owners in their own rights and make the minimal two-year commitment to the team on a voluntary, pro bono basis. Doyle has spent 15 years restoring the historic presidential jet to its original glory. The plane was a flying Oval Office for Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. The plane was in distressed condition when Doyle was first approached by the Bush administration in 2003 to put his skills to work to save it. It took over a decade to fully restore the brilliance of the paint and clarity of the bright work (aluminum). Until 2016, the plane lived outdoors on the tarmac, exposed to the elements, requiring a robust annual cleaning, polishing, and protection for its paint and aluminum. These past two years the plane has found a home under the museum’s new open-air Airpark Pavilion. Although it is mostly protected from the elements, it is still exposed to the area’s damp climate





VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018


and extreme temperatures, requiring a rigorous cleaning, polishing, and application of a paint sealant to protect it from year to year. The original Air Force One Detailing Team consisted of Doyle and a small team of six staff members, but over the years, the project has expanded to an increasingly heavy workload and many additional aircraft. The team has grown to 32 members in 2012, to 55 members last year, and to the largest team ever this year at 65. Also, on the agenda this year is polishing the B-29 Super Fortress, a WWII bomber the team began restoring in 2011; cleaning and polishing the first-ever Boeing “Jumbo Jet” 747; polishing the supersonic Concorde Alpha Golf, which they have been working on since 2014; and numerous other priceless aircraft on exhibit at the Museum of Flight. “Cleaning something as big as a jet airplane has its challenges, but when you are cleaning aircraft valued at hundreds of millions of dollars and that have such historical significance in aviation history, it requires unique skills and knowledge continued ... VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018 | AUTO DETAILING NEWS |



of paint and bright work, not found in most detailers,” says Doyle. “I have been caring for these amazing aircraft for 15 years and the first time I laid eyes on Air Force One, I doubted myself whether it could be saved — that is how challenging the project was; however, I know what these detailers can do. They are the best of the best and to see Air Force One shining in the sunlight from year to year is a testament to our commitment, hard work, and skill. I am proud to be a part of this project every year and I look forward to many years ahead as a caretaker of aviation history.” The Air Force One Detailing Team and its efforts on these historic aircraft could never be completed without the financial help of industry giants like Flex power tools and polishers and P&S Detailing Products. Add in major contributions from Buff & Shine Manufacturing; The Ragg Company; Zenware; and Glassparency; and that is why year after year, collectors, museums, and other automotive and aviation organizations seek out Doyle and his Detail Mafia Team.





VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018





When it comes to boat detailing…

…don’t forget the dock and cover! According to professional boat detailer Travis Short of Taylor’s Boat Detailing in Texas, there is a lot more to boat detailing than just detailing the boat. There is also the dock and boat cover to consider. And, now that many boats across the country are being put away until Spring, Short offers up the following tips for proper care and the best possible results.




So when doing spring or fall cleaning I always suggest starting with the cleaning of the dock. Spiders and bird droppings will accumulate over time it becomes overwhelming if not addressed. With all our full details we start with rafters and uprights and finish with the decking. This will ensure you’re not getting the boat dirtier by getting in and out. It also looks better. To properly clean a dock, I visit the window cleaning section of Home Depot and purchase an extension pole and an attachment for removing spider webs. It looks like a fuzzy ball. With that combo I like to remove as much of the cobwebs as


VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018

possible prior to pressure washing. If not, once wet, the webs will stick to surface and become very hard to remove. Then, with a pump sprayer I like to pre spray dock with a 50/50 mix of Simple Green and water (1:1 gallon). This loosens the dirt and spider debris/bird droppings and helps it to come of easier. I start at the top and work my way down and do the floor of the dock last. Lastly, I treat the dock with Demon Max (you can find this on Amazon). On covers. I like to get them done the day before so we can start cleaning when we get there and when the detail is done

the cover is nice and clean. This will also impress your customers. I like to take the covers to a commercial washer, preferably a 6 load and up. To transport the cover, I begin by laying it out lengthwise and then run a line of OxyClean down the middle. It is crucial that you attach all of the Velcro together. This will keep Velcro from grabbing seems and causing threads to hand. I then fold the cover from each end meeting in the middle, kind of like a accordion so it will open up in the washer.



How To Deal With Local Competition By Rob Schruefer Rob Schruefer is the owner of On The Spot Detailing out of Columbia, Maryland. He proudly serves on the board of the International Detailing Association and works tirelessly to ensure that detailing business owners receive business development support to help them achieve their goals.

In the detailing industry there is a never ending line of people starting their own mobile detailing business. The low start up and overhead costs create an industry that is ripe for those looking to break away from the daily grind of a 9 to 5 office job. Every spring this creates a flood of new detailing businesses offering unsustainably low costs and poor quality. As these new businesses come to market the more veteran businesses mostly ignore them, but occasionally the newer or struggling businesses are duped into attempting to compete, thinking they will lose business to the new start ups. I can tell you from years of experience that these types of businesses will not hurt your bottom line, and the customers that they do take did not value your time or required costs and probably would have moved on anyways. There will always be competition in your local market. It is how you handle it that will set you apart from the rest. A well educated customer will not always go with the cheaper option if you are able to sell them on the experience you are providing. You are selling yourself and your product to the customer. If you do not get the customer, you failed in explaining why you are the best option. Here are a few tips to remember when thinking about the competition.

Competition Is Not Always A Bad Thing There are good aspects of having strong local competition. Businesses with no competitors soon become lazy, and lose sight of the customer and their needs. It is always good to have someone nearby to keep you on your toes and to keep driving you and your business forward. The competition also promotes innovation and finding new products

and services that would send more customers your way and ultimately lead to a better experience for the customer.

Do Not Try To Compete On A Low Level As a business owner it is important that you do not get sucked into the black hole of attempting to compete with unreasonably low prices AND offer a quality detailing service to your

customers. I cannot tell you how often I have heard, “The guy on Craigslist did it last time for $50.” I always ask why they are not using him anymore, and the answer is ALWAYS, “he is out of business,” or “it was a terrible job.” Either answer does not require anymore explanation from you to justify your service price. If you lower your price to match you will be unable to pay your bills and support your business, and if you do a bad job, people will no longer use your service. Either way it spells doom for your business. continued ...




DETAILING Be Friendly When it comes to my market I make an effort to get to know the competition. There are plenty of vehicles in my market, and I could not do them all if I wanted to, so I see no harm in being cordial. If I see someone I do not know out in a parking lot, I go over and introduce myself. There are several reasons that I do this: ✔✔ Camaraderie: We are both operating a similar business in the same market, so we probably have some other things in common. Even if it is just on a professional level, it is nice to know someone at trade shows or local events.




✔✔ Mentorship: Quite often new detailing companies do not charge enough or provide quality details because they simply do not know better. By offering some guidance I am sometimes able to steer them away from offering services below market value, or providing substandard work. I will also tell them about the International Detailing Association and how it could benefit them in the long run. Raising their level of detailing also benefits the local detailing industry as a whole. ✔✔ Employees: The few larger local detailing shops near me regularly have crossover employees. They will quit or be fired from one shop and immediately come to the next one. It is beneficial to be able to contact the previous detailing company and get a honest recommendation or warning about the applicant. This saves money and


VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018

hassle in training someone with an attitude or theft problem. ✔✔ Referrals: As much as we try to get in every customer who calls, there are just some we are unable to accommodate. Whether it is a timing, distance, or service issue, it is mutually beneficial for both detailing companies to be able to recommend someone else. The customer is appreciative because even though you were not able to help them, you were able to offer them an alternative, and will likely call you again next time. The other company will thank you for the business, and in return do the same when the situation arises on their end.

Be Professional NEVER bad mouth the competition, even if you have nothing good to say, just say you do not know or that you do not like to give your opinion on someone

else’s business. Talking bad about another business to a customer looks petty, and is very destructive to the industry. Always talk about YOUR business and the service and quality YOU will be able to provide them . If someone else is talking bad about your business, be the bigger person. A customer is not going to make a decision on using one business over another based on the opinion of one of the owners. They will do their homework, and find out for themselves which is the best fit. I personally do not like or trust a company that will throw a competitor under the bus completely unsolicited. Ultimately you have no control over what your competition does, charges, or says. You can only control your own actions, and lead by example. By leading the way professionally and with class, you will become the business that leads your local market, and the customers will come to you.

Nitty Gritty

Getting to Know...

Vincent Macri You want to talk about redemption? Durability? Fortitude? Survival? One great example of all those traits is a man from Trumbull, Connecticut, who is part Scott Lang, part Andy Dufresne, who beat the odds and now hopes to inspire others. Vincent Macri is still young, but has already lived through a lifetime of harrowing challenges — including a brief life of crime thanks to an unforgiving addiction, which almost always leads to a stint in prison or toe tag. This addiction, which has taken actors, musicians, politicians, CEOs and billionaires, didn’t take Vincent, but he did end up in prison, which, as it turns out, was his saving grace. Well, that and a love of cars and the art of restoration. His plight took a positive turn when he honed in on his passion and realized he had an innate talent for detailing. Vincent soon realized the lure, excitement, and makeover-related intoxication of shining up a once-ugly vehicle was more powerful than any kind of opiate. Now, an extremely admired, successful and buoyant detailer, Vincent doesn’t gloss over his troubled years, and instead shares with Auto Detailing News his story, including the good, the bad and the many twists and turns on his road to redemption.

What is your full name? Vincent Macri Where did you grow up? Born and raised in Trumbull, CT When and how did you get involved in the detailing industry? So, I have always been a car guy. I remember when I was about 4 years old my father and grandfather were changing the oil in their cars and I asked to help them. They told me I was too young and could help when I was older. From that day on I always looked forward to the day I could help them in the garage. Meanwhile a couple years later, I was helping my mother hand polish an antique copper tub. The instant gratification of seeing this old dirty piece of metal come to life at the hands of my labor fascinated me. My mother jokingly said, “Maybe one day you’ll have a job restoring things.”

I never assumed it would be cars. As I got older my passion for cars grew deeper. I took every automotive elective class I could in school and then went to tech school for auto repair after high school. I graduated as one of the top students in the program and began my journey in the automotive industry. I found a good job in a repair shop and continued to learn the trade, buy tools and earn certifications. At 17 years old I began to go down a road that unfortunately too many teenagers continue to go down to this day, and I began using drugs. Oxycontin addiction led to heroin addiction and heroin addiction led to me destroying my life. I quit my job, sold the thousands and thousands of dollars worth of tools I accumulated for $200 and then began stealing everything I could. I did bad things to good people and thankfully it all caught up to me before I killed myself. I got arrested more times than I can



Nitty Gritty

count and was in serious trouble. On July 1, 2007, I stood in front of a judge and received a 3-year prison sentence. The marshals walked up behind me, cuffed me and escorted me out of the courtroom. I smiled. I was relieved. I knew the life I was living was over and I promised myself that I was going to make it better. During my incarceration I decided to make the best of my time. I read countless books, became a tutor and helped a few guys get their GEDs, studied the automotive ASE test books for hours a day and ultimately invested in myself and helping others as much as the system allowed. I even volunteered to clean all the bathrooms every day! I spent time in maximum security with murderers, got transferred to the sex offender prison with rapists, got sent to solitary confinement during the week of Christmas and couldn’t call home and then spent a week in the prison hospice where terminally ill men were spending the last days of their lives alone in a hell hole. There were guys in there from America’s Most Wanted and people you would see on the news. It taught me a lot about who I never want to become. After two and a half years I was finally let out to a halfway house with a work release program. It was strange to be out in reality looking for a job. I was applying everywhere I could in the automotive industry, but with a felony record and no tools it wasn’t going well. One day I stumbled in to a car wash about a block away from the halfway house. I noticed that in-




side the shop they had a wall of automotive electronics like stereos, speakers and remote starters. I asked the man working if they installed the electronics at the shop and he said, “No, we don’t have anyone who knows how to do installations.” Electronics and installations were one of my strengths, so I told him I was able to install them. He told me to come back the next day to begin working. This place was an absolute dump. It was a beat down building in a bad neighborhood. No signs or lights or parking lot full of nice cars. I didn’t care, I was happy to be out and have a job, even if I was to be paid on commission and no customers ever came in looking for stereos. I had my own separate bay behind the car wash and detailing portion of the business. I set up a couch, a stereo, cleaned it up the best I could and sat waiting for customers to come rolling in. It never happened. After a few days of sitting there from open to close — and not making a dollar — one of the guys managing the detail department asked if I knew how to clean cars. I knew a little, but not much. He told me he would teach me this way I could actually work and make some money. It wasn’t the busiest of places, but at least it was something. He taught me how to wash, vacuum and eventually stepped up to shampooing and rotary polishing. In hindsight everything he taught me was wrong by today’s standards and I probably did more harm than good to customers’ vehicles, but customers were happy, and I was getting paid and I found some|

VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018

thing new I really enjoyed. I would make $2 per wash, $5 per wash and vacuum and like $30 per “full detail.” If no cars came in I’d make zero money. When it rained we were still expected to work from open to close. There was no heat in the shop during the winter and equipment was always broken. But, it beat being in prison and I was grateful. Had I not been down the path that led me there I would have never had the humility (maybe I mean ignorance) to continue showing up there day after day. After a couple months I was learning more and becoming efficient. I became shop manager and was given a set of keys to the building. Me, a felon trusted with keys to the business. I was proud of myself. That pride wore off quick when the owner and I got in to an argument when I said I wanted Christmas day off. He told me I had to be there open to close which in the winter was 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. I looked back at the progress I’d made and how far I had come and I decided even with a record I deserved so much better. I still had a lot to prove, but I wanted to prove it to somebody who appreciated my efforts. I didn’t show up on Christmas and

quit the following day. I was fortunate to quickly find a position with a high-end mobile detailing service shortly after, but we can save the story of that place and my journey to starting my own businesses for another article. What is the name of your business and where is it located? I own and operate 2. A1 Mobile Detailing is the first one and is slowly phasing out. My new shop is Wrap N Shine Auto Spa. Both are located in Fairfield County, CT. I still own and operate A1 while Wrap N Shine builds up its reputation and starts bringing in its own customers and clients. What type of detailing do you offer? A1 Mobile Detailing offers on site mobile detailing of cars and boats. We specialize in convenience and would serve mostly daily driven vehicles and a whole lot of big boats in the summer. Wrap N Shine Auto Spa offers full interior and exterior detailing, window tint, paint protection film, vinyl wraps, ceramic coatings and more. We service a lot of high end vehicles, sports cars and perfor-

mance vehicles, but we never turn down a daily driver. How many hours per week do you work? I’m at the shop from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday thru Friday. We have Saturday listed as closed, but I am usually there all day too. I’m currently trying to focus on not bringing work home with me once I leave the shop, but I usually continue to do my marketing, invoicing and research from home after hours. So to answer the question, too many hours. How and when did you get involved with the International Detailing Association? I’m big into education and certifications. I was an ASE certified technician and was the highest certified Hyundai technician in the region when I was a mechanic at the Hyundai dealership. Once I opened my first detailing business I wanted credibility, so I searched for certifications and I found the IDA. I registered instantly in 2015 I believe. I didn’t see the full value of the Association until I attended Mobile Tech Expo the following year and saw how passionate all the other

members were. What is it you like about the detailing industry? Where do I begin? First, it would have to be the network. I have made friends worldwide, people I visit when I travel or someone I can call when I’m facing a challenge. I’ve been in the repair industry and now window tint and paint protection film and I can say with experience that no other industry has such an awesome network of individuals who enjoy building up one another. Secondly, I’d have to say the opportunity it offers people to start their own business. We often look at no regulations as a bad thing, but that paired with a relatively low overhead cost for mobile detailers means people coming from nothing can easily get into operating their own detailing business. Sure, there is a lot to learn, but with the right drive anybody can be successful as a detailer. What kind of advice do you have for detailers who are just starting out? Learn to do the little things with excellence. Even the things you hate doing.

If you can’t do the simple things well enough to impress a customer, then you’ll never stand a chance doing the more difficult things. Stay humble be patient and don’t be afraid to ask for help or find a mentor. If you’re a business owner, then put more time and energy in to learning how to run a business as opposed to focusing all your energy on learning how to detail. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Business is no easy ride. What is your advice for dealing with difficult customers? Difficult customers should be viewed as opportunities instead of obstacles. Difficult customers are generally very vocal and if you listen they can give you valuable insight to what areas of your business may need attention. If I’m dealing with a customer that I think may be difficult I make it a point to go so over the top to blow their mind that I leave them with very little opportunity to become difficult. A lot of business owners forget that we are here to serve our customers and solve their problems. What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a detailer? Winters in New England when it is generally very slow. Also I think consumer education is one of the biggest challenges I face. Due to customers not knowing how much

skill and effort it takes to work our craft, they don’t see the value in some of our services. This allows the “hacks” to thrive and get away with subpar work. It also allows product companies to oversell products that completely rip off the customers. What advice do you have for detailers who are facing setbacks? Take ownership of your problems. Know that anything wrong with your business is wrong because of you. Also, don’t think any of these problems are exclusive to your business. Chances are there are plenty of people facing the same problems in every industry across the globe. Keep investing in yourself and your education and you will learn how to deal with many issues. Also, a mentor is priceless in instances of struggle. Even if they haven’t been in your exact position before sometimes they are able to see a solution more clearly because they are not as blinded by the problem as you may be. Set daily goals that will bring you to your end goals and focus on achieving them. Give yourself a zero option mentality as in there’s no other option than to push through and succeed. Is there anything about you that might surprise our readers? Any special talents? Out of all the questions, I have struggled with this one the most. I hate to break it to everybody, but I guess I’m just an ordinary guy!



For the Birds Yes…. We are going ‘there’ By Debra Gorgos Okay, I will admit it, this research made me a bit squeamish, but I know all of you can handle it. And, while my degree in Journalism, and 20+ years of research and interviewing has prepared me for a lot, I never in a million years thought I would be writing about… bird poop. Yes, that’s right, I am giving you all of the facts having to do with bird excrement. Why is it white? What is up with the blue blobs? The answers are below.

WHAT’S UP WITH THE WHITENESS? It all has to do with the fact that birds do not produce pure urine. According to MentalFloss, birds’ digestive systems and don’t work like most animals’. “Instead of pooping

and peeing separately, they basically do it all in one weird mess. Their kidneys extract nitrogenous wastes from the bloodstream like other animals’ do, but instead of releasing it as urea dissolved in urine, birds excrete it in the form of uric acid. It comes out as a white sort of goo because of the biochemical reactions that happen to process the waste so it can be safely excreted with minimal water loss.”

WHAT’S UP WITH THE DARK BLOBS? When there is red, blue, purple or green blobs in the droppings, that is the actual poop. According to, it’s the only real solid part. As for the different colors? It all has to do with the bird’s diet. “Red pellets and strawberries produce a red colored dropping. (This does not apply to the urine.) Seed and green vegetables produce a green continued on p19...

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Perfect Shine with FLEX Go to to find a distributor in your area or call 877-331-6103. 16




VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018


In the News Mobile Tech Expo now offering Las Vegas show, Orlando keynote revealed


Las Vegas Convention Center

Car Wash Show™ Australia OCTOBER 30 NOVEMBER 1 Etihad Stadium Melbourne, Australia

2019 Mobile Tech Expo JANUARY 10-12, 2019

Orange County Convention Center Orlando, Florida

Autogeek’s 2019 Detail Fest & Car Show

MARCH 9-10, 2019 Palm Beach County Convention Center West Palm Beach, Florida

Detailers on the southern side of the country will be getting their own Mobile Tech Expo, as a Las Vegas show will be offered next September. “Based on where our buyers are located and after surveying both exhibitors and attendees, Mobile Tech Expo has determined there is a significant demand for a second show,” announced Sheldon Kaye, Mobile Tech Expo Show Manager. “Las Vegas ranked high in our survey, in large part due to convenient and inexpensive travel options as well as lots to do in the city.” Show dates are September 5-7, 2019 and it will be held at the South Point Hotel and Casino. “Bringing the excitement of Mobile Tech Expo to PDR technicians in the West and Southwest is a win-win for all involved. Industry-leading education, the best tool companies exhibiting, coupled with the

best networking opportunities in the industry, make this a can’t-miss event,” stated Tommy Clayton, Secretary of the Board of Directors for NAPDRT. “Then throw in the new PDR contest, in the extreme setting of Las Vegas, no dent guy or gal will want to miss this!” Details are also being revealed for the Orlando show, being held January 1012, 2019, at the Orange County Convention Center in Florida. Dennis Gage, host of My Classic Cars with Dennis Gage, will be the keynote speaker and will give his address on Saturday, January 12, at 9 a.m. “As someone who gets to work in an industry which is also my passion, I’m always excited to share my life philosophy, which has allowed me to grow my business as well as have fun. There’s more than one way to be rich–but all are exciting,” Dennis Gage stated in a press release.

“Dennis is an icon within the automotive industry, and we are so excited to have him as our Keynote Speaker in Orlando,” said Kevin Halewood, Founder and Mobile Tech Expo’s Show Director. Gage, who is a member of the SEMA Hall of Fame, has served on the Board of Directors of the Specialty Equipment Market Association, and has also served on multiple academic and industry advisory boards.

SEMA 2018 is around the corner According to the SEMA website, there will be over 3,000 New Products on display, over 2,400 exhibiting companies filling over a million square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center for this year’s show. The four-day event, which will take place October 30-November 2, attracts around 160,000 individuals. This year, detailers will once again gather in the North Hall to see various products and as well as demonstrations. Educational sessions that might be of interest to detailers include:

The seminar will highlight a few things regarding the new tax plan that was just passed in December 2017 and how a few of those changes might impact SEMA members and the auto industry.

OWNING AN AUTOMOTIVE FRANCHISE Monday, October 29, 1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m., LVCC N256

Industry experts will discuss the benefits of owning an automotive franchise, including successful business models, training opportunities and marketing and advertising programs.

DON’T OVERPAY YOUR TAXES: Making the R&D Tax Credit and IC-DISC Export Incentive Work for Your Business


Monday, October 29, 2:30 p.m.–3:30 p.m., LVCC N256

Tuesday, October 30, 1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m., LVCC N252

The interest in the R&D Tax Credit continues to remain strong among SEMA members. This year, we’ll continue the discussion regarding the R&D tax credit and the IC-DISC Export Incentive.

All businesses in the trade were started with an idea. This seminar explains how a business plan is not primarily for obtaining a loan but is intended to help the owner develop the right course for

the business and is to be used to keep the business and the owner on track over the life of the business.


Navigating the World of Import Tariffs Wednesday, October 31, 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m., LVCC N256

The Trump Administration has imposed and threatened to impose significant tariffs to address intellectual property theft and perceived global trade imbalances. The U.S. tariffs, along with retaliatory actions being taken by other countries, are causing significant turmoil within the auto industry, as companies seek to grapple with unexpected price hikes and supply-chain disruptions. This seminar will review the status of tariffs on steel/aluminum, Chinese products and imported auto parts, along with renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Accord (NAFTA). continued on p18 ...





VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018

In other SEMA news… … it looks like Canadians are finding great value in the event. According to a press release, last year’s SEMA Show coverage in “Driving,” the automotive section that appears in many Canadian newspapers, including the Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, and Montreal Gazette, reported that “There are several Canadians … at the SEMA Show, and they’re hoping to put Canada’s mark on the automotive world.” In the November 2017 article, reporter Jil McIntosh noted that the SEMA Show is where business owners in the automotive aftermarket go to connect with potential buyers. Buyers come to the Show from more than 140 countries, with Canada at the top of the list.

“The automotive industry is strong in Canada, and it’s a fairly easy flight from Canada to Las Vegas,” notes Peter MacGillivray, SEMA vice president of events and business development. “Plus, the city of Las Vegas is a great destination with a wide variety of hotel and restaurant options, so it makes for a great business trip.” Unlike applicants from other international countries, those registering for the SEMA Show from Canada still have time to receive their badges in the mail before the event. The deadline for those in the United States and Canada is October 12. After that date, approved registrants will receive a barcode on their confirmation email, which can be used to pick up a badge onsite.

Detailer helps rescue shooting victim Detail shop owner Victor Guadarrama of Renton, Washington, is being credited for saving a woman’s life after she was shot, KOMO News reported. The victim, who is a landlord, was trying to evict a resident who became angry and opened fire. The woman ran to Guadarrama’s nearby shop to seek help. She was bleeding from her head, he said in the story. “My thought was, ‘I should close the doors. Because, I mean, we don’t want that guy still shooting outside walk in.” Guadarrama helped lay the woman

For the Birds

down on the ground, called 9-1-1, and put a towel on her head to try to stop the bleeding, according to the story. Along with some employees, Guadarrama said they heard gunshots before the woman appeared at the shop. He also saw on his security cameras a man chasing after a woman. He describes the whole incident as intense and scary. The shooter was eventually caught by police and the woman survived her gunshot wound.

OSHA issues better protection rule The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) in an effort to protect personally identifiable information or data that could be re-identified with a particular individual. It will also remove provisions of the “Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses” rule, according to a DOL press release stated. OSHA believes this proposal will reduce the burden of complying with the current rule. “The proposed rule eliminates the requirement to electronically submit information from OSHA Form 300 (Log

Are Northwestern drivers aware of wildfire ash? If you’re a detailer in the Northwest region of the United States, you might want to warn customers (and potential customers) about the dangers of wildfire ash. Wildfire ash, according to My Northwest, is made up of phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. And, if it gets wet, you have a “a serious risk of chemical etching” on your car’s paint job, according to Mike Rafael of Mr. Detail, which is based in

continue ...

dropping. (This does not apply to the urine either.) Blueberries and blackberries produce black droppings.”

ARE SOME CARS TARGETED MORE THAN OTHERS? There have been lots of theories and studies done on which cars attract more bird poop. Of course, unless you’re Dr. Doolittle, you’ll never know this answer. However, a little over a year ago, a done by Halfords of the United Kingdom, revealed red cars attract the most bird droppings. “Red vehicles made up 18 percent of cars marked by birds, while blue followed along in second place at 14 percent. Green vehicles got off the

easiest, making up just one percent of those in the study. The sample included 1,140 cars, though there’s no indication as to the total number of each car color in the group,” reported. The study also stated that perhaps it has to do with the fact that if a vehicle is darker, the “deeper the reflection and the more violent the reaction.” Another theory is that blue cars suffer because the birds think they are over a body of water. In that same report, autoblog shared that Autoglym weighed in and revealed that the damage to a vehicle’s surface has to a softening of paint lacquer. “Damage to vehicle paintwork arose not from the acid or alkali in bird feces, but from paint

of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses), and OSHA Form 301 (Injury and Illness Incident Report) for establishments with 250 or more employees that are currently required to maintain injury and illness records. These establishments would be required to electronically submit information only from OSHA Form 300A (Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses).” OSHA is not currently accepting the Form 300 or 301 data and will not enforce the deadlines for these two forms without further notice while this rulemaking is underway, the press release stated. For more information, visit

lacquer softening and expanding to form an uneven mold around the dropping which produced a dull patch. Grainier textures from seed-eating birds produced the most blemishes, so pigeons are worse for motorists than seagulls.”

OR IS A SPIDER? There is an actual spider called: The bird-dung crab spider. And, yes, it looks exactly like bird poop. To make sure you’re not about to detail a car infested with this arachnid, make sure you know what to look for. According to, they mimic bird droppings in color, shape, size and smell.

Seattle, Washington. Now that cooler air is here, along with a lot more moisture, the ash will be wet. Rafael does point out that dry wildfire ash will not harm a vehicle. Rafael said even fog can mix with ash left on a car which will turn into calcium carbonate or potassium hydroxide. “[It] can have the same corrosive characteristics as drain cleaner,” Rafael said in the story.


According to automotivequalitysolutions. com, the uric acid levels in bird droppings is relatively high - reaching pH levels of somewhere between 3 to 4.5.

According to Joseph K.H. Koh of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, The spider’s body has a glossy surface that gives it a ‘wet’ look of fresh feces. The nodules on the body and roughedges of the legs further reinforce the ‘shitty’ look – pardon the rudeness. When the spider moves, the illusion disintegrates. The ‘walking poop’ no longer looks like a piece of dropping, especially with its legs spread out,” Koh says.



Now Open for Business Austin, Texas Total Car Detailing, along with locations already established in Houston, Dallas, and College Station, Texas, as well as Portland, Oregon, is now open for business in Austin, Texas. According to a press release, spokesperson Christian Smith stated, “We’re beyond excited to bring our services to so many areas,” says Christian Smith of Total Car Detailing. “Many people may not have the time to go to a car service station and get their car detailed, and we’re more than happy to bring our services to our customers. Being able to serve so many areas makes Total Car Detailing a powerhouse when it comes to mobile auto detailers that come to you.” Total Car Detailing offers up interior detailing packages, paint sealant services, ceramic coating, and boat detailing. One Google Map reviewer wrote of the business, “Total Car Detailing was awesome! I was looking for a mobile

detail service and found these guys as one of the few who actually answered my call. These guys really impressed me. The booking was simple, they were on time. And, they did a fantastic detailing job on my BMW. I felt like I was stepping into a brand new car! I love the monthly package option ... one less thing on my plate to worry about. Thanks guys for a great job. I’m telling everybody abut Total Car Detailing mobile service. Everyone deserves to know about them.”

Coconut Creek, Florida Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™, opened its newest location in Coconut Creek, Florida, on August 11. According to a press release, the location is owned by Jeff Moolevliet, a ‘car enthusiast’ who has “won multiple car audio championships, previously worked in information technology for

Broward County Schools and as on-air talent at Power 96 FM.” Charles J. Bonfiglio, president and CEO of Tint World®, said Moolevliet was the right man for the job. “If there’s one thing Jeff knows, it’s cars,” he said in the press release. “His knowledge serves as an asset to his customers and employees. People in Coconut Creek can know they’re getting the best possible service at a fair price when they go see Jeff, because he’s a guy who knows what he’s doing.” Offering a full range of automotive styling and safety services including automotive tint, automotive paint protection film, mobile electronics, advanced driver-assistance systems and car stereo upgrades, and residential and commercial window film, the grand opening featured discounts, giveaways, a blood drive and a raffle. “I’ve been a car enthusiast and show competitor for a long time, and Tint World® gave me an opportunity to turn my hobby and passion into my career,”

Moolevliet said in the press release. “We’re inviting the community to come check us out, see what Tint World® is all about and get some great deals, like 25 percent off any prepaid and scheduled carbon and ceramic tint jobs.”

Crestview, Florida Bess Detail Ever opened for business in June in Crestview, Florida, and owner Ferdenan Bess could not be happier. According to the Crestview Bulletin, Bess owned the same business when living in Atlanta, but moved back to Florida this past spring. When asked what he would like for readers to know about his business, he stated, “That I do work professionally, that I want their car to be done like I would do my car.” His love of seeing a vehicle go from bad to good, dirty to clean has been the basis of a 22-year detailing career, the story stated.


BE YOU Join our growing list of franchisees with opportunities available in multiple states and countries. Contact us today to see if your desired location is available!



Ziebart will waive the franchise fee for U.S. Military Veterans.





VOL. 3, NO. 2 • FALL 2018




Compact Sit-On Creeper from Griot’s Garage The Griot’s Garage Compact Sit-On Creeper provides a comfortable working position for both mechanical and detailing tasks on the lowdown. Whether you’re detailing low-hanging rocker panels, wheels, grilles, headlights, or changing wheels, inflating tires, or servicing brakes, the Griot’s Garage Compact Sit-On Creeper will make the job easier. Its body and comfortable, ergonomically curved seat are made

of ultra-strong polyethylene material that’s durable and lightweight. It features a sturdy steel frame, heavyduty 4” casters (2 casters are lockable), and two accessory trays and a storage drawer for organizing detailing supplies like bottles, brushes, towels, pads, and tools. Griot’s Garage has added some optional accessories that will personalize the creeper with and

additional large bottle holder that accommodate 22 ounce Griot’s Garage bottles and a thick, cushy polyurethane foam cushion that’s custom designed to fit the creeper’s curved seat.

Detailing brush from Brush Hero

Dual Action Polisher from WIZARDS WIZARDS introduces a newly designed Heavy Duty 21mm Dual Action Polisher. As a performance upgrade the WIZARDS 21HD Big Throw has 900 watts/7.5 amps providing more power with a higher speed option for faster correction and defect removal. Improved balance with precision machined counter weight for smoother operation allows faster speeds with less vibration. This new package also includes a 20’ durable but flexible cord and larger tote bag with shoulder strap for those on the move. This professional design machine will cut through 2000 and 3000 grit sand scratches on fresh paint when used with the optional 6” Wool Cutting pad Part# 11600 in combination with the WIZARDS Scratch & Swirl Removal Kit, Part# 99121. This machine can replace a rotary buffer in many applications, and for a novice can eliminate substantial risk of doing paint damage. This polisher will correct deeply scratched/swirled paint quickly with minimal skill or effort and leave your finish free from scratches, swirls and holograms that regular rotary buffers usually leave behind.

Brush Hero is a water-powered cleaning and detailing tool designed for easy, shop-quality DIY car care. It’s perfect for rims, tight wheel spokes, the engine bay and all the nooks and crannies on a motorcycle. It easily cuts through brake dust, grease and road muck. No batteries or electricity required, Brush Hero simply hooks up to any standard garden hose and scrubs with an impressive amount of torque. Featured in Popular Mechanics, Buzzfeed, and Business Insider, to name a few, Brush

Hero has enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive response from car and motorcycle enthusiasts. As avid cyclists and car guys, founders Glenn Archer and Kevin Williams were looking for a way to get at those wheel spokes without jammed up, scraped up knuckles. With Brush Hero, they created so much more. With a soft brush, a stiff brush and now an entire line of specialty brushes, soaps and accessories, the Brush Hero brand offers a fun, fast and efficient way to clean just about anything.

Edgeless Drying Towel from Griot’s Garage Unleash 1,044 square inches of thirsty ultra-premium microfiber with the Griot’s Garage Extra-Large PFM® Edgeless Drying Towel. It goes big on size, thickness, and absorbency. The Extra-Large PFM® Edgeless Drying Towel’s 29” x 36” size and whopping 1,120 GSM (grams per square meter)

weight means that in many cases even large vehicles like SUVs, and trucks can be dried with minimal wringing and maximum time savings. The Extra-Large PFM® Edgeless Drying Towel’s special edgeless double-ply design ensures nothing but ultra-soft longlooped microfiber touches your finish.



IDA NEWS is All New!

By Erin Reyes

IDA Communications Specialist [insert Home Page image] The Inter national Detailing Association (IDA) is excited to announce the launch of our completely redesigned website, The website has been specially updated to further increase the visibility of the detailing profession and continue our mission of “Promoting the success and growth of the professional detailing community.” With the vision of being “the lead advocate and premier source of information for the professional detailing community,” the IDA Board of Directors decided that a refresh was necessary to better meet members’ needs. The redesign was not only about changing the aesthetics of the website, but also the structure, responsiveness, and overall functionality.




“A large part of the board’s decision for the redesign was to make it much easier for all the different parts of our industry – including operators, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors – to have easy access to information,” says Jonathan Munsell, CD, who oversaw the committee in charge of the redesign. The redesign could not have come at a better time. According to Munsell, “The IDA has experienced incredible membership growth over the past couple years, as well as a tremendous amount of interest in our website from all across the world. The redesign, which we consider to be a complete upgrade, is designed to tie the industry together as a whole and give us all one place we can go for the resources we need to be more successful.” One of the main proponents of the project was 2018 IDA President Justin Labato, CD-SV, RT, as it fit perfectly with the goals he has developed at the helm of the organization. “My presidential initiative has been around providing our members with |

VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018

tools to make their businesses better,” explains Labato. “The new web design certainly adds better access to those types of tools.” The new website was officially introduced at the end of August and has since been praised by members, who see it as a big step forward for the organization. The website redesign was accompanied by the release of the IDA Member Community. An exclusive members-only benefit, the community is a digital space for IDA members to connect with and learn from one another. Since these new components were released, members have received a series of communications explaining the changes and showing how the various features can best be used. These tutorials have all been archived on the website for members to conveniently reference when accessing a new feature. Visit the website and start exploring today! Here are a few of the highlights to look out for:

Website: Reorganized content puts the profession at the forefront of the site, making it easy for those who are interested in potentially entering the field to find the steps to do so, and for current detailers to find how to take their career to the next level through certification and training. A refocus on public resources also gives non-detailers a more thorough look at what detailing entails, and explains why it is important to use the services of IDA members and certified detailers. It also simplifies the process for individuals to find a detailing professional in their area. Members are encouraged to login and update their public profiles – which, Labato notes, are “much more robust” – to take advantage of the incredible opportunity to promote all aspects of their business to potential clients, employees, and partners directly from the IDA website. One of the biggest changes is that IDA certification exams (Phase I, CD) continued ...



IDA NEWS are now fully integrated within the IDA website. The new website makes it easy to access, complete, and track the exams from registration to certification on your own timeline. While the overall certification program and requirements are not changing, the process of becoming a Certified Detailer (CD) will be much more streamlined. Meanwhile, the new “Get Involved” section speaks to those who are looking to participate more actively in the IDA and showcases the myriad of ways members can become influencers within the detailing community. There truly is a way for everyone in the association to increase their involvement, and the new website highlights the wide variety of opportunities.

Lastly, the fully mobile-responsive design means site visitors can easily access the information they need from any device, at anytime, anywhere.

POWERCLEAN 2018 Caribe Royale Suites & Convention Center

Seminars | Keynote Speakers | Trade Show Outdoor Demons | PowerClean Lunch | Opening Reception Annual Business Meeting | Women of CETA | Networking All events held at the Caribe Royale Suites & Convention Center October 19-21, 2018


Call 800.441.0111 or Visit WWW.CETA.ORG for more details





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Member Community: The Member Community is an exclusive member benefit that provides a new way to easily connect with colleagues in a familiar format via the ‘My Feed’ feature. Members are able to quickly share photos and status updates across the IDA network. They can also pose questions to the community and receive instant feedback from fellow detailing professionals. Additionally, members can enjoy social networking with detailing colleagues, contribute to member discussions within the social feed, and gain new connections in the directory. The difference between the Member Community and a typical social media platform is that the conversations here are purely detailing- and business-focused, so members that tend to shy away from those mediums can find solace in a community created just for them. Members can also conveniently manage their profiles and membership preferences all in one place via ‘My Profile’ and keep record of transaction and event registration history. IDA activity is now tracked through the ‘Professional Development’ section – where a member’s Certification progress and status can be found – and the ‘Groups’ portal – where members can easily access information and updates

for every group of which they are a part. While logged into the Member Community, one can always return to the front end of the site by clicking on the IDA logo in the upper left corner or through the ‘Quick Links’ tab, which provides easy access to all of our members’ most visited features, including certification, webinar recordings, newsletters, and more. Joining the community is simple. If you are a current IDA member, just visit and sign in. Upon logging in for the first time, members will need to reset their password. After that, members can login with their username and password or with their Facebook or LinkedIn credentials. If you are not yet an IDA member, you will need to register before logging in. Not quite ready to join as a member? Sign up for a free account as a Web User to subscribe to the monthly newsletter and register for events. Need help finding a feature? Contact us and we would be happy to help you access what you’re looking for. And of course, share your feedback with us! Once you have had a chance to explore the new website and Member Community, please let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you! Send your comments and questions to


Step by Step

Interior Cleaning Bud Abraham is Founder and President Emeritus of DETAIL PLUS Car Appearance Systems, with more than 40 years of experience in the car care industry as a manufacturer, operator, distributor and consultant. He writes articles and gives seminars on the subject of auto detailing throughout the automotive industry. He can be reached at



Interior detailing is often ignored by detailers who seem to believe their skill as a detailer centers exclusively on their ability to restore a paint finish to a flawless, scratch-free glossy shine. However, the interior is as important, if not more important than the exterior of the vehicle sense this is where the motorist spends their time, in the automobile. Moreover, women drivers are especially sensitive to the vehicle interior, more so than men. Considering that over 50% of the drivers on the road today are woman and they account for over 58% of the automotive services purchased, today’s detailer needs to focus more learning about the materials in the interior and how to effectively clean and restore them to a like new condition.

To prove a point, listed below are the many materials that are used in today’s vehicles so you can get an idea of how complicated proper and professional interior cleaning is: ✔✔ Headliners – fabric or plastic ✔✔ Seats – all types of synthetic fabric, leather or vinyl, plastic edges ✔✔ Dashboards – vinyl, plastic ✔✔ Panels – clear plastic covering ✔✔ Carpets – almost all automotive carpet is nylon ✔✔ Console & Glove Boxes – interior material ✔✔ Door Panels – plastic, vinyl, carpet material ✔✔ Glass – plain, tinted, film covered ✔✔ Wood grain Trim ✔✔ Carbon Fiber Trim ✔✔ Painted Surfaces

A true “professional” will be able to identify all of the materials, and not only understand the nature of the material but identify cleaning problems and have the tools, chemicals, and knowledge of correction procedures. It should never be, “guess and trial and error”, which has been the modus operandi of the detailer. Try something and if it works, great. I would hate to think my doctor worked on my body with that kind of mentality. To make an analogy: The doctor is educated and proven they understand every organ in the body; have the knowledge of every disease that can affect these organs and in most cases, is knowledgeable on how to correct the problem. On the other hand, if they are not able, they do “know what they don’t know” and they refer you to a “specialist”. With this knowledge, the doctor can diagnose the seeming problem and finally identify the problem and find a solution. Let us use an example closer to home. The auto mechanic. You bring him your vehicle that is not operating properly. He

By Bud Abraham


Editor’s Note: While we here at Auto Detailing News admire and appreciate Bud Abraham, please note that his opinions expressed in his Detail Doctor columns do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Auto Detailing News. If you have a strong opinion about Bud’s article, feel free to write a Letter to the Editor and send it to Debra Gorgos at





VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018


asks you to tell him what is happening and then he will do a couple of things: ✔✔ Listen to the car ✔✔ Take it for a test drive to ascertain the problem ✔✔ Put it on the computer to see what it says In short, he diagnoses the problem to determine how to fix it. Then, a professional auto repair specialist will have all of the equipment, tools, and access to the supplies and chemicals they need to repair the problem.

EQUIPMENT, TOOLS, SUPPLIES & CHEMICALS A true professional detailer will not only have the knowledge of the materials they will be working with and the knowledge of how to correct the problem, but they will have all of the equipment, tools, supplies, and chemicals required to make the correction. It does not make much sense to know your materials, be able to identify the problem and know how to correct the problem but not have the necessary equipment, tools, supplies, and chemicals to do the cleaning and correction. Unfortunately, that is all too often the case with detailers. Their excuse, “I can’t afford continued ...

MYTEE Carpet Extractors Complete Selection

WASH ‘N’ SHINE - Hand Wash Soap


A high foaming, lemon-scented and biodegradable car wash soap. Safe for all automotive paints.

Mytee produces top of the line heated carpet extractors and more!

Dilution: Up to 200:1


5 Gallon:



FLEX Rotary Polisher L3403VRG

DETAILER’S CHOICE Easy-to-use one

Lightweight and well-designed rotary polisher with powerful motor for professional auto polishing needs. Seven-fold microprocessor electronics.

step spray polish & clay lubricant. Contains no toxic chemicals and is safe for use on all automotive finishes. Great for final touchups on glass, chrome, fiberglass, interior and exterior plastic.

• High-powered 1400 watt motor • Spindle lock • 6½” polishing pad diameter • 1100-3700RPM (no load) • Safely placed bail handle • 10 foot power cord




Spray & Wipe Gloss Enhancer

Removes dust, light dirt and fingerprints, enhances shine. Great for chrome and glass. Excellent clay bar lubricant. Pink liquid, cherry fragrance.


32 oz - 12 Per Case: JSD0872012 $31.22



1 Gallon: KS1094 $9.81 6 Quarts: KS6094 $19.65


Keep it Clean & Covered!

Easy to use and perfect for polishing

Terry Cloth Detail Towel

Steering Wheel Covers 500 case / Universal fit SWC500 $39.99

Universal Seat Covers

.7 mil 250 roll STC250 $48.99 .5 mil 500 roll STC500 $48.99

Disposable Floor Mats 17” x 20” - 500 case MAT500 $30.99

Microfiber Detail Towel

16” x 24” - 12 case VSKMF1624 $13.99

3.5lbs. - 16” x 17” - 12 case VSKT350B - Blue $17.50 VSKT350W - White $17.50 VSKT350R- Red $17.50 VSKT350G - Green $17.50


everything I need”, or “I don’t need it”, (this is an excuse for not being able to afford it). Unfortunately, because any Tom, Dick, or Harriet can call themselves a detailer with nothing more than a bottle of waterless wash; a $39.95 shop vacuum; maybe a buffing or polishing tool and some chemicals the industry struggles to have identifiable standards. Even those who can afford to have some equipment, tools, supplies, and chemicals do not have all they need and do not have the true knowledge of what they are doing. No training. Just the other day I conversed with a local mobile operator who called himself XXXX Detail. In reality, all the person was doing was washing the vehicle with waterless wash; vacuuming the interior; had a home-style Bissel carpet cleaner and some towels and chemicals. He really believed that he was providing polymer protection and shine on the vehicle finish with the waterless wash. He knew nothing about paint finishes, or the chemicals used to correct paint finish problems. He did not have nor know how to use even an orbital waxer. He knew even less about the interior of a vehicle other than there were carpets, leather, or vinyl seats. Yet, he was calling himself a detailer.

EQUIPMENT: So what equipment do you need to clean and detail today’s interiors? The following list is what every detailer who claims to be a professional should have in their tool arsenal: ✔✔ Powerful Vacuum




✔✔ Heated Soil Extractor ✔✔ Vapor Steamer ✔✔ Ozone Generator or Fogger ✔✔ Interior Dryer

TOOLS: ✔✔ Shampooer Tool – air or electric ✔✔ Nylon Scrub Brushes ✔✔ Parts Cleaning Brush ✔✔ Detail Brushes ✔✔ Detail Tool Brushes ✔✔ Razor Blade Scraper

SUPPLIES: ✔✔ Microfiber Towels – one for glass, one for chemicals ✔✔ Q-Tips ✔✔ Scrubbie Pads ✔✔ Dressing Applicator Pads ✔✔ F loor mats – either plastic or coated-paper ✔✔ Seat covers ✔✔ Loose Items Bags ✔✔ Plastic or Metal Razors

CHEMICALS: T h e p ro f e s s i o n a l p h i l o s o p hy regarding chemical use is this: “use chemicals for what they were formulated to be used for”. Carpet shampoo for carpets; glass cleaner for glass; extractor shampoo for use in extractors; leather cleaners for leathers; etc. As obvious as this might seem, far too many detailers use a degreaser, which is formulated to “burn” dirt off metal engine parts as a carpet and interior cleaner. Of course, it works. Joy could be used to wash your hair, but you would not, or should not do that because of the damage to scalp and hair. |

VOL. 3, NO. 2 • FALL 2018

✔✔ Stain Removers for all types of stains ✔✔ Extractor Shampoo – a no-foam shampoo ✔✔ Carpet Shampoo – foaming type ✔✔ All Purpose Cleaner – a low pH alkaline cleaner for leather, vinyl, plastic ✔✔ Glass Cleaner ✔✔ Water-Based Dressing ✔✔ Leather Conditioner ✔✔ Fabric Protectant – anti-stain treatment ✔✔ Fragrance ✔✔ Biological Odor Eliminator Keep in mind that you do not absolutely need every piece of equipment, such as a vapor steamer, but they do aid in getting a more effective and faster cleaning. Neither do you need an ozone generator, but it is very effective in eliminating odor.



7. Flip down sun visors.

Even with all of the right equipment, tools, supplies, and chemicals at hand, if you do not have proper procedures this can be for naught if you or your employees miss or skip steps in the cleaning and shampooing process. For that reason, as well as reducing the time to complete the job, you need a step-by-step procedure for a complete interior detail. There can be many ways to detail an interior, but the one below was developed from a time and motion point of view to ensure that each and every part of the interior is cleaned or shampooed and treated with the least amount of wasted motion and time.


1. Read the Service Order for instructions. 2. Open doors and evaluate condition of interior. 3. Remove floor mats (front & back and give to person cleaning trunk OR clean/ shampoo immediately and place near the rear of the vehicle to dry. 4. Push front seat all the way back. 5. Use loose items bag to bag loose items (front & back), use a separate bag for glove box and one for console. Set bags on rear seat. 6. Remove ashtrays (front & back), clean, & dry. Before replacing, clean area around ashtray. 8. With the air blower, blow out entire interior (front & back) concentrating on dash, panel, vents, under seats and cracks and crevices in seats. 9. Vacuum the entire interior – carpets, seats, panels, etc. 10. Apply appropriate spot remover (front & back) to all heavy spots on carpets, seats, door panels, etc.

CLEANING STEPS 11. Starting on driver’s side, clean headliner, front half 12 Clean sun visors, visor mirror, and rear-view mirror 13. Clean trim around doors and front window 14. Clean/scrub dashboard 15. Clean panel & steering column and glove box

16. Scrub spots/stains on front carpets

extract residue

17. Apply shampoo and friction shampoo carpets (if necessary)

29. Spray doorjamb and door edges with All Purpose cleaner (as needed) and wipe dry

18. Using Extractor, extract all shampoo and dirt residue


30. Place loose items bag (s) on front seat


19. Scrub spots/stains on fabric seats 20. Apply shampoo & friction shampoo seats (if necessary) 21. Using Extractor, extract all shampoo and dirt residue 22. Using Scrubbie clean/scrub center console


23. Scrub vinyl/leather upholstery with Scrubbie or Rotary Shampooer and wipe dry 24. Using Scrubbie clean/scrub center console 25. Clean/shampoo front seat belts 26. Push the front seat all the way forward 27. Scrub spots/stains on front door panels 28. Clean/shampoo door panels using either a Scrubbie, nylon scrub brush, or Rotary Shampooer. Wipe dry and/or

31. Clean the headliner, back half from front to rear 32. Clear rear window deck (be sure to blow out dirt near window)


33. See Steps 19 – 22

VINYL/LEATHER SEATS 34. See Steps 23 - 24

35. Clean/shampoo back of front seat following procedures for either fabric or vinyl/leather upholstery 36. Scrub spots/stains on rear carpets 37. Apply shampoo & friction shampoo carpets (if necessary) 38. Using Extractor, extract all shampoo & dirt residue 39. Scrub spots/stains on rear door panels 40. Clean/shampoo rear door panels using either a Scrubbie, nylon scrub

brush, or Rotary Shampooer. Wipe dry and/or extract residue 41. Spray doorjamb and door edges with All Purpose Cleaner (as needed) and wipe dry


42. Starting on the driver’s side, move front to back and dress all vinyl, leather, and rubber in the interior. Wipe off with dry towel for satin finish


43. Spray all interior windows & mirrors with glass cleaner 44. Using window towel, clean each window individually & dry 45. Put all windows down and clean top edge, put up again


46. Make complete check of interior, looking for dirt on carpets, improper application of dressing, dirty/smeared windows & correct

DETAIL DOCTOR 47. Do a final vacuum (if necessary) 48. Spray deodorizer under front seats 49. Put in plastic floor mat, seat cover, litter bag 50. Put in window sticker reminder (if used)


There you have it, a complete anatomy of what is needed to end up with a clean and flawless interior. Two detailers with the recommended equipment, tools, supplies, and chemicals, following the procedures outlined above were able to clean the inside of an average dirty Chevrolet Tahoe in 36 minutes, a total of just under 1.5 man-hours.

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PULP FRICTION CLEANING THAT NASTY UPHOLSTERY AND CARPET. As the Automotive Appearance Specialist for Meguiar’s Inc., Darin Pereira is an expert on interior detailing and has spent 14 years analyzing stains and the proper removal procedures. For the readers of Auto Detailing News, Pereira offers up his expertise on how to identify and eliminate stains, why pH neutrality is important, and what mistakes to avoid.

INTERIOR INTELLIGENCE From foul orders to colorful spills, a vehicle’s interior can be cesspool of nauseainducing horror. Detailers are admired as heroes tasked with righting the messy wrongs and allowing customers to drive away in odorless peace and cleanliness. And, while cleaning up and removing a stain might seem simple to some on the outside, the chemistry, biology and methodic preciseness and knowledge it takes to properly take on a stain, is extremely sophisticated.

What are the different types of materials/fabrics you can find in an interior?

What is the first thing a detailer should do when detailing an interior?

DARIN PEREIRA: Plastic, leather, vinyl, suede, PVC-vinyl impregnated leather, and soybean plastic.

DP: Remove the customer’s personal items and place them in a location to ensure they are put back. And remember: What may not be important to the detailer may be the most important thing to the customer

What are the common causes for interior (an old movie stub, a receipt, etc.) staining, etc? Then dry brush and vacuum. This step DP: Human errors, accidents, pets, and life in general as some of us live in our cars for work.





VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018

is the most important step and usually is the most forgotten. Then, identify any stains from sight or smell and treat accordingly. The five different categories are:

 Tannin (coffee, tea, wine, water, browning)  Protein (milk, feces, urine, blood, vomit, make-up, food)  Oil/Grease  Dirt/Soil & Dry Stains (hair, sand, dirt, skin cells)  Other (crayons, mustard, gum, ink) Once you have categorized the stain, use this chart to help in determining the removal process: Also, be sure to remove any easily removable pieces from the console (found in minivans) and clean them continued ...

MYSTERIOUS STAIN SOLUTION If you cannot tell what the stain is then treat it as if it is a tannin stain (see chart), according to Pereira. Always use a fiber rinse and tannin stain remover first. This will prevent the stain from setting. APC on tannin stains)


When it comes to detailing the carpet and upholstery, understand that degreasers and “all purpose cleaners” leave the fibers in an alkaline (high pH) state which will contribute to re-soiling, according to Pereira. So, the objective is to leave the fibers in a pH neutral state and this will help in preventing re-soiling. To neutralize the fibers, you will have to use a product that specifically states is a pH neutralizer.

with soap and water. I recommend every detailer should always have a bucket of water nearby to easily clean the removable parts that are washable. Then do a full area cleaning with an all purpose cleaner (as needed). Next, pH neutralize the fibers (spray on or use an extractor). And, finally back brush the carpet.

What is a ‘tamping method’ and when is it used? DP: Laying the towel down to the surface of the carpet or fabric over the stain after pre spotting, then tamping or hitting the towel over the stain with the bristles of the brush. You do this to avoid spreading the stain and it helps to get a deeper cleaning.

What is a ‘bonnet cleaning method’ and when is it used? DP: Bonnet cleaning is wrapping the towel over the brush and using it to pick up or soak up your treated stain.

When would a wet vacuum/ extraction be used? DP: The main purpose of an extraction is to fiber rinse and pull out any remaining stain. It truly is not meant to be your only cleaning method. Extraction is a great tool, but over the years it has been misused and detailers are getting interiors too wet. Between 15-20 minutes after cleaning with proper air movement, the interior should be dry. Vacuuming after a fiber rinse well help pick up any lint or dust and aid in working in the fiber rinse.

What are the biggest mistakes a detailer can make when it comes to detailing an interior? DP: Getting the interior too wet — not everything needs to be extracted. Next is spraying cleaners directly onto the surface. The only true surface that can handle direct spray applications is the carpet. Also, not leaving the interior in a neutral state. When cleaning interiors it is so important to leave the surface neutral at a pH of 7. And a fiber rinse is a must.

How has interior detailing changed over the years? DP: In the past everyone was instructed to use a degreaser everywhere, in a spray bottle and in the extractor. Today we have so many variables in the interior that it becomes more of a high risk situation. The days of going into the interior and hosing everything down with a high pH degreaser are gone. Think of it like this, when you wash your hair with shampoo what do you do? You put the shampoo in your hair and wash it, then you rinse it, right? If you did not rinse it what would happen? Your hair would feel sticky, hard and crunchy and smell like the shampoo. Now go and feel and smell an interior that has been cleaned. If it is sticky and feels crunchy and smells like — well — a wet dog, then the “detailer” did not use the correct process or cleaner for the stain and did not leave the interior pH neutral. Taking the time to understand the stain and knowing the correct removal process is the only way to properly detail an interior. If not, the vehicle could smell and continued ...



WHAT IS SOYBEAN PLASTIC? One interior material that is being used more and more is made from soybeans. But, what is it exactly? According to, “The two major types of soybean-derived plastics are polyurethane products and polyester thermoset products. Soy polyols, made from soybean oil, are used to make toner, adhesives, sealants, coatings, newspaper ink, automobile panels and urethane foam, including rigid urethane foam insulation. When combined with the appropriate chemicals, soy polyols rival their petroleum counterparts in durability, strength and often cost.”

CRAYON REMOVAL Oh, kids, you gotta love ‘em. Trying to beautify the interior of a vehicle with a rainbow of colors is sweet, but what isn’t sweet is the residue left behind. Pereira calls this kind of stain removal a “destructive repair,” meaning, you will have to hurt the stain before you can fix it. Firstly, you have to dry brush the crayon residue and vacuum up the wax. Then, you have to use some WD-40. But, that’s not all. If left as is, the WD-40 will begin to smell and cause a ‘fishy’ smell. So, you will now have to use a protein stain remover to remove the WD-40 you just used on the crayon stain.

HAIR REMOVAL TIPS To remove human and pet hair start by vacuuming with a rubber brush-like attachment. And, here is a key trip, said Pereira, brush it out in one direction only, in the same way you would use a lint roller on a piece of clothing. Some detailers swear by pumice stones. However, you have to use them carefully as they can crumble and leave chunks behind which is another mess you’ll have to vacuum up. Also, detailers cannot get too clumsy with them and need to pay careful attention as I have seen detailers scuff up other parts of the interior with the stones.





VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018

look worse than when you started. There has been more than one occasion when I was asked to advise on a bad cleaning job on an interior and my advice has been (and is really the only way to solve the problem) was to fiber rinse and put the interior to a neutral pH state.

What are some of the toughest and most problematic interior stains and how should they be extracted? DP: Tannin stains. When cleaning an interior identifying the stains you are cleaning is important. If you don’t know what the stain is then treat it as if it was a tannin stain. And know that

using a high pH cleaner on a tannin stain will set the stain, not remove it.

What exactly is tannin? DP: Tannin is a natural occurring vegetable dye found in many plants, most especially grape skin, tea leaves, bark and stalk of vegetation. It is responsible for the “bitter” taste of red wine and some coffees. When coffee or tea or other beverages with tannins are spilled onto carpet, the heat of the beverage “opens up” the fiber and allows it to penetrate. These hot spills bond with the fiber and removal is difficult, especially after a day or two have passed — or weeks or months, which can be the case.

20 MINUTES OR LESS Some customers will think that they will have to wait hours and hours to pick up their car after an interior detailing has been completed. But, if a detailer does everything correctly, the vehicle should be ready 15-20 minutes after the detailing is complete, according to Pereira. One of the biggest mistakes is soaking the car and not properly attacking the stain with the right ratio of product to the stain. A vehicle’s interior should not be drenched — it is a waste of time, product and energy and will leave behind a wet dog smell.

SMELL YA LATER Let’s face it, from old spilt milk to pet feces, some cars are going to wreak. Scientists state that we can get nauseous from certain smells because it’s our way of protecting us from eating rotten or poisonous food. That’s great and all, but what about when you have a job to do? According to a video entitled: How to Deal with Bad Smells as a Nurse, an RN registered nurse offers up the following tips: 1. Prepare yourself mentally. Assume the vehicle is going to smell terribly so that you’re not caught off guard. 2. Use a petroleum-based rub or oil that has a nice smell to it (like Vicks’ VapoRub, tiger balm or Chapstick) and spread it underneath your nose and your upper lip. 3. Wear a mask. If a vehicle is especially bad, wear a mask and put the rub and/or oil under your nose and on your upper lip. Try not to wait until the customer has left before putting on the mask to avoid hurt feelings and embarrassment. Another nursing website suggests chewing stronglyscented minty gum.





VOL. 3, NO. 4 • FALL 2018

WHY IS MAKE-UP IS TREATED AS A PROTEIN STAIN? If a customer admits that a smear on a seat is lipstick or concealer, you will have to treat it as a protein stain (see chart). Why? What many people do not know is that make-up is made up of animal by-products. According to, many make-up brands contain: ✔✔ Cochineal Dye/Carmine (dye collected from crushed dactylopius coccus) ✔✔ Guanine (crushed fish scales) ✔✔ Tallow (animal fat) ✔✔ Gelatin (boiled animal bones, skin, tendons, ligaments) ✔✔ Lanolin (excretion from wool-bearing mammals) ✔✔ Squalene (taken from shark livers) ✔✔ Ambergris (whale stomach lining) ✔✔ Collagen (animal tissue) ✔✔ Estrogen (pregnant horse urine) ✔✔ Retinol (animal byproduct)




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Micro Fiber

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