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Thank You Presidents By Joseph Andresen, MD

Editor, The Bulletin




Physician Editor, The Bulletin

Joseph S. Andresen, MD, is the editor of The Bulletin. He is board certified in anesthesiology and is currently practicing in the Santa Clara Valley area.

Twelve months has quickly passed since Drs. Eleanor Martinez and James Hlavacek took over the reins as presidents of the Santa Clara County and Monterey County Medical Societies respectively. Humbled by the responsibility, yet excited by the upcoming challenges, Dr. Martinez likened her involvement as 80th President of SCCMA as a team member in a ball game where the center of focus is always on the ball, or in our profession, the paJames M. Hlavacek, MD tient. Most importantly, Dr. Martinez Eleanor Martinez, MD recognized that we could no longer emphasize these points over this past year in writallow outside forces dictate how we care for our paing more extensively regarding the value of membertients. Our strength in meeting these challenges is ship, events unfolding in 2016 including MACRA best when we act as a strong and formidable team. A (Medicare Access and Children’s Health Insurance strong and vibrant CMA is the mechanism best able Reauthorization Act) and perhaps most urgently, the to accomplish this. Over this past year Dr. Martinez importance of being at the table in shaping our proshared her interest in end-of-life care and the unique fession going forward. insight and privilege that physicians have in improving this aspect of our patient’s lives. We also received With busy medical practices, family responsian update and highlights from the CMA House of bilities and the need to stay abreast of new knowlDelegates that included support of Dr. Joaquin Aredge, we all march along at a frenetic pace. Perhaps ambulo’s run for State Assembly, medical student it is the internal thermostat that develops from resiinvolvement, and concerns over debt among many dency training. Add the responsibilities of leaderimportant topics. The California End-of-Life Opship to one’s shoulders and the personal sacrifice is tion Act was signed into law on October 5, 2015 by significant. Yet the rewards and accomplishments in Governor Brown. Dr. Martinez enlightened us all both small and large ways leave a memorable mark on this important legislation and urged us to read in a lifetime. Please join me in congratulating Drs. the California Physicians Legal Handbook (CPLH). Martinez and Hlavacek for their contribution and service over this past year. And I encourage each of Dr. Hlavacek came into office as Monterey you that may be tempted to step forward in a leadCounty Medical Society President a year ago with ership position in the future, to ask whether they leadership experience as Chief of Staff of Natividad would do it again. I’m sure the answer would be a Medical Center. He enlightened us all to the many resounding “yes”! challenges of serving a diverse population with high quality care, including a level two-trauma center in Salinas, California. Dr. Hlavacek called on all of us to get involved and participate in educating our patients, our community, and our legislators. Citing the success of defeating Proposition 46 and the passage of SB 277 vaccination bill, Dr. Hlavacek encouraged those physicians who are not members in their local medical societies and the CMA to join us in recognizing that the benefits are numerous and far outweigh the cost of joining. He has continued to


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