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J Sean Pace

Graphic Designer

Project: J Sean Pace Graphic Design Portfolio This is a collection of my work as a graphic designer. In these projects you





work as well as school projects. I am very skilled in both design and theory of design. With my fluency in the Adobe Creative Suite, I am a strong illustrator, photo editor and layout designer. I am very knowledgeable in typography and theory of color. My experience will show

What’s in a Name?

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Montgomery is named after British Field Marshal Bernard

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best meets the needs of the client.

its first appearance at a bar by the name of Harry’s in Venice, Italy.

Although I do not have a ton of web design outside of my school projects

Harry’s was Ernest Hemingway’s favorite place to frequent.

and assignments, I am confident that

Being the consummate drinker, Hemingway invented a drink all

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his own at Harry’s, a variation of the martini, a drink he called the

a strong designer for your company.

“Montgomery”. It became one of Hemingway’s drinks of choice.

The Bartender’s Tool Kit All great bartender’s rely on their tools. They grab for the essentials when it comes time to tend to the bar.

Web . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Illustration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Layout Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Logo|Identity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Advertising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24


Project: Web Banners| Skins| Interactive Client: Cumulus Media Inc. As the sales assistant, I was charged with building various web banners for our promotional needs. The screen shots included here show unique layout design for our web pages. Included in these samples are web banners, skin wraps, as well as art work from a flash interactive sponsor page.






In working with Adobe CS5 Illustrator, I have come to love illustration and the capabilities that can come from knowing this awesome skill. I am very confident in my work, and as shown here in a few student work pieces, I understand how to utilize the program to its fullest. Among these projects, I include the use of perspective drawing, illustrated texture, product manipulation as well as photo  realism. All of these projects are crafted from my perspective of the subject.


Project: Perspective Drawing Tools


Project: Photo Realism


Project: Product Mash-Up



Project: Textured Illustration


Project: Self Expression| Identity


Project: Vehicle Wrapping


Project: GED Campus Program/ Branding Client: Stevens-Henager College | Murray Campus In

this collaborative  project


Danté Johnson, I was charged with an information board, as well as classroom




needs of Stevens-Henager College | Murray Campus, included a continued visual connection from their enrollment process to classroom visual aids. With the technological brand look Danté and I defined as a key role in representing the progress of GED success, the design evokes a sense of equivalence for the graduating GED student entering college.



Project: Wall Of Fame Client: Stevens-Henager College | Murray Campus In this ongoing project, I have been charged with layout design and curation of a selective compilation of succeeding alumni of the college. With the need of the client to establish an ambience of achievement, the presentation of graduates is the visual center piece of its frequently used auditorium. Managing a balanced and clean grid, the design reflects the mission statement of the college; success.


PROJECT:Â Logo | Branding This is a look into the diverse projects I have worked on in regards to logo design. With each of these logos I was charged with finding a clean timeless way to present each clients mission and vision. Each clients needs were met with an esthetic to satisfy. As one of my favorite aspects of design, brands and branding are a highly important aspect to any company and how they identify. The logos included here identify companies that have already had a strong brand and wanted a fresh look, or are a new company with the potential to grow and have a strong brand in the market. Identity and the branding process begins with researching the need of the product. What is the product and how can it be expressed? Included in the process is utilizing emotion, psychology and trend. From sketching to color theory application, the brand development takes the client through a thorough profile of their company.



Project: Logos Continued


Project: Pro-Bono| Temporary Tattoos



Project: Knowing the Facts Client: Stevens-Henager College | Murray Campus As my final capstone project, I was approached to design posters comparing the cost of a trip with the cost of having to repeat a course that the student failed previously in. The idea of vacationing took me to the look and feel of antique travel posters. With a slight modern flair, these posters will hang in all of the classrooms and in the halls on campus. All of the artwork and type layout is done in Illustrator and the texture is rendered in Photoshop.



Project: Mischievous Branding | Marketing Client: Mischievous Pleasures As the in-house designer and marketing manager for Mischievous Pleasures, I was charged with updating the company logo, creating weekly advertising, store collateral and many large scale advertising projects. With a graduating process, the store has a new look with a rejuvenating mischievous appeal. 


Project: Advertising Design

This look at various advertising design layouts was made through creative ingenious. The objective of communicating to an audience through printed material is a vital part of a designers career. The designs lend themselves to affect the consumer in purchasing power.



J Sean Pace [graphic designer]  

My graphic design portfolio.

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