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As Dr. Lewis says, “SCCMA has the largest number of active physician members in the state of California.” We have the highest percentage of physician membership of any large or medium county medical society. By serving the interests of physicians in our county, we are adding members from Stanford, Valley Medical Center, The Permanente Medical Group, solo, and small group physicians. We have provided clear channels of communication by a revamped website, informational town hall meetings, emailing, and faxing updates from CMA. From our medical association, we have generated the old Santa Clara County Medical Foundation, the Lifeguard Health Plan, the very successful NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company, which began in 1975 in our medical association following the medical malpractice crisis, and the Bureau of Medical Economics. We responded to our local member problems. I looked over the old association Bulletins and the same sort of problems are there since the ‘40s. Remember the smoking ban in public places? – Result of medical society policy at the state level. The point I am making is that the Santa Clara County Medical Association has provided innovative, successful leadership in the medical community at the local and state level. I intend to continue to support innovation in our association with the primary emphasis on the needs of

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our members. Our slogan this year will be to “Think SCCMA.” When a problem arises, call us. We can help and we are listening. SCCMA is a team sport, and needs the input of all the members. We need more diversity – including more of the East Side physicians, especially the Asian community. We always need more young physicians. Governor Alfred Smith said, “The solution to problems of democracy is more democracy.” The base support of any democratic organization is active members, not dues paying bystanders. With this in mind, I have opened a special email, for ideas, thoughts, or complaints. Volunteers? I want member input. Special thanks to the association staff, particularly the preeminent CEO in California, William Parrish, Mark Christiansen, Jean Cassetta, Pam Jensen, Sandie Becker, Sharon Jensen, Shannon Landers, Sherin Varghese, Marcy Yarbrough, and Maureen Yrigoyen, the voice of the medical association. Thanks to my office staff, Jeanne and Megan, my sons, Alex and John, his wife Ashley, and especially my wonderful wife of 42 years, Ann. Thank you for this great honor to represent the association as president. I am humbled and excited by this challenge and I pledge to do all I can to move us forward.

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The Bureau of Medical Economics (BME) is a full service medical billing and collection agency exclusively sponsored by the Santa Clara County Medical Association since 1947 

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Committed to providing superior billing and collection services to physicians and other professional providers of health services while upholding the professional integrity of those we represent.

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